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ART NU LOVE june .2011 ISSUE 9 VOL. 2


LOVE NU ART Focusing on Major



Audria Arnold

Senior Photographer Audria Arnold




  Love Nu Art jUNE 2011

LOVE NU ART focusing on Major


Arts/Entertainment Editor Markesha Woods

Advertising Director Terrell Jones


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Greetings to All Our Love Nu Art Family.

Love Nu Art will be celebrating our one year anniversary this July. As we prepare to meet this milestone, we will be embarking upon some new and exciting things. As of our July 2011 issue, LNA will be converting from a print formatted magazine to a video formatted magazine. With this change will come exciting exclusives, videos, performances,and giveaways amongst other suprises to be revealed. In LNA style we will be having a VIP celebration July 24, 2011 in acknowledgment of an outstanding year in publish and to unveil our first video issue. THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE PARTIES OF THE YEAR. There will be a host of exciting happenings including performances, vendors, networking, and a chance to be amongst the first to view the July issue. We will be posting updates on our website as well as on our social networking fan pages to inform you all of how to be one of the faces in the place for that event. For those who have been with us since we dropped our first issue we thank you for your continued support. If you are new to LNA, we welcome you and appreciate having you in our village. Looking forward to a progressive journey with you all as we continue to celebrate art in all its forms. We humbly go forth into our new year. Markesha (Woodstar) Woods Editor Love Nu Art Magazine

Audria (Nubia) Arnold Publisher Love Nu Art Magazine

LOVE NU ART june 2011

issue 9 VOL.2

contents Kathleen Starita page 10


  Love Nu Art jUNE 2011

Dopebeds page 14

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Kathleen, K Star Looking Through the Lens, K Star the Photographer WRITTEN BY: MARKESHA “WOODSTAR” WOODS

Becoming a Photographer Since the age of 15, Kathleen (best known as K Star) began to cultivate her interest in photography. Living in Venezuala at the time, K Star began to request a camera and photography lessons from her mother.”My mother bought a 35 mm Canon Rebel and I recall always taking pictures of my pets, my mother and pretty much anything mundane you can imagine,” she recalls. Fast forward and K star found herself in the United States at a photography school in Florida. That is where she learned the basics of photography and realized that this was what she ultimately wanted to do with her life.

Creative Process of the Photographer “I am not always looking for inspiration, it kind of just comes to my head, it just pops, like popcorn! Movies, photos, craft stores, fabric stores, makeup, colors, fashion shows, fashion designers, pretty much every art form sparks my creative juices,” K Star begins. She further explains that the magazine she works for keeps her on her toes creatively. Professing a love fashion she cites that she is also inspired by clothing and jewelry. She exudes, “Fashion is a universal language, it unites women and men all over the world, no matter the race or background...Fashion photography allows me to create my own world, filled of beautiful people and perfection. What is not to love about that?” K Star also states her mother, Jennifer Lopez, Ansel Adams, Martin Luther King Jr., amongst some of strong men and women that she is inspired by. “My greatest mentor is God, he guides me to where I need to go, I trust him and hold his hand to where he takes me, as there will always be lessons to be learned with Him,” she humbly states. However, no matter the task, K Star draws upon a variety of different entities for inspiration depending upon the assignment, setting, and her mood.

Path of the Photographer

K Star is involved in several projects that keep her busy. Her boyfriend calls her Butterfly because she is so active and easily distracted. She is the Photography Editor of a Memphis based hispanic magazine where she often does fashion spreads. “The fact that I can represent my people and my culture through art, makes me feel so proud,” she expresses. K Star is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers. She has just finished teaching her first 10 week photography program. K Star expresses a desire to continue to build her clientele and to eventually work with celebrity clients such as designer Alexander McQueen and singer Gwen Stefani. In addition, she is continually managing her website to display her recent work. K Star’s contact information: @kstartweets


  Love Nu Art jUNE 2011




What type of beds do the high folks sleep in? Dopebeds.(pun intended) Other than the other side of my bad joke, Dopebeds is a music duo out of Portland, OR. The members are Amenta Abioto(vocals and drums) and Joseph Anderson (music software, guitar, and keys) This duo is a young eclectic fusion of what I’d like to describe as electronica fused with soulful feel good music. “I want it to look good and smell good and taste good.” says Amenta. After listening to their masterpiece called Furocious for the umpteenth time, I must admit that Dopebeds does look, smell, and taste good. I listen to tons of music on a weekly basis. 99% of the time I enjoy it even when it is predictable. Although this is true, sometimes I like to be surprised or refreshened by something. At this moment, Dopebeds is providing me with the fresh palate I need. Dopebeds has a very intriguing sound. Perhaps it is their youth or their fearless approach to experimenting. I love the way they sound and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with years from now. Dopebeds has just begun their musical journey. They may not as seasoned as a lot of acts I’ve heard, but this doesn’t dismiss them from holding their own. “I like nonsurface lyrics because people can take the meaning in so many different ways...I guess it could be from personal experience. You know, I guess everybody can feel like they are a little too this way for friends... I dont know. I liked the way it looked on paper,” explains Amenta when asked about her lyrical content. In the first song on their EP, Furocious, she sings whimsically: furocious don’t be mean im not yelling too loud because the wind keeps me down low to the ground put me up in the wild like an animal Im too furocious for friends keep me locked in closet cause im too furocious for friends Amenta is as carefree about the lyrics as she seems to be about life. Why do so many artists want to come across as this or that? Why not just “be” as dopebeds seem to be doing. I remember sitting in a poetry class in undergrad and listening to a professor over analyze different poems. He would never imagine or take into thought that It might’ve just looked good on paper. Things don’t have to be anything. Or on the other hand they can be whatever you want them to be. When I listen to Dopebeds I hear clarity and distortion. I hear kinetic and potential energy rushing through cosmic places that most are scared to dwell in. Dopebeds smells like a computer broiling in a pot of honey. Dopedbeds looks like mint green and traces of orange. It tastes like vapor. Its definitely good. Its definitely dope.

Check Dopebeds out at


  Love Nu Art jUNE 2011




Sharon Coleman “ Flowers, Pens, and Inspiration WRITTEN BY: MARKESHA (WOODSTAR) WOODS



’m celebrating 23 years of business so I have positioned myself to enjoy my business without retiring by working with a selective clientele such as the establish business... I’m now a private florist. This allow me to enjoy the florist and it also allow me to work on my writing, acting, stage play and community services,.



Sharon Coleman

The F lorist...

Sharon Coleman is not your average floral arranger. She is an exclusive florist who has been in business for over 20 years. She is the owner of Ritzee Florist located in downtown Memphis. In addition to being a florist she is also involved in many other artistic and social ventures. “I’m celebrating 23 years of business so I have positioned myself to enjoy my business without retiring by working with a selective clientele such as the establish business... I’m now a private florist. This allow me to enjoy the florist and it also allow me to work on my writing, acting, stage play and community services,” Sharon explains. Sharon prides herself on using an array of flowers as well as greenery in order to create custom arrangements to fit the specific tastes of her clients. She has produced many floral pieces of art with one of her most prized being a model of someone’s favorite car constructed out of flowers.

The Playwright...

Sharon had the idea of expanding her artistic expression beyond her work with flowers many years ago. She credits her success and stability in her floral business with allowing her the courage to go forward in other forms of art. She was inspired to write a stage play called Wrags to Ritches, an adaptation of her book by the same name. She proudly explains, “The play derives from the book From Wrags to Ritches that addresses domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, molestation, teenage pregnancy, abandonment, love and success. It’s my mother’s story. The play is something very special it touches on topics that are family dark kept secrets but yet it causes people to open up and address and heal from there issues.” She goes on to testify about how Wrags to Ritches has helped her to heal from wounds experienced so many years ago in her life.

The Next Step...

Although Sharon continues to head a successful floral shop and is continually developing her play Wrags to Ritches, there is no slowing down in sight for her. She is determined to continue to share her life experiences through art in order to encourage and inspire youth. She views her book turned play as a ministry of sorts. “ You see the W in wrags means what rags. Talk about it and let it go. The T in ritches is a symbol to remind me that money means nothing without Christ. So it’s the things of the spirit that makes me rich and therefore all the rest follows. I wanted people to know that where I am now came from perseverance, dedication, determination to break reoccurring generational curses,”she states. Sharon is currently in a ten city tour with her play. She is directing and acting in the play. In addition she is working on a documentary about her travels. Sharon will continue to sniff the artistic bouquet of life, on petal at a time.



Love Nu Art Magazine June 2011  

Love Nu Art Magazine June 2011

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