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Spring 2016

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Easy Street. You’ve worked hard to enjoy your golden years. As Rochester’s one and only Life Care community, The Summit at Brighton provides unsurpassed peace of mind and true independence that come from taking charge of your own future. Financial security and long-term care covered, now and later. So go relax and take it easy.

Life Care Senior Living an affiliate of Jewish Senior Life

2000 Summit Circle Drive Rochester, NY 14618

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Change Brings Progress


Youth Fitness

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Strength in Partnering


Children & Families


The Magic of Camp Sisol


HOT JCC Staff!


Cultural Arts


Adult Programs




Sunday: 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday: 5am-9:30pm Friday: 5am-5:30pm Saturday: 8am-8pm

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April 22: 5am-5:30pm Erev Passover April 23: Closed Passover May 30: 7am-1:30pm Memorial Day *Locker Rooms & Spas close 30 minutes later. Cover: Ken Matzan, Lieutenant at the Brighton Fire Department works out in the JCC Fitness Center Photo by Grant Taylor

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Purim Food Drive

Help us alleviate local hunger and fulfill one of the mitzvot (commandments) of Purim by contributing to our Brighton Food Cupboard food drive. A barrel will be located near the JCC Main Desk throughout the month of March. For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or

All Jewish Life programs are made possible through the generosity of the Harry and Regina Cornell Fund.


Dear Members and Friends, After being an integral part of a continental organization working with JCCs across North America, I can say with certainty that the JCC of Greater Rochester is a unique and outstanding place when compared with other JCCs. Rochester is a small but robust community. In the JCC movement we are considered a large JCC, with an $11 million budget, 10,000 plus members, more than 450 full time and seasonal staff, an overnight camp (Camp Seneca Lake) and an offsite day camp (Camp Sisol at Markus Park). Although you can say we are a not-for-profit, we have the characteristics of a small business with an operation this size. I like to use the term “a business with a heart.” Our top goals are engagement and building community. That is a primary reason why our leadership made a decision to move forward with a $16 million capital campaign to expand our facilities, as well as renovate and refresh present areas of the building. We are growing our facility to meet the demands placed on it. And as a result of the changes taking place in our JCC, we envision a JCC with a renewed commitment to every person in the community. Our talented and highly motivated staff have a plethora of creative plans and ideas. Engaging our community through new and exceptional programming is one of our main goals. With the addition of two floors of workout space, a new family pool with a water current, outdoor splash park, new entrance vestibule and canopy, refreshed community space and new lounge , renovated multipurpose space in our three auditoriums, additional rooms designated for group fitness, expanded Family Locker Room and SitterService space, along with an exciting offering of delicious food options with the relocation and expansion of café services , the JCC is poised to enter a new era! Many of you may be familiar with the movie “Field of Dreams” where a mysterious voice whispers to Kevin Costner, “build it and they will come.” An enlarged and renovated JCC will allow us to meet the growing needs of this robust community with the finest in fitness, wellness, social, educational, Judaic, cultural , and recreational programs and services.

JCC Executive Director


Upper Level Fitness Offices

New SitterService

CHANGE BRINGS PROGRESS Here's what's underway through May... SitterService Renovation

- More play space for children - A new kitchenette - A private mother's area - Direct access to outdoor play courtyard - New arts & crafts corner - Janice S. Birnbaum Children’s Library - Separate areas for infants and toddlers with a quiet, enclosed sleeping area - New restrooms/changing area - Updated modern design color, carpet, and décor

Community Space & New Lounge - Lovely two-sided fireplace and seating area in the front lobby - Higher ceiling with well-designed lighting - Furniture to include data and electricity outlets for laptop use - New carpets, lounge, and table seating

The New Café

- Central location within the refreshed community space near the fireplace - The new Café will occupy the space of the former JCC Coffee Shop and create an all-in-one Café

New Entrance Vestibule and Canopy

- Entry canopy with modern design to protect from the weather that extends 20 feet towards the parking lot - Central location with view of Holocaust Memorial Garden and Courtyard - The front entrance doors (facing Edgewood Avenue) will be closed for increased security and will become an emergency exit only. All entry to the building will be via the side entrance (closest to the main parking lot)

Bridge Corridor

- Connecting the new Café space/Lounge with the Auditorium Lobby - New carpet, refreshed finishes and lighting

Fitness Hallway

- Will connect the racquetball courts/PlayGym hallway with Gesher and the new lower fitness entrance

Existing Pool

- The pool is undergoing renovations and repairs and is expected to open this spring - It will have a fresh new look with new tile, lighting and renovated deck, all new marcite surface, ceiling, diving blocks and HVAC ductwork

The Family Locker Room

- Will be expanded to accommodate the JCC’s growing number of families and Gesher swim lessons

For the latest JCC building changes and updates, please visit

Fitness Mezzanine

Pool & Fitness Addition Exterior Brick

Pool Office & Meeting Room


In Zone

Hours of Operation Sunday: 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday: 3-8pm Friday: 3-5:30pm Saturday: 8am-4pm For In Zone holiday hours, please visit


FREE Youth Fitness Spring Schedule


Register your child for one session per class. Registration opens Wednesday, Mar 30. Session 1 starts week of Apr 4 Session 2 starts week of May 9 If you have a Family Membership, check out some of the FREE Youth Fitness classes that are included in your membership! Space is limited, so register early! Monday 4:30-5:30pm: Youth Karate 4:30-5:15pm: TRX® for Tweens Tuesday 2-2:30pm: Pre-K/K Gym Class 4:30-5:20pm: Table Tennis 4:30-5:20pm: Core Cardio Conditioning Wednesday 4:30-5:20pm: CATCH Me Moving Thursday 10-10:30am: Pre-K/K Gym Class 2-2:30pm: Pre-K/K Gym Class 4:30-5:20pm: F.I.T. Females 4:30-5:20pm: Krav Maga Friday 4:30-5:20pm: Moves & Grooves

Pre-K and Kindergarten Physical Activity Classes

Tuesdays, 2-2:30pm Session 1: Apr 5-May 3 Session 2: May 10-Jun 14 Thursdays, 10-10:30am & 2-2:30pm Session 1: Apr 7-May 5 Session 2: May 12-Jun 16 Ages 5-6 Encourage healthy habits and a positive attitude through fun and play. Activities are designed for children to become engaged in noncompetitive interactive games and sports which emphasize flexibility, confidence, and emotional wellbeing to build stronger minds and bodies. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck $70/session Member: Free

Table Tennis

Tuesdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 5-May 3 Session 2: May 10-Jun 14 Ages 6-11/Gymnasium Learn the rules and strategies behind this fast-paced game. Develop serve, backhand, forehand, and volley techniques. Instructor: Iosif Moscovici $70/session Member: Free

CATCH® Me Moving

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 6-May 4 Session 2: May 11-Jun 15 Grades K-2/ Gymnasium Come ready to jump, run, dance, and have a ton of fun! Discover CATCH® (Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health) is a program designed to increase the physical activity of children. CATCH is the most proven program to prevent childhood obesity and launch kids and communities toward healthier lifestyles. Discover CATCH® creates an environment that makes healthy decisions fun and is championed by health professionals and school administrators nationwide. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck $70/session Member: Free

Moves & Grooves

Fridays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 8-May 6 Session 2: May 13-Jun 17 Ages 5-11/Dance Studio Get ready for a high-energy fitness party packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love! Instructor: Jen Grow $70/session Member: Free

Youth Fitness Specialty Classes Krav Maga

Thursdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 7-May 5 Session 2: May 12-Jun 16 Ages 8-11 Youth Krav Maga (Israeli SelfDefense) offers self-defense with basic Hebrew, fitness, and life skills through improving aerobic endurance, strength, agility, and coordination.Instructor: Ron Finstuen $70/session 1 or 2 Member: $35/ session 1 or 2

TRX® for Tweens

Mondays, 4:30-5:15pm Session 1: Apr 4-May 2 Session 2: May 9-Jun 13 (No class Apr 18 or May 30) Ages 10-11/TRX Room TRX Suspension Training® is the ultimate bodyweight exercise tool and it's now geared toward tweens! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $70 Member: $35 Session 2: $87 Member: $43

F.I.T. Females

Thursdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 7-May 5 Session 2: May 12-Jun 16 Ages 8-11/TRX Room Explore a variety of exercises (running, strength training, yoga, TRX) and receive encouragement to find and follow individual paths for health and fitness. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $87 Member: $43 Session 2: $105 Member: $52

Youth Karate

Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm Session 1: Apr 4-May 2 (No class Apr 18 or May 30) Session 2: May 9-Jun 13 Ages 6-11 Learn intelligent training techniques emphasizing self-defense, fitness, self-control, and development of character. Instructor: Martial Arts America Session 1: $70 Member: $35 Session 2: $87 Member: $43

Core Cardio Conditioning

Tuesdays, 4:30-5:20pm Session 1: Apr 5-May 3 Session 2: May 10-Jun 14 Ages 8-11/TRX Room Walk taller, run faster, feel stronger! At the center of every great athletic performance lies a strong core and great cardiovascular conditioning. Build core muscle groups and increase endurance through a variety of exercises. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Session 1: $87 Member: $43 Session 2: $105 Member: $52 For more information about FREE Youth Fitness classes or Youth Fitness Specialty Classes, contact Carolyn Whitbeck at ext. 290 or

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Youth Tennis Development

Ages 4-8 Tuesdays, Apr 5-May 3, 4:30-5:30pm Ages 9-12 Fridays, Apr 8-May 6, 4:30-5:30pm Gymnasium/Tennis Courts This instructional program teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners how to swing with proper technique. Each week, learn the basic strokes: forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads, serves. Progress into games with score-keeping. Tennis racquets in all sizes, and balls provided. Instructor: Professional Tennis Instructors from Colombo’s High Performance Tennis Academy $60 Member: $30

Team Handball

Wednesdays, Apr 6-May 4 4:30-5:30pm Ages 11-16/Gymnasium Throw the ball into the goal! Easy to learn and great conditioning. Spread the word and join the game full of excitement, teamwork, passing, shooting, and scoring! Instructor: Anthony Fazzary $55 Member: $25

Basketball Clinic & Games

Thursdays, Apr 7-May 5, 4:30-5:30pm Grades 3-5/Gymnasium Increase your fundamental skills, team offensive and defensive strategies, and play in games. This program will be full of motivation, encouragement, and positive feedback. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary $55 Member: $25

Indoor Soccer (K-2)

Sundays, Apr 10-May 15, 1:302:30pm (No class May 8) K-2/Gymnasium Fitness, fun, soccer and positive character building! Show your skills, become a better soccer player and play games every session. Instructors: Anthony Fazzary and Gal Weiss $55 Member: $25



Sundays, Apr 10-May15, 2:45-4:15pm (No Class May 8) Grades 5-10/Gymnasium Grab your friends, stay active, and come down to the JCC for a fun Volleyball League as you bump, set, and spike your way to an afternoon of fun and excitement! Enjoy the crazy game of anything goes Wallyball too! Everyone succeeds at this exciting game! Instructor: Anthony Fazzary $55 Member: $25

Frisbee/Kickball Golf

Tuesdays, May 10-Jun 14 4:30-5:30pm Grades 5-8/Athletic Field Show us your golf skills through the air and on the ground. Kick and toss your way to a low golf score while enjoying the warm weather with your friends. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary $60 Member: $30

The PiT

An afterschool destination exclusively for teens to socialize, have fun, and refuel. Hours of Operation Sunday: 12-4pm Monday-Thursday: 3-8pm Friday: 3-5:30pm Saturday: 12-4pm For The PiT holiday hours, please visit For more information about Youth/ Teen Sports Leagues or Classes, contact Anthony Fazzary at ext. 291 or or visit


Thursdays, May12-Jun16 4:30-5:30pm Grades 6-8/Gymnasium Increase your fundamental skills, team offensive and defensive strategies, and play in games. This program will be full of motivation, encouragement, and positive feedback. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary $60 Member: $30

Baseball/Softball Hitting Clinic

Sundays, May 15-June 12 (No class Jun 5) K-2, 1:45-2:45pm 3-6, 3-4pm-5pm Gymnasium/Athletic Field Learn how to hit correctly and receive proper instruction, feedback, and practice. $50 Member: $20

Sport-Specific Coaching

Grades 3-8 Want to sharpen your skills to become a better athlete? Coach Anthony will help you take it to the next level. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary 1-hour session $30/individual $20/group of 2+

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program



Sports Leagues & Classes for Youth & Teens

August 7-12, 2016 Stamford, CT Games: Ages 13-16 Arts: Ages 13-17 Teens: Take advantage of this wonderful experience that will last a lifetime. Compete in team and individual sports or share and grow your artistic and creative talents with other Jewish teens across the country. For more information, contact Anthony Fazzary at ext. 291 or

3 EMAIL the staff listed


Krav Maga

Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7pm & 7-8pm Auditoriums Learn how to defend yourself and protect your home and family. Practice the techniques developed by the Israel Defense Force. Join or observe a class in a comfortable learning environment. For more information, contact Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or 5-class pass $80 Member: $60

Pilates Reformers and Chairs

Pickleball Clinic

Tuesdays, 2-3pm Session A: Mar 8 &15 Session B: Mar 22 & 29 Session C: Apr 5 & 12 Session D: May 3 & 10 Session E: May 17 & 24 Learn the game or improve your skills. Review rules, strokes, and strategies. For more information, contact Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or $20 Member: $15

TRX® Training


Saturdays beginning Mar 12, 8:30am Wednesdays beginning Mar 30, 9am Thursdays beginning Mar 31, 6:30pm 8-week small group classes begin Complete a 6-week intro session week of Feb 28 and get a TRX® class pass for life! Private and semi-private session Choose from two class options. Get packages available. Get more detailsA L L schedule for pass holders at newthe inclass 2012! at For more information, contact For more information, contact Val Redmond at ext. 271 or Val Redmond at ext. 271 or Member: $60 Mission: FitPossible Initial weigh-in & Kick-off: JCC Sunday, Mar 6, 1pm Final weigh-in & Awards: Sunday, Apr 3, 1pm Member Connections Join our yearly weight loss competition! Meet trainers at the kick- Wednesday, May 25 National Senior Health & Fitness Day off event, sign up for training groups Watch for details! and weigh-in privately. Program includes 8 group training sessions. Points will be earned for percentage of weight lost, sessions attended, and bonus classes and events. Prizes are Tour deCure 2016 awarded to the highest scoring team June 11 and both individual male and female. Join Team JCC Rochester and All participants will receive a t-shirt. help fight diabetes! Register at For more details, contact Val All team members Redmond at ext. 271 or who raise $200 will receive a team cycling jersey. For more information, Member: $150 contact Eke Aiono at ext. 270 or


Proven Performance with...


Call 585-389-1029 Cell: 585-230-1187


Spirituality in Motion

This series combines our commitments to health, wellness, Jewish culture, and Jewish traditions through programs designed to rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls. The Spirituality in Motion series is made possible with support from the Michael & Ruth Kravetz Fund. All Jewish Life programs are made possible through the generosity of the Harry and Regina Cornell Fund. Mindful Meditation Wednesdays, Mar 16-Apr 20 11:30am-12:30pm People who meditate tend to be calmer, happier, friendlier, and more resourceful. Meditation can be very easy when you know how to do it properly. Bring a blanket or yoga mat. Class is limited to 15 participants. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler at ext. 214 or Instructor: Gary Updyke, M.A. $60 Member: $50 Israeli Dance for Everyone Sundays 6:30-7pm: Beginner Lessons 7-9pm: Open Dancing and Instruction Dance Studio No registration required. Just drop in and dance! Instructor: Max Steiner For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or $6 Member: Free Spin Israel: A Special Israel Independence Day Cycling Event Thursday, May 12, 7:15-8pm Group Cycling Studio A special Israel-themed spinning class in honor of Israel’s 68th birthday. Spin to Israeli music as you enjoy a scenic tour of Israel’s beautiful landscape. Stay after for a refreshing Israeliinspired treat. Instructor: Liza Savage-Katz For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or Member: Free

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Stretching the Limits Parkinson’s Class

Intermediate Mondays & Wednesdays Mar 14-May 4, 3-4pm Tuesdays & Thursdays Mar 29-May 19, 3-4pm Advanced Mondays & Wednesdays Mar 14-May 4, 11:50am-12:50pm An 8-week group exercise class for individuals with varying stages of Parkinson’s disease. Improve flexibility, posture, and balance; increase body awareness, strength training, and the ability to get up from a chair or the floor. An evaluation must be completed prior to class. For more information, contact Val Redmond at ext. 271 or Member/Non Member: $100

Music, Mindfulness, and Motion

Tuesdays & Thursdays Mar 1-Apr 7, 1-2pm Provides people with early- to midstage dementia and their caregivers an opportunity to exercise in a safe and nurturing environment. Instructors: Carm Heidt and Kathy Mulvehill, Certified Personal Trainers To register, call Carm at ext. 817 or Kathy at ext. 831. Free Made possible with support from the Sheila Konar Fund for Music, Mindfulness, and Motion in honor of William Konar.

Cardiac Fitness Program

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 8:30am-12pm Individuals learn to self-manage their overall cardiovascular health, decrease risk factors for heart disease, and implement a healthy lifestyle in this supervised exercise program. For more information, contact Carm Heidt at ext. 817 or Member: $180/year



Wellness Programs Silver&Fit®

provides eligible members with no-cost or low-cost fitness memberships and older adultoriented group exercise classes through arrangements with certain health plans. Silver&Fit® is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated. To join the JCC, bring your health insurance card to the JCC Main Desk, complete a membership application and pay the $25 annual member fee for 2016. Silver&Fit® members must scan their key tag card each time they visit the JCC. Your JCC membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership. Zumba® Gold Wednesdays, 11-11:45am Silver&Fit® II: Experience Sundays, 10:30-11:15am


DO YOU FOLLOW US? Get nutrition information, articles, and tips from the JCC's Certified Nutritionist, Adrienne Markus, every Wednesday (#wellnesswednesday). Friday is #fitnessfriday! Get fitness and exercise tips from Eke Aiono, Associate Executive Director, Director of Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation, and Certified Personal Trainer.


The JCC is a fitness provider for the Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness Program. To receive your free JCC membership, present your Healthways SilverSneakers® card and your health insurance card at the time of joining. SilverSneakers® members must scan their key tag card each time they visit the JCC. Your JCC membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership. Contact your health insurance carrier for eligibility information or by calling, toll-free, 888-423-4632. SilverSneakers® Classic Mondays & Thursdays, 11-11:45am SilverSneakers® Circuit Tuesdays & Fridays, 11-11:45am SilverSneakers® Yoga Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12pm


CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


There's Strength in Partnering

Brighton Volunteer Firefighters: Chief Stephen MacAdam, Mike Sands, Jennifer Chapman, Rob Janowski and Paul Chambers work out at the Brighton Fire Department with Eke Aiono (not pictured.) 10

First Responders receive the JCC's gift of membership and a partnership is formed that benefits the whole community.

“This is not an emergency!” On the contrary, if you notice an increased presence of Brighton fire, ambulance and police department personnel at the JCC, you can feel at ease. The JCC is pleased to announce a new partnership between the JCC and these three emergency response agencies, which includes courtesy memberships to Brighton’s emergency response workers in recognition of the important roles they play in our community. That’s good news for all of us. This partnership means the JCC can offer members new safety and preparedness programs and services thanks to the expertise of these first responder agencies. With the presence of emergency personnel at the JCC, it also means increased security throughout our building. And last but certainly not least, our police, ambulance and fire department members get the gift of fitness – to date, over 65 emergency response workers have become JCC members.

The idea for this relationship evolved from 10 years of fitness sessions at the Brighton Fire Department led by the JCC’s Associate Executive Director/Fitness, Wellness and Recreation Director, Eke Aiono. Eke and Brighton Fire Chief Stephen MacAdam recently collaborated to create the program. “For us, there is a huge benefit,” MacAdam says. “Anytime we can add a fitness component to a First Responder’s day, we increase health and fitness and reduce injuries. We have already completed some CPR training for JCC staff, our Emergency Medical Service (EMS) officer has reviewed the medical bags and we will form an emergency team that will meet annually to review emergency procedures. It will make for a safer facility.” Here’s a surprising fact: Accordingly to the National Fire Protection Association, over 55% of firefighter on-duty fatalities incurred are cardiovascular. (Continued on page 26)



TYKEs Theatre Academy


TYKEs Theatre


Elephant & Piggie's "We Are in a Play" Saturday, Mar 5 and 12 11am & 2pm Sunday, Mar 6 and 13; 2pm Ages 3+/Hart Theater TYKEs is the first theatre company in Rochester to produce this hilarious musical, ripped from the pages of Mo Willems's beloved, awardwinning, best-selling children's books. Piggie and Gerald are invited to a party hosted by the Squirrelles, three singing squirrels who love to have a good time. Filled with beloved characters and lively songs and dances including the “Flippy Floppy Floory” dance, the show’s vaudeville-style antics will appeal to children and their parents. For tickets, visit or the Main Desk. For more information, contact Freyda Schneider at ext. 269 or $16 Member: $15

TYKEs Vacation Camp

Spring Break Camp Mar 28-Apr 1, 8:30am-5:30pm Optional before-camp care from 7-8:30am available at no additional cost. Ages 8+/Hart Theater Come enjoy a unique and exciting week-long theatre education program at TYKEs! We’ll focus on new aspects of theatre each day, from costumes to sets, sound effects to vocalization, script analysis to character creation. Kids will leave at the end of the week with a well-rounded and comprehensive overview of the theatre – both on stage and behind the scenes, plus plenty of hands-on action! For more information, contact Freyda Schneider at ext. 269 or $350 Member: $300/week-long program

Humor-Bloomer Class Mondays, Mar 7-Jun 13, 4-5:30pm (No class Mar 28, Apr 11 & 18 or May 30) Ages 8+/Hart Theater This fun theatre comedy class will prepare kids to navigate tricky social situations with greater ease. We’ll look at real challenges kids face – from getting picked on to having a pimple – and devise a variety of authentic and often humorous potential responses and reactions. While having a blast and laughing, kids will learn vital problem-solving skills and enhance their emotional regulation and resiliency. Fee includes a TYKEs t-shirt. $175 Member: $150 Improv FUN-damentals II Thursdays, Mar 17-Jun 9, 4-5pm (No class Mar 31 and Apr 14) Ages 5-8/Hart Theater Children will learn valuable skills: developing poise, confidence, public speaking (articulation, volume, inflection), teamwork, and creative thinking, all through a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate improvisational theatre exercises. This program takes place in a supportive, no-pressure setting that boosts self-esteem by encouraging kids to be brave and have fun. No prior experience needed. Children do not need to know how to read. Fee includes a TYKEs t-shirt. $150 Member: $125 For more information about TYKEs Theatre Academy programs, contact Freyda Schneider at ext. 269 or

Camp Sisol Hobby Camp Jun 27-Jul 1 & Aug 29-Sept 2 Campers choose one activity track to participate in for the week (options include arts and crafts, athletics, adventure/nature, or drama), with free swim every afternoon. Buses depart from the JCC at 8:45am and return at 4pm. Before and After Camp Care is available 7am-6pm. All meals and snacks are provided. For more information, contact Marisa Garber at ext. 285 or

Gesher Before and After School Care

Gesher bridges home and school life for children in grades K-6. Registration for the 2016-17 school year is ongoing. Our program include athletics, swimming, enrichment, and more: Before School Care - S ­ tart the day in a calm, enriching environment before riding the bus to school (Brighton or Rush-Henrietta). After School Care - Choose from activities like theatre, cooking, gardening, athletics, homework help, and more! Options rotate every 10 weeks. Sign up for Youth Fitness classes at no additional cost. Kindercrew - Wraparound care designed for kindergartners to foster independence. Taught by a NYS certified teacher, the curriculum focuses on both academics and social skills in a playful setting. Snow Days, Superintendent’s Days, and Half Days - Convenient for parents, fun for kids! Enjoy time with friends, participating in entertaining and stimulating activities during time off from school. For more information, contact Olivia Frost at ext. 262 or

JCC Vacation Camps

Spring Vacation Camp Mar 25, 28, 29, 30, 31, Apr 1 7am-6pm; Grades K-6 Field Trips to the Seneca Park Zoo and Camp Sisol, as well as exploring all the JCC has to offer including arts and crafts, drama, athletics and adventure activities! For more information, contact Olivia Frost at ext. 262 or Pre-registration is required. $70/day Member: $60/day


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-2pm; Ages 5-15 Activity days are a great way to compliment your child’s homeschool education with academic activities, fitness, arts, and more. Informal education opportunities are provided, focusing on accessibility for all learning styles and abilities. For more information, contact Lori Ball at ext. 397 or

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Ages 2-10 Free to JCC Family Members! Children under four must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or sibling in the 7th grade or above, who shall remain with the child in the PlayGym area and on the structure at all times. Children ages 4-10 must be signed in and out by an adult remaining in the JCC. All children must be potty trained. Hours of Operation Sunday: 8am-4pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30am-2pm, 4-8pm Wednesday: 8:30am-2pm, 5-8pm Friday: 8:30am-2pm Saturday: 8am-4pm For PlayGym holiday hours visit

Sitter Service

Free to JCC Family Members 6 weeks-4 years old. Two-hour time limit and ratios observed. Hours of Operation Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-8pm Friday: 8:30am-5pm Saturday & Sunday: 8am-4pm For SitterService holiday hours visit

Get Ready to Enroll for 2016/17! Exemplary early education & care for children 8-weeks through Pre-K. • Full day & half day options • 10 or 12 month programs • Open 7am-6pm

New Family Registration is

Open Now! Visit or call 461-2000, ext. 272 for more details.



Story Time with Mike

Tuesdays, Mar 8, Apr 12 & May 10, 11:15-11:45am Mike Miller has been telling stories as a teacher, camp counselor, and storyteller for over 30 years to parents, grandparents, and children of all ages. Join us for this monthly event. Free

B'nai Mitzvot

The JCC is a great place to host your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. Let us create a unique event that your family will remember forever! Activities may include sport games, DJ, dancing, and more.

Birthday Parties

Plan your child’s next party at the JCC! We will entertain your kids and run the party for you. Many packages to choose from, including PlayGym, In Zone, bounce house, reptiles, roller skating, ponies, mini ark, magician, and a 70’ obstacle course bounce house! To reserve a date today for your B'nai Mitzvot or birthday celebration, contact Amy Exton at ext. 268 or


CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


The Magic of Camp Sisol By Dan Irving, Camp Sisol Director

I often try to explain the magic of camp to those who have never attended it. What is it that allows camp to be fun and educationally—even therapeutically—effective? Certainly there is tremendous power in the shared experiences at camp, but how does it take shape? What is the glue that holds it all together?

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Camp Starts JULY 5-AUG 26 Kids entering Grades K-10 Choose one week or all 8!

There's something for everyone at Camp Sisol!

When I was a kid, camp was perhaps the most influential experience in my young life. I learned to love music and singing at the music tree. In fact, it was the music that ultimately brought me back to camp in 1996 as an adult. Now, as Director of Camp Sisol, camp continues to be a magical experience for me—but from a completely different perspective. And I’ve figured out how to explain the magic of camp. Allow me to share a few Sisol staff member stories. Camp Sisol's current Registrar and former Pool Director, Jessica DiSalvo says, “I was counting in my head the kids I had personally witnessed undergo a great change or achievement. And then I realized that the kids were only half of the story. For every camper who learned something about themselves, there was a staff member right behind them, undergoing the exact same experience of finding themselves and their limits.” Turns out, the glue is the commitment and caring of both the staff and the campers. At camp, we gain confidence from the challenges we overcome. Marisa Garber, Sisol’s Assistant Director of Programming explains, “My first experience as a Kesher counselor was amazing.” Kesher is the JCC’s program for children with special needs. Marisa says, “To this day, I smile when I think of my time with a particular camper with whom I worked. She struggled getting in the pool, being a part of the group and staying on late nights and overnights.”

Dan Irving, Director

Jessica DiSalvo, Registrar

Marisa Garber, Assistant Director

Marisa continues, “Two other campers had taken the girl under their wings, and helped her participate in activities and become part of the group. By the end of her time at camp that summer, the girl was jumping in the pool, engaging in activities without individualized support and sleeping through the night (with no tears!) on an overnight.”

Summer Job Opportunity Camp Sisol is now hiring! Current openings include unit heads, kitchen assistant, general counselors, counselors for children with special needs, and program specialists. For more information or to complete an online application visit


The magic of camp is deceptively simple. Independence is at the heart of it. Marisa says, “Being witness to the amazing strides that so many campers make from the beginning to end of summer, and from one summer to the next, is truly a testament to the commitment of the staff who work there, the passion they have for making an impact, and the love they have for each child. I have seen Camp Sisol change many lives—including my own—and am proud to be a part of the magic.“ There is also a culture of leadership at camp. Younger campers look forward to what they can do the following year because they see what the older campers are doing and have wholesome role models to emulate. Eventually the young campers become counselors in training and then staff, sharing the excitement they experienced as campers with the next generation. This teaches kids that there is a future in which they can make a difference. For more information about Camp Sisol visit or contact Marisa Garber at ext. 285 or

Dave Pieramico P

I am an instructor at three different colleges‌Medaille, Keuka and St. John Fisher.

Michele Ruda Leve


I always wanted to be a hairdresser.


10 Th ings You Didn' Know t Abou t the JCC Staf f

j Freyda Schneider

I swam across Seneca Lake twice. And I did it for free M&M's!

Marisa Garber P I choreographed a dance in college that was performed and judged before a panel of professionals at a national dance festival! have been to 27 RobSWest Icountries around


Carolyn Whitbeck P

Curt Dengler

I am left handed and crazy obsessed with the Buffalo Sabres.

I once was shocked so badly as a child that I now have a HUGE fear of electricity!

L Carrie Dengler


I sang the National Anthem at the Amerks, Knighthaws, and Red Wing's games (and I'm married to him)..

John Golden Y I went to both Law school and Med school but left both to spend 47 of my 68 summers at camp!


the world.

Arnie Sohinki

I have seen OJ Simpson run up and down Rich Stadium as an athlete as well as run from the police in his white Ford Bronco where I pulled over to watch them pass on the 405 in LA!



SA Apr 02 @ 8 pm * SU Apr 03 @ 2 pm

aPRiL 2 thru 17

“Witty, deeply enjoyable. All family reunions should be this satisfying.” – Ben Brantley, nY Times

TH Apr 07 @ 7 pm SA Apr 09 @ 8 pm

Directed by David Runzo

SU Apr 10 @ 2 pm

A searing comedy-drama in the tradition of August: Osage County, the joys of a family reunion quickly unravel when a prodigal daughter returns to her family’s Palm Springs home and announces plans to publish a childhood memoir. As her retired ambassador father, image-conscious mother, rehabbing aunt, and ne’er-do-well brother team up to stop her, long-held family secrets are revealed.

TH Apr 14 @ 7 pm SA Apr 16 @ 8 pm SU Apr 17 @ 2 pm * ASL Interpreted Performance

ReseRved seating $26 Adults $24 JCC Members $20 Students

Nominated for a 2012 Tony Award® for Best Play and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

by Jon Robin Baitz

SA May 07 @ 8 pm SU May 08 @ 2 pm TH May 12 @ 7 pm

Directed by Zoe Walker-Itoh Musical Direction by Casey Filiaci Choreography by Esther Winter

SA May 14 @ 8 pm

Tony Award Winner Best Musical The joint will be jumpin’ when the golden age of The Cotton Club and Savoy Ballroom get recreated in this finger-snapping, toetapping, and bawdy tribute to the Harlem Renaissance of the early 1900s. A stellar cast, including Di’ta Monique and Darren Frazier from The Hit Factory, sing the songs that made the inimitable “Fats” Waller an international sensation.

SA May 21 @ 2 pm



Promotional Partner

Presented in Memory of Marilyn Goldberg



Music by Thomas “Fats” Waller Conceived by Murray Horwitz and Richard Maltby, Jr.

WE May 25 @ 7 pm TH May 26 @ 7 pm

May 25 thru JUne 5

SA May 28 @ 2 pm SA May 28 @ 8 pm SU May 29 @ 2 pm WE June 1 @ 7 pm TH June 2 @ 7 pm SA June 4 @ 2 pm SA June 4 @ 8 pm SU June 5 @ 2 pm

ReseRved seating $27 – $40

The Calamari Sisters have the juiciest clams in town! The Calamari Sisters are back at the JCC after their record-breaking run of “Oy Vey” with an all-new show! This summer, Delphine & Carmela are cooking up a delightfully zany and slightly fishy picnic. You’ll laugh until your sides hurt as these two plus size siblings sing, dance, and cook their way through the ins and outs of an Italian clam bake. (Please note, no actual clams will be harmed in the making of this totally Kosher event.)


(585) 461-2000

SU May 15 @ 2 pm TH May 19 @ 7 pm SA May 21 @ 8 pm SU May 22 @ 2 pm

ReseRved seating $29 Adults $27 JCC Members $20 Students


May 7 thru 22


Give the gift of film!

Sunday, March 6, 7pm JCC Hart Theater



underwritten by


Wait For Me: And Other Poems About the Irritations and Consolations of a Long Marriage

Sunday, March 20, 2pm

Atkin Center of the Jewish Home 2021 S. Winton Road underwritten by the

underwritten by

William and Sheila Konar Foundation and Rubens Family Foundation

Visit for details and to purchase tickets!

TERRAPIN FLYER IS BACK! Special Two Night Engagement


The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money

Celebrating our 16th year!

July 10-18

Tommy Castro

and the Painkillers

Monday, April 11, 2016 • JCC Hart Theater


MAY 15 & 16

Featuring… Music of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, and more!

Tickets on Sale Now:

(585) 461-2000 •

Oklahoma! Auditions: May 23 & 24 with callbacks on May 25 Performances July 16 - 24

461-2000 SUMMERSTAGE 17

The following programs are presented by The Resource Place at the JCC All of the following listings are open to Members and Non Members. The Resource Place offers programs designed to help people of all ages navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Stop in and meet the staff or visit The Resource Place library. For more information, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW, at ext. 232 or or Carrie Dengler at ext. 214 or If minimum registration is not met, classes may be cancelled. Please call 461-2000 for more information.



Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude Tuesday, Mar 15, 11:30am Come explore and discuss the Torah’s view on the topic of gratitude and how we can incorporate it in our lives and in turn teach this to our children. Includes lunch. Facilitated by: Miriam Mammon $10 Member: $8


Come Play! Interactive Play Workshop Tuesday, May 24, 12-1:30pm Play helps a child socialize, create, practice skills, problem solve, and develop interests. In this handson workshop, we will review how the use of play can help meet developmental milestones and help gain a better understanding of how our children learn. Take home resources will be provided. Includes lunch. Facilitated by: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R $20 Member: $15 *Parenting programs are for parents with children of all ages. To reserve your spot in a program contact Michele Ruda Leve.

Nutrition and Wellness Cooking with Gluten and Dairy-Free Substitutions Thursday, Mar 10, 1pm Learn how you can easily recreate your favorite dishes without gluten or dairy by using simple, readily available substitutions. Cooking demo and food samples! Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant $20 Member: $15 Eat Like a Vegan Thursday, Apr 7, 1pm Understand why so many people are choosing to eat vegan and learn how you can prepare delicious and satisfying vegan meals. Cooking

demo and food samples! Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant $20 Member: $15 Top Kitchen Hacks for the Beginner Cook Thursday, May 19, 1pm Learn easy tips and short-cuts to help make the time in the kitchen easier and more fun! Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant $20 Member: $15 Mindfulness and Memory: Super Noggin a brain fitness program Tuesday, Mar 22, 2pm Focusing attention and silencing the chatter in the mind are skills that can be developed with practice. Sometimes difficulties with remembering are often a lack of attention rather than a memory problem. Workshop activities focus on attention control exercises that can also be taken home to practice. Facilitator: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R, CDP, Owner Connection Compass, Certified Super Noggin Instructor $20 Member: $16 Life Review and Memory Enhancement: Super Noggin a brain fitness program Tuesday, Apr 5, 2pm This interactive workshop takes participants through a series of structured memory exercises designed to strengthen their long term memory. Facilitator: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R, CDP, Owner Connection Compass, Certified Super Noggin Instructor $20 Member: $16 Achieving Your Ideal Health as You Age Wednesday, Mar 16, 5:30pm This workshop will provide an

overview of how untreated hearing loss affects your overall health and well-being. We will also talk about activity level, the importance of restful sleep and managing stress as ways of also achieving ideal health as you age. Facilitators: Ramona Stein, PhD, CCC-A and Lucy Piper $10 Member: $8

Support Help Fulfill the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming guests) Are you willing to open your home during secular and Jewish holidays to those who are new to the area or don’t have family here? If so, call Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. You may be asked to provide transportation. Thank you for your kindness! Lifespan Presents: Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Program Are you eligible for Medicare and want information about choosing health insurance? Lifespan’s trained volunteer counselors can help. To schedule an appointment, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free Shop. Compare. Enroll. Coordinated Care Services, Inc. can assist you with the enrollment process through New York State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace. Appointments may be made at the JCC for the first and third Friday of each month. For an appointment, call 613-7662. Free Caring for a Parent/Loved One Support Group Mondays, Mar 21, Apr 18 & May 16 1pm Get the support you need to help care for your aging loved one. Registration is required 48 hours prior to a group meeting.

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support, Education, and Advocacy Second Thursday of each month, 7-9pm Conference Room Free monthly meetings include medical experts and a forum for survivors of prostate cancer and their loved ones to speak. WXXI Reachout Radio This audio information service provides convenient access to printed material for people who can no longer read standard print. Free

Interfaith Interfaith Connection Connect with other interfaith couples in a welcoming, supportive group. This program serves couples with one Jewish partner in a committed relationship, with or without children. For more information, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free

For more information, visit or contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free

more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free

Jewish Life programs, Interfaith Connection, Interfaith Relationship Counseling, The Mothers Circle, and The Grandparents Circle are made possible through the generosity of the Harry and Regina Cornell Fund.

Men in Transition Tuesdays, 8:30-10am An association of retired men ages 60+. Enjoy bagels, coffee, and discussion. Special speakers are regularly scheduled. Free

Art and Music The Art of Painting Mondays, 10am; Art Studio Want to paint and be inspired by others? Work in the medium of your choice and enjoy demonstrations from guest artists. All ages and abilities are welcome. Painting coupon booklets must be purchased at the Main Desk prior to class. Instructor: Allison Roberts $88 Member: $55 Marquetry Wednesdays, 9am; Art Studio Marquetry is art made from thin pieces of wood veneer glued together to form a picture or pattern.Drop in to learn this craft and work on a project. A list of materials will be provided. Facilitator: Nadia Sanow $20 Member: Free

Interfaith Relationship Counseling The interfaith subject can be a sensitive one. Get free guidance and help to find solutions that work best for you. For an appointment at the JCC or an area synagogue, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW.

Crafting Thursdays, 10am-2pm; Art Studio Work on a project and get tips and assistance. Instruction will focus on copper enameling and quilting. Facilitator: Norma Gingold $20 Member: Free

The Mothers Circle For women in interfaith relationships who want to learn about Jewish rituals, ethics, and creating a Jewish home for their children. The Mothers Circle is a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute. Free Sitter Service is available. Facilitator: Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW For more information, visit or contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free

Show Tune Showcase Tuesdays, Mar 8, Apr 12 & May 10 10-10:30am Join Michael Miller and sing popular show tunes. Free

The Grandparents Circle For Jewish grandparents whose children are intermarried. Share your Jewish heritage and nurture your grandchildren’s Jewish identities. The Grandparents Circle is a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute. Facilitator: Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW

Clubs and Connections


Save the Date!

Yiddish Rochester: Celebrating Yiddish Music, Language and Culture Sunday, May 15, 3-5pm For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or

Coffee, Coloring & Conversation Thursdays, Mar 3, Apr 7 & May 5 10-10:45am; Yiddish Culture Center Relax and unwind with Jewishthemed coloring sheets, coffee, and conversation with new friends. For

Current Events Wednesdays, 11am-1pm Discuss news topics that interest you. The group breaks for lunch. Free Connections for Women First Thursday of each month 1-2:15pm; Room 1 A group of women ages 60+. Enjoy coffee, speakers, outings, and discussion. Free Senior Days at the “J” Mondays & Thursdays, 10:15am-1pm Looking to meet other adults in a casual atmosphere? A calendar of events including discussions, card games, bingo, movies, sing-alongs, and more are enjoyed each week. Monthly schedules are available in The Resource Place office. Free J C C L A N E


Facilitator: Dee Schwartz, LMSW, Jewish Family Service of Rochester To register, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free


Book Club Calling all book JEWISHBOOKFESTIVAL lovers! In conjunction with the JCC Lane Dworkin Jewish Book Festival, we host a Book Club that meets every six weeks. Read thought-provoking books and enjoy stimulating conversation. Facilitator: Michael Miller Free

Education The Curious Jew Sunday, Mar 13, 7:30pm Auditorium A Every Jew has the right to ask. All of us have questions about Judaism. If you don’t have questions – ask yourself this – “why not?” “Questioning” is the name of the game in this exciting session, from the most minor details to the most complex issues in Judaism. Join Rabbi Avi and Miriam Mammon for a time you don’t want to miss!. To submit a question in advance, please e-mail,

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


or come ready to ask. Open to all. Please register by March 10. Instructor: Rabbi Avi and Miriam Mammon For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or Free AARP Driver Safety Course Mar 7 & 9, Apr 4 & 6, May 2 & 4 Conference Room Earn discounts on your auto insurance with this New York State-approved driver safety course. Payment must be made by check to AARP on the first day of class. AARP Member: $20 Non AARP Member: $25


The Joy and Oy of Yiddish: Language, Literature, and Culture Yiddish Culture Center Come explore the humor and beauty of this quintessential Jewish language. Instructor: Deborah Rothman Beginner Please contact Joy Getnick if interested in joining a beginner class. Date and time TBD based on participant availability. Intermediate and Advanced Tuesdays, Mar 29-Jun 7 10:30am-12:30pm (No class Apr 19 & 26) For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or $120 Member: $90

TechAge Adult Computer Learning Center

"Classes for Adults, Taught by Adults" Monday-Friday, 12-2pm Windows 10, iPad, and Android classes. FREE drop in help sessions. For more information, call ext. 463 or visit

ISRAEL INDEPENDENCE DAY: Celebrate Israel's 68th Birthday A Hero in HeavenA Film Screening

Sunday, May 8, 7pm; Hart Theater A Hero in Heaven (45min) tells the story of American-born Michael Levinz'l, and his decision to serve in an elite unit of the Israeli Defense Forces as a "lone soldier." Killed in combat during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, Levin left behind a legacy of Jewish pride and commitment. Join us as we celebrate Israel's birthday, and honor and remember Israel's fallen heroes, such as Michael Levin. For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or Free

Israeli Flag Raising

Thursday, May 12; 12pm Flagpole Join us as we raise the Israeli flag, sing Hatikvah, and celebrate Israel’s 68th birthday. For more information, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or Free

Stop by Today! Offering delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and more! Geulah's will remain open during the construction.

HOURS: Monday-Friday 8am-2pm

Nancy Moscov-Rapp CBR, ASP

Bus: (585) 389-4050 Cell: (585) 230-4770

Professional Service, Personal Style


Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @


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Offering Complete Commercial Printing With Full In-House Design Capability, Prepress and Bindery Services. From Annual Reports, Specialty Advertisement Pieces, and Newsletters to Complete Business Packages, Including: Folders, Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards.

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Pick up a complimentary Rememberance Candle at Brighton Memorial Chapel.

Rochester’s Jewish Funeral Home


3325 Winton Road S., Rochester NY 14623 •


See why Brighton Memorial Chapel is Establishing a New Tradition. CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


Todah Rabah (Thank You)

A special thank you to our donors for contributions received October 7, 2015-January 8, 2016. Your generosity ensures the excellent programming we enjoy; enhances and maintains the facility we love; and serves our community, including individuals and families who require financial assistance. Special thanks to our Markus Society members, who support the JCC each year with a minimum gift of $360.


Annual Campaign


Anonymous Barbara Flender Abittan Guido Albertelli Erane and Jesse Allen Sue and Aaron Baker Inez and Isaac Baranes Barbara and Ken Baron Erna Baum John Bennett in memory of Ed Burg Sandra Boulter Henra Briskin Cenie Cafarelli Jesse Capell John P. Casella Arthur Cassidy Maya and Prabhu Chawda Rachel and David Clar Norrine Cole Arlene Cooper Lenore and Donald Cooper Doris Cummiskey Joyce Curran Donna Curtis Mary Davis Judy Dell Nancy Dewan Nancy Talbot and Paul Duberstein Judith and Paul Eissenstat Rose Faucette Dr. and Mrs. Scott Fine Susan and Tim Fogal Naomi Friedman Carol Gayeski Zema Gelin Julia D. Godin Marjorie and Julian Goldstein Estelle Gorfine and Max Grossman Marilyn and Nicholas Graver Benita Greenfield Shirley Grossman Gail Hammett Hannelore and Robert Heyer Harry Hoffman Constance and Arthur W. Holtz Dolores and Gerhard Jesske Rosalind and Jerome Joseph Judith Lasker Kaufman Fund Karine Stone and Ronald Kareken Muriel Klein Zipporah and Marvin Kleinberg Irving Koff Dvorah Kolko Phyllis and Martin Korn Drs. Sharon Berkowitz and Damian Krysan Lee Lang Susan and Hyman Lasker Marcia Lewis

Frances and Anthony Limuti Roseve and Rick Mainzer Patricia Martel James McGrath Rita and James McGurn Ida and Robert McVeigh Karen Baker and Gregory M. Melnik Suzanne Meyerowitz Janice Miller Carolyn and Marvin Miller in memory of Ed Burg Aaron Mills in honor of Jamie and Loren Flaum's dedication to the JCC Carolyn Moore Estelle and Herbert Morris Isabel Morrison Dolores and Philip Neivert Fund Janet Nemetz Gabriella Nozik Evelyn Ofsowitz Elaine Patiky Jean Phillips Irving Pobboravsky Helen and Saul Presberg Janice Pryll Irina and Arkadiy Ravin Julian Rayburn Joann and Alan Reinnagel Nancy and Richard Reitkopp Rebecca and Carmen Rinaldis Hilda Ring Virdell Robbins Beatrice and Richard Rosenbloom Gloria and Irving Rosenstein Joan Rosenthal Lisa and Rudolf Rubiner Jeanne Ryman Anneta Ryzhikova Robert and Dorothy Sadick Susan and Ronald Salzman Margarita Sanberg Elaine Sarna Arlene and Howard Schenker Suzanne and Michael Schnittman in honor of Matt Ryen and his dedication to the JCC Irene and Harold Schwartz Tracy Seligman Gertrude and Albert Sheinfeld Stella Shmois Genevieve and Harris T. Siegel Simi and Leonard Singer Gary Smith Myrna Snyder Mary Tachco Susan and Alan Turof Jane and Robert Van Alstyne Mrs. Diane Van Lare S. MacClurg Vivian Judith Wadsworth

Markus Society

Valerie and Jon Alhart Norma and Arnold Andzer Ann and Murray Astarita Iris O. Auerbacher* Nancy Bloom and Alan Cohen Terri and Harold Bobry Suzanne and Richard Cohen Gerald M. Eggert Judith and Geoffrey Epstein Joan Feinbloom Stanley Friedman Howard Gordon Deborah and Michael Gordon Barbara and Marvin Gray Marilyn and Joel Greenberg Howard J. Grossman Rhonda and Earl Gurell Helen Hecker Sandra Herritt Rosenthal* The Houde-Walters Family* Daphne Futerman and Ira Jevotovsky Judith and Stuart L. Kaplan Marti and Burton Kleinman Rebecca Klymn Bradleigh and Mort Kolko Paulina and Laurence J. Kovalsky Barbara Kozel Michael Kravetz Stella Levinson Joan and Richard A. Markus Sally Hirst and Douglas Miller Carolyn and Marvin Miller Perry Myers Joan and Beryl Nusbaum Maxine and Dr. Gerald Rosen Suzanne and Dr. Paul Rosenberg Hannah and Arnie Rosenblatt Joan and Bud Rusitzky Enid and Louis Ryen Robert and Letty Gail Schacht Jeffrey Schwartz Sharon Gray and Scott Sherin Elaine and Leonard Simon James Sloan Deb and Marc Solomon Sue and Gary Tebor Lois and Mark Utell Justin and Louise Vigdor William and Sheila Konar Foundation Karen and Sy Zivan *We welcome new Markus Society members

Camp Seneca Lake

Sharon Margolis Apfel Aunt Belle, Jodi and Garry Smart and Nancy and Cisco Gowens in honor of

Camp Sisol Campership Fund Harvey Reiner in memory of Robert R. Reiner

Campership for Camp Seneca Lake

Leslie and Howard Crane in honor of Joe Shur's special birthday Julia and Ron Goldman Mindy Hecker in memory of Marilyn Cooper Ellie Holtzman in honor of the special birthday of Camilla Maas Jill and Robert Kravetz in honor of Justin Goldman receiving the "Young Leadership Award" from the JCC Lisa Kramer-Lape Melissa Reitkopp and Mark Schwartz

Campership Fund

Ellie Holtzman in honor of Barbara Gray's special birthday, in honor of the marriage of Sandy and Bob Temkin's son Bruce to Judson and in memory of Ed Burg Jayme Menachof in honor of Jordyn Kossow Sheila Weinbach Linda and Sherwin Weinstein in honor of Dylan Goldstein's Bar Mitzvah


Gail and Gary Boorum Class Action LLC/Marc L. Frankel] Constable Elnora and Calvin Cooper Bailey Culhane Anna May and David Eisenberg in memory of Ed Burg Lauren Frank Barbara and Charles Freeman Anthony Gill Elaine and Bob Jacobsen

Leslie Berkowitz and Michael Lebowitz LGBT Fund for Greater Rochester Kurtis W. Martin M.D. Ralph Meranto in memory of Irwin Wagman Ralph Meranto and Kathy Kenez in memory of Larraine Habecker Monroe Sealers of Rochester Louise and Joel Novros Janet Klein Patlow Elise and Stephen Rosenfeld Arnie Sohinki in memory of Larraine Habecker Theater Development Fund

Cultural Arts Programs

Joyce and Edz'l Burg in honor of Mort and Dwaine Levy's 65th wedding anniversary In memory of Ed Burg Florence Eppstein Sally Hirst and Douglas Miller Joanne Prives

Fitness, Wellness and Recreation

Jackie and Howard Davidson in memory of Ed Burg Virginia and Irving Gordon in memory of Dr. Arnold Gordon Arnold Kovalsky Letty Gail Schacht in memory of Mildred S. Loft Nancy Schwartz in memory of Evelyn Gold Helene Spector in memory of Walter Hermann

Frumel Ureles SummerStage Fund

Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation in memory of Frumel Ureles

Jewish Community Center

Anonymous In memory of Ed Burg Barbara and Marvin Becker Myra Berlowitz Lee and Carl Buchman Ellyn and Arthur Edelstein Tony and Diane Panzica Bea and Richard Rosenbloom Irma and Bernard Rosenthal Joan and Bob Clar in honor of Justin Goldman receiving the "Young Leadership Award" from the JCC Rebecca Drayer Benita Greenfield Cynthia Rand Tracy and Neil Seligman David and Jean States Laura Thurner Lisa Waltzer Heather and Jeffrey Zielinski

Jewish Life Programs Michael Bobry

Our Vision, Our Future Campaign

Deborah G. Goldman in memory of Ed Burg

Patricia Chadwick Arts Endowment Fund

Roseve and Richard Mainzer in memory of Ed Burg

The Resource Place Mona and Mark Kolko

Senior Adult Programs

In memory of Ed Burg Marcia Elwitt Al and Helene Gupp Sarah Liebschutz Joan and Beryl Nusbaum Norma Gingold in memory of Thomas Sweeney Beverly Gold in memory of Rose Gold Pat and Jack Rubin in honor of Claire Rubin

Special Needs Programs

Dorothy Goldstein in memory of Monya Cohen Tillie Levinson in memory of Ed Burg Maxine and Dr. Gerald Rosen in memory of Paul Pearl, beloved husband, father and grandfather

Susie Goldstein Sands Fund for Camp Seneca Lake


Justin Goldman receiving the "Young Leadership Award" from the JCC Daniel Fishman Esther Germanow in memory of Jay Cohen Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible in honor of Arnie Sohinki to welcome him to the JCC and to our beloved CSL Gail Goodman Beverly Gubiotti in honor of Benjamin Nozik's Bar Mitzvah Jackie Hersch John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation Marcy (DeMayo) Kay and Stephen Kay in honor of the first wedding anniversary of our children, Rachel and Brian Grodofsky Nina Segal and Will Kennedy Jacob Matus Lauren and Edward Nast Laurie Palmer in honor of Mark Finestone's birthday Seth Cohen Elyse Schraeder Geula Solomon Dr. Kate Berry Tompkins Karen and Sy Zivan in memory of Ed Burg

Marcia and Norman Abelson in memory of Susie Goldstein Sands on "Giving Tuesday" Holly Boker Enid and Louis Ryen in honor of Izzy Goldstein's Bat Mitzvah; in memory of Bernice Cornell; wishing Melanie Wolk a speedy recovery; in honor of Larry Goldstein's special birthday; wishing Ron Plotnik a speedy recovery; in memory of Jacques Lipson and Leon Katzen and in honor of the retirement of Leslie Berkowitz

TechAge Learning Center

Joel Elias in memory of Irwin Wagman Jean Shafer


Pamela Davis Elisabeth Judson Simon and Josephine Braitman Family Supporting Foundation

Winkler-Lococo Campership Fund

Megan and Michael Lococo in memory of Sue Lococo’s beloved parents, Pearl and Bunny Sue and Michael Lococo in honor of Bev Weinstein's special birthday; in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Sid Sobel being named Ambassadors of Humanity; in memory of Elizabeth Looby’s beloved father; Stanley Underberg; our beloved Davis; Jerry Leightner’s Aunt Miriam; Joy “Mia” Chaba and Marilyn Baskin’s sister Joanne Sue, Megan and Michael Lococo in memory of Ginger Lerner’s beloved husband Harold



Our Vision, Our Future Capital Campaign Donors Thank you to the following extraordinary donors who have made commitments to the Our Vision, Our Future Campaign. We are so grateful for your wonderful support. This list recognizes all donors who made or increased their commitments between October 11, 2015-January 12, 2016.

Former Executive Director Leslie Berkowitz, with husband Michael Lebowitz, and son, Jacob Lebowitz

PILLAR ($25,000-$49,999)

Deborah G. Goldman in memory of her husband, Elliott Landsman Bob and Michelle Marcus

ADVOCATE ($5,000-$9,999)

Rollie Abkowitz in memory of Dr. Martin Abkowitz Gold Titanium, Inc. Marvin and Barbara Gray in honor of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren Harry and Ellen Rosen Justin and Louise Vigdor Lorraine Wolch and Donald Onimus

Young Leadership Award recipient Justin Goldman and wife Leah Goldman

FRIEND ($2,500-$4,999)

Catenary Construction Corp. Howard Gordon in memory of Alida B. White Karen and Michael Haymes Janet and Robert Kowal Jo and Arnie Sohinki Paul and Sharon Underberg Mike and Betsy Zwas


SUPPORTER ($1,000-$2,499)


Accurate Accoustical Jeffrey and Felicia Cerini in memory of Bruce Newman Brian and Marcia Goldstein Jennifer Litwak M/E Engineering, PC Charles and Sally Parmigiani Harrison and Rabbi Rachel Smookler Dr. Paul and Suzanne Rosenberg

Gala Co-Chairs Michael Levitan, Susan Sagan Levitan, Jamie Flaum, and Loren Flaum


Anonymous (2) Janice and Robert Daitz Hy and Anne DeMayo Jacomina and John Ejaife Gary Fuller Don and Patricia Herminghouse Emily Joseph in memory of Buddha and Widget K'Tanim Kidz in honor of Leslie Berkowitz Connie and Thomas Lathrop Nancy and Howard LeVant in memory of our daughter, Marjorie Joanne Prives Fran and Bob Schoenfeld Tracy Seligman Sheryl Silberman and Eli Tuber Denise and Arthur Streeter Alexandra Terziev and Allan Greenleaf Judith Wadsworth Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Zwas

Julie and Todd Levine, accepting the Tikkun Olam Award on behalf of the William and Mildred Levine Foundation

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Thank you to our generous sponsors, donors, and guests who helped to make the 2016 JCC Annual Gala an entertaining and successful evening! The event netted approximately $75,000 to support the JCC’s programs. PLATINUM SPONSOR William and Mildred Levine Family Foundation GOLD SPONSORS Ames Amzalak Memorial Trust Jewish Senior Life Royal Oak Realty Trust Louis S. and Molly B. Wolk Foundation SILVER SPONSORS Bluemark Advisors/Bond Financial Network The Flaum Family Michael, Debbie, and Burt Gordon and Family LECESSE Construction Jeff and Patrice Pierce and Family Drs. Seth Zeidman and Eva Pressman BRONZE SPONSORS 4th Coast Productions Terri and Harold Bobry Gray Locey, CPA ESL Federal Credit Union Irondequoit Pediatrics Deborah G. Goldman Lacy Katzen, LLP M&T Bank M/E Engineering, PC Power Management Regional Distributors Trane, Inc. Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP SUPPORTERS Marty and Donna Adwin Eke and Claudette Aiono Leslie and Robert Baker Drs. Douglas and Jane Bennett Mike and JoAnn Berger Deborah and Tobias Biedenkopf Terri and Harold Bobry Michael Bobry and Rochelle Feldman Rachel and Jonathan Bress Brighton Memorial Chapel, Inc. Marc and Betsy Brugg Jeff and Emily Camardello Chabad Lubavitch of Pittsford Shara and Hugh Chisholm Craig Jenson, Partner, CJS Architects, LLP Rachel and David Clar Howard and Daphne Cohen Tammy Cohen and Barry Silverstein Congregation Light of Israel Cornell/Weinstein Family Foundation Dor L’Dor East Avenue Dentistry Perry Eck Sammy and Jeanne Feldman Monica and Asher Flaum William and Donna Friedman Allison and Josh Fogel Sarah and Michael Gannon Monica and Heath Gebell

Emy and Andy Giacalone Eileen Goldman Eric Goldman Justin and Leah Goldman Dan and Victoria Goldstein Andrew and Sarah Gordon Patrick and Ellen Giusto Golisano Children’s Hospital Sharon Gray and Scott Sherin Jennifer Harter Stuart Hanau Joyce and Warren Heilbronner Staci Henning Jayme and Laura Hurwitz Susan and Howard Itkin JC Jones and Associates LLC Jet X Delivery Rami Katz and Irena Pesis-Katz Dennis Kessler and Andrea Miller Amy and Michael King Brett and Michalene Kinsler Dolores L. Kleinberg Jane Knickerbocker Ira and Rhonda Korn Sharon Kovalsky Michelle Kudesh and Amy Reichtman Jacob Lebowitz LeClair, Korona, Giordano, Cole LLP Lenore and Marshall Lesser Michele Ruda Leve Michael Levitan and Susan Sagan Levitan Steven and Kimberly Levitsky Jeffrey and Jill Liberman Dawn Lipson Ms. Katherine Macbeth Hinda Mandell and Matt White Susan Mandl Max A. Adler Charitable Foundation, Inc. Karen and Dan Menachof Brian and Julie Mintz Rachel Farkas and Jacob Moalem Jordan and Sarah Morgenstern The Honorable Karen Morris Melanie Mullally Mr. Lewis A. Norry Peter Palermo Northmarq Capital Dough Parker and Victoria Ferren Chris Penders Roberta and Steven Pheterson Jason Pierce and Taylor Rapp Joy and Ronald Plotnik Marcie and Charlie Post Max Reiter and Donald Green Richard and Nancy Reitkopp Darren and Sara Ressler Dr. Harry and Ellen Rosen Susan and Robert Rosenblatt Linda Rubens Enid and Louis Ryen Matt and Erinn Ryen Jonathan and Michele Sadik

Robert and Joyce Sagan Aviva and Arie Schochat Robert and Theresa Schwartz Erni and Randy Schuster Neil and Tracy Seligman Paul Shipper and Talya Meyerowitz Seth and Suzanne Silver Rachel and Yantee Slobert Harrison and Rabbi Rachel Smookler Arnie and Jo Sohinki State of Israel Bonds Mindy and Scott Stein Wendy Strauss Temple Beth El Temple B’rith Kodesh Torres Law Office, PC UBS Financial Services, Michael Cooper UGI Energy Services Dr. William Valenti Lisa Vangellow and Neal Morchower Jennifer and Matthew Wallace Joshua and Jennifer Weinstein Joel Weiss Dr. Oren Weiss and Ms. Michal Benita-Weiss Kevin and Bari Wexler Rachel Wexler Carolyn Whitbeck Rachel and Andy Wiener Jocelyn and Andrew Wolff Brandon Wolk David and Gail Wolk Steven and Kate Wolk Marvin and Mari Wolk Stacey Wolk-Oshrin and Adam Oshrin IN-KIND SUPPORTERS Celebrate Events Century Liquor and Wines Cornell’s Jewelers Diamonds Limousine The Flaum Family A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THIS YEAR’S COMMITTEE Co-Chairs Jamie and Loren Flaum Susan Sagan Levitan and Michael Levitan Gala Planning Committee Brian Blaustein Judy and Norman Blaustein Courtney and Michael Cornell Heath Gebell Leah Goldman Victoria Goldstein Staci Henning Jill Liberman Mara Metzger Emily and Joshua Rittenberg Stacey Trien Ron Von Perlstein Jennifer and Matthew Wallace


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“The group that is coming to the JCC enjoys the variety of functional fitness classes and programs that we offer such as H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training), Kettlebells and TRX,” says Eke. “These types of high intensity classes help to increase cardiovascular endurance, develop balance and mobility. What they are doing here benefits not only the JCC but the whole community because they are more fit and able to perform more effectively under the high physical stresses of their jobs.”

"What they are doing here benefits not only the JCC but the whole community...”

Valuable programs and services are in the works for the JCC community thanks to the partnership between the JCC and Brighton’s first responders, including blood pressure screenings, car seat safety checks, fire safety sessions, and first responder equipment demos for the kids in the Wolk and Gesher childcare areas. In addition, all three agencies will help evaluate the JCC’s emergency preparedness plan and make recommendations to improve safety at the JCC. Join us in welcoming Brighton’s First Responders. This is an exciting time for all JCC community members as we get healthier—and safer—in 2016.


Brighton Volunteer Ambulance (BVA) Chief of EMS Operations Cody Dean notes, “BVA has a low number of calls to the JCC, which is a testament to the steps taken by the JCC to promote a safe, healthy atmosphere. This is bolstered by the JCC’s commitment to improve the ‘out-of-

hospital chain-of-survival’ when faced with serious cardiac emergencies. This commitment has been achieved through partnering with our training department to provide CPR/ AED instruction to the JCC staff. These efforts, coupled with their recent gift of membership for the BVA team, clearly show that the JCC is a true leader when it comes to building a healthier community.”

24-year JCC Member and Volunteer Firefighter, David Metzger works out in the Group Cycling Studio. He also attends H.I.I.T. with Eke Aiono.

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Come join us and see for yourself the “Hillel Experience” and how we transform lives! • Small class sizes offering a low student-teacher ratio • Laptops/tablets for all students in grades 1-8 • After school enrichment clubs in Robotics, Math, Sports, and more • Warm & inclusive community

OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 9:00am Everyone from the community is invited to visit and share the excitement. Please contact Jenna Hiller, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 585-271-6877 or



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JCC Magazine Spring 2016  
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