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My experience at Cabrini BY BRIELLE TOFF News Editor It was during my first open house in October of 2015 when I had originally thought that I fell in love with Cabrini University. At the open house, I felt a rush that I have never felt before when I was meeting different college students, reading up about different majors, and walking around Cabrini’s beautiful campus. I enrolled immediately and felt this same sort of rush when I returned to Cabrini’s campus for Accepted Student’s Day and then again for the summer barbecue in July. At this point in my life, I thought that I was as much in love as my school as I could be. I felt this way until maybe around December of my first year. As much as I was in love with the idea of being a student at Cabrini, I was obviously nervous to start this new chapter of my life. I was not sure if I was going to make friends with the girls who lived on my floor, if I was going to try any clubs or activities or if I was going to be successful as a digital communi-

cations and social media major. One of my biggest saving graces was that I was going to be a part of the communications learning community. I knew that I would have classes with individuals who were just as interested in my major as I was and I figured I was bound to become friends with at least a few of them. Between August and December, I really started to flourish. I made friends with the girls on my floor, I started to get involved with the different clubs and activities and I started to love my major more and more. It did not end there for me though, in my sophomore year, I started becoming friends with more people, both in my major and outside of it. This was great, because no matter where I was, I always had someone to talk to. I also became way more involved in my major, taking on leadership positions that I never would have imagined taking on when I was in high school. In my junior year, I have more friends than I

Brielle Toff in Guatemala

did in the years before. I am also doing things with my academics that I never thought that I would be able to. I am beyond excited for the things I will accomplish and the friends I will meet in my senior year of college. Thanks to Cabrini, I have had the opportunity to be a news editor for Cabrini’s newspaper, which is my favorite role I have taken on in my life thus far. I am preparing to go to Washington D.C. to lobby in front representatives for the third time since I have been a student here. Lobbying gives me such a rush of adrenaline and I am so ecstatic to do it again next month. But, if it were not for Cabrini, I would have never been able to study abroad on an immersion trip to Guatemala during my sophomore year. That experience was one for the books and I know that I will never experience anything like it again. Cabrini has opened so many doors for me in three short years… What doors will the university open for you?



The Loquitur student newspaper and website are integral parts of the educational mission of the Cabrini communication department, namely, to educate students to take their places in the public media. Loquitur Media provides a forum of free expression. All members of the university community may submit work to the editors for possible inclusion. Publication is based on the editorial decision of the student editors.


Brielle and the friends she made at Cabrini

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Phase two of Cabrini campus master plan BY CONNOR TUSTIN Editor-in-Chief Ever since making the monumental switch from college to university, Cabrini has seen rapid growth within the school community. This substantial growth has brought a wealth of new opportunities, students and facilities to an ever-changing campus. Currently, Cabrini is undergoing a roughly $25 million expansion as a part of phase two of the campus master plan. The second phase includes the goal of making the campus more pedestrian-friendly and the addition of a new residence hall and parking structure. During the summer of 2018, Cabrini partially completed the first portion of the second phase by repaving all roadways in the center of campus. The previous roadways let vehicles drive past Founders Hall, the Mansion, Iadarola Center and Grace Hall, eventually leading out to the Dixon Center parking lot. Those existing roadways were converted to pathways for pedestrians to walk on, thus restricting any vehicles from the center of campus. While the majority of the pedestrian-friendly campus goals have been met, more will come with the new residence hall and parking structure. The brand new South Residence Hall is on-target to open for the upcoming Fall 2019 semester. The 180bed facility will bring new suite style rooms to the already existing variety of residence halls on campus. With a lot of talk going around campus regarding what style of living the new residence hall will offer, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Meghan Junor, confirmed that the new hall will be suite style. “It is more suite style like West, except there are no singles,” Junor said. “The suites in South Hall are designed to have students who live together to be inconvenienced less,” Brett Buckridge, director of residence life, said. “The suites are designed so multiple people can get ready at the same time. Each suite contains two double rooms, a room with a shower and sink, a room with a toilet and sink and a sink in the common area.” With the addition of South Residence Hall, there have been some changes in the room selection process for 2019-2020. Residence Life is looking to provide students with options that are accommodating and inclusive for all students.

“Rising sophomores and rising juniors will be able to select South Hall,” Junor said. “Seniors have the opportunity to be part of the Senior Living Experience located in the CAC apartments and the other halls. We want sophomores to have the opportunity to live in South Hall.” The new residence hall will also come with some convenient amenities for students located right inside the building. “On each floor there will be different lounges, a common kitchen on the first floor, TV’s and more,” Junor

said. “It really should be a cool place to hang out.” As for the alcohol policy in the new South Residence Hall, students will follow the same alcohol policy regulations as stated in the Student Code of Conduct. In the past few years, some upperclassmen students worried about the availability of housing for junior and senior years. However, this new residence hall will solve all of those issues moving forward according to Chief of Staff and Vice President of External Affairs, Brian Eury. “There will not be a problem getting a room,” Eury said. “This new residence hall does a lot,” Eury said. “It provides us with flexibility and options, so now we are trying to do a major push to get seniors to move back onto campus.” In addition to the new residence hall, a 130-car parking garage is being constructed right off the King of Prussia Road entrance of the campus. The new garage will add much needed parking to the center of campus.  “The parking garage will be open and fully functional by commencement,” Eury said.

The garage will help to alleviate much of the parking congestion present in previous commencement exercises when it opens later this spring. When the fall 2019 semester kicks off, the parking garage will be open to all students, faculty, staff and visitors to use.” The thought is at least to leave the ground level open to visitors and ADA possibly and the second and third level will be faculty, staff and students,” Eury said. With the addition of the parking garage, a new turn-around and dropoff location will be added directly adjacent to the new structure. This area will be known as east turn-around, as there will be a south turn-around constructed on the opposite end of campus nearest the Mansion. “The east turn-around will be a little bit of both in terms of a turn around and drop off,” Eury said. “That will be the point of entry for a lot of folks, especially since that is where the shuttle bus will be moving to.” As for the west turn-around, it will mostly be used for guests of the president and visitors to the Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of Saint Joseph. There will also be some ADA parking locations for those needing it when visiting the chapel. The east turn-around is anticipated to open to the public with the CABRINI UNIVERSITY parking garage before commencement and the west turn-around will be completed some time in early summer after the spring semester concludes. Moving forward, Cabrini will look to expand upon the current stages of the campus master plan and continue to evolve as a campus. While there are some possible plans and options in the works, nothing is quite set in stone yet. “We know that at some point the library needs to be renovated to bring it back to what a learning commons looks like on a college campus now,” Eury said. In addition to the proposed library renovations, another top priority would be adding a student union center in the coming years. “There is not really a timeline on this,” Eury said. “If resources were to become available, they (library renovations and student union) would be the two biggest priorities.”






Meet the Cabrini University BY: CONNOR TUSTIN AND SYDNEY LYNCH Editor-in-Chief and Writing Managing Editor Who is your admissions counselor?

Every person on campus has a connection to an admissions counselor. While assisting with the admissions process, they also become familiar faces on campus. The admissions counselors at Cabrini University work in every student’s best interest, as they are the first person students connect with when they visit campus. Multiple counselors are alumni of Cabrini University, having gone through the same admissions process as new students years ago. Admissions

counselors are a support system to every new student and always look forward to assisting them with the advancement of their education. The goal of every admissions counselor is to help students find their home at Cabrini University.



MICHAEL BENNETT Assistant Director, Admissions

KEVIN COOLEY Regional Admissions Counselor

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

Do as much as you can. Every challenge and opportunity will provide you with the same thing, growth. Use these four years to grow into the person you always wanted to be and that journey starts with a yes.

During my first visit to campus, about five to six different students gave an effort to say hello to me while I passed them on the crosswalks. Another student stopped his morning routine to be sure I found where I needed to be. The companionship and friendliness on campus has such a strong presence, and it’s truly my favorite part about the Cabrini family.

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

The people. I love being in a place where everyone cares. I have found more than just co-workers at Cabrini, I have found lifelong friends. Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

Cav’s Corner. In the café you will find students eating good food and fueling up

Try things you never have before. Leaving your comfort zone might seem a little challenging, but the amount you can learn about yourself easily outweighs the discomfort.

GABRIELA MONJE Admissions Counselor

SAMANTHA MURRAY (‘17) Admissions Counselor

JILL NAWOYSKI (‘17) Admissions Counselor

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

I appreciate that students can come here to not only hit the books but also hit the streets as agents of change in causes they feel passionate about. I believe the social justice spirit of Cabrini is something they hone in on and take with them even after graduation, wherever their next homes may be.

This will come as a surprise to no one, but my favorite place on campus is the theatre. As a student, the people I met through the program are some of my best friends today, and I loved getting to perform and work alongside faculty like Dr. Thomas Stretton, Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown, and Kaitlin Glenn. As a staff member, I love seeing the current students work hard and hear how their rehearsals are going. Plus, I always encourage my students to think about ways they could see themselves getting involved when they decide to come to Cabrini.

My favorite thing about Cabrini is the strong sense of community. Everyone truly cares from day one and that made it an easy decision to come back to work in admissions after graduating in 2017.

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?


Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

I’d have to say Cavs Corner! Not just for the food options but I think it’s just a place away from the busyness of classes for students to relax and charge their batteries in between their activities.

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

My biggest advice to incoming freshman is to say yes to EVERYTHING! I had the absolute best college experience because I took every opportunity that was given to me and ran with it. I wouldn’t have spent my four years any other way!




Admissions Counselors

ANDREA CUNNINGHAM Admissions Counselor

TOM GORDON Admissions Counselor

ANDREW HALSTEAD Assistant Director, Admissions

MARQUISE ISAAC-RIVERS Admissions Counselor

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

The small, beautiful campus and closeknit community.

The gym. I work out there at least twice a week and they have great equipment.

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

The Admissions Office. It’s a lively spot (thanks to our student ambassadors) and is a great place to meet new people and start an exciting journey.

Get involved in something that interests you whether it’s a sport or a club, or something your major is doing outside of the classroom you’ll find some of your best friends in spots you don’t expect.

I am proud to work for an institution that strives to make higher education accessible to all students. In keeping with its Catholic identity, and inspired by the example of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s Education of the Heart, I love that Cabrini University stays true to itself through its mission to educate the whole student and stands strong in its commitment to social justice. I am a product of a Catholic education and I believe that this is the best learning environment for a student.

My best words of wisdom would be to get involved! There are many opportunities here at Cabrini, you have to get connected to be apart of them. This is a great opportunity to get that individualized college experience and experience everything that you envisioned your college career to be like.

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

Make your college experience exactly what you want it to be and don’t hold back. College is a great time to explore, find out what you are passionate about, and learn who you truly are inside.

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

The students, they are a very welcoming bunch, especially to the newest members of the Cabrini family.

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

ERICA PEREZ Admissions Counselor

LAUREN SAVAGE Associate Director, Admissions

JUSTIN SILLNER (‘12) Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite thing about Cabrini is how inclusive and caring everyone is.

Every morning when I’m driving onto campus, I feel a sense of peace. I know that the destination at the end of the drive is a welcoming and safe one – that I am surrounded by the most supportive colleagues and the greatest students. I am thankful that my workplace is not only a place I feel at home, but a place where I can grow friendships across campus and work closely with our students daily.

My favorite spot on campus is the Mansion. There is so much history here and that building has seen it all.

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

The Mansion! So much history behind it. Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Ask questions, get involved, and make every moment count!

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

I love the Peace Pole at the center of the Commons. It’s a place where students, faculty and staff gather to reflect.

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot on campus is The Dixon Center. Our facilities are amazing from the new gym floor to the wonderful equipment.

My favorite spot is the Mansion because it is a testament to a bygone era that now serves as a gateway for students.

CHARLIE SPENCER (‘00, MS ‘03) Director, International and Military Recruitment What is your favorite thing about Cabrini?

The size which equals a family community.

Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

Where is your favorite spot on campus and why?

My advice for incoming college students is to not be afraid to get involved. Whether you’re a new freshman or a transfer student, it is important to immerse yourself in your new school to get to know what it can provide you with. This will also help with making new friends and finding new interests you never thought you had.

I like the mansion because that is where the college began. It is our Acropolis of Cabrini. Best words of wisdom for incoming college students?

Get involved in a club or organization and make sure you take advantage of an internship or co-op relating to your major and career love.




Words from your alumni: an inside look at Cabrini


RENIN BROADNAX Perspectives Editor

Being a student on Cabrini’s campus is a once in a lifetime experience. It is something that only other people who have experienced life on campus can relate to. Whether it is still, quietness on a Saturday morning, the smell of The Bean while you are waiting in line during that afternoon rush on a Wednesday afternoon or the sight of the sunset on a Sunday evening as you gaze out of your window while finishing that last bit of homework. What it’s like being a Cabrini student is something that is difficult to put into words but we have some Cabrini alumni here to let you in on life here at Cabrini.

Why Cabrini? Cabrini alumna and current staff member said, “Honestly, I got a postcard in the mail with a picture of the mansion on it and I heard about it through a family friend,” assistant director of athletics and recreation and women’s soccer assistant coach Jess Huda said. Another Cabrini alumnus shares his story, “Really it was my mom that sold me on the school,” assistant tennis coach and Cabrini 2017 graduate, Alijah Broadnax, said. “We were walking around the campus and she said this really looks like Cape May and that was it. I needed somewhere that reminded me of home and my family.” A staff member of the Wolfington Center here at Cabrini shares her journey. “I could live away but be home for dinner if I wanted a home cooked meal,” Megan

Norris said. “I wanted to be a teacher and Cabrini had an excellent reputation for its education department and I wanted to get my degree somewhere that would help me diversify my resume but nowhere could compare to what Cabrini had to offer.” A former Cabrini soccer player tells us his thoughts. “Obviously being an athlete I had heard about Cabrini’s soccer program and that is what pulled me into visiting the school,” Diego Ramirez, 2017 Cabrini graduate, said.

A Cabrini moment you will never forget? Cabrini alumnus shares his favorite sports memory. “Being named Rookie of the Year my very first year playing tennis at Cabrini and being named CSAC player of the Year,” Broadnax said. “I did not know if I could balance school, work and playing tennis here at Cabrini and achieving this while also making Dean’s List really set my mind at ease my freshman year.” Megan Norris gifts us with the memory of her graduation ceremony. “There are many memorable moments from my long history here but I remember fondly singing the national anthem at my undergraduate graduation,” Norris said. A former campus minister shares his favorite memory from his time there. “Becoming apart of campus ministry and being campus minister will always be my favorite part of Cabrini,” Ramirez said. “Going to Guatemala and many of the other service trips will always have a

special place in my heart.”

How did you make your first friend at Cabrini? Cabrini alumnus shared how he found his best friend during his rooming selection. “I made my first friend and my best friend at Cabrini because he was my roommate,” Broadnax said. “When it comes to picking roommates, there is always the anxiety of ‘what if I do not like him’ but I really lucked out getting a roommate that will be my best friend forever.” Huda shares how Campus Ministry lead her to her best friend. “I would have to say going on my first spring break trip with Campus Ministry to Union, West Virginia,” Huda said. “I did not know a soul going on the trip and came back with friends that I still talk today, one of the best decisions I ever made.” Ramirez let us in on how sports and class can help from a friendship. “I met my first friend in a biology course I took my freshman year and we also played soccer together,” Ramirez said. “If I had to give any advice, join a sports team or club they are such a good way to make friends.”

A bit of advice to the incoming freshmen

“Ask questions and get involved,” Norris said. “Take advantage of those small class sizes and get out of your dorm. Be with

people as often as possible. Be open to everything,” Huda said. “This is an opportunity to figure out who you are, so make the most of your time so that you don’t have any regrets.” “Go on study abroad trips and become apart of campus ministry if you want to do service work,” Ramirez said. “Be yourself as much as this experience is terrifyingly new and scary be yourself and you will have the best time ever,” Broadnax said.

Describe your Cabrini experience in a few words “Cabrini gave me the opportunity and confidence to be myself,” Huda said.

“Happy, comfortable and successful,” Norris said. “The best college experience,” Ramirez said. “I honestly don’t know but the first word the comes to mind is grateful,” Broadnax said. “I want to thank Cabrini for making it easy to translate into the business world so I am just grateful for my time here and wish everyone could have as great as experience in college as I did.”





Big plans for Cabrini Athletics entering new conference Sports Source: Cabrini students excel in athletics BY JAMES KELLY Sports Editor

Cabrini athletics have been dominant the past few years. Coaches at Cabrini care about their players on and off the court. They are not just athletes at Cabrini, they are also students. There have been a lot of talented athletes that have attended Cabrini, such as men’s basketball player Tyheim Monroe. Monroe is currently playing professional basketball in Brazil after graduating from Cabrini in 2018. Men’s lacrosse player Jordan Krug took home IMLCA All-American second team after his performance last season. Cabrini athletes constantly get national recognition for their performance on the field, as well as off. Many Cabrini athletes receive academic honors for their work in the classroom because that is an important aspect of being a student athlete. Cabrini holds an award for the sport team to improve overall team GPA from in a one year span, so holding students accountable academically is just as important at Cabrini. Student athletes at Cabrini also love playing for this university. Cabrini gives athletes a chance to showcase their talent and play the sport they love at a collegiate level. Cabriniathletics dominated the Colonial State Athletic (CSAC) conference for years before they moved to the Atlantic East (AEC) conference last season. Every sport at Cabrini holds themselves to a standard and each team finds success being part of the Cabrini family.



BY JUSTIN BARNES Lifestyles Editor

Over the years, Cabrini has had a great deal of success being in the Colonial States Athletic Conference, or CSAC, having won over 100 conference championships. However, it was decided that this year, Cabrini would move on to a different conference which they would form with the help of several other schools within the CSAC. On March 1, 2018, it was announced that Cabrini and six other NCAA Division III institutions were approved to form the Atlantic East Conference, or AEC, which would begin on Sept. 1, 2018. These six other institutions include Immaculata University,

Neumann University, Marymount University, Gwynedd Mercy University, Marywood University and Wesley College. The purpose of the AEC is to bring together some of the top colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region while still having a strong athletic conference of institutions with the same missions and goals. “We believe that Cabrini’s participation in the Atlantic East Conference will enrich the experience of our studentathletes and heighten visibility of our intercollegiate programs throughout the regional and national landscape of Division III Athletics,” athletics director Brad Koch said. According to a document supplied by Koch titled

The new Atlantic East Conference logo

“Talking Points on Athletic East Conference,” other reasons why the conference was formed is because CSAC had several institutions in it that provided limited competitive teams. In addition, the geographical footprint combined with the limited number of schools in the conference would make it easier to schedule conference games and reduce the number of long trips taken for each institution. Cabrini women’s soccer athlete Maddy Wojton is very excited for the conference and is hopeful that there will be more competition and that the intensity for all sports at Cabrini will increase. Even though she will miss being in the CSAC, Wojton was glad the soccer team was able to leave it with a final win. “Most of the schools are coming to the AEC with us but I’m excited for new competition and to see how this season plays out,” Wojton said. Wojton also believed that being CABRINI ATHLETICS in the AEC will benefit Cabrini in

the long run as it will encourage the other Cabrini teams to play harder and stay true to their saying of “best is the standard.” Cabrini men’s tennis player CJ Lamantia is also excited to be a part of the AEC now claiming that it will be fun to meet and compete with new people. Like Wojton, Lamantia is sad about leaving CSAC because of the success he has had in the conference, but is excited to compete against new teams. Lamantia doesn’t see much of a difference with the AEC but is confident that all the Cabrini sports will pull through. “I’m happy to play new competition and hopefully, these teams will be a bit better,” Lamantia said. It appears that the transition from the CSAC to the AEC is considered a welcome change and student athletes as well as their coaches. Athletic faculty are hopeful that this will prove beneficial for Cabrini in the long run. “I’m fully confident that the boys and girls in blue and white will take care of business in this conference and dominate just like we have in the CSAC,” Lamantia said.


Cabrini’s swim teams dominate in championship BY JASON ARCHER Staff Writer

Cabrini’s swim teams, both men and women, have claimed the very first ever Atlantic East conference swim titles making history for not only the conference but the school. The Atlantic East Conference Championship included three teams; Cabrini University, Marymount University and Immaculata University. The women’s team totaled a score of 992 points within the three day event. The men’s team totaled 837.5 points taking the championship by over 150 points. Women’s Atlantic East rookie of the year award winner, Tara McCloskey, said, “We worked so hard all off season and pushed ourselves during our season, it’s great to see all that work payoff on both sides of the pool.” The Cavaliers won many more awards such as Marc Consiglio (Men’s Rookie of the year), Cameron Mousley (Men’s swimmer of the year) and Head coach Cindy Ikeler (Men’s swim coach of the year). McCloskey won the 200 IM for her individual gold medal

and Consiglio won the 200 Breaststroke for his individual gold medal. Mousley won all three of his individual events while also helping his team in several relay victories, including the recording breaking 400 yard freestyle relay. Mously had himself a year with breaking the program’s records in the 1,000 yard freestyle and the 1,650 yard freestyle. Mousley, a sophomore business management major, The Men’s and Women’s Swimming team said, “From the start of the season we dreamed non stop of this moment, in all five of the meet’s relays. especially after the amount of Marc Consiglio, freshman work we put in, and to see it all accounting major, said, “From come together is amazing.” the moment I got on campus Junior Lauren Finnegan the team welcomed me with started the success early when open arms. We put in countless she smashed two program hours of hard work together. We records one in the 1,650 yard won as a team and that is all that freestyle finishing with a time of matters.” 18:32.35 with a 1000 yard split of The team continued to 11:16.74. grow throughout the season as The women’s team won seven they rewrote the record board event championships and the and won the first Atlantic East men won nine events.The men’s Conference Championship. relay teams set program records The team looks forward to next


season as they look to continue their success. Many teams don’t get to say that they ended the season with a win. Cabrini’s team looks to regain their two titles, break more records and create more memories as a team.


Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse

April 10 vs. Wesley College

April 10 @ Wesley College


Men’s Tennis

April 13 vs. Marywood University

April 13 vs. Immaculata University


Men’s Golf

April 13 Knecht Cup @ Camden, NJ

April 13 @ Rosement College



April 9 @ Cairn University

Women’s Tennis

April 8 @ Penn State Berks

Women’s Golf April 8 @ Muhlenberg College Invitational

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April 7, 2019 issue 11 Loquitur  

2018-19 issue 11 Loquitur Cabrini University student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 April 7, 2019

April 7, 2019 issue 11 Loquitur  

2018-19 issue 11 Loquitur Cabrini University student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 April 7, 2019

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