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December 28, 2022 A supplement of the Lynden Tribune 2022
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e results are in!

e Lynden Tribune and Lynden Chamber of Commerce extend a huge thank you to all of the readers who participated in our 2022 Best of Lynden Reader’s Choice Awards. We are pleased to present the awards to the winning local businesses listed throughout this publication. Congratulations!

Best hamburger: Underground Burger

were familiar with the popularity of In-N-Out Burger and its limited menu format. Brian told friends he heard things such as “Brian, you’re crazy. You do barbecue Chick- l-A brands.” Brian thought of producing a truly great burger and wa e fries initially.

For the Tribune

Underground Burger is the 2022 winner of the Best of Lynden award for best hamburger.

Brian and Tanya Poag have owned a variety of restaurants and eateries in Lynden, such as the Nuthouse Grill (founded in 2001) and e Loft.

Now, the Poags own Underground Burger and Jake’s Western Grill, both in the same restaurant at 8114 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brian and Tanya started to think outside of the box –again.

“I try hard to follow trends in the (restaurant) industry,” Brian Poag said.

He had heard of ghost kitchens and then more recently virtual restaurants. While the former would operate from a separate kitchen to create a new identity, the latter used the current restaurant’s same facilities to create a new brand and then o er it up only through takeout or delivery.

Since the Poags had also lived in Arizona and California they

Brian really wanted to do it and next had to convince his wife of the viability and got her support. It was during the early part of COVID-19 and businesses were trying new approaches to survive.

“During the pandemic we couldn’t sit by and wait,” he said. “We had to act quickly and decisively and it sure has been fun.”

Within ve weeks the Poags gured it out and had a new system, “Boy did it stick,” he said.

“We went online on a Sunday and by Tuesday we had 50 preorders,” Brian said. “We had to learn how to handle the volume and made mistakes but our customers were so understanding.”

After the rst month, and remodels to their facility and their process, Brian said things began to smooth out. Jake’s had a fullservice bar before Underground Burger. ey needed the space and reduced the drink options and converted to pushing burgers out quickly from kitchen to customers. ey also changed having wait sta take orders table side to having everyone go to the counter to order. Brian calls it “fast casual dining.”

Many people heard of Un-

derground Burger but had no idea what it was or where it was. It seemed to simply exist and burgers were being delivered. In fact, many are still nding out often by word-of-mouth from friends.

Recently, two older women were coming from yoga and stopped by for the rst time for a burger, Brian said. ey had just heard about it and wanted to try one.

While they o er three types of burgers – a plain burger on a brioche bun with meat and cheese,

the original underground burger, and another with two meat patties and two slices of cheese – all can be completed with addons of bacon, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions.

Underground also has vegan and gluten-free choices now and has added hand-made milkshakes using local sources of Darigold ice cream and MyShan Dairy Guernsey milk. Diners can use the restaurant’s app to earn points for free food.

e Poags use a team of 15 primarily part-time employ-

ees for Jake’s and Underground Burger. Many of them are 16and 17-year-olds and Brian is happy with them, he said. “ ey love to work and they keep me young.”

Brian gravitates to the kitchen side of the business, but makes his way on and o to the front where Tanya shines.

“She’s the key to the front of the house … her smile,” Brian said. Tanya has taken on training and explaining how to fol-

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C3 2022 Best of Lynden Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 28, 2022
‘You don’t have to eat fast food and you don’t have to pay $15 for a good burger’

Best hamburger: Underground Burger

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low procedures and the steps of service.

In addition to the support of his family, sta , and customers, Brian appreciates doing business in north Whatcom County: “I probably speak for a lot of businesses. In the pandemic, our community – Lynden, Everson, Nooksack, and Ferndale – really rallied behind the restaurants.”

Brian also said it's "amazing when you have a businessfriendly climate – active and supportive – and what you can do.”

Brian also mentioned the Chamber of Commerce and local governmental o ces.

“I think we came out stronger. We learned to do things di erently and even have a new loca-

tion,” he said.

eir new location, which opened in May, is located in Queen Creek, Arizona. eir daughter Madi and son-in-law Tanner Bouma moved down to manage it. Unlike here, it has no dining room and relies on takeout and a third-party delivery option. While they have at least ve or six strongly-branded hamburger places within a mile, Underground Burger is nding a niche.

Brian said he was honored to be noti ed of Tribune readers selecting Underground Burger as a fan favorite.

“It’s humbling,” he said. “You wonder if anyone notices or appreciates what you are doing and then you get a second wind.”

Brian and Tanya Poag operate Underground Burger at Jake’s Western Grill, 8114 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden.

(Courtesy photos)

2022 Best of Lynden C4 Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 28, 2022 Thankyou for choosing Guide Insurance Services, a division of HUB InternationalNorthwestLLC As Best Insurance Agency in Lynden! 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 We appreciate yoursupport! Guided,Trusted,Local. ( 3 6 0 ) 3 5 4 - 2 2 0 0 1 7 8 0 F r o n t S t , L y n d e n , W A 9 8 2 6 4 w w w . g u i d e i n s u r a n c e s e r v i c e s . c o m Risk& Insurance | Employee Benefits |Retirement & Private Wealth

Best Wild Card: Red Barn Market

Red Barn Market won in the Wild Card division of this year’s Best of Lynden awards.

A special event at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds twice each year – spring and fall – Red Barn Market attracts a signi cant amount of vendors and shoppers.

Founder and organizer Kelsey Beld Tolsma, who also owns the Muddy Waters co ee stand in Lynden with her husband Aaron, decided to use that market for fundraising. During other market times, she has had food donated for the local food bank.

With three children, Tolsma is technically a stay-at-home mother with extra interests and side gigs. When asked how she juggles her di erent work and home duties, Tolsma said she works when she can.

“It looks di erent each day,” Tolsma said. “Sometimes it means getting up before my girls wake up or working after they’ve gone to bed.”

While having fun, Red Barn Market has continued to add additional options such as wreath making and watercolor painting classes. e market also tends to have live music and works with local radio stations for exposure.

While it runs two nights, it only is one day long. On the opening Friday, it is the VIP night with added treats and surprises.

“I’ve always loved to plan events,” Tolsma said. “When a friend and I started our own little crafting business we decided to host a craft show, and I’ve never stopped. It’s something I really enjoy doing, plus I love that it’s supporting small businesses.”

e next spring Red Barn Market is March 17-18.  e fall 2023 market is Nov. 17-18.

While the market’s formula seems to be going well, that doesn’t mean Tolsma isn’t nding ways to improve on the experience for those involved.

“I feel like we’re learning and changing small things each time, it’s been fun to nd the things that make the market unique and to grow on those things while also making it a signature of Red Barn Market,” she said. “But also nding what is best for the vendors in order for their success.”

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C5 2022 Best of Lynden Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Kelsey Tolsma is a stay-at-home mother of three, but a busy mom. Her family helps plan the spring and fall Red Barn markets at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden. Kelsey is pictured with her husband Aaron and their children, from left, 7-year-old Brecklyn, 4-year-old Capri and 9-year-old Kinley. (Courtesy photo)

Best Wild Card: Red Barn Market

Continued from C5

Tolsma said recently that it's been "really special” to be recognized in this year's Best of Lynden awards.

“I’m so honored to get to host markets in this community,” Tolsma said. “I couldn’t do it without all of the amazing vendors or shoppers coming out in support. I get to bring it all together but it’s a team e ort. I’m so glad it’s become something the community looks forward to; it means a lot to me and my amazing team.”

For anyone who wants to be a vendor at Red Barn Market, applications are available the market’s website or through any of the social media platforms. Potential vendor can reach out to Tolsma at

“I think what makes a booth successful is a combination of things … booth layout during the market that is welcoming and encourages shoppers to stop, but also a vendor who puts themselves out there, greets shoppers and is excited about their product,” Tolsma said. “We have so many amazing vendors who are doing just this and it’s so fun to see them succeed.”

Lynden-based Wiser Roots, left, operates usually from a farm stand but brings goods to the Red Barn Market. The farm, which operates on an honor system, has eggs, art andbaked goods. Fern and Arrow, above, is known for helping others feel seen, known and loved with thoughtful gifts and creative design.

(Courtesy photos)

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2022 Best of Lynden C20 Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 28, 2022 8071 Guide Meridian, Suite 105 • 360-354-4455 • 800-234-1841
Brady DenBleyker Darrel Timmer Jason Heutink Duane Vander Yacht Jim Huleatt Aimee Slesk Sharon Engels Sid Mellema
Thank You, Lynden, for the vote of confidence!
Wynden Holman Bonnie Vander Yacht Brooke Stremler Karen Timmer Loren VanCorbach Ron DeBoer Mike Vail Mike Kooy
BESTOF We are proud to be voted 2022’s
Tresie Wiersma George Hoksbergen Kevin Hoksbergen Irina Kulyak Jason Cavanaugh
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