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Cabrini's Accreditation Renewed The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools has accepted the latest progress report submitted by Cabrini College and renewed approval of the college's accreditation for another five years. F. Taylor Jones, executive secretary of Middle States, visited the school and met with administration officials. His subsequent recommendaVol. XV, No. 1


• • El8C t 8 d T 0 f IC C8 b rlnl Cabrini College has been accepted as the forty-seventh member of the Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc. of Pennsylvania. Sister Regina Casey, M.S.C., college president, will sit on the foundation's governing board, along with the chief executive officers of other member institutions and representatives of business and industry. The foundation encourages and solicits corporation and other giving to the independent colleges and universities of Pennsylvania as a group . It also presents to the various publics of the Commonwealth, in particular to private industry and commerce, the role of the independent college in the economy , culture and progress of state and national life. The Pennsylvania foundation is the largest of 40 similar state and regional associations which are represented at the national level by the Independent College funds of America, Inc . with headquarters in New York City . For 1969-1970, The Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc., of Pennsylvania received over $9,000,000 from 703 business and industrial firms. Close to $10 million has been channelled by business and industry to the member colleges since 1952 w hen the foundation was estab'Tished. Participating institutions are degree-granting colleges and universities, accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools ,

Seminars Offered In Philosophy The bachelor of arts degree in philosophy will be offered as a new major program by Cabrini College in September . Student response to a series of elective seminars sponsored by the department over the past three years led to the decision to offer a degree in that field. Philosophy courses have always been offered by the college as part of the general liberal arts program for all undergraduates . M6st of the upper division courses will be conducted as seminars. These will be open to seniors and qualified underclassmen as electives. Dr. Joseph J . Romano, department chairman, lists the seminar series with courses covering Plato's later dialogues, Aristotle, seventeenth century rationalism, German idealism, philosphy of communism, American philosophy and existentialism. A seminar on language philosophy , covering the outstanding analytic philosophers, their root analytic philosophers, their roots in logical positivism and their emergence as a leading sch ool of thought will also be offered . Other seminars listed will be on the philosophy of art, the philosophy of religion and one on Eastern philosophy. Independent study projects selected by the student and directed by a faculty member will encourage student research into a topic of particular interest.

which have autonomous boards of control, and whose income is derived mainly from private sources. Cabrini College initiate .d a development program in January, 1969 to solicit the support of many const ituencies: Alumnae, friends, foundations, parents, and government sources. The Alumnae Annual Giving Drive resulted in the establishment of two scholarship funds. The Parent's Program raised more than $10,000 for books and audio-visual equipment for the library. A Senior Class Pledge Drive resulted in a gift of $2500 to the college . The success of these giving programs at Cabrini, as well as the support of trustees and friends constitutes part of what John Halliwell, foundation president, has called "an interlocking pattern of continuing financial support ."

Ernest Kline Speaks At Commencement Senator Ernest P . Kline , Minority Floor Leader of the Pennsylvania State Senate, delivered th e principle address at Cabrini's tenth annual commencement ceremony on May 17th . Kline, Democratic candidate for lie·utenant governer, spoke on the political power of youth and advised young political activists to be more realistic and go into practical politics. "Youth can win immediate victories through organized political action. They can mobilize votes as well as demonstrate." Kline went on, "The weakness of youth as a political force lies in its impatience and the transitory status of youth as a class . Student status is not permanent." He noted that a university cannot be made a solid foundation for political organization because this will plunge the university into turmoil and threaten its life as an institution. Degrees w ere conferred on 102 graduates by President, Sister Regina Casey, MSC . Receiving their de grees with honors were: Anne M. Redden, Summa cum laude; Margaret B. Clark, Magna cum laude: Mary Ann Drummond, cum laude . Miss Drummond also received the academic award in education. Departmental awards went to Mr s. Janet Ridgeway Coogan, Biology; Jean Mannion, Chemistry ; Marie Vaccarelli, English; Jane Sefranek, History; Mary Ann Sesso, Philosophy; Deborah Fonash, Theology . Miss Mannion was also named recipient of a graduate assistantship in Chemistry from Drexel University . A graduate assistant in history to Villanova University, was won by Jane Sefranek.

tions to Middle States Commission on Higher Education led to PA. September 11, 1970 the approval. The 1970 progress report covWilliam Hughes ered the areas of college adBusinessStaff ministration, admissions and fiWilliam C. Hughes of 1235 nance. In it, the revised bylaws of the college, with respect to Johnston A venue, Roslyn, has the re-organized board of been named controller and bustrustees and the revised interniness manager at Cabrini Col. al organization of the college, lege Radnor . He was formerly were spelled out. In defining controller and administrative the responsibilities and powers assistant to the vice-president of the board of trustees, the byof Inter-County Hospitalization Plan, Inc., Jenkintown. Prior to laws state that the President of the college, who is elected by that, Hughes was with the Hahthe board, shall hold office for nemann Medical Coilege and Hospital, Philadelph;a .• five years. The term of office, A graduate of West Virginia which may be renewed once, is University, Hughes also attenda new feature of the by-laws. ed its School of Law. He is a The report also noted the establishment of four vice presidenmember of the American Management Association, the Nacies, each responsible to the tional Association of Accounts, president for the areas of academic affairs , business and fiand · the Hospital Financial Mannance , development and student agers association. affairs. The Mother Ursula Alumnae The organization of a new adA ward was presented to Marmissions office and admissions garet Hopkins, president of the committee were the second maclass of 1970. Mrs. Ann Boyle jor notes in the report. It was Higgins President of the Alumnae Association executive committee, presented the award which is made annually to a graduate who exemplifies the ideal of the college. Anne M. Redden, valedictoriThe Mount Pleasant Coman, spoke of peace as having munity Association is providing " ... become a word that separam rates -rather than unites ... " "My a summer recreationalJ>ro for about 70 area youngsters on wi sh for all of us is that we the campus of Cabrini College. seek peace ... " she said. "We The program was made possible must not forget our disillusionthrough an ESEA title I grant ments, but learn from them; we to the Treddyffrin-Easttown must not desert our dreams, School District. Cabrini College but renew and perfect them ; we offered the use of its - grounds must try not to see only the and facilities, including an outsadness and sorrows of life, but door swimming pool, gymnasitry to find the good in others um and a number of classrooms, and joy in our world ." as a community service . Commencement participants The Mount Pleasant camp included Dr. Joseph J . Romano, provides an informal but edugrand Marshall and Dr. Joseph cational program centered J. Feighan, marshall of the around arts and crafts music, faculty. Dr. Fred Petrone prerecreation, library services, drasided over the awarding of honmatics and nature study. ors. Invocation was delivered by Rev. Louis A. Rongione, O.S.A. Rev. Wilson Willard and Dr . of Villanova University. Waldron Giles, officers of the The Valley Forge Military Mount Pleasant Community AsAcademy band provided the sociation, were instrumental in processional and interlude musworking out the cooperative ic for the ceremony . The 57 program . Camp superviSor is member band was directed by Fredd Reed of Media, who asCol. D. Keith Feltham. sisted in the program planning Graduation was preceeded and organization with G. Bruce on Sunday morning by a bacTaylor, director of special procalaureate Mass and investiture jects for the Tredyffrin-Eastof hoods. Celebrant was Rev. town School District. Reed ad0. Praem., Rudy Rooymans, ministers the daily operation of chaplain. Mrs. Dorothy Brown camp activities. spoke on the significance of acMany local residents are on ademic attire and presented the camp staff. Counselors are the graduates to Sister Regina, Beverly Sanders of 33 Hillbrook M.S.C. to receive their hoods. Circle, Wayne, a substitute teaA breakfast followed the cerecher with the Great Valley mony. School District; Lynn Wagner of 1448 Anthony Wayne Drive, Wayne, a student at Wooster College, Ohio; Barry Morgan Jr. of 6020 Kershaw Street, Philadelphia, a student at Cheyney State College and captain of Cheyney 's basketball team. Wall-size professionally printSondra Reason of 180 LongPd calendars for the Cabrini ford Avenue, Malvern, a stuCollege academic and social dent at West Chester State Colschedule have been made availlege and Anne Thomas of 849 able for September 1970. Maple Avenue, Paoli, a student A separate sheet for each at Villa Maria College are recmonth-attractively sketched reation leaders. :md laid out by Norma GarboYounger staff members serve contains the scheduled events as recreation aides and youth for each day of the month and corps aides. Linda Goddard of Cpntinued on page 3



pointed out that trends and statistics in college enrollment s were under study with a view to preparing a five year projection of student enrollment. In the third basic part of the report both finance and development were outlined. The budget procedure was reviewed and it was pointed out that prepara tions were under way on a five year projected budget . The office of development program was also outlined. It noted the areas of fund raising activity, including alumnae and parents drives and solicitation of foundations, corporations and friends of the college. The committee on master planning, composed of both faculty and administrative officers, was pointed out as an integral part of the total development program . The summary report and its acceptance by Middle St ates spoke well for Cabrini's continuing adaptation to meet the exi stin g and anticipated needs of the college .

Cabrini Plays Host ToSummer Recreation Program

Cabrini Calendar Available

240 Dogwood Lane, Berwyn, a student at Notre Dame de Namur Academy; Andres Terrell of 13 Broomall Lane, Glenmills, a at Henderson High student School, West Chester; Joseph Thomas of 849 Maple Avenue, Berwyn and Linn Williams of 613 Colket Lane, Devon, both students at Conestoga High School, are recreation aides . Youth corps aides are all Conestoga High School Students . They are Dorothea and Janet Davis of 942 Henry Avenue, Avenue , Wayne; Yvonne Durrell of 981 Fairview Avenue, Wayne; Saundra Young of 942 Henry Avenue, Wayne. A certified lifeguard, Dominick Giovanelli of Glenolden, oversees activity at the swimming pool and gives swimming instructions to the youngsters. Giovanelli is in the physical education department of Lima Elementary School.

30 Students Make Spring Deans List The following students achieved a cumulative average of 3.5 or better , thereby, entitling them to be placed on the Dean's List for the Spring semester of 1970. Congratulations! Juniors-Seniors Anderson , Sister M. Virginie Colameco, Phyllis Czarnecki, Janet Denesh, Linda Fox, Kathryn Gooderham, Stephanie Gorevin, Nancy Grilli, Margaret Horn, Suzanne Kelly, Patricia Mangano, Yvonne McManus, Pauline Sulock, Catherine Sophomores-Juniors Avitabile, Sister Antonina, M.S.C . Continued on page 3




September 11, 1970

LOQUITUR Another Year Begins: ...

Cabrini Word From Dr.Romano Takes AGift· Pax ... Course atInstitute Dr. Joseph J. Romano, profossor of philosophy and chairman of the department at Cabrini College, attended the Institute in Greek Philosophy and Science held this summer at Colorado College. From a field of 300 applicants, he was one of 42 named to ~twhich was tend the institute conducted by the Council for Philosophical Studies, established under a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The purpose of the institute is to contribute to the advancement of teaching and scholarship in the field of philosophy. A graduate of St. Charles Seminary, Dr. Romano received the M.A. degree from Villanova University and the Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College. Dr. Romano resides at 216 Bernard Drive, King of Prussia. Accompanying him to the six week institute were his wife, Jeanne, and his two daughters, Elizabeth and Andrea.

Arts & Crafts Show Slated for Fall A Student-Faculty-Administration Arts and Crafts Show will be held in the Library, beginning October 5th, and everybody on campus is cordially invited to participate. We are looking forward to good representation from the student body, members of the faculty and the administrative staff, and since the range of entries is so broad, whatever your talent is there should be a category to fit it. The entries will include painting, drawing and sculpture in the field of fine arts, the graphic arts and photography, and various forms of handicraft such as weaving, sewing, ceramics jewelry making, metal work, cabinet making, etc. Entry blanks will be available at the circulation desk in the library, in the smokers of the dormitories, and in the faculty lounge. All entries should be submitted no later than Wednesday, September 30th, so the displays can be set up by

Fall is here again-and so are our free Gift-Pax kits. Teeth and hair will be brighter this semester-and it's free as always. Our campus will again be distributing the free student Gift-Pax kits of toilet articles as over 2,000 other colleges and universities throughout the Unite.q States have done for the past fifteen years. A good will promotion of leading U.S. Manufacturers-packaged by GiftPax, Inc. West Hempstead, N.Y., who makes ~them available to us each semester. Free student Gift-Pax will be available to the student body in the cafeteria during the first week of school. The various clients represented in each student Gift-Pax kit are-Bristol-Myers, Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble, Etc.-with appropriate assortments going to male and female students in colorful zodiac designed re-usable plastic toilet article kits. Come early (while the supply lasts) and bring your identifi- · cation \LD. care) to receive your student Gift-Pax.

Student Personnel Offices Relocated The offices pertaining to the Department of Student Personnel services-that of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Chaplain, the Director of Student Activities-have all been moved to the basement area of Holy Spirit Library. The SGA office remains in its former quarters and the publications office has been moved to the site of the former bookstore. Hence, this area should become the focal point for all student activities and services on campus.

Six New Teachers Join Faculty This year Cabrini welcomes six new members to its faculty. They are: Mr. Gerald Leahy from Huntington Valley, Pa. (Fine Arts Dept.) Dr. John De Turck from Devon, Pa. (Biology Dept.) Dr. !..eda M. Jaworski from Narberth, Pa. (Language Dept.) Mr. . Carter W. Craigie from Narberth, Pa. (Sociology) Mr. Girolamo Vitelli from Rosemont, Pa. (Social Science Dept.) Mr. Frank Hartleroad from Audubon, Pa. (Sociology)

FILM FESTIVAL: "The Heart Is a

Lonely Hunter"

September 1970, Cabrini is alive once again as a college community. Administrators, faculty, staff, and students and back to the "old grind." Eager new faces are seen in the crowd. Frosh, transfer students, faculty, administration and staff prepare to take on a new college experience. Welcome, and join in our enthusiasm as we look forward to a great year. Soc!ally we are a very close knit community, friendly and, capable of working together with channels to air our differences. The student body makes up a large part of our collegE: community. Within the student body there are many sections, the day hops and residents, and the four classes. Each group has its own special needs. The Freshma~ are looking_forward to four years of college; they are anx10us and a little bewildered. The Sophomores are glad they are no longer Freshmen; they feel at home and are ready to dive into college life. The Juniors are old timers now; they are the "little big kids," almost finished with thei.r requirements and deep in their major fields. The Seniors are happy and sad; happy that it's almost over, but sad knowing they will miss it, and wondering what in the world they will do when they get out. It is all these groups, together, that make up the student body, each contributinig its own ideas. It has been so in the past and will be so in the future. · Acad.emically w.e have new majors and new subjects (a~ythmg from fme arts to theology), less requirements which make room for more electives, and highly rated facult~. The faculty members are very understanding and are available for anyone who needs them. Office hours are posted, or appointments can be made. Small classes also allow for individual attention. We have a "lot going for us" as an old saying goes, but there must also be an effort ~n our part to make it work. Two great achievements of last year must not be forgotten-the abolishment of the dress code and the cut system. Put this together with liberal curfews and you get freedom which brings Cabrini closer to realization as a true college. Remember, one of the main goals of college is an academic learning experience. Let us uphold our responsibilities toward ~his end. Failure and flunking out may be an unwanted experience brought on by lack of studying and an excess of cutting. Cabrini should stand up front in the Women's Liberation Movement for all that is good there-in. We are four hundred capable women, part of a young modern college that is conscious of the world around us and not afraid of change. Asprins-Cough Drops Clearasil -Ponds products products COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND!!!

College Shop Relocated The Cabrini College Bookstore has been relocated in a section of the Sacred Heart Lounge and is offering a whole new line of merchandise. Some of the newly stocked items are: T-shirts-Prell Gym suits-Murine -Schraff's Pennants-Candy Kodak filmBreck products -Transistor -Batteries Jean Nate products Greeting cards-Stationary Woolite-Magic markers Q-tips-Dis-poz-a-lite

October 5th. A panel of 'experts' will judge the exhibits and award prizes in the various categories.



Literary Club "THE EFFECT


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September 11, 1970

Dear Crabby As usual, I have brought too much junk back to school with me. My closet is j~mmed . full, and there is no space in my room. What can I do? -Cluttered Dear Cluttered, Burn it, bury it, or send it home COD.

* * * Dear Crabby, I am new at Cabrini, and I would like to know what points of interest there are in the vicinity? -Beginner Dear Beginner, Merc's, the Mansion, the Corral, and Villanova-in that order.



Film Festival:

Thoughts for the Day Know how to give without tation,


Cabrini College's 1970 Film Festival opens with Peter Yates production of Bullitt. Running from September 7 to 9, inclusive, this movie has received enthusiastic reviews. The official Warner Brothers synopsis fol* * * lows: Dear Crabby, BULLITT How far is it to Villanova? "There aren't many cops .like -U. of V. or bust Bullitt around-Italian shoes, Dear Bust, turtleneck, reports about persFifty five minutes on foot, onal misconduct, his "disrupten minutes by car, three stops tive" influence. You get to wonon ihe Paoli Local, or if you der if he's up for trade, and are really anxious, one pick up. easy mark. But when some rare * * * Chi_cago l9o_g_stacts niJlingJn s..._....... _ ......_..;;.4-1"" . San Francisco, they give Bullitt Dear Crabby, the mop. If they weren't exI am a day hop. The book And the plot is dense with deactly doing him a favor, they store is beautiful, but where tail about the way things work: sure did a great big one for the does one go in Sacred Heart to hospitals, police, young politicscreen." relax between classes? ians with futures, gangsters, " 'Bullitt' is probably the most -Oppressed airports, love affairs, traffic, exciting and talked about deDear Oppressed, dingy hotels. The setting in San tective story in years. And that's Try the foyer. There's room Francisco, is solidly there, and because of its star-Steve Mcfor everyone. the ending should satisfy fans Queen. He just perfect. Watch from 'Dragnet' to Camus. It's him. Quietly stealing a news* * * all so real ... and brilliant." paper because he hasn't got a "One of the best movies I've Dear Crabby, dime or exchanging just the seen this year with the most This is my second year at right look with a negro exciting 15 minutes of cinema Woodcrest. .It's great to be back surgeon who understands, or I've seen in I don't know how in the same old room again; summing up his ability to kill long!" every spot on the rug brings and to make love to his girl ... Saturday Review back pleasant memories. Some(Jacquelin Bisset); he embodies thing troubles me; I feel anoth"A winner! It fastens your seat a special kind of aware-less er's presence in the room and belt from the start. A Super taut and hardshell than Bogart, can't imagine .what it is. movie!" less lost r.:r.d adrift than Mas-Puzzled . .. Cosmopolitan troianni, a little of both-an exDear Puzzled, "A crime flick with a taste of istential cool." It could be Emily, but sit genious ... an action sequence "Under British director Peter down and brace yourself, it's that must be compared with the Yates' brilliant control there are your image. Hooray, at last! best in film history!" two knockout chases, one It's about time-fanfare, red ... Life Magazine around and under a jet aircraft carpet-MIRRORS. taking off at night, and the¡ other, by car, over the San FranCalendar (con't.) cisco hills. Yates' staging of this (Continued from Page 1) one is not to be believed. He CONCERT room to write in additional didn't speed up the camera, he events as they are made known: just let McQueen drive, and The edition now available conspeeds of 115 miles an hour tains the first semester only, were really happening." but the second semester will "Credit 'Bullitt" for its writing also be printed and can easily too. Ifs the way people talk. be slipped into the handsome leatherette case. Congratulations to Marge Grilli for her hard work in collating all the data and to Norma for her artistic endeavSTAFF BOX ors. LOQUITUR



How to lose without regret, and how to acquire without meaness.

. * * * A day of Rain: Somebody passes my gate with irises. -Shintokci

* * * The Wise Man reads both books and life itself -Lin Yutang

~ ersonal


Congratulations to: -The incoming Freshmen Class -Cabrini's new teachers -Dr. Romano for being one of 42 chosen applicants to spend six weeks at the Institute in Greek philosophy and Science at Colorado College. -Those girls who made the Dean's List for the Spring semester of 1970. -Norma Garbo and Marge Grilli for the wonderful job they did in formulating the new school calendar. ¡


'&~vr i Carryout Countw Chicken ~ it~






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Deans List (con't.) (Continued from Page 1) Bingham, Maryann Feighan, Dorothy Flagello, Carol Lanni, Rita Leombrone, Camille Letts, Kathleen Lucchesi, Joanne

70% Off On All Dinners above $1.25 to All Cabrini Students who Show I.D. Phone Orders Ahead-MU


Open Weekdays and Sundays - 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM CORNER N. WAYNE and WEST AVES. WAYNE O'Malley. Sister Maureen, H.R.S. Panettieri, Sister Lucy Stephan, Christine Freshmen-Sophomores Feighan, Maryann Lai, Elizabeth Mulloy, Mary ,Jo McHale, Nancy Thomas, Paula Valente, Maria

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September 11, 1970

105 In Freshman Class · This year Cabrini College has accepted 105 g_irls into the freshman class of 1970-71. Loquitur joins with the rest of the school in welcoming them.

R. Barbara R. R.

R. The following is a compiled list of the girls' names and . R. where they are from.

D. Diane Amadio Havertowri., Pa. R. Eileen

L. Aumock Freehold, N.J.

T. Bachi Trenton, N.J. D. Mary L. Barry Drexel Hill, Pa. D. Barbara Ann Bedard Upper Darby, Pa. R. Patricia A. Berry Springfield, Pa . D. Alexandra E. Borzillo Norristown, Pa. D. Christine M . . Bowden Phila., _Pa: D. Maureen F. Breen Drexel Hill, Pa. D. Daria Burmaster Norristown, Pa. D. Lea Butler Berwyn, Pa. D. Pamela Byrne St. Davids , Pa. R. Marietta P. Cahill Wildwood, N.J. R. Janet C. Callagahan Folsom, Pa. R. Louise D. Canneto Bradely Beach, N.J. R. Susan C. Carey New York, New York R. Angela Mary Carsillo Wildwood Crest, N.J. R. Theresa A. Cavanaugh Boxford, Mass. R. Concetta Mary Cesare Pennsauken, N.J. R. Jane Connelly Westville, N.J. R. Susan E. Cori Glen Rock, N.J. R. Pamela A. Cosgrove Sugar-Loaf, N.Y. D. Mary Lou Costa Phila., Pa. D. Stephanie M. Costa Drexel Hill, Pa. · R. · Marie A. Craparotta Toms River, N.J. R. Joan M. Dalton Nutley, N.J. D. Lewis N . DeFelice, Ardmore, Pa. R. Dana C. De Friedberg Springlake, N.J. R. Julia E. Di Carlo Gloucester, N.J. R. Christine J. Dillon Athens, Pa. D. Pauline N. Di Tonno Phila., Pa. R. Beverly J. Dooley Seagirt, N.J. D. Patricia L. Eckenrode Lansdowne, Pa. D. Linda '\ M. Fascenda Phila., Pa. R. Mary E. Fitzgerald Floral Park, N.Y. D. Katq_leen Fitzpatrick Broomall, Pa. D. Donna M. Flanagan Glenolden, Pa. R. Kathleen A. Fusco Islip Terrace, N.Y. R. ·Janet E. Hauserman Ardmore, Pa. R. Jo Ann M. Hinkle Bridgeport, Pa. R. Anne Hoffman Allentown, Pa. R. Patricia A. Hollmen Toms River, N.J.

R. R. R.

R. Barbara


D. D. D. D.

R: R.

D. D. R. R. R.

R. D. D. R. R.

D. R. R. D. R. .,R.


R. R. R.

D. D. R.

A. Hughes Wansmassa, N.J. Elizabeth A. Kealy Jersey City, N.J. Patricia D. Kelly Toms River, N.J. Mary Anne E. Kielt Freeport, N.Y. Patricia A. Kienle Kennett Square, Pa. Dawn M. Kuchta Trenton, N.J. Charlene S. Kuhn Camp Hill, Pa. Marlyne T. La Corte Broomall, Pa. Patricia A. La Rocque Greensburg, Pa. Joan E. Lavin Lansdowne, Pa. Suzanne M. Lennon Newtown Square, Pa. Anne E. Loenard Drexel Hill, Pa. Donna M. Letts Havertown, Pa. Bette-Rose Limoggio Melville, N.Y. Mary Louise · Longobardi Wildwood, N.J. Kathlee _n L. Mackuse Phila., Pa. Debra Anne Maguire Phila., Pa. Susan J. Mager Verona, N.J. Deborah Rita Marella Berlin, N.J. Deborah M. Martenz Toms River, N.J. Tara N. Maxwell Garden City, N:Y. Joyce L. McCreesh Drexel Hill, Pa. Mary Elizabeth McGovern Mountainside, N.J. Patricia A. McManus Chester lieights, Pa. Gilda A. Mejia Hammonton, N.J. Carol Anne Mele Springfield, Pa. Joan M. Mercadante Drexel ·Hiil, Pa. Margaret M. Meyer Toms River, N'.J. Joanne T. Mirra Broomall, Pa. Judith A. Mooers Wildwood, N.J. Laurie Muhlenhaupt Northport, N.Y. Nora L. Nasielski King of Prussia, Pa. Pcftricia E. O'Donnell Magnolia, N.J. Deborah Ann Offenbaker Lancaster-, Pa. Paula M. Onorato Vineland, N.J. Loretta C. Ornstine Phila., Pa. Roselynn Pancari Merion, Pa. Alice Perez New York, N.Y.

D. Anne E. Powers Drexel Hill, Pa. R. Denise A. Saia Hammonton, N.J. R. Carol Anne Samaha West Deal, ,N.J. R. Marion E. Sandman Cape May, N.J. R. Lydia T. Silva Neptune, N.J. R. Adrienne L. Smith Bradley Beach, N.J. D. Marybeth Smyth Springfield, Pa. R. Barbara Ann Solga Allentown, Pa. R. Colleen M. Stramback South Amboy , N.J. D. Carolyn A. Taddie Springfield, Pa. R. Agatha M. Tarquino Vineland, N.J. R. Sharon Lee Tell Lancaster, Pa. D. Helen R. Totaro Rosemont, Pa. D. Tina M. Triggiani Springfield, . Pa. R. Anna M :- Tulli Trenton, N.J. D. Bernadette A. Velotta Drexel Hill, Pa. D. Christine T. Verdi Drexel Hill, Pa. R. Patricia Amy Vertucci Huntington, N.Y. R. Mary C. Vogel Norris town, Pa . R. Deborah A. Watson Cherry Hill, N.J. R. Barbara A. West Spring Lake, N.J. D. Christine M. White West Chester, Pa. R. Diane E. Woods Fort Washington, Pa. R. Rose M. Worthington Mantua, N.J. R. Joan M. Zoller - Westfield, N.J.

Calendar of Events Tuesday, Sept. 7 - Freshman resident students arrive. Freshman Orientation. Wednesday, Sept. 8 - Upperclass resident students arrive. Freshman Orientation continues. Registration for all students. Film Festival opens: "Bullit." Thursday, Sept. 9 - Presidential Convocation . Classes begin. Wednesday, Sept. 16 - Philosophy Club Seminar. Monday to Friday, Sept. 21 - 25 - Social Action Awareness Week. Fili;n Festival: "The Heart is a Lonely -Hunter." Tuesday, Sept. 22 - Literary Club: "The Effect of Advertising on . Contemporary Literature." Sunday, Sept. 27 - Concert: George Collins. Wednesday , Sept. 30 - - Interdepartmental Symposium: "Language: Instrument of Communication." Saturday, Oct. 10 -


basketball game.

Friqay & Saturday, Oct. 9 - 10 Saturday, Nov. 14 -

Parents Weekend.

Senior Class Party.

Announcing • • • A CONTEST


WRITING sponsored

by the


college philosophy club Essay Topic : FREEDOM AND THE LIBERAL ARTS FIRST PRIZE: $50.00 Second Prize: $25.00 Contest is open to all students of Cabrini College with the ex-

ception of the philosophy officers.

Essay · must be - at least 1500 words in length and typed. Contestants must register before September 18, 1970; essays must be submitted on or before November 13, 1970. Winning essays will be announced before Christmas vacation. Each essay will be assigned a number so that the judges will not know the author of what is being judged. Judges will be announced at a later date.


GOOD LUCK to all the





Sept. 11, 1970 issue 01 Loquitur  

1970-71 issue 01 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Sept. 11, 1970

Sept. 11, 1970 issue 01 Loquitur  

1970-71 issue 01 Loquitur Cabrini College student newspaper, Radnor, PA 19087 Sept. 11, 1970