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Whatcom New Hyundai Veloster offers ‘cool’ and practical sports car vibes.

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F-150 pickup now benefits from Eco-Boost engine......... C5

Drivers get free light inspection.................................................C3 A supplement of the


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record



Diesel gets distinguished The premium SUV with 90% less emissions than diesels of old.


2012 Touareg TDI Clean Diesel

Roger Jobs Volkswagen, Inc.

T is for Turbo.

2200 Iowa StriiÌÊUÊÎÈä‡ÇÎ{‡xÓÎä

225 horsepower 406 lbs/ft of torque Mileage


highway miles per gallon*


728 90% 95%

miles per tank* fewer sooty emissions compared to previous diesel engines less sulfur content in the ultra-low-sulfer diesel fuel

*2012 3.0L TDI Clean Diesel, automatic transmission: 19 city/28 highway mpg EPA estimates. Range based on 28 highway mpg EPA estimate and a 26-gallon tank. Your mileage will vary. ©2011 Volkswagen of America, Inc.


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


Lights on

Drivers line up on Saturday, Oct. 1, to receive a free vehicle light inspection and replacement. The end of summer means more hours of darkness and the need for reliable lighting systems. Drivers also received a free litter bag, an envelope for holding vehicle registration and insurance cards, and information on how to prepare for winter driving. — Ferndale Record | COURTESY PHOTO

Over 400 drivers get free light inspection, replacement Megan Claflin Ferndale Record editor      WHATCOM — On Oct. 1, members  from  Automotive  Service  Association  (ASA)  shops  around  Whatcom  County  volunteered at locations in Everson and  Bellingham to offer more than 400 local  drivers free inspection and replacement  of vehicle lights.     Even the Bellingham Police Department took advantage of the free service,  offered  on  the  first  Saturday  of  every  October  as  part  of  the  association’s  Fall  Car Care Month, when an officer was informed by a citizen that one of his cruiser’s taillights had burnt out.     “When he showed up we all had to 

chuckle a little,” said Nita Harksell, ASA  treasurer  and  co-owner  of  Pete’s  Automotive  Repair  in  Ferndale. “The  officer  said that he regularly pulled drivers over  for their taillights being out, so when he  realized he had the same offense he was  quick to get it repaired."     Harksell said that more than 80 percent of the replacements were of license  plate  lights,  which  is  something  drivers  can  often  overlook  or  may  be  unaware  is  a  ticketable  offense.  Tail  lights,  turn  signals  and  marker  lights  were  also  replaced  during  the  event  by  technicians  and  owners  from  13  ASA  shops  located  in Whatcom County.      Bellingham  Technical  College  instructors and students were on hand to 

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assist with the inspection process. Drivers also received a free litter bag, an envelope  for  holding  vehicle  registration  and  insurance  cards,  and  information  on how to prepare for winter driving.     “The ASA is a great program for connecting shops around the area and promoting  collaborative  relationships  for  networking  and  information,”  Harksell  said. “We really don’t think of each other  as competitors; we’re all shop owners.”     The ASA is an international organization comprised of allied members who  all observe a code of ethics for customer  service and quality of workmanship. The  organization offers its member continuing  education  and  other  information  services for small business owners.

ASA is an international organization comprised of allied members who all observe a code of ethics for customer service and quality of workmanship.     For  more  information,  visit    www.     Email Megan Claflin at


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record



As summer winds down, cars still suffer effects of heat exposure     While  summer’s  warm  temperatures  may be starting to fade, many motorists are  unaware that their cars may be experiencing  symptoms  of  heat  exhaustion.  From  batteries  to  tires,  heat  takes  a  toll  on  vehicles.       Before you head out for your next road  trip,  AutoZone  recommends  performing  a  few proactive checks to help prevent a costly and unpleasant breakdown.   Test batteries.     Heat  is  a  battery’s  worst  enemy.  Corrosion caused by heat is the leading cause  of  battery  failure.  Many  batteries  that  fail  in fall and winter months had already been  significantly weakened during the preceding hot summer months.      A  vehicle  may  experience  very  subtle  signs of battery failure that usually go unnoticed.  Therefore,  drivers  should  make  a  battery condition check a part of their cars’  regular  maintenance  schedule.  Motorists  who are concerned that their batteries may  be  failing  should  get  them  checked  or  replaced immediately.  Check fluids.     Checking  and  maintaining  the  levels  on  key  fluids  such  as  transmission  fluid,  coolant and engine oil can prevent engines  from overheating.      One  of  the  key  functions  of  motor  oil  is to transfer heat away from the hot points  within the engine so it can run cooler and  operate efficiently. Using a lower viscosity,  full synthetic engine oil can protect critical  engine parts, even at temperatures as high  as 500 degrees.  Inspect tires for wear and appropriate tire pressure.     Heat  can  cause  tire  pressure  to  rise.  Tire  problems  are  the  leading  cause  of  breakdowns.  Under-inflated  tires  can  lead  to  blowouts  and  serious  accidents.  The 

appropriate  tire  pressure  amount  can  be  found inside the driver-side door on most  vehicles. Keep the air filter clean.     Replacing  a  clogged  air  filter  can  lead  to increased performance and acceleration.  Air  filters  should  be  checked  at  every  oil  change and replaced every 12,000 miles.  Check and replace vital vehicle components.     Replace  components  such  as  spark  plugs and oxygen sensors at recommended  intervals. Regular maintenance can prevent  costly damage, improve fuel efficiency and  prevent a breakdown. Perform routine scheduled maintenance checks.     Motorists  should  check  their  owner’s  manual  for  a  schedule  of  recommended  maintenance  intervals  from  the  vehicle  manufacturer.  If  the  owner’s  manual  has  been lost, many websites, such as the National  Car  Care  Council’s  website,  www., offer a recommended maintenance schedule for vehicles.  Be prepared.     Visit  an  automotive  retailer  to  purchase a roadside emergency kit. Also keep  items  such  as  a  tire  pressure  gauge,  spare  serpentine belt and jumper cables handy in  case of a breakdown.      Jody Devere,  CEO of Ask Patty, an automotive  advice  website,  recommends  checking  and  maintaining  critical  vehicle  components  as  the  hot  summer  comes  to  an end.      “Many  vehicle  components  can  be  weakened  during  continuous  days  of  hot  weather,�  Devere  said.  “Checking  and  replacing  key  vehicle  components  in  early  fall can uncover any damage that occurred  during the hot summer months.�

Battery corrosion is just one of the side effects of summer heat and it can quickly lead to battery failure. — Courtesy photo

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


F-150 pickup now benefits from Eco-Boost engine New efficiency technology pulls more torque out of smaller motors Mark Reimers Tribune reporter     WHATCOM — It’s a classic American dilemma: How big of a truck do I need?     In the past, size mattered for buyers looking for a little hauling power. Need to take the boat to the lake a couple of times in the summer? Fine, but you will have to live with a monster gas or dieselguzzling V-8 engine all year.     But the trade-off between gas efficiency and horsepower just got a whole lot easier to swallow with the arrival of the Eco-Boost engine in the Ford F-150 pickup truck.     Mike Diehl, owner of Diehl Ford in Bellingham, said the new high-tech F150 is a good fit for Whatcom County, since locals can now haul up to 11,300 pounds with a V-8 engine.     The Eco-Boost benefit only compounds the flexibility that the F-150 has offered truck drivers for decades — a perfect compromise between utility and comfort, Diehl said.     It’s that flexibility that has made the F-150 the best-selling vehicle in the world for nearly 34 years straight.

    Diehl said he has seen studies showing that F-150 drivers come from a similar demographic as the drivers of a luxury sedan from Lexus.     The new technology in a V-6 is delivered along with the use of twin turbochargers, one for each bank of cylinders. However, as the turbo systems harness the exhaust to compress air back into the engine, Eco-Boost delivers high-pressure fuel injection, boosting the overall torque. An intercooler also ensures that the incoming air can cool and become more dense, allowing more into the engine.     It’s not all that different in theory from turbine jet engines as Diehl remembers them from his military days — the so-call “suck, squeeze, bang and blow.�     All that is to say that a smaller engine is getting a lot more work done, while also getting better fuel economy than a traditional engine of its size. The secondary benefit of all that is a lighter engine and smaller displacement creating less of a burden for itself.

See BOOST on C7




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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record



New Veloster offers ‘cool’ and practical sports car vibes Hyundai pushes fuel efficiency in new model Tim Newcomb Tribune assistant editor     WHATCOM — That third door takes  you by surprise, just one of the fun features embedded in the completely overhauled 2012 Hyundai Veloster.     Hyundai  started  from  scratch  in  completely  overhauling  its  2012  sports  car-esque  Veloster,  a  vehicle  that  looks  and feels like plenty more than a sedan,  but  doesn’t  take  performance  over  the  top,  keeping  practicality  in  play  with  close to 45 miles per gallon on the highway.     Starting  at  less  than  $18,000,  the  Veloster  has  plenty  of  “cool”  features  that others in its class — and price point  — certainly don’t, said Scott Weber, sales  manager at Bellingham’s Rairdon Hyundai.     First  off,  the  three-door  set-up  is  one-of-a-kind.  With  the  look  of  a  twodoor  coupe,  a  small  third  door  on  the  passenger  side  accesses  the  back  seat,  turning a sports car into a family car.     The entire roof is translucent, giving  you one of the largest panoramic sunroof  opportunities on the market.     The  hatch  in  the  back  opens  up  to  offer storage and the back seats lay flat.  A sports car with a hatchback and a third  door? Very user-friendly.     “It has the body of a sports car and  cosmetically is a sports car,” Weber said.  “It is just cool.”     The  1.6-liter,  138-horsepower  engine  provides  some  punch,  but  isn’t  too  overpowering  for  everyday  driving, Weber said. However, for those who want a  bit  more  pep,  expect  the Veloster  turbo  version to hit sales lots in the spring.     The current version, which has been  on  the  Bellingham  lot  for  about  one  month,  has  Hyundai’s  new  gasoline-direct injection, which sends fuel into each 

A deadly combination of looks, features and practicality has the 2012 Hyundai Veloster appealing to everyone from 18-yearolds to grandmas. — Lynden Tribune | TIM NEWCOMB cylinder,  rendering  fuel-injection  obsolete and providing more power with less  moving parts and better gas mileage.     The interior of the Veloster keeps everything you need close at hand, from its  Blue  Link  communication  system  (you  can add, on a subscriber basis, everything  from navigation to speed monitoring to a  local traffic watch), XM radio, Bluetooth,  ports  for  iPods  and  cell  phones  and  all 

the controls you need to run the gizmos  handy on the steering wheel.     In keeping with its Formula 1 racing  inspiration, the six-speed automatic has  paddle shifters on the wheel, a “fun” feature, Weber said.     While Hyundai is quick to push the  fuel  efficiency  (certainly  unique  for  its  class,  Weber  said),  the  company’s  10year,  100,000-mile  warranty  also  serves 

as a massive draw.     Weber said the combination of look,  features and practicality has the car appealing to everyone from 18-year-olds to  grandmas.     And  as  far  as  a  car  getting  40  miles  per gallon? The Veloster does it with personality.     Email  Tim  Newcomb  at

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Uʏiۈ>ÌiÃÊ*œœÀÊÕiÊ œ˜ÃՓ«Ìˆœ˜ UÊ,iÃ̜ÀiÃÊ̅>Ìʺ ÀˆÛiÃʈŽiÊ iÜ»Êiiˆ˜} UÊiÃÃi˜ÃÊ ÝViÃÈÛiÊ-“œŽiÊEÊ “ˆÃȜ˜Ã UÊ,i`ÕViÃÊiÈÌ>̈œ˜ÊœÀʏ>ÌÊ-«œÌà UÊi«ÃÊ,œÕ}…Ê`i UÊ“«ÀœÛiÃÊ*œœÀÊVViiÀ>̈œ˜ UÊÕiÊ-ÞÃÌi“Ê i‡ >ÀLœ˜ˆâiÀ

Fuel System Drier

UʏœÜÊvœÀÊ iÌÌiÀÊ œ“LÕÃ̈œ˜ UÊ >ÈiÀÊ œ`Ê7i>̅iÀÊ-Ì>À̈˜} UÊ*ÀiÛi˜ÌÃÊÀœâi˜ÊÕiÊˆ˜ià UÊ1ÃiÊ܈̅Ê>܏ˆ˜iʜÀÊ ˆiÃi UÊiÃÃi˜ÃÊ ÝViÃÈÛiÊ-“œŽiÊEÊ “ˆÃȜ˜Ã UÊ,i“œÛiÃÊœˆÃÌÕÀiÊ*ÀiÛi˜Ìˆ˜}Ê,ÕÃÌ



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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


Boost: Success leads to new models Continued from C5     The Eco-Boost made its debut in the  F-150  for  the  2011  model  year,  but  has  already  been  around  in  other  models  such as the Ford Flex and Taurus SHO as  well as the Lincoln MKT and MKS.     Diehl said the success of these models has paved the way for Ford to begin  restructuring  its  manufacturing  to  produce  more  engines  with  the  Eco-Boost  feature  —  especially  in  smaller  sizes  to  allow for small car models.     The  Eco-Boost  F-150  pickup  earns  365  horsepower  and  produces  420  pound-feet of torque.     But  all  engine  performance  aside,  Diehl  said  he  can’t  help  but  remember  the  words  of  his  9-year-old  son  when  they first drove a 2011 crew cab F-150 off  the lot in Bellingham.     “He  stood  up  in  the  back  and  said,  ‘There’s  so  much  room  in  here,  we  can  go camp in it,’” Diehl said.     And it was true, in the sense that the  comfort  of  the  truck  just  keeps  getting  better with each year, he said.     Email  Mark  Reimers  at  reporter@

Eco-Boost improves on an already-versatile F-150 truck. Owners can count on fewer compromises in towing capacity for the sake of outstanding comfort and efficiency. — Lynden Tribune | TIM NEWCOMB


No one has more cars that get 40 mpg. Fusion Hybrid, Fiesta and the all-new 2012 Focus come with fantastic fuel economy. You’ll also find the quality and technology you expect from Ford.



2012 FOCUS SE with SFE Package - 40 HWY MPG - Active Grille Shutter System for improved aerodynamic efficiency - Torque Vectoring Control for better handling

DIEHL FORD 360-392-7000 1820 James Street Bellingham


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record



Get ready for more driving in darkness Tires, windshield and lights need regular checks     The days of fall and winter may be beautiful, but they’re also shorter. While you should practice caution when driving no matter the season, it’s important to take extra precautions this time of year to prepare yourself and your vehicle for nighttime driving.     As inclement weather descends upon us, Firestone Complete Auto Care provides the following tips:     • Develop a habit to make sure your tires are properly inflated, rotated and in good condition.     • Be sure your lights and mirrors are clean and properly positioned. Incorrectly aimed headlights can temporarily blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road. Properly aligned mirrors also reduce blind spots.     • When in doubt, turn on your headlights. Even if they don’t help you see better, they’ll make it easier for other drivers to see you.     • Use high beams sparingly. Live in an area with high fog? It’s not a good idea to use your high beams. Instead, you



should use only your low beam headlights, since high beams reduce your ability to see. Some newer vehicles even come equipped with special fog lights.     • Maintain your ability to see well. Adjust your vehicle’s interior lighting if necessary. If streetlights cause a lot of glare, dim your dashboard lights and use your sun visor. Avoid using any other light inside your vehicle.     • Switch your rearview mirror to its night setting. By changing the angle of the reflective surface, the lights reflecting in your mirror will appear to be dimmed.     • Clean your windshield both inside and out. Keeping your windows clean — especially the windshield — is crucial to road safety. Wipe down your windows each time you wash your car, and refill wiper fluid regularly.     Whether it’s in the bright of day or dead of night, you should always take the necessary precautions to ensure that you’re driving safely and that your vehicle is road ready.

Night driving is made more difficult without proper maintenance. — Courtesy photo

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†Assembled in the United States from U.S. and globally sourced parts. 1Class-leading claims based on comparison to 2011 and available 2012 midsize sedans with standard and available 4 cylinder engines as of September 2011. Max HP for 2.0L GDI Turbo engine is 274 hp. Turbo engine available only on EX Turbo and SX. 2Class-leading claims based on comparison to 2011 and available 2012 midsize sedans with standard and available 4 cylinder engines as of September 2011. EPA fuel economy estimates are 22 mpg/city and 34 mpg/hwy on the Optima 2.0L I-4 GDI Turbo. Actual mileage may vary. 3Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( 4 Closed-end lease for new 2012 Optima, model 53222 LX 2.4L GDI I4 A/T, subject to credit tier approval, dealer participation and vehicle availability. $2,699 due at lease signing includes $199 1st monthly payment, $1,905 capitalized cost reduction, $595 acquisition fee, plus tax, license and registration. No security deposit required. $9,664 total lease payments. Actual payments may vary. $12,397.50 residual value lease-end purchase option. Lessee responsible for insurance, maintenance, repairs, $.20 per mile over 12,000 miles/year, excess wear, and $400 termination fee. MSRP for lease offer model is $21,750. MSRP for vehicle shown starts at $27,250. MSRPs include freight, and exclude taxes, title, license, additional options and retailer charges. Actual prices set by retailer. Must take delivery from retail stock by 10/31/11. See retailer for lease details or go to Lease offered through Kia Motors Finance (KMF)/Hyundai Motor Finance (HMF in MA and DC). Toyota Camry specification based on preliminary 2012 new model information and are subject to change.

Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record



Ensure smooth sailing with proper tire care A tire loses up to 50 percent of its air before it begins to show visually     Don’t  wait  to  check  your  tires  until  there’s  nothing  left  between  you  and  the  rain-slick pavement. The likelihood of accidents skyrockets when combining wet,  seasonal  weather  and  poor  tire  maintenance.     Proper tire and pressure maintenance  can  prevent  all  kinds  of  road  accidents,  but drivers must be aware of the warning  signs  and  ongoing  maintenance  needs  to ensure driving safety. For example, an  underinflated tire might not “look” flat to  the eye. A tire can lose up to 50 percent of  its air before it begins to show visually.     According  to  the  National  Highway  Traffic  Safety  Administration,  tire  pressure  literally  changes  the  way  the  rubber  meets  the  road,  affecting  traction,  handling,  steering,  stability  and  braking.  Similarly,  NHTSA  estimates  that  nearly  250,000  accidents  occur  in  the  U.S.  per  year due to low tire pressure.     Statistics  like  these  remind  drivers  how  quickly  collisions  occur  under  preventable  circumstances.  Schrader,  a  global manufacturer of sensing and valve  solutions  that  protect  and  perform,  recommends  the  following  steps  to  keep  your tires road-ready in all conditions:     •  Check  your  tire  pressure  regularly, 

Air pressure affects the way the tire adheres to the road. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems warn drivers of underinflated tires. — Courtesy photo

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especially  before  any  long  trips.  Inflation  pressure  changes  depending  on  the  temperature. Tire pressure drops about 1  psi  for  every  10  degrees  F  drop  in  ambient  temperature.  Additionally,  tires  can  lose as much as 1.5 psi per month as air  escapes the tire and rim naturally. It’s best  to check tire pressure when the car is off  and tires are coolest.     • Heed the TPMS warning symbol. All  passenger  vehicles  and  light  trucks  sold  in the U.S. from 2008 onward have a Tire  Pressure  Monitoring  System  installed.  If  the  warning  symbol  lights  up  on  your  dashboard, one or more of your tires is 25  percent or more underinflated — a significant  loss  in  pressure. Take  caution,  and  do not ignore the TPMS warning symbol.     • Find a safe place to pull out of traffic to stop and check your tires. If you are  not having a blowout, use a tire gauge to  check  the  pressure  of  each  tire  against  your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended  pressure  level.  Inflate  tires  to  correct  pressure at the nearest service station or  repair  facility.  The  recommended  pressure  level  can  be  found  on  the  tire  placard, a label located just inside the driver’s  side door.     •  Don’t  forget  the  spare.  Before  long  drives,  always  check  your  spare  for  any  injuries or punctures.

ete’s Auto Repair, LLC rofessional Car Care Keeping Whatcom County Running Since 1969 Regular maintenance reduces the possibility of a breakdown - To schedule an appointment please call us at 380 2277

October is Fall Car Care Month Phone (360) 966-4444 {££Ê œœŽÃ>VŽÊÛi˜ÕiÊUÊ*°"°Ê œÝÊ{Ó£ä œœŽÃ>VŽ]Ê7ʙnÓÇÈ

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Top Shop 3 Years running

901 Evergreen St Lynden, WA Back L-R: Todd Maas, Brad Maier, John VanderPol, Bill Maier Front L-R: Martin Zavala, Audrey Elmer, Jesus Hernandez Not pictured: Brent Maier, Barb Maier

Our ASE Certified Technicians are trained to do: Diagnostic Testing and Repair, Brake Inspection and Repair Electrical, Suspension, and Exhaust Repairs We also do scheduled maintenance services, including oil changes



#ALL #!23 360-380-2277

(/523 -ON &RI 7am to 5pm

Locally owned and operated by Pete and Nita Harksell



Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


County planning commission discusses electric cars State law mandates local action regarding electric car charging stations near interstate highways Brent Lindquist Tribune reporter   BELLINGHAM  —  The  Whatcom  County  Planning  Commission  took  a  small  step  closer  toward  allowing  electric  vehicle infrastructure (EVI) within county  borders  Thursday  night,  but  not  without  some  heavy  reservations  expressed  by  most present.     Gary  Davis,  Whatcom  County  senior  planner,  introduced  a  model  ordinance  at the commission’s meeting at the Northwest  Annex,  outlining  proposed  changes  to  the  zoning  code  to  meet  the  requirements mandated by RCW 36.70A.695.     The  2009  state  law  requires  jurisdictions  adjacent  to  interstates  such  as  I-5,  with a population of more than 20,000 and  located in a county with a population over  1,500,000,  to “allow  electric  vehicle  infrastructure as a use in all areas except those  zoned  for  residential  or  resource  use  or  critical  areas,”  according  to  the Washington State Legislature website. The law also  applies  to  jurisdictions  located  in  counties with populations greater than 600,000  or in counties with a state capitol located  within their borders (in this case, Thurston  County).     Davis  spoke  to  the  commission  regarding the four different levels of electric  car  charging  stations.  A  Level  1  station  consists of a 110-volt charger, which takes  16  to  24  hours  to  fully  charge  an  electric  car. A Level 2 220-volt station takes four to  six hours to charge, and a Level 3 480-volt  station takes just 30 minutes to charge an  electric car. Davis also spoke about battery  exchange facilities, which use machines to  swap spent batteries for new ones.     “The effect of this ordinance would be  to allow all three levels as an accessory use  in all three zones,” Davis said.     The  ordinance  was  met  with  some  heavy resistance, however. District 3 commissioner John Lesow of Point Roberts was  first to speak up.     “I’m  not  in  favor  of  electric  cars,  at  least  not  as  they’re  presented  here,”  he  said. “I think it’s an idea that has come and  gone.”     Lesow  and  some  of  this  fellow  commissioners claimed that many electric cars  on the market can only drive 40 miles on a  single charge.      District  2  commissioner  Gary  Honcoop  asked  why  the  ordinance  was  even  necessary  when  lower-level  charges  can  already  be  achieved  with  a  home  outlet  and an extension cord.     “I don’t see the purpose in doing this  when  you  can  already  accomplish  it,”  Honcoop said.     Honcoop  also  questioned  the  safety  of  the  Level  3  480-volt  charging  stations  and the battery exchange stations, due to  high voltage and the potentially hazardous  nature of handling car batteries.     “I  can’t  see  just  allowing  these  to  be  just plopped into every zone,” he said.

    District 1 commissioner David Onkels  echoed Honcoop’s safety concerns.     “I  have  absolute  faith  in  some  member  of  the  general  public  blowing  something up,” Onkels said.     District 1 commissioner Ken Bell said  passing an ordinance like this would be a  premature gesture, as electric cars are not  prevalent  enough  on  the  road  to  make  these charging stations necessary.     “Why  don’t  we  just  zone  personal  landing pads for the jetpacks we’re all going to have?” Bell asked.     Other  concerns  voiced  included  the  displacement of normal and handicapped 

parking spaces and the fact that the mandate of the state law would not be in place  if not for federal stimulus money.     However,  Bell  said  the  commission  needed to make a motion in order to meet  the  law’s  mandates.  A  motion  was  made  to direct Davis and his staff to return at a  later date with a new draft ordinance that  excludes Level 3 charging stations and battery exchange stations and to allow Level 1  and Level 2 charging stations in all zones.     The  motion  passed,  and  Davis  took  the ordinance back to his office to change  it.  Following  the  meeting,  he  said  he  will  have  to  bring  a  few  concerns  back  to  the 

planning  commission  in  order  to  ensure  the new ordinance fully meets the requirements of RCW 36.70A.695.     “I  looked  again  at  the  state  law,  and  there  are  some  things  that  I’m  going  to  have to talk to the planning commissioners  about,” Davis said. “There are some other  things in there that we need to include that  I’m not sure that we’re covering.”     Brad Banfield, in the newsroom of the  Washington  State  Department  of  Licensing, said there are currently 63 electric vehicles registered in Whatcom County.     Email  Brent  Lindquist  at


Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


YOUR WINDSHIELD COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!! What can you do to ensure a safe windshield installation? Choose an auto glass company that puts your family’s safety first. Through 4 generations and over 83 years,


Nominated as one of the top 5 large businesses of the year by the Bellingham Whatcom Chamber of Commerce! The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS™) Council Inc, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. Louis Auto Glass is proud to have been accredited in accordance with all the safety standards for proper glass installation. For more information on AGRSS visit

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Lynden Tribune | Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011 | Ferndale Record


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2011 Fall Drive Whatcom  

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