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Dr. Donald Taylor & the Cabrini promise BY ALEXA MILANO News Editor

Thursday March 27, 2014 VOL. LV, ISSUE 22





You’re going to hear Dr. Donald Taylor talk a lot about the Cabrini promise. “The promise is going to be, from a retention standpoint, a Cabrini student is a Cabrini student for life. So from the time that we recruit you, we’re going to recruit a very diverse student population - we’re going to mentor, retain, educate and graduate those students,” Dr. Taylor said. “And then our promise is going to be that the students – when they graduate – that their experience was so transformative in their lives that they want to be the best ambassadors for Cabrini.” And Dr. Taylor is ready. Ready to take on a challenge, ready to move Cabrini College to the next level, and ready to do something extraordinary. “I know where Cabrini needs to move to really reach the next level and really excel in the next 10 years, so I’m excited. I’m ready to start, July 1st,” Dr. Donald Taylor, Cabrini’s eighth and first male president, said. Dr. NOELLE DICIOCCIO / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Taylor was on campus last week for a few Dr. Donald Taylor during the Brownie Social, Thursday, March 20, 2014 days and will visit campus every month until his family moves here in mid-June and he officially starts his Throughout his time at Benedictine, Dr. Taylor was a full position July 1. time professor and department chair. The school decided to Dr. Taylor is originally from Tennessee and, along with his reorganize and launch a college of science and Dr. Taylor was wife, is a first generation student. Dr. Taylor grew up in a hard- appointed by the Board of Trustees to be the initial dean of the working family, however, education wasn’t something that college of science. was a priority. Part of what attracted Dr. Taylor to Cabrini was During the last six years, however, is where things really the mission of the school and the students it serves. “So insti- took off at Benedictine. “We built a major adult education tutions like Cabrini and the mission of Cabrini resonates with college and an adult online division for working adults. me because of the mission that we’re serving immigrants, first And now Benedictine is one of the leading providers, along generation students, you know, middle class, broad, diverse, with DePaul, for adult education in all of Illinois for part low-income students and to provide them those opportuni- time working adults in education, business, leadership [and] ties because I know the value of education and what doors healthcare,” Dr. Taylor said. “Then we launched a major intereducation or degrees opened for both myself and my wife,” Dr. national program with a focus in Asia. So we have six partnerTaylor, who received his undergraduate degree in secondary ing universities in China and two partnering universities in education and received his PhD in cell and molecular biol- Vietnam.” ogy/biochemistry, said. In addition, Dr. Taylor introduced two branch campuses; Dr. Taylor has a great amount of experience in the educa- one in Springfield Ill., and the other in Mesa, Ariz. Dr. Taylor tion field teaching both public and private high schools and feels that all of his hard work at Benedictine has prepared him having jobs in administrative offices and admissions offices. “I for his time at Cabrini. “I’ve spent 22 years are Benedictine, always felt that if I had an opportunity at some point in a latter loved every single day, fabulous, fabulous experience. But part of my career, I wanted to have an opportunity to kind of now it’s kind of come full circle,” Dr. Taylor said. “A lot of what come full circle and lead an institution and give back the way I’ve done in the past four years with those two branch camthat people made opportunities for us,” Dr. Taylor said. puses has really been the work more of a president. So I think This idea of coming full circle led Dr. Taylor to a very suc- I’ve had really good preparation.” cessful 22-year run at Benedictine University in Lisle, Ill. SEE CABRINI PROMISE ON PAGE 3

Unpaid internships: can students afford them? The summer that senior Michelle Goff did her internship, she lost about $2,000 because she was not able to keep her paying job. The internship was located in Center City and it did not include a stipend for her commute. It cost her roughly $100 to and from the city. “I couldn’t even afford to get my sister a birthday present,” Goff said. UNITY WEEK 2014 PAGE 6


BY ERICA ABBOTT Asst. Perspectives Editor

“When my bank account went down, I wished it was paid—everybody wishes.” Internships are something that most students think about at one point or another. The real-world experiences… the opportunities… the connections. For most, it is an opportunity to explore their intended field of interest. It gives students the chance to gain professional experience and insight into the real world. It can be an exciting time. There are benefits and certain downsides to these internships—the ones that some students know all too well and have caused stirs of controversy… the unpaid internship. Michelle Goff knows what it is like to take on an unpaid internship such as this. Goff, a senior English secondary education major, interned at Running

Press in the summer of 2013, working on projects such as marketing, research and blog tours for unpublished books. She went into the internship three days a week and, because of the time commitment, gave up her paying job as a secretary at a real-estate company. According to Nancy Hutchison, director of the center for career and professional development, roughly 25 percent of the employers that participate in Cabrini’s internship program are marked as paid. Subsequently, another 25 percent are paid with a stipend, while 50 percent are marked as unpaid. 100 percent of the internships posted on the Job Source database are paid with academic credit. “They [the students] have to understand that it’s their choice; they don’t have to take an internship that is not paying,” Hutchison said. “They could hold out to find something or, frankly if they don’t need the credit at all, just

find a part-time or summer hire where they’ll get paid. Hopefully it’s something in their field so they get experience, they won’t get the credit though. The bottom line is if they want it to be on their transcript so it reflects that they did an internship, then it has to be linked to the credit.” Goff had the option to take the internship that summer paid with an academic credit of three credits. She decided against taking it for credits, however, since students have to pay for the extra credits over the summer. Still, Goff was able to learn a lot from her time as an intern there. “It was more the money aspect—not the company. I really always liked the internship—nothing bothered me, loved the people I worked with and learned so much from them.”



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Rape culture is a notion that connects rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society therein making the feelings and practices around it seem normal, excusable or even pardonable. This past Tuesday, March 25, 2014, a blogger from feminist blog “Feministing,” Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) started the #rapecultureiswhen hashtag that quickly trended throughout the evening with posts sent in on rape culture beliefs people hold today. Many were very powerful and insightful pointing out many major arguments in the rape culture controversy such as how some school have banned leggings or yoga pants because the are “revealing” or “distracting,” or that we are teaching girls how not to be raped instead of teaching boys not to rape, or that men can be raped just like women, or even simply how no means no. The concept of rape culture is a very real view today and many ignore it as if it is a joke. But these arguments have factual and accurate foundation. A rape culture condones the physical and emotional violence and intimidation against women as the norm. Many people still judge whether or not the victim really was a victim by their actions and decisions beforehand. Questions like, “what

were you wearing,” or “did you drink,” are constant reminders that we judge victims of rape on a scale of innocence and if they may have been ‘asking for it.’ A phenomenon called victim blaming is the correct terminology for this situation. It is where the victim receives the blame for their rape based on the circumstances of their attack. This is undoubtedly a wrong mindset to have. It is undeniable that our society and media encourage women to be sexually attractive and then blame them for it when they fall prey to horrible incidents such as rape. According to the CDC, in the U.S., a woman’s chance of being raped is one in five. A woman’s chance of being raped in college is one in four. According to RAINN, about 54 percent of rapes go unreported. And the percentage of rapists who are never incarcerated is 97 percent. Statistics don’t lie. It is almost as if that in this society, being a rape victim carries more of a stigma than being a rapist. We are taught that rape in every instance is wrong and that no means no. Without consent, any sexual intercourse is rape. There is no exception. There are no excuses.

“It is undeniable that our society and media encourage women to be sexually attractive and then blame them for it when they fall prey to horrible incidents such as rape.”

ADVISER Jerome Zurek

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Not only does Dr. Taylor feel prepared for his new role as president, but he also feels at home at Cabrini. He knew a few colleagues – one of whom is Eboo Patel, the keynote speaker at Cabrini Day 2013 – who knows Cabrini and said this school would fit him perfectly. “So it’s a great fit, it feels very familiar,” Dr. Taylor said. “When I talk to people here, I walk the campus, I close my eyes, it feels like home.” Taylor said. “So it fit like a glove because I could literally see so many similarities of my own current institution for the past 22 years here. So it doesn’t feel like something new, it feels just like home.” When asked about the plans to make Cabrini a first choice school and push it to where it needs to be, Dr. Taylor spoke about many ideas. “One, we want to try to keep it as affordable as we can, I want to increase fundraising efforts for student scholarships and for financial aid,” Dr. Taylor said. “I want 100 percent of all students to – when they graduate – to participate in multiple, high-impact learning practices. So learning communities, internships, practicum, undergraduate research, study abroad, study in the local service learning projects – multiple.” Furthermore, Dr. Taylor wants to focus on retention and student engagement. “I want to significantly increase the retention rate, the graduation rate,” Taylor said. “One of the ways that you do that is you really focus on things that matter to the students that really help push the boundaries on student engagement. So the research shows that the more your students are engaged and feel that they’re a part of your community, then the more likely that they’re going to succeed,” Dr. Taylor said. “So a lot of it is focusing on the student experience, the student engagement, student immersion – you know, making sure we’re using technology effectively for learning.” “I have tons and tons of ideas, I’m an idea-innovation person. So part of it is I have to listen to the faculty and listen to the students and do the environmental scan to see what are the right opportunities,” Dr. Taylor said. “But my record has been both as a chair, as a dean, as a provost, we’re always adding and building new programs and new partnerships every year.” Dr. Taylor also spoke about the importance of being able to define Cabrini from the many other Catholic colleges in Pennsylvania. “What I’ve shared with the faculty and what I’ll continue to share with them is that Cabrini has to do two things; one, it has to define its values and differentiate itself from Rosemont, Immaculata – you know, we have to define who it is we are, where we’re going, what it is that’s unique about this experience and then second, we have to constantly be

“Cabrini has to do two things; one, it has to define its values and differentiate itself from Rosemont, Immaculata – you know, we have to define who it is we are, where we’re we going, what it is that’s unique about this experience and then second, we have to constantly be architects, we have to constantly be building programs, partnerships, etc.” DR. DONALD TAYLOR

architects, we have to constantly be building programs, partnerships, etc.,” Dr. Taylor said. Although Dr. Taylor is aware of the challenge ahead, he is also aware of the excitement coming from the staff, faculty and students. When asked where he would like to see Cabrini in ten years, he answered without a moment of hesitation. “Absolutely the most entrepreneurial, innovative, affordable, assessable, offering of liberal education in the entire Philadelphia area. Period. Cabrini Promise, that’s it, that’s where we’re going to be.”


The DRC brings success to students BY EMILY ARENTZEN Asst. News Editor

“Success in life should not be restrained by individual limitations.” A quote taken directly from the Cabrini College Disability Resource center’s webpage encompasses exactly what was touched upon in Tuesday’s student led panel. On March 25, six students who are registered with the Disability Resource Center described their experiences of dealing with the college lifestyle while also dealing with a disability. The students speaking on the panel deal with a variety of different disabilities including vision impairments, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder and other types of learning disabilities. Among those students was sophomore communication major, Marina Haley. Haley deals with a learning disability which hinders her ability to do math, and described her experiences with not only the

Disability Resource Center but the Math Resource Center as well. In the panel she stated “what’s been helpful to me is the math resource center. They’ve been a really big tool for me to help me overcome my math disability.” The DRC acts as a place for those with disabilities to be provided extra help and a sense of comfort when dealing with all that college brings forth. As is expected when making the transition from high school to college, meeting new people always creates a certain level of anxiety within a student. Unfortunately for these students, there is added tension when facing this task. This tension is caused by a lack of understanding between these students and other members of the campus community. Sophomore social work major, Emily Mancuso, stated that you need to be an advocate for yourself. If a student is in need of additional resources, they should know that there are people here to help. One of the struggles that come with being registered with the DRC is that some teachers do not know how to accommodate such a situation. Often times, it is difficult for those who do not live with a disability to understand what it is like to live in that way. One example provided by Frank Cornely proved that many students may really not see what difficulties come with living a disability. As this past winter brought multiple significant snow storms, Cornely, who lives with cerebral palsy and relies on a motorized chair to make his way around campus, struggled travelling through the snow. What made matters worse was that passersby did not understand that he needed assistance and merely walked by. It is not only the students who seem to be understanding. According to a senior who spoke on the panel, faculty as well as classroom coaches do not realize the best ways to assist these students with what they need.


Students sitting on the DRC student panel, Tuesday, March 25, 2014 READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE

Swazi Crafts for Care BY JOEY RETTINO Asst. News Editor

Both members of Cabrini and supporters from off campus attended the Swaziland Children Photo Gallery event, to benefit the children in Swaziland. On the evening of Thursday, March 20, the class, ECG 200: People, Planet and Profit, held a photo gallery in the Cabrini Mansion’s dining room, where the photos that were for sale raised money for the children who were both in pictures and, in some cases, took the pictures themselves. The event, which bolstered over 60 people, raised nearly $650, on the evening alone, not counting the orders placed to be paid on a future date. The class, which is co-taught by Prof. Anne Servery and Dr. Erin McLaughlin, divided the ECG class into four different groups, one of them being Swazi Crafts for Care, the group that orchestrated the event. The four person group which encompassed Drew Krewson, sophomore communication major, Rachel Rossi, junior accounting major, Katie Kelly, sophomore accounting major, Valeri DiCarlo, sophomore social work major, and Jasmine Rivera, sophomore social work major, has been working on the photo gallery since the beginning of the spring 2014 semester. “We worked really hard to put the event together,” DiCarlo said. “I’m really impressed and proud about the turn out of the night.” Swazi Crafts for Care is not just the name of the ECG 200 group, but also a business, which was born out of Dr. McLaughlin’s first visit to Swaziland, nearly four years ago. It has been merged with the class for three years now and has both changed and grown tremendously over the years, according to Dr. McLaughlin. A major change occurred last year, when children from Swaziland visited Cabrini and asked for some of the funding to be funneled towards the kids who were “aging out” of the orphanages to help them create business and education opportunities for themselves. While it is only the first year of having this event, the photo gallery will not have sophomore occurrence. “In the future we will be incorporating the photos into a book, which will include poems that have been written by the children,” Dr. McLaughlin said. “We are going to continue the evolution of the cause.” JR879@CABRINI.EDU



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A R O U N D T H E WORLD Putin reclaims Crimea for Russia and bitterly denounces the west On Tuesday, March 14, President Vladimir V. Putin announced that Russia would be reclaiming Crimea from Ukraine. Over 23 years Crimea has been an independent Ukraine and this change has taken a toll on many of the people. Even allies of Russia believe that this decision is provoking renewed denunciations and threats of tougher sanctions and diplomatic isolation. According to the New York Times, President Putin said this decision was not meant to put a divide between Ukraine and Russia. Read original story in The New York Times | Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This photo taken on March 22, 2014 and released by Australian Defense Force shows that Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Aircraft Captain Flight Lieutenant Josh Williams (left) discussing fuel consumption with flight engineer Warrant Officer Neil Scott-Jackson while on route to the southern Indian Ocean as part of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority-led search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, March 22, 2014.

Global crises put Obama’s strategy of caution to the test After President Putin of Russia made his decision to reclaim Crimea from Ukraine, President Obama’s strategy towards dealing with Russia is under the most stress ever. The White House has described this approach as “light footprint.” The White House was very surprised and also shocked by the Russians decision to reclaim Crimea from Ukraine. Read original story in The New York Times | Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lost jet’s path seen as altered via computer The missing Malaysia Airlines plane from its planned flight path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, went missing in recent weeks. Reporters believe that this incident was most likely carried out through a computer system that has been determined as probably being programmed by someone in the plane’s cockpit who was knowledgeable about airplane systems, according to senior American officials. Read original story in The New York Times | Monday, March 17, 2014


Satellite photos send jet hunt to southern Indian Ocean After continuous efforts have been put forth to search for the missing Malaysia airlines flight MH-370, members of the Australian Air Force set out to search in a remote area of the Indian Ocean. Reports stated that there were two large floating objects which were initially detected by satellites. They were suspected to be pieces of the missing flight. However, after multiple search parties went to the area looking for the objects, nothing was found. Read original story in The New York Times | Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Iran, hopes fade for surge in the economy After years of dealing with the repercussions of mismanagement among their economy, the Iranian middle class voted last summer for President Hassan Rouhani. Rouhani promised to restore ties with the rest of the world in hopes of reigniting growth within Iran. Unfortunately, over six months have passed since he was instated any hope of an economic recovery are beginning to fade. While he has stabilized the national currency, halted inflation and forged a “temporary nuclear deal that provides some relief from sanctions”, he has failed to follow through on his promises. Read original story in The New York Times | Friday, March 21, 2014




Are unpaid internships worth it? CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE

According to Phil Gardner’s “Reaction on Campus to the Unpaid Internship Controversy,” “98 percent [of those surveyed] agreed that students with internship (professional) experience are more employable than students without similar experiences.” Basically, it’s better to have an unpaid internship than to have no experience at all, with 85 percent of the people surveyed agreeing. Having practical experience helped graduates to have higher income; students who completed an internship while in college earned nearly 15 percent more on average — $30,000 versus $26,000 — than those who did not undertake an internship, according to Journalist’s Resource. But that still leaves some people wondering over the unpaid internship itself. If an employer isn’t paying their interns, they have to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and apply the six-point test, which includes: “Unpaid internships have tended to be most popular in industries like media, communications, entertainment, and publishing,” Craig Durrant writes in “To Benefit or Not to Benefit: Mutually Induced Consideration as a Test for the Legality of Unpaid Internships.” “Moreover, unpaid internships are particularly prevalent among small businesses, ‘which often look to save money while benefiting from the productivity of the students they

hire.’ Some of the negative effects of unpaid internships can include: financial detriment to the intern, unfair advantage to wealthier students, increase in unemployment rate and a lack of protection against discrimination and harassment, according to the text by Durrant. Intern lawsuits have been tracked, compiled on ProPublica, dating back to Sept. 2011. One of the most major lawsuits that have been taken out was in late Sept. 2011, regarding the unpaid interns who worked on the movie “Black Swan.” It ruled in favor of the interns who had alleged that Fox Searchlight had violated minimum wage and overtime laws. The post was last updated in Oct. 2013 and has 30 lawsuits posted. Some media companies have indeed started to pay their interns. In the summer of 2013, Viacom Inc. began paying their interns. Viacom is the parent company of networks such as MTV and Nickelodeon. NBC Universal began to implement a paid internship policy around the same time. “At the end of the day, interns at many for-profit companies were performing work that would be done by entry-level employees, Peter D’Amato, columnist on unpaid internships for Vitae, said. “I think that as lawsuits continue, companies who need this work done will simply have to pay,” D’Amato said. “You hear a lot that some industries simply can’t afford to pay interns, so the question

Moreover, unpaid internships are particularly prevalent among small businesses, ‘which often look to save money while benefiting from the productivity of the students they hire.’

just becomes, what are students losing by not working for free in a business that struggles to pay entry-level employees?” D’Amato also wrote an article on Vitae about a New York University student who is petitioning against the posting of illegal unpaid internships (illegal in this case refers to for-profit companies that don’t adhere to the six-point test). “I wanted to write about the story because the internships issue is often poorly understood,” D’Amato said. “Isnardi’s petition was interesting because she is basically asking NYU to abide by the Department of Labor’s (DOL) legal guidelines and hold employers accountable, instead of making students responsible for discerning whether an unpaid internship is legal or not.” Christina Isnardi, student at New York University, created a petition for NYU’s Wasserman Center to stop posting the illegal unpaid internships. “I think that many schools are allowing their students to work for free and they must stop promoting this practice,” Isnardi said via Twitter. “They are promoting a largely illegal and unethical practice that is exploiting their students in plain sight.” As far as her next steps go within her fight, she hopes to “continue putting pressure on schools to cut off the free labor supply, target for-profit employers and involve legislators to enforce the FLSA.” The summer that Goff did her internship, she lost about $2,000 because she was not able to keep her paying job. The internship was located in Center City and it did not include a stipend for her commute. It cost her roughly $100 to and from the city. “I couldn’t even afford to get my sister a birthday present.” Hutchison believes that unpaid internships will remain as an option for students to consider because there are a lot of good organizations to work for that just can’t afford to pay a salary. She believes that, moving forward, more organizations will begin paying their interns. “It’s changing—it’ll take time.”


Two students assaulted, one student arrested All information written, with exclusion of the quote by Valeri DiCarlo, has been obtained through a police report from the Radnor Township Police.

BY JOEY RETTINO Asst. News Editor

Radnor police arrested a female student, who will remain nameless, in East Residence Hall after responding to a request by Cabrini’s public safety. During the early hours of Saturday, March 22, Radnor police entered East Residence Hall to find several students holding another female student to the ground. In the moments following, authorities attempted to stand the student up from the ground but she screamed and fought off both police officers and medical staff. Police were left with no choice but to secure the offender to ensure the safety of all the

involved parties. The offender was taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital for further observation. Prior to being apprehended, the offender attacked Valeri DiCarlo, sophomore social work major, and Caitlyn Canfield, junior human resource major and residence assistant. DiCarlo was the first to be attacked while she sat alone outside of East Residence Hall. The offender jumped on DiCarlo from behind and proceeded to grab her by the neck. Canfield saw the incident and intervened. Following this intervention, the unnamed student ran back into the building and Canfield followed. Canfield told police that once she reached the offender, she grabbed her head

and slammed it into a wall. The offender then made it to the first floor of East Residence. Canfield found the offender again and asked her what was wrong. The offender ran towards Canfield, tackled her to the ground and began to throw “wild punches,” according to the police report, which struck Canfield several times in the head and neck. During this attack, Andrew Welsh, sophomore exercise science major, rushed to pull the offender off of Canfield. Welsh and several over students helped hold the student to the ground until police arrived. Police officers observed red marks on both DiCarlo’s neck, and Canfield’s face.

While DiCarlo refused medical attention, Canfield stated she would go to Bryn Mawr Hospital along with security. “I’m fine now but obviously it was very scary at the time,” DiCarlo said. “I just am thankful for everyone who helped and I hope everyone involved is doing alright.” The unnamed female offender has been charged with aggressive assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Tax Intern

DESCRIPTION: Seeking an intern for Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Some responsibilities include providing support for completing and filing federal, state and international income tax documents, willing to work a 40-hour week, administrative special projects and providing support for special projects. LOCATION: Exton, Pa DESIRED MAJORS: Accounting COMPENSATION: $15-18/hour JOBSOURCE CODE: 11048

External Affairs InternSummer

DESCRIPTION: Interns would work with Office of the Managing Director Emergency Management in developing long-term strategic communications and crisis communications planning activities. Responsibilities include coordinating meetings with public information officers , while drafting public information messages, public service announcements, an emergency text alert system and working with various social media networking sites. LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DESIRED MAJORS: major course work in communications, media/ journalism, marketing, public relations, digital arts and multimedia design, public safety, emergency management or related fields. COMPENSATION: Unpaid JOBSOURCE CODE: 11065







The SATs– new and…improved? BY ERICA ABBOTT Asst. Perspectives Editor

The SAT: the test that can make any junior or senior in high school anxious over whether you’re going to even be able to spell your own name right. It’s just a test, right? But the stress of the SAT may be alleviated for some students who plan on taking it with the new changes made by the College Board. The changes, effective spring of 2016, are bringing back an old rule and implementing even more. These changes are also the first to be made in almost 10 years. Here are some of the major changes that the College Board has made to the SAT and will have and offer: - Option to take it on the computer - Essay is optional - Overall test score back on a 1600-point scale, as opposed to 2400 - No penalty for wrong answers - General changes in the reading/writing and math sections - College Board and Khan Academy offering free test prep materials - Four free waivers to eligible-income students applying to college But are these all good changes? Let’s take the option to take it on a computer first off. Problem? Technical difficulties can arise at any time, without warning, leaving the test taker with an empty page. The plus side is that you don’t have to worry about carrying around those #2’s. Also, you’ll be saving yourself from having to fill out those annoying bubbles in the answer booklet. The test will also feature more “college-friendly” words.

These will give students the opportunity to learn about words that could be getting used in their college courses and future, eliminating one of the “tricks” of the test. This seems to be a change in the right direction. Hopefully this will allow students to learn a wide range of vocabulary words that will actually have practical use in college and their career. The test will also be reverting back to the 1600-point scale, in addition to eliminating the penalty for wrong answers. Previously, students were discouraged from guessing questions because there was a higher penalty for getting the question wrong rather than just skipping it. (1/4 point was deducted for incorrect answers previously, as opposed to 0 points for ones you omitted) The optional essay will also be scored separately from the top score of 1600. Overall, these can be viewed as good changes. Students may feel more comfortable at making a guess on a question they’re unsure about, knowing that there’s no penalty for being wrong. On the other hand, students who feel as though this “no penalty” means that they can get away with not studying…not exactly the right way to be thinking about things. The lower point scale may encourage students who felt overwhelmed by the previous 2400-point scale. The optional essay will incorporate some of the nation’s founding documents and put more of a focus on student’s using quotes from the passage to support their opinions. Asking student’s for their opinion on an essay could be viewed both good and bad. Students are able to take a passage and elaborate on it using their own opinions but then, how do their opinions get graded? While the student is writing subjectively, whoever grades the essay must

look at it objectively. This could present problems but the idea that the student gets to put forth their own opinions instead of answering prompts that can sometimes be pretty uninteresting is a welcomed change. Keeping with the theme of having more of an academic focus, the SAT will also incorporate different math themes. The math section will have more of a focus on algebra, in addition to allowing the calculator on only certain portions of the math section. The reading and writing section will also have a wider range of topics including science and history. These changes seem to be important to the SAT in order to make it more appealing, against the ACT, which has been gaining increased popularity. If these changes had been around when I was taking the SAT in high school, I feel as though these changes would have been positive. Though I’d say I wasn’t as anxious for the test as I could have been, I spent multiple hours looking through the over 1,000 page “Official SAT Study Guide.” I felt discouraged by certain types of questions that I was practicing. It’s hard to say how people who won’t have the opportunity to take the new SAT would do now with the added changes. For someone who took the SAT over two years ago, I think these changes would have been very welcomed for me. If I were back in high school now and about to take the SAT with these new changes, I would hope I’d do well with the changes. By no means should the SAT be “easy” but it definitely should include more practical questions. Most of these changes can be viewed as a step in the right direction but the College Board may have a long way to go with SAT changes in the future. EAA52@CABRINI.EDU




Google Glass; the future is here BY HOWARD BLAKE Asst. Sports Editor

With much anticipation, Google Glass is finally here. Well, at least for a small selection of lucky buyers. Already being dubbed as the next big thing, it is only available to those in the US. In this small frame of time, the country has been in an uproar over Google Glass trying to see what to make of it. Being a 20 year old, I remember the futuristic cartoons of The Jetsons and Star Trek where we would fantasize about flying cars and voice induced watches. It’s safe to say that that era of gadgets is slowly but surely creeping it’s way tino society now. The glasses are sleek and have a sci-fi look to them, as a stretchable titanium headband sits comfortably from one ear to the other. There is a camera type lens that sits over the right eye of the user; personally I think that the lens being out in the open is far from an eye sore and for lack of a better term, looks pretty cool. These glasses have been referred to simply as a computer for your face. It sounds awesome and honestly, it is. It seems as though Google Glass can do just about anything your mobile phone or computer can do. With the lens over the right eye, the user can use voice commands to take photos and video, use GPS, share the media it captures, send texts, make phone calls and even surf the web. It almost seems too good to be true but in this case the truth just happens to be really good. There has been video of the functions of Google Glass. The videos display the users view while they record video and even take pictures and sending them to the person they were having a phone conversation with. Honestly it doesn’t get any better than that. The lens that is used has a 640x360 pixel resolution. That is about the equivalent to a 25-inch high definition picture display. In other words it’s a great view for some glasses. For concerned users, yes, prescription lenses can be used for Google Glass. So for those who claim they are blind as a bat, once the prescription lenses are added, your experience with Google Glass won’t be limited, so everybody wins. There have been several reviews that have raved about the comfortability. They are supposedly one size fits most with adjustable bands and they come with alternate nose pads. Google glass is the future and should be welcomed with open-arms despite all of the controversy that comes with it. The problems that people complain about are problems that can easily be solved especially once they release newer versions over the years. We have to remember that there is still being work done to Google Glass; they haven’t truly hit the retail market yet. A lot of people are concerned with the potential lack of privacy that Google Glass could

impose. Considering there is a camera lens that sits on the glasses I can understand a person’s concern with someone using it. However you must use a voice command and hand gestures to activate the camera. The camera also has a light that comes on while a video or picture is being taken. I’d be more worried about not seeing someone taking a photo of me while the flash is off on their phone. Others complain about the average battery life for Google Glass only being five hours and how videos can only be recorded up to 10 seconds. There are limited apps for the new glasses along with those believing driving while using the GPS on the glasses can be distracting. All of these problems can easily be fixed. This is only the first product, which is still a work in progress. There aren’t many apps because not there aren’t many users just yet. There has only been a select amount that signed up for Google Glass that was willing to pay the original price of 1,500 dollars. There will be several different versions of Google Glass in the future and I’m sure each one will be fixed to the concerns that people have. Right now the starting price for Google Glass will remain at 1,500 dollars and so far it is only limited to a small amount of people in the US only. I know those may be afraid of this sudden yet magnificent change in technology. However, this may be the cartoon-loving kid talking, but a futuristic gadget like this can only be beneficial to the world in the upcoming years. Google Glass is just another portable device to help serve the basic needs that our business minded society has. Being a college student, at this very moment I wouldn’t buy Google Glass because that 1,500$ could be used towards my tuition. But anyone who isn’t


in college debt should make the decision to buy Google Glass or at least in the future. Google Glass is the future that is presently with us and some years from now I can see it being a necessity like a cell phone or computer. Google Glass, I’m all for it. HGB23@CABRINI.EDU

How far will you go to pay your loans? BY RACHEL ANTUZZI Persepctives Editor

Student debt has alumni stressing more about how they are going to pay it off rather than worrying about finding a job in their field of study. College students and graduates are entering the real world with hopes of landing a dream career. However, when they look at their mountain of loans they need to pay off, loans become the main focus. Some people see working minimum wage, part-time jobs as their only way to chip away at their debt when looking for something better. One woman graduated from college with $60,000 in debt and moved all the way to Buenos Aires to teach English when she couldn’t find her ideal job in the U.S. One girl couch hopped, living on her friends’ couches for over a year so she could save her rent money rather than spend $1,000 a month for her apartment; at the end of a year, her loans were paid off, she repaid her friends with odd jobs and still had enough saved to pay rent for a better apartment than she had the year prior. One current Duke undergraduate takes the cake for the most obscure way of paying off student loans. After just her freshman year, Miriam Weeks would accrue $60,000 in debt to the university. However, debt is the least of her worries. She has found a foolproof way to pay her way through college without graduating with any debt. Pornography. Weeks entered the adult film industry and adopted the stage name of “Belle Knox.” One semester later, she has more than enough money to pay for her first year at Duke. Although this freshman won’t have to worry about debt anytime soon, she has plenty other issues on her mind. After being outed on campus for her “extra cirricular activities,” Weeks doesn’t feel safe on campus. Pushy male classmates, judgmental female classmates and death threats on not only her own life, but her family’s lives as well.

Personally, porn would not be my first choice of part time jobs. I could bet you twice my debt I wouldn’t consider that as a last resort either. I can’t understand how someone would willingly join the industry to pay the bills. As a third-year college student, I know how overwhelming loans can be. If I knew I would be $60,000 in debt after one year, I would choose a different school. Especially with the job market as tight as it is, I want to come out of college with minimal debt so I can focus on my career. Trying not to judge Weeks for her decision, I don’t know how she could have ever decided this was the best move for her. After seeing her reactions, as she is in the public eye a lot lately, she definitely didn’t think through the possible outcome of the student population finding out about her. Weeks is shocked that she doesn’t receive more respect from people once everyone found out. How can you be shocked? You are an 18 year old, making money with your clothes off. She had such a bright future ahead of her, she attends Duke and could have done anything with her life. Now, she’s going to be labeled as a porn star for the rest of her life. I can’t see her doing anything with her life other than XXX movies and I feel bad for her. Loans are difficult and stressful but I don’t think this should ever EVER be something someone resorts to. You get labeled for life and no one turns out as successful as Kim Kardashian. Miriam Weeks, I am truly trying not to judge you as a person, just your poor decisions, but you make it really hard. I just hope things turn out for the best for you in the end. RMA58@CABRINI.EDU








With a smile...Gabby Tinoco profiled BY SE’QUIA BAILEY Lifestyles Editor

Make-up, cheers, glitter and pom-pom’s is what most people remember when they hear the name Gabrielle Tinoco. Junior elementary education and special education major, Tinoco, is more than what meets the eye. Her purpose and dedication to service is what really makes her a shining star. Though people only see her as a Cabrini college cheerleader, Tinoco offers much of her time to other service opportunities. As a cheerleader, Tinoco serves as a captain to make sure the cheerleaders maintain rules, show themselves as leaders on campus and dive into success inside and outside the classroom. Tinoco has cheered for 15 years and content with her decision to stick with it—though she wanted to join the dance team. “The schedules conflicted with one another so I had to choose,” Tinoco said. Tinoco’s dedication to being a leader and a server is evident in the activities she participates in on campus. Tinoco is also apart of campus ministry, fair trade and is also an RA. Tinoco serves during mass and helps with the many various retreats. “Serving is a big part of my life,” Tinoco said. She admits that coming into Cabrini campus ministry was not one of the first clubs she had in mind. “To be honest my first day on campus I met Father Carl,” Tinoco said. “He asked if I wanted to help.” Because serving is something that Tinoco felt she had to offer the best she went ahead and accepted the invitation. Tinoco has had many opportunities offered to her. In making her decisions to take those opportunities she has one thing in mind—what can I give? Tinoco worked for Residence Life and was encouraged to apply for the position. “I thought that I could be a decent leader in getting students involved and help the students adapt,” Tinoco said. She believes that the job has been great thus far. “The effort and care that I put into my job makes it worth it,” Tinoco said.

Passionate is a trait that describes Tinoco. She speaks with excitement when she explains her dreams and goals in life. “I want to become a special education teacher and then a principal,” Tinoco said. “I want to ne day open a charter school for children with special needs and severe disabilities.” Tinoco is no stranger to a classroom. Prior to Cabrini she has had a number of experiences that made her fall in love with the idea of becoming a teacher. She has been teaching since the age of 14. “I gave swimming lessons, taught dance and cheer and tutored,” Tinoco said. She follows the example of her mother a special education teacher, who is a role model of hers. “If you are not passionate about something then your work will show that you don’t care or you won’t make time,” Tinoco said. Coming to Cabrini was a sure outlet to allow her passion for teaching to come into fruition. Before choosing Cabrini, Tinoco looked at four other schools. “Cabrini was close to home and I had encountered many teachers who received an education from here,” Tinoco said. Tinoco can always be seen with a smile on her face because she believes that is the best way to get through things. “Through all the struggle you go through whether good or bad, you as long as you push through with a smile the outcome will be more rewarding,” Tinoco said. Smiling is what gets Tinoco through her busy daily life. She explains that smiling through your tribulations will help you to be more successful toward your goals. “Your smile is as big as your heart and mind combined,” Tinoco said.


Spring cleaning anyone? BY MADISON MILANO Deputy Managing Editor

Spring tips just for you

With the temperatures rising and the last of the cold (hopefully) being gone, the time of year has come for windows to be open, fresh air to breeze through and all the heavy winter clutter to disappear. Here are a few simple steps to help you get going and officially say goodbye to winter.

1. Cleaning is a project! But by blasting your favorite tunes and making an event out of it, it’ll go by much quicker. 2. When cleaning out anything (closet, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) create a collection zone (this could be a basket, box, bin – anything!) This will be somewhere that you will throw all your old, used, and unwanted things. It will make removing everything easier and neater. 3. Open the shades! Let in some natural sunlight and you’ll feel the room instantly change. 4. To change up the energy of your room, switch your bed comforter to a quilt or add some new pillows to spruce it up. You’d be surprised how much this can affect your mood. 5. Organizing your closet is a key step to spring cleaning. Get rid of your unwanted or unused clothes and do some good while you’re at it. There are always donation cites, like Purple Heart and H&M, that will take old clothes to recycle and reuse them. 6. Hard core clean your bathroom! This means actually taking everything off the counters and using more than a Clorox wipe. 7. Throw your rugs in the laundry and vacuum your entire floor, even getting the hard-to-reach spots under your bed. 8. Relax in your new-and-improved environment! MRM356@CABRINI.EDU





But first let me take a selfie Selfies for a cause– NOH8 campaign arrives at Cabrini

BY CHRISTLE GEHMAN Asst. Lifestyles Editor BY JESSICA PARADYSZ Asst. Lifestyles Editor

Tired of the haters? The NOH8 (No Hate) campaign was formed in response to the Prop 8 amendment that banned Same-Sex marriage in 2008. The fierce movement is a creative outcry and charitable organization that promotes human equality and justice The unique campaign engages protesters to spread their message through artistic and visual platforms. Although the core of NOH8 is education and advocacy, members do so with a creative flair; through a groundbreaking silent protest of pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Adam Bouska, a renowned photographer known for working with he likes of America’s Next Top Models and superstars such as Billy Joel, understands the profoundness of the message. Bouska’s photos grip viewers with the stark and artistic content. Models are captured with duct tape on their lips, a symbol of how their voices are silenced by government officials and society who challenge their ability to fight for their rights. On their cheeks, the NOH8 logo is painted in bold black and scarlet red. Their voices cannot be silenced, and the campaign is celebrating their five-year anniversary with an outpouring of support

from California citizens to celebrities, artists and politicians. The campaign celebrates the involvement of everyday people with incredible stories as well as famous supporters. The movement involves 33,000 people nationwide. Not a celebrity? No problem. Cabrini will foster the same sense of advocacy and creativity through the NOH8 photo booth at Grace Hall on Tuesday, April 1. From 12-4pm, the Cabrini community can show solidarity during a fun photo booth for a great cause. Student Diversity, Outreach, and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance clubs on campus join forces for the “photo-shoot with a purpose.” Cabrini students have a chance to be a part of a young and exciting movement and be advocates in their own rights. Join the photo booth, because no voice can be silenced, and the movement will not stop.

“No voice can be silenced, and the movement will not stop.” JESSICA PARADYSZ




Actress Raven Symone supports NOH8


March is Women's history month. It pays tribute to all women and their impact on history. For the month of march, national organizations pay tribute.

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH: In 1981 Congress passed Pub L 97-28 which authorized and requested the President to establish March 7th as women's history week. After five years of petitioning from national women's history project Congress passed PubL 1009 which designated the month of March Women's history month in 1987. The Library of Congress shows a compilation of the presidential proclamations made to support the monumental month. Jillian Megna, a junior, exercise science major, at Cabrini is a advocate for women on campus. "Women's history month is about paying tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society," Megna said. Jill is also involved with an on campus organization called P.i.N.K.. The organization promotes women in power, while inspiring young women to do even greater things. Despite the groups positive influence on the Cabrini community, P.I.NK was unable to solidify programming to celebrate the joyous month. "Cabrini can support women everyday by putting women and men on even playing fields," said Megna . Jill has been most influenced by her mother. "She is the backbone of my family and without her, I would not stand as the women I am today," said Megna. Sharon Schwarze, a psychology professor at Cabrini, is also a supporter of


women's history. She has been influenced by many women in her life but two in particular have made a particular impact on her life. Betty von Klemperer taught Schwarze as a English literature professor at Smith College. "She was a scholar, a demanding teacher, and mother of two children. I babysat for the children for four years while I was there, so I got to see how she managed career and household and I got to participate in the life of the mind that buzzed through the house," said Schwarze. Ms. Klemperer is over 90 years old and still gives Dr. Schwarze advice and they are still in touch. She gives new perspective on being an educator and advice on how to be the best woman she can be. Dr. Schwarze also finds inspiration from her grandmother. Her father's mother was deaf but still found ways to communicate with her. “She read our vibes,” said Schwarze. She was connected with peoples needs and found new ways to make people happy. She even consoled Dr. Schwarze's friends in college who were in need of support. Schwarze respects that her grandmother was so caring and tries to be like her in every way that she can. Everyday is the great day to pay homage to women and the influence they have had on history. As Cabrini was founded by women of the church, paying homage to women and their roles in history should be of the highest importance at the college. Women's history month is more than thirty-one days to reflect on all that women have done, but also a time to inspire even more women for their potential impact they can have on history.






Cabrini’s Cavs corner hosts Chef’s Fair Looking to step into another world of food?

BY ALEXA FERRAGINE Asst. Lifestyles Editor

The Cav's Corner was filled with students waiting in line to try the different food from around the world that was provided by various guest chefs here at Cabrini College. The Chef fair took place on Thursday March 16 during the dinner hours from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. The guest chef's included Chef Tom, Chef Mark, Chef Rodney, Chef Steve and Chef Roy. The variety of chef's created dishes from all over the world that consisted of dishes from Korea, Jamaica, India, Canada, India, and Portugal. Different cooks definitely had their variety of meals to offer for the Cabrini community. Some of the things that were offered for students were profiterole filled with vanilla ice cream that was topped with ganache from Canada, kheer with pistachios and cardamon which is better known as basmati rice pudding from India, almond torte from Portugal, and bread pudding from Jamaica. While walking around and observing what was being offered I was personally more interested in the desserts that were being offered

more than the main courses that were being prepared by the Chef's. My favorite thing that I had tried at the event was the bread pudding that was from Jamaica which was prepared by chef Mark. Other students that I talked to were more interested in the main dishes prepared at the chef fair. " I really enjoyed the pork and plantains from chef Mark's station." said Ally Fiorelli, Sophomore math major. While talking to other students chef Mark's cuisine that he offered seemed to be favored for the students that were there. " I thought the Pork that chef Mark made was really good" said Gabby Aiello junior psychology major. The pork was definitely a popular dish for students. After eating everything my personal opinion I thought the bread pudding was the best thing there. It was a good portion to eat and a very nice presentation that originally made me want to try it. However after talking to multiple people and trying it myself I think that chef Mark's dish which was the pork should win the best dish which was a pork that was from Jamaica.





Cancer, we’re all affected by it. Some of us have friends or family fighting or have beaten or you yourself have suffered through it. Each year over one million people are diagnosed with cancer. Everyday 2/3 people are diagnosed. (American Cancer Society) Help save a life from cancer by participating in Relay for Life with Cabrini College on April 12, 2014 This event is held from 4pm-4am in the Dixion Center Gym Relay for Life last for 12 hours, Cabrini fundraises the whole event for the American Cancer Society by holding certain activities and fundraisers held by individual teams participating. The theme to this year’s event is wizard of Oz Maggie McElroy is a student at Cabrini College and is also one of the co-chairs of this event. “It takes a lot of time and effort by the committee members to run this event, McElroy Said.” There’s a lot put into making sure this event is successful and fulfill the big expectations of how the event is supposed to turn out. “There's so much planning, fundraising, and organizing to make this event successful, McElroy Said “We all have to work together to make sure all of the different elements of the day are coordinated and run smoothly.” Activities during this event will consist of the Wally ball Tournament which are one of the popular events. For those who aren’t familiar Wally ball is slightly similar

to volleyball except it is played in a squash court. They also have different rules but in Wally ball you can bounce the ball off the sides of the squash court. There will also be a scavenger hunt, a band for entertainment, themed laps, a rave, bingo, a frozen shirt contest and the other events are in the process of being organized. Anyone interested in participating in the event can go to www.relayforlife. org/pacabrini and sign up. You can either create your own group or you can join someone else’s group if it interest you. Everyone participating in this event are encouraged to stay awake the entire time of the event by walking around and participating in the events. Each team does bring blankets and pillows for anyone that needs a nap. The committee for Relay for Life have worked hard to make sure that food is sponsored for everyone. The food is coming from close by restaurants and bakeries, for dinner the food is provided by Sodexo There will be food available for the participants. The committee has worked very hard to ensure that there is food from local restaurants and bakeries for everyone to enjoy! Dinner is also provided by Sodexo. For more questions on relay for life you can visit the website of join the Relay for Life group for Cabrini College on Facebook. Mark your calendars for April 12 and join the fight against Cancer.


Tweet @ CavsRelay4Life




About last night–a comedic look at love


Joy Bryant

Michael Ealy

BY JESSICA PARADYSZ Asst. Lifestyles Editor

Two women best friends and two men best friends meet up. They fall in love, and everything is happily ever after, right? In the uproariously funny, sometimes inappropriate but heart-warming movie “About Last Night,” director Steve Pink takes a realistic view of relationships and what happens when life interferes with a refreshingly comedic twist. Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall) hit it off at a club and cannot stay away from each other. Naturally, the new couple has the idea of setting up a double date between their much more reserved friends, Debbie (Joy Byrant) and Danny (Michael Ealy).The two feel like the third wheels to a private date. Debbie and Danny are able to laugh and bond over the ridiculousness of the set-up, and soon find they falling for each other. It seems as though everyone can be friends and the couples can finally go on a series of real double dates. Debbie finds happiness and is ready to move out of the apartment that she shares with Joan. Yet as Debbie and Danny are ready to move forward, the other couple is becoming dysfunctional, which plays out on screen in

a relatable but exaggerated way. The split causes trouble in paradise, as Joan and Bernie and both engage in a comedic contest of who can care less, while running into each other because of their best friends. The movie chronicles Danny and Debbie’s relationship from the milestones of moving in together, their first thanksgiving, their first puppy.... and the return of Danny’s ex-girlfriend to Chicago Debbie and Danny find that living together requires sacrifice and is not easy, and the movie displays real issues and situations. Yet this is not a raw drama by any means. The comedy is full of funny jokes and references that will leave the audience wanting more. Hart is hilarious in his role, and Hall reprises her comedic genius from the “Scary Movie” franchise. Both Byrant and Ealy balance out the vibrant and overdone other couple. The acting styles of all of the couples mesh together well on screen to make a memorable comedy.



IMAX theater in King of Prussia, Pa.

Anthony Wayne theater in Wayne, Pa.

Fill yourself with delicious snacks

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Blue, Dear Blue, I recently having been overdoing it with purchasing different things this past month. And I just noticed how much I’ve really been spending! How can I manage my money better? I have a part-time job, but I’m not saving any of it... Sincerely, Broke college student


Dear Broke college student, Have no fear! It’s okay to spend money. Everyone does, but than again one most know their limits and how much they really have to spend. When you receive your check from you part time job be sure to put let’s say $25 into your savings account, that way you know your at least saving something per week. Also it’s okay to want things, if you feel you must absolutely have it, buy it! But if your questioning yourself, leave it at the store! Sincerely, Blue

We recently became aware that people were worried about their anonymity using their emails. So we have set up an account on where you can ask questions completely anonymously! Just type in the URL “”!



Weekly Crossword Puzzle

Answers March 20, 2014




1 Injury reminder 5 Pet adoption gp. 10 Environs 14 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wiesel 15 U.S.-Canada defense letters 16 Having a hard time deciding 17 Hard to find, to Caesar 18 __ Gay: WWII bomber 19 Thom __ shoes 20 Original Ice Follies slapstick skating duo 23 “Just one darn minute!” 24 Amazed reactions 27 Three in a deck 28 Retaliatory equivalent 32 Found really groovy 34 Bud 35 Challenge 36 Part of WWII 39 Happy heartbeat sound 42 Like veggies on a veggie platter 43 Expected landing hrs. 45 Prohibition 46 Opposite of post48 Knickknacky stuff 51 Bible bk. with a sea crossing 54 Trite 55 Opie Taylor’s caretaker 58 Small, irregular amounts 62 List-ending abbr. 64 11th-century Spanish hero 65 Give off 66 Low-cal 67 It divides the Left and Right Banks 68 Pal at the barbie 69 Run into 70 More quirky 71 Being, to Ovid

1 Feudal farmers 2 Red wine from Bordeaux 3 Better ventilated 4 Got through to 5 Lend __: listen 6 14-line verse 7 Cattle poker 8 Ranch newborn 9 Purim month 10 Use of one requires a PIN 11 Groupie’s idol 12 Significant period 13 Raggedy doll 21 Make excited 22 Gone by 25 Prefix with legal 26 Ladled-out meal 29 Bucky Beaver’s toothpaste brand 30 Pub spigot 31 Envelope part 33 Bee Gees family name 36 “Dragnet” star Jack 37 Gillette razor brand 38 Bad weather contingency 40 Paving goo 41 Sales manager’s concern 44 Like the “A” in a Hawthorne classic 47 At the outer edges of the normal curve 49 “Sting like a bee” boxer 50 Bloodhound or boxer 52 White House family 53 Ledger entries 56 8-Down’s milk source 57 Cosmetician Lauder 59 Spanish kiss 60 Iditarod transport 61 Battery fluid 62 Good name for a tree-lined street 63 Dead heat

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” J.K.ROWLING




Walton-Moss and Sandone honored as All Americans





Brittany Sandone captured the CSAC player of the year at the end of this season for the first time in her career at Cabrini. Her team leading average of 14.5 points per game was tied for fourth best in CSAC. Sandone also averaged 3.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 1.7 steals per contest. She was also near perfect going 83.3 percent from the free throw line and knocked down an average 1.8 three pointers per game were among the best in the conference. The senior ended her career with 1,366 career points which is good for fifth in Cabrini’s all-time scoring and 163 steals which is sixth all time. Sandone led the Cavs in points in 12 games this season and a career high 27 points in a win over Kean College. Sandone led the Cavaliers to their second consecutive CSAC championship and a record breaking season with their first ever NCAA Tournament game. The team finished 24-5 tying the 1994-95 and 2012-2013 teams for the most wins in the program’s history.

Student athletes Aaron Walton-Moss and Brittany Sandone were honored by DIII News earlier this week. Junior Walton Moss was named First Team All American team and Sandone received an honorable mention. Last season, Walton-moss was an All-American honorable mention and was a top 24 preseason All-American. Walton moss had an outstanding season for the Cavs this season. He broke the school’s single season point’s record by 14 with 594 total points. Walton-Moss was among the leaders in the national averages per game with 24.8 points per game was good for fifth, 10.9 rebounds ranked 16th and 5.9 assists was good for 13th. He was also one of two players to record two triple double this season. Walton-Moss Walton-Moss has been named CSAC player of the year two years in a row. Even though he only played for half of the season last year. He led the Cavaliers to a 26-2 record and helped capture their fifth straight CSAC championships and also got to the second round of the NCAA tournament.





Brittany Sandone Season Stats:

Aaron Walton-Moss Season Stats:












Lady Cavs split DH with walk off win


(P) Taylor Gallagher pitched eight innings, five strike outs with nine ground out in Cabrini’s win over Immaculata University BY HOWARD BLAKE III Asst. Sports Editor

The Cabrini Women’s softball team hosted a doubleheader with CSAC opponent Immaculata University at Cabrini field. To pay respect to Cabrini’s head coach Mitchell Kline for losing his late wife Sandee to cancer, the Lady Cavs and Mighty Macs wore shirts and raised money to support the cause of cancer. It started in the second inning for the Cavaliers as Freshman Taylor Gallagher grounded out which scored Junior Steph Diegel to give the Cavs a 1-0 lead. Freshman Natalie Giannascoli hit a double, which scored Diegel and Junior Becca Miles. After Freshman Amber Dietrich singled to left field scored Giannascoli, the Blue

and White extended their lead to 4-0. At the Bottom of the third inning the Cavs added another run on the board stretching their lead to 5-0 after Lea Enoche’s RBI ground out plated Miles. After costly errors from the Lady Cavs, their lead quickly vanished. Allowing Liz Biddle’s three run homerun and several runs only one of which were earned. At the end of the fith inning the Cavs trailed 7-5. Immaculata’s bats continued to find the ball as a single from Samantha Strickland added two more runs in the sixth inning. The Cavs showed fight as Dietrich hit a solo homerun, the first of her career. The Cavs took a 9-6 loss in there first game of back to back. Immaculata’s hot hitting continued in the second game. They started out with a 7-0 lead in the third inning off of seven

base hits. The Cavs weren’t flustered but instead began their comeback. Enoch started it off with a double that plated Freshman Brianna Milillo and Giannascoli. Sophmore Kaitlyn Cooper finished the job with a single that sent Enoch home as the Cavs lessen the lead to 7-3 by the end of the third inning. Enoch continued her busy day as she singled which scored Freshman Lindsey Savar. Later at the bottom of the sixth, Enoch continued her hot hitting by hitting a two run homerun, which cut the lead to 7-6. The Cavs notched the game up at 7-7 with a single from Milillo which sent Miles home in the seventh, taking the game to extra innings. The Mighty Macs came out strong during the extra innings as Meghan Kugler took the lead with a grand slam. Once again the Lady Cavs did not panic. Dietrich started the bottom of the eighth with a single while Cooper advanced her to third off a double.

Diegel hit a single, which plated both Dietrich and Cooper. After a few walks and base hits, the Cavs tied the game at 11-11. Milillo ended the game with a single that scored Freshman Taylor Gallagher to give Cabrini the win. Enoch tied a team high with three hits and led with three RBI’s. The Cavs are set to build off their last win as they host Wesley College for a doubleheader on Tuesday. First pitch is at 3:00 p.m. at Cabrini Field. HBG23@CABRINI.EDU



(DH) Junior Steph Diegel went 1-5 with a single and rbi

Will DeSean Jackson continue to fly high? BY JASON WILLIAMS Asst. Sports Editor

As this years NFL offseason rolled around, the Philadelphia Eagles had many holes to fill and needs to add for the 2014-2015 campaign. One thing that no saw coming was the rumors of a possible trade or releasing of Eagles star wide receiver DeSean Jackson due to undisclosed locker room conflicts. DeSean Jackson is seen as

one of the top wide receivers; this past season Jackson totaled 1,332 yards, 82 receptions, and nine touchdowns, which ranks in the top 10 of all wide receivers according to DeSean Jackson also earned his third pro bowl appearance (2009,2010,2013). According to bleacherreport. com the Philadelphia Eagles were initially looking to obtain a second or third round draft pick for the pro bowl receiver. Many


Eagles wide recieverDeSean Jackson celebrating a touchdown with LeSean McCoy last season

teams have inquired about the possibility of trading for Jackson if put up on the trade block, teams that are looking to obtain Jackson are the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco New York Jets, New England Patriots and super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The situation has come as a blur and a bit of distraction to the organization. reports that there have been no sources that are identified and there are not multiple reports that the Eagles are going to trade or release DeSean. The reports have caused Jackson to take to social media outlets to make statements about the situation. “Good to talk to Big Chip today!! Say or hear what ya want!! The Picture speaks for itself! Winner,” tweeted Jackson after talking to head coach Chip Kelly about the rumors. According to USA Today Head Coach Chip Kelly stated that he in fact had “talked to DeSean Jackson” but wouldn’t elaborate more on the conversation. Former backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who was recently acquired by the NY Jets,


Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is in conversations to keep DeSean Jackson’s contract or to relese him stated in a interview by ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, “DeSean Jackson is a very productive player, but at the end of the day it’s Chip’s decision,” Vick said when asked about the rumor. “DeSean isn’t a bad person but this may just be something he will have to learn from.” At the moment the Philadelphia Eagles have not made a formal statement on the rumors. DeSean since talking

to Chip Kelly has been tweeting constantly and seems to be in high spirits about the situation. This has been an ongoing saga with many twist and turns, hopefully for the Eagles organization, Eagles fans and DeSean Jackson this will be the end of the saga.





Roller hockey clinch win in over time saves on 36 shots. The Cavaliers look to continue their winning streak as they take on University of Penn (T2) again, next Sunday (3/30) at Marple Sports Arena. Face off is scheduled for 11 p.m. DJL78@CABRINI.EDU



No. 61 senior Daniel O’Rourke had four total goals in Cabrini’s win over University of Pennsylvania BY DAN LUNER Photo Editor

The Cavalier roller hockey team got back above .500 with a thrilling overtime win against University of Penn (T2). The Blue and White’s first game back since before spring break resulted in a final score of 8-7. The game started with back and forth play and junior Mark Beiber started the scoring for the Cavs in his first game back. Senior Danny O’Rourke added another and the first period ended with a tie (2-2). The Quakers got right to work in the second adding two more goals, but the Cavs quickly answered with a deflection by O’Rourke from senior Keith Marr’s blast from the point. The clock winded down and O’Rourke notched a hat trick with a buzzer-beater to make it 4-5 at the end of two. The game was tied three more times in the third period. Junior Nick Giusti started the third off, making the game, 5-5. Captain Anthony Sestito took the score to 6-6 and O’Rourke garnered his fourth of the game, making it 7-6. But the Quakers tied the game with just 12 seconds remaining forcing overtime. The Cavs didn’t hesitate as Giusti netted his second of the game and the game-winner less than a minute into overtime. Sophomore Tommy Custer earned his first career win between the pipes making 29


No. 9 sophomore Nick Giusti scored the game winning goal less than a minute into over time against Univesity of Pennsylvania

Stats and Standings Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse



Cabrini College 7-0 (0-0 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy University 4-3 (0-0 CSAC) Centenary College 2-3 (0-0 CSAC) Marywood University 3-5 (0-0 CSAC) Rosemont College 2-4 (0-0 CSAC) Neuman University 1-6 (0-0 CSAC) Immaculata University 0-6 (0-0 CSAC)

Cabrini College 4-2 (0-0 CSAC) Neumann University 3-3 (0-0 CSAC) Immaculata University 2-4 (0-0 CSAC) Marywood University 3-5 (0-0 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy University 3-5 (0-0 CSAC) Rosemont College 2-3 (0-0 CSAC) Centenary College 0-5 (0-0 CSAC) Cedar Crest College 0-3 (0-0 CSAC) Notre Dame of Maryland 0-4 (0-0 CSAC)



Corey Elmer - 22 Tyler Johnston - 21 Damiam Sobieski - 21


Corey Elmer - 18 Tyler Johnston - 14



Lacie Doubet - 22 Sasha Wozniak - 20 Melissa Scanzano - 17


Sasha Wozniak - 7 Melissa Scanzano - 7


Corey Elmer - 40 Tyler Johnston - 35

Sasha Wozniak - 27 Lacie Doubet - 27



Hank Alschuler - 49

Janel Folkomer - 30



Hank Alschuler - 8.29

Janel Folkomer - 10.55

No. 4 Men’s lacrosse add name to record book

Cavalier Calendar






No. 45 sophomore Brian Kitterdge had two ground balls in Cabrini’s win over Whittier College. BY JASON WILLIAMS Asst. Sports Editor

With another big scoring outbreak, the No.4 Cabrini men’s lacrosse team defeated Whittier College at Edith Robb Dixon Field with a final score of 15-9, with the win the Cavaliers improve to 7-0 on the season. The win marks the best start in school history, with the win the Cavs past the Cavaliers of 2004 by one win. Blue and White were led by the efforts of juniors Tyler Johnston and Damian Sobieski, Johnson netted four goals with one assist and Sobieski added three goals with one assist. Also helping the Cavaliers in the big win were junior Mike Leyden and sophomore Joey Dalfo with two goals a piece. With the Whittier Poets

taking the lead only 31 seconds into the game, Mike Leyden netted a goal with a man up with 13:13 left in the period. After taking the lead off of Dalfo’s first goal of the day, but Whittier College sparked a big run of there own scoring three straight goals. A Tyler Johnston unassisted goal at the end of the opening period trimmed the Cavs first period deficit to 4-3. With a goal by senior JoJo Cooper in the second quarter the Cavs tied the game up at 6:09 left in the game. Damian Sobieski netted two goals in the final 4:29 of the half, to give Blue and White a 6-5 lead going into the halftime break. With another Sobieski goal at the 10:42 mark left in the third with this goal this gave the Cavaliers a two point

lead. In a matter of seconds the Whittier College Poets answered tying the game up at 7-7 with 7 minutes left in the period. In a matter of minutes the Cavaliers went on a run between the third and fourth quarters. With two unassisted goals one from Tyler Johnston and one from preseason All-American senior Cory Elmer the Cavs went up 9-7. Early in the fourth period the Cavaliers man-up after a Whittier College penalty, Elmer found Leyden to give the Cavaliers a 10-7 lead with 14:10 left to play in the game. The Cavaliers continued their big scoring run with five goals being scored in a 14 minute span. Sophomore Fan Hopson netted his first career goal while Tyler Johnston tallied two more goals to add to the scoring total. Sophomore

Evan Allvord added his first goal of the season at the 6:34 mark, this goal put the Cavs up 14-7. The Cavaliers finished the scoring with one more goal from Joey Dalfo to give the Cavs 15 points on the day. Sophomore Matt Symes led Whittier College with three goals and one assist, while junior Danny Prevedel added two goals and one assist. The Cavaliers will begin CSAC play on Wednesday as they put their 96 game win streak on the line, against Immaculata University (0-5, 0-0 CSAC). The Blue and White will take on the Immaculata Mighty Macs as the visit Edith Robb Dixon Field at 6:30 p.m.



No. 8 senior Corey Elmer had one goal on five shots and two assists in Cabrini’s win

Women’s lax dominates through ice storm BY CODY CALISE Staff writer





No. 2 Sarah Means had two goals on three shots and two assists in Cabrini’s win over Gwynedd-Mercy University

Cabrini Cavilers women’s lacrosse team improved to 4-2. Winners of four straight the Cavaliers faced off against Gwynedd Mercy University. Beating the visiting Griffins’ 17-3. Improving their record to 3-0 against CSAC play. The Lady Cavaliers dominated early leading 5 -0 in the first five minutes of the game. Junior Melissa Scanzano had a career best with seven points. That gives Scanzano a total of 100 career goals. Weather was a huge factor, as snow began to only get worse as the game went on. The sloppy field conditions did not affect the lady Cavs. The visiting’s griffins however could not shake the cold. Not being able to hold on to the ball for the entire game. Only hitting on one goal in the first half, Cabrini

took a 13-1 lead into halftime. Cabrini pulled most of their starters at the half. Lacy Doubet had a total of 5 points at the half. Senior Goal Keeper Janel Folkomer didn’t have much pressure all day instead she collected icicles on her stick. Folkomer tallied a total of 2 saves during the game. For the visiting Griffins junior Kelsey Yori tallied all three of the visiting points. Leading in ground balls was junior Megan Decker. defensive specialists Taylor Carroll and Jess Breuning forced a total of six turnovers. Cabrini will host Swarthmore College Thursday March, 27 at 6:00 p.m.


March 27, 2014 issue 22 Loquitur  

2013-14 issue 22 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 March 27, 2014

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