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MISSION The Loquitur student newspaper and website are integral parts of the educational mission of the Cabrini communication department, namely, to educate students to take their places in the public media. Loquitur Media provides a forum of free expression. All members of the univeristy community may submit work to the editors for possible inclusion. Publication is based on the editorial decision of the student editors.



What it means to be a Cavalier Congratulations, you are now a part of the class of 2022! Choosing Cabrini University is the first of many choices that you have made that will enhance your future. Transitioning from high school to college can be a tough task for many; not seeing the same familiar faces every day, the workload shifting, or even your sleeping schedule changing. Everyone is transitioning with you. Know that you are not alone. Take advantage of Cabrini’s Counseling and Psychological Services. A team of professionals are there to help you with any issues you may face during the school year.   Get out of your comfort zone. Join a club, team, or to talk to new people! College is a time for self-exploration and you can learn more about yourself through it. Making friends with people in your intended major is a great way to start study groups.  However, branching out of your major and joining additional activities on campus is a great opportunity to meet new people. If you are living on campus, the Resident Assistant, or RA, in your dorm can help in many ways during your transition of living away from home. They can answer any of your questions, academic or dorm related.   If you are commuting, there are up to 50 clubs and organizations that can help introduce you to your fellow classmates.  There is also a commuters lounge located on the

basement floor of the library with a vending machine, a TV, lockers, and couches for downtime within your day. The Disability Resource Center is a great facility on campus that can help individuals with learning or physical disabilities. According to the Disability Resource Center’s web-

Everyone is transitioning with you. Know that you are not alone. site, “Cabrini is firmly committed to offering support and appropriate accommodation to qualified students with disabilities.” In general, classes offered at Cabrini are designed for students to have the opportunity to receive individual attention. Professors have office hours for anyone to come to their office to ask for help. Within that time students can ask professors to go over materials or ask for advice about a class. “Resume” may seem like a scary word, but Cabrini makes it a top priority to give students opportunities to build and format their resumes. There are many ways to get jobs on cam-

pus, whether you have work-study or not. Employers hiring within the university know that you are a student before a worker, and will work with your schedule. Students can have a desk job in the Holy Spirit Library or in the Admissions Office, giving tours to prospective families for the next Cabrini class. If you want to go off campus, the Main Line is filled with plenty of things to do.  The university provides a shuttle to the Radnor train station where you can get on a train to Philadelphia.  The shuttle also makes stops at the King of Prussia Mall and Walmart. Since the majority of freshman do not have cars on campus, it is open to students for free with a Cabrini ID.   If you enjoy taking day trips, consider looking out for outings offered by the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, or SEaL for short.  The center has many events, on and off campus, that can make weekends fun with your college friends. For instance, they have an out-of-state trip to New York and another to the local Sky Zone.   College is about learning, but it is also a time to have fun and meet new people.  Everyone at Cabrini wants to see students succeed and will help them in any way they can.  At Cabrini, you are not only a student. You have the opportunity to become a leader, a friend, an employee, a teammate and a Cavalier.

The Loquitur accepts letters to the editors. They should be less than 500 words, usually in response to a current issue on Cabrini University’s campus or community area and are printed as space permits. Name, phone number and address should be included with submissions for verification purposes. All letters to the editors must be e-mailed to loquitur @cabrini.edu





Guide to getting around campus


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Starbucks Coffee is coming to Cabrini Your favorite coffee will now be served at The Cabrini Bean BY CONNOR TUSTIN Editor-in-Chief After years of serving students in the George D. Widener Center, Jazzman’s Cafe will be closing its doors. With the popular Jazzman’s Cafe closing, something will need to fill the void to give students their coffee fix. On July 17, Cabrini University Dining Services made an announcement via Instagram regarding the status of the new dining location. Although the new name of the location was not yet announced at the time, what will be served at the location was. Beginning in the fall 2018 semester, the former Jazzman’s location will be “proudly serving” Starbucks Coffee. Late in the 2018 spring semester, students received an email regarding a rename for Jazzman’s Cafe. The options given to the student body were “Calvin’s Corner,” “Calvin’s Cafe,” or “The Cabrini Bean.” Out of the three choices, “The Cabrini Bean” came out on top, officially becoming the new name of the dining location.

For many students, this will come as a welcome change to the Cabrini campus. No big name chains like Starbucks have ever operated on campus, helping to fuel even more anticipation to the new Starbucks addition. Before you get too excited, this Starbucks location will be offering a limited menu. Students will be able to order some menu favorites such as assorted coffees, Frappuccinos, lattes and teas - but not all flavors and variations will be available. As for the food offerings at The Cabrini Bean, the menu will stay almost identical to that of Jazzman’s. This will be just one of the many additions to the Cabrini campus over the next few years as two new parking garages, a new residence hall, student center and redesigned campus are all in the works.


Students are excited to grab their favorite Starbucks brew before class at The Cabrini Bean.





Buy a planner and thank me later BY SYDNEY LYNCH Writing Managing Editor


Laying out your monthly plans is a sure way to keep yourself organized while in college. Summer is a magical time with nice weather and no school work. Everything is fine until about halfway through July; backto-school  commercials  seem to flood  the  television  airwaves. In those  moments, the realization of the upcoming school year hits and the rest of summer flies by.  Each new school year calls for new school supplies. There is nothing more cathartic than walking through target and buy-

ing new notebooks, pens, highlighters and folders.  Maybe you  have a color scheme, you might be a last-minute shopper digging through piles of spiral notebooks, looking for the perfect one. Whatever the case may be, fresh school supplies feel like a fresh start.  One of the most important purchases I make each summer is a planner. Using a planner makes me feel like I have my

life together. All of my due dates, work schedule and responsibilities for the month are broken down in front of me. I am a visual  person, so color coding my planner is a beneficial tool to a successful semester.   Time management will be one of the most important skills you will develop as a student. Time management is the practice of giving yourself ample time to complete an assignment without

leaving it to the last minute. As a junior, I am still working on this skill. Procrastination feels nice until it’s the night before a paper or project is due. Time management is a transferable skill that, if mastered now, will  benefit  your work ethic and resume.   In reality, planners are not for everyone. In a lot of cases, people buy planners with every intention to use them, but can’t get into the rhythm. As an alterna-

tive, use your phone. There are so many planner apps to pick from. Download one and have all the information in the palm of your hand. In the hectic setting that is college, you are always on the go. Some people just have a great memory and don’t need a planner. I am not one of those people.  I forget things quickly, so I write everything down. I’m the person that people come to when they don’t know when an assignment is due because I always have the information with me. Having one book that reminds you of every upcoming assignment and responsibility you could write down can be the key to an organized semester.  Whatever planner you use, use it well. 


Meet, greet and join a club BY ABIGAIL SCARDELLETTI AND ALLIYAH MADURO Circulation Manager and Social Media Manager

Moving into college is an exciting, yet frightening time. It is full of new experiences that are both good and bad. One of the best ways to get the best college experience possible is to get involved on campus. Getting involved on campus can also open many doors for you. Getting involved lets you take a break from your academics and make some new friends. While academics are the reason to come to college, taking time to engage in extracurricular activities can enhance your resume and help you build character. Participating in clubs can allow you to use skills learned in the classroom as well as learn how to be a leader within your community and meet people that you would not normally interact with. This allows a student to create different relationships outside of your major. Like most colleges, Cabrini has a lot to offer. There are clubs such as the Campus Activities and Programming


Board, also known as CAP Board. They plan major events on campus such as Culture Fest and the Mr. and Miss Cabrini Pageant. Another major club on campus is Black Student Union, or BSU. Black Student Union is an all inclusive club that runs events like dances, motivational speakers, Stomp of the Year and marches that promote unity on campus. “We want to be a family for anyone on campus.” Grace Spencer, senior graphic design major and BSU secretary, said. “Specifically for Black/African-American people.” Other great clubs to join are Student Government Association, the Body Image Coalition, the Science Club, and so many more. Each club plans events and meetings in relation to what they are based on. Having diverse events allows for everyone to have something fun to do. “We have meetings typically once a month. We try to have events. In the past we had a trip to the Franklin Institute, so fun science activities like making slime or watching a science related movie.” Danielle Ayer, senior biology pre-medical major and science club secretary, said. “We also try to do one service project a semester. And we will focus on activities that club members want to if it’s physics, biology or chemistry.” The clubs at Cabrini are student-led and promote a variety of different topics and cultures that all lead back to Cabrini’s education of the heart and social justice mission. Students can be a club member throughout their time here or can choose to move up through the ranks and eventually take on a leadership position.   You can also enhance your leadership skills through programs like LEADStrong through the Student Engagement and Leadership or the SEaL office. “Body image coalition is a club that can be joined at any time.” Jordan Clouthier, senior digital communications major and BIC president, said. “You can come sign up for our club at the involvement fair or follow our social media to find out when our events will be.” Signing up for clubs are typically on a rolling basis, however, one of the best ways to see all the clubs offered on campus is by  attending the involvement fair which is offered each semester. It is a fun time to meet new people, win fun prizes and have some fun! This semester


Getting involved on campus helps you make friends, memories and great connections.

the involvement fair is Sept. 5, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Grace Hall.

“We want to be a family for anyone on campus.”





FRDAY, AUGUST 24, 2018

Best places to go around Cabrini

BY JUSTIN BARNES Lifestyles Editor

La Colombe Coffee Sydney Lynch/Writing Managing Editor Cafe in Bryn Mawr that is very well known for it’s coffee. Approximately 8 minutes away from Cabrini.

Main Point Books Ariana Yamasaki/Lifestyles Editor Indie bookstore in Wayne that’s filled with books from all sorts of genres and serves as a good place to get a new read. Approximately 5 minutes away from Cabrini

Reel Cinemas Anthony Wayne Theater Justin Barnes/Lifestyles Editor Movie theater in Wayne that serves as a great place to catch a movie. Approximately 6 minutes away from Cabrini.

Playful Pets Brielle Toff/News Editor Pet store in Conshohocken where students can go play with puppies if they need a distraction. Approximately 11 minutes away from Cabrini.

Carre d’ Artistes

Renin Broadnax/Perspectives Editor Art gallery in Philly known for unique artwork and contemporary paintings. Approximately 27 minutes away from Cabrini.

Valley Forge National Historical Park Chrissy McCollum/News Editor The site of a famous Revolutionary War camp located in King of Prussia. Filled with beautiful views and rich American history. Approximately 12 minutes away from Cabrini.

Nudy’s Cafe Alliyah Maduro/Social Media Manager Casual breakfast and lunch restaurant in Paoli known for it’s large menu of breakfast food, sandwiches, and so much more. Approximately 15 minutes away from Cabrini.




Meet the orientation coordinators BY ARIANA YAMASAKI AND JUSTIN BARNES Lifestyles Editors

Russo and Perez work together to orchestrate orientation for class of 2022. MICHELLE GUERIN//VISUAL MANAGER

Anna Russo is a senior sociology major who became an orientation leader at the beginning of her sophomore year. She wanted to be an orientation leader because the orientation leaders during her freshman year had a big impact on her and showed her how to be successful in college. As a result, she wanted to be like them and be a role model for incoming freshmen. This year, she is serving as an orientation coordinator. According to Russo, the difference between orientation leaders, or OLs, and orientation coordinators, is that orientation leaders are the face of the orientation program, while orientation coordinators are the people who work behind the scenes. They are in charge of the orientation program as a whole. “We plan and run the entire new student program, from

recruiting and interviewing orientation leaders to overseeing the events of move-in day and orientation weekend,” Russo said. Russo reveals that being an orientation coordinator is far more stressful than being an orientation leader. Orientation coordinators spend the entire summer planning orientation leader training and the entire orientation weekend. However, Russo finds being in this position rewarding. “We have put so much work and effort into both our OLs and our new students, it will be amazing to see it all play out and truly impact the lives of the students,” Russo said. Russo also claims that the highlight of being an orientation coordinator is the people she works with, such as fellow orientation coordinator Danielle Perez. “Walking into the office every morning and seeing her, Amber and Lisa puts a big smile on my face,” Russo said.

Danielle Perez is a senior marketing major with an international business minor and is also one of the orientation coordinators for this years orientation. She started her journey as an orientation leader in summer 2017, going into her junior year. She decided to become an orientation leader because she wanted to help incoming students and follow in her orientation leaders footsteps. “I also remember how I felt as an incoming freshman scared, anxious but excited and I wanted to use what I felt to help those students who were going to be feeling the same things,” Perez said. When Perez was an orientation leader, she enjoyed the process of training and the week of orientation. During the training

process she made friends with her fellow orientation leaders that she might not of if she did not participate in the orientation program. “I liked going through orientation because I thought the activities were super fun and helped me connect with so many other students outside of my own orientation leader group,” Perez said. Perez explains that as orientation coordinator’s they are responsible for planning and executing all of the orientation activities starting with training for the orientation leaders down to everything that goes into orientation week. “I like to say that the OCs are the screenwriters, producers, and directors while the OLs are the actors that make the production come to life,” Perez said.


College on a budget: How to save money during your four years BY MADDIE LOGUE Staff Writer Being a college student can be expensive, so it is important to learn about the different ways to save some money. Students can take advantage of student discounts. The Student Engagement and Leadership office offer a wide variety of student discounts. “SEaL offers discounted movie passes as well as SEPTA train tickets,” Lisa Podolsky, assistant director for leadership development, MICHELLE GUERIN//VISUAL MANAGER said,  “The movie passes are $4 each and students can purchase 2 per week. The train tickets are only $4.” Discounts are valuable to students because they are already paying so much to attend college and many cannot balance work with school, so they need discounts to afford extracurriculars. “We’re paying a large amount to further our education and some of us are unable to get to our jobs so we don’t have much of an income,” Nicole Cassey, a freshmen education major, said.

As a college student, you can choose from a variety of

discounts: computers, movies, transportation, exercise, phone, subscriptions, apparel and franchise discounts. “The majority of us probably don’t have jobs that provide incomes that can cover the expenditures that we would have and so we need some kind of discount to reduce the prices of what we need to spend our money on,” Daniel Merkh, a sophomore history and political science, said. Apple offers students and teachers a five percent off their purchases, which could save you $200. Dell offers students a buy-one-get-one-free deal with the purchase of $699 laptop. Every Thursday night at AMC theatre, you can purchase a movie ticket for only $5. Philadelphia also runs College Fest, where students can go to any museum in the area for free. All-State offers 20 percent off their car insurance for fulltime students under 25. Geico offers students $200 off car insurance if they maintain a B-average in school. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer students 10 percent off their phone bills. Amazon prime members receive a 50 percent off discount for four years of college. New York Times offers 50 percent subscription to their newspaper. Wall Street Journal offers a 75 percent off discount on subscriptions.

Spotify premium is offered to college students with 50 percent off their account. CONTINUE READING ONLINE






Big plans for Cabrini Athletics entering new conference BY JUSTIN BARNES Lifestyles Editor

Over the years, Cabrini has had a great deal of success in the Colonial States Athletic Conference, or CSAC, having won over 100 conference championships. However, it was decided that this year, Cabrini would move on to a different conference which they would form with the help of several other schools within the CSAC. On March 1, 2018, it was announced that Cabrini and six other NCAA Division III institutions were approved to form the Atlantic East Conference, or AEC, which will begin on Sept. 1, 2018. These six other institutions include Immaculata University, Neumann University, Marymount University, Gwynedd Mercy University, Marywood University and Wesley College. The purpose of the AEC is to bring together some of the top colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region while still having a strong athletic conference of institutions with the same missions and goals. “We believe that Cabrini’s participation in the Atlantic East Conference will enrich


the experience of our student-athletes and heighten visibility of our intercollegiate programs throughout the regional and national landscape of Division III Athletics,” Athletics Director Brad Koch said. According to a document supplied by Koch titled “Talking Points on Athletic East Conference,” other reasons why the conference was formed due to the CSAC having several institutions in it that provided no to limited competitive teams. In addition, the geographical footprint combined with the limited number of schools in the conference would make it easier to schedule conference games and reduce the number of long trips taken for each institution. Cabrini women’s soccer athlete, Maddy Wojton, is very excited for the conference and is hopeful that there will be more competition and that the intensity for all sports at Cabrini will increase. Even though she will miss being in the CSAC, Wojton was glad the soccer team was able to leave the conference with a final win. “Most of the schools are coming to the AEC with us, but I’m excited for new competition and to see how this season plays out,” Wojton said. Wojton also believed that being in the AEC will benefit Cabrini in the long run as it will encourage the other Cabrini teams to play harder and stay true to their saying of “best is the standard.” Cabrini men’s tennis player CJ Lamantia is also excited to be a part of the AEC now claiming that it will be fun to meet and compete with new people. Like


The institutions forming of the AEC hope that the conference will enhance the student-athlete experience for all their athletes. Wojton, Lamantia is sad about leaving CSAC because of the success he has had in the conference but is excited to compete against new teams. Lamantia doesn’t see much of a difference with the AEC but is confident that all the Cabrini sports will pull through. “I’m happy to play new competition and hopefully, these teams will be a bit better,” Lamantia said. It appears that the transition from the CSAC to the AEC is considered a welcome change and student athletes as well as their coaches and athletic faculty are hopeful that this will prove beneficial for Cabrini in the long run. “I’m fully confident that the boys and girls in blue and white will take care of

business in this conference and dominate just like we have in the CSAC,” Lamantia said.


Full-time students, part-time athletes; Cabrini University offers many intramural sports and recreational activities BY JAMES KELLY Sports Editor

Cabrini University is a welcoming school that encourages their students to get involved around its campus. Intramural sports and recreational activities are a great way to get involved and meet new people while participating in sports you enjoy playing. Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people in your building or grab a few of your friends and play a pick-up game together. Intramural basketball takes place in the spring at the Dixon Center. Teams have to register online at cabrinirec.com prior to the first game of the season. The schedule will be put together before the league starts. Cabrini also offers a soccer and flag football leagues for students who might not enjoy the basketball league. The time for flag football has yet to be determined, stay up to date with the latest news regarding flag football at cabrinirec.com. All intramurals are offered for all classes and are co-ed so anyone can play as long as you register before the league starts.

“I really enjoyed playing, I got to meet new people and become friends with a lot of people who played,” Nicholas Louis, junior exercise science major, said. Cabrini gives opportunities to experience outdoor recreational activities such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and horseback riding. Cabrini offers a discounted price to all these activities. There is no experience needed for the horseback riding activity but there are registration dates that must be met in order to go on the activity. Rock climbing takes place at Gravity Vault in Radnor, the price fluctuates between students, faculty, alumni and family. A Cabrini student can go rock climbing for only $20 and $40 for any family member or friend that doesn’t attend Cabrini that would like to go with you. The Dixon Center has more information regarding all the intramural leagues and tournaments. The Nerney Fitness Center is open to Cabrini students every day of the week. The fitness center has treadmills, elliptical machines, stairmaster steppers, UMax dumbbells from five to 100 pounds and other plate loaded equipment. Students


2017 Intramural Basketball Champions can get a personal trainer that yoga, power yoga and Hatha will create a workout for them yoga. There are also classes that for an additional fee. The Nerney teach students the techniques of Fitness Center has fitness classes boxing while doing it through a Monday through Friday. There boot camp style. If any student are pilates classes, yoga classes, has any questions or would like spinning and zumba. The first more information about the fitclass of the day, pilates, starts at ness center or any of the class9:30 a.m. and the last class of the es contact Janit Gorka, Fitness day, spinning, starts at 6 p.m.. Coordinator, at Jcg324@cabrini. There are different types of yoga edu or 610-225-3952. that is offered such as Kundalini There are many fun things to

do on campus at Cabrini as well as off campus. All these activities are a great way to play a sport, exercise or just have fun doing some outdoor activities. Students that get involved with any of these activities have fun while meeting new friends along the way.


Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer

2017 record: 11-9-1

2017 record: 13-3-4

2018 Schedule: Aug. 31st @ Haverford College Sept. 2nd vs. Widener University Sept. 5th @ DeSales University

2018 Schedule: Aug. 31st @ Bryn Mawr College Sept. 5th @ Eastern University Sept. 8th @ Rosemont College

Volleyball 2017 record: 29-7

2018 Schedule: Sept. 8th @ Messiah College Sept. 11th vs. Haverford College Sept. 14th @ Haverford College

Golf 2017 results: Third Place in CSAC

2018 Schedule: Sept. 5th @ Jefferson University Sept. 11th @ Dickinson Fall Invitational Sept. 16th @ Frederick W. Anton III Memorial

Cross Country Field Hockey 2017 results: Fourth Place in CSAC

2018 Schedule: Aug. 31st @ Bryn Mawr Invitational Sept. 15th @ LBC Charger Invitational Sept. 22nd @ Aggies Cross Country Open

2017 record: 8-10

2018 Schedule: Aug. 31st vs. Haverford College Sept. 1st vs. Drew University Sept. 8th @ Gettysburg College

@CabriniCavs @CabriniCavs


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