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Volume 57 Number 30 | July 23, 2012

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Last Thursday, the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, issued the first War of 1812 Commemorative Pin to MARPAC’s Sailor of the Quarter, LS Mathieu Blais. The pins will be worn by CF members for the balance of the commemoration period. Read the full story on page 16.

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July 23, 2012

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Photo by Shelley Lipke, Lookout

RAdm Bill Truelove, your new admiral overlooking ships in Dockyard.

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Getting to know your Admiral Shelley Lipke Staff Writer The majority of boxes have been unpacked in the Admiral’s house and RAdm Bill Truelove is settling into his corner office at D100 with a view of Esquimalt Harbour and the task at hand – commanding Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) and Joint Task Force Pacific (JTFP). “It’s incredible to be back here,” he said staring out his window. “It’s been five years since we were on this coast and we are thrilled to be back among these folks and this exciting team.” Late last year from his post in Kabul, Afghanistan, RAdm Truelove learned his next post would be in Victoria where he would assume the responsibilities of Commander of MARPAC and JTFP. “Getting this appointment was a thrill for me. It is both exciting and daunting to a degree as it is a significant posting. When I received official word I was incredibly honoured and humbled by the announcement,” he said. RAdm Truelove began his career at Royal Roads military college and he met his wife Brenda on a blind date in Victoria. “We got married in front of the castle at Royal Roads and Victoria is home for Brenda, so she is very happy to be back,” he said. “We both have a lot of history here and it’s nice to see familiar faces.” RAdm Truelove grew up a “navy brat”. His father served 36 years and attained the rank of Chief Petty Officer. “My dad has always taught me the critical role that our chiefs, petty officers and leaders play in the navy. I grew up seeing him go away a lot and we moved every few years and

now I have done that with my children. My daughter reminded me once that it was 12 schools in 13 years and it struck home with me that we can never thank our families enough for what they do to support us,” he said. RAdm Truelove’s daughter Ashley is a nanny in Switzerland, while his son Anthony is following in his dad’s footsteps and is posted to HMCS Calgary in November as an engineering officer. “I have had the great privilege of commanding units along the way, but I have always been a believer that you need to lead by being out and about interacting, engaging and discussing with people what needs to be done first hand. You have to enable those who are doing the work in person, so I consider my role one of helping the team along and enabling their success,” he said. Throughout his career, RAdm Truelove has spent time in Afghanistan, commanded HMCS Regina and NOTC Venture and held other significant appointments. “For me what probably stands out the most is the range and breadth of opportunity the CF has afforded me throughout my career,” he said. “My first impression of this Formation is that it is committed to achieving operational excellence. As I settle in I see the frigates going through their modernization programmes and the submarines progressing to full capability, and the navy continuing to go through its transformation as we prepare for the future. There is lots of change over the next decade as we look to rejuvenate the structure and look forward to continued success,” he said.

“I think the challenge will be the scope of activity we have underway in the navy right now. Being able to manage that is a huge collective effort which takes innovation, planning and teamwork; but, I have no doubt the Formation will rise to the challenge.” When not commanding MARPAC, RAdm Truelove enjoys kayaking, keeping fit, golfing and especially spending time with his family. Most people don’t know that he loves horses and used to compete in show jumping and equestrian cross country endurance races. He also has two pets – a parrot named Quinn and a terrier Shih Tzu cross named Bailey. When asked how he likes the Admirals’ residence in Dockyard he said, “Not bad digs. We are among all the sailors, the wildlife and of course the view of the ocean is a great reminder of what we are here to do. It’s nice to be able to look out over that important ocean and reflect on what our mission is all about. We love it.” RAdm Truelove and Brenda are looking forward to an Alaska cruise late this summer. “Most of all I’m looking forward to spending time with my family,” he said. “I’m excited, honoured and privileged to be a part of this team. As we see the Formation move through the next chapter there is an awful lot going on. The future is very, very bright in the navy and I am proud to be a part of that,” he said. RAdm Truelove identified the activity of “meeting and developing relationships with the people on base” as amongst his top priorities over the course of his time as Admiral.


July 23, 2012

Greening the MSE Fleet Shelley Lipke Staff Writer With 22 hybrids, electric and solar powered vehicles, CFB Esquimalt is the greenest Mobile Support Equipment (MSE) Fleet in the Canadian Forces. Embracing the Government’s policy on green procurement, Transportation Electrical Mechanical Engineering (TEME) is ‘Greening the Fleet’, with its commercial fleet of vehicles. “Diesel is more efficient than gas; hybrids use less gas; and hydro electric power is better for the environment which means electric cars are the best alternative,” says Ivy Burkhart, Assistant Vehicle Fleet Manager. CFB Esquimalt is in the lead with the most electric vehicles nationally and with green procurement in general. “We are trying to reduce the number of vehicles on the base and encourage people to share those available,” said Burkhart. “We are going for more efficient use of our fleet so rather than have one truck, van, or car for one unit or section we are trying to get more sharing of vehicles to increase

the number of people using them. We are also looking at smaller vehicles that are more efficient.” TEME also looks at the equipment that goes into the vehicles to cut down on the carbon footprint. “We buy aftermarket equipment like canopies, shelving units, or pull out beds from local vendors to cut down on shipping costs,” said Burkhart. GPS is also being used now to dispatch vehicles and send messages between dispatch and the drivers, replacing cell phone use. Hybrid cars on base include the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Sonata and TEME is looking forward to buying more hybrid trucks to replace gas powered ones currently in use. The current fleet of John Deer Gators are being replaced by eight Toro Workman utility terrain vehicles that will be used by Construction Engineering and Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF) to transport supplies. These small but powerful trucks have a 450 kilogram towing capacity and a 350 kilogram dump box capacity. “These are solar electric powered vehicles so we will be using

less electricity because the solar panel charges when the vehicle is in use or sitting still,” said Burkhart. Charging stations are being installed this summer on base before the Toro’s are issued to the units for use. TEME also has electric powered Might-E-Trucks and vans which are used to transport and deliver materials around Dockyard and Construction Engineering and also transport diving gear to and from the jetty at Fleet Diving Unit Pacific. The Mitsubishi MiEV is a fully electric car issued to MARPAC as an admin vehicle. “In the future we are going to have more electric vehicles, more hybrid vehicles, and more efficient use of the vehicles,” said Burkhart. “I am quite proud of the support that transport in general is giving to the greening initiative and I am encouraged by the positive response from our customers with the use of the electric vehicles and the hybrids,” she said. The greening of the fleet stemmed from an initiative following the Kyoto Accord in 2007 and is now part of the Federal Sustainable

Photo by Shelley Lipke, Lookout

Ivy Burkhart, assistant vehicle fleet manager shows the new Toro fleet. This fleet of eight will replace the gas powered John Deer Gator vehicles for Fleet Maintenance Facility and Construction Engineering. These tough mini trucks have a capacity to pull over 450 kilograms and are electric and solar powered. Charging stations will be installed this August to put the fleet to work.

Development Strategy. The initiative links to the Government of Canada policy on green procurement. As the largest federal department, Defence efforts with regard to ozone depletion and climate change are key components demonstrating federal leadership in protecting the atmosphere. Defence actively seeks to reduce the impact of releases and emissions on air quality and minimize the introduction of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances into the environment. While there are obvious limitations on the environmental expectations that can be placed on aircraft, ships and vehicles comprising the national security fleet, Defence maintains a large fleet of commercial type vehicles. As part of strategic commitment, Defence will continue its efforts on improving or “greening” the use of its commercial vehicle fleet to support ozone depletion, air quality and climate change.

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July 23, 2012


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Lookout asked this question:

If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

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I’d want to be Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. He’s a very wise man, a leader, and helps people through some dangerous situations. Rocky Passarell

I’d want to be Robin Hood. He’s the classic underdog hero, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog. PO2 Peter Aubin

Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. He’s so energetic and enthusiastic. I wish I had that energy. LS Patrick Gray

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1. Who was the first NHL winner of the Stanley Cup? 2. What player received the most ballots in the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame voting? 3. Who receives 4/7th of one share of NBA TV revenue? 4. How many American CFL teams were there? 5. In which movie was there a character named Paul Crewe? 6. Which NCAA team averaged the most yards in offence in a season? 7. Bruce Dowbiggin wrote a book about an integral part of hockey, which part? 8. What university’s fight song is ‘Hail and Health’? 9. What team lost the most consecutive NBA games in a season? 10. What was the nickname of the Macon, Georgia hockey team? 11. What Bruins star retired as the NHL career leader in points? 12. What word is the game Tennis derived from? 13. Who has the most PGA wins? 14. Who wins the Red Tilson Trophy each year? 15. Who were the owners of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the NY Giants, who both moved their teams to California? 16. What movie had a character named Roy Hobbs? 17. What owner lured Rocket Ismail to come to Toronto? 18. Who are the Oslo Vikings? 19. Who rode the last Triple Crown winning horse Affirmed to victory? 20. Who was Albert ‘Red’ Tilson?


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Sports Trivia answers 1. Toronto Arenas 2. Ty Cobb 3. Spirit of St Louis owners of ABA who foresaw the value of television in the 70’s, have received this amount for close to forty years with no end in sight.(over $15 Million a year now) 4. Seven, Memphis, Shreveport, Baltimore, Birmingham, Las Vegas, Sacramento and San Antonio 5. The longest Yard; portrayed by both Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler. 6. Houston 1989, 625 yards a game, they also hold the passing per

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Definitely Batman. In a world of super villains, he doesn’t even have any super powers. He just gets the work done through determination and skill. SLt Martin Mahoney

game record at over 500 yards 7. The Stick; A History, A Celebration, An Elegy. 8. St Francis Xavier University 9. Last seasons Cavs......26 10. Macon Whoopees 11. Bill Cowley retired in 1947 with 548 points 12. French word ‘Tenez’ original game ball was hit with hand. 13. Sam Snead with 82, followed by Jack Nicklaus at 73 and Tiger Woods at 71 14. Most Outstanding Player of the OHL each year 15. Dodgers, Walter O’Malley and Giants Horace Stoneham 16. The Natural 17. Bruce McNall 18. Team in the Norwegian American Football League 19. Steve Cauthen was 18 when he won the Triple Crown. 20. He was a member of the Oshawa Generals who left hockey to go to WW2. Being a Lance Corporal with the Queens own Rifles he died on Oct 27 1944 in Belgium and is buried in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery. His unit battled to take the Scheldt Estuary and was successful.


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We published this image in our 29th issue and incorrectly identified LCdr Andy Cooper (right), as HMCS Chicoutimi’s Commanding Officer. In fact, he is the boat’s Marine System’s Engineering Officer.


July 23, 2012

On the laugh track for charity Shawn O’Hara Staff Writer Cpl Shawn Lawrence loves comedy. Recently he decided to put that passion to work. Taking over the Junior Ranks Mess on base at CFB Kingston, he put together a group of comedians, most of which have served in the military or have family in the military, and sold about 125 tickets. The second show sold out completely. Word had gotten out, and the Forces Comedy Tour was born. Though still in it’s infancy, the goal of the Forces Comedy Tour is to bring

a morale boosting performance to bases throughout Canada, and one day maybe overseas. “I’d love to do a show for the troops in the Middle East,” says Cpl Lawrence. “That’s always been a dream of mine, but right now I think it’s going

to stay a dream.” For now, the goal is to focus on the shows at home. With a show coming up later this month, tickets are already selling fast. After a deployment to Afghanistan, Cpl Lawrence returned home with the

goal of finding a way to give back to the troops and their families. To a comedian launching a comedy show made perfect sense. The proceeds from their shows go to support groups like Military Minds, Soldier On, Wounded Warrior, and the Military Family Resource Centre. “The main goal of the tour is to give back any way we can,” says Cpl Lawrence. “Most of us have either served, or have family in the forces, so we know what its like. We want to help give back to the organizations that support people just like us, and if we can make people laugh along the way, that’s a bonus.”

SAR Techs hoist sailors to safety Captain Trevor Reid 19 Wing Public Affairs Officer Two sailors were hoisted from their stricken sailing vessel July 17 by the crew of an RCAF Cormorant helicopter after they were caught in high winds and heavy seas. The sailors sent a distress call at approximately 8:10 p.m. Monday night after they lost their rudder, engine and sails in 80 kilometer winds and four meter seas, approximately 30 miles south of Haida Gwaii Islands, in Queen Charlotte Sound. Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria (JRCC) received the call and dispatched a Buffalo search and rescue airplane and a Cormorant helicopter from 19 Wing Comox. Nearby cruise

ship, the Star Princess, was also summoned to help, as were Canadian Coast Guard vessels Tanu and Cape Farewell. The Buffalo aircraft arrived on scene first and dropped a two-way radio by parachute to reestablish communication with the sailors who had lost their radio shortly after sending the “Mayday”. The cruise ship maneuvered in an attempt to block some of the high waves, while the Cormorant helicopter arrived to begin the rescue. “We assessed the situation and determined it was very dangerous for the people on board,” said Capt Jean Leroux, aircraft commander of the Cormorant. “We tried to put a Search and Rescue Technician (SAR Tech) on the deck, but it was impossible due

to the masts, loose cables and torn sails. We lowered the SAR Tech into the water to the aft of the boat and he swam to get on board,” said Capt Leroux. “The boat was going up and down, side to side quite a bit as I swam,” said SAR Tech, Sergeant Robin Richardson. The sailors were able to throw a guideline to Sgt Richardson and help him aboard. Once on the boat, Sgt Richardson and Flight Engineer, Cpl Kent Campbell aboard the Cormorant worked together to hoist the men from the rolling ship approximately 55 feet into the hovering helicopter. Both men were flown to Port Hardy and as a precaution were transferred into the care of BC Ambulance.

Language Training Division makes move Shawn O’Hara Staff Writer On July 31st the Language Training Division will be pulling up stakes at their location at 670 Lampson Street, and setting up in building 1092 at Work Point. The move is due in part to expansion by l’Ecole Victor Brodeur into the space currently occupied by the Language Training Division, and also in part to the end of the division’s lease on the space as of August 31. While the new space will be considerably smaller, the services provided by the Language Training Division will not change with one exception; the Decentralized Military Second Language Training Program (DMSLTP), which is coordinated by the Formation Official Language Coordinator (FCOL), will now be delivered in a classroom set up at Nelles Block in room N34.

LCol Anne Parker of the Language Training Division says that while the space will be smaller, students will have better access to facilities like the Gun Room and Venture Gym, as well as

stronger access to DWAN. “As with any change, there will be an adjustment period for all of us,” says LCol Parker. “At the end of the day, the Workpoint location will let us take full advan-

tage of all the excellent amenities offered by the Base. We look forward to continued success in assisting our students achieve their second language training goals.”


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July 23, 2012

DND has been recognized with a United Way Honorary Life Membership in celebration of the United Way of Greater Victoria's 75th anniversary in 2012. Seen here is a photo taken from the United Way's archives dated Oct 6, 1972 and published in the Daily Colonist (now Times Colonist). Greater Victoria United Appeal representative Eric Dowell accepts money from a sea monster at the Canadian Forces Diving Unit in Colwood. The 39 member unit donated $748, or 300 per cent over its quota. Sea monster Cpl Dan Swanson aided by diver Cpl Lorne Pitman present a silver dollar fished out of Davy Jones' Locker. The local GCWCC has now raised more than six million dollars since formalized in 2002.

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July 23, 2012

Minister MacKay announces improvements for CFB Esquimalt Shelley Lipke Staff Writer Four contract awards for Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces related infrastructure projects which total $10.9 million were announced last Thursday by Minister MacKay during his visit to CFB Esquimalt. The four projects including replacing obsolete electrical equipment at Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Rocky Point, outfitting the Canadian Towed Array Sonar System block, repairs to A-Jetty, and the replacement of transformers at the

Canadian Forces Fleet School. “The Government of Canada is determined to provide modern, efficient and effective infrastructure for our Canadian Forces personnel. I am pleased to show continued progress on these goals, which is in line with our commitment to give our men and women in uniform the support they need so they are fully prepared when the call to action comes,” said Minister MacKay. “These projects also provide the economy with important local jobs,” he said. Rocky Point’s Ammunition Depot upgrade to their electrical and communications systems includes the installation of a new electrical grid including feeder

lines, distribution panels and transformers to magazines and improved lighting. G&E Contracting was awarded the $5.8 million contract. The Canadian Towed Array Sonar System block is a 1,600 square meter extension to Fleet Maintenance Facility’s Dockyard 250 which houses the new combat/electronic work centre. This work centre will include the units responsible for the maintenance and repair efforts conducted on all electronic ship systems, such as communications, radar and electronic warfare sensor equipment. The contract involves outfitting this facility with the electrical, mechanical architec-

tural and industrial shop support features required for the functions that will be found within the building. Ledcor Construction has been awarded the $2.9 million contract. A-jetty’s structural repair involves the replacement deteriorated piles, bracing, timbers and other key structural members. RUSKIN Construction won this $1.1 million contract for services. Canadian Forces Fleet School’s transformer replacement project will include new cables, switchboards and transformers which are reaching the end of their lifespan. EMERY Electrical won the $1.1 million contract.

Photo by Cpl Charles A. Stephen, MARPAC Imaging Services

Above: The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, addresses local business leaders, members of the Defence team and invited media at the Wardroom during an announcement of significant infrastructure investment last Thursday.


July 23, 2012

RAVEN Program Builds Bridges Shawn O’Hara Staff Writer

The communities of Canada are a rich tapestry of culture, and its military is no different. It’s important to build relationships within these communities, and that’s what the RAVEN program aims to do. RAVEN is a program with the goal of reaching out to Aboriginal communities in Canada. It offers training and experience that can open up career paths in the military and civilian sectors of the Department of National Defence (DND). The program consists of a three to four day culture camp, where les-

sons are held that explore the culture of the First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities throughout Canada. The culture camps are followed by five weeks of military training taking place at CFB Esquimalt. At the end of the program, participants are awarded a Basic Military Qualification and the opportunity to pursue a career in the Reserve or Regular Force, or civilian occupation at DND. PO1 Joe Proctor, program coordinator for RAVEN, says that the program offers opportunities that some of their participants would never have. “Some of the participants come from communities of 100 people or less,” says PO1 Proctor. “They’ve

never been on a plane, or seen structures larger than one story. It can be a culture shock.” He says the skills learned during RAVEN programs build character, and the ability to work together is invaluable. “We try to take these kids, many from very different backgrounds, and turn them into a team,” says PO1 Proctor. “Whether it’s putting a vessel out to sea, getting an aircraft in the sky, or deploying a battalion of troops into the field, everybody has an important part of the process. If you’re not working as a team, it won’t happen.” PO2 Eric Schaning has been a part of RAVEN in one way or another since it’s inception in 2003, and says the bridges

built between the military and First Nations communities through RAVEN are invaluable. “It gets us in contact with communities in Canada that we wouldn’t normally have contact with,” says PO2 Schaning. “We learn more about their aboriginal culture and they learn more about the military. It’s a mutually beneficial thing.” He says the confidence gained through the program, and the challenges they overcome, have helped many graduates to go on to university and pursue careers. “Some of them go on to become lawyers, doctors, or officers in the military,” says PO2 Schaning. “The training they complete here can change their lives.”

Left: Sixty three First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth are taking part in this year's six week Raven program which kicked off July 9 at Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental Test Range (CFMETR) in Nanoose Bay with a culture camp led by Aboriginal elders. The cultural portion allows the youth to connect with their cultures and get to know one another before the CF training begins at Naval Officer Training Centre (NOTC) Venture. Seen here youth learn the Inuit tradition of building an Inukshuk as one of many activities at the culture camp. Below: Laryssa Sutherland, Joelle Corrigal and Sherilyn Sewoee show drums, Metis sashes and Red River carts they made at the culture camp. Photos by Shelley Lipke, Lookout


July 23, 2012

Victoria aces penultimate test

Shawn O’Hara Staff Writer Onboard HMCS Victoria the air was alive with excitement. History was about to be made. Victoria was about to launch its first war shot torpedo. The target was a hulk, the decommissioned Mars-class supply ship formerly known as USS Concord. After much preparation and a flurry of action, the projectile lanced out under the waves, detonating under the grey hulk in a spray of sea water; a successful engagement! The weapon functioning was one segment of Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) currently taking place in the waters around Hawaii. The timing for the opportunity to test Victoria’s systems and training was opportune for the boats programme and the success at RIMPAC signifies an

important milestone for the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine programme. Capt(N) Luc Cassivi, national Director of the Canadian Submarine Force, says that the launching of a war shot torpedo is not a regular occurrence. “It’s expensive, involved, and environmental specifications have to be reached in order to get such targets,” says Capt(N) Cassivi. “RIMPAC provided an opportunity. For every exercise the USN makes targets available for those who what to use them, and we seek those kinds of opportunities when they arise.” Not only did this exercise mark the first launch of a live war shot torpedo for Victoria, it marked the first launch of its type by any Canadian submarine. “We’ve had the Mark 48 torpedo in inventory for some time now and fired many exercise versions with

the Oberon and Victoria classes but we never got around to firing a live one,” says Capt(N) Cassivi. “It’s exciting because it’s a first for the crew, and a first for the country.” Capt(N) Cassivi says that the completion of the exercise validates a few things. “Firstly, it’s a validation of the accuracy of Victoria’s combat system,” says Capt(N) Cassivi. “To get this working properly requires the integration of a number of technical systems, and that’s proof that the work that was done at CFB Esquimalt was of value.” He says that it also validates the skill and capabilities of Victoria’s crew, and strengthens their confidence in Victoria itself. “It’s good for them to have that experience, and to see the systems at work,” he says. “They’ve seen it, they’ve done it, and they know what it can do. It’s a good thing to have.”


July 23, 2012

Governor General visits CFB Esquimalt Governor General of Canada David Johnston visited CFB Esquimalt last Thursday to meet and greet members of the base and families of deployed frigate HMCS Regina. "I have a great opinion of our men and women in uniform," he told his company during a brief speech. "Canadian military are serving the traditional values of duty, honour and service–" he said.

Photos by Cpl Charles A. Stephen, MARPAC Imaging Services

Governor General of Canada David Johnston joined approximately 60 guests including the Minister of National Defence at the Wardroom on Thursday. Many were family members of sailors on HMCS Regina. Both the Governor General and the Minister mingled with guests over lunch. Above: His Excellency David Johnston addresses guests. Left: His Excellency David Johnston chats with MARPAC Chief of Staff, Capt(N) Mike Knippel and Crystal Maxwell, whose spouse Devin is at sea on board HMCS Regina.


July 23, 2012

Injured hiker medevaced from Nootka Trail Captain Trevor Reid 19 Wing Public Affairs Officer An injured hiker was medevaced from the Nootka Trail by members of the Canadian Coast Guard and the RCAF, on July 17. The hiker had been walking the Nootka Trail as part of a large group, just north of Maquinna Point on Nootka Island, when she slipped and fell on some uneven rocks at approximately 5:30 p.m. The first aiders in the group, suspecting possible spinal injuries, alerted Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria and provided grid coordinates of their location along the remote trail. A Rigid-Hull Inflatable boat from Inshore Rescue Boat 507, Canadian Coast Guard, was first to respond. The boat crew stabilized the patient until a Cormorant helicopter from 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, 19 Wing Comox arrived. “We landed on the beach in a very tight area,” said Captain Luc Coates, aircraft commander. “There were a lot of large rocks and stumps and the sloped terrain meant that everyone on board had to work as a team to ensure a safe landing.”

Once on the ground, the Search and Rescue Technicians hiked approximately 150 metres from the beach to join the Coast Guard crew who had already loaded the patient onto a litter for helicopter transport. “We had communication with the Coast Guard members on the ground before we landed and they were able to direct us to the right spot and then assist the SAR Techs in carrying the patient to the helicopter,” said Capt Coates. “It was good teamwork by everyone involved.” Once on the helicopter, the patient was flown to Victoria General Hospital where she was transferred in stable condition at approximately 8:50 p.m. Search and Rescue (SAR) incidents under the federal SAR mandate are defined as “all aircraft incidents and all marine incidents in waters under federal jurisdiction. With the exception of federally owned National Parks, the overall responsibility for land and inland water search and rescue rests with the provinces, territories and municipalities. The Canadian Forces may, however, provide assistance to land and inland water rescues when possible.

Photo by Capt Blair Turner, 442 Squadron

Cormorant helicopter lands on a remote beach on Nootka Island to evacuate an injured hiker from the Nootka Trail on Tuesday evening, July 17th.

Minister announces contract for Aldergrove upgrade Shelley Lipke Staff writer During a visit to the site July 15 Minister of National Defence Peter Mackay announced the modernization of the electrical system at Naval Radio Station (NRS) Aldergrove, the Royal Canadian Navy’s communication receive station. The $1.1 million contract to Houle Electric of Burnaby, B.C. will update and expand the electrical capability by providing a new 450 kilowatt generator. For the military communications technicians at NRS Aldergrove, the Minister’s visit recognizes the role that communications support facilities provide to front line units deployed in the Pacific and Arctic regions. “The announcement of a new generator came as welcome news since it will provide enhanced reliability, functionality, and safety to the site as well as West Coast communications,” said communications maintenance technician LS Jason Price. Established in 1942, this is the 70th year that Aldergrove, in conjunction with the transmitter site at Matsqui, has provided vital long range radio support to ships,

submarines, and aircraft. The NRS provides radio coverage for the nine million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean that are the area of responsibility for Canada’s military. During his visit, the minister emphasized the department’s commitment to maintaining infrastructure through the Canada First Defence Strategy and stressed the importance of the site to naval and air personnel who continue to rely on NRS Aldergrove for critical information to do their work. The Aldergrove facility today serves multiple roles in the defence of Canada. In addition to the remotely operated radio equipment, the station also hosts the Polar Epsilon capability. Operated by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), Polar Epsilon utilizes RADARSAT-2 remote sensing data and provides Maritime surveillance in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. The site also serves as a support area for the CF in the event of a flood or earthquake. Following his visit to NRS Aldergrove, the minister departed for Hawaii to observe Canadian participants exercise in Rim of the Pacific.

Photo by Cpl Charles A. Stephen, MARPAC Imaging Services

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, greets Petty Officer Second Class Patrick Devaney as he meets with members of CFB Esquimalt’s Maintenance Detachment Aldergrove and Matsqui prior to an announcement on July 15.


July 23, 2012

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The responsibilities Canadian Forces members face during deployment can take a toll on the mind. Sometimes the best thing to ease that burden is to share with people in the same position. Military Minds is a group started by Cpl Chris Dupee of the Joint Personnel Support Unit in Toronto. It

started in 2011 as a way of helping personnel that were having trouble finding employment after being released from the Canadian Forces. As their member base grew, it spun out into a group that attempts to bring awareness, advocacy and support for PTSD and those suffering from it. The response has been overwhelming. In the last year alone, Military Minds has grown to support a community of approxi-

mately 12,000 people in 16 different countries. To these members they provide online advice, counselling, and resources through their website, Facebook page and Youtube channel. They recently launched a photo series called “You Are Not Alone”, asking members to send photos of themselves holding signs in a show of solidarity. In just a few short weeks Military Minds has received over 500 photos. Submissions are also received from members in the form of video blogs, articles, and personal stories. Warrant Officer Scott Polson, of the Pacific Naval Construction Troop is the western representative of Military Minds. He suffers from PTSD himself. He says while PTSD has been

acknowledged as a serious affliction, there is still a stigma attached to the condition. “There’s a perception that suffering from PTSD makes you weak. A lot of the time we hear people saying suck it up,” says WO Polson. “The truth is, you can’t. People get overwhelmed by the things they see, and the situations they’re in. We want them to know that the help is there.” WO Polson says for people quietly suffering from PTSD, the best thing they can do is come forward. “A lot of people are worried about what their supervisors might say,” says WO Polson. “You don’t have to disclose anything that you don’t want to, and it’s really important to just come forward and get the help.”

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July 23, 2012

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Change of Appointment

PO1 Darryl Lewis is promoted to CPO2 by Capt(N) Don Smith and LCdr Nicholas Manley at FMF Cape Breton.

Photo by Cpl Michael Bastien, MARPAC Imaging Services

The Outgoing Officer Maj James Pierotti, Reviewing Officer RAdm Bill Truelove and Incoming Maj Paul Hodge sign Change of Appointment Certificates.

PO1 Daniel Skaalrud is promoted to CPO2 at FMF Cape Breton by Capt(N) Don Smith and by his father, CPO1 (Ret’d) Milton Skaalrud.

Photo by Cpl Michael Bastien, MARPAC Imaging Services

The Outgoing Officer LCdr Carolyn Ensing, Reviewing Officer Capt(N) Mike Knippel and Incoming LCdr Duncan Green sign Change of Appointment Certificates.

Lawyers with a Canadian Forces Perspective CPO2 Don Mills is promoted to CPO1 at FMF Cape Breton by Capt(N) Don Smith and LCdr Nicholas Manley.

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July 23, 2012

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July 23, 2012

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July 23, 2012

Minister MacKay introduces War of 1812 pins Shelley Lipke Staff Writer On July 19 during his visit to CFB Esquimalt, The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence unveiled the War of 1812 Commemorative pins which will be worn by all Canadian Forces members for the next three years to mark the sacrifice and commitment of those who fought in this war from 1812-1815. He pinned the first one on Sailor of the Quarter LS Mathieu Blais during a ceremony held on the Wardroom patio.

The 1812 Commemorative banner was also unveiled which will be flown by Canadian Forces units, formations and establishments across the country. “This tribute will be a daily reminder of a key chapter in Canada’s history, and of the courageous efforts made by the regular and militia soldiers, provincial marine and the aboriginal allies who helped define who we are today,” said Minister MacKay. “Alongside our Government’s commitment to support the men and women of the Canadian Forces for the challenges of the future, we have made important

progress in preserving and promoting the history of those who served in years past.” The War of 1812 was instrumental in the development of Canada’s military and tells the story of the Canada we know today – an independent and free country in a constitutional monarchy with its own parliamentary system. French and English speaking Canadians fought and defended Canada alongside First Nations members during the War of 1812. “Canadian Forces members across the world can proudly wear their pin and fly their banners as, much

like their ancestors, they proudly serve Canada by defending its values, interests and sovereignty.” As part of its initiative to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, DND created the CF War of 1812 Commemorative Banner which will be presented to CF units, formations, and establishments whose heritage embraces service in the defence of Canada during 1812-1815. The banner will be carried, flown, or displayed throughout the 2012-2015 commemorative period and paraded thereafter by units, formations, and establishments on anniversa-

ries of events of the War of 1812. The Commemorative Banner will also be available through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada to those First Nations and Métis communities wanting to recognize and commemorate the contribution of First Nations and Métis allies to the defence of Canada during this same period. The 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 is an opportunity for all Canadians to take pride in our history and to pay tribute to our founders, defining moments in our history, and heroes who fought for Canada.

Photo by Cpl C.A.Stephen, Base Imaging

Above: The first national issue of an 1812 Commemorative Pin is presented by Minister MacKay to MARPAC’s Sailor of the Quarter, LS Mathieu Blais. Right: With help from Rear-Admiral Bill Truelove and Minister Peter MacKay, LS Mathieu Blais uncases the 1812 Commemorative Banner. Photo by Shelley Lipke, Lookout