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26-27 February 2017 London ExCeL




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Karen Betts is the UK’s most esteemed permanent cosmetics and microblading artist. K.B Pro is the brand that brings all Karen’s know-how together in one place. Whether you’re new to the world of permanent cosmetics or you’re already an experienced artist, K.B Pro will give you the training, tools and confidence to succeed.

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The Importance ofPhotographyin the lash industry

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Featured Lash Artist- Dijana ToĹĄev



This year is going to be the busiest year yet for the lash industry. With more conferences and competitions worldwide than ever before. It truly is an exciting time to be in the industry. It is also a year where the industry is focusing more on standards. In lash application, lash products and in lash education. I am pleased to see standards rising year on year and more training providers with accreditation and backing of insurance providers. I hope 2017 is a fantastic year for you and your business and thank you for your continued support.

Louise Tierney

Lash Inc.

7 Newton Place, Lower Ground, Glasgow, G3 7PR

Contact Name: Louise Tierney Contact Email:



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The Importance of

Photographyin the lash industry by Martina Krajinovic Gülsün So, by now we have already come to the conclusion that we have to be EVERYTHING.

It’s not only about taking a good before/after picture, it’s about getting the clients’ attention and sending the signal to the brain that YOU are the perfect choice for their wishes.

We have to be the best lash artists, we have to be kind, polite, great therapist, great listener, often a psychiatrist. We have to know why the lashes fall off, WHY were her lashes shorter than her friends’ lashes and WHY oohh WHY can’t she have 15 mm in the outer corner? because she wants a CAT eye and she knows she will look so great with it.

Sometimes you don’t need to make a 100% coverage and a technically perfect set of lashes to have the best photo. Sometimes you just need a small detail, something like a tiny sparkle in the eye, or an intensive eye colour, or just a touch of lipstick or some accessories, to make that photo interesting and to capture peoples’ sight.

Yes, that’s just to make you laugh because we have all been there and sometimes it’s really NOT funny.

Playing with angles, with different backgrounds, with different fonts for your SKIN – it needs to look healthy and clean! signature, zooming one eye and blurring the other...these are all things you can try to make Nobody wishes to have the lash extensions your photo more “artistic”. looking at that acne scar or black spot no matter how perfect they are. If you have a chance and possibilities get yourself a professional camera, take a short EYEBROWS – no need for words, you know YouTube tutorial how to make the best of it and they have to be all in one place, brushed and you will discover a whole new photo lash world. not too thick because we don’t want them to

Getting back to the title “Photography”… We have to know how to take GREAT photos because this could be a life changer. It’s really important how we present ourselves to the potential clients, and because people are pretty much VISUAL creatures, photography is the best tool to get the perfect marketing.

3 - Lashes

Phone cameras are also pretty advanced today, so you can use that too, just make sure they are set to the highest quality.

The most important thing is the LIGHT! Oh yes, if you don’t have great light, you can say goodbye to your pictures... Take that lamp and point it to the eyes, make your model blind from the light, but she just got a beautiful set of lashes so I’m sure she won’t mind a short blindness (laugh)

draw attention away from the lashes.

Don’t be impatient and take 100 pictures if you need, until you find a perfect one because that ONE could be the one that got people to notice you. That ONE could be the one to get you, 10 new clients. That ONE could maybe win the contest. So, it’s not only about great lashes, it’s also about being creative because lashing is art and we are artists, even if we don’t feel like that most of the time. Happy lashing everybody, try to enjoy the art of it!

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Featured Lash Artist -INova 5 - Lashes

Lashes - 6


Seal of

Accreditation NALA serves as an international accreditation agency for lash extension training academies.

If approved, you will receive: •

Accreditation is the tool we use to monitor, assess and evaluate the • quality of education a student receives. Accreditation for your training • academy gives you confidence that your program is the best it can be for your students. • The NALA Seal of Accreditation is evidence that your curriculum is upto-date and will properly prepare students for a career as a lash artist.

The review process is very thorough and will take up to 20 business days (4 weeks) to complete. We begin by comparing the curriculum to our NALA Accreditation Checklist. This checklist was developed over three years of intensive research and incorporates existing government regulations from around the world, as well as, recommendations from lash industry experts. We complete the process by reviewing all other elements of the training program. We are looking for health and safety information, up-to-date decontamination processes, detailed steps for procedures, troubleshooting scenarios with appropriate advice, business tips, legal and insurance information of lash artists. We also need to see information about cyanoacrylate, allergies, preventing injury, and other important topics.

The NALA Academy Accreditation Certificate. A formal announcement of your accomplishment on the NALA Facebook Page. The NALA Seal of Accreditation to use on your school website, social media, and for printing on student certificates.

All students graduating from your training academy will be formally acknowledged as accredited lash artists and may use The NALA Seal of Accreditation for self-promotion.

All students graduating from your training academy are entitled to a discount on their NALA Membership if they wish to become a member.

Your academy details are listed on the NALA Directory with live links to your school website.

Receive email updates regarding industry standards and global regulation changes.

Here’s how it works; The accreditation application must be submitted by the owner of the academy along with proof of insurance, hard copies of all training material and access to any online student resources offered with the course.

A full report of our findings.

If not approved, you will receive: •

A full report of our findings.

Three months to reapply at no charge.

Assistance with making the necessary changes.

Approval is not guaranteed, however, our goal is to help every applicant achieve accreditation status for their training academy.

Learn more about NALA Accreditation Accreditation is an item of great esteem that shows students they are making the best choice for their education. The NALA Seal of To get in touch, email Accreditation is a symbol of excellence. To earn such an accolade, your training program must meet all industry standards and offer a comprehensive education.

7 - Lashes



Why bother with Accreditation? With so many different training providers in the industry, what will make potential students chose your training courses instead of others?

Around 80% of people looking for training courses state that accreditation or recognition of courses is an important aspect when choosing who to train with. Lash Inc accredits all Eyelash and Eyebrow courses. We also offer a bespoke insurance policy which is tailored especially for Lash artists. If you offer a range of beauty courses Beauty Industry Approval offer accreditation for all beauty courses

Benefits of Training Accreditation The main benefit of getting your training courses Accredited is to ensure that your students can get insurance. You can be confident that your qualified students will get insurance from one of our insurance partners.

Recognition Accreditation gives your training school a recognisable sign of quality training. Which has been independently verified.

Advertising All Accredited schools are listed on the Accredited provider directory.

Branding Accredited training schools are authorised to use the ‘Accredited’ logo on their websites, social media channels, advertising and courses certificates.

Insurance Lash Inc and Beauty Industry Approval will insure via our own schemes offered through Balens and ASCP Skincare and many other insurance providers internationally.

Interested in growing your training business by being accredited? Contact or Lashes - 8


HOLLYWOOD Lash Conference

exclusively for trained Lash Artists May 26-28, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel Universal City in Hollywood California Early Bird Ticket through January 17th, $600 Tickets sold after January 17th, $750


Guest List

Ruthie Belle

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Michelle Rath

Louise Tierney

MirandA Tarpey

Kelly Storer

Inesa Svetkina

Leanne Haarber

Frankie Widdows

Loreta Jasilionyte

Join us for a weekend of socializing and education with 9 of the artists featured in Lash Masters Volume 3 as well as our very special guest, Louise Tierney! You’ll enjoy a Friday Night Meet and Greet Cocktail Party to unwind from your travels and relax with your peers in the industry. Saturday and Sunday will include exclusive classes in various specialties as well as a sit down formal lunch. Saturday night, we will all celebrate together with dinner and cocktails before we get back to business on Sunday! You won’t go home empty handed! Besides the knowledge you’ll have gained, each attendee shall also be heading home with a Goodie Bag valued at over $ 500.00!


Hidden Treasures Column by Kelly Storer

Managing Director of Enchanted SPA Training Academy, Western Australia.

Saying hello in our video interview, I see a beautiful smile and eyes full of passion. Renee instantly makes me think of Princess Jasmine. She is a self-confessed hippy at heart, and you can see the Spanish and Philippine mix in her exotic beauty. Straight away I want to be her friend. Renee has always worked in hospitality and you can tell she has used her street-wise people skills to help her as she travelled Asia. I love the stories she has of “life before lashing” as a reputable rap artist touring Australia’s hot spots, and I see the love for her 3 young boys as she speaks of them. A young girl who left home at 16, lived, learned and is now contently settled into happy family life, a working mother who has found her love for lashing. Renee works from her home salon in Brisbane, Australia and has a lot of local celebrity lash artists on her books. Which is even more impressive seeing as she picked up her tweezers for the very first time only 9 months ago! In 9 months you can grow a baby; Renee grew a following, a business and respect from her fellow artists. Her business, Divine Eyes, is growing rapidly and Renee is working steadily towards her goals of opening a commercial salon in 2017. Lash health is a subject Renee brings up over and over, she really cares for her clients and even offers them a mask if it concerns them that she wears one. Renee prides herself on the 15 minute comfort time she includes at the beginning of her appointments so her clients know she sees them as a guest and not a dollar sign. She takes her time with her sets and is dedicated to making each set perfect. Further training in the very near future is on the cards as Renee craves more knowledge. Renee has a fair few lash idols she follows avidly on social media, and is inspired by their talent. She would like to follow in their footsteps and start entering competitions next year, I believe she will be an award winning artist very soon. So keep your eyes open for Renee Mikkelsen, she has an amazing lash career ahead of her.

Renee Mikkelsen

11 - Lashes

What is MegaVolume? by Miranda Tarpey Mega volume is the latest technique used to apply maximum density. As trends change and lashes evolve, manufacturers produce new products. We now have much smaller diameter lashes to play with, in this case, super fine lashes in 0.05mm0.03mm. Using these much lighter lashes we can now apply and fan more extensions onto a natural lash. These lashes can be used to create mega volume, typically 9D – 16D. This is an advanced technique and you must first be trained in 2D – 6D

15 - Lashes

and feel very confident before progressing to this level of training. If you are confident and can easily fan 6D fans you will be ready to take your skills further. I say this, not to be awkward but, to help you understand that if you’re struggling to make perfect fans using say 0.07mm you will definitely have problems trying to fan much finer lashes in 0.03mm. These super fine lashes can act like magnets and can very easily stick to each other if your fans are not perfectly spaced. The method used to apply mega volume is different to the placement used for 2D – 6D, there are many advanced techniques available and each trainer may have her own version, however in my training school I favour the Mirror Link technique which allows for even distribution for the safety of the natural lashes in addition to great retention and an immaculately smooth top line for that perfect set of volume lashes.

What is Mirror Link? Mirror link is the method used to apply mega volume, we split the extensions in two, for example a 12D mega volume would be split into 2 fans.

6D + 6D = 12D mega fan Using 0.03mm diameter thickness we create two 6D & 6D fans, both these fans are then applied onto one natural lash side by side with the natural lash in the centre.

Why choose Mega Volume? Mega volume allows for a much fuller and denser lash look whilst keeping the natural lashes safe from fan overload. Applying 16D directly on top of a natural lash, however fine your lashes are, is not ideal for the safety of your natural lashes and for the retention of extensions. What do I need to be aware of when I apply MEGA Volume? Mega volume is an advanced technique because we have many changing factors to consider when we choose to apply a set of Mega volume versus normal volume. 1.



We must first measure/calculate which diameter is correct for the client’s natural lashes, for example, if we choose to use 12D, these 12D lashes will vary from client to client depending on their own natural lashes, in my classes I use The Volumetric Calculator to help students in choosing what lashes to use on which client. With this system, you will easily understand how to choose safely when applying mega volume on natural lashes, as one size does not fit all. Although many clients can have mega volume, they cannot have the same type of mega volume.

Multiple Lash Volume 9D – 22D Multiple lash volume is a technique where we apply two different lash thicknesses to one natural lash. We call these primary and supplementary lashes. Our primary lashes are 2D – 9D and these could be in thicknesses appropriate to the XD used – 0.07mm, 0.06mm,0.05mm – we can then use the volume space available to add supplementary lashes in 0.03mm, two thicknesses to one natural lash. This level of lashing is for experts only, and training is imperative to understand how we can safely use Multiple Lash Volume. So now that we know what types of Mega Volume are available, we must practice safe lashing whether we are applying Russian Volume, Mega Volume or Multiple Lash Volume. It is extremely important that we follow a safe lash distribution to avoid damaging the natural lashes.

When creating Mega volume, we do not use the same rules of lashing with regards to length, it is advisable never to go longer than 3mm from natural length, with classic lashing we can go If you would like help with Mega maximum 50% longer than the natural lashes, but with mega we volume, the volumetric calculator advise a maximum of 3mm longer, so if a client has natural 8mm or to understand the distribution lashes we can go up to 11mm. of lashes, please feel free to When Mirror Linking you must ensure that the links are joined contact me. correctly and that both sides of the lashes are straight and not falling apart, correct mirror linking will look like one great 12D fan, if it looks like two fans attached to one lash, that is incorrect, as with any lashes practice makes perfect.


Lashes - 16

Reader Gallery Maria Teresa D' angelo

L.t. Thompson

Ina Eibl

17 - Lashes

Urszula Palka

L.t. Thompson

Hajnalka Simon Lendvai Ania Chrostowska

Marta Wiatr

Grete Himberg

Lashes - 18

Cindy Nicholls

Liamandemma Smith

Tania Gates

Ina Eibl

Genevieve Harding Hajnalka Simon Lendvai

19 - Lashes

Carly Fitch

Olga P Villarreal

Jennie Longstaff

Erika Nikitiuk-Mizeikiene

Joanna Staniul Erin Williams Ana Milovanovic Aldoiu

Megan Mahingen Hannah Barret t

Lashes - 20

Lash Art Gallery

Francesca Nappi

21 - Lashes

Francesca Nappi Anamarija Telisman

Jill Lagasse

Leonie Looijkens Theis

Jolita Shishmanova

Anamarija Telisman

Lashes - 22

Dijana Tosev

23 - Lashes

Anamarija Telisman

Suzanne Kievit

Jolita Shishmanova

Urszula Palka

Noemi Lashes Silvia Mikova

Lisa Corwood

Marie-line Brusa-Pasque

Pixie Joanna L ydia Kypros

Cindy Nicholls

Lashes - 24

Pixie Joanna

25 - Lashes

Vicushka Lashes

Infinicils Reims

New Treatments:

Both Lamination and Lash Botox are nourishing treatments for eyelashes, meant to be used with Lash Lift, which is known to slightly dehydrate lashes due to the chemicals used.

Lash Lamination

and Lash Botox

Lash Lamination is done after Lash Lift. The black lamination coating contains proteins and amino acids (that make up keratin) and it has a similar effect to lashes as hair lamination has to hair – it repairs and restores the lashes. The viscosity of the product is similar to a thin mascara and the black coating does leave a similar mascara look with a very deep black hue and added volume. Lash Botox is done during the Lash Lift procedure. It’s a hydrolyzed keratin mask for eyelashes that also contains Argan oil and proteins. The nourishing mask fills the natural lash with keratin hence making them smoother and giving them a fuller look. Both treatments have some similarities in terms of ingredients but they are done in different ways and recommended for different eyelash types. I have put together an in-depth online training that covers Lash Lift, Lash Lamination, and Lash Botox; it will be available from www. in about two weeks time.

Lashes - 26

BALENS - Lash Inc 041214X.pdf 1 10/12/2014 09:27:43


Pioneering insurance package specifically designed for you





Specialist Insurance Brokers







» » » » »

£6m Medical Malpractice £6m Professional Indemnity £6m Public & Products Liability cover Taxation and Legal Package Student to student / Case study cover



PER YEAR (Incl. Taxes & Fees)

Teaching is included in this package as standard, however, if you are delivering your own qualification, have over 20 students or a turnover in excess of £20,000 per annum, you may need a Training School policy.

‘Please quote Lash14 for your 10% premium discount on your Training School policy’

Telephone: 01684 580 771 Web: Email: Balens Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

29 - Lashes

Featured Brand - Brows & Lashes by Salon System Lashes - 30




The end of this year was unusual for the world of the eyelash extension. On November 11, an international conference for the eyelash extension was held in Kaunas, during which the most famous trainers both from Lithuania and Europe made presentations about the innovations in eyelash extension and marketing.

The conference also had the practical part during which all the participants of the conference were able to directly communicate with each of the speakers, try to figure out the mistakes and to solve issues. Presentations were made by Elena Stakhovič (Belarus), Louise Tierney (Great Britain), Inesa Svetkina (Great Britain), Inga Misiūtė (Great Britain), Svetlana Slatina (Spain), Ilona Čypienė (Lithuania), Sandra Martišauskienė (Lithuania), Neringa Ankudavičienė (Lithuania), Alina Revko (Lithuania), Sonata Simanovičė (Lithuania) and Agnė Stundytė (Lithuania).

According to the event organiser, the head of JSC Baltic Beauty School Ilona Čypienė, this type of event is the very first in Lithuania. The conference has presented topics such as eyelash extension for men, eyelash modeling while taking into account the shape of client’s eye and discussed the most important and recent rules of the championships. The topics on artist’s marketing and self-promotion were quite widely debated as well. The event was not only the transfer of the most recent knowledge for the participants of the conference but also a new experience for some of the speakers. “The conference was a great success, the participants of the event have learned a lot of useful information, the winners of the online photo competition have been awarded, there were no major organising shortcomings. We are excited to be the first to have planned such a large scale event in Lithuania since our school is continuously developing and we are always the first to introduce all the innovations in Lithuania,” said Ilona Čypienė. During the entire month of October, an online photo contest was held, where the participants were able to compete in several categories such as 2-3D, 4-6D, Hyper Volume extensions, while the audience was also able to choose their favourite photo. The participants of the online photo contest were evaluated by such well-known international judges as Loreta Jasilionytė, Polina Glebanova, Marina Larskaya and by judges from Lithuania, namely Ilona Čypienė and Inesa Svetkina as well.

31 - Lashes

Contest Winners 2-3D Volume event: 1.

1. Evelina Martyniukaitė


2. Inga Čižauskaitė


3. Dovilė Balionienė

4-6D Volume event: 1.

1. Dovilė Balionienė


2. Evelina Martyniukaitė


3. Onutė Kernovičiūtė

Hyper Volume extension: 1.

1. Ugnė Sabaliauskytė


2. Ieva Pudževytė


3. Evelina Martyniukaitė

The title of “Miss Audience” was given to the work by Ieva Pudževytė. Congratulations to all the winners.

The head of JSC Baltic Beauty School has shared her future plans as well:

“The next conference of this kind will be held during the exhibition Cinderella 2017. It will also be supplemented by the eyelash extension championship and Master Class courses with the most famous eyelash extension teachers in the world”.

Lashes - 32

Lash Profile

Eva Zacharias Lash Inc: When did you first find out about eyelash extensions?

LI: What did you do before being a lash artist? location once a year. The Canadian Global Lash Summit is being hosted in Saskatoon, SK E: I was a hairstylist and owned my own salon September 2016! Eva: There was a huge lash craze roughly in Alberta, Canada for 25 years. 35 years ago where they were using flare While competing in lash competitions, I LI: Tell me about your business extensions. perfected my system for designing lashes for each client’s unique eye shape; this is where the At that time, there was not enough knowledge, E: Having started in the beauty industry in idea of MYLashBook was born. MYLashBook so it led to clients losing lashes for years! Once 1970 in Alberta, Canada, I soon realised my is an app developed for lash artists. It has the lash extensions came back in 2003/2004 I true passion; it allowed my creativity and most enhanced formula which offers lash noticed that the growth in knowledge, safe artistic abilities the chance to be expressed artists a way of designing lashes for their practices, and product was so much more and come to life. After being introduced to client’s unique eye shape while keeping their the notorious Richard Jeha, I was motivated advanced than it was years ago. information organized. It is available on Google to compete at hair competitions. It was at Play and the Apple Store. Eva has joined forces LI: Where did you first train? the hair competitions were I was inspired to with the talented Kim Regier of Chel Photo, to constantly update my styling skills and talents; E: I took my lash extension training in 2004 I realised I wasn’t in competition with the other help her document the impressive growth she in New York City. Six months’ after taking the stylists, I was in competition with myself. I has seen in the Lash Industry. course, I found myself travelling to Countries thoroughly enjoyed seeing my progress in each LI: Can you give us a short tutorial or some like Australia, Nigeria, Europe, the UK, competition. hints and tips for lash artists? and North America as a Lead International Educator. I was then inspired to carry on as After years of salon ownership and being a E: The key to being a successful lash artist? a freelance educator, improving salons’ lash hair stylist, I had the opportunity to move to Education! “Don’t be an average lash artist, extension application practices all over the the United States to take on the role of salon being average means you are the worst of the United States. and spa director. Once that job was finished, best and best of the worst.” I decided to take a detour to New York City LI: What attracted you to the industry? before heading home to Canada. To make the trip tax deductible I signed up for a lash course; E: I competed throughout my career as a the rest is history! While taking the lash hairstylist and picked up new and different course, I was asked to be a lash educator, my techniques which I found was quite similar in effortless skill with lashes was apparent from the lash extension industry. I found the lash the get-go. I was then made an international extension application process relaxing and an lead educator, which took me all over the world open door to creativity. It was a new avenue from Nigeria to Australia, to Europe and the for my artistic abilities which proved true as I UK! Once I was ready to set her roots back in won NEESA Lash Wars’ Fantasy two years in a Canada, she opened a lash salon in Saskatoon, row, just recently winning this in the summer Saskatchewan; EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts. of 2016! I believe that lash extensions are a true form of artistic expression, that is what I continue to educate globally while taking attracted my to the industry. part in building innovative tools for Lash Artists. When Russian Volume was introduced LI: When did you know they were your to Canada by Irena Levchuk, I realized what passion? education could do for the industry. That is E: Within a month of starting doing lashes, when I joined forces with Loreta Jasilionyte I knew that this was the career for me. I was and Jill Heijligers-Peloquin and started the in the middle of a fast-growing industry and Global Lash Summit. The Global Lash Summit noticed the areas I could help improve! I enjoy is a tool to continue and further education for sharing new techniques that I have created Lash Professionals. It is hosted in Canada, The United States, and the United Kingdom, each with new and existing lash artists.

33 - Lashes

Lashes - 34

Lashes, Race Cars,

& Air Conditioners

by Dijana ToĹĄev, Master Lash Artist from Zagreb, Croatia My whole life I've been surrounded by race cars and bikes, so many times I've been on the racetrack with my husband, that I learned a lot about aerodynamics, and through my job, I could not help but notice the aerodynamics of our lashes.

Eyelashes don't collect the dirt, but the dirt sticks because of the polluted air. Eyelash porousness is important for the light flow. Without proper income of light, our eyes can't function properly.

The balance between light flow and air filtering is disrupted due to extra density made artificially - with eyelash extensions, or by single-use eyelash strips. By regular eyelash hygiene, we will allow their function and keep our eyes healthy. Artificial eyelashes are pretty common in the There are many theories about eyelash purpose. While some speculate beauty industry, but their affect on health is not known. What is certain that they are the "dust catchers", others believe that eyelashes serve as is that the curve on the eyelash extension lowers the aerodynamic sensors, similar to animal whiskers. Movement next to our eyelashes function of our eyelashes, which allows more dirty air flow towards the causes the eye muscle to move, which causes blinking. Blinking is a eye. defence against any external influences. They also serve as a shield and protection from the sun. Extra density affects the porousness and lets less light into the eye. That Research nowadays has gone so far that it has been proven that eyelashes are aerodynamic. That gives them their most important role - being an air filtering system. As we move, they lower themselves towards the eye. The faster we move; the lower they go. Something similar to a car’s spoiler. Eyelashes are meant to "spoil" the unfavourable air movement. In our case, they divert and filter the incoming air which flows through them. In comparison to other body filtering mechanisms like nose hair and lungs which collect the dirt and then dispose of it through coughing and sneezing, our eyelashes don't collect, they divert. The more polluted the air is, the less porous the eyelashes are, and they have to be washed daily to keep our filtering mechanism working. If you think about how an air conditioning filter appears, we have to clean it regularly to keep the air flowing.

35 - Lashes

affects the most important eye function directly - vision. It is proven that solar panels lose about 6% of their strength every year because they don't have built-in filters so they can't be cleaned. With time we will know how much the eyelash extensions affect our vision, and are they the possible cause of eyesight deterioration. Long and curled false eyelashes will give our eyes protection only if they are porous - in this case - if they are sparse. Human eyelash aerodynamics is determined by the length of a natural eyelash. That makes short eyelashes from outer corners ready for defence from the air coming in sideways - which is considered to be the most dangerous one, coming directly into the eye. Short outer lashes redirect that dangerous air. Long lashes apply to outer corners don't have that defensive ability, which makes the eyes more prone to infections and dry eye syndrome.

Can people, after understanding the primal eyelash mechanisms, use that knowledge to keep the eye infections from happening? It is believed that eye defence is the tear duct system, which covers the sclera with a thin layer of oil, water, and mucus. That liquid serves the purpose of cleaning the eye and watering the eyelids. Except for this system, others are less known and explored, like in example eyelashes.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the eyelashes’ main function is redirecting the air and filtering the incoming dust and pollution. The conclusion is always the same in the end, we'll save the health of eyes and eyelashes by regular hygiene, which means daily washing!

Lashes - 36

Featured Lash Artist -Miranda Tarpey London Lash Games Fantasy Art Winner 37 - Lashes

Expert Lashers Expert Lashers is a website dedicated to the best lash artists in the industry. As an applicant, you will have photographs of your lash work and qualifications reviewed before being accepted to be listed. As a listed member you will have your own unique page which you can use for promotional purposes. Link it to your website, have a link in your email signature. Show your clients you are one of the lash elite. Listings are just $4.99 USD per month! To be listed visit and click on ‘Get Listed’.

Lashes - 38


Enchanted Experience

Over a beautiful weekend in Western Australia at the stunning Mindarie Marina, a world first event brought two amazing international guests, Hilaree Brand of My Brand Lashes and Eva Zacharias of EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts together with lash artists from across Australia and New Zealand to learn, create, inspire and make some magic!

Hilaree - “Mega volume was the plan for day one. The energy of the class was electric. We started with pick ups that suited the artist. No one in the room had the same technique - guess With their combined experience as Master Lash what? That is ok! My goal, along with Eva was Artist, Educator, Innovator, Fantasy Award to polish and push the limits of Mega Volume. winner, Mentor and Judge, Eva Zacharias Not only were the girls taught to pick up a mega and Hilaree Brand were the natural choice volume fan with .04 lashes, they were taught to approach. “The Enchanted Experience face shaping and colour usage. Each artist was one of experimentation and execution. worked tirelessly to perform.” Preparation for this course was months in planning. Tossing around ideas. Gathering Huge fans, small fans, dark velvety dense materials. Creating a course this different, that lashes, calculations, techniques and a great had never been done before, is a daunting task. sense of achievement at the end of Day 1 With the brain power of Kelly, Eva and myself, seeing the models glamorous lashes was more we sketched out our outline filled to the brim than enough to feed the soul.... and then the It all began with an idea to create a unique with knowledge, skill development and fantasy big reveal of the creative theme ‘Oceans’, the training session never done before, boasting lash art” said Hilaree Brand. The final program costumes and props to be used for Day 2 blew pioneering course material as well as the latest Mega Volume - Unleash your Creativity, was a everyone away. The effort and creativity that trend in lashing, Mega Volume, a treatment two day event with over 22 hours of education, went into the outfits Eva brought with her all relatively new to our side of the world. But inspiration, creativity and mentoring. The the way from Saskatoon in Canada and created Enchanted SPA Director Kelly Storer wanted results? Breathtaking! when she arrived was exceptional. more. “I’m in total admiration at the talent in Australia and New Zealand and am fascinated The Mindarie Marina Hotel venue with by the phenomenal achievements people attain stunning ocean views through floor to individually, but I’m absolutely obsessed with ceiling windows and a large open space was a the idea of the endless creative possibilities sanctuary for two days, relaxing and inspiring when people work together.” Interest in the attending artists. With backgrounds creative work and competitions has grown including Lash Training Academy owners, as our industry becomes more mature and product distributors, salon owners, award this was the inspiration for the Enchanted winning artists and relative newbies to Experience twist - teach Mega Volume in a Volume, each student entered the room on Day traditional setting then take it up a notch to 1 at different levels in their careers. cover model & makeup choices, hair, hairpieces

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and storyboarding for creative and competition work using rules of competitions, with small groups working together to inspire each other.

L-R: Hilaree Brand, Jodie Adams, Janelle Bolger, Kelly Storer, Eva Zacharias

When they left at the end of Day 2, it was as equals and Lash Sisters.

Day 2 The artists were allocated groups to work in together for Day 2 and headed off into the night discussing ideas and sharing their excitement. “The second day we gave the artists control over their model’s lash design using coloured lashes and the story behind each design. The only guidance they were given was to follow the ‘Oceans’ theme. “ Eva Zacharias said. Colour volume fans, lash flowers, spray paint, body paint....Day 2 was fantasy heaven! The artists learned how to create storyboards to corral and visually define their ideas, and then the brainstorming began - you could feel the excitement building in the room! “At first some students were doubting their creative abilities; luckily they pushed through those doubts and produced amazing fantasy lash stories and designs! I found the enthusiasm and creativity from the students was so contagious that it made for such an unforgettable and most memorable event!” Eva said. Once the craft started, there was no stopping them. Seashells, pearls, seaweed, lash flowers, glue guns at the ready. The atmosphere was electric, Madonna blasted through the speakers and bonds formed amongst the hairspray, glitter and headpieces that have continued to grow every day since the event. Mission accomplished! Hilaree - “Each lash artist brought more than just lash talent. The creative juices started to flow and magic appeared on humans. I say magic for a few reasons. First - all of the girls were placed in random groups. This challenged them. Forced them to draw on their own creativity and to convey it to the group so that everyone would have a say. Next - the models and the theme were only introduced the day before. Again, not much time to plan. But that was the point. This forced the girls to shine. They did. Oh, how they did. As you look at each model you will see that they loved being the character they were created to be.” Models - Michelle, Maria, Melissa, Grace Photographer - Colleen Irvine, Upstage Photography With a theme of ‘Oceans’, the setting could not have been more perfect MUA - Aleisha Hemsworth for the finale Sunset photoshoot for Lash Inc. Magazine. Everyone Hair Stylist - Summer Baker gathered together at the water’s edge and took a moment to really take Bodypaint Artist - Emily Delks in what had been achieved over the two days as the completed models posed for the photographer in all their glory. The air of pride, success, The Enchanted Experience is an annual event that keeps getting bigger joy and teamwork was evident in the hugs and smiles of the students. and better! This one will be hard to top - but we already have some Special thanks and acknowledgement must go to the models who are brilliant ideas! If you would like to register your interest for the next not professionals and volunteered their time and patience for two very event in November 2017, head to our website at www.enchantedspa. long days! Also to our photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and and fill out your details in the Contact Us section. bodypaint artist who helped make the students’ visions become reality:

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Team 1

Leanne Gibbons, Lashes by Leanne Jaye Edwards, Flawless in a Teacup Pixie Joanna, Pixies Eyelash Extensions Perth Aleena Maney, Just Lashes Costume article assigned: Goldfish Model: Michelle We created a mystical, third dimension exotic aquatic creature. She is protecting her creations in bubbles and shielding the intruders from taking what’s hers. The jewels on her eyes symbolise knowledge, wisdom and prophecy. Her name is Eurotic Citoxi, the Keeper of Secrets.

Team 2

Bianca Polinelli, Just Lashes Kathryn Leeman, Natural Lash Boutique Lisa Gillanders, Lashworx Esther Augustin, Viva la Lash Costume article assigned: Pink skirt Model: Maria Our lovely model Maria is a mermaid emerging from the sea to become a beautiful woman. She represents the evolution of a mermaid through glamour and is still evolving - half mermaid, half woman.

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Team 3

Tina Tran Rhozie Edmonds, House of Lashes Mimmi Ebbersten, Lashia Australia Margaret Attrill, Luscious Lashes by Margaret Costume article assigned: Netting Model: Melissa We took inspiration from Melissa’s tattoos and wanted to honour them so incorporated them into our Grunge Ocean Goddess theme. We wanted to make her sexy, hot and tough, raised up from the ocean.

Team 4

Joy Hartigan, JLashez Eyelash Extensions Lydia Kypros, Bronze Bombshell Beauty Chelsey Briggs, Creative Beauty by Chels Costume article assigned: Clamshell Model: Grace Our character is Pearl. She is not of the ocean, but a whimsical character who has come to visit the underwater world in search of a secret treasure hidden inside the clam. We really loved Grace’s eyes so chose lashes with soft pink, bright pink and purple to pop her blue eyes. The green seaweed represents the struggle Pearl has gone through to get her prize.

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The Enchanted Experience in their Own Words:

ducation is only part of what you gain at training events. Networking, friendships and business connections are so important to build and maintain a respected business that lasts through the changes in our industry. I could never have imagined the weekend would be so amazing, satisfying and humbling. I would like to thank everyone who took part and hope this may inspire others to join forces and let the magic happen.” - Kelly Storer Enchanted SPA.

Nelly in thinking I had NO creativity in me at all BUT Hilaree & Eva found it. I was more than happy to just be able to take a class with these incredibly talented women who are major lash masters and be surrounded by creativity and not expect to create. Well I did create and loved it and would sign up for another class tomorrow in an instant. The friends I have made and deepened from this class is priceless. Signed Negative Nelly who is now Creative Clara aka Margaret Attrill xx” - Margaret Attrill Luscious Lashes by Margaret




enrolled into the course as a last minute whim. Initially I tried to do just the Mega Volume day because I thought the fantasy day wasn’t really my thing. I wasn’t creative. I’m so glad that Kelly didn’t give me the option to do just the one day as I loved fantasy and really let myself fall into my creative side; that I never knew I had. It allowed me to switch off from the daily grind and simply be consumed by fun, curiosity and creative play. This course has rekindled my love for lashing and being able to offer my clients a new premium lash service with Mega Volume is the icing on the cake. The cherry on top is the wonderful community we have strengthened with the other artists who joined me at this incredible course.” - Lydia Kypros Bronze Bombshell Beauty.


OW what an amazing 2 day course. I was lucky enough to train side by side with some of the best lash artists in Australia & New Zealand. How many can say they were the founding students of the fantasy course run by Enchanted SPA & having Hilaree Brand & Eva Zacharias as their trainers & mentors. I was a bit of a negative

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eeing what the students could create in only one day has me looking forward to seeing what they create when they are given more time to prep for their design visions! I hope to see them all competing in lash competitions for fantasy as their talents and abilities were truly amazing. I also have to mention how grateful I am to Kelly and her team for putting this all together; the event was so well thought out and planned. I cannot imagine all the hard work that went into it as it was very impressively done! And thanks to Hilaree Brand for partnering with me; I had a blast teaching alongside her! I can’t wait and am looking forward to the next one!” - Eva Zacharias EyelusionZ Beauty Concepts.


uch an incredible exchange happens between teacher and student. I gained so many new lash sisters. By the feedback I have received since the course, they are all blooming into the artists they were meant to be. The Enchanted Experience married passion and artistry in a way that has never been done in the Lash Industry. I look forward to… NO. I crave more.” - Hilaree Brand My Brand Lashes

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Edit by Melanie Doyle

Happy New Year to all the Lash Inc Ladies and Gents, hoping you have had a very busy December and January with your Lash and Beauty Businesses. I have been extra busy teaching special effects in Taiwan; I am helping the makeup artists gain recognised VTCT qualifications, that means they can travel internationally to work in the TV and film industries as they do not currently have any type of formal qualifications. The academy in Taipei is managed by Dorothy Chen who looked after me whilst I was over in Taiwan and will be looking after me again in April when I return to teach again. I am looking into the possibility of future student exchange programmes which will be just amazing for their students and ours at MelVicMakeup Academy in England. I have also been carrying on the theme of working in special effects as I have been

working on TV series ‘Snatch’ which is a remake of the film into a TV series by Sony TV for Crackle TV, this has been an amazing set to work on alongside head of hair and makeup Lucy Cain and Emmy and Bafta Award-winning Adele Firth who was assistant head. My students have worked on set as trainees and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, we worked on quite a few days with an ‘Optometrist’ who was on set to ensure the safety of the eyes in one of the actors who had to wear contact lenses that were the full width and height of the eye that can be seen, I learnt quite a lot about lash bugs, which was rather interesting.

The Lash Lift My favourite beauty treatment at the moment is ‘The Lash Lift’ I have recently seen an increase in lash technicians and beauty therapists wanting to train in the lash lift system. I did a lot of research on the market of the lash lift system before I decided on ‘Lash Base’. The products and the speed of deliveries are most pleasing and the products give amazing results that I am seeing clients returning for regular and my students numbers on this course are increasing by the month. One of the reasons that I love the ‘Lash Base’ product is the results but especially the results with the collagen eye gel that you put on at the end of the treatment. The sachet is quite a big sachet so I always apply a little to each lash and then seal up the rest of the sachet for the client to use at the end of the day for the following couple of days, it makes them feel like they are Lash Base have offered to give our readers a getting a little free gift too. special discount of 15%, the code is LashInc and this code will get you a massive 15% off any The large kit is the best value at £83.46 which I lash lift system products (Excludes kits as they give to my students on the course to take home are already heavily discounted) with them, but you can purchase a smaller kit at £50.46 which is equally great to get you started in your business.

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MelVicMakeup Academy Special Offer for Lash Inc readers – Lash Lift Course including tint training, fully accredited – 10-4pm usually £250 – we are offering 15% off the course fee contact – http://

The most excellent Mascaras of 2017 Super Curly Mascara The Curling mascara from Pierre Rene is my personal favourite but that is because I have quite naturally curly hair and my lashes are also quite naturally curved too, so sometimes I do find it difficult to find a mascara brush that fits my lashes perfectly and this one has a curved brush that fits perfectly. As always I like to road test a mascara to make sure I do not get the panda eye look and this one stood the test of a rainy day, a run for a train and some very busy days teaching in a very hot room so I would have to give this mascara 5 stars. An innovative formula with nylon maximally thickens eyelashes. The moisturising substances and vitamins contained in the formula take care of the condition, elasticity and shine of the lashes. Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologically tested and not tested on animals. Price - £13.50 Telephone: 0151 421 1234

Iconic Mascara This mascara has a silicone brush that is actually very fine so although this was not my personal favourite it would be perfect for others due to the shape of the brush and the rich formula for thickening the lashes. I found that this mascara thickened my lashes instantly and because of the very fine silicone brush needles the mascara did not clump like some mascaras do and it was easy to load the mascara onto my lower lashes which I believe would be great for anyone who has naturally tiny eye lashes or a prominent eyelid. A multifunctional mascara which benefits are extreme thickening, lengthening and modelling effects. An exclusive creamy formula cares for and moisturises eyelashes. An innovative silicone brush makes it easy to apply the mascara perfectly without clumping. Hypoallergenic, ophthalmologically tested and not tested on animals. Price - £13.50 Telephone: 0151 421 1234

CODE FFL Forget Fake Lashes This pre-mascara is super long lasting and did not leave me with panda eyes at all it really lasted the whole day, but the unique feature of this mascara is that it is designed for ladies or gents with super short and very sparse lashes who want a natural look but want to look like they have lashes. This pre-mascara lash plumper helps to give that extra thickness and length to the natural lashes with its hydrating creamy light formula the agents within the mascara actually condition the lashes and softens to avoid cracking and flaking of the lashes. I love this product as a kit essential as it is sometimes required onset when doing a photo shoot where you need thick lashes but false eye lashes cannot be used and if you are someone who wears lashes regular but need a break or are doing something where you cannot wear your usual lashes, then this product is a great antidote to enhance your own natural eyelashes. Key benefits of the product: Short lashes – will be given show-stopping length, Thin lashes – will be plumped, Paraben free and not tested on animals, 8mls. Price - £18 for full size

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Nouveau Lashes takes LVL enhance lash-lift treatment to another level

Each patch test pack contains a patch test form, all 4 LVL products in a new dimple pack, a transfer tint test, applicators and hypoallergenic plasters packaged in a slim, leakproof, post-friendly format. Attracting new clients for LVL Enhance treatments just got even easier. All you have to do is fill in the address details and stick on a stamp.

New Packs Improve Workflow

In another exciting development, the four elements needed to complete an LVL Enhance treatment are contained in a convenient dimple pack, with just the right amount of each formula in an easy-peel product pearl. They can be used direct from the pack, with no need to distil into a Micro Cup. Furthermore, the product pearls Based on their loyal lash technicians’ feedback, can be used either standalone, or with the Nouveau’s LVL Enhance has been completely new, innovative LVL Headband. This has been redeveloped to help streamline and further designed to hold the treatment pearls, making improve the popular 4-step treatment process treatments more ergonomic and easier than -just in time to help technicians improve their ever to deliver. workflow when their appointment books are full of clients wanting their lashes to ‘look good With 15 individual treatments per box, each containing just the right amount of naked’ in the gym after New Year! LVL Enhance Bonding Gel, Lifting Balm, Volumising Fix and Moisturising Serum required, there’s next to no waste product.

Nouveau Lashes proves it’s the lash brand that listens with the launch of its new, improved LVL Enhance lash-lift products.

Easy-Post Patch Tests Save Even More Time

The improvements to LVL Enhance start even before the treatment. In the past, technicians would use the leftover formula from treatments to make patch test kits for clients, in theory, that’s great – because otherwise it would get thrown away. But in practice, making up patch tests was extra fuss that ate into technicians’ time. Nouveau Lashes has the solution with handy little patch-test kits, which are all ready to just pop in the post.

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Added Collagen and Oats for LVL Lashes With Extra Lustre There are now new enriching ingredients in the new, improved LVL product formulas – the latest liquids have added supplements to increase the strength of lashes and reduce any chance of breakage.

The formula has been devised to support added oats and collagen – the oat protein to soften and smooth, the collagen to repair and protect, just like they do in skincare. The enriched LVL formulas are available now in the brand new treatment packs from the Nouveau Lashes online shop.

The Perfect Home Care Treatment The benefits of LVL can now be further enhanced at home with the new Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum. Designed by Nouveau Lashes to work in conjunction with LVL Enhanced treatments. The serum is packed full of nourishing goodness. Used daily it’s complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives provides lashes with all they need to appear instantly conditioned, as well as providing long-term benefits to help give a fuller appearance. “Most of us don’t think twice about using a conditioner after shampooing our hair. The same should go for treated eyelashes, whether it be an LVL treatment or lash extensions. We’ve therefore reformulated our Conditioning Serum, so the new and much improved Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum is now packed full of multi-vitamins and powerful antioxidants to provide natural and treated lashes with nourishing goodness to look their best.” - Vicky Bellerby, New Product Development Consultant See Nouveau Lashes at Pro Beauty London 26th & 27th Feb 2017 - Stand R21 Tickets available from www.

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Lash Profile K  elly Storer Enchanted SPA provides services, products and training academy for cutting edge hair & beauty. But it is more than that. It is the evolution of 22 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry with 10 years’ experience in lash extensions and brows for Director, Kelly Storer. It is also the beginning of a revolution that is the Enchanted World in Australia. So where did this story start? Kelly’s love affair with the hair and beauty industry began in 1994 when she started as a Saturday girl in a small city hairdressing salon. The attraction was instant, and her passion grows still every single day. From the tender age of 13 she began a hairdressing apprenticeship and by 18 was lecturing NVQ Level 3 Hairdressing at a local college alongside the opening of her own salon. By the time Kelly moved to

Australia in 2011, she had two successful salons as well as her lecturing positions behind her. As soon as she landed in her new home country, Australia, she set up a salon and built a loyal clientele. With a busy work life, a loving man and 3 beautiful children, Kelly still felt there was something missing. She missed teaching and found Australia lacking in training and products. They just weren’t at the level she was used to in the UK and Europe. So she decided to build a single place where customers could find quality, genuine extension products, and training they knew they could trust. There were many hours (and dollars) spent trialling materials from all over the world and ultimately Kelly kept going back to her supplier from the UK. While the products were more expensive, they were quite simply better quality. Deciding she would rather stand behind quality than an inferior product at a lower price, Kelly knew this would limit her market and that was OK with her. Making a quick buck was not the aim, it was having confidence that any products she sold were trialled, tested, met international standards and were not imitations that was important.

The Sisterhood Kelly has a deep interest in Women and Sisterhood. The idea of women being strong and independent and able to provide for their family is very close to Kelly’s heart as at a young age her father passed away, leaving her wonderful mother to work four jobs to support the family. This had a defining and profound impact on Kelly that influenced her drive for financial independence. A lot of women Kelly was meeting in Australia were feeling down. They had moved from families and homes overseas. Most were struggling and on antidepressants. Many of Kelly’s clients would cry at appointments. They needed to do something, to be independent and explore their artistic side.

“I believe very much in ‘Lash Sisterhood’ – competition and secrets among fellow lash trainers and artists is counterproductive. How powerful can we all be if we work together, support each other and educate each other?!” 51 - Beauty

Eyelash Artistry is therapeutic for both the client and therapist. They can both relax and forget their troubles. Mothers get to work around their children; They don’t have to stack shelves at midnight in the supermarket. It’s a win-win and a career Kelly wanted to help women with. Learning skills to develop their own businesses, flexible opportunities that would allow them to earn when they had the time, whether it was working around school hours for their children, earning extra money for the household or around other personal commitments that made earning a living a challenge. What followed was many years of research and development before the launch of what ultimately became Enchanted SPA.

A New Kind of Training She researched which training was provided and where improvements could be made. The biggest gap was the lack of support after a student had completed their course. It was a pat on the back, hand over the kit and good luck. The challenge, of course, was price – the whole point of training for many students was to improve their budget, most just didn’t have the extra funds to pay for the kind of aftersupport that was really needed. So Enchanted Spa offers all students an interest-free payment plan to lighten the load. Kelly liaised with her network of ‘Lash Sisters’ in Australia, NZ, UK and Europe to exchange ideas for developing detailed training manuals and programs for an initial suite of training courses that could be delivered with national accreditation behind them. Something not previously done in Australia. After reviewing the outcome of initial ‘train and release’ courses, Kelly wanted to provide full training and ongoing support which was vital. She didn’t want to lead her students half the way and hope for the best – it had to be all or nothing. Enchanted SPA has carefully built an environment to support students well beyond their training days. This includes access to a training video library to refresh knowledge as well as support from industry experts and trainers in a private online group solely for Enchanted students. Guiding new lash artists

to the industry, helping those making a career change adapt, while providing ongoing support to give them confidence in all aspects of client service.

Kelly’s Top Tips 1.

Network, Network, Network! Talk to the local mums at your school drop off, parents at your child’s soccer game, salon clients, workers at your local beauty supplier, pop into other salons and introduce yourself. You could be talking to your next mentor, your biggest supplier, your favourite stylist sister or your best customer.


Think about what you want to do and don’t be scared to have really big ideas. Some of them will be awesome, others you might question afterwards, but that’s ok. Have someone you trust who you can tell your really big ideas to. They will give you the most honest feedback. It doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want anyway – just take it on board and maybe adjust your plan a bit!


While technology is constantly changing and advancing, right now Social Media is King. Use it! You can advertise cheaply and quickly to reach far more people with the correctly targeted advertising using Social Media than with flyer drops or other forms of advertising. Social Media Sites like Facebook and Instagram have help pages set up to advise you on the best way to use their services. There are also many Blogs with tips and advice on targeting, how to build followers, how to run competitions and increase customers.


Ask your friends/family/local café owner/bar attendant for help getting the word out. Tell them about your business and ask them to keep it in mind. Have business cards handy if they ask for them. Ask them to like and share your posts or your page on Social Media. Do a service for them for free or at a friend’s discount as a walking advertisement. “I once did eyelash extensions and hair extensions for free for a local bar attendant – she referred so many of her friends and pub clients to me who asked where she had them done!”

The Foundation “Our foundation is that every part of our business is genuine, ethical and provides the best possible quality; from our product range to our training, services and how we deal with our suppliers and customers. If that means we miss out on some sales, no problem. We don’t just sell training courses to issue certificates and sell products. We recognise the need to be flexible and to adjust our schedules to suit the needs of our students.” All after-training support is provided at no extra charge and does take up a lot of time for the Enchanted SPA team but seeing students grow in skill and flourish in their businesses is worth it. There is pride in sowing the seed, helping it grow and being there to see the full bloom. With the massive rise in the personal services industry, Kelly recognises that there is plenty of room for everyone. “Our training programs continue to evolve as new trends or practices emerge, and we don’t leave past students behind. People who have trained with us join our Enchanted World and continue to benefit as we share any new developments in courses they have previously undertaken with us. We also offer ongoing access to workshops to refresh and touch base with trainers long after the initial training course has passed. As we move forward, we offer the ability for our students to move with us in a continuous learning and supportive environment.”

Competition Someone said to me that I should be careful about how many people I train as I would be increasing my competition – I was genuinely surprised by that and felt it was such a narrow view. I believe there is plenty of room for new and talented entrants to create their own niche and healthy client base within the industry. By educating and supporting their development and sharing skills and knowledge, we can raise safety standards and ensure best practice – and the whole industry benefits from that. Within twelve months of ‘officially’ launching, Enchanted SPA had taken a significant share of the markets it targeted. And has a handpicked team of exceptional trainers and mentors.

Kelly’s tips for being a good person and a valued member of the lash community:

Imagine Imagine where you want to be in your career. Don’t be scared to chase that dream.

Believe Believe in yourself. Everyone gets hit with the self-doubt stick. Have faith that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Don’t knock others. Help your lash sisters out by helping to build their confidence instead of knocking them down. Let’s all work together to raise the industry standards.

Enchant No one remembers what you said to them; they remember how you made them feel. Be the person that makes people happy about the person they are client’s, peers, even your competition!

Tip for lashing Relax and enjoy what you are creating.

Tip for life Be you! “Have a dedication to education and invest in yourself yearly by upskilling. There is so much new research and so many new products being introduced every year, keep up with the times and trends. We are on a mission to raise Lash Industry standards in Australia. We will continue to bring global gurus to Australia’s lash artists and host lash competitions to shine light on our new generation of stylists.”

Kelly x

Imagine. Believe. Enchant

At the time of writing Enchanted SPA provides training courses and products for Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume Eyelash For makeup loving clients who cannot live Extensions, and Lash Lift and is the Australian without their eyeliner, tell them to dampen Sole Trainer & Distributor for Ultimate Brow, an eyeliner makeup brush then dip in a dark 3D Sculpting, and Brow Extensions. eyeshadow mineral powder and sweep across the eyelid. No oil damage to lashes and easily washed away with water!

Tips for clients

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Featuring inspirational stories and insights from International Lash Masters – Available on Amazon 53 - Beauty


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Featured Lash Artist -Amethyst Lounge Business - 56


“Great lashes don’t just happen, they are designed” @pinklabcosmetics

Los Angeles 57 - Business


P: 212 686-0992

New York




Accreditation Lash Inc are offering accreditation of eyelash training courses. The accreditation will show potential students your materials are of a set standard and that your qualifications have been verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and accreditation can help with this.

er t s i Reg r fo n o i t ita d e r Acc day! to

Training Accreditation Benefits 1.

Potential students know that your qualifications have been verified and your training courses and materials are of a set standard. Valid for 12 months.


Accreditation logo issued for you to use on stationery and website.


Accreditation certificate issued to display on your premises.


Up to 6 courses accredited for a single fee (£150 or $250 USD) (Additional courses £25 per course)


CPD points and certificates can be allocated to your students.


Free listing in Lash Inc training directory (print and online versions), saving you £200 per year.


Free digital subscription to Lash Inc.


Accreditation worldwide.


Free listing on Accredited training provider section of website.






10. Discounts on insurance (Currently UK & Ireland only). 11. Invitation to sign up for Lash Inc Ambassador program, your students will receive a 1 year subscription to Lash Inc plus you as a school can gain extra rewards. * Extra Bonus: Free VIP Membership to website: Read current Lash Inc, back issues, e-books, exclusive discounts and video content. No risk application, if we can not accredit you for any reason your application fee will be returned promptly. Business - 58


with a difference by Louise Tierney, Lash Inc Owner We recently had a photoshoot for Issue 14 of Lash Inc. However, this was a photoshoot with a difference. In 2016 I entered a contest to be featured in a PayPal® advert and have Lash Inc as a case study on their website. There was a monetary prize as well, I didn’t with the main prize however they said my story was very interesting and they still wanted to interview me and feature Lash Inc. So, I grabbed the opportunity and got very excited. To make the interview a bit more interesting we made it coincide with our photoshoot and invited the PayPal® team along. Look out for Lash Inc being featured by PayPal® sometime in 2017. The reason I am telling you this story is for a few reasons: 1) Enter contests, your chances of winning are usually much greater than you think. I was up against a huge amount of PayPal® users worldwide and manage to be featured. The same goes for lash contests, business contests – enter the ones that will be valuable to you or your business, don’t worry about winning just take part and see what happens. You could be surprised! 2) Seize opportunity, opportunities come and go in a blink of an eye. The best thing to do is to seize them and work out how to make things work later. Don’t miss out on chances due to fear. 3) Partnering with large established companies, being associated with them can be great for business. Choose your partners wisely and when you do nurture those relationships. If you are still unfamiliar with PayPal® please have a look at www. they have numerous payment solutions which are perfect for small to medium businesses and I can hand on heart say PayPal® has been great for my business.

Photoshoot credits: Miranda Tarpey – Model’s Lash Artist Nadine Moseley – Hair and Make up Maya Andreea Rehman – Louise’s Lash Artist Model – Lucy Scott Graphic Design Assistant – Amy Scott Studio – Broadwood Studio – Glasgow Filming and Photography – Linney Group Clothing – Debenhams Silverburn Glasgow With special thanks to Jayne and Claire from PayPal®

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The following training academies and individuals are accredited by Lash Inc. Their training courses and qualifications meet all requirements for approval by our organisation.

Lash Inc Accredited Directory Accreditation

United Kingdom & Ireland Accredited Training Providers.

England Love My Lashes Sue Winter 7 Bremen Grove, Shenley Brook End, Milton Keynes MK5 7FJ

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff AB44 1RU +44 (0)845 022 22 33

East Anglian Beauty Training

Hello Gorgeous (Kent)

Gina G Beauty Ltd

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd 26 Rutland Road Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 4HY +44 (0)7554 925 551

Immaculate Beauty Academy 8 Tamworth Parade Elms Park Essex RM12 5AS

Inga Misiute Dartford Kent DA1 5LF +44 (0)7988 374 564

Lashworld Silviya Mikova 122 London Road Bognor Regis, West Sussex +44 (0)7886 836 448

Love Beauty Training

95 Wycombe Ln, Wooburn Green, High Wycombe Institute of Eyelash Excellence 25 Hillview Road 07939461119 Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8EY

Lash By Francesca LASHacademy Training & Products 63 - Business


Caledonian Therapy Academy 7 Newton Place Glasgow G3 7PR +44 (0)1423 329 251

Flirties Unit 2, Tarlair Business Park Tarlair Way, Macduff AB44 1RU +44 (0)845 022 22 33

Ireland: Monika Wojtysiak DeviLash Lash Extensions Atelier & Training Centre. 16/1 8 William Street Galway Ireland

Glamour Lashes Ireland +353 872 974 781

Donata Jucyte Ritzy Eyes 0831040220 Unit 45, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 Ireland


United States of America Accredited Training Providers.

Canada Accredited Training Providers.

South Africa Accredited Training Providers.

Jessica Mogauro

Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry

Lesley-ann Altree

The Beauty Pro Loft 130 Centre St. Howe Barn #103 Danvers, MA 01923 +1 781-813-8131

Benita Lash Studio 18321 W. Lake Houston Pkwy Suite 305 Humble, TX 77346

Amy Young Love Those Lashes LLC +1 513-280-6550

Lucy Argent LA Lash Academy 137 Bay Street #8, Santa Monica, CA 90405 +1 424-200-8278

San Diego Eyelash Extensions 12935 Pomerado Road, Suite C Poway, CA 92064 +1 619-438-5770

LASHLAB Academy by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl New York, NY 10017 +1 212-686-0992

MaiLash Academy Mai Lee 1526 N Scottsdale Rd. Tempe, AZ 85281 USA +1 480 404 0092

Courtney Buhler +1 587 982 5274

Luscious Lashes International 6 Hutchinson Ave, Table View, 7441 South Africa +27 21 557 5279

Lash Line Academy & Supplies Inc Vogue Lashes by Adelle Sutton Jessi Love

9 Harvey Street, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001 +27 41 583 2530

Boutique Lash Company 2115 39 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6L 4G1 +1 780 266 3875

Australia & New Zealand Accredited Training Providers. Sugarlash Academy of Lash Artistry Melena Langford

VC LASH Ltd Canberra, ACT AUSTRALIA +61 2 4761 59717

Komao Kerrie Ann Ditz

Enchanted S.P.A 0450 4247 39 / 1300 113 996 PO Box 1483, Joondalup DC, WA 6919

Worldwide & Online Accredited Training Providers. Deluxe Lashes International Aleksandra Maniuse +370 6 092 2922

Lash Master Academy Online

Institute of Eyelash Excellence - Online

Lessons in Lashes - Online

Star Lash Academy Jancarza 89 31-618 Krakรณw Poland

Silart Lash & Brow Academy Business - 64


Directory UK & Ireland

LASHacademy Training & Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide. Training Dates: Ongoing

Frankie Widdows 07714 638405 Master lash artist Frankie Widdows is head trainer at the Institute of Eyelash Excellence. She provides outstanding training from foundation level through to advanced lash techniques and Russian volume eyelash extensions. She also provides continued online support and tutorials as well as 24/7 access to her for the rest of your lash career. Training Dates: Ongoing

Michelle Ryan 07825924920 Michelle Ryan is an experienced and passionate lash technician who has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share with her students. As a trainer for Flirties, she constantly strives to improve the standard of eyelash extensions across the board. Being a busy therapist herself gives Michelle the ability to support students not just with training but to also offer help and advice in other areas of setting up and running a business.

Ireland Ms Diva Training Cork & Dublin 0870 991 991

Annya Studio Anna Slufirski Tallagh, Dublin 24, Ireland FB/IG Annya Studio

USA & Canada Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training. 1-818-970-7151 -Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

Premium Products and Quality Training Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide 1-403-999-4455

Luxe Lash Academy Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) Classic and Volume Certification Advanced Volume Techniques Re-Certification & Refresher Courses 1-778-808-5572


List in our training directory for just ÂŁ50 GBP per quarter ($80 USD) Email info to be included in our next issue 65 - Business

by PINKLAB & Co. 545 Fifth Avenue 8th Fl New York, NY 10017

Supplier D  irectory

USA & Canada

SkynLash Academy Training Courses Continuing Education at it’s Finest Skype Training Available Basic Lashes to Advanced Volume Lashcoat & Lashbrow Training SkynLash Shop for the Finest Lash Supplies 732-618-2096 NJ USA

Novalash 1-866-430-1261

RevitaLash® Cosmetics

Angel Eyelashes Eyelash Supplier to Professionals

Boutique Lash Company Call or Text 780-266-3875

Hot Lashes +1 (403) 999-4455 Canada’s Premium Quality Products shipped World Wide

Sugar Lash Eyelash extension & training provider

Sweet Lash 377 Marshall Way N #1 Layton, UT 84041

Lash Affair by J.Paris 1.800.608.2420 We sell Luxury Lash Extension Products & Global Certifications We ship and train globally as well

Sinful Lashes Luxury Products and Quality Training Tel-1-818-970-7151 -Luxury products at competitive prices. Featuring our Red Ruby Volume Adhesive. -Quality, in-depth training located in Los Angeles. We also travel the US bringing our Classic and Volume training to you.

PremierLash - designer lashes™ Toll Free US & Canada +1 877 366 5274 Local & International +1 801 463 4868

United Kingdom & Ireland Flirties BeautyTrix 0845 022 2233

Lash Perfect 0208 500 9028 - Professional and accredited training available from expert trainers at competitive prices throughout the UK. - Internationally renowned and available worldwide through over 30 overseas distributors. Business - 66

Nouveau Lash


Nouveau Beauty Group 0844 8016820

Glamour Lashes Ireland

LashBase Ltd 02392251425

My Beautiful Eyes Mylash, Myscara, Mybrows

Golden Eyelashes Ltd. We supply high quality eyelash extension and accessories. 07522168750

Lash Heaven Luxury Lash Supplies Official distributor of VOGUE LASHES By Adele Sutton and Chrissanthie

LASHacademy Training & Products Products The LASHacademy supply products that are of the highest quality and most affordable to professional lash technicians. We ship worldwide.

VZ Hair and Glamour Ltd International Distributor - Affordable Beauty Supplies +44 (0)755 492 5551 • Professional LashBlack 3 Week Semi Permanent Mascara: Made in England & EU Certified • Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Glues made in England – Ultra Diamond Pro: fast drying - Senses for Sensitive eyes: low vapour odour, perfect for trainers and beginners • Individual Mink Eyelashes 100% Real Siberian Handmade Lashes

67 - Business +353872974781

Elite Lash Academy Mall Road Monaghan Ireland +3534772580 +353868593699

Bulgaria EBC LIMITED LTD. 26, Prilep str., Fl. 1, Ap.1 VARNA 9000 - BULGARIA +359 52604073 European Beauty Concept (EBC Limited) is a lead manufacturer of high quality professional eyelash extensions and Permanent Makeup supplies

Netherlands Lash eXtend 033-4450323

South Africa The Lash Collection

Luscious Lashes International +27 (0) 72 338 7000

Lash Inc Issue 13  

Lash Inc Issue 13 International Eyelash Magazine

Lash Inc Issue 13  

Lash Inc Issue 13 International Eyelash Magazine