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March 1-8, 2015

Families & Couples- receive $360 off a new JCC Membership.* Adults- receive $180 off a new JCC Membership.*

Indoor Pool & Track Zumba® Yoga/Pilates Group Cycling BodyPump™ BodyStep™ BodyAttack™ Kettlebells Train RAW Boot Camp H.I.I.T. Training Aquaerobics and so much more...

PlayGym In Zone Fitness Open Swim


*Join between March 1-8, 2015 and take advantage of this incredible offer. This one-year offer is for new Family Members and new Adult Members who have not held a JCC Membership in the past 12 months. Workout Express and Teen Memberships are excluded.


The JCC of Greater Rochester will be relevant to every member of our Jewish community.

The mission of the JCC is to strengthen Jewish identity and promote Jewish continuity through all stages of life. This is accomplished in an environment that provides opportunities for meaningful cultural enrichment, physical well being and social, educational and recreational experiences for individuals and families. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS

President Matt Ryen

Vice Presidents Dan Goldstein Richard Gray Burton Kleinman Karen Menachof


Staci Henning


Justin Goldman


Valerie Alhart Bernard Birnbaum Judy Blaustein Howard Cohen Loren Flaum Robert Fogel Sharon Gray Aaron Hiller Marisa Kessler Josef Kilimnick Sheila Konar Susan Sagan Levitan Ben Levy Robyn Morgan Rabbi Michael Silbert Seth Silver Marcia Stern Ron Von Perlstein Karen Zivan

Chairman, Board of Governors: Jeremy Wolk

Executive Director: Leslie Berkowitz Associate Executive Directors: Eke Aiono David J. Pieramico

Development Director: Sarah Goldstein Post

Membership Director: Barbara Conklin Marketing Director: Susan LaRosa Graphic Designer: Lyndsay Thomas JCC Magazine is published quarterly by Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester 1200 Edgewood Avenue Rochester, NY 14618

Contents In this issue 5 Capital Campaign Buzz 6 Passover Recipes from JCC Staff 8 Youth Fitness 10 Fitness

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JCC Holiday Hours:

Erev Pesach Friday, Apr 3: 5am-5:30pm Pesach Saturday, Apr 4: Closed Memorial Day Monday, May 25: 7am-1:30pm

On the Cover: The Gebells are JCC members and have been a Wolk Children’s Center family for six years.

Dear JCC Members, It is an exciting time in the history of the JCC. With a 26,000- square-foot expansion, including a new two-floor fitness center; second pool for recreation, exercise, and therapy; splash park; new café; renovated community spaces; and upgrades to existing infrastructure, we hope to make the JCC even better than it already is. One of our greatest strengths is our centrality. We are a true community center: a place where individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together without judgment and ideological commitment and feel a sense of belonging and comfort. For the past forty years, our building on Edgewood Avenue has served the Rochester Jewish community as a primary destination for Jewish engagement and a portal of entry into Jewish life. Yet beyond that, we also proudly and conscientiously serve the entire Rochester community, regardless of age, race, or affiliation, with a state-of-the-art fitness facility and first-rate programs and services. Our success has been thanks to the support and passion of people like you, who enable us to provide for all. One only needs to try to find a parking spot to gauge the intense level of activity that characterizes our JCC. However, with the success of our Center has come the accumulated wear and tear imposed by forty years of heavy use. The demand on our facilities, and continued growth in membership, has challenged our ability to remain an institution of excellence. Now, and for the future, we must make an investment in our JCC. At present, we experience over 30,000 visits to our building each month. Our meeting rooms, classrooms, fitness facilities, and other program areas are heavily subscribed. We remain fully committed to keeping our fitness and wellness programs innovative, cutting edge, and accessible, while at the same time meeting increased demand for programming in the cultural arts and for individuals and families at risk. It is with this in mind that we launched the “Our Vision, Our Future” capital campaign. A renovated and updated JCC will go beyond the needs of the present. It will position us to support our community with the finest in social, educational, cultural, and recreational programs and services, with first-class facilities, well into the future. We hope that you will join us. We envision a JCC with a renewed ability to serve our diverse community by offering innovative programming in a renovated and updated facility. We look forward to continuing to be at the center of community life and a magnet to everyone. Our vision for the future is not just of a bigger building. It is to be a welcoming neighborhood for all.

Contact us at (585) 461–2000 Or online at To advertise in the JCC Magazine, call (585) 461–2000, ext. 258.


Leslie Berkowitz Executive Director

Matthew Ryen President, JCC Board of Directors

“We love the JCC! We look forward to the new building because expansion is necessary to fulfill the needs of our ever-growing membership. We are proud to support the JCC for it to be a vibrant part of our future and that of our children.” Mara and David Metzger, JCC Members

“We are so thrilled for the new addition and renovations, and are glad that we can play a role in making it happen. Our daughter, Kiera, is especially excited – every time we pass the new renderings, she exclaims, ‘That’s going to be my new JCC!’“ The Wallace Family (Kiera, age 6), JCC Members

“Sending a shout-out to everybody about the great, new upgrades that are coming to the JCC. I hope you are excited, too! It’s going to have state-of-the-art new group exercise rooms, weight rooms, and aquatics. So, strap up your sneakers and come to the J! I’ll see you in class! And remember what Coach ‘D’ says: ‘Let’s Get To Work!’” Dennis Smith, JCC Group Fitness Instructor

“Youth Fitness classes have been incredibly popular and successful since they have become a free benefit included in your JCC Family Membership. I am very excited about the new renovations and added space to the building. This will allow us to expand our programming and add more Youth Fitness classes for kids to continue to have fun being active and fit at the JCC!” Carolyn Whitbeck, JCC In Zone Coordinator

“The JCC is a special place for us. We met working here sixteen years ago and are now married with three children who love coming to the JCC. Every day, we see families enjoying the wide variety of programs and activities at the JCC. The renovations will provide more opportunities for members of our community to connect and stay healthy. The JCC strives for excellence in everything it does and the new spaces will be proof of that.” Carrie and Curt Dengler, JCC Adult Program Coordinator and Member & Staff Support Coordinator

“Our children have enjoyed various programs (e.g., After School Care, athletics, art programs, Jewish programming, etc.) at the JCC. Camp Seneca Lake has been an integral part of their development and lives. We look forward to a new, a revitalized JCC with expanded physical space, a new pool, and updated facilities to enhance the community’s experience, having a greater impact on families’ lives as it has with ours over the years.” Ira Jevotovsky and Daphne Futerman and Family, JCC Members

“I am looking forward to participating in classes in the new group fitness rooms, and am happy to hear there will be windows to enjoy the view as we exercise!” Evelena Lee, JCC Member

“Many days, the JCC feels like our second home – our three kids come here to learn, play, and grow as members of the Jewish community. We were happy to participate in the capital campaign to help further the wonderful programming and facilities for all families who appreciate the JCC as much as we do. And, of course, our kids are most excited for the pool expansion!” The Wolff Family, JCC Members

We're at $12M... Help us reach our goal of $15.2M so that we can provide all that you deserve! For more information, please visit or call Sarah Goldstein Post at 461-2000, ext. 210.


Staff Favorites



Binuelles Passover Fritters 2 matzos

(broken into pieces)

Farfel and Cheese 3 eggs ¾ cup sour cream 1 ½ cups milk 1 tsp salt ¼ tsp pepper ½ lb. grated cheddar

(approximately 2 cups)

3 cups matzo farfel


1 egg 2 tsp sugar Soak matzos in water, squeeze water out. Mix well with sugar and egg in a shallow bowl. Spoon mixture into deep pan with oil to cover. Remove when brown and crispy. Sugar Syrup Coating 1 cup water 2 cups sugar 2 tsp lemon juice

Mix eggs, sour cream, milk, salt, and pepper. Stir in cheese. Stir in matzo farfel. Bake at 350˚ in covered, greased glass dish for 30 minutes. Uncover and bake another 10-15 minutes.

Cook until sugar forms thin syrup. Let cool, then pour over binuelles. Add chopped walnuts if desired. Mix and enjoy!

Submitted by Joy Getnick, Jewish Program Director, from the Joan Nathan Holiday Cookbook

This Sephardic recipe was submitted by CSL Director Aaron Cantor's Bubbe, Evelyn Elias Schron


Matzo Trail Mix 1 tsp cinnamon ¼ cup brown sugar ¼ cup margarine ¼ cup honey 2 ½ cups matzo

(broken into small pieces)

Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and chocolate chips Preheat oven to 250˚. Spread matzo on baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Stir once. Mix all ingredients (except matzo and dried fruit) and simmer until thick. Pour mixture over matzo, mix until covered, and then spread pieces apart. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes, then loosen from tray. Let cool completely, then separate into small pieces. Add nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and seeds. Submitted by Heidi Kaufmann, Accounts Payable/Payroll Benefits Coordinator


Passover RECIPES

Wishing you a Happy Passover. We hope these staff recipes make your Passover a special one!


Haroset for Passover 4-5 medium Granny Smith apples, peeled and cored ½ cup raisins ¼ cup almonds ¼ cup pecans 2-4 tbsp red wine 2 tbsp orange juice ½ tsp cinnamon ½ tsp sugar (optional)

Put apples, raisins, and nuts into a food processor. Process to desired consistency. Put the fruit-nut mixture in a bowl. Stir in wine, orange juice, cinnamon, and sugar. Add more wine if you want to moisten it, and add sugar if you want to sweeten it. Cover and refrigerate. (If you don’t have a food processor, chop by hand.) Submitted by Leslie Berkowitz, Executive Director


Spring Salad with Homemade Dressing

Salad 3 cups romaine lettuce, shredded 3 cups kale, shredded 2 medium carrots, peeled and grated 1 beet, peeled and grated 4 radishes, halved and thinly sliced on the bias (diagonally) 2 tbsp sunflower seeds, roasted 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds, roasted 2 tbsp golden raisins Seeds of 1 pomegranate Dressing 1 clove garlic, finely minced 1 shallot, finely minced 1 pinch of salt or to taste 1 pinch of black pepper or to taste 2 tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tbsp apricot preserves 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Combine garlic, shallot, salt, pepper, vinegar, and preserves in a bowl. Stir vigorously with a fork or whisk. While stirring, add 1 tbsp of oil. The preserves will cause the mixture to emulsify more quickly. Once the mixture has emulsified, add the remaining oil, 1 tbsp at a time, while stirring. Taste and if the dressing is too thick or strong, add 1 tbsp of water at a time until it’s to your desired taste. Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl. Add the dressing last and mix with tongs to coat evenly. Submitted by Dan Irving, Director, Camp Sisol, Gesher, and Markus Park


Passover Apple Cake

2 eggs 1 cup vegetable oil 1 cup sugar 1 ½ cups matzo meal ½ cup potato starch 1 tsp ground cinnamon 8 large apples-peeled and sliced ½ cup brown sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp ground nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350o and grease a 9" x 13" glass baking dish. Combine eggs, oil, and sugar in a large bowl with electric mixer. Stir in matzo meal, potato starch, and 1 tsp cinnamon. In a separate bowl, toss apples with brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pour half the dough into baking dish. Spread the apple mixture evenly over the dough. Pour and pat the remaining dough over the apples. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake for 45 minutes. Submitted by Susan LaRosa, Marketing Director


Grandma Pat’s Brisket 3 ½ - 4 lbs. brisket (1st cut if possible)

1 tbsp vegetable oil ½ cup red wine 1 cup chili sauce ½ cup apple cider vinegar ½ cup dark brown sugar, packed 1 bay leaf 2 onions, sliced

Heat vegetable oil in a large roasting pan or skillet on medium-high heat. Place brisket in pan, brown approximately 3 minutes on each side. Remove brisket from pan and place in crockpot. Place sliced onions on top of brisket. Mix all other ingredients in a bowl and spread over brisket. Cook on low heat for 8 hours. Submitted by Sarah Goldstein Post, Development Director


Carrot Tzimmes

2 lbs. carrots, coarsely grated 1 lb. sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 cup sugar 1-2 lbs. meat

Place meat in a large pot with carrots and sweet potatoes around it. Add salt, sugar, and water. Cook on stove on low for 2 hours. Remove from heat and take out the meat. Cream tzimmes with the diluted flour. Taste for salt and sweetness. Put meat back in the center of the tzimmes.

2 ½ cups water ½ cup flour

Submitted by Michael Miller, JCC Front Desk Attendant, from the Hadassah Cookbook

(brisket, flank, or short ribs)

(diluted in ¼ cup water)

1 tbsp salt


Registration for all classes opens March 8. Youth Fitness classes are FREE with a Family Membership! For more information about Youth Fitness classes, contact Carolyn Whitbeck at ext. 290 or

April 6-June 19 In Zone Fitness Activities Monday

4-4:35pm....................... In Zone Fitness Activities 4-4:35pm....................... Running Club** 4-5pm............................ Youth Karate** 4:45-5:20pm.................. F.I.T.: Females in Training** 4:45-5:20pm.................. In Zone Fitness Activities


2-2:30pm....................... Pre-K/K Gym Class** 4-4:35pm....................... In Zone Fitness Activities 4-4:35pm....................... Table Tennis** 4-4:35pm....................... Yoga for Kids** 4:45-5:20pm.................. In Zone Fitness Activities


4-4:35pm....................... In Zone Fitness Activities 4-4:35pm....................... Moves & Grooves** 4-4:35pm....................... Sport Court Fun** (K-2) 4:45-5:20pm.................. Sport Court Fun** (3-6) 4:45-5:20pm.................. Wii/Xbox Games




10-10:30am................... Pre-K/K Gym Class** 2-2:30pm....................... Pre-K/K Gym Class** 4-4:35pm....................... In Zone Fitness Activities 4-4:35pm....................... TRX® for Tweens** 4-4:35pm....................... Yoga for Kids** 4-5pm............................ Krav Maga** 4:45-5:20pm.................. ExerWall Games** 4:45-5:20pm.................. Wii/Xbox Games

Ages 6-11 Run on the treadmill, put some miles on our stationary bike, and row until you just can’t row anymore.

Wii/Xbox Games

Ages 6-11/In Zone Play all your favorite Wii and Kinect games. Just Dance 4, Kinect Adventures!, Mario Kart, Kinect Sports — we’ve got it all!

Running Club

Ages 8-11/Track Learn the basics of becoming a better distance runner. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Non Member: $55

Youth Karate

Ages 6-11/Auditorium B Learn training techniques emphasizing self-defense, fitness, self-control, and development of character. Instructor: Martial Arts America Non Member: $55

F.I.T.: Females in Training

Ages 9-11/TRX Studio A fitness class just for girls! Explore a variety of exercises. Reach individual Friday and fitness potential. 3-5:30pm....................... In Zone Fitness Activities Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck **Classes require registration. Limited spaces available. Non Member: $55

In Zone

Ages 6-11 Hours of Operation Sunday.......................... 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday........ 3-8pm Friday............................ 3-5:30pm Saturday........................ 8am-4pm Holiday Hours Mar 30 & 31.................. 12-8pm Apr 1............................. 12-5:30pm Apr 2............................. 12-8pm Apr 3 & 4....................... Closed Apr 27*.......................... 12-8pm May 22.......................... 12-5:30pm May 25*......................... 8:30am-1:30pm *No Youth Fitness classes

Pre-K and Kindergarten Physical Activity Classes

Ages 5-6 Non-competitive interactive games and sports emphasize flexibility, confidence, and emotional well-being. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Non Member: $55

Table Tennis

Ages 6-11/Gymnasium Learn rules, strategies, serve, backhand, forehand, and volley techniques. Instructor: Iosif Moscovici Non Member: $55

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Ages 5-11/Yoga Studio Explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. Due to the popularity of this class, we ask that you please register for only one day. Instructor: Liza Savage-Katz Non Member: $55

Moves & Grooves

Ages 5-11/Dance Studio A high-energy fitness party packed with choreographed, kid-friendly routines and music! Instructor: Jen Grow Non Member: $55

Sport Court Fun

Ages 5-11/Gymnasium Play games like kickball, dodgeball, capture the flag, and more! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Non Member: $55

TRX® for Tweens

Ages 10-11/TRX Studio TRX® is the ultimate body weight exercise tool and is now geared toward kids! Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Non Member: $55

Krav Maga

Ages 8-11/Auditorium B Krav Maga offers self-defense, basic Hebrew, fitness, and life skills through improving aerobic endurance, strength, speed, agility, and coordination. Instructor: Coach Ron Finstuen Non Member: $55

ExerWall Games

Grades K-2/Gymnasium Compete against your friends on our interactive sportwall. Instructor: Carolyn Whitbeck Non Member: $55 For more information about FREE Youth Fitness classes, contact Carolyn Whitbeck at ext. 290 or


Youth/Teen Sports, Leagues & Classes Middle School Basketball League

Sundays, Mar 1-May 17, 1:30-3:30pm (no class Mar 29, Apr 5 & May 10) Grades 6-8/Gymnasium Come and increase your fundamental skills, learn offensive and defensive strategies, and play in a 6-week tournament — with motivation, encouragement, and positive feedback. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary Member: $50 Non Member: $60

Youth Fencing

American Red Cross Babysitting Certification

Sunday, Apr 19, 2-8pm Ages 11-16/Room 1 Learn the basics, necessities, tricks of the trade, survival secrets, and tips on getting a job close to home. This fastpaced class is even more fun if you bring a friend! Instructor: Tara O’Shea Member: $50 Non Member: $60 Sponsored by The PiT.

Sundays, Mar 1-May 3, 3:45-5:15pm (no class Mar 29 & Apr 5) Grades K-2/Gymnasium Fencing teaches self-discipline and mental conditioning. Learn basic fundamentals and fun activities. Instructor: Jean-Raynaud Lao-Kan, Coach, Back Alley Fencing Member: $100 Non Member: $120

Frisbee Golf

Teen Volleyball League

Grades 3-8/Gymnasium Just learning the game and want to sharpen your skills? If you are motivated, Coach Anthony will support you in becoming a better player! Individual and group rates available. Instructor: Anthony Fazzary

Sundays, Mar 1-May 17, 3:45-5:15pm (no class Mar 29, Apr 5 & May 10) Ages 11-16/Gymnasium Bump, set, and spike your way to an afternoon of fun and excitement! Instructor: Anthony Fazzary Member: $50 Non Member: $60

Team Handball League

Thursdays, Mar 5-Apr 30, 4-5:30pm (no class Apr 2) Ages 11-16/Gymnasium This Olympic sport is so much fun for everyone — easy to learn and great for conditioning. Spread the word and join the game full of teamwork, passing, shooting, and scoring! Instructor: Anthony Fazzary Member: $40 Non Member: $50

Adapted Sports and Fitness Class

Sundays, Apr 12-May 17, 2-3:30pm (no class May 10) TRX Studio This 5-week class is designed for youth with disabilities. Each week, we will offer activities that meet students’ needs. Come in and make new friends while enjoying your time at the JCC. Instructor: Max Krieger Member: $100 Non Member: $120

Tuesdays, Apr 21-Jun 9, 3:45-5:30pm Ages 11-16 Try for under par, par, or even a holein-one with this unique way of playing the traditional game of golf! Instructor: Anthony Fazzary Member: $40 Non Member: $50

Sport-Specific Coaching


Yoga for Kids

Personal Coaching for Youth with Disabilities

For those who are looking to learn or improve sports skills, develop personal fitness, or participate in a JCC class with assistance. Instructor: Max Krieger Fee: $30/hour For more information about Youth and Teen Fitness leagues and classes for an additional fee, contact Anthony Fazzary at ext. 291 or For The PiT’s regular and holiday hours, please visit

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


March Meltdown

Initial Weigh-In & Kickoff Sunday, Mar 1, 1pm Final Weigh-In & Awards Sunday, Mar 29, 1pm Join our yearly weight loss competition! The program includes 8 group training sessions, 4 group nutrition seminars, and a T-shirt. Points will be earned for percentage of weight lost, each session attended, bonus classes, and events. Prizes are awarded to the highest-scoring team and individual male and female. For more information, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or Member: $100


Pilates Reformers and Chairs


Spring sessions begin Mar 1 (8-week small group classes; limit 4 per class) Member: $200 Non Member: $280 Private Sessions 30-minute intro session Member: $25 Non Member: $30 1 session Member: $50 Non Member: $60 3 sessions Member: $144 Non Member: $160 5 sessions Member: $225 Non Member: $250 10 sessions Member: $400 Non Member: $450 Semi-Private Sessions (two people required to book session; price per person) 1 session Member: $35 Non Member: $45 3 sessions Member: $96 Non Member: $126 5 sessions Member: $150 Non Member: $200 10 sessions Member: $275 Non Member: $350 For more information, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or

TRX® Training

Thursdays, Mar 5-Apr 9 10-11am/6:30-7:30pm Complete a 6-week intro session and get a class pass for life! Full schedule for passholders online. For more information, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or Member: $60

Pickleball Clinic

Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30am Session A: Mar 10 & 17 Session B: Mar 24 & 31 Gymnasium Learn the game or improve your skills. Review rules, strokes, and strategies. Registration is required (minimum: 2, maximum: 6). For more information, contact Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or Member: $10 Non Member: $15

Annual Indoor Triathlon

Sunday, Mar 29 You’ve been training — now, see the results! Challenge yourself with a 15-minute swim, bike, and run. Individual, family, and school team categories available. For more information, contact Brian Dengler at ext. 248 or bdengler@

Join Team JCC Rochester in the Tour de Cure!

Saturday, Jun 13 Xerox Corporation Campus All team members who raise $200 will receive a team cycling jersey. Register at For more information, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or

Save the Date! 22nd Annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day Wednesday, May 27 Join us for a day of exercise, raffle prizes, and healthy snacks!

Wellness Programs Stretching the Limits Parkinson’s Class

This series of 8-week group exercise classes is designed for individuals with varying stages of Parkinson’s disease. Benefits include improved flexibility of lower back and hip flexors, posture, and balance; increased body awareness; functional exercises for strength training; and the ability to get up from a chair or the floor. An evaluation must be completed in order to be placed into one of the following classes: Stretching the Limits I Begins Mar 16 Tuesdays & Fridays, 10:15-11:15am For those who have limited ability walking or getting up from a chair. Some functional exercises included — all of which can be performed while seated. Stretching the Limits II (Intermediate) Begins Mar 9 & 10 Mondays & Wednesdays, 3-4pm/ Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3-4pm For those who are mobile and can move around with limited assistance. Classes include functional exercises such as getting up and down from a chair at the hand rail and gait training. Stretching the Limits II (Advanced) Begins Mar 9 Mondays & Wednesdays 11:50am-12:50pm For those who are mobile and can move around without assistance. Classes include functional exercises such as getting up and down from the floor and gait training. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or rschmidt@ Member/Non Member: $100 (subsidies available)

Joints in Motion

Mondays, Apr 6-Jun 29, 1:15-2:15pm Swimming Pool Taught by a Certified Arthritis Instructor, this class is ideal for anyone suffering from range of motion or flexibility problems. For more information, contact Hanna Bergwall at ext. 289 or hbergwall@ Member: $48 Non Member: $60

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

The JCC is a fitness provider for the Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness Program. To receive your free JCC membership, present your Healthways SilverSneakers® card and your health insurance card at the time of joining. SilverSneakers® members must scan their key tag card each time they visit the JCC. Your JCC membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership. Contact your health insurance carrier for eligibility information or by calling, toll-free, 888-423-4632. SilverSneakers®: Classic: Mondays & Thursdays, 11-11:45am SilverSneakers®: Circuit: Tuesdays & Fridays, 11-11:45am SilverSneakers®: Yoga: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1-2pm SilverSneakers®: Splash: Mondays & Fridays, 11-11:45am

Silver&Fit® provides eligible members with no-cost or low-cost fitness memberships and older adultoriented group exercise classes through arrangements with certain health plans. Silver&Fit® is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated. To join the JCC, bring your health insurance card to the Main Desk and complete a membership application. Annual member fee of $25 is paid directly by calling AshFitness at 877-427-4788 or online at Silver&Fit® members must scan their key tag card each time they visit the JCC. Your JCC membership includes participation in any of our group fitness classes, which are free with membership.


SilverSneakers® & Silver&Fit® Programs

Silver&Fit® I: Zumba® Gold: Wednesdays, 11-11:45am Silver&Fit® II: Experience: Sundays, 11-11:45am

Proven Performance with...


Call 585-389-1029 Cell: 585-230-1187

Bob Kravetz

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor

Email: In 15 years, if you need a good real estate agent, call us. But for now use our dad– he’s the best!

The Attention You Deserve At Brighton Securities, we believe that building the best financial plan to meet your financial goals starts with you. That’s why when you talk, our trusted and experienced advisors, like Bob, listen. Plus, he is a 5 time Chairman Circle Recipient which just goes to show how good he is at what he does.

Wealth Management Since 1969 Brighton Securities is a member of FINRA & SIPC


CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


Purim Food Drive

One of the four mitzvot (commandments) associated with Purim is to give food to the needy. You can fulfill this mitzvah by contributing to the Brighton Food Cupboard. A barrel will be located near the Main Desk throughout the month of March.


For Your Consideration: A Purim Spiel on Film


Sunday, Mar 8, 7pm JCC Hart Theater An absurdist, poignant, dark comedy on the ups and downs of the Hollywood awards season with a farcical Purim twist. Please join us for a hamentaschen following the film screening. Free with donation to the Brighton Food Cupboard Co-sponsored by

Holiday Learning with Rabbi Adam Aranov

Purim: Did Somebody Say… “Megillah”?! Sunday, Mar 1, 7-8pm Conference Room Free Passover: What Does True Freedom Have to Offer? Sunday, Mar 29, 7-8pm Conference Room Free Shavuot: On a Small Mountaintop, the World Changed Forever! Sunday, May 17, 7-8pm Conference Room Free Co-sponsored by Ohr Torah of Rochester.

Concert: “Music Along the Bridge: From Eastern Europe to South America” Sunday, Mar 15, 3pm The Resource Place New York City duo Rémy Yulzari and Nadav Lev return on double bass and guitar. Refreshments following concert. Suggested Donation: $15 Co-sponsored by Congregation Beth Hamedresh-Beth Israel.

Meditate Your Way to Success

Sundays, Apr 12-May 3, 7-8pm Conference Room & Room 1 Does your life move at a breakneck pace? Do you want the freedom to take control, but the world seems to always conspire against you? Our chaotic lives are reflective of our chaotic minds. Join Rabbi Adam Aranov on an interactive journey through the fundamentals of thought management. Member/Non Member: $5/class or all four classes for $15 Co-sponsored by Ohr Torah of Rochester.

Israel Independence Day: Celebrate Israel’s 67th!

Film Screening: Above and Beyond: The Untold True Story Sunday, Apr 12, 7pm JCC Hart Theater The untold true story of a group of World War II pilots, mostly Americans, who volunteered to fight for Israel in its War of Independence. Member: $8 Non Member: $11 A special JCC Ames Amzalak Rochester Jewish Film Festival event.

Flag Raising Ceremony Thursday, Apr 23, 11:30am JCC Front Door Flagpoles Join us as we salute the Israeli and American flags and celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday! Free Yom Ha’atzmaut Israel Independence Day Pizza Lunch Thursday, Apr 23, 12pm The Resource Place Menu: cheese pizza, Israeli salad, cold drinks, and dessert. Registration is required. Member: $5 Non Member: $8 Operation Protective Edge: A Presentation and Discussion Thursday, Apr 23, 12:45pm Summer 2014 was a challenging time for Israel. The program will begin with a presentation on Operation Protective Edge in its historical context, followed by a discussion of Israel’s options going forward. Presenter: Joy Getnick, Ph.D. Free

Rosh Chodesh: A Walk for the New Month

Monday, Apr 20, 9:30am Meet Bev Hillabrandt at the Main Desk for a walk along the canal. Together, we will rejuvenate and refresh our spirits and souls as we begin the new Jewish month of Iyar. Free

Celebrate, Honor, and Remember: World War II, 70 Years Later

Flag Raising Ceremony Friday, May 8, 11:30am JCC Front Door Flagpoles Join us as we salute the American flag and honor our Jewish World War II veterans! Free Cookout Friday, May 8, 12pm The Resource Place Menu: hotdogs, macaroni salad, baked beans, potato chips, cold drinks, and dessert. Veteran: Free Non-Veteran: $5

JNet: Rochester’s Jewish Network for Young Adults (Ages 22-35) Many great programs are happening throughout the spring. Check us out on Facebook for updates:

Israeli Dance for Everyone

Sundays 6:30-7pm: Beginners 7-9pm: Open Dancing & Instruction No registration required — just drop in! Instructor: Max Steiner Member: Free Non Member: $6

Shabbat Yoga

Fridays, 11:15am-1pm Yoga Studio Bring together Jewish spirituality with the practice of yoga. Suitable for all levels. Open to the community. Instructor: Wendy Beller Madway For more information, contact Rebecca Schmidt at ext. 271 or Free

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Nine-week sessions begin Apr 14 & 15 Discover the world of Yiddish! Instructor: Deborah Rothman Member: $90/session Non Member: $120/session

Beginner Yiddish and Yiddishkeit Tuesdays, 10:15-12:30am Yiddish Culture Center Intermediate and Advanced Yiddish and Yiddishkeit Wednesdays, 10:30am-12:30pm Yiddish Culture Center For more information about Jewish Life & Learning programs, contact Joy Getnick at ext. 239 or The Department of Jewish Life and Learning is generously funded in part by the Harry and Regina Cornell Fund.

Our Town, Our Suburb, Our JCC This March, JCC CenterStage is proud to produce Our Suburb, an homage to Thornton Wilder’s award-winning classic Our Town, which famously explored the lives of everyday people in the early 20th century. Our Suburb explores the diversity of American Jewish life in the 1970s and the ways in which everyday Jews struggled with the legacy of the Holocaust, interfaith relationships, race, religion, gender equality, and the desires of the older generations to preserve, protect, and pass on Jewish traditions in a fast-changing world. Four decades later, many of the challenges facing the American Jewish community remain the same. The infamous 2013 Pew Research Center study of Jewish life in the United States certainly supports this, noting an increase in the rate of intermarriages and shifting affiliations between and away from traditional synagogue-based movements. Yet the Pew study also found that 94 percent of Jews surveyed said they were proud to be Jewish. The landscape of the American Jewish community may ebb and flow, but the pride in our collective heritage and tradition seems to remain high.

Here at the JCC, we are proud to be an “open tent” agency, welcoming and accessible to all. As this magazine highlights, we offer a wide array of opportunities to celebrate and connect with Jewish heritage and tradition. This spring, consider taking a class, attending a concert, joining us for a holiday lunch, watching a film, or dropping by Israeli Dance or Shabbat Yoga! We are also proud to host many major community events, including the annual Yom HaShoah commemoration and this year’s Federation-sponsored Yom Ha’atzmaut program. We offer services for interfaith families and partner with Jewish Family Service of Rochester to provide for Jews of all ages in need of assistance and support (please see The Resource Place for more information). As Our Suburb reminds us, there are many different ways to be Jewish and connect with the Jewish community, and we strive to provide something for everyone. We invite you to check out all we have to offer. Shalom! —Joy Getnick, JCC Jewish Program Director




Yiddish and Yiddishkeit: Language, Literature, and Culture

Pick up a complimentary Rememberance Candle at Brighton Memorial Chapel.

Rochester’s Jewish Funeral Home


3325 Winton Road S., Rochester NY 14623 •

See why Brighton Memorial Chapel is Establishing a New Tradition.


CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


Spring 2015 Swim Schedule Gesher registration due March 19. Member registration opens March 22. Non Member registration begins March 29.


Sundays, Apr 12-Jun 14 (no class May 24) Member: $90 Non Member: $135 Tuesdays, Apr 7-Jun 16 Member: $110 Non Member: $165 Wednesdays, Apr 8-Jun 17 Member: $110 Non Member: $165 Thursdays, Apr 9-Jun 18 Member: $110 Non Member: $165


Tiny Tots and Parents Sundays, 10-10:30am Ages 10 months-2 years Water games, blowing bubbles, kicking, and beginner floating. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 12 Advanced Tiny Tots and Parents Sundays, 10:30-11am Ages 3-4 Blowing bubbles, kicking, beginner floating, arm stroke, and safety skills. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 12 Level 1 Sundays, 11-11:30am Tuesdays, 5-5:30pm Thursdays, 4:30-5pm Ages 4-5 Kicking, floating, jumping in, and putting the face in the water. Minimum: 3, Maximum: 4 Level 2 Sundays, 11-11:30am/1:30-2pm Tuesdays, 4-4:30pm/5-5:30pm Wednesdays, 4-4:30pm/5-5:30pm Thursdays, 4:30-5pm Ages 4-7 Front and back crawl, floating safety, and rescue skills. Minimum: 3, Maximum: 4

Level 3 Sundays, 11:30am-12pm/1-1:30pm Tuesdays, 4-4:30pm/4:30-5pm Wednesdays, 4-4:30pm/4:30-5pm Thursdays, 4-4:30pm/5-5:30pm Ages 6+ Prerequisite: Level 2 Elementary backstroke; rotary breathing; front and back crawl; and safety, survival, and rescue skills. Minimum: 3, Maximum: 5 Level 4 Sundays, 11:30am-12pm/1-1:30pm Tuesdays, 4:30-5pm Wednesdays, 5-5:30pm Thursdays, 4-4:30pm/5-5:30pm Ages 6+ Prerequisite: Level 3 For the child with good front and back crawl for 10 yards. Review key strokes and skills. Introduction to sidestroke and breaststroke kick. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6 Level 5 Sundays, 11:30am-12pm/1:30-2pm Wednesdays, 4:30-5pm Thursdays, 5-5:30pm Ages 7+ Prerequisite: Level 4 Refine key strokes and skills. Introduction to butterfly, open turns, and feet-first dives. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 6 Level 6 Sundays, 1:30-2:15pm Thursdays, 4-4:45pm Ages 7+ Prerequisite: Level 5 Continue to work on stroke efficiency and rescue skills. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 8

Private Lessons

Anyone can learn to swim — or learn to swim all over again! We offer oneon-one instruction for children and adults or semi-private lessons with two to four participants working with an instructor. Lesson days and times are at your convenience. Private Lessons 1 lesson               Member: $25 Non Member: $35 3 lessons              Member: $72 Non Member: $102 6 lessons              Member: $138 Non Member: $198 10 lessons           Member: $220 Non Member: $320 Semi-Private Lessons 1 lesson               Member: $30 Non Member: $40 3 lessons              Member: $87 Non Member: $117 6 lessons              Member: $168 Non Member: $228 10 lessons           Member: $270 Non Member: $370 For more information or swim class placement, contact Hanna Bergwall at ext. 289 or Please understand that due to instructor/student ratios, we cannot offer makeup lessons for missed classes. If the Aquatics Department cancels classes for any reason, a makeup date will be added to the end of the session.

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Ages 8 weeks-Pre-K Enroll your child today for the 20152016 JCC Wolk Children’s Center program (beginning July 1) — either from July 2015 through June 2016 or September 2015 through June 2016. Full- and half-day options. Limited availability. To arrange your personal visit, contact Jill Shellman at ext. 505 or

Vacation Camp at Gesher

Mar 30-Apr 3: Hobby Week Grades K-6 Let your children spend their vacation with friends, learning and having fun in an enriching and exciting atmosphere. In the morning, they will enjoy their choice of Lego robotics, cooking, drama, sports, or art. Afternoons consist of activities, including free swim. For more information or to register, contact Rochelle Feldman at ext. 234 or Regular Day (9am-4pm) Member: $55 Non Member: $65 Extended Day (7am-6pm) Member: $64 Non Member: $74

Homeschool at the JCC

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am-2pm Ages 5-15 Swimming, art, science, In Zone, and more. Fridays, 10am-2pm Ages 11-15 Baking, current events discussions, fitness, and more. Activity days are a great way to complement your child’s homeschool education with social, academic, and fitness opportunities. Members can also enjoy Sitter Service, PlayGym, Fitness Center, Coffee Shop, and Geulah’s Café. Member: $5/day Non Member: $10/day For more information, contact Dan Irving at ext. 274 or

Gesher Before and After School Care

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year begins Mar 2 Gesher bridges home and school life for students in grades K-6. Our programs include: Before School Care — Start the day in a calm, enriching environment before riding the bus to school (Brighton or Rush-Henrietta). After School Care — Choose from a wide range of activities like performing arts, cooking, gardening, athletics, homework help, and more! Kids may also sign up for Youth Fitness classes and swim lessons at no additional cost when registered at least three days per week. Kindercrew — Wraparound care designed for kindergarteners to foster independence. The Kindercrew curriculum focuses on both academics and social skills in a playful setting.*


TYKEs Presents: Alice in Wonderland

Saturday, Apr 18, 11am & 2pm Sunday, Apr 19 2 & 4:30pm* (*ASL interpreted) Combined with whimsical music, vibrant costumes, and spectacular scenic elements, we welcome this delightful production from the worldrenowned, multi-award-winning Pushcart Players. Best enjoyed by boys and girls ages 4 and up. For tickets, visit the Main Desk or Member: $15 Non Member: $16

Camp Sisol has been filling summers with fun and sun for nearly 100 years. We create community through shared experiences, traditions, universal values, and common goals. We strive to give each child the tools they need to foster personal growth by offering a wide range of handson, developmentally appropriate activities. Options available for campers entering K-grade 10 from 7/6/15-8/28/15. For more information, contact Dan Irving at ext. 274 or Specialty Camps (Grades 3-6) Jul 13-17: Creek Explorers Jul 20-24: Camper vs. Wild Jul 27-31: Aeronautics Aug 3-7: Reporting from Camp Aug 10-14: Camp Cuisine Aug 17-21: I Canoe, Can You? KidStage (Grades 3-6) Jul 6-10: Musical Theater Workshop Jul 13-24: James and the Giant Peach Jul 27-31: Non-Traditional Theater Workshop Aug 3-21: Annie Aug 24-28: Musical Theater Workshop KidSport (Grades 3-6) Jul 13-17: Floor Hockey Jul 20-24: Basketball Jul 27-31: Baseball/Softball Aug 3-7: Flag Football Aug 10-14: Soccer Aug 17-21: Tennis Hobby Camp Jun 30-Jul 2 & Aug 31-Sep 4 Campers will choose one activity track to participate in for the duration of the week (options include arts and crafts, athletics, adventure/nature, or drama), with free swim offered every afternoon. Buses depart from the JCC at 8:45am and return at 4pm. Before and After Camp Care are available from 7am-6pm. All meals and snacks are provided. Summer Job Opportunities Camp Sisol is now hiring for the summer! Our current openings include unit heads, office manager, camp photographer, program assistant, kitchen assistant, camp counselors, counselors for children with special needs, and specialists in music, athletics, and drama. For more information or to complete an online application, visit

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


JCC Wolk Children’s Center

Snow Days, Superintendent’s Days, and Half Days — Your children can enjoy time with their friends, participating in entertaining and stimulating activities during their time off from school. *Bussing to and from Brighton and Henrietta schools is available. For more information, contact Olivia Frost at ext. 262 or



JCC Adventure Club

Mar 1, 10am-4pm: Cross-Country Skiing at Markus Park Mar 7 & 15, 10am-4pm: Snowshoeing at Mendon Ponds Park Mar 8, 10am-4pm: Snowshoeing at Powder Mills Park Mar 14 & 22, 10am-4pm: Snowshoeing at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreation Area Mar 21 & 29, 10am-4pm: Snowshoeing at Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill Mar 28 & Apr 12, 10am-4pm: Snowshoeing at Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area Apr 18 & 26, 10am-4pm: Hiking at Letchworth State Park Apr 19, 2-5pm: Outdoor Cooking at Markus Park Apr 25 & May 3, 10am-4pm: Hiking at Powder Mills Park May 2 & 10, 10am-4pm: Hiking at High Tor Wildlife Management Area May 9, 10am-4pm: Hiking at Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill Ages 5+ A bagged lunch is provided for all Adventure Club trips. For more information, contact Joshua Van Horn at ext. 301 or Member: $18 Non Member: $24 Please note: Equipment rentals are available at an extra charge.

Story Time with Mike

Tuesdays, Mar 10, Apr 14 & May 12 10:30am; JCC Coffee Shop Mike Miller has been telling stories as a teacher, camp counselor, and professional storyteller for over 30 years to parents, grandparents, and children of all ages. Free

College Planning for Students with Learning Needs Tuesday, Mar 3, 7pm; Conference Room Students who benefit from 504/IEPs in high school benefit from extended planning in the college search process. Topics include standardized testing, college visits, and identifying and anticipating a student’s needs in a post-secondary environment. Presenter: Jodi Rosenshein Atkin, M.A., Independent College Admissions Counselor Member: $15/family Non Member: $18/family Introduction to the College Process Tuesday, Mar 24, 7pm; Conference Room Planning for college can be intimidating. We will navigate these uncharted waters with an overview of what to expect as you begin the college search, selection, and application process. Presenter: Jennifer Zaffuts, M.S.Ed. Member: $15/family Non Member: $18/family Girl Power Workshops Sunday, Mar 8, 3-5pm; Room 1 What Self-Care Really Means Sunday, Apr 12, 3-5pm; Room 1 How Our Feelings and Thoughts Influence Our Choices Sunday, May 3, 3-5pm; Room 1 Media Literacy: How the Media Wants Us to Feel Bad About Ourselves and What We Can Do About It Girl Power is a self-empowerment program for girls in grades 5-8 emphasizing being comfortable in your own skin. Combining an hour of yoga with discussion, journal writing, and art, each yoga session will introduce new poses that connect with the day’s theme. Facilitator: Jennifer Hess Individual Workshops Member: $18 Non Member: $25 Entire Series Member: $45 Non Member: $66 For more information about teen workshops, contact Michele Ruda Leve at ext. 232 or

PlayGym Hours

Sundays: 9am-4pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays: 8:30am-2pm, 4-8pm Wednesdays: 8:30am-2pm, 5-8pm Saturdays: 8am-4pm

Miniature Golf & BBQ at the JCC!

Sitter Service Hours

Sundays: 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday: 8:30am-1pm, 4-8pm Fridays: 8:30am-1pm, 3-5pm Saturdays: 8am-4pm For PlayGym and Sitter Service holiday hours, please visit



Join us for a round of nine-hole miniature golf in the Auditoriums and stay for a kosher BBQ in the courtyard!

Golf: Free BBQ: $5/person; $20/family

mARCh 14 thru 29


Opening Night Reception and Q&A with the Author

“It’s Our TOwn…Only Wilder”

By Darrah Cloud

mAy 2 thru 17 F

avorite storybook characters collide in one epic adventure. Wishes will be granted, but with witches and giants about, “happily ever after” is not the end of the story. Humorous and poignant, this Sondheim masterpiece is not a kids’ story, but a wildly entertaining, family-friendly, adult fairy tale about the consequences of “I wish.”

Presented in Memory of Hon. Wilmer J. Patlow

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by James Lapine


Media Partner

(585) 461-2000

show times

Sponsored by Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation

SAT 8 pm SuN 2 pm Thu 7 pm

r j bf.o rg

r j ff . o rg

Meet the award-winning author of Daring: My Passages

2015 Jewish Film Festival

GAIL SHEEHY Sunday, March 1, 2pm Atkin Center of the Jewish Home 2021 S. Winton Road




fresh take on a beloved classic, this reinterpretation of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town moves the action from fictional Grover’s Corners to Skokie, Illinois in 1977. As neighboring families prepare for Christmas and Hanukkah, two teenagers fall in love and the world is about to give everyone a serious dose of reality.

SAVE THE DATES! July 12 - 20

SPECIAL SCREENING Sunday, April 12, 7pm JCC Hart Theater

In celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 67th birthday

The Corner Stone with local author

JULIE SMUTKO DAUGHERTY and David and Michael Cornell of Cornell’s Jewelers!

Wednesday, March 25, 12pm JCC Auditorium A


to our generous sponsors, donors, and guests who helped to make the 2015 JCC Annual Gala a fun and successful evening! The event netted more than $92,000 to support the JCC’s programs.

Stuart and Betsy Bobry Ames Amzalak Memorial Trust Buckingham Net Leased Properties Group Manning and Napier Louis S. and Molly B. Wolk Foundation Drs. Eva Pressman and Seth Zeidman Bluemark Advisors CJS Architects, LLP Cornell/Weinstein Family Foundation Dixon Schwabl Advertising The Flaum Family The Gordon Family Gray Locey, CPA, P.C. Greater Rochester Enterprise Jewish Senior Life William and Sheila Konar Family Foundation LECESSE Construction Nixon Peabody LLP Jeff and Patrice Pierce Alesco Advisors Sara and Morton Brodsky Family Supporting Foundation East Avenue Dentistry ESL Federal Credit Union Irondequoit Pediatrics Deborah Goldman Landsman LLD Enterprises M&T Bank M/E Engineering PC


Temple B’rith Kodesh Trane U.S. Inc. Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP Acro Industries, Inc. – Joseph and Carol Noto Max A. Adler Foundation, Inc. Jon and Valerie Alhart David and Tory Appelbaum Robert and Leslie Baker Joel and Lori Benzel Sam and Lauri Berns Cheryl and John Bero Lisa and Bernard Birnbaum Judith and Norman Blaustein Shari and Brian Blaustein Harold and Terri Bobry Michael Bobry Jonathan and Rachel Bress Brighton Memorial Chapel, Inc. Jonathan and Ellen Broder Richard and Alyse Brovitz Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Shara and Hugh Chisholm Howard and Daphne Cohen Tammy Cohen and Barry Silverstein Brenda R. Comisar Congregation Light of Israel Michael and Joan Cooper Scott Cooper Dairy Queen Dennis Mullen Group Dor L’Dor East Avenue Chiropractic Edward and Blanche Fenster Asher and Monica Flaum David and Ilene Flaum Jamie and Loren Flaum Futerman Supporting Foundation, Inc. Eli and Peggy Futerman Gastroenterology Group of Rochester Geulah’s Café

Abraham and Tracie Glazer Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible and Jim Woods Deborah Goldman Justin and Leah Goldman Daniel and Victoria Goldstein Julian and Marjorie Goldstein Burton Gordon and Phyllis Kasdin Barbara and Marvin Gray Sharon Gray and Scott Sherin Susan and Larry Halpern Stuart P. Hanau Joyce and Warren Heilbronner Fran and Arnold Henry Jenna and Adam Hiller JC Jones and Associates Jet X Delivery Ira Jevotovsky and Daphne Futerman Rami Katz and Irena Pesis-Katz Kurt and Michelle Keller The Kessler Family Dr. Ronald and Trudie Kirshner and Family Bruce and Theresa Knapp William and Beverly Lanigan Marshall and Lenore Lesser Michael Levitan and Susan Sagan Levitan Rabbi Kelly Levy and Mr. David DeAngelo Jeffrey and Jill Liberman Jennifer H. Litwak Mindy and Tom MacLaren Robert and Michelle Marcus David and Mara Metzger Marissa and Aaron Mills Richard and Hyla Mink Robert and Robyn Morgan Barbara and George Morgenstern NORTHMARQ Capital On Cue Content Tom Parrish Mark and Kathi Peterson

Melissa and Josh Pheterson Philadelphia Insurance Companies Nancy Reitkopp Sara and Darren Ressler Aaron Rosen and Abby Laufer Susan and Robert Rosenblatt Marcia and Harry Rosenfeld Reeca and Robert Rothbaum David and Pauline Rutberg Matthew and Erinn Ryen Arie Schochat and Aviva Futerman Schochat Robert and Theresa Schwartz Neil and Tracy Seligman Seth and Suzanne Silver Sime-Ruda Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Simon and Josephine Braitman Family Supporting Foundation Sirness Vending Services Jamie and Ian Smith Rachel and Harrison Smookler State of Israel Bonds Dr. and Mrs. Scott Stein Michael and Lynda Stock Dawn Sweeney Titan Insurance Agency Stacy and Steven Tulgan UBS Financial Inc. UGI Energy Services, Inc. Valinsky Associates Lisa Waldman Matthew and Jennifer Wallace Dr. Oren Weiss and Ms. Michal Benita Weiss Josh Weitz and Lesley Loss Kevin and Bari Wexler David and Gail Wolk Darin and Liz Young Jane Gordon and Miles Zatkowsky Robert and Paul Zeman Celebrate Events Century Liquor and Wines Cornell’s Jewelers Geva Theatre Hart’s Local Grocers Express Press Rochester Broadway Theatre League Rochester International Jazz Festival Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra

Co-chairs Jamie and Loren Flaum and Jen and Matt Wallace, Sarah Goldstein Post and Ralph Meranto

Jamie and Loren Flaum Jennifer and Matthew Wallace Brian Blaustein Judith and Norman Blaustein Courtney and Michael Cornell Leah and Justin Goldman Victoria and Daniel Goldstein Susan Sagan Levitan Mara Metzger Irena Pesis-Katz Emily and Joshua Rittenberg Ron Von Perlstein Melanie and Jeremy Wolk


er Victo

ria Grim


pient, with children

Leadership Award reci Staci Henning, Young ning Samara and Jake Hen

Tikkun Olam

Award recipi

ents Terri an

d Harold Bobr



The following programs are presented by The Resource Place at the JCC All of the following listings are open to Members and Non Members. The Resource Place offers programs designed to help people of all ages navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. Stop in and meet the staff or visit The Resource Place library. For more information, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW, at ext. 232 or or Carrie Dengler at ext. 214 or If minimum registration is not met, classes may be cancelled. Please call 461-2000 for more information. The Resource Place is made possible through the generosity of the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.



How to Be a Super-Mom Without Having a Super-Meltdown Wednesday, Mar 25, 12pm Conference Room There’s no way to be a perfect parent, but there are lots of ways to be a good one. We will focus on our parenting skills along with the importance of self-care. Lunch included. Facilitator: Emily Horowitz, M.A., LMHC Member: $15 Non Member: $18


The Art of Parenting Tuesdays, Apr 14-May 19 11am-12:30pm; Conference Room In this 6-week course, we will scale the challenges that face us and explore timeless insights from Jewish wisdom to instill values, foster independence, and ensure the long-term success and emotional well-being of our children. Snack included. Facilitator: Rishi Hein Member: $60 Non Member: $70

Nutrition Aging Gracefully: Nutrition Tips for Healthy Aging Wednesday, Mar 11, 12pm Conference Room What are the best foods to eat to stay young at heart? Learn how to remain healthy, vibrant, and vital at any age. Recipes and tastings included. Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant Member: $15 Non Member: $18 Mythbusters: Nutritional Myths and Misconceptions — Debunked! Wednesday, May 6, 1pm Conference Room Wonder which foods are truly healthy? Join us for a discussion of

common food myths and learn what foods really are the most beneficial for you. Facilitator: Adrienne Markus, Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant Member: $15 Non Member: $18

Support Help Fulfill the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim Are you willing to open your home during secular and Jewish holidays to those who are new to the area or don’t have family here? If so, call Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. You may be asked to provide transportation. Thank you for your kindness! Interfaith Connection Connect with other interfaith couples in a welcoming, supportive group. This group serves couples with one Jewish partner in a committed relationship, with or without children. For more information, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free Interfaith Relationship Counseling The interfaith subject can be a sensitive one. We offer guidance and help to find solutions that work best for your family. “Office hours” are also held at area synagogues. For an appointment at the JCC or an area synagogue, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free The Mothers Circle For women in interfaith relationships who want to learn about Jewish rituals, ethics, and creating a Jewish home for their children. The Mothers Circle is a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute. Free Sitter Service is available. Facilitator: Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW Free

The Grandparents Circle For Jewish grandparents whose children are intermarried. Share your Jewish heritage and nurture your grandchildren’s Jewish identities. The Grandparents Circle is a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute. Facilitator: Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW For more information, visit or contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free Interfaith Connection, Interfaith Relationship Counseling, The Mothers Circle, and The Grandparents Circle are made possible through the generosity of the Regina and Harry Cornell Fund. Lifespan Presents: Health Insurance Information, Counseling, and Assistance Program Are you eligible for Medicare? Do you want unbiased information about choosing health insurance? Lifespan’s trained volunteer counselors can help. To schedule an appointment, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support, Education, and Advocacy Second Thursday of Each Month 7-9pm; Conference Room Free monthly meetings include medical experts and a forum for survivors of prostate cancer and their loved ones to speak. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler.

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @

Shop. Compare. Enroll. Coordinated Care Services, Inc. can assist you with the enrollment process through New York State of Health, The Official Health Plan Marketplace. Appointments may be scheduled at the JCC on the first and third Friday of each month. For an appointment, call 613-7662. Free

Caring for a Parent/Loved One Support Group Mondays, Mar 16, Apr 20 & May 18 1pm; Room 1 Get the support you need to help care for your aging parent or loved one. Registration is required 48 hours prior to a group meeting. Facilitator: Kate O’Brien, B.S.W., M.S., M.H.S.A., Supervisor of Community Case Management, Jewish Family Service of Rochester For more information, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free Passover/Easter Dilemma and Open Discussion on Interfaith Issues Sunday, Mar 22, 9:30am The Resource Place Join us for a free bagel breakfast and an opportunity to discuss this potentially difficult time of year for interfaith couples. To RSVP, contact Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW.

Activities and Education The Art of Painting Mondays, 10am; Art Studio Express your creative side! The instructor will provide a materials list. Painting coupon booklets must be purchased at the Main Desk to enter the class. Instructor: Allison Roberts For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Member: $55 Non Member: $88 Senior Days at the “J” Mondays & Thursdays, 10:15am-1pm The Resource Place Looking to meet other adults in a casual atmosphere? Come to our social group! Calendar of events, including discussions, card games, bingo, movies, sing-alongs, and more. Monthly schedules are available in The Resource Place. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free Men in Transition Tuesdays, 8:30-10am The Resource Place An association of retired men age early 60s and upward. Enjoy bagels, coffee, and discussion. Special


speakers are regularly scheduled. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free Marquetry Wednesdays, 9am; Art Studio Marquetry is art made from thin pieces of wood veneer glued together to form a picture or pattern. Drop in to learn this craft or work on your own project. A list of materials will be provided. Facilitator: Nadia Sanow For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Member: Free Non Member: $20 Current Events Wednesdays, 11am-1pm; Room 1 Come to discuss topics that interest you. The group breaks for lunch. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free Crafting Thursdays, 10am-2pm; Art Studio Drop in, work on a project, and get tips and assistance. Instruction will focus on copper enameling and quilting. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Member: Free Non Member: $20


Jewish Family Service of Rochester First & Third Friday of Each Month 9-11am; JCC Main Lobby A Geriatric Care Manager will be available to answer your questions related to older adults living in Monroe County. For more information, call Kate O’Brien, B.S.W., M.S., M.H.S.A., Supervisor of Community Case Management, at 461-0110, ext. 123. Free

Coffee & Conversation First Thursday of Each Month 10:15-10:45am; The Resource Place Come and enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack. Meet new friends and hear what events are coming up. Feel free to exercise after or stay for the rest of the Senior Days at the “J” program. Free Connections for Women First Thursday of Each Month 1-2:15pm; Room 1 Women ranging in age from early 60s and upward. Enjoy coffee, speakers, outings, and discussion. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


WXXI Reachout Radio This audio information service provides convenient access to printed material for people who can no longer read standard print due to visual or physical handicap. For more information, call Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW. Free


Book Club Room 2 Calling all book lovers everywhere! In conjunction with the JCC Lane Dworkin Jewish Book Festival, we are hosting a Book Club that meets every 6 weeks. Read thought-provoking books and enjoy stimulating conversation. Facilitator: Michael Miller For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Free


AARP Driver Safety Course Mondays & Wednesdays Mar 16 & 18, Apr 6 & 8, May 11 & 13, 9am-1pm; Conference Room Earn discounts on your auto insurance with this New York State-approved driver safety course. Payment must be made by check to AARP on the first day of class. For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. AARP Member: $20 Non AARP Member: $25

Students will have a chance to practice bidding and improve play. Instructor: Mary Lou Lawson For more information, contact Carrie Dengler. Member: $52 Non Member: $57 Hearing Evaluations Monday, Apr 20, 1-3pm; Room 2 Are you having trouble hearing your loved ones and friends? Receive a hearing screening and advice on your next step. Call ahead to reserve a time slot. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins. Facilitator: Elizabeth Orlando, Au.D., Southside Hearing Center Free Beginner/Intermediate Tango Lessons Wednesdays, Apr 22-May 27 6:30-7:30pm; The Resource Place The Tango, with its staccato movements, greatly improves a man’s lead and a woman’s ability to follow him on the dance floor. Instructor: Agustin Ramos Member: $25 Non Member: $30

Happy Hour with Live Music Thursday, Mar 19, 5-6pm JCC Coffee Shop Come have a drink or snack and listen to the acoustic folk stylings of Centerstone. Free MVP Health Care Presents: Golden Sexuality Thursday, Mar 26, 12:30pm The Resource Place Join us for a discussion of myths and realities surrounding intimacy, sex, and aging. Please be advised that this presentation contains mature content. Registration is required. Facilitator: Cheryl Minchella, MVP Health Care Free Bridge Instruction, Part Two Mondays, Apr 6-27, 1-3pm The Resource Place Review initial bidding concepts and cover the last three chapters of the American Contract Bridge League’s Bidding in the 21st Century textbook.

Mindfulness is a Skill: A Self-Care Program Thursdays, Apr 23-May 28, 4:30-6pm Apr 23: The Resource Place Apr 30-May 28: Room 1 We will explore slowing down, paying attention to our bodies and our minds to lower stress and anxiety as well as cultivating our natural resilience and positive qualities. Bring a blanket or yoga mat. Class is limited to 15 participants. Facilitator: Deb Appleton, M.S.Ed. Member: $60 Non Member: $75

New! Grandparents Institute Calling all grandparents! We’d like to hear your thoughts when it comes to programming for you. Join us for a free lunch on April 29 at 12pm. Please RSVP by April 24 by contacting Michele Ruda Leve, LMSW.

Lunch and Learn Money Mastery Breakthrough: Transform Your Relationship with Money Tuesday, Mar 10, 12pm; Room 1 Understanding your money archetype can transform your relationship with money and reveal the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income. Lunch included. Facilitator: Michelle Atlas, ICF Credentialed Coach, Newfield Certified Coach, Certified Resiliency Facilitator Member: $15 Non Member: $18

Yachad: Access to Community: Programs for Developmentally-Disabled Adults Yachad (“Together”): Access to Community offers an environment in which adults with developmental disabilities inclusively participate in JCC life. Through music, movement, crafts, workshops, religious services, and food, we strive to provide all participants with positive, meaningful opportunities to celebrate Jewish traditions. Yachad provides an average of 2 programs per month — some at the JCC and some out in the community. For more information about upcoming events, contact Ann Gilbert-Winterman at ext. 259 or Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities are made possible through the generosity of the Beverly and Sam Kolko Fund for Special Services and the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation.

Register for any of these programs. It’s easy as 1 ONLINE @


Place Your Ad Here! Advertise in the JCC Magazine. For more information or to learn about other advertising opportunities, contact Susan LaRosa at 461-2000, ext. 258 or

CALL: 585.461.2000 + 1 + extension listed next to each program

3 EMAIL the staff listed


Super Noggin Tuesdays, Mar 3-May 26 Conference Room (except Mar 10: Senior Adult Lounge) A brain fitness program to help you improve your brain health and stay mentally sharp throughout life. Mar 3, 2-3:30pm: 10 Steps to Brain Fitness Mar 10, 2-3:30pm: Mental Exercises Mar 17, 2-3pm: Laughter and the Mind-Body Connection Mar 24, 2-3pm: Celebration Apr 7, 2-3:30pm: Stress Reduction Apr 14, 2-3:30pm: Better Sleep Apr 21, 2-3:30pm: Life Review and Memory Enhancement Apr 28, 2-3pm: Celebration May 5, 2-3:30pm: Mindfulness and Memory May 12, 2-3:30pm: Remembering Names and Faces May 19, 2-3:30pm: Memory Techniques May 26, 2-3pm: Celebration Facilitators: Emily Krohn, LCSW-R, CDP, and Annika D’Andrea, LPN, M.B.A., CADDCT, CDP, Co-Owners, Connection Compass, Certified Super Noggin Brain Fitness Instructors Individual Classes Member: $18 Non Member: $22 Entire Series Member: $202 Non Member: $226


Todah Rabah (Thank You) A special thank you to our donors for contributions received October 14, 2014-January 9, 2015. Your generosity ensures the excellent programming we enjoy; enhances and maintains the facility we love; and serves our community, including individuals and families who require financial assistance.


Annual Campaign


Anonymous in honor of Claire B. Rubin Debra and Michael Abrams Guido Albertelli Lisa Axelrod Laura and Paul Barrows Maxine and Morton L. Bittker Chari Briggs-Krenis Barbara Buchman Margaret Buckel Jeanne and James Byrnes Emily G. Camhi Barbara Case Rachel and David Clar Joan and Robert Clar Lola and Esten Coan Norinne Cole Anne and Arnold Cordts Doris Cummiskey Janice and Robert Daitz Anne and Hyman DeMayo Diane and Leon DeRoos Nancy Dewan Paul Duberstein and Nancy Talbot Mary and Peter DuBois Pat and Bill Dykstra Mary Alice Rudolph and Ralph A. Ellis Marcia Elwitt Rose Faucette Scott Fine Patricia Fitzsimmons Agnes Foley Suressa and Richard Forbes Carol Foxenburgh Eunice and Burt Freedman Janne and Arthur Friedman Naomi Friedman Lynn and Rich Gatto in honor of Ann and Murray Astarita Carol Gayeski Margaret Gilbert Alice and Joseph Gold Marilyn and Morton Goldberg Florence Goldstein Estelle Gorfine and Max Grossman Marsha Grossman Valentina and Vladimir Guslits Suzanne Hallowell Fran and Arnold Henry Sandi Henschel Sandra Herritt Rosenthal Janet C. Hickman Merilyn and Robert Israel Renee Schuls-Jacobson and Mark Jacobson Mary Joy Josefovicz Linda Josephs

Karine Stone and Ronald Kareken David J. Kauffman Post #41 JWV Dvorah Kolko Daniel Koronowski Eugene and Carol Kramer Elinor and Hobart Lerner Eileen Lomax Gail Maas and John Rockett Martin Maltz Manisha Mande Mary Ann Marchand Jane and Jerry Margolis Retha L. McCollough Rita and James E. McGurn Ann and John McLaughlin Karen Baker and Gregory M. Melnik Suzanne Meyerowitz Beth VanFossen and Lewis Neisner Zhanna and Ed Nudelman Mary Ockenden in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Phyllis Parker Carolyn and Stephen Parker Jean Phillips Melvin and Dorene Pizer Ellen Poleshuck in honor of Joyce and Victor Poleshuck and wishing them a Happy Hannukah! Helene and Saul L. Presberg Joanne Prives Marie and Venkata Raman Linda and Milton Rapkin Irina and Alex Ravin Judith Rose Bea and Richard Rosenbloom Lyudmila and Marat Rutman Margarita Sanberg Nadia and Richard D. Sanow Marilyn and Robert Sanow Laurence Schacht Frances and Robert Schoenfeld Jean and Richard Scott Bernice and Alan Shank Anna Shapiro Bill Sheridan Enid and Lawrence I. Shulman Norma and Walter Silverman Diane and Morton Stein Ronnie and Alan Storch Elaine Tecler Linda and George Ungerer Paul Vail Jane and Robert A. Van Alstyne Diane Van Lare Louise C. Vanni Molly Viener Judith and David White Bernard Winterman Rachelle Yablin

Paula and Robert Zeman Sarisa and Leon Zoghlin Special thanks to our Markus Society members who support the JCC’s Annual Campaign each year with a minimum gift of $360. For a complete list of Markus Society members, visit the JCC Markus Society Recognition Board at the JCC. Markus Society gifts received October 14, 2014-January 9, 2015 Claudette and Eke Aiono Nancy Bloom and Alan Cohen Michael Bobry Betsy and Stuart Bobry Joyce and Edward Burg Suzanne and Richard Cohen Jackie and Howard Davidson Carolyn and David Eisenman Lisa and Robert D. Fogel Lynn and Richard Gatto * William Goldstein Howard J. Gordon Barbara and Marvin Gray Marilyn and Joel Greenberg Howard J. Grossman Susan and Howard Itkin Eileen and Milton Jachles Judy and Stuart Kaplan Mona and Mark Kolko William and Sheila Konar Foundation Paulina and Laurence Kovalsky Michael Kravetz Sally Hirst and Douglas Miller Perry Myers Philip Neivert Gabriella Nozik Joan and Beryl Nusbaum Mary Ann and James Philippone David Pieramico Senator Ronald and Ramona Rabin Maxine and Gerald Rosen Suzanne and Paul Rosenberg Hannah and Arnold Rosenblatt Elise and Stephen Rosenfeld * Lee Rosenthal Joan and Bud Rusitzky Letty Gail and Robert Schacht Rivka Chatman and Myron Silver Sue and Gary Tebor Louise and Justin Vigdor Lorraine Wolch and Donald Onimus in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation *We welcome new Markus Society members.

Camp Seneca Lake

Marcia Silber in honor of Lenore and Marshall Lesser's 60th wedding anniversary and in memory of Sid Rayburn Claire and Eli Stein in memory of Adam Wenger Betsy and Bob Wahlquist Carin and Mark Wohlfeld Michael Wolf in honor of Marilyn Levin and Serv-Brite Food Service - for all the years of service to Camp Seneca Lake, feeding many bellies and making thousands of campers happy Elizabeth and Darin Young

Campership for Camp Seneca Lake

Ari Baum Holly Boker Aaron Cantor Beth Dahl Justin and Leah Goldman in honor of Aaron Hiller as a Rochester Business Journal 40 under 40 honoree Cynthia and David F. Kolko in honor of Justin Goldman's birthday Michelle and Robert Marcus Sarah and Carlos Marques Michelle Moranz Jane Snyder Karen Levy Stone Lisa Maas Vangellow Ronald Villa Beth Waxman Emily Weinger Dawn Wisset

Campership Fund

Marty Friedman in memory of Adam Wenger Mindy Hecker in memory of Sidney Levine Mindy MacLaren in memory of Adam Wenger Zev Rosenthal Linda and Sherwin Weinstein in honor of Ross Elkin's 80th birthday and in memory of Sidney Levine Daniel Winters Louis S. & Molly B. Wolk Foundation


Leslie Berkowitz and Michael Lebowitz Law Offices of Adam E. Bossov, P.C. Charles and Barbara Freeman Mary Jane and Arnold Gissin Theresa and Andrew Goodman Kurtis W. Martin, M.D. Sanford and Jill Miller Norris E. Minard Mary Ockenden Julie Petit Elise and Stephen Rosenfeld Wendy and Freeman Stein in honor of Ilse Stern Elaine and Abraham Vigoda in memory of Sid Rayburn Mary Jayne Waddell


585-461-6339 cell: 585-729-1312


Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Cultural Arts Department

Joyce and Edward Burg in memory of Sid Rayburn Marilyn and Morton Goldberg in memory of Glenn Palmer's mother

Endowment Fund

Rabbi Hyman and Sarah Lasker Scholarship/Campership Fund

Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation


Sasha Abraham and Aaron Stein in honor of Lily Stein's Bat Mitzvah Sharon and Dov Apfel in honor of Daniella Apfel and Seth and Lori Apfel Cardeli Terri and Harold Bobry John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation Lana and Morton Cohen in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Jackie and Howard Davidson Tracy Dubnoff Daniel Fishman John W. Germanow in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible in honor of Ari Baum - thank you for being a long time role model for Aaron Cantor; in honor of Aaron Cantor - thank you for your leadership and kindness Goldman Titanium Inc. Erin and Kevin Heilbronner in memory of Mike Nozik Staci Hiller Kim and Neal Holtzman in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Marcy (DeMayo) and Steve Kay in honor of Anne Aroesty DeMayo's (Gram) 89th birthday - the loving matriarch of our family and the strength of our tree; in honor of the marriage of our daughter, Rachel Anne Kay, to Brian Daniel Grodofsky; in honor of our daughters, Rachel Kay Grodofsky and Sara Emily Kay Sharon Kovalsky in honor of Justin Goldman's 40th birthday Donna and Norman Lederman in honor of Staci Hiller for her dedication to Camp Seneca Lake Arleen Levine in honor of Terri and Harold Bobry Renee Liebschutz in honor of Bonnie Devora Comisar's Bat Mitzvah and in memory of Sid Rayburn and Sandy Augenblick Karen and Dan Menachof in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Malek and Mollie Rothbaum Nancy Moscov-Rapp and Neil Rapp in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Alli Romano Linda Ruda in memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Enid Ryen in honor of Lou Ryen's special birthday Enid and Louis Ryen in memory of James Biben, Larry and Jane Glazer, and Dr. Ellis Gruber; and in honor of the engagement of Eric Goldman and Carri Gottlieb Jeremy Sapriel Schupan Industrial Recycling Services Joan Shulman Claire and Joel Sigal in memory of Robert (Chic) Kane

Marsha, Jeffrey, and Seth Alent in honor of Donald Gold's 90th birthday Sydney Cohen

Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation Grant Alzheimer's Association

"Kesher at Gesher" Program

Anonymous Judy and Norm Blaustein Michael Bobry Rachel and David Clar Deborah Goldman Arthur Goldstein Michael Lebowitz and Leslie Berkowitz David Pieramico Bobby and Jerry Zakalik

Jewish Community Center

In memory of Larry and Jane Glazer Jacqueline and Anthony Colicchio Donna and Alan Edelstein Marilyn and Barry Fenton Sara and Ronald Freeling Jeff Jones Brian Hickey, Dan Burns, and friends at M&T Bank Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal Arline and Warren Seideman In memory of Sid Rayburn Leslie Berkowitz Alan, Jackie, and Howard Davidson Patsy Davidson Ellie Holtzman Joel and Lisa Elliot Lisa and Mark Luxemberg Pro-Engineered Inspections PC Nancy and Richard Reitkopp Enid and Lawrence I. Shulman MANY THANKS TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS


Rona and Howard Weinstein Anonymous in honor of Leslie Berkowitz Leslie Berkowitz in honor of Joy Plotnick's promotion and in honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Mollie Rothbaum Charlotte and Stuart Cohen in memory of Herb Ouzer Katherine and Kreag Donovan in memory of Herbert Ouzer Cynthia and Paul Goldstein in memory of Herb Ouzer Debbie and Allen Herr in honor of Staci Henning Michael and Barbara Palmeri in memory of Sidney Levine Sally and Glen Pezzulo in memory of Sidney Levine Florence B. Sarachan in memory of Manny Colbert

Jewish Film Festival

NYS Council on the Arts Joel Reiken in memory of Herb Ouzer

Jewish Life Programs

Alan Cohen and Nancy Bloom in memory of Bruce Newman Louise Epstein in honor of the birth of Helene Newman's grandson, Benjamin Avi Getnick Staci and Aaron Hiller in memory of Bruce Newman Naomi and Jerrold Kalnitz in memory of Bruce Newman

David Schwartz Elizabeth Terzo Myrna and Seymour Weinstein Linda Cornell Weinstein and Sherwin B. Weinstein

Senior Adult Programs

Henra Briskin Arlene Cooper in memory of Sid Rayburn Ann and Jerry Goldsmith in memory of Sid Rayburn Joanne Prives in memory of Sid Rayburn Pat Yuzawa-Rubin in honor of Claire B. Rubin Irwin Goldberg and The Romeo Group in memory of Dr. David Newman Stella A. Levinson in memory of Sid Rayburn Maxine and Gerald Rosen in memory of Sidney Levine Jacqueline Saltoun Jean A. Shafer

Susie Goldstein Sands Fund for Camp Seneca Lake Marcia and Norman Abelson in honor of Helen Abelson's 90th birthday Maxine and Morton Bittker in honor of Larry Goldstein's special birthday Inge and Larry Goldstein in honor of John Paganelli's special birthday Aaron Stein in loving memory of Adam Wenger


Paul and Janice LaBella

Winkler-Lococo Campership Fund

Nancy Hiller in honor of Sue and Michael Lococo's anniversary Megan Lococo in memory of Adam Wenger Megan and Michael Lococo in memory of Pearl and Bunny Winkler Sue, Megan, and Michael Lococo in honor of Diane Rock's 101st birthday and in memory of our beloved friend and husband, Sid Rayburn Sue and Michael Lococo in memory of Cathy Dinaburg's brother, Stephen, and Linda Ruda's beloved mother, Rose; wishing Nick Clark and Morrie Weinstein a speedy recovery and healthy and happy new year; and in memory of Dorothy and Robert Sadicks' beloved son, David

Wolk Children’s Center

Tracy Dubnoff Karen and Mark Weber in honor of Emerson Alhart's 1st birthday

Membership Scholarships

Cindy Gurell in memory of Sid Rayburn


Men’s Health Spa


In memory of Herbert Ouzer Peg and Paul Braunsdorf Knights of Pythias - Jay Lodge 639 Robert and Linda Marino William Ouzer and Mary A. Toler Gail Packard Maxine and Jerry Rosen Nadine and Sanford Rubin

Michael Bresloff Memorial Fund

In memory of Rose Bresloff Steven R. Abramson Peggy Raskind Blumenthal Susan Braverman Suellen Brown Florence and Vincent DiNapoli Marlene and Ross F. Elkin Ilene and David Flaum Jane Salitan Ginsburgh Marilyn and Morton Goldberg Burton Gordon Baylee Green Daphne Futerman and Ira Jevotovsky Knights of Pythias Barbara Kozel Michael Kravetz and Deborah Kravetz Kathleen London Edith Parker

PRINT WITH CONFIDENCE! Offering Complete Commercial Printing With Full In-House Design Capability, Prepress and Bindery Services. From Annual Reports, Specialty Advertisement Pieces, and Newsletters to Complete Business Packages, Including: Folders, Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards.

We Do it All and Much More! St. Vincent Press, Where Our Quality Speaks for Itself!

One Team... One Goal... One Satisfied Customer 250 Cumberland Street • Rochester, NY 14605 • 585-325-5320

Magellan速 Inc., Real Estate & Relocation 1485 Monroe Avenue in Brighton w w w. 1 M a g e l l a n . c o m

Magellan速 Inc. Real Estate & Relocation is a woman-owned, independent agency backed by 33 years serving the Rochester market and a solid reputation. We pride ourselves on the quality of our agents, professional representation and specialization. We are not a revolving door. Our average agent has just under 18 years of experience. 1% of gross company dollars are donated to community service projects locally.

Let us help you Discover the Home of Your Dreams速 Here are six of our best:

Linda Marcucci

Cindy Blair

Peter George

Brian Mount

Linda Roth

Maureen L. Toombs








Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester The William and Mildred Levine Building 1200 Edgewood Avenue Rochester, NY 14618

NonProfit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Rochester, NY Permit No. 965

I’m smiling because I have financial peace of mind with

Legacy’s Rate Lock We call our rate lock program the Legacy Golden Guarantee.

If you want the best in independent senior living with all the amenities at a guaranteed price, call today to schedule a tour of the Legacy in your neighborhood!

Independent Senior Living Apartments BRIGHTON: Legacy at Clover Blossom 100 McAuley Drive, 14610

CHILI: Legacy at Parklands

HENRIETTA: Legacy at Erie Station

1000 Providence Circle, 14616

1545 Erie Station Road, 14467

IRONDEQUOIT: PENFIELD: Legacy at Cranberry Landing Legacy at Village Wood

PENFIELD: Legacy at Willow Pond

VICTOR: Legacy at Fairways





300 Cranberry Landing, 14609

2000 Park Creek Lane, 14428

GREECE: Legacy at Park Crescent


100 Village Wood Lane, 14526



40 Willow Pond Way, 14526


681 High Street, 14564

There’s a Legacy in Your Neighborhood!

Independent Senior Living

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