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THE POPULAR PROGRAM THAT rates the very best sporting venues across the world is growing. The Beretta Trident Program is a rating system similar to the way Michelin rates restaurants, offering a world-class collection of hunting, shooting and outdoor experiences. “Only five percent of lodges worldwide would fall into this category,” said Ian Harrison, director of the Beretta Trident Program. “Now, most of the Trident lodges are in the U.S. and South America.” The program currently has approximately 16 lodges and is looking to grow to 35, with Trident Program lodges on each continent. Lodges are sought out and extensively examined for inclusion in the program. “Being part of the program is being connected to Beretta’s brand,” Harrison said. “They tap into our customer base and we can do the same and acquire new customers that travel to these lodges and offer our products.” There are four categories of lodges in the Trident Program — Upland, Waterfowl, Big Game and Sporting. “We are focused more on the hunting than anything else — the hunting has to be exceptional and world-class,” Harrison said. “The lodge could be the best ever but without the exceptional hunting, it won’t make it into the program.” Founding lodges include Pine Hill Plantation in southern Georgia that offers traditional quail hunts and Highland Hill in Oregon, a mixed bag hunt “in one of the most beautiful spots in the world,” Harrison said. South Dakota’s Signature Lodge offers traditional pheasant hunting in a Four Seasons type of environment. And the three lodges in South America are

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high-volume dove hunting facilities where “the photos alone make you want to go there.” Joshua Creek Ranch near Boerne is Texas’ only Trident lodge — so far. Possible future Trident locations include North American big game locations, including a lodge with traditional whitetail hunting in Texas, Colorado elk hunting, and Canada, where the hunting is fantastic but top lodging is sparse. Expansion into Africa and other

continents is planned; Ekland Safaris is the sole African Trident lodge currently. “We would like to add a plains game and a dangerous game facility,” Harrison said. “And we’re looking at a lodge in Patagonia for red stag and quail hunting and, of course, fishing, and a New Zealand lodge for stag and sheep.” Finally, some European locations are on the radar. “We are looking at a few

locations, particularly in Serbia, where there hasn’t been hunting for decades. We’re excited about promoting traditional hunting in Hungary and Romania, including driven boar hunting and the little roe deer,” Harrison said. “And work is beginning on looking at some places in the British Isles that offer wild and driven grouse and stag hunting.” It could be exciting if and when a castle is included as one of

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

Trident’s offerings. The Beretta Trident Program sports lodges are all unique and memorable in their own way, Harrison said. And the former manager of the Beretta Gallery in Dallas gets to check out all of them. “I landed the best job in the world,” he said.



LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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OUR COMPANY, NOW 15 YEARS IN THE making, prides itself in the high-quality products that we manufacture and, more importantly, where each of them comes from. God’s wonderful creations that we get to enjoy as a family has spawned the creation of our company and the products that have made it what it is today. By sharing in the outdoors experience together with family and friends, we have created products that make the time we have to spend outdoors that much safer and more enjoyable. From our inception in 1998 with one pro-duct, to now, 15 years later, we will be introducing our 70th product next year, and we never take for granted what makes a product

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

successful. Usefulness, effectiveness, quality craftsmanship, and value are what we try to accomplish in each product we manufacture, and we use each and every one of them. From our wading gear to our snake protection, as well as our feeder units and game processing gear, we have tested and proven them time and time again. When you are in search of gear that will give you the results you want from your outdoor experience, trust in us to get it done for you and your family — it works for ours! — Billy Gerke, CEO, ForEverlast, Inc.



LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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STEALTH CAM, THE LEADER IN SCOUTING CAMera innovation, integrates its new ZX7 microprocessor into the line of game scouting cameras, creating a new breed of technologically advanced cameras for hunters demanding higher performance, longer run time and more features for their hard-earned dollar. Stealth Cam’s ZX7 processor will be incorporated into its full lineup for 2013 (except the Core 8). The performance upgrades in their new processor creates faster trigger speeds to help capture those fast-moving bucks chasing does through your favorite hunting spot. Third-party test results have consistently performed at sub-second trigger speeds. With less time available for scouting, hunters

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rely heavily on their cameras to aid in this timeintensive activity. Hunters who have experienced the frustration of checking their game cameras only to find the batteries dead will be pleased to learn of the increased image count per battery life. The ZX7 is pushing the envelope with improved energyefficient circuitry, resulting in up to 20,000 images per set of batteries! Beyond the fast trigger speeds and efficient battery life, the ZX7 has even more features being offered as part of this new technology, such as 720P High-Definition Video with data time code stamping, a great tool for editing footage, plus time-lapse hybrid mode, giving you virtually three cameras in

one complete package. Still, Video and Time-Lapse! With the onset of high-capacity SD memory cards, the external image counter on the ZX7 processor can now display up to 99,999 frames. And programming Stealth Cam’s cameras is easier than ever before as the ZX7 boasts a Quick Set feature with three Preset modes, along with the manual setup mode, saving frustration as you get your gear into the field. Hunters and scouters can now appreciate Stealth Cam’s next level of scouting technology with the ZX7 processor. What matters most is inside!

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual


(877) 269-8490 GSMOUTDOORS.COM

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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HUNTERS CAN EXPECT AT LEAST AN average deer season across much of Texas, and that could go to above average with a little more moisture, according to biologists and ranch managers. The most famous region for big deer in the state — South Texas — received timely rains in the spring, but the moisture has been lacking since, decreasing prospects for big bucks in some areas. “A bad, three-year drought, which is what we’ve had in South Texas, can really impact the deer,” said TPWD biologist Daniel Kunz. “In parts of South Texas we’ve had timely rainfall and may have a pretty good season

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in some parts, especially around San Antonio. Webb County also received some good rains. The horns are looking decent.” Kunz said the better-managed ranches will always have some big bucks and this year will be no different. He also added that many mature bucks were not killed the past few years, giving many ranches a good age structure to produce big deer this season. Alan Cain, TPWD white-tailed deer leader, said some regions of the state can expect an above-average year for antler quality. “Rainfall was varied, but hunters in North Texas can expect an above-average year,” he said. “It will be an average year in South

Texas. In the Hill Country, we’ve had some rain but we are still pretty dry. The bucks had a good start but might not finish all that great. “In the Trans Pecos, they’ve had more rain than they’ve had in a while, so expect an average to above-average year.” Cain said Pineywoods hunters should expect a very good year for antler quality, but hunters could have to adjust how they hunt this season. “It looks like a jungle out there,” he said. “East Texas might not have a great acorn crop, so the deer might hit feeders better than in the past couple of years.”

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

Cain said antler-restriction counties in the Coastal Prairie region should see some nice bucks this season. “Those counties have a really good age structure,” he said. “That region is a little drier than the Pineywoods, but antler quality should be good.” Cain said he expects a 40- to 45-percent fawn crop statewide, which would be down from last year’s average of 47 percent. “Everything we are seeing is telling us we have stable population trends,” he added. BY CONOR HARRISON LSONEWS.COM


PRACTICING SHOOTING SKILLS IN REalistic hunting scenarios in air-conditioned comfort interests all hunters. The new Sportsman Shooting Center in Grapevine will top even that — you can use your own rifle and live ammunition! American Sportsman Shooting Center, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimpoint Holding, has announced America’s first indoor hunting shooting center — the Sportsman Shooting Center. The center is a fully enclosed, indoor training center that provides the opportunity for shooters to practice dynamic hunting scenarios inside an air-conditioned, live-fire cinema range using their own rifle and ammunition. Blaser R8 rifles will be available for rental, and Norma ammunition available for purchase in all major hunting calibers. Aimpoint sights will be offered as well. Opening in September, the Sportsman Shooting Center will occupy a newly built, state-of-the-art 9,000-square-foot range facility. The first of its kind in the USA, the facility will serve as a model for future locations across the country. The center will offer shooters access to an advanced three-part program: · A 100-yard, underground sighting tunnel allowing customers to zero their rifles

and optics with electronic target scoring. · An interactive SimTarget® training simulator using a non-firing replica firearm fitted with an eye-safe laser emitter. This system allows an instructor to actively monitor and refine a shooter’s form for greater accuracy. · The USA’s first live-fire, cinema projection range, providing shooters the chance to practice their skills on a wide variety of realistic hunting scenarios from whitetail deer to African game. The scenarios are projected on a 12’ x 30’ screen with computerized scoring, and shooters may use their own rifle and live ammunition. “Sportsman Shooting Center will quickly become an important asset in providing hunting and firearms safety training in the state of Texas,” said Brian Lisankie, president of Aimpoint Holding. “This unique facility provides a fun and exciting experience for everyone from the absolute beginner to the expert preparing for an international hunt.” Sportsman Shooting Center is located minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and across from the Bass Pro Shops in Grapevine.


LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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SUPPLYING MORE THAN 500 MILLION ROUNDS of shotshell cartridges around the world, the makers of Rio Ammunition are not the new guys on the block, even though many Texas wing shooters may not realize it. Rio has been selling in the U.S. since 2002 and manufacturing world-wide since the late 1800s — it is rapidly becoming a favorite choice among both the novice and top-shooter enthusiasts. So much so, that Rio opened a new loading plant and additional warehousing facilities in middle Tennessee just a few years ago to meet the increasing demands of customers. Due to high demand on ammunition this year, Rio is loading cartridges both at its Tennessee plant and the main production facility in northern Spain. Patrick Thomas, national sales manager of Rio Ammunition USA, said the company is operating its factories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet this demanding market. As one of only a few totally integrated ammunition manufacturers, Rio has the know-how and resources to supply shooting enthusiasts with high-quality cartridges while still retaining

competitive prices. Not only do they produce great dove loads, you can find many offerings for seasonal, general sporting and home defense. Rio Ammo recently entered the waterfowl market with a full range of BlueSteel brand steel hunting loads and the new Rio Bismuth brand cartridges that are sure to have the same success as their dove loads. Rio produces a comprehensive range of cartridges that includes buckshot, slugs, less lethal and sub-gauges. As the 2013 dove season is upon us, look for the Rio Ammunition brand of shotgun cartridges at your favorite Texas sporting goods dealer. Also be on the lookout for the Limited Edition “Texas Game Load” that you’ll find in the red, white and blue box designed to resemble the flag of the great state of Texas! For more information, dealer locations near you or to request a catalog about Rio Ammunition and their wide variety of products, call or visit Rio’s website.


(931) 729-0880 RIOAMMO.COM

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September 2013 to May 2014 September









Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

Date-Day Rise Set

1 Sun 7:01 2 Mon 7:01 3 Tue 7:02 4 Wed 7:02 5 Thu 7:03 6 Fri 7:04 7 Sat 7:04 8 Sun 7:05 9 Mon 7:06 10 Tue 7:06 11 Wed 7:07 12 Thu 7:07 13 Fri 7:08 14 Sat 7:09 15 Sun 7:09 16 Mon 7:10 17 Tue 7:11 18 Wed 7:11 19 Thu 7:12 20 Fri 7:12 21 Sat 7:13 22 Sun 7:14 23 Mon 7:14 24 Tue 7:15 25 Wed 7:16 26 Thu 7:16 27 Fri 7:17 28 Sat 7:17 29 Sun 7:18 30 Mon 7:19

1 Tue 7:19 2 Wed 7:20 3 Thu 7:21 4 Fri 7:21 5 Sat 7:22 6 Sun 7:23 7 Mon 7:24 8 Tue 7:24 9 Wed 7:25 10 Thu 7:26 11 Fri 7:26 12 Sat 7:27 13 Sun 7:28 14 Mon 7:29 15 Tue 7:29 16 Wed 7:30 17 Thu 7:31 18 Fri 7:32 19 Sat 7:32 20 Sun 7:33 21 Mon 7:34 22 Tue 7:35 23 Wed 7:36 24 Thu 7:37 25 Fri 7:37 26 Sat 7:38 27 Sun 7:39 28 Mon 7:40 29 Tue 7:41 30 Wed 7:42 31 Thu 7:43

1 Fri 7:43 2 Sat 7:44 3 Sun 7:45 4 Mon 6:46 5 Tue 6:47 6 Wed 6:48 7 Thu 6:49 8 Fri 6:50 9 Sat 6:51 10 Sun 6:52 11 Mon 6:53 12 Tue 6:53 13 Wed 6:54 14 Thu 6:55 15 Fri 6:56 16 Sat 6:57 17 Sun 6:58 18 Mon 6:59 19 Tue 7:00 20 Wed 7:01 21 Thu 7:02 22 Fri 7:03 23 Sat 7:04 24 Sun 7:05 25 Mon 7:06 26 Tue 7:07 27 Wed 7:07 28 Thu 7:08 29 Fri 7:09 30 Sat 7:10

1 Sun 7:11 2 Mon 7:12 3 Tue 7:13 4 Wed 7:13 5 Thu 7:14 6 Fri 7:15 7 Sat 7:16 8 Sun 7:17 9 Mon 7:17 10 Tue 7:18 11 Wed 7:19 12 Thu 7:19 13 Fri 7:20 14 Sat 7:21 15 Sun 7:21 16 Mon 7:22 17 Tue 7:23 18 Wed 7:23 19 Thu 7:24 20 Fri 7:24 21 Sat 7:25 22 Sun 7:25 23 Mon 7:26 24 Tue 7:26 25 Wed 7:27 26 Thu 7:27 27 Fri 7:27 28 Sat 7:28 29 Sun 7:28 30 Mon 7:28 30 Tue 7:29

1 Wed 7:29 5:29 2 Thu 7:29 5:30 3 Fri 7:29 5:31 4 Sat 7:29 5:32 5 Sun 7:29 5:32 6 Mon 7:29 5:33 7 Tue 7:29 5:34 8 Wed 7:30 5:35 9 Thu 7:29 5:36 10 Fri 7:29 5:37 11 Sat 7:29 5:37 12 Sun 7:29 5:38 13 Mon 7:29 5:39 14 Tue 7:29 5:40 15 Wed 7:29 5:41 16 Thu 7:29 5:42 17 Fri 7:28 5:43 18 Sat 7:28 5:44 19 Sun 7:28 5:45 20 Mon 7:27 5:46 21 Tue 7:27 5:47 22 Wed 7:27 5:48 23 Thu 7:26 5:49 24 Fri 7:26 5:50 25 Sat 7:25 5:51 26 Sun 7:25 5:52 27 Mon 7:24 5:53 28 Tue 7:24 5:53 29 Wed 7:23 5:54 30 Thu 7:23 5:55 31 Fri 7:22 5:56

1 Sat 7:21 5:57 2 Sun 7:21 5:58 3 Mon 7:20 5:59 4 Tue 7:19 6:00 5 Wed 7:18 6:01 6 Thu 7:18 6:02 7 Fri 7:17 6:03 8 Sat 7:16 6:04 9 Sun 7:15 6:05 10 Mon 7:14 6:06 11 Tue 7:13 6:07 12 Wed 7:12 6:08 13 Thu 7:12 6:09 14 Fri 7:11 6:10 15 Sat 7:10 6:11 16 Sun 7:09 6:12 17 Mon 7:08 6:13 18 Tue 7:07 6:13 19 Wed 7:06 6:14 20 Thu 7:04 6:15 21 Fri 7:03 6:16 22 Sat 7:02 6:17 23 Sun 7:01 6:18 24 Mon7:00 6:19 25 Tue 6:59 6:20 26 Wed 6:58 6:20 27 Thu 6:57 6:21 28 Fri 6:55 6:22

1 Sat 6:54 6:23 2 Sun 6:53 6:24 3 Mon 6:52 6:24 4 Tue 6:51 6:25 5 Wed 6:49 6:26 6 Thu 6:48 6:27 7 Fri 6:47 6:28 8 Sat 6:46 6:28 9 Sun 7:44 7:29 10 Mon 7:43 7:30 11 Tue 7:42 7:31 12 Wed 7:41 7:31 13 Thu 7:39 7:32 14 Fri 7:38 7:33 15 Sat 7:37 7:33 16 Sun 7:35 7:34 17 Mon 7:34 7:35 18 Tue 7:33 7:36 19 Wed 7:32 7:36 20 Thu 7:30 7:37 21 Fri 7:29 7:38 22 Sat 7:28 7:38 23 Sun 7:26 7:39 24 Mon7:25 7:40 25 Tue 7:24 7:41 26 Wed 7:22 7:41 27 Thu 7:21 7:42 28 Fri 7:20 7:43 29 Sat 7:18 7:43 30 Sun 7:17 7:44 31 Mon 7:16 7:45

1 Tue 7:14 2 Wed 7:13 3 Thu 7:12 4 Fri 7:11 5 Sat 7:09 6 Sun 7:08 7 Mon 7:07 8 Tue 7:06 9 Wed 7:04 10 Thu 7:03 11 Fri 7:02 12 Sat 7:01 13 Sun 6:59 14 Mon 6:58 15 Tue 6:57 16 Wed 6:56 17 Thu 6:55 18 Fri 6:53 19 Sat 6:52 20 Sun 6:51 21 Mon 6:50 22 Tue 6:49 23 Wed 6:48 24 Thu 6:47 25 Fri 6:46 26 Sat 6:44 27 Sun 6:43 28 Mon 6:42 29 Tue 6:41 30 Wed 6:40

1 Thu 6:39 2 Fri 6:38 3 Sat 6:38 4 Sun 6:37 5 Mon 6:36 6 Tue 6:35 7 Wed 6:34 8 Thu 6:33 9 Fri 6:32 10 Sat 6:31 11 Sun 6:31 12 Mon 6:30 13 Tue 6:29 14 Wed 6:28 15 Thu 6:28 16 Fri 6:27 17 Sat 6:26 18 Sun 6:26 19 Mon 6:25 20 Tue 6:25 21 Wed 6:24 22 Thu 6:23 23 Fri 6:23 24 Sat 6:22 25 Sun 6:22 26 Mon 6:22 27 Tue 6:21 28 Wed 6:21 29 Thu 6:20 30 Fri 6:20 31 Sat 6:20

7:52 7:50 7:49 7:48 7:46 7:45 7:44 7:42 7:41 7:40 7:38 7:37 7:36 7:34 7:33 7:32 7:30 7:29 7:28 7:26 7:25 7:24 7:22 7:21 7:20 7:18 7:17 7:15 7:14 7:13

7:11 7:10 7:09 7:08 7:06 7:05 7:04 7:02 7:01 7:00 6:59 6:57 6:56 6:55 6:54 6:52 6:51 6:50 6:49 6:48 6:47 6:46 6:45 6:43 6:42 6:41 6:40 6:39 6:38 6:37 6:36

6:35 6:35 6:34 5:33 5:32 5:31 5:30 5:30 5:29 5:28 5:27 5:27 5:26 5:25 5:25 5:24 5:24 5:23 5:23 5:22 5:22 5:22 5:21 5:21 5:21 5:20 5:20 5:20 5:20 5:19

Times given above are for Dallas. For other locations, subtract 1 minute per 12 miles east of Dallas, and add 1 minute per 12 miles west of Dallas. The table below gives adjustments for some Texas cities. Information provided is the longitudinal distance from Dallas and the time adjustment for sunrise and sunset.

10 |

5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:19 5:20 5:20 5:20 5:20 5:21 5:21 5:21 5:22 5:22 5:22 5:23 5:23 5:24 5:24 5:25 5:26 5:26 5:27 5:27 5:28 5:29

Abilene . . . . . . . . . . Alpine . . . . . . . . . . . Beaumont . . . . . . . . . Corpus Christi. . . . . . Austin . . . . . . . . . . . Del Rio . . . . . . . . . . . El Paso*. . . . . . . . . .

165 miles west . . . . 405 miles west . . . . 160 miles east . . . . 35 miles west . . . . . 55 miles west . . . . . 235 miles west . . . . 555 miles west . . . .

add 14 minutes add 24 minutes subtract 13 minutes add 3 minutes add 5 minutes add 20 minutes subtract 23 minutes

7:45 7:46 7:47 7:47 7:48 7:49 7:50 7:50 7:51 7:52 7:52 7:53 7:54 7:54 7:55 7:56 7:57 7:57 7:58 7:59 8:00 8:00 8:01 8:02 8:03 8:03 8:04 8:05 8:06 8:06

Houston . . . . . . . . . . 170 miles east . . . . Laredo . . . . . . . . . . . 160 miles west . . . . Lubbock . . . . . . . . . . 280 miles west . . . . San Angelo. . . . . . . . 215 miles west . . . . San Antonio . . . . . . . 95 miles west . . . . . Tyler . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 miles east . . . . . *El Paso is in Mountain Time Zone.

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

8:07 8:08 8:09 8:09 8:10 8:11 8:12 8:12 8:13 8:14 8:15 8:15 8:16 8:17 8:17 8:18 8:19 8:20 8:20 8:21 8:22 8:22 8:23 8:24 8:24 8:25 8:26 8:26 8:27 8:28 8:28

subtract 5 minutes add 14 minutes add 24 minutes add 18 minutes add 8 minutes subtract 6 minutes

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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SINCE 1995, TRAVELERS ON I-20 HAVE BEEN wondering what it is they see as they approach the Thurber exit about 70 miles west of Fort Worth. They’ve noticed the big English-style castle that looms atop one of the majestic mesas, but have still questioned what it is. However, for avid wingshooters and sportsmen across Texas and the rest of the country — they know it’s Greystone Castle Sporting Club. For more than a decade, Greystone Castle has been part of the Orvis family as one of their premier wingshooting destinations. In fact, their name has become synonymous with quality in the hunting industry. With the end of last season, this 2011 Orvis Wingshooting Lodge of the Year completed its 18th year in business. It is this long-term commitment that has them very appreciative of their past successes and looking forward to the 2013 season to come. “Over the years, we have been very fortunate to have developed such wonderful relationships with so many clients,” said Bill Honza, marketing manager. “Each year we make new friends as well as renew old friendships. And we get to do this while sharing our commitment to the sport of hunting and the sporting lifestyle.” What’s both unique and compelling about Greystone is that it can be so many things to so many different sportsmen. To the upland gunner, large fields of sorghum, millet, and switchgrass bring memories of great gun dogs, flushing pheasants, bobwhite covey rises and days in the field with friends. For the big game hunter, it’s 6,000 acres that offer

12 |

some of the best whitetail hunting in the country and over 40 species of exotic game. For the clay shooter, it’s the great sporting clays and pyramid 5-stand courses that will test the best of shooters. And for the avid angler, their trophy bass lakes present year-round opportunities for tight lines on largemouth and hybrid stripers. What appeals to all visitors to Greystone are its top-of-the-line accommodations and gourmet meals. Guests enjoy 24 private rooms, gourmet dining from an executive chef, conference facilities and a swimming pool with hot tub. Along with this is the newly constructed 2,600-square-foot pavilion facility with custom bar, large seating areas, 65-inch TV, carved limestone fireplace, Laser Shot, billiards and an overlook terrace with a custom outdoor fire pit. The ownership and staff have been dedicated to creating one of the finest sporting experiences found anywhere in the world. Long-term habitat improvement and wildlife management has made Greystone an extraordinary hunting venue. This coupled with the unique castle facility and outstanding customer service makes Greystone Castle a destination without equal.



LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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TEXAS’ TOP WILD GAME PROCESSing company has a new name. Syracuse Custom Meats has changed its name to Cinnamon Creek Wild Game Processing. With the same great products as the bacon-wrapped backstraps and deer stickers along with many great sausages and jerky, nothing has really changed except the name. Cinnamon Creek Wild Game Processing still makes some of the best jalapeno cheese summer sausage and strip jerky. For those attending the TTHA show in Fort Worth Aug. 16-18, stop by and get some great samples and check out some new products. Cinnamon Creek Wild Game Processing is located right in front of the world’s premier archery facility, Cinnamon Creek Ranch, in Roanoke. Owner Joe Musacchio says the two companies go hand in hand with each other. With all the new lines of equipment and archery supplies that at arrive at Cinnamon Creek Ranch you can’t just make one trip. And there are plans of new things to come

14 |

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

and an online store for your convenience. Cinnamon Creek Ranch carries all of the major brands including Bowtech, Mathews, PSE and Hoyt just to name a few. With more than 700 bows in stock, at Cinnamon Creek Ranch, we can find the perfect one for you. And don’t forget to log on to the new online store at Growth in the archery business along with the wild game processing proves that hunting is here to stay.


(817) 439-8008/(817) 439-8998 CINNAMONCREEKRANCH.COM


FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS, LEICA ENGINEERS HAVE SUCCEEDED IN DEVELOPING remarkable new rangefinding technologies. Once again, their latest development breaks new ground — the Leica Geovid HD-B laser rangefinding binoculars feature the superior new ABC® onboard ballistics system plus an additional microSD card reader. The ergonomic design offers innovative elegance and comfort. The Geovid HD-B represents a revolution in rangefinding — maximum flexibility and unmatched ranging precision to more than 2,000 yards. The integrated microSD card reader enables you to program the specific ballistic data for your rifle — such as caliber, ammunition and loading — so that the firearm and binoculars function in perfect harmony. Determining the point of impact is easier, safer and more accurate than ever before. The display is user-friendly, clear and, most importantly, customizable. The ABC® system can calculate results for three different correction formats, so you’re ready for any hunting situation. Whichever you choose, the temperature, air pressure and angle of inclination are automatically considered in the calculation. You can also view these readings individually at the simple touch of a button. Extremely easy to use, the microSD card feature offers valuable benefits. Simply calculate the ballistic curve by using the online tool. Enter the caliber, load and zeroing range of your ammunition. Save the data onto the microSD card and insert the card into your Geovid HD-B. That’s it. You can immediately prepare your shot with no additional programming needed after ranging. Even unusual calibers or loads present no problem. The Leica Geovid HD-B laser rangefinding binoculars are available in 8x42 and 10x42 models.



LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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ONE OF TEXAS’ TOP SPORTING CLAYS facilities and Beretta dealers may seem to be in an unlikely location, but Windwalker Farms Sporting Clays in little Stanton is just that. Located about halfway between Big Spring and Midland, it is a West Texas oasis for the shooting sports that accommodates large groups of shooters numbering more than 1,000. “I bought the property in 2001,” said owner Steve Wilbanks. “There was an existing club here. There has been sporting clays since 1990, but it was just a little country range using hand-thrown traps.” Times have changed. “We put in new traps and built new facilities,” said Wilbanks, who is in the oilfield services business. “We had better personal service, I guess, and it exploded from there. We started doing bigger corporate shoots, fun shoots and charity shoots — and we do registered shoots each month.” After the facility got rolling, Wilbanks brought in Gary Hightower and Michael Coleman as additional owners and managers. In June, Windwalker Farms hosted the Bad Boy Blast with 1,100 shooters. In July, the Oilman’s Shoot brought in 900. “We specialize in large shoots,” Wilbanks

16 |

said. “We have our system down.” And Windwalker Farms sells guns, too. An authorized Beretta dealer, it’s one of the top sellers in Texas. “We’ve bought every gun they could get to us — at the Oilman’s Shoot we gave away 165 Berettas,” Wilbanks said. “We do a lot of business with guns, rifles, ammunition and accessories.” The highlight of Windwalker Farms is in its 25 unique shooting stations. “Along the course, we had companies come in and build a station,” Wilbanks said. “Some are fairly simple, others are very high dollar. Most of the companies spent about $30,000 per station. Most have metal roofs and some are rock structures. They build it, pay for it, and that’s their company’s advertising. Windwalker Farms, ranked 11th in the U.S. and 4th in Texas in the number of registered targets thrown, continues to grow, and sports a newly completed registration and dining hall.


LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH-FENCED PAStures for trophy whitetail production is one of the most popular land uses on Texas ranches today. However, the excitement of this practice is often suppressed by the realization that the genetic potential of local native deer herds will not meet ultimate program goals. Today, managers and hunters place extraordinary expectations on deer production and intense trophy management that go beyond the capability of native genetics and natural nutrition. With modern technology, we have the opportunity to maximize both within our native boundaries. If you don’t have adequate food, water, or cover, put it there. The same goes for genetics. Progressive infusion of proven genetics from deer-breeder facilities into managed native herds helps retain “local survivability” characteristics while supercharging antler traits for trophy production. Net antler size is greatly increased at peak growth and maturation time is shortened … peak happens faster. In addition, captive deer offer a known source of totally unrelated individuals to enhance the genetic variability of native populations. This boosts the probability of hybrid vigor displayed by offspring from two different subspecies or species complexes. In short, aggressive genetic manipulation within the high fence will quickly bypass any eventual outcomes of natural selection processes in the wild. For many reasons, satisfactory results in superior antler production cannot be realized by simply adding big bucks to the general native population. Recent DNA paternity testing in white-tailed deer clearly indicates the best

bucks may only sire four or five fawns per year, while the majority will only sire one surviving fawn each year. The same studies show a large number of bucks in all age classes are doing the breeding, including the very young. That means as many (or more) inferior bucks are breeding your does as good ones. My experience has been that adult bucks from breeder enclosures have a tougher time adapting to larger range than does; they most always take a big hit to antler size and condition during their first year of release. It has also become increasingly

evident that does contribute largely to antler development in buck fawns, not only through genetic propensity, but equally important maternal care values; like some cows consistently produce better calves. These concerns are best addressed by releasing premium does (bred to a variety of premium bucks) from licensed breeder facilities in midwinter. Then, improved fawns are born in the new “wild” environment and these select does can continue to build genetic superiority via future breeding. Along with a dedicated culling and predator control program, repeating this annually for three consecutive years will produce unbelievable results. Recognizing the need for affordable “stocker” quality deer, Chuck Frazier at Lone Wolf Ranch near Coolidge has spent more than a few years developing a hardy line of bucks and does that perform well under highfenced management. He has selected breeders according to their ability to consistently produce trophy-class offspring while surviving the elements outside captivity. I have several clients with large high-fenced ranches who have had great success integrating his deer genetics into their native herds. Deer breeders have proven that exceptional specimens of white-tailed deer result from an intersection between superior genetics and super nutrition; why not use them as a tool for native deer herd improvement? — Dan Van Schaik, wildlife biologist consultant


(254) 747-1037 LONEWOLF@GLADE.NET

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2013-14 Season Dates DOVE North Zone and Central Zone Sept. 1-Oct. 23 and Dec. 20-Jan. 5 South Zone Sept. 20-Oct. 27 and Dec. 20-Jan. 20 Bag limit: 15 birds and not more than two white-tipped doves. Special White-winged Dove Area Sept. 1-2, 7-8, Sept. 20-Oct. 23 and Dec. 20 -Jan. 20 The daily bag limit in the SWWDA during the first two weekends is 15 doves in the aggregate, to include no more than 4 mourning doves and 2 white-tipped doves. Once the general season opens, the aggregate bag limit will be 15. EARLY TEAL-ONLY

Sept. 14-29


Sept. 14-29 (Eastern Zone Only)

ALLIGATOR 22 counties & special properties Remainder of the state

Sept. 10-30 (by permit only) Apr. 1-June 30


Sept. 28-Oct. 6

WHITE-TAILED DEER Archery-Only Season Special Youth Season* General Season Late Antlerless and Spike Muzzleloader (57 counties) MULE DEER Archery-Only Season General Season

Sept. 28-Nov. 1 Oct. 26-27, Jan. 6-19 North Texas (212 counties) South Texas (30 counties) North Texas (106 counties) South Texas (30 counties) Jan. 6-19 Sept. 28-Nov. 1 Panhandle (38 counties) SW Panhandle (12 counties) Trans Pecos (19 counties)

JAVELINA Northern (43 counties) Southern (50 counties)

Oct. 1-Feb. 23 No closed season

PHEASANT Panhandle (37 counties)

Dec. 7-Jan.5

18 |

Nov. 2-Jan. 5 Nov. 2-Jan. 19 Jan. 6-19 Jan. 20-Feb. 2

Nov. 23-Dec. 8 Nov. 23-Dec. 1 Nov. 29-Dec. 15

SQUIRREL Special Youth Season** East Texas (51 counties) Other Open counties

Sept. 28-29 Oct. 1-Feb. 2, May 1-31 No closed season

LESSER PRAIRIE CHICKEN No open season for lesser prairie chicken. QUAIL Statewide (all counties)

Oct. 26-Feb. 23

RIO GRANDE TURKEY Archery-Only Season Fall Season Special Youth Season* North Zone (123 counties) South Zone (26 counties) Brooks, Kenedy, Kleberg, & Willacy counties Spring Season North Zone (101 counties) Special Youth Season* South Zone (54 counties) Special Youth Season* 1-Turkey Bag Limit (8 counties)

Sept. 28-Nov. 1 Oct. 26-27, Jan. 18-19 Nov. 2-Jan. 5 Nov. 2-Jan. 19 Nov. 2-Feb. 23 Mar. 29-May 11 Mar. 22-23, May 17-18 Mar. 15-Apr. 27 Mar. 8-9, May 3-4 Apr. 1-30

EASTERN TURKEY+ Spring-Only Season East Texas (28 counties)

Apr. 15-May 14

CHACHALACA Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr and Willacy counties

Nov. 2-Feb. 24

RABBITS and HARES No closed season. In addition to a hunting license, a migratory game bird stamp endorsement ($7) is required to hunt any migratory game bird, including mourning dove (a Federal Sandhill Crane Permit also is required to hunt sandhill crane). An upland game bird stamp endorsement ($7) is required to hunt turkey, quail, pheasant or chachalacas. See County Listings in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual for specific county regulations and more detailed information. *In all counties that have an open season for those species. ** In all counties that have an October 1-February 4 and May 1-31 Open Squirrel Season. + Rio Grande and Eastern Turkey may be hunted in these counties.

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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LOTS OF BIRDS COULD BE MORE SPREAD OUT THIS SEASON AN EXPANDED WHITE-WINGED DOVE zone, enough rain for a good dove hatch and plenty of crops in the fields all point toward a good dove season for Texas hunters. Unlike the past several seasons, where dove were concentrated on localized water sources and crops withering in the fields after brutal summers, this season will see more birds but they will also be more spread out. “The rainfall has really spread them out,” said David Veale, South Texas district leader for TPWD. “But there is a lot of croton. Numbers-wise, we are in really good shape. The past few seasons, if you had water, you had most of the

20 |

birds. If you didn’t, it was really tough.” Veale said dove breeding numbers are very high this season, which should result in lots of young birds in the bag this season. “Breeding numbers are through the roof,” he said. “Mourning dove numbers are through the roof. I think the dove hunting will be good.” In Central Texas, Valerie Hernandez of Double H Outfitters in the San Antonio area said they are seeing loads of birds. “It is looking really good right now for the season,” she said. “We are seeing a lot of birds, we’ve had lots of rain and the birds are really hitting the grain fields right now. We have birds in our

fields on the east side of town and down on our fields in the La Coste/Lytle area. “And we are seeing the birds all day long, not just coming and going.” Hernandez said there is lots of food and water available to the birds, and she thinks the nesting season was above average. “We are seeing mostly whitewings,” she said. Robert Perez, TPWD’s Upland Game Bird leader said he has seen lots of dove across the state during his recent travels. “We have a very strong resident population of whitewing and mourning dove,” he said. “It is great because it offers opportunity every season, espe-

cially around urban areas. Places like San Antonio, Austin and Dallas all have big populations of birds that fly into the fields each morning and evening to feed. “The opportunity for hunters is fantastic.” Perez said hunters should concentrate on the local birds the opening weeks of the season and then hunt ahead of cool fronts the rest of the season. “The migrating birds will come through with the first norther we have,” he said. “I think the dove, overall, are doing really well in Texas.”

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual


LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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DUCKS UNLIMITED IS COMMITTED TO making a stand for waterfowl along the Texas coast where the birds face challenges associated with the loss of coastal prairie wetlands, fresh and intermediate marshes and rice agriculture-associated wetlands. Because the causes of loss are complex, DU approaches conservation with a suite of tools, including delivering habitat conservation, representing wetland and waterfowl interests in the public policy arena and implementing scientific research. DU has recently completed habitat projects on public and private lands along the Texas coast, including enhancements to the Lower Neches, Justin Hurst, Mad Island and J.D. Murphree wildlife management areas; Anahuac, Laguna Atascosa, and McFaddin national wildlife refuges; and more than 60,000 privately owned wetland acres. DU also employs Kirby Brown, a conservation outreach biologist who focuses solely on water policy in the state. Ensuring sufficient water allocation for rice agriculture and

22 |

wetland habitats in the remaining rice prairie wetlands ecosystems is critical to ensuring waterfowl thrive along the Texas coast. Rice agriculture provides a significant portion of the resources waterfowl have come to depend on in this region. TEXAS COAST CRITICAL FOR WATERFOWL The Texas coast can winter up to 90 percent of the Central Flyway duck population, and provides significant year-round habitat for resident mottled ducks. The Gulf Coast Joint Venture midwinter population objective for the Texas coast is 5.38 million waterfowl, but recent studies reveal there is already insufficient habitat to support them. Though habitat conditions on breeding

grounds largely drive changes in waterfowl populations, wintering ground habitat must allow birds to survive the winter and build enough fat reserves for spring migration and breeding efforts. DU-supported studies on pintails along the Texas Gulf Coast already indicate these birds are staying longer at wintering areas and arriving leaner to breeding grounds in the spring. That bodes ill for reproductive success and survival. “Eventually, we reach a threshold where we begin to lose birds because of insufficient wintering habitat,” said Todd Merendino, DU manager of conservation programs in Texas. “We’re already facing foraging deficits along the Gulf Coast, and with increasing losses of rice agriculture from water restrictions and expanding human populations, those deficits continue to grow despite the efforts of Ducks Unlimited and our partners.” MORE THAN DUCKS Coastal habitats and the wildlife and fisheries they support have tremendous impacts

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

on the economy. According to the 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, wildlife-associated recreation contributes $6.2 billion annually to the state economy. As staggering as the economics are, the areas DU works to conserve provide far more than wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Additional functions provided by coastal wetlands include storm impact protection, oil and gas infrastructure support, water quality improvement and groundwater recharge. “DU has a more than 20-year history of restoring and enhancing Texas wetlands, and we will maintain a long-term commitment to protect and restore important wetland habitats in the Gulf Coast Prairies,” Merendino said. “The area’s habitat is too important to waterfowl and people to do otherwise.” To attend a fundraising event in Texas, visit


LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual


THE ALL-NEW VIKING EPS SIDE-BY-SIDE (SxS) vehicle sets a new standard in the three-person multipurpose SxS segment. Every Yamaha Viking is being assembled in the U.S.A. at Yamaha’s factory in Newnan, Ga., for worldwide distribution. The new Viking combines Yamaha’s most powerful four-wheel drive engine to date with a comfortable and confidence-inspiring three-person cab, precision steering and class-leading handling. The vehicle’s distinctive features make it the most off-road capable vehicle in its class and the only one with true three-person seating capacity, making it not only hardworking but fun to drive on the farm as well as the trail. The Viking’s exclusive pass-through bucket seating features a unique offset center position (set 5 degrees back) that improves comfort with maximum shoulder room for all three occupants, with threepoint seat belts for everyone, plus headrests all around, adjustable handhold for both passengers and a textured floorboard with dedicated foot wells. “The Viking tops its competition with precise steering and superior handling, excelling in the areas of durability, reliability, ease of use, and cargo and towing capacity,” said Mike Martinez, vice president of Yamaha’s ATV/SxS Group. Power comes from Yamaha’s strongest four-wheel drive engine to date — a 686cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, singlecylinder, 4-valve fuel-injected engine that provides peak performance at maximum capacity. Yamaha Fuel Injection delivers

consistent starts and power even at elevation and in cold weather, and the 9.7-gallon fuel tank allows for long days of use. Yamaha’s three-way On-Command® system, featuring 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with differential lock, is a driver-controlled system with an automotive-type rotary dial selector, giving the driver the control and confidence to lock in all four wheels based on the terrain. Yamaha’s Ultramatic™ transmission with high, low and reverse and the industry’s most natural feeling all-wheel engine braking gives the driver confidence especially on hills and in rough terrain. The optional Electric Power Steering (EPS) system provides the industry’s best balance of light feeling with positive feedback from the terrain. The system reads steering wheel torque, vehicle speed, OnCommand setting and negative feedback to determine the appropriate amount of assist in any given situation. The Viking’s rear steel cargo bed is large enough to carry a fully loaded pallet, and the assisted dump bed can pack up to 600 pounds of equipment and supplies while the standard two-inch receiver hitch is rated to pull 1,500 pounds. The chassis sports nearly 12-inches of ground clearance at the lowest point, a full steel/composite smooth skid plate front to back and side to side, and an optimized frame with upturned side rails allowing for smoother transitions over obstacles.



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FOR QUAIL HUNTERS, IT’S NEVER TOO early to start preparing for the season. And Wildcat Creek Quail Hunting Resort has birds at the ready — where a memorable quail hunting adventure awaits. WCR, a family affair and the vision of Ron and Evonne Parker and their sons, Nick, David and Nathan, sports a new lodge and an atmosphere that is truly family oriented. “We want the experience to be first-class, but yet not stuffy,” said Ron Parker. Located in Red River County near Detroit, the property consists of 1,200-plus acres of well-managed land that will take hunters back in time. The habitat, birds and dogs are first-rate, with fields cleared out of the thick woods by the Parkers, who also own a construction business. “And we have cleared saplings in two areas to offer hunters a true Georgia-style quail hunt with tough shots through the trees,” Ron said. “The grass looks great; it’s 2 to 3 feet high,” Nick said. “And we’ll hunt a lot more

26 |

LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

in the woods this year. Our customers love it.” Several flight pens allow flight training for the pen-raised birds, and the birds are released before the beginning of the season. “We want the birds to be as wild as possible and explode out of the grass,” Ron said. And it’s working. “All of our raised birds are banded,” Nick said. “We are shooting more and more unbanded birds, so some are making it and nesting. And the neighbors are seeing some banded birds, so some are surviving.” After the hunt, the food served at WCR may be even more memorable, prepared by son David, a trained chef who has worked at top restaurants. WCR also offers pheasant and duck hunts and has added a five-stand sporting clays station for parties and corporate events.



TODAY’S MODERN COMPOUND BOWS COME IN JUST ABOUT EVERY SIZE AND SHAPE imaginable, often making it as difficult to choose the right bow case to fit your new bow as it was to pick out the perfect bow itself. Plano, the longtime outdoor gear storage experts, solve the bow-case dilemma by introducing the Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case, model 1144. The new Plano case is rectangular and measures 43”x17”x9.5”, making it a good shape and size for conveniently storing in a variety of spaces ranging from a bedroom closet to the back of a vehicle. From there, features just continue to get even better. Since Plano is the industry leader in plastic injection, you know the product is built to last at its USA manufacturing facility. And the case’s latches are of the cam-action type that close and secure the lid tightly, with two in the front and one on each side. A proven O-ring seal is located around the full perimeter of the case and resists water and dust entry. With an interior depth of 7 inches, the case is deep enough to accommodate many bows with quivers and arrows. The bow is held in place by positioning the three nylon tie wraps included to any of a number of locations for securement. The real flexibility of the model 1144 comes in the ability to position Plano’s patented crushproof PillarLock® system supports as needed to fit whatever bow is in the case. The peg-andhole design of both the interior lid and bottom allows placement of the two movable pillars so that the top and bottom pieces of each are seated together to form a rigid support structure upon closing the case. Dense pluck foam accommodates pillar placement. Two other items also come with the case: a six-arrow holder that attaches to the inside of the lid, and a Plano model 1309 archery utility box that is ideal for carrying nocks, field points, string wax and other accessories inside the bow case. The new Plano Parallel Limb Bow Case is stylish in its black construction with yellow latches and a yellow comfort-grip carrying handle. With the 1144’s adjustability, it does mean one case can be fitted to accommodate multiple bows in the same household. But with the case retailing for only around $79.99, it also makes sense to buy one each for proper storage and transportation of all.


(630) 552-3111 PLANOMOLDING.COM

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JOSHUA CREEK RANCH IS NESTLED ON an isolated stretch of the pristine Guadalupe River in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country — a mere 40 minutes northwest of San Antonio. The diverse terrain within the ranch makes perfect habitat for the best upland bird hunting in Texas, and includes fields in the river-bottom land and lightly wooded grass pastures in the hills. Joshua Creek Ranch offers walk-up hunts behind exceptional pointing and flushing dogs with experienced, professional guides; the high bluffs along the banks of the Joshua Creek and Guadalupe River are the perfect setting for guests to experience the excitement of European-style driven pheasant shooting; and a Continental Shoot site includes positions offering a variety of challenging shots in and out of a wooded area near the banks of Joshua Creek. Just an hour away is South Central Texas’ best dove hunting corridor along Hwy 90 west of San Antonio, where Joshua Creek Ranch shuttles dove hunters for both whitewinged and mourning dove shooting. Guests get the combined advantages of some of Texas’ best dove hunting along with awardwinning dining and lodging at Joshua Creek Ranch. Hunters can opt for add-ons to their

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

dove packages — hunt the Joshua Creek Ranch habitat for quail, a mixed bag of upland birds, driven pheasant and axis deer. Free-roaming trophy axis deer are hunted year-round, with the greatest proportion of hard-horn bucks occurring between May and September. The protein feed program started 7-plus years ago at the ranch has produced some world-class axis trophies. Native whitetail and Rio Grande turkey are harvested in season. Sporting enthusiasts also enjoy fly-fishing for rainbow trout in clear, spring-fed Joshua Creek from November through mid-May and year-round gunning on the ranch’s fully automated sporting clays course and wobble trap. Gourmet dining and lodging with spectacular views top off the year-round ultimate outdoor experiences offered at Joshua Creek Ranch, now celebrating 23 years of extraordinary service to sportsmen. Joshua Creek Ranch is a Beretta Two Trident Lodge for Excellence in Upland Bird Hunting and remains the only Beretta Trident lodge in Texas.


(830) 537-5090 JOSHUACREEK.COM

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THE NEW PROSTAFF 5 ILLUMINATED RETICLE Riflescopes feature technology upgrades that will satisfy even the most demanding hunters. A bright new optical system, illuminated reticle, remarkable hand-turn reticle adjustments with spring-loaded Instant Zero-Reset turrets, and a convenient quick-focus eyepiece with a 4x zoom ratio, make adjustments while in a shooting position a breeze. The PROSTAFF 5 Illuminated Reticle is outfitted with a choice of Nikoplex or BDC reticle. In addition, like all PROSTAFF 5 riflescopes, the Illuminated Reticle models are built with fully multicoated optics for maximum light transmission, even in extreme low-light environments. With enough power for the longest-range shots and a 50mm objective, the PROSTAFF 5 3.5-14x50 will keep you on target even when shooting in the fringe times of dawn and dusk. It is a riflescope you can count on. CHOICE OF ILLUMINATED BDC OR NIKOPLEX RETICLE The PROSTAFF 5 illuminated reticle is selectable between 5 different levels of red or green illumination with a compact rheostat dimmer located on the side focus knob for easy adjustment. FULLY MULTICOATED OPTICAL SYSTEM Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface provide bright and vivid sight pictures and up to 95% light transmission for maximum brightness from dawn to dusk. SPRING-LOADED INSTANT ZERO-RESET TURRETS To simplify field adjustments, Nikon has integrated this feature into all new PROSTAFF 5

30 |

riflescopes. Just sight-in as usual, then lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate to your “zero” and reengage. Field adjustments are now simpler than ever. OTHER FEATURES: • 4x Zoom • 4-inch Constant Eye Relief • Precise, Positive Click 1/4-inch (1/8-inch on 4.5-18x40) • Hand-turn Adjustments • Side-Focus Parallax Adjustment • Compatible with Spot On Custom Turret • Quick-Focus Eyepiece • Waterproof/Fogproof/Shockproof And don’t forget to maximize your reticle’s capability with Nikon SPOT ON™ Ballistic Match Technology at, where you can unlock your firearm’s accuracy potential. Just choose your riflescope and reticle, enter your ammunition, sight-in and target distances and click ‘fire’. SPOT ON will remove the guesswork out of compensating for bullet drop and show you all of your shot possibilities before you pull the trigger.

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LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS O Hunting Texas 2013 Annual

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