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THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 2015


Campus diversity grows rapidly The class of 2019 was reported to have 393 students and is currently the most diverse class to date.




BY CECELIA HECKMAN Staff Writer Based on the current student records as of Sep. 4, 2015, the diversity of the class of 2019 increased by 42 percent over the class of 2018. “I think the campus diversity is evident. Everyone’s talking about it,” said Dr. Donald Taylor, president of Cabrini College. This year’s incoming class at Cabrini is more diverse than those of the past, in accordance with Taylor’s plan for the future. “The diversity is important because we are an inclusive community,” Taylor said. “It is part of our mission as a Cabrini institution, because the college was founded to serve immigrants and first-generation students. It’s like Mother Cabrini’s message living out.” Cabrini College’s mission statement reads, “The College welcomes learners of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds and prepares them to become engaged citizens of the world.” Taylor strives not only to welcome a diverse group of students, but to celebrate them through inclusiveness. His Cabrini 2020 Roadmap to Growth explains that his goal is to eventually become a Hispanic-serving institution. Being recognized as a Hispanic-serving institution involves reaching 25 percent Hispanic enrollment. Cabrini’s admissions office was tasked with this mission to increase the diversity of the student body over the past year. Shannon Zottola, Executive Director of admissions, said, “We did have a plan in place. We hired two new multicultural recruiters in the start of the recruitment cycle for 2015.” Angie Martinez and Sandra Vasquez, Cabrini’s multicultural recruiters, were hired in September of 2014. “They were both charged with increasing our numbers within diversity, particularly with Hispanic recruitment,” Zottola said.

Along with the multicultural recruiter positions, a new position was created in the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives in order to stress the importance of diversity and promote acceptance throughout campus. “Everybody has a stake in developing community and respect, and so we all need to be talking and thinking about diversity,” Sarah Carter, assistant director of programming for the student diversity initiatives office, said. Carter’s job in the office involves working with students and coming up with programming that addresses diversity and acceptance throughout campus. The Office of Student Diversity Initiatives works with students from all backgrounds and strives for inclusion of all students. A junior psychology major, Cheyenne Irizarry, is one of the many students who works with the Student Diversity Office. This year, she is an Advisory Council for Inclusivity and Diversity, or ACID, leader on campus and represents the office through this position. On the increased diversity that took place this year, Carter said, “I think it’s a wonderful thing. I feel like with all the diversity everyone can come together as one and start to understand each other better.” Though the diversity of the student population throughout Cabrini has almost doubled since 2008, the college does not want to stop their efforts to increase diversity in enrollement. They hope to continue to grow in diversity each year moving forward. With such success in diversifying the student body, a movement will soon begin to diversify the rest of the campus, as well. “We have to continue to diversify our trustees, administration, faculty and staff, along with the students,” Taylor said. “Then, the students see role models for themselves in the classroom, in the offices, et cetera.” CECELIAHECKMAN@GMAIL.COM

Campus welcomes 12 new professors BY KATIE BRIANTE Staff Writer This year, the members of the class of 2019 are not the only ones who are starting their journey at Cabrini. The college has taken on 12 new faculty members, one of the largest group of new hires ever recorded. “There’s actually several reasons [for the new hires],” Dr. Mary Harris, the Dean for Academic Affairs, said. “We had quite a few faculty that have some of them are replacement for those faculty.” She also mentioned that a few of the new faculty were for the new Leadership and Organizational Development Department. This department contains the new doctoral program in organizational development, the masters of Science and Leadership program and the Leadership Studies minor and degree completion program. In addition to the new department’s programs, there’s also a new education doctoral program in Educational Leadership and a new masters in Religious Studies. To find the candidates for the new positions, each department head chairs the search and department faculty help review resumes and conduct interviews. Once they are down to two or three candidates, they are brought to campus to meet with Harris and Dr. Jeffrey Gingerich, the provost and vice president of academic affairs. This process was an extremely busy time for them. “We did have several weeks where we were meeting with candidates, because... for 12 positions, we probably met with 30 to 40 different candidates,” Harris said. According to Gingerich, when the candidates were brought to campus, they spent the entire day meeting with the search committee, who helped to find the candidates, with the deans, the provost, other faculty members and, most importantly, with students. “It’s kind of s grueling day for the candidates,” Gingerich said jokingly. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4





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THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 2015

BE A WARRIOR For some, getting out of bed is the hardest

For Project Semicolon, this symbol represents one goal: to believe that this is not the end but

part of their day.

Sometimes, those who smile the brightest are a new beginning. The movement has spread all the ones that cry themselves to sleep ev-

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are the ones who feel

Bleuel wrote, “Despite

the most alone. Sept. 10 was National

the wounds of a dark past

Suicide Awareness Day,

I was able to rise from

and for many of us on

the ashes, proving that the best is yet to come. When my

the Loquitur staff, we felt

life was filled with the pain of

that this is a topic that should

rejection, bullying, suicide, self-in-

not be given attention just one day

jury, addiction, abuse and even rape, I kept on

a year. According to SAVE, Suicide Awareness

fighting. I didn’t have a lot of people in my corner, but the ones I did have kept

Voices of Education, suicide is the

me going.”

second leading cause of death for 15 to 24-year-old Ameri-

Being a college student

cans. In the spring of 2013,

can be difficult, emotion-

Amy Bleuel of Green Bay,

al, stressful and chal-

WI, lost her father due to

lenging. We understand

suicide and decided to

that college can be a

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become too much to han-

around the world.

dle, the stress might seem un-

This movement is called

bearable and at times, feeling

Project Semicolon. A semicolon

alone in a crowded classroom

is more than just a punctuation

might put you over the edge, but sui-

mark. When we were

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in grade school, we

rary problem.

learned that a semicolon is something that is



Help is always available and no matter what

at the end of a sentence that the author could happens, better days are always ahead. have ended with a period, but decided not to.

The Loquitur Staff would like to remind ev-

According to, “The au- eryone struggling with depression that they are thor is you and the sentence is your life.”

not alone and that suicide is never the option.

This symbol is more than just something Your story isn’t over yet. Don’t let your sentence taught by grammar school teachers. This sym- end. bolizes the fact that something that could have ended, didn’t. GRAPHIC BY LINDSAY DOBBINS


THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 2015


H.R. Generalist


Week of Sept. 11, 2015

Sept 7: Clinton’s Apology

Hilary Clinton took full responsibility for the mistake she made by using her private email server while she was Secretary of State on an ABC News broadcast. Finally she has put an end to the on-going banter about the matter that has tied to her presidential candidacy for months. The Democratic presidential candidate took full responsibility for her “mistake.” This confession came just a day after Clinton said she did not need to apologize in an interview with the Associated Press.


Hillary Clinton apologized to the public for her uprofessional use of emails.

Sept. 8: Migrants Flee Iraq

Sept 7: U.S. Protects Data

Feeling inspired by the countrymen and other Arabs fleeing the way in Syria and making it to Europe, many Iraqis see an opportunity to do the same. Some are leaving because they simply fear for their lives after being threatened by militias. Others have been displaced from areas taken over by ISIS soldiers. The large number of people fleeing is a humanitarian disaster happening across Iraq. Nearly 3.1 million people are internally displaced. The International Organization for migration has recorded that 6,000 Iraqis have arrived this year on boats to either Greece or Italy.

Following the Edward J. Snowden happenings, Apple and Microsoft are facing conflicts with government officials over sharing customer information. As the government pushes to access content from suspected criminals, the companies are pushing back to show that they are protective of customer information. Sept. 11: Bill Approved California approved a bill that would allow physicians to help terminally ill people end their lives. Many poorer and lower middle class do not support the bill because they want better health care and the option to end life rather than costly medical procedures makes that harder.


All information retrieved from the NYTimes

DESCRIPTION: People 2.0 is searching for applicants to assist their senior HR Manager and HR department. Generalist is expected to work with documents and hiring applicants. LOCATION: Newtown, Pennsylvania DESIRED MAJORS: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or Business or related discipline, PHR Certification preferred and prior experience in a multi-state organization preferred COMPENSATION: N/A JOBSOURCE CODE: 13141

Financial Intern

DESCRIPTION: An internship is available to be involved in personal finance services and strategic amrketing plans as well as social media amrketing.Applicants should be social media savvy and interested in research with a strong work ethic. LOCATION: Wayne, pennsylvania DESIRED MAJORS: Business, Communications COMPENSATION: Academic Credit JOB-SOURCE CODE: 13153

Amazon Operations Team Leader

SEPT. 17

SEPT. 18

ALLY 101


SEPT. 19

SEPT. 20






SEPT. 22

SEPT. 23

SEPT. 24



ALLY 201






DESCRIPTION: Amazon. com is looking for a leader in global operations to improve customer experiences. This positon requires the individual to have great motivational skills, ensure safety for the team and operations. LOCATION: Nationwide DESIRED MAJORS: Account and Product Management, Administration, Support Services, Business Development, Human Resources COMPENSATION: Competitive

If you are interested in any of these positions, please visit the Career Center or contact career@



THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 2015

12 new professors are welcomed


The race for the presidential election starts now BY EMILY JANNY Staff Writer For many students, this year will be the first year that they can vote. Sophomore education major, Tricia Stocker, said, “This is my first election I have ever been able to vote for, so I really feel like it is my job to pay close against to it so that I can make an educated decision when it comes times to vote.” There are 22 candidates running in this years 2016 presidential primary campaign. 17 candidates are running for the Republican party. There are five candidates running for the Democratic party. In the lead for the Democratic party is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the former secretary of state for President Obama’s administration as well as a former first lady. She is married to former President Bill Clinton. If Hillary becomes President, she will become the first female President. Clinton’s competition is a 75-year-old senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders. He has served in the House of Representatives for 16 years and is running beside Clinton. Recent polls have showed that Clinton is in the lead over Sanders; however, by the most recent polls, Sanders may have the slight lead in the early primary states. In the lead for the Republican Party is real estate mogul Donald Trump. Trump is well-known in America due to his empire of businesses. He is also known for his shows,”The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump has been involved in politics since 1987. Trump had a commanding lead with 35 percent support; however, due to his controversial comments, he has dropped in recent polls. “Trump has run before and fallen,” sophomore political science major, Owen Johnson, said. “He is just very entertaining to watch.” The Republican candidate that is giving Trump a run for his money is a man by the name of Ben Carson. He is a retired pediatric neurosurgeon from Detroit, Michigan. Carson made a rising in the latest polls for his comments about the border. In recent polls, Donald Trump was at 30 percent and Ben Carson was at 18 percent. This years presidential polls are just starting out. But it is never too early to be informed. EJANNY23@GMAIL.COM

After being hired, all of the new faculty members go through training both within their own departments and with the college as a whole. They begin right away, working with the faculty chair to help integrate them into the department. Then during the week prior to the start of school they attend a two-day orientation where they learn everything they need to know about teaching at Cabrini, from Cabrini’s mission and history, to the academic honesty policy, to how to login to Blackboard. Throughout the year they meet with the center for teaching and learning fellows, a group of senior teachers who will meet monthly with the new fac-

ulty members to ensure that they are integrating well into the community. “Teaching is so important to us, so having the right teachers for students is really worth putting everything into,” Gingerich said. “I want the students to know that we really put a lot of careful thought into this because we know how important it is to have good classes. I’m very excited about the quality of this incoming class of teachers.” KATIEBRIANTE@GMAIL.COM

Mike Mullen steps down from residence life position BY JESS DIPROSPERO Staff Writer Mike Mullen will be closing a chapter in his life and beginning at new one at a new and more beneficial job. His time at Cabrini College has influenced him and others around him. For the past five years many Cabrini College students and faculty felt that they were very fortunate enough to have such a great leader representing the Residence Life Department. With having different experiences every year with supervising the Residence houses, West Residence, all RAs, taking on program initiatives, and assisting or correcting students who violated or had issues with the code of conduct, Mullen was always ready to assist any student that walked into his office. “Mike Mullen is a very supportive person of the students. If I could describe Mike in three words, it would be dedicated, funny, and sensitive. Not many would think he is because he can come across as tough,” Susan

Kramer, director of residence life, said. Mullen has made a great impact on the students here at Cabrini College, from helping them with personal issues, to helping RAs get through training and of course being good ears ready to listen. Although Mullen has had the pleasure of helping students on a positive manner, he has also had to take on some more emotional and serious issues. He was always attentive and ready to take action. The school’s code of conduct was taken very seriously by Mullen and he is very passionate about the safety of students and their all around experience at Cabrini College. “With working with Mike for three years, it has been a fantastic time working with someone who is driven and is compassionate and especially cares about the students,” Akirah Massenburg, assistant director of residence life, said. With being very tough and hard on with the rules and regulations, he still has his soft and understanding side to him that makes him very easy to talk to. There are more

things to Mullen that the Cabrini College community do not know. “He is very knowledgeable about hunting, he is very funny and warm. You can not bring in a new Mike Mullen into the office, his presence will be missed,” Massenburg said. When Mullen took on his new position at a local bank, he knew that his time at Cabrini had to come to an end and begin a new chapter in his life. “My experience here has been great and have enjoyed everything I have done here. Working at the local bank is a step I am ready and needed to take,” Mike Mullen said. The Residence Life Staff and residence assistants could not be happier and more proud of Mullen for his decision to leave and would only want the best for him. “I know it is sad that he is leaving but this is something that we are all proud of and could not be happier for him,” Lucia Neuber, resident assistant, said. JESSICA.DIPROSPERO@GMAIL.COM


Mike Mullen and some of his residance assistants pose for photos.

Chef Rodney leaves Cabrini after 15 years BY JANELLE DESOUZA Staff Writer Chef Rodney, the executive chef at Cabrini for the past 15 years, recently resigned from his position at Cabrini to work in a corporate building in Philadelphia, Pa. His position at Cabrini required him to make the day-today menus for the cafeteria. His long time friend and coworker, Chef William Turner, a chef at Cabrini, said that Chef Rodney started off as a chef for Penn State University and made his way to the Cabrini College kitchen. Chef William Turner, third Chef at Cabrini, said, “At one time he [Chef Rodney] was here and running five other colleges. I’m telling you, his heart is so big.” During his time at Cabrini he went from being a chef in the kitchen to being head chef, also

known as Executive chef, which vices, said. “He was organized he said he was leaving,” cafeteria means that he was in charge and was good with the staff. He chef, Will Turner, said. of all of the other chefs, giving was just generally a great perthem orders of what to cook for son.” JANELLEDESOUZA7@GMAIL. “I have been with Rodney for the students at Cabrini. COM Hassan Goines, junior exer- 15 years and he taught me everycise science major, said, “It was thing I know. I was real sad when good for me to get the opportunity to know who he is. He’s a great person once you get to know him. He can tell you a lot about himself and he’s been here for a long time.” Many of the workers at the dining hall are new hires to the cafeteria and did not get the chance to experience working with Chef Rodney throughout the years. “Chef Rodney was an excellent culinarian; nobody could cook better than him. He had great food and he also had a great personality that just meshed well with the commuPHOTO SUBMITTED BY CATHY YUNGMANN nity here, so he was really good with people,” Tracy Eells, gen- Chef Rodney was the head chef in Cavs Corner for 15 years. eral manager for dining ser-


THURSDAY, SEPT. 17, 2015


Career and Professional Development Center welcomes new staff members BY CHRIS FONTE Staff Writer Kareem Calliste is the new Assistant Director for the Center of Career and Professional Development. Calliste is a New York native born and raised in Brooklyn and attended Lincoln University where he received two bachelor degrees in political science and secondary education. He then went back to Brooklyn after he graduated Lincoln in 2003. Due to financial reasons, Calliste decided to leave Brooklyn and return to the Keystone State, where he attended to graduate school at Widener University. After graduate school, he wanted to start his career in Pennsylvania where he got a job as a career counselor at Peirce College in Philadelphia. He then became the grant administrator for the college and later an academic adviser. Before coming to Cabrini, Calliste was also a program supervisor at Peirce. Calliste is an avid sports fan and follows everything from Formula One Racing to football.

Being a New York sports fan and moving to Philadelphia was one of the biggest challenges that Calliste found with the move. He brings some of his New York pride to his office with a sign that says, “everyday I thank God for making me a Yankees fan.” Calliste’s advice to students is to take advantage of his office. He looks forward to getting to know the Cabrini family better and hopes to see the faces of new students in his office soon. Calliste’s job on campus is to be an assistant to Nancy Hutchison, director of The Center for Career and Professional Development Center. Calliste and Hutchinson oversee the office and make sure the staff is doing the right thing and making sure the students are satisfied with their services. Just because they are directors, does not mean that they do not work with students. “The office really helped me a lot,” sophomore Giorgio Courtis said. “They are helping me get an internship for the future.” CHRISFONTE@GMAIL.COM

BY KEITH BROWN Staff Writer A new year means new faces in the Cabrini community. One of those fresh faces is administrative assistant for the Center of Career and Professional Development, Susan Fazio. From Collegeville, Pa, Fazio attended Temple University as a dance major, but had other experiences that led to her becoming an administrative assistant. “I have a background in non-profit and corporate and I was interested in finding something between those two fields,” Fazio said. Another factor that influenced Fazio’s decision to work at Cabrini was the reputation of the school and the accounts of her friends who went here. “I liked Cabrini a lot because my friends went here for college, so I was familiar with it,” Fazio said. “I loved the campus, and everybody said how great the people were.” The Career and Professional Development Center is located on the second floor of Widener Hall. “We work with first-year students and subsequent years helping students decide upon a major and informing them of what they can do with there major as far as career options,” Nancy Hutchison, the director of the center, said. Hutchison has been

the director for 26 years. “We run a very robust internship program and we encourage all students to have at least one to three different internship experiences, so when they graduate, they’re really marketable... they have real world experiences,” Hutchinson said. Fazio, who is only around eight weeks, has definitely been taking initiative and thriving in her new position. “Susan is wonderful and she’s really welcoming,” Hutchison said. “She can run this office. She takes care of all of us and makes sure we know what to be doing and has great ideas and suggestions.” Also new to the center, assistant director Kareem Calliste , has also been inspired by Fazio. “Susan actually came in before me and I would say she’s a great asset. She’s helped me a lot, especially with the little things,” Calliste said. She knows what it’s like being new because it’s not a distant memory to her so she helped me by passing on knowledge.” “If you can help even just one student find out what they want to do and leave college prepared then that’s success,” Fazio said. One step at a time.”



Kareem Calliste is a new member of the Career and Professional Development Center.


Susan Fazio, of Collegeville, Pa, has a background in non-profit and corporate.

Rachel McCarter leaves the Alumni office BY VANESSA CHARLOT Staff Writer Colleagues gathered together at the mansion Friday Sept. 4 to say goodbye to the Director of Alumni Engagement and Development, Rachel McCarter. Friends said their farewells and wished McCarter the best in her new career and future. McCarter has been working in alumni relations for over eight years and has been with Cabrini for the past four years. “This is such a bitter sweet moment in my life,” McCarter said. McCarter is excited to venture on and experience new things and opportunities but she is sad she is leaving. She will be moving on to West Chester University and she made this decision to be closer to her family. “It is a very exciting time for Cabrini under the lead of Dr. Taylor. Cabrini College is going to be moving and growing with new programs,” McCarter said. “There will be more opportunities for alumni to engage with the

students. Everyone just stay connected and get involved.” Gean Jacobson hired McCarter because she saw her abilities. Jacobson said that McCarter came in with plenty of experience. She did not need much training because McCarter already knew what needed to be done. Two years passed and McCarter was soon reporting to the president, which Jacobson said was only right and fitting for her. A colleague of McCarter, Dr. Beverly Bryde, who works in academic affairs, had opportunities to work directly with McCarter on some projects. One of the projects was the “Educators on Campus” event. McCarter and Bryde brought alumni and current students together about certain topics. Bryde believes that this event is something that can continue to take place for the years to come. When Bryde was asked what aspects McCarter brought to the table, she said. “Her calm established presence and her ability

and organizational skills to take an event from beginning to end and marketing all those aspects and bringing natural vision to foliation.” “She brought vision for where she felt we can connect with alumni’s,” Bryde said. “Rachel has done an unbelievable job of coordinating and solidifying our alumni board, she build up the board with committee and co-chairs,” Brian Eury, a colleague of McCarter, said. According to Eury, as we continue on with the remaining year the board will be interviewing people for a vice president of institutional advancement. Whoever gets selected will be overseeing the department of McCarter’s predecessor for the alumni director. The alumni office also works on bringing in speakers to talk to the students about leadership, and how to manage money. Jackie Marciano, a graduate from the class CONTINUE READING ONLINE VCHARLOT42@GMAIL.COM

New wireless internet on campus BY NYGERIA GEORGE Staff Writer Over the summer, a new Wi-Fi network was implemented on campus. The network shows up on computers and smart phones as Eduroam. Students believe that the new wifi on campus is faster than the previous and they think that gearing away from the previous wifi was a major success. The Information and Technology website states, “Cabrini community members are no longer required to register their device’s wireless address prior to connecting wirelessly on campus.” The new wifi works around campus, in and out each building and even a couple feet off campus. The campus also has guest wifi for those visiting or attending the campus. It is convenient because guests are able to access it on their own. Students have been having positive experiences with the new Internet. “The new wifi on campus has been a very big help. The Internet connection on everyone’s phone seems to be working awfully faster than it was before,” Vanessa Charlot, junior digital communication and social media major, said. “Now I am able to even do most of my work at an easier pace as well.” Some students did not notice a change. “The new wifi on campus is not much different from the previous wifi,” sophomore criminology and psychology major, Eric Howard, said. “Personally, both the old wifi and what we have now works equally the same. The pace of the internet on my laptop and my phone are completely manageable,” Howard said. “The new wifi is extremely better. What’s best is that it moves at a faster speed than the old wifi,” sophomore, Susan Ellis, said. “Also, certain buildings here on campus have very bad reception. The change was very much needed.”





Donut Be Like Them: Celebrities Abuse Fame One Pastry At A Time BY MOLLY SEAMAN Staff Writer

While most Americans spend time celebrating our country on the Fourth of July, Ariana Grande decided it was time to shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, she was not victorious. Grande created quite an unforgettable scene in a donut shop located in California over the holiday weekend. Security footage depicted the pop star picking up donuts off the front counter, licking them and then putting them back, all while proclaiming “I hate America.” The infamous scandal trended on social media for days and even prompted a lame yet lengthy apology from Grande herself. While many were outraged by her behavior, the most shocking and repulsive part of the story is yet to come. Not only was Grande found innocent of criminal charges, but thousands of teenage fans remained loyal to the singer and even joined in with their supposed hatred of America. Now, we all make mistakes right? Things happen. But to be real, disrespecting your country and prompting others to do the same is never okay. Our society today puts celebrities on a pedestal that allows them to get away with certain actions because they


Ariana Grande is one of many celebrities whose bad behavior gets excused.

Should students be drug tested? BY EMILY CROUSE Staff Writer

When it comes to the topic of randomly drug testing college students, it is easy to go either way on the subject. There are many good points backing up as to why it should be done and a lot of good reasons as to why it should not be done. I think that the schools should only be allowed to drug test students if a student acts in a manner that leads the school to believe drug use is occurring. If a student is acting out or struggling extremely with their grades, then the school should step in and evaluate the situation more intensely by using drug testing. I choose to believe that drug testing all students would be a waste of time.


Smoking weed and doing other drugs is a controversial topic on campuses and around the country.

are “under pressure” or “constantly in the spotlight.” For instance, we can take a look at Khloe Kardashian. In March of 2007, Kardashian was charged with driving under the influence and sentenced to 30 days in jail. However, due to “overcrowding” within the jail, the reality TV star was released just three hours into her punishment. Driving under the influence is a serious matter. In 2013, 10,076 people died in drunk-driving crashes–one every 52 minutes–and 290,000 were injured, according to madd. org. Not only did Kardashian endanger her own life, she put other people in harm’s way as well–a situation that seriously requires more than a public apology. Due to the tremendous amounts of people that follow celebrities through the ins and outs of their everyday lives, their triumphs as well as their downfalls are sure to be reported by the media. It is up to fans and society as a whole to stop glorifying bad behavior and to take a stand against placing celebrities above the law. While this phenomenon may never change, each and every day celebrities and regular people alike are presented with the opportunity to make the world a better place. This involves the voluntary choice to make good decisions, lead by example and constantly strive to be a better person–one donut at a time.

The school has too many other problems to deal with to be wasting the time and money on what it would take for them to be constantly drug testing students. When it comes down to it, everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions and mistakes. The school can also find other ways to make sure the students are healthy. Instead of using money for drug testing, they could have more food options or better showers for students living on campus. Schools giving random drug tests before being accepted or while enrolled at the school seems a little excessive to me. A person’s ability to get good grades and learn is worth so much more than what they are doing outside of the classroom. There is more to a student than whether they use illegal substances or not. That would be unfair to the students who get good grades but use illegal substances occasionally. This drug testing also makes the students feel judged and not trusted, which is a terrible environment to be in. Every student on campus is legally an adult, which means they are entitled to make their own decisions. The school should not have a right to interfere with the student’s personal health decisions. Students are in college to receive a better education that will help prepare them for the real world, and that is why the school should stick to helping the students fulfill that common goal. If students begin to get randomly drug tested, I believe the school should do the same with all professors. On the other side of things, I do understand and see how random drug testing would help keep a college campus safer in a sense. Students would have a higher motivation to keep clean from illegal substances in fear of being kicked out of college. EMILYCROUSEE@GMAIL.COM


Should Trump be President?


Wealthy businessman, Donald Trump, is running as a Republican candidate in the 2016 election. BY MEGAN SCHAFER Staff Writer

Donald Trump is a successful businessman, but I do not think he will be a good president. Trump ran for president back in 1999 and dropped out in February of 2000. He is running for president again in the 2016 presidential election with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” During the campaign, he has told everyone what he intends to do for the country. Some of his ideas will be good, but the majority are offensive towards some of the citizens of the United States. He wants to put a barrier around the Mexico-U.S. border to block out the immigrants from coming into America. He was on record saying that undocumented immigrants are criminals and rapists. Trump saying this offended not only the documented Hispanic citizens in America, but also the other racially diverse citizens. The United States of America is a country full of diversity. After saying this, he met with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber CEO Javier Palomarez. Palomarez told CNN that “private Donald was very different. He

did more listening than talking.” That may be true, but when he is speaking he has a case of foot-in-mouth. Trump may mean to say something that is meant to be good, but what actually comes out of his mouth is bad and offensive to some people. It would be better to have a politician run for president than a businessman. Trump may be able to run a successful business, but he will not be capable of running a country. Having a successful business is a lot different from running a country. If Trump was to become president, he would learn the hard way. He will not be able to run the country the way he runs a business. Politicians know the law better than businessmen. Politicians study law and the way the constitution works. Even politicians can fail, but they know what to do to fix what they have failed. Even though Trump has run for president before, he does not have the governmental experience to become a successful president. People with governmental experience should be the only people to run for president. Anyone with the experience knows the ins and outs of the laws. They know how to act and what to do in any situation. Since Trump does not have any governmental experience and never studied the law, he will not be a good president. I have met many people who said that if he became president, they would leave the United States. Trump’s campaign will have some followers that believe everything he says and he will have some haters that do not want him to become President. I think Trump’s campaign will play out in a way people will not like. He will continue to say things that will be disliked by the public. I think that he will lose all of his followers by the time everyone votes. MEGAN.SCHAFER2014@GMAIL.COM




Contraception contradictions: Catholic colleges provide sexual health care BY SARA JOHNSEN Staff Writer

It is a well-known tradition in the Catholic world that people practicing the religion should not use contraception. Abstinence, or self-restraint from sex, is preached. Birth control, condoms and other forms of pregnancy prevention are not encouraged in this religion. If these are the beliefs of this faith, then technically Catholic schools are going against the faith when they practice contraception. Disagreeing with this idea, most Catholic schools provide students with access to contraception in health services. It is the school’s responsibility to keep its students safe and educated. Sex education is not required, but providing college students with the tools needed to practice safe sex, like STD testing, is essential. With STD testing available to students, the school is keeping its responsibility of helping students be safe without directly opposing the traditional Catholic belief of being abstinent until marriage. Ultimately, it is the students’ choice of being abstinent, but providing the option for students to be protected is

more important than sticking to the roots of Catholicism. With the possibility of teen pregnancy or disease at risk, contraception in Catholic schools is necessary. The welfare of students should be the main concern of school administration, and not offering contraception or testing is not making students’ health a priority.


STD testing is beneficial to students in so many ways. Providing these tests can give young adults access to their own health knowledge that they might not have had before because of insurance or other personal issues. Health services should not have to ban certain tests to fit

the criteria of the school. Arguers might state that having STD testing and available contraception is disrespecting Catholic values because it is implying that college students are breaking the rule of abstinence and not waiting until marriage to have sex. These tests and prevention methods are not meant to insult or disgrace the Catholic tradition. They are provided to fit the lifestyle choices of the average person attending college. The ways of the world are obviously different than when the laws of Catholicism were made. Today people are more accepting of a non-abstinent person because it is not as rare as it was years ago. Times have changed and universities and high schools are adapting to keep younger generations safe according to the evolving environment. Contraception and STD testing in Catholic schools may not fit the ideals of the church it represents, but education is still the main importance of these institutions, so having these things available to everyone is critical. SJOHNSEN1996@GMAIL.COM

Education takes advantage of digital advances BY CAITLYN HUEBNER Staff Writer

Over the course of the years, colleges have significantly increased the amount of technology used both in the classroom and out. To hear news, events and emergencies, students flock to social media to learn all the latest happenings. Teachers depend on sights like BlackBoard for assignment submissions, tests and quizzes and, for some, lecture notes. With so much dependence on the internet, have we lost some aspects of college itself? There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. One could argue that a more technological approach to schooling is better because of the easy access to school work on a range of devices, reaching your professor and access to readings outside of the textbook. However, one opposed could argue that it is easier having a physical textbook rather than a digital one, handwritten notes are proven to help with memorization and you are unable to highlight on digital copies of papers or books. I personally find myself favoring the more traditional aspect of schooling. I was taught from a young age to always highlight or underline the key points in any

article, story, etc. I was also taught to annotate in the margins in order to connect more with the story and the author’s purpose.

the bottom of the screen as the names of schools scroll by, hoping to not have to wait for the next loop to see your school. It definitely has made a significant


Professors in colleges are starting to take more advantage of technological advances, but is that really better? I do, however, recognize the conveniences these technological advancements have made in life. It is so much easier being able to check My Fox Philly or Cabrini’s site for school closings rather than turning on the news and watching

difference on organization. Thanks to BlackBoard, all my classes are listed with different categories to sort through topics such as syllabus, lecture notes, additional readings, quizzes/tests and assignments. Lastly, I would have to admit that digital

textbooks would have saved a ton of space on my bookshelf! With all the pros to a more digital form of school, I still find myself preferring the traditional print over everything becoming digital. I love the convenience of putting a Sticky Note on a page with a great quote or possible test question and being able to turn right to where I need to be. I love being able to completely mark up a page with highlighter and annotations to elaborate on a point, or to add something related the professor may have said. I have also found that when I do not have a physical assignment in front of me, I tend to completely forget it ever existed. I took an online class last spring thinking it would give me a little more time to work or go out because I would not be in class. There would be weekly reading assignments due as well as a midterm and final project. We met in class twice, once during the first week and once to present our final projects. We were told all the assignments in person, but every week I would find myself cramming in the required assignment. I guess the proverb ‘out of sight, out of mind’ really is true after all. CAITLYN.HUEBNER0820@GMAIL.COM

Relationship quitters resorting back to ‘ghosting’ others BY KATIE MUSKA Perspectives Editor

Have you ever been in a relationship and out of nowhere, the other person just stops talking to you? An old fad in relationships has once again reared its ugly head in recent media. This dating technique is referred to as ghosting. There are no explanations, no calls, no texts and no contact whatsoever. Nothing happened (to your knowledge) and yet here you are: the victim of ghosting. This trend may seem like the typical way for a jerky high school guy to get rid of the clingy girl who calls herself his girlfriend, but it is actually something that people today of all ages and genders are doing. They do not want to talk to or be with someone anymore, so they simply cut them off with no words. The trend happens not just in romantic relationships, but in friendships as well. Ghosters will often try to justify their actions of cutting off their relationships by saying that they do not want to hurt the feelings of the other party. They think that ending a relationship verbally will cause more harm to them than

this. I could not agree less with that. I think that social media has a lot to do with this trend rising again. People– especially young people–nowadays do not know how to communicate well. We are all so well adept at hiding behind light-up screens and keyboards. We do not know the value or even the struggle of face-to-face conversation. Confrontation to us means sending a risky text that might either be ignored or blow up into a full-on texting fight. Ghosting is just a cowardly, lame way to exit a relationship. If you really do not want to be with someone, just grow up, be mature and end it. At least this way, the other person has a reason and some closure. Not knowing something like this can torment a person, not to mention worry them for a while that something may have happened to their significant other who seems to have disappeared. If you do not want to be friends with someone, tell them. We are not in elementary school anymore. Not everyone is going to get along, and not everyone is going to like each other. That is something that cannot necessarily be controlled at the adult age. However, what we can control is our attitude, actions and behavior. We all have

the ability to have a civil conversation and the ability to be respectful to other human beings. I have zero respect for these “ghosters.” If you do not think you can handle walking out of someone’s life, you should not plan on even walking in in the first place. KATIEMUSKA@GMAIL.COM


Many people fall victim to ghosting through the phone.




Freshman 15 uncovered- students expose the truth on collegiate weight gain BY BRITTNEY PALMER Staff Writer

Students have expressed that coming to college is new, fun and exciting. It is also very scary. With all the horror stories about college floating around campus, students say the scariest of all would have to be falling victim to the dreaded freshman 15. What is the freshman 15 some may ask? The freshman 15 is an expression commonly used in North America that refers to an amount of weight gained during a student’s first year at college. Whether it is myth or reality, it is still up for deliberation. However, it is still frightening to think about. This unproven assumption stems from the fact that students are starting new lives independently when they move on to campus. They leave their parents and friends behind and amongst that, the healthy eating habits they tried so carefully to instill in them. No longer is there someone to tell what to eat and what not to eat, students have to make these decisions alone.

The tough question about the freshman 15 is determining is it real? Or is it fake? “Yes I believe in the freshman 15. My sister gained 30 pounds her freshman year in college,” freshman, Samantha Cavaliere, said. “I too am scared of gaining the freshman 15, but I can avoid gaining 15 pounds by eating right and going to the gym. I don’t care about what I eat because I have the motivation to go to the gym and work it off.” Cavaliere isn’t the only one with opinions on the freshman 15. Sophomore Taylor Bookman also felt strongly about the topic. “I am an athlete and was one when I was a freshman as well so I believe I didn’t get the freshman 15. I was constantly working out and keeping myself in shape,” Bookman said. Managing calorie intake can be difficult while eating off campus, but what is Sodexo doing to help students make healthier decisions on campus? “I think in the past Sodexo has not offered many healthy choices,”Brittney Pedrazzi, student supervisor for Sodexo, said. “In the past two years I think the new management

has put forth more effort in letting the students know healthy choices are available. There is always the salad bar, but even a salad could be made unhealthy. The options may not be what I wanted in particular, but there are healthy choices.” Gaining the freshman 15 is up to the student. Making healthy eating choices and regularly exercising are all factors that can affect freshman weight-gain.




The salad bar in Cav’s Corner always offers healthy alternatives.

Fall Fashion stays comfy this year BY MOIRA PRIOR Staff Writer

Fall is around the corner and students may be rummaging through their closets trying to figure out what to wear and what is in style. Styles are always changing each year but some fashion statements stay the same. Sweaters, cardigans and a cute pair of boots are perfect for this year’s autumn weather. Recently on college campuses, a comfortable and cute style is becoming more popular for many women. “Sweaters, leggings and scarves will always be my favorite to go along with my pumpkin spice lattes,” Isabella Badolato, junior social work, major said. “Sitting in class in uncomfortable clothes just is not for me. Dressing up in sweaters is a perfect way to not only be comfortable but to be fashionable as well.” Many women like to throw their hair up into a ponytail or bun when heading to class. Headbands are also a great hair accessory to add to an outfit. With leaves falling and the cold weather coming, a pair of cute boots is always a safe option. “This fall I will be wearing cowl neck sweaters, knee socks and boots,” Nicole Kline, psychology major, said. “Knee high and riding boots go great with a pair of leggings, jeans or simply a dress. A simple dress and cute boots are perfect for going out to dinner or a trip to the mall.” Dressing up a simple colored dress is easy to do with accessories like necklaces, earrings or a scarf for when it gets chilly. There are tons of different styles in the fashion world this upcoming fall. According to Style Caster, four of the biggest trends for fall 2015 are oversized overcoats, patent leather, 1970’s bohemian and sweater vests. also states that designers pulled from a

world of interiors for fall, referencing fabrics and motifs that usually find their home in a chic living room. For most guys, fall fashion is not nearly as important. “I will be sticking to a sweatshirt with jeans and a pair of boots or sneakers,” Thomas Hegedus, marketing major, said. Jeans seem to never go out of style for men along with throwing on a sweatshirt when running out of the door for class. “I will dress nice most days but other days I roll out of bed and go to class,” Hegedus said. One can never go wrong with a plain long sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers for fall. Those are the three necessities for not only being comfortable but also fashionable. PRIORMOIRA@GMAIL.COM


Tom Hegedus models fall male fashion.


Oversized sweaters and jeans are leading in style.




Dixon house re-opens to residents BY ANNA LAQUINTANO Staff Writer

The Dixon house, after much anticipation, has finally been re-opened for residency. After being closed due to renovations for health reasons for years, the Dixon house is back to housing resident students. Because of Cabrini’s overwhelming rise of new students in the past year, the college started off the fall 2015 semester with the re-opening of house two. “I am happy for all who live in the house,” Jerome Bailey, Resident Assistant of house two, said. “I am just happy that we can finally build a small sense of community. It is a house but it is a family.” Bailey feels that living in house two is a luxury. “Other dorms on campus are just traditional living. This is more state of the art,” Bailey said. “It is more sleek. People want to come over just to visit and see what it looks like.” Last year, students patiently anticipated how the

house would look and who would be able to live in it. Construction was under way during the spring 2015 semester and all summer to revamp the most anticipated housing on campus. Since the opening of Dixon, there has been a buzz around campus about its furnished lounges, newly installed kitchen and air-conditioned rooms. “Dixion house is beautiful,” resident, Ian Kelly, said. Cabrini’s first ever Sophomore LLC is living in this house as well. “It is gorgeous,”sophomore LLC memember, Giorgio Courtis said. “It is just a great experience. We were all friends last year from the LLC so living in the same hallway with old and new friends is great. Everyone is just so nice.” Introducing a sophomore LLC has benefitted many students as leaders within their group after only one completed collegiate year. “I feel that it’s a great opportunity for sophomore residents who are in the LLC to get more involved on cam-


Dixon House houses mostly sophomore and junior students.

pus,” Bailey said. “It separates them from regular students here at Cabrini and shapes them into becoming that inner leader they can be and changing their identities forever.” Students expressed that the renovated Dixon house is a sight to see. Freshmen students have already expressed their interest in choosing it for their housing plan next year.



Dixon House has a newly renovated kitchen with updated appliances.

Food trucks create local feeding frenzy BY CECELIA HECKMAN Staff Writer

He and his wife, Janice, bought a food truck as an extension of their current seafood store. They hope to grow the food truck’s popularity in the coming years. “We are looking at it as a potential retirement plan,” Heckman said. “Over the next five years, if we can build

If ten years ago, someone suggested buying dinner from a truck on the street, they would be answered with disgust and shock. However, that is no longer the case. Within the last five years, the food truck industry has grown and become an acceptable and even trendy way to get food. According to The Restaurant Network, today, about 2.5 billion people eat food from street vendors like food trucks, and that number is only growing. “We really enjoy serving customers and being out on the streets with them,” Manny Heckman, owner of Captain’s Curbside Seafood, said. Heckman, one of the newest food truck owners in the area, has already worked various events in the truck and loves its new opportunities. CECELIA HECKMAN / STAFF WRITER “I think my favorite part is Food trucks are popular alternatives to eating out. the creativity. Being able to have fun and create new foods and watch people enjoy them. Just like any business, the food truck business up to be busy enough, we can simply run the food truck from April to Oct. and then go there’s challenges as well as rewards,” Heckman said. Many food truck owners attest to the hard work and down to Florida in the winter.” Not all food trucks are built from current businesses. tough circumstances that go into owning and operating The Fresh Truck Bistro was started in lieu of a typical a truck. Heckman speaks for most in saying, “It’s hot, you can brick-and-mortar establishment. One of the six co-owners, Dan Pohlig, said, “[We] saw a have things break down, sometimes you’re in difficult spots with parking and moving around, you’re in tight potential need among suburban office park workers for a more convenient, high-quality lunch option. quarters.”

Often workers in these office complexes needed to drive at least 10-15 minutes to get to the nearest food option which often turned out to be fast food,” Pohlig said. “We thought we would bring a variety of cuisines right to them and had a tag-line that we would be closer to them than their own car.” After starting based on this idea, the truck has continued to grow and move into various different venues. “We’ve pivoted to a strategy that focuses on very high volume opportunities at food truck festivals, fairs, special events and catering,” Pohlig said. Food trucks not only include full meals or hot dinners. Petrucci’s is a concession trailer that offers water ice and ice cream. “It has been very successful for us,” Bernadette Auth, owner, said. Auth said, “Having a concession trailer would allow us the opportunity to serve more customers, promote our name and brand, and earn more income, without the overhead expenses that another store would incur.”





Review: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ full of excitment

Racy VMA’s catch students attention



‘Straight Outta Compton’ remained No. 1 for the first three weeks after its opening weekend. Box office ticket receipts then dropped this past weekend still pulling in a whopping $10,849,930. After seeing the movie myself, it definitely lives up to the hype. The movie’s director F. Gary Gray did a great job of showing the grit and heart that all members of N.W.A. had. Each actor stayed true to the reallife characters they were portraying from

on the live performance of the song in concert. Refusing to follow the law at their 1989 concert in Detroit, N.W.A. was arrested halfway through their performance. The fight for gangsta-rap to be heard and taken seriously at that time was no walk in the park. I enjoyed the movie because it was honest about what happened during those times and showed the resistance it took to really make rap its own genre.

their clothes down to their accents. Right off the bat, the movie gets into the action. It is the type of movie that locks your eyes to the screen immediately. Between drug busts, gang violence, fighting and shoot outs everything keeps your nerves on edge. The police brutality expressed by the Los Angeles police department is shocking to see. The racism, oppression and relentless misuse of power by the police shows the troubled times in Compton of the 1980’s. Background on every member of the group is given in the opening. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren, all original members of the group, are pictured in their younger years . Heart, confidence, determination and honesty are all displayed within the music featured in the movie. One song in particular, ‘F*** tha Police,’ off the group’s 1988 album rightfully titled ‘Straight Outta Compton’ gained a lot of attention on the airwaves both in negative and positive ways. The song was a true reflection of the group’s feelings towards police. These honest efforts earned them worldwide recognition and much respect. The song later caught the eye of the FBI, who filed a cease-and-desist order

The message I took from the movie was determination and knowing when to stand up for your dreams. The members of N.W.A. started out with next to nothing. However, they knew that they wanted more then what they experienced growing up. N.W.A. went from making small time rhymes in a notebook and recording in a garage to selling out arenas. This is a movie that grips hold of the eyes, heart and funny bone. I would definitely have to say go look up showtimes right now.


Many students felt the 32nd installment of the MTV Video Music Awards was very peculiar. With Miley Cyrus hosting, it was definitely not like any year before. After having no host for the past two years, MTV really made a bold move by having Miley run the show. Cyrus first appeared sliding down a rainbow funnel to open the show. The crowd was really interactive with her and she had some good jokes throughout, but what is any appearance featuring Miss Cyrus without her referencing how much she loves weed, dropping a few f-bombs and basically being naked every time she appeared on stage? Some really liked her hosting. However, others like Cortney Hanson, junior education major, thought otherwise. “She was the worst host ever. I would have rather have seen someone else,” Hanson said. “She made our generation look terrible.” Nicki Minaj opened the show and owned the stage with her song “Trini Dem Girls.” Making her statement, she moved to the beat and interacted with her backup dancers and audience the whole time. Just when everyone thought the climax had hit, Taylor Swift rose up from under the stage singing with Minaj. The two singers have previously been know to have some “bad blood” over a Twitter feud a couple of weeks ago. After their interaction on stage it seemed to be all cleared up and sent a direct message to all the media about their re-established friendship. Later, The Weeknd got everyone dancing with his catchy single “Can’t Feel My Face.” Singers Pharrell, Macklemore and Demi Lovato took their performances outside and pumped the crowd up even more. Even Justin Bieber made his comeback to performing and got emotional at the end. The poor thing started to cry on stage. “I thought they were cool. They were entertaining at the least,” sophomore, Alexandria Ramos, said. Though the performances were

lacking, jaw-dropping drama emerged in some Moon-man acceptance speeches. Taking home the Moon-man award for best hip-hop video was Nicki Minaj. She stormed the stage with great joy. She went from thanking fans and even her pastor in her speech to, out of nowhere, calling Miley Cyrus out for what she said about Minaj in an interview. No one knew this was coming. “I do not know if it was real but it definitely got a lot of attention,” Ramos said. A lot of attention it gained indeed. Apparently Miley’s words got twisted in the interview about Nicki Minaj and she took it upon herself to call Miley out on it. “I do not think anyone deserves to be put on the spot like that. But maybe if they did have problems they can sort it out,” sophomore Jack Dunleavy said. Later in the show, Taylor Swift presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West. Swift joked about their relationship, but when it came time for Kanye’s speech he apologized again for how he acted towards her and other people in his life. Admitting he was high to “take the edge off,” Kanye gave a 13-minute speech filled with nonsense. By the end of his pretentious speech, the only thing that most people got out of it was that he loved saying “bro” and that he was running for president in 2020. “I love Kanye West. I love his music. But he should stick to the music,” Hanson said. “If he was ever president I would be the first to move to Italy.”



‘Straight Outta Compton’ breaks box office records by staying No. 1 for three weeks.


Kanye West makes 13-minute speech at the 2015 VMA’s.




Graduate Assistant keeps doing something extraordinary BY JESSICA NIELDS Staff Writer

“I figured it would be cool and easy to further my education at the school that I graduated from and that I work at,” After graduating in 2014, Brandon Mincer knew he wanted Mincer said. “Cabrini also offers more from Cabrini. After com- one of the best teacher-education pleting his undergrad as a social programs.” Mincer is now currently studywork major, Mincer understood ing to get a that the Masters of only way Education to truly do as well as something a teaching extraordicertificate nary in his in Pre-K field was to through dive deepf o u r t h er into his grade. He education. has always Mincer wanted to l o v e d become a Cabrini teacher. College. Mincer He felt is mostly so strongly JESSICA NIELDS / STAFF WRITER intrigued about his Mincer as a Grad Assistant. by learning experience at Cabrini he decided to pursue new things. Throughout his experience at his career as a graduate admissions counselor. Not too soon Cabrini, Mincer has come across after he started working, Mincer many incredible mentors. Dr. decided to further his education Donald Taylor and Saleem Brown with Cabrini in their graduate are both two that particularly inspired him to possess strong program.

work ethic. Cabrini offers three graduate studies programs, a Master of Education and Teaching Certifications, Master of Science in Leadership and Master of Accounting. There are many different routes you can take within the different programs. In the Master of Education and Teaching Certification, students can choose from getting a Master’s with ESL certification, prekindergarten through fourth grade certification, reading specialist certification, secondary education certification and special education certification. Students are also able to study to get a Master’s in teaching and learning, curriculum, instruction and assessment, Master’s in education and thesis and the graduate intern certificate program. There are also the options of teacher

continuing education and school administrator continuing education which you can chose from.

classes are usually held Tuesday through Thursday depending on which of the six locations you have chosen. The Harrisburg location provides classes only on Tuesday nights whereas Downingtown and North Philadelphia hold classes strictly on Thursday nights. If students are not near able to make any of those four locations or times, they still have the choice of Plymouth Meeting or Upper Darby for Wednesday night classes.


Cabrini also offers off campus graduate studies programs. These


Students say summer is for saving BY ANESIA MEREDITH Promotion and Circulation

Students use their summer break for different reasons. Some vacation, others study but most college students are spending their time off working hard to save money. In reality, most students have to work year-long in order to pay bills, afford necessities and still have some extra cash left over for days off. Senior graphic design major, Rebecca Teer, is constantly on the move. After working at Future Stars Camp’s main location on campus from the end of June until mid Aug., Teer then transferred to Shipley lower school where she remained for the rest of the summer. With Teer balancing so much, carrying a financial burden was difficult to deal with. However, with the help of Teer’s single-parent mother, some financial aid assistance and Teer can continue her extraordinary journey at Cabrini. Teer says that the reason behind working for the camp was to help her with her financial aid. “I have a cousin who is a director for Cabrini’s camp, which was my connection. But I mainly just wanted to work for the camp because I enjoy interacting with children,” Teer said. Although it seemed like Teer’s summer was all work

and no play, she made sure she left some time to spoil herself. “With the money that I earned this summer I was able to pay for my own vacation,” Teer said. “I stayed with a few of my friends from Cabrini in Rehoboth. That was a really great experience.” When it comes to a budget, Teer is constantly checking her account and strictly saving. Because Teer now lives in the apartments on campus she has to consider putting certain money aside for groceries. “I have a separate budget for food, and it does help that I babysit once a week,” Teer said. Another great example of students maintaining a parttime job and going to school full-time is Ernst Jasmin. Jasmin is a senior, political science and black studies major with a possible minor in philosophy. Jasmin has spent the last three summers working for Apple. Unfortunately due to issues with management and an overall unhappiness in the company, Jasmin has now found a new and better paying job as a bank teller at PNC bank. “It is a great job that pays well with commission. Also, it is around the corner from school,” Jasmin said. “Being a commuter from home in West Philadelphia it makes life a lot easier.

With traveling to and from work everyday being so simple, Jasmin appreciates being able to leave and come back to school with easy access. Over the summer Jasmin had a financial hold on his account due to some past balances, but luckily to his surprise his new financial aid package covered the entire balance. That came in handy for him. Jasmin was able to purchase something nice for himself as a reward for his hard work. With the 50 percent discount Jasmin received before leaving Apple, he was able to purchase his Apple watch. “I budget my money as wise as I can by using my checking and savings accounts. But, sometimes I still end up living a check to check lifestyle. I do however still manage to put a little aside for savings,” Jasmin said. Both students exemplify an average college student lifestyle. Life still goes on academically and financially, but staying organized in all aspects of your life is the best way to accomplish tasks.



The financial aid office can help students with saving and opportunities to make money while being a student.




ECG courses show appeal to all students BY ANGELICA LITTLE Staff Writer

ECG courses have grown in number and desire to encourage students in making changes to the world around them. "The persuasion doesn't go away," Phillip Campbell, Cabrini education professor, said. "Being persuaded to be the change agents at a young age, I think that is one of the strengths of our ECG programs, period." Campbell is also an instructor for ECG 200, Hip-Hop, Words in Action. The course is a continuum of the spring 2015 ECG 100, Hip-Hop, a Language of Social Justice. This semester he is partnering with Blackboard Labs, an afterschool music production club for students aged 13 to 19. “The students use hip-hop as a vehicle for social justice in that all of the songs they make. They keep it real,” Campbell said. For the ECG 200 class, Campbell will introduce Blackboard Labs' program to a school in Norristown, where his students will engage in conversation with participating children. They will lead discussions about social justice issues within the community and about the music they are making and what it means to be creating such music. He sees this class as having a future past the fall semester. "I am hoping to run it next semester as well because if we start this after-school program it does not make sense

not to run the class every semester," Campbell said. The list of ECG courses for the fall semester revealed many new additions in the 100, 200 and 300 ECG course levels. Mentoring experiences and topics ranging from film and media studies to dystopian societies fit comfortably with traditional classes, such as Dating and Domestic Violence. Campbell had encouragement for the new additions like his. "We are starting to add these other classes and it is a positive step in the right direction," Campbell said. ECG’s are much more than just three classes needed to fulfill the college's core curriculum. These classes allow students to think of ways to make change in their local communities and allow them to put these thoughts into action several times before graduation. This exposure keeps alive the spirit of creating stories that matter long after being handed a diploma. "If these conversations don't happen until you're 25, 30 or 35, and you are not thinking about it for another 8 to 12 years, then so much life happens to you that it is harder to wrap your mind around being a change agent," Campbell said. ECG courses bring together students of all backgrounds, regardless of divisions, everyone is united in making a change for the desired topic. "Here in these ECG classes, young people find themselves with like-minded people who may or may not look like you but are interested in the same issues and can

then form partnerships and allegiances as you grow old together," Campbell said. "In very short form, you're going to be our country's leaders,” Campbell said. “Your willingness to deal with the hard issues is going to put you in a place where you're going to be leaders in the world.” These courses allow for the growth of students as a class and as individuals by challenging the thought process. "These are classes that are somewhat outside the comfort zone of some students," Campbell said. "They have to use a different part of their brain to engage with the class. I think that is the real strength of the ECG program."



Students have the opportunity to study what their passions

Campus LLCs expand to accomodate students’ needs BY JACLYN LABES Staff Writer

Freshman year is the start of all new beginnings that can be overwhelming. Interacting alongside peers eases the transition into all of the exciting opportunities available to utilize during the first year of your college experience. Living and learning communities give first- year students the opportunity to correlate between classes and aspects of their social life throughout the course of their experience at Cabrini College. “I loved the aspect of being in an LLC. At first it was a little intimidating, however, the people who are within your LLC become your core group of friends throughout your four years, especially as a strong support system the first few months going into college,” Amber Dietrich, junior social work major, said. The LLC programs allow students to work with their core group of friends to find a balance between homework assignments and other activities without getting stressed. This fall 2015 semester, the new body language LLC assists students who are stressed. First year students in the body language LLC will consider issues relating to body image and how the media impacts how we perceive others and ourselves. The body language LLCs, along with other LLCs, will kick the year off with a retreat where students will develop communication skills and try to discover who they are as a first-year student in order to be successful. Other co–curricular activities that students in the body language LLC will participate in include a pumpkin-patch trip in order to help students relieve stress and also a trip to the Bryn Mawr art ability exhibit to view and learn about disabled artists’ work that has been curated from around the world. “The body language LLC is focused on body image but not the very traditional focus on eating disorders and image because it also focuses on self care,” Dr. Michelle

Filling–Brown, Faculty Director of the body language living and learning community, said. Students in this LLC will be able to collaborate with their peers and their master-learner, an upper-class mentor or tutor, in finding a balance between school and their work lives as well as in overcoming problems with anxiety so that students can enjoy their college experience. Sophomore students sometimes head into the school year stressed and overwhelmed because they are still unsure of what they want to pursue. The LLC program has recognized that problem and has launched the first sophomore IMPACT leadership LLC this fall 2015 semester, which is an extension of the freshman leadership LLC. Sophomores in the leadership LLC reside in the newly renovated Dixon house while freshman students in LLC’s live in Xavier or East. For the first time in Cabrini’s history, freshman students not in an LLC program this year have the chance to reconsider that opportunity and think about how that might impact their sophomore year. “We have more first year students in an LLC this year then ever before,” Richard Gebauer, Director of First Year Experience, said. “New LLC’s this semester have continued to grow and move forward in the direction of reaching the goal of 100 percent of undergraduate students in a LLC by 2020,” Gebauer said.


New sophomore LLC live in renovated Dixon House



LLC students are given the opportunity to meet often.




Jenner receives Arthur Ashe courage award, which causes controversy

NFL names first fulltime female official



Staff Writer Caitlyn Jenner was given the honor of receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for courage despite the displeasure of the general public. Over the summer, Caitlyn Jenner, formally known as Bruce, announced that she is transgender. Jenner later went through a series of gender reassignment surgeries to fully transition from man to woman. Other nominees for the Arthur Ashe Award included Lauren Hill and Noah Galloway. Hill is a 19-year-old basketball player from Indiana battling an inoperable brain tumor that claimed her life. Galloway is a double amputee Army veteran from Alabama who went on to


Caitlyn Jenner gives moving acceptance speech on July 15 at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles.

BY KEVIN MOYLETT AND PATRICK WHALEN Co-Sports and Co-Lifestyles Editor

Pat’s first-half review The first-half of Monday night’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons displayed how flawed the Philadelphia Eagles really are.

compete on “Dancing With The Stars.” The legacy of Arthur Ashe lives on through those who choose to embody his way of life. Recipients show strength when adversity stares them in the face and the courage to stand up for what they believe. Few people saw these qualities in Jenner. 43 students participated in a survey that asked them for their opinion about Jenner being honored with the award. 60 percent of those surveyed said Jenner was not a worthy recipient for the award. When asked which of the other two nominees was more deserving of the award 50 percent voted for Hill while 41 percent voted for Galloway. “I believe there could be a more deserving candidate than Jenner,” Nick Vivian, sophomore early and special Education major, said. The struggles for the transgender community have existed for years, yet Jenner has essentially become the spokesperson for this community. However, she became this icon due to her involvement in popular social media. She had the access to major financial and moral support from her family to go on with her sexchange operation, which is not always obtained by many of the transgender community. “Even though Caitlyn Jenner did show courage through the transitions she made, there are people who struggle with trans-sexuality and are denied and thrown out for who they are,” Paige Wagner, sophomore graphic design major, said.

Right from the get-go the Eagles could not get a single spark of energy through their offense. Atlanta brought the house more than the Eagles could handle and it showed. Not only were the Falcons crushing the Eagles front line but were also drawing umpteen penalties. That was only the beginning of the Eagles struggles.

“They are not even recognized for their courage.” Rita Alcaraz, sophomore criminology and sociology major, had a similar opinion. “I understand that going through the gender reassignment takes courage but there were more deserving candidates,” Alcatraz said. “Growing up as a Catholic, I have the mentality that a boy should be a boy and a girl should be a girl but nowadays one has to be supportive because it could lead to someone’s mental health becoming unstable.” Jenner gave a moving acceptance speech thanking everyone from her mom to her kids for supporting her through her journey. She went on to talk about transgender teenagers she had the privilege of meeting who, unfortunately, had either been killed or committed suicide. Transgender individuals are at a much higher risk of committing suicide than those who are not. They are also at a higher risk for sexual assault. Jenner plans on using her fame as a way to advocate and be a voice for the transgender community. She plans on raising awareness about the injustices faced by transgender people and how they can be solved. Her journey as a woman and advocacy for the transgender community is being documented on E! called, “I Am Cait.”


Julio Jones could not be stopped, aside from the interception thrown in the back of the end zone, Matt Ryan was nearly perfect and the Eagles were on their heels for the entire half. Many people questioned the play calling by the Eagles offense. DeMarco Murray was rarely used in the first half and the Eagles continued to throw the ball. By the end of the half the Eagles could only squeeze out a mere 3 points off of a Cody Parkey field goal. The three underlying issues were play calling, penalties and the secondary. As long as the Eagles play more like they did in the second half, they should be fine. @PATRICKWHALEN12

The NFL, a male-centered industry has decided to change the game and hire the first-full time female official in NFL history, Sarah Thomas. The 41- year-old has worked NFL preseason games and training camps as well as being the first woman to officiate in major college football. The Mississippi native played basketball for the University of Mobile and wanted to stay involved in sports after graduation. Thomas worked her way up in officiating, starting at the high-school level in 1999. Her talent for the sport got her noticed by Gerald Austin, a coordinator of football officials for Conference USA (a college athletic conference). From there she was hired in 2007 and moved quickly up the ranks to a spot in 2011 as the first female referee to officiate at a big ten stadium. Thomas also impressed the National Football League and was selected to be trained by the NFL’s officiating development program. Shortly after she was chosen to become one of the newly hired officials in the NFL. The pioneer in female officiating has received a lot of positive feedback on her new job. “I think this will be good for women on a national sport level and will possibly make more females want to watch the game,” Christine Ferraro, sophomore softball player, said. Even though this is groundbreaking for female sports enthusiasts, Thomas will still face some hardships. “I think a woman with thick skin is needed for a job like this. Players and coaches will get heated so you need to be able to keep your calm,” Joe Simpson, sophomore lacrosse player, said. Thomas has shown her composure and is grateful for this opportunity.

Kev’s second-half review The Philadelphia Eagles came out strong in the second half with an interception by Walter Thurmond. The Eagles offense took advantage of the turnover with a rushing touchdown from the new Eagle DeMarco Murray. The offense scored touchdowns on their next two offensive possessions as well. Unfortunately, highly paid free agent signing Byron Maxwell continued to get beat by Julio Jones in the second half, allowing the Falcons to still move the chains. The Eagles defense tightened up in their territory though and only allowed two field goals in the second half.

This new endeavor for Thomas can also become a huge success for the NFL. “I think there will be more female attention on the game now,” Sarah Beckner, sophomore softball player, said. “The NFL will not only gain more viewers but possibly more female centered advertisements as well.” It cannot be denied that this is a great success for women and Thomas has shown that she can handle the big league now. Dean Blandino, a member of the NFL’s officiating department, is aiming for more females to become NFL officials and hopefully gaining another female in a few years. “It’s another step in helping women gain equality and that’s great,” Simpson said.



The NFL announced that Sarah Thomas will be the first fulltime female referee.

On a fourth and one with less than three minutes left in the game Chip Kelly chose to have Parkey attempt a field goal rather than go for the first down. Parkey missed the field goal. The Eagles got the ball back one more time but Jordan Matthews dropped a pass from Bradford and a Falcons defender intercepted it. The Eagles left Atlanta Monday night with an unexpected 26-24 loss. Sam Bradford played very good in the second half completing 21 of 25 passes for 219 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Eagles have reason to be optimistic because of the play of their quarterback. KMM609@GMAIL.COM



A Cav’s

perspective: Peter Lyden BY PETER LYDEN Guest Writer Cross-country running is one of the hardest things that I do but it is also one of the most rewarding things that I do. I am super passionate about it. Aside from being just a recreational sport, it is one of the only true sports in the extracurricular area. There is a true emphasis on team bonding. It comes along with many morals and life lessons that can be passed on through generations. It is not just about running and building strength, it builds character within a person. It teaches more things than people even realize. It attracts the most intelligent and hardworking people. It is not a sport for slackers. However, cross-country did not start out that way for me. When I began running eight years ago, I never thought I could do it. I certainly couldn’t even begin to fathom that I would be where I am now. I wanted to quit from the moment I started. I had no strength, endurance or stamina. I had some real sense kicked into me regarding commitment and it is wonderful that it did. Throughout my years in high school, I worked really hard to build strength and endurance. I was not the fastest guy on the team, not even close but it was that inner-strength and team spirit that really carried me through. It is through hard work, enthusiasm and dedication that I have decided to carry it on through college and into the future.


Lyden placed 27th in the Colonial States Athletic Conference championship last season clocking in at 31:27.


Intercolliegiate baseball added for the spring BY NICOLE SOKOLOVICH Staff Writer There are some sports that have not made it onto campus yet but come next spring that will change. The athletic department has decided to add a baseball team to campus. Adding this new team is not an easy process and there are a lot of steps that need to be taken before even trying to recruit a team. One extremely important step is trying to find a coach. “We received more than 150 applications from candidates interested in our head coach position,” Brian Beacham, associate director of athletics, said. “However, after going through the process, it was clear to the search committee and other groups on campus that Nick Weisheipl’s vision was what we needed for a head coach of a new program.” It would be expected that Weisheipl would be under a lot of pressure as he takes on being the very first head coach for the baseball team but that isn’t the case. “The support from Dr. Taylor to the

student body and everyone in between has been tremendous. Any pressure I’ve felt is all self-imposed,” Weisheipl said. Once Wesheipl was chosen as head coach it was all up to him for the recruiting process. The season does not offcially start until spring 2017, with intercolliegiate play starting this spring. Weisheipl has had all summer to watch some players and get a feel for whom he would want to reach out to. Once everything became official, Weisheipl was able to reach out to those players and have them come take a visit of the school. So far he has had 13 visits to the campus and two players who have verbally committed to play. When asked what kind of players Weisheipl was looking for he was direct with his answer. “When I ask a recruit how his tournament went and he replies with his individual performance recap rather than how the team did, he’s not likely someone who’ll fit our team culture,” Wiesheipl said. “That being said, I am looking for assertive players who match athletic skill with a cerebral and savvy approach to the game.”

There is still a lot that needs to be done before the baseball season starts. Weisheipl and the athletic department here at Cabrini College will be ready to handle whatever obstacle that is thrown at them. NICSOKO5@GMAIL.COM


This is the baseball team’s new logo.

Men’s soccer stays Volleyball goes 3-1 on the afloat at the Swarthmore weekend at tournament in College garnet classic Boston BY ANTHONY SHOPA Staff Writer

The men’s soccer team is off to quite a start coming off of a solid showing at the Swarthmore College Garnet Classic. They remain unbeaten through their first three games thanks to the combined attacking force of juniors Bobby Kane and AJ Bishop. They downed the heavily favored home team Swarthmore College with a goal from Kane in the second half, which was later, equalized by Swarthmore due to a penalty kick. Heading into over time Bishop cut through the defense on a long run and scored the winner no more than five minutes into the first over time. That gave Cabrini a 2-1 edge over Swarthmore. “Scoring a goal like that for your team always feels good,” Bishop, junior psychology major, said. “I knew I was not going to get a lot of opportunities in over time and I was happy to capitalize.” Bishop was awarded with the student-athlete of the week award after scoring the game winner. Bishop was not the only one with a big game as CJ Serratore held a goal against ratio of .67 percent for the week earning him CSAC defensive player of the week honors. With all the momentum from the overtime win, the team was eager to get on to the next game. Widener University was the next to step up and try and end the cav’s unbeaten streak. Unfortunately, after two overtimes no winner could not be determined as the match ended 0-0. The game was very back and forth with the Cavaliers controlling most possession of the game. “It wasn’t the result we were looking for but to go against two solid teams and leave unbeaten gives us a lot of hope for the season,” Chan-

ning Shiffert, junior history major, said. The Cavaliers are looking forward to what the season holds after these two results. They will still have a tough schedule coming up before the start of conference play. The men will be in action this Saturday as they face off against Alvernia University on their home turf. The match is slated to begin at 3 p.m. after the alumni game at 12 p.m. ”We are going out to win every game, trying to remain undefeated going into conference play and in the end win the CSAC,” Bishop said. SHOPAAJ@GMAIL.COM


A.J. Bishop was named student-athlete of the week by for week one.


The women’s volleyball team took a trip to Boston to compete in a tournament. At this tournament Cabrini competed against four teams including Swarthmore College, New Paltz University, Salisbury University, and Carnegie Mellon University, leaving the tournament with only one loss. “In regards to the start of the matches going into the tournament we were coming off of a hard loss to Haverford so we had a lot to prove not only to ourselves but to everyone else,” Chelsea Jones, sophomore middle hitter, said. “I think we were all ready to dig deep and make a statement.” The first match against Swarthmore College started off on the wrong foot, resulting in Cabrini losing the very first set of the match. However, this did not foreshadow the end score. Cabrini ended up sweeping the last three sets from Swarthmore College and taking home the win of the match. Cabrini also had a rough start against New Paltz University, resulting in the loss of the first two sets but the team quickly regained strength and powered through in order to gain the last three wins against the team. Salisbury University was yet another sweeping win for Cabrini College women’s volleyball, who captured a win in three out of five sets. During this game Cabrini and Salisbury were neck and neck in competition, with Cabrini winning the first two sets and then Salisbury winning the next two sets. Despite the increased intensity, Cabrini claimed the final set and the overall win of this match, proving that they have what it takes to conquer the court. “Salisbury is a good team and we kept proving to ourselves that we could hang with those types of teams,” Jones said. “It wasn’t enough, we wanted to win.” The only loss that the team suffered in the tournament was against Carnegie Mellon University. In this match, Carnegie


The cavaliers will travel to face Elizabethtown College tomorrow. Gametime is set for 4 p.m. Mellon won three out of five sets, with Cabrini capturing a single win in the second set of the match. In response to the loss, sophomore Anne Marie Jonessaid, “It was the last game of the weekend so we were all feeling it some. They were also a good team with big blocks so I think that contributed to us not being able to get as many kills.” Overall, the Lady Cavs conquered the court this weekend taking only one loss out of four matches. Cabrini volleyball may come out with an occasional slow start, but the team knows how to intensify the energy on the court and finish with wins. “Based off our performance as a team this past weekend, I think we’re going to have a very successful season,” Captain Kelly Guarino said. “We were matched up against tough competition but we all played to our best abilities as a team which showed from our success with a 3-1 record.” CWWORYK@GMAIL.COM




Ronda Rousey finishes fight in 34 seconds BY MADISON WORLEY Staff Writer

34 seconds, that is all it took. 34 seconds to make history in the world of UFC. The name that has sports fans buzzing is a woman by the name of Ronda Rousey. Rousey started the month of August off with headlining news papers, magazines and all types of social media platforms. Her opponent, Bethe Correia of Brazil, took a beating by Rousey. The Two battled it out in Rio De Janeiro on Aug. 1. The fight lasted 34 seconds and ended with a huge knock out by Rousey. “It was insane,” senior Gabby Glenning said. Knockouts are common among male UFC fighters but usually unlikely to happen when it comes to female fighters. Rousey is breaking all stereotypes. With her last four fights lasting a total of just over two minutes, Rousey is quickly climbing to the top level of UFC fighting. With world heavyweight Champion Floyd Mayweather even saying a few snarky comments to the young fighter, she manages to keep herself very classy. Several interviews with ESPN show Rousey as a beast in the ring but a sweetheart in real life. Rousey also set a record with just over 900,000 pay-per views. Her quick climb to success has her the topic of ESPN talk shows and has been the subject for many interviews since her latest knockout. “I do not even follow UFC fights but I have heard of Ronda Rousey,” sophomore Alex Swallow said. Rousey has broken through all barriers with sports fans as well as non-sports fans. Rousey has also recently been in the news for replying to a young Marine’s request to take her

to a ball. She has been on everyone’s radar both in the ring and out. With Rousey’s professional career taking off right before our eyes, it will be exciting to see how long her next opponent will last up against this powerful force. MADISONWORLEY3@GMAIL.COM


Rousey is the first and current UCF bantamweight champion.

MLB pennant races heating up, calls for exciting time in September BY CAELAN WORYK Staff Writer


MLB World Series trophy.

It is no secret that baseball is a great American pastime. It is that time of year where it becomes more and more evident as fans watch and see which team will prevail. Tensions are currently rising in major league baseball as the pennant races begin to heat up. “I cannot wait to see the final stretch of the regular season,” Michael Schugar, senior human resources major, said. “Some of the divison races are heating up and it

should be exciting.” Leaving many die hard fans sweating as they watch their favorite teams either dwindle to the bottom or rise to the top of the national standings. Teams competing for the playoffs in the National League include the Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets. As for the American League, the teams competing for the playoffs include the Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels and the Toronto Blue Jays. Tricia Stocker, a sophomore, expressed her thoughts about the Los Angeles Angels dodgers. “I thought the Los Angeles Angels would be doing better by now,” Stocker said. “Last year, at this time in the season, they had one of the best records. This year they

were playing well but not as well as they normally do. Usually they are a front runner for the playoffs but this year I’m not sure if they’ll make it,” Stocker said. The most noteworthy rivalry in the American League at this point in the season are the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. These two teams are competing neck and neck for a standing in the playoffs. However, much to the relief of the Yankees fans, it appears as though they will get the opportunity to continue to cheer their team on regardless. They are currently settling at the very top of the Wild Card Standings. CWWORYK@GMAIL.COM

American Pharoah becomes first triple crown winner since ‘78 BY PATRICK SMITH Staff Writer

Born in February 2012, came a legendary horse owned by Ahmed Zayat an Egyptian American, who would three years later win three famous horse races including The Kentucky Derby, The Belmont and The Preakness. This would giving him The Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is a trophy given to the horse that wins all of those three races. It has not been won since 1978 by a horse named Affirmed. The horse that pulled it off this year is named American Pharoah, ridden by jockey Victor Espinoza and trained by Bob Baffert. In 10 races, American Pharoah only lost one race which was The Saratoga Race last weekend. In his racing the jockey Victor Espinoza has won well over $5 million under American Pharoah. In the one hundred forty-first Kentucky Derby, American Pharoah was the winner in a tight race. After running in third place behind No. 10 Firing Line and No. 8 Dortmund for most of the race, it looked like that is where he was going to finish, until the last half-mile. He began to pick up the pace and pass both horses for the win. About two weeks later, American Pharoah was a part of The Preakness Stakes held in Baltimore, Md. He won that race with ease and put himself in position to potentially win the Triple Crown for the first time since Affrim did back in 1978.

On to The Belmont Stakes, held in Belmont, NY. American Pharoah held the lead the entire way from the starting gate to the finish line in claiming the victory and the Triple Crown. American Pharoah stays on point with a bunch of horse racing fans. “I watched all three of the the races with my family and we were all rooting for history,” Andrea Gerardi, senior education major, said. “Seeing a horse win the Triple Crown was awesome.” Growing up in Egypt, owner Ahmed Zayat, had owned a beer company called Al Ahram Beverages and later on traded it for horse racing. As the years passed, Zayat’s passion in horse racing was making millions. His stables held approximately 250 horses. However in 2010, his stables went bankrupt losing millions of dollars. Zayat was a hard gambler on horses and that was one reason why his business was going down hill until American Pharoah came along. Pharoah was first bought by an Irish company called Coolmor for approximately $9.8 million and a bonus of $4 million if he were to win The Triple Crown. “I know very little about the owner, the horse, and the jockey but I do know a lot about the accomplishment in sport both for the jockey and the magnificent athlete of the horses and it’s difficult especially in today’s modern world,” Dr. Jim Hedtke, history and political science professor, said. American Pharoah has brought out so much passion for those who enjoy horse racing, especially to those who

place bets on horses. PATSMITH9594@GMAIL.COM


American Pharoah running in the Belmont Stakes.




Commentary: My night at the Phillies Cabrini night at the Phillies was held this year on the 14th anniversay of 9/11. Students, faculty and staff fill school buses each year to attend the event. Each freshman recieved a free ticket to the game and a Cabrini Night at the Phillies t-shirt.


Cabrini dance team takes the field for a performance.

BY KEVIN MOYLETT Sports Editor The game did not matter at all, the experience did. Cabrini night at the Phillies, for some, was about observing, listening and learning. The drive to the stadium was without traffic for the most part, a good thing when driving to Philadelphia, so add one to the win column. I arrived at the ballpark ready to park and get into the stadium. Forgot about the cost of parking, $16, so add one to the loss column. That would be the last one. Growing up listening and watching sports, the dream was to one-day talk about sports for a living. Luckily, the first thing on the schedule was entering the broadcast booths. Seeing the broadcast booths was exciting but meeting the people inside them was what mattered most. Robert Brooks, manager of broadcasting of the Philadelphia Phillies since 2006, was the first person that I saw. Brooks had insight, knowledge and advice that forced meto listen. Brooks is a Temple graduate who has had tons of experience in the communications field. He has been a producer at CBS radio, reporter at Comcast Network, broadcasting representative for the Phillies and now at his current position with the Phillies. Brooks is also a basketball analyst for Drexel University Athletics. It was a pleasure talking to Brooks, who was more than willing to answer any and all questions. The second person I saw was the host of pre- and post-game shows on the

The Press conference room where Phillies manger Pete Mackanin spoke at after the doubleheader.


Calvin the cavalier welcomes a young fan at the first base gate entrance.

Phillies radio network, Jim Jackson. More the first place. importantly, Jackson is the voice of the After stopping by the club level seatPhiladelphia Flyers on television for the ing, we would later be at and then getting past 20 years. something to Meeting people eat, we went on television is into the press always exciting conference but meeting a room where the local great like Phillies manager Jackson was is interviewed a welcoming after all home surprise. games. It was Next on the interesting to schedule was see how a small heading down room, table and to the field to microphone get any media could be made of the Cabrini to seem like so chorus singing much more on the national television. anthem that was Then, it was needed. Being time to wait on the field was for the Cabrini the only part I students to enter cared about. Do the ballpark by not tell anyone. the first base The Chorus side of the did an excelstadium. The lent job singing dance team and the national the Cavalier anthem in front were waiting to of everyone in greet all fans as attendance. they entered KEVIN MOYLETT / SPORTS EDITOR We entered receiving their The Cabrini chorous takes Citizens Bank Park. the field by the Cabrini/Phillies visiting team’s knit hat. dugout. Standing on the field, the smell of After waiting around for a little, a sea a freshly cutgrass on a major league field, of blue suddenly came up to the gate. The being 20 feet away from some of the best Cabrini students were smiling and laughbaseball players in the world, distracted ing, clearly ready to have a good time. was not even the word. I Completely “I am very excited to be at the game,” forgot the purpose of being on the field in Kevin Blake, sophomore international


The View of Citizens Bank ball park from broadcaster’s booth.



Players lineup to pledge the national anthem.

business major, said. “My friends are here. They are waiting for me and we will be sitting in right field.” Next on the schedule was to meet up with the President of Cabrini College, Don Taylor, and go down to field level to watch the first pitch of the second game thrown by Cabrini alum Joel Zazyczny. The Phillies also had a moment of silence on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 for all the family and victims. We went back to the club level box with President Taylor to watch the game, get more to eat and talk. “One of our trustees and alum got to throw out the first pitch,” Taylor said. Students got to actually see the broadcast booth and I’m looking forward to going over and seeing all the students in right field.” After talking to President Taylor we headed back down to the field to watch the dance team perform. Entering the field again in front of a larger crowd this time was exciting. You could tell the ladies were excited in their own right to perform and they did a great job of entertaining the crowd with the help of the Phillie Phanatic. That was the final thing on the schedule and it was time to leave. The experience of meeting significant people in the field of communications, getting to go on a major league field, seeing some of the best players in the world up close and being in the broadcast booths, made it worth going for sure.



The dance team, was seen on the field with Phillies

Sept. 17, 2015 issue 02 Loquitur  

2015-16 issue 02 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Sept. 17, 2015