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December 29, 2021

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


2021 Best of Lynden


Thank You To Our Wonderful Community For Your Continued Support!


2021 Best of Lynden


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The results are in! The Lynden Tribune and Lynden Chamber of Commerce extend a huge thank-you to all of the readers who participated in our 2021 Best of Lynden Reader’s Choice Awards. We are pleased to present the awards to the winning local businesses listed throughout this publication. Congratulations!


Sparrows Salon voted best in four different categories by Lynden Tribune readers By Leora Watson

LYNDEN — Lindsey Vande Hoef had been doing hair for 14 years and never thought about owning a salon. Until the opportunity presented itself. “I was driving down front street and saw the for lease sign and that’s when it started,” said Vande Hoef. Sparrows Salon and Spa was originally just going to be a hair salon, Vande Hoef said. But after extensive remodeling, the space transformed into a place to cater to all beauty needs. “We remodeled everything, it took two months,” said Vande Hoef. “We were just going to do hair and then we decided to add more rooms and so we made it more of a spa as well.” Sparrows Salon and Spa officially opened its doors to the Lynden community on Jan. 2, 2021. Business has been thriving

ever since. “It got bigger and faster than I thought it was going to,” said Vande Hoef. Sparrows Salon and Spa offers an array of beauty services. Hair, lashes and skin care are community favorites but customers can also enjoy massages, microblading and spray tans at Sparrows as well. When learning that Sparrows Salon and Spa had been voted best in four different categories of the annual Best of Lynden awards, Vande Hoef and her staff rejoiced. “I screamed, even if we had one I figured it just be salon, but it turned into four categories and I was in shock,” said Vande Hoef. “We were all stoked.” Customers have commented on the nice decor and ambience of the business, she said. “They like the atmosphere, we did a plant and gold theme,” said Vande Hoef. “We try to make it inviting, classy but cozy See Sparrows on C4

Lindsey Vande Hoef stands in front of her business Sparrows Salon and Spa located on Front Street. (Leora Watson/Lynden Tribune)

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Sparrows Continued from C3

still, where people can talk, socialize and feel comfortable.” The holiday season has been especially busy, Vande Hoef said. Vande Hoef chose to name her salon Sparrows due to the bird representing hard work, diligence, productivity and persistence and enters your life to remind you to be happy. Hair stylists work on clients hair in Sparrows Salon and Spa located in Lynden. (Leora Watson/Lynden Tribune)

Heidi Polinder captures precious moments in time By Bill Helm

LYNDEN — Heidi Polinder was so certain she would grow up working with animals that she earned her degree as a veterinary technician. To top it off, she spent seven years in the profession. Then it happened. Polinder was bit by the photography bug. “As with many photographers it started out as a hobby and grew into a passion for which I could support my family,” Polinder said recently. “I have always been an entrepreneur, so the business part of it was a natural fit for me.” It’s been 13 years now since Polinder switched careers. Recently, she was recognized as Best Photographer in the annual Best of Lynden awards. The recognition, Polinder said, is an “absolute honor and I am humbled by it.” Continued on next page

Heidi Polinder of Heidi Polinder Photography was recognized as best photographer in the 2021 Best of Lynden awards. One of her favorite places to shoot photographs is Berthusen Park in Lynden. (Bill Helm/ Lynden Tribune)

2021 Best of Lynden

“This community is so supportive and has been a wonderful place to establish a photography business,” Polinder said. A Lynden resident, Polinder shoots on location and also from her home studio, which she said is a “relaxing, quiet atmosphere that allows me to get those precious newborn images that are treasured for a lifetime.” Always a lover of animals, she recently photographed 12 Labrador puppies in a row on a log. The image, she admits, is a composite, which means the photograph is a blending of several images into one final image. “What makes me unique, I am one of a few local photographers that do composite photography,” Polinder said. “It has taken me many years to develop my own techniques to master this art and it is something I really enjoy doing.”

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Heidi Polinder Photography offers many services. However, Polinder is most keen on people photography. “I am passionate about newborn, children and family photography,” she said. “I also specialize in professional head shots. I also enjoy doing branding for other local business.” For Polinder, a successful photos hoot has many elements, such as location, lighting, the right outfits which she said “set the tones for the entire session.” As for her favorite places to create her work, Polinder said she “love(s) natural wide-open locations with a natural sunlight filter in the distance to catch the most amazing sunset golden light.” However, Berthusen Park or Hovander Park “can both provide great back drops.” “I have other places,” Polinder said. “But (I) can't share all my secrets.”


It’s no secret that Polinder is also fond of working thematically. Recently, she finished her Christmas-themed sessions, which was a teddy bear store front. “Children love these sessions as they are interactive and keep the kiddos attention as kiddos can get bored and frustrated during sessions,” Polinder said. Polinder also does a baby duck photo shoot session in the spring, where children get 20 minutes with a set of baby ducks that are 2-10 days old. “They get to learn and interact with the ducklings in a safe controlled environment,” she said. “The ducks are so mellow they will often fall asleep on the kiddos backs. It is very popular.” Learn more about Heidi Polinder Photography on her Facebook or Instagram pages.


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

Marta Carrillo considers herself ‘blessed’ Owner of Marta’s Cocina thankful for employees, community By Elisa Claasen For the Tribune

Marta’s Cocina says at its website that it’s goal isn’t just to have the tastiest and most authentic Mexican cuisine in Whatcom. It’s also important to have the healthiest. Located in the Fairway Center at 1710 Front St., Marta’s Cocina sources ingredients as close to home as possible, with selections prepared from scratch and hand-seasoned, according to Marta’s recipes. Marta Carrillo, owner of her namesake restaurant, started small 15 years ago, then expanded to offer a bar in an adjacent vacated space once occupied by Timekeepers. Carrillo, from Uruapan in the Michoacán state in Western Mexico, had family in Whatcom County. One sister was working in farms around 25 years ago Divorced and with two children ages 10 and 11, Carrillo needed more opportunities than what was available in Mexico. She said employers there see single mothers as unreliable and aren’t as likely to offer them employment.

Once she arrived in Whatcom County, Carrillo worked as a nursing assistant for the elderly at several local care facilities where she worked for 11 years. However, the work was difficult physically and an injury led her to working with young children at a Montessori school. She remarried, and has since divorced, and moved into Lynden. She started working part time for an existing restaurant, La Herradura Family Mexican Restaurant, which became Marta’s. America, Carrillo said, is a “land of opportunity.” “You have to work hard and help others,” she said. “(It’s important) to be part of the community. The key is to give back.” The COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy for restaurants, and Carrillo said it hasn’t been easy to get workers in her industry. Yet customers and other restaurant owners rallied to help her and each other. She is grateful. “You can’t have a better community with the pandemic,” she said. “Serving is my pleasure, my joy. I do this with a lot of love.” Customers and employee are like fam-

Marta Carrillo with two of her employees, Joel Lopez and Sugey Carillo. (Elisa Claasen for Lynden Tribune)

ily to Carrillo. During the pandemic, a customer’s son came to work for her during a difficult time of his own. In turn, he and his father gave of their time – Carrillo bought the supplies – and they remodeled her interior for free. She pointed to the vivid walls. “I’m totally a product of the community,” she said as she smiled at families walking in the door for dinner. She has seen customers and employees grow up, graduate, go into the military and marry. “I help them as they’ve helped me.” While she once spent more time in the kitchen, Carrillo now has freed herself up to focus directly on the customers. She enjoys talking to retirees and giving hugs. She plays with the children. Carrillo’s daughter talked to her about

her business. “It’s more of a community center than a business,” she laughed. “I’m a human lover.” The top food sellers at Marta’s Cocina are her carne asada, fajitas, and enchiladas, each made with family recipes. Raised in a farming region, Carrillo has incorporated in also being in the more upscale Mexico City and her time here. All of it has shaped the food she now prepares. Marta’s is open 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Happy hour is from 3 to 5 p.m. with a menu of cocktails and finger foods. Marta’s Cocina is also available for catering for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, parties and other events. Visit for more information.

THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR US! A heartfelt thank you for honouring us with this award!

Petal Pushers 360-303-3457



Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

New Business

Small Business

513 Front St Lynden 360-656-6150

Large Business

513 Front St Lynden 360-656-6150

Green Business

2077 Main St Lynden 360-354-5676

Customer Service

Medical Facility

Family Care Network

We Take Care

211 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd Lynden 360-318-8869

Brady DenBleyker

Karen Timmer

Wynden Holman

8108 Guide Meridian Lynden 360-354-2200

Brooke Stremler

Bonnie Vander Yacht

Duane Vander Yacht

Lynden Family Medicine 1610 Grover St, D1 Lynden 360-354-1333

Sharon Engels

Jason Cavanaugh

Lester VanMersbergen

Thank You, Lynden, for the vote of confidence! Darrel Timmer

We are proud to be voted 2021’s

Jason Heutink


8071 Guide Meridian, Suite 105 360-354-4455 • 800-234-1841

Tresie Wiersma

Sid Mellema

Aimee Slesk

Loren VanCorbach

Ron DeBoer

Mike Kooy

Kirby Jones

Mike Vail


Irina Kulyak


Tanner Bouma

Jim Huleatt

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Adult/Assisted Living




eltkamp Family Dentistry 855 Aaron Dr Lynden 360-354-4434 Pharmacy

1610 Grover St Suite C1, Lynden 360-354-5691 Chiropractic

1610 Grover St Lynden 360-354-7933 Massage/Spa

OLSON Family Chiropractic 1758 Front St, #108 Lynden 360-354-1226

8304 Guide Meridian Rd Lynden 360-318-1240

THANKS FOR THE VOTES! We’re proud to be voted “Best of Lynden” for Automotive Services for 10 years in a row.

513 Front St Lynden 360-656-6150


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

Beauty Salon



of the


513 Front St Lynden 360-656-6150 Veterinarian


115 E Homestead Blvd Lynden 360-354-1196

509 Front St Lynden 360-306-0494 Groomer

Pet Supplies

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

8880 Benson Rd Lynden 360-354-5095

873 Hinotes Ct, Bldg B, Unit 2 Lynden 360-318-9949

Thanks for choosing ZYLSTRA TIRE

as the Best Tire Store in Lynden!

1898 Front St Lynden 360-318-0134


Dr. Kelly Larsen

Dr. Hannah Joyner


We appreciate it and look forward to serving all of your tire needs!

You deserve the best in optical and medical eye care! 360-354-4493

Tyler Zylstra, Owner

Gilbert Silva, Owner

501 Grover Street, Lynden

Since 1951. One Clinic. Two Locations. 360-733-1720 •

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Pet Accommodations

6451 Hannegan Rd Lynden 360-306-5931

Automotive Services

Financial Institution

8181 Guide Meridian Rd Lynden 360-354-7698

Real Estate Company


8071 Guide Meridian Rd, #105 Lynden 360-354-4455

Lynden 360-410-8145

s k n a Th ! l l a ' y

408 Grover St, Lynden & Fairway Center, Lynden 360-354-4044 • 360-354-3152 Insurance Agency

8108 Guide Meridian Rd Lynden 360-354-2200

405 Front Street 360-354-2174

Proud to be voted “Best Happy Hour”


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

Tires/Auto Thanks for choosing ZYLSTRA TIRE

as the Best Tire Store in Lynden! 501 itGrover We appreciate and lookSt forward to serving allLynden of your tire needs! 360-354-4493




Front St Lawns 8454 Benson Rd Lynden 360-815-7225 Law Practice


307 19th St Lynden 360-354-2171 Remodeling/Construction

Nicole L. Terpstra,


Attorney at Law, PLLC


307 19th St Lynden 360-354-2171

709 Grover Street Lynden 360-318-9300

1899 Kok Rd Lynden 360-354-7900



Tyler Zylstra, Owner

Gilbert Silva, Owner

501 Grover Street, Lynden

The family at Lynden Ace thanks you for making us

Best of Lynden Hardware/Home Improvement

Thank you for your votes!


1736 Front St., Fairway Center, Lynden • 360-354-2291

Thank you for voting us


We’re so grateful for your business & ongoing support... We couldn’t do it without you!

1710 Front St, Lynden 360-318-1171 M-Th 11AM - 8PM, Fri.-Sat. 11AM - 9PM

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Cleaning Services

191 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd Lynden 360-354-4145 Ethnic Food

1710 Front St Lynden 360-318-1171

Burger or Sandwich


BURGERS & BREW 8107 Guide Meridian Rd Lynden • 360-354-2125 Happy Hour

107 3rd St Lynden 360-354-1555 Coffee/Espresso

405 Front St Lynden 360-354-2174

2 LOCATIONS IN LYNDEN Bender Plaza, Fairway Center

Blessed Again! Olson Family Chiropractic VOTED “BEST CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE” OF LYNDEN 2021 We would like to thank the community of Lynden and surrounding area for their wonderful support and vote of confidence, once again! We are humbled and blessed to be receiving the “Best of Lynden” award again this year!

Olson Family Chiropractic 360-318-1240

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Sparrows Salon & Spa 513 Front St Lynden, Wa 98264 360-656-6150 Brittany VanWeerdhuizen, Lindsey Karuza, Amber Bernardy, Kara Chanik, Diana Monnot, Jenn Becker, Emily Mathews, Emily Elsbree, Sidney TerWisscha, Taylor VanderPol, Amber Spidell, Ana Williams, Kelsey Carpenter, Lindsey VandeHoef. Backdrop provided by Creative Events LLC

Sparrows Salon & Spa was established in January of 2021 by lifelong friends Kelsey Carpenter and Lindsey Vande Hoef. Their vision of creating a beautiful and welcoming small town business catering to all your beauty needs came to life after months of working hard on renovating the space. The naming of the shop was no contest when the meaning of the sparrow was brought to Kelsey and Lindsey. The Sparrow represents hard work, diligence, productivity and persistence. They also stand for caution and courage. With the Sparrow as a spirit guide in your life, you are able to express creativity and talent. It enters your life to remind you to be happy. All of the things they wanted to portray in our new beautiful space. Lindsey Vande Hoef took over full ownership this last summer. She is over the moon with being voted Best of Lynden in 4 categories this year. "Starting this journey was a lot of work and effort, both emotionally and mentally in capturing the eye of the salon. The remodel and transformation of the salon and spa was so much more than I ever imagined it would have been. All of the women that have joined our team all work so hard and go above and beyond to make Sparrows what it is today. When a client walks into our shop, it makes me so proud to hear how much they love the atmosphere and how they feel so welcomed in our classy, yet cozy space. I feel so blessed to be on this journey and can't wait to see what the years keep bringing for Sparrows Salon & Spa. I want to thank all of my coworkers and all of our clients that continue to visit and support us on a daily basis. We couldn't and wouldn't be this far without you all." - Lindsey VandeHoef (owner) When you first arrive at Sparrows Salon & Spa you are usually greeted by any of our talented hairstylists. This including Lindsey VandeHoef (owner), (stylists) Emily Elsbree, Diana Monnot, Kelsey Carpenter, Brittany VanWeerdhuizen, Sidney Ter Wisscha, Amber Bernardy, and Emily Mathews (manager). Voted Best Salon/Spa in Lynden is such an amazing compliment all these lovely hair artists take pride in. A short trip down the hall will transport you a spot in any of the beautiful Spa rooms. Jenn Becker (Master esthetician), Taylor VanderPol (esthetician), Amber Spidell (spray tan) who was featured in Bellingham Alive Magazine for her gorgeous spray tans, Lindsey Karuza (permanent makeup) and Kara Chanik (permanent makeup). Ana Williams has resided in the building with her in demand relaxation massages for many years and has become a wonderful added love of clients as well. This group of women earned Sparrows the vote for Best Spa/Massage and we are so thankful for their talents in making their clients look and feel their best.

All of us at Sparrows Salon & Spa want to thank our clients for all of the continued support. If you're interested in visiting our shop, with the amazing team of unique creative entrepreneurs here at Sparrows, you're sure to find the right service provider for you. We're open 6 days a week and located in the heart of Front Street.

2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Baked Goods

Local Food

421 Front St Lynden 360-354-3911 Grocery


211 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd Lynden 360-318-8869 Convenience

8071 Guide Meridian Rd, #101 Lynden 360-318-0688

1726 Front St Lynden 360-318-1302 Gift Shop/Jewelry

1501 E Badger Rd, Lynden 360-354-2618

1758 Front St, #104 Fairway Center, Lynden 360-318-8854

(360) 354-3097

401 E. Grover St, Lynden Drive-Thru Prescription Pick-up M-F 9 am to 7 pm Sat 9 am to 5 pm • Sun Closed

Thank You Lynden! Thank you, Lynden! We appreciate your vote and all of your support over the past year. We’re honored to have the opportunity to serve you in your lawn & garden needs. Serving Lynden and Whatcom County for four generations since 1938.

We appreciate your continued support and are proud to have served you for 33 years. Holiday blessings to you & your families. 1758 Front St. #106, Lynden • 360-354-1226

2021 Best of Lynden


168 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd Lynden 360-778-3870 Hardware/Home Improvement


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Farm Supply


1898 Front St Lynden 360-318-0134 Clothing/Fashion

401 E Grover St Lynden 360-354-3097 Florist

Petal Pushers 1736 Front St Lynden 360-354-2291

420 Front St Lynden 360-778-1849

Lynden • 360-303-3457 flowertruck

We are proud to be part of this community Thank You for voting us Best of Lynden!



2021 Best of Lynden

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021



408 1st St Lynden 360-318-9333 Local Charity or Organization

205 South B.C. Ave, #117 Lynden 360-354-9930

Meeting Place

Local Farm

9409 Depot Rd Lynden 360-354-3428

2 LOCATIONS IN LYNDEN Bender Plaza, Fairway Center

Wedding Venue

Golf Course

115 E Homestead Blvd, Suite A Lynden 360-778-2849

Thank you for voting us Best Groomers four years in a row!

115 E. Homestead Blvd Lynden 360-354-1196


Thank You for choosing our company as


360-318-9949 • 873 Hinotes Court, Bldg B, Unit #2 • Lynden, WA 98264

“The Best Plumbing & Electric Company” 307 19th Street, Lynden, WA 98264 (360) 354-2171 • (360) 354-VANS Fax (360) 354-5497

2021 Best of Lynden

Family Activity

Lynden Skateway 421 Judson St Lynden 360-354-3851


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021


100 5th Street Lynden 360-746-8597

Wild Card: Dance Instruction LyndenLineDancers 360-354-4325


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

1758 Front St. #104 Fairway Center 360-354-3101

Thank You Thank you for your support of our store through the years. We look forward to serving you in 2022!

Thank You for your votes...

We are happy to be back! 360-354-3911 421 Front St., Lynden Open 7am-6pm Mon.-Sat.



readers! Your votes determined the winners of the 2021 Best of Lynden!


360-354-4444 • 113 6th St., Lynden


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

Thank You for Choosing

as Best Insurance Agency 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

AND Best Customer Service in Lynden! 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021


We appreciate your support! Guided, Trusted, Local.

(360) 354-2200

1780 Front St, Lynden WA 98264

Visit us at our n ew location !


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, December 29, 2021

2021 Best of Lynden

“Thank you, Lynden for voting us Best Veterinary Hospital in Lynden 10 years in a row!”

- The crew at Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

Caring for All Creatures Large and Small Emergency Services Available • 14 Veterinarians on Staff • Therapeutic Laser • Ultrasound • Exotics • Boarding Facilities • Laser Surgery • Dentistry • Digital Radiography • Endoscopy • In-House Lab

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital PLLC (360) 354-5095

8880 Benson Rd., Lynden, WA • 6220 Portal Way, Ferndale

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited Hospital

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