LS3P 2023 Year in Review: 60th Anniversary Edition

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19 90 19 60 19 70 19 80 Gaillard Municipal Auditorium Commissioners of Public Works American Mutual Fire Insurance Company 20 00 20 10 20 20 Saks Majestic Square YEAR IN REVIEW 2023 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Live Oak Bank Clemson University Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business Johnson & Wales University

Investing in Future Success

As we reflect on 2023, LS3P has made significant investments over the past year to propel Evolution25 and position our firm for future success. These investments are Vision-led, Mission-forward, and Values-based.

We expanded our regional presence by welcoming a new office in Jacksonville, allowing us to broaden our reach and transform more communities. Simultaneously, we bolstered our talent pool firmwide. We welcomed seasoned professionals across diverse practice areas who elevate our expertise, our knowledge, and our client relationships. In total, over 60 talented team members joined LS3P in 2023, expanding the firm to almost 500 team members across practice, business, and support.

Leadership transitions infused new energy into the firm and individual offices. New office leaders were appointed in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Savannah, and we established new roles like Innovation Leader and Living Practice Leader that will foster creativity and transform design thinking. The LS3P Board welcomed Katherine Peele as Board Chair and Lisa Pinyan as a new Director.

Our investments extended to all our colleagues through an expanded Total Rewards & Compensation Review - a 25% increase in investment in 2023. We enriched our workspaces around the firm, relocating the Asheville office to the historic CitizenTimes Building, with plans to relocate more offices in 2024 to better accommodate collaboration and growth. Technological investments and advancements allowed us to optimize knowledge sharing, increase learning, and enhance recruiting. By refining our business development and marketing strategies, we further fortified the capabilities of our team members, leading to an impressive 84% success rate in project pursuits. Brand awareness campaigns, design accolades (30 new design awards!), and community involvement underscored our commitment to excellence and impact. Through initiatives like Design-In-Kind and The LS3P Foundation, we continued our legacy of giving back to the communities we serve, marking a purposeful journey into our 60th year. Thank you to each of you who have given your time and talents to these endeavors – and thank you for always representing LS3P so well.

LS3P is moving in a positive direction, and we are well-positioned for inspiring outcomes in all that we do. We are a firm of great value; uniquely designed and purposefully made. As we enter a new year, we are poised to continue to do great work, to optimize and grow our team, to innovate our approach to design, and to share transformative designs with our community.

01 through the decades 02 strategic expansion 03 award-winning designs 04 babies & retirements 05 reaching new audiences 06 innovation through research 07 design in-kind 08 student interns 09 elevating our expertise 10 milestone anniversaries 11 individual accomplishments 12 celebrating 60 years

Over the course of the last six decades, LS3P has stood as both witness and participant in the ever-evolving tapestry of global events and popular culture. As we commemorate our remarkable 60th year in existence, the firm finds itself intricately woven into the fabric of history, its architectural endeavors echoing the zeitgeist of each era. From the tumultuous tides of socio-political change to the vibrant hues of artistic expression, LS3P has not merely adapted but thrived, leaving an indelible mark on landscapes both physical and cultural.

1960 s

To the moon and back, the 1960s were a sociocultural superstorm. The musical magic of The Supremes and The Beatles took the world by storm, while Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird flew off the shelves. Pop-Tarts and pop art sprung onto the scene, and Ford’s newly minted Mustang hit the road in 1964. The Berlin Wall went up in 1961, and President John F. Kennedy took a fatal ride in 1963. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, while 1968 brought the loss of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, TN. Woodstock capped the decade on a high note with over 400,000 people attending the harmonious festival.

in LS3P History

When “Frank Lucas, Architect” hung out his shingle in Charleston in 1963, he had a one-room office, a brand-new architecture license, and a drafting table built with an old door. His first projects included screened porch additions, a fire station, and a can wash at the local high school.

A Clemson classmate, Sidney Stubbs, joined Frank in 1964 to form Lucas and Stubbs, Architects. The young firm entered a summer design competition for The Municipal Auditorium and Exhibition Hall for the City of Charleston. Despite a dramatic thunderstorm which flooded their basement office the night before the deadline, the team won the competition. The Gaillard Municipal Auditorium opened to critical acclaim in 1968, and was later recognized with an Honor Award from the South Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Frank Lucas launches LS3P on May 1, 1963

Sidney Stubbs joins Frank in 1964 to form Lucas and Stubbs, Architects

Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC Tower opens in 1966

Gaillard Municipal Auditorium opens in 1965

1 2 3 4
4 2 4 3 1

1970 s

The 1970s were a time of shake ups and shake outs. McDonald’s rocked the fast food market with the introduction of the Shamrock Shake in 1970, while the Videosphere launched an out-of-this-world technology experience for users of all ages. In 1973, Billie Jean King shocked the world by sitting down Bobby Riggs in straight sets - a major feat for gender equality in sports and beyond. The music world was rattled throughout the decade - from the 1974 Beatles breakup, to the untimely death of Elvis in 1977, and the emergence of Punk and Disco - adding a new level of funk to a world plastered with scandals and war.

in LS3P History

With the Gaillard Municipal Auditorium complete, the firm elevated from within. Frank Lucas was elected President of AIA South Carolina in 1970, and the firm was renamed to Lucas, Stubbs, and Long Associates a year later.

Richard Powell joined the firm in 1972; Thom Penney in 1974. By 1974, the firm had been renamed once more - this time shortening the name to Lucas & Stubbs.

By 1976, Lucas & Stubbs had expanded to 35 team members in Charleston, SC, leading to the organization of studios for the first time in 1977.

The firm was named one of Building Design & Construction’s Top 100 Healthcare Design Firms in 1978 - the first of many rankings to come.

2 3 4 5
The firm’s name is shortened to Lucas & Stubbs in 1974 The Citadel Deas Hall opens in 1976
4 1 5 3
American Mutual Fire
Company opens in Charleston in 1974 College of Charleston Center for the Arts opens in 1977
1 Frank Lucas Appointed AIA South Carolina President

in LS3P History

The 1980s brought growth and expansion to LS3P. By 1982, Vito Pascullis, Richard Powell, and Thom Penney had become partners in Frank and Sidney’s practice.

The 1985 opening of a public terminal at Charleston International Airport marked a turning point in LS3P’s portfolio: the launch of our aviation sector. At its entrance, the prominent columns, arched forms, and an open trellis lure passengers in, while precast panels with embedded oyster shells pay homage to the ecology of the Lowcountry and establish a distinct sense of place.

In contrast to the traditional style of the airport terminal, the Commissioners of Public Works building in downtown Charleston offers a contemporary take on the city’s architectural detailing. The building’s sharp corners take advantage of the irregular site while providing clear visual pathways for pedestrians and drivers.

Charleston International Airport’s original public terminal opens in 1980

3 4 2 5
Vito Pascullis, Richard Powell, and Thom Penney become partners and are added to the firm’s name in 1982 MUSC Institute of Psychiatry finalizes CON study in 1980s, opens in early 1990s
LS3P revitalizes Pepsi Corporate Facility &
Plant 1
Commissioners of Public Works opens in Charleston


The 1990s were defined by a number of influential cultural events - like the debut of Friends, Mae C. Jemison being the first African American woman in space, and becoming the first film to gross $1 billion. The 1990 launch of the Hubble Space Telescope offered a new perspective of the planet. Toni Morrison became the first African American woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993, while Nelson Mandela became the first Black president of South Africa in 1994. A baseball strike in 1994 led to the cancellation of the World Series for the first time in 90 years. The Guggenheim Museum opened in 1997, regenerating the city of Bilbao through bespoke architectural design.

in LS3P History

LS3P grew to 100 staff members by the end of the 90s, before merging with TBA2 Architects in Charlotte, NC. The firm made a deep impact on the Charlotte community via iconic projects such as the Discovery Place Museum and the Charlotte Motor Speedway Corporate Headquarters, as well as developments like Morrocroft and Philips Place.

Around the Carolinas and beyond, LS3P continued to become a recognizable name in the industry through projects such as the Country Club of Charleston, the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL; Saks Majestic Square, and Crestar Riverview Center.

4 2 5 6 1 1 2 3 4 5 6
Saks Majestic Square opens in 1996 Thom Penney elected to AIA Fellowship in 1990 Frank Lucas awarded AIA South Carolina Medal of Distinctionthe organization’s highest honor in 1997 Charlotte Discovery Place Museum opens in 1999 Charlotte Motor Speedway Corporate Headquarters opens in 1996
LS3P merges with TBA2 in 1999, creates new logo

2000 s

Life-changing products. Unfathomable loss. Economic turmoil. Medical breakthroughs. Environmental breakdowns. Athletic accolades. Musical masterminds. The new century brought its share of highs and lows - from the launch of Facebook and Apple’s iPod, to major breakthroughs in the Human Genome project, the September 11th terror attacks, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the musical stylings of Eminem and Beyoncé, the Great Recession, a new MLB home run record, and everything in between.

in LS3P History

This decade brought national attention to LS3P with the appointment of Thom Penney as President of the American Institute of Architects in 2003.

41 years after LS3P’s first office was created, we opened our doors in South Carolina’s capital of Columbia in 2004. The following year, LS3P merged with Boney Architects to establish offices in Wilmington and Raleigh, NC.

The 2000s also brought the completion of some of the firm’s largest projects to date. The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa was completed in 2001, bringing a luxury hospitality experience to Asheville. 200 South Tryon added to the Charlotte skyline in 2000. The North Charleston Convention Center opened to the public in 2000, while MUSC Ashley River Tower began operations in 2008.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Thom Penney appointed AIA National President in 2003 North Charleston Convention Center opens in 2000 LS3P’s Charleston office at 205 1/2 King Street opens in 2003 Ashley River Tower opens in 2008
Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa opens in 2001 1 4 5 3 2 6
LS3P Merges with Boney Architects in 2005


American Pharaoh’s Triple Crown. A royal Brexit. A shattered century-old Chicago curse. Starting with financial turmoil and ending with impeachment, the 2010s brought a series of unpredictable events that the world was able to witness in real time due to the growing popularity of social media. Protesters flooded the streets for Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter demonstrations, while #MeToo flooded social media feeds. Simone Biles became the most decorated gymnast in the history of the sport. Hurricanes unleashed recordsetting winds and flooding from coast to coast. And a new

in LS3P History

A 2011 merger with Neal Prince Architects of Greenville, SC, brought with it a rich portfolio of residential, worship, and higher education projects, expanding the firm’s presence in the Upstate. 2016 brought two more strategic mergers: Hubbard Architecture, LLC of Myrtle Beach, SC expanded the firm’s capacity in the Grand Strand, while Dawson Architects in Savannah, GA greatly enhanced the firm’s historic preservation and higher education resources and established the firm’s first office outside of the Carolinas.

Some of the firm’s largest projects to date were born out of the 2010s. The Wilmington Convention Center opened its doors in 2010, revitalizing the city’s riverwalk. Legacy Union’s first high-rise - Bank of America Tower - opened in 2019, marking the start of a celebrated development and continued relationship with Lincoln Harris. Live Oak Bank began operations at its current headquarters in 2012, with four subsequent buildings as a result.

4 1 5 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 6
LS3P was named ENR’s Southeast Design Firm of the Year in 2014. Wilmington Convention Center opens in 2010 Legacy Union Bank of America Tower opens in 2019 LS3P’s Greenville Team circa 2012 Live Oak Bank Headquarters opens in 2012 Courier Square opens in 2018
George Temple appointed LS3P President on May 1, 2019

The 2020s brought an exhausting new meaning to the word “unprecedented.” The COVID world’s outlook on healthcare systems and sociocultural norms. We stayed apart – six feet, to be exact – but grew closer through advances in the digital space, with TikTok, Facetime, and Meta’s Portal gaining immense popularity early in the decade. Tiger King distraction from the pandemic, and fame as the first non-English-language film to win Best Picture. Historic wildfires burned their paths through Australia and the United States; and protests flooded the streets around the globe. NASA’s Perseverance Rover said hello to a landmark journey on Mars, and the world said goodbye to countless sports stars and actors.

in LS3P History

2020 brought new leadership to LS3P with the appointment of Marc Marchant as CEO. Alongside this transition, a new strategic plan emerged: Evolution25 - a groundwork for the future that is rooted in LS3P’s enduring foundational values while setting ambitious goals to position the firm for success.

In 2021, LS3P launched our Atlanta, GA office to further enhance our presence in the state. After stepping down from his role, former CEO Thom Penney, continued to serve as Chair for LS3P’s Board of Directors for two years. Katherine Peele was named Board Chair in 2022 - the first woman in the firm to serve in this role - upon Thom’s retirement. That year also brought a strategic merger with TFF Architects and Planners of Greensboro, NC and PFA Architects of Asheville, NC, allowing us to better serve clients in the Triad and Western North Carolina. In that same year, LS3P launched The LS3P Foundation, naming Chris Boney as Board Chair. The Foundation will support leading design thinkers in advancing research, strategies, and technologies which promote transformative change, improve human and planetary well-being, increase economic mobility, and advance issues of health and social equity across the Southeast.

2023 brought its share of new offices and new roles. A merger with ENB Architects in Jacksonville, FL established the firm’s first Florida location. Espy Harper was named LS3P’s inaugural Innovation Leader with a keen focus on developing transformative solutions for our people, our projects, and our communities.

1 Marc Marchant named LS3P CEO in 2020

2 Credit One Stadium opens in 2022 to host the largest women’s professional tennis tournament in the U.S.

3 Clemson University’s Wilbur O. & Ann Powers College of Business garners multiple design awards from 2021-2023

4 TEN30 opens in 2023 boasting 1,000,000 SF of next generation workspace

5 The LS3P Foundation launches in December 2022 with Chris Boney named as Board Chair

6 Katherine Peele named LS3P Board Chair in 2022

4 5 3
1 2 6

In 2023, we made a commitment to innovation. We know that change doesn’t happen overnight, and we are sincerely grateful to work alongside team members who share our foundational values of excellence, integrity, empowerment, collaboration, balance, stewardship, and caring. We thank you for choosing to be a part of this world-class team, and we thank you for a very successful year!

striding into the sunshine state

On April 1, 2023, LS3P merged with Jacksonville-based ENB Architects. This merger expanded LS3P’s Southeastern footprint into Florida while capitalizing on existing partnerships with local clients and highly respected colleagues. Founded in 1986, ENB brought a diversified portfolio of aviation, commercial, education, hospitality, living, federal, and industrial projects to LS3P.

our team

Bill Corbitt Sr. Project Manager

Carl Burdick Sr. Project Manager

Leo Fallon Emerging Professional

Ellie Dawson Experiential Graphic Designer


Olivia Frick Business Development Jonathan Cantor JAX Healthcare Sector Leader Erin Burres JAX Medical Planning Leader Norman JAX Office Leader Scott Brady Sr. Project Manager JAX OFM Robert Riggio Architect

As Office Leader, I am proud to represent LS3P’s growing presence in the City of Jacksonville. We appreciate the opportunity to shape Jacksonville’s architectural landscape and look forward to bringing transformative designs to our community.

Tom Norman Office Leader

award-winning designs

In 2023, we continued to demonstrate design excellence in service to our communities, taking home awards at the local, state, and national levels.

1. Live Oak Bank FitPark


2. US Colored Troops Memorial Park

AIA NC (Honor Award) // AIA Wilmington // AIA ASPIRE (SAR)

3. Broadstone Pullman

ASID Carolinas (Silver - Excellence in Design)

4. Broadstone Nations

ASID Carolinas (Gold - Excellence in Design)

5. Passage Home

AIA NC (Housing Design Award - Unbuilt Award)

6. Charleston Hope Center

AIA Wilmington

7. nCino Office Expansion & Renovation

AIA Wilmington

8. Durham Center AIA Wilmington

9. Renewable Water Resources Lab Operations

USGBC Carolinas Leadership Awards (Finalist)

10. The Naturalist Hotel

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (Unbuilt - Honorable Mention)

11. SLED Forensics Laboratory

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (Government - Honorable Mention, Flooring Design - Winner)

12. Credit One Stadium

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (Best in Show, HospitalityWinner, Design Detail - Winner) // AIA SC (Interiors - Honor Award) // ASID Carolinas

13. Vantage SouthEnd

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (Corporate Large - Winner)

1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14. Broadstone Oak City

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (Multi-Family/Senior LivingHonorable Mention)

15. Cambria Hotel Columbia

Columbia Chamber - Golden Nail Award

16. Clemson University Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

AIA SC (New Construction - Honor Award)

17. West Charlotte High School

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (K-12 Education - Winner)

18. Ingevity Headquarters

ASID Carolinas

19. Charlotte Christian Middle & Upper School Replacement

IIDA Carolinas DesignWorks (K-12 Education - Honorable Mention)

20. Franklin’s Coffee Shop

AIA Savannah Renovation | Restoration Honor Award

21. City of Jacksonville Fire Station #75

Florida Green Building Coalition’s “Florida Green” Commercial Building Certification (“Gold-Level” Certification)

22. Sharing Hope

AIA SC (New Construction - Merit Award) // ASID Carolinas

23. Grace Church Anderson Campus

AIA Greenville

24. Grace Church Greer Campus

AIA Greenville // Crew Award

25. City of Jacksonville Fire Station #10

Eagle and Project of the Year Award

26. Clemson University Memorial Stadium

Video Board

AIA KC (Design Excellence Award, Architecture Merit Award)

27. Ally Charlotte Center


28. Raleigh Iron Works

Redevelopment Project of the Year, NAIOP NC

29. New Hanover County Government Center

Tilt-Up Achievement Award (Government)

30. Novant Health Brunswick MOB

Tilt-Up Achievement Award (Healthcare)

15 14 16 17 18
22 26 30 19 20 21 23 24 25 27 28 29

our newest team members

Jacob & Laura Doyle 8.8.2023
Evah Carolyn Doyle
Beau Allen Douglas Angela & Corey Douglas
Anne Frances Jasper Thomas & Sara Jasper
Jacquelyn & Brad Satterwhite 5.15.2023
Louise Satterwhite
Parrish Jesse & Steven Parrish 8.31.2023 Caden Alan Kauzlaric Matthew & Megan Kauzlaric 6.12.2023
Grey Thomason Kara & Drake Thomason 9.1.2023
Grace Nesmith Maggie Kendall & Courtney Nesmith 11.5.2023
Baraskar Neha & Amit Baraskar 11.23.2023
Madison Harper
7.28.2023 Zion Augustine Wiggins Zakiya & Joseph Wiggins 7.20.2023
Callahan Gray Coleman Madison Morris & Gillis Coleman 9.4.2023
Chib Jamwal Abhiyanta & Amit Jamwal 11.19.2023
Claire & Zack Schultz 8.16.2023
Ruth Ana Esther Holmes
Holmes & Tasha Cottam
Arthur Schultz
Thomas Roark Wilmington Dana Reed Charlotte Ruth Rogers Greensboro Amy Dowty Asheville Charles Reed, Jr. Charlotte

reaching new audiences

In 2023, LS3P launched Human Scale: a podcast where we sit down with any and all members of LS3P’s team to talk about the different facets of what we do, how we do it, and who we are as humans.

our team


Just a Couple of Squares Chatting

Co-hosts Meredith Ray and Patrick Cooley introduce the podcast and themselves and give some great Charlotte, NC donut recommendations.


Keep listening in 2024!

Eye for Design

Learn about Kelly Gilreath’s childhood escapades looking into neighbors’ windows to judge their design taste and Lisa Pinyan’s journey from New York to Savannah as the first member of her family to go to college.

Meredith Ray Patrick Cooley Bailey Brown Producer



A Graphic Conversation

Ellie Dawson and Jennifer Boyles share the past, present, and future of Branded Environments at LS3P.

Let’s Dish

Hear all about the amazing journey of Jennifer Smith and discovering her love for HR and helping people along the way.


Building Blocks & Birkenstocks

Learn about Roy Selvidge’s time serving in the military, his shrimp scampi skills, and the gamechanging work he and his team are doing with one of the firm’s most playful clients: LEGO.


The Odd Couple

Hear about the long history between Jeff Floyd and Steve Hepler, going all the way back to being roommates during their college days.


Architects Without Borders

Willy Schlein talks about the incredible work the Healthcare team has been doing with the World Health Organization (WHO).


Small World, Big Impact

Natallie Santiago Rodriguez shares the inspiring story of how she rallied the firm to donate supplies for the people of her home in Puerto Rico after a devastating hurricane and earthquake.

innovation through research

Katherine Peele and Katherine Ball conducted an “Innovation and Research Listening Tour” around LS3P’s offices to talk about what we’re doing well, where we could be more innovative, roadblocks we’re encountering, and potential topics for future research.

on the tour


Katherine Ball Practice Research Strategist

I’m in a new role!
Biophilic Design DESIGN INVESTIGATIONS Built to Withstand a Category 5 Storm New Hanover County Government Center ©LS3P 2023 Photography ©Will Page Staying Connected in Charlotte’s First Wired Certified Platinum Building Ally Charlotte Center ©LS3P 2023 Branded Environments Creating Engagement Through Experiential Graphic Design Jennifer Boyles // Experiential Graphic Designer Ellie Dawson // Visual Communications Designer ©LS3P 2023
The Angler and the Ethical Hacker TECHNOLOGY Where are the fish? What motivates them? What makes them move from curiosity to taking the bait? Being successful angler requires a unique set of traits curiosity, strategy, and patience – along with a deep understanding of the target. Where are the fish? What motivates them? What makes them move from curiosity to taking the bait? Phishing for prey on the internet works the same way. Just ask Patrick Walters, a Bassmaster Elite professional angler, and Hector Monsegur, an internationally renowned “white hat” hacker who assists the FBI and other entities in preventing internet security breaches Patrick and Hector sat down with LS3P’s Technology Leader Credit One Stadium 57% More Seats, 100% More Fun ©LS3P 2023 ©LS3P 2023 Designing for Neurodivergence in Healthcare Settings: A Conversation with Dr. Alessandro Morganti MD, PhD Rhino.Inside.Revit TECHNOLOGY Allowing Design to Drive the Process work a lot with young architecture students, and one of my favorite things about working with new designers is bouncing back and forth between considerations of formal gestures and material constraints. Re: the former, there’s a lot more to architecture than boxes, gable roofs, and extruded floor plans; though we may still frequently arrive at those forms, we do so because they’re the right formal gestures for the job and not because we’ve failed to consider the alternatives. Many young designers begin their architecture careers with an understandably limited view of what architectural forms can be and even less knowledge of how one might go about constructing them. That’s why discussions about things like origami (where stiffness is achieved through the addition of a crease) and ruled surfaces, which permit the construction of curved surfaces from straight elements (like light timber!) are really useful in school: they expose students to new formal languages while also Image credit: Brian Wurst A New Path: Reducing Emergency Department Visits by 20% in One Year ©LS3P 2023 Nicholas Day // Emerging Professional ©LS3P 2023 DeafSpace: Designing for a Rich Sensory Experience Navigating the built environment is a multisensory experience. We depend upon subtle visual, tactile, and auditory clues for wayfinding and safety, and the design of a space can profoundly impact the ways in which we experience it. Working Smarter, Not Harder TECHNOLOGY 3D Building Capture Tools Streamlining Documentation and Coordination Designing for a renovation project has always come with a degree of uncertainty. Record drawings which were accurate the day of the grand opening may be wildly outdated decades later; walls may have been reconfigured and interior details may have changed over time, and small details can make a big difference when comes to code compliance, change orders, and surprise deficiencies in building’s condition. In years past, navigating this uncertainty meant sending designers to the site with tape measures and clipboards to check very wall, door, and window. This measurement and documentation process often took weeks. Laser measuring tools sped up the process (sometimes at the expense of accuracy), but documenting existing conditions still meant piecing together photographs and measurements to establish trusted working drawings impacting a host of design decisions. Invariably, a critical detail or two was missing, so verifying details meant driving back to a site and taking more photographs or measuring forgotten element. Today’s tools for 3D building capture have changed the landscape entirely. Using picture-to-picture scanning and/or “Light Detection and Ranging” technology (commonly known as LiDAR), designers can walk through a building with a tripod and scanner and capture a complete 3D “marionette” model accurate from 1” to 1 mm, depending on the tool. This model can be shared with the entire design team to streamline coordination and verification –without anyone else having to leave their desk. LS3P Associate Clay Horney, an in-house expert, uses a variety of tools to capture existing conditions, depending on the size and complexity of project. “These tools are game changer,” he says. “The data capture process and software are quick and relatively easy to use, depending on the complexity of the system, and we now have options that will work for documentation for a wide variety of project needs.” The tool selected might depend on whether a virtual walk-through is needed, and the degree of accuracy required. Working with the Water at 4’ Above Sea Level Carving Out a Place for Inspiration, Hope & Healing ©LS3P 2023 Photography ©Mark Herboth Nine Thousand Showers (and Many Warm Welcomes) ©LS3P 2023 31 More People Are Sleeping in Beds Tonight, Thanks To a Village of Tiny Homes Espy Harper, EDAC, Six Sigma GB // Project Designer, Innovation Leader ©LS3P 2023 At LS3P, Design Excellence Means We Catalyze Change in the Built Environment Designers have long needed a better yardstick for evaluating the impacts of the work we do. An assessment of whether buildings rise to the subjective definition of “beautiful” is inadequate (and sidesteps the issue of whether everyone is welcome in the most “beautiful” places). Jennifer Boyles // Experiential Graphic Designer Ellie Dawson // Visual Communications Designer ©LS3P 2023
Managing Carbon in Design & Construction Strategies & Resources
1 2 3

giving back to our communities in-kind

Our Design In Kind program allowed us to continue our pro bono work in service to clients across our region.
1. BackPack Beginnings Graphics NC 2. First Tee Triangle Raleigh, NC
MUSC Hollings
Charleston, SC
3. Urban Ministry Pathways Center Greensboro, NC
Making It
Cancer Center
Zia Mohajerzadeh Penn State University Elizabeth Levine Clemson University Tyler Myers Ball State University Emily Stratton North Carolina State Haleigh Daughtrey Virginia Tech Hanna Abbruzzese Appalachian State University Peyton Uehlin Auburn University Cami Magallanes UNC Charlotte Samantha Brennan UNC Charlotte Jenna Rosser Rochester Institute of Technology Noah Schumacher Clemson University Laura Hedrick North Carolina State Nguyen Tao UNC Charlotte Ella Fata Clemson University Madison Gilbert UNC Charlotte Caitlin Young Kansas State University Royce Watson NC A&T Frances Folline Clemson University Brooke Phares Clemson University Wenny Liu Clemson University Maddilyn Riester Clemson University Dasha Shishkina UNC Charlotte Nick Hannah Clemson University Diego Milner UNC Charlotte

getting the sneak peek into a career in architecture and interiors

Last summer, LS3P welcomed 35 student interns - the most in the firm’s history. These talented young professionals participated in an immersive seven-week program focusing on professional development and collaboration.

Jessica Grey Clemson University Ellie Barberis Savannah College of Art and Design Yunshu Huang University of Michigan Lucas Schindlar Clemson University Caroline Klein Converse University Sydney Cherrington University of Florida Fiona Masciarelli Appalachian State University

elevating our expertise

Congratulations to our team members who achieved new professional licensure and registrations in 2023!

Taylor Morris ALEP Karen Staskin Architect Crystal Soyars Architect Elizabeth Soyka Architect Jon Galloway Azure Administrator/ Fundamentals Joshua Coates CDT Jorge Gallegos CDT Isela Martinez CDT Kyle Novak Architect Brittney Myers Architect Coral Rembert Architect Ethan Atherton Architect

Melanie Simmons CDT Espy Harper Cert. Human Subjects Research

Bekim Sejdiu Cert. Passive House Consultant/Designer

Creviston Cert. Public Interest Design

Iván Martinez-Cruz Newforma Project Implementation Specialist

Renee Walker Newforma Project Implementation Specialist

Brianna Douglas Rackley Green Globes Professional & WELL AP Jeremy Alford LEED Green Associate Kaitie Harrigan LEED Green Associate + LEED AP BD+C Molly O’Neill LEED Green Associate Kara Grossman NCIDQ Bobbie Ramsay NCIDQ & WELL AP Emily Patterson NCIDQ, NC Registered Interior Designer Brianna Faris NCIDQ Jeanne Christman NC Notary Public Shelly Baker NC Notary Public Rebecca Eastwood NCIDQ Sydney Godfrey NC Registered Interior Designer

We are always proud of, and honored by, the people who continue to dedicate their time and talents to LS3P, year after year.

years 30

Shawn Mottern (CLT) Katherine Peele (RDU)
years 35
Scott May (GSP) Nikos Katsibas (CHS) Scotti Montagnino (CLT) Rick Peele (RDU) Dawson Bessinger (CHS) Chris Roberts (RDU) Dean Rains (RDU) Clint Riddle (CAE) Matthew Santilli (GSP) Goran Pogarcic (CLT) David Anderson (CAE) Sarah Mandell (GSP) Kameron Quick (CHS) David Quick (CHS) Jeffrey Rengering (CHS) John Calvert (RDU) Bryan Harder (SAV) Beth Florence (CAE) Patrick Cooley (CLT) Crystal Vaughn (CLT) Kevin Schaffner (CLT) Chris Wellman (ILM) Steve Wilson (GSP) Kelly Gilreath (CHS) Katherine Ball (RDU)
years 25
Jeanne Christman (GSO) David Burt (CHS) David Loy (CLT) Rayo Daroowalla (CLT)
years 20
Dan S cheaffer (CHS) Rohit Patel (CAE) Kelly Wagner (CLT)
years 15
Scott Dodrill (CLT) Steve Hepler (RDU) John Works (CHS)
years 10
Scott Ferguson (CLT) Neil Dawson (SAV) DJ Holman (CLT) John Hughes (SAV) Angela Douglas (ILM) David Burn (CLT)
years 5
Emily Walters (CHS) Will Margullis (SAV) John Pettit (CHS) Kellyn Messel (GSP) Jason Hines (CLT) Annie Linn Johnson (CAE) Chris Erario (RDU) Tyler McKenzie (CAE) Amy Dowty (AVL) Thom as Jasper (CHS) Melissa Strickland (CHS) Julia Badorrek (RDU) Jessee Parish (RDU) Kaylee Jacoob (CHS) Espy Harper (RDU) Nick Bilgri (CHS) Nicole Goss (CLT) Joe Pittenger (RDU) Jacquelyn Satterwhite (CLT) Jenn Smith (MYR) Austin Lomam (RDU) Emily Dawson (CHS) Bryanna Dering (CHS) Bob Hawsey (CAE) Tevin Boone (ILM) Margaret Clarkson (CAE)

Our strength lies in our people, and we are honored that you have chosen to share your talents and expertise with LS3P over the years.

Carlota Longo (CLT) Jennifer Dillon (CLT) Paul Koska (CLT) Taylor Morris (CLT) Wil Drennan (CLT) Brian Carroll (GSO) Crystal Soyars (GSO) Ginny Magrath (CLT) Kaitie Harrigan (GSO) Ashley Spangler (CLT) Steve Freyaldenhoven (GSO) Rayo Daroowalla (CLT) Julianna Weih (CLT) Patrick Cooley (CLT) Chelsea Lawrence (CLT)
Kevin Schaffner (CLT) Krissy Ferguson (CLT)

making an impact

Ashley Spangler (CLT)

Virginia Tech College of Architecture + Urban Studies, IDEAS Speaker Series

Brian Carroll (GSO)

Reviewer, AIA NC Building Code Task Force

2023-24 Leadership Greensboro

Member, Construction Professionals Network of North Carolina

Carlota Longo (CLT)

Extended Appointment, CSI DE+I Task Force

Presenter, Construction Specifications Institute: “Change is Here: Helping Professionals Navigate Rapid Shifts in the AEC Industry”

Chelsea Heitzman (CLT)

Immediate Past President, SMPS Charlotte

Chelsea Lawrence (CLT)

President, IIDA Carolinas

National Advocacy Advisory Committee Member, IIDA Carolinas

Crystal Soyars (GSO) 2023-24 Leadership Rockingham

Ginny Magrath (CLT)

ACE Mentorship Presentation, North Carolina, Architecture to Ardrey Kell HS Students

Jennifer Dillon (CLT)

Featured Presenter, “SF330: Don’t Fear the Form,” SMPS Palmetto Chapter

Julianna Weih (CLT)

IIDA Steering Committee Member

Virginia Tech College of Architecture + Urban Studies, IDEAS Speaker Series

Kaitie Harrigan (GSO)

Leadership Greensboro, Class of 2023 Graduate Committee for the Volunteer Center’s Corporate Caring Challenge

Kevin Schaffner (CLT)

Chairman, Planning and Zoning Board, Town of Harrisburg

Krissy Ferguson (CLT) Director and Officer of the Board, CPN of NC

Patrick Cooley (CLT)

“800,000 SQ FT of ‘Smooth’” Article, Falkbuilt

Paul Koska (CLT)

USGBC Presentation Speaker & Tour: Dimensional Place

Rayo Daroowalla (CLT)

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Volunteer Appreciation Award

Steve Freyaldenhoven (GSO)

Presenter, Guilford County Crisis Center Case Study, NCHEA Spring Seminar

Speaker, NC Healthcare Engineers Association Divion 2 Behavioral Health

Taylor Morris (CLT)

Presenter, NCSBA Conference: “Unlocking Victory: Your Winning Formula for School Bond Campaigns”

Wil Drennan (CLT)

Featured in Interior Design Magazine’s Design Giants Issue

Board Member, City of Rock Hill Board of Historic Review

Board Chair, Palmetto Community Health Care

Emily Nelson (RDU) Justin Acevedo (RDU) Danny Adams (ILM) Greg McNamara (RDU) Paul Domlyn (RDU) Katherine Peele (RDU) Michelle Marks (ILM) Jeff Mural (RDU) Zakiya Wiggins (RDU) Julia Badorrek (RDU) John Calvert (RDU) Dan Harrop (RDU) Jordan Reynolds (ILM) Michael Wagner (RDU) Daniela Ayers (ILM) Ron Smith (RDU) Lindsay Fallert (RDU) Scott Greenman (RDU) Melissa Watness (MYR) Dean Rains (RDU) Espy Harper (RDU)

making an impact

Daniela Ayers (ILM)

President, AIA Wilmington

Panelist, Mentors Initiating Community Action, Support, and Advocacy (MI CASA), UNC Wilmington

Danny Adams (ILM)

Panelist, “Harvesting the Value of Mass Timber,” ULI Carolinas Annual Meeting

Dan Harrop (RDU)

Speaker, NC Healthcare Engineer’s Association, “Not Your Grandfather’s MOB”

Dean Rains (RDU)

Member; Vice-Chair, City of Raleigh Planning Commission

Emily Nelson (RDU)

Pursuing Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, with specialties in Sustainability and Construction, University of Kansas

Espy Harper (RDU)

2023 Triangle Business Journal Leader in Diversity Award Winner

Panelist, CFHD - Health Equity

Greg McNamara (RDU)

Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Rebuilding Together of the Triangle WakeMed Foundation Board Member

Leadership North Carolina

Programs Committee Chair, Urban Land Institute, Triangle District Council

Jeff Mural (RDU)

Presenter, Guilford County Crisis Center Case Study, NCHEA Spring Seminar

John Calvert (RDU)

Speaker, USGBC, UNCG Nursing & Instructional Building

Jordan Reynolds (ILM)

Membership Director, SCNOMA

Julia Badorrek (RDU)

Featured Speaker, Spring 2023 Texas A&M “Architecture for Health” Lecture Series

Justin Acevedo (RDU)

Nominated for the 2023 AIA Triangle Student Scholarship Award

Katherine Peele (RDU)

2023 Business NC Power List, Professional Services Category

Featured on DesignIntelligence Supercast: “The Changing Relevance of the AEC Profession”

Lindsay Fallert (RDU)

AIA Triangle Presidential Award: 2023 Volunteer Service Award

Michael Wagner (RDU) Chair, AIA Triangle Design Awards Task Force

Melissa Watness (MYR)

Speaker Liaison, Aspire Conference

Education Director, AIA South Carolina

Michelle Marks (ILM)

Program and Events Committee Chair, Cape Fear CREW

Paul Domlyn (RDU)

Raleigh Chamber’s Leadership Raleigh Corenet Carolinas Committee Member

Ron Smith (RDU)

Speaker, Spring 2023 Texas A&M “Architecture for Health” Lecture Series

Speaker, Healthcare Design Conference

Scott Greenman (RDU)

Citizens Advisory Group for the City of Raleigh Neuse River Park

Vice-Chair, Environmental Advisory Board, City of Raleigh

Zakiya Wiggins (RDU)

2023 AIA Architecture Awards Juror NCNOMA Legacy Award

Speaker, Velma Jackson High School, Camden, Mississippi, “What does an Architect do?”

Bryan Beerman (GSP) John Edwards (GSP) Mike Martinez (GSP) Ruth Parr (GSP) Kristie Nicoloff (GSP) Marissa DiLoreto (GSP) Willy Schlein (GSP) Kyle Kiser (GSP) Burgess Metcalf (GSP) Trent Webb (GSP) Mary Beth Branham (CAE) Leigh Pfeiffer (GSP) Amie Kremer-Blankenship (GSP) Christopher Rose (CAE) Kara Thomason (GSP) Courtney Ardis (GSP) Jimmy Wilhide (CAE) Harrison Floyd (CAE)

making an impact

Amie Kremer-Blankenship (GSP)

USGBC Carolinas Community Leadership Green Gala Design Award Winner

USGBC Carolinas Community Leadership LEED

Project Showcase, Carolinas Chapter, ReWa Project Presentation for Award

Speaker, Sustaining Way, Green Building

Bryan Beerman (GSP)

Panelist, AIA Greenville at Clemson University

Burgess Metcalf (GSP)

Clemson University, College of Architecture, Guest Critic

Christopher Rose (CAE)

Speaker, Clemson University

Courtney Ardis (GSP)

Associate Director, AIA Greenville

Harrison Floyd (CAE)

Clemson Liaison, SC Architectural Foundation

Jimmy Wilhide (CAE)

Board Member, Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation

John Edwards (GSP)

Chairman, City of Greenville Design Review Board, Urban Panel

James A. Neal Distinguished Service Award, AIA Greenville

Kara Thomason (GSP)

GSP Office Liaison, United Way Upstate

Treasurer, SMPS Palmetto

Professional Development Chair, Crew Upstate

Kristie Nicoloff (GSP)

Speaker, GATHER 2023, ASID National Conference: “The Basics of ESG” & “Design Disruptors of the Future”

Clemson University Professional Practice

ASID National Portfolio Review

CIDA Site Reviewer

Kyle Kiser (GSP)

Kennesaw State University Design Studio, End of Semester Final Reviews

Leigh Pfeiffer (GSP)

Clemson University, Invited Juror (2 Reviews), 4th Year Architecture Students

NewSchool Architecture and Design, Masters

Thesis Committee Advisor

Marissa DiLoreto (GSP)

AIA Leadership Summit

Greenville Chamber Leadership Greenville, 50th Class

Speaker Liaison, Aspire Conference

Panelist, AIA Greenville at Clemson University

Mary Beth Sims Branham (CAE)

2023 Live on Lincoln Emcee

Mike Martinez (GSP)

COTE Graduate Comprehensive Studio Reviewer

UNCC Graduate Design Studio Integrated Project

Progress + Final Design Studio Reviewer

SCAD Studio II Mid-Point Design Studio Reviewer

Juror for AIA G Student Design Awards

USGBC Carolinas Rise to the Challenge Award ReWa

Ruth Parr (GSP)

Presenter, BIMxt Charleston: “Open

AI, Model Data and Sharing at LS3P”

Trent Webb (GSP)

Presenter/Planner, Upstate

IIDA Top Golf Charity Event

Willy Schlein (GSP)

Speaker, Spring 2023 Texas

A&M “Architecture for Health” lecture series

Speaker, SLS Conference

Panelist, CFHD; Modular Design

I feel honored to work with a team that is unconditionally dedicated to giving back to our communities, our schools, and our profession.

Katie Robinson (CHS) Jen Boyles (CHS) Natallie Santiago Rodríguez (SAV) Mark Levine (ATL) William Margulis (SAV) David Burt (CHS) Rachel Paganelli (ATL) Grant Wylie (CHS) Darrell Puffer (CHS) Bryanna Dering (CHS) Michael Garcia (SAV) Marc Marchant (CHS) Ryan Lewis (CHS) Nick Bilgri (CHS) Chris Boney Chief Relationships Officer Ellie Dawson (JAX) Abhiyanta Jamwal (SAV) Olivia Frick (JAX)

making an impact

Abhiyanta Jamwal (SAV)

Fellowship Director, AIA Savannah

Bryanna Dering (CHS) 2023-24 Leadership Charleston

Darrell Puffer (CHS)

Presenter, BIMxt Charleston: “Open AI, Model Data and Sharing at LS3P”

David Burt (CHS)

Board of Directors, Executive Association of Greater Charleston

Ellie Dawson (JAX)

SEGD National Committee for Racial Justice

AIGA Jacksonville Programming Committee

Speaker, AIGA Jacksonville, Adaptability in the Creative Field

Speaker, SMPS North Florida, Layout and Print Advertisements

Grant Wylie (CHS)

Adjunct Professor, College of Charleston, Digital Media Applications

Jen Boyles (CHS)

Chair, Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD), Charleston Chapter

Katie Robinson (CHS)

Panelist, Advancing AEC Knowledge

Management Conference

Panelist, AIA LFRT, Marketing Annual Forum, Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Guest, Spill the Ink podcast: “Knowledge Management and Marketing in Harmony”

Marc Marchant (CHS)

Guest, Lead the Team podcast: “What It Takes to Achieve the Pinnacle of Success”

Mark Levine (ATL)

Speaker, AIA Georgia Christopher Kelley

Leadership Development Program (CKLDP)

National Conference on Architecture Advisory Task Force AIA

Chair, Design Awards Jury, AIA Nevada

National Secretary’s Advisory Committee, AIA

Michael Garcia (SAV)

Selected 2023 Chair of the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program

Natallie Santiago Rodríguez (SAV)

GA Representative, AIA Leadership Summit, National Event

Nick Bilgri (CHS)

Clemson University Master of Resilient Urban Design Guest Critic

Olivia Frick (JAX)

District Council Chair, ULI North Florida

Fellow, Hightower Emerging Leaders Fellowship Board Member, Women in Healthcare

Rachel Paganelli (ATL) 2023 Bill Mogridge Award

Ryan Lewis (CHS)

Speaker, AIA South Carolina, AIA Aspire, ARC Representative, Keynote MC

Speaker, AIA Young Architect Forum, A23, Mini MBA Lecture, Town Hall Presenter & Leadership Topics

Architectural Regional Chair, AIA Aspire - ARC, AIA SC Chapter

William Margulis (SAV)

AIA Georgia Christopher Kelley

Leadership Development Program, Class of 2023

To celebrate LS3P’s 60th anniversary on May 1, 2023, the firm launched 60 Years of Purpose + Impact: a year-long campaign dedicated to 60 acts of service to our communities. From donation drives to client celebrations and everything in between, we are honored to give back to the communities and team members that have supported us for six decades.

1. Client Appreciation Event LS3P Charleston

2. Classroom Central Donation LS3P Charlotte

3. Walk to End Alzheimers LS3P Greensboro

4. Raleigh Chamber Women’s Leadership Conference LS3P Raleigh

5. BackPack Beginnings Packing Day LS3P Greensboro

6. Kids Making It LS3P Wilmington

7. Grand Opening & Client Appreciation Event LS3P Asheville

8. Christmas Trees for Levine Children’s Hospital LS3P Charlotte

9. AIA Wilmington LEGO Build LS3P Wilmington

1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 9
10 11 12 15 14 13
10. WakeMed Kick It 4 Kids LS3P Raleigh 11. Family Day at the Pelicans Ballpark LS3P Myrtle Beach 12. CANstruction LS3P Savannah 13. Whitewater Rafting LS3P Asheville 14. Ville to Ville Craft Brew Relay LS3P Greenville 15. Popsicle Happy Hour LS3P Charlotte 16. Lowcountry Boil LS3P Charleston 17. Diaper Bank of North Carolina LS3P Wilmington 18. Libby & Mace’s Place Animal Rescue LS3P Charleston 19. United Way Block Party LS3P Asheville 20. Hillcrest High School Career Fair LS3P Greenville
18 17 16 19 20 21
21. Pathways Holiday Meal

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