Annual Review 2016-2017

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Annual Review 2016-17


How Bubble works:

2016-17 to do list: 3 consolidate 3 get finances in order 3 check monitoring systems 3 prepare for summer show in 2017

Consolidation involves understanding what works and why. During the year we invited some respected practitioners and commentators to observe our work and critique it. Their feedback has helped us identify the principles and values common to all Bubble projects. It has also helped us to understand how our inclusive approach to making theatre sits on the cusp of art and wellbeing. The pages that follow try to catch some of these values.

It’s just creative relationships. People moving between projects, making new connections. Simple really.

Jonathan Petherbridge (Creative Director and Chief Executive)

291 children in 13 primary schools in Southwark

Panto Unplugged

School staff + freelance artists + academia + Speech and Language therapists

SPEECH BUBBLES Supporting children’s communication, confidence and wellbeing

With thanks to François Matarasso, Professor James Thompson, David Gauntlett, Imogen Slater and Dr Helen Price at the University of East London.

Outdoor promenade

Groups devise their own theatre and share with audiences

Sessions led by experienced artists

WEEKLY DRAMA SESSIONS Making theatre at Bubble for ages 6-90+ yrs

TEA BREAK THEATRE drop in sessions for adults

ROTHERHITHE SHED Twice weekly social making sessions

Vernacular theatre

7 partners + 43 schools nationally

PERFORMANCES Animating spaces in our area


As you will see from the following, although our turnover and outputs reduced slightly we ended the year increasing our free reserves and in a more secure position to plan further ahead. Sir Simon Hughes (Chair)

During the year 43 people from various projects came together to research and develop our next Vernacular show ‘Primary’

Using drama to improve life chances; supporting mental health and wellbeing

BYTM performances

THE CREATIVE ELDERS PROGRAMME Making theatre with older adults

Working with young people at risk of exclusion

BUBBLE YOUNG THEATRE MAKERS (BYTM) Working with young people at risk of exclusion

Connects to health and social care sector

Creativity + conviviality = connections + wellbeing

CREATIVE HOMES in 6 sheltered housing units

Training and support to research and devise Forum Theatre pieces for their community

Referrals and word of mouth

During the year 23 BYTM alumni were employed across various projects



The importance of communication

Theatre asks us to communicate through our body, voice and feelings. Across all Bubble projects artists create an environment to encourage:

Eye contact Playfulness Connection Care Listening Presence We believe these skills connect to wellbeing. They develop our social and emotional intelligence. They build a sense of connection and improve our ability to act – be it on stage or in society.


In 2016-17:

340 5-11s 317 12-18s 101 19-65s 112 65+ attended workshops


The art of collaborating Theatre just can’t be made alone It asks us to collaborate To forge relationships through give and take

Participants at Bubble collaborate as they explore stories that matter to them and their community. Creative teamwork encouraged in workshops transforms lived experiences into theatre to be shared with others. We offer opportunities to listen and be listened-to, to create new theatre and make new friendships – sometimes with people who might not be in your age or interest group.


In 2016-17

1389 workshop sessions took place in 13 Southwark primary schools, the lounges of 6 sheltered housing units, BOSCO youth centre, Bubble HQ, Pembroke House, St Mary’s Church, Southwark Pensioner’s Centre and Southwark Youth Offending Service.


The power of performance

We create projects which collectively express the voices of our powerfully diverse city. We involve old and young including those who might require some support and those who wish to give support to others. It has been said that our performances offer a model of a caring and creative community. Performances this year have led to debates about young people’s mental health, the expectations placed on young men, the working life of primary school teachers, affairs in chocolate factories and the plight of Spider-Man!


60 performances and events took place at BOSCO youth centre, Bussey Building Arts Hub, the grounds of London Bridge City, the offices of Norton Rose Fulbright, the lounges of Pedworth and Silverlock Sheltered Housing Units, at Southwark Youth Offending Service, Pembroke House, St Mary’s Church Hall, The Courtyard theatre, Theatre Peckham and at Bubble HQ. To a total audience of



Our finances Income £498,757

Private income from trusts and foundations £161,156

Private income from donations £18,105

Grants from public bodies £153,007 Earned income £166,489

Earned income £166,489

Hires £39,455 Membership £2,125

Project income £124,909

Expenditure £482,532

Support costs £250,537 Project costs £210,556


Fundraising costs £21,439

The people who help make theatre

London Bubble would like to thank the following for their financial support:

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark Arts Council England British Land City Bridge Trust Frances Jones and John Little London Borough of Southwark London Youth Mayor of London North Southwark Environment Trust Newcomen Collett Foundation The School for Social Entrepreneurs SHINE Trust St George Rotherhithe Consolidated Charities Rosalind Riley The Amicable Society’s School Rotherhithe The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Trust The Big Lottery The Brook Trust The Drapers Charitable Fund The Expat Foundation The Jack Petchey Foundation The Peter Minet Trust United St Saviour’s Charity

Board Members

Freelance Artists

Patricia Abraham Sylvan Baker Jocelyn Cunningham Matthew de Lange Mark Dunford Charlie Folorunsho Sir Simon Hughes Pamela Hutchinson Francisco Mojica Louise Owen Thomas Pullen David Slater May Steele Simon Thomson Sue Timothy

Adam Robertson Alex Evans Alison Hale Amanda Mascarenhas Andy Whitfield Angela Michaels Beatrice Kempton Ben Bennett Ben Myers Claire Sexton Claudia Carlsen David Gilbert Emma Hewitt Eric Maclennan Eva Alexander Fiona Whitelaw Hugh Barwell Imogen Slater Jade Dowsett-Roberts Jane Nash Jessica Rae Drader John Morales Joseph Phillips Katherine Gill Louise de Froment Maggie Rawlinson Marva Alexander Michael Breakey Olamide Davies- Norma Peter Gazey Pip Nash Rachel Essex Sagan Daniels Samantha Adams Sarah Woods Shanika Warren Simon Thomson Sorcha Corcoran Tanya Muchanyuka Tara E Millan- Brophy

Core Team Adam Annand Amelia Bird Lucy Anderson Jones Georgia Bowers Lucy Bradshaw Georgia Clark Wendy Lee Shipra Ogra Jonathan Petherbridge Marie Vickers

The following Young Theatre Makers were employed to deliver various commissions and projects: Aaron K Bell Alexander Phillips Antonio F Valverde Bella Tran Claudia Carlsen Daniella Connor Deshaye Gayle Florence Williams Gloria Emmanuel-Odhe Jade Dowsett-Roberts James H Brewer Jennelle Reece-Garner Joba Bojuwoye John Marfoh Malik Kane Miles McDonald Natalie Berry Nekesha Biggs Nirobi Salakov Raphael Flynn Rhyannon EvansArgent Russeni Fisher Sulaimon Idris


2017-18 to do list: share impact of Speech Bubbles build Creative Elders programme pilot young theatre makers project on mental health bring summer show back to London parks

Could you help more people make theatre? Donate via our website Be part of Double Bubble Mention us in your Will London Bubble Theatre Company London Bubble is a registered charity no 264359. Tel: 020 7237 4434 email:


Photographs: London Bubble staff team, Jonathon Vines, Monica Alcazar-Duarte. Design: Feast Creative