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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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Revolution Safe Company (770) 466-6181

The Revolution

Rotating gun management made simple


or gun owners, the traditional gun safe provides the perfect example of Murphy’s Law. The gun you want is always in the back, and the process of emptying the safe, retrieving the desired gun and re-filling the safe repeats over and over, along with the scratches and dents that accompany the process. The Revolution Stronghold Series Safes put an end to the problem. Its revolving gun storage per-

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mits easy access to the desired firearm. The Revolution Technology consists of a unique circular design with a modular shelving system that rotates 360 degrees to bring your guns directly to you. It’s hassle-free access to your entire collection. And it solves another common problem, said G&S Security owner Gordon Pendleton. “The traditional gun safes never hold their advertised capacity — at least without removing all of the shelving,” he said. “Since there is a particular space for each gun, the Revolution holds the number of guns it says it will hold.” Inspired and licensed by the successful but more expensive Pendleton Safe, the Revolution offers the same gun management system at an affordable price — “just missing a few bells and whistles like LED lighting,” Pendleton said. The Revolution safes come in two sizes, at 64 and 72 inches in height, respectively. Each holds up to 24 long guns, along with up to 16 handguns on specially designed shelving in the taller version, with space for 12 handguns in the shorter model. “No one has handgun storage like that,” Pendleton said. The Revolution, made in the USA in Loganville, Ga., is more than just a secure place to store your valuables – it’s a state-ofthe-art system for managing your most prized firearms and possessions.

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

Lazer TroKar (720) 941-8777

Forget everything you know about hooks TroKar changes the rules


azer TroKar, the newest and sharpest fishhooks on the market, is dominating the competition. The Lazer TroKar TK100, TK110 and TK130 are freshwater hooks for those who aren’t just out to catch fish, but are out to win. Each hook has a point that was designed in the medical field, shapes perfected on the pro tour, and manufactured with cutting-edge technologies right here in the USA. The TroKar TK100 HD Worm is

the ultimate round bend worm hook. A style long preferred by top anglers, the TK100 HD Worm hook has given a facelift to an old standby. “I have seen a lot of changes in this industry over the years, and when you look at it in a broad perspective, I think Surgically Sharpened Technology is probably the biggest thing to come along in hooks … ever,” said professional angler Shaw Grigsby Jr. The TroKar TK110 Extra Wide Gap Worm is the most versatile in TroKar lineup. A favorite among professional anglers for a variety of soft plastics, the prolific hooking capabilities of the TK110 are second to none. The extra-wide

gap on the TK110 allows for the biggest of soft plastics, as well as a piece of old bucket-mouth. “When you look at this hook compared to the other manufacturers, the TroKar TK110 is far superior to anything else that is out there,” said Bass Elite series angler Brent Chapman. The TK130 is the ultimate Flippin’ Hook. Designed with the most innovative bait retention device ever applied to a fishhook, the new TroKar Barb provides the best bait-holding power available in the industry. Tests have proven the Surgically Sharpened TroKar hook to consistently pierce a test medium with half the pressure as other hook brands.

Saltwater fishermen, don’t feel left out. The Lazer TroKar TK10 Saltwater Straight Shank and Lancet Circle are just for you. The TK10 Saltwater Straight Shank is designed for those saltwater enthusiasts desiring a longer shank and wider gap. And the welded eye of the TK10 goes a long way to ensure your hook-ups make it all the way to the boat. Available in sizes 4/0 – 7/0, the TK10 is perfect for toothy predators and when trolling live or dead bait. Fly anglers will also find the shape and dimension of the TK10 ideal for tying a multitude of saltwater streamers. The TK3 and TK4 Lancet Circle are lightto mid-wire circle hooks

with a wide gap and welded eye, offered in sizes 1/0 – 9/0. Available in both an offset (TK3) and non-offset (TK4) version, the Lancet Circle is ideal for multiple species, techniques and fisheries. The Lancet Circle is sure to provide consistent hook-ups and retention rates. Complete with precision measured front-angles and a point that is perpendicular to the shaft, the Lancet Circle is at the pinnacle of circle hook evolution. Lazer TroKar hooks feature their premium Black Chrome finish, specifically tailored to withstand the corrosion and abuse that fishing in the salt presents.


Saltwater Species

Daily Bag

Amberjack, Greater Bass: striped, hybrids Catfish: channel, blue Catfish, flathead Catfish, gafftopsail Cobia Drum, black Drum, red Flounder Gar, alligator Grouper, gag Grouper, goliath Mackerel, king Mackerel, Spanish Marlin, blue Marlin, white Mullet Sailfish Seatrout, spotted Sharks: • Atlantic sharpnose, blacktip, bonnethead • Other shark species • Prohibited species Sheepshead Snapper, lane Snapper, red Snapper, vermilion Snook Tarpon Triggerfish, gray Tripletail

Length In Inches (Min.Max.)

1 34 - No Limit 5 18 - No Limit 25 12 - No Limit 5 18 - No Limit No Limit 14 - No Limit 2 37 - No limit 5 14 - 30 in. 3 20 - 28 in. 5/2 14 - No limit No limit - No limit 1 2 22 - No limit Catch and release only 2 27 - No limit 15 14 - No limit No limit 131 - No limit No limit 86 - No limit No limit No limit - 12 No limit 84 - No limit 10 15 - 25 in. 1

24 - No limit

1 64 - No limit Catch and release only 5 15 - No limit No limit 8 - No limit 4 15 - No limit No limit 10 - No limit 1 24 - 28 in. 1 85 - No limit 20 16 - No limit 3 17 - No limit


Freshwater Species

Daily Bag

Length In Inches

Bass: • largemouth and 5 smallmouth • spotted & Guadalupe 5

14 inches

Bass, striped & hybrid striped


18 inches

Bass, white


10 inches

Bass, yellow

No limit

No min.

No min.

Catfish: channel & blue 25

12 inches

Catfish, flathead

18 inches


Crappie: white & black 25

10 inches


No harvest allowed

Gar, alligator


No min.



18 inches

Sunfish: various species included

No limit

No min.

Trout: rainbow & brown 5

No min.


No min.


Consult for additional regulations.

EXPIRES AUG. 31, 2013

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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Plano (630) 552-3111

Plano says Kevin VanDam has it in the bag


evin VanDam attributes “fishing efficiently” to his tournament successes, and those successes include four Bassmaster Classic championships and seven B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year awards. Of course, VanDam is highly organized when it comes to his fishing tackle. And when he speaks, the folks at Plano listen. The new Plano Elite 4870-40 Kevin VanDam Signature Series Bag is proof. The new bag is designed to help all serious anglers take full advantage of every second on the water. The 4870-40 includes five 3750 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes. The 3700 footprint is VanDam’s top choice because they fit on the shelf, in his bag and in his boat lockers. Of course, the remainder of the bag design has no wasted space, making the most of four zippered pockets, three external pockets and multiple interior pockets designed to organize gear and maximize efficiency. The bag’s overall measurement is 23.5”L x 14.5”W x 14”H. The bag’s molded base helps keep it in place when you’re on the move. The base is also waterproof to help your gear stay dry even when it’s sitting on a wet surface. Aside from practical, a padded handle on the top zippered compartment and a removable, padded shoulder strap make the bag comfortable when transporting it from garage to truck, truck to boat or whatever the next destination may be. Attention to every detail, even down to the colors and styling, is what separates Plano products from its competition. Not all fishermen are tournament anglers, but anyone who fishes will be proud to have the classy blue and gray 4870-40 sitting on their boat decks. It looks good but functions even better. The Plano Elite 4870-40 Kevin VanDam Signature Series Bag retails for around $99.99.

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013


Rapala Scatter Rap Crank


icking off this patent pending, groundbreaking series, the Scatter Rap® Crank features a balsa body with a curved or “Scatter Lip,” which creates the most evasive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action ever seen. “This family of lures is a game changer through and through,” said Mike Iaconelli, Rapala and VMC pro angler. “The erratic action brings the natural scenario of a baitfish fleeing a predator to life by moving effortlessly from one side to the next — triggering the bite.”

Ideal for bass or other multispecies gamefish, the Scatter Rap Crank can be cast or trolled, is available in 14-16 classic and new color patterns and swims between 6 and 9 feet. The compact lure feels right in your hand — add water, and it comes alive. Agile, nimble and responsive describe the cutting, evasive action. Baitfish skitter and scatter when pursued by predators — it’s this erratic and evasive action that triggers the strike. Break away from the pack and get Scattering. Suggested retail price: $8.99.

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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Icey-Tek ice coolers are back!


hen Icey-Tek coolers first arrived in the USA 15 years ago, they gave customers the option of buying a durable premium rotomolded polyethylene ice cooler that set the standard for superior cooling and ice retention. Many coolers up to 15 years old continue to give their owners excellent service. Since 1998, there have been three generations of design improvements making Icey-Tek the US market leader up until 2008, when the products became unavailable. Then High Performance Coolers LLC was appointed the North American agent. Icey-Tek coolers are available in a range of sizes, from 25 quarts up to a massive 1,100 quarts in Cube and Long Box styles, with a selection of 14 standard colors. Pricing starts at $179.99 plus shipping. All have 100 percent A-grade polyethylene external skin with a non-staining, non-odor absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner. Icy-Tek’s superior ice retention is achieved by using a premium polyurethane insulation injected under pressure into the wall and lid cavities during manufacture, reducing ice costs by reducing the need for frequent refills. The lids are double insulated to give added insulation and rigidity. All cooler styles have heavy-duty, selfstopping lid hinges and are supplied with padlock receivers for added security.

SouthCo lid latches are made from durable, flexible, black thermoplastic elastomer combined with a compression gasket fitted around the lids to give a well-insulated seal. Cube coolers have molded handles on each side and Long Boxes have plastic-tubed rope handles for ease of carrying. Molded commercial grade skids protect the bottom of all coolers. Vinyl cushions are available for most sizes and are supplied with Velcro-style adhesive strips for securing to the cooler lid so there are no metal snaps to rust or fail. NASA chose the Icey-Tek 120S to transport temperature-sensitive space shuttle components, and Arctic exploration companies have used them to test freezing conditions on critical equipment. Commercial anglers use Icey-Tek for proven durability and capacity; caterers use them for their ability to keep items both cold and warm. In areas often frequented by tornadoes or hurricanes, Icey-Tek coolers help keep valuable vital supplies cold — the 120QT Super Insulated Cube is rated to keep its contents chilled for an average of nine days at exterior temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit when correctly filled and operated. Special order colors for corporate identity, associations, team and college colors, etc., are available with a reasonable order minimums and lead times. All Icey-Tek coolers come with a five-year conditional warranty.

High Performance Coolers (855) HPCOOLERS

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

ForEverlast (361) 798-1530

Wade-fishing accessories make great gifts for everyone


here’s no better time for a sale on wading gear, and ForEverlast is having one. And it’s not just for the guys. “We are promoting a Hot Buy special,” said owner Billy Gerke. “A lot of the retailers are planning to do it.” The sale will be on ForEverlast’s popular accessories, including the G2 Pro Wading Belt, G2 Braid Cutter All Aluminum Pliers, G2 Pro Net, G2 Pro Stringer and Ray

Guard Shields. The belt provides a comfortable place to store the net, stringer and pliers — and especially a place to set your rod when attempting to net that nice trout. The all-aluminum pliers avoid the rusty, difficult-to-open experience familiar to saltwater anglers. The company’s Reel Girl Gear offers the G2 Belt Kit outlined with a playful portion of pink, a favorite with the growing younger female wade-fishing crowd. “It’s definitely time to pre-

pare for the wading season, not to mention the sting ray season,” Gerke said. “These items are high-quality, durable and inexpensive — perfect for Father’s Day gifts. And no one promotes families fishing together more than Gerke, who routinely takes his family on the water. “So take the wife and kids — and their friends,” he said. Look for the Hot Buy specials at your favorite retailer in May and early June, and you’ll be sure to make dad one happy fisherman.

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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The Salinity

Story by Conor Harrison Lone Star Outdoor News

Be where the bait is

Waterloo Rod Company’s 6’ 8” Casting Rod


n my first wade trip of the year, I slipped into the cold waters of Copano Bay and began the constant cadence of casting a top-water bait with a Waterloo Salinity 6’8” fast-action casting rod. This was a good day to test: calm and clear with a lot of casting. I noticed the action and the feel were all right in my league. “Walk the dog” was easy, check. Bait cast a mile, check. Fighting a fish? We’ll have to check on that later. The Salinity is a $160 (at Academy) rod but feels like a $350 rod. Stiff yet light at the tip, just my style. The guides and finish are high quality. The grip feels good in your hand, but I prefer a fullhandle cork that is not an option from a retailer. The full-handle cork is only available through their custom shop. Our fishing party moved to another spot and we switched to lead head jigs with sand eels. Again, cast a mile, check. Twitching the bait, check. And, finally, catching a big trout, check. While playing the mid-20-inch trout, the rod had the backbone. When the drag was tested, everything worked perfectly. The Salinity is available in several sizes in both spinning and casting models and can be found at Academy stores.

Story by David J. Sams Lone Star Outdoor News

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One guide’s lessons from time spent on the water


idcoast guide Brian Holden has been reading the waters of the Texas bays for the past 20 years. And what he sees each day tells him where he will find his targets — big trout and redfish. Holden keys on water color, bottom composition, the amount of wind and the presence of baitfish. “I look for different water color depending on temperature

trends,” Holden said. “A lot of people get it in their heads that they should be looking for clear water. When it is cold, the dirtycolored water has suspended particles that heat the water column. “The difference in the dirty water compared to the clear or green water could be 5 degrees.” On warmer days, Holden looks for the edges that separate dirty and clear water. “Fish use dirty water because it is warmer and

they can ambush prey,” he said. “When they are in clear water, they aren’t feeding; the mullet can see them. I never want to fish for redfish in green (clearer) water. But you also have to take into account other factors such as the bottom composition.” Holden said fish can hide better in grass or shell bottoms, hence that is where you will likely find the predatory species. “Predatory fish like turmoil,” he said. “Clouds and a low-pressure system tells the angler the fish will be in a feeding situation. If I have a choice between days that are too calm and days that are too windy, I’d choose windy. The bait will get pushed up against structure and the game fish will follow. I’ve had the best bites on the biggest trout in really big chop when the mullet are riding the waves. “When it is slick calm and flat, it is hard to catch them.” Holden added that even a 1/4inch ripple on the water is better than throwing a bait into slick water. When looking for the perfect spot to fish, Holden said the presence of bait is one of the first things he looks for, specifically

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

baitfish fleeing a predator. “If the mullet are there, the predators are there,” he said. “Mullet don’t jump for fun. Something scared them. If you are wading along the guts and see one where mullet are jumping, that is the place to fish. “Be where the bait is.” Holden said his ideal fishing day consists of a good breeze and a hard incoming tide, like the tide created by the most recent spring equinox, which bought in the big trout. “A tide like that and it is on,” he said. “I really like that high water when it isn’t crystal clear, but turbulent.” Another important aspect of Holden’s ability to catch fish is the speed of his retrieval after a cast. “How fast you retrieve has everything to do with (getting a bite), more so than the action you give the bait” he said. “Casting to something instead of just blind casting is the difference in catching fish. The number of twitches on the retrieve does not make a difference. How fast I retrieve determines where in the water column that bait will be. That is the key.”

Longer, more accurate casts — in a braided line


nglers know the benefits of braided line, but many shy away, fearing backlashes after the line “buries” in the spool upon hookset or snags. Cortland’s Master Braid is the solution. Cortland’s Master Braid is a premium, high-strength, low-diameter braided line made from Spectron, which features an exceptionally tight, round weave and a special treatment to give it handling characteristics not found in other “super braid” lines. The result is an easy-to-use line suitable for trouble-free use on both casting and spinning reels. Cortland braids all of their Master Braid lines in-house in the USA to achieve an extratight, compact round braid with a smooth surface for longer casts, improved accuracy and longer life. Master Braid also packs more

tightly on the spool than traditional braids. A special stiffening agent penetrates and bonds to the line to make the line permanently stiff, which significantly improves handling characteristics, eliminates tangling and “digging in” on the spool, and makes the line especially suitable for use on spinning reels. The color is permanently bonded to the line’s Spectra fibers to eliminate fading, color leaching or flaking that is such a problem with some braided lines. Finally, a unique hydrophobic treatment repels water so the line comes back dry and slices through the water for a more direct contact with the bait or fish. Cortland has almost 100 years of experience braiding fishing lines, and all Master Braid lines are woven at its manufacturing headquarters in Cortland, N.Y.

Cortland (607) 756-2851

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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Story by Craig Nyhus Lone Star Outdoor News

Legend Alpha 211

— have it all in one package


t handles rough water with ease, has a blistering holeshot and top-end speed with a smooth, dry ride. Legend’s Alpha 211 offers that and more for the serious bass fisherman. With two people up front, the broad deck of the 211 offers an oversized platform that is rock-solid and incredibly stable. The efficient and functional layout includes a perfectly positioned bow panel that accommodates up to 12-inch electronics, solid-state touchpad controls, and a recessed trolling motor foot pedal. When it comes to storage, the Alpha 211 puts everything at your fingertips, with three oversized storage boxes on the front deck and two on the rear with under-seat storage, coolers, livewells and glove boxes in between. Up to 14 rods combos may be securely stored and are effortlessly accessible when needed with no worries of a tangled mess after a long ride.

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

Lone Star Outdoor News Operations Manager, Mike Hughs fished the Alpha 211 in the recent Texas B.A.S.S. Federation Nation: Regional Championship at the massive Sam Rayburn Reservoir. ”It’s great in rough water,” Hughs said. “And it rides really smooth. It’s quicker to trim than most other brands, and guys who thought it had a rough ride changed their mind when they learned how to trim it. You come out of the hole, touch it a few times and you’re on plane, running smooth.” Hughs led the tournament going into the final day, and ended in third, topping his region and allowing him to move on to the Central Divisional Championship to be held in June. He also led his six-man team, Century Bass Club, to the 2013 state title. “The boat ran perfectly,” he said. “The trolling motor kept up, but to be safe I would choose the 36-volt option over the standard 24.”

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Texas Fishing Spring Annual 2013

Texas Spring Fishing Annual 2013  

Texas fishing guide, products and the best information for 2013 from Lone Star Outdoor News.

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