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Donating blankets and humanity;

Cabrini’s blanket drive for the homeless BY CHRIS GIACOBBE Staff Writer

during the coldest months of the year. Blanket drives provide more than just warmth. They also provide comfort and are an act of kindness that the homeless do not see enough of. They are a great way to help your community and it really helps recognize the state of the society around you. By recognizing this you really learn to appreMICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR Donated blankets ciate what you have and how to share these privileges with Cabrini University has had others. successful blanket drives every “Other blanket drives in year with Cabrini students the past for Cabrini have gone impressing everyone with extremely well... there’s a great their ability to show compasneed [for blankets] this time sion and to really get out and of year because from Novemmake a difference in the world ber to now the blankets [the around them. homeless] have can get a little A blanket drive is meant to messy. It’s tremendously bensupport those who can’t afford eficial,” Father Carl Janicki of blankets or warm clothes Cabrini University said.

Cabrini students are eager to help as well with the help from Cabrini’s basketball and swim teams. The students were a driving force in wanting to make the blanket drive better every year. “All of our families donated blankets, scarves, gloves and other stuff to keep people warm who are in need during the winter months,” Abi Fricke, member of the girl’s basketball team, said. “It’s a good feeling knowing you’re helping, even if it just means saying goodbye to a blanket or two.” The blanket drive is an opportunity for people not only to bring a blanket but to bring a face, a smile, a kind word to people who often would be ignored or passed by. Cabrini students are actively looking for them to engage those in need, to acknowledge their

human dignity with a smile and a kind word. And in this case, we also have blankets to give them. “Each night we’re comfortable, we have our sweatshirts our jackets, our blankets, they get cleaned on a regular basis, this is an opportunity to recognize that that experience that we have, that comfort we enjoy, is not enjoyed by everyone and this is an opportunity to make a real difference,” Fricke said. Cabrini’s blanket drive will be helping the homeless people in the Center City area of Philadelphia. Blankets would be the number one thing to bring, but hats scarves and gloves as well would be great.


Drawing the line between art and the artist: the case of R. Kelly BY HAYLEY THOMPSON Assistant Visual Editor As a young child, I fell in love with R&B music and the way that it made me feel. I started out by listening to popular R&B artists from my generation like Chris Brown and Ciara. As my love for the genre grew, I began to explore the world of R&B and the classic songs that lay within. I started listening to artists like Bobby Brown, Stevie Wonder, Xscape, Johnny Gill, TLC and my favorite, Aaliyah. Most of the music I was listening to had been released between the late ‘80s through the early 2000s. As I made clear in my previous article separating art from the artist, I quickly realized that R&B music was positively timeless to me. I have created multiple playlists throughout the years with my favorite R&B artists and I still never skip a song. There are plenty of legendary R&B albums that I still need to checkout. However, I believe that Aaliyah’s 1994 debut album, produced entirely by R. Kelly, will forever be my favorite. The first time that I heard Aaliyah’s song “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” the debut album’s title, I didn’t think anything bad of it. I thought it was just a song. A few years later, I remember playing that song in the car with my aunt. She immediately commented saying that she did not like the words and that she felt uncomfortable. At the time, I had no clue that R. Kelly wrote that song for Aaliyah to sing. I also had no clue that R. Kelly and Aaliyah secretly got married later that month. He was 27 years old and Aaliyah was only 15. The marriage was annulled the following year by her parents. It is hard for me to grasp how this grown man met Aaliyah when she was only 12 years old and decided to secretly marry her

three years later. That will never sit well with me. It also makes me highly uncomfortable knowing that R. Kelly, a man who likes little girls and has multiple bedrooms in his studio, produced the entire album with a very young Aaliyah inside his studio. Now that I know what I know, I have to admit it is hard to listen to some of the songs on that album. The album cover itself is a photo of Aaliyah with a blurred out man staring at her and the words “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number.” Looking at it now, that is clearly R. Kelly and again I feel uncomfortable. CONTINUE READING ONLINE

THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019

Invasive iPhone bug makes hacking effortless BY HAYLEY THOMPSON Assistant Visual Editor A serious iPhone FaceTime bug allows you to hear audio from the person you are calling without them even picking up the call. This major error on Apple’s behalf is currently going viral online. Several videos have been posted across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat showing how easily this glitch works. According to the viral  video posted by  aspiring artist Benji Mobb  from Chicago, there are only two steps. All you need to do is call someone on FaceTime and then add yourself to that call. The person on the other end of the line does not need to pick up the phone. As long as you have completed those two steps, you are connected to their microphone and they have absolutely no idea. Although this bug does not allow you to be secretive while hacking someone’s phone because it still rings like normal, it is entirely too easy. Any Apple user that has iOS 12.1 or above, which was released in October, can do it. This presents a severe privacy problem for all iPhone users. As of right now, any incoming FaceTime request to your updated phone could be listening or watching. Senior criminology major Tyler Chamberlain is not a fan of Apple. “Apple’s software was made to be accessible for a seven or 70-year-old,” Chamberlain said. Although Chamberlain believes that his Android has more security than Apple’s iPhone, experts beg to differ. According to MarketWatch, Androids are more vulnerable to hacking. This is because Apple’s iOS has more regulations when it comes to which apps are in the app store. Junior American studies major Grace Newton says that the iPhone bug is a huge concern for iPhone users everywhere. “I think that this issue poses a great threat to all iPhone users. We think that we are somewhat safe while using our phone but in reality we’re not safe,” Newton said. According to 9to5Mac, they concluded that the bug does not easily expose the camera after analyzing the steps themselves. They determined that it is only fairly easy to access soundbites from the person you are calling, not their camera.


R. Kelly mugshot





THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019

Reflecting on the past and looking towards the future: LOQUITUR our take on Black History Month WE ARE THE

2018-2019 Editorial Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CONNOR TUSTIN




The Loquitur student newspaper and website are integral parts of the educational mission of the Cabrini communication department, namely, to educate students to take their places in the public media. Loquitur Media provides a forum of free expression. All members of the university community may submit work to the editors for possible inclusion. Publication is based on the editorial decision of the student editors.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR The Loquitur accepts letters to the editors. They should be less than 500 words, usually in response to a current issue on Cabrini University’s campus or community area and are printed as space permits. Name, phone number and address should be included with submissions for verification purposes. All letters to the editors must be e-mailed to loquitur@ cabrini.edu

From elementary school to the present day we have learned about Black History Month, but how much do we really know? Even within our small community at Cabrini, we do a few small celebrations to honor the history of this month. Then we move onto the next month and we wait until the next year to repeat the same pattern as the year before. When we do remember, we always remember most of the big pictures civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and on occasion, Malcolm X. Black History Month is important in our society as we celebrate African American men and women for their accomplishments, we need to remember all of those who contributed to the amount of freedom we have established in America over time. Over the years, Black History Month has become a symbol of diversity in our time as it celebrates the accomplishments of many African American people throughout history. Not only that, but it shows how far we have come to embrace the fact that we are all created equal regardless of physical differences. Martin Luther King is certainly a monumental trailblazer and should be remembered and discussed for many more generation to come but there are people in the present day who are creating opportunities for social equity. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president. Colin Kaepernick has created a national dialogue about police brutality against African Americans. There have been great strides in the unity of all people. People of all different races are still fighting for the equality of African American people. Although we cannot negate the negativity occurring in today’s day and age, we still need to celebrate the amount of progress we have made so far as a people. In the wake of a new wave of police brutality and persecution of black and brown people, we need to keep working and pushing forward for future generations to feel safe in the country they call home. We celebrate the beautiful men, women and children that struggle with racism, colorism and discrimination throughout their lives. There is no denying that racism still exists and the evil that there is still in our world. This month is to spread the love and share the accomplishments that have been made in the past years. It is a time to reflect on the past as well as look to the future in the sense of

where we still need to go in recognizing the black community. There needs to be more of a focus on recognizing the contributions of the African American community to American society and how drastically this society would change if they were not apart of our society and not for the better. Not only are the contributions black people have made good for their community, but they are amazing for America as a whole and continue to impact this society for years to come. While our current time is far from perfect, Black History Month is a reminder that we need to stay strong and be more accepting, because unity is becoming increasingly scarce. United we stand. Divided we fall.


Trump’s 102 promises in the last 2 years BY EVA SOLER Assistant Visual Editor Sunday, Jan. 20th, was the 2nd anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. It has officially been two years of President Trump. During Trump’s campaign, he made 102 promises. Since his campaign, almost half of those promises have been broken or stalled. When comparing to President Obama, he made 506 promises, only breaking seven percent and 15 percent being stalled. You can check politifact.com for updates on each and every promise that Trump has made. Dr. Courtney Smith, professor of history and political science at Cabrini, says that as voters, we should look beyond those promises. “All candidates for the presidency will make promises designed to energize supporters and to make the idea of enacting those promises seem easy,” Smith said. Trump supporter or not, you still question what he can achieve. Trump’s presidency brought scares to many citizens of the country, worrying for their future. Students, amongst many others, didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately, not many of Trump’s (achieved) promises have impacted higher education. “So far, few of the policies that President Trump has signed into law have had a direct impact upon the ways Cabrini and other colleges and universities operate. His policies, particularly his economic policies, could have an impact if they lead to an economic recession,” Smith said. Smith says that policies involving immigration and trade could potentially be stressors for students, with loans and debt becoming a greater issue. “A recession could discourage young

adults from attending college, and other potential policies could reduce the amount of federal aid available to those who need the aid to cover the costs of attending college,” Smith said. Here’s a progress report on some of his greatest promises:

Build a wall

Trump wants to build a wall to fight immigration issues in the U.S. He believes that a wall would “stop dangerous drugs and criminals from pouring into our country.” Two years later and there is no wall. Eight prototypes have been created in the California desert, but there is no money to fund the construction. Trump insisted that Mexico would be paying for the wall, which has yet to happen. No one knows how much this wall would cost. The wall is apparently believed to cost $25 billion by the Trump Administration. Democrats, however, believe it to be an estimated $70 billion. The Department of Homeland Security says $21.6 billion.

Repeal and replace Obamacare

Trump promised to repeal and replace “the disaster known as Obamacare” immediately. In the last two years, Trump and Republicans had neutralized the penalty of the healthcare act, which only disrupted Obamacare. Then a lawsuit came about, which ultimately left U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor to see that is was no longer justified. So Obamacare stands, and Trump has not readdressed it.

Energy solutions

In Trump’s campaign, he promised to promote fossil fuels. Last year, the US actually became the world’s largest oil producer. Trump has focused on the promotion,

creating conversation and advocating for the trade route. His promotion has brought many companies to advance their production and business. Coal on the other hand has continued to decline.

Tax cuts

Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Job Acts on Dec. 22, 2017. The act is intended to cut individual income tax rates, double the standard deduction, and eliminate personal exemptions. It was, at first, believed to be beneficial to everyone. It’s being discovered and uncovered that the only people potentially benefiting are millionaires and big corporations. Amongst other research, many businesses and economists are predicting no change in their investments.


Trump made many promises to reestablish and renegotiate North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and withdraw from the large Asian trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump replaced NAFTA with the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA). Approval from Congress is still needed. Trump has also imposed tariffs on Chinese exports, $250 billion worth. Tariffs on aluminum, steel, while discussing imposed tariffs on imported cars. All of this has brought backlash from allies and trading partners who have retaliated with tariffs of their own, threatening the US trade deficit.



THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019


The government shutdown is over, for now BY GREY STEPHENS Staff Writer On Dec. 22, many Americans lives were negatively impacted in the result of the now longest ever, government shutdown in history. President Donald Trump advised the government shutdown due to disagreements with Congress about his long-term campaign promise to “build a wall” across the southern border of the United States. This government shutdown specifically affected about 800,000 federal employees, some of which whom live check to check. This crisis also suspended various agency and department operations that many average Americans found affecting their daily lives. On Jan. 25, Trump signed a bill to reopen the federal government, but only for 3 weeks. This now leaves Americans in a state of recovery and government officials with a big budget decision to make. The next three weeks for the Democratic party include debating border security with the president. When the deal was reached to reopen the government, the president made authoritative based claims to use his power to move forward with building the wall as a state of emergency if Congress does not come up with the funds to support it. “We really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or a steel barrier,” Trump said. “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either shut down on Feb. 15 again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to ad-

dress this emergency.” According to multiple sources, the deal does not include money for the wall although before Trump was demanding $5 billion dollars to fund it. With the wall being number one on the president’s agenda, Congress still must consider economic consequences. Dr. James Hedtke, a history and political science professor at Cabrini, said trying to fund the wall by making an irrational move like a second shutdown would be a poor political decision and would not serve him being elected for a

second term. “The first shutdown has cost the United States a minimum of 11 billion dollars, that’s double the amount for the wall. It’s cost families about 30 days of income. Already, 57 percent of Americans said they won’t vote for him in 2020, and only 37 percent of Americans say they will. That’s only the result of the first shutdown, if he shuts it down again there will be the same or worse economic results” Hedtke said. He also said that among many differences between the president and Congress, this has been an ongoing issue since his election in 2016. “There are many differences between

Cabrini awarded the “It’s On Us PA Grant” BY JOSH SANCHEZ Staff Writer Cabrini was awarded $30,000 on Jan. 11, 2019 by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The purpose of this grant is to increase Cabrini’s knowledge on sexual harassment and to provide more resources for students who have experienced sexual assault. Cabrini is only one out of 38 college institutions to receive the “It’s On Us PA Grant.”

What is the ‘It’s on Us PA Grant?’ The grant Cabrini won was created during September of 2016 by Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolf. In the first year Wolf’s administration awarded 36 post-secondary institutions across the state of Pennsylvania. The goal for the grant was to expand knowledge and understanding about sexual assault. There is also a pledge that everyone can take for sexual assault. In 2014, president Barack Obama launched the “It’s On Us” national campaign due to sexual violence. Sexual violence has been affecting an estimated one in five college women and one in 20 college men.

What does sexual assault mean for Cabrini? The “It’s On Us PA” grant impacts more than just education majors. “It will help all majors, regardless of a person’s employment,” Dr. Colleen Lelli, the director of education at Cabrini University, said. “We need all people to understand what it means to support each other and be good bystanders and


Protests outside of the Capital Building

stand up against domestic violence, physical violence and sexual assault.” The grant is also focused on everyone in the university. Every student no matter the major can use the sexual harassment resources on campus.

How does the grant’s process work? “Grants through the department of education are posted online and they have a very quick turnaround so usually we usually have three weeks to apply for the grant,” Martha Ritter, chair of the teacher education department, said. Applying for grants is very similar to applying for scholarships for a student. A person must look at the requirements of a grant or scholarship and apply the way the grant wants the student or university to do. If the person fulfills the requirements, he or she may win the grant.

Will Cabrini apply again next year? This is not the first time Cabrini has won this grant, in fact, this is the third time. “’I’m not sure if we would apply again but we have received the grant three times—all the times we have applied,” Lelli said.


Congress and the president, but I think in this instance its how to handle undocumented immigrants in this country and how to best secure the border.” On the other side of the conversation, the question is what happens if a wall is built? Abel Rodriguez, a professor who teaches courses on religion, law, and social justice at Cabrini spoke on the effects of a wall on immigrants. “There are already all sorts of barriers on the U.S. border and that began primarily in the ‘80s and ‘90s with different programs like Operation Gatekeeper. The effect that it’s had has increased the number

of deaths on the U.S.-Mexico border. So, what we see is that creating more obstacles pushes people out into more dangerous and remote areas to cross the border.” Since his reopening of the government, Trump has delivered a series of tweets about the wall already being built and how having a wall would lower murder rates, stop drug hauls, and stop the attempted invasion of illegal immigrants. According to his tweet on Jan. 31, “The wall is getting done one way or another.”


Invasive iPhone bug makes hacking effortless BY HAYLEY THOMPSON Assistant Visual Editor However, a test done by BuzzFeed News validates all speculations that the camera can be accessed as well. After BuzzFeed’s test caller began hearing audio from the other phone, they pressed the volume-down button and footage from the other phone could be seen. Due to this invasive bug, Apple has decided to temporarily take group FaceTime offline to try to resolve this large-scale security hole. On Monday, Jan. 28, Apple released a statement saying that the company is aware of FaceTime’s major complication. A solution for this problem “will be released in a software update later this week.” If you wish to disable FaceTime on your Apple device, follow these simple instructions. Open up “Settings” and scroll about halfway down to select “FaceTime.” The green slider indicates that FaceTime is enabled. Tap the slider to disable FaceTime on your devices. To know if you did this correctly, the green button should have turned gray and all of the settings below should have disappeared.


iPhone glitch graphic




10 places to go on a Valentine’s Date et h c t for a Ha ussi $70 e n th Pr ry g of oupo rson u e B Kin Gr rp ith 5 pe W 3 st : r $ Co o o tw

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Port P rovid e Phoen nce paddl ei x vi Cost : Kayak lle s - $39 /Day

Mt. Tammany Kittatinnies Region, Hardwick Township Cost: Free

Night Lights - Maple Grove Raceway, Mohnton Costs: With Groupon for two people $50 or $25 per person

Ba llo Ga on Fe Co rden stiva st : A $15 irpo l - Ne w pe r t r ti cke t

The Cook and His Books Doylestown Cost: With Groupon and it will only cost $65 for both of you ($32.50 each)

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Guit a -Naz r Facto ry T aret our Cost h : Fre e

Bube’s Brewery (The Catacombs Restaurant) Lancaster Cost: Varies

ANGELINA CAPOZZI Assistant News Editor

Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers and chocolates. It is about spending time with someone you care about. This year for 2019, trade your overpriced roses for a day full of surprises for your significant other. Are the movies, mini golfing and bowling getting old? Does your girlfriend or boyfriend enjoy music? Take them to the Martin Guitar Factory tour to enrich in the making of the legendary guitars. Are they more of the outdoorsy and athletic

type? Surprise them and take them to Mt. Tammany for a breathtaking view that both of you can share. No matter what your significant other likes, try something new this Valentine’s Day and explore the beautiful and fun state of Pennsylvania. Here are 10 unique places to take your significant other or even your best friend for a great time. CONTINUE READING ONLINE ANGELINAMCAPOZZI@GMAIL.COM MICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR


THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019


Gillette challenges toxic masculinity by encouraging men to be ‘the best a man can be’ BY SIERRA DOTSON Assistant News Editor

Gillette has been a household name for generations and has always been “the best a man can get” when it comes to grooming products. However, in wake of a new experimental advertising campaign, many feel the company has insulted their biggest customer demographic. The minute-long commercial encourages men to call out other men for behaviors such as violence, bullying and sexual harassment, emphasizing how “the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.” The slogan for the new campaign is “the best men can be,” a play on words for their classic slogan “the best a man can get.” Despite the ad’s attempt at promoting positivity, many customers have taken to social media to express their distaste for the campaign. “Gillette has stated that this is not a one-time commercial, but that they really want to change their


One protester comments “No one tells me how to be a man” in response to Gilllete.

approach so that your experience of their product will also signal different than their traditional image of masculinity. I think that if they are consistent in this messaging, and that the ad is not just a temporary was of capitalization on the national conversation, then I have less problem with it,” Paul Wright said.

“It is about the profit, but it also a way for the company to signal that it wants to be on the right side of history on these issues.” - Dr. Wright “I think it was part of a marketing strategy for Gillette that was designed to sell razors at a time when men are buying fewer razors. But that doesn’t mean that you have to view what they’re doing as cynical. It is about the profit, but it also a way for the company to signal that it wants to be on the right side of history on these issues.” Paul Wright is the assistant provost for international affairs at Cabrini University. He is also currently the professor of the gender & body studies course “Difficult Men: Masculinity and Media” which tackles the theme of toxic masculinity. “I think it is revealing that people are boycotting

Gillette just for presenting an ad that simply says ‘be nice’ and ‘be supportive of people who are otherwise oppressed.’ The fact that people are mad about it says a lot about their own anxieties surrounding masculinity,” Wright said.


The hashtag #boycottgillette has gone viral on social media with some protesters going as far as to post photos of their unopened Gillette products in the trash. In wake of larger scandals such as the Nike and Colin Kaepernick collaboration, the debate on whether advertising should be politicized is nothing new. Aside from those who are outraged by the message itself, an entire other category of outrage is by those angered by the fact the ad made a statement on the issue at all, regardless of whether they agreed with the message or not. SIERRADOTSON820@GMAIL.COM

What Instagram picture dethroned Kylie Jenner’s world record? BY MELISSA CASEY Staff Writer

Move over, Kylie Jenner. You have been dethroned of the most-liked picture on Instagram. Jenner is a young entrepreneur of a makeup line Kylie Cosmetics. On Jan. 4, 2019, an Instagram account was created for a picture of an egg trying to get more than 18 million likes to beat the world record. Jenner’s most-liked picture is her announcement of her baby girl Stormi Webster. The egg currently has 52,376,643 million Instagram likes with 3,049,490 million comments. Many people did not know about the famous egg Instagram page or how it dethroned Jenner’s world record. Tyler Norris, senior exercise science major, was one of the few who did not know about the famous egg picture. “I did not know about the egg picture posted on Instagram. I was surprised to see a picture of an egg claim the world record for most likes over Kylie Jenner’s picture,” Norris said. Alexandra Pizzi, sophomore education major, was another who did not know about the egg Instagram picture. “I honestly did not know about the egg and how it broke the record of the most Instagram likes,” Pizzi said. “I wonder why and how the creator of the Instagram page thought of this.” Once Jenner found out about the egg taking her title, she took to Instagram to post a video of her smashing an egg with the caption of “Take that little egg.” With the egg claiming the world record and Jenner fighting back, there came a mixed emotions about the battle of the two internet stars. Angela Selverian, sophomore psychology major, was not a fan of the feud of Jenner and the egg.

“I think people are just really bored and will do anything at this point for attention,” Selverian said. “Even if it’s an egg that’s getting attention instead of focusing on what’s more important in the country.” Users of Instagram and Twitter posted photos of Jenner’s face on the egg and creating a famous meme that spread all over social media.


Comments on @world_record_egg instagram CONTINUE READING ONLINE




THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019

The year for self improvement is 2019

Young adults in this generation often struggle with self-confidence and self-love. more women rise up as each year passes. I wanted to be one of these women. Last year was when I decided to make this improvement for myself. I will share a few tips that I did to help me learn a little bit each day about my self-worth.


“New year, new me.” As I scrolled through my social media at the end of 2018, I noticed how everyone was excited to improve themselves for the start of the new year. This is a running theme each December. “New year, new me,” right? To me, it seemed different this time. What kept catching my eye was the number of women that wanted to learn to love themselves. It moved me to see how

Making the change There are a number of activities and hobbies to help with self-love. For me, the best part was that a lot of it involved Pinterest. I started finding affirmations on my feed. I saved a few for my mornings and a few for before bed. When I wake up

to my annoying alarm at 7:30 a.m., the first thing I do is read a little saying about taking on the day positively. This sets up my mood for the entire day. When it is time for bed, the last thing I do before I go to sleep is read a saying that eases my mind. It helps me calm my body and have a well earned rest. Self confidence is another ingredient that fuels self love. Throughout my days, I try to stay focused on important aspects. For example, I limit my time watching Netflix to instead find a new MAXIBEL interest or try new things. I have found three new hobbies because of this. First, I picked up reading, which helped me significantly with selflove. My favorite books are about selfimprovement or psychology. I did not know how much I loved learning about the mind and body until I started this new hobby. It was a fantastic feeling finding this about myself, a feeling worth living for. Second, from being on Pinterest, I realized how much I love cooking. My Italian family has always been involved in cooking but now I want to be a part of it. I find myself lingering in the kitchen the same way the aroma of what is being cooked lingers. I am constantly looking up new and different recipes to try. It is

something that makes me happy and gives me something to do on a lazy day. Third, I picked up running. This impacts me the most because I can do it all the time, any time. I can have time to myself to clear my mind. I also love looking around nature, so I can take a new route to explore as much as possible. This is another hobby that runs in my family, so it was only a matter of time before I fell in love with it. My first year of self-love was the perfect time to do this.

What will you do? I am glad I found these hobbies because it helps me see why life is so amazing. I have only shared a few things I learned from the first year of selfimprovement for myself. It takes much time, so I make sure to stay patient and keep my mind focused on what I want to accomplish. I write down my goals and stay organized. I take it one day at a time. We have 365 days each year to see what we are capable of. I am anxious to see how everyone else learns to love themselves in those 365 days this year.


Why I eat peanuts when I have a tree nut allergy BY AISLINN WALSH Assistant News Editor

When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with an allergy to tree nuts and sesame seeds. I was always fine consuming nuts when I was younger, but I gradually started getting reactions when I would eat certain types of bread or nuts. I remember my mouth feeling as if it were on fire after eating a handful of walnuts. One day after eating a slice of bread, I broke out in hives, my tongue and mouth felt as if it were on fire and my throat began to close up. My mom, who realized that my reactions could have serious consequences, promptly took me to the allergist. After an excruciatingly long appointment, I found out that I had developed a tree nut and sesame seed allergy. Although it was disappointing to know that I couldn’t consume nuts anymore, it was a relief to know that there was a root cause to the symptoms I was experiencing. After finding out I had a nut allergy, it was disappointing to know that I had to give up Nutella. Living with a nut allergy is not too difficult. It just requires me to be extra vigilant and mindful of what

I am consuming. Sesame seeds, for example, are not limited to the topping of a bagel or bread. It can commonly be found in Asian cuisine, stir fry, hummus, breadcrumbs, rolls and ramen noodles. Nuts are likewise hidden in sneaky places. In addition to bread and baked goods, they can be found in lotions, soaps, shampoos, pasta sauces, meats, pesto, candies, coffee and are paired with chocolate in desserts. What is alarming to a number of people is when I tell them I have a nut allergy and then proceed to eat a handful of peanuts. No, I am not ignorant of the fact that I have an allergy or want to endanger my life. I am not allergic to peanuts. Despite its name, peanuts are not nuts. In fact, they don’t even grow on trees, they grow underground. Peanuts are classified as legumes, which means that they are in the same food family as peas and soybeans. Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are not nuts. food peanuts

Why do they occur? According to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE),

allergic reactions occur when the body recognizes certain foods as toxic and harmful to the body. Some will get a reaction while being in the presence of an allergen, like seafood, which can prohibit them from going to parties or even flying. Others, just have to consume it before symptoms show. The severity of the symptoms really varies on the person. Mild symptoms, reactions can range from hives, stomach pain and itchiness of the mouth. Severe allergic reactions can include dizziness, loss of consciousness and inability to breathe. Having a tree nut allergy DMCA means you have to avoid a Peanut allergy is a type of food allergy to peanuts. It is different from lot more food than just the tree nut allergies. nut platter at a party. When someone’s reaction becomes severe, they are pressure and affect your heart during their childhood outgrow of told to administer epinephrine, rate.” the allergy upon adulthood. otherwise known as an EpiPen. Thankfully, the severity of If an allergic reaction is my reactions thus far has never left untreated, it can result resulted in using an EpiPen or a in anaphylactic shock, a life visit to the emergency room. threatening reaction. According ALLTHINGSBOOKS@GMAIL.COM to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, It is highly unlikely. anaphylaxis is “ a life-threatening Research conducted by John whole-body allergic reaction that Hopkins University found that can impair your breathing, cause only nine percent of people a dramatic drop in your blood diagnosed with nut allergies

Will I ever outgrow it?


THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019


How Cabrini athletes take care of their bodies Sports Source: Bryce Harper to the Phillies? BY JAMES KELLY Sports Editor

Bryce Harper is the biggest free agent in baseball with Manny Machado behind him. Both are still free agents with no destination in sight, while pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than a week. Harper has been linked to the Philadelphia Phillies this whole off-season, as the Phillies are one of two teams to have a face-to-face meeting with Harper and his agent. The San Diego Padres met with Harper last week as they pursue the right fielder. Harper could lead the Phillies to the playoffs and potentially to a World Series. There are other positions that need to be addressed like the bullpen and consistency at the middle infield. But, Harper is the main focus of the Phillies and the whole city of Philadelphia. Harper has been tweeting about his possible landing destination throughout the whole off-season but nothing has been reported about where he is going to play next season. If Harper does in fact play for the Phillies next season, he instantly brings a consistent power bat in the middle of the lineup. Harper is the key piece the Phillies lineup needs for them to take the next step in making the team a legitimate contender in the league. Harper would most likely bat third, behind Cesar Hernandez and Jean Segura. Harper will be a consistent bat that has the capability to hit 50 homeruns with the short right field fence at Citizens Banks Park. Starting pitching and the bullpen are both huge weaknesses in the Phillies roster, a consistent bat in the middle of the lineup was a huge problem. The MVP candidate that Harper is will immediately bring fans back to Citizens Bank Park and make the Phillies a true contender.




their practice or game. Many regulars in the training room follow a strict schedule. One The training room is a busy of those regulars is standout place before practice and games. lacrosse player, Timmy Led by head trainer Rachael Brooks. Brooks is a four-year Flanders, the training room is starter who is plagued by well-run and helpful to so many many injuries. athletes on all teams. Athletes at His pre-practice routine Cabrini University spend a lot goes as follows: of time in the training room. It • Gets a hot tub run is primarily used for stretching, so he can get his taping and getting athletes muscles loose. bodies to peak performance • Sits in hot tub for before they get out on the field about 10 minutes while hydrating. • Goes to locker room MICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR to get dressed but leaves his socks and Timmy Brooks looks to pass to an open teammate. cleats so he can get his ankles taped. the trainer’s before games. practice or game Morello takes • Stretches hamstrings, hips When asked about her routine, extra precaution to make sure her and calves. Matthews said, “About an hour ankle is okay to play. She goes to • Goes back to locker room before warm-ups, I’ll go shoot for the training room and gets stim to put pads on. a little, then go into the training done (stimulation designed to • Goes back to trainers room and heat and loosen up my loosen up muscles). She then to get his left hamstring knee. I think the reason I heat puts her feet into the whirlpool wrapped. before games kind of because of to loosen up the muscles. After The routine stays the a precaution since I tore my ACL doing all of her treatment, she same on game days but is two years back.” has a trainer tape her ankle for bumped up about and two Many athletes like to continue extra support. hours before game time. to stretch and rehab old injuries “I’ve been fighting this injury His post practice routine so they can feel more comfortable for awhile and doing rehab and HARRISON SCHADT/STAFF WRITER stays the same pretty much when playing. taping my ankle really helps my Hot tub for athletes located in the everyday. He takes a while to Brittney Morello is a junior recovery and allows me to get training room. get undressed then showers field hockey player who has been back on the field faster,” Morello or court. and ice baths for about 20 dealing with a sprained right said. The training room at Cabrini minutes. ankle since the beginning was updated in the summer of Not everyone follows a of the season back in 2016. With this addition came a schedule so strict like Brooks September. After taking some HARRISON.LEE.SCHADT@CABRINI.EDU built-in cold tub where athletes in the training room. Junior time off  to let her ankle are able to ice their muscles in basketball star, Meghan heal, Morello was ready to order to recover quickly after Matthews, primarily only goes to get back on the field. Before any

Cabrini athletes prepare to play in winter weather BY STEPHANIE MCCLELLAND Staff Writer

because I do not like to do conditioning in the cold and I know it’s not that good for you Most people would agree that to do it all the time. If it’s in they try to avoid going outside season and it’s cold for practice, as much as possible during the I’ll always wear sweats and a winter. They do not want to leave sweatshirt and for games. I’ll the warmth of inside to face the wear Under Armour,” Cabrini blistery winter air. But if you play lacrosse and soccer player a winter sport it is not so easy to Marykate Keenan said. say no to the outside. Athletes Some other tips for staying that play sports during the spring warm when practicing outside is such as lacrosse do not have a to make sure to wear a hat. A lot choice when it comes to being of body heat escapes from your out in the cold. head so it is important to keep it But how do spring athletes covered. Also, make sure to layer endure the weather and play the up but not too much because once you start running around and sweating you’ll want to start taking layers off. It’s hard to get warm in the MICHELLE GUERIN/ VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR cold once Men’s Lacrosse huddled before the game you’re wet game despite the cold? Luckily underneath the layer you just there are ways to protect yourself. removed. “If it’s cold, I try to run inside It is also important to start


Men’s Lacrosse shaking hands after game practice or a game with a light activity like jogging before you stretch out your muscles. The cold tightens your muscles up and stretching a tight muscle can more easily result in pulling or straining. Cold weather can affect many aspects of a sport when it comes to games and practices. Often if there is bad weather, like snow, the game or practice will be cancelled or postponed which can negatively affect the season because the players are not getting their usual amount of practice time. “If (bad weather) forces us inside completely different game

for us. It forces us to work in much tighter quarters and really pay attention to details because there is a smaller room for error,” Keenan said. Playing sports in freezing cold weather can be rough and it is definitely a bigger cause of inconvenience than those who play sports in warmer seasons and that is why it is important to know how to prepare and stay warm during the especially frigid games and practices.


THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 2019



Men’s lacrosse team welcomes new manager BY ALEXANDRA MONTEIRO Staff Writer

“The managers have always been a huge help to the team year after year. They have always As Cabrini men’s lacrosse been there to aid the players team prepares to play through with anything we need on and another season, the players off the field. Elaina and Grace are one of the most important are the nicest girls and are assets for all of their success, but always putting the guys before the managers are key support themselves to take care of the as well. Elaina Loveland and stuff that we need. The girls are Grace Fox are the managers of friends with a lot of the guys on the men’s lacrosse team. While the team and have a very good this is Loveland’s third year relationship with most,” Jordan managing the championship Krug, a senior marketing major team, this is Fox’s first year. with an international business minor and the captain of the men’s lacrosse team, said. Loveland became a manager three years ago when she was just a freshman. She contacted the head coach of the men’s lacrosse team, Steve Colfer, about being a lacrosse manager and he was more than happy to interview her. “My experience managing the MICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR men’s lacrosse Grace Fox, new manager of the Cabrini men’s team has lacrosse team. been a positive

and exciting one. I love this team more than anything and we are a powerful team with great, disciplined players,” Elaina Loveland, a junior early education and early special education major and women’s field hockey player, said. Loveland’s and Fox’s main duties as managers include doing laundry for the players’ practice clothing every day before practice, picking out their uniforms so they can be hung, pressed and ready for each player so they are able to play in the upcoming game, packing their bag for away games with appropriate uniform necessities, supplying water at practice to players, running clock and scoreboard at practices and supplying water on sidelines at game . “I would say my experience so far with managing the lacrosse team is really great. The guys are so nice and they really welcomed me. I learned a lot as well. I learned to be organized and responsible. Yes, I have made some mistakes but I learned to just brush it off and not hold it in. I was the manager for my high school so I had an idea of what I was getting into with lacrosse,” Grace Fox, a freshman communication major and sports management minor, said. Fox got this position by talking to the coach because of her interest in sports management.

Fox also managed the football team in her high school and thought that she should do it in college as well. “Grace has been super helpful in lacrosse so far and has a lot to learn with such a big team like us but she gets along great with everyone and has such a positive attitude about MICHELLE GUERIN/VISUAL MANAGING EDITOR everything. She Elaina Loveland, manager of the Cabrini men’s has been grasping lacrosse team. everything I am teaching her greatly stick and come to the turf. I and I can’t wait for the season would not want to manage with her,” Loveland said. or dedicate a large amount of “My advice for my team is to my time to any other group of enjoy the ride; lacrosse season people,” Loveland said. comes and goes quickly, but our friendships and relationships with one another remain solid. I know that each player comes out to practice every day ready to play and put in their hard ALEXCMONTEIRO88@GMAIL.COM work. This team is a winning team because of the discipline, responsibility each player takes and the passion they each have every time they pick up their


Men’s Lacrosse lined up before the game

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2018-19 issue 07 Loquitur Cabrini University student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Feb. 7, 2019

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