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María Fernanda González Minera Commercial English and Marketing II Ana Lucía Peréz




Replies Acknowledgments Follow- Ups Confirmation Letter Inquiry Letter Stopgap Letter Referrals Refusals Complain Complaints Complaints Response Adjustments Pictionary


A reply must be specific, complete and prompt. There are many types of replies, including:  Acknowledgments  Follow-ups  Confirmations  Remittances  Order Acknowledgments  Stopgap Letters  Inquiry replies  Referrals  Refusals


Such a letter is a courtesy. Should be written when you receive merchandise, money, or information. Paragraphs must include: 1. Express appreciation + acknowledgment. 2. Promote + maintain Goodwill

693 Pelham Parkway Bronx, New York 10422 April 9, 2013 Ford Motors 842 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10018 Dear Mr. Greenbawn: Thank you for responding my letter in which I inquired specific information about the new RX-7. I receive all the specifications and the magazines you send me, it will be very useful for my project, and I will make sure you receive a copy of it as soon it is complete.

Sincerely yours, Fernanda Gonzรกlez

Follow- Ups

After a decision or agreement has been made, either at a meeting or in conversation, it is a good idea to send a letter to establish a written record of the transaction. Paragraphs must include: 1. Mention where the conversation took place. 2. Provide discussed details (remainder) 3. Promote goodwill.

Dear Mr. Gilhooley, I submitted a letter of application and a resume earlier this month for the programmer position advertised in the Times Union. To date, I have not heard from your office. I would like to confirm receipt of my application and reiterate my interest in the job. I am very interested in working at XYZ Company and I believe my skills and experience would be an ideal match for this position. If necessary, I would be glad to resend my application materials or to provide any further information you might need regarding my candidacy. I can be reached at (555) 555-5555 or I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Fernanda Gonzรกlez

Confirmation Letter

Such confirmations are frequently made by telephone, but a form letter also effectively transmits clear, correct and complete information. Paragraphs must include: 1. Acknowledgment the agreement 2. Add goodwill, give details.

AVIANCA, S. A. Diagonal 6 4-65, zona 10 Guatemala, Guatemala 502

March 23, 2014

Environmental Awareness Committee. 4ta calle 3-78, zona 15 Guatemala, Guatemala 502

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter will confirm that your flight has been reserved departing from Guatemala City on March 24 in Flight 458 at 7:30 A.M. expected to arrive in the Miami Airport at 9:30 A.M. You will be returning to Guatemala City on March 29 on Flight 232 which departs from the Miami Airport at 6:30 P.M. and is expected to arrive to Guatemala City at 8:30 P.M. You will arrive at the airport one hour prior to departure to have time for check in. If you need further information please call Miss Olivia Barrerra at 2479-9098.

Sincerely yours

Fernanda Gonzรกlez Sales Manager

Vasquez I.

Stopgap Letter

Response to an incoming letter, it informs your customer that you need time to process the request. Paragraphs must include: 1. Appreciate the mention acknowledgment 2. Explain reason the delay‌‌. Approximate resolution. 3. Reassure the customer of response.


THE LAW OFFICES OF RONALD FRNACIS 842 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10018

March 26, 2014

Mr. Ryan Ross 693 Pelham Parkway Bronx, New York 10422

Dear Mr. Ross:

Thank you for your recent letter for Ms. Leonard; I can’t give you an answer about the new contract with Hastings Development Corporation right now because she is out of town and I don´t have her approval to give you that information. As soon as she comes back I will make sure she communicates with you so she can give you the information you need.

Yours Truly,

Fernanda González Administrative Assistant

Inquiry Reply

All inquiries should be answered, should begin by thanking the reader, acknowledging the interest in your company and end by offering further assistance. Paragraph must include: 1. Appreciate the interested in our company. 2. Giving information/ explain why we cannot provide the information requested. 3. Demonstrate to action/ offer further assistance.

RBM Manufacturing Company, Inc. 4022 Ninth Avenue New York, New York 10055

April 2, 2014

Mr. William Wilson Mahoney and Millman, Inc. 1951 Benson Street Bronx, New York 10465 Dear Mr. Wilson: We appreciate your interest in our company. We received your letter in which you request information about a photocopier that would suit your office needs. After having evaluated them, we have decided that the RBM 2000 copier is the most appropriate model for your office. The RBM 2000 has a collator which allows 30 copies to be run off at any one time. It uses regular paper and fits a small-sized desk. Additionally, all our products have oneyear full warranty and our repair service is among the lowest in the market. Enclosed you will find the catalogue of all our products. Refer to page 130 for more details on the RBM 2000. It is a pleasure to inform you that our company grants a ten percent discount on initial purchases. If you need further information, please feel free to call me at 8292-2820 during business hours. Sincerely yours,

Fernanda Gonzรกlez Sales Manager

Vargas A. ENC.


As in all correspondence, maintaining goodwill is extremely important. Paragraphs must include: 1. Express appreciation / acknowledge the request. 2. Explain denial. 3. Promote goodwill.

Dear Ms. Constance Solars Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at the University of British Columbia. We received many interesting and excellent applications, only some of which we were able to accept this year. We reviewed your application very carefully and note several strong features. There is rigorous competition for entry into our graduate programs and your application was not among those that we were able to accept. We encourage you to apply to other graduate schools and we wish you every success with your studies and beyond. Yours truly, Fernanda Gonzรกlez


Receive inquiries that can be best answered by another person.

NATIONAL DIRECTIONAL BOARD 200 Southeast Fourth Street Miami, Florida 33131

May 05 , 2014

Mr. Jacob Graham Miami City Hall 2004 Biscanye Blvd. Miami Miami, Florida Dear Mr. Graham: Thank you for contact us, unfortunately we can’t provide the information you solicited for an absentee ballot for the upcoming Presidential election, because is not available from our office. Therefore I´m referring your letter to Luis Regalado, he will give you the information you need.

Sincerely yours,

Fernanda González Secretary


When a customer is dissatisfied with goods or services, a complaint letter will inform the company or organization of the problem. The letter presents the facts and expresses the customer’s dissatisfaction. Paragraphs must include: 1. Reason for writing. 2. Details. 3. Suggestion for improvement.

NATIONAL DIRECTIONAL BOARD 21 West Main Street Cochecton, New York 02234

May 05 , 2014

Mr. Enrico Cammarata Club Cammarata 2 Merrimack Road Merrimack, New Hampshire 03113 Dear Mr. Cammarata: On the evening of June 08 I made a reservation for 7:00 pm in your restaurant because is a prestigious restaurant known to cater to a businees clientele. My guest and I arrived promptly and however our table was not ready and we were kept waiting for one hour and fifteen minutes we receive intermittent inquiries by the maitre d' with rude indifference, my guest became extremely annoyed with the restaurant as well as with me. As a business man I tell you that this was very uncomfortable for me and my guest, and I hope this inconvenient wont happen again because this doesnt make a good image for any kind of meeting and also for your restaurant.

Sincerely yours,

Fernanda Gonzรกlez Manager

Complaint Response Paragraphs must include: 1. Express appreciation 2. Explanation 3. Reassure customer.

CLUB CAMMARATA 2 Merrimack Road Merrimack, New Hampshire 03113 May 14, 2014 Ms. Fernanda González National Directional Board 21 West Main Street Cochecton, New York 02234

Dear Ms. González: Thank you for your letter in which you explain the inconvenience you experience that evening. We take great care to ensure that important matters such as this are properly managed, although due to break down system we didn’t have access to the reservations. In light of this we have decided to give you a discount in your next reservation and a free dessert of the day.

Sincerely yours, Enrico Cammarata Owner


A claim is written to inform the company of the problem and suggest a fair compensation. The purpose is to get results.

KITCHEN KORNER 47-03 Parkway Drive St. Paul, Minesota 55104 November 30, 2014 Mr. Walter Smith Northridge Cultery Company 2066 Yellow Circle Minnetonka, Minesota 55343 Dear Mr. Smith:

On October 7 we placed an order for two dozen poultry shears. We also paid for it with the check No. 7293, a photocopy of which is enclosed. The shears have still not arrived, and there has been no letter from you explaining the delay. We are astonished about this situation, since your company has been characterized by punctuality and excellent service. We would appreciate your looking into these matters so that the merchandise arrives in time for pre- christmas shopping. Please stay in contact woth me at 22321144 if there is any other inconvenient.

Sincerely yours,

Ingrid Soto Manager

Adjustments An adjustment letter emphasizes the solution rather than the error and convinces the customer that you understand and want to be fair. The letter ends with another positive statement, reaffirming the company’s good intentions and the value of its products, but never refers to the original problem. One of three fair solutions is possible: 1. The requested adjustment is granted. 2. A compromise adjustment is proposed. 3. Any adjustment is denied.

KITCHEN KORNER 47-03 Parkway Drive St. Paul, Minesota 55104 November 30, 2014 Mr. Walter Smith Northridge Cultery Company 2066 Yellow Circle Minnetonka, Minesota 55343 Dear Mr. Smith:

On October 7 we placed an order for two dozen poultry shears. We also paid for it with the check No. 7293, a photocopy of which is enclosed. The shears have still not arrived, and there has been no letter from you explaining the delay. We are astonished about this situation, since your company has been characterized by punctuality and excellent service. We would appreciate your looking into these matters so that the merchandise arrives in time for pre- christmas shopping. Please stay in contact woth me at 22321144 if there is any other inconvenient.

Sincerely yours,

Ingrid Soto Manager

GRAND STREET SUPERMARKET Jack Street 2004 Grahamsville, New Jersey 23487 May 28, 2014 Ms. Constance Solars 21 West Main Street Cochecton, New York 02234 Dear Ms. Solars: I have just received your May 26 letter about the inconvenience you have with the cheese. However I will like to explain the inconvenience you got, during that day the machines were out of service therefore the employees take to long to remove the merchandise that was ruined. Since we analyze the case we are going to issue refund the $12.44 you pay for the cheese. Sincerely yours Jack Poe Manager.


Domestic Terminal

Definition An airport terminal for flights to destinations inside the country only

Marina is in the domestic terminal.

A message.

The dispatch is in the office.

To reveal or disclose

Jonathan divulges de secret of the minster.







To save from destruction

We need the salvage of this document in case of any emergency.

Extra, more than necessary.

Superfluous words in there.


Unsolicited mail application will not be accepted.




Advertising Banking Venture Capital Pictionary


Advertising informs consumers about the existence and benefits of products and services, is widely considered to be essential for launching new consumer’s products. Traditional advertising is expensive, it doesn’t always reach the target customers, and isn’t always welcome if it does reach them.


Banking can be defined as the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities, and then lending out this money in order to earn a profit.  Commercial Bank: Receive deposits from, and make loans to, individuals and small companies.  Investment Bank: Work with big companies, big companies, giving financial advice, and raising capital by issuing stocks or shares and bonds.  Private Bank: Wealthy individuals can use this type of bank, which provide them with banking and investment services.  Hedge Funds: Private investment funds for wealthy investors.  Stockbrokers: An agent that charges a fee or commission for executing buys and sells orders submitted by an investor.  Islamic Banks: Invests in companies and share the profits with their depositors.

Venture Capital

Is financial capital providing to early- stage, high- potential, growth startup companies. The venture capital fund earns money by owning equality in the companies it invests in. which usually have a novel technology or business model in high technology industries, as biotechnology, IT and software.





Stocks or shares





Money placed in a bank.

I made a deposit in the bank yesterday.

A sum of money invested in a business.

You can usually choose how many years you'd like to repay the loan over

The money invested in a business.

She has a capital of $23, 00.

Certificates representing partownership of a company.

Mario has shares of Isaac’s company.

Certificates of debt issued by governments or companies to raise money.

When one company combines with another.

Isaac has a bond with Coca Cola.

The company of Mario merger with Isaac company.

When one Takeover Bid company offers to buy or acquire another one.

Isaac wants to takeover bid Mario’s company.

Buying and selling stocks or shares for clients.

María has a booking stock

Booking Stock





Competitive Advantage

What an Coca Cola do it organization can do better. better than its competitors.


Able to continue Isaac company over a period of is sustainable. time.

Sales Forecast

Break- even point


Exit Strategy


Staff or Personnel

The sales business expects to achieve in a particular period.

The sales forecast of the company is to raise 20% more in 2 months.

Where totals costs equal total income from sales.

The break- even point of Isaac’s company is getting bad results.

The total income received by a business before any expenses are paid.

The revenue is for $2,000 a year.

An investors plan for getting their investment back and potentially realizing a profit.

The exit strategy of Mario is working for the company.

The people who establish a company or organization. The people who are employed in an organization.

Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple.

The personnel in Mario’s company is very nice.




Advertising Agencies.

Companies that design advertising for clients.

The advertising agency is 2 blocks away from us.

The advertising of a particular product or service during a period of time.

We need new advertising campaign for 2014.

Advertising Campaign


Target Customers

Advertising Budget

Media Plan


Free Samples

The statement of objectives that a client works out with an advertising agency. A defined set of customers whose needs a company plans. Money that a company plans to spend in developing its advertising. The choice of where to advertise in order to reach the right people. Choosing to spend the same amount on advertising as one’s competitors. Small amount of a product given to customers to encourage them to try it.


Isaac gives a brief of what he wants.

Mario has the list of target customers.

Mario needs more advertising budget for 2014.

The media plan is in Isaac office.

Isaac comparative Mario’s media plan.

Isaac gave free samples during the opening.






All the The portfolio of investments owned Mario has by an individual or everything he organization.

has done.





The profits made on investments.

She returns the money.

Unable to pay debts or continue to do business.

Andrea has a bankrupt.

The ending or relaxing of legal restrictions.

Deregulate where we can.

The price paid for borrowing money.

She has a 4% of interest in the company of Isaac.


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