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ART NU LOVE February .2011 ISSUE 5 VOL. 2

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  Love Nu Art February 2011

LOVE NU ART focusing on Major


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Contributors and Supporters Nikki T. Fashions, Lacarrious Thomas, Jason Da Hater, Nick James, Faizah Husniyah, Maggie Bearden, Stephon Smith, Dewayne Matt Matthews, Ray Watkins, Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen, Natasha Johnson, Cambridge Jenkins IV, Pretti Poet, Ashley Bailey, Najee Strickland, Terrell Jones



February 2011

issue 5 VOL.2

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  Love Nu Art February 2011

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LOVE NU ART February 2011

issue 5 VOL.2

from THE Publisher

Greetings Love Nu Art Magazine readers. Welcome to the fifth edition of Love Nu Art Magazine. This is our love issue and which our spotlight “The Art of Love”. Love Nu Art Magazine will also launch The Review. Love Nu Art Magazine Review will be a monthly review issued throughout the city of Memphis, TN to preview each issue of Love Nu Art Magazine. This review will be a 9x11 glossy full color flyer with 2 sides on thick card stock. This review will reach 5000 people monthly. The purpose of this review is to give people a sneak peek of what is new to the website and Love Nu Art Magazine. We also launched Poet of the Month, which is a LNA web exclusive. Every month Woodstar will feature a poet and they will be featured for the entire month. Love Nu Art has a lot of great things coming soon. Words cannot explain the joy I get from each issue of Love Nu Art. Thanks for all the continued love and support. See you in March.


  Love Nu Art February 2011

Audria “Nubia” Arnold Publisher

(L-R) Maggie Bearden, Faizah Husniyah, & Audria “Nubia” Arnold

(L-R) Faizah Husniyah, & Audria “Nubia” Arnold

(L-R) Faizah Husniyah & Maggie Bearden

Audria “Nubia” Arnold

(L-R) Faizah Husniyah, & Audria “Nubia” Arnold



  Love Nu Art February 2011


Stephon Smith #1 MC Worldwide



tephon Smith is not your average Master of Ceremony (MC). He is an all-around entertainer. He infuses comedic charm with present day observations to provide audiences with an overall educational and entertaining experience. Stephon. a native of Danville, IL, made the transition to Memphis 12 years ago and claimed it as his home

A Model Beginning Stephon has been in some aspect of entertainment for most of his life. He began his career as a fashion model. He worked as a model and modeling coach for about 15 years. Even during his modeling years he was developing his skills as a stand up comedian. Stephon appeared on BET Comic View as well as Bobby Jones Gospel as a result. As he began to focus more on being a MC, he started being booked for more and more local shows as a host. It was there where he cultivated his love for being in front of a crowd and honed his comedian skills.

Things Begin To Evolve Stephon talks about his progression into being self titles the Number One MC Worldwide. He stated, “I’m kinda like

a package deal when I am MC-ing. It’s a two for one. You get the best of the comedy and the MC side”. He goes on to talk about how his career has recently resulted in some outstanding opportunities nationwide. Stephon MC’d the regional company talent show at the Harrah’s Casino in Tunica, MS in 2010. He also opened for the professional comedian Chocolate. In addition, he hosted an array of other local talent shows, artist showcases, and gospel comedy expos. In the midst of all these things Stephon developed and perfected his comedic character that he titled Rev. Uh Uh. According to Stephon the character was developed to be full of issues and is in place to make fun of issues the church faces today as a method of addressing them. He also notes that it is not meant to highlight any one religion or church body nor is it meant to be offensive.

There is More to Come Stephon is expecting great things to come in 2011. He has been booked to MC the Southern Entertainment Awards’ Rip the Runway Fashion Show in March 2011. He will be one of the headliners in Thou Shall Laugh Gospel Comedy Tour set to begin May 2011. Stephon also reveals that he is working on a pilot for a variety show that he plans to starting shopping to some major networks by the end of the year. In addition, his new website will be up and running by March 2011. When asked where he sees himself being in the near future Stephon replied, “Doing my thing, blessing others, touring.....being financially stable.....let God take control and bless my career”. Stephon can be reached on Facebook under the profile name Comedian Stephon Smith and by email






Making Moves in Memphis




wayne “Matt” Matthews is making his mark on Memphis music and entertainment. He is currently heading a successful entertainment company, producing shows highlighting other artists, and performing with his own band. Dwayne is no doubt doing his part to help other artists in the Memphis area to work towards reaching their global goals.

About Dwayne

Dwayne is a multifaceted member of the Memphis arts community. He is a member of the Memphis Shelby County Music Commission where he works under the leadership of former Def Jam Records Vice President Ms. Johnnie Walker. Since his appointment to the board in 2009 they have started many initiatives to expose varied local artists in their Memphis Music Mondays Series that takes place at the Hard Rock Cafe located on the historical Beale Street. Dwayne owns an in home studio where he works with others artists on production as well as development. He recorded a voice-over ad that aired on two local Clear Channel stations for an on-line business venture. Dwayne performs with his own band called Viibe. Dwayne explains, “Yes we spell Viibe with two I’s. With two I’s you can see clearer! We have done a musical mixture of R&B, Reggae, Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz and even Rock. We also included original material written by the performing artists as well as well-known cover tune”’. In addition, he owns an entertainment company, Pegasus Entertainment.

Pegasus Entertainment

Dwayne is the founder/president of Pegasus Entertainment. Pegasus Entertainment is an organization designed to write, produce and arrange music recordings for artists who are on an independent level. “Our goals are to assist local artists with music production, artist development and general common sense guidance. I’ve seen where so many aspiring artists don’t take time to learn the business aspects of the entertainment industry,” Dwayne expresses. He states a commitment to educating artists about copyrighting and protecting their materials. In addition, they have partnered with Barry Wilburn who is also a local artist and entertainment enthusiast in the Memphis area. They have collaborated on a series of five shows that highlighted a host of diverse artists under such themes as Old School Music, Positive Energy Exchange, and Eclectic Moods. Dwayne credits much of the success that Pegasus has seen to his wife Tierney D. Matthews. “Tierney also helps me tremendously with contracts, agreements and overall good, sound advice in other aspects of Pegasus Entertainment! You can never go wrong with someone you know has your back in every way,” he stated appreciatively.


  Love Nu Art February 2011


Looking Forward

Dwayne stated that Pegasus Entertainment is currently working toward the creation of their own independent label titled G.R.O.O.V.N. Records. The acronym stands for Getting Records Out Over Various Nations. He shares, “I can say that I want to see the independent label succeed and gather more local and non-local artist to promote real music”. He is looking forward to a continuation of his appointment to the Memphis Shelby County Music Commission. Dwayne is also supporting the development of Team 808 Entertainment, a company spearheaded by his son Kristian Matthews. In addition he would like to move his studio out of his home to separate his home and business life. Dwayne expresses that he would like to see Memphis develop into the major player in the music industry that it has been in the past and has the potential to be again. Through all of his work in the Memphis Entertainment scene, Dwayne is definitely doing his part to implement that.

Dwayne can be contacted for booking, studio time, and networking on Facebook under the profile name PegasusEntertainmentGroup. He can also be reached by email,



woodstar's POETIC POTPOURRI Welcome to Poetic Potpourri where the attention is focused on the written word. This is spot is reserved for poets all across the globe who desire to share their works. Each issue some of the most prolific poetry will be showcased on these pages. If you have a poem that you are interested in having featured in an upcoming issue, please email for submission requirements.

Love the Game Love the game The game we played many times before Promising each other that it is over Baby I’m not gone manipulate you like that no more Yet here we both stand again Bruised, abused, scorned Minds yielding good intentions Yet hearts should have been protected Better yet it should have been forewarned When will we step out of confusion And view our relationship with clarity When will I stop insisting you communicate When will you stop responding by fleeing Love is not meant to be recreational It should not be used for leisure Nor love given should be taken in vain Unfortunately someone will lose When love becomes a game I don’t want to play anymore....

Poet: Woodstar Home City: Carbondale, IL Contact:



  Love Nu Art February 2011


Poet: Ray Watkins City: Panama City, FL Contact:

Jig saw Emotions We’re connected Back to back Looking in different directions Yet Believing in the same dream Feeling the same wind Expecting life to be a two way street Despair is tied to hope Trying to understand the pain We’re emotionally attached Mind, body and soul Touching one heart Broken in too many pieces Because society says We’re a spectacle A confused canvas Viewed by many But--Only a few understand.

Poet: Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen Contact:

Ready Are you sure you want my heart? Do u realize the magnitude of all I have to give? Are you sure you want my love? Are you prepared to make it the reason why you even live? Ok, so I might be pushing a little hard. But I’ve gotta be real, can’t have you playing me like some deck of cards. It’s just that I’ve outgrown all the game playing of days past. I’m looking for something 100% real; something that will last.

ART Can you provide that for me? Can you open my eyes and allow me to truly see? That love is possible and love is near That love is ready for both of us to share? That love is not just some pipe dream, But it’s so good it’ll have us bursting at the seams... That love is something we can explore and know That as time goes on love our will grow. That’s what I want; I want that from you. I’m ready to experience something that true. The way you look at me, I can’t deny it! The way you touch me, I just can’t fight it! Ooh, this feels so surreal. I’m not just on some cloud nine. Got me touching the stars in the sky; got me grabbing them like I think they’re mine. Is this love? Lust? Infatuation? What is the remedy for this situation? I don’t want one. How much talking can I possibly do? Right now I only want to feel you. Next to me, near me, in and around me. Every fiber of my being wants you. Are you ready to go there with me? Do I know if I’m ready to go there with you? I’m just saying have you looked at all ‘o this? I’m not getting caught up w/all that  psst, yo yo and hey miss... Are you sure you want what I’ve got? Cause I do have a lot to give. I can become the reason you even want to live. That’s something big; it’s no small feat. Love can be the factor that makes us both complete. So let’s do it. Let’s jump in headfirst. Forget about water; I can quench your thirst. Love love love love love...I remember I used to be such a cynic. But it’s real, I know that cause for me you’ve proven it. So ready or not, you’ve already got me. Ready or not you’ve already allowed me to see. Ready or not you know we fit like a hand to an isotoner glove. Ready or not...I think I’m gonna try this thing called love. Poet: Natasha Johnson City: Brooklyn, NY

A Letter Once... although we may not be able to touch one another, we can still dream together we can still try love make poetry in our imaginations on cream paper in the soil coastal sands should foam wash over us i’d grab you by the heart and we could still try love in the crevices of the floating keyboard rolling around in its muffin crumbs sea salt burnt kettle chip edges grape jelly clumps we can still tap and poke and gently prod tickle one another here you are both here and not here I am both there and not there and while there is so much to be sad about there is so much more to grin and blush and smile about let us just be appreciative that we have one another in some way and in this gratitude whatever we lack whatever space there is I cannot fill whatever space there is you cannot fill whatever insatiable thirst arises in our hollow bones so starving at times will at the right time be drenched in some warm blue that will tap poke prod tickle push us forward another few steps around some blind curve

another few breaths into some new day and everything will be just fine all over again...

Poet: Cambridge Jenkins IV Home City: Atlanta, GA Contact:

Needed Arrows My heart beatz but whi whatz The use I ask cruel “love” god Me can u please shoot I ask Promise won’t press chargez Internalli insyde of me grief n Burden growz larger massive N size badli want 2 cri My shoulderz constanli choose To ryde horrid unrequested Not pleasant compani please I beg get awai from me living Feeling lyke such a waste loniliness Has such a horrid bitter taste Is “love” not deserved Going 2 b quite honest solo Lyfe hurt my own fingerz I point At myself n lower my head have No choice but 2 take the blame For my current situation sai what A shame could ani one please take Some of this pain on heart n soul Sorrow rain more lyke thunder storm Constanli I question asked whi me..?

Poet: Pretti Poet Contact: Please note: All poems featured are in the approved format submitted by their respective writers. All poems are printed by permission of the artists who penned them and under copyright of their individual writers. Love Nu Art is not responsible for usage of the varied language, ideations, or expressions presented in the poems featured. The perspectives taken in poems featured in this section do not reflect those of Woodstar, Love Nu Art, or Love Nu Art Staff.




  Love Nu Art February 2011


Love is in the Air Love is in the air Boldly Its presence so potent, it's atmospheric Let is penetrate your inner ear drums and you can hear it Put it onto your distinguished pallet and you can taste it Fondle it freely with both fingers and toes and you can feel it Draw in deeply through your nostrils and you can smell it A llow it to permeate your corneas and you can see it Like your favorite carribean groove Like the flavor of your favorite meal Like the silkiness of your most precious garments Like the aroma of your flower or herb of preference Like that thing you behold and label beauty Love is an experience of sensations Sit back, relax, and let it envelope you. Woodstar 2011



  Love Nu Art February 2011



n o r s e a j t a

h A













f you don’t like what someone else is doing or what everyone else likes you’re consider a hater. So Tennessee emcee, Jason “Da Hater” Harris, willingly takes the charge. “I’m a hater,” he says, “But I’m upfront about, so it shouldn’t be a shock.” Actually what Jason offers is an abundance of “tough love” and constructive criticism, even to him. The fans who enjoy the blend of skill, comedy, and criticism would probably disagree but Da Hater says, “What makes me different from other rappers is that I am slaw and I can admit it, but I don’t care. I just like to get on the mic and displease the crowd, Hate!” From the Whitehaven area of Memphis, TN, Da Hater got his start around ’97 or ’98 recording songs to tape using a karaoke machine and other artist’s instrumentals. He credits KRS1, Public Enemy, Eightball & MJG, and The Jacksons as his musical influences. “The rap music from the golden era of 88-89 was the best,” he said. After the karaoke tapes he began attending various open mic showcases around 2000. Throughout those years he met various artists and producers that he works with to this day. These experiences helped him develop his skills of rapping and performing as an emcee. In his opinion, an emcee can’t just do rap songs, they have to have a little of everything. They should freestyle, not necessarily be great but at least willing to. Da Hater said “You have to be able to rock a crowd live, not just record songs. The combination of having skilled rhymes, not just hooks, the ability to rock live, and freestyle makes an emcee.” In the current state of the music “industry” there is not a big emphasis put on the value of being an emcee. Da Hater said he is currently hurt because there are so called rappers who have no knowledge or appreciation of this art form’s pioneers, origins, and power. “I believe that there is an audience and a need for a balance in Hip Hop. There is not one commercially because, in my opinion, the powers that be choose to support, fund, push music and ideas that can have a negative influence in the black community,” Da Hater stated. That thought could easily be proven by looking at the images, videos, and songs that are in regular rotation in the main stream media. “They know the power of Hip Hop. The saying, ‘That’s what sells’, is bull crap, because if they want the world to buy slow music, they could persuade it to.” We need a balance and Da Hater is on a mission to provide it with himself and the help of his groups and peers.


  Love Nu Art February 2011





  Love Nu Art February 2011

Music In addition to Da Hater’s solo endeavors he is also a member of the IMC, or Iron Mic Coalition. He said “I am a reluctant solo artist. I would much rather be in a group because solo work is too much and I am lazy.” “I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the IMC, but many of our members are busy at times with life, so that makes me have to do solo things sometime to stay busy, but its IMC forever,” he said. His goal is to actually be a member of several groups. “All I want is at least 4 bars every other song!” In addition to working with the IMC Jason has had the opportunity to perform with several main stream artists and work with numerous artists and producers under the radar. He recalled the most memorable moments in his career so far being freestyling on stage with Common at his show at Isaac Hayes in Memphis; opening up for Dead Prez in Memphis; and opening for KRS 1 in New York at S.O.B’s with the IMC. He has also worked with producers Empee, Ptah Maximus, Paragon, Fathom 9, 220. DJ Hush, DJ Redeye Jedi, DJ Capital A, DJ Supa Yusuf, DJ Shamrock, DJ Homework; and artists such as Knowledge Nick, Royal T, Sav Sola, Nilaja, Da Dutchess, Union Camp, Mind Spin, Infinito 2017, Skurge, and many more. It’s not hard to see that there is much more to Da Hater than just “hate.” He recognized his heaven sent parents, Bobbie Harris and the late great Terris Harris Sr. as having shown him how to RRAPP, meaning how to be Respectful, Responsible, Appreciative, Patient, and Positive. In addition to rapping he also teaches. Although some of his students at school know that he raps, he denies it most of the time. “I don’t think that most of them know to what extent I rap. Some have seen me on YouTube or our TV show, but I deny it’s me.” He said some knows he raps because he freestyles on Fridays in the gym with the students. “It’s hilarious,” he said. “I’m not sure if they know I’m wack, but I can’t be any wacker than the rappers they listen to anyway.” Da Hater’s latest project is an album called Enough Hate to Go Around, produced by Empee with scratches by DJ capital A. He is also involved in a TV show called The Memphis Terminal that comes on cable. The show features videos and interviews of artist involved in the underground scene in Memphis. People can Google Jason Da Hater. He has videos on YouTube under the same name. He also has YouTube videos with Iron Mic Coalition. He is on Facebook, “barely!” and if you are in Memphis and there is a local show, you’ll see him in there too, “hating on everybody.” Lastly Da Hater told LNA, “I am involved in the daily battle to shape the minds of young folk, persuading them to make decisions that won’t negatively affect them and others around them. Y’all can get in on it too!”




  Love Nu Art February 2011







here are not many producers that can create music that compliments the vocals of greats like Jay Z, Nas, and Andre 3000 or competes with the production skills of Just Blaze, Diddy, or The Neptunes, but Oakland native Nick James has definitely proven it is possible. After talking with him this really came as no surprise because of the obvious extensive knowledge and understanding of music, production and artists that he has. He has used this musical awareness and sample based production to remix several of our favorite artists and albums, as well as produce many other artists. When you this think of Oakland and the West Coast you think of Too Short and Snoop Dogg, and although he grew up listening to them, Nick James’ interest spread beyond the Pacific shores and California deserts. He said he was also inspired by what was going on around the country and after seeing what all the hip hop sound could depict he began to gravitate towards something different. Coming from a family with a background in music and dance, he got his start around the age of 17 in high school when he played with the idea of rapping. Perhaps influenced by his father, who was a talented Jazz musician, he eventually became overwhelmed by the producer’s aspect of the music. “I started listening to my dad’s jazz records and I started buying tons of soul music and from there started crafting my sound musically,” he stated. As years would go on he would develop these skills and create the soulful sounds he is known for. “I started making music at 17 and for 3 years my music was pretty bad, because I was just trying anything, and i think i would sample almost anything,” he said. “I always wanted to do a lot of jazz but it took me until a couple of years ago when i think i started chopping jazz correctly. Jazz always scared me because the timing would be off and it’s not the same b.p.m. per song. To do it right you’re really gone have to chop.” After a lot of hours of and a couple of years he learned how to make it happen. “I remember the day that it kind of changed for me was when a woman that I was with at the time got this laptop and I put a couple of programs on it. I had this Nina Simone album and I sampled it perfectly.” From there Nick James began to find his groove and develop his soul and jazz sound and it became evident with his remix for the Jay Z Black Album around 2004 that he did in about two weeks. He said, “I remixed all 14 songs and put an additional 6 remixes on that download and from there people really liked it.” Even beyond liking what people hear the production of Nick James is so much more. “I realized that if I did it the right way that it could really mean something to folks,” he said. “The greatest compliment people give me about remixing is that when they say you made Nas sound more deep or you made Jay Z sound endearing and not cocky with your music when i listen to it.” It’s like he could take their projects into his own hands. This is when he realized that remixing is an art form and you can bring words to life more. This is similar to the way that many Jazz musicians create such vivid images and stories with their instruments alone. He stressed the importance of mastering your instrument, whether it is software or hardware. He advises, “Whatever you’re comfortable with at first just master that. It’s hard to create your sound before you really understand your instrument.” Whereas now there is the abundance of production software and everyone having a computer there is an increase in would be producers. Nick James comments, “That’s the difference in living in a digital age where people think that you can just hop on something and just make something. You know you wouldn’t think that if someone put a trumpet in ya hand.” Taking his own advice this is what Nick James has done with the use of software such as Reason, Fruity Loops, etc. “I’m a software guy,” he said. “I just spent so much time with it that I learned how to tweak it.”


  Love Nu Art February 2011





  Love Nu Art February 2011

Music “Now I try to go a little further in terms of sound,” Nick James expressed. ”My sound gets a little bit bigger, a little bit better.” He has opened up to other music and trying more with his music. “Now I’m just more open to different rhythms like playing with drums more. It’s to the point now that I incorporate a lot of congas, a lot of timbales, a lot of different drum rhythms, and chopping a little bit different,” he said. Even with the remixes he is seeking to go beyond the norm and trying to be more strategic. He admitted originally he was just doing whatever he felt would be hot. He recalled thinking, “let me make sure I remix Jay Z, or Kanye, or whoever because people are gone to want to hear that. Then I’d think if I do the Nas remixes too my sound would be a little bit more strategic.” He said he wanted to find a unique way to brand himself as a producer so people would come to him. Now when he remixes he tries to make music that will stand the test of time. “I think the music industry is going to change big time soon,” he said. “I think it’s important for artist to do whatever they want and not consult the industry.” Currently he is working with a number of artists, including a project with a singer in Oakland where they are taking Andree 3000’s A cappella and she’s creating new choruses and verses to it. “It’s basically creating a new way to hear Andre 3000’s message,” he said. He also is one half of the production company, Oakademy, which he credits as being the brain child of best friend Wes Mapes in Brooklyn. They went to school together and as Nick James went hard on the beats, Wes learn engineering, and with the vision of Wes the formed the company in 2006. The company was about representing Oakland and wanting to put out a certain level and quality of music. This past year they have really been going hard at it. Also in July of this past year Nick James started his own company, I Create For A Living, a design and consulting firm. In addition to being a phenomenal producer and entrepreneur, Nick James’ interests expand into the realms of academics, activism, and more. Equipped with an education in Sociology and Black Studies from San Francisco State and being mentored by one of the great psychological minds, Wade Nobles, Nick James has gone on to teach and mentor Oakland’s youth, often incorporating his passion for music into his interaction with the students. He explain how he would tell the students if they participated in certain class activities then after school he can teach them how to make beats. Alongside teaching, he was active in the Youth Together Organization, a 15 year old company focusing on education, justice, grass roots organizing of the high school students, and teaching campaigns. He also has the Red Bike and Green bicycle collective that’s about urban planning and health in the black community. “I didn’t want to limit myself,” he said. “I didn’t see any limitations for me. I said I’m gone get my education, I’m gone travel, I’m gone teach, I’m gone be mentors to youth, I’m gone learn graphic design, I’m gone make my beats at the same time. I’m gone do all this! At the same time I’ve been able to manage it.” Needless to say Nick James is a man of achievement, drive and passion for what he believes in. While many attempt to do one or two things with their life, he is doing numerous. It’s always great to be able to do what you love and make a difference. “It’s always been a WIN-WIN for me,” he said. “This is my passion!” There is no doubt we will see and hear more from Nick James, if not on a song, maybe on a political platform. Great people go on to do great things. You can find Nick James at and PF




Maggie Bearden

Focus on Faizah

Faizah is an up and coming stylist focusing on, but not limited to hair. Although still a student, she has been making a strong reputation for herself as a hair stylist. The Memphis native shared some of her experiences on her road to success with Love Nu Art.

A Twelve Year Old’s Ambitions

Faizah started to be interested in styling at the age of 12. He mother was an actress in local theater and that is where she was first exposed to hair and make up. Faizah recounts that she was in the midst of what she calls her rebel stage, “I was like really bad, dark, and weird...” She went on to explain that her interest in unique things led to her doing stage hand work at the theater her mother performed at. From there she took cosmetology track courses in high school. Faizah is currently enrolled in the Paul Mitchell School in Memphis, TN. She stated enrollment at Paul Mitchell was when she really got serious about being a hairstylist.

Working Towards Her Goals

Faizah is currently taking the opportunity to make connections in her field while still in school. She has nine siblings and states that they are all artsy. She credits them, as well as her parents and close friends as inspirations towards meeting her goals. However, she states that her three year old daughter is her number one driver towards success. “Before my daughter I was selfish, mean, slick evil. It was like a light switch. I never worked, never had a real job (before her birth),” Faizah confided.


  Love Nu Art February 2011


I always love working with new photographers because there’s always something to learn and a new experience




  Love Nu Art February 2011

COVER STORY Faizah produced her first major show as a stylist in 2010 called Cine Bazaar- Film Meets Fashion. Upon its success she began working on another show set for early 2011. She has also styled for a host of photographers, one of the more notable being editorial photographer Santa Edwin. “I always love working with new photographers because there’s always something to learn and a new experience,” she expressed. Faizah’s styling has been featured in magazines based across the world including Columbia, Arizona, and California. Faizah has styled for a variety of theaters, fashion shows, and photo shoots in the Memphis area as well. She recently styled for her mother’s directorial debut which was rewarding for her to be a part of.

Continuing on the Road to Success

Faizah boasts big plans for the future. She expresses that her ambition is to start focusing on herself and her goals. She said, “time to let the world know about me and that now the models are my background.” This was also her concept behind her self styling that appears in her cover photo shoot. She is scheduled to graduate hair school March 2011. Faizah is entering a prestigious hairstyling competition called the National American Hairstyling Awards this year. She refers to it as the Oscars for hairstylists. “The world’s best hairstylists enter this competition and I will be entering as a student this year. It’s a lot of money and a lot of time but I have my heart set on winning one.If not this year, then the next. I won’t stop, can’t stop,” she explained. Faizah is also working on her anticipated second show as a follow up to Cine Bazaar. Her website is slated to be up and functioning within the next few months as well. In addition, her goals are set on doing platform hairstyling with hopes that it will lead to being signed with an agency where she can do high end advertisements and photo shoots. Faizah has big dreams of styling at New York Fashion Week. She emphasizes that she does not follow the trends and that she likes to draw from her own instincts as well as moods and things around her to drive her creative direction. When asked what she would like others to know about her personal style she gushed, “...eccentric, eclectic, modern. I love everything mixed into one...avant-garde, makes no sense hairstyles...I want to be the best!” Faizah is available for styling, photo shoots, and other creative endeavors. Please contact her by email or at


Love Nu Art Magazine February 2011  

This is our love issue and which our spotlight "The Art of Love". Check it out, and be sure to share. Follow us on Twitter, and add us on Fa...

Love Nu Art Magazine February 2011  

This is our love issue and which our spotlight "The Art of Love". Check it out, and be sure to share. Follow us on Twitter, and add us on Fa...