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Dear Readers, On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is with great honor that I reintroduce Moonlighting. As the official newsletter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., the publication has taken different forms since its early roots in the 1990s. With only a small number of chapters, the first issues were printed newsletters distributed at national sorority meetings. As the sorority grew and internet technology emerged, Moonlighting evolved into an email newsletter. More than four years have passed since its last issue, so I am pleased to present a modern version of Moonlighting via a new, interactive platform.

While the publication has gotten a makeover, it aligns with the sorority’s strategic plan to establish consistent and strategic communications to members and partners about sorority updates as well as increased celebratory communications that promote member and chapter accomplishments. In this issue, Moonlighting highlights chapters participating in a number of educational and philanthropic initiatives, such as National Hazing Prevention Week, National Voter Registration Day, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Annual Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in honor of Founding Mother Carmen Baez. It also includes spotlights on alumnae and undergraduate sisters serving our country, community and sisterhood in various capacities.

In addition to members of Lambda Theta Alpha, we welcome Potential Candidates, fellow Greeks, school administrators, parents and partners to read the semi-annual publication for sorority updates. This is an opportunity for us to showcase our sisterhood to the public, motivate sisters through inspirational articles and provide insight for new students, parents and educators.

As one of my primary goals to support the sorority’s strategic plan, I am immensely proud to see the publication’s revival in my first year in office. This accomplishment would have not been possible without the National Public Relations Committee who drove this project. From the engaging content highlighting our beautiful sisterhood to the fresh, contemporary layout, the Committee has worked tirelessly to showcase Lambda Theta Alpha to a wider audience. While this issue only marks the beginning, we hope to establish a solid foundation in which Moonlighting will continue to evolve in the years to come. I hope you enjoy this issue. We look forward to hearing your feedback to improve future issues.


Liz Lizama Vice President of External Affairs





Moonlighting: Summer 2017

There are only a few months left until the burgundy and grey takes over Disneyland! The National Convention 2017 “The Magic of Sisterhood” will take place in Anaheim, California from July 7th-9th. Annually, Lambda Theta Alpha’s Board of Directors host a sorority-wide convention and Leadership Summit during the summer where sisters from across the nation gather to celebrate sisterhood, receive professional and personal development and engage in philanthropy. This three-day event is the largest and most dynamic gathering for our sorority, attracting over 600 members, both undergraduates and alumnae from across the nation, including the sorority’s cherished founders. For this year’s convention, there are over 600 registrants!

Top 10 #LTAConvention Moments To Look Forward To

10. Dodger games make for an all-American summer!

4. Founding Mothers Up Close! This event allows you

Enjoy a beautiful summer’s day watching a great game of

to openly ask Founding Mothers questions. What are you


curious to know more about?

9. The beach is close by! Beaches are within 25 miles of

3. Presenters on leadership, management, diversity, self-

Anaheim. When will you have your favorite sisters and

love and more! Don’t miss out on the diversified line-up for

SoCal beaches in such proximity again?

presenters this year. Check out the Convention agenda for

8. Enjoy the scenery at Yorba Regional Park. This park

more details.

features the Santa Ana River trail which is a bike trail


leading 20 miles into the Pacific!

will have Dr. Yasmin Davidds who is a woman all about

7. Be a wizard at Universal Studios’ newest attraction, the

The keynote speaker will empower you. This year we

pushing yourself forward as a successful Latina in the business world and living life on your own terms as an

Harry Potter ride! Disneyland is nothing without a little bit

empowered woman. See her website for more information

of magic from this wizarding world.

about her.

6. Instagram worthy food is available at every corner. We

1. SISTERHOOD! When will you ever get the chance to

can all agree that food is beautiful, so no matter what you

meet sisters from across the nation again? Meet your line

cannot leave Disneyland without Instagramming a picture

sisters at different events, mingle with other chapters in

eating some of these favorites!

your own hotel room/hall, and congratulate sisters at the


National Awards Breakfast. It can’t get any better than this! The Her Story: Our History Workshop. Meet founding

mothers and learn more about this amazing sisterhood we are all a part of! Must we say more?

Moonlighting: Summer 2017





Moonlighting: Summer 2017

NATIONAL HAZING PREVENTION WEEK — Last year, Undergraduate and Alumnae chapters participated in #NHPW16 by hosting programs from September 19th through 23rd that raised awareness of anti-hazing practices and educated campus communities about hazing laws. Many chapters, including Alpha, Beta Xi, Gamma Eta, Epsilon Omicron and Zeta Pi, took the opportunity to encourage campus community members and organizations to pledge not to engage in hazing. Other chapters, such as Upsilon, Gamma Pi, Alpha Zeta and Epsilon Theta held tabling events and took over the national Snapchat account to help spread awareness. Zeta Kappa held a quarter mile coin drive to bring awareness to and fundraise for

NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY — In preparation for the 2016 Presidential and statewide elections, Lambda Theta Alpha once again joined hundreds of organizations across the country for the 2016 National Voter Registration Day. On September 27th, chapters everywhere hosted voter registration drives on their campuses and communities in order to raise awareness and mobilize communities to register thousands of voters who could not be reached otherwise. The sorority was proud to participate in this important day that ties back to our roots of political activism. The Political Education Initiative (PEI) Committee provided chapter leaders with an electronic NVRD field toolkit and requested confirmation of participation. Sisters were encouraged to share photos and videos via social media using hashtags: #LTANVRD and #VoterRegistrationDay.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017


ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL — In Fall 2016, we once again exceeded our goal to our national philanthropy’s annual walk/run, donating $59,563 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Sisters and Potential Candidates across the nation participated in the walk, with the top 10 contributing teams below: Alpha Beta Alumnae Chapter


Zeta Upsilon Chapter


Beta Nu Chapter


Alpha Rho Alumnae Chapter


Alpha Eta Alumnae Chapter


Potential Candidates of SUNY Cortland


Alpha Lambda Alumnae Chapter


Delta Omicron


Pi Chapter


Epsilon Kappa Chapter


In addition to contributing through the annual walk/run, chapters hosted programs to give back to St. Jude. Beta Epsilon chapter raised $2,741 at their 2nd Annual St. Jude Benefit “The Crescent Ball,” Beta, Zeta Delta and Zeta Tau chapters wrote holiday cards to the children at St. Jude, and Gamma Sigma chapter held their 5th Annual St. Jude Bowl Flag Football tournament. Remember to continue using #LTALovesStJude, as we continue to give back to our national philanthropy this year!


Moonlighting: Summer 2017

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (OCTOBER) — This past year, our sisterhood took its efforts to support breast cancer awareness a step further after learning about Founding Mother Carmen Baez’s breast cancer diagnosis. The sorority came together earlier in the year to support her in a number of ways including a GoFundMe account, a monetary drive at the Philanthropic Awards Luncheon during National Convention in Boston, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Month t-shirt fundraiser. Altogether, the efforts successfully raised a total of $12,000 for Founding Mother.

Throughout the month of October, chapters also hosted fundraising and educational events to raise awareness. On October 20th, sisters across the nation wore pink in honor of Founding Mother’s birthday. In addition, more than 30 sisters walked with Founding Mother in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Jersey City, NJ, on October 23rd.

WINE & CHEESE — On December 3, 2016, Alpha Chapter hosted Lambda Theta Alpha’s 31st Annual Wine and Cheese at Kean University. Celebrating more than four decades of sisterhood and tradition, the dinner took sisters “Back to Our Roots” with an eclectic potluck-style dinner. Sisters were invited to contribute a dish of their choice to share at the dinner, as Founding Mothers and the first few lines did when the event was first established. Many sisters were in attendance, including very specials guests, Founding Mothers and Alpha Chapter Line One.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017


Landing Your



Picture this: it’s your senior year of college and you realize you don’t have internship experience, but your entry-level dream job requires at least one year of experience. Now you’re scrambling to see what you can gather up to show your knowledge of the industry. Although searching for an internship can feel like a daunting task, there are many resources to help make the search easier. No matter what field you’re interested in exploring, you can find an opportunity to gain exposure by following the steps outlined next.


Moonlighting: Summer 2017

1 2 3

Do your research.

Before you begin applying to internships, learn the landscape

of the industry. You want to make sure you know what kind of roles exist, what growth looks like in the company and what their objectives are. This will help you identify how an internship with this company will launch your career trajectory.

Define a company and a department. Depending on your field, you may have many options for paths you would like to explore. In this case, narrow down your selection by defining which companies and departments you would be interested in pursuing.

Tap into your networks. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and this is a very true statement. Knowledge and skills are important, but having connections is crucial. If you’re up against an equally qualified candidate, having a personal referral could be the difference between you and the next person. They can also help you get your foot in the door for an interview to begin with, which is challenging when


many other students are applying for the same positions.

Visit your school’s career center.

Career specialists can guide you in the

right direction to landing an internship based on your major. Organizations such as the T. Howard Foundation, which specializes in helping diverse students find internships in the entertainment and media industry, help students gain connections if you’re not sure where


to begin.

Polish your resume, cover letter and/or portfolio.

Your application

materials will be your first impression. Update and tailor your resume and cover letter for each internship program you apply for and have someone review. Set up an appointment with your career center or have a professional in the field review your application prior to submitting. If you’re in a field where you produce work, make sure you a have a portfolio


ready to show your skills.

APPLY! You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so even if you think an internship program is too ambitious, give it a shot and apply.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017


Monica Cevallos




Moonlighting: Summer 2017

A leader, innovator and intellectual, Cevallos advocates for silent voices


uring the day, she is a Senior Marketing Manager at

Cevallos said that not knowing enough about the college process

Cricket Wireless - AT&T Emerging Enterprises. On the

and resources was her greatest obstacle. “The first thing I wanted

weekends, she travels to different cities to attend national

to do was law school, whereas if I knew there was an option of

conferences on behalf of clients, speaks on panels with vast

policy, I probably would have gotten involved in it a long time

audiences, and advances the LTA Political Education Initiative – a

ago and would have been doing what I wanted to do earlier,”

special committee she created, which organized the Lambda Hill

Cevallos said.

Day pilot program. Despite living a fast-paced lifestyle, Monica Cevallos constantly serves as a voice for Latinos nationwide. Cevallos educates Latinos on political initiatives, encourages Latinos to exercise their right to vote and empowers Latino youth to get involved in their communities.

FACING THE UNKNOWN As a first-generation Latina, college was more challenging than it seemed and Cevallos did not have much guidance. Unlike many immigrants from Central and South America, Cevallos’ parents, Pablo and Clara, were not fleeing strife in their home countries. Clara migrated to the United States from Venezuela during her late 20s to pursue an internship and decided to stay in the United States. Pablo and his friends were on a trip in Bermuda and decided to move to the United States. Although Pablo completed some high school, Cevallos was the first in her entire family to pursue a college education and ultimately attain a degree. With this great accomplishment comes a challenge that many first-generation college students face: lack of guidance and resources.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017


AGAINST ALL ODDS Instead of letting the lack of resources affect her, Cevallos continued to persevere. She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Latin American Studies certificate. In 2012, she received her master’s degree in public policy from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. While at the University of Maryland, Cevallos founded Partners in Print, which is a program at the university that provides a supportive environment for parents to discover how to help their children learn to read. Partners in Print mentors conduct evening workshops with parents and their Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade children. During her senior year, Cevallos was inducted into the Medallion society’s “Top 20 Graduating Leaders” and won the La Raza Unida Award from campus administration. The La Raza Unida Award, which translates as “the people united,” is presented to the senior student who has contributed most significantly to the advancement of the Latino student community at the university. After graduating with a degree in criminal justice, Cevallos decided


to pursue law school, but her plans swiftly changed.

CHANGE OF HEART Cevallos worked at a law firm and decided to enroll in law school. She began with a summer scholars program at Pennsylvania State University. While in school, Cevallos worked with the Casa

Lambda Hill Day is a two-day advocacy program, where participating sisters had an opportunity to

Blanca Project through the Hillary Clinton campaign. The goal

communicate with members of Congress

of this project, which the Democratic National Committee’s

on pre-determined issues of interest

Hispanic Caucus approved, was to transfer all the Latino voters to support the remaining democratic candidate after the presidential primary elections.

to Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. This program is in partnership with Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

As Cevallos quickly rose to leadership positions at the firm, she realized law school was not the best option for her. After working with the Casa Blanca Project and the law firm she was with, she realized she wanted to study policy instead. She was already accepted to the program and her parents wanted her to go, so she promised them she would at least start the program and would stay if she liked it and got a scholarship.


Moonlighting: Summer 2017

The pilot took place on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28, 2017 in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

After trying the program, she hated it and was not whole-heartedly committed to it, so she decided to leave the program. “I realized that what I was really passionate about was changing law, not practicing it,” Cevallos said. This passion influenced her to attain a master’s degree in public policy. Cevallos has used her obstacles as fuel for her passion. In 2013, Cevallos created the LTA Political Education Initiative, contributed to President Barack Obama’s victory as a volunteer for his campaign and spoke at the Voto Latino Power Summit, in addition to her regular work schedule. Today, Cevallos continues to educate the Latino community on

that what I was really passionate about was changing law, not practicing it.

political initiatives and empower Latinos worldwide to become politically involved. She recently got married in June 2016 and is currently in the process of buying her dream six-bedroom home in Tarzana, CA.


Moonlighting: Summer 2017



Chapter/ Semester/ Number: Delta Omicron / Spring 2015 / #5


When’s your birthday? August 9, 1992

Where were you born and raised? What’s your nationality? I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and then migrated to El Monte, California at the age of 12. I’m grateful that I remember what it is to live in my motherland, but I am also really proud of representing El Monte wherever I go. I identify as Mexican and not Mexican-American or Xicana.

What is your major? I’m currently studying Sociology and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley where I will be graduating with high honors this May!

Tell us a little bit about your involvements with LTA: I am currently serving as the president of my chapter, Delta Omicron. This is my second and last semester serving in that capacity. I am also proudly serving in the National Leadership Development and Standards Committee where I have the opportunity to oversee our Lambda Ladies as Empowered Advocates for Diversity (LLEAD) program, and the Lambda Lady Pursuit of Excellence Program (PEP) along with talented and committed sisters across the nation. I am also really grateful to be working with Director of Undergraduate Affairs, Jasmine Mageno, because she has been a crucial role model in my academic and professional development ever since I was in community college.

How has LTA helped to shape your undergraduate college experience? The networking opportunities have been priceless, as well as meeting kind and caring sisters all over the nation!


Moonlighting: Summer 2017

Where do you hope to take your talents after graduation? I will be applying to different doctoral programs in Sociology after taking a year off to take a break and reflect on my educational achievements thus far.

What are some of your best memories as a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha thus far? I think that many of my favorite memories as a sister happen spontaneously. However, there is no other feeling like witnessing a New Member Presentation in your own chapter! There’s so much pride behind NMPs which makes everything worth it.

What do you love most about your current role as Chapter President? I love being able to oversee, lead and most importantly support a group of sisters who are driven and work towards the same goal. Current undergraduates in our chapter, for example, are navigating the university as womxn of color at the number one public university in the nation and that comes with many challenges that cannot be ignored. I’m so grateful to be able to rely on other powerful and empowering womxn in our chapter.

If your line sisters could describe you in one word, what would it be? “Unbreakable”

What would you say is your super power… or spirit animal? Being able to communicate with flora and fauna would be awesome!

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? I can’t sing!

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? I would produce and play the lead role (lol, can that be done?) because I don’t really see myself in any other actress out there.

Strolling or saluting? Saluting for sure.

In 10 words or less, what advice would you give new undergrad sisters coming into a chapter? Trust your struggle and support each other.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017


Sister Spotlight VETERAN EDITION

Chapter/ Semester/ Number: Chi / Spring 2007 / #4


When’s your birthday? March 27, 1987

Where were you born and raised? What’s your nationality? Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Tell us a little bit about your educational background. I completed my Bachelor’s in Family, Youth and Community Science in 2009 from the University of Florida. In 2013, I completed my Master’s in Health Service Administration from the University of Central Florida. I have done numerous leadership courses in the Army.

What inspired you to join the Army? I knew a little about the Army from my father, Roberto Morales. He was in the Army on active duty for four years when he was young. I got to know more about the Army from my stepdad, Jose Lugo. He was active in the Army for 10 years, and then he transferred over to the Army Reserves. He was the one who told me everything about the Army Reserves and the benefits. In Spring 2007, I pledged Lambda Theta Alpha. After I crossed I felt that I could do and accomplish anything. I spoke to Jose about the Army again after pledging. At the time I wanted to be a dentist so he told me about joining the Reserves as a dental assistant. He said it would look great when applying to dental school. Days after my new member presentation, I went into a recruiter’s office and joined the Army as a Dental Specialist. Weeks after, I was shipped off to boot camp.

What is your current ranking/role in the Army? Captain as Health Service Administration Officer.

If your line sisters could describe you in one word, what would it be? Relentless


Moonlighting: Summer 2017

What leadership skills has LTA taught you that you apply to your current position? LTA has taught me to be a compassionate leader. Most leaders are trained with their heads and not their hearts. When you lead people that you consider your family, you have to use a different approach. LTA taught me to talk with truth, respect and conviction. It is important that the people you lead know that you genuinely care about them and that you look out for their interest when making decisions for the team. It is important to inspire and build morale of those you lead.

What are some of your most memorable moments as a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha? Traveling all over FL to meet and visit sisters and being able to be part of the pledge process to help new women become sisters, which one of them ended up being my best friend!

What are your aspirations in the military? If you plan to eventually leave the military, how do you see yourself taking this experience to your next career step? I have been in the Army now for 10 years. In the next year, I will decide if I will leave the military or stay in for another 10 years to retirement. If I stay in the military, I aspire to make it the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and continue to grow as a leader. I would aspire to mentor and help younger leaders grow just like mentors did for me. If I leave the military, I will take my experience and start my own business. I am interested in getting a gym franchise. I would like to continue to motivate others physically and mentally.

What would you say is your super power‌ or spirit animal? The ability to motivate others!

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? Gina Rodriguez, because my life is always going through craziness like a novela like the show, Jane The Virgin, she stars in.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Wanting to continue the grind of reaching my goals!

What advice would you give to a sister considering joining the Army or currently in the Army? If a sister were considering joining the Army, I would tell them to first try the Army ROTC program. You can do ROTC in undergrad and grad school. ROTC gives you some insight on the Army and if you feel like it is not for you, then you can get out of ROTC and not join the Army. ROTC program offers different types of monetary benefits, such as paying for school, monthly stipend and books/housing allowance. Also, reach out to sisters that are currently in the military and ask them questions. For a sister that is currently in, I would tell them to find good mentors to help them continue to grow within your military career. There is a lot of toxic leadership in the military, so it is important that you follow your heart and always do what you feel is right for yourself and the people you lead.

Moonlighting: Summer 2017



The National Public Relations Committee would like to thank you for reading this issue of Moonlighting. We would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions you may have to help continuously improve the publication as we develop future issues. If you are interested in contributing articles or ideas, as well as feedback, please reach out to We hope you enjoyed this first issue and continue to read the next ones. Thank you!


Liz Lizama

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Régine Daniels

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Liz Beth Sánchez

Vanessa Gonzalez “Zalez”

Diana Torralvo

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