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Annual Review 2017/18













Our Small Moments


older adults participated in Bubble’s Creative Elders Programme, attending regular workshops at one of our 8 local hubs. Elsie and Jayne come to the workshop Bubble runs in the lounge of their sheltered housing unit. They live in flats next door to each other and both brought up families on the same estate in Peckham. They didn’t know each other until they started coming to bubble, as they don’t like leaving their flats. Now they tell us they cherish the sessions because it gives them the opportunity to get out of their flats, or ‘Cell Block H’ as they refer to them, and to spend time with other residents. They are now beginning to spend time together in the lounge after we have left. Recently, Elsie went round to Jayne’s flat for a coffee for the first time after a Bubble session. A connection has been made. Helena, Project Facilitator Please note all names have changed.

Annual Review 2017/18

Eva is 6 and selectively mute in school. One week in Speech Bubbles, it was her turn to tell a story to the Teaching Assistant (TA).

274 children in 11 schools attended the year-long Speech Bubbles programme in South East London. Across the UK Bubble supported 9 partner organisations to reach a further

470 children.

The TA was all ready to use a whole range of pictures and props to assist Eva in forming a story. But just then another child fell over. There was blood, tears and wailing and the TA had to deal with that. So I just said, “Eva do you have a story?” and she nodded! It was hard for her to speak, her throat was tight but she told me her story ‘The Girl and her Mum’ and she left the room smiling! Adam, Associate Director

Our Small Moments

I had a number of phone conversations and in person conversations at the box office for our summer show, Tales from the Arabian Nights, with people who had seen many past summer shows. Many were over the moon to discover we were back in the parks. The one that stands out is of a woman who told me that the moment the show flyer arrived on her doorstep she’d yelled up the stairs to her husband shouting “the Bubble’s back!” and got straight on the phone to book tickets. Tales from the Lucy, Senior Coordinator Arabian Nights was performed in Southwark and Greenwich parks. The 14 performances were seen by a total of

1,932 people.

Annual Review 2017/18



people made lanterns for the Illuminate Procession at one of 10 community workshops in and around Rotherhithe. My small moment was during the twilight lantern procession held as part of Illuminate Rotherhithe. We’d walked most of the route, danced to the processional music, gasped at the glowing octopus drawn by the proud Shed members and been joined by the pupils from Albion Primary School. Then, as we crossed the road by Rotherhithe station, we were met by another group - the residents of Ronald Buckingham Court and Frank Whymark House brandishing their lanterns and ready to walk with us to the river’s edge to enjoy the finale. All ages coming together to fill the streets with joy. Jonathan, Creative Director

Our Small Moments

My memorable moment happened while participating in Primary with my daughter, aged 13.


people were involved in researching and developing Primary. A 28 strong intergenerational cast gave 9 performances seen by a total of

730 people.

Growing up is hard work and it was great that she accepted me as a co-performer without too much embarrassment. As any teenager, she finds her mum’s company annoying sometimes. It has also been interesting to see her interact with others, and I must say that I’m very proud of her. It is wonderful to see how relaxed and creative everybody can be at Bubble. Thank you for creating such a safe and exciting space for all. Anon, Parent

Annual Review 2017/18

30 young adults joined the Bubble Young Theatre Makers training programme. They delivered workshops engaging over


of their peers through one of 9 partner organisations.

We worked with a group of young men to explore the theme of mothers. The group were nervous, but impressed everyone with their performance. After the sharing, the audience wrote down ‘things they would like to say to their mothers’ and pinned them on a wall alongside things the young men had expressed. The session evoked all kinds of reactions - the staff reflecting on their own relationships and the young people shocked that their ideas could have such a profound influence on the adults. There was a real sense of connection and equality in the room. Marie, Project Leader

Our Small Moments

I cherish the small unexpected actions of support we receive from people who experience or witness the transformation our work brings. My most recent memorable moment was when an audience member unexpectedly signed up to a direct debit after watching Primary, our community performance. I might not always know the personal or social motivations of a donor but it’s humbling and powerful that our small actions of involving people creatively is recognised and has multiple and sustained impact. Shipra, Producer

Annual Review 2017/18

Our Finances

Our supporters

Total income for the year amounted to £632,380.

London Bubble would like to thank the following for their financial support:

Of this, £188,073 was public funding (national and local government), £268,692 was private income (trusts and small donations), £175,615 came from earned income (box office, hires and fees). Total costs for the year amounted to £602,320. Support costs including salaries for permanent staff, premises costs and overheads amounted to £251,392, activity costs were £330,160 and governance £20,768.

Public funding £188,073 Earned income £175,615 Private income £268,692

Support costs £251,392 Activity Costs £330,160 Governance £20,768

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark Arts Council England Bermondsey & Rotherhithe Neighbourhoods Fund British Land Francis Winham Foundation LB Southwark - Revenue LB Southwark - Other London Youth Newcomen Collett Foundation North Southwark Environmental Trust Rotherhithe Consolidated Charity School for Social Entrepreneurs SELCHP Community Fund Sellar Developments SHINE Trust Southwark Neighbourhood Fund St George Swire Charitable Trust Team London - City Hall The Alan & Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund The Amicable Society’s School, Rotherhithe The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation The Big Lottery The Brook Trust The City Bridge Trust The Clothworkers’ Foundation The Drapers’ Charitable Fund The Education Endowment Foundation The Expat Foundation The Henry Smith Charity The Jack Petchey Achievement Awards The Peter Minet Trust United St Saviour’s Walcott Foundation

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