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Volume 65 Number 23  |  June 15, 2020

newspaper.com MARPAC NEWS  CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, B.C.

Jeremy Chow August 12, 1977 - May 30, 2020

Final Farewell A convoy honouring Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton worker Jeremy Chow travels along Esquimalt Road to the Dockyard gates on June 11. Chow succumbed to Leukemia on May 30 and the procession was organized to honour him and offer a final farewell from his colleagues. Photo by Peter Mallett/Lookout

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June 15, 2020

FLEET DIVING UNIT READY FOR SSBA TRAINING Peter Mallett Staff Writer Members of Fleet Diving Unit Pacific (FDU(P)) are set to resume exercises for Clearance Diver and Clearance Diving Officer students next weekend. The Colwood-based unit of Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) will host its first clearance diver training exercise since physical distancing orders were implemented in March surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA) training exercise will take approximately three weeks to complete. On the roster are 10 students from across Canada. They are currently in the midst of a 12-month-long certification process to complete their initial and Director Level Training. Lt(N) Daniel Hawryluk, FDU(P) Director Diving Safety, says clearance diving is a completely new skill set for them. The training is intensive, complex, and difficult to re-start under COVID-19 protocols. “There are unique challenges that we as divers face when attempting to comply with social distancing in our job, and so putting together a plan to return to training was no small task and will likely require some adjustments as we put it into action,” he said. “These are unprecedented times and we have to be adaptable, but in the end we will find a way to get the job done, we always do.” As required by CAF COVID-19 health and safety regulations, visiting trainees will self-quarantine for 14 days. They will be tested for the virus on a regular basis before they gather for their first orientation meeting on June 22. Despite the precautions, Lt(N) Hawryluk says a fair degree of anticipation and excitement surrounds the resumption of training for himself, the sailors, and three other instructors from his unit. Trainees and FDU(P) staff will conduct the exercise in the protected waters of Brentwood Bay, located approximately 20 kilometres north of CFB Esquimalt. The group will sail to the location aboard Queen’s Harbour Master vessels YTD 11 and YTD Sooke, which will also transport their equipment and a Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat. Under the supervision of an instruc-

The Ultra Lightweight Surface Supply Diving System includes lightweight carbon fiber reserve and regulator tanks, a more portable surface supply system, and a much smaller umbilical cord - the long yellow hose that supplies divers with an unlimited supply of high pressure breathing gas, along with an enhanced communication system. During the training, divers will also wear the Kirby Morgan Super light 17 breathing helmet. Photo: FDU(P)

tor, trainees will dive to a depth of approximately 90 meters. Equipped with hand tools, their objective will be to make repairs to a metal box with several holes, using a variety of patches including coffer dams, plates, clothes, and rubber plugs. Submerged divers will be attached to the SSBA through a tether that contains communication lines, an airway for breathing, audio and video, and a supply of warm water to their suits to combat cold water temperatures. Divers will be rigorously tested in gas blending procedures with the SSBA to avoid the risks of decompression sickness. This will require them to achieve the correct mixture of gasses - nitrox,and heliox - at various depths. Divers will also use the on-board recompression chamber to conduct surface decompression and avoid the

health risks of ascending too quickly, also commonly referred to as ‘The Bends’. They will use the Kirby Morgan Super light 17 breathing helmet. The helmet is designed to enhance diver breathing at a variety of depths and is the same style of helmet used by navy Clearance Divers in the recovery of Swissair Flight 111 in 1998. After they have successfully patched the metal box so it is air tight, and completed their training, they will move on to the next phase. It will involve pumping the patched metal box full of air and floating it to the surface, a procedure similar to many salvage operations. That portion of the training will take place aboard the same dive tenders from July 13 to 24 in a yet-to-be-determined location off southern Vancouver Island.

There are unique challenges that we as divers face when attempting to comply with social distancing in our job, and so putting together a plan to return to training was no small task and will likely require some adjustments as we put it into action.” – Lt(N) Daniel Hawryluk, FDU(P) Director Diving Safety

June 15, 2020


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Banners honour hockey fallen Ashley Evans FMF CB Three banners have been created for future display at Naden’s Wurtele Arena to honour three defence community members passionate about hockey who passed away. Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton (FMF CB) Shops 122, 123, and 124a created the banners in the memory of Joe Lescene, who had worked in the FMF CB woodshop (122) while winding down his navy career, Rob Sneath, and Keith (Butch) Cowden. All three were CAF/DND hockey players who contributed greatly to team successes and national championships. The idea for these banners came following a tribute hockey game for Joe Lescene. Kelsey Khol, Shop Steward Shop 123, and Matt Hood, Shop Steward Shop 122, spearheaded this event after wanting to do something special for Lescene’s family. Kevin Zalba, manager of the Wurtele Arena, became involved after helping host the tribute game, where he recognized an opportunity to also honour the memory of the other two men. “I am extremely passionate about this project,” said Zalba. “They were major contributors to our hockey community and some of the nicest guys on the planet.” When Rob Sneath passed away four years ago; he

left a legacy of 30 national championships as the most highly decorated military hockey member in recent history. Keith (Butch) Cowden held a 30-plus year hockey career, and is remembered as a prolific goaltender and revered competitor. While Sneath and Cowden played for the Tritons, Lescene played for

the Angry Beavers and the FMF Outlaws. Not just a meaningful tribute, the banners were also a training opportunity that gave employees a chance to increase their skills and creativity. “The banners have been a collaborative effort of years of design, and different members of Shop 123 adding their own artistic

flair,” said Khol. “I was lucky enough to be included in this project, and during my spare time I played around with various designs while also sharpening my skills in the graphics side of our shop.” Hood contributed his efforts crafting wooden dowels, Carly Smethurst from Shop 124a sewed the banners, and the team in Shop 123 created the design, production of banners, and applied finishing to the wood. “Extreme efforts have been made to bring this to fruition,” said Zalba, expressing his gratitude to the contributions of those involved. Two banners have the Tritons colours and logo to honour Rob Sneath and Keith (Butch) Cowden, and the other banner honours Joe Lescene with the Angry Beavers colours and his jersey number. Zalba sees this as just the beginning in honouring hockey players who have made significant contributions to the local CAF/ DND teams and communities, both military and civilian alike. While there is no date set for the dedication ceremony, Zalba remains in contact with the honourees’ families, who have been invited to take part when it does. Zalba says the families are excited about the banners, and that the project has received positive feedback from all of those involved.



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4 • LOOKOUT June 15, 2020



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“HMCS Saskatoon”

Remembering Saskatoon

Garth Paul Ukrainetz Poet Laureate of the Blackmud Creek -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From the Poet I was born and raised in Saskatoon. On a typical warm day in June there were always adventures to be discovered. After school, after finishing my newspaper route, and after a quick supper, me and my buddies would hop on our 3-speed banana seat bicycles and head down to the Broadway Bridge. It was an exciting place to be. The energy of the river was amazing. To me, the Broadway Bridge was a doorway to the world. Joni Mitchell loved to explore under the Broadway Bridge. She loved the river and her hometown, which is evident in the art on the cover of her album “Clouds”. She painted a portrait of herself right in the spot where the Bridge spans the river, almost as if to say “I’m the bridge”. It’s also the same reason her friend Bob Dylan called Saskatoon “Paris of the Prairies”. Saskatoon is also home to the stone frigate HMCS Unicorn. This poem is a tribute to Broadway Bridge, HMCS Unicorn and HMCS Saskatoon (K158) for helping to guard North America against enemy attacks during the Second World War.

Canadian Vickers Shipyard, old Montreal Quebec In 90 days they build her with 5 guns around her deck A river owl is watching from a pine tree by keel block While catching all the mice and rats that sneak around her dock A lark sings on her bulwark, seagulls listen to the songs She’s launched November 7th, to the blue where she belongs After testing and fine tuning, they commission her in June With bouquet of Tiger Lillies, and they call her Saskatoon To Halifax for mission, she’s protecting shipping lanes Hunting U-boats on the Eastern Shore with Nor’east Hurricanes Then Western Local Escort Force, to Boston and New York Keeping watch on Allied war supplies of bullets, guns, and pork She listens very carefully for coyotes when they howl She sees right through the foggy clouds just like the river owl Always watching, always waiting, for a sign of sneak attack She stands on guard for thee all day, at night she guards thy back The U-boats fear her legend as they stalk Atlantic Coast They know if Saskatoon is near, she’ll see their periscopes And sometimes in the moonlight, with no reason why or how There’s an owl perched high upon astern, with Unicorn at her bow Up and down the Eastern Seaboard; worn out frets of old guitar Fingers pressed against the woodstock of machine guns aiming far In the waves the danger waiting, floating minefields ‘round the bend In distant clouds a rainbow’s pot of U-boats at the end Oh Saskatoon is watching, like the owl by old keel block Like the Unicorn on the Broadway Bridge, she’s watching ‘round the clock So if you sneak the coastline, doing things you should not do She sails on guard for freedom, and she’s coming after you The war has finally ended, all the crew sings Auld Lang Syne She gathers up the U-boats as they surface one last time And Saskatchewan is cheering ‘round the Vimy Ridge Band Stand While the Unicorn are playing, with owl and river close at hand

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Oh Saskatoon is watching, like the owl by old keel block Like the Unicorn on the Broadway Bridge, she’s watching ‘round the clock So if you sneak the coastline, doing things you should not do She sails on guard for freedom, and she’s coming after you

A Division of Personnel Support Programs CFB Esquimalt, PO Box 17000 Stn. Forces, Victoria, BC V9A 7N2

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------© 2019 Garth Paul Ukrainetz (Proudly born and raised in Saskatoon) In celebration and remembrance of the 75th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War 1945 - 2020 “Lest We Forget”

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June 15, 2020


FMF worker succumbs to cancer Peter Mallett Staff Writer A dockyard worker and father of two lost his battle with leukemia last week. Jeremy Chow, a 42-year-old shipwright joiner from Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF) Cape Breton was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in November 2018. On May 30, with his wife Evelyn Chow by his side, Jeremy lost his battle to the disease. Chow leaves behind his wife and two children, Jayla, 9, and Maile, 11. A GoFundMe campaign has been established to raise funds for Chow’s daughters with 100 percent of the donations being set aside for their education and well-being. The campaign is being run through a Match4Jeremy Facebook Page. “Jeremy will be missed dearly,” says a recent post. “He has touched the lives of so many people. He was often a source of strength and inspiration for those around him. Blessed with a quick wit and infectious laugh, he was easygoing, stoic, fair and selfless.” His more than 17-month-long battle to find a potentially life-saving stem cell donation was unsuccessful and complicated by the fact he was of mixed race. He was not able to find a donor match through national and worldwide registries. Positive stem cell matches are determined through inherited ancestral issue types and other genetic markers. The Chow family encourages those unable to make a donation to consider registering to become a stem cell donor at a local blood bank. Those wishing to contribute financial support to the family are asked to visit the GoFundMeAccount https:// www.gofundme.com/f/wwwgofundmecomhelpjeremysfamily

Jeremy Chow August 12, 1977 to May 30, 2020

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June 15, 2020

Sailors from HMCS Halifax spruced up the Bonaventure Anchor Memorial at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax on May 28, sweeping, scrubbing and painting the memorial.

HMCS Halifax visits Bonaventure Memorial for spring cleanup Ryan Melanson Trident Newspaper Members of HMCS Halifax haven’t spent much time on board their ship in recent months, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been taking it easy. The team has kept in touch and worked virtually as they prepare for their upcoming summer program. Recently they helped clean the area around the HMCS Bonaventure Anchor

Memorial in Point Pleasant Park. A group of sailors, including Commanding Officer Cdr Chris Rochon, headed to the park on May 28 to freshen up the memorial, which honours Royal Canadian Navy members who died during peacetime while carrying out their duties at sea. As part of an agreement with the city, Halifax typically conducts spring and fall cleanups at the site, and sends personnel to tidy the area at various times

through the year as required. “We brought our rakes and brooms and scrub brushes and we got to work,” said LS Doug Williams. Sailors raked and swept around the memorial, scrubbed the plaques that list the names of the fallen, and touched up the anchor itself with fresh paint. “This is a monument to some of our predecessors in the navy; people who went out and did the deed way before we did, and

people who sacrificed their lives doing that. I think of them as heroes, people who stepped up and answered the call to serve, so it’s important to remember them and this is one way we can do that,” he said. Cdr Rochon was impressed to see his sailors take the task to heart and demonstrate an understanding of the significance of the memorial to the families, friends, and former colleagues of the fallen, as well as

the wider community. He added that Halifax is excited to get back to business – the full crew returned to the ship and sailed for workups on June 14, ahead of taking over the ready-duty ship role for a period later this summer. "There's been a lot of challenges and interesting learning opportunities, using technology to bring our team together, and now we’re looking forward to getting back,” he said.

June 15, 2020


MFRC opens for business, slowly The Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre has re-opened one location and a few on-site services today, Monday June 15. Safety of patrons, staff, and volunteers is of utmost importance, so when patrons come to the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre MFRC there will be protective plexiglass barriers in place at the reception. There will be new procedures in place when it comes to the daycare. They have also implemented additional sanitization procedures at the facilities to keep everyone safe and to prevent viral transmission. Additional cleaning will be performed on a daily and weekly basis.

June 15 - Sept. 7 The MFRC at the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre reopened June 15, and will operate Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. The Signal Hill MFRC in Esquimalt re-opened at a tobe-determined date in the summer.

Daycare The daycare at the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre re-opened with the hours of operation to be finalized in the coming weeks. To better accommodate physical distancing, the MFRC plans (upon approval from licensing) to use rooms held for casual childcare and preschool. The MFRC has cancelled


all on-site programming scheduled until the end of August including Summer Fun for three to five year olds. To accommodate the daycare using more space, Casual Child Care and Deployment Respite Child Care will not be available right now. Look for updates on the resumption of these services. Please note that some respite care may be available upon request.

Information Line When you call the MFRC Information Line, you will be able to again speak with an Information and Referral staff. The information line will be available MondayFriday from 10:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. at 250-363-2640 (toll free: 1-800-353-3329). Outside of office hours, the MFRC information line will be monitored for messages. Outside of these hours, families can connect with the Family Information Line by selecting “option 1” when prompted to receive confidential, bilingual counselling.

Short-term counselling is available on a virtual basis. In-person sessions may be available upon request. If you need support for you or your family, you can call the information line at 250-363-2640 or the confidential intake line at 778-533-7736 or email cherylmacqueen@ emfrc.com.

Mail drop off Mail package drop off for deployed military members and the issuing of Military Family ID cards is available at the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre. These services will resume at the Signal Hill location in Esquimalt at a later date. The MFRC will continue to offer several online programs including Children’s Deployment Workshops, Stay and Play, Coffee Chats, and Wellness Wednesdays. Visit esquimaltmfrc.com/ events/ to see what is coming up. If you use Facebook, h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . com/pg/esquimaltmfrc/ groups/ offers information, resources, and a place to meet other people in the military community. Note that Out of School Care and Preschool will not resume in June. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email the Executive Director at jackiecarle@emfrc.com.

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June 15, 2020

■ Profile Dee-Ann Lemire, Base Administration Assistant

Keeping the branch organized



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Dee-Ann Lemire is the Administrative Assistant to the Base Administration Officer within the branch. For four years she has been the overseer of document formatting to ensure it is in keeping with the MARPAC writing guide. She also maintains the Base Administration Officer’s schedule and serves as the central point for the office and flow of documents. When COVID-19 protocols moved her home, she quickly set up a makeshift office equipped with a DND laptop and her own personal one to stay atop the work. As the base moves slowly towards return to work, she now pops into the workplace office two days a week. The overall work slowdown has allowed her much-needed time to catch up on a few special projects. As a people person, she misses the daily interactions with her colleagues and clients. But when she does interact, she engages the stringent COVID-19 protocols. “I have to be more conscious to wash my hands and to respect the arrows on the floor.” The branch is one of the largest on base, encompassing dozens of smaller units. Lemire equates it to a “family business” where most everyone knows each other. The military is a family affair - her husband served for over 30 MINISTR D years in the Canadian Armed Forces, her son is a reservist and A A TI engaged to a Ranger, and her daughter is married to a naval SE combat systems engineering officer. Before she joined the branch she was a preschool teacher. COVID-19 has also meant a few ticks off the “to-do” list, one being a backyard beautification project.

RGarrison-Standing-Lookout-202002.indd 1

OCEAN_RA_SP18_10x4.indd 1






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June 15, 2020


Military families help spread cheer

Peter Mallett Staff Writer

T Tatianna Halliman with her winning banner at Sea to Sky Cheer Champion­ships 2019. Photo by Melanie Halliman

Cheerleader Jayna Flammand (left) and Pacific Cheer Empire owner and head coach Shannon Samson display Jayna’s bronze medal banner. Flammand is the eight-year-old daughter of Cpl Kevin Flammand. She won the banner for her individual performance at the Feel The Power West Coast Championship in Vancouver, March 7, 2020. The Colwood-based sports club has several military family members and is currently looking to grow its membership. Photo by Sylvie Blais, Pacific Cheer Empire


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he Pacific Cheer Empire cheerleading club has scored some impressive results in recent competitions as it continues to grow in popularity, especially in the military community. Since opening at Colwood’s Wale Road location in 2016, the membership base of youth to adult-aged women and men has almost tripled. The club has also found competitive success. In 2018, a senior level team placed third in their division at the UCA International Championships at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida, earning them a bid invitation to compete at the U.S Finals in Las Vegas two months later. That success has come under the guidance of head coach and owner Shannon Samson. Samson, 32, has been involved in dance and cheerleading since early childhood and is a past winner of the 2012 Canadian Cheerleading Coach of the Year Award, which she earned during the Cheer Expo national cheerleading competition in Halifax. Samson moved to Victoria from her native Cape Breton in 2012 when a family member was posted to CFB Esquimalt. Samson also owns a gym in Nova Scotia and she was surprised to learn there were no cheerleading clubs in Victoria at the time, so she decided to fill that void and create her own club. “I knew military members and many people from other parts of the country

get transferred here from places where thriving cheerleading communities already exist,” said Samson. “So, being able to fill that void was a driving force behind founding Pacific Cheer Empire. It was my intent to give families a sense of belonging in their community and a place they can call their own.” Cheerleading is a team activity that combines dance, stunting, and tumbling with shouted slogans to encourage enthusiastic cheering from the audience. It has grown from high school gyms and sports fields into a sport of its own. Military mom, and now the program co-ordinator, Sylvie Blais enrolled her eight-year-old daughter, Jayna Flamand into the squad when they moved to Victoria two years ago. The youngster was a ringette player in Saint-Hubert, Québec, and was sad when she had to say goodbye to her teammates. Pacific Cheer offered her much-needed camaraderie and an athletic outlet. “I really like tumbling and learning stuff like flying and flips, but what I like best is going to competitions,” said Jayna. The enthusiasm of club members has been tempered with some recent disappointment. Their first-ever participation to the prestigious Summit International Championship competition in Orlando, Florida, in May was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person classes and training at Pacific Cheer Empire were suspended starting March 13 due to health and safety physical distancing measures. They were able to train via video

conferencing. However, with the isolation protocol being lifted, the club re-opened June 1; individuals or small groups of six can now train in person, albeit with numerous restrictions and precautions. “It really hit our athletes hard not being able to see their teammates and coaches, so now we are just so excited to be reunited with our cheer family and return to training,” said Samson. The facility is equipped with a fivepanel birchwood double layer spring floor system, as well as multiple tumbling mats and training shapes. In the coming months when the gym becomes fully operational, Samson will expand her club to offer a new dance program that will offer members both all-star competitive dance teams, as well as regular dance class options in different styles from jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and line dancing to Acro dance. “We are a sports organization and a business, but at the end of the day we really operate like a family,” said Samson. “Our main goal is to give athletes a safe place to be themselves and to really develop them, make them good human beings. We want to see our athletes contribute to society, and I know the skills they learn here such as hard work, time management, problem solving, and commitment are the type of training they require to succeed in the real world.” For more details about Pacific Cheer Empire and their program options visit www.pacificcheerempire.com or send an email to pacificcheerempire@ outlook.com.

Amanda Thorne, stepdaughter of PO2 Keith McCulloch, at the Mardi Party Cheer Extravaganza Competition Feb 2019 in Richmond.

Corporal Kevin Flamand with daughter Jayna after her performance at the Cheerfest Competition in Abbotsford in February. Photo by Sylvie Blais

Photo by Maria Thorne

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June 15, 2020



ONGRATULATIONS to Lleyton Maday from Morinville, Alberta, for winning first place in the Youth Reporter Competition. His story entitled Royal Canadian Air Cadets allows Alberta teen with ADHD to grow and succeed received the most votes. As the winner of the Youth Reporter Competition, Maday receives the grand prize package and a scholarship valued at $2,500. “My sincere congratulations to Lleyton for his winning entry. Lleyton showed real courage and strength in sharing his personal story,” said Sean N. Cantelon, CEO, CF Morale and Welfare Services. “I’m proud CFMWS was able to engage our CAF community and give young people an opportunity to stretch their wings, explore their skills, and develop confidence in doing so.” The Canadian Armed Forces Newspapers would like to thank all Youth Reporter Competition’s finalists and all entries for their hard work and for sharing their story with all of us. Thank all who took the time to read and vote for their favourite story. Thank you to our sponsor, The Royal Canadian Legion.


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Mark’s Commercial and DND – Maritime Forces Pacific partner each year to provide you with our Pay-As-You-Go workwear program. We’ve worked together with Mark’s stores so you only need to show your employee ID. Mark’s stores will recognize your employee ID’s and they will have your program information on-hand.



Mark’s Commercial and DND – Maritime

Valid at any Mark’s store. Where an item is online the lower price will apply. Not to be combined Forces Pacific partner each year to provide you with any other offer.

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with our Pay-As-You-Go workwear program.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Tonner, Corporate Sales Manager if you have any questions.

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SHARE YOUR VIEWS BY JUNE 26 For more information on all the ways to participate, and to share your ideas and input, visit our website or call the Parliamentary Committees Office.

Mark’s Commercial and DNDDID – Maritime Forces Pacific partner each to provide you YOU KNOW? 10%year DISCOUNT ON with our Pay-As-You-Go workwear program. Mark’s Commercial and DND – Maritime Forces Pacific partner ea REGULAR PRICED MERCHANDISE Mark’s Commercial and DND – Maritime Forces Pacific partner each year to provide you with our Pay-As-You-Go workwear program. our Pay-As-You-Go workwear program.

AT ANY MARK’S STORE We’ve worked together with Mark’s stores so you only need to show your employee ID. worked storesID. so you only need to sho We’ve worked together with Mark’s stores soWe’ve you only need together to show with yourMark’s employee Mark’s stores will recognize your employee ID’s and they will have your program information Mark’s stores will recognize your employee ID’s andstores they will your program information Mark’s willhave recognize your employee ID’s and they will have on-hand. on-hand. on-hand. Valid at any Mark’s store. Not to be combined with any other offer.


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don’t hesitate to contact withPlease any offer. Valid at any Mark’s store. Where an item is online the lower price willother apply. Not to be combined Lisa Tonner, Corporate Sales Manager Questions? with any other offer. if you have any questions. Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Tonner, Corporate Sales Manager if you have any questions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Tonner, Corporate Sales Mana

Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

bcleg.ca/FGSbudget Toll-free in BC 1.877.428.8337

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Tonner, Corporate Sales Manager if you have any questions.

Lisa Tonner | Corporate Sales Manager | Mark’s Commercial Lisa Tonner | Corporate Sales Manage 250.661.0754 | lisa.tonner@marks.com

250.661.0754 | lisa.tonner@

Lisa Tonner | Corporate Sales Manager | Mark’s Commercial 250.661.0754 | lisa.tonner@marks.com

June 15, 2020 LOOKOUT • 11

Commodore Richard Feltham, Commander Canadian Fleet Atlantic, presides over the Fleet Chief Change of Appointment ceremony on June 5. From left, outgoing Fleet Chief CPO1 Tom Lizotte, Cmdre Feltham, and incoming Chief CPO1 Darcy Burd. Photo by Mona Ghiz, MARLANT PA

Old shipmates reunited as Atlantic base welcomes new Fleet Chief Ryan Melanson Trident Newspaper While he may be new to Atlantic Fleet headquarters, CPO1 Darcy Burd won’t be among strangers as he assumes the role of Fleet Chief. He and Cmdre Richard Feltham have served together on HMC Ships Skeena, Preserver, Charlottetown, and Toronto, and now they’ll be working together again as they prepare to lead Canadian Fleet Atlantic through a pivotal moment. “I can’t tell you how excited I am to assume the duties and responsibilities of Fleet Chief Atlantic,” CPO1 Burd said during a ceremony held at HMC Dockyard on June 5. While the Change of Appointment took place in per-

son, the crowd was limited to key personnel and family members, and attendees remained physically distanced from each other. CPO1 Burd thanked his wife Vicky and his children for the support that allowed him to reach this career highlight, noting he’s been posted to 13 different units in 13 years, with plenty of moves and other disruptions along the way. He said he was excited to be returning to the Fleet and working alongside an old friend. With the ongoing efforts to maintain readiness levels during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also preparing for the first of the Royal Canadian Navy’s future fleet of ships to be received later this year, he noted that unique challenges likely lie ahead. Cmdre Feltham expressed

confidence that his new Chief will be the right person to handle those challenges. “It’s wonderful to see such dedicated work and professionalism over the years culminate in this very important appointment for Chief Burd. We will benefit from his NDHQ experience, his operational experience, and now his leadership in the Fleet,” he said. The Commodore also had praise for his outgoing Fleet Chief, CPO1 Tom Lizotte, who will remain close by as he prepares for his next appointment as Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) Formation Chief. He described him as a supportive colleague, a great advocate for non-commissioned members, and someone who will be able to provide great coun-

sel to RAdm Craig Baines, as well as incoming MARLANT Commander RAdm Brian Santarpia. “He led by example in all facets of his duties, and he always ensured the sailors’ interests were top of mind,” Cmdre Feltham said about CPO1 Lizotte. The outgoing Chief listed off a number of Fleet highlights from the past year, including busy programs for the Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel fleet and HMCS Oriole, on top of the Halifaxclass taking part in exercises and operations around the world. He specifically lauded the ship’s company of HMCS Fredericton for continuing to fulfill Canada’s NATO commitments overseas after suffering a tragedy at sea with the loss of its Cyclone and

six crew, as well as HMCS Ville de Quebec and HMCS Moncton, who remain ready to respond as part of Operation Laser. “It’s tremendous to have our ships available to be that ready force for Canada during the pandemic we’re going through. Everybody in the fleet should be very proud of the things that are happening,” he said. To his successor, CPO1 Lizotte offered words of encouragement, and ensured CPO1 Burd that his expertise, coupled with the dedication of the Atlantic Fleet’s sailors, will lead to success. “You have some challenges ahead of you, because the situation we find ourselves in is not an easy one, but with your wisdom and experience, you’ll lead the Fleet through it.”


June 15, 2020

Domestic Response Force trains to meet the press MARPAC Public Affairs

ENGAGE WITH US AT HOME While we’re closed, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to explore BC’s natural and human history. Our online programs, designed for learners of all ages, offer something new each week. Check out our RBCM@HOME, RBCM@HOME KIDS and RBCM@OUTSIDE series online.

Visit rbcm.ca/online and sign up today!

In May, the Domestic Response Force (DRF) undertook focused virtual public affairs training to ensure their leadership and members are prepared to interact in a modern information environment should they be activated for an operation. When tasked, the Domestic Response Force is front line in disaster relief assistance on the West Coast. Tasks could see its members operating in close quarters with the public and media on high profile missions. To prepare them, leadership engaged Maritime Forces Pacific’s (MARPAC) Public Affairs to deliver training on media relations, interview techniques, and operating in a contemporary communications environment. “This type of training is extremely important to prepare our members for interactions with the public and the media in the context of operations, or really just everyday life,” said Lieutenant Commander Anthony Wright, Senior Public Affairs Officer with MARPAC. “I was extremely pleased DRF leadership identified the need to train their team in these skills considering the likelihood their potential operations could garner both public

and media attention.” The Domestic Response Force leadership team undertook individual spokesperson training to raise their comfort level conducting formal interviews with journalists, while keeping Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) Public Affairs policy in mind as it relates to privacy and operational security. “It was a first for me delivering this kind of training virtually, but using a webinar format for the individual portion worked extremely well with participants able to tune in from home and interact,” said Captain Peter Fuerbringer, Public Affairs Officer with MARPAC. “We delivered individual training to 17 leaders in the span of two days, and it was rewarding to see how quickly they applied their training during the practical interviews. I was also able to give feedback to the DRF’s command team on how each member performed, and which leaders seemed particularly comfortable and confident.” Following the individual spokesperson training, 81 members of the Domestic Response Force were educated on basic public affairs policy, interview techniques, and social media literacy. Throughout the training, members were encouraged to accept opportunities to speak to media as a credible

source about what they do as a CAF member, correct or flag misinformation when they encounter it, represent themselves responsibly on digital platforms, interact with the Public Affairs team, and have positive interactions with interested members of the public. “I was very pleased with the detailed, focused, and relevant Public Affairs Media Awareness training conducted for the DRF. In particular, the unconventional online video conferencing software used for the training actually helped better focus the team on the subject at hand by putting each member ‘on camera’ and reminding us of the high visibility and public interest in all that the CAF is doing,” said Lieutenant Commander Chris Niewiandomski, Company Commander of the DRF. “Representing the Royal Canadian Navy and CAF in public is a core principle, and this training allows us to always put our best foot forward. The ability to conduct such training entirely from each member’s home speaks not just to the readiness and dedication of the DRF, but to the flexibility and professionalism of the MARPAC Public Affairs team.” Units interested in arranging Public Affairs training for their members are encouraged to contact MARPAC Public Affairs to coordinate.

New identification hours/ operating procedures As of Monday, June 22 the NDIU (Identification unit) will implement new procedures to limit the amount of people in their ­office in order to maintain social distancing. They will be taking ­appointments only.

To book a appointment please call 250-363-4220 or Sharon.DOOLING@forces.gc.ca New office hours will be from Monday-Thursday 0700-1600, Friday 0700-1200


• All members must bring/wear a uniform, dress of the day is acceptable. • Reserve members must have a memo from the primary reserve unit. • New NAVRES(ONLY) members please see CANFLTPAC orderly room. • INITAL permanent cards member must know their blood group - if unknown please see base hospital. • Lost or damaged cards, members must fill out DND 4154 found under the forms catalogue. Please have all signatures before coming to IDENT (LOST Cards must see MPs).

June 15, 2020 LOOKOUT • 13

Stay Connected



65 Numb er





20 | May 25, 2020

CFB Esqui

malt, Victo


Your New Home Helping You Specialists Buy or Sell

ria, B.C.

LookoutNewspap erNavyNews LookoutNavyNew s

newspaper .com



www.W 00 estshor eNewH www.S outhIsla omes.co ndHom with Brookfield eTeam.c m om Global Relocation



Want a hard copy of Lookout mailed to your home?

HMCS Nanaimo at Sea

Email Melissa.Atkinson@forces.gc.ca with your address.

Sub-Lieutena nt Nicole on board Spivey, Physic puncture HMCS Nanaim o, demon ian’s Assistant Nanaim to the ship’s strates o casual a vena Vancouver is currently sailing ty clearin Island as off the g team. Navy’s missio part coast of a reques n to maintain of the Royal Canad of ready forces ian Read the t for assistance in the event full story under on SLt SpiveyOperation on page Laser. Photo by Leading 7. Seaman Brendan Gibson, MARPAC Imaging

Note: only for CAF, DND employees, and Veterans and family. Molly Maids Display 2 (3.322”) x 2” Weekly

Working for our community alt-Met

Include contact info & Coldwel Banker logo, and his headsho l too t

We prou Canadian dly serve the Forces Com munity

Mitzi Dea

MLA, Esquim


As a military your cleaningfamily we understa nd needs during service, deploym ongoing ent and relocatio n.

chosin 250-952-5885 #104 - 1497 Admirals Road Mitzi.Dean.MLA @leg.bc.ca / MitziDe



ookout-180 3.indd 1

(250) 74 4-3427 www.mo



2:23 PM





WALK TO BASE ! 32 Units from



Mark Rice

250-588-2 339 OCEANSIDE mark@ma REAL ESTATE rkricereale state.com

Register today

at harbou

Sales center located at 3194 Douglas

nOW OpEn!Street is

rlandingvictor ia.com

V2V Black Hops


Mention the words ‘Stand Easy’ and get a free entrée of chips and salsa!

We Support Veterans!

10% discount

for all military, veterans and first responders

when they visit the brewpub! (ID required)


Contact us! Phone: 778-403-4104 Email: V2Vbrewing@gmail.com Website: www.v2vblackhopsbrewing.ca


NEW LOCATION! 2323 Millstream Road, Langford, BC V9B 3R4

Peter Mallett Staff Writer A Belmont Park resident is distributing friendship bracelet kits to children in the community to help ease their isolation from physical distancing. Lt(N) Melanie Weaver, a military mother and service spouse who works at CFB Esquimalt, resides in one of the Belmont Park neighbourhood’s Residential Housing Units. She began delivering the first 70 kits with friend and fellow resident, CPO2 Lyne Edmondson, a few weeks ago to the mailbox of area families who requested them. Operation ‘Send-A-Hug’, as she calls it, is a care package with a half dozen skeins of embroidery floss, a safety pin, cardstock paper, and a colourful envelope with paid postage. Children can make a bracelet for themselves and a matching one for a friend, and then mail it to them with a note in the postage-paid envelop. The process of making a friendship bracelet requires some parental guidance for younger children and involves braiding and knotting the embroidery floss. “This is all about building community, connecting military families, and spreading happiness,” said Lt(N) Weaver. “Parents seem very excited to do crafts with their kids, and for older children it gives parents a few moments of peace and quiet with their kids being occupied.” Materials were ordered online from local

craft shops with curbside delivery. “It was an insignificant cost compared to all the smiles this will create; the bang for the buck is priceless,” she said. The idea was born after thumbing through a summer camp scrap book with her three-year-old son. The scrapbook contained pictures of Lt(N) Weaver when she was 12 years old. One photo caught the youngster’s eye. “My son looked up at me and asked what we were doing,” she said. She and her friends were making friendship bracelets. “Days later I was reading up on changes to children’s summer recreation programs and realized that today’s kids may not get to go to camp this year,” said Lt(N) Weaver. “I felt upset they would miss out on such an important memory due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures, so I decided to give them something resembling the fun we were having when that photo was taken.” Thirty more kits will be delivered this week, for a total of over 100 kits. Tutorials of how to make a friendship bracelet are available at https://theneonteaparty.com/ friendship-bracelets/ Various other community spirit and placemaking activities (all physically distanced) are on the go throughout Belmont Park. If interested in connecting with the group, please email Neighbours.BelmontPark@ gmail.com.


Veterans Benefits

2020 GUIDE Do YOU qualify for disability coverage or a pension?

The 2020 digital guide includes helpful, up-to-date information on eligibility, applying, coverage


A f o value ! 9 $ 19. 9


for all v veteran’seterans, fa and curre milies serving m ntly il personneitary l

Go to legionmagazine.com/guide Download your FREE guide today! From the publisher of Legion Magazine


June 15, 2020


MS Russell Penner was awarded the Special Service Medal-Expedition bar for his deployment on Operation Projection, presented by LCdr Eric Lashinski, Base Operations Officer, and Lt(N) Brent Limbeek.

Lt(N) Kyle Wong, Fleet Engineering Operations / Personnel and Training, was promoted to his current rank by Cdr Lepinsy Chanthalansy, Commanding Officer Canadian Fleet Pacific, and Capt Jenn Jackson, Lt(N) Wong’s partner. Lt(N) Roy Blume was promoted to LCdr by Cdr Fortin and LCdr O’Regan.

SLt Cory Davidson was promoted to Lt(N) by Cdr K. Kincaid, MARPAC HQ Assistant/Chief of Staff Logistic Operation.

Lt(N) Jordan Bornholdt was awarded the Special Service Medal-Expedition for his deployment under Operation Projection by Cdr K. Kincaid, MARPAC HQ Assistant/Chief of Staff Logistic Operation.

MCpl Bobby McKay was promoted to Sergeant by Capt(N) J. Elbourne, Chief of Staff Plans and Operations N3/J3, and CPO1 Tim Blonde, MARPAC/JTFP Formation Chief Petty Officer.

LS Jacqueline George was awarded the Special Service Medal-Expedition for her deployment under Operation Poseidon Cutlass, presented by Capt(N) J. Elbourne, Chief of Staff Plans and Operations N3/J3.

June 15, 2020


&Real Estate Email your Word Classified to melissa.atkinson@forces.gc.ca services

real estate for sale

real estate for rent




Free Services Include: • Pregnancy Tests • Pregnancy Options Counselling • Pregnancy & Parenting Counselling • Prenatal Classes • Practical Help Diapers, wipes, formula, clothing • Pregnancy Loss Counselling • Post Abortion Counselling • Community Referrals

250-380-6883 info@victoriapregnancy.org www.victoriapregnancy.org

Make a Difference! A Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity is Available for You! Become a Network Friend.

5 bdrm, 2 bath home on cul de sac, 8600+ sqft lot. Large, private SW facing backyard, basement suite potential, walking distance to CFB Esq, parks, rec center $979,900. For more info call 250-380-3020.

employment opportunity

3 bedroom 2 bathroom house for rent. Located on top of the Malahat on a quiet street. Washer, dryer, fridge, granite counter tops, gas stove, gas fireplace, hardwood floors throughout, huge deck, and recently renovated. Very private and quiet street. $2,700 a month plus utilities. Available now. gordongetejanc@gmail.com , or text / call 250-588-0124.

rental house wanted RENTAL HOUSE WANTED FOR AUGUST Military family moving to the Esquimalt area this summer. We are home owners in Ottawa and will keep our home there while renting during our two-year stay in Esquimalt. Seeking for rental, a detached family home with three bedrooms and a den, two baths, parking for two vehicles and a garage. The residence should be within 30 minute drive from CFB Esquimalt in a desirable neighbourhood and within school transport catchment for École Victor Brodeur. Prefer to move-in during the first week of August. Can be later, but no-later-than the first week of September could be made to work. Email: rousseau.bernard@ymail.com


WE’RE HIRING! SEVERAL OPERATIONS POSITIONS AVAILABLE • Machine Operator—Sachet/Blending • Production team member • Distribution team member

Situated in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Saanich East, close to the University of Victoria. It is an enjoyable 10k bike ride on the Galloping Goose bike trail or 15k by vehicle drive to the Base. This small private patio with gas BBQ leads you through your private entrance into your furnished apartment. The TV and couch area blends into the full kitchen with heated floors, full size stove, fridge and microwave. Monthly rate of $1,100 per month includes water, garbage, green bin and parking. This charming home is owned by a retired Navy Chief. We are offering a discount of $200 a month to military members, suite usually rents for $1,300/month. Available for immediate rental. Contact Tasha MacIntyre, Property Manager, Direct: 250-294-7258 or email: tashamacintyre@brownbros.com

PRIVATE, FULLY FURNISHED WITH SEPARATE ENTRANCE, AVAILABLE NOW Separate room with Kitchenette. Includes sink, mini fridge, microwave, rice cooker, toaster oven, dishes and a full sized washer and dryer. Very comfortable twin bed and other furnishings. Patio with evening sun. Ceiling fan and electric heat. Shared bathroom. Use of main kitchen, living room and Kayaks to be discussed. Close to Thetis Lake, RRU, CFB Esquimalt. Or beautiful room in main part of house. Shared full kitchen, bathroom and huge living room with leather furnishings. Deck with BBQ etc. call 250-532-3040 or email kwhite4515@live.ca


250-361-3690 Toll Free 1-866-217-3612

FREE Heat & Hot Water - Card operated front load laundry/24hrs

THE SAFETY OF OUR TEAM MEMBERS COMES FIRST! • Mandatory temperature checks for all team members. • PPE required and provided. • Physical distancing in place at all times.

WE OFFER • • • •

You would be matched according to shared interests to build a long term friendship with an individual who experiences a disability or mental health issue. Contact: info@Lnv.ca Learn more: www.lifetimenetworks.org

Competitive wages Great benefits Opportunities to learn and grow Shifts available 7 days per week!

10555 WEST SAANICH RD. NORTH SAANICH B.C. HOW TO APPLY: Submit your resume in person or by email to amazingjobs@epicure.com FIND OUT MORE AT epicure.com/en-ca/careers

TWO LOCATIONS: 849 Orono Avenue, Langford 3311H Oak Street, Victoria


10% DND Discount

One Bedroom Self -Contained Fully Furnished Suite: Utility Room, Storage. Immaculate, new furniture, TV, washer/drier, dishwasher, everything/linen etc Walking Distance To Naden, Work Point, Dockyard. 4 Blocks to: Shopping, Medical clinic, Recreation Center, Arena/sports fields, 1.5 blocks to ocean front: Kayaking/paddle boarding, hiking paths, 1 km to rail trail/cycling, 1 block to bus $1,450 includes Hydro, water, heat, parking NO Smoking. No Pets. Available May 15. Text or call 250-216-9030

948 Esquimalt Rd. Bachelor, 1,2 & 3 bdrm. Full size commercial gym! Manager 250-380-4663


980 Wordsley St. 1 & 2 Bedroom Manager 250-384-8932

1 bdrm corner suite for rent. $1,170 per month. Quiet building, controlled entrance, elevator, bus stop in front of building, laundry on main floor. No smoking and no pets. Viewing by appointment only. Please call 250-216-3930 or 250-3863448 or 250-652-3913 if interested. Available July 1. If you have any questions please contact amarjittakhar@live.com


$1,090 per month – Utilities included (does not include cable). Available Sept. 1. No pets / No smokers. Location in Sunriver Estates in a newer home in Sooke, B.C. Bright and clean with gas fireplace. Looking for a tenant that is relatively quiet. For more info, pictures and details please contact Paul at: poraz38@gmail.com or 705-256-9333(C)

with ID





To view these and other properties, visit


nt Tena ral r e f e R ram Prog tary Mili unt o Disc

mortgage consultant

BEAUTIFUL TWO BEDROOM - $1,500 Located in Westhills area in Langford. Two bedroom suite, full size range stove/oven stainless steel, full size fridge stainless steel, hood fan with microwave, On-site laundry, 1 parking spot, 2 bedrooms with full size closets, large bathroom tub/shower with lots of storage. New updated LED track lighting and ceiling fans. Private entrance. Available July 1 (possible early move in mid-June). Ideal for 1 - 2 people / 12 month lease / No sublets. Includes: Hydro - Water - Garbage/recycling/compost. Cable & Internet not included. No pets of any kind. No smoking or vaping on premises. For further details, please email contact gagneyan@hotmail. com or text/call 514-887-5558

50 Burnside Road West, Victoria

250 386-7867 restore@habitatvictoria.com








WE OFFER: • Military clause for some mortgages • A six-month mortgage protection plan, paid by us • Instant pre-approvals • A one-year home system warranty

SPECIAL DND OFFERS AVAILABLE. CALL TODAY! Use the "Support Our Troops" Promo code for a .10 rate cashback on your approved rate. OAC.

1.800.991.7993 • MORTGAGEFORCES.CA


June 15, 2020


The Employee Assistance Program is operating The EAP helps civilian employees cope with many issues that may impact their well-being. Many of us are working with new realities and various forms of pressure during this pandemic and we are all coping in different ways with different levels of stress. The situation we are facing is new to us and our reactions are normal reactions to this abnormal situation.

EAP is here to help The EAP is a voluntary and confidential service available for civilian employees and their eligible family members. There are several options with our DND EAP.

TALK TO A PEER REFERRAL AGENT Peer referral agents offer peer support and are trained in listening techniques. They are able to refer you to appropriate services and discuss options you might find helpful. At MARPAC, we have several peer referral agents who are available if someone needs to talk.

MARPAC RAS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO HELP Nora Johnson nora.johnson@forces.gc.ca 250-217-8380

Andrew Twamley andrew.twamley@forces.gc.ca 250-213-5278

Anita Didrich 250-858-8912

Wendy Arthurs wendy.arthurs@forces.gc.ca

Jamie Housser leave a message on his voice mail 250-363-7844 (he checks this once a day and will return your call)

VISIT LIFESPEAK Life Speak is a web-based e-learning platform, available 24/7, that offers expert-led educational trainings on a variety of wellness related themes. Visit Canada.lifespeak.com - Access through group account client password canada with a small “c”

Ken Michaels ken.michaels@forces.gc.ca 250-514-8932 Sue Schenkers susan.schenkers@forces.gc.ca 250-857-4783

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE SERVICES (EAS) Access professional services through EAS by calling: 1-800-268-7708 or, 1-800-567-5803 for the hearing impaired

EMERGENCIES Anyone experiencing a mental health emergency should call one of the following 24/7 numbers: 911 Health Canada Employee Assistance Services 1-800-268-7708 or, 1-800-567-5803 for the hearing impaired Vancouver Island Crisis Society 1-888-494-3888 or, 1-250-753-2494 – for out of province 1-800-Suicide – 1-800-784-2433