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Hello, Lockwood!

FALL 2010

It’s not what you usually imagine when you think of oil. In fact it is referred to as “unconventional crude oil.” As the world seeks viable alternatives to traditional energy sources, oil sands has the capacity to sustain our needs for many years to come. What exactly is it? Extra heavy oil that is trapped in sand or clay along with a form of petroleum called Bitumen. It is found throughout the world; however, only Canada and Venezuela have significant quantities, with Canada being the world’s largest supplier. The Bitumen is usually extracted by injecting steam, solvents and/or hot air to reduce the viscosity. These steps are called ‘upgrading’ and involve the removal of water, sand and physical waste as well as lighter products; ‘catalytic purification’ and finally ‘hydro cracking’. The last two are known as hydro processing. The process starts with excavation using some of the world’s largest dump trucks. The sand is then transported to an extraction plant where the substance is heated and agitated. The froth floats to the top of the separation vessels and the Bitumen is skimmed out for further treatment to remove the finer solids and residual water. The Bitumen is eventually upgraded into synthetic crude oil. Refining and excavation improvements have been made over the years since first being mined in 1967 in Athabasca. The use of this organic compound dates back to Neanderthal days where it was applied to tools, and later used to waterproof shelters. And from the Egyptian culture, the word “mummy” actually means “Bitumen.” Currently the U.S. is importing nearly one million barrels daily but according to Cambridge Energy Research Associates, the potential is nearly six million barrels by 2030. Reserves of that size are second only to Saudi Arabia’s capacity.

Here we are midway through 2010. We have some great stories from around the world in this edition. We have a Spotlight on Perar with some past, present and future stories. Our Italian branch brought you a rare interview with Mr. Donato Raimondi, founder of Raimondi Valves. We have project updates and a Sales Status from Rotork, as well as hearing from our Power guys and of course our branch updates. Our Executive and Management leaders share their news and thoughts. Chronologically, our branch spotlight is Montreal but all of our branches have lots to say. We have a special ‘hello’ for our kids; yours, mine, and theirs. Mike Lockwood speaks to the graduating class of 2010. We share some special happenings by the Frank Lockwood Foundation, and as usual, we have employee recognition for tenure, as well as birthdays and new hires.

We hope you enjoy - the Marketing Team.

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Frank A. Clark~

to the Graduates of 2010

“If you do nothing ridiculous, nothing unexpected happens.” ~Fay Weldon~

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” ~Anatole France~

‘Only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling at all.” ~ Alastair Reid~

From Mike Lockwood To our recent graduates, well done! Your parents, teachers, family, and peers are all proud of you. This is a time of celebration and reflection. A time of relief and gratitude. Also, it marks a time to step forward and turn to a new chapter in your life’s journey. You are beginning a wonderful experience full of life, love, and beauty. Take it all in. Enjoy it. Become immersed in it. Cherish it. You are indeed gifted and talented so share yourself with the people around you because service to others is your greatest gift. To help you on your own personal path I would like to share with you some of the ideas that have been shared with me. These ideas are not necessarily in vogue with our modern day culture; however, they are fundamental in our country’s origins and history. Be beyond ideology. Be post “liberal”; post “conservative”. Don’t be “liberal” and don’t be “conservative,” instead be a woman or man of great faith and compassion and let that take you down whatever road it takes you.

Mike Lockwood Chief Executive Officer

Be a leader, an artist, a creative person trying to lead others forward. Lead without being an elitist. Be a leader with empathy, compassion and imagination. Let your positive attitude embrace others of all backgrounds and ensure that every kind of person is comfortable being around you.

Be for the marginalized without being marginalized yourself. Be known for your radical stance for the poor and downtrodden. Be iconoclastic and pious at the same time. Don’t be afraid to smash idols and don’t be afraid to bow in reverence. The problem is that the pious aren’t liberal and the liberal aren’t pious. Be both; one doesn’t work without the other. Great hearts hold near contradictory principles, lesser ones do not. Be thoroughly in the world, even as you are rooted elsewhere. Live in a tortured complexity. Carry the tension between having a love for the world and a hopeless love for things beyond it. Know the world, love its beauty, let it take your breath away, even as you root your heart in something deeper so that the revelation of faith also takes your breath away. Ms. Dorothy Day wrote, “The greatest challenge of the day is how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start within each one of us.” As you ‘commence’ and follow your own direction, do so with passion, enthusiasm and humility. Create your own revolution, your own personal story. You have a great opportunity. Honor it by exploring, not exploiting, all the wonders that God has provided to you. Congratulations to each of you and the graduating class of 2010.



Mike Lockwood


PRESIDENT by June Yonkman

by Mark Lindsey

We have had a very busy first half of this year, and are continuing to work on improving and growing our company in several areas: • • • • • • • •

As a team, I believe it would be wise to continue to expect the unexpected. Our economy is still fragile and the industry in which we work remains uncertain. We have no control over that. However, by planning and preparing for the unexpected as best we can we are better positioned to come out stronger than ever before. Our company will sustain and grow. We have expanded our offering, refined our expertise and shaved expenses without sacrificing quality. Our partnerships with our customers, manufacturers, and associates should lead the way to ongoing success. Mark Lindsey We need to remain focused C.F.O. on teamwork and looking out for each other as a company and as individuals.

We have broadened our testing capabilities with new equipment and are researching other technical improvements. We are getting closer to automating our inventory processes and management. We are exploring new software and/or system upgrades. We are expanding our facilities in Singapore. We are researching other areas in Southeast Asia for future growth in the region. We are developing business strategies in June Yonkman Brazil and South America. President We are expanding the Upstream Division’s inventory program to include transmission ball valves. We are expanding TY Italy’s inventory program to include a wider range of ball valves. It is an exciting time for all of us to be part of an international company growing into different areas and different parts of the world.

SALES by Bobby Mauldin

Football teams, the stock market, fashion, seasons, the economy all have at least one thing in common … they all cycle. World Series Champions, both college and professional, Super Bowl Champions and the top performing mutual funds find that last year’s results carry little weight as the calendar cycles to the succeeding year. Texas and LSU played for the national baseball championship at the NCAA College World Series in 2009. This year, Omaha (the site of the college world series) was not on the Longhorns’ or Tigers’ travel schedule. In order to continue to excel, athletic teams and mutual funds must rebuild and adopt changing strategies in order to repeat as champions. Our team had a Super Bowl performance last Bobby Mauldin year. Unfortunately in the game of “next year,” last Sales Manager year is just that - last year. The business climate that we operated in has changed. As a company and as employees, we must change as well. You will see us move in new directions and make some team position changes. Last year’s successful offensive play calls are up against a new defense. We’ll develop new plays. We’ll also call upon you … maybe to play a new position, maybe to challenge the goals you have set for yourself, challenge your creativity, to find new ways to win.


Our Past Perar was born from two skilled laborers in 1962. Mr. Pogliana Emilio and Mr. Alessandro Raimondi both from Rescaldina, Italy, decided to become entrepreneurs using their metalworking skills. Unfortunately, almost immediately Mr. Pogliana had to retire for health reasons and my father-inlaw, Alessandro Raimondi, made the decision to forge ahead on his own. He was supported in this adventure by a person who helped chisel Perar’s history with her attitude, wisdom, and fighting spirit: his wife Mariangela Landonio. She is still an active component of Perar as President, teaching and guiding the next generation of employees. In the 1960’s Perar’s clients were mainly companies that produced valves, flanges and connectors but felt the Mr. Alessandro Raimondi, company hadn’t found their market niche yet. Finally, Mr. founder of Perar.

Our Present

by Giuseppe Parravicini, Managing Director Alessandro Raimondi was in contact with the right people - the direct supply market with Gruppo Eni, Gruppo Montecatini and various refineries in Italy that were owned and operated by major end users. In the mid-seventies, the firm entered the gas transmission/ distribution sector and by the middle to late eighties, Perar opened up to the international marketplace, with representation globally including Perar USA run by Paolo Zaffaroni, Canada, France, Spain, Emirates, England, China and Russia. In this whole history, the guiding thread has always been the care towards the firm’s growth as an occasion for all those involved to benefit not only from a personal economic wellness, but most of all from personal involvement.

West-East Pipeline

Fast forward to the end of 2007, Perar received a request from Petro-China Company Ltd., to bid on the largest pipeline project in China’s history. The USD $17 B West-East Pipeline Project is also one of the world’s largest projects. This gas transmission project will deliver natural gas over a distance of 4,000 kilometers (approx. 1,700 miles) starting from the deserts of western China’s Xinjiang Uygur to Shanghai in eastern China and will deliver 12 billion cubic meters per year. Perar and their major competitors qualified to participate and their high quality Fully Welded and Bolted Body designs were the offering for the main line valves, including the compressor stations. In February of 2008 Perar was awarded the majority of the valve package on both the main line and the compressor stations. This award was based on Perar’s well designed logistics scheduling, their superior ball valve designs, and wrapped up by their competitive pricing. Perar supplied a total of 148 valves on The East Trunk with valve sizes ranging from 32” through 48”, in 600 and 900 pressure classes, totaling USD $27 M. Based on Perar’s well planned production and logistics scheduling all valves were delivered on time during January and February 2009 as promised in their original bid. In July 2009, Perar was awarded the West Trunk as well; this phase was significantly larger than the East Trunk (4.5 times greater.)

The West Trunk valve package totaled 681 pieces, valued at well over USD $40 M with ball valves ranging from 24” to 48” in 600 and 900 pressure classes. The valves have been shipping out since March 2008, and will continue through the end of 2010. Not only is the quantity impressive on these two Trunks, but all valves supplied by Perar were actuated with electric or gas-overoil actuators. And all machining, assembly and testing was done at Perar’s facility in Rescaldina, Italy.

400 of these Fully Welded BW Ball valves were used on the West-East Pipeline, similar to what will be used on The Alaska Pipeline.

Our Future

The Alaska Pipeline

Another possible project for Perar in coming years is The Alaska Pipeline, approximately 1,700 miles of natural gas piped from the North Slope Prudhoe Bay through Alberta, Canada. Projections are USD $32-41 B through the transport of 4.5 Bcf/d (billion cubic feet per day) of natural gas The valves on this project will be similar to those supplied by Perar to the West-East Pipeline. A host of contractors are already engaged with pre-FEED activities. However, with a lot of unknowns (including the route) it’s truly open season on the natural gas reserve that Alaska has to offer. One proposed route for The Alaska Pipeline



by John Egliht

Photos and information obtained via

Lockwood is heading down the home stretch towards the completion of the Motiva project. Although project construction was delayed during the economic downturn things are now ramping up and the refinery is scheduled to come online in 2012. Between now and then somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 people will be employed to complete the construction. When it is finished it will be one of the top ten production refineries in the world. To get an idea of the scope of the expansion following are some raw numbers for the materials required: • 61,175 pilings for a total of 4,500,000 linear feet based on an average length of 75’ (852 miles) -- wider than Texas or nine times the distance from Port Arthur to Houston • 285,000 cubic yards of concrete - enough to make a towering cube 170 feet high if you poured it onto a football field • 600 miles of pipe • 5,600,000 linear feet of cable - enough to stretch from Port Arthur to the south edge of Chicago • Almost 2,000 pieces of equipment - ranging from a crude column 284 feet high with a 30foot diameter (weighing two million pounds empty) to small vessels three feet high and two feet in diameter • 78,000 tons of structural steel (156,000,000 pounds) Here are some additional facts for an idea of how Lockwood has contributed to the project. • 416 purchase orders received • Over 85,000 valves sold • Over 84,000 valves delivered • 55,000 sq. ft. of warehouse leased for two years and marshaling services provided by Lockwood

Lockwood’s Port Arthur facility pictured above and left providing marshaling for Motiva on this massive project.

Excerpts from Sales Report from Rotork to Lockwood International

Rotork Fluid Systems and Lockwood International have worked to create a relationship of mutual benefit. Our latest sales report from Rotork updates this current relationship. As Lockwood further expands their abilities into valve automation, their relationship with Rotork should steadily grow to meet the stringent requirements of their international customers. Over the last several years the goal has been to improve conversations on business and to explore methods to improve Lockwood’s use of Rotork products. This strategy has included joint sales calls, “lunch and learns,” training sessions with the Lockwood sales team

Submitted by David Page written by Charles Reaves to Leo Laborde, General Sales Manager, Rotork and roundtable discussions on how to best approach customers and projects. Lockwood has worked with Rotork on GoldenPass pipeline, AmecParagon-Kizomba, Kindermorgan, Aker Gulf LNG, Invista and several other projects. Lockwood’s status of “Preferred OEM” status is creating some very promising potential for both companies. Because of Lockwood’s International customer base and shipping capabilities we (both Rotork and Lockwood) are positioned to remain successful through fluctuations in both domestic and international business cycles. We have numerous large projects that we are


working on with Lockwood for the future, allowing for Lockwood’s expansion into the gas transmission market and further allowing Lockwood to gain sales growth in the valve automation field in the very near future. In conclusion, future business for both Rotork and Lockwood ventures is very promising. By having “Preferred OEM” status, Lockwood is receiving the most aggressive pricing and engineering offered. It must be noted that the upcoming “high pressure” pipeline valve-actuator acceptance testing offers exciting business potential that could rival major traditional players in the industry for years to come.

ACCOUNTING by Betty Allen

The audit of last fiscal year’s financials is complete. We finished very strong. The first quarter of this fiscal year was also very strong. Our sales force and management team is looking for opportunities to grow our current business and to expand our product offerings to serve and expand our markets. We continue to look for cost savings and efficiencies while maintaining high quality. We need for everyone to work efficiently and continue their commitment to quality. This will enable us to propel through the ever changing hazards of our industry.

Betty Allen Chief Accounting Officer

Error & Omission

Mr. Tim Yon’s name failed to appear on some of last edition’s printed newsletters as author for the Garyville Major Expansion Project Spotlight story. Tim, please accept our apologies.

MRO by Cindy Williams

While watching the news one night, a particular story struck me. ABC pulled public records for several major refining/chemical companies and found that in a three year period the total number of safety or procedural violations ranged from 760 at one company to a mere one at another. It was put forth that the procedures or “rules” that the companies have in place, the adherence to and enforcement of such rules is what creates such a Cindy Williams large difference in the numbers. MRO Manager We have been very busy in MRO – it is the time of year for turn arounds; branches are expanding their customer base and receiving new bids and orders – and, as always in MRO, the pace is extremely fast. Considering the number of orders we fulfill and the pace at which they are processed, our MRO group has a very good record. And we are very aware that in our industry, shipping the wrong item can not only cost time and money but more importantly, it can cost lives.

by Donna Wells

Donna reports trying to demonstrate teamwork in her department. “There is no way to up our efficiency and reduce errors without it,” says Donna. “If we treat every order and request as critical, then everyone is getting more work done. We strive for quick turn-arounds with improved accuracy-every time.” Donna explains that no request goes unanswered, whether from a branch or an internal employee, much Donna Wells less a customer. Production Manager “We are expanding the racks to make way for more cast inventory as well as the new Upstream product line. We are still investigating our options as far as bar coding and will keep you posted on any updates.”

As we get busier and the pace becomes faster the procedures that we have in place LOCKWOOD COOKBOOK... – additional inspections, internal purchase orders and reports Renee Roberts and Patricia Jeffery in for PMI, review of orders by Houston Corporate are still collecting sales and management, vendor good recipes for the Lockwood questionnaires, etc. – are a major Cookbook. If you haven’t submitted factor that assist us in keeping something please consider one of your our supply error percentage favorites to share. below 1%. It is the fact that we have these procedures and follow them that allows our customers to trust us and to trust that we will supply their jobs with the most reliable valves in the most efficient way. And it is that trust and service that keeps the customers coming back to Lockwood.

MARKETING by Laura Fitzgerald

Los Angeles by Cliff Houk

The LA branch went full throttle from the beginning of the year until Memorial Day servicing Exxon Torrance in the largest turnaround in their history. In total, 13 units went down. A large turnaround team at Exxon worked 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about 90 straight days. We are happy to report that Lockwood International was able to keep up with their requests throughout the entire time, filling all their needs timely, accurately and with very few buy outs. Our LA branch is very thankful for the late in the day/evening support of all the branches – especially Houston, which had to assist late in their day throughout the process. Great teamwork!

Creativity. “The ability to create new ideas or things using your imagination.” Kids have great imaginations and maybe it’s because they have little or no experience from which to pull. Perhaps our adult experience fools us when looking at situations, perhaps we see what we expect to see rather than what is actually Laura Fitzgerald there, based on our experience. Marketing Manager We’re all creative in one way or another and if we practice looking at what is actually before us, instead of what we expect to see, we might change our perspective on everyday challenges and discover new solutions. Practice using your imagination and find your creativity.



Texas City

by Wilma Hand

by Matt Cassidy

As summer approaches, we are in the midst of another good month. From several shut-downs with Invista, LyondellBasell, Calumet, Ineos, and all the shorts orders. It’s been a VERY busy month. Thanks to all our Lockwood family in Houston, the Texas City Branch has broken its all time sales record.

Summer is here and the Chicago office is in full swing with opportunities throughout the Midwest Region. With current economic development the Chicago office continues the hard charge on the power industry and is entering several new arenas like natural gas transmission and CCS (carbon capture and storage.) While other suppliers are trying to wait out the down market we are moving forward and are keeping communication open with everyone.


Wilma Hand and Brad Arnold


by Tim Alexander

Lockwood’s IT Department has been given the go ahead to start researching software solutions to update or possibly replace our current system. This is a huge decision that affects us all and the undertaking facing Tim Alexander and his team right now is initial research and analysis. From his short list will come possible solutions that all departments will need to analyze further. Tim Alexander explains the vision and some considerations and requirements of the system, as well a commitment needed from our entire organization.

Vision: Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software must not only meet today’s requirements but must be aligned with our organization’s global strategic goals for the future as well. Currently we are researching the top distribution ERP systems to identify which might be put on a short list for further analysis. We are entertaining all avenues - system upgrades and/or complete system replacement. The ultimate goal of any change is improvement and people tend to resist change. Long before we can decide on any one solution we need to look at our processes as a company. We must maintain focus of “the big picture” at all times, both short and long term needs of our business (room for growth/expansion). Side stepping this important phase may lead to transference of today’s undesirable issues into our Tim Alexander new system. Corp. I.T. Manager Some key points to embrace regarding successful implementation of any new technology include: • 100% Executive and Management involvement on how we can improve current and future business processes • 100% commitment to these new process changes starting from the top levels of management • Flexibility, cooperation and teamwork to review and refine current processes and to adopt new ones • Commitment by our internal resources. No one knows our business better than our team. Successful change cannot occur without a huge commitment from our people. We cannot outsource knowledge of our company. We have to be very involved and ‘hands on’ every step of the way, otherwise we will end up getting only what we ask for but not what we need. Considering all of the above, implementation of new technology systems is not an end point; our organization must continue refining business processes on a path towards process excellence that aligns to our strategic goals. When this is accomplished it will build a stronger foundation for our future growth, and translate into improved productivity and efficiencies that lead to a better bottom line.


Montreal Skyline


Montreal (Eastern Canada) Cameron, Vanessa and Daniel all say…. Bienvenus à Montréal! Welcome to Montreal! Lockwood Montreal, located in the east end of town and in the heart of the refinery sector, opened its doors in March 2006 to initially service the Oil & Gas and Chemical plants. We’ve done this and more making ourselves an invaluable market resource to all major EPC houses head quartered here. We are a small but very talented team consisting of our Branch Manager/ Eastern Project Manager Cameron Dawe, a walking valve encyclopedia and all around nice guy, Vanessa Russo, Project Coordinator ‘extrordinaire’ and Daniel Rossman our Outside Sales Representative a.k.a “Pitt Bull,” who have all worked tirelessly in making this branch a success story and permanent fixture here in Quebec! The official language of Montreal is French, most spoken in the city by 52.4% of the population, followed by English at 12.5%. Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after

by Daniel Rossman

Paris. Our fair city is rated as one of the world’s most livable cities and is the second most populous with a population of 1,906,811 in the city and metropolitan area population of 3,814,000. Summer temperatures in the 80s and 90s and high humidity may be a turnoff to some, but our outdoor patios are a nice way to while away the day or evening with a cool one. But get your parka out in the winter, temperatures can drop to a chilly -30C (-22F)! Montreal has a European flair and sophistication that makes it one of the most popular metropolitan centers in Canada. Cobblestone streets, a café culture, and historic 17th and 18th century architecture, Jazz Fest, Grand Prix Racing, Just For Laughs Festival, Restaurants, and our warm hospitably awaits you! Venez à notre belle ville! Vous ne serez pas déçus..translation? Come to our beautiful city, you will not be disappointed!

Calgary by Susan Kretz

Lockwood Valves Canada 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament

On Thursday June 17, Lockwood Valves Canada hosted our 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament. The weather was not in our favour as a steady rain fell and the temperature did not rise above 8C all day. Despite these conditions we had a great turnout with representation from all major owners as well as many from the EPCs here in Calgary. Lockwood International was well represented with Tom Lockwood, June Yonkman, Terry Choi, John Yonkman and Cliff Houk braving the unseasonable weather to interact with our customers. It was very gratifying to have these corporate representatives at the Mike Pawlenchuk, and Tom Lockwood tournament. I want to thank all

of the Houston people for being such good sports and braving the extreme conditions. I know none of them were prepared to golf in that. Next time you see any of them, ask them to describe how cold they really were. Some of our Edmonton people were also present to golf and mingle with the customers – David Kunnel, Mike Pawlenchuk, Kim Murton & Cam Wowk joined Tara Metzger and myself. Everyone – customers and staff had a great time and new friendships were forged. We already look forward to the 4th annual golf tournament.


left to right: David Kunnel, John Yonkman, Tom Lockwood, June Yonkman, Mike Pawlenchuk and Cliff Houk.

VMS - Valve Modification Services Pat Murphy, Operations Manager for Lockwood’s Upstream Division visited VMS, a newly acquired modification shop by Lockwood International and shares his insight.

byresources Pat Murphy were limited

before Lockwood but now we can add some capacity and capability that has been hindering our ability to service our customers to the degree with which we wanted.” My own observation is that the partnership of our two companies will be mutually beneficial. As Pat Ferguson, President VMS our industry continues to push the vendor base to become more like a “one shop does all” entity, adding VMS has helped differentiate Lockwood from our competitors. Although VMS has their limitations, their desire to improve, grow and become a key vendor for Lockwood seems limitless. Pat Ferguson was commenting on all of the “hot” or “quick turnaround” opportunities Lockwood has been giving VMS. Pat added, “In a new relationship like we have with Lockwood, the best way to overcome any of the issues that might crop up is through simple communication. If you have any problems, any problems at all, just pick up the phone and give me a call. Together, we can solve anything that might arise.” As an outside observer, I see nothing but upside for our new relationship with VMS. The upstream division has already begun to discuss ways in which VMS can help us. If you are in Houston, you need to make sure you get by and visit Pat and the people at VMS. Be sure and welcome them to the Lockwood family and discuss with them how we can help each other continue to be the best “valve connection to the world”.

On my initial visit to VMS I was really impressed by the attitude of the management and people working there. Having been recently acquired by Lockwood International, the organization as a whole was really excited about what the future might hold for their company, for our company. President of VMS, Pat Ferguson, shared with me some of his vision for the future of VMS’s association with Lockwood. “It’s common knowledge that we will continue to be a supplemental source to the main valve modification v e n d o r s Lockwood is currently using,” Pat said. He continued, “We at VMS are ecstatic about what all Lockwood left to right: Francisco Martinez, Carlos Solera, Gilbert Gutierez, Dagoverto Rivera, Stephen Rios, Shannon Conroy, brings to us as a Pat Ferguson and Anna Vaughan company. Our

Edmonton by David Kunnel

Blood Drive - Corp HQ: Friday, July 23, 2010

8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Donor Coach Contact Mary Arce 713.675.8186 Ext. 5652 for more information.

As the province of Alberta steadily drives the Canadian economy in 2010, our branch realizes that it will still take an ongoing effort focusing on small cap projects and MRO opportunities to carry us through until the major projects are in full swing. Under the dynamic regional leadership of Cam Wowk, Regional Sales Manager, we are positioning ourselves to secure as much of this business as we can. A major focus of our energy over the past six months was directed toward our partner Shell Canada. Lockwood recently supported Shell Canada’s Scotford Oilsands Upgrader during their planned massive turnaround. As you know, a turnaround is a planned, periodic shut down, that enables a facility to continue operating safely, dependably and cost-effectively. The turnaround activities typically include maintenance, overhaul and repair operations, as well as inspection and testing of materials and equipment. It involved more than 2,500 people from all across Canada and spanned from March through June 2010. It took more than two years of careful

planning to ensure that the 155,000 barrels per day upgrader was down for the shortest time possible. In the end, we supplied approximately 9,000 valves to Scotford for this “project-like” MRO opportunity. It took a concerted effort from the entire branch, helping out in some manner or another. I am especially proud to recognize that our Shell inside sales MRO team consisting of Linda Honch & Carly Verstraete, along with Mike Pawlenchuk (MRO Outside Sales Account Manager) really did an outstanding job in supporting this important client. Our success could not have been achieved without their dedication and hard work. Let’s be honest folks, the recession is not over and it has affected all of us in some way or another. However, I never underestimate the ability of the human spirit to rise above adversity, and create a better situation for us all. Till we meet again in the next newsletter, let’s continue to work smart and hard, without losing sight of our goal to be the valve connection to the world.

QUALITY & SAFETY by Benny Howard Lockwood was invited to participate in the Key Supplier Workshop by Sakhneftegas Engineering LLC in June, 2010. All major contractors for the Sakhalin 1 Arkutun-Dagi Project were invited to Hilton Americas to present their company’s philosophy on Quality and Safety. David Pickle, Lockwood’s Safety Manager delivered the well received presentation. Some of the other companies in attendance were: Goulds Pumps, Inc., Mitsubishi Corporation, Loadmaster, NOV-California / Norway, Solar, Sakhalin Machinery, Bardex, Infratech, FL Smidth, ABB, Gutor, Control Components and Tyco. Lockwood was well prepared and it showed.

Sakhalin-1 Arkutun-Dagi Topsides Development Photo provided by Worley Parsons


In other departmental news, our Quality Process is working; measured by reduced internal errors which translates into bottom line savings. Our third party audit this year showed improvements from last year across many areas. Through team work and communication we can keep moving this bar higher. Singapore is the first international branch to receive the updated Quality Process & Procedures Manual, as well as the newly completed Singapore specific HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Manual and subsequent training. All branches will follow. Benny Howard Benny has been on a whirl wind working tour to Asia Quality Manager performing audits while David Pickle spent some time in Canada with our Edmonton operations training our new quality team member, Mike Dashwood. Currently our accidents are down to an all time low moving into the summer months. We’ve reached ‘Preferred Vendor” status with ISNET by achieving 100% score. Please make a conscious effort to stay alert and proactive as safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Baton Rouge by Tim Yon


replacement of handles or hand wheels broken in the field, requests for drawings, catalogs, etc. We are entering a period where it appears that branch roles will, perhaps temporarily, become a more significant component (percentage wise) of our company’s business … increasing to 30 – 35%, possibly 40%. As grass roots projects become less frequent, it becomes even more important that branch personnel generate sales in their respective geographical regions. It is also important that support disciplines recognize the changing face of the branches and assist branch efforts when possible. Our continued mutual success is contingent on our ability to adapt to a changing market. Be flexible, be innovative, be supportive … be successful.

Businesses and the characteristics of their trade have a tendency to cycle. Historically, the lifeblood of our company has been projects --- both domestic and international. Projects are generally choreographed through and from Houston and have accounted for up to 80% of invoiced sales, but that tendency is changing. Branches, in addition to their own activity --- including MRO arrangements play a supporting role in the project side of the business. Branches often take on a more active role at the conclusion of the project when it becomes “crunch time” to achieve completion within a prescribed deadline. Branches are also active in the field at project sites or at the fabricator answering questions regarding valve interchangeability, sizing for chain wheel operators, lost or damaged tags,


FROM the Safety Committee - as we head into hurricane season please prepare. Lockwood has added an employee only emergency telephone number. PLEASE TAKE TIME RIGHT NOW TO ADD TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK:




Hurricane Season in Texas runs from Jun 1 to Nov 30 and researchers are predicting 10 hurricanes. The time to prepare is now. • Keep your vehicle gas tank at least half full at all times • Keep drinking water on hand (one gallon per person for at least one week, plus pets) • Fill bath tubs with water • Food - a week’s supply nonperishable/canned • First Aid kit • Flashlight & radio (& extra batteries) • Medications & Supplies (prescriptions with dr’s contact information, diapers, etc.) • Toilet paper • Cash • Important documents (birth certificates, insurance records, health insurance cards, bank accounts) • Pet food • Remove objects that can be carried away by high winds - secure the rest • Evacuate when advised (earlier if traveling with elderly, young children or special needs people) • Make a plan with your family on how to reunite if separated - You may dial 2-1-1 or 3-1-1 (answered 24/7) to register for evacuation assistance

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has been an attraction in Houston for more than 78 years. So far they have contributed $140 M in direct educational support according to their website, including proceeds from the Calf Scramble, which first debuted in 1942. Lockwood participated again this year and our winner was Miss Brianna Arriola, Cypress Falls FFA (pictured below catching the calf). So Brianna ran, fought, pushed and pulled the calf into the designated area to receive our donation. That money will be used by her to purchase her own heifer to raise and bring for competition next year. She took the time to write us a thank you note and send pictures. Thanks Brianna! Keep us posted on your success!

Brianna Arriola (middle) this year’s Lockwood Calf Scramble Winner

pictured above with her best friend and fellow competitor Danna, and her Agriculture Teacher, Lisa Hernandez on right.


by Katia Ricci June 7, 2010 Lockwood Italy had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Donato Raimondi, son of the founder of Raimondi Valves. We share with you the conversation with him as he shares a glimpse into Raimondi’s history and the relationship with Lockwood International over the years. In the 1920’s, the young Mr. Carlo Raimondi (Mr. Donato Raimondi’s father) worked as a technician for the waterworks of Rescaldina. Since he was a talented and hardworking man with entrepreneurial dreams, he decided to manufacture the valves used by the waterworks himself. He began his dream in a small workplace along with two other workers. Raimondi Valves was born! During the course of the years he diversified his product line and his hard work paid off as he became known worldwide for his valves. During that time and in this part of the world Raimondi’s competitors were derived from occasional Raimondi employees who left the company to follow the same dreams that Mr. Raimondi had to form their own business. Mr. Donato Raimondi was born in 1933 in Rescaldina and he after college graduation, at age 25 years old he began to work in his father’s company. He started as an engineer and worked his way up to President. He has devoted forty years of his life to Raimondi Valves. In the 1980’s he became the President top left to right: Nazareno Bargeri, Chiara Colombo, Donato Raimondi, Katia Ricci, Dalila Colombo, Claudio of the C.E.I.R., the European Committee for Corbani;

the Valve Industry. During that time many European valve manufacturers who were trying to impose their regulations on the valve market were under the risk of invasion from Eastern Europe and the Far Eastern markets. As the President of C.E.I.R., Mr. Raimondi’s efforts launched Raimondi Valves and other European Manufacturers into the USA market with the cooperation of the American valve manufacturers, paving the way for them to enter the very competitive American market. During one of his business trips he met Mr. Frank Lockwood who was General Manager of Gulf Supply at the time. This chance meeting was an opportunity for both companies Raimondi Valves and Gulf Supply to compete with each other on a bid. Raimondi Valves lost out to Gulf Supply but a friendship was made. After his victory, Mr. Frank Lockwood organized a meeting with Mr. Raimondi and together they recognized the potential in each other’s assets and skills and as a result Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Raimondi founded Lockwood International company. Through the years of hard work both families became extremely close friends. With strong cooperation and vision they sought to expand the company into the main world markets. Mr. Donato Raimondi, son of In 1998 the Raimondi family sold their business to the Tyco Group and their quotes to Lockwood the founder of Raimondi Valves International. Upon Mr. Frank Lockwood’s passing, Mr. Mike and Mr. Tom Lockwood took the reins of Lockwood International firmly achieving wonderful current success. Mr. Donato Raimondi went on to become the Mayor of Rescaldina city and after ten years of service retired. We hope Mr. Donato’s shared memories about Raimondi’s past will help you learn about your own company’s history. Valve manufacturing in central Italy grew from very strong friendships.

bottom left to right: Giovanni Capasso, Aldo Bargeri

The Changing Face of Power

by Ed Maier

Since late 2008, our domestic view of Power has been challenged. Political considerations combined with a near financial meltdown initiated the cancellation of billion dollar fossil projects. The engineering community, for 32 years our company’s staple, took a “time out” from planned grass roots, coal fired plant construction and unit additions and began looking for new opportunities to replace these revenue streams. OEMs, who were supplying Back End Technology (BET) for power plant compliance with EPA regulations, had their business plans and order backlog shattered seemingly overnight. Today, regardless of economic or political considerations, the generation of electricity remains a core requirement in our personal and business lives. The EIA [Energy Information Agency] continues to estimate increased U.S. demand and capacity additions through 2035. Their most recent report cited: “With a growing electricity demand… 250 gigawatts of new generating capacity will be needed (by) 2035, an 18% increase over 2007 figures.”

30 ft. lighted display as seen in picture on right.

Responding to this demand and restricted by EPA emission mandates, both regulated and non-regulated utilities are developing new generating sites using conventional fuels [natural gas & nuclear] and renewables [wind, biomass and solar]. “Federal tax incentives, State energy programs and rising prices for fossil fuels increase the competitiveness of renewable and nuclear capacity.” For our company, the most promising of these emerging scenarios are biomass, solar and natural gas and “carbon capture and storage” (CCS). All three forms of generation require conventional boiler, turbine and generator manufacturing as well water treatment facilities … core business platforms of our established E&Cs’ expertise.


Lockwood’s Power Players: Gary Hart, Derek

Reavis, Matt Cassidy, Cameron Dawe, Cliff Houk and Daniel Rossman.

In addition to the advances in large scale solar generation and the improvements to conventional generation by biomass and natural gas, other technologies such as “carbon capture and storage” offer exciting opportunities to extract CO2 [carbon dioxide] from coal and other fossil-fuel fired plants. As with solar and “alternative fuels,” utilities and developers have access to federal stimulus funds for CCS which reduce the financial risk associated with these types of projects. The E&Cs, responding to the incentives provided, have begun the FEED process by supplying critical engineering for these new technologies and pushing the development of new metallurgy for valves, left to right: Cameron Dawe, Derek Reavis, Greg Ganz, Gary Hart such as F92 for and Ed Maier. higher temperatures. In support, we are presently assisting our customers in the E&C and OEM community both in the proposal process for requirements of small and large bore valves and by investigating the availability of these new alloys with our core manufacturers. While our domestic landscape is undergoing an exciting transformation, the international demand for electricity is even greater. It is estimated that world net electricity generation will increase by 87% by 2035 ! Already this demand for increased fossil and renewable generation is being developed by our traditional E&C customers along the East Coast and in the Midwest. Lockwood International has long been the premier supplier of valves to the Energy Sector. The Power market is steadily showing signs of recovery. Our historical relationships within the E&C community, coupled with our growing presence in Indonesia, China, South Korea and now Brazil, place us in an excellent position to capitalize on the opportunities that are already budding forth. Our technical expertise and history of successful “Project Execution” will enable Lockwood to remain at the forefront of power plant development, nationally and internationally, for years to come. Submitted on behalf of our “Power Team” [Gary Hart, Derek Reavis, Matt Cassidy, Cameron Dawe, Cliff Houk and Daniel Rossman] … the Project Management of John Yonkman and Terry Eads … and the quotation development of Greg Land.

Warehouse Workout

Who hasn’t heard the rumors of our own warehouse guys in Corporate working out? Well, Marketing’s Steve Shubnell and Matthias Jung set out to get that story for you, and came back with not just one, but two fabulous stories. First, let’s talk about the workouts - it’s absolutely true! A group of guys ranging in ages from twenty-something to fifty-something adopted a regimented and rigorous training schedule involving leg thrusts, crunches, medicine balls, weight training, sprints and basketball on their “days off.” They do this all within a forty five minute window during their lunch hour. When asked why, they explained that after work was not a good time. Between fatigue and family commitments they felt the lunch hour was more ideal. There are eight workout “stations” fashioned from items like recycled crates to a collection of mostly used or team purchased workout equipment. Chris Lloyd is the trainer for this group and he shared with us his workout schedule that the guys follow. Right now they are into week 21 so top row - left to right: Chris Greene, Ray Kingsbury-‘Ray Ray’ , Rodney Owens, Joel “Mac” McDonald and Chris Lloyd. he is considering planning another session to start when this one ends. bottom row - left to right: Jarrod Owens, Justin Stephenson, Fabian Quintanilla, Chris says, “The guys have done such a great job and I can’t believe the front and center: Mr. Chips and Dr. Pepper - Mike Owens. improvements they’ve made in strength, conditioning, and weight loss.” According to Chris, Justin Stephenson has made the most progress, losing 35 pounds - going down four pant sizes. He also says Mike Owens amazes him since his diet consists mostly of Dr. Pepper and potato chips. Chris says “Its so rewarding to share in everyone’s success in this program.” Way to go guys!

13th in the World

So, onto our second story. As rumors go, this one wasn’t exactly accurate, but this time it was severely under exaggerated. Steve heard that Chris Lloyd (the Trainer in the above story) “was good at track.” Turns out Chris Lloyd is in fact a two time Olympic track star participating in 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing World Games. And ranked 13th in the world in 2008 for 400m. The rabbit hole gets deeper. He has traveled the world visiting over 40 countries while representing the country of Dominica in the 400m, 200m and 100m. Dominica is in the Caribbean south of Guadeloupe and north of the island of Martinique; he has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Dominica. He currently holds three national track records for the country of Dominica, W.I. and carried their flag during the opening ceremonies in Athens during 2004. He also won a bronze medal in the Pan American games in 2007. Chris worked with New Balance to design a sprinters shoe (pictured at right) based on his personal preferences and style (be sure to note his name on the shoe). Chris proudly did this all 100% drug free, in a world where 90% of his competitors could not say the same. Chris retired from running in 2008. He is now married to Tremedia (Brice) Lloyd, a 200m NCAA Division I Champion and a USA Olympic Trials semifinalist. They have a one year old Chris Lloyd (#12) in Lillie, France daughter and are expecting their second child, a son. Chris earned a full athletic scholarship to Texas Southern University in 1999, then went on to earn a B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in 2003. Tremedia and Chris met while both were attending TSU where he maintained 3.0/4.0 GPA. The guy is personable, modest and humble. He finds himself at Lockwood by way of Monica Bazille-Turknett. She is friends with his wife and recommended that he apply. Chris has a passion for electronics technology, computer repairs and says “there’s a reason God brought me to Lockwood.”

Gladly, Lockwood can report that all the U.S. Military personnel that we sent packages to in the first quarter are no longer accepting mail (which means they are no longer stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.) However, we can proudly report that a record 12 boxes of goodies was sent to new individuals - that translates to three boxes each going to four people currently serving in Iraq. If you have someone serving active in Iraq or Afghanistan please contact Margaret Graff. We want to include them in our next mail out. As we gathered donations of candy and toiletry items from Lockwood ...the story of one soldier got back to me. He said the jolly rancher candies were especially good because the native children really loved them. They would tell our soldiers where bombs were hidden. How remarkable such a small unsuspecting gift such as candy could be saving our loved one’s lives. 11


The mere thought conjures up a thousand memories, doesn’t it? Whether its from our own childhood or through parenthood. Maybe its through aunt hood or stepmother hood, etc. They are the reason we get up in the morning and the reason we can’t sleep at night. They go from runny noses to running their mouths, and all along we shake our heads in amazement.

Remember chocolate covered faces and mud filled ears? Or heads stuck in stair case rails and sticky icky hands? Throughout their life you can locate them by the trail they leave behind, whether its muddy feet, dirty clothes, or food wrappers. Kids are filled with never ending energy and intense curiosity. Kids are why we smile and why we pull our hair out. They are the reason that we lose all reason, and the reason we find reason (or the remote) in the most unlikeliest of places. We’ve all been there, and for some of us, we’re still there. Being a kid or being a kid at heart means living life in a state of bliss and innocence that holds life as a

constant adventure. From that first grasp of their tiny hand around our finger we are forever changed. They grow to discover giggle fits and secrets. They have sleep overs that rarely involve sleep, and have new best friends each week. They keep frogs in pockets and can’t pass a mud puddle without jumping smack in it. They have that “big game” - Saturday after Saturday, sport after sport, season after season. They love ‘roughing it” on camping trips (imagine) and always have a last minute school project that’s a ‘major grade’ that they forgot to tell you about. They are the star performers for us at recitals and programs. They lose everyone of their baby teeth and inevitably lose the lost tooth. Then there’s those trips to the emergency room for (insert your story here). The dreaded drivers license years and subsequent first fender bender. Proms (and the dress shopping) and dates and finally graduation. Yep, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. These special little people in our lives make our hearts melt and our blood pressure go through the roof. As life happens and the days roll by, in the blink of an eye years have passed. Then they are making decisions for themselves, yes making mistakes too but overall we just couldn’t be any prouder of them. Yes kids, this ones for you. Lockwood gives you a tip of our hat. Oh, and let me give you some matter how hard you aren’t listening to your parents, one day you will be hearing your parents’ owns words eerily come out of your own mouth. Its generational destiny and completely unavoidable.

Class of 2010 Graduates of 2010. These people have reached a milestone in their lives. It’s the end of recess and having every summer off and means the next phase of their lives - adulthood-is about to begin. This generation holds the techno-savy geniuses of the world. Nothing intimidates them and it takes much to impress them. We are proud of you and look forward to watching your continued success. Our sincere congratulations to each one of you!

Michael Land 2010 Graduate of Marist College Son of Greg Land (former Lockwood Summer Intern)

Victoria Lynn 2010 Graduate of Robert E. Lee H.S. Daughter of Patricia & Mike Jeffery

Shelby Rodes 2010 Graduate of Dayton H.S. Daughter of Barbara Rodes Graduated top 8% of her class. Plans to attend Arizona State Univ. to study Aeronautical Engineering. Ashley De La Garza 2010 Graduate of Deer Park H.S. Parents: Joe & Karen De La Garza

Plans to attend Texas A&M, College Station


Jonathan Gutierrez 2010 Graduate Deer Park H.S. Son of Kerri Ramos Accepted to Blinn College in Brenham, TX. “We are very proud of him.” Justin M. Sweet Terry Bratz’s son 2010 Graduate of Deer Park H.S. U.S. Marine Recruit

Ian Terrance Choi Son of Terry Choi

Grandchild of Thomas Baker Corporate HQ

Owen Avery Avery & Owen Grandchildren of Daniel Rossman “Proud GrandPaw - They grow too fast! I can’t keep up!”

Pam Moore’s grand baby, Jax Lee Moore

Abbey Marie, daughter of Jennifer Dillon

Shelby L. Braatz Daughter of Terri Braatz Shelby will start junior high next year

Amber L. Bollinger will start high school next school season. Niece of Terri Braatz

David, Meggan and Magnolia David is son of Koleta Parsley - Corp. HQ. Magnolia is Koleta’s first grandchild.

“We are very proud of all of them!”

Zoe Turknett, due Sept 17, 2010. Parents: Damien Turknett & Monica Bazile-Turknett, “We are so excited about our impending bundle of joy!”

David L. Bollinger Nephew of Terri Braatz David is a 2010 H.S. Graduate in Atlanta, GA. He will be attending Devry University to study computer programming.

Susan Toledo’s son Steven (age 9) is a soccer player, and daughter Janely (age 12), is a cheerleader. This was taken during Steven’s first communion.

Christopher Turknett. Son of Damien Turknett. “Christopher is a bright child who loves to play basketball and is a part of a winning little league football team. His father and step-mother are very proud of him as he will be in the 3rd grade next year.”

Dylan Patrick Pryor 21 years old Son of Annette Engolio “He’s not a kid anymore but he’s still my baby.”

Ashlynn (13 yrs old) is entering 8th grade, Jaycee (10 yrs old) is entering 5th grade, & Sydnie (7 yrs old) is entering 2nd grade Daughters of Shannon Baumbach


Class of 2007 Nicki daughter of Blaine Ferryman. She is Blaine’s oldest daughter and this picture was taken at her H.S. Graduation.

Daughter of Chris Lloyd, Brooke Lloyd enjoying Houston’s snow last year.

16 year old Carleigh Fer-

Meet Audrianna, niece ryman, daughter of Blaine Ferryman. of Doris August…. “My precious little adorable niece. I’m not sure what she’s doing :) this is at her grandparents house at the table from what I can tell... She’s 5 and 1/2 now.”

Rylee Denise, Age 1 1/2 yrs old Parents: Amanda & Michael Marksberry And daughter number 3 is due 10/28/10

Class of 2022 Kylee, Age 5 2010 Kindergarten Graduate Parents: Amanda & Michael Marksberry

Ethan 12 yrs old (9 years old when this was taken) is Blaine Ferryman’s step son (sorry for the poor quality picture!)

Cristobal, son of Cesar Malacara and Lisa Avilez. Cristobal is 1 1/2 years old. He’s very intelligent and is a good and happy baby, who loves to dance.

Carlie (11 yrs old), Cara (7 yrs old) & Holt (3 yrs old).

“God has blessed us with 3 beautiful children and we are so proud of what they have become and look forward to what God has in store for their lives. Children of Heath Juergens.

Hayden, Age 5 2010 Kindergarten Graduate - Son of Laura Davis

Linda McKinzy’s first Grandchild Bruce III (Trey) Born, March 7, 2010 “Extremely Proud Grandmother” ()”

Jamal Sash, son of Patricia Sash earned the President’s Education award for academics. Andrew (3 yrs old). Son of Kerri Ramos. “He is getting ready to play fall ball and can’t wait! He is truly a blessing (and a handful.”) Jayden (6 yrs old). Kindergarten graduate 2010. Son of Kerri Ramos. “Jayden made ALL STARS for the second time. He plays 2nd base for Deer Park Little League. We are very proud of him.”

Children of David Pickle. Mason is 12 yrs old. He is “honors student student council, a boy scout, classes, brown belt in tae kwon do.” Sydney is 8 honor student, incredible artist, and a great girl




Through the generosity of the Lockwood family the Frank Lockwood Foundation is actively responding to employee requests for donations. The ideal behind Gail, Mike and Tom’s vision on this foundation was to honor their husband and father, our founder, Mr. Frank Lockwood by donating to causes that are near and dear to our employee’s hearts. In a tribute to children everywhere the Frank Lockwood Foundation will proudly donate to the following organizations. This list is comprised of recommendations by our associates.

• Texas Children’s Hospital - Located in Houston’s world renowned Medical Center, it is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the U.S. and has received much recognition for their expertise and breakthrough developments in treating cancer, diabetes, asthma, HIV, care for premature babies, cardio and attention-related disorders. • M.D. Anderson Arts Project - For over 35 years M.D. Anderson has sold holiday cards created by children who are afflicted with cancer . Their vision is to “make life better for cancer patients and their families...” • Ronald McDonald House Charities - For nearly 35 years The Ronald McDonald House has been providing a home away for home for families who are getting treatment for their seriously ill or injured child. “ Their approach is “to think globally but act locally.” • YMCA – “Volunteer founded and volunteer led,” the YMCA is one of largest volunteer organizations in the world, serving more than 45 million people in 124 countries. Their simple goal is to “help children, families and individuals strengthen their spiritual, mental and physical well being.” • Bobbi Bear - South Africa. Bobbi Bear exists to help sexually abused children. Reported cases have increased by 400% over the past eight or nine years in parts of SA. With eleven “official” languages in SA the charges are difficult to prosecute due to this communication barrier. • Camp C.O.P.E. (Courage, Optimism, Patience, Encourage) - C.O.P.E. travels across the nation to different military installations providing no cost camps to families. Their mission is “to help children of service members cope with the transitions and/or trauma they are facing in response to the deployment or injuries sustained by their parents who are U.S. soldiers.” • St. Jude’s Research Hospital - Named the number one children’s cancer hospital in the U.S. for 20102011. “All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family’s ability to pay.”

Children of Kristie Boodell Brooke (age 10), Tori (age 2) & Brynne (Age 11)

Ashley De La Garza

daughter of Joe & Karen De La Garza “Ashley is truly an amazing young lady and we are very proud of her and all of her accomplishments.

Claire & Fisher. Grandchildren of Darlene Garza. “I get to play, learn and teach all while sharing the warmest hugs ever!”

Shelby Rodes, daughter of Barbara Rodes. We love her very much and will miss her immensley.

Jayden Thomas Hollingsworth (5 yrs old) nephew of Peggy Hollingsworth Pre-k graduation picture. “We predict he will be a Quarterback someday as he has quite an arm! “


Ryan (15 yrs old) & Rachael (13 yrs. old). Children of Laura Fitzgerald. “I do it all for my kids - they rock my world.”

Jeremy Tyler Bruss (16 yrs old) nephew of Peggy Hollingsworth. “Great kid - he’s a bright young man with a great personality who finds humor in everything! I am so very proud of him for his accomplishments!


Yoon Su Sonny Justin Doris Vicente Patricia Abdul Palanivel


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REGARDING TENURE AND BIRTHDAYS: The lists (hopefully) capture all July - December tenure anniversaries and birthdays (highest seniority is listed first) of our people. Those names bolded have 5+ years with us. Although much effort is made to include everyone we may have accidentally omitted someone. International branches in particular - not all records are kept in Houston. Please notify us if this is the case and we’ll publish in our next edition (published in July).

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Stephanie Nesbitt of Corporate announced her marriage to John Charles on July 3, 2010. John is in the U.S. Army and is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in September. Congratulations Stephanie. Darlene A. Garza, HR Manager successfully completed her PHR (Professional HR) certification through Rice University. Congratulations Darlene! Paolo Zaffaroni welcomes his new baby, Matteo Giuseppe Zaffaroni born on May 13, 2010. “Beautiful like the father” says Paolo.

A star. In our Newsletter you will see it in every edition. It is a remembrance to our lost loved ones. They are forever a part of who we are and will never be forgotten.

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