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Identity crisis

On a journey to find ourselves, we conquer obstacles, but we know, we are who we are, and there is no one who can change that. no one.

who are we?

we all have our own story

does it really matter?

our fight with ourselves vs our fight with the society

they don’t understand us.

they don’t understand us.

the self is not something one ďŹ nds, it is something that one creates.

a title does not make up your identity

we decided to just be no one, but ourselves.

no one

but me.


Creative Directors

Britnee Hopkins

Emily Lucas

Sierah Stanley

Shreya Lunawat

Models : Elinor Hilton, Emily McRae, Keaton Huff Video Editor : Sarah Ng Photographer : Zee Orso Photography Director : Erin Brockhouse Photo Editor : Sierah Stanley Makeup Artist : Shreya Lunawat

Inspired By TopMan and Nasty Gal FASM 210 - Oscar Betancur

"Identity Crisis" LookBook  
"Identity Crisis" LookBook  

Creative Direction, Styling, Advertising