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INCLINAISON Photographer | Patrick Postle Styling | Mel Elingon Hair | Niles Sterling MUA | Leah Bennit Set Design | Amy Taylor Manicurist | Raquel Nevarez Models | Ira S. and Nina Uhl @ MUSE MODELS Jewelry | WXYZ Jewelry and The Shiny Squirrel (

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR LUCY’S Volume #4 is here! Thank you everyone who made it possible, especially Crystal who is such a great graphic designer and mentor! I always felt that LUCY’S Magazine is about simplicty and elegance but it was hard to get there alone. Crystal has been guiding me in creating the magazine of my dreams and I am very happy to have her part of the team! In this issue I also had the honor to interview Ana Ularu, an amazingly talented Romanian actress that is now filming the movie Serena along with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. This Volume will be the last one released as being an Undergrad! I am graduating college in four weeks and I cannot wait to work full time on my magazine.

Ramona Atkin Founder and Editor-in-Chief @LUCY’S

TEAM Editor-in-chief | Ramona Atkin Graphic Designers | Crystal Au & Ramona Atkin Marketing Manager | Gavin Atkin Writer | Holly Ann Charlevoix


COvER Photographer | Holly Burnham MUA | Caitlyn Meyer HairStylist | Holly Burnham Stylist | Holly Burnham Model | Lauren Ruth Ward BACKCOvER Photography | Erika Astrid Model | Sammie Fuller Hair | Noelle Breckenridge Makeup | Marissa Lyons

CONTENT 2 INCLINAISON by Patrick Postle 14 OPHELIA’S FOLLY by Kristia Knowles


22 Interview with Ana Key Ularu 24 HOLY WATER by Molly Van Kley 34 CHRISTINE by Anzhelika Zandt 40 MISTAKEN FOR A VISION by Carol Persons 48 JOAN OF ARC by Niki Lazaridou 54 MEDUSA by Niki Lazaridou 60 WORK & PLAY IN L.A. by Gabriel Parra 72 REBELLION by Angela Murray Morris 78 SMOKESCREEN by Jimmy Johnston 82 SLIVER by Holly Burnham 88 MADEMOISELLE PASTEL by Vika Petlakh 92 NOTHING ORDINARY by Erika Astrid 102 EMMA by Ethan Gulley 108 BODY ELECTRIC by Eduardo Acierno 114 RESTLESS DRIFTER by Ashley Holloway 120 VICTORIA by Jennifer Jukes 124 OUT OF LUST by Patrick Amara 128 SWEET REVIVAL by Girard Peter 132 IMPRESSIONISTE by Liz Dungate 138 STARDUST by Janine Joffe 140 IN THE BIG TOP by Elizabeth Parker 145 DEBUT by Holly Ann Charlevoix

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Ophelia’s Folly Hair/makeup | Shannon Miller Photography | Kristia Knowles Model | Serena Davenport @ Diamond Agency Wardrobe stylist | Yours Truly Wardrobe provided by Laura’s Designs and Ophelia’s Folly Floral designs | Corrine Heck @ Details Pastry designs | The Pastry Studio Assistants | Gwynne Gherring and Dave Homan Video | Unknown Media Prop designs provided by Coronado Antique & Junkie Monkey

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Interview with Kristia Knowles

by Ramona Atkin

Ramona: How long have you been a photographer and what inspired you to do so? Kristia: About 4 1/2 years. I have always loved faces. I am mesmerized my eyes. Its usually my focal point for a photo. I honestly believe that my love for photography is truly inspired and driven by the Divine. When I have been asked to personally photograph someone, I always ask God to bring out the beauty He sees in them to my photo. There is something uniquely beautiful and wonderful in all of us. I like it to be seen in my photos.

R: What is your favorite photo that you took and why? K: My favorite photo was actually the one that inspired me to go into photography as a profession. It was a photo of a friends daughter I had taken to the beach for fun. i had put a straw hat on her. She usually didn’t like to be photographed, but that day she had so much fun that she loved having her photos taken. I have a picture of her face. Her eyes were so amazing wearing that straw hat. I was hooked that moment on. I signed up for photography school the next week.

R: Who is your role model and why? K: I can’t think of just one person who has been a role model for me, but there are many people I admire for various reasons. I am impressed by a person’s heart , and how they treat others, versus what they “Do” as a profession.

R: If you could spend a day learning from another photographer, who would it be? K: David Benoliel. I just love everything about his photography and post production. His models are unbelievable. His style is sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.

R: If you could take photos of anyone/any model, who would it be and why? K: Doutzen Kroes, Dutch present day supermodel. She is gorgeous head to toe. She seems like a beautiful person inside and out form what I have read.

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Interview with

Ana Key Ularu Ramona: Ana, I am very excited to do an interview with you! Thank you for your time! Ana: Thank you for inviting me to do this interview! R: I see you were born in Bucharest; did you grow up there as well? A: Yes, I did, Bucharest girl born and bred. :) R: How long have you been an actress? How did you get involved in acting? A: I’ve chosen this path from a very young age, I basically do not remember a time when I wanted to be anything else. By 7 I was reading all my mum’s scripts (she is a production designer and does both sets and costumes) and trying to hunt down a role for a kid my age. At 9 I had my first audition for a French film, fortunately got it and proceeded to making that film and another one, the next year, with the same production company, director and lead actor (I played his daughter). So basically I started out really young. Went on to do a play at 15, Nabokov’s “Lolita” for stage playing opposite the great Romanian actor Stefan Iordache. From then on it’s been the road I walk, it’s my job and love it even when it’s deserting me or acting like a moody courtesan :). There are very few certainties in this line of work, continuity is never a default outcome, every new audition or project is a struggle and a challenge.

R: In how many films have you performed up until now? What was the most difficult role you portrayed and why? A: Never really counted..I’ve done about 15 short films and maybe 20 something features. I’m not sure I could pinpoint one role as being the most difficult. I’m not even sure one could truly deem a role as such. It’s more about how complex a role is, how much of yourself opposes the logic and creation of it. I’m interested in defeating my inherent comfort zone, I like roles that turn me into someone else. I like going to lengths to create a character and very often start out by defining what separates me from it in order to go with that. Rachel Hermann in Serena is one of those characters. My stance, my walk, my gaze, I wanted to alter them all in order to create this silent, apparently frail and victimised yet very resilient hero. With Matilda in Outbound it was the opposite. Every outline had to become rougher, she’s a thug almost, a different type of survivor. Then there was Eve in Index Zero, a sort of animal-like human being in a dystopian world. My lucky stars made me not really have a type, so I’m never type-cast. That means I always have to work, do my documentation, draw inspiration from wherever possible and bring this “person” into the world along with my director and my partners. I’m the kind of actor that likes to drive a story forward, to use my skill to tell the story. to move an audience to whatever extent I can. One of the coolest compliments ever is not have people recognise me after a performance. :) R: Are you working on any current projects? A: I just premiered a play last night, four different characters in four historical settings. The play is called “In parc” - In the park, written and directed by Radu Iacoban. R: I am always very excited to see Romanian artists do well internationally and I was very proud to hear that you were going to be in the movie Serena. How does the industry vary between American and European film? A: Well, there is obviously a notable difference between low and big budget films, but that’s all about commodities. When it comes down to

the work, cinema, theatre, any form of art is an international language. We “go to battle” armed with human emotion, humour, insight, our own strengths and weaknesses. R: What can you tell us about working with Academy distinguished greats, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? A: They both are great partners, actors who enjoy another actor’s performance and adapt to it, artists that build the story carefully and with pride. And they’re down to earth, great people with a great sense of humour, which is essential. I’m very thankful to Bradley, whom I had most of my scenes with. I’ve felt appreciated and inspired throughout the whole process. R: When is Serena coming out? A: That I am yet to know myself...:) R: How did your family and friends react when you told them you would be in this movie? A: Well, my family and my close friends were obviously very happy and excited for me. My mum visited me on set, she met Susanne Bier, Bradley and the crew, she watched a couple of scenes as they were shot. They’re proud, I guess, I hope I’ll give them more reasons to feel that way soon. R: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A: I’m not the kind of person to project. Experience and almost 20 years in this business taught me that making plans and wishful thinking are quite unrealistic in this line of work. I’m trying to make myself wait patiently - key word since I am the least patient person on the face of this planet - until the future happens. R: Thank you, Ana! I am excited to see you in Serena when it comes out! A: Thank you! I’m looking forward to see the fruit of our work too. :)

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HOLY WATER Photographer | Molly Van Kley ( Model | Jana Molder (STARS Model Management) Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist | Erika Taniguchi ( Wardrobe Stylist Ashley Ludwin ( bodysuit AMERICAN APPAREL jacket AMERICAN APPAREL

LUCY’S Magazine 25

Ramona: How long have you been a photographer and what inspired you to do so?

Molly: I have been pursuing fashion photography for 4 years now. I

had an assignment my last semester in college to photograph a ‘model’ on location and I completely fell in love with photographing fascinating

environments and equally fascinating models, and I’ve been working on my portfolio and building my business ever since.

R: What is your favorite photo that you took and why?

M: It is impossible to choose one! However, my favorite images always involve an amazing team of talented and hard working professionals,

an amazing location or an interesting set to play with, experimental and exciting lighting, and, of course, fun and inspiring chemistry on set. R: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

M: With a beautiful studio in NYC and somewhere in Europe, working all around the world, and making the big bucks! ;)


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top ASOS pants ASOS

LUCY’S Magazine 29

Ramona: If you could spend a day learning from another photographer, who would it be?

Molly: It’s so hard to choose just one! My instinct is to say Tim Walker or Miles Aldridge because I’ve been inspired by them for so long for their

use of incredible sets and use of color and mood respectively, but lately I’ve been completely entranced by Jamie Nelson. I would love to follow

her around for a day and learn everything about the behind-the-scenes of her work and her wonderfully creative concepts.

R: If you could take photos of anyone/any model, who would it be and why?

M: Again it’s so hard to choose just one. If I had to choose a top

model to photograph right now... I’m going to say Cara Delevingne. Those eyebrows!


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shirt ASOS skirt ASOS


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Christine Photographer | Anzhelika Zandt Model | Christine Gischler M&M | Vanesse Gietz Designer | Nadine Cendelin (swimwear)

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Christine was a contestant for Germany’s Next Top Model

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Model: Alexandra Babiarz Makeup & Hair : Erica Basha Styling: Carol Persons Assistant: Michael Woodward Photographer: Carol Persons

Photographer | Carol Persons Model | Alexandra Babiarz Makeup & Hair | Erica Basha Styling | Carol Persons Assistant | Michael Woodward

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JOAN OF ARC Photography | Niki Lazaridou Model | Jennie Ross Hair-Nails-MUA | Karrie Welch Styled by Kristy Armor | Boston Costumes

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e d u s a

Photography | Niki Lazaridou Model | Anna Aleksandra Jonynas MUA | Makeup by Anastasia Vladi Hair Styling | Christine Cassola Snakes Distributor | New England Reptile

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work & play in L.A. Model | Andrew Kjellsen @Ford Models Los Angeles Photography | Gabriel Parra ( Styled by Liz Gutierrez Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist | Estella Gutierrez (

“Don’t be afraid to mix brown and black when you’re leaping around the city. Plus it makes the obligatory happy hour wardrobe change magically vanish.”

LUCY’S Magazine 61

“We’re finding rolled cuffs everywhere... At the office, on the course, with the guys, and on those special evenings with your lady.”

LUCY’S Magazine 63

“Wanna play like the pros? Spend thousands on a clinic with Haney. Wanna look like the pros? Scour the local vintage store for a leather bag like this.�

“Popped collars aren’t just for frat dudes. Prep-up your look and make that statement; and go sans socks, it’s spring isn’t it?”

LUCY’S Magazine 65

“Keep a gym bag in your car with your favorite sneakers - ditch the oxfords for Aldo after work. But, keep the trousers, your buddies will follow suit.�

“Classic wayfarers demand respect from your boss... Plus the fairer sex will certainly notice, wink wink.”

LUCY’S Magazine 67

“Workout in a button-down in your local park and you’ll garner the looks you’re going for... Or move to the beach, your call.”

LUCY’S Magazine 69

“If you cant fly, surf. If you can’t surf, pretend you can and sit down next to the hot blonde in the polka dot top.”

LUCY’S Magazine 71

Rébellion Photographer | Angela Murray Morris Model | Taylor B for Factor Women Make-up artist | MARAZ Hair stylist | NAI’VASHA Nail tech | Vanessa Huynh

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smokescreen Photographer | Jimmy Johnston Hair and Makeup | Katie Via Ballard Model | Sarah Quackenbush

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Sliver Photographer | Holly Burnham MUA | Caitlyn Meyer HairStylist | Holly Burnham Stylist | Holly Burnham Model | Lauren Ruth Ward

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Mademoiselle Pastel Photography | Vika Petlakh - Model | Nicolette @ Agency Galatea HMUA | Milian Bonillo - Assistant | Kohl Murdock

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I see the world through “Afterlight App” colored glasses, while I saunter through the streets of Boise; hypnotized by its slumberous clouds and Monet-like skies. When I’m not creating visual poetry, you can find me sipping from my endless coffee cup downtown. Constantly distracted by beautiful objects and playing dress up. After all, I am a visual poet in any way. - Erika

nothing ordinary Photography | Erika Astrid Model | Sammie Fuller Hair | Noelle Breckenridge Makeup | Marissa Lyons shirt | audrey (via karmaloop)

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shirt – nameless (via karmaloop)

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shirt – nameless (via karmaloop)

shirt – rehab (via karmaloop)

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shirt – rehab (via karmaloop)

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Emma Photography | Ethan Gulley Model | Emma Maris

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BODY ELECT RIC Photog raphe Model | r | Eduardo A cierno Jacque line Cr espo @ Queta MUAH Rojas | Adela Sustait a

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Photographer | Ashley Holloway ( Model | Hunter Denoyelles (Wilhelmina Miami) Hair and makeup artist | Laura Barone ( Set Assistant | Tracy Denoyelles

Overalls: Wetseal Top: Forever 21 Hat: Model’s own

“Restless Drifter” is a little bit bohemian, a little bit country, and a little bit rock n’ roll. Inspired by brands like Wildfox and Free People, it’s about exploration and wearing your soul on your sleeve through fashion. Set in a country backroads setting in the small town of Lutz, Fl, I wanted it to feel like freedom and adventure, the things every young girl’s heart desires deep down inside.

LUCY’S Magazine 115

Bodysuit: LA Hearts Jacket: Vintage

LUCY’S Magazine 117

LUCY’S Magazine 119

Victoria Photographer | Jennifer Jukes Make Up Artist | Louise Elliott Hair Stylist | Donna Crompton

Chloe Bell @ Nemesis

Francesca Sedgwick @ Boss Model Management

LUCY’S Magazine 121

Chloe Bell @ Nemesis

Charlotte Burton @ Boss Model Management

LUCY’S Magazine 123

OUT OF LUST Photographer | Patrick Amara (Pk.DESIGN) Model | Evaa Kay Mua | Melissa Michelle Hair | Tyesha James

LUCY’S Magazine 125

LUCY’S Magazine 127

sweet revival Model | Angela Sipper Make Up Artist | Bth Artistry Hair Stylist | Charlene Brown Stylist | K. Lynn Garcia Photographer | Girard Peter

LUCY’S Magazine 129

LUCY’S Magazine 131

IMPRESSIONISTE Photographer/Stylist - Liz Dungate Hairstyling & Make-up using MAC Cosmetics - Liz Dungate Model - Maddie @ Wilhelmina Vancouver

LUCY’S Magazine 133

LUCY’S Magazine 135

LUCY’S Magazine 137

STARDUST Photographer + Retouching | Janine Joffe Model | Amy Steinkempf Makeup Artist | Eric Vosburg Hair Stylist | Vicki Beechler

LUCY’S Magazine 139


Model: Karin Isabell Brauns Photography/Digital work | Elizabeth Parker/Couture Portraiture Hair | Leanne Hare Make Up | Norma Torres Wardrobe |Kustom Kouture &Vintage Authentic

LUCY’S Magazine 117 LUCY’S Magazine 141

Model: Bethany Rose

Model: Marissa Jacobus

LUCY’S Magazine 143

Model: Megan Mackenzie


by Holly Ann Charlevoix

Spring is upon us and so is another season of trending. Across the globe, vintage meets hip

- meets progressive technology – meets mod; placing an emphasis on self-worth. With the unraveling of this year’s styles presented in full bloom across the world’s vast runways it isn’t hard to forecast the bouquets of color, patterns, hairstyles, and makeup palettes. In generous detail, every trendworthy magazine and fashion blog is pinning this spring’s award winning styles with an appetite for self-significance on a vast, generational scale. Generation Y, meet The Great Gatsby, and allow for a blending and transcendence of today’s fashion ideals.

I predict that this season’s fashion will be one of the most notable and progressively raw in

decades. With a veritable mix of lavish independence, fresh colors, technologically-driven influences, and bold mirrors of vintage feminism—this year’s stylistic trends will be exposed. The monarchal shades of orange, cayenne, freesia, and robust blues offset by sullen hues of pastels and mauves, lilac, and cherry blossom, will set into motion a societal orgasm—all pleasurable, autonomous, and rare. This year is all about crude attractiveness and indispensible hemlines with drapes of modern progression.

Shopping this spring should be less about the conventionalism of fashion. Personal style

should reflect—in essence—an era, a painting, a song, something tangible, something enigmatical and yet beautiful. Wear one of Any Warhol’s Chanel No. 5 prints or Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Wear the feeling of bare and minimal, or find a way to offset tribal patterns with your grandmother’s vintage sweater. Scarves, glasses, and a combination of intrepid nails and lips will ignite an organic cultural movement.

For me, this spring’s fashion will wear like the exaggerated notes of the Glenn Miller

Orchestra, or Lana Del Rey’s, “Born to Die;” big and iconic. Be bold and own your skin. Let your intellect and magnetism reign. Allow the pale and unrefined to reflect outwardly, through monotone hues, bobs, dramatic eyes and interactive sheer, lace, and fringe detail. Find what lifts your spirit and carries an element of self possession. After all, this is the dawn of #selfies and introspective femininity. Let the age of technological advancement and forward business play suit with humble simplicity and classic chic. Let fashion be your artistic playground, your body the canvas, and your soul what everyone sees.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel LUCY’S Magazine 145


LUCY'S Magazine Vol.4 Print + Online International Fashion Magazine

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