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Focus on climate change needed for next four years To the future President of the United States:

A&E EDITORS Amanda Toth Jessica Regina Johnson-Petty


Letter to the Editor:



We write before the election has been decided. We write as our country reels, bucks, and falls under the weight of a monster hurricane, which sent us running home to our families, battered our homes, endangered our lives, and stole from us the first world comforts of electricity, hot water, clean roads and easy transit. This week, we were rocked by a storm. This week, we were rocked by climate change. It was “megastorm cake with climate frosting on top,” according to Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. We turn on our televisions, turn our computers, and before us are images of great destruction: flooded subways, ruined homes, walls of water. And so, in the wake of Sandy, on the eve of this election, we would like to speak to you, Mr. President. Mr. President, welcome to four years in charge, whether those be four more years or perhaps the first of eight. Welcome to tremendous power, welcome to tremendous responsibility. In many ways, you hold within your power the fate of our planet. Mr. President, during this election you and your opponent have ignored the largest issue of this century. As Bill McKibben, the nation’s leading environmentalist puts it: “climate change is the biggest thing that’s ever happened, hence the silence about it is both odd and paralyzing. It keeps us from really talking about the scale of change that we need.” And, Mr. President, the changes we

must make are simply immense. As students of Cabrini, representatives of the youth of the United States, aware citizens, and caring hearts, we ask you: please stop ignoring climate change. As Katherine Hayhoe, climate scientist, puts it: “the evidence is what the planet is telling us, these are not political opinions.” It is no longer an issue of contention, no longer an issue to be debated, no longer an issue that can be ignored. Joe Romm, PhD., climate journalist, summarized the recent scientific literature into these key impacts we face in the coming decades (if we stay anywhere near our current emissions path): staggeringly high temperature rise, 10° F over the United States; permanent Dust Bowl conditions over the U.S. Southwest and many other regions around the globe; sea level rise of 1 foot by 2050, and continued thereafter; massive species loss on land and sea, perhaps 50% or more of all biodiversity; increasingly extreme weather; extreme food insecurity; a myriad of direct health impacts; and countless unknown, unexpected, and unpredictable impacts. Mr. President, this is our planet. We are spending our time in school, preparing ourselves to go out into the world, a world that seems to be crumbling at the seams. So, Mr. President, the question is: Do you stand for us? Will you act for our future and that of our posterity? Signed,






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For $17 you can take a yoga class to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

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Learn how to nail an intimidating interview at this workshop sponsored by the Co-op and Career Services office.

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THURSDAYBRIEFING Unemployment rate picks up

Sandy leaves thousands homeless

The report on unemployment from October states that it has risen from 7.8 percent to 7.9. This occurring only days before the election may sway voters to reconsider or pay more attention to this issue. Though it is down from its all time high of 10 percent in 2009, any amount of rise can be cause for concern.

40,000 New Yorkers are faced with the task of finding shelter after having homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Some are being housed in hotels but there is a shortage of additional vacant housing. With thousands more still without power and a Nor’easter on the way, Mayor Bloomberg faces challenges of restoring his city.

Read original story in The New York Times | Friday Nov. 2, 2012 Read original story in The New York Times | Sunday Nov. 4, 2012

Gas shortage strikes New York and New Jersey, rationing implemented As of Friday, Nov. 2 only 40 to 50 percent of as stations in New York City and New Jersey were able to operate. Some are down due to power failures, others because they ran out of gasoline. The Department of Defense is sending 12 million gallons of fuel to resupply stations in New Jersey and Governor Chris Christie has ordered a rationing system based off of the last number in license plates of motorists. Read original story in The New York Times | Friday Nov. 2, 2012

Terrorist sentenced for attempted attack on Pentagon MCT

Sen. Tammy Baldwin at the second senatorial debate with Republican candidate Tommy Thompson. With her victory over Thompson, Baldwin became the first openly gay United States senator.

Election Day brings several firsts Following elections on Tuesday, several states reached important milestones. Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana and Wisconsin became the first state to elect an openly gay senator to the United States Senate. Maine and Maryland also became the first states to have gay marriage approved by voters. John Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado, issued cautionary advice to Colorado citizens, stating that marijuana use is still prohibited under federal law.

A man from Massachusetts was sentenced to 17 years in prison for an attempted terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Rezwan Ferdaus pleaded guilty in Federal Court in July to one account of terrorism. He planned to equip aircraft rigged with explosives to be detonated via cellphone. His plan to attack the Pentagon was never set in motion. Read original story in The New York Times | Friday Nov. 2, 2012

Suicide rate increase during recession In a study put out by a medical journal on Sunday, in 2008 to 2010 rates of suicides have jumped to four times of that in the eight years before the recession. Economic downturns usually spike jumps in these rates, and some researchers link it to unemployment as well.

Read the original story in the Washington Post | Tuesday Nov. 6, 2012 Read original story in The New York Times | Sunday Nov. 4, 2012 BY JENNIFER CANNON Staff Writer JMC463@CABRINI.EDU




More than just Barack and Mitt: While Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in a historical election,

Running for the United States Senate:

Tom Smith BY ANTHONY SESTITO Staff Writer

Western Pennsylvania holds plenty of opportunity for farmers to succeed in their business. But sometimes, farmers like Tom Smith seek a new challenge. Smith was just your average Pennsylvania farm boy who turned into a millionaire after his discovery of coal-mining. One afternoon, Smith was cutting wheat on his tractor listening to the radio when he heard Sen. Ron Johnson, a businessman with no political background, win in 2010. Smith donated $300,000 to Republican campaigns in the past, but he was a lifelong conservative Democrat. Once Smith caught wind that no one was going to stand up to challenge U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr., Smith changed his voter registration to Republican last August to run against Casey. Due to his fortune, Smith was able to get more advertising than any of his opponents. He created television ads enabling him to bring his name and message right to families’ televisions. Smith outspent his competition putting him on top and was declared the winner in April. Smith has always had strong conservative policy beliefs, calling global warming “the biggest hoax.” He backs that belief by saying that science does not support climate change being man-made. Smith has also stated that he wants to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education in favor of state programs. Smith based his platform on a five-point plan to “restore the American Dream”simplify the tax code, end out-of-control federal spending, end regulation, energize the future and reform social security as well as healthcare. Smith’s simplification of the tax code calls for a flat tax of citizens as well as closure of loopholes that protect special interest groups. If all goes according to plan, GDP would

grow 4% annually. Reducing federal spending by 20% per year is how Smith wants to control spending by the federal government. Smith also feels that repealing bills, such as Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley, as well as bringing an end to regulations that stunt job and economical growth, could end regulation. Smith’s plan to energize the future calls for building the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as bringing an end to the “job-killing-over-regulation” tactic employed by agencies such as the EPA. He would also like to see alternative energy explored by the private sector. Repealing Obamacare and regulating government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, are what Smith plans to do to reform healthcare and social TOMSMITHFORSENATE.COM security. Although Smith’s ideas are vivid, some locals do not agree with Smith, saying his association with the Tea Party movement is out of touch with everyday Pennsylvanians, and hope that link, along with Smith’s low no-name recognition, will prevent him from making inroads against Casey. ARS344@CABRINI.EDU

vs. Bob Casey, Jr.


Senator Bob Casey calls to protect our children and ensure our safety here, at home. “My agenda is about putting Pennsylvania first,” the Democratic senate candidate said when asked about distancing himself from President Obama. Casey is 52 years old and from Scranton. He is looking to keep his position as one of Pennsylvania’s two senators. Casey is up against Tom Smith, and looking to become the first Democrat elected to a second term in the senate from Pennsylvania since 1962. Casey got his start in politics in 1996 after being elected Pennsylvania State Auditor General and served two terms from 1997-2005. He first ran for Pennsylvania governor in the Democratic primary election against Ed Rendell. Casey lost the primary as Rendell went on to win the general election later in the year. Casey was asked to run for U.S. senate in 2006 against Republican incumbent Rick Santorum. Casey announced he would run and was supported by Governor Rendell immediately after the announcement. In the democratic primary, Casey faced two competitors, Chuck Pennacchio and Alan Sandals, MCT who argued his views were too conservative for most Pennsylvania democrats. Casey defeated both men, receiving 85 percent of the votes. Casey then went on to win the senate position with the highest margin of victory for a senate position in Pennsylvania, with 59 percent of the votes. Casey is up for re-election in 2012, but his success is unknown at this point. When he started in office, he supported President Obama during his 2008 campaign. Casey’s relationship with the president will determine whether he will be elected in this upcoming election. “The Scranton area is hugely important in 2012,” The National Journal noted. “The city has among the worst unemployment in the state, and it’s filled with blue-collar democrats who weren’t very enthusiastic about Obama when he first ran for president.

How Casey navigates his relationship with the president will speak volumes about his re-election prospects.” “Casey serves on five Senate committees: Foreign Relations; Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; the Special Committee on Aging and the Joint Economic Committee.” Casey’s focus has been on passing laws to help facilitate oil production overseas, with the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act, and Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act. NCC36@CABRINI.EDU

RESULTS: Casey: 53.6% (2,930,117)

Smith: 44.7% (2,445,789)





Other Election Day candidates

You may have noticed they weren’t the only names on your ballot. Running for House of Representatives, Pa. 7: (Cabrini College is located in District 7)

Pat Meehan BY RACHEL ANTUZZI Staff Writer

Congressman Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania’s seventh congressional district is running for reelection this year against George Badey. Meehan grew up in Cheltenham, PA. He worked his way through college in odd jobs, like working in a rubber factory and digging manholes over his summer vacations. Meehan graduated in 1978 from Bowdoin College with is Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A.). While in school, he had a passion for ice hockey and spent two years after college as a referee for the National Hockey League. He went on to study at Temple Law School. In 1986 he graduated with his Juris Doctorate (J.D.). MEEHAN.HOUSE.GOV Before entering into politics, Meehan worked as an associate at Dilworth Paxson LLP after earning his J.D.. He later stepped down from his position and worked at Philadelphia’s firm of Conrad O’Brien Gellman & Rohn. His political career started with Philadelphia’s mayoral race, working under candidate David Marston. He served at Special Counsel to Senator Arlen Specter. He was also a campaign manager for district attorneys, state attorneys and even senators. From 1996 to 2001, Patrick Meehan was the D.A. of Delaware County. While serving, he and his team prosecuted high profile cases. He helped to form the Special Victims

Unit for Domestic Violence. He expanded the Youth Aid Panel program and even established the U.S. Department of Justice’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), a force that has become a model for task forces across the country. Meehan was appointed in 2001 to serve as the U.S. Attorney for PA’s Eastern District, sworn in days prior to 9/11 by President Bush. He became responsible for the prosecution of federal criminals within nine counties. He brought light to circumstances like manufacturers dumping waste illegally, nursing homes neglecting patients and new techniques to prevent domestic violence. Meehan was first elected into the House of Representatives on November 2, 2010. He succeeded Senator Joe Sestak. He became a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and he chairs the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, investigating issues like terrorism ties to Iran and risks that extremists pose. Running for reelection, Congressman Meehan has tweaked his platform a bit. He has campaigned on fiscal responsibility, job creation and the prevention of tax increases. If he is reelected, he said that he will work to put money back into the community, preserve Medicare and social security, invest in alternative energy development, and balance the federal budget and lower taxes. Do you think this Republican should keep his seat in the House of Representatives? Or do you think it’s time for him to step down and let Democrat George Badey have a go? Only your vote decides. RMA58@CABRINI.EDU

vs. George Badey BY NICHOLE CAPIZZI Staff Writer

You’ve probably never heard of George Badey until his decision to run for the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He was unopposed in the April 24 Democratic primary and is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Patrick Meehan. Badey, a lawyer in private practice since 1982, has health care, jobs and the economy at the top of his list of concerns and on his platform. His website refers to prominently to, “the hopes and dreams of 700,000 working people in the 7th District.” Badey believes the key to reducing the deficit is economic growth, and that investment in education, job training, infrastructure and technology will result in economic growth. Also, a fairer tax system will support these investments and ultimately lead to faster deficit reduction. Badey has said he will protect Medicare and insure that seniors receive quality healthcare by expanding the pool of insured citizens, and obtaining cost reductions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies. On women’s health, Badey “will always protect a woman’s right to choose.” On education, Badey will support efforts to provide for universal access to early childhood education programs, investing in and supporting the recruitment of highquality teachers, making sure that access to school funding is fair and equitable. Badey has high hopes for restoring the 7th District this November. “Pat Meehan is on thin ice,” said Badey. “The 7th Congressional District wants a new Congressman who will fight for their interests: Medicare, education and good paying jobs.” Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Badey grew up in a row home and attended Philadelphia public schools. His father was a longshoreman and his mother a homemaker. After graduating as valedictorian of his class at South Philadelphia High School in 1975, he received an academic scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, he double majored, in both political science and music. After graduating from Penn, he BADEY.COM went on to Villanova Law School and passed the Bar Exam (a test that determines whether a candidate is

qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction) on his first try in 1982. For the last 25 years, he has lived in Radnor Township, Delaware County. If you’ve been to the Mummers Parade, chances are you’ve seen Badey playing saxophone with the Fralinger String Band. Since the age of 13, in 1971, Badey has been a, Mummer (an actor in a traditional masked mime) and is a tenor saxophone player (2012 will mark the 54-year-old’s 41st parade). NAC82@CABRINI.EDU


59.4% (201,178)


40.6% (137,231)





Mitt Romney BY BEATRICE MCQUISTON Engagement Editor

With Obama re-elected into office for the next four years, our nation will become a hauntingly similar image of modern day Greece. Instead of having jobs, our generation may follow the European trend of protesting in the streets and being unproductively dependent on the government. Programs like the “Obama phone,” food stamps and section eight housing, which I believe are handouts, are examples that mirror this kind of dependency and the downward cycle it can cause. Obama is shrinking businesses and giving the government growth control. These examples and many more prove that Obama is unfit to lead the economic recovery. The Obama Administration is having a dulling effect on the American public and it comes down to basic principles—one of the key principles he seems to have forgotten is that the world simply is not fair. We do not need our hands held; we need to see what it means to struggle and work harder to find success, not complain about how “he has more, so give me some.” That’s not how it works on playgrounds, classrooms, or in the daycare, so why would it work in an American society and government created by imperfect human beings? There is a reason why 50 percent of college students can’t find jobs. It is because of Obama’s “war on business,” including private, small and family businesses. Obama’s policies have made a small fraction of high-income taxpayers pay the vast majority of all the taxes collected—while his rhetoric has depicted high-income earners as somehow being subsidized by “the rest of us.” People who succeed—whether in business or anywhere else—are often said to be “privileged,” even if they started out poor and worked their way up the hard way. Personal responsibility, whether for achievement or failure, is a threat to the whole vision of the left. Despite any alternative opinions on him, one must respect Mitt Romney’s background in the

business realm and his businessminded point of view. He has been the face of business innovation and growth for the last 25 years. This alone shows more promise for our economy than whom we’re left with, Obama, who may be a master of public speaking, but has no experience in the field. If Mitt Romney had taken the presidency, the war on business would have been over; and over the course of his term, the economy would have regained its strength. “Obama doesn’t have a second term agenda and we can’t afford four more years like the last,” Governor Mitt Romney said before the election. The Obama administration is battling business development when that is the one thing the economy needs. Obama needs the private sector to be vibrant in order for our economy to function and for people to get back to work. One half of Americans are employed by small business and it’s an economic driver. There are many restrictions on business that are inhibiting productivity. One is harsher regulations, like telling businesses how to run and where to open, which has been pushing them overseas and pushing away jobs. This hinders economic expansion. Protection of unions over rights of private business leads to adverse effects like increased debt of the private and public sector. As government puts itself between employers and their employees, it negatively affects businesses in the long run. For example, when business is hindered, an organization may hire less workers and may not be able to support as many employees because of their increased financial pressure. The government under a Republican administration would instead support regulation that was more moderate and balanced— reasonably reflecting ideals of a more limited government—and therefore supporting business that would support economic development and improvement. The war on business is also going to be fueled by the continuation of Obama’s healthcare. No one knows how these new laws will be implemented and so businesses are afraid to hire new employees. The law didn’t do anything to contain cost increases. If Romney had won and the health care law had been dropped, businesses would have thrived. Obama doesn’t understand the free enterprise system. His speech in Roanoke, Va., which contained daunting themes supported by

his phrase “You didn’t build this,” demonstrated that he has no idea how free enterprise works. Every businessman who has worked 12-hour days and invested every dollar of his own into a business trying to create jobs was offended by this speech. Just like every college student who worked so hard themselves to get As should be offended. According to Obama’s speech, the “A” student didn’t earn that “A,” someone helped them. Someone built the laptop they used. The businesses didn’t build the roads, they just paid for them through taxes. How much tax is enough? 60 percent of every dollar I owe? 70 cents of every dollar I owe? Obama is clearly destroying the incentive to work hard in this country and promoting weakness. Does the American public know what it is called when governments take and distribute to make things equal? It is called socialism, and we become dependent on new foundations of a weak government plan. Americans need the government to get their hands out of our pockets and let us work harder. And if they don’t want to work harder than me, it’s on them. We need to add some moderate restraint to the government’s increase. We must get back to the “survival of the fittest” mentality, cut the handouts and get American businesses back on track. Mitt Romney would have fixed this problem with the simple fix of growing the economy through business. But what now? BMM77@CABRINI.EDU






Barack Obama So now that Obama won the election and still holds his position as President for the next four years... How does it affect my life as a student and a woman? Obama has a few ideas that are great and would positively impact the lives of others in this country from healthcare for the uninsured, free education for some and a tax decrease for the “middle class,” which includes those making $250,000 a year or less. With Obama’s healthcare plan, uninsured Americans can buy into already existing plans through a series of subsidies and tax incentives. His healthcare plan also helps to prevent insurance companies from denying people coverage due to preexisting illnesses. Another bonus to this healthcare plan is that it allows children to stay on their parents’ health care plans until they are 26, which is great for us college students! President Obama also signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which supports the Paycheck Fairness Act and acknowledges that “gains in education and labor force involvement have not yet

The election just ended, and to be perfectly honest I never expected it to come up so quickly. Granted we’ve been talking about it since I don’t know how long, but I never thought I would be making a decision as soon as this past Tuesday. I was never into politics and for some reason this year has made me get involved and want to vote. Maybe because a big part of who is elected will affect me, a student, in the long run, but also I just think it’s exciting because this was my very first time voting. Under President Barack Obama, I want to see change. Clearly in these past four years nothing really has been done, besides excuses, excuses and more excuses. In 2008 when Obama was running for president he proposed change, with his slogan “YES WE CAN.” Of course change takes dedication and hard work, but at the same time hopefully something can be done. He was supposed to cut the deficit in half three years ago, but it seems as though we’re still in MCT

translated into wage and income equity.” The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act supports fair wages for women and allows them a 180-day time period to file a suit claiming unfair pay. In regards to higher education, Obama plans to lower interest rates for those who take out student loans and borrow money to pay their way through college, which is the majority of us. This will benefit many of us and give us a piece of mind when we graduate, knowing that we may not have to pay as much money back in interest. He has a plan, as well as strong views about student loans but does not have much of a plan for lowering cost of college tuition. Obama is also a supporter of Loan Forgiveness. He revealed a plan to forgive loan balances for those who have made steady payments for 20 years amounting to 10 percent of their total income. He argues that the program will spur economic recovery. With Obama’s win, our lives are in the midst of change. I love that Obama is so supportive of women’s rights in regards to abortions, fair wages and contraceptives. For a majority of women in the United States, free contraceptives will help them save money every month. His support of fair wages also will help women to be paid fairly and could prevent discrimination in the workplace. As a student, what Obama wants to accomplish in regards to student loans and higher education will greatly help a majority of college students. Most people

that debt today. Still in his current term, Obama is about big government, more people are on welfare, food stamps are up, but the question still lies: where does the money come from? Less people are working and he promised to cut unemployment in half, yet he didn’t. Without jobs, the economy doesn’t grow, the more regulations, the more things are going to cost. The Republican Party believes Obama hasn’t done much to create change. Instead there’s high unemployment, which causes a slow economic recovery, and federal deficits continue to rise, therefore debt increases. I’m a college student and quite frankly I’m nervous for what the future brings. President Obama said he would make it easier for students attending college, but unemployment rates are at 7.8 percent as of September. I’m sure every college student’s major fear is not finding a job after college and then having to worry about the burden of paying back student loans without a job to support it. Like previous presidents Obama always says what he’s going to do, but at the same time it’s hard to follow through. Something is always going to be in the way, but there comes a point in time where one must tackle the


who receive a college education take out student loans. Many graduates are still paying back their student loans many years later. With a decrease in interest rates from student loans, many people will be able to pay off their debts more quickly. While I may not see eye-to-eye with Obama, I think that his views and his support of women and students are fantastic. He seems to be supportive and understanding of discrimination against women in the workplace. He also understands the financial hardships of students and that their debts, due to student loans and the high interest rates, can take them years to pay off. His ability to understand those two issues makes him relatable to many of my peers, not just women, but men as well. KNK34@CABRINI.EDU


issue, stop making excuses and grab the bull by the horns and go with it. As Obama enters his second term, his first primary issues are to tackle the deficit and then immigration reform. One can only hope that these changes will be made right away. The sole fact of the matter is that in the end not everyone is going to be happy, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. But my focus is that the Republican and Democratic parties can come to some consensus on certain issues, so change can happen and not have to wait until four years from now. JD836@CABRINI.EDU



Feminism is Humanism BY MELANIE GREENBERG Contributing Editor

In a time when the term “feminazi” is still being thrown around as an insult, there are young women and professionals willing to stand up and embrace feminism. It has been almost 120 years since Susan B. Anthony stood up for women’s rights yet a congressional hearing was held this year to discuss women’s issues and ironically, no women were allowed to speak. The recent months leading up to the election consisted of conversations and debates about women’s rights to equal pay and birth control. While Rick Santorum may not have won the Republican nomination, his statement that we can thank radical feminism for mothers and fathers leaving their children in the care of others or, God forbid, alone, resonated with a shockingly large number of people. “My biggest concern is that Romney’s religious views will shape his policy in office,” Allison Clark, junior history, American studies, religious studies, and English with a concentration in Women’s Studies major, said. “Since his religious views will censor my sexual freedom and make it harder, even impossible for women to have safe abortions and possibly mount a campaign against Planned Parenthood? I am terrified of Romney being in office.” Susan B. Anthony stated, “No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent,” yet here we are, 120 years later and still fighting the deterioration of women’s rights. There is a resounding “Why?” coming from each direction: Why are we still arguing about this issue versus Why aren’t more women standing up for their rights? “Yes, it’s a far better time to be a woman than it has been before but that can all go away if we elect Romney, who is outwardly taking away our choice,” Stephanie Juris, 2012 Cabrini alumna, said. “How ironic that the GOP’s whole platform is about how the government has no right to interfere—unless it’s with a woman’s person decisions.” Obama has openly stated he believes anything having to do with female sexuality or reproductive rights is a woman’s choice and that government should stay out of that decision. “I honestly believe that you are entitled to your belief, whether you practice abstinence or are pro-life, you have every right to be that way. It’s when you try to force those beliefs on everyone else that you cross the line,” Clark said. While Anthony was considered a radical feminist, the

term “feminist” has taken on a new role for this generation of new-voters. “Feminism is the fight for a woman’s right to be equal to men in every aspect of daiy life and the right to choose the life we live,” Clark said. “There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be identified as a feminist, it’s a personal choice. But feminism is humanism.” Juris expressed her frustration about men who simply don’t care about women’s reproductive rights. “It’s just terrifying that men are so non-active about women’s reproductive rights, so sickening actually,” Juris said. “My stance is that there is no reason any man should ever be telling me what I can and can’t do with my body.”

“There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be identified as a feminist, it’s a personal choice. But feminism is humanism.” CLARK

Juris does not identify herself as a feminist, although she does not think it is a negative label and even identifies her boyfriend as a feminist because he realizes women’s rights directly influence his life. “Honestly, in my relationship, I am the one who makes the choice when it comes to birth control. Guys don’t have options like women do,” Juris said. “Think about it, we have so many choices: abortion, plan b, the pill, the patch, an IUD. Guys have condoms and let’s face it, how many guys have you been with that have just forgotten to buy condoms. It’s because they aren’t faced with the choice that we are.” Dr. Melissa Terlecki, associate professor of psychology at Cabrini, gave her response on the election and women’s rights. “I think the economy is at the forefront, though women’s healthcare is also a crucial issue that needs to be addressed,” Terlecki said in an email. “Both are interde-





pendent on each other, however. Obama links healthcare reforms and women’s economic well-being.” Terlecki discussed how Romney has received flack regarding his stance on abortion and Planned Parenthood, linking Mourdock’s rape comments to Romney’s campaign. Indiana Republican, Richard Mourdock, stated during a televised debate, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen.” “I am appalled by these comments and the fact that other Republicans, Newt Gingrich for example, endorse Mourdock stating that ‘All catholics agree with his statement.’ Survey Cabrini students. Would they agree? They may not.” Mourdock is just one of the 11 Republican Senate candidates who do not favor an abortion exemption for women impregnated by rapists. Among those is the rapedoubting Republican Todd Akin who offered the idea that women cannot get pregnant if they are victims of “legitimate rape” because their bodies will just say no. Romney has not cut ties with any of these candidates and remains a supporter. “If Romney wins this election, feminism will take a huge step back,” Clark said. Her concern that he has stated he would repeal Roe v Wade is only one of the many she holds. “That would be stripping women of their right to do what they want with their vaginas. Any presidential candidate that wants to tell me how to treat my body, what to do with a pregnancy, or wants to make it increasingly difficult to buy birth control is not a viable option for me.” Gender equality continues to be an issue in the workplace as well. Women are being paid 77 cents for every dollar made by a man. The wage gap over time is continuing to grow. In 1996, we saw the smallest gap in time but the dollar difference in 2011 rose and men made, on average, over $11,000 more than women, according to the National Committee on Pay Equity. “There is a lot of room for improvement,” Terlecki said. “The metaphor is that just because you can see through it [the Glass Ceiling], doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Pay inequity is still abound, everywhere.” Personally, abstinence is great if that’s your belief but I’d rather practice my right to safe sex and enjoy myself while doing it--without breaking the bank. Until we gain equal pay, I’d like, at least, to have a say over my own body and what I choose to do with it. MMG65@CABRINI.EDU


No matter which candidate is elected, everyone will be affected differently. Men, women, young adults, senior citizens; how you vote determines your future. Freshman honors student Fiona Grant addressed how she would personally be affected if either candidate were chosen. She plans on voting for President Obama. “Obama is probably the first president in my lifetime”, says Grant. “My parents are very politically aware and I grew up watching the debates, staying up to watch the election results and things like that and I actually canvased for Obama when I was 13.” “I feel like I was positively affected by his first term, so I feel like some of the positive effects will continue in his second term.” She then explained which positions were really her deciding factors in terms of her decision. “I’m really happy with the Affordable Healthcare Act. I really don’t want Romney elected because he has promised multiple times to repel what they call ‘Obamacare.’ That is one of my big reasons I like Obama.” There are many components to the Act, better known as “Obamacare.” It will allow children to stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26; it will also provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it, as well as small businesses. For those who already have insurance plans, nothing will need to change, and those insurance companies won’t be able to drop individuals if they become sick.

“Another reason is I family, and I’ve been d under Democratic v Grant said. “And I was r age real income growt been three times great and ten times greater person who grew up wi that as being really im dents stand up for wha Grant continued by who are undocument affected if Governor R stance on illegal imm elected president, he w hundreds of thousand reprieves from deporta tration began in Augus Also, having friend gender and bisexual, by Obama in the gay doesn’t want to see Romney. Obama is the his support for same-s istration’s Department ing the constitutional Act (DOMA), which de between a man and a w In addition to thes concerns is the environ “I’ve done a lot of w Grant says. “And Romn




More jobs, more coverage


When deciding on whom to vote for in the election, individuals often keep their personal needs in mind. They listen to promises which will affect what’s going on in their lives, making one choice over another and simply hoping for the best. It’s hard for us as college students to see the effects that government decisions will have, but right here on campus there are people feeling the effects already who are praying that the next four years will bring some relief. “I just want them to implement more jobs,” Tierica Pitts said. She works in Jazzman’s Café, is a supporter of Obama, and knows that the country is

hurting. “I want America to be employed,” Pitts said - which includes herself. Pitts has studied to be a medical assistant and surgical tech, but hospitals aren’t hiring. “Hopefully I can get a job in a hospital doing something I really want to do,” Pitts said. And she’s hopeful with unemployment rates dropping that this will be possible if Obama is reelected. “I have a four year-old son,” Pitts said. “If early childhood education is cut, I’ll have to pay more for daycare.” Romney has said funding will be cut to programs such as HeadStart that are essential to working mothers who want the best for their children. Pitts’ son also has sickle cell disease, “which means he’s in

and out of the hospital a lot. If he goes on a different insurance, they’ll put a cap on how much they will pay for him per year.” A blood transfusion alone can cost $30,000, and those diagnosed with sickle cell disease need multiple transfusions in one year alone. If Pitts’ son were to go over an insurance cap, she would need to foot the bill. If Romney takes office, she’s worried that she’ll have to find somewhere else to send her son. She also wishes for a future career in a hospital that she doesn’t think will happen without Obama in office. “I think if the Republicans give Obama a chance to pass laws, he can do something great,” Pitts said.

Fix the budget

Mark Nicholson, a sous chef in Cavs’ Corner.

Another reason is I come from a lower middle class ly, and I’ve been doing some research on incomes er Democratic versus Republican candidates,” nt said. “And I was really interested to find that averreal income growth for middle income people has n three times greater under Democratic presidents ten times greater for working poor families. As a on who grew up with not a lot of money, I recognize as being really important, that Democratic presis stand up for what I need.” rant continued by saying that she also has friends are undocumented and who will definitely be cted if Governor Romney is elected based on his ce on illegal immigration. Romney said that if ted president, he would end the program that offers dreds of thousands of illegal immigrants two-year ieves from deportation, which the Obama adminison began in August. lso, having friends who are gay, lesbian, transder and bisexual, she sees that the strides made Obama in the gay community are substantial and sn’t want to see their rights taken away under mney. Obama is the first sitting president to endorse upport for same-sex marriage. The Obama admintion’s Department of Justice has stopped defendthe constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage (DOMA), which defines marriage as a legal union ween a man and a woman. n addition to these issues, one of Grant’s largest cerns is the environmental issue of climate change. I’ve done a lot of work related to climate change,” nt says. “And Romney does not see it as an impor-


Tierica Pitts, a worker in Cabrini’s Jazzman’s Cafe.

Mark Nicholson, a registered Republican, is giving his support to the candidate he thinks is best: Obama. “I just believe he’s the right person for this country,” Nicholson said. Nicholson is a sous chef in Cavs’ Corner and knows what is best for him and his family. “I want him to continue what he’s doing, to help reduce the deficit, and I sound like a politician myself here, but try to create new jobs,” Nicholson said. He is concerned for the well-being of the country and knows Obama has the right stuff to make things better.



tant issue, and I’m not even sure if he believes in it. Although Obama hasn’t done as much as I’d hope he would do, I know for sure that Romney would move backwards from that.” One of the issues Grant was most enthusiastic about was the work she planned to do after she graduated and if she thought she would have a job upon graduation. “I want to work for National Public Radio, which is, not completely, but is sponsored by the government, and Romney is for taking that sponsorship away. So that is a big thing for me. I would like to work for NPR and I know that it would be directly effected by Romney taking office” Romney often mentions PBS and NPR as examples of “subsidies” he will eliminate to reduce the deficit. The House Republican budget, advocated by his running mate Paul Ryan, also calls for stripping federal funding for public broadcasting. It’s evident that almost no one can agree completely with either candidate and this is also true for Fiona. She expressed her respect for Romney’s compassion. She explained how impressed she was with his genuine charity work and assistance. Despite these beliefs, she has a clear choice in the Obama campaign. “I just strongly believe that [Romney] represents the wealthy in America and he represents a lot of corporate interests, so I feel like he’s not representing me, and that he won’t provide what I need,” Grant said. “I would like to say that I’m not ecstatic with Obama, but I would really, really prefer Obama.” HML37@CABRINI.EDU

“I think Romney is sneaky,” Nicholson said, “And his running mate does not have the experience that Biden does to back him up.” He doesn’t think Romney will change anything negatively, but also doesn’t have what it takes to positively impact the country either. “My life will not personally change depending on who’s elected,” Nicholson said, “I’ll still wake up and have a job. But I support Obama because I believe he’s the right man to make changes.”


Fiona Grant

Arts & Entertainment



dless of Par ty gar e R







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ess of Pa ardl rty eg

you ke


E T O ma

a fight. e t s a w t ’ 2 Don OTE 201 Just VOTE!

The issue at hand is voting and it is important that people are aware of the election because it is a huge deal for our country. My sticker tells the viewer that your vote counts. Even though you are only one person in a pool of billions of others your vote still matters. We need everyone to participate or as many as possible in order to make a difference.

11. 6 . 2 012




I t ’s n o t





L e t m e h e re yo u s ay that when a new



Vote 2012

I t ’s y o u r r i g h t .







Professor Jeanne Komp’s students in course GRA 318 created a sticker design to promote and inspire the American public to participate in the electoral process and vote in the 2012 general election. There is no single message, although the intent is a call to action, motivating people to register and turn out to vote. The visuals and the text of the message must be nonpartisan—we are supporting the basic democratic premise of citizen participation, not a partisan position on candidates or issues.










Broadcast Your Choice

e e n, e n

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Celebrity Twitter campaign trend BY ALEXA MILANO Staff Writer

Many people are saying this election was an important one and I completely agree; it was extremely important, especially for those of us who were voting in their first presidential election. But there is one thing during this election that is making it different from the other past presidential elections: Twitter. I know this may sound crazy, but not only are regular college students like us tweeting about the election and the debates, but celebrities are too and they’re definitely not trying to be shy about showing which side they support. Billionaire Donald Trump is a clear supporter of Mitt Romney. One scroll down his Twitter page and you will see numerous tweets about the upcoming election. Trump tweeted, “The polls & momentum are trending towards Mitt Romney. Don't let the hurricane change your thinking!” This tweet was sent the day after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. Another one of Trump's tweet says the following: “Scary. Obama and the Democrat Senate have accrued over $5 worth of debt without passing a budget in the last 3 years. 4 more years?” It’s easy to see that Trump isn’t trying to hide where his allegiance lies. Another popular Romney supporter is the guest host for Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Laura Ingraham.


Ingraham tweets a fair amount about the negative President Barack Obama has done and joining Americans for Prosperity, an organization dedicated to educating citizens about economic policy. “President Obama's agenda is failing our country. Time to bring this agenda to an end. Join Americans for Prosperity,” states one of Ingraham’s tweets. “Romney, on reforming Muslim world: ‘We've not seen

“Scary. Obama and the Democrat Senate have accrued over $5 worth of debt without passing a budget...” DONALD TRUMP

the progress we've need to see.’ Translation: ‘OBAMA'S POLICIES HAVE FAILED’ Say it!” Ingraham tweeted during the Oct. 22 foreign policy debate. Obama also has his share of supporters on twitter. One main supporter is Bill Maher. Maher tweets frequently during the debates and definitely doesn’t try to hide which

side he’s on. “That's an amazingly specific number Mitt keeps pulling out of his ass, 12 million new jobs. But fellas, this is the foreign policy debate!” tweeted Maher during the foreign policy debate. “Thought bubble over Romney's head ‘Say, this Obama fella is starting to make a lot of sense...’” tweeted Maher during the Oct. 16 town hall style debate. Another tweet during that debate read, “Great question, how Mitt is different than Bush. Answer: not! His 5 point plan is same as Bush's. Which was also McCain's. See a pattern?” Jason Mraz, although not a prominent Obama supporter on Twitter, tweeted a picture of himself holding a mug with an Obama 2012 sticker on it with a caption that read “I’m a cup half full kind of guy…” Other Obama supporters who have made their view clear on Twitter include Zach Braff and Sophia Bush. Still, there are other Twitter users, like Chelsea Handler, who use Twitter just to get people to vote. Handler tweets things like, “Everyone must vote. It doesn't matter who you are voting for, but you must fill out a ballot on voting day for it to be counted. Pls let all your friends and relatives know this,” and “There is early voting available in many states if you don't or can't wait in line on Nov 6th. Pls don't be discouraged to vote. It’s your right” No matter who these celebrities support, they’re getting their voice heard by stating their opinions on Twitter. ARM364@CABRINI.EDU

Politics and fashion

Being First Lady, or potential First Lady, is like being a moving target. The eyes of the public are always on you. While President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been rallying and debating, the media has been focused on Michelle Obama and Ann Romney too. They both play vital roles to their husbands’ campaigns, but what they wear is somehow always worked into conversation.

Ann Romney does not seem so much interested with the current trends as she is with the colors, fabrics and patterns that catch the eye. She knows what works well with her skin tone and body and is on point with the execution. She may not have a signature, like Michelle, but she does have an interest for fashion.

In 2008, Michelle Obama wore a white chiffon one-shoulder gown made by now-known designer Jason Wu for the Inaugural Ball. Expect her to wear something similar in cut, yet different for this year’s Inaugural Ball. Her typical style of full skirt and bare arms should still be seen but she may go for a more vibrant color.


One important way that fashion is making it into the election season was seen during the second presidential debate on Oct. 16. While their husbands were battling it out on stage, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both wore the same shade of pink, dubbed “pepto pink” or “bubblegum pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Since Ann Romney battled with breast cancer, this was an especially important moment for her.

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Breathe. Eat. Drink. USA! Despite what party you sided for, throw your own patriotic-themed festival with these delicious red, white and blue drinks, snacks and desserts!


PATRIOTIC POPS Ingredients: 2 cups of blue Kool-Aid 12 five-ounce disposable cups 1 cup frozen whipped topping 1 cup vanilla yogurt 12 craft sticks 2 cups cranberry-raspberry juice

Directions: Equally divide the blue Kool-Aid in plastic cups. Place the cups in the freezer for about 30 to 45 minutes until it is partially frozen. Mix together the whipped topping and yogurt among the cups. Set a craft stick in the center of each pop and then put back into freezer for about raspberry juice to the cups. Put in freezer until solid. To remove the pops from the cups, run them under warm water.

RED, WHITE AND BLUE Ingredients: Fresh strawberries White chocolate chips Colored sugar (blue) Wax paper Baking sheet

Directions: Clean and dry strawberries. Put chocolate chips in bowl and microwave for one minute and then stop every 30 seconds until melted. Dip strawberries in 2/3 of the way and leave the top third just plain red. Then dip the bottom third of the strawberry in your blue sugar. Then place strawberry on baking sheet with the wax paper on it. When you are all done put strawberries into fridge.

Glass bowl

CHAMBORD POMEGRANATE SPARKLER Ingredience: 1 ½ oz. champagne 3/4 oz. Chambord black raspberry liqueur

Directions: First, put champagne on ice. Shake all ingredients and then strain them into a flute glass. Top it with champagne and then garnish with a lemon.

PATRIOTIC PUNCH Ingredients: 1 part UV red cherry-flavored vodka

Directions: Combine and serve in a rock glass over ice.

3 parts lemonade


Scan the QR code to go straight to for more patriotic treats to enjoy in celebration of the USA’s democracy!

Sports Sophomore soccer star going strong 13 | THE LO QUIT UR.COM


Sophomore striker George Lambritsios has been playing soccer ever since he was five-years-old. He has enjoyed playing soccer for the past 15 years of his life and plans to play as long as he can. He has played in seven leagues for seven different teams. He went to Upper Darby High school and currently resides in Upper Darby. He says his skill and love for soccer came from his dad who also played soccer. “Being George’s roommate is pretty cool,” teammate Don Irons said. “He not only knows a lot about the game and puts up goals and assists, but he is also a really good teammate and friend.” When Lambritsios is off the field, he likes to hang out with his friends, play basketball, eat at Chipotle and go to the gym. He also enjoys the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers. Naturally, Lambritsios frequently plays the FIFA Soccer video game. One of his “claims to fame” is that he knows Will Smith. Will Smith frequently visits his family’s pizza shop because Smith grew up around that area. He listens to every type of music, although before every soccer game, his go-to song is “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor. Listening to this song helps him to get pumped up for his game. Lambritsios is a business major and after graduating he is hoping to take over his dad’s pizza shop. No surprise, his dream job is to be a professional soccer player.


“I keep my cross necklace on for every game if I can,” Lambritsios said. “Sometimes the ref will notice it and make me take it off. But whenever the ref doesn’t find it, I always either seem to score a goal or play better than whenever I don’t wear it.” Lambritsios scored four goals and tallied 10 points in his freshman season. One of those goals was an overtime game-winner against Rosemont College on Senior Day. In his sophomore season this year, Lambritsios emerged as one of the Cavaliers’ best goal scorers. He posted a career-high 15 points and scored a career-high six goals. In 40 career games, Lambritsios has 10 goals and 40 points. But Lambritsios’ game is about so much more than goals or points. His energy is easily identifiable on the field and it is why he was one of the key players to the Cavaliers’ CSAC title run completed with a 2-1 win over Rosemont on Sunday, Nov. 4. It marked the first time since 2009 that the Cavaliers had won the conference championship. With two seasons left in his collegiate career, Lambritsios is sure to be one of Cabrini’s stars of the soccer field in seasons to come.



Sophomore George Lambritsios was among the Cavaliers’ top scorers this season with six goals and 15 points.


Sixers open season with win over Nuggets BY BETHANY BIGENHO Staff Writer

The energy was high, the crowd was pumped as the Philadelphia 76ers opened the 2012-13 season with an 84-75 win over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, Oct. 31, at the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers opened the season with a bang as Spencer Hawes led the team in points with 16. Hawes added 12 rebounds for a double-double and also added five blocks, two assists and two steals. New acquisition Dorell Wright and Jrue Holiday posted with 14 points each. Before the game started, Sixers legends Moses Malone and Dikembe Mutombo were introduced and given standing ovations. It was clear Philadelphia was excited for a new player that was added this season, Andrew Bynum. Although Bynum is currently injured and recovering, his introduction in the beginning of the game with the rest of the team was louder than any other player announced that night. Many fans at the game were extremely excited for this season. “The Sixers are going to be undefeated and Spencer Hawes is going to have 200 blocks,” one fan, Brian, said. “And if Bynum can’t come back he will be the team’s biggest cheerleader. I believe they will be the number one seed. I think when Bynum comes back he will have a better afro than Nick Young, but time will tell.” “I’m very excited about the Sixers season,” another fan, Jeff, said. “Everything is pretty dependent on the health of their new acquisition Andrew Bynum. I’m cautiously optimistic about Bynum’s health, which is the most important thing for the Sixers.” “It’s going to be a good season and it’s a young team,” another fan, Courtney, said. “I’m a big supporter of Doug Collins and he can coach them just like a young team.” It was an emotional night as Sixers fans started the season with Andre Iguodala, a former Philadelphia fan favorite, wearing another uniform. He had spent his first eight NBA seasons with the Sixers. Coincidentally, Iguodala was traded to the Nuggets. In true Philadelphia fashion, the fans weren’t as welcoming as they could have been. In the first half of the game a tribute was shown in honor of Iguodala. Clips were shown of him doing his notorious dunks and even the shot that he made to win the game during Game 6 in last year’s playoffs against the


Spencer Hawes led the Sixers with 16 points and 12 rebounds in their season-opening 84-75 win over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Chicago Bulls. The dynamic duo of Jrue Holiday and Spencer Hawes worked extremely well together during the second half. Head coach Doug Collins kept running plays through them which worked to the team’s advantage. The Sixers shot only 35 percent (30-for-85) and were definitely out rebounded 54-47, but still managed to win their first home opener since 2007 and tip off their season on a high note. BLB85@CABRINI.EDU

Meet the 2012-13 Sixers 50 LAVOY ALLEN C-F - 6’ 9”, 255 LBS 54 KWAME BROWN C - 6’ 11”, 290 LBS 33 ANDREW BYNUM C - 7’ 0”, 285 LBS 00 SPENCER HAWES C-F - 7’ 1”, 245 LBS 11 JRUE HOLIDAY G - 6’ 4”, 205 LBS 7 ROYAL IVEY G - 6’ 4”, 200 LBS 5 ARNETT MOULTRIE F - 6’ 10”, 245 LBS 23 JASON RICHARDSON G - 6’ 6”, 225 LBS 12 EVAN TURNER F-G - 6’ 7”, 220 LBS 18 MAALIK WAYNS G - 6’ 1”, 195 LBS 8 DAMIEN WILKINS G-F - 6’ 6”, 225 LBS 4 DORELL WRIGHT F-G - 6’ 9”, 205 LBS 21 THADDEUS YOUNG F - 6’ 8”, 235 LBS 1 NICK YOUNG G - 6’ 7”, 210 LBS



332 n 350

1 9 89 93 96



Men and women split against King’s College BY ANTHONY HYPOLITE Staff Writer

The Cabrini swim teams split decisions in a meet against King’s College on Sunday, Nov. 4. The men’s team had an extremely good performance which brought them to a win, 98.5-79.5. The women’s team dropped their meet, 102-68. The performances were really up to par and showed the school what we were made of. The men were headlined by sophomores Nick Platt and Evan Strickland and juniors Rocco Del Monte and Keith Marr. The four teamed up in the 400-yard race to finish in 3:56.31. Sean Tallon kept the flow of the team going with a good race in the 1,000-yard freestyle as he set a new school record in 11:32.22. Later in the meet, Tallon participated in a 500-yard freestyle race and achieved a time of 5:31.74. Del Monte achieved his first career victory taking part in the 50-yard freestyle and getting a time of 24.36. He also won the 200-yard butterfly which he completed in 2:13.6. The women’s team was led by Courtney Good who posted her second win of the season in the 200-yard medley, posting a time 2:27.75. She also finished second in the 200-yard backstroke event. The women also won the 400-yard freestyle relay with the team of Kimberly Crowther, Jessica Pepenella and Lauren Ciccariello. Cindy Ikeler, head coach for both swim teams and director of aquatics and safety, was commemorated by athletic director Brad Koch for her maintenance and success for her first career wins against FDU-Florham in October. The Cavaliers will travel to Lebanon Valley College for their next meet. The start time is 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 9. AJH98@CABRINI.EDU

BOX SCORE Men’s Swimming King’s College 79.5 Cabrini 98.5 Women’s Swimming King’s College 102 Cabrini 68


Volleyball title streak snapped in tough loss BY KEVIN DURSO Sports Editor

The women’s volleyball team had lost only one conference game all season. It was a five-set thriller that Neumann University won by the slimmest of margins. In the CSAC Final on Sunday, Nov. 4, the Knights were able to repeat the feat despite a hard charge from the Lady Cavs. For the first time in four years, the women’s volleyball title changed hands as the Knights snapped a three-year title streak for the Lady Cavs with a 3-2 win. Cabrini found themselves in great position in the first set. The set was neck-and-neck before Cabrini opened up a three-point lead at set point, 24-21. The Knights recorded three straight kills to tie the score before taking the first set, 28-26. The Lady Cavs would rebound in the second set. They jumped out to a 4-0 lead and never trailed in a set they won, 25-21. In the third set, Cabrini held even with Neumann for the first 20 points in a 10-10 set. But the Knights managed five straight points to take a 15-10 lead. The Lady Cavs managed to cut the


Senior Meg Ryan and assistant director of athletics Brian Beacham accept the runner-up plaque after the Lady Cavs’ 3-2 loss to Neumann in the CSAC volleyball Final on Sunday, Nov. 4. lead to one twice but it wasn’t enough as the Knights finished the set with a 25-21 win. The Lady Cavs forced a fifth set with a dominant fourth set. They rolled to an 18-5 lead before finished off the set with a 25-10 win. Cabrini took the early advantage in the decisive final set. After losing three of the first four point, the Lady Cavs opened up a 7-5 lead. Neumann rallied to tie before Cabrini went ahead 8-7 as the teams changed sides on the court. Neumann played like a different team from that point on.

Cabrini’s lead vanished with four straight Neumann points. The Knights were able to prevent the Lady Cavs from coming close to a comeback, finishing off the final set with a 15-10 win. This was still a dominating game for several Cavaliers. Senior Danielle Carrozza led the team with 21 kills and also added 16 digs and four blocks. Senior Meg Ryan posted solid numbers as well, registering nine kills, four digs, two assists and one block. Freshmen Jen Grenauer and Cassidy Koenig also had strong games. Grenauer posted 12 kills,

five digs and one block while Koenig added five kills, six digs, 42 assists and one block. For the Lady Cavs, this season comes to a disappointing end. After winning three straight titles, it’s hard to picture the CSAC playoffs ending any differently for the volleyball team. Still, the season is another success with a 19-10 overall record and a 10-2 conference record. The team’s only conference losses were against Neumann. Both went five sets. The Lady Cavs fought to the very end and made Neumann earn the title. You can be sure this team will be back out to capture the title and start a new streak again next season. KAD323@CABRINI.EDU

BOX SCORE Cabrini 2 Neumann University 3 SET 1: NEU 28-26 SET 2: CAB 25-21 SET 3: NEU 25-21 SET 4: CAB 25-10 SET 5: NEU: 15-10

Lady Cavs fall in Final to Gwynedd-Mercy


The women’s field hockey seniors hold their runner-up plaque after a 5-1 loss in the CSAC Final on Saturday, Nov. 3. BY GEORGETTE BREEN-NAYLOR Staff Writer

All good things have to come to an end. On Saturday, Nov. 3, the Lady Cavs field hockey team ended their season with a 5-1 loss to Gwynedd-Mercy College in the CSAC Final. The Lady Cavs were just coming off an impressive semifinal win against Keystone College on Thursday, Nov. 1. Leading up to this game the Lady Cav players knew they had a lot to prepare for. “I think we worked really hard but today didn’t play out how we wanted it to,” Colleen Anastasi said. Unfortunately, the Lady Cavs were not able to end their season how they would have liked. The Lady Cavs fought hard the whole game but were not able to gain an advantage against a well-deserving champion in the Lady Griffins. “We just tried to treat it as it was any other game and not to psych ourselves out,” Lexy Setley said. The Lady Cavs took the loss hard as expected but after the game still seemed to be coping together. “I wish we could’ve come out on top at the end but the whole season was awesome and memorable,” Lindsey Atzert said. A leader of the team and a senior, Atzert along with other team-

mates went into halftime down 3-0 trying to make a comeback in the CSAC final. “We came out strong and got a goal in the first minute,” Tori Canelli said. Kate Solewin was the player who provided that goal in the opening seconds of the second half. But that would end up being the only goal the Lady Cavs would score for the rest of the game. Although they suffered defeat in the CSAC championship, the whole season was overall a success. With a final CSAC record of 6-2 the Lady Cavs were an impressive group of athletes to watch all season. “We played very well, it’s our only CSAC loss, both times,” Canelli said. “We hope to come out on top next year.” Last year in the 2011 CSAC final, Cabrini lost to Gwynedd-Mercy College, 3-0. The Lady Cavs have had a tough time in the past years getting past the Lady Griffins. But even the seniors leaving the team are still hopeful the winning tradition will continue. After the game, the Lady Cavs were met with open arms from parents and their coaching staff. The tough loss was only a minor blemish in a more-than-successful season. The Lady Cavs field hockey program has been to the CSAC Final every year since 2009 and has won twice. The winning tradition for the Lady Cavs will be sure to continue because they were built around the concept of family. “We’re definitely a family and we would do anything for each other and our season really proved that,” Setley said. GB424@CABRINI.EDU



e ,

g t e . d . h

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Lady Cavs win title in thriller BY GEORGETTE BREEN-NAYLOR Staff Writer

The CSAC women’s soccer final was full of surprises and suspense. The score remained 0-0 heading into overtime on Sunday, Nov. 4. On this cold November afternoon, the Lady Cavs hosted the Lady Griffins of Gwynedd-Mercy College in this instant classic. After 110 minutes of scoreless play, the game went to suddendeath penalty kicks. Cabrini would rally to win the shootout, winning back-to-back CSAC titles with a 5-4 shootout score and a 1-0 win. “There has been nothing but soccer, soccer, soccer running through my head the past few days,” senior Dana Drake said. It was obvious that all the players for the Lady Cavs had the same mindset going into today’s game. It was a game of defense and hustle. Both teams were relentless in running to every open ball and, offensively, took any opportunity to take a shot at the net. At the half, it was a deadlock as each team tried to decide what they needed to do to win this game. “I felt confident in our team,” junior Bethany Feinberg said. “It was an honor to be a part of a team that works so hard every game and I knew today wouldn’t

be any different.” The confidence was matched by the Lady Griffins in the second half and when the final buzzer sounded, the game remained scoreless. Heading into overtime, the Lady Cavs knew they were so close to winning that coveted CSAC trophy. It was just a matter of who scored first. “We made it this far,” Drake said. “It was now or never and we all agreed to push to every ball because it was the golden goal.” They kept the fans on the edge of their seats as overtime wasn’t enough to determine a champion. With 110 minutes complete, the game went to sudden-death penalty kicks. Players from each team would get the opportunity to shoot in a one-on-one format in a best-of-five. Little did these teams know that the ones trying to stop these goals would be the one’s deciding the game with scoring. Drake scored the first goal of the shootout but it was quickly answered by Maura Gifford. Goals by Christine Michalski and Casey Gaughan helped extend the Griffins lead to 3-2. Melissa Scanzano scored to keep the shootout within one. But Alex Tralie missed a shot wide, allowing the Griffins to shoot for the win. Meghan Bojanowski missed a

shot wide in the fourth round as well, putting the game on the line for Cabrini’s fifth-round shooter Bree Thompson. Thompson converted on her attempt and goalkeeper Maddy Edwards stopped Kerri Petroski’s shot to force a sixth round. After trading goals in the sixth round by Lauren Pallister and Chloe Collipp, the seventh round of shooters would feature the goalies. Edwards would shoot first and fire a high shot just over the outstretch arms of Griffins’ keeper Jessica Tadley. With the game coming down to Tadley, her shot rocketed off the goalpost, sealing the win and title for the Lady Cavs. “In overtime I felt we had momentum going into it and we kept constant pressure on their team,” Edwards said. “I knew we had it in us today and coming out and finishing with a win was

amazing and I am so proud of our team.” “I am at a loss for words,” Drake said. “Nothing can describe the feelings we had as a team.” The Lady Cavs await their first-round opponent of the NCAA Tournament after locking up an automatic bid. They will face Carnegie Mellon University (11-1-4) in the first round on Saturday, Nov. 10. But for now, the Lady Cavs are enjoying the victory and championship run, especially the seniors who had so much to do with Sunday’s win. “It’s incredible to win another championship, especially my senior year,” Drake said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my college career at Cabrini.” GB424@CABRINI.EDU


Cavs beat Ravens to claim CSAC crown BY BROOKE FAMOUS Staff Writer

For Cabrini fans, all eyes were on the soccer field on Sunday, Nov. 4. For the Cabrini men, facing an upstart Rosemont team felt manageable. “We knew if we knocked [Neumann] off, we could win the championship,” said sophomore Christian Martin. After knocking off top-seeded Neumann University on Friday, Nov. 2, the Cavaliers took the field in front of over 200 fans for the CSAC Final at Bryn Mawr College. In the end, the Cavaliers won their first conference title since 2009, hanging on for a 2-1 win over the Rosemont Ravens. Just under two minutes into the game senior Anthony Girolamo scored off of a corner-kick to give the Cavaliers an early lead. That lead would hold into the half but the early goal helped calm the nerves early. “We were under a lot of pressure today,” first-year head coach Rob Dallas said. “Rosemont definitely took us to the limit. Getting the early goal from Anthony was huge.” As the second half got underway, both Cabrini and Rosemont came out with a lot of fire. But in the 61st minute, junior Gabe Kuhn scored on a pass from senior Kyle Johnson from 25 yards out, giving Cabrini a two-goal lead. The shutout would not last that much longer as Rosemont got up on the scoreboard on a goal by Yohana Ghede, making it 2-1. That would be the only shot to beat freshman goalkeeper R.J. Pino. Making a crucial start, Pino stopped nine of 10 Rosemont shots to preserve the lead and nail down the team’s first title in three seasons. For the first-year head coach, the championship was the perfect ending to a debut season. “We’re obviously happy with the results,” Dallas said. “A lot of the time championship games aren’t the most beautiful games because there is so much emotion and intensity. But I’m really proud of the guys today.”


Gabe Kuhn (No. 10) celebrates the eventual game-winning goal in Cabrini’s 2-1 win in the CSAC Final. Senior midfielder/back Ryan Juhring was named CSAC Final MVP, also contributing to Cabrini’s stellar defense throughout the game. The Cavalier’s now have an automatic bid to the 2012 NCAA Division III Tournament from winning Sunday’s championship game. They will face Susquehanna University (17-2-0) on Saturday, Nov. 10. BAF43@CABRINI.EDU


You can’t predict baseball It’s truly amazing how unpredicatable the game of baseball can really be. In Issue 8 of the Loquitur, I posed the question to readers asking who would win the World Series and in how many games. 150 people responded to the poll. 86 percent voted for the American League Champion Detroit Tigers, coming off a four-game sweep of the Yankees. Only 14 percent predicted the NL Champs, the upstart San Francisco Giants, who had won five previous elimination games, would win. Of all 150 people, not one said the Giants would win in four games. The 2012 World Series came and went in a flash. Pablo Sandoval belted three home runs in Game 1 to give the Giants the advantage. Goodbye, Tigers in four voters. In Game 2, dominant pitching by Madison Bumgarner kept the game scoreless into the late innings. Two runs via small ball would be enough in the Giants’ 2-0 win. Goodbye, Tigers in five voters. Game 3 featured more of the same: excellent pitching combined with timely hitting. Goodbye to the majority. One night later, the Giants finished the job in Game 4 with a 4-3, 10-inning win to claim their second World Series title in three years. It truly defied the odds. The Giants were down 2-0 in the best-of-five NLDS. They were down 3-1 in the best-of-seven NLCS. They had come back from the dead to win this title. Once again, baseball proved two things in the Postseason. First, Destiny’s Darling, the team hottest at the close of the regular season, won the World Series again. And second, you truly can’t predict baseball. Clearly the 150 people in the poll and myself (I also had Tigers in six) were not expecting a Giants’ sweep. But that’s what still made the World Series great. Sure, it was over in a matter of days and was the shortest in terms of games since Boston Red Sox swept the Fall Classic in 2007. But it still delivered the unexpected and proved once again, against all odds, that it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. KAD323@CABRINI.EDU

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Men’s, women’s soccer claim CSAC titles

Cavalier Calendar

Thursday, Nov. 8 No games

Friday, Nov. 9 Men’s and Women’s Swimming at Lebanon Valley College 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 10 Women’s Soccer NCAA First Round at Carnegie Mellon University 11:00 a.m. Men’s Soccer NCAA First Round at Susquehanna University 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 11 No games

Monday, Nov. 12 No games

Tuesday, Nov. 13 No games

Wednesday, Nov. 14 No games

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2012-13 Nov. 8 issue 10 Loquitur  

2012-13 issue 10 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Nov. 8, 2012

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