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GAMES 2-3rd Oct 2016

Hosted by Olympia Beauty 2-3rd October Olympia, London

s e m a G h s a L The

2 016

London is calling all Lash Lovers! The Lash Games is welcoming technicians from across the world to the competition floor. Judged by industry experts renowned worldwide, The Lash Games is set to be two days of the fieriest competition across four categories and four skill sets

Competition Categories • Classic Look • 2d / 3d Volume • Dramatic 4+ Volume • Fantasy – 2016 theme “The London Look”

Competing across 4 skill divisions • Division 1 - Novice: Up to 1.5 years’ experience • Division 2 - Lash Professional: Minimum of 1.5 years’ experience • Division 3 - Master: Minimum of 2.5 years’ experience • Division 4 - Expert 2.5 years’ experience and teaching

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This issue focuses on competitions and conferences. Conferences and contents are excellent ways to keep growing as a lash artist. Luckily we are now spoiled for choice, both conferences and contests are available all over the world. Can’t travel? You can also enter online photographic contests or attend the numerous e-learning or webinars that are on offer. I hope you enjoy this issue and if you wish to contribute to the next issue please email

Louise Prunty

Louise Prunty

Kim Gibb

Editorial director / Business

Adhesive Review

Miranda Tarpey

Kelly-Ann Woodland

Step by Step

Beauty News

Melanie Doyle Beauty Edit

Richard Prunty Editorial assistant

The views in the articles of Lash Inc are the views of individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect that of the company.

Lash Inc. 7 Newton Place, Lower Ground, Glasgow, G3 7PR 6

Contact Name: Louise Prunty Contact Email:



The first Scottish Lash Conference


LASH INC ORGANISED THE FIRST LASH CONFERENCE IN SCOTLAND WHICH WAS HELD AT THE FIVESTAR BALMORAL HOTEL IN EDINBURGH. Attendees were from 10 different countries and speakers from Scotland, England, Ireland and the USA. Attendees had morning and afternoon sessions with speakers, then a private dining lunch from the Balmorals award winning restaurant. The day ended with some lash shopping and networking. In 2017 the conference will be held at the Edinburgh Castle. Details will be posted to the Lash Inc Facebook page, and an email will be sent when speakers and topics are confirmed.

Scottish Lash Conference


Scottish Lash Conference

Winning Entry

ESZTER KARPATI FROM HUNGARY WAS THE WINNER OF THE LASH INC SCOTTISH CONFERENCE - PHOTOGRAPHIC LASH ART CONTEST. “We were looking for something different and innovative and feel that Eszter did this with her entry.” - Louise Prunty As well as a trophy, Scottish Balmoral design medal, and goody bag. Eszter also had her work featured on the current front cover of Lash Inc.

Eszter Karpati


Eszter Karpati 11


Lash Artist Ergonomics

I STUDIED LASHING ON MY SECOND YEAR IN THE UNIVERSITY. I HAVE WORKED AS A LASH ARTIST FOR A BIT MORE THAN 4 YEARS AND 3 YEARS AS A PHYSIOTHERAPIST. MY FIRST WORKING POSITIONS WERE TERRIBLE! NOW I AM SMARTER AND WOULD LIKE TO SPREAD SOME RECOMMENDATIONS WITH OTHERS IN ORDER TO WORK (AND FEEL) BETTER! • Always use a regulatable chair which supports your back. Legs have to reach the floor if needed (if you are shorter), use a support for the legs (for example the green wedge on the photo below). • Your legs have to fit under the table/chair! If you are too far from your working area, you have to bend forward excessively. The height of your working area should also be regulatable in order to prevent being hunched or raising your arms too much. This brown tiltable chair shown on the picture below is not good for a taller technician.

• The angle between the lash artists body and thighs and also in the knee should be more than 90 degrees, not less! To achieve this position use your regulatable chair or sit on a wedge pillow. 14

lamps for the client, so that both sides of the face get equal light. The ideal lamp is for example Glamcor. You can change it’s position and brightness very easily. The investment is worth it! (Next on my to-do list :)) • Plan enough time for each customer. When rushing, we tend to tense up and ignore correct ergonomics. • Between every client take the time to do light stretching exercises. Simple, but effective stretches below:

There are a lot of different wedge pillows on the market. I recommend an NON-inflatable one because sitting on it the whole day is very tiring. You should be able to disinfect your pillow, use a changeable cloth on it to prevent sweating. • Take care that the chair doesn´t clench the back of your knees. This obstructs your normal blood flow to the feet and can cause varix.

• Also, take care with the customers ergonomics. If you are working with a massage/cosmetology table, place a pillow or a rolled up towel under the client’s knees. This helps to relax the clients lower back. Both, on the table and chair, the client is able to flex the knees or rotate the legs to the side. Allow or sometimes even ask the client to move a little when you are doing something else. Very important is also to support the clients neck with a proper pillow. Pay attention that the clients head is not bent backwards too much. I started using Ruthie Belles pillow, the customers like it and I have more space flash stuff.

• Position your client in a way that her head is as close to you as possible to prevent excessive forward bending. • Pay attention to your hands - try not to support them on sharp table edges or surfaces. If needed, support your arms with a towel (especially if you are a nail artist). Boldly place your hands on your working space. When holding hands lifted, you produce muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, without noticing it. • The whole room you are working in should be properly illuminated. If possible, use two

• There have been studies saying that when you have something on the walls - a poster, picture, a mirror, you are more likely to look up and around in the room while working. You can use it when changing your adhesive, curing, etc. • An adhesive ring and a lash bug are ideal to eliminate a lot of excessive rotation. • Be physically active and work out! This gives you energy and enough muscle strength and stamina to put up with the long hours in the salon. Why not train together with your colleagues? Usually, it is more difficult to say no to others than to yourself :). • You can also train your eyes! For example on your lunchbreak, focus on one object close to you for 5 seconds so you can see it clearly. Then move further a couple of meters and focus on a different object. The last object could be a house in the distance. Repeat for a few minutes. Video of this exercise here. • Ergonomics advice for hairdressers here.

• Place all of your equipment close to you - frequent bending in one direction causes unilateral tension. Try to position yourself in the room so you can see the door - if it is behind you, you tend to bend and rotate too much in one direction.

Take care! Open for any questions and for discussions :) Sandra. +372 5037356 / FB: Sandra ripsmed. Sandra OÜ Tallinn, Estonia 15

Am I good enough? Compete or not to compete?” - that is the question!

SO, NOW, MANY OF YOU ARE THINKING:”NO WAY, I DON’T WANT TO EMBARRASS MYSELF...I WOULD RATHER STICK TO MY OWN 4 WALLS AND SECRETLY ADMIRE TO ALL OF THOSE GIRLS WITH THE MEDALS AND TROPHIES IN THEIR HANDS.” But what is actually holding us back from it? I think most of us have the same fears. Nobody likes to be criticized, and nobody likes to get actual points for their work, because deep down, we all would like to think that we are great in what we are doing. It’s hard to put your ego aside and let somebody else puts you in a place. BUT, let’s try!!! Let us try to think healthily and look at the bigger picture! Contests could have so many positive effects on our work. For starters, you will finally see your mistakes (and we all make them, there’s no such thing as “perfection” when it comes to lashing) unless you’re a fan of photoshop. You will get the chance to see how others are doing, and you will see from the first row that EVERYBODY is nervous, no matter how good they are. You will be able to meet and talk to the judges and some important people from the industry and maybe even make some new friends or useful contacts for your business. But most important, we will beat our fears and our ego, and that’s something that defines us as a person, and that’s more important than everything else. What in the beginning looks like a “downer” can actually be a big plus for us later. If you don’t win it the first time, try again!!! Don’t take it too personally and just focus on improving your work, now you know your mistakes, and you have the advantage and time to fix them. Practice makes it perfect; that’s the golden rule. Nobody can put us down as we can do to ourselves, and it’s important to build our confidence because we need it! We need it for our business, for our clients, we need it to be successful and ready for all situations that industry brings us. The lash industry is such a hard industry, sometimes cruel and unfair, with lots of competing outside of the playground. And contests are a great place to get that competitive energy pointed right where it should be- in creating beautiful lashes!!!


My name is Martina Krajinovic Gülsün. I am a lash artist and educator from Croatia.I was a finalist of the Lash inc, Lash Artist of the year 2015. And I just won 3rd place at Lash Summit in London. Last year I was just reading about it and this year sitting in the first row, watching and smiling with the tweezers in my hands. Nothing can make you feel better about yourself than knowing that you’ve tried and it felt awesome! By Martina Kallos


















Here comes the bride, all bleary eyed! I’VE BEEN A BLUSHING BRIDE (TWICE) WITH MY SECOND (AND LAST!) WEDDING TRULY LIVING THE DREAM! IDYLLIC CASTLE, THE MOST STUNNING YET EXPENSIVE DRESS I’LL EVER BUY AND WEAR ONLY ONCE, HAVING HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE AND SPENDING THE ONLY SUNNY DAY IN AUGUST WITH ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS (ALL THINKING I’D MADE A BETTER CHOICE SECOND TIME ROUND, I HOPE!) Oh yes, the journey to that point was months of meticulous planning and preparation. If I’d had known about lash extensions, they’d have been high on my ‘to do’ list. My big day was just before I launched my lash career, albeit quite by accident as described in issue 10! I’ve recently heard a few lash artists getting worried about ‘brides to be’ having had a reaction to treatment with their wedding only a day or so away. Red eyes = panic! 20

Having been a bride (twice!), with my last wedding setting us back thousands of pounds, I really wanted to look my best. I would have been mortified if I was wearing the signs of a reaction to the treatment. I almost did when I came to my brows. Wow, big, big lesson learned! I’d booked my waxing treatments for 2 days before my big day. I’d had it done for years with no issues so what could possibly go wrong? The treatment before my wedding treatment went wrong. Thankfully it was that one . . . The wax was too hot and I suffered burns under my brow lines. My eyes swelled, and the scabs from the burns took over a week to heal and fade. I soon changed my appointment timing and gave the therapist some feedback! An apology just doesn’t go far enough when it comes to the big day. Like many of you, I’ve rejoiced in lashing many blushing brides and one or two unblushing bridezillas. I always insist on seeing a bride a month ahead of her wedding for her consultation, patch test and then a treatment. I then retreat no sooner than 5 days before her big day and never any closer. This, also applies to my regulars too. We know that we can have many successful appointments with no issues but who can say that the very one that has to be super perfect will be just that? It does happen. This way, a newbie to lashes can get used to them and learn how to care for them well. This, is great practice for her if she is

heading straight off on her honeymoon and wants them to last as long as possible. Also, she may wear them and decide that she wants a little longer, shorter, curlier, thicker, fluffier! You can adjust your treatment plan in time for the big day. Leaving a clear gap of 5 days is not only wise should they sadly suffer a reaction, but it’s a busy time and even the most planned and prepared bride will have other pressing things on her ‘to do’ list in the 2-3 days beforehand. On the other hand, I had a bridal party contact me at the last minute to say that all 7 of them wanted lashes that evening and the wedding was the following day. They offered to pay over the odds too. You can guess my reply: ‘As much as I would love to treat everyone to amazing lashes or an amazing occasion, sadly it’s just not possible because’ . . . That ‘because’ was so deeply explained as I didn’t want then hunting for another tech who would be prepared to do it. The potential for harm to their wedding as well as our industry doesn’t sit well with me. No one wants to wear a reaction down the aisle, just style!

Best wishes, Julie Knight Master lash artist and trainer Eye by i Academy


Reader Gallery 22

Pixie Joanna


Natalie Rametta

Maya Andreea Rehman Julija BaltulionienÄ—


Kylee Peebles

Pixie Joanna


Karen Morrison

Pixie Joanna

Joanna Staniul

Jazmin Zayas 26

Claudia King


Claudia King

Claudia King

Joanna Staniul


Joanna Green












2:43 PM

To talk or not to talk! THAT IS THE QUESTION! I HEAR IT MANY TIMES FROM OF MY STUDENTS. ‘AM I OBLIGED TO TALK TO MY CLIENTS DURING MY TREATMENT?’ AFTER THE USUAL WELCOME GREETING AND PREPARATION TO THE POINT THAT YOU’VE SECURED THEIR LOWER LASHES, AND THE LIGHT GOES ON, IS IT SILENCE NOW OR A CHANCE TO CHAT? When we have a massage, the soothing music along with the ambient lighting sets the mood for us to relax. Whereas when I have my nails done, I’m an avid observer of talent in action and my lovely therapist, and I merrily chat away, and I’m relaxed. With lashing, there’s no right or wrong answer. There are, however, some important considerations, so it’s a personal decision for you and your business. Ultimately, you’re running a business, and it’s fair to say that most of us can concentrate and work quicker when we’re 32

not interrupted by chatter. Let’s face it, if you are truly listening, it’s actually hard work. Most of us only partially listen as we’re thinking and forming a response to part of what we’ve just heard. If we’re partially listening, thinking about a response and newish to lashing and haven’t perfected the ‘auto-pilot,’ it’ll add many many minutes to your treatment time. If you work in silence, your client can relax if they can, and drift into their own little world. I personally do not let my clients fall sound asleep on me if I can help it. Often, a welltimed snore brings them back round again, but I fear that they’ll suddenly wake and forget where they are and what they need to do. When I’m millimetres away from a very delicate organ with rather pointy tweezers, I worry about the potentially life-changing

consequences.... Also, their head can flop to the side and I’ve had a couple of dribblers in my time. For the sake of my wonderful lash pillow, no sleeping (or dribbling) is allowed! I had one lady who’d worked long hours all week and she was my late and last client of the evening. She was sound asleep within a couple of minutes and I had a job waking her up. I was tempted to put another blanket over her and set an alarm for the morning! On the other hand, you’ll find plenty of clients wanting to chat their appointment time away. Whilst they’re less likely to fall asleep on you, you need to make sure their eye pads or tapes that take care of those lower lashes do not move. Talking and moving their cheeks in an animated way isn’t wise. Laughing is definitely banned as well as coughing. There’s a strong possibility of the pads or tapes moving up and making contact with the surface of the eye. Many years ago, a client had a random bout of coughing for a minute or so. I removed the pads as soon as I could but by then it was too late. A trip to the eye hospital diagnosed an abrasion to the surface of the eye that remained red and sore looking for several days. I was mortified! Some clients may welcome some conversation as having to keep their eyes closed can be quite a challenge. It can feel a little claustrophobic even. We have, after all, taken one of their 5 senses away. They don’t know the time or what the weather is doing! If they’re a little anxious as it’s their first time and prefer to chat, it can help ease some anxieties.

point I wave them goodbye. For some, I’m the only bit of time they get to themselves that they have each month. I know our time together is very precious to them, and I take my cue from them. If they want to chat, I honour it and always maintain the boundaries expected of professional relationships, and they do too. What’s more, some of the things I have learned from them have been really eye-opening (for me, not them!). We really do meet some amazing people in our line of work and I’ve truly rejoiced in their successes and highs and felt for them in their low times too. Many tell me that they count down the days until their lash appointment! It works so well as I have very few ‘no shows’. For me, I want to give them a really great treatment and an all round experience. If that means adding 5 minutes to each treatment time and in return, I generate amazing loyalty and clients arriving on time every time, then I’m happy doing that in my business plan. So, ‘to talk or not to talk?’, there’s no right or wrong answer but do deal with those considerations to keep your business and clients healthy and happy! Best wishes, Julie Knight Master lash artist and trainer Eye by i Academy

I think of the times I (have to) go to the dentist. I’m rather anxious (to say the least) and I sit there with eyes closed (in terror). I can’t see what they’re doing, and that escalates my fear factor. I changed dentists in April to one closer to where I live. She sensed my fear and asked how she could make me feel more at ease. I’m more relaxed when I get a running commentary on what they’re doing and how long it’s going to be and she obliged me! I still had white knuckles but she got me through, and I’m more inclined to go back! She was only polishing my teeth but then again, we’re ‘only’ lashing! Some people will be a little anxious of the unknown. All my clients are long time regulars, and I have got to know them well. 95% of them chat from the moment they see me to the 33

What’s new in the world of Lashing? RUSSIAN VOLUME VS ULTRA MEGA VOLUME VS MULTIPLE LASH VOLUME. RUSSIAN VOLUME 2D -8D Even if you’re not currently trained in Russian Volume, many of you are already aware what Russian Volume lashes are, a technique originated in Russia, using finer lashes from 0.10mm thickness – 0.07mm thickness fanning these out 2, 3, 4 or more lashes up to 8 before placing them on a single natural lash creating beautiful lightweight volume. ULTRA MEGA VOLUME. 9D – 15D Trends change, lashes evolve, manufacturers produce new products, in this case, finer lashes in 0.06mm, 0.05mm and some even 0.04mm, using these much lighter lashes we can now apply and fan more extensions on a natural lash. These lashes are now used to create ultra mega volume, typically 9D – 15D. This is an advance technique and you must first be trained in 2D – 8D and feel very confident before progressing to this level of advanced training. The method of placement is different to 2D – 8D, there are many advanced techniques available and each trainer may have her own version, however in my training school, I favour the Mirror Link technique which allows for even distribution for the safety of the natural lashes in addition to great retention. 36

Ultra Mega Volume allows for a much fuller and denser lash look. MULTIPLE LASH VOLUME 9D – 22D Multiple lash volume is a technique where we apply two different lash thicknesses to one natural lash. We call these primary and supplementary lashes. Our primary lashes are 2D – 9D and these could be in thicknesses appropriate to the XD used, in 0.10mm, 0.07mm, we can then use the volume space available to add supplementary lashes in 0.05mm, 0.04mm. Two thicknesses to one natural lash. This level of lashing is for experts only, and training is imperative to understand how we can safely use Multiple Lash Volume.

So now that we know what types of Russian Volume is available, how do we know what lashes to use?

What makes us decide if a lash fan is safe to use? Who decides this information? How do we know if its accurate?

Understanding the safe distribution of Russian Volume

To find this information accurately, we must learn how to calculate the volume space that lash thicknesses occupy. A good trainer/educator will know how to do this for you, you can get an idea from my table, this is based on a 12mm lash length, I have calculated the volume for you based on a 12mm lash length.

We must practice safe lashing whether we are applying Russian Volume, Ultra Mega Volume or Multiple lash Volume, it is imperative that we always use the SAFE lash volume for these methods. It is extremely important that we apply a safe lash distribution to avoid damaging the natural lashes.

This information is decided by learning the volume space of the lash used. This table shows you how many lashes we can safely apply when creating fans.












The table is a guide only to be used alongside professional training in Russian Volume, if you are only trained in 2D – 8D, you will need to take further training in Ultra/Mega volume to apply 9D – 16D, and further training in Multiple Lash Volume, the techniques applied are different from those used for 2D -8D application. Please DO NOT be tempted to use more lashes than you have been trained to use.

EXAMPLE OF MULTIPLE LASH VOLUME Orange represents Primary lashes Pink represents Supplementary lashes Further supplimented by 0.05 mm lash


three 0.1 mm lash


3X three 0.05 mm lash

three 0.1 mm lash + three 0.05 mm lash


Awards and Competitions THE BBB WINNER OF DISTINCTION PRIZE IN THE PERSONAL SERVICES AND PRODUCTS CATEGORY GOES TO NOVALASH. The awards ceremony was held on May 11th, 2016 at the Bayou City Event Center in Houston Texas. The Mistress of Ceremony, Deborah Duncan of KHOU Channel 11, Houston presented the award. BBB Awards for Excellence continues to recognize businesses and non-profits in the Greater Houston Area for their achievements and commitment to overall excellence and quality in the workplace. Sophy Merszei, CEO, NovaLash commented: “We are thrilled to win this prestigious award for the 2ndyear in a row. Quality does not just happen. It is the result of ongoing thoughtful concern, sincere effort and skillful execution of a talented team. I am very proud of my team at NovaLash.” Photo 1: Sophy Merszei, Molecular Biologist/ Cosmetic Chemist CEO & Founder-NovaLash, accepts the Better Business Bureau Award of Distinction for Novalash

Photo 2: (l to r): Beth Fetzer, COO Novalash, Sophy Merszei, Molecular Biologist/ Cosmetic ChemistCEO & Founder-NovaLash and Vanessa Max, Product Development Coordinator accept the Better Business Bureau Award of Distinction on behalf of Novalash 40

Introducing Expert Lashers

Expert Lashers is a website dedicated to the best lash artists in the industry. As an applicant, you will have photographs of your lash work and qualifications reviewed before being accepted to be listed. As a listed member you will have your own unique page which you can use for promotional purposes. Link it to your website, have a link in your email signature. Show your clients you are one of the lash elite.

Listings are priced at $4.99 USD per month. To be listed visit and click on ‘Get Listed’.


Best Of The Best Lash & Brow Supplies At A More Affordable Price For Your One Stop Shop……….

Stefani’s Mission Is To Provide You With The Latest & Greatest To Keep You One Step Ahead of Your Competition For The Detailed Lash Artist In Mind Working More Efficiently

Howell, NJ USA We Ship WorldWide DHL Express

Offering Both Hands On & Online In-Depth Training of Volume Lashing & Eye Enhancements (Lash Lifts, Tinting & SPM) Techniques, Styling, Adhesives, Efficiency & More

The Continuing Educational & Mentoring Program For Lash Artist Around The World

Stefani Altieri, Master Lash Educator Passionate About Lash Education Passionate About Your Education

Howell, New Jersey Usa

Lash Summit London 2016 It had been a hectic day, Leanne Harber and I had to drop of the hire car to the airport and got lost. We then couldn’t find a taxi and once at the venue for Lash Summit, we were hot, ladened down with suitcases and goodie bags. Everything was heavy but our moods were really light WE WERE HERE! The excitement was building, all of these great inspirational people all under one roof! I had excited butterflies and managed to lock myself out of my room 3 times in the space of 20 minutes. Giddy with excitement, we walked to the bar I was about to enter a different reality. One where everyone shared my love and passion. YAY! In the bar new friendships blossomed over flowing wine and as soon as I sat in the circle of strangers, I felt at ease, I felt at home. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly all here for a mutual goal. That is where the lash talk started and it didn’t stop until I got on the plane back to Australia. The Lash Summit lived up to and beyond my expectations. It wasn’t a product pushing who’s better than who type of event. It was warm, friendly, informative, educational and full on lash love. The speeches given by the speakers gave outstanding advice. It is so amazing to see all the research going into protecting us and our clients. I have been lashing over 12 years and so proud of the industry coming into its own. This is only happening because of people like Loretta, Louise and all the awesome speakers. Hard-core Lash Queens and Kings. Jill Heijligers-Peloquin. I could pick this ladies brain all day, her knowledge of allergies and how it affects our business is second to none and you can see her passion for research as she shares her knowledge with a big warm smile. 44

Loretta Jasilionyte. Down to earth and lightening the mood with lash porn, Loretta shared her locking technique and a fanning technique. Every single person there got hands on training from all the speakers including Loretta. How cool is that? Louise Prutny. I have admired Louise for a while and feel so lucky to of had the chance to sit in a room of smiling faces, receiving advice from the business guru herself. Eva Zacharias. The queen of styling! I was blown away with Eva’s hints and tips on styling and immediately feel the NEED for her to do my lashes. Olga Volkova. My eyes were completely opened, never before had I seen how our precious lash extensions were made! Olga’s speech taught me, we should all have a deeper understanding of every part of our industry. Otto Mitter I hold my hands up, I loved Otto’s Aussie dad jokes! His laid back, easy going personality came through in his speech about Lash Lift, an absolute must treatment for Lash techs and artists to offer. You can do so much with it! INNA KHARLAMOVA. I am in love with Inna. We had translators to help with the language barrier but they weren’t needed. I think everyone was so engrossed in watching her video doing creative lashing, photoshoots, and working with colour. Her work spoke for her. Inspiration overload!!! Daniel Olsson. What a guy! If anyone has our health and wellbeing on their minds it’s this gentle

giant! I think Daniel has a mission for us to take care of our safety in the work environment and I believe whole heartily he will make a change in the way we work. Hilaree Brand. Wow! This lady has got it going on! Removal isn’t seen as important as creating beautiful sets of lashes, But Hilaree made us see in great detail the damage that can be done. We need to spread that info! Watching the Mock competition on day2 was like watching Santa’s elves. There was excitement and determination in the air. Each artist zoned in and giving their very best. The work produced in that room was outstanding and lucky old us lot, got to watch! To experience everything the Lash Summit had to offer was a privilege. I walked into the hotel with high hopes of feeding my lash soul. I walked out of there with a wealth of new knowledge. A burning desire to better my lash game and a new family of lash sister friends who I cannot wait to see again. If you get the opportunity to go to a lash Summit, you simply must! The goodie bags are great but the motivation, inspiration, new friends and memories you walk away with are absolutely priceless. Anyone can glue a lash extension onto someone’s eyelash. As artists we need to look at the bigger picture and breathe in as much information about our whole industry that we can.We need knowledge on new research we need to work together and improve standards in our glorious industry and that my friends is what the Lash Summit delivered. Have a dedication to education and be the best artist you can be.

Moving your business to a new country By Kelly Storer-Enchanted

IS YOUR COUNTRY GETTING YOUR DOWN? DO YOU ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH? YOU CAN ALWAYS BECOME AN EXPAT! Sometimes we feel stuck in a rut. That there isn’t any other option. We want to up-sticks and move somewhere where the weather is nicer; the people are nicer, or the economy is better, but find a million reasons not to. Moving from your home country isn’t for everyone, some have commitments that keep them in their country. But for other well the world is your oyster. What we tell ourselves - I don’t speak another language, I’ve built up my client base here I can’t move. For those of you brave enough to see that it might just be possible then this article is for you. Your business - You have built up a large clientele, a great little business in your area. Have you thought about selling that business? Beauty businesses are highly sought after. You might need to cover the cost of training the new owner to your standard or mentor them while they find their feet. But selling is possible. You also don’t need to own the property your in to sell the business. Goodwill (clients), marketing plans, Fixtures, fittings, furniture, and equipment, can be the only thing which is sold, along with an agreement for the remainder of your lease. Take the money from the sale and start fresh somewhere new and exciting. A certain amount of self-belief is required to go for such a change, but if you can run a profitable business in your current area, chances are you can run it anywhere.

So if you’re brave with some start-up capital you’re off to a good start. If you don’t speak a language, don’t make it an uphill struggle, learn long before you intend to move or move to somewhere that speaks English. (I am assuming that as Lash Inc is in English that you will already speak English.) Expat countries that speak English

1. BERMUDA It only makes sense that Bermuda, as a British Overseas Territory, would be among the list of countries that speak English. Bermuda is one of the most livable countries with no income tax. Although it’s extremely expensive to live there. If you have the cash and want to live on a highly developed island with close travel connections to the United States, Bermuda may be for you. It is also an excellent offshore banking hub. And at 97%, more Bermudans speak English than do mainland Americans.

2. DOMINICA As the home to the world’s most affordable citizenship by investment program, Dominica isn’t just a place to get a second passport… it’s also a Caribbean paradise. Unlike St. Kitts and Nevis, where English is also very widely spoken, Dominica does have an income tax.

3. THE NETHERLANDS If you have ever dreamed of spending your days strolling along the romantic canals of Amsterdam, you’ll be happy to know that 90% of Dutch speak English. More than 15 million of them, in fact. While becoming a permanent resident of the Netherlands may not be the best move for tax purposes, Western citizens can easily spend half of their year in Europe’s Schengen area, giving you plenty of time to build a seasonal business, make hay while the sun shines.

4. MALTA As Europe’s tax haven, Malta allows offshore domiciled there to claim a huge credit on taxes they pay and get their corporate tax rate as low as 5%. Setting up a company in Malta also allows non-EU citizens residency in the country and access to all of Europe. On top of Malta’s benefit as an offshore hub for easy banking, low taxes. 89% of all Maltese speak English. It makes living in Malta more than just a Mediterranean paradise.

5. BAHAMAS Obtaining a residence permit for the Bahamas is easy, and living in the Bahamas is tax-free. Considering millions of tourists and an endless number of cruise ships head there each year, it doesn’t sound like a bad life. Beyond the beaches, 87% of Bahamans speak English well.

6. SWEDEN Similar to Norway, most Swedes speak fluent English. Like many smaller wealthy European countries, they realized long ago that is was pretty essential for doing business with the world. 86% of Swedes speak English, with almost everyone under 50 in cities like Stockholm speaking it.

7. DENMARK As one of Europe’s most multi-cultural countries,. 86% of Danes speak English relatively well, just as all Scandinavians do. Its economy now consistently ranks higher than that of the United States for economic freedom. In the next issue of Lash Inc, we will be featuring several people who have successfully moved the business to another country. If you have a story to share, please contact us 45

Lash Conference Brazil WITH BRASILIAN ROOTS, IT WAS NOT DIFFICULT FOR ELLEN SCHIJFF TO MAKE THE NEXT STEP TO INTRODUCE HIGH LEVEL LASHING IN HER BIRTH CITY, SAO PAULO. Ellen Schijff CEO and founder of Fabelash Eyelashes has taken her company to an international level after she started her business in Holland and Belgium, the next step was beauty country, Brasil! Born in Sao Paulo and with all her family living in Brasil it was a logical step to bring the lash extensions of Fabelash to her Brasil. 4 years ago we opened our first salon in FortalezaCeara, Ellen and her family (husband and 2 children) moved to Brasil to introduce the lash techniques and products in a country that didn’t have many options for lash extensions. Now 4 years later Fabelash has several Franchise Lash salons in different states of Brasil, and still growing in number. After introducing the high-quality products and after building a team of Fabelash professionals, Ellen and her family moved back to Holland to continue the Fabelash Company in Europe. ‘Soon we noticed that there was not very much experience and good products in Brasil so we wanted to be one of the first International Lash companies to unite and train the Lash technicians that Brasil had. “We discovered that there were a lot of talented Brasilian lash artists coming but no meeting point for those artists to connect, unite and share knowledge.” 46

They all want to come and unite with other artists. So then was the time to set up the organisation of this event. Fabelash has it’s Head office in Curitiba (South of Brasil) there also is stationed the back office of the Lash event as the Fabelash Franchise Business Back office, from there we started to set up this event with our partner Cilios XL. Working with a great team in organisation and experienced in Brasilian events and congresses, we are able to organise the ‘Congresso de Cilios’ first edition. On the 24th and 25th of September the first International Lash Congress will take place at Hotel Slaveiro in Sao Paulo Guarulhos, ‘we had to choose a good location where people from all over Brasil can come to, so we choose our location precisely and choose to be near the international airport of Sao Paulo. As the enthusiasm was from all over Brasil we had to choose a central location to hold this event; we are very excited about our location, where all our guests can stay, even overnight during the congress.

There started an idea to organize the first International Lash Congress of South America. ‘We want to bring together the lash technicians so we can form one group of Lash stylists with the right products and the best techniques. We invited Frankie Widdows to participate in our organisation in Brasil, as Ellen is a big fan of her work. We formed a group of national experienced Brasilian Lash artists (also they form our jury during the competition on the first day of congress) our national group of lash artist are all international trained Master Trainers who have earned their respect in the Brasilian Lash Business. What we like about our national group is that they are really willing to improve the quality of lashing in Brasil, and they really care about the reputation of lash extensions. Brasil is a Beauty Country, which offers the best beauty treatments in the world; we

want to offer the best lashes in the world too but for that, we need to start with the right training and information. 4 years ago we didn’t see lots of lash artists, now 4 years later we really see the changes there have been in training and products in Lash extensions one by one and also Russian Volume. A lot of international knowledge has come to Brasil by social media and visits of several European Lash Artists to train and offering products, but a meeting event has still not been organized. Ellen says, the Brasilian ladies mailed us, phoned us at our office in Brasil after we mentioned on social media that we were planning the first Lash event in Brasil, we popped the question, who wants to join the First Lash Congress in Brasil? Soon we saw the excitement and positive reactions of the lash artists over 1000 reactions came in!

Plans for a second congress have already started; We want to organise the second congress in Rio de Janeiro as Brasil is a very big country we will organise 2 lash congresses a year in strategically located cities. Always bringing the newest techniques and reuniting the lash artists of South America with the top Lash artists from Europe. At the Lash congress there will be partners offering their training and high-quality products for Lash extensions. Also, the Fabelash Franchise stand will be there to give more information about the Franchise. Fabelash works with her partner Cilios XL as the main sponsor. The supporting sponsors are National LashBrands. More information about this 2 day congress We are already feeling the huge success this event will be, and we are very proud of our Lash Congress Team, that is filled with highly trained and professional Lash Artist from Brasil and from Europe, we are looking forward to making this event a huge success and sharing knowledge on a higher level! Ellen Schijff Fabelash 47

How important is marketing your lash business? Marketing is everything! The heart of your business success lies in marketing. Almost every aspect of your business depends on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella should cover advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers.

There are so many lash artists who are fantastic at their work but do not know how to promote their business. Often they start their business and wait for their customers to come. If nobody knows about your service how can they find you? Even a small amount of action in marketing can produce appointments, so you need to be active. When I say active, I do not mean a series of one-time promotions. Being active means doing a little every or most days, in this modern age you need to be constantly in-front of your potential clients, never let them forget you. It doesn’t need to be in a pushy way either. With social media you can share interesting posts, you can share educational advice, nice photos of your workspace/ products, 48

ask questions and start a discussion.

Louise Prunty - Marketing Masterclass

For those who have a firm grasp of marketing basics, you might consider doing a masterclass workshop which focuses on areas you may not have covered. We cover the spectrum strategy. Which involves 7 aspects of advanced promotion. Some of these are listed below...

8th Aug 2016 - Glasgow, UK 9th October 2016 - New York, USA November - Dubai 4th March 2017 - Sydney, Australia 22nd May 2017 - London, UK

* Relationships - building and maintaining for co-cooperative promotion. * You as your brand - Being the face and voice of your brand * Importance of Awards * Books and magazines (how to get published) * Innovation in your business and services The single best thing you can do for your business is making sure you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of similar competitors, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully. If you do not have a USP you will need to craft one for yourself. You will need to tweak something in an aspect of the product or service you offer to make it unique. Innovation is the key!

SOCIAL MEDIA TESTIMONIALS I have never been a participant of such an inspirational workshop. Thank you Louise Prunty for being inspirational and motivational speaker! L - Jakson (Estonia) Learnt so much cool information already within the first 3 hours!! Thank you Louise for sharing your knowledge. R - Belle (Estonia) Best specialised marketing workshop I have attended. D- Scott (UK)

Lash Inc Super Yacht London Conference 21ST MAY 2017 This is an eyelash conference with a difference. A world-class conference with world class speakers set in a super luxurious surroundings, making it THE event of 2017. Bring your camera and use this as excuse for a new outfit for your super yacht experience.

International lash expert speakers Demonstrations Interactive practice Luxury dining Networking Goody bags Photographic contest Ask an expert sessions Certificate of attendance Meet the Lash Masters

SPEAKERS Loreta Jasilionyte - Flawless Lashes Hilaree Brand - MyBrand Lashes Courtney Buhler - Sugar Lash Pro Miranda Tarpey - The UK Lash Institute Otto Mitter - Ellabanna Britta Kregur - Flirties Leanne Harber – Ultimate

Limited early bird tickets available now Visit


Beauty 50

Beauty Edits

Cue The COLOUR! Interview by Kelly-Ann Woodland. A cursory glance at Danielle Roberts’ makeup is all you need to understand you are standing before an utter pro when it comes to make-up application; flawless, and I mean FLAWLESS skin on show, sculpted cheeks and, boy, her eye make-up is out of this world. As regional make-up artist for Urban Decay, she’s built up a wealth of knowledge on how to blend colours like a dream and how to give your make-up an edge. Need to know how to pull-off the perfect cutcrease? She knows. Want to apply lashes so they actually stay put? She does it most days. How to wear those shades in palettes which, quite frankly, you’re too scared to try? Rest assured; Danielle can make it work.

With the summer months finally here, we thought colour might be at the forefront of your mind. Afterall, sometimes all you need for a little spring in your step is a bit of colour to make you look refreshed and awake. The question is how to do it without looking like Coco the Clown.

Urban Decay is a brand known for producing vibrant, highly-pigmented colours (and, before you say it ..... yes, obviously it’s also famous for it neutral-toned Naked Palettes!!), so who better to speak to on this subject than Danielle? Here’s what she had to tell “Lash Inc”: 1) TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT YOUR JOB AT URBAN DECAY AND HOW YOU GOT INTO IT? “My full title is Regional Make-up Artist for

Urban Decay. The brand was always a favourite of mine when I was younger, and I felt like I was walking on air when I landed myself an interview at the age of nineteen. Needless to say, my interview went well as I’m approaching my seventh year with the company. The brand to me is at the forefront of empowering women to express

themselves through the power of makeup. It’s bold, beautiful and unapologetic. It’s beauty with an edge.” 2) YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE SUCH AN ABUNDANCE OF MAKE-UP LOOKS - WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE LOOK? 51

“Right now, I’m obsessed with strobing and sculpting. I love nothing more than glowing fresh skin!” 3) ONE LOOK AT YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE PROVES YOU ALSO LOVE COLOUR! WHAT’S YOUR ADVICE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE DRAWN TO COLOURFUL EYE SHADOWS, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO WEAR THEM? “I always advise women to think about colour with a free and open mind. Don’t automatically think because you have a certain colour of eyes that should determine or limit your make-up choices. I think, for me, if I want a pop of colour I love experimenting with graphic liner. My current go-to shade is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Deep End - £15.50.” 4) CAN YOU SHARE WITH US SOME IDEAS ON HOW TO APPLY COLOUR TO THE LIDS? Always start with the Urban Decay Eye

Shadow Primer Potion £16.00, then my one key piece of advice would be to start with a neutral base and transition colour to make the look wearable. Whether it’s a spotlight or smokey eye, don’t over kill with colour on colour I always pick one shade that will be the focus.” 5) IS BLENDING CRUCIAL WHEN USING COLOUR? AND HOW DO YOU BLEND? “Blending for me is crucial with every look I do. I’m so over sharp edges! For me, it’s all about beautiful blown out blending. I love using large domed brushes in big circular motions to achieve the most seamless and gradient blend. I think with colour, in particular, the softer the edges, the more daring you can be with the shade selection.” 6) WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS FOR THE PERFECT CUT CREASE? “My tip for the perfect cut crease is knowing where to cut! I have all my clients look up to the sky and I match where their upper

lash line touches the crease. This ensures that once the look is complete the lid colour won’t print into the crease colour.” 7) EYE LINER ..... IT’S SO TRICKY. IS IT GENUINELY A CASE OF PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT? “For me, totally! I also think it’s key to find a shape of liner that works for your eye shape. My top tip is to line up your wing with your eye open. Match the wing to your lower lash line to avoid wonky flicks.” 8) WHAT PRODUCTS CAN YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? (FEEL FREE TO MENTION NEW LAUNCHES HERE). “Right now, I’m literally bathing in the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter - £19.00. My favourite shade is Aura, but to be perfectly honest, I have been wearing all three shades together! A little tip is to spritz the brush with the Urban Decay All-Nighter Make Up Setting Spray £22 to lock in your highlight.”

BEAUTY ROUND-UP With summer finally here, it’s time to inject some colour into your make-up bag and invest in some new products. Kelly-Ann Woodland has been checking out what’s new on the beauty counters …


TRANSFORM THOSE BROWS! This summer Benefit aims to basically own the brow market. At the end of June, they launched a massive collection to tackle unruly, sparse or badly shaped brows. Got a brow problem? Benefit will magic it away with this vast range! There’s something for everyone, including brow pencils, highlighters and primers. Oh, and new shades have been created. Some of the brand’s cult products, such as Brow Zings and Gimme Brow, are also there, but repackaged. The star product for us has to be “KaBrow!” which is a cream-gel brow colour with a builtin brush. For that really professional look, use the new dual-ended Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie for expert brow definition. Say bye-bye bad brows ....

SOFT SERVE Nothing screams summer more than ice cream, so it’s little wonder MAC have whipped up this delicious delight for summer 2016. The collection is made up of twelve delectable shades which are pastel coloured, much like the creamy treat. As you’d expect from an ice cream inspiration range, the shadows are of creamy texture. There are also six eyebrow pencils in similar ice cream shades, if you really want to pull off a colourful look. The range is available from June.



Clarins hero products with a floral twist! Among the collection are three of the brand’s famous Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. They come in three limited edition shades: pink shimmer, orange shimmer and red shimmer. The wonderful thing about these lip products is that they offer beautiful colour, with a natural looking sheen. They each feature a floral design to evoke the feeling of happy summer days.

Bothered by blemishes? If spots are making your life a misery, but you don’t want to irritate your skin covering them up with foundation, this might help: the ‘Clean & Clear Hint of Tint’. This new product is described as a cover and correct cream. It’s a 2-in-1 formula which hides blemishes through a lightweight coverage, whilst also helping clear them as it contains salicylic acid. It comes in two shades: light and medium.

MAKE IT MATTE Let’s face it - matte foundations can feel a little mask-like and leave you looking a little flat. Shine-free, yes ..... but you don’t want that to come at a cost. No7 has just launched its “Beautifully Matte” foundation which tries to curb that problem. Its creamy formula promises to give the perfect level of coverage with a velvety soft finish. In other words, a matte finish without the flat, powdery look! For those who don’t want such a full coverage, the brand’s also made a lighter formula of the foundation, “Beautifully Matte Light” which is weight-less and easy to blend.

CHANEL TOUCH-UP If carrying a bottle of perfume about is a hassle for you, then Chanel’s new creation for Spring 2016 is just what you need. Mademoiselle is now available in a limited edition ‘Touche de Parfum’ which is rather like a lip gloss-sized tube of clear, scented gel, with the applicator resembling a ‘doe’s foot’ wand which you see with many lip glosses. It costs £65, so it’s definitely a luxury buy, but it certainly looks good, and it also comes with a beige, suedette pouch to keep it in. Chanel say using it is like “a delicate and sensual caress on the wrist, the neck or the decollette”. Put simply, it’s a lot more convenient, if you want to head out with a clutch bag! 53

LIFE’S A BEACH! “Make everyday a beach day” ...... the words of make-up guru Bobbi Brown. Well, we’re not going to argue with that! Inspired by Bobbi’s favourite place, the Beach Collection features a selection of cult favourites. What do we love most in the range? The Beach Fragrance. This eau de parfum is light and fresh to subtly scent skin. Just by wearing it, you can almost feel the sea breeze and sand between your toes .......... It costs £50 and is available from June.


MAKE AN IMPACT Get seriously long lashes in an instant with the Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara. The packaging itself is unique; the handle of the mascara wand is like black velvet! As for what’s inside, you won’t be disappointed. This mascara builds up well and really creates length.


Unveil radiant, luminous skin with the latest addition to Aveda’s aromatic Beautifying range, the Beautifying Radiance Polish. Formulated with a nourishing plant oil blend and key ingredients Certified Organic Safflower, Rosemary, Lavender and Olive Oils, they work in harmony for an aromatic experience and a silky, smooth finish, just in time for summer. It’s available from May.

SHINE? WHAT SHINE? No one wants shiny, greasy skin in the summer, but there’s nothing worse than skin caked in powder in a vain attempt to ward off shine. If that rings a bell, then say hello to this new product from Clinique: the Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder. This genius product boasts an ultrafine formula which contains oil absorbing ingredients to keep makeup flawless. The compact also has a mirror to touch-up on the go.

Beauty Edits

Beauty Edit Melanie Doyle Over the past few months since the last issue, I have been extra busy attending two of the makeup artist trade shows which are both in London. I first attended the UMAE show which was this year at a Novotel Hotel in central London close to Hammersmith, a definite improvement of venue from the previous years. The show had a great vibe and atmosphere, I really enjoyed the educational side of it and the classes that were on over the two days of the show were very good indeed, it was great to see lots of old friends in the hotel bar on the evening, I would highly recommend this show if you are considering a career in makeup artistry alongside your beauty or lash business. The other show I attended was the IMATs show which was totally amazing with lots of atmosphere buzzing around the place, I really enjoyed the professional only night which was on the Friday as you could shop with ease and lots of special offers were on such as bigger discounts on products, many of the movies makeup artists was there, but the one in particular that stood out for me was an English prosthetics makeup artist Duncan Jarman who did the makeup and prosthetics for the film ‘The Revenant’ with Leonardo DiCaprio. I was also lucky enough to get my picture taken with Chris Hickson who is the artist double for Leonardo DiCaprio and has worked on many films alongside the actor 55

and has sat in for makeup tests for him, what an interesting job he has and he was very easy on the eye! At the IMATS there was a great makeup artist Vincent Demonfreidon the Love Makeup stand and it was also great to catch up with Mr Dashbo who has launched his own range of special effects makeup. Both shows I would highly recommend, IMATS definitely has more of a commercial feel to the actual room with the makeup stands even with many lash stands there this year, however you only need to step away to the side rooms to find the artists or the two main stages which was all full of wonderful and interesting speakers. I also managed to work at the Beauty UK Exhibition for the makeup brand and team ‘Pierre Rene’, it was a very busy show indeed, with lots of celebrities coming to the stand to have make over’s. I also 56

managed to work alongside the wonderful Alyn Waterman who is personal makeup artist to Joan Collins, as he was at the show making Gemma Oaten feel special as she was speaking on stage about charity SEED and how eating disorders can greatly affect young women and men. We also had a visit from Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond who both loved their Pierre Rene products.


my skin never looked as fresh as the day of the facial. The amazing thing I noticed with using the Magnitone was that my skin looked fresh all of the time because I was using it morning and night. I got the 3-in-1 device which also has a body setting and a foot setting. I tried both of these settings and did really see a big difference in the dry skin on my heels and my elbows, so it was worth it for the extra cost as it means that I will not have to have as many pedicures now as I can keep on top of the dry skin myself at home.

Honestly I think the Magnitone is amazing, and every woman should have one, the difference it makes to your skin’s look and texture is immense, I noticed enlarged pores was quite a lot smaller, and the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes were definitely diminished and best of all I noticed a big improvement in my jawline and the lines at the side of the nose and mouth, nothing else has really had an impact on this part of my face but after just a few days I could see a noticed improvement in the tone of these areas.

I decided to review the Magnitone 3 in 1 as I was looking for something that would help to slow down the ageing process, I have looked at other methods such as chemical peels and Botox but this was not the road I wanted to go down so I decided to give this device a try and see what happens, by keeping a log on my skin each day after use and any comments that I got from other people during this time about my skin or how I looked. Magnitone says guaranteed results in 30 days or your money back, which I think is pretty good especially given the cost of the product which has a retail price of £130.00. The facial that I normally have at my local beauty salon is £75.00, which I did see results with but after a few days, 57


Round/ Protruding Shorter length B & C curls are ideal Avoid lifting curls like D & L Which can create a startled look Feline Flicks will help balance the eye Close Set Use B & C Curls & A Feline Flick To draw the eye outward Hooded/Deepset Use longer length C & L Curls to disguise the hood Downward Facing Use C, D & L Curls to lift Avoid B & J Curls Wideset Use strong curls like C, D & L Use a Dolly effect Avoid Cat Eye Effects Asian Give the appearance of width by adding B Curls to the outer corner and L's & C's to the lashline centre



Interview with Levi Shephard, Founder of NALA. WHAT IS NALA? The National Association of Lash Artists was created to celebrate and support lash and brow professionals around the world. NALA brings lash artists together through membership, conferences, lash competitions and a private community forum.

employees over the next year, and they all became amazing lash artists. This inspired me to offer training outside of my own studio. I moved my lash studio into a large retail space and developed my training manuals.

WHY DID YOU CREATE NALA? When I became a lash technician in 2011, I felt so lost. I took a 2-day course, earned my certificate, then went home and started practicing on friends and family (as we all did). I made so many terrible and terrifying mistakes during these months of practice (again - as we all did). Oh man, there were some unpleasant times! With persistence and an abundance of patient friends (thank heavens), I got pretty good at applying lash extensions. Once I started accepting paying clients in my home-based studio, I got busy quite quickly. It wasn’t long before I hired a parttime technician to help me keep up with the demand. I paid for my new employee to train with the same company I had trained with. She earned her certificate and began practicing on friends in my studio with me by her side to watch over her and mentor her. In just a few short weeks my employee was ready for paying clients. As I watched her flourish as an artist, I realized my guidance had made a difference. I made the decision to train all my employees myself. I trained 5 more 60

I opened my training academy in 2013. During the following years, I met several students that had been previously certified elsewhere but didn’t feel confident enough to do lash extensions. I felt so bad for these girls. Without regulations for the lash industry in Canada (like many other countries), anyone could teach lash extensions. The big problem being, that anyone was! Every student deserves a return on her investment and the assurance that she will be properly prepared for a successful career as a lash artist. In 2015 I began reaching out to different

government departments seeking advice on changing industry regulations. I learned about cosmetic guidelines, apprentice boards, education requirements, school accreditations, Health Canada processes, but I had no luck with incorporating regulations for the lash industry. If anything, I have watched our government move backwards by removing the few regulations we had. The idea of NALA came one day as I was listening to a business coach talk about passion. Everyone should follow their passion in order to find success (which is true). But then she said (and this was my big ah-ha moment!) if you really want to make a difference, you need to ask yourself one question “What really makes you mad?” (Well actually she swore, but those words will do). Without hesitation, my response was “The declining reputation of the lash industry, due to lack of regulations and the way that directly effects the true professionals” And from that moment I began drafting several ideas to try to combat this problem. From there, NALA was born, and there is no turning back! I have sold my lash studio and am no longer teaching classes. I am fully dedicated to the association. This is not a side project; this is my full-time job. I am here for all of you. NALA is YOUR association, designed to serve YOU. WHAT IS YOUR VISION FOR NALA? As bold as it may sound, the vision is to

role models and mentors, artists that always bring their A-game, professional educators that care about their student’s success, and so much more!

TELL US ABOUT NALA MEMBERSHIPS. NALA members are like-minded lash and brow professionals that hold themselves to our strict professional guidelines. Membership boosts credibility and opens opportunities for you to grow as a lash artist and an entrepreneur. As a member, you gain exclusive access to monthly business-building workshops, such as our upcoming workshop “How To Get More Clients” and our most recent workshop “Managing Your Money”. New workshops are added to the membership site each month and are designed to help you grow your business through expert guidance. Members also receive VIP Access to NALA conferences and lash competitions, as well as many other membership perks! Learn more at IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD? I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing industry. I see thousands of lash artists generously sharing their tips, helping guide new artists and encouraging one another through the online forums. This warms my heart and is an amazing thing to witness. We are collaborators, not competitors, and I am proud to be a part of it. push out the non-professional lash artists and educators that joined the industry for the wrong reasons, while celebrating and rewarding those professionals that are genuinely dedicated to their clients and always striving to be the best they can be. We deserve to enjoy an industry with integrity, professionalism and camaraderie. HOW WILL YOU HELP TO CREATE THAT

VISION? One way is to educate the public. A portion of the membership fees collected by NALA are allocated to educating the consumer. The “Educate The Public” campaign will create awareness that will, in turn, benefit the lash artists and educators directly. An educated public is a powerful step in making improvements for the lash industry. Another way is through recognition and awards for those lash artists that are great


Your ideal client Whether you’ve just started your business and are still trying to gain new clients, or you’ve been running your business for a while but want to change direction, or you struggle to convert your Social Media fans into repeat Clients, You need to start by knowing who your Ideal Client is. Why is it so important to have an Ideal Client? Simply put, if you don’t have that specific Client, who you want to target, but instead try to grab ‘anyone’s attention, you will end up not attracting anyone, or attract a whole bunch of ‘bad’ clients. First off, let me clarify, that narrowing down to who your Ideal Client is, does not mean, you will send away any person who does not fit the bill. It just means that you have a clear picture in your head of the type of Client who you’re talking to. So when you create posts, for your social media, you know what to post and how to speak to your audience that will be relatable. It will make promoting your business easier, in terms of where to promote and how? Today I give you my top 4 tips to help you find your Ideal Client 1. CREATE AN IMAGINARY FRIEND Deciding on who your Ideal Client is, is a bit like creating an imaginary friend. Remember this from your childhood? When you were little, and you had an imaginary friend, I bet you knew EVERYTHING about them! From their hair colour to their favourite food, to what they liked to play. Now, let’s do the grownup version. Take a piece of paper and jot down everything about the type of Client you would like to see more of in your salon. Is she married? A busy career woman who needs to look her best but has little time? A stay at home mum with limited alone time? How old? What is her income? Her job? What are her interests? Her likes, dislikes, 62

her wishes? What keeps her up at night etc.? You may think all this is irrelevant, but when you think about it, the more you know about your Ideal Client, the easier it is to target them with the things that they will find interesting. And here is the why? Imagine a person who has found your business online (Facebook, the Internet, etc.), who doesn’t know you and has never been to your salon, why should they come to you? Aside from your work, why should they trust you enough to hand over their hard earned cash? They need to trust you first, and they need to feel they know you. In this digital world, the best way a business owner can do this is to know their client’s needs, wants, desires, and target them! For example, If your ideal Client are mums, and your salon is child-friendly, post about it! Then also post 10 kids activities that mums can pack when they visit a salon (Your salon), or 5 tips how a busy mum can keep her regular lash appointments, around her kids, or Why a busy mum should get eyelash extensions and not feel guilty. Knowing your Ideal Client’s pain points and offering solutions is what will gain you their trust and make you stand above your competitors. 2. DOES YOUR IDEAL CLIENT MATCH YOUR BUSINESS? If you’re trying to attract high-end Clients, but you work from home, where you have to move things around in your living room to set up your temporary lash bed, and you swear like a sailor, my guess is you will not attract those kinds of Clients. Not to say you won’t get the odd one, who just loves you and your work and doesn’t care where you work from, but generally certain types of Clients have their own certain values. So you won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea, hence why your Ideal Client has to match your business. If you constantly post specials and

wonder why you never get clients unless there’s a special on? Well, guess what? You are targeting bargain hunters, not loyal Clients who value your work. So really take the time to work out who you WANT to attract to your business, and whether your business matches your Ideal Client Profile. 3. NARROW IT DOWN, AND BE VERY SPECIFIC! Whenever I ask a lash stylists what is the age group of your Ideal Client? They usually say something like 20-50-year-olds, because those may be the clients they serve or because they think that casting a wider net will bring them MORE clients. This is simply not true! If you try to target 20 -50-year-olds (casting a wider net), their interests will be completely different, and their needs will be different too. A 20-year-old may want bigger, longer, more wow! Lashes! Her lashes will most likely be stronger, fuller, longer than a middle aged Client’s. A 50-year-old lady may have sparse, challenging, weak or short lashes. She may just want something more subtle. Think about who you prefer working with. Who causes you grief? What Client appreciates your work more? Instead of trying to cast a wider net, narrow it down as much as possible and be the expert in the niche. Narrowing down and being very specific about who you want to attract doesn’t mean you won’t accept anyone who doesn’t fit your Ideal Client profile. Of course not! But it means you will have less dissatisfied clients and more happy clients. And if a client doesn’t come back it’s probably because they weren’t the type of Client you want to attract, and you weren’t the stylist for them. 4. IF YOU HAD A PARTY, WHICH OF YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS WOULD YOU INVITE? Look at your current clients, who are your

favourite Clients? Why do you like them? Do you have a lot to talk about when they come? Do you share a similar passion? Have similar morals? Or beliefs? Why are they your favourite Clients? Also, look at your least favourite Clients, why do you cringe every time they book an appointment? Write it down to help you work out what you value in your Ideal Client. Ever heard the saying: ‘Your Vibe attracts Your Tribe’? When you think about the Ideal client who you would like to attract to your Tribe and your business, in many ways, it will be someone who is similar to you. There may be slight differences such as, they may have more or less disposable income than you, they may be single gals when you’re not, or shop at different shops than you, but generally you will find that you will have some things in common….similar values, perhaps even interests. Because you get along better, and around those clients you can be yourself and vice versa. So in terms of finding out who your Ideal Client is, the easiest way is to look at your current Clients and think; If you were throwing a party, who would you invite? Now just write down why you picked those Clients, and you have a perfect Client Avatar. Know your Ideal Client, and avoid attracting the wrong type of Clients for your business.

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Love My Lashes

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Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff AB44 1RU 0845 022 22 33

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Institute of Eyelash Excellence

25 Hillview Road Canterbury, Kent, ct2 8ey 64

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LASHacademy Training & Products

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd 26 Rutland Road​ Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 4HY, UK +44 (0)755 492 5551

Immaculate Beauty Academy 8 Tamworth Parade Elms Park Essex RM12 5AS UK e-mail:

Inga Misiute

Dartford Kent DA15LF UK T: 07988 374564 E-mail:


Caledonian Therapy Academy 7 Newton Place Glasgow G3 7PR Tel: 01423329251


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Monika Wojtysiak

DeviLash Lash extensions Atelier & Training Centre. 16/1 8 William Street Galway Ireland

Glamour Lashes Ireland +353872974781

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Jessica Mogauro,

The Beauty Pro Loft 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103 Danvers, MA 01923 Website: PH: 781-813-8131

Benita Lash Studio 18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy Suite 305 Humble, TX 77346

Amy Young

Love Those Lashes LLC Tel: 513.280.6550

Lucy Argent

LA Lash Academy 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States Phone:+1 424-200-8278

San Diego Eyelash Extensions

12935 Pomerado road, Suite C Poway, CA 92064 619-438-5770

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl New York, NY 10017 212-686-0992

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Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Courtney Buhler 587.982.5274

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc Jessi Love

Mai Lee MaiLash Academy Cell: 480-404-0092 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe AZ 85281 USA

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Kerrie Ann Ditz

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Melena Langford

VC LASH Ltd Canberra, ACT AUSTRALIA +61 2 476 159 717

Boutique Lash Company 2115 39 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6L 4G1 Call or Text: 780-266-3875

Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton

Address: 9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 +2741 583 2530

Worldwide & Online Accredited Training Providers. Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse +37060922922

Lash Master Academy Online

Institute of Eyelash Excellence - Online

Lessons in Lashes - Online

Star Lash Academy

Jancarza 89, 31-618 Krakรณw Poland

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Lesley-ann Altree

Luscious Lashes International 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441 South Africa Tel: + 27 21 557 5279 65


Ireland Ms Diva Training Cork & Dublin

LASHacademy Training & Products

Web: Contact: 0870 991 991

Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.

Frankie Widdows

Contact: 07714 638405 Web: Master lash artist Frankie Widdows is head trainer at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. She provides outstanding training from foundation level through to advanced lash techniques and Russian volume eyelash extensions. She also provides continued online support and tutorials as well as 24/7 access to her for the rest of your lash career.


Michelle Ryan 07825924920 Michelle Ryan is an experienced and passionate lash technician who has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her students. As a trainer for Flirties, she constantly strives to improve the standard of eyelash extensions across the board. Being a busy therapist herself gives Michelle the ability to support students not just with training but to also offer help and advice in other areas of setting up and running a business.

Training Dates: Ongoing

Premium Products and Quality Training Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide Tel: 1-403-999-4455 Email: Web:

Luxe Lash Academy

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) Classic and Volume Certification Advanced Volume Techniques Re-Certification & Refresher Courses

List in our training directory for

ÂŁ50 GBP per quarter or $80 USD

Email: to be included in our next issue. 66

Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training.

-Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

Contact: Web:

Training Dates: Ongoing


ph. 778-808-5572


by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl, New York, NY 10017 212-686-0992


SkynLash Academy

Training Courses Continuing Education at it’s Finest Skype Training Available Basic Lashes to Advanced Volume Lashcoat & Lashbrow Training SkynLash Shop for the Finest Lash Supplies 732-618-2096 NJ USA

Boutique Lash Company Call or Text 780-266-3875

Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Hot Lashes

Tel (403) 999-4455 Web:

Sugar Lash

Novalash 1-866-430-1261

Sweet Lash

Eyelash extension & training provider 377 Marshall Way N #1 Layton, UT 84041

Lash Affair by J.Paris

RevitaLash® Cosmetics 1.800.608.2420 We sell Luxury Lash Extension Products & Global Certifications We ship and train globally as well.

Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training. Angel Eyelashes Eyelash Supplier to Professionals

Tel-1-818-970-7151 -Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.


United Kingdom & Ireland

UK / Europe


BeautyTrix Tel. 0845 022 2233

Lash Perfect

0208 500 9028

- Professional and accredited training available from expert trainers at competitive prices throughout the UK. - Internationally renowned and available worldwide through over 30 overseas distributors

Nouveau Lash

LashBase Ltd

Nouveau Beauty Group

Web: Contact: 02392251425 Email:

Tel: 0844 8016820

My Beautiful Eyes

Mylash, Myscara, Mybrows

Golden Eyelashes Ltd.

We supply high quality eyelash extension and accessories. 07522168750

Lash Heaven

Luxury Lash Supplies Official distributor of VOGUE LASHES By Adele Sutton and Chrissanthie 68

Glamour Lashes Ireland +353872974781


Elite Lash Academy Mall Road Monaghan Ireland Tel: +3534772580 +353868593699 Email:

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd

International Distributor - Affordable Beauty Supplies T: +44 (0)755 492 5551 E: W: • Professional LashBlack 3 Week Semi Permanent Mascara: Made in England & EU Certified • Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glues made in England – Ultra Diamond Pro: fast drying - Senses for Sensitive eyes: low vapour odour, perfect for trainers and beginners • Individual Mink Eyelashes 100% Real Siberian Handmade Lashes

LASHacademy Training & Products Contact: Web: Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.


South Africa


26, Prilep str., Fl. 1, Ap.1 VARNA 9000 - BULGARIA Phone BG : +359 52604073 Our website : Email:

The Lash Collection

European Beauty Concept (EBC Limited) is a lead manufacturer of high quality professional eyelash extensions and Permanent Makeup supplies.

Luscious Lashes International

Netherlands Email: +27 (0) 72 338 7000

PremierLash - designer lashes™ Lash eXtend

Tel: 033-4450323 E-mail: / Toll Free US & Canada +1 877 366 5274 Local & International +1 801 463 4868 International Calling Code 00+1 | | 1-877-366-5274

HOTLASHES Premium Products and Quality Training

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Premium products including the new Hotlashes Ultra Adhesive. Competitive Canadian pricing with guaranteed fast shipping. 69


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