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The staff that braves the storm

Thursday Feb. 13, 2014 VOL. LV, ISSUE 17


Aftermath of the ice storm on the King of Prussia entrance to Cabrini College BY JOEY RETTINO Asst. News Editor




During the snow and ice storm, Cabrini’s staff resiliently worked to ensure the safety and comfort of the students living on campus. While Cabrini students were reaping the benefits of the nearly one foot of snow between Jan. 20 - 22 and the power outages from the ice storm Feb. 5 to Feb. 9, not all of the people on campus found themselves celebrating. “As fun as having off was, you still have to think of the people who are out there working to keep us safe on campus,” Colin Kilroy, sophomore marketing major, said. The campus’ workforce had to take the risk of driving to campus, staying late to plow roads and even, in RAC chef Brian Rohamma’s case, needed to stay on campus over night due to the weather. “Our men did a fabulous job. They’re dedicated,” said Dawn Barnett, director of facilities for Cabrini. “These men have families of they’re own, yet they know the well being of the students is first, and safety is a priority.” According to Barnett, when the campus must be closed due to a storm, it is a prime example of how the three different “shops” of facilities band together to keep the campus safe.

“All the workers powered through the night,” Barnett said. “We have a great crew.” As facilities paved roads and salted sidewalks outside, another dedicated area of Cabrini’s staff fed students indoors. With many of the servers and chefs having families of their own and living much too far to brave the storm, it called for certain personnel to step up. “I woke up at five Tuesday morning and said to myself that I knew I had to come in,” Dorothy Shuler, Sodexo employee, said. “I persevered through the storm because I knew you kids needed to be fed.” Linda Seawright, another Sodexo employee, had a similar motive to brave the storm and come to work. “When you’re feeding people—feeding kids—I gotta do it. It comes with my job.” Students remained fed, campus security continued to patrol and facilities kept working. “Regardless of the storm, the people that students tend to not realize pulled through to keep Cabrini running as if the storm never happened,” Kate Stevens, sophomore education major, said. SEE PAGE 3 FOR MORE DATA AND PHOTOS JR879@CABRINI.EDU





Photos from top going clockwise - A tree heavy with ice droops over the entrance to East Residence Hall; Damage done by the side of Grace Hall; A tree fallen on top of a car parked on Residential Blvd.




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THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014

Being 'out' on and off the field Homosexuality and professional sports have rarely seemed to collide publicly, especially in the United States. In fact, football, arguably the most popular game in the U.S., has never had an openly gay athlete play in the NFL. Though this may change in the near future. All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam from the University of Missouri came out to the world in an interview with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” last Sunday. As a prospect in the upcoming NFL draft, if Sam is drafted he will be the first openly homosexual player to compete professionally in the sport. Support poured in through all outlets of social media and overpowered any negativity on the subject. Many praised Sam for his courage and “guts” in his decision to announce his personal life choices. Others worried it may be too early for an openly gay athlete in the league, some thinking the organization would not be ready for such a large change. Sadly their concerns are not unfounded. Many players know that it is not uncommon for locker room talk where gay slurs are freely flung around without a second thought as to who they might insult. Would the team Sam joins be afraid to offend him and not act naturally toward him? Or worse, could they ostracize him merely because they are unsure how to deal with his situation, because it is something entirely new to the league? Hopefully these fears won’t affect his opportunities, because it is

worth the risk. Not only is Sam deserving of being drafted, but change always has to start somewhere. Why shouldn’t it begin here? New, delicate situations like this are always going to be intimidating, but breaking down barriers like these always creates more opportunity for those in the future. Sam could be a role model for others simply by playing the game he loves and being brave enough to be honest with those who watch him for it. There is something to be said for the timing of Sam’s coming out and the implication that it has left. While gay rights are constantly receiving more and more attention, there is also great progression that is being made, namely the legalization of gay marriage in certain states. If the government is declaring laws that progress gay rights, why are sports fans shocked that an openly homosexual football player could play in the NFL? When it comes to major league sports like football, basketball, hockey or baseball, an openly gay player may not be what initially comes to mind. And while that’s not expected to change overnight, it should be something that becomes less surprising. At the end of the day, it should come down to talent and how well the game is played. Does Sam’s sexual orientation make him any more, or less, of a player? No. Like others that may follow suit, he is just as good now as he was before coming out.

When it comes to major league sports, like football, basketball, hockey or baseball, an openly gay player may not be what initially comes to mind. And while that’s not expected to change overnight, it should be something that becomes less surprising.

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THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014



Photos from left going counter clockwise: Spreadsheet showing the power outages in the Radnor and Delco area. (Created by Cathy Youngman, information from PECO); Tree damage on campus (submitted by Theresa Paesani); A tree fallen on a car on Residential Blvd. (submitted by Nick Cipollone); A tree tangled in power lines (submitted by Jared Weidner).

Event Planning Internship

DESCRIPTION: Looking for an outgoing and dedicated intern to work in the events department. Must love the details that go into event planning and will assist events director and marketing department. LOCATION: Chester, Pa DESIRED MAJORS: Business department COMPENSATION: $10 / hr. JOBSOURCE CODE: 10690

Public Relations Internship

Maria Vizcarrondo setting students up for success with Nerney Leadership Institute BY EMILY ARENTZEN Asst. News Editor

A focus strategy of leadership here at Cabrini College is what makes up the Nerney Leadership Institute according to the Institute’s new director Maria Vizcarrondo. After gaining 25 years of directing leadership development programs, Vizcarrondo joined the Cabrini community as the Director of the Nerney Leadership Institute this past fall. Vizcarrondo’s new role as director is a fairly new position to come about. Last spring Tom Nerney provided a grant which was meant to hire someone to “harness the initiatives of the leadership” program and therefore brought Vizcarrondo to do the job. The Nerney Leadership Institute is a program that has been the culmination of a lot of work that has been done at Cabrini over the last few years. The college’s faculty and staff have been observing how the different leadership initiatives have been undertaken and consolidated into what makes up this focus strategy that Vizcarrondo previously stated. A large part of her position as director is to evaluate our current leadership opportunities and see how they can be expanded. As stated in an over the phone interview, Vizcarrondo says that the goal

“As stated in an over the phone interview, Vizcarrondo says that the goal of the Leadership Institute is that ‘every student that graduates from Cabrini leaves with some piece of leadership training’ regardless of majors or minors.”

DESCRIPTION: Looking for a summer intern that is ready to jump into the fast paced word of public relations of Bravo Group. This intern will attened brainstorming sessions and events and draft their own press releases and write for BravoVoice, the intern blog. LOCATION: Harrisburg/ Wayne, Pa DESIRED MAJORS: History, Political Science, Communication, Business COMPENSATION: Competitive pay and scholarship offered JOBSOURCE CODE: 10925

Accounting Internship


Maria Vizcarrondo, Director of the Nerney Leadership Institute of the Leadership Institute is that “every student that graduates from Cabrini leaves with some piece of leadership training” regardless of majors or minors. In creating these leadership programs, the college has brought on a Leaderships studies minor, the LEADStrong program, as well as a leadership certificate. When observing Vizcarrondo’s long list of experience, it is no surprise that she was picked for this position. Aside from being the first Latina to ever be elected in Essex County, New Jersey, Vizcarrondo also has a wide range of specialties that have helped pave the way for her success with the Nerney Leadership Institute. Each and every one of her past careers has helped the greater good in some way. In some instances, she ran organizations that promoted leadership amongst children and women. On top of doing such astounding work, she has also helped to establish the Kinship program which gave legal rights to grandparents to make decisions for their grandchildren who were placed in their care. Her work in these types of organizations as well as organizations such as ASPIRA - a non profit association whose mission is to empower the Puerto Rican and Latino community through youth leadership development, advocacy and education - have properly and efficiently prepared Vizcarrondo for the role as the director for the leadership institute.

DESCRIPTION: Looking for an intern who is interested in the accounting career that will be interning at The Investment Fund Foundations (TIFF). The intern will work with other staff members on a variety of projects. Some qualifications include: proficiency in Excel, good oral and written communication and a positive attitude. LOCATION: Radnor, Pa DESIRED MAJORS: Accounting, Business department COMPENSATION: Paid, 15-20 hours a week. JOBSOURCE CODE: 10931 IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE POSITIONS, VISIT THE CENTER FOR CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. GRACE HALL, ROOM 150 610-902-8307 FACEBOOK - FACEBOOK.COM/ CAVALIERCAREERS TWITTER - TWITTER.COM/









FEB. 13


Jazzman’s Cafe Vans leave at 6:30 p.m.



FEB. 18

FEB. 19

Founders Day Lecture

FEB. 17

Bruckmann Memorial Chapel 7 p.m.

For $3 CAP Board will supply vans for students to go skating.

SEaL Office 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Men’s Basketball Game

All are welcomed to join in mass and worship as a community.

FEB. 15

Applications for orientation leaders are due.

Gorevin Gallery, Holy Spirit Library 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Men’s Basketball will be playing at Neumann University

Ice Skating Trip

FEB. 14

All are invited to a free opening reception for the art exhibition.

FEB. 16


OL Applications Due

Art Exhibit Opening


THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014

Meet the Bishop

Bishop Ricardo Ramirez will speak about immigration reform and his work on the US Students, faculty, alumni and staff are invited to and Mexican border. join Bishop Ramirez for coffee and doughuts.

Neumann University 7 p.m.

Mansion 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Mansion 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

A R O U N D T H E WORLD Civilian casualties rise in Afghanistan According to the United Nations, Afghanistans government continues to share the blame for an increase in civilian casualties. The Afghan government blames American forces for the increase, however, only three percent of civilian casualties were due to international involvement. A total of 8,615 deaths were tallied this year, compared to last year’s 2,959. Read the full story at | Feb. 8, 2014

Virus in East Caribbean MCTCAMPUS

The Russia figureskating team took the gold medal in the Sochi Olympics. It is the country’s first gold medal since 1960.

Iran will cooperate with U.N. After years of turning the other cheek Iran has finally agreed to work with the United Nations experts when it comes to their nuclear program. The two sides are meeting February 18 to translate an interim deal into a permanent agreement. Iran continues to deny reports of illegal weapon testing, and the United Nation is seeking access to individuals, documents, and sites of nuclear testing. Read the full story at | Feb. 8, 2014

Russia takes gold in team figure skating Russia, the Olympic host, won its first gold medal as a non-Soviet country. It was a moment of great pride for the country, and figure skating is a sport that Russians take much pride in. Russia hopes that this will set the standard for the nation for the rest of the Olympics.

A common mosquito-born virus has hit the Eastern Caribbbean. The virus, Chikungunya fever, is a viral disease similar to dengue. Experts say that the virus will in fact hit Central and South America. Experts also say that it is highly unlikely that the virus will hit North America as it prefers hot, humid climates.

Read the full story at | Feb. 8, 2014

Britain’s immigration minister resigns The British immigration minister has resigned after revealing that his house cleaner of six years was living in the country illegally. Mr. Harper was leading a campaign against illegal immigrants, telling them to go home. Mr. Harper said he checked his cleaner’s papers and passport when he hired her in 2007 and was satisfied that they were in order.

Read the full story at | Feb. 9, 2014

Read the full story at| Feb. 9, 2014 BY CODY CALISE Staff Writer CC969@CABRINI.EDU

Perspectives Focus on your Valentine, not just the title of Valentine’s Day THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014


It’s that time again where every guy is buying red roses, chocolates, teddy bears and other so-called sweet things for that special someone; but for my boyfriend and I, it isn’t. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost five years and Valentine’s Day has never been an important day for us. Personally, I just think of it as another day out of the year. I would rather sit at home and watch a movie or go out to a casual dinner than spend a ton of money on things we will never use. It just doesn’t make sense. Why do we dedicate one specific day out of the year to be extra compassionate to your special someone when the point of being in a relationship is to be dedicated to that individual every day? I personally believe that it is not the holiday that is important, it’s the time spent together. On our first Valentine’s Day I gave my boyfriend a homemade card and he bought me a massive teddy bear, a bunch of chocolates and a card, just because that’s what he thought he was supposed to get for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was extremely sweet and thoughtful but it just was not me or us for that matter, but what else was he supposed to think? But fast forward to right now, five years later, we are just spending the weekend together, enjoying each other’s company. In society today, it seems like Valentine’s Day is made to be this lavish day, and for some I’m sure it is, but I personally don’t think it really needs to be. I think with our younger generation, the millennials, we are more fiscally responsible and are frugal with our money. Therefore, we would rather save our money and stay in to make a special meal rather than go out and spend a copious amount of money. Are you looking for creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, to do something out of the ordinary and non-cliché? - Indoor picnic: Spend the time figuring out what you want to make for dinner, go to the grocery store and pick out the ingre-

dients. Then come back cook dinner and setup a candlelight dinner on the floor, to skip the rush and madness of going out for dinner. - Roller Skating: Stay indoors and hold each other’s hand! - Make a drinking game out of mushy-gushy-lovey movies - ColorMe Mine: Get your creative juices following and go out and paint a pretty plate! - Comedy Show: Valentine’s Day should not just be sappy it can be funny as well! - Change the date of Valentine’s Day: Feb. 14, is always extremely hectic so why don’t you take the pressure off of your significant other and just go another day? - Laser Tag: Spend quality time playing a nice competitive game of hide and seek while also trying to get the other person out. - Indoor waterpark: Lancaster and South Jersey offer indoor waterparks that are fun for all! - Paintballing/Nerf Gun War: Take your brothers, sisters and parents out for a fun game of capture the flag while dodging little balls full of neon paint or stay in and have a nerf gun war! - Weekend Road Trip: Go to a friend’s beach house or a mountain house for the weekend and taking a walk on the boardwalk or spend your weekend skiing down the slopes. I remember one time we decided we wanted to be chefs and we tried making crème brulee as our dessert and it came out completely wrong. Another time, I almost broke my ankle running down the steps to chase my brothers around while we were having a nerf war. No matter what you decide to do this year, spending time with people you truly care about is what is most important. There are definitely so many creative ideas you can come up with or you could do the typical Valentine’s Day get-together, but spending quality time with that special person is what truly matters. MH923@CABRINI.EDU

Dirty and ROTTEN BY SAHRA ALI Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is the day where it is all about the cute stuff. Everywhere you look there are cute candies, cute flowers and cute couples. What about all the others who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and perhaps maybe can’t get over an ex that left them scorned? Your heart was broken, and you are now spending Valentine’s Day all by yourself. Your ex is probably doing just fine, enjoying their life and there is no way you are going to let them just be, right? Why not send them flowers? Dirty and rotten ones of course. Most companies on Valentine’s Day make money off of all of that sweet stuff, but a few other companies decided to go a different route. Companies like Dirty Rotten Flowers and The Payback are making money off of those trying to get in on the last laugh. Or maybe wilted and rotten flowers aren’t enough to get the message across.

Melted chocolates might do it right? Or is that still not sufficient to let them know just how you feel? A dead fish just might do it though... just don’t be that person that ends up breaking up with someone on Valentine’s Day over a bouquet of rotten flowers. I mean, forget exes. These can be sent to anybody; your boss that just fired you, your friend that made it quite clear that you aren’t friends anymore or an annoying little brother, you get the idea. If there’s is anybody out there that gets under your skin, you can just go ahead and send them a bouquet. While I do think it is pretty hilarious and a neat business idea, I also just think it’s another Valentine’s Day ploy. It’s all about who can make the most money off of people, and personally speaking, why would you want to spend a dime on an ex? There seems to be other ways to handle things. As one commenter on Lemondrop put it, “What a waste of money. Don’t you think you’ve wasted enough time, energy and money?” Why

not just spend that money on yourself or buy your mom something nice. Do you really need to send out a bouquet of dead flowers? I see it as people with a sense of humor might do this more than the angry ones. I would probably laugh it off. It seems like something you would do as a joke instead of in bitter resentment. As a 19- year old said in his testimonial, “My girlfriend and I have a twisted kind of relationship. I sent her the I LOVE YOU, NOT bouquet and did she ever love them.” This might actually be funny if somebody did it on April Fools Day or something. Is it amusing? Yes. Is it appalling? I mean, dead flowers are still flowers and even a bouquet of live flowers ends up wilted and eventually dies, so I don’t find it that appalling. However, the dead fish idea? I think this one is definitely disgusting, I can’t imagine the face of a person opening up a package to find a dead fish which probably smells really, really bad. SA922@CABRINI.EDU


Facetime: connecting long-distance Valentines BY KYLIE MCDEVITT Staff Writer

A stunning vase of red roses and hydrangeas perched on the front step of my house was a very pleasant surprise when I had no plans or date last Feb. 14. On the holiday of love and affection , my plans were to sit at home with my family as I had done most other years. Although this is not a case of the girl who cries lonely Valentines Day; taking to twitter and facebook claiming to be undateable, forever single and stressing that she is an independent woman that can buy herself chocolate! I had a boyfriend. You see, dating an athlete is great, but when their opening series is in Miami and it just so happens to be over Valentine’s Day weekend, you can get a little bitter. A year before last, our first Valentine’s Day together, I drove up to Rutgers and we went to a romantic dinner at our favorite spot, but you can’t always be that lucky. Going even further back in time, growing up, every Valentines Day, my father would leave me a small box of chocolates or candy hearts because he was the man in my life. Now, my boyfriend has taken on the responsibility to please my sweet-tooth on the special holiday. Valentines Day is not only a onesided story. Last year he arrived at his hotel to a box of chocolate-coveredstrawberries and a note reminding him how much I care about him and wishing him luck on the start of his baseball season. This year we will be forced to spend the day apart again, but when you love someone do you really need just one day to prove it? I think couples should buy chocolate for each other regularly and remember to do small gestures of love as a constant reminder that their significant other is always on their mind. If you really love each other, you’ll let your boyfriend or girlfriend buy you candy on the 15th because with the amazing sales, you’ll get more and they’ll spend less. There are many other opportunities throughout the year for someone special to take you out to dinner or give you flowers, so don’t stress that the most popular day to partake in those activities is quickly approaching. And let’s be honest for a just a second, you go to Cabrini, and if your bill looks anything like mine, good luck finding the funds on short notice to pamper someone or someone who has the funds to pamper you. FaceTime will be my cheap date night this Friday, but considering the circumstances I couldn’t ask for anything better. When cupid swoops in to shoot people with his heart arrows, my boyfriend and I will be approximately 1,188 miles apart, but we will be sure to remind each other what the day is really about. KAM622@CABRINI.EDU


THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014

More than an athlete


Caitlyn Poole showcases her skills while on the lacrosse field, but her dream of becoming an education major is even more important. BY HOWARD BLAKE III Asst. Sports Editor

Typically student athletes can be looked at as the stars of their campus. We can sometimes hold them in such high regard for their accomplishments in their respective sports and treat them like movie stars especially if they are the face of their team. Caitlyn Poole is an athlete that should be held in high regard and praised for her actions but not only for the actions that she displays on the lacrosse field. She doesn’t fall the least bit short to the definition of a well-rounded person. Poole, being a sophomore here at Cabrini College, is already making the most of her college experience and doesn’t let the excuse of only having two years of campus experience stand in her way. As an education major, Poole is looking to use her major as a stepping-stone in which she can make a difference. “I am elementary and special-ed. (major), I also want to go into getting an ELL certification, which is English as a second language,” Poole said. “I do have a deep desire to work with children with disabilities because I work with them a lot over the summer.” Her desire to help children with disabilities and needs propelled her to attend the Swaziland trip that Cabrini College had to offer. “We went to work at a teen camp so the ages were from 16 to 21,” Poole said. “It was kind of like a life skills based camp so we helped them gain skills so that they would be able to go out into a work place. Business skills, resumes, simple stuff like that is why we went and worked with them.” As she continued working with the people of Swaziland it gave her more of a world mind-set rather than an American mind-set. She was taken away about how similar the teenagers were to herself and those here in America. “Having a chance to work with a different set of age groups. Seeing how when I was a teen and how I reacted in the classroom and seeing their different reactions in the classroom.” Poole said. “They’re not much different than any teen here. It was surprising to see.” As Poole continues her college journey in the education field, she is following in the footsteps that her mother Colleen Poole is currently walking out. Colleen Poole is a professor at Cabrini College and works in the education department as a field experience supervisor for the sophomore and junior field. Some college students leave home in order to get away from their parents. However, Poole embraces her mom being around and see’s it as a huge positive. “I really enjoy it,” Poole said. “Its not something that makes me uncomfortable,

its actually something that makes me more comfortable because I am able to walk around and know so many faces because I have been here for so long. Poole is very familiar with Cabrini College because she has been around the campus with her mother ever since she was three years old. So the decision to attend Cabrini wasn’t a difficult one to make especially since everything fell right into place. Poole wanted to continue her lacrosse career collegiately and she was able to do just that. Prior to Cabrini, a coach of hers knew Cabrini’s head coach, Jackie Neary previously and Poole used that to show interest in wanting to join the team. “She actually roomed with Jackie as a roommate and that kind of built my interest of the lacrosse team,” Poole said. “So I came here a few times to watch the lacrosse team play and because my mom works here it was an easy contact for me to get in touch with Jackie.” One thing that stands out about Poole is that she doesn’t let athletics get in the way of her commitment as a student. She is very active on Cabrini’s campus and is involved in different clubs. She is apart of the cabinet for the student athlete advisory committee and works on relay for life. She also is trying to revive the Cabrini friends and exceptional children’s club. Due to her love for children she wants to turn the club into a buddy program for kids. She has a lot on her plate but despite how stressful her schedule may be between sports and school, she doesn’t view it negatively. “I like keeping busy, I like going from one thing to another,” Poole said. “When it comes to the (lacrosse) season I become a better student athlete because it keeps me busy, keeps me more organized and it keeps me on top of my work.” It’s rare to find a person that can juggle sports and be an active student as well, but as you can see Caitlyn Poole is an extremely rare individual. As a loving daughter to Cabrini’s very own education professor, a fierce lacrosse competitor that is always looking to get better and a student that’s sole purpose is to get an education to help educate others, Caitlyn Poole should be commended. She has lived up to the definition of a selfless, superb human being and with two whole years left in her college stint, the future is bright.



Caitlyn Poole in the education Mac lab

“I do have a deep desire to work with children with disabilities because I work with them a lot over the summer.” CAITLYN POOLE

tyles Revive music–let’s get back to the basics


THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014

BriaMarie Cd cover


“The first step to changing the downward spiral of music is to resuscitate it, we have to put more life into it.” BRIAMARIE


BY SE’QUIA BAILEY Lifestyles Editor

Miley Cyrus teaches young girls to twerk. Justin Bieber gets arrested for driving under the influence. And Beyoncé exposes not only more of her body but also the intimacy of her bedroom. These very influential artists raise this question: where is our music today? Music once had is listeners thinking about what the lyrics meant. It was meant to empower persuade, motivate and encourage. However, the influences are a little less than…positive. With this evolution of music is it safe to say music is dying? Cabrini alumnus Matt Stewart vocalizes that music is not dead “I think, like people, it can go through transitional phases and evolve over time,” Stewart said. So it is safe to assume that twerking and acting out is just apart of the evolution. Music production major, Rebecca Louden at Full Sail University, does not believe music is dead either. She describes it as merely being on life-support. “Music needs to get back to where it started,” Louden said. “Like many things, it started out pure and over time it became tainted.” As a young musician it can be discouraging to see that what it takes to be on television or an iPod is to have on a lingerie set and talk about my skills in the bedroom. It may seem trite but music is not complicated. As complex as learning a new language is, music is simple. It is a language that everyone can understand without translation. “Music is my bridge in life,” Louden said. “It connects me to other cultures; I can travel the world.” Though music has seemingly lost its way some in the face of music don’t believe its true essence is. Grammy nominated producer Carvin Haggins has been in the music business for 28 years and 21 years in major productions. Throughout his successful career, he has seen major shifts in music. “I feel the music industry has changed in many ways,” Haggins said. “First, the music has lost all morality, love and teaching.” Music and artistry was something people could look up to. Has it now just become something that people want to make a quick dollar off of? Haggins has helped to groom and push many artist in his 28 years. Through the evolution he believes they stop caring about its listeners and more about the money. “They don’t care who or how they affect their fans” Haggins said. Though many artist nowadays are half naked doing drugs and acting-out. One


artist that Haggins produces is making it known that she is putting music back on the map. From Columbia, MD to Philadelphia PA, student, singer, rapper, musician, dancer and songwriter BriaMarie feels that music should empower. “I make music for the people like me who weren’t as confident enough to speak up for themselves and what they believe,” BriaMarie said. BriaMarie demands ‘respect’ and draws the attention of all types of audiences with her clean lyrics that compel you to sit and think. BriaMarie describes positivity in her artistry one-way: “It’s something that’s missing.” With the advancements of technology music has become counterfeit. Reverend Keith I. Pelzer, former platinum-album producer said, “You won’t be able to tell if something is fake or real until you hold it to the light,” talking about faith. “It can be passed through many hands before it’s tested to see its true value.” If this can be connected to music in layman’s terms—we have complicated music. A popular movie in 2002, ‘Brown Sugar’, posed this question: “What made you fall in love with hip-hop?” Maybe this is the question artist today have to ask when making music. “I’ve always loved music,” BriaMarie said. “I remember singing Mariah Carey as early as Kindergarten and that made me fall in love with the idea of being a singer.” Making good music does not have to mean exploiting oneself. It just takes passion. “As a little kid I was always fascinated with every sound,” Haggins said. “In 1982 I started rapping because my singing voice wasn’t so great.” From rapping Haggins had to make his own beats, which pushed him to produce. Music isn’t dead its just going through a slight drought. “The music industry is a business and like every business it’s going to have its ups and downs,” Haggins said. “I believe once they figure out the problem it will be in full effect.” The first step to changing the downward spiral of music is to resuscitate it. “We have to put more life into it,” BriaMarie said.




THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014

Cake pops are all the rage Ingredients 1 (12 ounce) package colored candy coating melts, divided 24 plain doughnut holes 24 lollipop sticks 1 tablespoon multicolored candy sprinkles, as desired

Directions 1. Place about 1/4 cup of candy melts into a small microwave-safe bowl, and melt in the microwave at 40 percent power for 30 seconds; stir the candy coating, and continue to heat for 30-second intervals until the coating is just warm and completely melted. 2. Poke a hole halfway through a doughnut hole with a lollipop stick, then dip the end of the stick into the melted coating and reinsert into the hole. This holds the doughnut hole firmly on the stick. Stick the doughnut pop upright into a block of plastic foam, and set into refrigerator for 1 hour to firm up. 3. When pops are firmly attached to their sticks, melt the remaining candy coating dots in a microwave-safe bowl on 40 percent power for 1 minute; stir, and melt for 30-second intervals until the coating is warm and smoothly melted. Dip the doughnut hole into the coating, covering it completely. Hold the dipped pop over a bowl, and sprinkle with colored candy sprinkles. Return the decorated pops to the plastic foam block to set.


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THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014


‘Won’t Back Down’ shows a fight for social justice in public education BY LEONARD BROCK Staff Writer

In a time where there are more horror movies than there are those that show inspiration and victory, it is great to see a movie such as “Won’t Back Down” to be made. “Won’t Back Down” is a movie that is worthy of its name; for the representation of the people that are teachers within the public school system that care about their communities and have or are fighting to make change. The reality of taking risk, temptations to give up and be a teacher at a private school was faced by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal who plays a single mom (Jamie Fitzpatrick). Raising her daughter Malia, (Emily Alyn Lind) who is dyslexic and attends the public school she teaches at, Adams Elementary school. Her daughter fell under the neglect of the school system not making it possible for Malia to learn because of her having dyslexia. What Jamie’s daughter Malia is going through is the same as her mother, who also has dyslexia. Jamie experienced the same cruel treatment that her daughter is facing in the public school system. Actress Viola Davis who is known to play in another great movie, “The Help” plays as Nona Alberts who leads the movement with

many other teachers for making a difference in her community. Alberts, who has a child that is a little boy by the name of Cody (Dante Brown) who takes longer to learn in class, is treated the same way as Malia. She works to change the negative effects that have hurt the public education system by going against the union. Public schools across the country have broken-down systems. These school systems need teachers who will fight for better education for the children. This is a movie that contains other great actors and actresses such as Holly Hunter, Oscar Isaac, Rosie Perez, Lance Reddick and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. The movie showed the struggle and triumphs of taking the steps to making a difference. The movie had its high and low moments but it was definitely worth its title. This story emphasized that it is okay to be told no, but keep pushing through because you will prosper. “Won’t Back Down” is a movie that definitely fits its title. Even at times when it seems boring or lacking everything, it needs to be a more powerful movie to the viewers.


IMAX theater in King of Prussia, Pa.


Anthony Wayne theater in Wayne, Pa.

Popcorn stand at Anthony Wayne theater MCT

Viola Davis



Maggie Gyllenhaal

Holly Hunter

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Dear Valentine-less, What I love about Valentine’s Day is it isn’t just a day to spend with your significant other. It’s a day to show your loved ones that you care for them. Of course, you should do this throughout the year, but take this day to do something extra special. Also, you have many valentines! Every single loved one is a valentine. Just because your friends have their significant others, doesn’t mean you can’t spoil them as well. Write them little Valentine cards or give them something small just to show them how much you love them. Valentine’s Day is about appreciating what you have, not what you don’t have. Sincerely, Blue

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THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014







Hoop Scoop: Lady Cavs still leading the CSAC for this group of players. A team that can contain opponents to 51 points and outscore teams by a 18.4 points as stated on Cabrini athletic website. Their physical ability to defend and out score a team isn’t a question. However, I wonder the teams ability to battle back from games where they aren’t pushing the tempo and are required to play catch up basketball. Let’s be honest the teams they have laced-up against thus far haven’t been on the same level of talent as them. A good test should come from runner-up in the CSAC standings, Immaculata who

has a 11-1 league record. The game will be played Wednesday Feb 12 with tip-off at 6 p.m. This will be the first time each team has played against each other and will leave bragging rights for that number one spot. The Lady Cav’s have four seniors whose legacy will be defined in the next four weeks. A legacy that will hopefully end with two consecutive CSAC titles and another trip to the dance to prove themselves once again as national contenders. AB3467@CABRINI.EDU


No. 32 Kristina Startare is averaging 4.9 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.6 assists a game this season for the Cavaliers BY AMARRA BOONE Staff Writer

It is no secret that the Women’s basketball team is pacing to be the Colonial States Athletic Conference champions. With an 11-1 league record and a 17-4 overall record, the team has paved the way for another trip to the ship. In the recent weeks the Lady Cavaliers have endured game rescheduling due to the inclement weather but were able to resume their season this week against CSAC opponent Cedar Crest College. With

a one sided performance the Cavaliers defeated the Falcons with ease. With three Cabrini players scoring a double-double it allowed the team to skate away with a 83-43 victory. The second half of the regular season in full effect the main focus of the Lady Cavs should be on the championship title. Despite a early season snag with a loss to Keystone College, the ladies are leading the CSAC. A lead that hopefully catapults them into the championship title game. Mental preparation for the final games of this season will be the most important


No. 35 Annie Rivituso leads the team in rebounds with 142 this season

Hoop Scoop: No. 1 in the CSAC, but struggling in national rankings


No. 21 Senior Fran Rafferty is ranked second in points for the Cavaliers with 290 points through 19 games this season BY AIREL MELENDEZ Asst. Sports Editor

It should be no surprise to anyone at this point that the Cabrini men’s basketball team is good. A 19-0 record, 13-0 in the conference, certainly speaks for itself. Cabrini has moved up the rankings steadily as the season has gone on. At this point in time, the men’s team is ranked at No. 2 in the nation. One might wonder how, with the only perfect record in Division III, Cabrini is not the top ranked team in the nation. The No. 1 team in the nation, Wisconsin StevensPoint, lost their first game of the season on Jan. 5. It seemed that this would mean that Cabrini would move up to the top team. When the updated rankings came out, Stevens-Point received 14 of 25 first place votes while the other 11 went to Cabrini.

It’s hard to believe how this Cavalier team does not top the rankings They certainly do not lack in the talent department. Senior Aaron Walton-Moss tops the Cabrini team in almost all categories. He averages 26.0 points, 6.2 assists and 11.2 rebounds per game. His point total so far this season is 442, almost 200 more points than teammate Fran Rafferty who has 290. They have most definitely showed their dominance over teams this season. The team has reached the 90 point mark in 12 of their 19 games this season. The Cavaliers are outscoring their opponents by a wide margin, 1,739 points to 1,450. When teams come to play at the Nerney Field House, they are faced with the tough challenge of dealing with a Cabrini team holding a 19 game home win streak that can be dated back to last season.

This brings us back to the question of why the Cavaliers are not the top ranked in the nation. There are a couple of things that we can take a look at. Last week, the team had to postpone two games due to the weather conditions. At that time they were 18-0 while the current number one team, Stevens-Point, was at 20 wins. The fact that Cabrini had played fewer games is one place to look. The postponement and what looks to be a possible cancellation of the Cabrini and Wesley match-up certainly hurt. This game would have featured two top-10 teams and would have been a great test to show that the Cabrini men’s basketball team means business. Another point that doesn’t work in the Cavs favor is that they play a weaker schedule. Stevens-Point is in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, a

much more difficult conference. While the Cavaliers do face tough teams, most of them come from outside of the Colonial States Athletic Conference. Coming up the Cavaliers will play four game in six days, the first of which was a victory Monday against Cairn. These games will be very important for Cabrini and could possibly help them gain the top spot. The week off helped a Cavalier team that has dealt with injuries this season. The extra rest could be just what this team needs going in to the end of the season. Keep your eyes peeled on the Cavaliers remaining regular season games, they could be what pushes this team to number one.



No. 40 Joe Ferro is a transfer from Flordia and has 20 points and 10 rebounds through nine games played for the Cavaliers


THURSDAY FEB. 13, 2014


LeBron James or Kevin Durant? BY JASON WILLIAMS Asst. Sports Editor

As the NBA all-star break rolls around this week, this means that the first half of the season comes to a close. The first half of the NBA season has not disappointed NBA fans at all. Throughout the first half of the NBA season there have been some major injuries to key players such as Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash of the LA Lakers, this is just to name a few. Amongst all the injuries that have plagued the NBA season, there have been some great highlights and stories. The two stars that have shined above all others have been LeBron James of the Miami Heat and Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The two superstars have been the talk of talk in the NBA for throughout the first


LeBron James is averaging 26.1 points, 6.9 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game

half of this NBA season. LeBron James who is the reigning league MVP and Finals MVP has helped the Miami Heat get off to a great start. The Miami Heat have posted a (35-14) record and are second place in the Eastern Conference standings and this is big thanks to the play of LeBron James. James is averaging on the season 26.1 points seven, 6.9 rebounds, 6.6 assist per game all while posting a 28.65 player efficiency rating. With the numbers James has posted this season one would think he is on pace to receive his fifth league MVP if this were a previous season LeBron would probably be the frontrunner, but due to the stellar play of Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder LeBron James may have to take a back seat this year. In an interview with Sports Illustrated Kevin Durant was quoted saying, “I’ve been second my whole life, I was the second-best player in high school. I was the second pick in the draft. I’ve been second in the MVP voting three times. I came in second in the Finals. I’m tired of being second. I’m not going to settle for that. I’m done with it.” Kevin Durant has been on an absolute tear this season averaging 31.2 points, 5.5 assist which is a personal record and 7.6 rebounds per game while also posting a 31.13 player efficiency rating. Durant has pushed his Oklahoma City Thunder to a (41-12) record and a number one standing in the Western Conference. Not only has Kevin Durant been heads and shoulders above everyone he’s also been making history in the process by going on a tear scoring 30 points in 12 straight games. Head to head this season Kevin Durant and LeBron James battled it out, both players posting 30+ points, but the real stat that matters is who received the win and that stat went to Kevin Durant an the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now we have reached our midway point of the NBA season and the midseason MVP would have to go to Kevin Durant hands down but we have to remember there are two halves to a NBA season and the MVP award is not rewarded to a player only after a half of season.



Kevin Durant is averaging 31.2 points, 7.6 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game

Stats and Standings Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball



Cabrini College 19-0 (13-0 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy University 16-5 (12-2 CSAC) Neumann University 15-6 (10-4 CSAC) Immaculata University 9-11 (7-6 CSAC) Rosemont College 10-12 (8-7 CSAC) Keystone College 9-12 (6-8 CSAC) Baptist Bible College 7-14 (4-10 CSAC) Marywood University 7-14 (3-11 CSAC) Centenary College 6-15 (5-9 CSAC) Cairn Univerity 2-20 (1-13 CSAC)

Cabrini College 17-4 (11-1 CSAC) Immaculata University 16-5 (11-1 CSAC) Neumann University 13-8 (10-3 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy College 11-10 (8-4 CSAC) Marywood University 12-9 (7-5 CSAC) Keystone College 12-9 (6-6 CSAC) Rosemont College 9-11 (7-5 CSAC) Centenary College 9-13 (7-6 CSAC) Cedar Crest College 6-14 (4-8 CSAC) Baptist Bible College 2-16 (2-11 CSAC) Cairn University 1-18 (1-12CSAC) Notre Dame of Maryland 1-21 (1-13 CSAC)



Aaron Walton-Moss - 422 Fran Raffery - 290 Jon Miller - 172


Aaron Walton-Moss - 191 Jon Miller - 119


Aaron Walton-Moss - 106 Brennan McCann - 43


Brittany Sandone - 280 Amber Keys - 264 Megan Decker - 175


Annie Rivituso - 142 Amber Keys - 126


Dana Peterson- 50 Brittany Sandone - 47

No. 2 Cabrini remains undefeated with another win BY EMILY ARENTZEN Asst. News Editor

Cavalier Calendar


Friday, Feb. 14


No. 11 Junior Vinny Walls had a career high 34 points along with two rebounds and two assists



TEAM STATS REBOUNDS: CC: 24 CAB: 34 TURNOVERS: CC: 12 CAB: 10 FIELD GOALS: CC: 37-68 (54.4%) CAB: 40-71 (56.3%)


Sunday, Feb. 16 NO GAMES


Tuesday, Feb. 18 NO GAMES

Wednesday, Feb. 19 NO GAMES

Cabrini’s men’s basketball powered through their match up against Cairn University on Monday, Feb. 10, maintaining their perfect record of 19-0 for the season. The Cavaliers kept an early lead as the first half began, only allowing around seven to 11 points. This turned around as the first half was coming to a close and the Cavaliers gained a 16 point lead, ultimately ending the first half at 58-44. They then shone through at the start of the second half as they gained a 24 point lead in the first four minutes. Cairn came back, slightly, as they increased their deficit by only 12 points. The Cavaliers never gave up their lead. Cairn came as close as six points away from a victory, but Cabrini came through to win from the free throw line with a final score of 103-96. This win came as no surprise when looking at this season’s record. Building on an undefeated record of 19-0, Assistant Coach Saleem Brown stated that the coaches are “excited that we have an undefeated record at this

point in the season.” When asked about the game, senior Jon Miller seemed excited about the outcome but was hoping for a bigger win. Brown expressed the coaching staff’s plan for maintaining the momentum the team has built. He stated that “as a coaching staff our job is to keep our guys working hard in practice as well as in games” in an effort to ensure that the team stays “sharp mentally and physically.” Based on the record thus far and the drive that the team possesses when facing every opponent, it is not doubtful that they can continue with this success. After last week’s storm, the team was forced to postpone multiple games due to the weather. As they make up for lost time, it is expected that they will receive the same outcome as the last 19 games. For a full schedule and more details on Monday’s game, visit cabriniathletics. com.


Lady Cavs roll past Cedar Crest with confidence showing BY DAN LUNER Photo Editor

The Cabrini women’s basketball team blew past the Cedar Crest Falcons with a wide margin win of 83-43. The Lady Cavaliers started the offensive show in the first half and kept the ball rolling in the second to maintain the win. The blue and white got the game started with 12-0 lead only three minutes into regulation. Then, before the halfway mark of the first half, some new faces that you wouldn’t normally see made it onto the court for the Cavs. At halftime all 13 available players for Cabrini had posted minutes and each of them helped to take it into the locker rooms, 45-18. The Lady Cavs continued


to bring the heat in the second half making 16 of their 34 field goal attempts. Cabrini ended up outscoring Cedar Crest in the second half 38-25 to secure the win. Senior Annie Rivituso led Cabrini with 13 points and 10 rebounds garnering her fourth double double of the season. Freshman Meghan Horn had a career-high 11 points and junior Megan Decker notched 10 for the Lady Cavs. Seniors Brittany Sandone and Colleen Stewart each contributed 8 points and overall the Lady Cavs tallied 43 points off of Falcon turnovers. “I feel like we showed Cedar Crest what Cabrini basketball really is,” Horn said. “By being able to execute our plays as well as shooting from the perimeter, tonight’s win gives us the confidence for Wednesday and gets us fired up for the game as well. This is a huge game for us and we’re even more excited coming off of a great win. “Tonight was a big game for me and I’m glad I was able to step up. I really think tonight showed what I am capable of.” When asking about the key to success tonight, head

coach Kate Pearson said, “We hadn’t played in a week due to the storm so we talked about making sure we got a good start and we were able to build from that.” She continued, “It was great for some of the players who do not generally see a lot of minutes to take advantage of their time on the court. Meghan Horn played hard and came up with some really nice plays as did some of our other younger players. “First place is on the line on Wednesday and we will be ready to step up against a tough opponent. We will

look to our seniors to continue the strong play and lead us to another win.” With this win it gives the Lady Cavaliers an overall record of 17-4 with an 11-1 CSAC record. Cabrini will go to work again in a jam-packed week of basketball when they travel to Immaculata on Wednesday, Feb. 12. Tip-off is scheduled for 6 p.m.



No. 12 Freshman Meghan Horn tallied a career-high 11 points in just 13 minutes-played versus Cedar Crest on Monday

Feb. 13, 2014 issue 17 Loquitur  

2013-14 issue 17 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Feb. 13, 2014

Feb. 13, 2014 issue 17 Loquitur  

2013-14 issue 17 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Feb. 13, 2014