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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veteran’s Day FriDay, noVember 11, 2011

“Honoring America’s Heroes”

ign son of the Lynden Veterans of Fore C8 — Bob Stadelman and Cliff Elly e hug a rn retu to mer Tim Ed er erty own Wars Post 9301 work with prop t Fron and former Cost Cutter site at 19th American flag to its home at the streets in Lynden.

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Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011



Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011


Local group still packing boxes for local troops About six times each year, Whatcom Homefront sends care packages Tim Newcomb Tribune assistant editor     WHATCOM — Actively deployed troops from Whatcom County get a box full of home at least six times each year, thanks to the work of Whatcom Homefront.     The local nonprofit group volunteers its time and resources to pack and send care packages to troops serving in conflicts across the globe, and the biggest shipment — for the Christmas season — happens in less than two weeks.     Tammy Bengen, the group’s vice president, said Whatcom Homefront stays active in keeping a mailing list of locals serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, or anywhere else the U.S. is engaged in a conflict.     And, thankfully, the list of those serving in a conflict area has dropped in recent years from over 100 boxes sent each packing to now just about 35.     The next packing will take place on Monday, Nov. 21, in the basement of the VFW Hall in Bellingham. It is there on State Street that Whatcom Homefront volunteers set up the packing in assemblyline style.     While the group takes no stance on specific conflicts, it does choose to sup-

port the “individual service member by expressing our utmost appreciation to them for their commitment to serve their country just as their forefather did who came before them.”     Each packing session brings together the nine Homefront board members and generally about 20 relatives of the troops being supported.     Bengen got involved in the group, which was founded in 2003, when her son, Bradley Gates, was serving in Afghanistan and she joined a packing line as a family member. Now, as a board member, she wants to continue to extend the appreciation.     The largest package of the year coincides with Christmas and includes pillows and even a sealed pack of fresh fir tree branches (with lights) to give them “a little bit of everything,” including the smell of the holidays.     Routine items include everything from beef jerky and Starbucks coffee to phone cards so they can call home.     “We could not have accomplished what we’ve done without the support of community members, businesses and


The 2011 packing for Christmas delivery will take place on Nov. 21 in the VFW hall in Bellingham. — Courtesy photo


Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011


New road rally honors vets Car and motorcycle enthusiasts hit the road from Ferndale Friday in a show of support Jeff Studebaker for the Ferndale Record     FERNDALE — Veterans, their families and supporters will gather for a fun day motoring out on the roads this Veterans Day, as a car and motorcycle rally heads out from downtown Ferndale.     Leaving from Main Street and Third Avenue at noon on Nov. 11, the rally will wind through Whatcom County’s idyllic country roads on the way to Bellingham, where a short memorial will be held at the Jerns Military History Museum.     Organized by Jerns museum curator and funeral chapel owner Brad Bytnar along with intern director Robert Parsons with the support of Ferndale businessman J. Manuel Reta, the event is slated to be a day of family fun in support of the men and women who sacrificed so much for the sake of their country.     “There are so many veterans who participate in car shows or motorcycle rides that we felt this was an appropriate manner for them to honor those who fought for our country and those who died in service,” said Bytnar.     The idea for this event stemmed from a Memorial Day celebration that Bytnar was involved in when he was in Eastern Washington.     “We put on a huge military exhibit in Spokane with antiques and paraphernalia that stretched from the present day all the way back to the Civil War,” he said. “As many as 4,000 people would come every year for a neat time and to show their support for our veterans.”     Bytnar originally planned to reproduce that Spokane event in Whatcom County. However, with other events already capturing the limelight on Memorial Day, Bytnar thought it better to reschedule.     “With Ski to Sea and all the events that surround it, we decided that Veterans Day would be a better time,” he said.     The Veterans Day rally is not necessar-

A heartfelt Thank You to all who have served or are currently serving our country!

ily exclusive to big bikes and classic cars — everyone is welcome to participate in whatever vehicle they care to bring.     “Of course, the cooler, the better. But anything that drives on the road is just fine,” he said. “Initially we thought of it as a motorcycle rally, but with the unpredictable weather this time of year, we decided that cars should be an option too.”     By not limiting the type of vehicles, the organizers are expecting a larger show of support. “It’s all about remembering veterans, making a fun family event out of it, and sharing stories,” Bytnar said.     Manuel Reta, a Vietnam veteran, underscored the importance of this event and others like it for those who went to war for their country and returned, and for the families and loved ones of those who did not return.     “This event should bring all people together in unity and understanding, for the price that was paid and is being paid by our military men and women,” he said. “Freedom has a price.”     Reta is himself a decorated Army veteran of Vietnam, where he fought as an infantryman in the America Division and “walked point man” – a military term meaning to assume the first and most exposed position in a combat formation.     He praised the 2011 rally format, saying that since the one-hour route will take the rally through much of western Whatcom County, it can bring the show of support past the doors of those who need to see it the most.     Although the rally itself will start at noon, participants are invited to gather for a special breakfast from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in Ferndale at either Babe’s Place at 2038 Main St., or Chihuahua’s Family Mexican Restaurant at 5694 Third Ave., where maps of the route will be made available before the rally.     Starting at 11:45, cars and motorcycles will be assembled at Chihuahua’s behind lead cars in groups of up to 50. From down-

Jerns Funeral Chapel has a military museum that will be the final stop of Friday’s road rally. — Ferndale Record | JEFF STUDEBAKER town, they will proceed west on Main Street, bear left onto Douglas, and depart Ferndale heading south on Imhoff Road. From there the rally winds out into the Lummi Reservation toward Lummi View Drive and Gooseberry Point, where the route then follows the shoreline back toward Bellingham.     The route enters the city through historic Old Town and ends at the Jerns Military Museum inside the Jerns Funeral Chapel at the corner of James Street and Sunset Drive.     When participants reach the chapel, they are invited to enjoy museum exhibits of authentic military relics from major campaigns dating as far back as the Civil War.     Curator Bytnar said the museum displays include memorabilia such as uniforms, medals, photographs and newspaper clippings from all branches and

multiple wars.     A remembrance ceremony honoring veterans will start at 2 p.m. and will include military honors, a playing of taps, talks about veterans and their sacrifices, and a special memorial to the veterans of the Vietnam War. The museum will be open before and after the service.     Bytnar said he has notified biking and motor organizations all over Western Washington and has received an enthusiastic response. “We sent out the email blast two weeks ago and already the word has spread like wildfire,” he said. “We’re probably going to have to make this an annual event.”     For more information about the rally and the memorial service, call Jerns Funeral Chapel at (360) 734-0070.     Email Jeff Studebaker at

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Our thoughts are with the brave men and women serving our country and the ones who served before them.

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Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011


Korean ‘GIs and the Kids’ photo exhibit showing in Bellingham Veteran George Drake scoured archives to help create the tribute     BELLINGHAM  —  Photographs  from  the Korean War showing the interaction of  American  soldiers  with  the  war  children  of  Korea  are  on  exhibit  in  the  front  room  of  Exit  Realty,  1419  Cornwall  Ave.,  Bellingham.  Hours  are  9  a.m.  to  5  p.m.  daily  through Veterans Day Friday.     “GIs and the Kids - A Love Story” contains 36 panels of photographs. It was created by George Drake and Al Zimmerman  of Bellingham.     Drake  is  a  Korean  War  veteran  who  witnessed  the  aid  U.S.  servicemen  and  women gave the children. He put together the exhibit from material he located in  the U.S. National Archives, the archives of  the  Pacific  Stars  and  Stripes  in Tokyo,  Japan  and  in  the  archives  of  organizations  that worked in Korea during the war years.  Some  of  the  photographs  were  taken  by  Drake while serving in Korea in 1952 and  1953.   “You have to teach our young men to  aim  a  gun  at  another  human  being  and  shoot to kill. You do not have to teach them  to solace the crying child, feed the hungry 

child, take the injured child to a medic or  find  shelter  for  the  homeless  child.  That  comes with being American,” Drake said.     “This  photo  exhibit  should  make  every  American  proud  of  their  servicemen  and  women  who  take  the  best  values  of  American  culture  with  them  when  they  serve overseas,” Drake said. “Our forces in  the Korean War have been called ‘the Army  of  Compassion.’  The  exhibit  tells  us  why  this term is so appropriate.”     Korean  War  veterans  do  not  have  a  traveling  wall  such  as  the Vietnam  veterans do, but they do have this emotionally  moving traveling photo exhibit, he said.     Drake  will  be  present  at  the  exhibit  from 2 to 4 p.m. daily to answer any questions  about  it  and  the  Korean  War  Children’s  Memorials  in  Bellingham  and  in  Korea.     This exhibit first showed at the MGM  Grand  hotel  in  Las Vegas  with  Hollywood  stars Jane Russell and Terry Moore serving  as  mistresses  of  ceremonies.  Korean  War  veteran and astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the  keynote  speaker.  Also,  servicemen  who  had saved the lives of over 1,200 children  were in attendance.     At  its  first  showing  in  Korea,  in  the  new  City  Hall  of  the  Metropolitan  City  of  Gwangju,  it  generated  extensive  national  press and TV coverage.

 would like to thank the men and women in our community who are serving and have served our country in the armed forces.


Homefront: Lions Club Veterans Day Recipients need not be local dinner Thursday at community center in Lynden Continued from C3

    LYNDEN  —  The  Lynden  Lions  Club and Lynden Community Center  hold their annual Veterans Day dinner  this  year  on  Thursday  evening,  Nov.  10,  in  the  community  center,  401 Grover St.     Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the  traditional  Thanksgiving-style  meal  is  served  at  6:30  p.m.  The  dinner  is  free to all veterans and $6 for all others.     Reservations should be made by  calling Lions Barbara and Gord Sund  at 922-0864 by Nov. 6. This event usually maxes out the building capacity  of 220 each year.     The program honoring veterans  of Lynden and Whatcom County will  be led by Mary Styer and George Van  Achte.

other  organizations  who  have  graciously  donated  their  time,  money  and  services,”  Bengen  said.  “We  thank  each  one  of them.”   Anyone interested in helping provide  specific  items  for  the  boxes  can  email  to  obtain  a  list  of  desired  items.  For  those  looking  to  make  a  cash  donation  —  the  shipping  of  an  average  box  costs  $40  per  box  —  can  send checks to Whatcom Homefront, P.O.  Box 32328, Bellingham, WA 98228.     Bengen said that while they are thankful there are fewer and fewer soldiers serving  away  from  home,  the  group  wants  to  ensure it isn’t missing out on anyone and  asks for names of Whatcom County-related  troops  be  sent  to  the  above  email  address.   It  isn’t  a  requirement  for  Whatcom  Homefront recipients to be living in Whatcom County. Sometimes a close friend or  relative wants to adopt the service person  and adds them to the list.     For more information, visit     Email  Tim  Newcomb  at

Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011



Sumas teen honors veterans with Eagle Scout project William Morgan put more than 200 hours into Nooksack Cemetery memorial Brent Lindquist Tribune sports reporter   NOOKSACK — For 18-year-old William  Morgan, scouting runs in the family.     Morgan,  a  junior  at  Nooksack  Valley  High  School,  has  been  a  Boy  Scout  for  11  years  now.  He  was  inspired  by  his  uncle,  whose scoutmaster was Morgan’s grandfather. They challenged him to work his way  toward becoming an Eagle Scout.     “I  took  that  challenge  to  heart,  and  tried my best,� Morgan said.     When  Morgan  needed  an  idea  for  his  Eagle Scout project, he looked everywhere  for  inspiration.  He  ended  up  finding  his  idea all the way across the United States.     Morgan was at a scout jamboree in Virginia  when  he  visited  Gettysburg  National  Military  Park.  While  there,  he  saw  the  famous mortuary cannons, which are simply  Civil War cannons upended and grounded  in cement as a memorial for the people who died there. He decided to take the idea and  put it to use at Nooksack Cemetery, where  his grandfather, a war veteran, is buried.     The  whole  idea  behind  the  project, 

which a scout must complete before attaining  Eagle  status,  revolves  around  leadership. There’s an unwritten rule that dictates  a scout must put 100 hours into his project,  which isn’t necessarily a hard requirement.  The scout must simply show leadership in the completion of his project.     Morgan  estimates  he  put  about  200  hours into this project, and the end result  certainly  demonstrates  the  hefty  amount  of  leadership  he  poured  into  the  memorial.     The first major task, of course, was obtaining  a  cannon.  Morgan  had  originally  planned to get a cannon from Virginia, but  the price was quite steep.     “I’m  a  Civil War  reenactor,  and  I  was  at  a  reenactment  down  in  Oregon.  They  suggested a foundry in Idaho. They throw  away a lot of (cannons) because they don’t  meet the requirements. They have to x-ray  all of them.�     For  safety  reasons,  cannons  used  in  Civil  War  reenactments  must  meet  minimum  requirements  as  determined  by  x-rays.  Cannons  that  meet  these  requirements  are  often  sold  for  around  $4,000. 


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William Morgan stands alongside the mortuary cannon that he has installed at Nooksack Cemetery in honor of war veterans. — Courtesy photo | WILLIAM MORGAN


Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011

Others also helped Morgan as he put in at least 200 hours on his Eagle Scout project. — Photos | BRENT LINDQUIST AND WILLIAM MOR-

C Cannons that fail to meet these standards  are sold for the price of the metal used to  build them, which totaled around $800 for  Morgan.     One  of  Morgan’s  friends  is  a  trucker,  who happened to be taking a load over to  Spokane in mid-September. Morgan enlisted his help, and they picked up the threeinch ordinance barrel from the foundry in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.     “We  brought  it  up  and  we  dumped  it  off into the city workyard that’s locked up,”  Morgan  said,  “and  we  prepared  the  area,  and  then  set  the  barrel  when  we  poured  the rest of the concrete. We called Cowden  and they brought in a cement truck and everything, and we poured about 7.5 yards of  concrete.”     Morgan  intends  the  project  to  be  a  monument  to  the  veterans  of  Whatcom  County.  He  has  several  friends  who  are  serving  in  the  military  right  now,  and  knows a number of veterans of wars past.  Morgan was close friends with Spc. Aaron  Aamot of Custer, who was killed in action  in Afghanistan in 2009.     “I wanted to pay my respects to all the  men  and  women  who  served,”  Morgan  said.   Morgan, who lives in Sumas, hopes to  enter the U.S Border Patrol after he graduates from high school.     “It’s something that seems pretty fun,  something  right  down  my  lane  because  there’s a lot of backcountry jobs in the Border Patrol,”  he said.     Email  Brent  Lindquist  at


The Lynden Tribune and The Lewis family proudly salute the men and women in our community who are serving and have served our country in the United States military. William R. Lewis 1920-2011 United States Navy

Julian Lewis 1926-2005 United States Army

Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011



Giant flag returned to 19th Street lot

A huge American flag was returned Saturday to the 95-foot flag pole at the former Cost Cutter site at 19th and Front streets. The cooperative job between Lynden Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9301 and property owner Ed Timmer took about 10 people holding the 30-by-20-foot flag (right) while Timmer turned a lanyard crank to hoist old glory into place. (Top, above) Bob Stadelman and Cliff Ellyson with the VFW work with Timmer, center, to hook up the flag. This is the restored flag that flew while Cost Cutter operated from 1992 to 2007. Timmer’s Lynden Market Square Co. donated the flag. — Lynden Tribune | CALVIN BRATT

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Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011



Lynden student coordinating care packages for active service members School bus driver effort, in its third year, is always in need of fresh, accurate addresses Mark Reimers Tribune reporter   LYNDEN  — The  last  three  years,  local  school  bus  drivers  have  organized  a  care  package  collection  for  local  military  members  serving  overseas.  For  this  Christmas  season, the effort will be led by a local student.     Lynden  senior  Natasha  Campbell  said  she  was  unsure  what  her  senior  project  should  be  and  she  considered  some  other  options before settling on this.      When  it  was  offered  to  her,  the  idea  of  coordinating  and  leading  the  effort  appealed to her based on previous letter-writing projects she had helped with, as well as  her friendship and connections with several  military families.     Campbell’s  own  father  is  a  veteran  of  the U.S. Navy Seabees. The family also spent  time in the Middle East while he worked for  Chevron  Phillips  and  made  many  of  those  military  acquaintances  that  Natasha  values.     Campbell  said  the  biggest  challenge  of  the  care  package  effort  is  not  collecting 

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all  the  goods  and  goodies  but  rather  finding  enough  local  service  members  to  send  them to.      Bus  driver  Martha  Kooiman,  who  helped start the effort in 2008 while her son  Nic  was  serving  in  the  U.S.  Army,  said  the  first  few  times  posed  such  a  challenge  in  gathering enough names on the ever-changing list of recipients that the organizers held  some boxes over or donated them to other  organizations like Whatcom Homefront.     Campbell said the effort to find names  this year is helped by some online resources, but the best means of finding people is  mainly through word of mouth or from the  families themselves.      Along with the goods being sent in the  boxes,  local  students  are  being  recruited  from schools to write letters to those serving in the military.      Campbell  said  she  knows  how  much  letters can mean to service men and women, who can lead a very lonely life while on  duty overseas.       “You  can  easily  forget  that  you  have 

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Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011

Lynden native active in Seattlearea military families’ support Sherra Grasser helps Operation IraqAfghanistan deliver the spirit of Christmas Calvin Bratt Tribune editor   KIRKLAND  —  Sherra (Jensen) Grasser, a native of Lynden,  says “it just happened”  that  she  got  involved  with  Operation  IraqAfghanistan: The Spirit  of Christmas.     Grasser is a friend  of  Ruth  Ann  Young,  who started the soldier  support  organization  in  2003.  And  now  in  the  busy  time  around  the  holidays,  Grasser  is  Young’s  assistant  in  whatever  needs  doing  in the all-volunteer effort.     The  cause  was  born out of a desire to  show appreciation and  support to the soldiers  in  action  as  the  Iraq  and  Afghanistan  wars  put American men and  women into combat. It  is  supported  entirely  through  donations  of  time,  merchandise  and dollars by companies, organizations and  individuals in the United States, according  to the organization’s website.     Over the past seven years, 62,000 individual care packages have been sent overseas  for  delivery  to  the  troops  on  Christmas Day.     This year, however, the focus will shift  to  the  families  and  children  of  military  personnel  here  on  the  home  front,  says  Young in a letter to supporters.

    For  giving  ideas,  she  suggests  that  people  could  probably  ask  any  children  they know what they would like to get for  Christmas.     Or here are some tips: (up to 12 years)  $10  gift  cards,  bibs,  rattles,  bathtub  toys,  coloring  books,  crayons,  arts  and  crafts,  notepads,  chapstick,  toothpaste,  toothbrushes,  Hot Wheels,  sports  cards,  Legos,  bracelets,  headbands,  ornaments;  (ages 

Theatre event honors veterans through music Mount Baker Theatre hosts Friday concert for seventh year Mark Reimers Tribune reporter     BELLINGHAM  —  Whatcom  County  veterans will be honored for the seventh  straight year at the Mount Baker Theatre  during the Musical Salute to Veterans.     The  show,  set  for  Friday,  Nov.  11,  will  honor  six  local  veterans  that  have  been  nominated  for  their  outstanding  service by their fellow veterans. The family-friendly  production  will  make  use  of  photo slides, narration and song.     The  musical  production,  as  in  the  past  five  years,    has  been  arranged  and  will  be  directed  by  Mark  Kuntz,  a  member of the Western Washington University  theatre faculty.     Kuntz said the most profound part of  putting  together  the  program  each  year  is the amazing people whose compelling  stories he gets to tell.     So compelling and interesting are the  personal stories of the six veterans, Kuntz  said,  that  the  main  challenge  is  condensing them down to 20 minutes each.  In  some  cases  that  has  meant  sorting  through five hours of of interview tape in  order to highlight the major experiences  as well as keep the big picture intact.     The program is set to live music performed  by  local  artists.  This  year,  those  artists include the vocal ensembles Mount  Baker  Toppers  and  Tears,  keyboardist  Bobby  Lee,  guitarist  Geoff  Morgan  and  country singer Taryn Cross.     Kuntz selects the songs based on input  from  the  veterans,  who  always  have  memories of the music that makes up the  soundtrack of their military lives.

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Thank You

“Thank You” To all who have so bravely served and are serving our country.

Thank you for your service. We honor YOU! Independent & Assisted Living 301 W. HOMESTEAD BLVD/LYNDEN, WA 98264 (360) 354-8200 / FAX (360) 354-5101

13  to  18)  $10  gift  cards,  earbuds,  water  bottles, sweatbands,  team sports T-shirts,  notepads, gel pens, dental supplies, funky  knee socks, hair care products, teen magazines.     The  all-volunteer  organization  is  based  in  the  Seattle  area,  where  Grasser  has lived for 16 years after graduating from  Lynden High School in 1989.     But  through  arrangements  by  her  father, Robert Jensen, Dave’s Sporting Goods  store in Lynden’s Fairway Center will be a  donation point for children’s items for The  Spirit of Christmas.     Donations  must  be  received  by  Nov.  15. The children’s items will be stuffed into  stockings  on  Nov.  18  in  the  Totem  Commercial  Center  of  Kirkland.  The  Seattle  area has at least 12 dropoff locations.     The  effort  is  listed  online  as  a  ministry of Cedar Park Assembly of God. Young operates  The  Spirit  of  Christmas  store  in downtown  Kirkland.  Other  churches  and  many businesses are involved as well.     Young  reports  that  for  the  new  2011  homefront  emphasis,  she  has  received  a  commitment of several pallets of toys from  supplier  Mega  Brands  and  also  chocolate bars from regional maker Brown and Haley.      All  of  which  means  that  perhaps  the  greatest need now is for Christmas stockings to hold all the goodies.     “Are you the crafty kind? Do you own  a sewing machine? Do you know a group  that is looking for a holiday service project?  We must fill lots of Christmas stockings for  the military families that have loved ones  serving  on  front  lines  of  Afghanistan  this  year,” Young says in her letter.     For  any  offers  to  make  stockings,  Young  can  be  contacted  at  425-885-0796  or Sherra at      Cash donations may be made via the  website  at  Since  Operation  Iraq-Afghanistan: The  Spirit  of  Christmas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible.     Email  Calvin  Bratt  at


Ferndale School District 360.383.9207

To the many men & women in our community who have served and are currently serving our country as members of the Armed Forces. ~ Len Honcoop Vietnam 1969-1970


354-4763 8911 Guide Meridian #LENHOG112809


Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011


Veterans Day service set for 11 a.m. on 11/11/11 at Lynden park     LYNDEN — The annual Veterans Day service at Lynden’s Centennial Park will start at 11 a.m. on 11/11/11, said Cliff Ellyson, commander of VFW Post 9301 of Lynden.     As is customary, the local Boy Scouts will present the colors, bagpipes will be played and a 21-gun salute will be sounded.     This year’s guest speaker is Jessica McGee, Mount Baker High School graduate and Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran.     A wreath will be placed this year at the park’s monument in honor of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Traditionally, wreaths have been placed on the memorial to commemorate veterans

from World Wars I and II and the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Safeway hosting Veterans Day event this Friday     LYNDEN — Safeway will honor all veterans, including the three on staff at the Lynden store, during a public event at noon on Friday, Nov. 11.     The local VFW Honor Guard will present the country’s colors.     Safeway will also have a cake on hand.     — Tim Newcomb

Salute: Music from wars past Continued from C10     The result is a program that is so potently patriotic that even those who aren’t always prone to be stirred will likely feel a few chills of their own.     Tickets are now on sale for $24, $18 and $15 plus applicable fees on the theatre website. Go to

    The Musical Salute is presented by the Ron Davenport Memorial Chapter 165 of Vietnam Veterans of America with sponsorships and donations from various individual contributors.     Email Mark Reimers at

Boxes: Addresses being taken Continued from C9 people at home who care about you,” Campbell said. “To get something in the mail is a big boost from the whole community.”     In addition to getting local school kids in on the act, Campbell said, her grandmother has been helping get her friends from her Bellingham church to help write as well.     The deadline for getting supplies boxed

up is Thursday, Dec. 8, as the shipping will take place on the following day, Campbell said.     Requests for assistance have been added to school newsletters, Campbell said, along with contact information.     To nominate a local service member, email Campbell at lil_stinka_yah@hotmail. com or call 223-9318.     Email Mark Reimers at

Thank you Veterans! Birch Bay Bobs Burgers & Brew Allstate-Karin Martin Agency Barbies Berries Assist 2 Sell-Accurate Beach Basket Yarns Property Sales & Management Ferndale Bobs Burgers & Brew Ferndale Cost Cutter Carol’s Cake Designs Jerns Funeral Services Cargill Ferndale Grain Ferndale Tobacco Joe’s Borthwick Jewelry Jensen’s Ferndale Floral Ferndale Denny’s Sig’s Alternative Funeral Smith Mechanical & Cremation Services Holiday Spirit Project Karate Quest Northwest Recycling American Legion Peace Arch Post 86 Fussner Monuments Ferndale American Legion Kulshan Post 154


Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record | Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011


THANK A VETERAN TODAY Veterans’ Day is a time of tribute, remembrance, patriotism, and gratitude. We are proud to offer this special section to honor those men & women who have served our country! Please Remember to say “Thank You” to a veteran.

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