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Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau www.merrimackvalley.org 978.459.6150 or 800.215.9805 Facebook.com/GreaterMerrimackValley Twitter: @MerrimackValley Instagram @MerrimackValley Funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. Front page photo credit: Justin Carlson

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A Gateway to Historic Concord



Original Plays, Musicals, Nina Simone, Cambodian Rock, Holiday Celebration, “Mill Girls,” and more Merrimack Valley’s Professional Theatre MRT.ORG Lowell 978-654-4678



I would like to extend a warm welcome to our region on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. We are proud to have the opportunity to share the Greater Merrimack Valley with visitors from across the nation and the world, and happy that you have chosen to make the Greater Merrimack Valley part of your travel plans. Our region is full of great places to explore, learn about, and enjoy. We look forward to helping to make your stay the best it can be. In Lexington and Concord, you will witness the birth of America firsthand. It was here where the fight for America’s independence began with the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” on April 19, 1775. Minute Man National Historical Park preserves the landscape of this legendary battle and offers visitors a first-hand look of the Battle Road and the path of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride. You will learn about the city of Lowell’s pivotal role in the American Industrial Revolution, sparked by the 19th Century textile industry that flourished here, its success fueled by the power of the mighty Merrimack and Concord Rivers and the many generations of immigrants who called the city home. The Lowell National Historical Park, with its five miles of mills and canals, interpretive history tours, and the fascinating “Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit” pay tribute to the role of factory labor in the building of our nation. Come share the centennial celebration of our National Parks with us. Discover what has inspired great American authors for centuries. Wander the Lowell streets where Beat writer Jack Kerouac once roamed or bask in the tranquil beauty of Concord’s Walden Pond, the inspiration for Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. Tour the home of Louisa May Alcott, the setting and muse for the great American classic, Little Women. Indulge your love for the arts in the midst of the Merrimack Valley’s numerous museums, artist lofts and galleries. Take in a Broadway-style show or lose yourself in any one of our region’s nationally famous festivals. And don’t forget to eat! Our region boasts some of Massachusetts’ best ethnic and fine dining. All of us at the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau are eager to assist you in making your stay here the very best it can be. We hope that our Visitors Guide provides you with insight to all of the wonderful possibilities the Greater Merrimack Valley has to offer visitors. For information, updated daily, including the latest event schedules, visit our website at www.merrimackvalley.org or call us at 1-800-215-9805.

Adventures Await!

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Directions The Greater Merrimack Valley is easy to get to and easy to explore.

Located just north and west of Boston, the Greater Merrimack Valley is easily accessed by four major highways: Interstate 95, Interstate 93, Interstate 495 and State Route 3.




Three airports also conveniently service the region: • Logan Airport in Boston • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, New Hampshire • Hanscom Regional Airport in Bedford, MA Direct commuter rail service is available between Boston and Lowell and Boston and Concord. Airport shuttles as well as regional and local bus services are available throughout the region. Groups Welcome

If you plan group tours or are looking to host a convention or large meeting in the Greater Merrimack Valley, the CVB can help. We offer a range of complimentary services, including assistance with pre-event planning, site visits, accommodations, bid proposals, program assistance, guest programs/ special events, publicity and promotion, destination literature, and local Ambassadors to greet your guests.

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n w o T & s e i t Ci Just a half-hour drive to the north and west of Boston lies the Greater Merrimack Valley. No matter what the season, the Greater Merrimack Valley has a beauty all its own. The changing seasons add to the vibrancy of the region and with these changes come unmistakable attractions – skiing, biking, fishing, canoeing, white water rafting, strawberry picking, hayrides and concerts under the stars.

There is an undeniable spirit in the Greater Merrimack Valley – the same spirit that gave birth to our country.





Old North Bridge, Concord MA

Each of our 21 towns and cities has its unique charm. That’s why your getaway in the Valley can be made to order – whether you’re looking for comfortable and cozy, vibrant and active or fun and educational. Whatever kind of getaway you’re looking for, adventure awaits you here.




Greater Merrimack Valley

Acton is a suburban community located 25 miles northwest of Boston. The town has retained much of its rural New England character, including its traditional town center and green, fine examples of historic architecture, and its stone walls and treelined country roads. A wide range of retail stores and services, a community theater, various types of commercial recreation and the Children’s Discovery Museum and Science Discovery Museum can all be found in Acton. www.acton-ma.gov

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Greater Merrimack Valley

Bedford, located adjacent to Lexington and Concord, shares an important place in Revolutionary War History and the events of April 19, 1775. Minutemen gathered at the historic Fitch Tavern in Bedford before proceeding to battle in Concord. The original Bedford flag, currently housed in the Bedford public library, is the oldest known flag in the United States and was carried in the famous battle at the North Bridge in Concord. Bedford’s town center is home to an attractive historic district with wellpreserved colonial houses, a town common, as well as a vibrant commercial district with many shops and restaurants. In April, each year in Willson Park, Minutemen from around the region re-enact the “Pole Capping”, a practice from Colonial America showing dissatisfaction with the English government. Celebrating the railroad history of the Area, Bedford’s historic Depot Park at the terminus of the popular Minuteman Bikeway features a restored vintage passenger car, and a preserved Railroad Station and Freight House. www.bedfordma.gov


Located 20 miles northwest of Boston, Billerica borders Lowell to its south. The remnants of the historic Middlesex Canal are now part of a town renovation project dedicated to bringing back portions of this important waterway that once traversed the town from north to south. Visitors to the Middlesex Canal Museum can discover more about the canal, which was the superhighway of its day. The town is well-known for its Yankee Doodle Homecoming Weekend in September, which celebrates Billerica patriot Thomas Ditson, who is believed to be the subject of the classic American song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” The Concord River is a major regional water feature, while the Shawsheen River meanders through the southern part of town. www.town.billerica.ma.us




Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Boxborough’s rugged, hilly terrain is the result of glacial scouring in its geological past. It is a small upland community with a hill-top town center featuring several Federal period houses. Much of the community retains its historical character. Boxborough has an early agricultural history, which includes apple orchards and dairy farming. www.boxborough-ma.gov

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The Town of Burlington was formed in 1799 and is sited on the watersheds of the Ipswich, Mystic and Shawsheen Rivers. It is now a suburban industrial town at the junction of the BostonMerrimack corridor, but for most of its history it was almost entirely agricultural, selling hops and rye to Boston breweries. Today visitors enjoy a variety of shopping and dining choices at the Burlington Mall, an upscale shopping center featuring four anchor stores and more than 185 specialty shops. Check out 3rd Ave, a shopping destination unlike any other in New England with distinctive restaurants and unique shops. www.burlington.org






Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Carlisle offers peaceful residential living within a short ride of Boston. Carlisle maintains a rich tradition of preserving its open spaces and scenic ways, nearly 20 percent of the town’s 15 square miles is dedicated conservation land. The town is the home of the only working cranberry bog in Middlesex County as well as the beautiful Great Brook Farm State Park. www.carlisle.org


Much of Chelmsford’s present area was a Praying Town in the mid-1600s, an established preserve for Christianized Indians. It was an agricultural community with dairy farms and orchards as its specialties. Chelmsford today is a suburban community offering country-like charm and atmosphere while providing access to modern infrastructure, educational and cultural opportunities, a mix of retail establishments and restaurants and a stable and prospering business environment. Chelmsford’s historic town Common hosts large celebrations for the Fourth of July and February Winterfest.www.townofchelmsford.us




Greater Merrimack Valley

Named in 1635, Concord is a historic town west of Boston. Located at the junction of the Concord/Sudbury/Assabet Rivers, Concord was settled by the English as a frontier outpost of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was the first interior, non-tidal water town in Massachusetts. The community had been the site of seasonal Indian camps because of plentiful runs of shad, salmon and herring. Concord retains many wellpreserved colonial houses, nine of them on or near the Concord Green. In the historic Battle of Concord, which ushered in the Revolutionary War, a column of British infantry was badly mauled by colonists during a 16-mile running battle where 273 British and 95 American soldiers died. Concord has a significant literary history, having been the home to the leaders of the intellectual movements of 19th century America. Louisa May Alcott, Bronson Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathaniel Hawthorne all lived in Concord. Henry David Thoreau wrote his most famous book, “Walden,” at Walden Pond in Concord. The town’s most celebrated event is Patriots Day, a Massachusetts holiday honoring the beginning of the American Revolution, where the first shot fired at North Bridge and the battle along Battle Trail are re-enacted. These and other events take place at Minute Man National Park. www.concordnet.org

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The Town of Dracut borders Lowell and southern New Hampshire. In 1653, the community was part of the Wamesit Praying Town, one of the preserves set aside by the colonists for Christianized Indians. Its early economy relied on fishing and milling of lumber, which led to its 19th century industries of paper and cotton textile manufacturing. These mills attracted Irish and French-Canadian immigrants. Some of Dracut’s rural landscapes survive along the state border, as do some handsome historic houses. One of the better known is the 290-year-old Coburn/Cutter House, with massive beams, huge center chimney and fireplaces. The building, dating from about 1700, has served as the site of an annual crafts fair. www.dracut-ma.us




Greater Merrimack Valley

A rural community located on the New Hampshire border, Dunstable retains its New England charm and is the perfect setting for a Sunday drive. Its open fields and pastures recall its past as a farming community, and visitors are charmed by its old country stores. www.dunstable-ma.gov




Greater Merrimack Valley

First Settled in 1642, Lexington proudly preserves its rich colonial past and offers visitors a wealth of cultural opportunities. The events of April 19, 1775 put Lexington forever into the pages of American history as the Birthplace of American Liberty. The confrontation between the Lexington Minute Men and the British Redcoats is re-enacted every April on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday in April. The Liberty Ride, a guided sight-seeing tour, provides an entertaining and educational introduction to the town’s history and sites. Excellent shopping and dining can be found downtown. www.lexingtonma.gov




Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Lincoln is a small suburban town west of Boston. It began as a rural farming community, made up of pieces of land annexed from adjacent towns; hence its nickname was once “Niptown”. Lincoln became a popular site for country estates, of which some have become schools, museums, town buildings and parks. Retention of open space and the protection of its rural character are extremely important to the community. www.lincolntown.org




Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Littleton lies on the western edge of suburban Boston. Part of the town was once allocated as an Indian preserve known as the Nashoba Indian Praying Town. The settlement of Littleton was delayed until the early 18th century when the intense competition that had occurred over Indian land was abandoned when natives were deported to Deer Island during King Philip’s war. By the 19th century some of the finest apple orchards in the state grew here. The apples supplied town cider mills, which in turn shipped their product to Boston. Cider mills, which also made vinegar, eventually consolidated and expanded to become

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the Very Fine Apple Products Company. The town remains an agricultural community with poultry farms, dairies and orchards. It has preserved several of its 18th century center-chimney houses and unique brick cottages. Littleton’s newest attraction, The Point, is the region’s only mixed-use destination combining shops, restaurants, grocery, a hotel, and entertainment. www.littletonma.org


The City of Lowell is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts. Its strategic location at the intersections of Interstates 495, 93 and Route 3 provides excellent access to other points in New England. Massachusetts Commuter Rail service also provides an easy 40-minute ride from Lowell to Boston’s North Station. The Lowell National Historical Park was the country’s first urban national park, and a tribute to the Industrial Revolution and textile industry that boomed in New England in the 19th century. The 2,800-seat Lowell Auditorium hosts many of the country’s best performers at affordable prices. The Merrimack Repertory Theater is one of the few self-sustaining repertory theater groups in the northeast. The Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell is host to many fabulous shows and special events. This planned urban community is built along the Merrimack River and its diverse canal system, which provided power to early manufacturers. Today the city is a revitalized urban center with cultural attractions and fine dining including a wealth of ethnic restaurants. Lowell is home to the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College. www.lowellma.gov




Greater Merrimack Valley

Maynard is a geographically small (5.3 sq. mile) town. It is ethnically diverse, with a history of industrial development. Maynard is both rural and suburban, with a well-defined commercial downtown and open space. A major landmark in the town is the Old Mill Clock Tower. The tower was refurbished in 1980 by then owner Digital Equipment Corporation. The clock has four faces, each nine feet in diameter. The faces are backlit with electric lights. During the Christmas holiday season, the faces are illuminated with red and green bulbs. web.maynard.ma.us




Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Stow is situated midway between Boston and Worcester and is a small residential community with rural aspects. The town boasts several apple orchards, which are a beautiful sight to behold in spring, and which attract many people in the early fall for apple picking. Stow has a public country club with two award-winning 18-hole golf courses. www.stow-ma.gov

Greater Merrimack Valley | 13


Tewksbury is a suburban community located on the uplands between the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Tewksbury was gradually settled by residents of Billerica during the early decades of the 18th century. Notable public sculptures in Tewksbury include the Wamesit Indian Monument set on a granite boulder on Main Street and the Anne Sullivan-Helen Keller Monument also on Main. A bronze sculpture depicting the turning point in Keller’s life is dedicated to Sullivan, a longtime Tewksbury resident. Artist Mico Kaufman created both sculptures. Tewksbury Country Club offers a 9-hole golf course that is open to the public. www.tewksbury-ma.gov


Colonel Jonathan Tyng founded Tyngsborough in 1675. The Tyng Mansion House is one of the oldest homes north of Boston. During the founding period, settlers of Tyngsborough fought a series of small, often bloody, skirmishes with local Indian tribes. Several colonial-era homes in town still have the emergency passageways used during attacks. Tyngsborough is dotted with streams, lakes and great ponds. It is long recognized as the ‘gateway’ to the White Mountains, located only thirty minutes from Boston along the Route 3 corridor. www.tyngsboroughma.gov




Greater Merrimack Valley

The Town of Westford is a suburban community with rolling hills, lakes and apple orchards. The area is ideal for biking. Incorporated on September 23, 1729, Westford is home to a beautiful library, a community center, an active recreation department, the Nashoba Valley Ski area and two town beaches located on spring-fed ponds. Westford has a championship 18hole semi-private golf course. Kimball Farm has become a town staple for its family fun activities, delicious food and of course ice cream sundaes. www.westford-ma.gov


Wilmington is a suburban town occupying 17.2 square miles of the watershed of the Ipswich River. The Baldwin apple is supposed to have been discovered in Wilmington in the 1790s

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on Butters Farm. A bronze plaque duly commemorates the discovery. The Middlesex Canal was completed in Wilmington in the early 19th century, and residents were able to ship their produce to market. www.town.wilmington.ma.us




Greater Merrimack Valley

Woburn occupies 13.1 miles of the Fells Upland. It is a small city located in the upper Mystic River Valley. Incorporated in 1642, Woburn became an early manufacturing center, tanning leather and making shoes. Production was large enough that during King Philip’s War town taxes were partially paid in shoes. The smallpox epidemic of 1675 cut deeply into the town’s population. The Middlesex Canal from Boston opened here in 1803, and the Boston and Lowell Railroad in 1835. Woburn was an early English settlement and has a notable old burying ground. www.ci.woburn.ma.us 2019-2020 VISITORS GUIDE

This symbol denotes a town that is part of the Massachusetts Freedom’s


Greater Merrimack Valley

Way National Heritage Area.

You’ll Thoreau-ly enjoy it!

58 Main Street Concord, MA 01742 978-318-3061 Visitors@concordma.gov

In operation AprilOctober, 7 days a week Mon-Fri: 10A-4P Sat & Sun: 9A-4P

Tours Mon-Fri 1P, Sat/Sun 10A & 1P Your Visit to Historic Concord starts at the Visitor Center.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 15


National Parks in the Greater Merrimack Valley m i n u t e

m a n

n a t i o n a l

h i s t o r i c a l

p a r k

MINUTE MAN NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK • CONCORD Minute Man National Historical Park 174 Liberty Street Concord, MA 978.369.6993 https://www.nps.gov/mima/ 174 Liberty Street 978.369.6993 https://www.nps.gov/mima/ At Minute Man National Historical Park, the opening battle of the Revolution is brought to life as visitors explore the battlefields and structures associated At Minute Man National Historical Park, the with April 19, 1775 and witness the American revolutionary spirit through the opening battle of the Revolution is brought to life writings as of the Concord authors.the battlefields and structures visitors explore

associated with April 19, 1775 and witness the Minute Man National Historical Park holds a wealth of historical, cultural and American revolutionary spirit through the writings literary resources spanning over 200 years of the Park’s history. We continue of the Concord authors. to work with historians, archaeologists and many others to uncover and share new elements of the Park’s story. Historical Park holds a Minute Man National wealth of historical, cultural and literary resources spanning over 200 years of the Park’s history. We continue to work with historians, archaeologists and many others to uncover and share new elements of the Park’s story.

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n a t i o n a l

h i s t o r i c a l

p a r k


l o w e l l

LOWELL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARKPark • LOWELL Lowell National Historical 246 Market Street (free parking at 304 Dutton Street) Lowell, MA 978.970.5000 https://www.nps.gov/lowe/ 246 Market Street (free parking at 304 Dutton Street) 978.970.5000 https://www.nps.gov/lowe/ The story of Lowell is a powerful experience within a landscape that has much to offer visitors. Here we tell the stories of innovation in technology and engiDiscover the Continuing Revolution. Lowell’s waterneering and of people whomills camecatapulted from faraway the landsnation looking–toincluding make a better powered textile families and early factory workers for – all life forimmigrant themselves and their families. Lowellfemale offers unique experiences into an uncertain new industrial Nearly types of visitors throughout the year. What kindera. of visitor are 200 you? years later, the changes that began here still reverberate in ourthe shifting global economy. Explore Lowell, textile a living Discover Continuing Revolution. Lowell’s water-powered mills monument to the dynamic human story of the Industrial catapulted the nation – including immigrant families and early female factory Revolution. workers – into an uncertain new industrial era. Nearly 200 years later, the The story ofhere Lowell is a powerful experience within a changes that began still reverberate in our shifting global economy. landscape thatmonument has much visitors. tell Explore Lowell, a living toto theoffer dynamic humanHere story we of the the stories of innovation in technology and engineering Industrial andRevolution. of people who came from faraway lands looking to make a better life for themselves and their families. Lowell offers unique experiences for all types of visitors throughout the year. What kind of visitor are you?

Greater Merrimack Valley | 17 17



You’re in luck! Whether you love textiles and quilts, are fascinated by American history, or can’t get enough fine arts and culture, we have just the thing for you! With plenty of family friendly attractions, gather the clan and head off for a day of fun. Visit www.merrimackvalley. org for exhibit and event information.





The Addison Gallery is home to a world-class collection of American art, with a vital and adventurous exhibitions program. Free and open to the public. Andover Country Club GOLF 60 Canterbury Street 978.475.1263 www.andovercountryclub.com

The Andover Country Club is an elegant, luxury, family oriented golf and country club with strong ties to tradition and history. As the premier club in Andover, Massachusetts, Andover Country Club provides a meticulously manicured championship golf course for members and guests, a private pool and tennis club, an elegant fine dining restaurant and lounge, and 24 overnight hotel accommodations open to the public.


Discovery Museum MUSEUMS 177 Main Street (Route 27) 978.264.4200 www.discoveryacton.org

Discovery Museum is a handson museum for families that blends science, nature, and play. The museum and its Discovery Woods outdoor nature playscape and 550-square foot treehouse are accessible and blend the best of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) learning on a beautiful campus in Acton, MA.


Addison Gallery of American Art GALLERIES & EXHIBITIONS Phillips Academy 180 Main Street 978.749.4015 www.addisongallery.org


Bedford Depot Park HISTORIC SITES 120 South Road (781) 275-4880 www.bedforddepot.org

Bedford’s Depot Park is a National Register Historic Landmark, located at the Bedford terminus of the popular Minuteman Bikeway with facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in a surrounding that recalls the railroad history of the corridor. There is a visitor’s center as well as an attractive outdoor seating area for bicyclists and pedestrians. The Depot Park is also the location of the 1870s Railroad Station and Freight House buildings. Visitors can enter the vintage Boston & Maine Railroad passenger car now on display alongside the Freight House.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 19

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Bedford Job Lane House


HISTORIC SITES 295 North Road (Route 4) 781-275-5643 www.joblanehouse.org

Great Brook Farm State Park

The Job Lane House is one of Bedford’s colonial treasures. Built around 1713 by one of Bedford’s founding families, it has been beautifully restored. Guides in colonial dress give tours. Tours are held the 2nd and 4th Sundays, May to October, 2-4 PM.

PARKS & NATURE 165 North Road 978.369.6312 www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/ massparks/region-north/great-brookfarm-state.html


950-acre park with 20+ miles of hiking trails, open meadows and scenic ponds. Cross-country skiing, fishing, canoeing and picnicking with opportunities abound. Also a working dairy farm with a seasonal ice cream stand.

Altitude Trampoline Park


Chelmsford Center For The Arts

AERIAL SPORTS 700 Boston Road 978.663.5867 www.altitudeparkma.com

One of the LARGEST indoor trampoline parks offering 15,000 square feet of interconnected wall-towall trampolines and FUN activities. We have dodgeball courts, tumble tracks, basketball dunk lanes, rock climbing walls, battle beam, foam pit and large open JUMP area. We host birthday parties, corporate events, youth groups, schools/fundraisers, toddler time & summer FUN programs. Visit us at 700 Boston Road, Billerica. Call 978-663-JUMP. Yankee Doodle Mostly FAIRS & FESTIVALS Homecoming Weekend Billerica / September

This town-wide festival celebrates Billerica patriot Thomas Ditson, who is believed to be referred to in the classic American song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” The weekend features Colonial musters, military reenactments, and a bike and dolly parade. Mostly


GALLERIES & EXHIBITIONS 1A North Road 978-250-3780 www.chelmsfordarts.com

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and located in historic Town Hall is Chelmsford’s only public art institution and is the home to the Artists-inResidence Studios, as well as several arts organizations. Host your next event at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts at the old Town Hall. 4Th of July Parade FAIRS & FESTIVALS Chelmsford / July

One of Massachusetts premiere parades filled with local traditions takes place in Chelmsford on the Fourth of July. Come celebrate our nation’s independence as marching bands and floats make their way through town. Mostly .


Minute Man National Historical Park NATIONAL PARKS 174 Liberty Street 978.369.6993 www.nps.gov/mima

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery HISTORIC SITES 34 Bedford Street 978.318.3233

The American Revolution began here in 1775. Sites include North Bridge, site of “the shot heard round the world” and the five-mile Battle Road Trail.

Stroll through the resting place of renowned members of America’s literary community. Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, the Alcott’s, Margaret Sidney and Daniel Chester French are among those interred in Sleepy Hollow.

North Bridge

The Old Manse

NATIONAL PARKS (Minute Man National Historical Park) Monument Street www.nps.gov/mima

HISTORIC SITES 269 Monument Street 978.369.3909 http://thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/ greater-boston/old-manse.html

The Minute Man statue, grave of British soldiers and monuments mark “the shot heard round the world.” North Bridge Visitor Center VISITOR CENTERS (Minute Man National Historical Park) 174 Liberty Street 978.369.6993 www.nps.gov/mima

Information, ranger programs and museum store. Exhibits include the historic ‘Hancock’ cannon. Open daily. No admission fee. Town of Concord Visitors Center VISITOR CENTERS 58 Main Street 978.318.3100 www.concordrec.com

The Concord Visitor’s Center, located in historic downtown Concord, MA, is the first stop for information to make your day trip or extended stay a success.



Visit the Old Manse, one of America’s most important historic houses, to be inspired by the men and women who urged Concord’s residents to stand up to the British, inspired Americans to be themselves, and invented American literature. The Wayside HISTORIC SITES (Minute Man National Historical Park) 455 Lexington Road 978.318.7863 www.nps.gov/mima

Home of the Alcott’s, Nathaniel Hawthorne (the only house he ever owned), and Margaret Sidney. Thoreau Farm: Birthplace of Henry David Thoreau HISTORIC SITES 341 Virginia Road 978.451.0300 www.thoreaufarm.org

Visit the farmhouse where Thoreau was born. Explore Thoreau’s life and work. Open Saturday and Sunday, May through October. Tours at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 21

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Thoreau’s Path On Brister’s Hill HISTORIC SITES Rte 2 and Walden Street www.walden.or

A one-mile, self-guided interpretive trail in historic Walden Woods honoring Henry David Thoreau. Free, open year-round. Dogs must be leashed. Parking at Walden Pond State Reservation. Concord Museum MUSEUMS Cambridge Turnpike at Lexington Road 978.369.9763 www.concordmuseum.org

The Concord Museum brings Concord’s remarkable story to life through a distinguished collection of American treasures including the famous “one, if by land” Revere lantern, Revolutionary War artifacts, the desk on which Thoreau wrote “Walden,” and Emerson’s Study. The engaging exhibitions present intriguing ideas relevant today: concepts of liberty, self-reliance, independent thinking, and environmental preservation. A visit to the Concord Museum provides an inspiring gateway to this famous community. Changing exhibitions; museum shop; open year-round; admission charged; wheelchair accessible; functions and group tours welcome. Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House MUSEUMS 399 Lexington Road 978.369.4118 www.louisamayalcott.org

here reveals much more: the Alcotts were complex, caring individuals desirous of making a real difference in their challenging world. Their messages of hope, love, and courage still resonate in highly personal ways, making for unique and unforgettable visit experiences. Guided tours, educational programs, living history events, teacher workshops, and changing exhibitions available; Museum Store on premises. Admission charged; large groups by reservation only. Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge PARKS & NATURE Monsen Road 978.443.4661 www.fws.gov/refuge/great_meadows/

Walking trails and wildlife observation trails. Pets are not allowed. No admission fee. Walden Pond State Reservation PARKS & NATURE 915 Walden Street 978.369.3254 www.mass.gov/locations/walden-pondstate-reservation

Interpretive programs, hiking, fishing, non-motorized boating, snowshoeing and swimming. Daily parking fee MA vehicles $8, non-MA $15. No pets. To conserve Walden Pond, DCR must limit visitation. Once the parking area fills up, the park is required to close to all incoming visitors for several hours. Before you come call 978.369.3254 or check twitter @waldenpondstate.

The circa 1690 home where Louisa May Alcott and her family lived for twenty years is considered a true pilgrimage site as the beloved classic, Little Women, was written and set here in 1868. A visit



FAIRS & FESTIVALS 58 Main Street 978.318.3061 http://www.middlesexjazzfest.org/

A FREE outdoor jazz festival open to the public, led by the Concord Recreation Center featuring four 20-piece Big Bands and five smaller Jazz Ensembles. Patriots Day Celebrations Some FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lexington & Concord / April

These two communities take great pride in being the “ground zero” of American history—the place where the American Revolution began. They show their pride in our nation’s struggle for independence through parades, re-enactments of Revolutionary battles, Colonial musters, pancake breakfasts, socials, and more. Verrill Farm, LLC FAIRS & FESTIVALS 11 Wheeler Road 978.369.4494 http://www.verrillfarm.com/

Celebrating Farm to Table for 100 Years! Verrill Farm is family owned and operated on fields which are among the oldest agriculturally sustained in the U.S. More than 40 crops grown on over 150 acres are sold in the farm stand. Local specialty foods and cheese are also featured. The onsite kitchen, deli and bakery prepare mouthwatering entrees, soups, sandwiches and baked goods daily. Agricultural tours, hayrides and cooking classes are available. Family friendly Summer Festivals and Field to Fork dinners celebrate local crops. Open 9-7 daily, year-round.


Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area


Middlesex Jazz Festival

HISTORIC SITES 94 Jackson Road, Suite 311 978.772.3654 www.freedomsway.org

Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area connects our 45 communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire through preservation, conservation and educational initiatives to protect and promote our landscape, history and culture.


Encore Boston Harbor One Broadway 857.770.7000 www.encorebostonharbor.com

A five-star waterfront resort located just 5 miles from downtown Boston with 671 luxurious rooms, 15 restaurants and lounges, and 50,000 square feet of meeting space. There is no place in the world like Encore Boston Harbor.


Lexington Visitors Center VISITOR CENTERS 1605 Massachusetts Avenue 781.862.1450 www.lexingtonma.gov/visitors-center

The Town of Lexington’s Visitor Center is open daily Monday-Sunday. Shop for unique gifts, view the famous Battle Green Diorama, and collect information on local restaurants and events. Tickets for the Liberty Ride Trolley Tour and Historic Houses Tour can be purchased here. Public restrooms are also available.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 23

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Minute Man Visitor Center

Liberty Ride

VISITOR CENTERS Minute Man National Historical Park, Route 2A 781.674.1920 www.nps.gov/mima

SCIENCE & DISOVERY Leaves from Visitor Center at 1605 Massachusetts Ave 781.862.1450 www.libertyride.us

Begin your visit here. The award-winning theater program, “The Road To Revolution,” tells the story of Paul Revere’s Ride and the Lexington-Concord battles. Free admission. Lexington Battle Green HISTORIC SITES Massachusetts Ave. at Bedford St. 781.698.4586 www.tourlexington.us

The Battle Green is a National Historic Landmark. On the morning of April 19, 1775 “the first blood was split in the dispute with Great Britain” as George Washington wrote in his diary. View the Minute Man Statue and one of America’s oldest war memorials. Free guided walking tours weekends April and May, daily Memorial Day - October. Lexington Historical Society Historic Houses HISTORIC SITES 13 Depot Square 781.862.1703 www.lexingtonhistory.org

These houses witnessed the start of the Revolution on April 19, 1775: Buckman Tavern, the Hancock-Clarke House, and Munroe Tavern. Lexart GALLERIES & EXHIBITIONS 130 Waltham Street 781.862.9696 www.LACSma.org

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is a non-profit education center providing classes and workshops as well as exhibitions and sales of contemporary and traditional fine art and craft.


Ride along the historic Battle Road Scenic By-Way while your guide in colonial clothing recounts the exciting events of April 19, 1775 and the literary legacy that defined American identity and culture. Operates weekends April and May, daily Memorial Day - October. Charters and step-on guide service available year-round. Lexington Symphony MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS Mailing Address: P.O. Box 194 Venue: Cary Hall, 1605 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420 781-523-9009 www.lexingtonsymphony.org

Lexington Symphony is a world class orchestra of dedicated musicians and a renowned conductor who share a passion for classical music, a commitment to community engagement, and a dedication to exacting standards of performance. Lexington Symphony’s home is the historic and accessible Cary Hall. Affordable tickets. Discounts for groups. Subscriptions available. Fine Arts & Crafts Festival FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lexington / September

Shop the booths of New England’s finest artisans on the lawn of the Lexington Visitors Center opposite the Minute Man Statue. The festival will feature numerous booths with original handcrafted items. Rain date scheduled for the following day.


Decordova Sculpture Park & Museum

FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lexington / July and August

MUSEUMS 51 Sandy Pond Road 781.259.8355 www.decordova.org

Held on the Visitors Center lawn. Bring lawn chairs and refreshments and enjoy a variety of styles of music including big band, country, ‘50s and ‘60s classic rock-androll and jazz. Concerts are free and begin at 6:30pm. Patriots Day Celebrations Some FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lexington & Concord / April

These two communities take great pride in being the “ground zero” of American history—the place where the American Revolution began. They show their pride in our nation’s struggle for independence


Friday Evening Summer Concert Series

Established in 1950, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is the largest park of its kind in New England, encompassing 30 acres, 20 miles northwest of Boston. Providing a constantly changing landscape of largescale, outdoor, modern and contemporary sculpture and site-specific installations, the Sculpture Park hosts more than 60 works, the majority of which are on loan to the Museum. Inside, the Museum features a robust slate of rotating exhibitions and innovative interpretive programming.


Historic New England — The Gropius HISTORIC SITES 68 Baker Bridge Road 781.259.8098 www.historicnewengland.org

1938 Gropius House. May 1 - Oct 31, Wed- Sun. Nov 1 April 30, Sat & Sun only. 11-4 hourly tours. $15 ($8 students)

HANNAFORD & DUMAS CommerCial Printers sinCe 1976

Built on Referrals, Sustained on Trust. Since 1976

26 Conn Street Woburn, MA 01801 P 781-503-0100 F 781-503-0103 www.hannaforddumas.com

Greater Merrimack Valley | 25


Lowell Cemetery

Indian Hill Music MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS 36 King Street 978.486.9524 www.indianhillmusic.org

Offering instructional programs for all ages; professional symphonic, chamber, and jazz concerts; and community engagement initiatives that provide access to music for all.


Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center VISITOR CENTERS 246 Market Street (Free Parking for park visitors at 304 Dutton Street) 978.970.5000 www.nps.gov/lowe

The history of America’s industrial revolution is commemorated in Lowell by the National Park Service. Historic mills, weave room, museums, canals and more tell our story. Cobblestones of Lowell HISTORIC SITES 91 Dutton Street 978.970.2282 www.cobblesstonesoflowell.com

Iconic American Tavern. Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Late-Night, Craft Beer and Cocktails in the heart of historic Downtown Lowell. Dining Room, Lounge, and Private Dining. Famed regional destination since 1994.


HISTORIC SITES 77 Knapp Avenue 978.454.5191 www.lowellcemetery.com

On the National Register of Historic Places, The Lowell Cemetery is a Victorian, garden style cemetery. The burial ground for many of Lowell’s Founding Fathers. Free Spring & Fall tours offered. Annual Memorial Day Remembrance Parade the Sunday before Memorial Day each year. Lots are still available for sale. Lowell National Historical Park MUSEUMS Boott Cotton Mills Museum 115 John Street 978.970.5000 www.nps.gov/lowe

Experience the sights and sounds of a 1920’s textile weave room. Video presentations, interactive exhibits and displays illustrate the rise, fall and rebirth of Lowell. New England Quilt Museum MUSEUMS 18 Shattuck Street 978.452.4207 www.nequiltmuseum.org

Experience world-class exhibitions that explore the artistry, history, and contemporary trends in quilt


Whistler House Museum Of Art MUSEUMS 243 Worthen Street 978.452.7641 www.whistlerhouse.org

Birthplace of American artist, James McNeill Whistler; this museum showcases historical and contemporary fine arts, including 19th century and early 20th century paintings and etchings.

Lowell National Historical Park GALLERIES & EXHIBITIONS


making and textile arts. Changing gallery exhibitions feature the innovative works of prominent artists from around the world. A large Museum Store and exciting calendar of public programs make the New England Quilt Museum a destination for everyone.

Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit 40 French Street 978.970.5000 www.nps.gov/lowe

A restored 1830s boarding house features the “Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit”, offering a look at the personal stories of Lowell’s 19th and 20th-century working people. The Brush Art Gallery And Studios GALLERIES & EXHIBITONS 256 Market Street 978.459.7819 www.thebrush.org

Presenting museum quality exhibitions. Studio artists produce paintings, illustration, photography, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, quilts, and handwoven items. Located next to the National Park Visitors Center.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 27

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Western Avenue Studios

Lowell Memorial Auditorium

GALLERIES & EXHIBITIONS 122 & 160 Western Avenue 978.349.8069 www.westernavenuestudios.com

MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS 50 East Merrimack Street 1.800.657.8774 www.lowellauditorium.com

Western Avenue Studios and Lofts is a thriving arts community with over 300 artists! Artists host Open Studios the First Saturday of every month where visitors enjoy 50,000 works of art, demonstrations, shopping, events, the Loading Dock Gallery and more − all in a historic mill in Lowell, MA!

The 2,800-seat venue hosts numerous exciting events every year, including concerts, comedy shows, Broadway musicals, sporting events, conventions, dance recitals and many others.

Merrimack Repertory Theatre THEATRE, DANCE & PERFORMING ARTS 50 East Merrimack Street 978.654.4678 www.mrt.org

Merrimack Repertory Theatre (MRT) produces vibrant, contemporary plays that explore what it means to be alive today. With a 7-show season playing from September-May, MRT is among the nation’s top regional theatres, with an intimate 279-seat performance space, low ticket prices starting at $24, and free parking. Downtown Lowell next to Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Showcase Cinemas Lowell FILM & CINEMA 32 Reiss Ave 800.315.4000 www.showcasecinemas.com

Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS P.O. Box 1403 617-899-6401 www.lowellphilharmonic.org

Inspiring the Greater Lowell community with quality musical performances since 1987, the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra continues to provide audiences with lively, classical and pops concerts. Lowell Summer Music Series MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS Boarding House Park, 40 French Street 978.970.5200 www.lowellsummermusic.org

A summer-long showcase of national performers at beautiful Boarding House Park in Lowell National Historical Park. The 2018 series features David Crosby, Fitz & The Tantrums, Boz Scaggs, The Revivalists, Peter Cetera, Postmodern Jukebox, Blues Traveler, Natalie MacMaster and many more.

Showcase Cinemas Lowell is your destination for today’s biggest films and exciting event cinema content. Showcase offers theatre rentals for birthday parties and business meetings.



Concord River Greenway Park

MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS Boarding House Park, 40 French Street 978.970.5200 www.lowellsummermusic.org/kids

PARKS & NATURE Davidson & Lawrence Street, Downtown Lowell (Behind Lowell Cemetery) 978.934.0030 www.lowelllandtrust.org/content/concordriver-greenway

Wednesday & Thursday mornings from July 11 to August 16 except Folk Festival week. 10AM Free Art Activities & Free Natural Snacks. 11AM Free Stage Show. 12PM Free Trolley Rides. New: Free kids books on Wednesdays.

Multi-use trail for walking, hiking and observing wildlife through the green heart of Lowell runs along an old railroad bed, while it contours the scenic, tree-lined, northflowing Concord River.

Tsongas Center At Umass Lowell

Lowell Dracut Tyngsboro State Forest

MUSIC & CONCERT HALLS 300 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way 978.934.5760 www.TsongasCenter.com

PARKS & NATURE Trotting Park Road 978.369.6312 www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/ massparks/region-north/lowell-dracuttyngsboro-state-forest.html

The 7,000 seat Tsongas Center is home to the University of Massachusetts Lowell River Hawks hockey team. The arena is also an ideal setting to host small and mid-size conventionstyle meetings with its 17,000 square foot floor and 10,000 square feet of meeting and party space. Ample parking is available on site and the Arena is within convenient walking distance to downtown. Make the Tsongas Center the home for your next event!


Lowell Summer Music Series – Free Fun For Kids

Located in three towns and containing 1,140 acres including 180 acres of ponds, swamps, and wetlands. The forest has six miles of trails offering hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Hunting is permitted in season.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 29

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Lowell Heritage State Park

Lowell Rowing Regatta Association

PARKS & NATURE 160 Pawtucket Blvd 978.458.8750 www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/ massparks/region-north/lowell-heritagestate-park.html

LAKES & BOATING 64 Livingston Ave 978-821-2797 www.facebook.com/ LowellInvitationalRegatta

Lighted paved river walkway to enjoy biking, walking, fishing, and picnicking. Seasonal boating program. Supervised swim area and concerts by the river. Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust, Inc. LAKES & BOATING 660 Suffolk Street, Suite 120 978.934.0030 www.lowelllandtrust.org

Voted Best Urban Adventure Best of Boston-Concord River White Water Rafting. All equipment provided. Weekends April/May. Call 1.888.375.1115 for information /reservations. Group tours of historic Spalding House (c.1760), Concord River Greenway available; environmental education programs offered yearround. Volunteer opportunities. Calendar of Events on web site.


The Lowell Rowing Regatta Association, LLC (LRRA) was created to continue running regattas and help build the competitive sport of Rowing in Lowell, MA. Lowell Spinners – Professional Baseball SPECTATOR SPORTS 450 Aiken Street 978.459.1702 www.lowellspinners.com

Class A Affiliate to the Boston Red Sox. LeLacheur Park is a premier spot in the Merrimack Valley to treat your employees, coworkers, friends and family to a fun evening. Visit www. lowellspinners.com for more information. Umass Lowell River Hawks SPECTATOR SPORTS 300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way 978.934.5760 www.TsongasCenter.com

UMass Lowell is #UnitedInBlue in 2018-2019 as the River Hawks look to raise another


Lowell African Festival


The African Festival features performing arts, food and traditional and modern African crafts. The event attracts lovers of African culture and African immigrants from throughout New England and beyond. First held in 2000, it has provided an opportunity for Africans to unite with their brothers and sisters as they continue to influence each other through the richness of their shared cultures. Held in June at Sampas Pavilion on Pawtucket Boulevard in Lowell. Lowell City of Lights FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lowell / November

The parade kicks off late afternoon and winds its way through picturesque Downtown Lowell with floats, costumed characters, and more. The parade ends with the Lighting of City Hall and the community tree at the Ladd-Whitney Memorial. Come early and enjoy shopping and dining at an array of establishments. Mostly .

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! FAIRS & FESTIVALS P.O. Box 1111 978.501.1021 www.lowellcelebrateskerouac.org


Hockey East Championship and continue their foray into Division 1 as part of the America East Conference. The River Hawk hockey team, under the direction of twotime Coach of the Year Norm Bazin, reached the Hockey East Championship game last season and hosts Boston College, Boston University, NCAA Champion Providence, Colorado College and newcomer Arizona State at the Tsongas this season. The men’s and women’s basketball teams will also play games at the Tsongas Center. UMass Lowell River Hawks- United in Blue!”

Our annual Jack Kerouac Festival will take place from October 10-14, 2019 as we hold out annual celebration of the life and legacy of Lowell native and acclaimed author, Jack Kerouac. Special presentations, tours, musical events, poetry readings, open mic, and much more. Check our website for updates at: www.lowellcelebrateskerouac.org. Lowell Folk Festival FAIRS & FESTIVALS 67 Kirk Street 978.275.1764 www.lowellfolkfestival.org

The longest running FREE folk festival in the country celebrates its 32nd year on July 27-29, 2018! Join us for three days of world class music, dance, craft demonstrations, street parades and performers, family fun activity area, and delicious ethnic foods. Presented on five outdoor stages throughout Downtown Lowell, MA. Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race FAIRS & FESTIVALS 61 Market Street 617.872.6449 www.lowellkinetic.com

Human-powered, all-terrain, sculptures made from recycled materials battle through obstacles including cobblestones, mud, water and sand in this city-wide racing spectacle.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 31

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Moses Greeley Parker Lectures FAIRS & FESTIVALS 978.454.7979 www.parkerlectures.com

The Moses Greeley Parker Lectures are an annual series at various locations throughout Lowell, MA covering an array of interesting topics. Visit our website for more details. Admission is always free! Southeast Asian Water Festival Some FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lowell / August

The Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival is dedicated to the preservation, protection and sharing of the cultural heritages of the Southeast Asian Americans of the Greater Lowell Area. Every third Saturday in August, more than 60,000 people from around the U.S. and the world come to Lowell to celebrate the importance of water as it is celebrated in Southeast Asia. They come for the blessings, food, crafts, performances and the long boat races. The Festival is held at the Sampas Pavilion along the Merrimack River.

is inspired by the creativity and exploration for which the author was so famously known and will present a diverse mix of musical genres and artistic disciplines to inspire discovery and to celebrate a love of life. Lowell Winterfest Mostly FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lowell / February

During the City’s Winterfest celebration, enjoy live entertainment and many children’s activities. There is something for everyone— from local cuisine, to the famous Soup Bowl Competition, an outdoor carnival, and microbrew competition. Come on out and celebrate the season.

The Town And The City Festival Mostly FAIRS & FESTIVALS Lowell / October


The Town And The City Festival is a 2-day music and arts festival that will take place in various event spaces, bars, cafes, and galleries throughout downtown Lowell, Massachusetts on Friday October 19 and Saturday October 20, 2018. The festival celebrates the spirit of Jack Kerouac in direct and indirect ways. It is named after Kerouac’s earliest novel which was primarily set in this historic mill city. The Town and The City Festival 32

Destination Salem, Massachusetts VISITOR CENTERS PO BOX 630 978.741.3235 www.salem.org

Visit Salem, Massachusetts for the Witch Trials of 1962, The Scarlet Letter, and the great age of sail. Stay for artful exhibits, unique shopping, and local pale ale. Just 15 miles north of Boston. Make your own magic at Salem.org.


Escapology – The Live Escape Game SCIENCE & DISCOVERY 345 Main Street 978.455.2199 www.escapology.com/en/tewksbury-ma

Tewksbury’s original premium real-life escape game experience! Located in a prime spot, up to 6 players will be challenged in this new attraction by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and pick locks that will free them from the game room. Do you have what it takes to escape? Visit Escapology at 345 Main Street in Tewksbury or online at Escapology.com.

Wamesit Lanes Family Entertainment Center BOWLING/ARCADES



434 Main Street 978.349.0000 www.wamesitlanes.com

Featuring Luxury Candlepin & Ten Pin Bowling, Indoor Golf Simulation Rooms, Giant Arcade, Outdoor Patio with Dining & Bocce/Cornhole courts. FireWater Tavern & Live Entertainment.


Topsfield Fair FAIRS & FESTIVALS 207 Boston Street-Route One 978.887.5000 www.topsfieldfair.org

Topsfield Fair, 198 years of education and family fun. September 28- October 8, 2018. Come and enjoy 11 days of agricultural, entertainment, and great food.


lowellkinetic.com Saturday, September 21St

Greater Merrimack Valley | 33


Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Townsend Ridge Country Club

SKIING 79 Powers Road 978.692.3033 www.skinashoba.com

GOLF 40 Scales Lane 978.597.8400 www.townsendridge.com

Ski Area, Tubing Park, Sunset

Massachusetts’s bestkept secret. 18-hole championship golf course, driving range, full service pro shop, and 19th Hole Lounge. Modern, picturesque facilities available to host weddings and banquets. Public facility with membership available.

WESTFORD Kimball Farm

GOLF/ARCADES 400 Littleton Road 978.486.3891 www.kimballfarm.com

Fifty flavors of homemade ice cream! Seafood Shack, Country Store, and Private Events. Driving Range, 9-hole Pitch & Putt golf course, Two 18 hole miniature golf courses, Zip Line, Spin Zone, bumper boats, batting cages and an arcade!

Tiki Bar and Grill, Swimming, Functions, Outlook Restaurant, Summer Camp, Countryfest, Summerfest and Witch’s Woods. Just off of Rt. 495. Westford Apple Blossom Festival FAIRS & FESTIVALS Westford / May

This Annual Blossom Festival takes place in various locations throughout the town of Westford and features many exciting activities, including fireworks, the Apple Blossom parade, and carnival style rides. Mostly .

Immerse yourself in literary history at this National Historic Landmark—home to Nathaniel Hawthorne & Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Old Manse





Literature & Liberty



Dave & Buster’s ARCADES 271 Mishawum Road 781-496-4900 www.daveandbusters.com

EAT.DRINK.PLAY.PARTY. WATCH Dave and Buster’s is 50,000 sq. feet of FUN. Featuring a premium bar with innovative

drinks, chef-crafted menus highlighting cool new food creations, a sports bar with massive HD-TVs, and hundreds of the most state-of-the-art arcade games around. We’re also the perfect place to host an unforgettable event in our beautiful private rooms with full A/V!

Lowell Cemetery 77 Knapp Avenue Lowell, MA 01852 978-454-5191


The Cemetery, designed in 1841, has lovely Victorian style gardens & historical trees with many unusual and interesting monuments. Offering spring and fall tours, free of charge. Lots are still available in prime locations.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 35



the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, has a long and rich multicultural history. Immigrants have been drawn to the city since the early 1800s, making Lowell a destination for authentic, interesting culture. The city is home to a variety of active ethnic & cultural organizations preserving and presenting their unique traditions.




Hanscom Airport Hanscom Field 781.869.8000 www.massport.com

Located off Route 128/95, Hanscom Field is a vital link to domestic and international destinations for individual pilots, commuter airlines and local employers.





Logan International Airport


800.23LOGAN or 617.561.1800 www.massport.com


Boston Logan International Airport is New England’s largest transportation center and generates $7 billion in economic activity each year.

MANCHESTER, NH Manchester-Boston Regional Airport 1 Airport Road 603.624.6539 www.flymanchester.com

Conveniently located adjacent to Interstates 93 & 293, Route 101 and the F.E. Everett Turnpike, and just minutes from the Massachusetts border; ManchesterBoston Regional Airport offers air travelers easy highway access, competitive airfares, inexpensive parking and a growing schedule of BUSES/CHARTERS non-stop and direct jet services.



Gallagher Transporation Terminal Lowell MBTA Service 978.459.0164 www.mbta.com

Providing bus and train service from Lowell.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Commuter Line 617.222.3200 www.mbta.com


800.USA.RAIL www.amtrak.com



Pridestar Ems

229 Stedman Street 978.441.0911 www.pridestarems.com

PrideStar EMS is the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire’s premiere medical transportation company. In addition to medical transport we offer “Fun Bus” group trips.


Black Tie Limousine, Inc. 25 Bond Street 800.624.9990 www.blacktielimo.com

Black Tie Limousine provides award winning services, locally and worldwide. We offer an extensive fleet, ready to assist with individual or group travel.


n e w


h a m p s h i r e















PORTSMOUTH C & J Bus Line 185 Grafton Street 603.430.1100 www.ridecj.com

Providing daily executive class bus service between Portsmouth, NH; Tewksbury, MA; Ogunquit, ME (seasonally); and NYC’s Port Authority.


Plaza Limousine

410 Woburn Street 978.452.3000 / 800.734.8118 www.plazalimousineltd.com

The preferred ground transportation provider to the Boston Red Sox and Lowell Spinners, with over 30 Years of Experience it is our pleasure to serve you.

Tewksbury Transit

555 Whipple Road 978.851.9863 www.tewksburytransit.com

Safe and efficient bus or van transportation within the Greater Merrimack Valley area. Specializing in special event hotel shuttles.


Corporate Coach & Limousine 2 Park Drive, Suite 3 978.392.3430 www.corporatecoachlimousine.com

Providing elite limousine and transportation services in an array of vehicles to suit any need, whether a comfortable ride to the airport or an elegant drive to your wedding. Our motto is on time, every time, and we stand by that pledge.



S o T e r e Wh WANT OPTIONS?

No matter the length of your stay or your budget, you’ll find the perfect accommodations in the Greater Merrimack Valley and surrounding area. From extended-stay properties, to charming, full-service inns and hotels, we have an option for you. 40




Andover Country Club 60 Canterbury Street 978.475.1263 www.andovercountryclub.com

The Andover Country Club is an elegant, luxury, family oriented golf and country club with strong ties to tradition and history. As the premier club in Andover, Massachusetts, Andover Country Club provides a meticulously manicured championship golf course for members and guests, a private pool and tennis club, an elegant fine dining restaurant and lounge, and 24 overnight hotel accommodations open to the public.

Andover Inn 4 Chapel Ave 978.775.4900 www.andoverinn.com

Located on the campus of Phillips Academy, the Andover Inn offers 30 wellappointed guestrooms, private function space, and Samuels Restaurant. The perfect venue for any occasion.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 41

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Courtyard by Marriott Andover

Homewood Suites Hotel Boston Andover

Exit 45 off Interstate 93 10 Campanelli Drive 978.794.0700 www.andovercourtyard.com

4 Riverside Drive 978.475.6000 www.bostonandover.homewoodsuites.com

Newly renovated guestrooms featuring modern décor, plush beds, large workstations and free Wi-Fi. Relax at our indoor pool + whirlpool and enjoy The Bistro – onsite restaurant. Doubletree by Hilton Boston Andover 123 Old River Road 978.975.3600 www.bostonandover.doubletree.com

Experience friendly services and state-of-the-art amenities, with 8,000 square feet of meeting space. Situated along the banks of the picturesque Merrimack River, just 30 minutes north of downtown Boston at exit 45 off of Interstate 93. Our modern full-service hotel is the ideal destination for family vacations, business travel, meetings and social events. Spread out in our oversized rooms and suites. Our rooms feature modern furnishings with luxury bedding and premium amenities. We also feature free Wi-Fi, large flat screen TV, clock radio and deluxe bath amenities. We are the perfect combination of style, luxury and comfort. Enjoy a dip in the heated indoor pool, a soak in the hot tub, grab a beer at Character’s Bar and Grill or enjoy dinner at 189 Prime, Steak and Seafood Restaurant with seasonal outdoor dining. Stay productive and energized in our business and fitness centers.


Very nice all suites hotel nestled in a wooded area. Located one exit north of the junction of I-93 and I-495, the hotel is easily accessible to beaches, mountains and historic sites including Boston easily. Free wi-fi, free parking, free breakfast so you can spend that money on fun! La Quinta Inn and Suites Boston Andover 131 River Road 978.685.6200 www.laquintaandover.com

Trade in the highway for a spacious guest room with many amenities and friendly service to write home about. Enjoy in-room coffee, a new flat panel TV with HD channels, free Wi-Fi and comfy beds. Mini-suites with a pull-out sofa are also available, and there’s space for your pet. Relax the way you want – stop by the indoor pool and hot tub or our fitness room. Either way, the free Bright Side Breakfast is great for adults and kids, with coffee, bagels, pastries, muffins, fruit, cereal, and hot make-it-yourself waffles. La Quinta also has ample meeting space for your next corporate event. Residence Inn by Marriott Andover 500 Minuteman Road 978.683.0382 www.marriott.com/bosad

Your home away from home! Our pet-friendly all-suites hotel offers a full hot breakfast buffet daily, internet, exercise room, seasonal pool, spa, fire pit, sports court and BBQ area.


4 Tech Drive 978.686.2000 www.sonesta.com/andover

The all new Sonesta ES Suites features oversized studios, one and two bedroom suites with full equipped kitchens, convenient work areas and free high speed Wi-fi. A complimentary hot buffet breakfast is offered daily, as well as a complimentary mid-week evening reception. Seasonal outdoor heated pool, BBQ grills and basketball court are located in our relaxing backyard. Unwind and grab a drink at our all new lobby bar or recharge at our espresso café. Springhill Suites by Marriott Andover 550 Minuteman Road 978.688.8200 www.marriott.com/BOSAV

Springhill Suites offers up to 25% more space than a traditional hotel room - with separate areas for sleeping, eating, working, and relaxing. Complimentary hot and healthy breakfast buffet.


Doubletree By Hilton, Boston-Bedford Glen Hotel 44 Middlesex Turnpike 781.275.5500 www.doubletreehotelbedford.com

Earn Hilton Honors points! A 281-room award-winning hotel. Home of SORA Restaurant & Lounge. A reputation for impeccable food quality and service. Outdoor garden terraces perfect for receptions and cocktail hours. Featuring a 10,000-square foot fitness facility offering Life Fitness equipment with integrated CD screens, an indoor swimming pool, indoor & outdoor tennis courts and much more!


Courtyard by Marriott Billerica/Bedford 270 Concord Road 978.670.7500 www.courtyardbillerica.com


Sonesta Es Suites Andover

Located just off Route 3, between Lowell and Concord and only 25 miles from Boston, the newly renovated Courtyard by Marriott Billerica features an indoor pool, The Bistro and Starbucks Coffee. Hold your next social event or corporate meeting in our flexible function space for up to 250 people. Hampton Inn Bedford/ Burlington 25 Middlesex Turnpike 978.262.9977 www.hamptonbedford.com

Located near I-95 and Rt. 3, this newly renovated 129room Hilton hotel featuring oversized rooms with king or 2 queen beds, each with sofa bed, microwave, and minirefrigerator. Complimentary breakfast buffet and Wi-Fi. Shuttle service available within a 5 mile radius. Homewood Suites By Hilton Billerica 35 Middlesex Turnpike 978.670.7111 www.bostonbillerica.homewoodsuites.com

Merrimack Valley’s Premier All Suite Hotel; Honors Points & Miles; Indoor Heated Pool; Breakfast Buffet & Manager’s Reception Included; Shuttle Service within 3 miles based on availability; 3 Private meeting rooms onsite.


Greater Merrimack Valley | 43

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center 242 Adams Place 978-263-8701 www.boxbororegency.com

Conveniently located right off Interstate 495, the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center infuses a unique experience with refreshing hospitality. Corporate travelers appreciate the hotel’s location and the free, 15-mile weekday shuttle service. With over 30,000 square feet of diverse event space, including a 13,200-square foot exhibit hall, you can host events effortlessly. A lush garden courtyard with heated, indoor pool are a few perks our guests enjoy.


Archer Hotel Burlington 18 3rd Ave 781.552.5800 www.archerhotel.com/burlington

This new boutique hotel collection, filled with curated luxuries, is coming to 3rd Ave in 2018. Burlington is Boston’s most-buzzy northwest suburb and home to 3rd Ave — a fashionable town center with distinctive dining, unique shops and the region’s only Wegmans. Soon, Archer will join the wonderfully walkable neighborhood with a fourstory boutique hotel designed to showcase a signature industrial-chic style brimming with curated local touches. Boston Marriott Burlington One Burlington Mall Road 781.229.6565 www.marriottburlington.com

Located on Route 128 with convenient access to 1-93. Hotel offers award winning restaurant (CHOPPS), indoor/ outdoor pools, and 13,000 square feet of flexible function space.

Burlington Boston 130 Middlesex Turnpike 781.229.4300 www.candlewoodsuites.com/bosbl

Dynamic all suites hotel well located to Lowell, Lexington and Boston. Suites with one queen bed and kitchens both in studio and one-bedroom configurations. Hilton Garden Inn Boston/Burlington 5 Wheeler Road 781.272.8800 www.bostonburlington.stayhgi.com

Features 180 guestrooms, 4,200 square feet of meeting space, a full-service restaurant and bar, local shuttle, fitness center, indoor pool and complimentary wireless internet. Hyatt House Boston Burlington 2 Van De Graaff Drive 781.270.0800 www.hyatthouseburlington.com

Only 20 minutes from Boston, offering spacious lifestyle suites to make you feel at home. Complimentary breakfast, featuring made-toorder omelets, fresh fruit and a selection of healthy foods. 1,100 square feet of flexible meeting space. Residence Inn Boston/Burlington 400 District Ave 781.272.3331 http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ bosxr-residence-inn-boston-burlington/

All-suites hotel featuring 170 guest rooms, complimentary breakfast buffet, indoor saline pool & whirlpool, fitness center, and outdoor living room with fire pit and BBQ area. Sonesta Es Suites

Candlewood Suites Hotel



11 Concord Road 781.221.2233 www.sonesta.com/burlingtonma

The newly reimagined Sonesta ES Suites Burlington features 141 Suites with full kitchens. To make your stay more enjoyable, we’ve added the following complimentary amenities; hot breakfast buffet daily, evening social Tuesday- Thursday nights, high speed Wi-Fi and local shuttle service!


Best Western Plus Chelmsford Inn 187 Chelmsford Street 978.256.7511 www.bestwestern.com/chelmsfordinn

Upgraded bedding package, complimentary hot/cold breakfast buffet, free HSIA, outdoor pool and fitness center. AAA 3 diamond BEST WESTERN PLUS property. Holiday Inn Express Chelmsford 8 Independence Drive 978.710.3151 www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/ hotels/us/en/chelmsford

The new Holiday Inn Express offers a unique location among area accommodations. Our hotel is located in close proximity to local corporate offices, providing easy access to Route 3 and Interstate 495. Looking to come for business travel? The Holiday Inn Express – Chelmsford offers corporate rates on stays. In addition to a great locale, this hotel in the ChelmsfordLowell area features great amenities, including a Fitness Center, Business Center, Pool area, and free, hot, buffet-style breakfast. Want a change of scenery? Check out all the Restaurants, Shopping Plazas, Market and

Convenience Stores within walking distance. There’s plenty to do in the area! Come stay with us and enjoy the newest hotel in town!



Radisson Hotel & Suites Chelmsford 10 Independence Drive 978.256.0800 www.radisson.com/chelmsford

With 214 guestrooms, including 133 standard rooms and 81 studio suites, our experienced staff will serve you well. At the junction of Routes 3 and 495, we are less than 5 miles from Downtown Lowell. As a full-service hotel we offer many complimentary services and amenities. Even the locals enjoy the Independence Bar and Grille! Features such as shopping and restaurants within walking distance and ample free parking make us a popular choice.


Best Western at Historic Concord 740 Elm Street 978.369.6100 www.bestwesternconcord.com

Newly Renovated! This award-winning Best Western features a great location, minutes from historic sites, 22 miles west of Boston. Immaculately clean, comfortable and spacious guestrooms, featuring free wireless high-speed Internet access. Delicious complimentary hot and cold breakfast buffet. Fitness room & seasonal outdoor pool. Paparazzi Restaurant and Lounge next door. Pets welcome. Concord’s Colonial Inn

Greater Merrimack Valley | 45

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE 48 Monument Square 978.369.9200 Reservations 800.370.9200 www.concordscolonialinn.com Instagram:@ConcordsColonialInn

Centered in the heart of Concord’s Monument Square since 1716, Concord’s Colonial Inn has been host to three centuries of history. The Inn, which played an integral role in America’s Revolutionary War and was once home to noted author Ralph Waldo Emerson, combines undeniable history with present-day amenities. Guest rooms dating to 1716, extended stay suites, newly remodeled guest rooms in the Prescott Wing, multiple dining options, function rooms to accommodate business & social functions, and live entertainment make this Inn one of New England’s top destinations for both


business and leisure travelers. Experience history at Concord’s Colonial Inn. North Bridge Inn B&B 21 Monument Street 978.371.0014 www.northbridgeinn.com

European Style B&B in the heart of historic Concord, within walking distance to sites of interest. Six spacious suites, each with a private bath. Free Wi-Fi. Full breakfast served. Families welcome. Residence Inn by Marriott Concord 320 Baker Ave 978.341.0003 www.residenceinnconcordma.com

Stylish and contemporary guestrooms are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi work space, full kitchens and living area. Free breakfast buffet daily and a bar open nightly.


Inn At Hastings ParkRelais & Chateaux

One Broadway 857-770-7000 www.encorebostonharbor.com

2027 Massachusetts Avenue 781.301.6660 www.innathastingspark.com

Encore Boston Harbor

A five-star waterfront resort located just 5 miles from downtown Boston with 671 luxurious rooms, 15 restaurants and lounges, and 50,000 square feet of meeting space. There is no place in the world like Encore Boston Harbor.


Holiday Inn Express Andover North – Lawrence 224 Winthrop Avenue 978-975-4050 www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/ us/en/lawrence/boslm/hoteldetail

The Holiday Inn Express Andover North- Lawrence provides convenient access to major airports, with quick access to I-495 and I-93 and in close proximity to several major attractions. Enjoy complimentary hotel amenities like high-speed, hotel-wide Internet access, and our hot breakfast bar. We are pet friendly!


Aloft Lexington

Experience Revolutionary Hospitality at The Inn at Hastings Park, the only Relais & Chateaux hotel in Greater Boston. Just 15 miles from Boston and footsteps away from the Lexington Battle Green, where America’s fight for liberty began. Listed as #62 on Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Hotel List, the Inn is comprised of lovingly preserved historical buildings. Enjoy our elegantly appointed guest rooms and inspired New England cuisine in our awardwinning restaurant Artistry on the Green. Quality Inn & Suites Lexington 440 Bedford Street 781.861.0850 www.qualityinnlexington.com

Located just 15 miles from Boston, and minutes from historical sites in Lexington and Concord. Free hot American breakfast and Wi-Fi. Dine onsite at Margarita’s Restaurant.

727 Marrett Road 781.761.1700 www.alofthotels.com/lexingtonhotel


Loft-inspired modern style shakes up a historic Boston suburb. Enjoy free Wifi and bottled water, mingle at wxyz bar, and grab snacks from re:fuel.


Element Lexington 727 Marrett Road 781.761.1750 www.elementlexington.com



Boston Minuteman Campground 264 Ayer Road 978-501-3411

QUALITY FAMILY CAMPING— Conveniently located in Littleton, near the junction of Routes 495 and 2, you’ll find spacious campsites nestled within a beautiful pine forest.

Surrounded by rich colonial history, Element Lexington allows you to recharge with spacious guest rooms, free Internet, bottled water, daily breakfast, and free evening reception Monday-Thursday.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 47

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Courtyard by Marriott Littleton

Umass Lowell Inn & Conference Center

102 Constitution Avenue 978-440-5040 www.marriott.com/boslt

50 Warren Street 978.934.6920 www.uml.edu/icc

Contemporary and convenient the Courtyard welcomes you to enjoy an excellent hotel experience. Amenities include complimentary Wi-FI, indoor heated pool, well-equipped fitness center.

Lowell’s only full service hotel located in the heart of downtown, close to historic landmarks, major event venues, museums, parks and a bustling downtown.The hotel features 31 Inn style guest rooms year-round and an additional 120 seasonal (summer) guest rooms. Over 15,000 sq. ft. of versatile event space is available for meetings and social gatherings. Pub favorites are offered nightly in our lounge, 50 Warren.


Courtyard by Marriott Lowell/Chelmsford 30 Industrial Avenue East 978.458.7575 www.marriott.com/bosll

120 guestrooms. Free highspeed Internet access! Fitness center, outdoor pool, Starbucks, full onsite dinner/ lounge each evening, and function rooms for corporate and social events.

(978) 458 7575 Reservations: (800) 321-2211 www.mariott.com/BOSLL

24-hour Market Express

Exceptional service

Free High Speed Internet Access Extensive buffet breakfast daily Group and Meeting Rooom Space



Days Hotel and Conference Center 159 Pelham Street 978.291.6522 www.dayshotelmethuen.com

The Days Hotel welcomes you to enjoy our recently updated, extremely comfortable guest rooms. Along with your room please enjoy our 4 function rooms for anyone, and any function, of any size up to 350 people. You will also enjoy complimentary high-speed wireless and/or wired internet, our indoor heated pool, fitness center, complimentary deluxe continental breakfast and on site restaurant and lounge. You will surely see the price is just right. Rte. 93, exit 47.

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE Courtyard by Marriott Nashua

2200 Southwood Drive 603.880.9100 www.courtyardnashua.com

Rooms with plush beds, large workstations and complimentary internet. Breakfast available in the restaurant, dinner in the spacious lounge and full meeting/catering facilities. Doubletree by Hilton Nashua 2 Somerset Parkway 603.886.1200 www.doubletree.com

Newly renovated, 230-room full service hotel located in southern NH. Just off Route 3, neighboring to many local businesses, and offering easy access to the White Mountains, Boston, and the scenic seacoast. Local attractions include tax-free shopping, wineries and breweries, and state parks to enjoy the beautiful seasons. Complimentary shuttle service within 10 miles of the hotel,

including Manchester Regional Airport. Amenities include complimentary covered parking, indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness center with separate weight and cardio rooms. 10,000+ sq. feet of newly renovated event space. Ideally suited for families or individuals, we will welcome you with a warm DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie!



Holiday Inn Nashua, NH 9 Northeastern Blvd. 603.888.1551 www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/ nashua/ashnh/hoteldetail

Full service hotel with easy access to Route 3 and 15 miles from the Manchester Airport, offering 199 guest rooms (98 doubles and 14 suites), Killarney’s Irish Pub an on-site restaurant, 24-hour business center and gym, an outdoor pool (open Memorial Day to Columbus Day weekend). We are located close to the Merrimack Premium Outlets! Radisson Nashua Hotel 11 Tara Boulevard 603.888.9970 www.radisson.com/nashuanh

Hospitality awaits you at the Radisson Nashua Hotel. Located on the Mass/NH border, guests enjoy the benefits of NH’s tax free shopping and the many attractions of the Greater Merrimack Valley. Our unique castle-like hotel offers spacious accommodations, newly renovated meeting rooms, a beautiful new lobby, indoor and outdoor pools and the Shade Bar and Grill, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to Happy Hour Monday thru Friday. Whether you’re looking for a conference venue, business meeting or a weekend getaway, the Radisson Nashua is the hotel for you!

Greater Merrimack Valley | 49


Motel 6

1 Keewaydin Drive 603.893.5511 www.holidayinn.com/salemnh

120 clean comfortable rooms. Coffee 7am to 10am. Small pets allowed. Free HBO & ESPN. AARP rates. Guest laundry.

95 Main Street 978.851.8677 www.motel6.com

Holiday Inn Salem (I-93 at exit 2)

Conveniently located off I-93 at exit 2, central to Boston and Manchester, NH. The hotel features onsite dining, wireless internet, indoor pool and fitness center.


Fairfield Inn Boston Tewksbury/Andover 1695 Andover Street 978.640.0700 www.marriott.com/bosft

Enjoy modern Guest Rooms, complimentary wireless internet access, brand new exercise room and corner market, on-site laundry, seasonal outdoor pool and complimentary buffet breakfast! Holiday Inn Tewksbury/Andover 4 Highwood Drive 978.640.9000 www.tewksburymahotel.com

Easy access from I-495 and I-93 and just 4 miles from the National Park Service attractions in Lowell. 227 nicely appointed guestrooms, Victoria’s full service restaurant and lounge, indoor lap pool and Jacuzzi, fitness center and over 5000 sq. ft. of function facilities ideal for meetings, weddings and other social events. Complimentary high-speed wireless internet access for all guest rooms and function areas.


Residence Inn by Marriott Tewksbury/Andover 1775 Andover Street 978.640.1003 www.residenceinn.com/bosbt

Newly renovated and conveniently located off I-495 and easy access from I-93. Relax and unwind in our spacious one or two bedroom suites. Each suite features king beds, a separate living area, pull-out sofa, and fully-stocked kitchen. Two-bedroom suites include two king beds in separate bedrooms with two bathrooms to accommodate. Enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast buffet every morning. A light fare is included Monday-Wednesday evenings, serving a seasonal Residence Inn “Mix” menu. Our seasonal outdoor pool, hot tub, and fire pit allow guests to enjoy the beautiful New England summer weather. Residence Inn invites the whole family, including pets, for stays short and long. Towneplace Suites by Marriott- Tewksbury/ Andover 20 International Place 978.863.9800 www.marriott.com/BOSTT

Newly renovated, all-suite hotel is designed for working and relaxing, allowing you to settle into your daily routine. Each suite is equipped with a queen size bed with plush bedding, and full kitchens. Stay rejuvenated with our daily complimentary hot continental




Couryard by Marriott Woburn/Boston North @ Unicorn Park

70 Third Avenue 781-290-5600 www.westin.com/waltham

700 Unicorn Park Drive 781.938.9001 www.marriott.com/boscw

The Westin-Waltham Boston

Suburban Boston’s only AAA Four Diamond Hotel, The Westin Waltham-Boston offers guests the opportunity to explore the city while providing the space to relax that most city hotels do not. Sleep well on our acclaimed Heavenly Mattresses and savor bold flavors at our signature hotel restaurant, Relish Burger Bistro.


Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center 219 Littleton Road 978.692.8200 www.westfordregency.com

New England charm, modern amenities, friendly service, and delicious food are the perfect combinations that make up the Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center. Whether traveling on business, or simply enjoying a family vacation, the exemplary staff at the hotel will surely meet everyone’s needs. Centrally located, the hotel offers close proximity to shopping, golf, skiing and many historical attractions.

Courtyard Boston Woburn/Burlington 240 Mishawum Road 781.932.3200 www.woburncourtyard.com


breakfast, free WI-FI and onsite fitness facility. The 24-hour business center keeps you linked, and our pet-friendly policy means you’ll never have to leave anyone behind. Whether it’s for a few nights, weeks or months, TownePlace Suites offers all the amenities needed for your extended stay. Visit our website for renovated pictures.

Conveniently located off Routes 128, I-95 and I-93 and just 4 mi from the Burlington Mall. Enjoy spacious accommodations and on-site restaurant, The Bistro.

All the Offerings of an Urban Hotel without the Downtown Price! Enjoy onsite Starbucks, Bistro Breakfast, Dinner, and Bar nightly. Featuring 5800 Sq. Ft of Flex Event Space, Free Parking, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Indoor Pool & Whirlpool, Fitness Center, Local Shuttle Services to Restaurants, Shopping Centers, and Commuter Rail with Connection to Downtown Boston & Logan Express. The Perfect Location for Experiencing all that Merrimack Valley has to Offer! Fairfield Inn by Marriott Boston Woburn/Burlington 285 Mishawum Road 781.938.7575 www.marriott.com /bosfw

Located at the crossroads of I-95/I-93/Route 128 and features 126 newly renovated guest rooms, complimentary daily hot and cold deluxe continental breakfast, complementary Wi-Fi and bus parking. Seasonal outdoor pool, casual style – high quality.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 51

Hilton Boston/Woburn 2 Forbes Road 781.932.0999 www.hilton.com/Woburn

344 spacious guest rooms, 13,000 square feet of meeting space. Complimentary self-parking, internet access in meeting rooms, guest rooms and public areas. Full service restaurant and lounge. Corporate Executive level and Lounge. Health Club and Indoor Pool. Located just 10 miles from downtown Boston and 1.2 miles from Anderson Station Woburn. Hilton Boston Woburn is located at the junction of 93/95 & 128 easy access to all major highways. Complimentary shuttle service within 5 mile radius.

Holiday Inn Express Boston North-Woburn 315 Mishawum Road 781.935.7666 www.hiexpress.com/hotels/us/en/ woburn/boswm/hoteldetail

Woburn’s newest and most modern hotel with a spa and Gym is located off Interstate 95, near the Interstate 93 interchange in Woburn, Massachusetts. Residence Inn Boston Woburn 300 Presidential Way 781.376.4000 www.residenceinnwoburn.com

All the comforts of a Boston apartment, with the addition of complimentary amenities including breakfast, parking, internet, Evening Mix (M-W), indoor pool, and fitness center.


Salem Explore all Salem has to offer, from architecture and culture to maritime history and magic. Just 16 miles north of Boston. Learn more at salem.org


Eat & Drink HUNGRY? The dining choices in the Greater Merrimack Valley and surrounding area are almost limitless! Our region offers some of the best ethnic and fine dining in Massachusetts. No matter what your tastes are, there is sure to be something here for you! ANDOVER

Andover Inn

189 Prime

123 Old River Road 978.683.2663 www.bostonandover.doubletree.com

Merrimack Valley Neighborhood Steakhouse, featuring prime steaks, fresh Atlantic seafood, salads with locally sourced greens and organic produce in season. A full menu designed with creative application and paired with the familiar leave an impression. Contemporary, casual with a relaxed atmosphere.


4 Chapel Ave. 978.775.4902 www.andoverinn.com

Located on the campus of Phillips Academy, the Andover Inn offers 30 wellappointed guestrooms, private function space, and Samuels Restaurant. The perfect venue for any occasion.


131 River Road 978-687-2442 www.chateaurestaurant.com

A tradition of offering a full Italian American menu with quality food and reasonable prices in a casual, familyfriendly atmosphere has kept customers coming back for more than 80 years.


Del Frisco’s Grille 92 Middlesex Turnpike 781.365.2005 www.delfriscosgrille.com/

burlington An exciting restaurant in Burlington that dishes up creative twists on American comfort classics, near the Burlington Mall, and one of the best Boston Restaurants. The Bancroft $ 15 Third Ave 781.221.2100 www.the-bancroft.com

The Bancroft is a chef-driven steakhouse and craft cocktail lounge that blends oldschool hospitality with newschool urban aesthetic. Tuscan Kitchen 2400 District Ave 781.229.0300 www.tuscanbrands.com/kitchen/ burlington

Inspired by the artisan tradition of using simple fresh ingredients and timehonored scratch preparation, Tuscan Kitchen & Market is a regional Italian restaurant and marketplace where everything is made-in-house.


The Chateau


116 Chelmsford St 978.256.7777 www.110grill.com

110 Grill offers modern American cuisine in a trendy casual atmosphere. We are passionate about pure flavor, quality ingredients, and allergy awareness. Feng Shui


285 Chelmsford Street 978.250.8888 www.gofengshui.com

Hibachi, Sushi, Chinese, Buffet, Lounge, Delivery. Feng Shui Kitchen, Your Kitchen. Taste, Quality, and Style, as always, at both Chelmsford and Tyngsboro locations. Fishbones 34 Central Square 978.250.0101 www.fishbonesofchelmsford.com

Serving traditional and modern seafood entrees along with chicken and pasta dishes. Seasonal patio. Dining hours: Mon - Thurs 11:30am9:00pm, Fri 11:30-10:00pm Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-9pm. Glenview Pub & Grill


248 Princeton Street 978.251.3591 www.glenviewpubandgrill.com

Since 1956. Family owned Independent Pub & Restaurant. Offering contemporary American cuisine alongside classic Pub favorites. Enjoy a craft beer from our extensive draft and bottle selection or a house infused craft cocktail in our pub area. Wednesday and Thursday join us for Trivia and play for gift cards. Live music Friday through Sunday. Enjoy an Estate bottled wine with dinner in our comfortable dining room.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 55

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Moonstones 185 Chelmsford Street – Route 110 978.256.7777 www.moonstones110.com

Wildly popular, chef-driven Lunch, Dinner, Tapas, Raw Bar, Award Winning Sunday Brunch, Late-Night, and Craft Cocktails in a beautiful metropolitan atmosphere. Think Global, Eat Local. Pho Dalat Restaurant $ 131 Drumhill Road 978-710-7636 www.phodalat.net

With 3 locations throughout Lowell and Chelmsford, Pho Dalat encompasses a serene setting and relaxing atmosphere, providing you a variety of fine Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines.

Rufina’s Italian Restaurant $ 170 Concord Road 978.256.1250 www.rufinas.com We offer excellent Italian cuisine, scrumptious desserts, and a wide variety of tantalizing wines. We have several private dining rooms to accommodate most everyone’s needs. 56


Concord’s Colonial Inn 48 Monument Square 978.369.9200 Reservations 978.369.2373 www.concordscolonialinn. com Instagram: @

concordscolonialinn Concord’s Colonial Inn features a variety of distinct dining areas. Merchants Row is perfect for a special occasion or night out, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, as well as a renowned Sunday brunch buffet. Liberty’s taverns are open nightly and host local entertainment Wednesday through Saturday evenings. The Forge Tavern is a prominent place to unwind, catch up with friends, and savor delicious made-to-

order, fresh all-American fare. Enjoy a truly memorable dining experience in one of New England’s most charming towns.


11 Wheeler Road 978.369.4494 http://www.verrillfarm.com/

Celebrating Farm to Table for 100 Years! Verrill Farm is family owned and operated on fields which are among the oldest agriculturally sustained in the U.S. More than 40 crops grown on over 150 acres are sold in the farm stand. Local specialty foods and cheeses are also featured. The on-site kitchen, deli and bakery prepare mouthwatering, made-fromscratch breakfast fare, entrees, soups, sandwiches and baked goods daily. Agricultural tours, hayrides and cooking classes are available. Family friendly Summer Festivals and Field to Fork dinners celebrate local crops. Open daily, year-round. Trail’s End Café


97 Lowell Road 978.610.6633 www.thetrailsendcafe.com

Trail’s End Café serves delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We use carefully sourced fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and poultry. We also offer on and off-site catering, private event space, and a full bar!


Owen & Ollie’s $ Restaurant & Pub 91 Mill Street 978.957.4400 www.owenandollies.com

Full-service, casual, family friendly restaurant and pub located in historic Beaver Brook Mills, serving an American-style menu with a touch of Irish for over 12 years. Function room available up to 100 people. Play Lottery and Keno. Free Wi-Fi. Takeout Service. Outside seasonal patio. 24 beers on tap. 15 TV’s for viewing. Live acoustic entertainment every Sunday

from 5pm-9pm. (1/2 price appetizers on Sunday in our pub 4pm-6pm). Now serving breakfast Saturday & Sundays 8am-11:45am. Open MonThurs 11:00am-10:30pm; Friday 11:00am-11:30pm; Saturday 8am-11:30pm; Sunday 8am-10:30pm. Food served ½ hour prior to closing.


Verrill Farm, LLC

The Tavern at Lenzi’s 810 Merrimack Ave 978.455.1566 www.lenzicatering.com

The Tavern at Lenzi’s is open for lunch and dinner as well as Sunday brunch. Serving made from scratch dishes and fresh, seasonal cocktails you’ll be sure to find something you love!


Encore Boston Harbor One Broadway 857.770.7000 www.encorebostonharbor.com

A five-star waterfront resort located just 5 miles from downtown Boston with 671 luxurious rooms, 15 restaurants and lounges, and 50,000 square feet of meeting space. There is no place in the world like Encore Boston Harbor.


Artistry On The Green 2027 Massachusetts Avenue 781.301.6655 www.innathastingspark.com

At Best of Boston magazine winner, Artistry on the Green in Lexington, MA, we are passionate about food. We use fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative cooking techniques to create delicious menus that showcase classic New England favorites with an inspired twist. Working with local farmers, we feature the bounty of the New England countryside fresh at our tables every day. We are open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Weekend Brunch.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 57

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Lexx Restaurant $

Café Utec

1666 Massachusetts Avenue 781.674.2990 www.lexx-restaurant.com

41 Warren Street 978-856-3974 www.cafeutec.org

Deliciously fresh American cuisine is offered for lunch and dinner in a unique chef inspired restaurant. A full bar and lounge offers your favorite libations and a great selections of craft draft beers. Lunch 11:30-4, Dinner 4-9pm (Friday and Saturday until 10pm) and Sunday brunch 10-3. Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

All under one (solar-paneled) roof, in the world’s oldest green building: Unique event spaces, Cafe UTEC and catering, and an internationally recognized youth services organization.


Athenian Corner Restaurant 207 Market Street 978.458.7052 www.atheniancorner.com

Full-service restaurant featuring the largest variety of fine Greek food in New England. Live Greek music and belly dancing ThursdaySaturday nights. Open daily. Celebrating over 40 years in business! Blue Taleh 15 Kearney Square 978.453.1112 www.bluetalehlowell.com

Cavaleiro’s Restaurant

The experience of authentic Mediterranean dining awaits you at Cavaleiro’s Restaurant, where our delicious cuisine will be sure to make a memorable impression on you. Cobblestones of Lowell 91 Dutton Street 978.970.2282 www.cobblesstonesoflowell.com

Iconic American Tavern. Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Late-Night, Craft Beer and Cocktails in the heart of historic Downtown Lowell. Dining Room, Lounge, and Private Dining. Famed regional destination since 1994.

Blue Taleh offers delicious Thai dishes, Sushi & Martinis. Check out our Wednesday Nights- Jazz/Jam, Thursday Nights- Saxophone, Friday & Saturday Nights- Piano Bar. Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus 61 Market Street 978.454.2739 www.brewdawakening.com

Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus is a warm and relaxing place for coffee, tea, sandwiches and pastries. We offer free internet, live music, and poetry nights.



573 Lawrence Street 978.458.2800 www.cavaleirosrestaurant.com


Four Sisters Owl Diner

250 Jackson Street, 4th Fl. 978.656.1828 www.coffeeandcotton.com

244 Appleton Street 978.453.8321

We serve direct trade coffees, organic teas, kombucha on tap, house baked pastries, and locally sourced snacks. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi and live music events. El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill 124 Merrimack Street 978-455-2840 www.elpotromexicangrill.com

Small family run restaurant featuring authentic Mexican and Central American food and beverages.

Just as it did when the mills were at peak production, the Four Sisters serves up hot java and wholesome American meals. Open daily 6am-2pm, Sunday 7am-2pm. Fuse Bistro


Coffee and Cotton


45 Palmer Street 978.323.0424 www.fuse-bistro.com

Fuse Bistro is a seasonal American restaurant incorporating ingredients from local farms into our food & drinks with patio seating and late-night menu options.

A Great Night Out Either Begins Or Ends at Heritage Farm Ice Cream.com n

Mondays: Classic Car Show & Free Concert Series


Tuesdays: Bike Nite for Jimmy Fund


Thursdays: Kids Night

All Starting at 6:00 PM, All Summer Long

Heritage Farm Thank you forIce Cream & Restaurant winner voting us BLVD, Lowell MA 978-459-0802 163 Pawtucket

2 018

“Best in the Merrimack Valley”

Espresso Pizza of Lowell 220 Central Street 978.452.8160

Garcia Brogan’s

163 Pawtucket Blvd. 131 MiddlesexHome Streetof the Lowell, Mass. Famous Maine 978.446.0005 (978) 459-0802 Lobster Roll HeritageFarmIceCream.com specialties www.garciabrogans.com

Serving fine Italian since 1962 in downtown Lowell. Offering pizza, subs and full dinners. Open 11:30am-9pm Sun-Thurs; 11:30am-10pm Fri-Sat. Credit Cards Accepted.

A Mexican & Irish Restaurant with a warm and elegant environment. Enjoy a choice of craft beers, wide variety of tequilas, whiskies, weekly food specials and entertainment. Seasonal patio.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 59

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Gormley’s Café

Olympia Restaurant

139 East Merrimack Street 978.452.8134 www.gormleyscafe.com

453 Market Street 978.452.8092 www.newolympia.com

Family owned & operated, serving traditional diner food from fresh, local ingredients made from scratch. Come enjoy fresh food and local friends. Open 7 days a week!

A casual, full-service familyrun restaurant that offers the best in Greek cuisine since 1952. The Olympia Restaurant specializes in fresh U.S.D.A. Colorado lamb, traditional Greek specialties, chicken, pork, steaks, chops, seafood, salads & more. We offer dinein, take-out, catering, banquets & entertainment located in the Olympia’s Zorba Music Hall.

Heritage Farm Ice Cream and Restaurant 163 Pawtucket Boulevard 978.459.0802 www.heritagefarmicecream.com

Enjoy our Monday Night Classic Car Shows and Free Concert Series, Tuesday’s Bike Night for the Jimmy Fund, and Thursday’s Kids Night, all summer long. Book your ice cream social, party, or function with us. Lowell Beer Works


203 Cabot Street 978.937.2337 www.beerworks.net

Lowell Beer Works is centrally located one block from the Lowell Spinners Ballpark, UMASS Lowell and the Tsongas Center. Brewery on site, great food, seasonal patio. Mandarin Asian Bistro 24 Market Street 978.677.6777 www.mandarinasianbistro.com

Conveniently located in Downtown Lowell, offering a full Chinese menu and Sushi bar as well as an extensive wine list and fresh fruit martinis. Delivery & Take Out also available.

The Old Court 29 Central Street 978.452.0100 www.oldcourtirishpub.com www.facebook.com/TheOldCourt

Your destination for all things Irish in Downtown Lowell. Whether it’s great food, lively entertainment or unique atmosphere, you’re sure to find it at The Old Court. Thirsty First Tavern and Grill 280 Central Street 978-454-7600 www.thirstyfirstma.com

Prohibition style pub and restaurant featuring Greater Lowell’s best craft beer selection. Huge outside Patio with a menu that includes, hand tossed pizza, award winning Angus burgers, assorted gourmet Grilled Cheeses and great salad choices. Open Mon-Thurs 4pm-2am and Fri-Sat-Sun 11:30am-2am. Top Donut 700 Aiken Street 978.459.6113

Great pastries, donuts, sandwiches and flavored coffees. Family owned and operated. Discounts on large orders! Open every day 5am – 9pm.



141 Worthen Street 978.459.0300 www.worthenhousecafe.com

The Worthen is Lowell’s oldest bar and serves a full menu daily from 11am-9pm with a limited menu until 1am. Warm and cozy atmosphere.


27 Trafalgar Square 603.943.7443 www.110grill.com

110 Grill offers modern American cuisine in a trendy casual atmosphere. We are passionate about pure flavor, quality ingredients, and allergy awareness.

NORTH ANDOVER Burton’s Grill

145 Turnpike Street 978.688.5600 www.burtonsgrill.com

Burtons Grill is the perfect location for lunch or dinner. Enjoy the beautiful bar/ lounge area or the patio with fine wines and menu items including: crisp salads, fresh seafood and juicy steaks.


Angelina’s Italian Restaurant 1866 Main Street 978-319-9573 www.angelinastewksbury.com

At Angelina’s we not only serve Italian staples such as chicken parmigiana, homemade ravioli’s, and hand tossed Italian gourmet pizza, but you will also find daily fresh fish dishes. At Angelina’s it is all about family and the dinner table is for making memories.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 1795 Andover Street 978.858.3717 www.crackerbarrel.com


Worthen House Cafe

Named the “Best Family Dining Chain” by Restaurants and Institutions Magazine for 16 years. Open for breakfast (all day), lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Meadowlands Ice Cream 328 North Billerica Road 978.454.6701 www.meadowlandsicecream.com

Homemade ice cream, frozen yogurts, light lunches, ice cream pies & pizza. Minutes off Rte. 495. Overlooking a picturesque meadow, relax while enjoying your favorite ice cream treat or lunch.


Burton’s Grill 1 Cornerstone Square 978.692.1220 www.burtonsgrill.com

Burtons Grill is chef driven, with a menu of scratch made, locally inspired dishes. Our team brings years of enthusiasm and experience combined with a commitment to consistency and providing a memorable experience and this makes the difference when you step through the doors at every restaurant. Burtons believes in corporate citizenship and actively involved in the local restaurant community and community organizations. Lunch with friends, dinner with family or just after work drinks, Burtons Grill hits the mark for any occasion.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 61


g n i p Shop

No vacation is complete without shopping, and the Greater Merrimack Valley and surrounding area is just the place to find that unique gift in one of the region’s many shops, art galleries, or museum gift stores.



Debra’s Natural Gourmet

SPECIALTY STORES/HEALTHY LIVING 98 Commonwealth Avenue | West Concord 978.371.7573

Debra’s Natural Gourmet, best health food store in USA! Take-out kitchen, catering, home of Eat Well Be Happy, the cooking show. Come, you’ll fall in love.



Verrill Farm, LLC FARMERS MARKETS & HEALTHY LIVING 11 Wheeler Road 978.369.4494 http://www.verrillfarm.com/

Celebrating Farm to Table for 100 Years! Verrill Farm is family owned and operated on fields which are among the oldest agriculturally sustained in the U.S. More than 40 crops grown on over 150 acres are sold in

the farm stand. Local specialty foods and cheeses are also featured. The on-site kitchen, deli and bakery prepare mouthwatering, made-fromscratch breakfast fare, entrees, soups, sandwiches and baked goods daily. Agricultural tours, hayrides and cooking classes are available. Family friendly Summer Festivals and Field to Fork dinners celebrate local crops. Open daily, year-round.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 63


Sophia’s Greek Pantry North


SPECIALTY STORES 479 Market Street 978.937.3899 www.sophiasgreekpantry.com

SPECIALTY STORES 130 Waltham Street 781.862.9696 www.lascma.org

The Lexington Arts and Crafts Society is a non-profit education center providing classes and workshops as well exhibitions and sales of contemporary and traditional fine art and craft.


Mike & Cindy Kuenzler’s All Sports/Heroes Uniforms, Sporting Goods & Promotions

We are an authentic Greek/ Balkan specialty store, dedicated to providing and satisfying the diverse American palate. We offer hundreds of specialty Mediterranean products from both imported and national brands as well as homemade foods and desserts from Sophia’s own recipes! From the pantry to your plate. Sweet Lydia’s

SPECIALTY STORES 18 First Street 978.452.1976 www.allsportsheroes.com

SPECIALTY STORES 160 Merrimack Street 978.888.7616 www.sweetlydias.com

Mike & Cindy Kuenzler’s All Sports * Heroes Uniforms, Sporting Goods & Promotions produces superior imprinted and embroidered products; including uniforms, promotional products, and corporate gifts with your logo.

Western Avenue Studios

Mill No. 5 SPECIALTY STORES/FARMERS MARKETS 250 Jackson Street, 4th Fl. 978.656.1828 www.millno5.com

An interior streetscape of historic architecture, Mill No. 5 is a center for shopping, dining and entertainment, as well as a working space for start-ups and creatives. The building houses the Coffee and Cotton Café, The Luna Theatre, SUTRA STUDIO and on Sundays, The Farm Market.


Gourmet candy shop specializing in marshmallows, candy bars and so much more! Visit our brick & marshmallow or virtual shop to see for yourself.

SPECIALTY STORES 122 & 160 Western Avenue 978.710.8605 www.westernavenuestudios.com

Western Avenue Studios and Lofts is a thriving arts community with over 300 artists! Artists host Open Studios the First Saturday of every month where visitors enjoy 50,000 works of art, demonstrations, shopping, events, the Loading Dock Gallery and more − all in a historic mill in Lowell, MA!


FLORISTS 1300 Lawrence Street 978.454.4121

We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated full service florist shop with the only working greenhouses in Lowell. Let our family tradition be part of yours!


CTM Media Group MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES 30B Sixth Road 781.935.6690 www.ctmmediagroup.com www.ettractions.com


Sykes The Florist and Greenhouse

CTM Media Group distributes relevant information to visitors to maximize their vacation experience, through print, digital and publishing.

Hannaford and Dumas Inc. PRINTERS 26 Conn Street 781.503.0100 www.hannaforddumas.com

Hannaford and Dumas, commercial printers since 1976, Built on referrals, sustained on trust.



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Greater Merrimack Valley | 65


iV sitor Services

Whether you’re just visiting or call the Greater Merrimack Valley and surrounding area home, our region has your needs covered when it comes to banking, real estate, entertainment, business services and more. To find what you’re looking for, see our listings below.


Align Credit Union BANKS 19 Haverhill Road 800.942.9575 www.aligncu.com

Since 1922, Align Credit Union has provided customized banking solutions to individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley. Align offers a full suite of products and services including Personal and Business Banking, Mortgages, Financial Planning and Insurance. For additional information, visit www.AlignCU.com.


Middlesex Community College HIGHER EDUCATION 591 Springs Road 800.818.3434 www.middlesex.mass.edu

The college offers 70 degree and certificate programs, hundreds of online and noncredit courses, as well as corporate education and training.

66 2



PHOTOGRAPHERS P.O. Box 501 978.317.8505 www.alyceoconnell.com

OTHER 26 North Road, Suite 5 978.250.3777

Alyce L. O’connell Photogrpahy

Over the last 20 years Alyce has owned a studio specializing in commercial, publicity, event, fashion, portrait and weddings. Alyce is also a photographer instructor.


HOSPITALS 41 Mall Road 781.744.5100 www.laheyhealth.org

Lahey Health is what’s next in healthcare providing a full continuum of integrated health services close to where you live or work. It is comprised of nationally-recognized, awardwinning hospitals – including an academic hospital and medical center, and community hospitals – primary care providers, specialist physicians, behavioral health services, post-acute programs such as home health services, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, and senior care resources located throughout northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.


MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES 36 Bay State Rd 617.649.3215 www.do617.com

Do617 is more than just a comprehensive, hyper-local listings guide- it’s an allinclusive, culture-forward marketing agency that helps shape the Boston area’s music and nightlife scene.

Shannon, Cullen & Associates, Llc




CPA Firm


Town of Concord Visitors Center VISITOR INFORMATION/TOUR & TRAVEL 58 Main Street 978.318.3100 www.concordrec.com

The Concord Visitor’s Center, located in historic downtown Concord, MA, is the first stop for information to make your day trip or extended stay a success.


Lenzi’s Catering CATERERS 810 Merrimack Avenue 978.458.2323 www.lenzicatering.com

Lenzi’s is a full service on/off premise catering and event planning company. Our function hall consists of 10 private rooms that can host from 25 to 500 guests.


Align Credit Union BANKS 20 Cushing Ave 800.942.9575 www.aligncu.com

Since 1922, Align Credit Union has provided customized banking solutions to individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley. Align offers a full suite of products and services including Personal and Business Banking, Mortgages, Financial Planning and Insurance. For additional information, visit www.AlignCU.com

Greater Merrimack Valley | 67



Lexington Tourism Committee

Christian Party Rental

VISITOR INFORMATION/TOUR & TRAVEL 1605 Massachusetts Avenue www.tourlexington.us

PARTY RENTALS 18 Clinton Drive 603.883.5326 www.intents.com

New England’s premier party rental company. Christian Party Rental rents tents, chairs, tables, flooring, staging and lighting. We have one of the largest inventories in the USA.


Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce VISITOR INFORMATION 264 Essex Street 978.686.0900 www.merrimackvalleychamber.com

The largest, most effective business network serving businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley. Lawrence General Hospital HOSPITALS 1 General Street 978.683.4000 www.lawrencegeneral.org

Colonial Times Magazine MEDIA P.O. Box 473 781.274.9997 www.colonialtimesmagazine.com

The Colonial Times is a fullcolor, community-based feature publication serving Greater Lexington since 1995. We are delivered each month through the U.S Postal Service to every home and business in the area. Spectacle Management

Lawrence General Hospital is a regional hospital offering high quality, affordable care to the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. Lawrence General has one of the busiest and most capable Emergency Centers in Massachusetts, and is a verified Level Three Trauma Center. In 2017, the hospital boasts newly renovated adult medical/surgical units and intensive care unit, and a brand new surgical building, offering technology not seen anywhere else north of Boston. Serving nearly 300,000 patients annually, and more than 500 local providers, we are ready to provide caring and personalized treatment for life’s big and small health care needs.

68 2

Linger in Lexington year-round to experience art, culture, entertainment, to shop, to dine, to exercise, to explore centuries of history. The Town of Lexington operates the Liberty Ride trolley tour and the Battle Green Guide program. Sign-up to receive our monthly calendar of events: https://goo.gl/3EsRfp

MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES 4 Muzzey Street 1.800.657.8774 www.spectacleshows.com

Spectacle Management is a fullservice entertainment booking and marketing firm, presenting theatre, music, comedy and other stage attractions in venues throughout New England. Lexington Chamber of Commerce COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 1620 Massachusetts Avenue, Unit 1 781.862.2480 www.lexingtonchamber.org

Tourist information and referral service to local businesses, including lodging, dining, shopping, and attractions. Gift shop. Guided tours. Open daily.


Lowell General Hospital HOSPITALS 295 Varnum Avenue/ 1 Hospital Drive 978.937.6000 www.lowellgeneral.org

With two primary campuses located in Lowell, Massachusetts, Lowell General Hospital offers the latest state-of-the-art technology and a full range of medical and surgical services. Two Chefs Are Better Than One CATERERS 1001 Pawtucket Boulevard 978.970.0212 www.twochefsfood.com

Award winning catering, featuring creative menus and artistic presentation. Available for weddings, residential parties, corporate and social gatherings. Let us design a menu for your next event. Cruise Holidays VISITOR INFORMATION/TOUR & TRAVEL JLeggat@CruiseHolidays.com 978.804.2839 www.JanetAndBarry.com

Cruise Holidays selects, plans, markets and administers cruises and tours for groups and individuals. We work with all cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts and tour companies. Align Credit Union BANKS 87 Hale Street 900 Chelmsford Street- Cross Point (1st Flr lobby) 800.942.9575 www.aligncu.com

Since 1922, Align Credit Union has provided customized banking solutions to individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley. Align offers a full suite of products and services including Personal and Business Banking, Mortgages, Financial Planning



and Insurance. For additional information, visit www.AlignCU.com. Eastern Bank BANKS 50 Central Street 978.446.9276 www.easternbank.com

Our history goes back almost 200 years. We are the largest and oldest mutual bank in the country. We offer banking, investments, and insurance. Enterprise Bank BANKS 222 Merrimack Street 978.459.9000 www.enterprisebanking.com

Merrimack Valley’s only independently owned commercial bank with 23 convenient locations. Jeanne D’arc Credit Union BANKS 1 Tremont Place 978.452.5001 www.jdcu.com

We share a common thread. Lowell Five Bank BANKS 34 John Street 978.452.1300 www.lowellfive.com

Lowell Five is a trusted community bank that provides comprehensive loan, deposit, insurance and investment products for individuals, businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations across 16 convenient locations throughout the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. Lowell Five is a locally governed and managed full-service bank with over 160 years of proven strength and stability, and a 5-star rating by Bauer Financial. Deposits are insured in full through both the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). For more information, call 800.931.FIVE or visit www.lowellfive.com.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 69

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Sage Bank

Clark Insurance


INSURANCE 327 Gorham Street 978.459.0505 www.clarkinsurance.com

15 Hurd Street 978.458.4598 www.sagebank.com WELCOME TO THE BANK OF INTERDEPENDENCE! With over 130 years of experience Sage Bank is equipped to offer all consumer and business solutions. Washington Savings Bank BANKS 30 Middlesex Street 978.458.7999 www.washingtonsavings.com

980 WCAP

We provide quality mortgage, loan and deposit products to the residents and businesses in the Merrimack Valley and beyond. Middlesex Community College HIGHER EDUCATION 33 Kearney Square 800.818.3434 www.middlesex.mass.edu

MEDIA 243 Central Street 978.454.0404 www.980wcap.com

The Voice of the Valley. Locally owned 24/7 full power AM Radio Station, 980 WCAP. News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Merrimack Valley information for shopping, dining, business, entertainment and Lowell Spinners baseball. Khmerpost USA, LLC

The college offers 70 degree and certificate programs, hundreds of online and noncredit courses, as well as corporate education and training. University of Massachusetts Lowell HIGHER EDUCATION One University Avenue 978.934.4000 www.uml.edu

MEDIA 45 Merrimack Street. Suite 218A. 978.677.7163 www.khmerpost.us

Your portal to connect with the 2nd largest Cambodian American community in the United States. Reaching over 20,000+ readers bi-weekly. Serving Lowell, Greater Boston, and beyond. Lowell Sun Publishing

Build your future on a highpowered, high-value degree from UMass Lowell, a Top 100 public university (U.S. News & World Report). Explore 122 bachelor’s, 42 master’s and 36 doctoral degree programs. High quality education at an accessible price. UMass Lowell puts the world in your hands. uml.edu/hands-on

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Clark Insurance solves problems and protects businesses, employees and families with tailored insurance at a competitive price. We’ve been serving the communities in which we live and work since 1931.

MEDIA 491 Dutton Street 978.458.7100 www.lowellsun.com

Your source for everything under The Sun. Find us in print, online, on your phone and on your tablet today!


Higgins & Ross Marketing & Communication Services

MEDIA 246 Market Street 978.458.5400 www.ltc.org

PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGN 219 Jackson Street Suite 401 978.618.0906 joan@higginsross.com www.higginsross.com

LTC is Lowell’s non-profit media center and public access TV station, producing video training, equipment and studio for local productions. Business sponsorships available. Stellar Web Studios MEDIA 97 Central Street, Suite 212A 978.710.8317 www.stellarwebstudios.com

Stellar Web Studios’ mission is to consistently provide visually stunning websites that are easily updated and built to last as well as social media marketing and search engine optimization. Owlstamp Visual Solutions PRINTERS 142 Middle Street 978.452.4541 www.owlstamp.com

Custom graphic solutions provider since 1912. Specializing in digital and offset printing, signs, banners, large format printing, mounted graphics, promotional products, direct mail, marketing services, awards, engraving, and rubber stamps.


Lowell Telecommunications Corp (LTC)

City Of Lowell, Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 50 Arcand Drive 978.674.4260 www.lowell.org www.cultureiscool.org

The Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events is the official arts and events agency for the City of Lowell, MA. Committee to Elect Tom Golden COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 80 Heritage Drive

Tom is currently serving as your State Representative for the 16th Middlesex District. As your State Representative, Tom has had the opportunity to work on projects that have been significant in the revitalization of the Greater Lowell area.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 71

2019-2020 VISITOR GUIDE Cultural Organization of Lowell

Lowell Housing Authority

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 100 Merrimack Street, Suite 305 978.455.7652 http://cultureiscool.org

The Cultural Organization of Lowell fosters engagement in arts and culture, and strengthens the vitality and economic growth of arts and culture in Lowell. Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 133 Merrimack Street, 2nd Floor 978.459.8154 www.greaterlowellchamber.org

The Greater Lowell Chamber’s mission is to provide opportunities for our members through education, marketing, networking and advocacy. Kiwanis Club of Greater Lowell COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 350 Moody Street 978.937.3500 www.lhma.org

Lowell Plan COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 660 Suffolk Street Suite 120 978.459.9899 www.lowellplan.org

Committed to improving the quality of life in the city of Lowell. Made In Lowell, Inc. COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 122 Western Ave, Unit 107 978.364.1132 www.madeinlowell.org

Made In Lowell is bringing people together to achieve social change. We celebrate our community through amazing events and media campaigns. Join us! Trinity E.M.S., INC.

P.O. Box 174 01853 978-808-5823 www.lowellkiwanis.com

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. Greater Lowell Kiwanis-Since 1917. Lowell Festival Foundation COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS P.O. Box 217 978.275.1764 www.lowellfestivalfoundation.org

The Lowell Festival Foundation is a non-profit organization encouraging charitable, civic and educational activities in the City of Lowell, supporting many community events. Proud partner of the Lowell Folk Festival.

OTHER P.O. Box 187 978.441.9191 www.trinityems.com

Since 1991, Trinity E.M.S., Inc. has provided both emergency and non-emergency ambulance and wheel-chair van transportation to the communities in the Greater Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. Currently, Trinity provides 911 emergency services to 13 municipalities within the region.


Wolfe Adventures & Tours, LLC VISITOR INFORMATION/TOUR & TRAVEL 163 High Street 978.255.1645 www.wolfetours.com

Customized day & overnight tours for students, band/

72 2




NVCoC is a business advocacy, community and economic development association committed to support its members and the development of a positive economic climate.

Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 1600 Osgood Street 978.975.8787 www.merrimackvalley.info

The Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council is a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes economic growth and prosperity in the entire Merrimack Valley, from Greater Lowell to the sea.

NORTH CHELMSFORD Consider It Done Special Events, LLC

PARTY RENTALS 617.752.1163 www.CIDspecialevents.com

Consider It Done Special Events is a full-service event planning company focused on providing dĂŠcor and event production services.


Callanan & Klein Communications

Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS 2 Shaker Road, Suite B200 978.772.6976 www.nvcoc.com


choir groups & adults. Go behind-the-scenes with culture, culinary, history & fun. Receptive Operator. Private shore excursions, getaways & movie tours!


Hannaford and Dumas INC. PRINTERS 26 Conn Street 781.503.0100 www.hannaforddumas.com

Hannaford and Dumas, commercial printers since 1976, Built on referrals, sustained on trust. CTM Media Group MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SERVICES 30B Sixth Road 781.935.6690 www.ctmmediagroup.com www.ettractions.com

CTM Media Group distributes relevant information to visitors to maximize their vacation experience, through print, digital and publishing.V

MARKETNG & COMMUNICATION SERVICES 83 Morse Street, Suite 8V 617.431.1174 www.callananklein.com

Founded in 2005, Callanan & Klein Communications is an award winning, integrated communications firm working with clients in arts, entertainment, non-profit, event marketing and more.

Greater Merrimack Valley | 73

Lowell Memorial Auditorium 50 East Merrimack Street The Lowell Memorial Auditorium is a 2,800seat venue that hosts concerts, Broadway musicals, comedy shows, conventions, dance recitals and numerous other events with available spaces for rent for all events from intimate gatherings to conferences.

Follow Us


LowellAuditorium.com | 1 (800) 657. 8774

Premier Sponsor

Proudly Managed By 74 Lowell Management Group

Experience your next function or event and lodging in historic, downtown Lowell.

Featuring well-appointed guestrooms and over 15,000 square feet of function space, the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center is your ideal destination for any event or when visiting historic, downtown Lowell, Massachusetts. Stop by 50 Warren Lounge to enjoy classic crafted cocktails and many of your pub favorites. Within walking distance to Lowell’s historic attractions, museums, shops and cultural destinations!

UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center 50 Warren St., Lowell MA 01852 978-934-6920 877-886-5422 www.uml.edu/icc 75

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.