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Thursday April 25, 2013 VOL . LIV, ISSUE 25


Thomas Nerney ‘77, president of the United States Liability Insurance Group and vice chair of the college’s Board of Trustees, is pictured with Dr. Marie Angelella George at the unveiling of the Nerney Leadership Institute.


Nerney Leadership Institute: shaping students for the future BY LAURA GALLAGHER Managing Editor



Co-op and Career Services hosts job fair

A recent theory regarding leadership states that “in order to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and understanding that, to be a leader, you must first lead yourself.” Cabrini College strives to help young adults in reaching their goals and discover their true potential in ways that one may never thought possible. “We took our first step on a year-long journey that has brought us here today; it is my distinct honor to announce today that we’ll be launching in the Fall of 2013 ‘the Nerney Leadership Institute,’” Dr. Marie Angelella George, Cabrini’s president, said. This announcement was said in Grace Hall on behalf of Thomas Nerney, president and chief executive officer of United States Liability Insurance Group and Cabrini alumnus of the class of 1977, who served as the keynote speaker of the evening. “The institute will shape leadership development at Cabrini College – pulling together the many components of leadership in one unified integrated effort for all students,” George said. Nerney’s goal is geared towards a leadership framework to help shape students and prepare them to lead not only


in the office, but also throughout life. “In the spirit of Cabrini’s mission, it’s important to me that the Nerney Leadership Institute is for all students; not just honors students, not just team captains, not for students that are involved in government affairs,” Nerney said. In his early business years as a Cabrini student, leadership wasn’t something he thought of. Leadership was something that evolved for him “organically, through trial and error.” But he does not believe there is a one-size-fits-all definition of leadership. “When we think about all the ways in which people lead, I just hope that people are authentic and being true to who they are,” Nerney said. “It takes time to really understand except our strengths, our weaknesses and to find consistency, but PRESIDENT AND CEO: UNITED STATES also to stay open to uncertainty.” Being an alumnus of VICE CHAIR: CABRINI COLLEGE BOARD OF Cabrini, Nerney feels his TRUSTEES time at school really laid the foundation for how he thinks about leading. NON “I think of the thousands of people that I’ve met since LEARNING AND THE NERNEY FAMILY FOUNDATION. leaving Cabrini College 36 years ago, I’ve come to real-

Tom Nerney ‘77

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“This place, these people, taught me that each and every day is truly important, and we should be extremely grateful for what we have, where we are and how life-changing it can be each and everyday.”

ize how important it is to be yourself – to take 100 percent accountability for how we feel, act and what we do,” Nerney said. When asked where his life’s success began, he traces it back to his five years spent at Cabrini, which included a fifth year spent as basketball coach and administrator for the College. “The time I spent, the people I got to know... I am so grateful to each of them for their time, their guidance, their friendship, and their belief in me,” Nerney said. “This place, these people, taught me that each and every day is truly important, and we should be extremely grateful for what we have, where we are and how life-changing it can be each and everyday.” The overall goal of this program is to fully represent leadership development for all students, and staying true to Cabrini’s mission of the ‘Education of the Heart.’ “I hope over time the Nerney Leadership Institute can, in some small way, give each Cabrini student the push they need to begin to focus on themselves, and to learn to believe and to be grateful for what they have where they are, and who they are,” Nerney said. LCG39@CABRINI.EDU



We are the


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Tsarnaev’s humanity: neglected by America or neglected by self? The capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last week ended the city of Boston’s nightmare. Yet, investigators are still trying to figure out a dozen of unanswered questions: Among them, what were the suspects’ motives? Did the brothers act alone? Why was an innocent MIT officer killed? There are still many questions that may remain unanswered. But one burning question in particular remains a mystery: How did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, better known as Jahar (@J_tsar), go from being a normal kid to a suspected terrorist? This one especially relates to our age group: friends of Jahar have expressed their disbelief that he had a role in the tragedy on Twitter with hashtags like #FreeJahar and #TroyCrossleyTruth. How do you draw the line between a radicalized psycho and an ill-advised teenager? Of course, we are not condoning the awful acts of the bombing, which killed three, one an eight-year-old child, and injured over one hundred more. But the question still remains, how did Jahar go from being a normal teenager, tweeting Kendrick Lamar and Eminem lyrics, to now a murderer? We cannot deny that there seems to have been pressure placed on Dzhokhar by his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. We know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev went to Russia in the beginning of 2012 for six months. Whether or not Tamerlan was learning to make explosive devices from Chechen rebels is still unclear. We also know from Tamerlan’s aunt that he became increasingly religious before the trip. Unfortunately his suspected motives may never be truly

understood as Tamerlan was killed after an encounter with police. But what we can understand is that Jahar is a teenager who obviously was influenced by his older brother. Was he wholly manipulated or could he have said “no”? Did he think it was right or did he know it was wrong? A second group of questions involve trying to understand why this incident had such a hold on the nation. Was it because of the heavy concentration of thousands of people with cell phone cameras, or because so many of our age group are into exercise

Many of Jahar’s friends on Twitter strongly showed their disgust with false media coverage. Part of this case is media and technologydriven, which in a way doesn’t necessarily have to be such a bad thing. We caught one suspect due to all this technology, through cell phones and security cameras. Even the role of social media in the search for Jahar was arguably more prominent than ever before. Wherever you were this past Friday, you were being inundated with updates via smartphone, radio or television. These updates came from others smartphones, YouTube videos of the shootout, and message boards of the police radio broadcast. The news was immediate and in the palm of our hands and the humanity of Jahar was completely pushed aside, chipped away at by overanalyzing his short life and countless tweets which any other American citizen could have tweeted without any definitively ill will. The eight-year-old child’s parents may feel some closure knowing their child’s murderer has been caught. The city of Boston may feel some sense of peace knowing their city stays strong and comes together through rough times. America may feel some sense of unity after catching the suspect. But the rest lies in Jahar’s head, and in the hands of those who will decide his fate. Why did he do it? When did he go from being a normal kid to a suspected murderer? Why did he tweet the very day of the bombing, “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people”? Did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev neglect his own humanity that day and for forevermore, or did the American media do it for him?




How do you draw the line between a radicalized psycho and an ill-advised teenager? and health, that an attack on the Boston Marathon seems like an attack on us? A third question is, what happened to our interest in the Newtown shooting? Do people know that an expanded background check that is supported by the vast majority of Americans was voted down in the Senate last week? What has happened to our intense interest in gun violence? According to CNN, Jahar is still hospitalized and is communicating to investigators through writing and nodding. Yet another huge skepticism surrounding this entire case is the poor reporting. Yes, many news outlets did some great reporting but top news outlets such as CNN have been reporting false statements, in a rush to be number one.

Overcoming odds to defeat disability



w L o t

w w R

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“ d I s

J s

BY HEATHER LAPERGOLA Asst. Managing Editor

When he was in school, kids would throw his book bag into the toilet. His mother had to go into school to advocate for him. Students with disabilities, like senior Bill Uditsky who has Tourette’s syndrome, are often misunderstood. But at the same time, services like the Cabrini Disabilities Resource Center give these students the support they need. In addition to his Tourette’s syndrome, Bill has a combination of OCD and ADHD. To u r e t t e ’s syndrome is a neurological d i s o r d e r characterized by repetitive, involuntary CABRINI.EDU movements and/

S a

When my mom stepped forward, I stepped forward and I was like, ‘this is enough.’ BILL UDITSKY

or vocalizations called tics. “I transferred out of (a public school) because kids were so mean and would not accept me,” Bill, a senior accounting major, said. “There were kids who were making fun of my religion and one kid threw my schoolbag in a toilet in the boys’ locker room. My mom had to be my advocate and defend me at the time, because I was younger and I really didn’t have the social skills to defend myself. When my mom stepped forward, I stepped forward and I was like, ‘this is enough.’ I was having suicidal thoughts; it was really bad. But at Cabrini, I’ve really learned a lot. … I’m trying to improve as a person.” Many individuals with Tourette’s experience linked additional

a t t p s

neurobehavioral problems such as ADHD and obsessive-compulsive symptoms. People with Tourette’s have also reported problems with depression or anxiety disorders. “With Tourette’s, your muscles like tense up and pretty much when you have to let out a tic, your brain sends a synapse to another area of the brain,” Bill said. “A synapse is like the cell-to-cell communication and pretty much what the synapse does is misfires and when it misfires, it sends the wrong signal to the body. When the body misinterprets the signal, it turns into a tic, whether it’s vocal or physical.” SEE OVERCOMING, PAGE 5


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Relay for life 2013 Cabrini relays, raises over $20K for American Cancer Society


Students on the Communicate for a Cure (left to right: James Crowell, Megan Sokolowski, Greg Stevens and Jesse Gaunce) team anticipate a ball during a walleyball game. BY MADISON MILANO Asst. News Editor

Cabrini’s Relay for Life event occurred this past weekend and a good time was had by all. Relay for Life is an annual 12 hour event that happens in order to raise money and in hopes of finding a cure to cancer. “I think it went really well. It was exhausting, it was a really long day but overall it went really really well,” sophomore and advocacy head of Cabrini’s Relay for Life committee Shawn Friel said. A good number of activities happened throughout the night including a Wallyball competition, bingo, a scavenger hunt, tug of war, a rave and more. Friel said that the rave is always his favorite part “because no matter how much running around I’m doing it’s the one time that nothing else is going on. It relaxes everyone and everyone from every campsite comes together.” Friel is also a cancer survivor; he was diagnosed July 2010 with bone cancer. This year, he gave the survivor speech. “It was really nerve-racking,” Friel said, “probably because I’m not used to speaking in front of that many people. But speaking about something that is already emotional is different. There was one point where I couldn’t read my paper because I was shaking so much.” He shared his story of strength, survival and a

friend he met while being treated. “I felt good about it afterwards, it’s good to share,” Friel said. “It struck home most for me, it was the reason I started relay.” Sophomore Anna Giangiulio was the fundraising chair on the Relay for Life committee. “The overall event was so much fun,” Giangiulio said. “When I was a participant last year, I had the best night of my freshman year.” Giangiulio wanted to join the Relay for Life committee after participating in the event during her freshman year. “It’s definitely a different experience being on the committee, but by no means less exciting.” Giangiulio said. “It’s awesome to see your year of preparation unfold in one night.” To keep the energy up, the committee had theme laps in which they would play a certain genre of music (Disney, 80’s, etc.) as well as a senior lap, a lap for survivors and caregivers and the laps dedicated to those who lost the battle against cancer – which happened after the luminaria ceremony. Although the next time students relay will not be until next year, Relay for Life is accepting donations until August. Simply go to www.relayforlife. org/pacabrini. “We are fundraising up until August,” Giangiulio said, “help us meet our goal of $25,000!”


Seniors (left to right) Mike Pontoriero, Brandon Mincer and Nick Paone pictured in the event’s “jail.” The “jail” was an interesting way for several minutes.



Senior John Crouse plays keyboard during the band’s performance at Saturday’s Relay for Life event.

D . d y

e t r e y d o e r



Assistant Director of Residence Life R.J. Carroll gets his head shaved by area coordinator Mike Mullen, one of the conditions of Relay for Life raising $20,000.


Sophomore Shawn Friel (right) delivers his survivor’s speech as junior Leann Scherer (left) looks on. Scherer was preparing to deliever a speech about being a caregiver.







Fashion Show



Big Prize Bingo

Six Flags Trip




Check out various students model a variety of clothing in Moda dal Vivo’s fashion show.

Bingo gets an epic spin as all prizes are valued at $100 or more, as part of Epic Week.

Epic Week concludes with a trip to Six Flags in Jackson, N.J. Sign up in SEaL for only $15.

Grace Hall, 8:30 p.m.



Grace Hall, 9 p.m.


“C Factor”

Six Flags Great Adventure, 9:30 a.m.









A challenging and unique stressreliever. Sign up starting at $30 in the Dixon Centre.

Transfer students may bring transcripts and test scores to determine if they will be accpeted for Fall 2013.

Students, faculty, staff and the outside community are welcome to celebrate Mass as one.

Students, faculty, staff and the outside community are welcome to celebrate Mass as one.

Dixon Center, 8 a.m.

Bruckmann Memorial Chapel, 8:30 a.m.

Grace Hall, 9 a.m.

Bruckmann Memorial Chapel, 12:30 p.m.

THURSDAYBRIEFING Army sergeant brought to court U.S. Army Sgt. John Russell admitted to the May 11, 2009, killings at Baghdad’s Camp Liberty, telling a Joint Base Lewis-McChord court that he “did it out of rage.” He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and a brain injury, which does not make him fully responsible for the killings. Read the full story at| April 22, 2013

Charges against ricin suspect dropped The attorney for Paul Kevin Curtis told reporters Tuesday that federal authorities are looking at another suspect in connection with ricin letters sent to President Barack Obama and others. Charges against Curtis were dismissed Tuesday by a U.S. Attorney, who said “new information” has been uncovered. Read the full story at| April 23, 2013

New York college to cut full tuition scholarships A famed New York City college is ending its more than century-long practice of no tuition for undergraduates, citing the need to charge some students so the institution can “survive and thrive.” Cooper Union hash;t charged tuition in over 100 years, but will start charging the class entering in the fall of 2014. Read the full story at fox| April 23, 2013


Zach Johnson, one of two golfers deterred from playing in South Korea because of the current tension, hits out out of a bunker in his most recent tournament.

Korean tension scares golfers The sponsor of a top golf tournament in South Korea insists it is safe to go ahead despite two American players pulling out due to security fears. Dustin Johnson and Zach Johnson withdrew from the Ballantine’s Championship Monday, citing concerns over recent tensions between North and South Korea. PGA star Zach Johnson stated, “The posture and rhetoric that is taking place right now makes it not worth it. And it probably is just posture and rhetoric. However, I don’t want to take the chance.” Read the full story at| April 23, 2013

Boy suspended over t-shirt A West Virginia teenager who was arrested and suspended from school after he refused to remove an NRA T-shirt is back in class. Fourteen-year-old Jared Marcum of Logan returned to Logan Middle School on Monday after serving a one-day suspension for wearing a shirt with the NRA logo and an image of a hunting rifle. Read the full story at| April 23, 2013


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Overcoming the odds: Students maximize education, overcome disabilities


Members of Delta Alpha Pi International honor society. Delta Alpha Pi is an academic honor society for college students with disabilities. FROM OVERCOMING PAGE 2

The struggles of living with Tourette’s can not only affect childhood, but adulthood as well. Constant tics cause stress on the body and can eventually deteriorate the bone or muscles. “My tics are very mild compared to a lot of other people’s,” Bill said. “Motor tics can range from twitching your nose, blinking your eyes, spitting, darting your arm out, raising up your arm, it can be any kind of gesture, even your legs. It’s a full body tic. The way I typically compare it is that it’s like a sneeze. The more you hold it in, the harder it comes out and the more painful it is. “It’s a complex disability to live life with, but I’ve turned it into something positive. But it definitely hinders a lot of my abilities, like when I try to take a test and I get really anxious and I have high blood pressure. The anxiety, high blood pressure and Tourette’s are a vicious cycle,” Bill said. “So when I get anxious, my blood pressure could raise, my tics get worse and when my tics get worse I get more anxiety and then my blood pressure raises even more.” “I feel that I was honestly put on this earth to educate people about Tourette’s,” Bill said. “People go through different walks of life. People end up in different places, but in the end, we’re all similar. We’re all human. We all have our faults. Nobody’s perfect.” Out of the 53.9 million school-aged children in the U.S., around 2.8 million (5.2 percent) were reported to have a disability in the 2010 census. Yet according to the U.S. Department of Education, approximately nine out of 10 of the nation’s colleges enroll students with disabilities, and of the 86 percent of those that enroll students with learning disabilities, only 24 percent say they can help disabled students “to a major extent.” “My main disability, the reason I came here, is that I’m legally blind in one eye, and my other eye is not perfect. And then in my sophomore year, as a side effect of radiation, I lost the ability to walk,” Mary Boyle, a senior and frequent visitor of the Cabrini Disabilities Resource Center (DRC), said. “Now I’m in a power chair, but professors and students don’t know I’m blind, so I have to tell them.” Students like Mary, are eligible for free reading matter in Braille, large-print, or audio format. Despite that, in 2011, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, 374,400 visually disabled individuals received a college degree or higher. From the same survey, 4,232,100 more disclosed to having less than a high school diploma. “As my doctor explains, something that might tire you out in an hour, will tire me out in 10 minutes because I have to put so much more effort into it,” Mary said. “Some of the struggles I’ve come across are, because they (other students) can’t tell that I’m blind, they assume my disability, why I come to the DRC, is a wheelchair. They

don’t think that there might be an underlying disability. When they see someone walk in, they assume it’s a learning disability, or something they can’t see. When they see a wheelchair, they assume that that’s the disability. I’ve had professors that don’t know, and usually don’t ask if I have any specific reason other than the wheelchair that I can go to the DRC.” “I was two and a half when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They operated, which is what caused my blindness. So like a camera, it’s not the lens that’s the problem, it’s the interior of the camera that’s the problem, which is why glasses won’t help me,” Mary said. “I had a stroke when I was 15, but I recovered from that about 98 percent. Then I had a pulmonary embolism when I was 18, so I would say I was about 21 when I lost my walking ability.” A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is unexpectedly disrupted or when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, leaking blood into the spaces surrounding brain cells. Despite stroke being a condition of the brain, it can affect the entire body. Strokes are large risk factors for pulmonary embolisms, which is a sudden blockage in a lung artery. The blockage usually is caused by a blood clot that travels to the lung from a vein in the leg. Twenty-five percent of people who recover from their first stroke will have another stroke within five years. Though Mary has encountered numerous obstacles to her health, she keeps an upbeat attitude and is very good at lightening the mood with her off-the-cuff humor. Despite her past struggles and her potential future problems, she has strong plans of working with children who have suffered from brain tumors as she did. “Disabilities are more than meets the eye,” Mary said. “I can’t look at someone and say, ‘They don’t have a disability.’” This is the way it is for most learning disabilities or impairments accommodated by disabilities centers. Most disabilities are not visible from the exterior. However, in most cases, many people with disabilities, like Maria Stadtmueller, don’t mind talking about them.

“I don’t mind telling people about my hearing impairment, because that is me. People with a learning disability wouldn’t want to tell people they have a learning disability, because people could think ‘that person is dumb, or ‘that person is whatever’ so they don’t want to set them apart in the learning atmosphere, but I like to tell people about it so then they know to talk louder,” Maria Stadtmueller, sophomore special and elementary education major, said. “And sometimes it’s a hassle for people that talk softly, but I don’t mind saying ‘can you talk louder,’ ‘can you come closer to me,’ ‘can I follow you around?’“ Maria has a hearing disability. She has a 45 percent hearing loss in both ears. “They found that in second grade that I had unusual hearing that kept fluctuating every time I got my hearing tested. I would be really good and then really bad. In eighth grade it was bad enough that they said ‘OK, we really need to look at this’ and I was at 30 percent decibel loss. That’s when I got my services.” A mild hearing loss can cause a child to miss as much as 50 percent of classroom discussion. Because of this, it is very easy for a student who is hearing impaired to lag behind without accommodations like Maria has, such as an FM audio transmitter device, or stenographer. “Right now I have a CART note servicer. She’s like a stenographer and she comes with me from class to class, and that’s something that Cabrini gave me from the DRC. So people notice that and they’re like ‘oh, who is this lady taking depositions of this class?’ Maria said. “I have to explain that she’s my assistant and I have a hearing deficiency and she helps out. But I read lips; that’s something that really helps me. People think it’s really creepy when I’m like staring at them and they don’t understand.” Even the most experienced lip readers may only be able to understand about 30 percent of English speech. Most words appear ambiguous and unidentifiable on the lips. Many different sounds will also look the same. “Mine’s different from other people’s disabilities. I don’t have an IEP (Individualized Education Program). It’s not a learning disability, it’s just the way I learn is different because I was diagnosed as an auditory learner, but I’m hearing impaired so that cancels itself out,” Maria said. “My audiologist thinks that by the time I’m like 30, or if I’m lucky maybe 40, I’ll be completely deaf. Which is kind of scary, but I try not to think about it.” Students with disabilities can often feel removed from the rest of their classmates. Maria mentioned that she knows people get annoyed with the volume at which she speaks. She doesn’t do it purposely and only talks loudly because that’s the only way she can hear herself. “I became eligible for hearing aids, but I don’t want them. I know I need them, but I don’t want them. It’s kind of just another thing that sets me apart,” Maria said. No matter the disability, all impairments put individuals at a disadvantage, academically and socially. Despite this, it is important to realize that the disability does not own the person, but the person owns the disability. HML37@CABRINI.EDU

“People go through different walks of life. People end up in different places, but in the end, we’re all similar. We’re all human. We all have our faults. Nobody’s perfect.” BILL UDITSKY



If you haven’t noticed the Fair Trade certification symbol anywhere around campus, you must being walking around with blinders on. Jazzman’s sells Fair Trade coffee and brownies and uses Fair Trade sugar, as does Cav Corner. The bookstore sells Fair Trade BY RACHEL ANTUZZI Asst. Perspectives Editor chocolate and we have Fair Trade meetings and forums with other schools in the area several times a semester. But what does this mean? What is Fair Trade and sweatshop free and why is it so special that our school provides these for us? It’s actually a huge deal that our school has these at our fingertips. Products having the Fair Trade Certification symbol on their packaging means that they were produced, packaged and sold fairly. It means the workers received fair and stable

wages, they weren’t worked to the bone and products were made without harmful agrochemicals and GMOs (genetically modified organisms.) “Fair Trade is about making sure people get their fair share of the pie,� Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder, Jerry Greenfield said on the Ben & Jerry’s webpage. “The whole concept goes to the heart of our values and the sense of right and wrong. Nobody wants to buy something that was made by exploiting somebody else.� Ben & Jerry’s is a huge advocate for Fair Trade. Of their 50+ Fair Trade flavors, each flavor is anywhere between 24% and 97% is traded in compliance with Fair Trade standards. Which means they use as many Fair Trade ingredients as possible without distorting the flavoring. Everything from the chocolate, coffee and sugar in the ice cream bases to the coffee and banana chunks and swirls added into the mix. There are emerging companies like Ten Thousand Villages that sell 100% Fair Trade gifts, crafts and products. There are also companies that aren’t Fair Trade certified entirely, but are sweatshop free like Alta Gracia.


Alta Gracia’s mission is best captured in the phrase “salario digno.� The English translation is “living wage� but the literal translation for this Spanish phrase is “a wage with dignity.� Their workers are paid a living wage, are represented by a union and are treated fairly in their workplace. And to prove this, every MCT product of theirs carries a WRC tag (Workers Rights Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, enthusiastically showing off the fact Consortium.) This is impressive but that they are using Fair Trade certified ingredients in the I’m sure some people aren’t ice creams and frozen yogurts. convinced it’s worth it. It is a little more expensive to buy Fair Trade Next time you’re at Jazzman’s take and it isn’t as easy to find the products, notice of the Fair Trade signs that are up. especially when big brand names bombard Or when you’re looking at apparel in the store shelves. bookstore, check and see if the tag says Yes, it is a commitment to buy Fair Alta Gracia. Little actions add up to be big Trade and sweatshop free products. But things. With more people becoming aware, with so much at our disposal, why not maybe our school will be a Fair Trade become educated on Fair Trade now and University before you know it. take advantage of it while you don’t have to go far to find it. RMA58@CABRINI.EDU

Cabrini College: Fair Trade university bound? It is difficult here at Cabrini to not be familiar with the phrase “Fair Trade.� The coffee and chocolate in Jazzmen’s are Fair Trade, there are Fair Trade seminars and many classes touch or focus on the topic. Cabrini BY JENNIFER CANNON College is one of twenty Asst. Lifestyles Editor colleges and universities around the country on their way to becoming officially recognized as a Fair Trade certified campus. What does that mean for us as students? When we purchase Fair Trade products, we are supporting communities in developing countries that make the ingredients. These communities receive a fair wage for the work they do from Fair Trade, as opposed to many industrial companies who make workers live on pennies a day. Becoming a Fair Trade certified college requires a few different steps that, as socially just minded students and faculty here at Cabrini will be able to

accomplish in time. The key is determination to aid those who need it by simply stocking our dining facilities and school store with products certified by the Fair Trade Federation. Fair Trade products are of no lesser quality than anything else, and are usually no more expensive so there is no reason to avoid them if they are offered. Jazzman’s coffee is Fair Trade certified and tastes just as good as any other coffee, but has a much greater impact on the worker who harvested the beans. Cabrini College is focused on social justice, so it is a natural fit for us to be concerned about Fair Trade. If we work hard enough to become a Fair Trade certified college, it will be one more achievement on our repertoire of extraordinary things Cabrini does to ensure we are helping those in need. JMC463@CABRINI.EDU

Quick Fair Trade Facts r


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Be careful what you tweet for


In today’s world, most people have some type of social media account, it is rare for a person to not have a Facebook or Twitter. It is so easy to find information on someone simply by typing in their name on google, and it is easy to gain a wealth of knowledge of a person from their Facebook or Twitter page. These days, companies frequently will look up a person online before they even call them. Unfortunately, some may not get that call because of what they have posted online. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with companies letting employees go, or even not hiring them over posts on social media sites. Perspective employees should be especially careful when posting online. Employers don’t just look at your Facebook wall, they’ll look at your pictures if they have the chance. Pictures including alcohol or drugs can seriously impact someones chances of getting an interview, or possibly a job offer. I have heard countless stories of college students not getting internships or not being offered jobs because of photos or their opinions that they post on their social media sites. An employee is a representation of the company and their co-workers, regardless of their status or seniority they have within it. If an employee is bad mouthing the company, taking extremes when siding with a


particular issue or even just expressing their opinion, I still think that companies should take the necessary steps to handle the issue. People should be more aware and careful of what they are posting online, regardless of where or when it is being posted. I do believe in freedom of speech, but to a certain extent. A working professional or active job-seeker should not be posting whatever they feel like on the internet. One post could ruin a career. KNK34@CABRINI.EDU


It’s all about trust Is today’s social media putting a new strain in relationships?

In todays day in age everyone that you meet is on a social site one way or another. Sharing pictures, posts some BY ANTHONY SESTITO and funny links, Asst. Sports Editor but its not all fun and games for all users. What most social media users do not realize is that those sites are on the internet for EVERYONE to see, including your significant others. This is what destroys rela-

tionships day in and day out. As a guy I could really care less about what I post, and if my girlfriend has a problem then I will deal with that when we come to that bridge. When I came to terms with what was wrong with our relationship, I realized that all of our fights start with something that is put on Facebook or Twitter. If you ask any female with a boyfriend what their biggest pet-peeve is about social media they will tell you that it ‘s when their boyfriends are friends with other girls. Where is the line drawn between who we can be friends with and who


we can’t be friends with? This is one of the biggest problems that relationships run into. Social media destroys relationships because one will often get mad at the other for their post or friendships. There is no in-between with these issues, there will always be an argument about something on Twitter and Facebook. This problem usually happens more times in college rather than in high school. The reason being that most boyfriends and girlfriends depart and go to different colleges. When couples are separated more drama will occur because they do not see each other everyday so they do not know who they are hanging out with. They also don’t know who they are becoming friends with on social media sites. In my own experience I have been in many arguments about the girls that I have become friends with on Facebook. My girlfriend gets mad at me when she sees that I am talking to a girl that I have became friends with at school. She immediately thinks that something is going on between us just because we are having a conversation on my page. This is frustrating because she, like other girlfriends do not know the true reason that you two are talking. This is what destroys relationships, trust is broken between couples because one does not believe the other and


only sees it their way. Trust is huge in relationships. Let’s face it if there is no trust then there is no reason to be with that person. Many girls judge other girls based off of their pictures and posts on these sites. If a girlfriend sees her boyfriend is friends with a girl who’s Facebook picture is her in little to no clothing, they automatically think that they are a slut. And no matter how much you explain to them that they are just one of your friends they do not approve and tell you to delete her and never talk to her again. In many situations the role could be reversed, so no matter what you are screwed. Social media also makes it easier to creep on other people and your significant other. This also causes fights. I have witnessed my friends girl-

friend check his Facebook every hour on the hour to make sure that he was not talking to anyone else. She checks his pictures, friends and likes. It is safe to say that social media has turned a lot of people into stalkers. Although social media sites are exciting and a great way to network, there are many downfalls to having a Facebook and Twitter. Im not saying that if you are in a relationship you need to get rid of your accounts, but to be respectful of your significant others and do not do something you wouldn’t want to be done to you. 48% of college break ups are cause due to social media, do not add to the statistics rise above and change the outlook on social media. ARS344@CABRINI.EDU




Living a purposeful life BY KELLIE MANOPPELLO Staff Writer

When you were younger, someone probably once told you to follow the North Star; that it would lead you home if you were ever lost. When you looked up, you found that there were millions of stars and they all were shining bright. Finding the right kind of success in life is like trying to pick which star is the REAL North Star. That’s why living your life with a purpose is a great way to follow the path that you are really meant to be on. Climbing to the top might be the easiest part and filling in those spaces you left empty on the way to achieving success might be the hardest. Living your life with a real purpose might just be the answer to those empty spaces and following your right star. Frank Sonneberg’s online blog defines purpose in these ways...

LIVING LIFE WITH A PURPOSE Live by your beliefs and values: People who live life with a purpose have an idea of their basic beliefs and values. These are the thought that shape their day-to-day and long term decisions. These people are the ones who listen to their inner mind and are less influenced by those around them.

SET PRIORITIES People who are living life with a purpose know what is most important to them. Setting priorities helps expel all of the other unnecessary options in your life. They give you a basic track and you know what matters. “It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials”-Bruce Lee

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION People who live life with a purpose follow what they love. Without passion what would someone be? There may be no excitement in life. Is it not better to get up loving what you’re going to do, then go to sleep miserable about getting up?

ACHIEVE BALANCE People who live life with a purpose balance out their relationships with family and friends as well as putting their heart into their work. However it’s not all about everyone else, this person also satisfies their own needs. Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

FEEL CONTENT People who live life with a purpose are knowledgeable about themselves. This person thinks that the glass is half full and that the skies are always blue somewhere. Lao Tzu a great philosopher once said, “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.”

MAKE A DIFFERENCE People who live life with a purpose don’t just change their own lives, but lives of others. They choose to do things for others because it makes them happy to see other people succeed. They don’t loose anything by helping another person but gain a smile.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT People who live life with a purpose have no regrets. You take every experience, good or bad as a learning experience. Every moment is cherished and you attempt to look at the bright side of the darkest times. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” -Buddha


Fighting for a voice BY ROCCO DEL MONTE Staff Writer

“As long as there are women being burned alive in India because their dowry wasn’t efficient, feminism will be necessary,” Allison Clark said. Allison is a junior history, American studies and English triple-major with a concentration in women’s studies and minors in black studies and philosophy. She sees her purpose in life as addressing feminism and advancing the women’s rights movement. She wants to bring awareness to the movement both internationally and domestically, by being published internationally in order to take her ideas to other people, to connect and interact with other feminists. She plans on attending Cambridge University for graduate school. She is cur-

rently working towards a 4.0 in undergrad at Cabrini, working on essays that could be used as dissertations or publications later in life. “My life goal will never be fulfilled,” Allison said. Her purpose is never going to be completely fulfilled, not within her lifetime. The movement is a humanist movement that affects all people – all forms of injustice are headed under the feminist movement. To fight for equality for one group of people is to fight for the inequalities of all. To fight for women to be equal in the workplace, and ignore the glaring racism in the country, Allison says, is to enact injustice within the fight for equality. “The point of feminism is choice, if you’re stripping a woman of her right to choose what to do with her own body or life, you are sexist,” Allison said.





Junior Allison Clark





Writing my life script


a recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. There, he meets Kate Monster (played by Finegan) and finally discover his purpose in life.

At age three, she started impersonating Shirley Temple, and if anyone ever addressed her by her real name, she wouldn’t answer. Kait Finegan, a small-town girl from “I honestly couldn’t have imagined closing my theater career here with a better show. Phillipsburg, N.J., began her acting career as an infant, and at age nine received her first It was incredible though when I came out for my last bow and everyone in the audience role ever as an orphan in the beloved and timeless story, Annie. was standing and crying too.” When a young actress leapfrogs from impersonating Shirley Temple to amateur Among those audience members were Kait’s biggest fans – her parents. productions to a leading lady on stage, people notice. “My parents are my biggest fans. I don’t think that will ever change. I can’t even “When I was a little girl, every day I played a different character. I would go from imagine how they’ll act if I ever make it on Broadway, they’ll probably buy out the whole dressing like Dorothy [Wizard of OZ] one day to Sandy [Grease] the next. When I was theater just to fill it with friends and family.” about three I started impersonating Shirley Temple and if anyone ever addressed me as Even beyond her parents, Kait’s passion for the arts has created such a huge support Kaitlin I wouldn’t answer or I’d throw a fit.” system that touch not only the hearts of those dear to her, but strangers alike. Call it an innate ability to communicate, great charm or an unusual level of comfort “It was really hard to bow on that stage for the last time.” with herself, but Finnegan quickly raised eyebrows as the most convincing performer in Now approaching graduation, Ms. Finegan will be attending The American Academy several shows. Without any voice of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan lessons at a young age, Kait took this summer to further her studies to the stage like a natural. and enhance her love of the arts. “When I was little, I sang “I applied for their summer in our school choir. I started program first because I wanted to taking private lessons with my test the waters. I needed to make choir director in high school,” sure that being in school for acting Finnegan said. “I played a bunch and performing is definitely what of different roles. My last couple I want to spend a couple more roles in high school were Lily St. years doing.” Regis in Annie, which was so fun Among the Academy’s most to play a dumb blonde. My senior noted alumni are Anne Hathaway, year I got to play Sandy in Grease Grace Kelly, Danny DeVito and KAIT FINEGAN which was like a dream come true Johnny Knoxville, among many to me because that was one of the others. roles I always acted out when I “Nervous doesn’t even begin was a little girl.” to explain it, but along with the Her sophomore year at Cabrini, Finegan was inducted into Cabrini’s Theater Honor inevitable nerves I’m actually just really excited to be able to have the opportunity to Society, Alpha Psi Omega, and held the title of President for the past two years. Despite attend the academy. Grace Kelly has always been one of my idols, not just as an actress a lack of professional experience, Finegan has been challenged successively with more but also as an incredibly classy and beautiful woman. I can honestly say that I’d be fully demanding roles throughout her college career. This year, she played Emily Dickinson satisfied in my life just to say I walked through the same halls of the school that she in Cabrini’s production of the one-woman play The Belle of Amherst, written by William studied in. So yes, I am definitely nervous. It’s a huge change of environment for me but Luce. I’m so ready for it.” Finegan, who portrayed fifteen different characters in the play, recalls it as “the “Sometimes I feel like I didn’t have a choice. People struggle everyday with not hardest thing I’ve ever done and will probably ever do in my life. It took a almost a year knowing what they want to do in life so I thank God everyday that I’ve known forever. to fully memorize it and even when we opened I never had it perfectly with every word In a way its bittersweet because I’m thankful that I’m so determined and know what I from the text.” want to do but on the other hand it’s one hell of an industry to break into and there are On memorizing over one hundred pages of lines, Kait admits, “There were good days no guarantees.” and there were absolutely terrible days. I actually left the stage crying more than once Finegan will certainly be missed, as Dr. Thomas Stretton, Director of Cabrini’s theater in the middle of a speech because of how overwhelming it was. There were days when I program admits. genuinely regretted agreeing to do this play because I didn’t think it was even humanly “Kait Finegan, who has been central to this theatre in the last four years, is a dream possible to memorize one hundred pages of lines. But I broke it down section-by-section to direct - she has amazing theatrical instincts - she can play anything; I shall miss her and just kept memorizing the lines over and over and after awhile they just stuck in my enormously” Stretton said. head.” Kait’s eighth and final show at Cabrini College, Avenue Q, really hit home for her. NAC82@CABRINI.EDU Avenue Q is a laugh-out-loud musical that tells the contemporary and offbeat story of

“I honestly couldn’t have imagined closing my theater career here with a better show. It was incredible though when I came out for my last bow and everyone in the audience was standing and crying too.”




Define your purpose: Using education to enhance skills

I am the Frisky Feather

Sticks and Stones You must remember it… sticks and stones may break my bones, but words, they never hurt me. My fluffs have asked how to handle such words and I could tackle this trending topic that flies beyond the commons in several ways. The truth is, fluffy featherheads, words do hurt. And there’s nothing you can do about. So lets start with the vicious words of rumors. You spread them, you hear them, you read them, you ignore them, you say you’re too old for them, but you never stop them. Attending a small institution like Cabrini College, in combination with that fact that every featherhead has not reached it’s full fluff maturity, rumors are inevitable. But what do you do when you hear one, and it’s about a friend? Worst, what do you do when the rumor you hear is about you? You, as their friend know it is not the truth. You want to stop it, but you simply just don’t know how to. Speak up. Let the person who is talking know that you know that not to be true. If you are not sure if it is true, let the speaker know that you don’t believe it to be true, and even if it is, that it is not their concern to spread someone else’s business. Do not allow your friend’s name go to shame. In this world all we have is our name and if you care about them defend it like it’s yours. Remember to talk to your friend about what you experienced. Word may get back to him or her. You would never want a stranger to tell him or her the overheard whispers behind their backs. If you are the one who the rumor is about, NEVER SHOOT THE MESSENGER! Seven times out of ten the messenger’s intent is not to hurt you... the other times, they have their motives. Remember to stay true to who you are and don’t react a way that you would regret. My fluffs, you are worth more than to fall for the malarkey of a rumor. Sticks and stones may break your bones but it’s true words may hurt you. Just keep your cool, don’t act a fool because your dignity is what you have to hold on to.

BY SE’QUIA BAILEY Asst. Lifestyles Editor

Everyone has a purpose in life. What ultimately separates a desire from purpose is the lasting aefect that it has on the surrounding environment. Sophomore psychology major Drew Jordan aspires to touch lives by building character in individuals. "I believe my purpose in life is to help people with their problems and provide them with the tools to get past their obstacles that hold them back in life," Jordan said. Jordan is using the resources provided at Cabrini to accomplish his purpose in life. Jordan looks for many opportunities on campus that help build his experience. "I mentor former members of the Realizing Dreams LLC, and will be a pre-orientation leader for the 2013 incoming freshmen for their first-year experience to help them adjust to the new college experience," Jordan said.

Drew has known that this was something he strived to do. Becoming a psychology major at Cabrini has only reiterated his purpose in life. "Cabrini College has been helping me by providing me with the knowledge and tools to succeed in my field of psychology through the numerous courses and personal insight that all the professors of the psychology department provide to expand my view on different ways of engaging and helping people with their own obstacles in life,” Jordan said. While Jordan knows that he will touch many lives, he doesn't feel as though his life will be complete once he has achieved his purpose."I believe that my life purpose will be incomplete if I accomplish this, simply because I personally believe that I can not help everyone alone, but I can make a difference in the people that I come in contact with,” Jordan said. SNB45@CABRINI.EDU


Sophomore Drew Jordan

Final destination will benefit others BY JENNAROSE DIGIACOMO Asst. Lifestyles Editor

The word “purpose” has many different interpretations. For one student here at Cabrini, the word screams a multitude of meanings. “When I think of the word purpose, I think of what someone is meant to do in life,” Owen Moore, freshman criminology major, said. “Why they are on Earth, or what is their main goal to fulfill their happiness.” Owen expressed the fact that he did not yet have a purpose. His youth sets him back from truly figuring out his true purpose in life. “I am unsure on how I want to be remembered in this world or what my impact will be,” Moore said. “However, I would like

to believe my purpose is to help others and this drive to help others has led to me participating in various volunteer organizations.” Alongside the organizations Moore is involved in, his aspirations are connected to being a detective as seen in the Law and Order series. “It can be real intimidating when someone asks you what is your purpose in life,” Moore said. “Especially when you are only 18.” His uncertainty is not a burden; at the moment he is pretty content with his life and where his life is headed. “I feel that my purpose is achieved by achieving my goals,” Moore said. “But, that won’t stop me from creating new goals for myself.” JD836@CABRINI.EDU

We will meet again,

Freshman Owen Moore





Keep the spring sniffles to a minimum BY JENNIFER CANNON Asst. Lifestyles Editor

As the seasons change, so comes new life, flowers bloom, grass regains its green hue, leaves sprout and insects buzz. To an allergy sufferer, this is a list of just some of the triggers that spring brings to their sinuses. Allergies are so common in the spring because all the pollen, sap and other botanicals have been dormant for all of winter, but burst to life at an amazing speed. This, along with the sudden temperature climb, can spell nothing but trouble to one of every five people in the United States who suffer from allergies. School nurse at Cabrini, Susan Fitzgerald notices a rise in patient visits for allergies this time of year. “Right now tree pollens are really high because all the trees are getting their leaves, and then comes grasses and the other allergens,” Fitzgerald said. Common allergy symptoms can include runny nose and congestion, itchy eyes, headaches and sometimes rashes. “When allergy season first starts, a lot of people feel flu-like; they have fatigue, sore throat, congestion and they just don’t feel well,” Fitzgerald said. Plenty of people have allergies, chances are that the person sniffling next to you in class is not sick, but just has allergies. “We inherit our immune system, so if you have a family history of allergies, chances are that you have them too,” Fitzgerald said. All of this sounds alarming but starting early in the season

with prevention is the best way to save yourself from being an allergy sufferer. Allergy medicine is not something that works overnight, so to get maximum relief, start taking a daily tablet regularly, even if you do not feel symptoms yet and keep taking it. “Avoiding what you’re allergic to is the best remedy,” Fitzgerald said. This means knowing what you are allergic to in nature and finding ways around it. Seasonal allergies differ from food and animal allergies because we don’t always know that we are being exposed to the allergen in the air. Keeping a careful eye on sites such as will help you target the days where you might want to stay inside. Allergens can also affect you if your window is open overnight, and you may wake up with symptoms. “Start with generic allergy medicines,” Fitzgerald said. They work the same as name brands, are much cheaper and often come in bulk quantities. “Everyone has their favorite or preference so it depends on you.” Spring is such a beautiful time of year, and no one deserves to spend it sneezing or coughing for no reason. “It’s easier to keep allergies under control before they start rather than bring them back once they start,” Fitzgerald said. Allergies do not go away, so if you spent last spring sniffling, get yourself to a drug store to prevent your symptoms before they get worse. JMC463@CABRINI.EDU

KEEP YOUR SEASONAL ALLERGIES UNDER CONTROL *Stay indoors on dry, windy days — the best time to go outside is after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air. *Delegate lawn mowing, weed pulling and other gardening chores that stir up allergens. *Remove clothes you’ve worn outside; you may also want to shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair. *Don’t hang laundry outside — pollen can stick to sheets and towels. *Wear a dust mask if you do outside chores. (from the Mayo Clinic)


April 25 NEW YORK ISLANDERS AT PHILADELPHIA FLYERS The Flyers host the New York Islanders in this National Hockey League match-up. WELLS FARGO CENTER 3601 S. BROAD ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA 19148 7 P.M $83-$226

April 28

April 29

“MOM & DAUGHTER JEWELRY: BUTTONS & BOWS” Enjoy a mother-daughter bonding day while making jewelry. 413 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE WAYNE, PA 19087 1:30-4 P.M.

April 26 “NIGHTY-NIGHT: EXPLORING SLEEP STRATEGIES FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM (WORKSHOP)” Explore the importance of sleep hygiene habits. 651 PARK AVENUE KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 1:00PM TO 2:15PM

April 27 EARTH DAY AND HARBOR DAY FESTIVAL Celebrate a day to build awareness on actions to maintain a healthy Earth. UPPER MERION TOWNSHIP BUILDING PARK IN KING OF PRUSSIA, 04-27-2013 10AM TO 1PM


April 30

May 1




This is a class for beginners, all ages. Your balance, flexibility and strength will improve.

Join the Main Line Jazz for a Preview Party in honor of International Jazz Day.

FGet ready to get healthy, and get in shape with experts at the Wayne Art Center.











Weekly Crossword Puzzle ACROSS

Solved for April 18, 2013

1 Under-the-table money 6 Teamster’s rig 10 Tight-lipped 13 Dubuque natives 15 “Once __ a time ...” 16 Chowed down 17 Lacking a strong foundation, metaphorically 19 Corp. board member 20 __ over backward 21 “That feels good!” 22 Florence’s country 24 Snoopy’s WWI plane 28 Prize on the mantel 31 Hors d’oeuvre cracker 32 Northwestern Canadian territory 33 Naval hoosegow 35 Brew in a bag 38 Shutterbug 42 Mork’s planet 43 Senate staffer 44 Lusterless finish 45 Windy day toy 47 Put the blame on 48 Farina-based hot cereal 53 Egypt neighbor 54 Subway whose first line had a terminus at NYC’s City Hall 55 Suffix with wagon 59 Before today 60 Ideal toast color, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 24-, 38 - and 48-Across 64 Hamlet, to Gertrude 65 Change a manuscript 66 “I, Robot” author 67 Butt in 68 2013 Oscars host MacFarlane 69 Pert

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 18 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 33 34 35 36 37 39 40 41 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 56 57 58 61 62 63

Light-green lettuce Disreputable fellow “Heads __, tails you lose” Rogaine target Dr. who treats snorers Bite-size raw Asian dish Water quality org. Start of a wk., workwise Formally charge, in court Sir’s counterpart More than decorative Streep of “The Iron Lady” All lathered up Folksy negative Whirling toon devil, for short “How awful!” Hogwash “__ Noon”: Gary Cooper Western Printing error, perhaps German mining region “Quit nagging! I’ll do it!” To the point “Way cool!” “Black Swan” skirt Immature newts Set __: name the price Ratón chaser Org. that usually has a community pool Neosporin target Mary __ cosmetics Publicists’ concerns Blue Cross rival Anklet fastener Strictness Dense black wood Boot spec Otto I’s realm: Abbr. Male turkeys What Noah counted by Covet “__ to Joy” Set ablaze Undergrad tech degs.

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” MAYA ANGELOU




Lady Cavs win streak snapped in final seconds BY BRETT LOCKBAUM Staff Writer BY ANTHONY HYPOLITE Asst. Sports Editor

Cabrini women’s lacrosse team’s nine game win streak was snapped losing 19-18 Tuesday, April 23 at Widener University. The Cavaliers started off strong early in the game controlling the ball in the attacking zone. Freshmen Nathalie Basunga took the first shot of the game, but it went slightly right of the goal. Twenty seconds later in the game, freshmen Katie Lasater scored the first goal in the match. Basunga won the face-off and twenty seconds later sophomore

Melissa Scanzano scored another goal putting them in a 2-0 lead. The Cavs went on to score two more goals, the first was scored by Basunga, and the second by sophomore Sara Carzo which finished off 4-0 run. The Pride would than have an offensive surge scoring run, with five unanswered goals taking the lead making it 5-4. The Cavaliers would then end the first half with three straight goals while holding the Pride to just one goal. The first was scored by Melissa Scanzano her second of the game. Bree Thompson would then put the Cavs ahead just three minutes later. Lasater would than add on another goal

for the Cavs a minute later to make the score 7-5. Sara Carzo would than score her second of the game with two minute left in the half. Just 30 seconds later Katie Lasater would than complete her hat trick on the night. The final goal of the half was scored by sophomore Lacie Doubet to put the lady Cavs up 10-5. In the second half, the Pride outscored the Cavaliers 10-5 in the first twenty minutes of the half to even the score at 15-15. The two sides would exchange the lead for the next eight goals ultimately ending in a score of 18-18. The final goal was scored by



Freshman Nathalie Basunga (No. 12) led the Blue and White with a career high eight points on five goals and three assists. the Pride with just 12 seconds left to go in the game for a final score of 19-18. Basunga led the with eight points on five goals and three assists, Lasater tallied five goals on three goals and two assists, and Sara Carzo tallied three points all on goals. The Lady Cavs will remain on the road for their next game at Ewing Township, NJ. They are

playing Number 5 The College of New Jersey on Thursday, May 2 at 7p.m.


Stats and Standings Men’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse



Cabrini College 11-3 (5-0 CSAC) Immaculata University 3-10 (2-3 CSAC) Centenary College 12-1 (4-1 CSAC) Marywood University 4-10 (3-2 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy College 7-5 (3-2 CSAC) Neumann University 2-10 (1-4 CSAC) Rosemont College 2-14 (0-6 CSAC)


Cabrini College 9-6 (8-0 CSAC) Neumann University 13-4 (7-1 CSAC) Immaculata University 9-6 (5-2 CSAC) Marywood University 6-7 (6-2 CSAC) Notre Dame of Maryland 7-6 (4-4 CSAC) Centenary College 5-9 (3-5 CSAC) Gwynedd-Mercy College 3-12 (2-6 CSAC) Cedar Crest College 2-11 (1-7 CSAC) Rosemont College 0-13 (0-8 CSAC)




Katie Lasater - 44 Lacie Doubet - 38 Melissa Scanzano - 36


Nathalie Basunga - 26 Christina Pasquariello - 21 Lacie Doubet - 18


Nathalie Basunga - 59 Lacie Doubet - 56 Katie Lasater - 51

Corey Elmer - 38 Bobby Thorp - 30 Ethan Heisman - 25 Corey Elmer - 38 Bobby Thorp - 15 Joey Shallow - 13 Corey Elmer - 76 Bobby Thorp - 45 Ethan Heisman - 31 Chris Treat - 82 Erick Zarzecki - 58


SAVE PERCENTAGE Chris Treat - .607






Janel Folkomer - 116

GOALS AGAINST AVERAGE Janel Folkomer - 10.36

SAVE PERCENTAGE Janel Folkomer - .444



Men’s tennis falls to Gwynedd Mercy 5-4 BY BRETT LOCKBAUM Asst. Sport Editor

Cabrini men’s tennis lost to Gwynedd Mercy College in a final score of 5-4. With the loss, Cabrini mens tennis is now 3-12 overall on the season and 2-4 in the conference. The Cavaliers took one out of three doubles matches. Cabrini’s top pair made up of seniors Ian Monson, and Abiu Santos lost 8-5, while senior Nathan Kreiger and Junior Joe Halbherr lost 8-1. Senior Ryan Juhring and sophomore Anthony DiCicco won 8-6 to improve their record to 7-2. In Sean Neary’s first career match, he scored the only singles point for the Cavaliers by winning 8-6 at No. 5 singles. “I’m happy that I got the win.” Neary said, “But it hurts that the team didn’t get the win.” Ian Monson started strong and won the first set, but lost the next two 6-1, 6-1 in No. 1 singles match. In the No. 2 singles match DiCicco lost 6-3, 6-2. Juhring also dropped his No. 3 singles match in two sets, 7-6, 6-4. Santos lost his No. 4 match in three sets winning the first 7-5, than dropped the next two, 6-4, 6-2. Freshman Colin Kilroy dropped his No. 6 match also in two sets, 6-4, 6-2. Cabrini will finished it’s regular season with this game.



Tracking LAX Men’s lacrosse dominating CSAC again BY ANTHONY SESTITO Asst. Sports Editor

For the past 12 years, the men’s lacrosse team has dominated the CSAC conference, winning title after title. This season is no different. 11-3 overall and 5-0 in conference play, the team has shown their talent in every game. Steve Colfer knows what it takes to win championships and pushes his team every day to ensure that they will win the championship time and time again. Their work ethic is phenomenal and it shows throughout every game. Although practices can be rough, the team knows that it will all pay off in games. This season, the team has put on a clinic during some of their games. During one of their home games, they showed their talents as they destroyed Rosemont College, 27-2. In that game alone, 17 players notched tallies in the goal column, spreading the wealth through-

out the team. Another big game for the men was against Marywood

averages about 13 goals a game and their defense is impeccable. Colfer makes sure that they


Seniors on Senior Day. Back left to right: Head coach Steve Colfer, J.T. Ervin, James Scott, Kevin Gallagher, Brandon Dunn, Anders Aronson, Andrew Protenic, Tim Grenier, Tyler Grau, Andrew Layne, Bobby Thorp, Andrew Kvech, Erick Zarzecki. Front left to right: Kate Freyvogel, Joe Hughes, Ji Jeon, Vince Silveira. University. A 22-2 victory sent Marywood home with a bitter taste in their mouth. The men’s lacrosse team

play every game to their full potential and it shows. This group of guys are not just a team, they are a family. No

I w

matter where you go on campus you will always see a group of them laughing and having a good time. Their heads are always held high no matter win or lose and they always show respect to everyone that comes in their path. These well-rounded players love to rock their fresh gear to show off who they play for and represent. It is that sense of pride and spirit in the game that makes a team strive for greatness. The Cavs possess that and more. They are determined. They are strong. And again, they lead the way in putting the CSAC conference on the map. Cabrini men’s lacrosse has always been dominate since they started their program and they show no signs of slowing down in the years to come.




Women’s lacrosse not to be overlooked BY ANTONY SESTITO Asst. Sports Editor

Who ever said that girls can not play sports has obviously never watched the Lady Cavs play a single game. Just like the Men’s team, the Lady Cavs are family, sharing the same love for the game. Many people think that girls’ lacrosse is not fun to watch because there is no contact but the Lady Cavs think other wise. This year they are 9-5 over all and 8-0 on conference play. Even though there is no contact in women’s lacrosse, the Lady Cavs play every game just as tough as the men’s team. They work just as hard to reach the number one spot and make every game a close one. The team is lead by Jackie

Freshman Nathalie Basunga (No. 12) Neary who, like Colfer, knows what it takes to win. This season the Lady Cavs have had their share of losses but they never let that get to

things in common with the men’s team, like destroying Marywood University. They beat Marywood 19-5 in CSAC play to remain undefended in conference play. Their last Conference game was against Rosemont College and like all of their other conference games they ran through them winning 19-1. The Lady Cavs have what it takes to take the CSAC championship this year, and the way that they are playing there is no doubt they will be the champiCABRINI ATHLETICS / SUBMITTED PHOTO ons once again.

them. They work hard in practices to learn from their mistakes and insure victory the next game. The Lady Cavs share some



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Injured star, no head coach, what is left for the 76ers?

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Andrew Bynum (pictured Above) has not played a game for 76ers this year. Doug Collins (pictured to the left) was recently stepped down as the 76ers head coach. BY BETHANY BIGENHO Asst. Sports Editor

Saying that the Philadelphia 76ers had a rough season, would be an understatement. The team finished the season 34-48, last season they were only a single game away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Although, in the beginning of the season, everyone was excited. Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, Elton Brand, and Jodie Meeks have been freshly traded and Sixer’s bring in “dream player” Andrew Bynum. Andrew Bynum, a word that may leave a bitter taste in Philadelphia fans mouths. Let’s see here, Bynum was signed in August of 2012. When starting the season, Philadelphia had high hopes and was really looking for a key player to lead the team into a successful season. With Dorell Wright, Nick “Swaggy-P” Young, and Jason Richardson along with Bynum, this team should have been great. Let’s bring Doug Collins into the mix. Bynum and Doug Collins both played the same amount of time during the season, both didn’t score any points and both didn’t practice on the court with the rest of the team. Oh wait, Collins is the coach! He doesn’t NEED to do any of those things. Collins has recently announced that he is stepping down as head coach of the Sixers. You know what? They might as well bring Bynum back as head coach. He spent enough time on the bench last season, so he really should have the whole coach thing figured out. Out of all this disappointment, Jrue Holiday made his first All-Star appearance. Holiday, Turner, and Hawes all had tepid seasons. Of course they had single great games but never really pulled together as a team to win consistent games. Let’s break it down, shall we? All-Star center, Andre Bynum came to the team unable to play because of a knee injury. One would think that a knee injury would heel within a few months. “I’m not saying we’re going to bring Bynum back, I’m saying we aren’t ruling it out... We’re very interested and open to Andrew coming back in a way that makes sense for us.” said owner Josh Harris. Is this real life? What could possibly make sense about bringing him back next season? Bynum had such a busy schedule during the season. He got his hair cornrowed a few times, went bowling and injured his knee even more, and took a nice vacation during the middle of the season to California. Talk about a busy bee! Did I mention he was getting paid $16.89 million. Money well wasted. After this season, the Sixers have no coach, a draft pick and a bunch of holes in the team roster. The aggravation that the ownership, players, management and the fans have endured is immense. The famous Philadelphia fan’s words, “this is a rebuilding year”, will be heard a lot. Who even knows, maybe we will even get a mascot next year! A team can only dream.

Pettibone deserves second start for Phillies The Phillies had to take a huge chance with the injury to John Lannan, their fifth starter in the rotation. They called up 22-yearold right-hander Jonathan Pettibone. The rookie delivered in his major-league debut. The second pitch Pettibone threw was lined off the wall in left-center field. But his real “welcome to the show” moment was striking out Andrew McCutchen looking with a 3-2 fastball. Pettibone would last 5 1/3 innings allowing two runs both on solo home runs - on six hits. He struck out six and didn’t walk a batter. For a situation when nerves run high, Pettibone didn’t show it. The goal was very simple for Pettibone. He didn’t have to go the distance. He didn’t even need to pitch into the seventh or eighth. He needed to eat the early innings and give the Phillies a chance to win. He did just that. So now, where do the Phillies go from here? It should be with Pettibone on the mound in five days. The Phillies’ real best option to replace Lannan was Adam Morgan. But Morgan started on the same day Lannan hit the DL. That would have him pitching on three-days rest if he were to take the mound in Monday’s series opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pettibone was the next best choice, even with a 9.64 ERA. The Phillies had to try a similar experiment against the Pirates last June, the same night that Chase Utley returned from the DL. They started Raul Valdes in a bullpen game. It failed miserably. This time around, it got the Phillies a win. It wasn’t all that conventional and it wasn’t always smooth but it got the job done. In a season of rebound and trying to make the fans believe again, a 22-year-old who wasn’t even on the radar certainly erased some doubts in his debut. If that’s not worthy of another chance on the mound and the Phillies’ final spot in the rotation - at least until it doesn’t work anymore I don’t know what is. KAD323@CABRINI.EDU


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Cavalier Calendar


Cavs extend winning streak to eight games BY ANTHONY HYPOLITE Asst. Sports Editor

Saturday, April 20, 2013 Cabrini College Cavaliers secured a home College Griffins 18-6. A beautiful Saruday afternoon, produced a n outsupport the Cavs. With this win the Cavs have reached streak. The Cavalier’s record improved to 11-3, and feated in the CSAC conference with a record of This game was the last regular season game Cabrini College’s seniors players. Over the the seniors were here they had a great of 56-16, which also included a record of 24-0 in the CSAC. According to

win over Gwynedd Mercy standing turn out to an 8 game winning remain unde5-0. for sixteen of time that record perfect

freshm a n Austin

Friday, April 26

Men’s Golf at CSAC Tournament 11 a.m. Softball DH vs Marywood University 3 p.m.

Saturday, April 27 Men’s Golf vs CSAC Championship 10 a.m. Softball DH at Cedar Crest College 1 p.m.

Sunday, April 28 No Games Monday, April 29 No Games Tuesday, April 30 Men’s Lacrosse in CSAC Semifinal TBA Wednesday, April 31 Women’s Lacrosse in CSAC Semifinal TBA Softball in CSAC First Round TBA

Edelman, “it was the senior’s day, so most of the senior lacrosse players Sophomore Ethan Heisman, led the career high six points. Junior Cory Elmer, with two goals and four assists. Sophomore Ben towards the victory with a a hat trick on the day. Senior Bobby Thorp, had an assisted sophomore 11:26 of the first half. Thorp had an amazing diving in the first half to increase the Cavs lead to 5-1. The Cavaliers controlled the attack. Sophomore faceoff and sprinted to the net for a goal within the first After the first half the Cavs scored eight while points. In the third quarter the Cavs went on a 7-2 run, Heisman. With ten minutes left in the third quarter Lafoon trick. Dinenno sparked the offence winning 21-26 opportunity to produce more goals. He had also Freshman Chris Treat improved to 9-1 Looking forward, the Cavaliers are The next game for the Cavs next 25th at 4pm.

were playing.” Cavaliers with a matched Heisman Lafoon contributed Damian Sobieski, for a goal in goal in less than five minutes left Anthony Dinenno, controlled the seven seconds left in the half. keeping their opponents to just three included four goals that were scored by completed his third goal to cap off the hat face-offs which gave Cabrini more offenceive secured a game high 11 ground balls. recording five saves on the day. looking to continue their winning streak to nine wins. game is at Immaculata University on Thursday, April



April 25, 2013 issue 25 Loquitur  
April 25, 2013 issue 25 Loquitur  

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