Dust control mats

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138 Uptown™ The Uptown™ absorbent mat with its aesthetically appealing design presents an upscale look that is functional too. The checked pattern easily hides dirt and

Upscale Indoor Absorbent Suitable for medium to heavy traffic conditions.

debris while providing the functionality of drying and retaining moisture.

The mat is crush resistant and the dense heavyweight vinyl backing ensures longevity and minimum movement. Colours correspond and can be used together as a scrape and dry matting system with art. 139 Boulevard™ (page 14-15).

Recommended use: Hj^iVWaZ [dg bZY^jb id ]ZVkn igV[ÒX XdcY^i^dch# ;dg eaVXZbZci ^ch^YZ ZcigVcXZh ^c d[ÒXZh! ]diZah! WVc`h! egd[Zhh^dcVa buildings, restaurants, department stores. Specifications: Adde e^aZ XVgeZi YZchZan ij[iZY ]^\]"adl eViiZgc d[ &%% 9ZXVadc® yarns. &',% \gVbh d[ nVgch eZg b2. 7VX`^c\/ WaVX` k^cna 9DE [gZZ # DkZgVaa i]^X`cZhh/ .#* bb# LZ^\]i/ )#+ `\ eZg b2. ;^gZ gZiVgYVcXn/ 6HIB 9'-*. eVhhZh 9D8";;"&",%# Stock sizes: +% Xb m .% Xb .% Xb m &*% Xb &'% Xb m &-% Xb Full rolls: &'% Xb m &-#( bZiZg &-% Xb m &-#( bZiZg

Custom lengths: &'% Xb eZg a^cZVg bZiZg &-% Xb eZg a^cZVg bZiZg Colours: 7gdlc 7G 8]VgXdVa 8= CVkn 7ajZ C7 GZY G7 <gZZc <C 7jg\jcYn 79

Product Testing Cleaning Tip: Vacuum or use injection/extraction method periodically.

Water Retention Crush Resistance Dust Control GOOD BETTER BEST