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Welcome to the 2018 Cheese and Chilli Festival in


Last years’ event was fantastic and we hope this years’ event will be equally amazing! We’ve done the sun dance, so fingers crossed we get the weather. Whether it’s your first time at the event or you’ve been before, there will be plenty of new tastes for you to enjoy at the event. Why not buy some of the products so that you can continue to enjoy them after the weekend? As well as the food, there will also be plenty of entertainments for you all to enjoy from Live Music, Punch & Judy, Magic Shows, Falconry Display, Daniella D'Ville's Freak Show, Treasure Hunts, Chilli Sauce Judging, Man V Food Challenge, Chilli Eating Competition plus much more. This year, we are proud to be supported by Encona Products and Mexicana Cheese. Encona is the UK's Number 1 best selling range of authentic, versatile, hot and spicy sauces from around the world. You’ll be able to taste them in our Taste Tent. Mexicana Cheese will be performing in our Demonstration Tent during the day and you can sample some of

their amazing cheese’s from their stand which is next to the Demonstration Tent. If you are thirsty, there are plenty of drinks available and some seriously good food to eat, which can be very hot. We are delighted to say that this year we are supporting two charities; the Breast Cancer Haven Centre who exist to improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer by providing personalised emotional, practical and physical support; and the Worldwide Veterinary Service who provide a sustainable veterinary resource to help animals all over the world, where veterinary aid and assistance is limited due to the expense and availability in the country they are based.

Once again, thank you for coming and have a great day! 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 3

Saturday Festival events


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11am 11.15am 12pm 12.10pm 12.15pm 12.20pm 12.30pm 1pm

1.20pm 1.30pm 2pm 2pm

Growing Chillies

Sea Spring Seeds Demonstration Tent

Live Music Kitty's music

Music Stage

Punch & Judy Everyday Cooking With Chillies Live Music Kitty's music The Vicki Watson sac project

Punch & Judy

Demonstration Tent with Chilli Olly

Music Stage Satellite Bar

Daniella Events Arena D’Ville Freak Show Man V Food Foot long Fire Demonstration Tent Hot Dog with Mexicana Cheese The Vicki Satellite Bar Watson sac project


Events Arena

Magic Show

Alfredo The Magician

Live Music Purple 9

Music Stage




what's happning

2.30pm 3pm

Southeast Asian Specialities Live Music Purple 9


Daniella D’Ville Freak Show


Demonstration Tent with Dine In Sauces Music Stage

Events Arena


BySea masterclass: The art of Demonstration Tent great coffee – with a kick

3.50pm 4pm

Chilli Sauce Award Ceremony Punch & Judy


Chilli Eating

Music Stage

Punch & Judy

Music Stage



Event Close All day Entertainment

Treasure Hunt Balloon Modelling Face Painting

Henna Tattoos Tarot Reading Inflatables

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 7

Sunday Festival events


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Growing Chillies

Sea Spring Seeds Demonstration Tent

11.15am 12PM 12.10PM

Live Music KITTY'S MUsIc

Music Stage

12.15pm 12.30pm

Punch & Judy Everyday Cooking With Chillies


2pm 2pm 2.30pm

Demonstration Tent with Chilli Olly

Live Music KITTY'S MUsIc

Music Stage

Daniella D’Ville Freak Show

Events Arena

Falconry Display

Events Arena

Magic show

Alfredo The Magician

Live Music The remedy

Music Stage

Southeast Asian Specialities

Demonstration Tent with Dine In Sauces

8 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

what's happning


Live Music The remedy

Music Stage


Daniella D’Ville Freak Show

Events Arena


BySea masterclass: The art of Demonstration Tent great coffee – with a kick


Chilli Sauce Award Ceremony

Music Stage

Chilli Eating

Music Stage

Punch & Judy

Punch & Judy


Punch & Judy

Man V Food - Foot long Fire Hot Dog Demonstration Tent with Mexicana Cheese





4pm 5pm

Event Close All day Entertainment

Treasure Hunt Balloon Modelling Face Painting

Henna Tattoos Tarot Reading Inflatables


festival attractions This international sensation astonishes, shocks and delights audiences with her alluringly amazing world record breaking acts of skilled precision, agility and danger wrapped up with a twist of comedy.

Chilli Eating Competition

Falconry Display This year, we welcome GMG Falconry, Berkshires premier and original Bird of Prey Display. Established for over 30 years and featuring a diverse array of hawks, falcons and owls. Not only can you watch them perform their amazing skills, you can also handle them. 10 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

Along with the many different chilli offerings, there will be a Chilli Eating Competition at the end of each day. Not for the faint hearted! If you are interested in taking part in the challenge, entries are being taken now so contact us for an application form to guarantee a place. There is a limit to the number of places available. If you want to simply sit and watch the hilarious event, grab a drink and enjoy!

For Children There is so much for the children to enjoy at the event. Just being out with the family is often enough to thrill them but if they need something else, activities to keep the children entertained include, and what’s more, most of it is FREE:

Children’s Fun Rides PIG RACING Free Live music Face Painting Free Magic Shows Free Punch & Judy Inflatables Free Children’s Treasure Hunt Ice Cream

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 11

Cheese to please The Cheese and Chilli Festival promises a great selection of cheeses and some award-winning ones amongst them. As well as the good old plain cheddars, you are likely to come across amazing flavours like Nibble Nose Cheese Company’s orange and whisky, cranberry, and of course chilli cheese.

Here are some tasty offerings to look out for from the Great British Cheese Company.

The Flagship Cheddar

Just like the HMS Victory under Admiral Nelson’s control in the battle of Trafalgar, this cheese is the Flagship cheddar. It is a great addition to anything!

Sticky Toffee Tastic

Cheddar with real toffee pieces, dates and raisins, which tastes exactly as good as it sounds. This award winning cheesecake style cheese has become famous even without its biscuit base. Great on a sweet digestive. This will excite your taste buds.

The Drunken Monk

You could really make a ‘habit’ out of this popular cheese. The careful blend of caramelised red onion, red wine with a hint of brandy creates a cheese and chutney effect. Another award winning fella you were not planning on taking home with you, but won’t want to leave behind, and won’t want to share!

Mature Cheddar with Chilli & Lime What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese! This cheese is also described as nacho cheese as the lime bursts out in strength until the chilli enters like the hero in a Spaghetti Western shoot out packing a punch! This will warm you up on the coldest of days and is amazing to cook with. It’s also great on nachos.

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 13

All about chilli peppers With at least 79 different chilli peppers to choose from it’s a bit of a minefield when deciding which ones to buy. The explosion of pungent qualities range from mild bell pepper to the fierce Dragon’s Breath. Here are a few chilli facts to help you get to know chilli peppers more intimately.

Why are chillies hot?

An odourless substance called capsaicin gives chillies their distinctive, hot taste. This chemical stimulates areas of the skin and tongue that usually sense pain and heat, and fools the brain into thinking they are burning. Signals are sent to the brain telling it you are eating something hot. The heat is found mainly in the seeds and the ‘ribs’ of chillies.

Is eating chilli peppers bad for you?

Not if eaten in moderation. In fact, capsaicin is used in anti-inflammatory creams, so unless you are allergic to chillies, you may well have already rubbed capsaicin onto your skin for relief from arthritis and other conditions.

Do peppers contain vitamins?

Peppers are an excellent source of vitamin A, B, C and E. In fact a chilli is said to contain more vitamin C than an orange. Green chillis also contain vitamin K and B6.

Which country is the largest chilli producer? Most countries in the world grow chillies as the use of peppers is increasing worldwide. China tops the table of outright production.

14 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

What is the Scoville scale?

Chilli heat is measured on the Scoville scale. This was developed in the early 1900s by Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist, who developed his Scoville Organoleptic Test to measure the spiciness of various chilli pepers. It has now been standardised as the Scoville scale. See page 17 for more details.

Fresh rather than dried?

Dried chillies are used throughout the world, either whole, crushed or ground. Powders, such as cayenne, can be intensely hot, so be careful how much you use. Fresh chillis look good on the plate and should be fried or roasted beforehand to soften the skin. With some of the hotter fresh chillis, like the Dorset naga, it is advised to cook them whole in the dish for the flavour, but to discard them before serving.

How do I get rid of the burning sensation?

If your mouth is on fire after eating a chilli, don’t reach for the water jug. Capsaicin is not soluble in water and it will have no effect. Instead try a bit of fat – drinking milk, eating yoghurt, ice cream or even peanut butter should help.

Can you become desensitised to chillis?

Yes. Test have shown that successive exposure to equal concentrations of capsaicin can reduce the sensation of pungency.

Are chillis addictive?

Yes. As mentioned previously, the capsaicin sends a burning sensation from the nerve endings in the mouth to the brain. The body defends itself against this sensation by secreting endorphins, natural painkillers that cause a physical “rush” - a high that keeps you coming back for more. And of course the more tolerant you become, the more chillies you want to eat!

16 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 17

By Chilli Olly |

The Carolina Reaper is a cross between a Bhut Jolokia (Naga) and a Red Habanero breed by Ed Currie and is officially THE World’s Hottest Pepper based on the Guinness Book of Records. It was originally given the title of World’s Hottest Pepper in 2013 and recently The Reaper confirmed its top spot again with further testing in early 2018.

The record now stands at an average of 1,641,000 SHU, 71,000 higher than its previous record, making it that much harder to beat. The Carolina Reaper (also known as HP22B) has nothing normal about it, because it was bred for heat and that it is. Oddly enough The Reaper does have a sweet, fruity flavour but it doesn’t seem as fruity as the likes of the Dorset Naga, but perhaps that’s because the heat can hit you a little quicker!

18 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

One unique feature shared by a few of the super-hot peppers is the ‘scorpion’s tail’ that is very well defined with the Reaper.

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 19

20 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival


Though perennials, chillies are generally treated as annuals in Britain. They are started from seed in much the same way as tomatoes, but require more heat and are slower growing, so must be sown earlier: January or February is ideal, although up to mid-March is fine for faster growing types. Seed should be sown, about 6mm deep, into seed trays or modules and germinated in a propagator maintaining a compost temperature between 25 to 30˚C. This temperature can be dropped down to 20-24˚C once the seedlings have emerged. In addition, though they can be germinated in the dark the young seedlings must be exposed to light as soon as they appear from the compost.


A chilli plant is ready for transplanting to its final growing place as soon as its roots have filled the pot. This is likely to be about eight weeks after sowing, but the time can vary enormously, depending on cultivar and growing conditions.

For growers who do not have the facilities to provide the necessary light and heat, at a time of year when both are lacking, it can be difficult starting chillies from seed. However, there is an alternative. Many companies offer chilli plug plants that are sent out in the spring when they can be potted up into their final growing place. The choice of cultivar will be more limiting, but this may be a small price to pay for the convenience.



The next stage is to prick out the young plants into small pots, around 8-10cm diameters. The exact time is quite flexible, but a general rule of thumb is after the first two true leaves are fully developed, but preferably later if there is no risk of overcrowding. Once pricked out, the young plants continue to need a heated environment. In addition, they should be kept in full light, watered regularly, and once the nutrients in the compost is used up, fertilised regularly.


Up to this stage all chilli plants, irrespective of cultivar or intended use, are managed the same. However, at this point a critical decision – what pot size to use – must be made. Chilli cultivars range in stature from very small to over 2 metres tall, and for best results the pot size must match the needs of specific cultivars. However, final plant size is also greatly influenced by pot size; the smaller the pot, the smaller the plant. Generally, the bushy, compact cultivars do not need very large pots and will do fine in pots ranging from 1-3 litres in volume.



Chilli plants need plenty of light and warmth throughout their lives. Consequently, the ideal place to raise chillies is in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory, but a sunny windowsill or porch can also work very well. If the temptation to keep a plant outdoors is too great, then wait until peak summer, and even then keep it in a very sheltered suntrap.

Chillies sown at the right time will start to produce fruit by about June or July, depending on the variety. Like tomatoes, chilli fruit start an unripe colour, then when they have reach their mature size will ripen up. The ripening phase is physiological process that involves a colour change. The most common unripe colours are various shades of green, yellow and purple. Ripe colours are red, bright yellow, orange and brown. Chilli fruit can be eaten at any stage, immature or mature, ripe or unripe. However, the ripe fruit will have a sweeter flavour and will be hotter.


Joy Michaud

Sea Spring Seeds

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 21

Trader list 55 Above

Annie’s Fudge Appetite For Adventure

Lymn Bank Farm Cheese

Authentique Bakery Ltd Bad Boy Biltong

LK Glitter & Cones

Ben’s Goodies Bokkie Bratwurst UK

Made In China / Smith’s Catering Marie Curie

Mario’s Ice Cream

Mex Box

Morgan Samuel Catering

Carrington Foods Ltd

Mr Hughs

Casa Das Bolitas

Mr Olive UK

Charles Taylor

National Trust

Nibble Nose Cheese Co

Cheese Bomb Chef Bernie’s Sauces

Cherry Tree

Chimoulis Chut the Cheese Up

Customise Events Deelicious Chilli Jam

Dimples Diner Dine In Sauces

Dockwoods Dorset Artisan Cheese

Noodle 8 Co Palette & Pasture

Passion Du Fromage Pieroth Ltd

Pimento/Coles Trading Purely Pickled Eggs

Ray's Street Food

Riverford Organic Farms


Dorset Chilli Shop

Dorset Dog Delights

Downton Brewery

Ellie Bee Designs


Emilia Ltd

Sonny Chana Art

English Spirit

South West Wildlife Fundraising

Fair Dinkum Fare

Sparkletastic Glass

Fallen Angel Brewery

Flamin Grate Food Co

Sporting Wholesale Ltd

Flamingo Paperie

Food Pharmacy

Garlic Growers

Sea Spring Seeds

Smoker Train

Sweet Evans Texas BBQ

The Culmstock Chilli Co

Gifts From the Gods

The Melted Cheese Hut

Giggly Pig

The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

Gin Punch

Traffic Light Sauces


Utility Warehouse (MH)

Glastonbury Dairy

GMG Falconry Great British Cheese Company Grim Reaper

Hidden Pizza Ltd

Ichhita’s Henna Art Just Love Brownies


22 | 2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival

Viniak Native We Pop

West Country Fayre

Winchester Distillery

Woodland Trust

Worleys Cider

Yvonnes Plants

2018 Cheese & Chilli Festival | 23

Swindon Cheese & Chilli Festival - 2018  
Swindon Cheese & Chilli Festival - 2018