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November/December 2013

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Have Yourself a Local Little Christmas Love Local Magazine would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our readers and the local businesses who have supported us. We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas.

This Christmas I pledge to...

shop small eat local spend local enjoy local

LOCAL LIFE Manage Your Medicine Christmas Events

Eat • Drink • Stay Christmas Cocktail Duck Recipe It’s All In the Preparation

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CHRISTMAS Choosing the Right Christmas Tree Online Shopping Tips Christmas Gift Guide

Look Good • Feel Good Winter Fashion Interview with Number Eight

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Active Life Change Your Diet for Great Results


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Managing Medicines

Noel Wicks, Pharmacist at Right Medicine Pharmacy


f you’ve ever had to take antibiotics then you probably know it can be tricky to remember to take every dose. In an ideal world all medicines would just need to be taken once a day however the reality is that a large percentage of medicines need to be taken several times a day. The main reason for this is because of the speed at which our body removes the medicines from our systems. So by taking it at intervals during the day you are effectively “topping up” the medicine in the body and keeping it at a level where it works. This is very important because many medicines need to be at a certain level in the body to work. If you drop under this level it could mean the medicine isn’t working at all. In studies of how well people take medicines it has consistently been shown that the more times a day you have to take a medicine the more likely you are to miss doses. In the pharmacy we often advise people on different ways to help them manage their medicines more effectively. There’s actually quite a lot you can do yourself (or for the person your caring for) in order to help. A good place to start is to begin by knowing what each of the medicines is for and if there are any special instructions for taking them. An example might be a drug for diabetes that needs to be taken three times a day with meals. Once you know this you can start to get an idea of what the routine for taking them needs to be

and how to create prompts as reminders. This could be something as simple as setting an alarm on a mobile phone or associating taking medicines with an activity such as brushing your teeth or making meals. In some cases people find it useful to put their daily medicines into a special plastic container that has small compartments for each dose. These compartments are usually split into morning, lunchtime, afternoon and bedtime doses. This makes it simpler to see which doses have been taken which is particularly useful if you’re a carer or, like me, a bit forgetful. Your community pharmacy can help as well and may be able to offer things like large print labels or bottles with easy to open lids. Your pharmacy may also be able to provide disposable weekly trays, which have dosage compartments as described earlier. The pharmacy dispenses the medication into the compartments for you and may even be able to deliver it each week. Once finished the trays can be disposed of. Occasionally your pharmacy may even recommend speaking to your doctor to see if there is an easier to take alternative to certain medicines. So please do ask your pharmacist if you need some extra help with medicines and they will be able to guide you through the above options and find the right solution to help you take your medicines in the best way possible.



The Christmas Light Switch on is 17 November. The Reindeer parade will start from the Albert Halls at 12 noon. Capital FM’s roadshow will be present from 12 noon to 5pm and will include entertainment from local stage/dance schools and Capital presenters Des and Jenny. Light switch on is 5pm.


Saturday 7th December from 10am - 4pm. Fun day for all the family, with a Santa’s Grotto, local craft stalls, kids play area and mulled wine and mince pies. There will also be 20% off all Boquhan Estates clothing and 10% off footwear.

BRIARLANDS FARM Christmas Country Craft Fayre: Sunday 8th December (10:00 am – 4:30 pm) Family Carol Sing-A-Long: Sunday 22nd December (12:00 pm – 4:30 pm)


Discover Dunblane on Thursday 28th November — 5:00pm till 9:00pm. Inspired by the jubilant mood local shopkeepers, traders and businesses are working together to host a Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. Santa’s Sleigh and his reindeer will travel through the high street before settling into his grotto. Restaurants & bars will be serving succulent roasts and mulled wine to get everyone in the spirit. Local shops will have exclusive special offers and promotions available only on the night for Christmas shoppers. With a great choice of independent retailers whatever is on your shopping list...Toys, Gifts, Ladies and Gents Fashions, Cosmetics, Flowers, Food or Wine you’ll be able solve all your Christmas shopping needs in one evening.


Pop up restaurant with food and drink tasting, farmers market and boutique gifts available. 30th November - 22 December.

The Olde Christmas Shoppe Aberfoyle is a new all year round Christmas Shop situated on Main Street in Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire. Tel

01877 382052

Email: Facebook/TheOldeChristmasShoppeAberfoyle Twitter: @oldechristmas

Open 7 days 10am to 5pm


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Eat drink stay 09

Cibo e Vino’s

Italian White Christmas Russian Standard Vodka Lazzaroni Amaretto Cream A touch of white chocolate Nutmeg shavings Dark chocolate sauce

1. Shaking together with ice measure 30ml Russian Standard Vodka, 30ml Lazzaroni Amaretto, 10ml white chocolate and 30ml cream. This leaves us with a nice light texture, but not much as to thicken the consistency. 2. Create a spiral from the centre of the Martini glass all the way to the top with the dark chocolate sauce. 3. Strain the mix into your prepared Martini glass. 4. To finish it off, garnish the top with shavings of fresh nutmeg.

10 Eat drink stay

Eat drink stay 11

12 Eat drink stay

Eat drink stay 13

Duck out of Turkey this Christmas?


Why not get away from turkey this year and try Gressingham duck breast with roast garlic and vanilla mashed potato, lemon scented carrot and parsnip ribbons, finished with a port and bramble jus? (Serves 6) Recipe provided by Gabes Diner Bistro, The Loft & Red Lemon Catering 6x Gressingham Duck breasts, salt and pepper, butter For the Vegetables 2.5kg of rooster potatoes, peeled and cut Butter, 100ml double cream and 100ml Milk 1x whole garlic bulb garlic wrapped in tin foil 1x vanilla pod 3x medium carrots, peeled 3x medium parsnips, peeled Olive oil Lemon

For the port jus 300g blackberries Peel of 1x lemon 1x juniper berry 200g diced onions 2x 250ml glasses of good quality red wine 1x 250ml glass of fresh orange juice 1/2 glass of port 1/2 cup of good, fresh chicken stock 50g muscavado and 50g castor sugar 2x star anise 3x cloves of garlic finely chopped 1x teaspoon of ras el hanout (or 1/2 cinnamon stick and a little grated nutmeg) 2x cloves 50g cold, Cubed, Butter Salt and pepper to taste


FOR THE JUS...(can be made in advance and kept in fridge) 1. Sweat off onions in a little oil with star anise, crushed juniper berry and cloves. 2. Add rest of ingredients (excluding port, butter and a third of the wine) allow to boil then simmer until reduced by a third. 3. Take off heat and strain mix through fine sieve, retaining only the liquid. 4. Put jus back on stove, add remaining red wine, port and whisk in cold butter. Cook on low temperature for approx. 5 mins until sauce thickens to consistency of gravy. 5. Season with salt and pepper (& more sugar if you required). RIBBONS...(can also be made in advance and kept refrigerated) 1. Using peeler, run from top to bottom of carrot/parsnip working to create long ribbons. Coat the ribbons thoroughly with oil and add lemon juice, salt & pepper to taste. 2. To serve, sautĂŠ briefly in a hot pan with a small amount of butter & a touch of cinnamon. MASH... 1. Roast the garlic bulb in tin foil in the oven and once soft set aside for later use. 2. Cook potatoes, then strain and mash. 3. Whilst potatoes cook, gently heat milk, cream and butter to reach a simmer. Add vanilla seeds and squashed garlic bulb. Add mixture to potatoes a little at a time until smooth and fluffy.

DUCK... Duck is best served pink and will take around 15 mins in total to cook (including resting). 1. Gently make three scores on the skin side of the duck breast, just enough to reach the meat but not score though it. 2. Place the duck breasts skin side down in a COLD pan and place on a med/high heat. Allow to cook for around 5 mins or until the skin is nice and crispy. 3. At this stage you may wish to drain some of the fat from the pan to stop the duck from stewing. 4. Turn the duck over and allow to cook for a further 5 mins. Then return to skin side down in the pan, remove from heat and allow to rest in the pan for around 5 mins, covering with foil to keep warm. 5. To serve, slice each breast into four strips, lengthwise (if you feel the duck is slightly underdone or too cool at this point return to the heat for another few minutes each side). Finally plate up as illustrated, relax and enjoy!

14 Eat drink stay

Eat drink stay 15

16 Eat drink stay

Eat drink stay 17

IT’S ALL IN THE PREPARATION! Now November is upon us, there is no escaping the fact Christmas Day is looming upon us. Are your seasonal preparations already underway? Whilst you may think you are unique, we find everyone falls into one of the four Christmas Categories below.

THE OBSESSIVE: These are the people who don’t just love Christmas, they live for it! Putting early October shoppers to shame, they started their shopping in the preceding Boxing Day sales and spend the entire year joyfully adding to their stockpile of presents. Whilst some mutter about premature Christmas decorations in the retail world, this group of people exclaim with delight at the first bauble being displayed. Cards are purchased, written and stamped before the powers that be at the Post Office can ponder when the last posting day will be. Their Christmas decorations will be twinkling on the 1st December, merrily sing carols morning, noon and night over mince pies and mulled wine before most of us have started our pre-Christmas diet! THE

COMPOSED: These happy campers carefully consider their Christmas shopping and commence it at exactly the right time – not too early, but not too late. Group two have a balanced approach to Christmas, organised but not obsessed and although they may have the odd moan about the length of their Christmas list they embrace the whole Christmas shindig with good grace and cheer. Their trees will be erected a respectable two weeks before D-day, mince pies make an appearance a week before and mulled wine is fully enjoyed in one sitting on Christmas Eve.

THE AVOIDER: Ignoring all signs of Christmas approaching, group three (mostly men) will bury their head in the sand about all things Christmassy for as long as decently and sensibly acceptable. Refusing to sing along to the Christmas Carol soundtracks, turning a blind eye to Christmas goodies and using children’s lists to Santa as note paper to write to the milkman. This “scrooge like” approach continues until the week before Christmas, when, reluctantly they realise Christmas is not going away. Rushing around in a flurry, only just managing to pull everything together on time. Mince pies are served (still in their box) on Christmas Eve and wine is consumed straight from the bottle without a clove in sight. THE

DELEGATOR: Leaving all preparations to the women in their lives. Their contribution is limited to when, upon request (or demand), they step up to source the bushiest Christmas tree they can find. They will make putting it up an architectural mission, ensuring correct placement and positioning; and then disappear before the decorating starts! They source gifts in the last week of December, hoping that all the items written on the lists (written by the women in their lives) are still in stock. However, this group come into their own on Christmas day; ensuring drinks are warmed up or chilled as appropriately and freely flowing, whilst they eat more than their fair share of the mince pies. Whichever group you fall into, come Christmas Eve, hopefully everything will be wrapped, stuffed or mulled as appropriate and you can sit back, singing “ding Dong Merrily on High” and enjoy the impending festivities!

18 Eat drink stay

Eat drink stay 19

20 Eat drink stay

CHRISTMAS party 21


The Christmas party season is upon us which often means plenty parties, whilst we want you to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, please keep in mind our top ways to stay safe. 1. Make sure you have arranged a lift home. 2. Always stick with the group you are out with

and don’t leave to go anywhere on your own. Never drink and drive – alcohol can still be in your system the morning after. Know your limits. 4. Drink water between drinks to keep hydrated and hangover free. 5. Always have a full meal before you consume alcohol. 6. Keep your drink with you and covered at all times. 7. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning or drug spiking in case it happens to someone in your group. 8. Try to have a few days off alcohol, it will make you feel fresher and give your body a break. 9. Fully charge your phone battery before every night out and have it on you at all times. 10. Wrap up warm, when you consume alcohol you can’t feel the cold. 3.




Why not go for a real sense of Christmas with a real tree. Choose locally grown Lower the environmental impact by buying a locally grown tree. This is better for the tree too, as it will be fresher and in better condition than one that has been transported long distances and stored before going on sale.

Choose a quality retailer Christmas trees are sold in many places from late November, from garage forecourts, to shop fronts to garden centres. There is a vast range of quality on offer so be selective. At Edenmill Farm, for example, over 100,000 trees are growing in one of the world best areas for growing Christmas Trees with great soil and even better weather . . . for trees that is!

Choose tree variety Nordmann Fir Undoubtedly the King of Christmas Trees, the Nordmann Fir is the most popular. It has lovely deep green foliage topside and a striking blue underside, beautiful symmetry, blunt non-drop needles and a traditional Christmas Tree shape. Norway Spruce The Norway Spruce is a native of Europe, and is commonly called the mountain spruce, due to its hardiness and adaptability to higher regions. It is a tree with a good scent, but quick to drop its needles and is best kept outside until Christmas Eve. Fraser Fir Fraser Fir is a pyramid shaped tree with flat, shiny deep green needles. The foliage is dense and soft - an ideal tree for all members of the family to decorate. The Fraser Fir is generally a narrow tree making it ideal where space is at a premium.

Choose your ideal size Measure the space in your house where the tree will go and take a tape measure with you when you buy to make sure you get the perfect size.

Choose fresh Ask when the tree was cut. To check a tree’s freshness, give it a firm tap on the ground. If a large number of needles fall, then you should choose another one.

Look after your Christmas tree A good, non-drop Christmas tree should last for several weeks provided you keep the base watered. And before putting your tree up, cut half an inch from the base of the trunk to allow the tree to take up the water. Edenmill Farm Shop will be launching their Christmas trees at this year’s food festival at Edenmill Farm, Blanefield (30th Nov-1st Dec 9am-5pm.) They will also be available from STIRLING RUGBY CLUB daily from 6th December.



Safety Tips when Shopping Online: with Gail At Gemini Solutionz With Christmas being just around the corner some people will have started their shopping or at least be thinking about it. There are some fantastic shops around in our local area which provide a varied range of gift ideas. However, some of you won’t have time to visit the shops, some of you won’t be able to and therefore you may decide to shop online. If you shop online consider these tips: • When entering bank details on a webpage check for “https” in the address bar – this means that the website is secure. If there is no s just “http”, the page is not secure – do not enter your card details on that page. • If you see a closed padlock on the address bar you can check a website’s security certificate by clicking on it for further information about that site. • If you receive a security certificate warning on your screen then strongly consider not using the website for shopping. • Make sure you are using up to date antivirus software on your computer to protect your computer from malware. (malware=malicious software) • The best thing to do if you are concerned about a website is to stick to the most popular websites, ask friends or family where they shop online. • When creating any passwords to allow you to shop online, make sure your passwords are strong. Common mistakes are to make them your name and date of birth i.e.”Anne1977” Don’t do this, make your passwords hard to guess. Mix up letters and numbers and use capitals within the password somewhere. • Log out and shutdown your computer when you are not using it. • Print out your order and keep it for your records. • Keep an eye on your bank statements just in case. Gemini Solutionz provides short training sessions in the home to help people get shopping online, be aware of security issues and to help check emails and print their orders. If you or a friend or relative need help, get in touch for some friendly jargon free training.



gifts for HER...

Silver Cufflinks – Wee Rascals Imprints A set of fine silver cufflinks, personalised with your child’s handprint, footprint, fingerprint, or artwork. £95 + £6 P&P

Dubarry Donmore Leather Belt Perfect gift from the girl who has everything. Available from Boquhan Estates, £55

Canvas Prints made for the ideal gift for someone who has everything. Various sizes and - customisation available from Bob’s Locks.

Scottish Fine Soaps Soap in a tin makes an ideal stocking fillers. Wide variety of fragrances to choose from. Available form #Hashtag in the Stirling Aracde

Hunter Boots and Umbrellas Iconic Hunter boots and accessories will never fail to put a smile on someone’s face. Available in a variety of colours. Items sold separately. Available from Number Eight

My Baboo Tea and Coffee Cosies are fantastic at keeping your pots warm. Made from pure wool which is felted and fully lined to make them extra cosy, there is a fantastic range to choose from, From £25

Powder Scarfs Designer scarfs for all occasions, all seasons and women of all ages. Available from #Hashtag in the Stirling Arcade

Snoozies Step into comfort with these beautifully soft Snoozies! A crossover between socks and slippers available in a variety of bright designs form Ruby Tuesday, approx. £12

Kate Spade Shoes If diamonds are a girls best friends, shoes are a close second. Treat someone to a stunning pair of Kate Spade shoes from Ruby Tuesday

Ted Baker Tablet Cover Cute and girlie tablet cover with the signature Ted Baker bow. Available from Number Eight, £40

Knock Castle Spa Day Escape the pressures of life, with a luxurious spa day at Knock Castle. Choose from a variety of package options to make sure you have a day of pampering perfection.

Ian Galacher Jewellers Based around the ‘Tiffany’ setting, these brand new pendants and earrings and the perfect ‘must have’. Available in a wide range of sizes and therefore, prices from Ian Gallacher Jewellers.


gorgeous gifts... A generous gift collection of French Lavender & Cassis favourites. This opulent gift box offers the ultimate in home spa pampering! Each of the treatments inside have been specially formulated using the finest natural ingredients, blended to moisturise, revive and nurture your skin. Refresh and cleanse with our velvety Shower Créme, Shower Gel and Body Wash or luxuriate in the tub with our divine French Lavender & Cassis Bath Milk. Afterwards massage from top to toe with our silky Hand & Body Balm - pure Baylis & Harding bliss! Our Price £12.00 RRP £25.00 Right Medicine Pharamacy

All I want for Christmas is a Woodhouse hamper! prices from £15

beautiful candles...

Indulge with the ever popular Yankee candle, variety of sets available from Right Medicine Pharmacy, including this set of three large candles, RRP £20, Right Medicine Pharmacy price, £15. Or as an alternative these ones are also Love Local Favourites?

McKelvie Candles Quality fragrant, long lasting Scottish Candles. Range includes Vanilla Tablet and Clootie Dumping...Yum! Available from #Hashtag, in Stirling Arcade



Evon Candles Hand poured scented candles, each as individual as you are. Fragrances include fig, vanilla/caramel and jasmie/patchouli. Available from Ruby Tuesday.



Hand decorated glassware. Personalisation available

£30 for six glasses

Hand decorated glassware. Personalisation available


gifts for him...

Silver Cufflinks – Wee Rascals Imprints A set of fine silver cufflinks, personalised with your child’s handprint, footprint, fingerprint, or artwork. £95 + £6 P&P

This fabulous compendium is hand built in polished mahogany with an attractive inlaid cribbage board and offers a superb range of games for all the family. Available from Sterling Homestore, £39

David Beckham, Classic This fragrance is the perfect accessory for men who want to express an elegant style. A blend of traditional tailoring with a modern twist. Available from Right Medicine Pharmacy

Ted Baker Wallet Simplistic and stylish, thirsted Baker wallet will help keep your fortune safe and sound. Perfect for the modern day gentleman. Available from Number Eight, £55

Alan Paine Chatham 3 button jacket This effortlessly sophisticated tweed jacket from Alan Paine would be a timeless addition to any man’s wardrobe. Available from Bouhan Estates £209.99

Knockhill Gift Voucher The perfect gift for the man who has everything. This flexible driving gift idea is valid for 8 months and lucky recipient to choose from 4 fantastic driving experiences.

for whisky lovers...

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Fudge The distinctive taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey captured in hand made fudge. Tins £8.99 Cartons £5.99 both available from Mr Simms Sweet Shoppe

Deanston 12 year Old Malt A fine mellow malt with a fragrant, fruity flavour and a lingering sweet aftertaste. Available from Deanston Distillery, Doune

Angels’ Share Glass Whisky Dropper Like a wee drop of water in your dram? This hand blown glass dropper, designed with quality and elegance allows you to add ones measured drop at a time. Available from

Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine Discover PIXIE, Nespresso’s new coffee machine concept: fast, intuitive, design, compact, energy efficient. Perfect gift for coffee lovers. Available from Sterling Homestore £139.95

Raplph Lauren Polo The now iconic Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt makes a perfect gift. It is a gift with longevity, timelessness and style. Wide variety of colours and sizes available from Number Eight, £70.

Dubarry Hip Flask Perfect for men on the go, long, cold shoot days or just a winter warmer (medicinal purposes only - of course!) Comes empty! Available from Number Right, £39


gifts for children... LEGO Minecraft 21102 - The Forrest A hard to find LEGO set that makes the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan. With this set you can create, explore and play in a Minecraft microbuild! Build your very own Minecraft World using the 1x1 stud tiles to create a realistic pixelated design. The set contains 480 pieces including 2 buildable Micromob characters – Steve & Creeper. Available to buy in store locally exclusively from Toy Hub, 7 High Street, Dunblane, FK15 0EE £35 Julien Bowen Scorpion Racer Bed Ideal for your budding F1 Driver. Let them go to sleep with dreams of winning the next race with this junior racing car bed. Available from BEDWORLD, Falkrik £299

Target Dry Polka Dot Jacket Available from Boquhan Estates, £26.95

Spiderman Brighten up your little ones Christmas with a life size Spiderman balloon. Available from Party People, Alloa £25 Trunki Gruffalo Case Wave goodbye to tiring travel tears and tantrums with a boredom busting, Limited Edition Trunki Gruffalo Case. Available from Sterling Homestore, £40

LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser Set sail for fancy fun in the Dolphin Cruiser, a 2-story yacht with a waterslide that splits in half for playing inside with 3 mini-dolls Available from Toy Hub, Dunblane £60

Furby Boom Get ready for a new adventure with Furby Boom. Your Furby Boom responds to you, changes personalities based on how you treat it, dances to your music, speaks Furbish and, more than anything, wants to connect with you! Available from Toy Hub, Dunblane £60


32 LOok good feel good

LOok good feel good 33

34 LOok good feel good

LOok good feel good 35

WINTER COATS! Winter is here which can mean only one thing…It is time for a new coat. If you are going to invest in something, I would always recommend it being a good coat. It is never chic to shiver so dig deep and find something classic that you can bring out each year!

et Ruye Jack Ted Baker ight Number E

IDubarry Salthill Coat £199, Boquhan Estates

Ilse Jacobsen Rain Coat, £159.99 CCW Callander


at, ted co rst quil tes Fairhu sta Joules Boquhan E £119, North Face Maya Trench Coat, £140, CCW Callandar

Leather look biker jacket, £63 Stons

Long Sleeve Khaki Trench , £75, Sisters Boutique

Tommy Hilfiger Maine Gilet £165, Number Eight

This season the cover up comes in every way from big and billowy, structured and tailored and from bold colours to soft neutrals. For 2013 the coat styles are all about one thing: no rules. Go wild ladies and perhaps even invest in more than one style! This is certainly one of those occasions where less is never more! by Connie, owner of Betti Loves It

36 LOok good feel good

LOok good feel good 37

Love Local chats to Number Eight with Keith Ewing and Margaret McKay




hanks to cleverly worded advertising, we can be vulnerable to misunderstanding what is genuinely healthy and beneficial for us. We cannot walk through the shops without being bombarded with an array of “light”, “fat free”, “reduced”, “diet” or even “zero %” food and drink products, and often believe that by simply choosing these we are adopting a healthier lifestyle that will help our fat loss pursuits. Here lies the purpose of this article. I admire people’s desire and motivation to make changes but when they don’t work we often enter a perpetual cycle of trying something new, another “lighter” or “zero %” diet or adopt an extreme programme to lose weight. Lets look at a generic eating plan for a 9-5 worker who exercises say 3 times a week.

Compare that to a simple eating plan along these lines.

A Typical Diet

An Optimum Diet

Breakfast: If any, cereal with semi-skimmed milk, or a smoothie. Coffee or tea.

Breakfast: Everyday, ideally poached or scrambled eggs with salmon, or gluten free porridge with normal nutritious (whole) milk. Coffee or tea.

Snack: If no breakfast has been taken, a sugary snack is almost guaranteed as blood glucose levels drop Lunch: Varies from soup, to pre-packaged sandwiches, possibly crisps, often a sugary drink.

Snack: Thanks to high satiety of protein at breakfast hunger will be less, but oatcakes/Ryvita bread with cottage cheese or avocado is ideal

Snack: Blood glucose dip in afternoon will always result in caffeine and/or sugar craving

Lunch: Baked potato with tuna, chives, mayo, or sardines/mackerel on gluten free toast with cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Main evening meal, varies but prepackaged chicken/fish with oven chips and some mixed veg or perhaps a take-away or oven pizza.

Snack: Oatcakes/Ryvita bread with peanut or almond butter

Exercise: Fitness classes, weight training or maybe a jog/cycle Late evening: Sweet or savoury snack such chocolate, biscuits, crisps.

Pre-workout snack: Total Greek yoghurt (not Greek style) with blueberries and honey or a banana and handful of cashew nuts with a coffee or tea. Main evening meal: Chicken with rice or salmon with quinoa both with leafy green veg (kale and spinach), broccoli and peppers.

ACTIVE LIFE 39 Main differences are; • At breakfast protein is the preference due to high satiety. Cereals and smoothies are high in sugar which is harmful for fat loss and sustained energy • Controlling blood glucose levels are easier with healthier/non-sugary snacks and oatcake alternatives provide protein and essential fats • Less processed foods for lunch, less chemicals & preservatives for cleaner eating • Main meal is after exercise as this is when the body needs replenishment of protein and carbohydrate. Not eating after exercise is extremely detrimental to your fitness and fat loss goals • Pre exercise meal consists of fruit and nuts to fuel your workout • Most of carbohydrate is in last evening meal post exercise to replenish the muscle glycogen you have used throughout the day Adopting these small yet easy changes will result in numerous benefits like;

P Fat loss P Lean muscle and being more toned P Higher and more stable energy levels P Balanced nutritional intake for optimum health

P Lower the risk of illness Consume most of your carb in the evenings and increase your protein intake during the morning and day. Adjust your meal portions for your goals and prepare to eradicate some “food myths” for the real results you’ve been looking for.


Trainer and your own


Meadows, Personal Nutritional Consultant, for bespoke Nutritional Plan

Head over Heels dance fitness classes are new, exciting and most of all fun. Classes include; Pole Fitness and Conditioning Classes, MTV dance, Aerial Hoop, Acro Balance, Stretch and Flexibility, Zumba, Circuits and MUCH more. With such a wide range of classes to suit different skills, fitness levels and all at various times throughout the week you are bound to find a class that suits you. Check their website for full timetable or text 07868 686882 to book a space in any of the classes. No previous dance background required, just go along, work out and have fun!


The Alternative White Wedding – Get Married in Winter? Okay so most people automatically think about a Summer wedding, and then fret about the weather! However choose a Winter wedding and you don’t have to worry! – You can plan on it being cold or wet and with any luck there might be some snow. A winter wedding has a number of advantages. Winter is a less busy time of year so you’ll find more availability and prices are likely to be that bit cheaper. Your guests will find it easier to get accommodation nearby and may decide to extend their stay into a mini winter break. Winter venues, particularly those with open fires, can be transformed into a cosy and romantic setting. Dress up your venue and create the atmosphere from the moment dusk sets in with the use of fairy lights, candles and lanterns, and don’t forget the exterior of the venue too. Even consider a firework display after the speeches. And finally marry in the winter months and it’s the perfect time to visit the Maldives, South Africa or a Caribbean island for the honeymoon.

Wedding 41


Keeping Warm this Winter As Winter takes hold many readers will be concerned about the ever increasing cost of heating our homes. But there are a number of things you can do. • Make sure you get the best deal and be prepared to swop supplier. • Paying by monthly direct debit usually saves money and helps you to budget evenly through the year. • Some energy companies offer you the chance to fix your energy prices over a fixed period of time. • Read your meters as estimated bills can often be higher than the amount actually used.

• Use individual thermostats for each radiator and ensure that hot water is set to no more than 60°. • Use draft excluders and always draw your curtains after dark. • Switch unused appliances off rather than leave them on standby • Only run washing machines, driers and dishwashers with a full load. • Double-glazing reduces the heat loss through windows by 50% • Insulating your loft and cavity walls, installing an energy efficient boiler, switching to low energy appliances and lagging pipes will all help cut costs. You may be eligible for the various and schemes to help cover the cost bills, such as; Winter Fuel Payments Weather Payments and the Warm Discount.

grants of fuel , Cold Home

If you are on a low income and a range of income and disability related benefits, you may be able to get a grant to help with the costs of improving the energy efficiency of your home. The Energy Savings Trust provides more information. The advice is to talk to your supplier if you are having difficulty paying your bills as disconnection is a last resort. Certain customers can ask to join the Priority Services Register which provides free advice and assistance to those of pensionable age, living with a disability, chronic illness or a visual or hearing impairment – here suppliers are prohibited from disconnecting supplies to your home during winter months. Finally as well as Citizen’s Advice the Home Heat Helpline (call free on 0800 33 66 99) is available to provide a wide range of help and advice. Keep warm this Winter.



THE CHRISTMAS TABLE ! Planning a setting for a festive table can be such fun – whether it is for Christmas dinner, a Christmas Eve feast or a New Years Eve party Deciding on the theme, selecting china, linen glassware, candles, place cards and the flowers you can add atmosphere to the event. A table that is imaginatively set celebrates the perennial delights of food, of family, of friendship, of love - everything the festive season is all about.

Setting the scene White Theme: For a all white theme which is pure and simple think pristine white linen runners and napkins , bleached stones, white candles, translucent glass, white feathers, frosted baubles and willow branches. Traditional: Think opulent shades of maroon and purple, seasonal fruits and flowers (red roses, figs, berries etc) , claret colour glassware, coppery foliage, ivy and berries wrapped round candles and maybe a touch of tartan. Exotic: Turn to the riches of the East. Think spicy pomanders, beads, baubles and jewels, sparkling votives. Try a circular mirror or Moroccan tray as a centrepiece for a candle arrangement surrounded with baubles in precious metal colour. Velvet runner, gold cutlery and braided napkins. Contemporary: Mix shades of silver, pewter and dazzling white with occasional flashes of strong colour for a clean modern look. Simple crockery, metallic ribbons round napkins and glass votives, silver table mats and metal lanterns. Country: Think decorative foliage, birch twigs, pine cones and crab apples from the garden, antique linens and church candles, cookies, galvanized metal buckets filled with berries and autumn leaves, napkins tied with raffia.


HOME SWEET HOME 45 Design Tip Show off your classic chandelier Your festive centrepiece doesn't necessarily have to be on your table. If you are lucky enough to have a large chandelier, centre your table underneath and hang baubles and tinsel so they drape down

Halo Viscount William 3 Seater Sofa, £1599.99 Mezzano Display Tower, £599.99

towards your guests.

Reindeer Skin, £125 Mezzano 190cm Dining Table, Bench & 3 Dining chairs £999 Brown travel bag, £55 I love Santa cushion, £25 Snowflakes throw, £69 Hanging Strap Wall Sconce, £129 Let it snow felt table runner, £12 Linear crystal wine glasses (set of 6), £35 Auberge check napkins (set of 4), £14 All available from




with Bob’s Locks

Have you taken the time to secure your property wisely?

Do you know where every key that is in circulation for your house is?

Security is an ever changing world. In times of hardship the crime rate increases, with criminals becoming even more brash and bold. If you have moved to a new property and haven’t taken the time to change your locks you could be putting yourself at an unnecessary risk from unscrupulous old tenants or sophisticated thieves looking for quick access to high value items. Also your insurance may be void. A lock is a deterrent to criminals and the best deterrent is British standard locks which are insurance approved and offer high levels of security which will deter even the most brazen of thieves.

Upvc/ composite  Doors must have minim 3 points of locking via hooks or rollers  Cylinder EN1303 Class 6 cylinder  PAS 24 handles will increase the door security to a 3*** British Standard

Insurance requirements external wooden door  British Standard mortise Lock Bs3621 or BS3621 night latch (note that a standard Yale night latch is not sufficient)

The BSI Kitemark is one of the most respected and trusted product certification marks throughout the world as it represents a symbol of quality and safety. To achieve Kitemark certification, a manufacturer is required to have a comprehensive quality management system combined with initial product type testing and regular audit testing.

If your locks don’t show the image above, the locks should be changed to meet current guidelines. If you’re unsure and would like a free security review then give Bobs Locks a call today.






Are You Ready For Winter? By SWR Car Garage

Two out of the last three winters have seen widespread snow and ice for weeks on end with temperatures regularly falling below -10C. You’re more likely to break down in a bad winter – the AA had its busiest day ever on Monday 4 January 2010 and then again, less than 12 months later, on Monday 20 December 2010 when AA patrols handled more than 28,000 breakdowns. Here’s what you need to do this winter to reduce the risk of a breakdown and make sure that you are equipped to deal with the conditions. Antifreeze – check yours car’s coolant level regularly and, if required, top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze. Your garage can check the concentration to ensure adequate cold temperature protection. Battery – the most common cause of winter breakdowns. A battery more than five years old may struggle in the cold - get it checked and replaced if necessary. Fuel – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay. Lights – check and clean all lights regularly to make sure you can see and be seen clearly. Carry spare bulbs.

Tyres – should have at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring. Consider winter tyres for improved safety. Check pressures at least every fortnight. Windscreen – reduce dazzle from the low sun by keeping the screen clean inside and out. Now is a good time to renew worn wiper blades. Use a good quality screen wash with anti freeze properties. Locks and door seals – stop doors freezing shut with a thin coat of polish or Vaseline on rubber door seals. A squirt of water dispersant (WD-40) in locks will help stop them freezing. You and your passengers. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Carry the essentials; fully-charged mobile phone and in-car charger; sunglasses for low sun glare; warning triangle; reflective jackets; first aid kit; breakdown membership card; Winter emergency kit e.g. blanket, shovel, bits of carpet or thick cardboard to place under driven wheels to help regain traction; ice scraper and de-icer; torch and batteries tow rope; snow chains (if you live in a remote or rural area); battery jump leads; bottled water and snacks and finally warm clothing!

Safe Motoring


54 AUTOS LOVE LOCAL EDITOR SKIDS INTO KNOCKHILL When Knockhill invited me to do their Skidpan course, I wasn’t sure if this was a perk of the job or a form of punishment. However, knowing that winter was looming and road conditions were likely to get icy and dangerous, I thought this was an ideal opportunity to brush up on my driving skills- and I wasn’t wrong. I and two other nervous drivers received an initial safety briefing and discussion on driver techniques (it was a little daunting to be told that we were going to deliberately skid.) First up was the “Brake and Avoid” lane. Any initial nerves and fears I experienced were quickly quashed by my calm and knowledgeable instructor Bill. We started by learning, and experiencing how to avoid a collision in a vehicle enabled with ABS, and more scarily, how to brake and avoid a collision when no ABS is fitted. Next up was the pad where we were then taught how to control both a front-wheel skid and a rear-wheel skid on cornering (rear wheel was significantly more nerve-racking).

Overall, this is a must for all drivers. It was actually good fun but with an important objective – learning how it feels when a car is entering a skid and how to regain control when it does. So having been taught and practiced the manoeuvre I hope I never have to put it into practice!

WIN! Gain more confidence driving in the winter weather by winning a place in Knockhill’s Skid Control Course. An educational, fun and unique experience to learn skid control skills and skid avoidance techniques. A must for all drivers of every age. Enter free online at Terms and conditions apply.

Competition closes on 9th December 2013.

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