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r o t i d e e h t TER from


forgotten. e your life is s u a c e b r a n he creaming . No one ca hting and s f the hatred g o fi g m n a o I s . a s g r tears u puppet strin Sing for you wn, sent yo is tied with ill w y m t y let you do u e h b T u . in yo ra to e e my life rew you in th I want to giv be so cruel. you down, th t le y e h times it can T e . m m o o s ro d n ty a p this em you’re alone ms real alone inside dark when Nothing see is . t e h u ig tr n e e h m T o c e. ishes didn't hout a nam sane. away ... wit ause your w c e b ly ld t keeps me o a c th o s w o e rr m o s n ps falling o erstand this The rain kee . I don't und s lie f o a e s e you. I dive into th e my faith in s lo to y tr I anymore as the night. Sleepless in

Saying to myself, »You can’t of freedom. Only prob I don’t want to curse

be the right one for me

lem is: I don’t really

want to be free. I do

are gone I finally get

a taste

n’t wanna be abando ned. nna feel the sadness. Pretending that I’m sti ll the same.

your name. I don’t wa

I don’t want to burn

«. And now that you

your letters. I don’t wa

nt to face the truth. I

don’t wanna be aban doned. nce and I believed in romance. I ran for co this shallow ver but I couldn’t hid e. And still you tried to get me to abide. Yo a perfume ad erasin u scratched me like g all the feelings tha t I had and all the tim e you faked this loneli ness. Because you wouldn’t see my twisted mess . I don’t wanna waste

my youth. You tried to

suffocate with your pr ete

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Partizipating artists: Amir Bajric / Analua Zoé / Angie Stergio / Andreas Höke / Annarita Borrelli / Artefact Usw / Ана Аврамоска / Barbara Travers / Brian JG Kim / Cem Ulug / Chih-Chieh Wang / Christine Gabler / Dadu Phoenix / David R Banta Photography / Debora Morelli / Francesca Ferrari / Grauen Adm / Hernan Castro Bahamondes / Hidlight Zifiri / Ignacio de Loyola / Ilan Ben Yehuda / Jay Satriani / János Stock / Jean-François Dupuis Photographe / Jenny Papalexandris / Joe Josephs / John Garrett / Jos Tontlinger / Kazuyuki Shimokawa / Laura Simonsen / Lionel Cosson / Louisa Dawn / Mai Saki Art Lab / Michele Ciriali / Mimo Khair Mourhege / Muriel Gabe / MWeissArt / Nadia Nardelli / Nigel Maudsley / Paul Sharp / Peder Aresvik / Pia S / Sam Herron / Sammy Sharon / Sasa Art, Sandra Sachsenhauser / Schoo Flemming / Stefano Assisi / Stella Sidiropoulou / Susana Hinojo / Thorsten Kirsch / Valerie Simonnet / Vanessa Camille Lambert / Vesna Stojkovic / Yann Cielat / Yusup Yogaswara / 陳顯坤 /

FEATURE: Laura Simonsen

ever stop learning.” u yo k in th t n’ do I t bu ng ni ar le ill “I’m st sgow School of Art in in England. I graduated from Gla I am originally from Lancashire Architecture industry as a ended up with a career in the and ns) (ho BA ign Des a with 0 200 tland, Ireland, Australia l very lucky to have lived in Sco fee I rs. yea 13 t pas the for er CGI visualis ether for almost par tner Kate and I have been tog My rs. yea 7 t pas the for g and now Hong Kon 2. We have travelled around we have 2 sons who are 4 and 12 years (we met in Sydney) and ng and I borrowed d photography since I was you most of Asia together. I have love here with her. era which she also took everyw cam film trip us mp Oly m’s Mu my ent enough camera g Kong that I could afford a dec It was only when I moved to Hon raphy to the next level. and started to take my photog 4/5

Life in Hong Kong has been at times challenging for me. It is a very fast paced city and like many big cities it’s not a very friendly place at times. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me to adapt to life here as my nature is quite mellow and introverted. It is also very status driven and within the ‘expat bubble’ people can seem to lose a sense of reality and live quite a spoilt life as if they are more superior. (This doesn’t apply to all expats of course and I have made some great, down to earth friends here they just took a while to find!) So I mostly feel like I don’t fit in either to the local HK culture or to the majority of the expat world. I always feel like I am just the on looker from the surface and that I don’t really belong, but I quite like that and I like people watching. Hong Kong is a great place to people watch. It is a great place to photograph as it has so much to offer in terms of texture, bouncing light off the buildings, organized chaos and masses of people but it is also a challenging place to photograph too as most people don’t like to have their photo taken so it can bequite hostile. I don’t take your regular Hong Kong sky line building shots but I like to focus on getting close to a person or group of people and capture a moment in their journey from A to B, a moment of solitude, a moment of desire, a moment of happiness or a moment of loneliness or sadness which are all happening simultaneously like dots within a sea of people. Hong Kong is the most densely populated city in the world. There’s a lot happening in a small space. Every person has their individual story. From the old lady pushing the trolley on the streets to collect cardboard for money to the man in banking who lives a life of luxury and greed but possibly not with a lot of happiness and then there are all the people in between. That’s city life which fascinates me. Unfortunately though, the best photos I do take are often when I don’t have my camera in my hand or when I’m too slow and miss it. My photos of Hong Kong don’t have titles as I’m hoping the viewer can interpret the story for themselves.


ong is the most ld. ©Laura “Hong K d city in the wor densely populate space.” ening in a small p ap h t lo a s e’ er Th


©Laura “I always feel like I am just the and that on looker from the surface quite like I don’t really belong, but I

that and I like people watching. tch.” Hong Kong is a great place to people wa

©Laura “That’s

city life which fa scinates me. Unfortunately th ou gh , the best photos I do take are ofte n when I don’t h ave my camera in m y hand or when I’m too slow and miss it”


ŠLaura “Every person has their individual story.


From the old lady pushing the trolley on the streets to collect cardboard for money to the man in banking who lives a life of luxury and greed but possibly not with a lot of happiness and then there are all the people in between.�


©Laura “My photos of Hong Kong don’t have titles as I’m hoping the viewer can interpret the story for thems elves.”


©Laura “Life in Hong Kong has been at times challenging for me. It is a very fast paced city and like man y big cities it’s not a very friendly place at times.”

y sy journe a e n a n e e y t hasn’t b here as m fe li o t t ©Laura “I .” p a ad troverted in for me to d n a w o quite mell nature is


e, a moment of desire, ŠLaura “A moment of solitud moment of loneliness a moment of happiness or a ening simultaneously or sadness which are all happ le.� like dots within a sea of peop


t c i r t s i D y Poetr Annarita Borrelli was born the 25 October of 1979 in Castellammare di Stabia near to Napoli. Writer, poet … she write on poems, aphorisms and others forms of writings. “Sentire” and “I Poeti Contemporanei” (Pagine) collections of poems have published in 2014. References tell about her: Annarita is the language. She searches to elevate the spirit by transcendental, profanation of lie idols and sublimation of deepest states of mindset and to be status. Soul, Self‐Exploration and Suspension. Annarita Borrelli è nata a Castellammare di Stabia in provincia di Napoli. Autrice, poetessa raccoglie la personale ricerca sull’essere nello spazio web in cui si rivelano i tratti del pensiero poetico e quasi filosofico degli ultimi anni. Nel 2014 pubblica due raccolte di poesia “Sentire” e “I Poeti Contemporanei” (Editore Pagine). Dicono di Lei: Annarita è il linguaggio. L’autrice ricerca la provocazione dello spirito collettivo attraverso la trascendenza, la profanazione dei falsi idoli e la sublimazione degli stadi più profondi del pensiero e dell’essere. Anima, Introspezione e Sospensione. Facebook: Web: 22/23

A law without burning I would fall in this three wi

ngs’ soul

Primo Passo ©Annarita Borrelli (Auctor) e Salvatore Cammileri (Art)

for a mixture of fire and br

imstone. But in the cruel hiss of the abyss in the flesh, you instigated the first em pty ... Hey you! Wind cheerful, barbaric an d Let’s tear and whisk in the



Untie the language that no longer believes to sunlight or to the instru ctions for tomorrow! ... And yet you invade this mysterious darkness as a holy hand of inspiratio n! ... Against all the arrogant de mons ready to enjoy of ingénue sun’s ignorance, as for fear of a bite on the high seas, my god in a fatal breath . A thee I bow ... Oh beautif ul black and fantastic drea m! ... sagacious grips you to the places of humiliation... Where is filth mud mixed with poverty ... Over ... there there! The lea ves mature the just indign ation, Let’s prepares these slend er arms to work... you who love me and is yo ur care ... Here in my hand, a view ... more humility further down , beyond where you can se e a better otherworld ... the road has been emptied . © Annarita Borrelli

M.R. Hommage Man Ray


ŠCem Ulug

ŠNadia Nardelli

Bend back (The window)

ŠYann Cielat

ŠNadia Nardelli

Intolerant stomach (The milk and The book)


End of the Line

©Joe Josephs

ŠYann Cielat


The sphere and The book

ŠNadia Nardelli

Empty head (The sphere)

ŠNadia Nardelli


Leading soul to eternity

ŠMichele Ciriali

Why... Oh why Have you abandoned me in my sobriety Behind the old façade I'm your bewildered child

ŠVesna Stojkovic


ŠVesna Stojkovic


ŠVesna Stojkovic

I no longer feel at home I cant arrive upon your street and tell you how I've cried myself to sleep

©Jean-Francois Dupuis

left behind


©Sandra Sachsenhauser

ŠYann Cielat

I’m forced to be alone and left to climb the walls hide in the folds.


ŠKazuyuki Shimokawa

#abandoned / another breath in the wall...

ŠdAdU phOEnIx 2014


©Pia S.

©Pia S.

»Leading soul to eternity«

©Barbara Travers


ŠNigel Maudsley

©Pia S.


©MWeissArt 2014

©Pia S.

©Michele Ciriali

©Pia S.

©Andreas Höcke


»Somewhere in the Namibian bushlands. I found this boy preparing for a dance performance.«

©Schoo Flemming

»I’m leaving this city«

©Hidlight Zifiri

#abandoned / falling from the sky ...


©dAdU phOEnIx 2014

©Andreas Höcke

ŠValerie Simonnet

ŠMuriel Gabe

©MWeissArt 2014

©Paul Sharp 50/51

© Ана Аврамоска

Hysterical minds leading souls to eternity

©Paul Sharp ©Paul Sharp

©Analua Zoé

My Ghost

#abandoned – they beat and break

©Christine Gabler


©Thorsten Kirsch

©Cem Ulug

©Vanessa Camille Lambert


©Everlast Ozon

©Yann Cielat

©Brian JG Kim

©Yann Cielat

ŠMichele Ciriali 56/57

©Stefano Assisi

©Yann Cielat

©Jay Satriani

Way home



©Artefact Usw

©Amir Bajric

The Chair_ a sequence on loss

ŠJenny Papalexandris


©Louisa Dawn

©Stella Sidiropoulou


©Sammy Sharon

© Ilan Ben Yehuda

©dAdU phOEnIx 2014

#abandoned / s

inging in the s hower


©Chih-Chieh Wang

©Grauen Adm

©Sammy Sharon

Freedom Portal ©Christine Gabler


©Analua Zoe

©Peder Aresvik ©Sebastian Ostafin

©Do Hong Nhien


lost? ... who’s


ra More ll

©Stefano Assisi



Chernobyl e


ille Lambert ŠVanessa Cam

©Chih-Chieh Wang

©Vanessa C amille Lamb ert

Our fragile strength

exclusion zone.

©Mimo Khair Mourhege

©Pia S.

Shanghai making space for camouflage~

©Mimo Khair Mourhege 70/71

©Hernan Castro Bahamondes

©Sasa Art

gone with the wind

Mountain flower

©Francesca Ferrari

©Ignacio de Loyola

©Peder Aresvik


©Jos Tontlinger

©Sam Herron

Ireland y e b b a ned Abando

©David R Banta Photography

ŠJohn Garrett

Abandoned Space leading souls 74/75

©Joe Josephs

to eternity ©Jos Tondlinger


©Joe Josephs

©Sam Herron

SAM© “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“The foundation of individual rights is the assumption that people have wants and needs and are authorities on what those wants and needs are. If people's stated desires were just some kind of erasable inscription or reprogrammable brainwashing, any atrocity could be justified.”

©Ilan Ben Yehuda

ŠPeder Aresvik


©Laura Fogazza

©Angie Stergio

©Pia S.


©Lionel Cosson

©János Stock

Sturm und Drang

©Angie Stergio


©Andreas Höke


©Susana Hinojo

©Mimo Khair Mourhege

FEATURE: Yusup Yogaswara d White.”

Black an “My life seems a long exposure in

My name is Yusup Yogaswara, presently I live in Sydney Austr alia. I am a self taught photographer working in Surrey. I have had a passion for photography for quite a few years now. Primarily working in Black & White I specialise in a technique

called “Long Exposure”

using Neutral Density (ND) filters attached to the lens and captu ring movement with an ethereal aesthetic and I like to take landscape photograph y as well.








Something in the way




Ocean Bath









Just two of us Rock





Bipolare by Eureka / Author Annarita Borrelli

s who, two by ar tistic creative mind n ee tw be on ris pa the com at enrich ive is the result of d contradictions th an The Bipolar Collect es sit po op s ou ugh dichotom ht and existence thro ion and counter-brig two, bare the reality lance between tens ba of e m ga a , ion exposit begins with a ar tistic result is an The ÂťBipolar tripÂŤ ty. ali the meanings. The re le ub do e th itivity looking at , soul, until the sens and dark. Going on that overlap in the two sections: light in e, ac sp ion sit expo a double e separation of the ody can live imaging yb er material and sensitiv ev ; ns sio en m e exposing di ing characterizes th olve humanity, the sensitive involv counterforce that inv of y or st le ab vit t the ine old age spend tworks tell us abou nter, childhood and wi d conceptual path. Ar an er m m su y, . Night and da g, angels d nature are bipolar great pain and killin s, ion at alt because humans an ex d an ong the great joys we would live in riations of mood, am va s es dl en n ee out smiles or pain, tw th be wi , ion at alt ex t without grea blacks. Without fear, ed and the building and angels candid tween an ar tistic ne be n tio nc nju co a is like this case r. Bipolar Collective itive experience. In ns se a land without wate i ult m a us e are able to giv nal space; ar tworks is trip is an eternal of a three-dimensio iv of our culture. Th ot tm lei e tiv ga ne , insanity een ar t and social rations. there is a link betw contemporary sepa ing liv r te af ea id n bjective perceptio coming back to su

e f i L T R A lar Collective Bipo


tto del e rappresenta il fru La Collettiva Bipolar e, tra menti creative ch confronto artistico e à alt re o a nudo la a due a due, metton la rappresentazione o l’esistenza attravers radopposti e delle cont dicotomica dei suoi ti. chiscono i significa dizioni che ne arric mbra un dell’esposizione se Il risultato artistico enze tensioni e controtend gioco d’equilibrio tra vallano e galoppano luminose che si acca ività pansione dell’emot nell’anima, fino all’es ntazione della realtà dinanzi alla rapprese per gio Bipolare” inizia del “doppio”. Il “viag lla da o int ist to contradd effetto dell’allestimen , iva ot em i materiale e po separazione, prima ed e due sezioni: luc dello spazio fisico in egue ento sensoriale pros ombra. Il coinvolgim io az ensioni dello sp caratterizzando le dim atore pagna, così, lo spett espositivo; si accom ttiva lle significative. La Co sui sentieri di dualità pe o r il me un maxi scherm Bipolare si rivela co forze a abile storia di contro racconto dell’inevit ttrae. per natura, non si so cui l’umanità intera, rità, me il fascino della ve Questo viaggio assu olari. bip no so natura stessa perché l'uomo e la zia fan l'in o, rn l'estate e l'inve Il giorno e la notte, ni zio ria va orrono fra infinite e la vecchiaia trasc i, di gioie ed esaltazion dell'umore, fra gran idi nd battimenti, angeli ca grandi dolori ed ab o i mmato, senza timor e angeli neri. Tutto so dolori, si nza sorrisi o immen grandi esaltazioni, se qu ’ac a. e su una terra senz vivremmo forse com llettiva otto artistico della Co In tal senso, il prod iunzione a un segnale di cong Bipolare rappresent mento” tistica di “coinvolgi tra una necessità ar volto ico en uno spazio sc e la costruzione di e si er op ensionale; le all’adattamento tridim a o spazio prossim espandono, dal loro to oriali. L’arte, in ques dimensioni multisens o oprie dimensioni fin caso, travalica le pr conettiva, come in una alla soggettività perc follia sociale, motivo giunzione tra arti e rno stra cultura. Un “ete persistente nella no sione en pr m co a imario, all ritorno” all’essere pr ivo, solo me unicum soggett dell’opera d’arte co zo” to delle “terre di mez dopo l’attraversamen à. nit er od razioni della m costruite sulle sepa

Gamisurami by Luciano Lo Bianco and Laura Matraxia

Omo by Daniela Cannarozzo and Veronica Melfa

Others Senses by Caterina Arena and Michele Lombardo

Necessariamente Bipolare by Salvatore Cammilleri and Maurizio La Rocca

Hate Love by Mirko Pinto and ********


e f i L T R A lar Collective



Flessibili Riflessi by Dafne Miller and Veronica Nalbone

Io oI by MADE in C.L.

Analogico o Digitale? by Massimo Minglino and Ilenia Scimè

Ex Tenebris by Marcella Arena and Calogero Serto

Join in and share your art.

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