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(May 23rd 1862)

The Battle of Front Royal was part of a plan formulated by Stonewall Jackson to take control of the Shenandoah Valley. Confederate Colonel Thomas Flourney, working with Turner Ashby, successfully executed General Jackson’s plan of retaking Front Royal, Virginia from the Union Army. On May 23, 1862, Union Commander Colonel John Kenly, fortified Camp Hill with his two regiments of cavalry and artillery, extending in an arc from South Fork to Happy Creek. Confederate forces approaching Front Royal from the south made a small assault at Buckton Depot, cutting the communications between the small Front Royal detachment and the main Union army, stationed in Strasburg. Part of the Confederates remained at Buckton Depot, controlling the railroads and effectively preventing Union reinforcements from being sent to Front Royal. Confederate infantry advanced through town, splitting their forces. A column sneaked around the east flank of the Union line, attempting to force them into retreat without a frontal attack. Union Colonel Kenly, upon discovering that the enemy cavalry reinforcement was advancing, retreated from Camp Hill, heading his troops across the South and North Fork bridges, attempting to burn them as he went. His efforts were foiled when the Confederates extinguished the fire. After repairing the bridges, Confederate Colonel Flourney continued to pursue the fleeing Northerners closely. Kenly kept retreating along the Winchester turnpike and after some miles turned to position his forces for an offensive move and used the heights on either side of the pike to his advantage. Flourney’s cavalry quickly surrounded the small Union force and pushed their surrender after Kenly was wounded.

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The Battle of Front Royal

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The battle that took the lives of eighty-two Union and thirty-six Confederate soldiers ended and put General Stonewall Jackson one step closer to the eventual success of his Shenandoah Campaign.


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2018 Front Royal Visitors Guide