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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Heavy Metal Custom Shop tackles full 1965 VW Beetle restoration ............................................................... C3

Lynden mechanic Marlin Hendricks keeps GMC S15 running for decades ............................................. C8 A supplement of the



Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record


New year, new car

The 1965 Volkswagen Beetle being restored by Heavy Metal Custom Shop is still being sanded down to make way for a new paint job, which owners Paul and Jennifer Teigrob are keeping a secret until the project is done. (Brent Lindquist/Lynden Tribune)

Heavy Metal Custom Shop tackles full restoration of 1965 Volkswagen Beetle By Brent Lindquist

BELLINGHAM — Every year around

New Year’s Day, Paul and Jennifer Teigrob kick off an annual tradition. The Teigrobs, who own Heavy Metal Custom Shop in Bellingham, pick up a car and make it their personal project for the year. “Our goal is to pick it up as close to the New Year as possible and build the car for that year to be able to show it,” Jennifer said. Last year it was a Pontiac Bonneville, and for 2018 it’s a classic 1965 Volkswagen

Beetle. They got it for their labor on a Volkswagen Type 3 “Squareback” model. The owners had the Beetle but no real plans for it. They traded it to the Teigrobs along with a bunch of extra parts, and it became their 2018 project. And it certainly is a project, Jennifer said. The floor pans are rotted out, and it came with no motor. “And it’s been hit on the side, so we’ll be replacing a full quarter-panel,” she said. Many of these replacements parts

come by way of a parts car: a different Volkswagen Beetle used by the Teigrobs as a sort of transplant car. They remove parts from it that are in better shape than their counterparts in the restoration car and use them in the restoration. At the beginning of the process, the Beetle underwent a complete teardown to a bare shell. The Teigrobs cut out and replace any rusty parts and sand down the paint to See Beetle on C4


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

Spring Drive Whatcom

Beetle Continued from C3

Paul Teigrob shows where he will eventually install new heater channels onto the body of Heavy Metal Custom Shop's Volkswagen Beetle. (Brent Lindquist/Lynden Tribune)

the point at which the metal can be painted over. “We’re keeping it a secret what we’re painting it, for now,” Jennifer said. They had originally considered sanding it down to the original paint job in order to keep the car as close to its original condition as possible, but too much of it had been previously sanded off for that to work. “Because we’re not trying to get incredibly involved in the paint job, we’re trying to get it down to where we have at least a good paint,” Paul said. All the metalwork on the car must be done before it is prepped and painted. Then the reassembly begins. The pan and suspension must be powder-coated, and the mechanical aspects such as brakes, suspension and the motor itself will be replaced. Paul said the simplicity of Volkswagen’s early offerings is part of what made them so desirable to buyers. “They can work on them themselves,” Continued on the next page

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

Spring Drive Whatcom


There's still a lot of work to be done both inside and out before the Beetle is considered fully restored. (Brent Lindquist/ Lynden Tribune)

Paul said. “It’s not overwhelming.” Like many cars and collectibles in general, Volkswagen Beetles become more valuable and desirable the older they get. Beetles newer than 1968 are not rare at all, but Beetles older than that start to get more and more valuable. Jennifer said the Beetle project is useful to promote both sides of their business. As the name implies, Heavy Metal Custom Shop is the custom car side of the business. HMC Garage is the other side of the business. Prior to opening Heavy Metal, Paul worked as a master-certified Volkswagen technician. He con-

tinues that Volkswagen service work via HMC Garage. Jennifer said HMC Garage is currently undergoing a rebranding with a focus on Pacific Northwest adventuring, making the Beetle project a good showcase of both sides of the shop business. Visit for more information about the shop, and find the hashtag #65shopbeetle on social media to follow the Beetle restoration. This story is part of a threepart Drive Whatcom series following Heavy Metal Custom Shop’s Volkswagen Beetle restoration. Read more about it in the next issue.

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record


Spring Drive Whatcom

The buzz about the new Stinger Sports car offers drive enthusiasts a competitive option for vroom By Ashley Hiruko

   WHATCOM — For the driving enthusiasts among us with a longing for speed, certain brands of car come to mind: Porsche, Audi, BMW. But a new unlikely Korean contender has proven itself to be another option for those of us looking for a sporty vehicle providing a ride of luxury — all at a top speed of 167 miles per hour. The 2018 Kia Stinger is the love child of Peter Schreyer and Gregory Guillaume, car designers with backgrounds in European sports and luxury car brands such as Audi. Their latest achievement, the Stinger, was seven years in the making and is a modern interpretation of a classic grand touring vehicle of international roots. “It’s an absolute sweet machine,” said Matt Nichols, sales consultant at Smith Kia of Bellingham. “It’s something I’ve been drooling over for years, ever since they brought concept photos of it.” The sleek designed car has all the features that the other newer models of luxury brands offer: heated seats, advanced safety systems, adaptive cruise control. But what sets this car apart is the optional 365 horsepower and twin turbos that take passengers from 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds. “And it absolutely goes,” Nichols said.

The Stinger sports car is a modern interpretation of classic grand touring vehicles of years past. (Ashley Hiruko/Lynden Tribune)

Not only was it designed to go fast, the vented Brembo brakes, the same brand used in other prestigious car brands, give the Stinger an impressive deceleration performance. And the brake-assist system of the car is designed to sense urgency when drivers slam on their brakes, shortening


Diesel Transmission Specialists


Randy Walters

the braking distance. The GT’s twin turbo V6 engine offers three trims for buyers — GT, GT1 and GT2. Even the standard option is impressive given that the four-door sedan rides on a frame of 55 percent advanced highstrength steel. “This really targets the driving en-

thusiasts, folks who have been going for those higher-level luxury vehicles,” Nichols said. “It gives you a great driving experience and something that’s going to be fun.” Call Smith Kia at 360-715-3455 for more information or visit the website

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record


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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

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Mechanic has kept his pickup going strong 35 years

Marlin Hendricks continues to rely on his faithful 1983 S15 Sierra Classic to and from his Hinote’s Corner service station. (Calvin Bratt/Lynden Tribune)

Marlin Hendricks still likes his sturdy longbed 1983 GMC S15 By Calvin Bratt

   LYNDEN ­ — Owner Marlin Hen-

dricks knows his 1983 pickup isn’t the oldest specimen or the highest mileage vehicle to roll onto his Marlin’s Auto Service lot.    There are some “classic cars” among his customers and, checking his service records, he attests to a man with a car over 330,000 miles and a 1962 truck at 479,000 miles.    Those will be hard to beat when

Marlin is currently at 273,000 and drives his pickup well under 10,000 miles per year.    But this long-bed S15 Sierra Classic GMC has certainly held up well from its purchase new from Denny DeKubber at the Hinton Motors dealership in Lynden 35 years ago, and for an automotive mechanic it can serve as a testimonial to just how long a vehicle can be kept going

strong if well cared for.    “That wasn’t the intent. It’s just turned into that. And I’ve been fortunate not to have totaled it,” he says with a laugh.    Marlin was impressed with the characteristics of the S15 from the beginning — its full frame, the V6 engine, the ride of it, “built good and solid,” he rememContinued on the next page

Spring Drive Whatcom

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record


Marlin leads a crew of about seven in the shop, and a new drive-through bay is great for routine oil changes. (Calvin Bratt/Lynden Tribune)

bers. Of course, it didn’t and still doesn’t have air-conditioning. The windows need to be cranked down manually. And along the way the pickup — ­ which is on its third engine — did advance to fuel injection and some computer controls.    But the transmission, body and cab upholstery are all original. Marlin has not replaced the suspension.    It gets 22 miles per gallon of gas.    In 35 years, the same pickup — with a decal on three sides advertising Marlin’s “approved auto repair” shop as well

— gets to be recognized around town.    Often Marlin will leave his truck at a spot in Lynden where he has picked up someone’s vehicle for service for the day or a half-day.    The number of times he has driven the four miles from town to his station at Pole and Hannegan roads, at a rate of at least eight times per week, is in the multiple thousands by now.    After all, Marlin has owned and run this shop with his wife, Linda, for 40 years now. He bought it in January

1978 from Larry Vander Haak after having worked there about a year and a half. The milestone winter anniversary may be celebrated a little later this year in better weather, he said.    This pickup is what Linda and three kids learned to drive a stick-shift on. It has taken Marlin up to high-country trails and to places to launch his sea kayaks. (In fact, he is glad to be able to carry two 18-foot kayaks.) It has pulled trailers, hauled loads. But the travel has See Marlin on C11

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

Spring Drive Whatcom

New Ram truck equipped with tech, safety features 2019 Ram 1500 includes 12-inch touch screen, park assist system, and is most complete Ram redesign in many years By Nick Elges

Ram's 2019 1500 model features an upgraded information system that can control every aspect of the truck's operation, from entertainment to what's happening under the hood. (Courtesy photos/Ram)

BELLINGHAM — The 2019 Ram 1500 hasn’t even hit the lots at Rairdon’s of Bellingham, but the new truck equipped with first-in-class technology and park-assist features is already receiving high praise.    “I don’t know for certain, but if I was a betting man, I’d be willing to bet this one’s going to wind up being the Motor Trend Truck of the Year again,” said Wayne Dazey, a member of Rairdon’s sales team. “Every time we’ve done a new launch of the Ram 1500, it’s ended up (with the award).”    The launch of the 2019 version of Ram’s staple model was only announced about two weeks ago and the truck isn’t expected to arrive at Rairdon’s for a few more weeks, but the vehicle’s features have consumers waiting with anticipation for the arrival.    One of the biggest selling points for the Ram 1500, as Dazey points out, is an upgraded information system that is unlike anything else you’ll find in a similar truck. This system includes a 12-inch Uconnect touch screen that takes up most of the interior’s center stack. From this display, you can control every facet of the truck, from music to navigation.    Other interior upgrades are an enhanced sound system that cancels out ambient noise and brings top-of-the-line audio to your ride. The truck is also reContinued on the next page

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record

Spring Drive Whatcom ceiving praise for its passenger and storage space, providing a comfortable trip for everyone inside the cabin.    The exterior of the new Ram includes a 360-degree surround view camera offering an expanded range of view while on the road. “It’s kind of like there’s a drone flying above the top of the truck,” Dazey said of the camera.    Also included are adaptive cruise control and parking-assist systems, which will actually take care of parallel and perpendicular parking for you.    With safety features that are common in smaller vehicles, the new Ram should provide peace of mind for anyone who purchases it. The truck has been redesigned with a highstrength steel frame and more than 100 other safety and security features.    Of course, towing power is important when considering which truck to purchase, and the Ram offers Best-In-Class V8 engine towing that can handle up to 12,750 pounds.   As to the competition, Dazey said it won’t be fair to compare this Ram to others in its class because there is simply no comparison when it comes to the truck’s technology, packaging and pricing.    “It’s the most complete redesign (the Ram 1500) has had in many years,” Dazey said.    The 2019 Ram 1500 comes in four different models so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. For more information, contact Rairdon’s sales team at 360-255-4800.

Marlin Continued from C9 mostly stayed in Washington.    Three years ago, it passed 250,000 miles as Marlin and daughter Stephanie were coming back from a hiking trip on Vancouver Island. That warranted a “Chinese fire drill” by both of them around the pickup.    The strongest memory of his two sons involving the pickup is of dad getting a speeding ticket on Kok Road.    Anyone who borrows and drives the S15 will learn that the clutch pedal has to be pumped all the way to the floor before the engine will start, and likewise the brake needs a strong push to do its job. “It’s got its quirks,” Marlin said.    The main thing he observes, by comparison, is how much larger pickups have gotten in 35 years. The height of his GMC is dwarfed by today’s big rigs, and even all smaller truck models are taller than his. “I feel so miniature,” he said.    Vehicles used to be expected to last only 100,000 miles and their engines needed much more maintenance than now, the mechanic says. Frames and interiors hold up so much better today too. But the complexity of systems definitely require technicians to stay abreast of the manufacturers.    Gas is relatively cheap too, in relation to other cost-of-living increases, he maintains.

Although gasoline may have been just 24 cents a gallon (inset) at one time, the $3 price today, considering the cost rise of everything, is still a deal, Marlin maintains. (Calvin Bratt/Lynden Tribune)

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Ferndale Record


Spring Drive Whatcom



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