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We started LOCALE Magazine with sketches on a napkin at a coffee shop in Costa Mesa...

IT WAS 2010 ;

the economy was on the shoulder season of a recession (pulling slowly out of a very scary nosedive). Our love affair with screens was in its infancy (the iPhone 4 had only been released the previous month), and there was a prevailing theme on newsstands and also spoken by talking heads on screens of all sizes, “Print

is dead.”

I was still selling Mercedes at Fletcher Jones and had met ASHLEY HICKSON (NOW SMITH) only weeks earlier. I had been pitched the idea of buying a publication where Ashley was employed. Ashley and I met for lunch, and we really clicked. Within a few days, we were meeting at the coffee shop, debating titles, sketching out logos and planning our launch.

Now, it was time to tackle what the stories would be about, who our cover would feature and how many pages it would be.

You know, more easy stuff.

If I tried to explain or understand what our founder, partner and COO Ashley did then (or does now), I would definitely muck it up. I asked Ashley to share what she did in those first few months, and this is what she said:

Erik and I only lived a couple of blocks apart, so we had a few meetings at his house to strategize before securing the office space on 17th Street. I was so happy to have a job, let alone what felt like my own office space, with Erik out in the field 90% of the day. I’ll never forget when he came in and needed to do something creative, so he painted the wall the brightest green I had ever seen. Everything we did continued to be to the max: an oversized magazine, oversized business cards and blow-out parties for every issue’s release.

The very next morning, I left my job of seven years and did two things: I offered Ashley employment in our nearly nonexistent company and leased 400 square feet of office space above Kean Coffee in Newport Beach. Now, we just had to figure out the easy stuff––like who would design the magazine, where magazines are printed, who would take the photos, who would write the stories, how we would make money, how we would be paid, how we would distribute the magazine and what it would be about. You know, the easy stuff!

In February 2010, Facebook had only taken over as social media king from MySpace a few years earlier, and the first LOCALE Magazine was only a three-ring, aqua-colored binder filled with 40 clear plastic page protectors where we had written ideas like “cover,” “table of contents,” “ads” and “stories” on lined paper.

I had graduated college not even a year prior and was now setting up a limited liability company, our bookkeeping software, creating contracts and designing ads for our new advertising partners. It was exciting and, at times, nerve-wracking, especially when I forgot to bill everyone after our first issue was released! We had a tiny crew, bringing people in as we went, and many times, we played every role at the company to make it work. There were long, fun days of pulling clothes and jewelry for photo shoots, visiting local businesses with a model (or being the model with friends) and laughing with NANCY VILLERE as she captured our first few years of beautiful covers and fashion spreads. There were so many learning curves, but everything was vibrant and connective. We were cultivating a deep community of ambitious creators, helping tell local people’s and businesses’ stories. I’ll never forget the gratitude and sense of home I felt at our first launch party, seeing everyone who helped us get to that point come together to celebrate what we were doing.

There were so many learning curves, but everything was vibrant and connective. We were cultivating a deep community of ambitious creators, helping tell local people’s and businesses’ stories.

publisher’s note /// issue #126
It was decided: we were going to make a magazine.

I quickly realized that anything that needed to happen at this new company (that Ashley didn’t do), I would need to do. I started taking the Nikon camera I got for Christmas everywhere with me, taking photos of what I ate and taking photos for stories I was imagining. I would write down these ideas on printer paper and add them to the binder.

We were making a magazine.

One of our first editorial concepts was titled “Vs.” This story challenged us to try a certain type of food (think burgers, tacos or noodles) at eight different restaurants to decide which was our favorite. The objective of our very first “Vs.” was to determine who had the best sushi roll in Orange County. Ashley and I ate sushi rolls at eight restaurants in two days. We sampled EVERYTHING the restaurants brought us (which was generally their entire menu) and wrote notes and scores on our pre-printed scorecards while I took photos. We ended up picking Mahe in Seal Beach over Thos and Erica’s newly opened Bear Flag in Newport. I could not even consider eating sushi for six months after that, but we finally had a story that we thought people would care about. This was by far the most fun I had ever had at work in my entire life.

I lived in Costa Mesa, and our office was in Newport. I started visiting every business on 17th Street a few times a week, pleading with them to buy an ad in LOCALE’s first issue (which was still a binder).

A RESTAURANT agreed to advertise, then WARREN CHRISTOPHER HARDWOOD FLOORS , LYNN AT THE QUIET WOMAN agreed, and so did WING AT WAHOO’S JIM AT TK BURGER said yes, and so did DAVE AT ALMOND SURFBOARDS and JACK’S IN HUNTINGTON . We got the old RITZ RESTAURANT in Fashion Island, 21 OCEANFRONT on the Balboa Peninsula and the CATALINA FLYER , thanks to ARMAN KRISTI AT QUIKSILVER also bought an ad, as did DUKE AT SURFSIDE . There are too many to list, but we are so grateful for all of our first-issue (and first-year) advertising partners. We literally would not have any of this without you. We were making progress. We had a few written and edited stories, sold a few pages of advertisements, found a designer and contracted with a printer. Now, we needed a cover feature and fashion spread.


spent all of my professional life up until

point running through walls. There


even “no.” At LOCALE, I decided to take a different philosophical approach: I would let things come to me. I would not fight. I would be like a stick on the shoulders of a mighty river. I put LOCALE in the hands of kismet and fate; I took my hands off the wheel.

A heartfelt thank you for the unwavering love and support to my beautiful wife Erin and daughters Makena and Luna.
––Erik Hale
was no such thing as can’t,

I met DAVE ALLEE at his newly opened Almond Surfboards shop on Old Newport Road one afternoon while I was looking for new advertising partners and story ideas. The aqua binder had now transformed into a 12-page color-copied mock-up of what we hoped LOCALE might look like. We had added our logo over a photo we found online of the quintessential Orange County surfer standing next to the river jetties staring out over the ocean, surfboard under arm. I showed the mock-up to Dave, and he casually said, “Oh, you have Erica on your cover.” I said, “Erica, who?”

Dave told me that the woman we had picked for our dream cover was no other than local surfer ERICA HOSSEINI . Dave gave me Erica’s number, and we had our cover feature. The new philosophy was paying immediate dividends.

We wanted to throw a big party to celebrate the launch of our first issue. Little did we know that the first party would lead to literally hundreds of parties in Oakland and La Quinta, Las Vegas and La Jolla, celebrating our issue releases and showing off our partner advertisers’ businesses. But we would not have been able to accomplish the sold-out events without social media. We took Facebook seriously from the beginning. Before our first magazine was released, we had already surpassed every other local print publication (there were a lot more in 2010) in number of Facebook fans (about 5,200). We used social media to attract new readers, sell out events (including the first event) and communicate digitally with our fans. We were a print magazine first but have always been fast to embrace emerging technologies. We were first to INSTAGRAM and now have


We were first to TIKTOK among our peers and now have


We have grown a website that receives 10,000 visits per day, and we continue to grow our massive email list. Print has been our bones, but digital was always in our blood.

It had only been 100 days since the coffee shop meeting. One hundred days since the aqua-colored binder was purchased. One hundred days since we decided on the name LOCALE. In those 100 days, we had made a 108-page magazine, sold 48 advertisers, written and edited dozens of stories, taken hundreds of photos and eaten dozens of sushi rolls.

In that 100-day stretch, we gained over 5,000 Facebook fans, printed and mailed invitations, secured a location, rented a photo booth and booked a fashion show and live artist. It had only been 100 days! It was now July 1, and there were 20,000 magazines piled high on pallets in my two-car garage, 100 custom racks built and piled on top (thanks Doug Gastineau). The spotlights were on, the music was pumping and the fashion show was underway as 450 guests filed in to see what we had made. It had only been 100 days.

publisher’s note /// issue #126
We are going to stop fighting the current and take LOCALE wherever it was meant to go.
––Erik Hale

So much of our success is because of our people. MIKE SMITH, our VP of Sales, was our third employee and has been with LOCALE for 10 years; he’s also now married to Ashley. Mike was my roommate when we launched the magazine in San Diego and has become one of my best friends. We were lucky enough to hire REILLY KAVANAUGH as our creative director nine years ago when she was also 22 and just out of school; every single beautiful part of LOCALE you see is because of her and her vision. JASON KOSKY has been at LOCALE for nine years also and is our comic relief, not to mention a great salesperson. We are so thrilled to have our editorial team of Senior Editors KAYLIN WAIZINGER and TAYLOR GORSKI, plus Production Manager LAUREN LEWELLEN (three years), DANIELLE TROTTER taking care of our partners as Partnerships Manager (two years) and Social Media Manager SAM PERRY, who just celebrated her first anniversary of posting happily on nights and weekends. They feel like family, and there is no LOCALE without them

We have also had some amazing people on our team over the years that were instrumental in moving LOCALE forward to what it is today. Thank you to our first editor KRISTAL DOCTER; thank you, DOUG GASTINEAU for making our racks and SUSIE GASTINEAU for delivering our magazines. To RICK RAMIREZ and ROBERT JONES, our dependable delivery drivers who took on so much of the physical labor, to our long-standing accountant VALERIE KERR and to all of the EDITORS, WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, STYLISTS, ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS that helped us build 126 editions: thank you.

It has now been close to 5,000 days. We have printed 126 issues of LOCALE. We have distributed them in Santa Monica and Malibu, Newport and Laguna, Del Mar and the Gaslamp, La Quinta and Palm Springs. We have featured STEVE AOKI, TONY HAWK, a handful of Housewives (LISA VANDERPUMP and KYLE RICHARDS), sports stars (MICK FANNING, MIKE TROUT, ANTONIO GATES, CHRISTEN PRESS and SHAUN WHITE) and YouTube and TikTok personalities. We had LAILA ALI and DANNY TREJO, THE CHAINSMOKERS and renowned chefs (WOLFGANG PUCK, CURTIS STONE and RICHARD BLAIS). We featured reality stars (BRODY JENNER, LO BOSWORTH and KRISTIN CAVALLARI), a ring girl (ARIANNY CELESTE), a playmate (HOLLY MADISON) and a Jedi (MARK HAMILL). We have featured thousands of local businesses and business owners in over 20,000 stories. We couldn’t have done this without the work of hundreds of wonderful CONTRIBUTING WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND STYLISTS, MUAS AND HAIR AND FOOD STYLISTS.

We made some big changes, as most people did in March 2020. We had to say tearful goodbyes to half of our staff. We terminated the lease on our office and decided to work from home over Zoom. The pandemic was particularly tough on our partners and our business. We were not sure if we would ever print another magazine.

We only had 50 days. On December 10, 2020, Ashley and I once again broke out the napkin. We needed to scribble out ideas about what the future of LOCALE would look like. We decided that we wanted to change everything. We wanted to offer our partners a digital campaign strategy––one that would utilize our now 100,000,000

annual digital impressions into packages our partners could benefit from. We spent 15-hour days defining, implementing and training our staff on this new digital campaign strategy, and we launched this completed strategy in 50 days. Nearly two years later, we have now surpassed our best year in print. We have found a way to tell the community about our partners through iPhones and laptops, IG and TikTok and inboxes and DMs. And we are more successful than we have ever been.

Issue #126, delivered this December, will be the last print issue of LOCALE Magazine. I know there will be rumors, but that’s okay. I am writing to let you know that our last print issue is not a funeral march but a celebration! A celebration of a philosophy I adopted 5,000 days ago and one that has served me well.

We are going to stop fighting the current and take LOCALE wherever it was meant to go.

PRINT is dead! Long live LOCALE!

AOKI Jan. 2017 KYLE RICHARDS Feb. 2017 MARK HAMILL Dec. 2017
Christen Press
FANNING Feb. 2018 + plus 103 more issues
Hale “
I put LOCALE in the hands of kismet and fate; I took my hands off the wheel.

making the issue


Photographed By: Andrea Domjan, |


Model: Jasmine Roth, @jasminerothofficial

Written By: Jordan Nishkian, @wordsbyjordan

Styled By: Janelle Arreola, | @janellelyn

Hair & Makeup By: 1011 Makeup, |


Jean Jumpsuit By: Prism Boutique, | @prismboutique

Jewelry By: Nadri Jewels, |



Sweater By: Kate Spade,

Jeans By: Moussy,

Jewelry By: Nadri Jewels, |


Creating the Cover

• With Roth gracing the cover of LOCALE’s 126th issue, our team set out to capture her vibrant disposition and tenacious spirit from behind the lens. We set up the shoot in her home in Huntington Beach, where she lives with her family. Roth spent three years designing and building this home from the ground up, and we couldn’t think of a better place to snap some swoon-worthy pics!

The Inside Scoop

• Ambitious and independent, Roth shared how she proudly represents a new generation of women in the homebuilding workforce, which in the past, has been a rather male-dominated industry. “Roth has such a strong, empowering energy about her,’’ says writer Jordan Nishkian. “She shared some important pearls of wisdom in her interview that I’ll be taking with me into the new year!”

What’s Inside?

• For SoCal dwellers, winter is typically a time to break out the rain boots or plan a ski trip to the mountains, but this year we’re kissing winter blues goodbye! Flip to our Escape Guide, where you’ll discover our favorite warmweather destinations—from tropical islands to desert oases. Within our Foodie, Shoppe and Alive sections, expect everything from comfort food and coffee shops to holiday happenings and gifts for everyone on your list.

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Andrea Domjan Jordan Nishkian Janelle Arreola Heidi Villa
December 2022 /// Escape Edition
the team Huntington Beach
table of contents December 2022 /// Escape Edition 65 Guide Warm Up This Winter 10 Sun-Drenched Destinations That’ll Help You Escape the Winter Blues CONRAD PUNTA DE MITA Carr. Punta de Mita Sayulita Km 2 Litibu, Nayarit 63734 844.298.4300 PHOTO PROVIDED BY: CONRAD PUNTA DE MITA 66 Riviera Respite 10 Reasons We Love Conrad Punta de Mita for a WarmWeather Escape LOCALE MAGAZINE 36
table of contents Pg. 127 Pg. 142 Pg. 160 foodie 105 Feature IN OUR COMFORT ZONE Cozy Up and Dig in to Some of the Most Delicious Comfort Food in SoCal 112 Two Things We Love YOU’RE HOOKED! La Jolla’s Pacific Catch Is Serving Up the Freshest Fish in Town 115 Meals Deconstructed A FIESTA FOR YOUR TASTE BUDS Sink Your Teeth Into SOL Mexican Cocina’s Decadent Goat Cheese Enchiladas shoppe 140 Neighborhood Guide REDISCOVER EL PASEO From Restaurants to Design Studios, Palm Desert’s El Paseo Is Bustling With New Places to Shop, Eat and Explore 142 Guide HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 30+ Gifts for Everyone on Your List 146 Mini Profile FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Orange County’s Ageless M.D. Knows How to Wind Back the Clock 148 5 Things We Love BEST IN CLASS 5 Things We Love About Family-Owned El Paseo Jewelers in Palm Desert 119 Feature NOT YOUR AVERAGE CUP OF JOE Treat Yourself to an Espresso-Based Beverage From the Coolest Coffee Shops in SoCal 124 5 Things We Love MODERN CONVENIENCE 5 Reasons We’re Obsessed With MRKT Space in La Jolla and Encinitas 127 Feature MAKING SPIRITS BRIGHT Stir Up Some Holiday Cheer With These Festive Cocktail Recipes 134 First Bite HEAVEN ON HEARTH With a Focus on Italian Hearth Cooking, Marisi Brings a Taste of the Amalfi Coast to La Jolla 154 Get the Deets OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE An Insider’s Guide to LA’s Stunning SoFi Stadium 156 Humanitarian Feature STRIKING A CHORD Rock to Recovery Uses the Power of Music to Help People Overcome Addiction 160 Neighborhood Guide HEADED NORTH From Vineyards to the Redwood Forest, Mendocino County Is a Dream Come True 162 Behind the Brand BABY STEPS Newport Beach’s RISE Fertility Is Here to Help You Start Your Family December 2022 /// Escape Edition 40 Localendar 42 Get the Deets ‘TIS THE SEA-SUN Get in the Holiday Spirit SoCal-Style at Huntington Beach’s Paséa Hotel & Spa 54 Cover Story NAILING IT How Huntington Beach Local Jasmine Roth Is Building Her Happy 85 Newport Beach Boat Parade Guide living like a local foodie 102 John Libonati shoppe 138 Alicia Tenise alive 152 Carl Dawson 164 Feature COAST TO COAST From Sushi Bars to Speakeasies, We’re Comparing the Best of NYC to Our Favorite SoCal Cities 166 24 Hours ORANGE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU From Museum Hopping to Antique Shopping, Here’s How to Spend a Delightful Day in Orange Mendocino 38 LOCALE MAGAZINE



Deck the Halls

W HAT: CDM Christmas Walk

WHERE: Corona del Mar Village

WHY: Nothing ignites the Christmas spirit more than a visit from Santa Claus himself. At the CDM Christmas Walk, there’s no shortage of holiday cookies, spiked hot cocoa and caroling. events

Skatin’ in SoCal

W HAT: Skating by the Sea at Hotel del Coronado

WHEN: Nov. 17-Jan. 1

WHERE: Hotel del Coronado

WHY: Lace up those ice skates without having to bundle up because, in SoCal, ice skating by the beach is the perfect winter date night.

Stop and Smell the Roses

W HAT: Rose Parade WHERE: Pasadena Tournament of Roses WHY: Welcome the new year with the annual Rose Parade, featuring dozens of flower-covered floats, live performances and more.


Light Up Your Night

to DEC 9 DEC 11

WHERE: JAN 5-16 FEB 16-26 FEB

Grab Some Popcorn

W HAT: Palm Springs International Film Festival

WHERE: Palm Springs

WHY: Embrace your inner cinephile at this unparalleled film festival, where you can enjoy exclusive pre-release screenings and sneak peeks.


Happy Lunar New Year

W HAT: San Diego Chinese New Year Fair

WHERE: Gaslamp Quarter

WHY: Celebrate the year of the rabbit in San Diego with cultural performances, lantern parades and a vast selection of Chinese treats and eats.

Date Night Meets Design

W HAT: Modernism Week

WHERE: Palm Springs

WHY: Enjoy a week’s worth of tours, talks and events, where you can tour dozens of private homes celebrated for their mid mod architecture and interior design.

A Hoppy Day

W HAT: San Diego Brew Festival

‘Tis the Season

W HAT: Los Angeles Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”

WHEN: Dec. 3-26

WHERE: Dolby Theatre, Royce Hall, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Alex Theatre

WHY: Tiptoe into this holiday season with the Los Angeles Ballet’s annual performance of “The Nutcracker” for a night you and your date will not forget.

WHERE: Liberty Station NTC Park WHY: With over 70 breweries, 200 beers, 10 of San Diego’s best food trucks, cover bands and lawn games, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Los Angeles

A Football-Filled Christmas

W HAT: Rams vs. Broncos

WHEN: Dec. 25

WHERE: SoFi Stadium WHY: Grab your Rams gear and a foam finger because you don’t want to miss this game on Christmas Day at SoFi Stadium.

Written By: Noelle Dahl Coronado Dana Point Redondo Beach W HAT: Dana Point Harbor Boat Parade of Lights Dana Point Harbor Set sail in Dana Point Harbor for a night of lights, Christmas decorations and music that will surely set your holiday mood.
PhotosHotel del Coronado Los Angeles Ballet Dana Point Harbor Boat Parade of Lights: Courtesy of Dana Point Harbor Partners | SoFi Stadium: Bootsy Bellows

‘Tis the Sea-sun


Looking to get festive and still enjoy the sunny SoCal weather? Thanks to its merry offerings, Paséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach is the perfect place to get in the holiday spirit. This chic hotel is within walking distance of the iconic Huntington Beach Pier and is home to the stunning open-air restaurant Tanner’s. Whether you’re looking to hit the spa and center your mind or enjoy live entertainment and festive cocktails, we’re filling you in on why Paséa Hotel & Spa is the ultimate place to celebrate the holidays in SoCal.

Festive Sips

• No holiday celebration is complete without Christmas cocktails and tasty treats. The Boozy Blitzen is the perfect libation to warm you up, while the Dashing Egg Nog offers a nostalgic taste with an added buzz. When it comes to food, guests will find casual fare, such as jumbo corn dogs, along with more elevated holiday cuisine like deep-fried butternut ravioli. For dessert, cure your sweet tooth with assorted goodies like peppermint brownies, caramel corn and peanut brittle.

Cozy Up

• Not hing screams Christmas time like a cozy fire pit. Guests of Paséa Hotel & Spa can reserve the fire pits either oceanside or near the ice rink to enjoy a Christmasthemed cocktail under the SoCal stars. Guests can also enjoy themed nights, including a Mariah Carey tribute night as they get swept away by an ocean


• Enjoy the warmer winter temps by heading to the Ninth Island Pool and lounging in a cabana or dancing to a live DJ at Treehouse Lounge on the weekends.


• The Aarna Spa is a sensational place to spend the holidays as you indulge in a mindful massage or a fabulous facial.


• Paséa Hotel & Spa isn’t just petfriendly—it’s petpassionate! Bring your furry friend along to celebrate the season.

Skate by the Sea

• The Ice Rink at Paséa is returning for its fourth year, allowing guests and visitors to experience ice skating by the sea. This spacious rink brings a taste of winter to perpetually sunny Southern California from Nov. 25 to Dec. 31.

Everyone from families to seasoned skaters are sure to appreciate gliding along the ice right in front of the ocean. In addition to the iconic palm trees that surround the rink, guests will also be greeted with a massive Christmas tree that sets the scene for a holly, jolly good time.

Paséa Hotel & Spa 21080 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92648 855.622.2472

Thanks to its merry offerings, Paséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach is the perfect place to get in the holiday spirit.
localendar /// get the deets to NOV. 25 DEC. 31 42 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Huntington Beach

All Jewelry Provided By: Nadri Jewels


Jean Jumpsuit Provided By: Prism Boutique


Sweater Provided By: Trina Turk

Jeans Provided By: Moussy

T-shirt Provided By: Kate Spade

Dress Provided By: La Ligne

Nailing It

cover story 54
“I’m lucky enough to not have perfectionism as the goal, but rather to have the humility to ask for help as the goal.” —Jasmine Roth
How Huntington Beach Local Jasmine Roth Is Building Her Happy WRITTEN BY: JORDAN NISHKIAN PHO TOGRAPHED BY: ANDREA DOMJAN ST YLED BY: JANELLE ARREOLA HA IR AND MAKEUP BY: 1011 MAKEUP & HAIR: HEIDI VILLA Jasmine Roth @jasminerothofficial @shopjasmineroth 55

KKnown for her shows “Hidden Potential” and “Help! I Wrecked My House” on HGTV, Roth first started learning about construction with her dad in his garage, not knowing then that the skills she picked up crafting treehouses and playhouses would help build her future. Roth also credits her parents for helping her grow into her tenacious personality. “Both of my parents did a really good job of instilling a can-do attitude in me,” Roth says.

“My mom always had a really great attitude, no matter how challenging or tough things were for her.”

Coming from an “untraditional” upbringing that involved multiple divorces, Roth was no stranger to moving around. Out of this experience, Roth says she gained her positive outlook, independent drive and her comfort with change—all of which she applies to her career. “Basically, what I do now is I move around, move furniture, set up spaces and rooms and organize things… I think that life experience and moving around so much as a kid helped me in my career,” she says.

“I’m just innately comfortable with moving things.”

Along with this ability to work with change, Roth also learned the important lesson of being comfortable with asking for help, which is something that many people struggle with. For Roth, seeking assistance and the expertise of others isn’t something to be ashamed of—it’s an important resource.

“I’ve never had a problem asking for help because it’s just been something that was instilled from day one… It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to not be perfect,” she shares. “I’m a new parent; I see a lot of examples of perfectionism, and I think it’s really tough, especially now with social media and these unrealistic examples of how to be constantly in front of us. I’m lucky enough to not have perfectionism as the goal, but rather to have the humility to ask for help as the goal.”

That mix of humility and curiosity has gotten her far. After graduating from business school in Boston with a degree in entrepreneurship and new venture management, she and her college roommate-turned-husband, Brett, made the move to Southern California, where they decided to build their dream home. This is where Roth came across an unexpected twist in her life’s blueprints: taking on homebuilding full-time.

“I accidentally fell into homebuilding—I wasn't planning to be a homebuilder. My husband and I took on a project that

was a little bit bigger than we assumed—I ended up leaving my job in Corporate America to go manage that project, and I loved it,” she says.

For a little while, the Roths tried constructing their future home and tending to a separate investment property on the weekends while working their corporate jobs, but they soon found themselves stretched too thin.

Roth decided that if they were going to make any progress, she’d have to go all-in and fully dedicate her time to their builds. Then in 2012, she founded Built Custom Homes, her boutique development company. This eventually led to growing a social media and blog following, which caught the attention of none other than HGTV.

Now, Roth has a number of roles under her toolbelt, including homebuilder, TV show host, shop curator, author of “House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation,” business owner and mom.

“I think my takeaway is that setting goals is really important, but you also have to have your eyes wide open so that you see opportunities when they are presented to you,” she explains. “It’s good to have goals that are personal, but they don’t have to be so rigid, right? That was a big eye-opening experience for me at the very beginning of my career, and it’s served me really well. Same with HGTV: I wasn’t trying to get a TV show, I was trying to build homes and do something that I love and I was sharing it with, you know, as many people as I could. But when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped all over it.”

Roth is best known for hosting HGTV’s “Hidden Potential” and “Help! I Wrecked My House.” In “Hidden Potential,” Roth helps people transform their blasé, cookie-cutter suburban houses into unique, one-of-a-kind homes, and in “Help! I Wrecked My House,” Roth flexes her expertise and sets out to help DIYers whose amateur home improvement projects have gone wrong.

Both series showcase Roth’s multifaceted talents in construction and design along with how she represents a new generation of women in the homebuilding workforce. It’s clear that she has no problem making waves in a maledominated industry.

Historically, the woman’s sphere was traditionally the home; tasks included cooking, cleaning and all-around housekeeping, not larger projects like construction or repairs.
In the ‘40s, women kept the blue-collar workforce (and the country) afloat, then after the war, most returned to the role of stay-at-home mom. Today, women have proven that they can certainly be both homemakers and homebuilders, and among these inspiring ladies is Jasmine Roth.
Dress Provided By: La Ligne Jewelry Provided By: Nadri Jewels @nadrijewelry

Top Tip

» No matter what your next DIY project is, Roth advises visiting your local home improvement store—and not just for supplies!

“Talking to somebody at the hardware store is usually a really good place to make a plan,” she explains. Be sure to take advantage of the experts in the paint section or those in the lumber department who can cut the wood to your necessary dimensions.

Screen Time

» Want to see Roth’s competitive side? Stream the first season of “Rock the Block” on discovery+, a fierce competition where four competitors transform four identical properties with the goal of adding the most value to that home.

Word From the Wise

» “Being able to do what I love has been the biggest blessing of all,” Roth says. “That’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. If you do something you love, you never work a day in your life.”

Keeping Up

» Roth’s HGTV series “Hidden Potential” and “Help! I Wrecked My House” are available to stream on discovery+.

Putting up Shop

» Want to shop Roth’s favorite finds for the holidays? Swing by 2nd and PCH in Long Beach to catch The Shop by Jasmine Roth holiday pop-up from October 22 to January 8. “I'm all about celebrating,” Roth says. “Celebrating new spaces, decorations and intentional new beginnings.”


Sweater Provided By: Trina Turk

Jeans Provided By: Moussy

Jewelry Provided By: Nadri Jewels



“Traditional gender roles are definitely being blurred more and more, which I like,” Roth says. “I rarely get to see another woman on a job site, so I think that [HGTV] is an amazing platform to showcase what women can do in the construction industry in particular.”

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9.9 million men and 1.1 million women work in construction, and only 21% of homebuilders are women. The women that work in construction tend to hold office and administrative roles, and the female employment share in the construction industry has gone from just over 5% in 1965 to about 13% in 2020, but that number has flatlined since the ‘90s.

As many women working in a boys’-club industry can attest to, it can be tempting to act more masculine in order to fit in with colleagues. But for Roth, finding her way as a woman in this space didn’t mean trading in or forgoing her femininity; it meant having the confidence to stand out and get the job done.

“If you’re confident, you can be yourself,” she advises. “It doesn’t matter if you’re feminine or masculine or if you wear high heels or work boots—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re trying your hardest, you’re asking questions, you’re seeking answers and you’re curious. That confidence is what makes someone successful in any role.”

This confidence is something that certainly resonates with her fans, and she hopes that her audience can apply this mindset when they’re making decisions about their own homes. Along with imparting the idea that it’s okay to ask for an expert’s help, Roth encourages people to go against the grain and not rely on those preconceived notions of what should and should not be.

“I feel like whether it’s my show, my book, my website or my social media, I’m constantly striving to make people feel comfortable and confident enough to make their homes personal. And a lot of times, I think people fall into this, ‘Well, I want the couch there, but I feel like it should go on this other wall because that’s probably what my mom would do,’” Roth explains.

“This is your house. This is your space. It needs to make you happy, and it needs to function for the way that you live,” she continues. “I think that’s a confidence that a lot of people don’t have, so I’m trying to help people maybe take one or two small steps toward that confidence so that they can have happy homes.”

Although Roth shines as a role model for girls and young people that may not fit the stereotypical mold of the construction industry, her attitude and accomplishments have gained admiration all across the board. She has inspired a wide range of people, from those within the homebuilding industry who are looking to switch gears into another specialty to kids and teens who want to become builders in the future. “I love that my career has been an inspiration to a lot of different types of people,” Roth beams. “HGTV is an amazing platform for folks like myself who have been able to work in industries where they hadn’t worked before—not just showcasing it, but making it the norm.”

Never one to be outdone, Roth is always pushing herself further, filling her plate with motherhood, her business, her shop, personal renovations, her TV shows and a book that details all of her best advice on home improvement projects. And, during a time when the world seems to be experiencing a near-collective wave of burnout, she remains as tenacious and motivated as ever.

Roth is a woman who wants to do it all, but that doesn’t mean she has to do it all alone. “The most important things in homebuilding are being resourceful and having the smarts to realize that you don’t know everything,” she advises. This mindset has helped her beyond her homebuilding career, enabling her to accomplish her goals and live a full life by enlisting the assistance of those around her, including industry experts for her various projects and family members for helping her raise an equally fierce and vivacious daughter.

“Being able to surround myself with really strong people has probably been my biggest success factor. It’s just teams and teams of people to help me be able to do what I do. It takes a village—I feel that’s a cliche, but it really does,” she says. “I’ve surrounded myself with a lot of really talented people that know more or are more creative; whatever their strength is, they’re better at it than I am.”

For those who are considering making changes in their lives or are struggling with finding motivation, Roth urges finding and relying on a trustworthy, empowering network of support. “Lean on resources that are available to you and surround yourself with really supportive, positive, helpful people. On a personal level, that’s been huge for me,” Roth shares. “That was probably my biggest point of personal growth in my life: just realizing that you have a choice and that you can set healthy boundaries and that you can really surround yourself with people that have your best interests at heart… That’s my secret weapon.”

“The most important things in homebuilding are being resourceful and having the smarts to realize that you don't know everything.”
—Jasmine Roth

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escape PHOTO PROVIDED BY Amangiri • AMANGIRI 1 Kayenta Rd, Canyon Point, UT 84741 435.675.3999 | 75 Amangiri: A Soul Oasis Find Yourself in Another World at This Luxury Utah Escape 65 Guide Warm Up This Winter 10 Sun-Drenched Destinations That’ll Help You Escape the Winter Blues December 2022 /// sunny. sandy. stress-free. Canyon Point LOCALE MAGAZINE 63

Warm Up This Winter

This winter, we’re swapping hoodies and rain boots for swimsuits and sandals! Don’t get it twisted—we love a foggy SoCal morning and even a weekend trip to the snow, but this year, we’re ditching the winter blues for a series of sun-soaked escapes! From desert destinations like Sedona, Arizona and Canyon Point, Utah to far-off tropical islands like Fiji and Tahiti, this guide is sure to tickle your travel bug and get you the vitamin D you deserve. Bon voyage!


Riviera Respite

Warm up this winter with a vacation in the beautiful city of Punta de Mita, Mexico. Surrounded by turquoise waters and swaying palm trees, it’s no wonder why this luxe destination has become a popular place to relax and to reconnect with nature. Here are 10 reasons to book a luxury weekend away at Conrad Punta de Mita.

Oceanfront Suites

• Fall asleep to the sounds of crashing waves and wake up to a serene sunrise in one of Conrad Punta de Mita’s oceanfront suites. Most rooms provide a breathtaking view, but their signature suites come with a private plunge pool and secluded terrace, providing you with plenty of space to unwind. Some suites even offer exclusive amenities like complimentary mezcal, premium chocolate truffles and a private agave spirit tasting for two. With everything these oceanfront suites have to offer, you may never want to leave the room!

Modern Aesthetic and Lush


• Immerse yourself in Latin luxury with the resort’s modern design. The detailed architecture and contemporary interiors will impress you on a grand scale; however, it’s the little details, such as the historical art and indigenous plants, that give Conrad Punta de Mita its wow factor. From the moment you step foot in the lobby, the lush landscape is brought to life, making you feel right at home in this tropical oasis.

Pools, Pools, Pools

• Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or want to get a workout in, each one of the resort’s pools has something to offer. The adult pool is a silent spot to unwind with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. But if relaxing isn’t really your thing, their activity pool is ideal for swimming laps and getting the body moving. They also have a kids pool to entertain the little ones if your vacation involves the whole family.

Local Culture

• Experience the resort’s surrounding culture by exploring one of the nearby towns. Sayulita is the scene for lovebirds who love tandem surfing. Enjoy ocean views with a stroll along the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk or dance until dawn at one of their many nightclubs. You can also experience a slower pace of life with a visit to Bucerías. Each town has something special to offer, so be sure to take a day or two to explore!


• When arranging travel plans, it’s best to fly into the Puerto Vallarta airport. Not only is the airport conveniently located, but it’s surrounded by majestic views.


• Feel the waves crash at your feet as you enjoy Punta de Mita’s private beach, which features soft sand and is ideal for lounging in the Riviera Nayarit sun.


• Each of the restaurants at Conrad Punta de Mita has something special to offer. Savor fresh seafood at Codex or opt for more casual cuisine at Mezquite.


• Head to the spa for internal reflection, balance and relaxation. Each treatment is designed to embrace the beauty and tranquility of nature.


• Step out of your comfort zone and explore the land on an ATV, interact with sea life on a snorkeling excursion or embark on a private beach tour.


• With classic ballrooms and stunning seaside spaces, Conrad Punta de Mita will make your beachfront wedding dreams a reality.

10 Reasons We Love Conrad Punta de Mita for a Warm-Weather Escape
escape /// guide Conrad Punta de Mita Carr. Punta de Mita Sayulita Km 2 Litibu, Nayarit 63734 844.298.4300 From the moment you step foot in the lobby, the lush landscape is brought to life, making you feel right at home in this
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7 8 9 10 4 Fall asleep to the sounds of crashing waves and wake up to a serene sunrise in one of Conrad Punta de Mita’s oceanfront suites. 66 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Punta de Mita
tropical oasis.

Enchanted at First Sight

Energy vortexes, phenomenal red and orange rocks and transformative experiences welcome you to Enchantment Resort. Whether you buy into the “woo woo” or not, there’s no denying that Sedona is a very special place. Take it from one of the expert guides at the resort: “You don’t seek out Sedona; Sedona seeks out you.” Regardless of your reason for visiting or who you’re visiting with (Enchantment Resort caters to individuals, couples and families), it’s a place for relaxation, restoration and adventure.

Soak Up the Sedona Sun

• Whether you’re an adventurer on vacation or someone who prefers lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand, Enchantment Resort has it all. The Trail House is Sedona’s premier destination for private mountain biking, hiking, trail running and Grand Canyon excursions, the latter of which are all led by expert guides. You’re guaranteed to learn something new, and conquering these activities will leave you feeling accomplished and rejuvenated. Continue with a heartpumping activity like pickleball or take it down a notch with a dip in quite possibly the prettiest resort pool you’ll ever see, boasting the grandeur of red rock views.

Never Checking Out

• Enchantment Resort sits at one of the most sacred spots in Sedona—the canyon walls reflect stability and strength. The staff members here are all passionate about the property, the history and the location, recognizing the uniqueness this property exhibits and sharing it passionately with guests. There’s intention created behind each and every decision here, from the classes available to the dishes at each restaurant. Indulge in seasonal delights like the Three Sisters succotash dip at Tii Gavo and juniper honey duck breast at Che Ah Chi. All in all, you’ll leave your stay at Enchantment Resort refreshed while also looking forward to your next trip here.


• Choose between staying in a casita, suite or pool suite, which are all designed to blend right in with the natural scenery. There’s actually specific laws and regulations for homes and businesses in Sedona to include earthy natural tones that blend in with the environment.


• Take advantage of the incredible hikes in Sedona. At Enchantment Resort, we recommend the Cathedral Rock Vortex hike, Hiking Under the Stars and the Red Rock Trail Run.


Peace & Quiet

• From waking up surrounded by the massive red rocks of Boynton Canyon to stargazing at night led by skilled astronomers, staying at Enchantment Resort is truly a magical experience. You’ll be immersed in nature with exceptional service from the staff, like golf cart rides to your room! It’s one of those resorts you’d come back to every year to reconnect with yourself, your surroundings and once again experience the special energy that exists here.

• Spa treatments at Enchantment Resort are a must. From the Intentional Aromatherapy Massage to the Prickly Pear Butter Wrap, treat yourself to the ultimate dose of self-care.

Enchantment Resort 525 Boynton Canyon Rd Sedona, AZ 86336 928.282.2900

“You don’t seek out Sedona; Sedona seeks out you.”
to Enchantment Resort in Sedona to Connect With Yourself and Your Surroundings
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A Sun-Soaked Day in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a worldwide sensation—a destination that’s appreciated and admired by locals and visitors alike. It’s an internationally recognized hub for its arts and culture, historical landmarks, restaurants, shops and abundance of things to do. Here’s how to spend 24 sun-drenched hours in Santa Monica, from exploring the bohemian boutiques of Montana Ave to enjoying golden hour cocktails at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

8 a.m.


• Start off the day with a morning walk at Palisades Park, which encompasses almost 25 acres of green open space and features expansive views of Santa Monica Bay and the pier. Take in that salty ocean breeze as you get your steps in bright and early!

9:30 a.m.


• Next, head over to the iconic Santa Monica Farmers Market. Open-air gatherings are a quintessential element of the Southern California lifestyle. Grab your reusable tote and pick up a few fresh goodies!

10:30 a.m.


• What’s a morning in Santa Monica without a proper stop for coffee? La La Land Kind Cafe on Montana Ave serves up a collection of drinks that are as Instagrammable as they are flavorful. Try the colorful, signature Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte, which can be made hot or iced.

10:45 a.m.



• The perfect pairing for a La La Land Kind Cafe latte is a glutenfree pastry from Breadblok across the street. Every single thing this bakery makes is gluten-free; plus, the majority of the ingredients used to make these delightful creations are 100% organic and free of gums, soy and refined sugars.

11:30 a.m.


• Montana Ave is a mecca for shopping. Here, locals and visitors can escape the crowds and explore a charming, underthe-radar 10-block stretch of shops hidden away from the more touristy areas of the city. Encounter a plethora of boutiques to explore, such as Burro, Casper, Last Resort LA and The Detox Market.

Where to Stay


• To best explore all that Santa Monica has to offer, spend the night at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel—a bright and beachy retreat that offers direct access to the beach. Here, you can enjoy five-star amenities like complimentary bikes to explore the boardwalk, a signature fireside lounge space, a pool deck overlooking the sand and sea and 13 campfire-inspired oceanfront fire pits perfect for roasting s’mores or savoring a SoCal sunset!

1:30 p.m.


• For lunch, don’t miss out on visiting Blueys Market and Cafe. This Aussieinspired restaurant offers a range of healthy and light yet satisfying dishes like acai bowls, organic sandwiches, burgers and juices. Opt for the sweet halloumi tartine and a refreshing beet juice at this surf-shackinspired cafe.

3 p.m.


• After fueling up, head over to the JuneShine Santa Monica tasting room for an unforgettable hard-kombucha tasting experience and a laid-back, breezy atmosphere. Even better—it’s in a fabulous location right on the beach. Choose among a selection of 14 rotating flavors.

5 p.m.


• Finish off a busy day of exploring with a relaxing sunset cocktail during golden hour at Loews Santa Monica’s Blue Streak restaurant. This oceanside dining outpost offers unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier from an elevated deck adjacent to the ocean.

Montana Ave
escape /// guide
From the Farmers Market to Golden Hour, You’ll Never Want to Leave Santa Monica Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel Breadblok Santa Monica
PhotosLoews Santa Monica Beach Hotel | Breadblok: Laure Joilet JuneShine Montana Ave: Kara Taub

Paradise Found

Immerse Yourself in the Culture of French Polynesia on a 10-Day Adventure

TThe islands of Tahiti, located in the South Pacific, are made up of five different island chains and 118 different islands like Bora Bora, Moorea and Hiva Oa. The bluest waters imaginable, lush greenery, overwater bungalows and once-in-alifetime adventures make French Polynesia a bucket list destination. Immerse yourself in the culture of the islands no matter how you find yourself in this magical corner of the Earth.

Getting There

• West-coasters have the advantage of visiting Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui’s direct flights from Los Angeles (eight hours) and its recently added Seattle route (around 9.5 hours). There’s truly so much to explore among the different islands, and Tahiti itself is not to be overlooked upon arrival. Stay with ocean views and iridescent sunset scenes at the recently opened Hilton Hotel Tahiti. Go on an authentic, all-day excursion with the passionate and inspiring Olivier Lenoir through the Papenoo Valley while you learn about Tahitian culture, natural remedies and intriguing history.


• Just a short 30-minute ferry ride away is Tahiti’s sister island— Moorea. A well-known tourist destination, Moorea exudes a peaceful, serene vibe offering authentic experiences and a peek into the Polynesian lifestyle. A variety of cultural activities can be learned at Espace Loisirs Kultur. And while overnight accommodations are available through hotels and family pensions, even just one day spent on Moorea will be one to remember.

escape /// guide
“Each different island is an opportunity to relax and ‘enjoy life’ as the locals say—while also experiencing its unique aspects and heart-pumping experiences.”

Hiva Oa

• A three-hour flight from Papeete and part of the remote Marquesas Islands is Hiva Oa— otherwise known as “The Land of Men.” Only about 2,000 people live on this island (a total of seven villages), making it an exceptionally special place. Everybody seems to be a cousin, uncle or friend of one another. Hiva Oa Hanakee Lodge, made up of 11 villas, is the only hotel on the island, which offers peaceful ocean views and a genuine feel. There are beaches and rainforests to explore across the island along with remarkable tikis, petroglyphs and archaeological sites to discover.

Bora Bora

• Known as the Pearl of the Pacific, Bora Bora transports you

to another world. No worries, just pure bliss exists within this iconic destination. Upon arrival at the airport, your swanky water taxi awaits you to take you to paradise. With the world’s most renowned resorts located here, the luxe atmosphere paired with the local culture is a match made in heaven. The overwater bungalows at Conrad Bora Bora Nui are not to be missed—fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, sunbathe on the white sand beach and lounge on your private terrace after taking a dip in the water. Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts also offers overwater bungalow accommodations that are just a 20-minute boat ride away. Hop aboard the Okeanos Pearl, the only solar-powered luxury catamaran, for a sunset cruise.

Raiatea and Taha'a

From Bora Bora, do not miss out on the chance to visit Raiatea and twin island Taha’a. It’s one of the shorter flights you’ll ever take— about 10 minutes from Bora Bora. Head straight to Edwin Mama’s Taha’a Tour Excursion where you’ll hop on his boat from Raiatea to Taha’a. Once on land, take a ride in his 4x4 truck to visit a rum distillery, a vanilla plantation and a pearl farm before experiencing vibrant coral gardens when you snorkel through crystal clear waters. Stay at Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts for a (less-touristy) overwater bungalow experience that might even top that of Bora Bora.

French Polynesia is a real-life daydream—even waking up here each morning, it’s hard to believe it exists. Each different island is an opportunity to relax and ‘enjoy life’ as the locals say—while also experiencing its unique aspects and heart-pumping experiences. The people on each island are friendly and welcoming, greeting everyone with a warm smile and “ia orana” (hello in Tahitian). Dive in head first on your first (or next) French Polynesian adventure.

“The overwater bungalows at Conrad Bora Bora Nui are not to be missed—fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, sunbathe on the white sand beach and lounge on your private terrace after taking a dip in the water.”


• Poisson cru is a local dish made up of raw tuna, fresh coconut milk, lime juice and vegetables that is served at just about every eatery throughout the islands.


• Expect beautiful leis upon arrival at different airports and hotels. Polynesians give the warmest welcome with live music using ukuleles and drums.


• Shoes? No, thanks. Don’t be surprised by the number of bare feet you see on the islands of Tahiti! Even when walking through forests and mountains, the locals prefer to be barefoot and connected to Mother Nature.


• French Polynesia is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more than 3,000 miles from any other continent.

“There are beaches and rainforests to explore across the island along with remarkable tikis, petroglyphs and archaeological sites to discover.”

Amangiri: A Soul Oasis

Amangiri 1 Kayenta Rd Canyon Point, UT 84741 435.675.3999 Find Yourself in Another World at This Luxury Utah Escape Canyon Point, Utah
Written By: Erik Hale • Photography Provided By: Amangiri

WWe descended into the Mars-like landscape from above, bobbing along to the turbulence from a summer monsoon storm in the seats of a small commercial jet. Our eyes were glued to our tiny windows trying to take in the ever-expanding red and taupe desertscape below.

We’d dreamed of staying at Amangiri—the minimalist, celebrity-visited resort—situated on 600 private acres. We were greeted at the airport in Page, Arizona, by our driver from Amangiri, who was sent to bring us the final 30 minutes (via a BMW 7 Series) into Utah and to the private gate that grants entry to the property. Winding through the vast desert past gorges, mesas and ridges eventually led us to the resort; we had finally arrived at Amangiri.

Before even arriving at the property, you could easily make a case that Amangiri is set against the most gorgeous backdrop of any resort in the world. We were greeted by Audrey Huttert, the general manager, who told us, “A common element at Amans (across the portfolio) is welcoming guests as if they are arriving at their very best friend’s home.” This is exactly how we felt.

The Resort

• On first impression, just climbing the steps to the property, mouth agape, staring at the large rock engrossing the barrier of the pool, we couldn’t help but be in awe of the mixture of clean lined architecture and the messy beauty of mother nature. The panoramic views are used as art in every room—floor-toceiling windows in the dining room showcase far off mesas and storm clouds. There’s a beautiful small, wooden yoga platform built into walls from millions of years ago. We had only two days to take all of this in, and I knew within the first few hours that we, like many others, would be booking a return trip before we even left.

The Library

• A long, rectangular open library divides the dining area in half with

large picture windows to one side and the dreamy pool to the other. There are six oversized concrete fireplaces scarred with soot marks that we imagine get a great deal of use in the cold desert winters. We used the library several times during our trip: once, relaxing and rehydrating after a long hike and the other, playing Yahtzee over a glass of wine.

Camp Sarika

• Walk 15 minutes along a fairly flat trail to Amangari’s sister property, Camp Sarika (a camp only by name). Camp Sarika boasts its own restaurant (where the chef prepared a special dinner complying with our dietary restrictions), separate spa, pool and 10 canvas-topped pavilions, each with their own private plunge pool. We were also assigned our own lifted golf cart for easier freedom of movement on the property.

“Sometimes we want to get on planes to discover beautiful places far, far away and forget our immediate neighbors have beautiful corners as well.” —Audrey Huttert

escape /// guide
“We always say that this area is otherworldly; nature spent millions of years building this place.” —Audrey Huttert

The Food

• Pizza is always part of my food pyramid, and the wood-fired pizza here was outstanding; it included a mouthwatering sauce and a crispy crust with the little black burn marks from being forged at 800 degrees. I didn’t make this trek to tell you about pizza, which we only ate once, but their use of the woodburning stove across the menu was fantastic. They offered a mesquitesmoked duck salad, fire-roasted romanesco and a 21-day dry-aged duroc pork chop. Our favorite part about the culinary program was the ability to enjoy what we wanted when we wanted it. We had s’mores

delivered to our room late at night to cook over our open-fire grill while stargazing.

The Pool

• “If you want to jump in the pool at 2 a.m., go ahead; you’re at home,” we were told by employees upon arrival. While we never left our room after 10 p.m., just the thought that we could was such a cool feeling. The pool at Amangiri has made its rounds on social media; any words I could construct to describe it to you would be a poor attempt. Please, instead, just enjoy the photos of what might be the world’s most incredible pool.

The Adventures

• They say that great things happen on the other side of fear, and we were destined to find out. We signed up for a “Via Ferrata” adventure, which is a series of iron ropes that assist you in ascending great heights. We remembered Huttert saying, “You can totally disconnect, or on the contrary, you can fully connect.” We chose to connect and clipped into our harnesses. Our guide, JJ, had taken this exact route several thousand times before over the last 10 years, and after a short climb, he determined that we were fit for the rest of the journey. We made the ascent through narrow rock passageways, up a cable ladder and across two cable bridges suspended hundreds of feet above the valley floor. The views from the top of the mesa were worth the climb. Legs shaking, we made our descent, which took much less time. We finally touched down at our starting point, unclipped and removed our helmets and harnesses—we had not just conquered the mountain but also our fears.

The Spa

• The Aman Spa at Amangiri is a quiet labyrinth of concrete and water built to replenish both your body and your soul. The complimentary water pavilion offers a stepped plunge pool set against high sandstone cliffs, a private cold plunge pool, a sauna and a steam room. There are five indoor and two outdoor treatment rooms with private showers and changing rooms. We experienced a couple’s massage followed by a private chakra cleansing sound bath in the yoga room and felt like putty when we were finished. They also offer a flotation pavilion, outdoor yoga and Pilates, but that will have to wait until our next visit.


• Amangiri’s newest adventure offering is the Cave Peak Stairway—an aerial climb that is the longest of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. There are 120 steps that span 200 feet in length and hover 400 feet about the rugged desert.


• Explore the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park by air, car and foot. Amangiri’s in-house, local guides can develop custom itineraries of any length to suit guests’ interests and preferred form of transport.


• Among the most popular tours are the serene and aweinspiring slot canyons, which are a geological marvel and easily accessible from Amangiri. Led by a Navajo guide, this tour features three distinct and iconic canyons of the Southwest.


• Navigate the vast reservoir of Lake Powell by kayak, take a stand-up paddleboard across the glassy waters or explore from the comfort of a boat on a full- or half-day tour of the lake.

“You can totally disconnect or, on the contrary, you can fully connect.” —Audrey Huttert

Seeing is Belizing

If winter evenings, cold mornings and overcast days have left you desperately wanting a cocktail made of equal parts saltwater, sun and rum, the secluded Ambergris Caye—the largest of 200 islands off the coast of Belize—might be just what you need. Direct flights arrive daily in Belize City, the capital of Belize, from LAX. Then, flights depart from Belize City several times per hour for Ambergris Caye for the quick 35-mile flight.

Adventuring Through Belize

Not a Worry in the World

Stay Awhile

• Take your shoes off and make yourself right at home. Victoria House Resort & Spa is known for its relaxing “island vibe” and barefoot elegance throughout the resort. It’s situated within walking distance of the downtown area of San Pedro, a fishing village of about 18,000 people. You will want to rent a golf cart, as it is the primary mode of transportation on the island. The gorgeous oceanfront property features various accommodations like tropical casitas, standalone villas with private pools, ocean-view villas and elegantly decorated rooms in a two-story Colonialstyle building.

With winter temperatures in Ambergris Caye averaging 75 degrees, Victoria House is a warm-weather destination that will chase away your winter blues.

• The resort is perfect for the adventureseeker as well as the lounge chair lover. If you are the adventurous type, you can dive the Great Blue Hole and Shark Ray Alley, climb Mayan temples, zip line across a jungle canopy or be taken into the Mayan “underworld” by cave tubing. The experienced and veteran teams at Victoria House and PADI-certified Fantasea Dive Shop, located on the property’s pier, can arrange a multitude of activities for guests, such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and caving.

• If sitting in a hammock with a never-ending supply of mojitos is your idea of relaxation, then Victoria House has you covered. You can choose to chill by the main or infinity-edge pools. Loungers are easy to come by since there are only 42 guest rooms at the resort, and service is friendly and omnipresent. With winter temperatures in Ambergris Caye averaging 75 degrees, Victoria House is a warm-weather destination that will chase away your winter blues.


• Want to do everything we mentioned and more for you and your 89 closest friends (or employees)?

For $230K, your guests will have the secluded oceanfront resort all to themselves, enjoying luxurious accommodations— which sleep 90 people for a full buyout—in addition to all resort experiences.


• The Victoria House has a 3,500-squarefoot spa and fitness facility styled in a Caribbean Colonial theme, set amongst coconut palms, flamboyant trees and bougainvillea. For a unique experience, they offer massages in their overwater huts—opt for the Caribbean Bliss massage.

Victoria House Resort & Spa Belize 22 Coconut Dr San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize 800.247.5159

Belize A Sunny, Care-Free Trip to the Tropics of Belize Is in Your Future Written By: Erik Hale
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Photography Provided By: Victoria House Resort & Spa, Belize

Palms, Pools and Public Art

With endless natural beauty and sumptuous resort amenities, the sunny city of Palm Desert is a delightful desert destination for those in search of some relaxation or recreation. Located between the cities of Palm Springs and Indian Wells, Palm Desert is home to world-class shopping, top-notch restaurants, renowned resorts and an abundance of outdoor activities. Ready to book your escape? Let us be your guide! This 24-hour itinerary is sure to make your desert getaway one for the books.


• Luscious Lorraine’s never compromises taste even with its dedication to serving healthy fare. After a round of golf, stop by and enjoy fresh wraps, sandwiches, salads and bowls plus an oasis of beverages like teas, coffee, smoothies, juices and elixir shots.

Luscious Lorraine’s

1 p.m.


• The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens features 1,400 different animal and plant species, and with its immersive experiences is considered one of the best desertthemed zoos in America. Visitors can experience the


The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

2:30 p.m.


• The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa is an exceptional resort with lavish firstclass amenities. All six of the property’s pools are heated! Choose between the Springs Outdoor Family Pool, Oasis Main Pool, Lap Pool, Oasis Upper Pool and Spa Outdoor Salt-Water Pool, the latter of which is privately located and access is included with a spa treatment.

The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa

4:30 p.m.


• Treasure hunting is fun and relaxing when shopping at The Fine Art of Design on El Paseo. This vintage clothing store is as inviting and organized as the finest designer boutiques. With a selection of clothes and accessories for both men and women, this shop is one of Palm Desert’s best-kept secrets. The Fine Art of Design

5:30 p.m.


• Palm Desert’s Art in Public Places program allows visitors to experience a handful of larger-than-life sculptures and countless objets d’art throughout the city at no cost. You can take a self-guided tour for free! Rent an electric bike and zip around town to discover the best public art in Palm Desert. Art in Public Places departments/public-art

7 a.m.


• Start your day with an early swing at the Desert Willow Golf Resort. This award-winning golf resort offers two stunning courses with incredible views of the surrounding Santa Rosa Mountains. The Mountain View Course offers eight tee selections, while The Firecliff Course (more challenging), features more than 100 bunkers. Desert Willow Golf Resort

7:30 p.m.


• Dining al fresco at Casuelas Cafe is the perfect start to an entertaining evening. Enjoy authentically delicious Mexican fare, cocktails and live music!

Then, head over to McCallum Theater, an intimate venue with concerts, comedy events and Broadway-style shows.

Casuelas Cafe McCallum Theater

Rhino Savanna exhibit, which welcomed two new black rhinos— Jaali and Nia! The Fine Art of Design
escape /// guide
Escape to This Sunny Desert City for a Breath of Fresh Air The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Palm Desert Casuelas Cafe JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa
PhotosDesert Willow Golf Resort, The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa, The Fine Art of Design, Palm Desert’s Art in Public Places program & Casuelas Cafe: City of Palm Desert | The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens: Sal Cavazos

Tropical State of Mind

AAs they say, catch flights, not feelings. But on a trip to Fiji, you’re bound to catch a bit of both. This island country in the South Pacific is home to lush landscapes, coral reefs, palm-lined beaches and crystalclear waters. And while there are numerous places to settle in this resort destination, the stunning Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji offers an authentic yet sumptuous experience, perfect for a romantic couples getaway. You’ll want to stay more than 24 hours, but here’s what a day in the life could look like at this five-star luxury eco-resort.

Day 1

4 p.m.



• Boasting blissful views of Savusavu Bay, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji’s beachfront bures are the perfect retreats for your tropical getaway. Each one features a hand-woven roof, a king bed and split-level deck with cushioned chaise lounges and a hammock.

6 p.m.


• For a romantic firstnight dinner, reserve the pier and enjoy a secluded seaside dining experience. As you overlook the waters of Savusavu Bay with your date, the culinary team will bring each course to you. There’s no better way to savor a night with your loved one than dining under the starry night sky.

Day 2

9 a.m.


• Possibly one of the highlights of staying at

escape /// guide
Add This Eco-Luxury Fijian Resort to Your Travel Bucket List
Lesiaceva Pt Road Savusavu, Fiji +61 3 9815 0379
Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji
EAT YOUR HEART OUT • The food served at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji is all-inclusive. Each meal features a menu with different entrees to choose from, including everything from omelets and pancakes for breakfast to curry and branzino for dinner. Written By: Kaylin Waizinger
Photography Provided By: Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji


The resort was founded by JeanMichel Cousteau, a French oceanographic explorer and environmentalist.

Cousteau is a leader when it comes to marine protection and is the inventor of the famous Aqua Lung.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji, the daily breakfast served poolside is a treat. Snag a seat and feast on fresh tropical fruit, including passion fruit, pineapple, papaya and pitaya. Each breakfast also comes with your choice of entree and a selection of pastries served with tropical jams.

10 a.m.


• Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is the only resort in Fiji with a marine biologist on staff. So whether you’re a pro diver or a novice, you’ll be in good hands. Marine Biologist and Naturalist Johnny Singh leads small groups of guests on different snorkeling excursions (during the day and

at night). If you’re a certified diver, you’ll want to book a scuba diving experience in the Namena Marine Reserve—one of the world’s top dive sites.


• A few hundred meters from the resort lies Naviavia, a secluded private island. Only an acre in size, Naviavia is the perfect spot to spend a half or a full day with your partner. You’ll have the place all to yourselves and the resort will even provide you with a specially prepared picnic. Sip from coconuts, kayak around the island and lounge in your cabana on your island for the day.

2 p.m. ECO TOUR

• Explore the mangroves that line the shoreline with Marine Biologist Johnny Singh. These trees grow in saltwater and provide shelter and protection from storms along with nurseries for fish. On an eco tour, you can plant a mangrove seedling and learn more about the coastal ecosystem of Fiji.


6 p.m.


• Before dinner, stop at the Lounge Bar by the pool for a tropical libation! With everything from mojitos and margaritas to piña coladas, you’re sure to find something to sip on. The bar is also a great place to meet other guests staying on the property.

7 p.m.




• The resort is home to a few beachside bures used for soothing and restorative spa treatments. Revel in a warm sea breeze as one of their masseuses eases your stress. Each treatment features the purest local ingredients, including cold-pressed coconut oil, honey, spices and raw sugar; try the Vunikau for a cooling, post-sun treatment.

• If you’re here for a full week, you’ll have the chance to experience a traditional Fijian “Lovo” feast. This festive event takes place every week and features traditional dishes prepared in a fire pit (the hot embers covered with banana leaves). Watch as Executive Chef Raymond Lee cooks up and presents a tasty buffet while The Bula Boys, the resort’s traditional Fijian guitar group, serenade you.


Planning on bringing the kids along? At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, each child (under the age of 5) gets their own nanny! They even have a complimentary kids club where your little ones can play educational games and participate in outdoor activities.



JJoin us as we celebrate the 114th anniversary of the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Hailed by The New York Times as one of the nation’s top 10 holiday happenings, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has also earned the city a ranking of No. 2 in the nation for holiday lights by Yahoo! Travel.

The festivities begin on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 6:30 p.m., at the southern end of Lido Isle. The festivities continue the following four nights, ending on Sunday, Dec. 18.

Parade participants will cruise the same celebrated route as in the past. The city’s newest bayfront park, Marina Park, offers the largest public viewing area along the parade route, creating an optimal location to enjoy the festivities with friends and family. We have also highlighted several locations around the harbor so visitors will get the best view and find the easiest places to park around town.

The Christmas Boat Parade clearly makes Newport Beach Southern California’s holiday headquarters. The parade organizers work with boaters, homeowners and harborfront businesses through recommendations and messaging to plan for a safe experience both on the water and on the shore. The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is hosted by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce—a dedicated group of members who provide support for many of the chamber’s special events. We would like to thank our presenting sponsors, Simple Green and Davey’s Locker, as well as our community sponsors, the City of Newport Beach and Visit Newport Beach, Inc.

Planning and preparation for this community spectacular is a year-round undertaking. Thousands of hours are spent arranging the parade components in partnership with Newport Beach & Co., parade participants and volunteers.

Participating in the Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights is a labor of love. In addition to time spent decorating their boats, parade participants navigate the parade route for five glorious nights for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. In addition, homes in the Ring of Lights contest serve as a colorful backdrop, surrounding the harbor to the delight of those both on and off the water. It is a monumental task, and every boat and home participant deserves to be congratulated.

With a significant positive financial impact on the city’s businesses measured in the millions of dollars, especially to its restaurants, hotels and charters, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights continue to be a highlight of the aspirational Newport Beach lifestyle. A special Christmas Boat Parade Awards event will be held to celebrate all the winners of the Boat Parade and Ring of Lights, and an online auction will be held to help raise funds for next year’s parade.

Find more information on the Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights at and Chamber of Commerce happenings at NewportBeach. com. The Commodores Club and the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce wish you a happy holiday season!



Parade Co-Chair Mr. Care - First Team Estates

DAVID BEEK Parade Co-Chair Island Marine Fuel

LARRY I. SMITH Past Parade Chair Larry I. Smith/ Surterre Properties


Parade Control Co-Chair George & Shields, LLP, Business Law

JOE STAPLETON Parade and Ring of Lights Judging Chairman Spinnaker Investment Group, LLC

MARIE CASE Committee Member / Auction Chair Case Communications

DON LAWRENZ Parade Control Co-Chair Best Life & Health Insurance Co.

SEYMOUR BEEK Committee Member Balboa Island Ferry

PAUL BLANK Newport Beach Harbormaster / Committee Member City of Newport Beach

JIM DALE Committee Member Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

PERSON GARCIA Committee Member Pelican Hill Resort

BRETT HEMPHILL Committee Member Hemphill’s Rugs and Carpets

LAWRENCE JONES Committee Member The Jones Company

GARY LEWELLYN Orange County Sheriff. Captain Orange County Sheriff

SABRINA LITTLE Committee Member Coldwell Banker Residential Mortgage - Realtor

D.J. MARTIN Committee Member Connell Chevrolet

BRIAN MAYHUGH Committee Member

MAC MCCARTHY Parade Participant Assistance Sea Tow


Committee Member / Marketing / Voice of the Parade Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce

DAVE ROBINS Committee Member Theodore Robins Ford

STEVE ROSANSKY Committee Member Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce

ERIN ROSE Committee Member / Marketing Newport Beach and Co.

JACK SUDDARTH Committee Member Equity Wave Lending

JEFF TUCKER OC Sheriff. Sergeant OC Sheriff

AMNA VELAGIC Committee Member / Social Media Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce

GERARD WIDDER Committee Member Pelican Hill Resort

NORM WITT Committee Member Witt Capital Advisors


Committee Member Cushman & Wakefield

LAUREL ZAESKE Committee Member Attorney at Law


Committee Member / Marketing Newport Beach and Co.

PhotosVisit Newport Beach
DAVID BEEK Co-Chair Island Marine Fuel
CHRIS DELFS Co-Chair Mr. CARE – First Team Estates


Gradually, each year, other lighted boats fell in line behind the city employees’ floating tree.


• The first lighted boat parade took place on… July 4, 1908


TThe Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade began at the turn of the century. John Scarpa, an Italian gondolier, and Joseph Beek, a developer of Beacon Bay, the Balboa Ferry Line and the principal force in the early development of Balboa Island, arrived in the Newport Harbor area over 100 years ago. These two men established what was then called the Tournament of Lights, an event that would continue for the next century and become a cherished tradition.

In 1907, Scarpa began the tradition of lighting boats by taking a group of visitors from Pasadena across the bay in a gondola decorated with Japanese lanterns. One year later, on July 4, 1908, the first lighted boat parade took place. Scarpa, along with his fellow small boat operators, put together a loosely organized affair consisting of nine vessels. The parade, illuminated by Japanese lanterns, was led by Scarpa’s gondola and followed by eight canoes. Thus, Scarpa has been credited with creating the first lighted boat parade.

In 1946, the Newport Beach City employees had outfitted a barge during the holiday season and installed a lighted Christmas tree. The barge was

towed around the harbor while its passengers sang Christmas carols to residents on shore.

In later years, the Beek family came to the front again and provided one of their ferryboats for the floating Christmas tree celebration. Gradually, each year, other lighted boats fell in line behind the city employees’ floating tree. Soon the Tournament of Lights turned into a festive Christmas celebration for all to enjoy.

Down the road, the Ring of Lights home decorating competition began and still serves as a colorful backdrop to the parade. Dozens of homes along the parade route feature over-thetop holiday decorations with new build-outs, moving displays and thousands of lights from roof to ground.

Today the Tournament of Lights, now called the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, features as many as 100 boats. The parade is proudly hosted by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and is hailed as “one of the top ten holiday happenings in the nation” by The New York Times. The parade is now the premier event of the holiday season in Southern California.


• Today, the Tournament of Lights is now called... The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.


• If you’d rather take part in the fun than watch on the sidelines, it’s not too late! Register online at www. christmasboatparade. com to participate in either the Boat Parade or the Ring of Lights competition.


• The parade

• The Ring of Lights home competition

• Entertaining interviews with participants

• Spotlights on the nightly Grand Marshals

PhotosVisit Newport Beach



Opening Night Holiday Pop-Up Market

• On opening night of the boat parade, Marina Park will host a holiday pop-up market featuring local makers, food vendors, entertainment and kids activities! Full of holiday cheer and the most unique gifts out there, the market is the perfect place to find an unforgettable gift for someone special.


Lido Marina Village Festivities

• Gather all December long at Lido Marina Village to experience the holiday traditions of Newport Beach. Santa will be trading in his traditional sleigh for an electric boat! Don’t miss his epic arrival by boat on Saturday, Dec 3. Along with a meet and greet with St. Nick, select days will feature a Drummer Boy & Ballerina, a Sugarplum Fairy or a Strolling Brass Quartet. Additional festive events this year include a Female Maker Holiday Market on Dec. 10.

Make new family traditions in one of the most festive towns in America: Newport Beach, California. It might not snow in Newport Beach, but there’s definitely enough holiday festivities to make up for it. You’ll discover everything you’re looking for to make your season bright. From the iconic Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade to extraordinary holiday displays, soak up all the magic and joy this holiday season.


Fashion Island’s Annual Tree Lighting

• For the 2022 holiday season Fashion Island is expanding their Holiday Tree experience and seasonal festivities. Each evening through Jan. 2 a holiday celebration will be held, including the lighting of the iconic 90-foot holiday tree, with a magical choreographed light display, holiday music and snow on the hour every evening. Santa’s House and Santa himself will be back in-person this year!


Night of 1000 Lights

• Taking place over 11 days this December starting on the 9th, Night of 1000 Lights is a dazzling display of lights and live entertainment at local favorite, Sherman Library and Gardens. Stroll through light tunnels, visit with Santa and snuggle up with s’mores at the firepits with the whole family.


Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

• We all know why you’re really here—for the 114th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade! This can’t-miss event in Newport Beach hosted by the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce offers locals and visitors a chance to celebrate the season in the best way possible—on the water with decorated and sparkling boats, of course.


• On opening night, Dec. 14, there will be a fireworks display off the Newport Pier at approximately 6:15 p.m. And on closing night, Dec. 18, a special fireworks display will take place from the Balboa Pier at 9:00 p.m.



Ring of Lights

• If you’re looking for the most over-the-top-decorated homes, head to Balboa Island for the annual Ring of Lights home competition. Homeowners are definitely in the holiday spirit in this charming neighborhood with their glittering lights, dancing Christmas trees and animated roof-top scenes!


Lighting of the Bay at Newport Dunes


Resort & Marina

• On Nov. 25, Newport Dunes kicked off the holiday season with its 32nd annual Lighting of the Bay. More than 40 holiday light displays and Christmas trees will light up the bay—it’s a free event everyone will love.

• The Roger’s Gardens “Bright & Beautiful” Christmas Boutique features sparkling treasures for your home along with festive, unique gift ideas. Discover curated collections of hand-painted glass ornaments from Europe, charming nutcrackers and whimsical Santas that sit alongside the beautifully designed signature garlands and wreaths.

“You’ll discover everything you’re looking for to make your season bright.”
PhotosFashion Island | Visit Newport Beach | Ring of Lights & Christmas Boat Parade: Bleu Cotton Photography Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina
949.729.4400 l PALM ST CORONADO ST CYPRESSSTADAMSST VIA LIDO N VIA LIDO S W BALBOA BLVD W BAY AVE CHANNELRD 19th ST 15th ST 14th ST 13th ST 12th ST 11th ST 10th ST 9th ST SUPERIORAVE NEWPORT BLVD E15thST IRVINE AVE DOVER DR CLIFF DR PACIFIC COAST HWY Balboa Peninsula Mariner’s Mile Pacific Ocean Balboa Village Lido Isle Veteran’s Memorial Park Marina Park Hoag Hospital Newport Harbor High School Via Lido Park Newport Sea Base 10th Street Beach Buena Vista Collins Island Public Viewing Parking Restrooms Parade Control Points Turning Marker Public Pier Locations Dine and Watch Location 55 Auto L C K J D A I B VIA LIDO Newport Pier Edgewater HOAG DR A START FINISH Parade begins at approximately 6:30 P.M. each night ARRIVE EARLY FOR BEST VIEWING AND PARKING. DECEMBER 14-18, 2022 MARK TIME /christmasboatparade l @nbboatparade l @christmasboatparade DESTINATION 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 6:30 START Tip of Lido Isle (CONTROL POINT A) 6:34 Lido Isle Yacht Club 6:38 Lido Isle Bend (LIDO WEST CHANNEL ENTRANCE) (CONTROL POINT B) 6:42 Lido Isle Bridge (CONTROL POINT C) 6:42 Tip of Lido Peninsula/Rhine Channel 6:49 Marina Park 6:52 Lighthouse Café 6:56 American Legion Yacht Club 7:00 15th Street Beach 7:04 10th Street Beach 7:07 Newport Harbor Yacht Club 7:09 Bay Island Bridge 7:10 Bay Island Channel (CONTROL POINT D) 7:14 Newport Landing Restaurant 7:14 Balboa Boat Rentals 7:14 Newport Landing Sportfishing 7:15 Balboa Pennisula Ferry Landing 7:15 Balboa Fun Zone 2022 NEWPORT BEACH CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE OFFICIAL PROGRAM Fireworks Dec 14 6:15 p.m. 92 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina MAIN ST B ST E ST H ST E BALBOA BLVD MARINE AVE BALBOA AVE PARK AVE TURQUOISE OPAL EMERALDGARNET APOLENA CORAL RUBYDIAMONDSAPPHIRE COLLINS JAMBOREE RD PACIFIC COAST HWY MACARTHUR BLVD Civic Center CIVIC CENTER DR NEWP ORT CENTERDR SANMIGUELDR N E WPORTCENTE R RD AVOCADO DR Fashion Island Fun Zone Peninsula Park West Jetty View Park Little Balboa Island Balboa Island Lookout Point Pirates Cove Beach China Cove Beach Bay Back View Park AB C KBAYDR 1 MILE Balboa Village Boardwalk Auto Ferry H G E F Balboa Pier Bayside Drive Park Bayside Drive Beach Coast Guard Station BAYSIDEDR BAYSIDE DR MARK MARK TIME TIME DESTINATION DESTINATION 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 8:17 Harbor Island 8:24 Tavern House Kitchen + Bar / PCH Bridge (CONTROL POINT J) 8:27 Bay Shores Community Beach 8:34 Balboa Bay Resort (CONTROL POINT K) 8:36 Orange Coast College (Crew Base) 8:37 Newport Boy Scout Sea Base 8:39 Mariners Mile 8:40 GuacAmigos 8:41 Rusty Pelican Restaurant 8:45 The Winery Restaurant
8:50 NOBU 8:50 Circle
8:51 Lido
8:53 Lido
8:56 Via
7:15 Harborside Restaurant
7:16 Catalina Passenger Service 7:16 Davey’s Locker 7:29 Peninsula
E) 7:32 Pirate’s
7:34 Channel Reef 7:36 Coast
G) 7:37 Balboa
Club 7:40 Bahia
Club 7:43 Balboa
7:46 Little
7:49 Little
8:00 Collins
8:05 Balboa
8:10 Balboa
8:10 Newport
Club 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 19 Fireworks Dec 18 9 p.m. HOSTED BY
Hook Fish Co.
Bottle Works
Park/Lido Bridge
Lido North Genoa Beach
Tip of Lido Isle
(Balboa Pavilion)
Guard (Harbor Master Dock) (CONTROL POINT
Corinthian Yacht
Island Bridge (CONTROL POINT H)
Island Beach
Island Point
Balboa Island (South Bayfront/Grand Canal)
Balboa Island Ferry Landing
Island (North Bayfront)
Island Bridge
Beach Yacht



Let the Boat Parade serve as a reason to book a holiday-inspired vacation in Newport Beach. Enjoy various festive events, shop for last-minute holiday gifts, explore delicious winter menus and much more. There is no better place to spend the holidays than in this beautiful oceanfront town!

Balboa Bay Resort

• A front-row seat to the parade awaits at Balboa Bay Resort. Stay in a bay-view room, which is the perfect way to watch the parade in a private setting. Make

a reservation at A+O Restaurant | Bar for a fun and relaxed outdoor setting to enjoy expertly smoked cocktails and delectable seafood dishes.

Lido House Hotel

• With a stylish, Newport Beach aesthetic, Lido House is the ideal destination for a winter vacation by the sea. Head to Topside, their rooftop bar, for a bird’s eye view of the water, or walk to Lido Marina Village next door for harborfront dining, supreme shopping and gorgeous harbor views. Lido House will make your season chic, merry and bright.

The Resort at Pelican Hill

• The Resort at Pelican Hill, the only FiveStar, Five-Diamond resort in Newport

Beach, is debuting a holiday calendar filled with magical moments including The Holiday High Tea & Songs of the Season, Sparkling Princess Tea & Storytime, Holiday Painting & Prosecco, wreath-making workshops and more!

VEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa

• The all-new VEA Newport Beach offers a sumptuous escape in the center of it all. The property, which sits steps away from Fashion Island, recently underwent a top-tobottom refresh and now


• This coastal town is home to several charming boutique hotels. Book a stay at one of these properties for an authentic, local experience.


• Book a house for the family in prime locations by the sea.

Newport Beach’s luxury vacation rentals are the best way to get away from it all while staying close to the fun.

features coastal-chic guest rooms, three new dining concepts, indoor and outdoor event spaces, a spa and a luxury destination pool experience.

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

• This iconic local hotel is adjacent to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and offers access to three unique pools, an executive golf course and luxury shopping. Located within minutes of Balboa Island, you can stroll through the Ring of Lights (home decorating competition), then check out the parade. hotel/california/hyattregency-newport-beach/ newpo

Vacation Rentals

• Check into one of Newport Beach’s vacation rentals for a scenic beach vacation. Newport Beach Vacation Properties and Burr White Realty both specialize in local beach house rentals right in the heart of Newport’s most festive neighborhoods. Celebrate the seasun in a beachfront rental on the Balboa Peninsula or on Balboa Island where you can see the island’s charming homes sparkling with decorations.

www.visitnewportbeach. com/beach-vacationrentals-newport-beach

1 2 3 4 5 6
PhotosVEA Newport Beach, A Marriott Resort & Spa Lido House Hotel Balboa Bay Resort




Lido Bottle Works

• Michelin-recognized and one of Yelp’s “Top 100 Places to Eat in the US,” Lido Bottle Works now celebrates five years of culinary expertise with craft beers, wine and seasonal eats. Cozy vibes and waterfront dining make this hotspot a can’t-miss dining destination during the boat parade.


A+O Restaurant | Bar

• Snuggle up at the outdoor fire pits with a glass of wine in hand at this waterfront restaurant. The


• Located within the historic Balboa Pavilion, Harborside offers award-winning seafood and a California wine selection. It’s just steps from the Balboa Island Ferry and it’s bound to have a grand view of the boats on the bay during this year’s www.harborside-

Louie’s by the Bay

• A modern Italian steakhouse, holiday lights and harbor views? We can’t dream up a better situation. You’ll feel right at home at this cozy dining destination. Sip a Bullseye Negroni and dig into carbonara as the bright and decorative boats float on by.

Nobu Newport Beach

• Elevate your festive evening with dinner at Nobu Newport Beach. This two-story location offers a prime viewing spot for the Christmas Boat Parade. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation in advance at this sleek and stunning hotspot.

Whether you prefer dining at a restaurant, hanging on a boat with friends or casually strolling through town, we’ve got just the place for you to watch this year’s Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Dine, boat or park at these spots around town to get the absolute best view of this year’s boat parade. Happy holidays! 2022 NEWPORT BEACH CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE OFFICIAL PROGRAM
Snuggle up at the outdoor fire pits with a glass of wine in hand at this waterfront restaurant.
PhotosHarborside Restaurant: Visit Newport Beach | A+O Restaurant | Bar: Balboa Bay Resort Lido Bottle Works: Knife and Spork PR Louie’s by the Bay: Jessica Bodas Nobu: Brenda Winburn



• Get some last-minute holiday shopping done at Lido Marina Village, then snag a table at one of the center’s many bayside restaurants. There’s no better place to watch the decorated boats set sail.


City Experiences

• For an epic view of the parade from the comfort of a luxury yacht, book one of City Experiences’ festive holiday excursions. From themed brunch cruises to elegant dinner cruises, this on-the-water events company is sure to bring you some holiday cheer.

Gondola Adventures

• Cruise with your Mrs. Claus during the Christmas Boat Parade in a romantic gondola! These cruises include a non-alcoholic beverage, Christmas treats and a spectacular view of the parade. Plus, a gondola cruise makes for the perfect date night.

• Cruise the harbor this season in your very own electric boat! Vision Electric Boats in Lido Marina Village boasts a colorful fleet of vessels available for rent. Each one can accommodate up to 10 passengers and can be decorated with a balloon garland for extra merriment!

Captain Newport

• Looking to keep things festive and fun? Captain Newport offers a one-of-a-kind cruise experience on your very own private charter. There’s no better way to sit back, relax and watch the boats cruise by!

Davey’s Locker

• Situated in the heart of the historic Balboa Village, Davey’s Locker offers an abundance of boats for rent that can accommodate almost any size group. So gather your friends this season and set sail on the bay on your very own electric boat or private yacht.

Vision Electric Boats Take a stroll down Balboa Island’s charming Marine Avenue, grab dinner at one of the many family-owned restaurants and enjoy a night by the harbor. MARINA PARK Shop from local vendors at the Opening Night Holiday Pop-Up Market at Marina Park, then grab a seat on the grass for a prime view of the parade. Plus, your kids will love the nautical-themed playground!
PARK + WATCH PhotosVision Electric Boats: Joseph Barber Photography & Vision Electric Boats | City Experiences Gondola Adventures: Kathleen
Photo Davey’s Locker:
Delaney Trowbridge

SWEEPSTAKES: BEST OVERALL Darcy Marshall 1604 & 1700 South Bayfront, Balboa Island

LIGHTS AND ANIMATION: 1ST PLACE Gigi and Craig Lyons 2706 Bayshore Dr, Bayshores

LIGHTS AND ANIMATION: 2ND PLACE Geof Wickett & Norm Lessard 309 East Bay Front, Balboa Island

BEST THEME Donna DiBari 710 South Bayfront, Balboa Island

CHAIRMAN’S CHOICE Craig Atkins 928 Via Lido Nord, Lido Isle

BEST TRADITIONAL LIGHTS Robert Olson 351 East Bay Front, Balboa Island

“GREEN” ENTRY AWARD Bruce and Viviana FaBrizio 1407 Bayside Dr, Bayside

PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHOICE Jim & Judy Busby 111 East Bayfront, Balboa Island

HUMOR AND ORIGINALITY Marcy Cook 538 South Bayfront, Balboa Island ROOKIE AWARD Bob Senour 1000 East Balboa Blvd, Balboa Peninsula

BEST ON LIDO Mike & Lori Gray 309 Via Lido Soud, Lido Isle

FOUNDER’S AWARD Phil and Mary Lyons 36 Harbor Island StuNews AWARD Jeanne Lewand 343 East Bayfront, Balboa Island HI TECH CHRISTMAS CHARM The Rich Family 802 South Bayfront, Balboa Island BEST ON PENINSULA Troy Herbst

East Balboa Blvd, Balboa Peninsula


526 South Bayfront, Balboa Island JUDGE’S AWARD: 2ND PLACE Matthew Thomas 409 East Edgewater, Balboa Peninsula BEST YACHT CLUB Balboa Yacht Club (BYC) 1801 Bayside Dr, Bayside 2021 BOAT PARADE & RING OF LIGHTS WINNERS AN INSIDE LOOK AT WHO DAZZLED DURING LAST YEAR’S PARADE 2022 NEWPORT BEACH CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE OFFICIAL PROGRAM 2021 CHRISTMAS BOAT PARADE WINNERS: 2021 RING OF LIGHTS WINNERS: SWEEPSTAKES: THE BILL LUSK AWARD The Last Hurrah • Cathleen Vick and Rob Meadows SWEEPSTAKES: NON-COMMERCIAL My Way • Les Davidson BEST POWERBOAT Marvelous • Shalem and Lori Massey YACHT CLUB WITH MOST ENTRIES Balboa Bay Club BEST YACHT CLUB ENTRY Piranha • David and Nancy Voss BEST FIRST-TIME ENTRY Sarah’ndipity • Jesse and Sarah Escalera 3RD PLACE Seas the Day • Michael Lohman 2ND PLACE Striper • Steve Shimahara 1ST PLACE Paradise Found • Greg and Nor Killingsworth BEST SAILBOAT Mayflower • Andrew Mayhugh BEST BOAT UNDER 30 FEET The Rose Maria • Ron and Rose Cram BEST MUSIC Light The World • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 3RD PLACE Duckling 2 • Electric Boat Rentals 2ND PLACE SALTe • The Anaheim Ducks 1ST PLACE Valor • American Legion 1ST PLACE Second Thoughts • Karl Jacob 2ND PLACE Alure • Lance Charlesworth 3RD PLACE Our Time • Connie and Scott Andrews BEST LIGHTS HUMOR AND ORIGINALITY ANIMATION & SPECIAL EFFECTS To view photos of all Parade and Ring of Lights Winners over the past several years, visit PhotosBleu Cotton Photography 98 LOCALE MAGAZINE
foodie @join_jules • HENDRICK’S GIN 127 Feature Making Spirits Bright Stir Up Some Holiday Cheer With These Festive Cocktail Recipes December 2022 /// coffee. cocktails. comfort food. LOCALE MAGAZINE 101
PHOTO BY : Lucianna McIntosh STYLED BY: Julianna McIntosh



Bottoms Up

• Aside from wine, I love tequila, mezcal and whiskey. Blackbook in Palm Springs is a relaxed hangout that has a large selection of all three! I love ordering a drink here with a large ice cube and a tray of nachos. As a NYC native, I love sitting outside and people-watching too.

Desert Dwellin’

• While hosting a tasting for Descanso Resort’s guests, I realized that I stayed there on my very first visit to Palm Springs when I was in my early 20s! The newly refurbished resort features lush greenery and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxing poolside or floating around with a glass of rosé.

A Pour Above

• As the owner of hyphen-, I get to meet locals and tourists that are interested in learning about wines that are better for the planet and themselves. At hyphen-, we’re different from other shops because we carry unique wines that you won’t find elsewhere. Plus, we love to chat with our customers and help them pair a wine with whatever food they’re cooking!

Sip & Twirl

Vino Love

• I love wine! I love that I can sell people a little bit of history in a bottle that hasn’t been manipulated with chemicals or added sugar. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of the farmers that steward the wines I sell, and I love that I get to sell their passion and not points. At hyphen-, you’ll find uncommon varieties, from Aligoté to Hondarrabi Beltza to Zibibbo. We even have an amazing rotating selection of orange

• Juniper Table opened for dinner with an Italian menu, and they’ve done a great job of updating their wine selection to include a lot of natural wines. I love seafood, so I usually order the barramundi and a bottle of pinot gris from Brooks in the Willamette Valley.

Meat You There

• Baja Springs Meat Market is a small Mexican grocery with the best street tacos in Palm Springs but shhhh! This spot is a total hidden gem. Local Insight: go after 1 p.m. to avoid the crowds of construction workers and landscapers. Parking can be tricky, but it’s worth the hassle.

living like a local
Palm Springs
3 1 2 3 3 ACTIVITIES I LOVE TO DO IN PALM SPRINGS: Float in the pool with friends and a margarita in-hand Bike around Old Las Palmas and Twin Palms Work out at Orangetheory Fitness hyphen- 1007 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262 | 760.459.9199 | LOCALLIVING:3years RESIDENT O F: PalmSpri n g s JOHN LIBONATI Wine Thief, Owner of hyphen-
PhotosJohn Libonati: Wyatt Faller | Juniper Table: Greater Palm Springs CVB
& Dandy
and rosé! Vine
hyphen connects. And at hyphen-, the goal is to connect you with organic/ biodynamic wines from small family farmers.”

In Our Comfort

It can be difficult to sum up comfort food in a matter of words—we could call it food that evokes a sense of well-being and consolation, but in all honesty, it’s a feeling in and of itself. Comfort food can offer a rush of dopamine with a warm side of nostalgia, leaving us with full bellies and a smile on our faces. But don’t break out your grandma’s recipes just yet. From go-to family favorites to unexpected yet welcome twists on old classics, there are plenty of spots around Southern California that are dishing out all of your comfort cravings this winter.

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Cozy Up and Dig in to Some of the Most Delicious Comfort Food in SoCal

• Missing family Sunday dinners? Pull up a chair in Tam O’Shanter’s cozy Tudor-style dining room and order their famous roast platter! Indulge in your choice of roasted brisket, corned beef, turkey or pork with a side of mashed potatoes and creamed corn or creamed spinach. Then wash it all down with a whisky or scotch—Tam O’Shanter has over 650 to choose from!

Atwater Village

Silverlake Ramen

• Call us crazy, but we believe that delicious ramen can be enjoyed in any weather, whether it’s pouring rain outside or beating last year’s heat record. No matter the season, you can always count on Silverlake Ramen’s Classic Ramen to warm up your belly and soul with its perfectly chewy noodles, creamy pork broth, punchy black garlic and loads of veggies and protein.

Burbank, DTLA, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Porter Ranch

Howlin’ Rays

• There’s a reason Howlin’ Rays usually has a line out the door, and if you’re from or living in LA, you already know why. Howlin’ Rays is arguably the spot for Nashville-style hot chicken, serving up perfectly crisp and seasoned chicken ranging from no spice to the kind of heat that only a true masochist could love. Oh, and don’t miss the macaroni salad— you may need it!

China Town, Pasadena

At Cento Pasta Bar, Chef Avner Lavi crafts beautiful pasta dishes (like Nonna’s Broccoli Bucatini) that are just waiting to be devoured.

Cento Pasta Bar

• Can we all agree that noodles might be the ultimate comfort food? At Cento Pasta Bar, Chef Avner Lavi crafts beautiful pasta dishes (like Nonna’s Broccoli Bucatini) that are just waiting to be devoured. Whether you’re dining al fresco on the patio or indoors at a communal-style table, get ready to sit back and enjoy a delicious and affordable dinner. West Adams

foodie /// feature 3 4 1 2 MustOrder Dishes Roast Platter Tam O’Shanter tam-o-shanter The Classic Ramen Silverlake Ramen Hot Chicken Tenders (if you dare!) Howlin’ Rays Nonna’s Broccoli Bucatini Cento Pasta Bar
Tam O’Shanter
Howlin’ Cento Pasta Bar
1 4 2 3 PhotosTam O’Shanter: Stefanie Parkinson Cento Pasta Bar: Cento Howlin’ Rays: Jakob Layman Tam O’Shanter 106 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Los Angeles

Ranch 45

• Part butcher shop, part restaurant, Ranch 45 offers delicious meats and eats in a casual, laid-back environment. Most days, you can grab some tasty grub for breakfast and lunch, but every Thursday through Saturday, you can order dinner options from Executive Chef Aron Schwartz. Our favorite is the hearty beef stew—it’s sharable, but we won’t judge if you eat it yourself. Solana Beach

MustOrder Dishes

Beef Stew

Ranch 45

Sweet Corn Cake

AVANT Restaurant ranchobernardoinn. com/dine/avant

Awesome French Toast

Cody’s La Jolla

The Meatball

AVANT Restaurant

• We all know that dessert is the best way to end the day, but the sweet corn cake from AVANT Restaurant takes it to a whole new level. Like most items on Chef de Cuisine Sergio Jimenez’s four-course tasting menu, this dish features humble, familiar ingredients that are then elevated with a surprising and delightful twist—think comfort with elements of nuance and exhilaration.

Rancho Bernardo

Cody’s La Jolla

• Not only does Cody’s La Jolla offer a homey, coastal-cool vibe, this beachy restaurant serves up breakfast and lunch all day long. It’s the perfect spot to relive your childhood with nostalgic faves like the Awesome French Toast—made with thick, griddled slices of Bread & Cie challah topped with fresh strawberries, candied walnuts and a dollop of mascarpone honey butter.

La Jolla

LAVO Italian Restaurant venues/lavo-italianrestaurant-san-diego 3 4

LAVO Italian Restaurant

• Epitomizing Southern California’s take on Italian cuisine, LAVO’s menu features an array of tasty plates that are sure to remind you of nonna’s kitchen. The standout item is their famous one-pound Wagyu meatball served with marinara and whipped ricotta—delizioso! Wash it down with a glass of wine or one of LAVO’s signature cocktails while easing yourself into the restaurant’s intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Gaslamp Quarter

LAVO Italian Restaurant LAVO Italian Restaurant
LAVO Italian Restaurant: Tao Group Hospitality & Ryan Forbes Ranch 45: Kambria Fischer Cody’s La Jolla: Danielle Jackson AVANT Restaurant: Rancho Bernardo Inn 4 2 3 Ranch 45
1 Ranch 45
Cody’s La Jolla AVANT Restaurant Ranch 45
San Diego

Tavern House

• Nestled alongside the bay, Tavern House is switching up what you can usually expect from a waterfront restaurant in Newport Beach.

Under Chef David Wilhelm’s direction, Tavern House’s menu features influences from coastal Southern Californian, Mexican and Hawaiian cuisines as well as a number of crowd-pleasing, creative takes on some of his favorite comfort foods. One of our personal favorites is D’s Famous Fried Chicken, served with mashed potatoes, heirloom green beans and thick, herbaceous thyme gravy. Feeling hungry?

Tavern House has created a special menu specifically with comfort food enthusiasts in mind. Every Monday, patrons can enjoy a night of happy hour drinks and Monday suppers such as fried chicken, beer-battered fish and chips and short rib stroganoff. Spending a winter evening cozied up in Tavern House with harbor views, delicious food and a cocktail in hand? This is why we love where we live!

Newport Beach

Tavern House has created a special menu specifically with comfort food enthusiasts in mind.

MustOrder Dish
Famous Fried Chicken foodie /// feature
PhotosMarie Westphal-Morales & Ariane Moshayedi
Newport Beach

Orange County

Rock & Brews

• Whether it takes you back to walking around the county fair or fueling up at the mall between shopping sprees, there are few things that can compete with the nostalgia of a soft, warm pretzel. And if you’re enjoying one at Rock & Brews, pair it with a refreshing lager and a super chill atmosphere—it’s the ideal recipe for creating new memories.

Buena Park, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Tustin

The Drake

• Like tastes and smells, music has the power to whip up fond memories. Inspired by New York supper clubs, The Drake fuses food and live music to create an intimate and memorable dining experience. Executive Chef Paul Gstrein’s menu only heightens this experience with nourishing, warming dishes like the chipotle pork chop; it’s a Duroc chop served with pepitas and mezcal chipotle barbecue sauce.

Laguna Beach

Inspired by New York supper clubs, The Drake fuses food and live music to create an intimate and memorable dining experience.


• With its warm spices and filling, hearty proteins, it’s easy to see why Indian cuisine is often sought out when craving comfort food. At ADYA, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering curries or masala, but don’t miss Chef Shachi Mehra and Chef Sandeep Basrur’s take on pani puri, addicting street food served with spicy tamarind water, potatoes and mint. Anaheim

foodie /// feature MustOrder Dishes Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rock & Brews Chipotle Pork Chop The Drake Pani Puri ADYA
Rock & Brews
The Drake ADYA
PhotosRock & Brews: Philip Guerette | The
Adya: Max
1 2 3 2 3 1 Rock & Brews 110 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Drake: Sarah King


Mamma Gina

• If we seem distracted, it’s because we’re dreaming of sitting in Ristorante Mamma Gina’s romantic dining room while enjoying creamy spaghetti alla carbonara with flavorful pancetta and a rich, mouthwatering sauce. As one of Palm Desert’s favorite restaurants for over 30 years, Ristorante Mamma Gina knows exactly how to make their guests comfortable, happy and coming back for more.

Palm Desert

Babe’s BBQ and Brewery

• Southern food is comfort food, plain and simple. So if you’re craving something that’ll refuel your body and soul, head down to Babe’s BBQ and Brewery. Whether you plan on ordering fried green tomatoes, brisket mac and cheese or an entree from their Lucky Smoker, you cannot miss the cast-iron skillet cornbread with honey butter—you’ll thank us later!

Rancho Mirage


• With its diverse menu, Trio is proving that comfort food surpasses nationality! A Palm Springs staple, Trio offers a menu full of easy eats and comfort food favorites like mac and cheese, arancini and pizza. But one of our all-time favorites has to be the brunch menu’s chorizo chilaquiles, made with red enchilada sauce and a fried egg topped with cotija cheese.

Palm Springs

The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa

• Inside two of the Agua Caliente Casinos, you’ll find The Steakhouse, a luxurious food oasis that exudes flavor, style and class. Whether you’re craving comfort food after a long day at the tables or splashing around the pool, we recommend the deliciously melty French onion soup au gratin before indulging in one of The Steakhouse’s unforgettable entrees, where you’ll have the option of surf, turf or both!

Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage steakhouse

MustOrder Dishes Spaghetti alla Carbonara Ristorante Mamma Gina Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread Babe’s BBQ and Brewery Chorizo Chilaquiles Trio French Onion Soup
aguacalientecasinos. com/dining/steakhouse
The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Resort
Ristorante Mamma Gina
The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa
Ristorante Mamma Gina
Nathan Cox The Steakhouse at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage: Agua Caliente Casinos
1 2 3 4 4 2 3 1 Ristorante Mamma Gina LOCALE MAGAZINE 111
PhotosRistorante Mamma Gina: Nathan Cox Trio:
Palm Springs

You’re Hooked!

Rainbow Roll


• California Roll (inside)

• Kanpachi • Salmon

• Seared Ahi

• Yuzu Tobiko

• Ponzu

• Scallions

Westcoast Style Salmon Bowl


• Grilled Salmon

• Roasted Cauliflower

• Avocado

• Marinated Cucumber

• Radish Salad

• Cilantro-Pepita Pesto

• Soy-Tahini Drizzle

• Brown Rice

• Quinoa

• Mixed Organic Greens

Westcoast Style Salmon Bowl

» With grilled salmon and roasted cauliflower, Pacific Catch’s Westcoast Style Salmon Bowl is the ultimate heart-healthy dish filled with marinated cucumbers, purple radish and avocado. Tossed in their housemade cilantro pesto and rested on a bed of brown rice and quinoa blend with mixed organic greens, the Westcoast Style Salmon Bowl is a hearty staple.

Local Insight:


The owners of Pacific Catch are committed to environmental sustainability, meaning all of their fish is wild-caught or ethically raised!

Rainbow Roll

» Any sushi lover is familiar with the classic rainbow roll, but Pacific Catch’s take on the rainbow roll truly redefines this sushi staple. Loaded with fresh fish—including salmon, seared ahi, crab and kanpachi—this rainbow roll is a seafood lover’s dream come true. Plus, it comes topped with yuzu tobiko, ponzu and scallions for a bite that’s not only filling but refreshing too.

Local Insight:

» Both founders, Keith Cox and Aaron Noveshen, have been avid travelers around the Pacific. That’s where their love of diverse flavors and cuisines stems from!

From sustainably sourced seafood to bold signature dishes, La Jolla’s Pacific Catch is making waves in San Diego’s foodie culture. Whether you’re craving a casual lunch with friends or a night out with your beau, Pacific Catch is one of San Diego’s hidden gems. Founded in the Bay Area in 2003, this restaurant is a local treasure and will continue to be one for years to come. With sea-to-table delicacies guaranteed to please, here are two of our favorite dishes to order at this seafood haven.

Protecting the Earth

» The founders of Pacific Catch are so committed to sustainability, they’ve made it their mission to reduce plastic waste. The restaurant has switched from providing disposable eating utensils and straws to 100% compostable products—they even recycle their fryer oil into biofuel!

Sustainability at the Forefront

» By dining at Pacific Catch, you are supporting ethical fisheries and farms who follow strict sustainability protocols as defined by bodies like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and the Marine Stewardship Council.

Menu That Runs the Gamut

» While most of Pacific Catch’s plates are dominated by fish, oysters and other seafood favorites, they also offer nonseafood dishes like Korean sticky ribs and Hawaiian teriyaki chicken bowls.

Pacific Catch 4575 La Jolla Village Dr, Ste 1160 San Diego, CA 92122 619.728.2700
1 2
foodie /// 2 things we love F
La Jolla
MEALS DECONSTRUCTED SINK YOUR TEETH INTO SOL MEXICAN COCINA’S DECADENT GOAT CHEESE ENCHILADAS SOL Mexican Cocina 1910 Main St Irvine, CA 92614 949.975.1220 FIESTA “This dish is a taste of comfort that transports me back to meals at my grandparents’ house.” —Chef Salazar
Written By: Emily Miller
a foodie /// feature for Your Taste Buds LOCALE MAGAZINE 115
Photos By: Sharon Williams

Shake It Up

» Using fresh-squeezed juices and 100% blue agave tequila, SOL’s selection of signature margaritas are handmuddled and shaken to order. Amongst Chef Salazar’s favorites are the house blackberry ginger margarita, which is made with Espolòn blanco, and SOL’s signature Berries and Bloom cocktail.

We Love a Deal

» Tuesdays are made better with tacos and tequila. From 3 p.m. to close, enjoy $8 house margaritas and $5 beers—not to mention specials on light bites and street tacos. SOL offers a selection of chicken, carnitas, beer-battered fish or black bean and sweet potato tacos to pair with grilled sweet corn and Naked Guacamole.

SOL Mexican Cocina in Irvine brings the flavors of Baja to life with the culinary expertise of Chef Israel Salazar.

Neutral finishes, palm accents and luxe lounge seating create a refined and relaxed dining atmosphere for enjoying coastal cuisine. Unwind in the warm hospitality of Mexico with authentic flavors and scratchmade classics, a SOL favorite being the savory and sweet goat cheese enchiladas.

SOL Mexican Cocina’s comforting goat cheese enchiladas stand out from counterparts due to their Mexico City influence. Mild salsa verde complements the tart flavor of goat cheese, creating a harmonious balance. “We wanted to combine our traditional salsa verde with a more atypical cheese like goat cheese to add a twist to classic cheese enchiladas,” Chef Salazar explains.

It all starts with SOL’s zesty salsa verde. Enhancing the buttery yet bold flavor of goat cheese, tomatillo tomatoes are simmered down into a light and tangy salsa verde—made with white onion, jalapenos, garlic, cloves and cilantro. The finished salsa is set aside while each corn tortilla is hand-fried to a delicately crisp texture. Warm tortillas are then layered with rich goat cheese and an authentic Mexican cheese blend before being tightly rolled, locking in their creamy fillings before being baked to melty perfection. Chef Salazar elaborates on the Mexican homecooking techniques used to prepare one of his signatures: “This dish is a taste of comfort that transports me back to meals at my grandparents’ house.”

When ready to serve, the goat cheese enchiladas are topped with a generous portion

of salsa verde, a drizzle of Mexican crema and a garnish of pico de gallo. The finished product’s decadent pools of soft cheese and bright bites of salsa add a nostalgic warmth, reminiscent of cozy nights around the family dinner table. Served alongside rice and beans, SOL’s goat cheese enchiladas reflect a modern take on the comforting hospitality of Mexican tradition.

Chef Salazar was drawn into the culinary world by the comradery of the kitchen. In many ways, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who worked as a cook. “He would take us into the kitchen after school. We would go in, and I saw how everybody worked as a team and the way they made the dishes,” Salazar recalls. He began his career cooking in a hospital kitchen, where a mentor encouraged Salazar to professionally train at culinary school. Salazar later attended and graduated from the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena.

Salazar leads SOL Mexican Cocina with the same commitment to teamwork that he grew up with. His team is the most important to him, as well as to the success of the restaurant as a whole. He describes the kitchen “like an orchestra; everyone has to be in tune to make beautiful music.”

Amongst SOL’s goat cheese enchiladas, Chef Salazar’s curated menu features everything from slow-cooked short ribs to juicy Wagyu steaks and specialty taco selections served on housemade blue corn tortillas. But no trip to Baja is complete without a margarita or two! SOL’s bar is stocked with a collection of over 100 small-batch Mexican tequilas and mezcals. Each SOL location also hosts a signature single-barrel tequila unique to the restaurant. The Margarita del SOL, SOL’s ultimate margarita, is shaken tableside with Casa Dragones Barrel Blend Añejo, lime juice, agave nectar and Cointreau.

From the kitchen crew to the bartenders and hospitality staff, SOL Mexican Cocina embraces the welcoming and friendly personality of Baja California. Guests feel completely at ease in a resort-like atmosphere complete with a succulent-lined entryway and warm wooden accents. The spacious patio is made intimate by glowing fire pits at night, and the chic dining room grants views into the openconcept kitchen, where cooks practice Mexican techniques passed down through generations.

SOL Mexican Cocina in Irvine is the chain’s flagship, being the largest of all locations, which now include Newport Beach, Playa Vista, Scottsdale and Denver.

S foodie /// feature 116 LOCALE MAGAZINE

Made With Love

» Baja-style cooking is all about simple recipes that highlight the natural flavors of each ingredient. SOL Mexican Cocina sources locally when possible and cooks with ingredients at their peak freshness, allowing each flavor profile to come through. The scratch kitchen also prepares over 24 fresh salsas daily!

Mexican Cheese Blend
Shown: White Onion Rice Beans Jalapeño Garlic Cloves Salt Pepper Cilantro Queso Fresco Cotija Cheese Mexican Crema Pico de Gallo Goat Cheese Enchiladas DECONSTRUCTED
wanted to combine our traditional salsa
Tomatillos Not
verde with a
atypical cheese like
cheese to add a twist to classic cheese enchiladas.”—Chef Salazar
Everbloom Communal Coffee Milligram Coffee & Kitchen GREATER PALM SPRINGS ORANGE COUNTY SAN DIEGO LOS ANGELES Rykn PhotosMilligram Coffee & Kitchen: Katie Nguyen Rykn: gry space | Everbloom: Joel-Philip “Yoshi” Dingle | Communal Coffee: Lets Frolic Together Not Your Average Cup of Joe TREAT YOURSELF TO AN ESPRESSOBASED BEVERAGE FROM THE COOLEST COFFEE SHOPS IN SOCAL WRITTEN BY: JORDAN NISHKIAN foodie /// feature LOCALE MAGAZINE 119

Rykn Cafe

Rykn Cafe

» DTLA’s Arts District has no shortage of trendy coffee shops and Insta-worthy eateries, but thanks to Rykn Cafe’s focus on subtlety and traditional Japanese flavors, we think this cafe is in it for the long haul. Within the [soon-to-open] Rykn Hotel lies an intimate, relaxing all-day cafe that moonlights as a chic wine and sake bar. Perfect for a first date, a nightcap or even some time to yourself, Rykn Cafe offers an intimate and tranquil atmosphere that only enhances its incredible menu of offerings. Its neutral color scheme and use of natural materials offer a tranquil oasis from the buzzing concrete jungle, but its large doors act as a love letter to the city,


LA Coffee Shops

We Love

La La Land Kind


Must-Try Drink: La La Latte

Santa Monica

Little Lunch Coffee

Must-Try Drink: Coco Cold brew Venice

Maru Coffee

Must-Try Drink: Spiced Cold Brew Arts District, Los Feliz

Gnarwhal Coffee Co.

Must-Try Drink: Chai Latte Santa Monica

opening entirely to take in the area’s fresh air and energy. Standout items on the drink menu include the black sesame cappuccino, sparkling matcha yuzu lemonade and an impressive selection of traditional teas—including dattan soba cha, hōjicha and gyokuro. For food, enjoy a truly beautiful lunch and dinner menu chock-full of Japanese dishes at Kodō, an izakaya restaurant that shares the space. If you’re around on Sundays, Japanese-style sandwiches from moon and sun’s weekly pop-up are also a must.

Rykn Cafe 710 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021 213.266.8584 |

foodie /// feature
PhotosRykn: gry space

Work in Progress

Must-Try Drink: Rosemary Latte Costa Mesa

Coffee Dose

Must-Try Drink: The Mary Matcha Costa Mesa, Irvine

Vacancy Coffee

Must-Try Drink: Gothic Mocha Newport Beach

Bear Coast Coffee

Must-Try Drink: Horchata Latte San Clemente, Dana Point

Huskins Coffee Company

Must-Try Drink: Canadian Maple Latte Santa Ana, Newport Beach

Other OC Coffee Shops We Love

Milligram Coffee and Kitchen

» Milligram Coffee and Kitchen marries industrial-chic design and a cozy patio the same way it brings together fine coffee and a delicious, all-day menu: with beauty and simplicity. Although this spot recently opened its doors in late spring, it has seen an overwhelmingly supportive welcome from its Orange County community—and it’s easy to see why. Self-described as Euroinspired, Milligram Coffee and Kitchen’s specialty coffee bar features menu items like a long black, piccolo, flat white and a killer pour-over. The shop also offers a rich hot chocolate, spice-forward chai latte, energizing golden latte and (for later) a selection of beer

and wine. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, don’t forget to glance over the all-day menu, where you’ll find a flavorful Mediterranean prosciutto salad with avocado and feta cheese, a smoked salmon bagel with capers and a housemade trio of dips served with a basket of warm bread. Escape the hustle and bustle of 17th Street and pull up a chair on the serene patio where you can sit in the shade while you sip on a lovingly crafted drink. If that’s not the perfect way to spend an afternoon, we don’t know what is!

Milligram Coffee and Kitchen 234 E 17th St, Ste 107, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 949.612.7272 |

Milligram Coffee and Kitchen

PhotosKatie Nguyen

Other Palm Springs

Coffee Shops We Love Cafe La Jefa

Must-Try Drink: Lavender Latte Palm Springs

Ernest Coffee

Must-Try Drink: Oat Milk Cappuccino Palm Springs

Cartel Coffee Lab

Must-Try Drink: Espresso Mojito Palm Springs


Must-Try Drink: Coffee Freeze Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage

Bluebird Days

Must-Try Drink: Nitro Cold Brew Palm Springs @bluebirdcoffeeps

Everbloom Coffee

» With its menu of coffee shop staples and tasty homemade syrups, Everbloom lives up to its motto of “Coffee, for the people” by serving its community with deliciously crafted drinks and tons of good vibes. Here, you can expect all the classics done well, like americanos, cold brews, cappuccinos, matcha and chai, with a sweet twist from the shop’s butterscotch, Madagascar vanilla, honey lavender and mocha syrups. Now we don’t blame you if you want to make a trip over every day to grab a drink from your favorite barista, but life can get a little busy. Fortunately, Everbloom sells your go-to latte, cold brew and chai order in halfgallon batch brews to enjoy from home! The quality of the coffee,

however, is only part of the reason that Everbloom is so beloved in the Coachella Valley community. Founded by locals, Everbloom’s roots come from serving coffee from a cart two weeks before COVID-19’s stay-at-home orders were initiated in March 2020. While they didn’t initially intend to open a brick and mortar, those plans changed that August, and Everbloom has been flourishing ever since. There may even be rumors of expanding into other parts of the Greater Palm Springs area—stay tuned!

Everbloom Coffee

81730 Hwy 111, Ste 14, Indio, CA 92201 442.274.1316 |

foodie /// feature
Everbloom Coffee
PhotosGeorge Duchannes

Bump Coffee


Communal Coffee

» With three locations across San Diego in North Park, South Park and Oceanside, Communal Coffee lives up to its name by pairing warm communal vibes with high-quality drinks and ingredients. The original location in North Park gained popularity for selling flowers and boasting a bold “Coffee + Flowers” mural on its exterior, but its sister shops definitely bring their own flavors. The Oceanside location serves from a vintage trailer within a serene patio, while the South Park location (also known as Communal Annex) boasts a much larger space with a flower shop, home decor shop, and a full cafe experience. But no matter which Communal Coffee you decide to visit, you’ll always end up with a delicious brew in hand.

Enjoy classic drinks like mochas and matcha lattes or specialties such as their sweet mint cold brew, iced creamsicle or a latte flavored with house-made lavender honey, rose vanilla and vanilla bean syrups. Communal Coffee also offers a latte flight, which allows you to choose two of the aforementioned delicious flavors. Feeling hungry? South Park’s menu is sprinkled with coffeehouse staples like avocado toast and cheese plates, while North Park and Oceanside offer larger menus for bites throughout the day (and something boozy in the evening).

Communal Coffee North Park, South Park, Oceanside

Coffee Shops We Love
Must-Try Drink: Iced CBDREAM Cardiff Steady State Roasting Co. Must-Try Drink: Cold Fashioned Carlsbad
Moniker Coffee Co
Must-Try Drink: Hawaiian Latte Liberty Station
Scrimshaw Coffee
Must-Try Drink: Cortado El Cerrito
Revolution Roasters
PhotosCommunal Coffee: Lets Frolic Together LOCALE MAGAZINE 123
Drink: Honey Mint Matcha Oceanside

Modern Convenience

Community-Focused Vibe

• “The idea was originally conceived as a neighborhood liquor store,” Power shares. “Then, it evolved into something bigger, and MRKT Space became a central place where folks could eat well, enjoy a cocktail and browse some quality products for their home and pantry. You can call us a bar, restaurant and market.” The space itself is clean, sleek, communityoriented and always smells enticing with the aroma of freshly made food.

Cafe Eats, Coffee and Cocktails

• Going grocery shopping while hungry is the absolute worst, but that’s not an issue here. In addition to gourmet market products, MRKT Space has a full kitchen, a coffee bar and a mixologist for specialty cocktails. Dubbed The Finery, guests can indulge in Italian-inspired offerings like burrata salad, salami flatbread, prosciutto sandwiches and stacked cheese boards, including a Mega MRKT Board that feeds up to 14 people—count us in!

The Social Club Perks

• Since it’ll be hard to shop anywhere else after you visit, you might as well join the Social Club. For an annual membership fee of $50, you’ll receive a $20 gift card, a $20 birthday credit, 15% off discounts on select products, invitations to exclusive events, extra reward points, merch and more. So worth it!

In and Out

A Streamlined Process

Move over 7-Eleven, there’s a new type of convenience store in town, and it’s got everything you need and more. MRKT Space is your one-stop shop for everything from pantry essentials to a comforting morning latte. The concept was born out of a necessity for simpler grocery runs without sacrificing quality.

Wide Selection of Pantry Staples

• “We designed MRKT Space to give people the highestquality product of what they need,” says Power. “Nobody likes going to convenience stores—they’re filled with junk food and low-quality items. We wanted to create something special with essentials you won’t find at a typical supermarket.” Here, shoppers will be able to find gourmet items, fresh local produce, novelty items and international products.

• Whether you’re last-minute shopping for a dinner party you’re hosting, picking up some small bites for a sunset picnic on the beach or on the hunt for a last-minute gift, MRKT Space has you covered! It’s easy to pop in for a loaf of bread or a bottle from their extensive wine, beer and beverage selection. “This is the corner store reinvented,” says Power.

• “These days, there are too many options at the supermarket,” says CEO and co-founder Matt Power. “[At MRKT Space], nobody needs to figure out which is the best item to buy because everything is quality.” He notes, “You no longer have to push around a shopping cart, walk through 20 aisles or stand in a long line to get what you need.”

MRKT Space

N Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024

Avenida De La Playa La Jolla, CA 92037

La Jolla
foodie /// 5 things we love M 1 2 3 4 5
“We designed MRKT Space to give people the highest-quality product of what they need.”
—Matt Power

Whether you prefer yours balanced and bittersweet or bold with a hint of peppermint, these cozy concoctions are sure to make your season merry and bright.

foodie /// feature




Julianna McIntosh | @join_jules

We’re shaking things up this season with a selection of festive holiday cocktails! Whether you prefer yours balanced and bittersweet or bold with a hint of peppermint, these cozy concoctions are sure to make your season merry and bright. To create these libations, we enlisted the help of expert mixologist Julianna McIntosh (@join_jules)—a gal who, let’s just say, knows her way around a bar cart. Let’s stir up some holiday cheer!



• 2 oz Glenfiddich Whisky

• ½ oz Cranberry Syrup

• ¾ oz Lemon Juice

• 1 Egg White


• In a cocktail shaker, add whisky, cranberry syrup, lemon juice and egg white. Shake without ice for about 20 seconds. Add ice and shake again. Double strain into a coupe or rocks glass, and garnish with a dehydrated citrus wheel.


» In a mixology world dominated by male bartenders, Julianna McIntosh has caused quite the stir. She has amassed over 180k followers on Instagram and almost 1 million on TikTok. She also has her own podcast—a home bartending podcast called The Art of Drinking.


» Looking for some at-home bartending inspo? Go to www. for a variety of recipes! From spicy margs to fruitforward martinis, you’re sure to find something that wets your whistle.



» “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande

» “Candy Cane Lane” by Sia

» “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

» “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber

foodie /// feature
BATCH PEPPERMINT ESPRESSO MARTINI INGREDIENTS: • 1½ cups Reyka Vodka • 1 cup Cold Brew • ¾ cup Coffee Liqueur • 1 tsp Peppermint Extract • 1-2 cups Ice • Chocolate Sauce • Crushed Candy Canes RECIPE: • Add all ingredients to a blender with ice except the chocolate sauce and crushed candy canes. Rim eight glasses with chocolate sauce and then with crushed candy canes. Pour and enjoy! foodie /// feature 130 LOCALE MAGAZINE
Reyka Vodka



• ¾ oz Hendrick’s Gin

• ¾ oz Campari

• ¾ oz Vermouth

• ¾ oz Fresh Blood Orange Juice

• 4 oz Hot Water


• In a mug, add gin, Campari, vermouth and blood orange juice. Add hot water and mix together. Garnish with fresh rosemary, a cinnamon stick or a dehydrated citrus wheel.

Hendrick’s Gin foodie /// feature 132 LOCALE MAGAZINE



GGet a taste of the Amalfi Coast without ever leaving San Diego. Having taken frequent trips to Italy and noticing a lack of genuine Italian fare here, the Adler and Lombrozo families knew they had to make their dream a reality. Marisi was born, and the restaurant was named after the owners’ grandparents: “Mar” was taken from Marila and “Isi” was taken from Isidoro. It was their grandparents’ love of Italy that inspired the concept, and the owners hope to keep their memories alive through Marisi.

Unique culinary concepts like whole animal butchery, dry-aged fish, specialty pasta shapes and homemade limoncello are just a few things that make Marisi memorable. The culinary team is spearheaded by Executive Chef Chad Huff, who previously worked at Broad Street Oyster Company in Malibu. There are plenty of options to start, including the Blossom, made with a zucchini flower duo, caponata, pine nuts and a saffron aioli. The chicory salad, crafted with salami, tomato, red onion, almonds, oregano and Piave Vecchio cheese is another staff favorite, and don’t skip the creamy burrata, dressed up with fresh nectarines, balsamic agrodolce and arugula.

Cocktails are curated by Bar and Spirits Creative Director Beau du Bois, who was

most recently at three Michelin-starred The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley. The drink selection features a variety of Italian aperitivos, rare spirits and an Italian pilsner brewed just for Marisi. Diners will also have the option to sip tableside martinis made with extra dry vermouth throughout their meal. For a complete dining experience, Marisi encourages guests to enjoy vermouth over ice upon arrival, followed by wine and espresso to finish.

“You don’t see Italian food like this in San Diego,” says Erik Adler, one of Marisi’s owners. “Here, pasta is the star. We’re excited to share what we think will be the best Italian food in town.”


• The focus at Marisi is on Italian hearth cooking— that means fresh pasta made by hand—to go with traditional cocktails and fine wine.


• The tiled Italian hearth, spotlighting hues of yellows, greens, blues and pinks, combined with the sunlit patio will whisk you straight to the Italian coast.


• With prices ranging from $6 to $48, diners have options on whether they want to splurge or save.


• This is the spot for authentic Italian cuisine! Marisi will make you feel like you’re dining in a charming villa on the Amalfi Coast.

Marisi La Jolla 1044 Wall St La Jolla, CA 92037 858.401.6787

1st BITE
Written By: Joy Sun • Photos By: Jim Sullivan and Kimberly Motos La Jolla
foodie /// first bite 134 LOCALE MAGAZINE
“…We’re excited to share what we think will be the best Italian food in town.” —Erik Adler
shoppe December 2022 /// gifts. gems. beauty. 142 Guide Holiday Gift Guide 30+ Gifts for Everyone on Your List LOCALE MAGAZINE 137

“I organically shifted my [blog content] focus from affordable fashion to lifestyle over the years due to growing up and finding new passions. I really like to write about travel; while I was lucky to take a couple of vacations a year growing up, my family often visited the same 4-5 destinations, and I didn't get to see much of the world when I was younger.”


A fun puffer coat. Even though I’m originally from the East Coast, I still get pretty chilly here! I love Farm Rio’s selection.


Connecting With the Community

• The thing I love most about having a platform is the little community I’ve been able to foster. I love chatting with my followers regularly, and I’ve even started a few private group chats for them based on our collective interests!

At the Market and In the Kitchen

• My favorite comfort recipe to make from my book is the apple cider donut muffins.

I’m a SoCal transplant from the South, and this recipe reminds me of home. These muffins are super easy to make, and they’re the perfect combination of savory and sweet. I like to get my ingredients from The Hollywood Farmers’ Market, which features live music and some of the best seasonal produce. It’s one of my favorite spots to grab fresh ingredients in the city.

DTLA Staycay

• The Conrad opened in Downtown Los Angeles in July 2022, and it is absolutely remarkable. It was designed by the same architect that dreamed up the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Frank Gehry. It's within walking distance of The Broad, The Last Bookstore and Grand Central Market. There are a few José Andrés restaurants on site that are delightful, and their staff is very personable. Book a Recovery Cabin experience at the spa; you won’t forget it.

An Open Book

• 2020 was a pretty transformative year for me. Lockdown completely changed my lifestyle, and I grew to appreciate my time at home and was inspired to create content in new ways. After staying home in 2020, I was able to slow down and take advantage of everything the season had to offer. From there, I signed my book deal at the end of 2020, and spent the next year producing a fallthemed guide.

A cozy oversized sweater. I usually pick up a new sweater from Free People every year.

They’ve Got the Goods

• If you’re looking for stylish home decor for less than $25, Goodies is your spot. From charcuterie boards and jewelry dishes to mugs and vases, you’re bound to find something special (and budget-friendly!) at one of the Goodies’ locations in SoCal.

How LA Rolls

• As an Angeleno, it’s worth venturing to the Valley for some of the best sushi you’ve ever had in your life. I love The Joint Eatery in Sherman Oaks because they specialize in dry-aged sushi, and now I am hooked! All of their fish is cut to order, and sometimes, they offer to-go dry-aged sushi bento boxes by Chef Kawabe for pick up. This is one of my favorite date-night meals!

A great pair of boots. If it’s warm out, I love to pair boots with a dress!

living like a local
Los Angeles
PhotosAlicia Tenise Chew: Tom McGovern, Goodies: Pornchai Mittongtare
LOCALLIVING: 1.5years RESIDENT O F: LosAngel es ALICIA TENISE CHEW Author and Lifestyle Blogger
All Dolled Up

Rediscover El Paseo

From Restaurants to Design Studios, Palm Desert’s El Paseo Is Bustling With New Places to Shop, Eat and Explore

In the heart of the Coachella Valley exists the famed El Paseo avenue, featuring nine blocks of shops, restaurants and unique businesses, making it the ultimate destination for all things entertainment and leisure. With more than 220 businesses, ranging from high-end stores, art galleries and fine-dining restaurants to one-of-a-kind boutiques and casual happy hour hotspots, this Palm Desert destination is always bustling with things to do. And over the past year, El Paseo has welcomed several new businesses and activations for your enjoyment! Here’s an inside look at what’s new on El Paseo.


• The beautifully designed Hotel Paseo, located just a block off of the main drag, is now home to a new restaurant called Larkspur Grill! This swanky hotspot offers a classic twist on modern California cuisine, boasting a fresh assortment of ingredients sourced from local farms. Diners can also enjoy live entertainment every Thursday-Saturday evening as they sip back, relax and nosh on dishes like Wagyu beef sliders, heirloom tomato burrata and three cheese tortellini.


• In the past year, El Paseo has welcomed several restaurants, including Porta Via, which occupies the corner of El Paseo and Ocotillo Drive. The restaurant’s stunning interior features warm millwork, brass details and an immaculate terrazzo-tiled floor, but rest assured, the California-inspired menu has just as much wow factor. The Perfect Pint, a renovated Airstream trailer that sells ice cream, has also joined El Paseo, and visitors can expect to see new additions like Shorebird and Mole (coming soon!). palm-desert


• While El Paseo may seem like a destination solely for shopping and dining, the street has recently diversified its collection of businesses by welcoming NoH2O, a waterless car detailing service and a Coachella Valley Firebirds shop! Here, you can buy tickets and merchandise to support the Coachella Valley’s new AHL hockey team!


• With several upscale art galleries and showrooms, El Paseo has become a popular destination for home decor. And this year, it welcomed Interior Illusions, a destination for contemporary furniture, art, lighting and interior design. The addition of Interior Illusions to El Paseo’s many other home and design stores has created a Design District on El Paseo, and trust us, you’ll want to check it out for yourself.

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger PhotosGeorge Duchannes Hotel Paseo | @andrewcabral_photography El Paseo Shopping District
shoppe /// neighborhood guide
Hitch a Ride • Don’t feel like walking from store to store? Park anywhere and hop aboard El Paseo’s reimagined Courtesy Cart, which offers free rides up and down the nineblock district!
For the One Who Must Have Morning Coffee Haand 10oz Short Mug $41 shoppe /// holiday gift guide 6 3 1 8 7 9 2 5 For the At-Home Chef Pasolivo Olive Oil $48 4 For the One Cozied Up by the Fire Art of Tea Matcha Cocoa Bundle $49 For the At-Home Fitness Guru Tru Grit Competition Series Olympic Bumper Plates Price varies Tru Grit Medicine Ball Price varies For Your Furry Friends LAY LO Dog Bed $49-$195 For the Wanna-Be Interior Designer "House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation" by Jasmine Roth $35 For the Beach Lover Slightly Choppy Flag $60-$180 For the Homebody Albers Checkerboard Throw $158 For the Home HOLIDAY GIFTS THAT WILL MAKE ANY HOUSE A HOME
Tea | LAY LO:
of Tea: Audrey Ma
Art of
Stephen Paul Photography Verloop
Haand Slightly Choppy: Cameron Oden
House Story by Jasmine Roth: Michael Radford Photography Tru Grit Fitness

For the Yogi Black Active Crop $37.45 Black Active Leggings $47.63

For the Work-FromHome Warrior Polka Dot Slippers $86

For the Empowered Woman

Rebecca Minkoff x Morgan Stanley Banker Bag 2.0 $428

For the Holiday Party-Hopper

Venus Black Leather Heel $159.95

For the Winter Wardrobe

For the Winter Fashionista Checkerboard Mini Scarf $55

For the Mountaineer Rails Steffi Jacket $298

For the Gal on the Go

The Sporty Crew $130

For the Bling Babe

Initial Chain Necklace $68

For the California Girl Thirty Two Sunglasses $395

For the Snow Angel Sherpa Mittens $37.50

PhotosBleusalt | Jeanne The Label Verloop | Rebecca Minkoff x Morgan Stanley French Knot: Brian Powell Peace Love World Windsor Smith Rails G.O.D. Eyewear Uncommon James 10 19 16 15 18 12 14 11 13
shoppe /// holiday gift guide 24 22 21 20 For Each Zodiac Sign THESE GIFTS WRITTEN IN THE 23 Aries: Determined, Independent A Conversational Candle $14, $26 26 Virgo: Eco-conscious, Practical Mise en Scènt Candle $36 Capricorn: Ambitious, Disciplined Jay Beauty Dry Shampoo $22 Libra: Charming, Well-Balanced Hyannis Linen Pajamas $158 Cancer: Nurturing, Ocean-Lovers Undaria Algae Body Oil $12-$78 25 Scorpio: Passionate, Mysterious Keepster Book $13-$32 Pisces: Friendly, Helpful Laguna Beach Christmas Ornament $30 PhotosAnecdote Candles: Weekend Creative Serena & Lily | Jay Beauty: Naohmi Monroe, Keepster Laguna Beach Iconic Ornaments: Clark Collins OSEA Malibu: OSEA Mise en Scènt: @gilcroix 144 LOCALE MAGAZINE
30 Leo: Confident, Bold Gift Card to Facial Lounge Amount varies 29 Sagittarius: Charming, Outgoing Breitling Superocean 44 Automatic $4,900 28 Taurus: Romantic, Indulgent Wine Advent Calendar $149.99 31 Gemini: Social, Curious Aventon Pace 500.2 Electric Bike $1,699 27 Aquarius: Creative, Humanitarian Skinny Cuff $30 Messika Move Uno 18K White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings $3,725 PhotosHyde Park Jewelers In Good Taste | Our Spare Change: EMJEANPHOTO Facial Lounge: Timothy Kwon | Aventon LOCALE MAGAZINE 145

Fountain of Youth

AAgeless M.D. is a premier medical spa specializing in non-invasive facial and bodily transformation procedures using state-ofthe-art aesthetic medicine and techniques that help everyone look and feel their best, no matter their age. “Sometimes, people just need a small confidence booster,” says Dr. TJ Tsay, the director and owner of Ageless M.D. “I love that what I do can give people that extra boost. Our procedures help our patients look younger—they wind back the clock on the body and face.”

Ageless M.D. offers the most cutting edge, non-invasive cosmetic treatments, including fillers, neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport, skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatments, skin tightening, nonsurgical augmentations and more. Dr. Tsay utilizes dermal laser technology and is perhaps best known for his use of the PDO thread lift. “It’s a lift procedure that uses absorbable sutures, which can give a nonsurgical facelift-like result. PDO threads can also lift and tighten the neck, lift the brows, and give a nonsurgical nose job by augmenting the nose bridge or lifting a droopy nose tip,” explains Dr. Tsay. Not only does Dr. Tsay train other

providers and speak all over the world on this procedure, but he was also featured performing the procedure on Kane Lim in season two episode two of Netflix’s “Bling Empire,” which marks one of the first times the technique was shown in front of a worldwide audience.

Dr. Tsay opened his practice in 2015 after having spent 20 years saving lives as an ER d9octor. He decided to finally pursue his passion in aesthetics and skincare after witnessing the positive change he had on several patients after helping a0lter their outward appearance.

“Some people think that cosmetic enhancements are all about vanity, but I’ve witnessed patients cry because they can’t believe their results,” recalls Dr. Tsay. “If I can improve upon even a small issue that has caused someone a tremendous amount of insecurity, I have improved their self-confidence and ultimately how they feel about themselves. I’m inspired to continue doing this work every time I see my patients smile from ear to ear after I’ve finished working on them, once they pick up the mirror to see the final result. It’s an extremely gratifying feeling to be able to enhance my patients’ lives for the better.”

Favorite Restaurant in OC?

• AnQi Bistro for highend Vietnamese food and Habana for cubanos, ropa vieja and white sangria!

Favorite Staycation Spot in SoCal?

• Oceanside because it’s chill and beachy, less than an hour away from OC and not super crowded and touristy.

Favorite Local Hangout?

• Mesa Lounge in Costa Mesa on weekends to meet up with friends for drinks and hang with a crowd of diverse, young professionals.

Ageless M.D. 111 Fashion Ln, Ste 200 Tustin, CA 92780 714.760.9918

Orange County’s Ageless M.D. Knows How to Wind Back the Clock Written By: Joy Sun • Photographed By: John Glover Ti Jo “TJ” Tsay, M.D. Medical Director and Facial Sculpting Artist at Ageless M.D.
“I’m inspired to continue doing this work every time I see my patients smile from ear to ear…”
—Dr. TJ Tsay
shoppe /// mini profile 146 LOCALE MAGAZINE

Loose Diamonds and Custom Creations

• Bringing your vision to life is what El Paseo Jewelers does best! The store specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces along with high carat-weight rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or a unique piece that’ll turn heads, El Paseo Jewelers prides itself in both quality and customer service.

Best in Class

This past November, El Paseo Jewelers celebrated its 25th anniversary, further solidifying itself as one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in Palm Desert. This long-running retailer offers everything from loose diamonds and gemstones to designer jewelry and custom designs. There’s so much to love about this local shop, but here are five of our favorites!

Family-Owned Since 1998

• El Paseo Jewelers is a multi-generational family business that was started by five brothers from India. The owner, Raju Mehta, has been in the jewelry business for over 46 years, dating all the way back to his teenage years. He began by selling his jewelry in a retail store, which evolved into creating his own business in Los Angeles. He eventually opened El Paseo Jewelers in 1998 with a few of his siblings, and he’s since developed a reputation as a diamond expert.


• The Mehta family is dedicated to supporting the local community in a variety of ways. The store not only employs local artisans but also partners with a variety of charities and organizations, such as The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Palm Springs Air Museum, Eisenhower Medical Center, McCallum Theater, St. Jude Research Hospital, Desert Cancer Foundation and many more! El Paseo Jewelers is also partnering with Acrisure Arena and the Coachella Valley Firebirds, Palm Desert’s new hockey team, for a five-year sponsorship deal.

Fresh Designs

• El Paseo Jewelers recently launched a new line of men’s custom jewelry, which includes bracelets, rings, necklace chains, cufflinks and more. The “Diamonds by the Yard” necklace features 14-carat white, yellow or rose gold interspersed with gorgeous sparkling diamonds—you choose how long to make the necklace!

Next-Level Customer Service

• With customer care at the forefront, a trip to El Paseo Jewelers is always a seamless, pleasant experience. The shop even offers free cleaning and jewelry repairs! Complimentary repair services include everything from polishing and rhodium plating to resizing and watch battery replacement. So the next time you need help, just ask!

At Your Service

• Do you have a family heirloom you need appraised or a jewelry design that you’d like to bring to life? Stop by El Paseo Jewelers for a free appraisal or consultation!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or a unique piece that’ll turn heads, El Paseo Jewelers prides itself in both quality and customer service.

Palm Desert 73520 El Paseo, Ste E Palm Desert, CA 92260 760.773.8718

shoppe /// 5 things we love
T 1 3 4 5
Neighborhood Guide Headed North From Vineyards to the
County Is a Dream Come True
PROVIDED BY Visit Mendocino County
December 2022 /// cities. songs. stadiums. Mendocino


That’s a Rap

Musically Inspired

• The whole creative process of producing music is amazing. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction I get when I hear the final product. My inspiration comes from my family and all the love they’ve shown me and sacrifices they’ve made for me. I am also very inspired by my fans and their loyalty; I can’t do it without them.

Gloves On

• Recently, I’ve really gotten into boxing. It’s a great way to stay in shape while also having some fun. I am also in the middle of starting a new series on my YouTube channel where I will film unique and entertaining boxing competitions with people competing for cash prizes. Don’t miss it!

Looking Up

• When I think of my role model, the first person that comes to mind is Travis Barker. I admire how hard he works in and out of the studio. He is so talented and knowledgeable about the music industry, and he’s been so supportive of me. I also admire how healthy he is, from working out every day to being vegan!

In the Studio

• I love the feeling of creating music—it’s my escape from my busy life. I love sitting down at night after a long day of shooting content and being able to unwind in the studio. I’m also excited about a new TV series I’ve been working on called “Face Your Fear,” which will feature in-depth interviews about one’s fears and provide the chance to face

while also showcasing the craziest, funniest and oneof-a-kind pranks.

Rooftop Rendezvous

• One of my favorite hidden gems in Los Angeles is the Melrose Rooftop Theatre. They have the best food and drinks! It’s a great hangout spot for a date or just to kick it with family and friends. It’s different from your traditional movie theater with its bean bag chairs, full bar and menu of global eats. Be sure to get there early— this place gets packed.

A Sweet Escape

• The Escape Hotel

Hollywood is so cool; every suite is a different escape room! It also has a great restaurant and bar, and the vibes transport you back in time to Old Hollywood. It’s a great place to come and stay for a few days when life gets too serious.

living like a local
1 2 3 3 TIPS THAT’LL HELP YOU GROW YOUR SOCIAL FOLLOWING: Encourage tagging on all your posts. Hold contests on your channels. Use hashtags. Carl Dawson | @kingcarlx LOCALLIVING: 21years RESIDENT OF: Calabasas CARL DAWSON Influencer and Rapper
PhotosMelrose Rooftop Theatre: David Higgs
“My inspiration comes from my family and all the love they’ve shown me and the sacrifices they’ve made for me. I am also very inspired by my fans and their loyalty; I can’t do it without them.”

Out of Your League


• Surrounding SoFi Stadium is a lake that’s about 15 feet deep. Stormwater runoff collected in the lake is used to irrigate the landscape at the Hollywood Park complex—a crucial part of the SoFi Stadium Recycled Water Project.


• SoFi Stadium cost $5 billion to build, and it’s easy to see why. The roof features a video screen, which is used for advertisements as planes fly over, and believe it or not, 75% of the stadium is actually underground!

Surely no one needs an excuse to watch football, but if you do, a trip to SoFi Stadium is a good one. SoFi Stadium is not only home to our favorite LA football teams but also to some of the latest in tech entertainment, making your game-day experience one of a kind. The construction cost of this stadium was $5 billion, and between its monstrous 70,000 square-foot Infinity Screen above the field (the biggest 4K end-to-end video board in the world) to its slew of dining and drinking options, SoFi Stadium has revolutionized the live football experience.


Each of the culinary concepts at SoFi Stadium is curated by James Beard awardwinning chefs Jon Shoot and Vinny Dotolo! SEE A SHOW

The Pacifico Patio

• Nothing beats watching your favorite football team with your favorite beer in hand. Pacifico is the official beer of the Los Angeles Chargers, and SoFi Stadium’s Pacifico Patio offers Pacifico’s signature Clara Mexican beer. With its trademark yellow banner, the Pacifico Patio is easy to find and is a dream come true for cerveza lovers. However, if you’re craving something zesty, order one of the 22 oz micheladas!

Bootsy Bellows FieldLevel Night Club

• SoFi Stadium’s Bootsy Bellows is a snazzy field-level suite combining music, food, fashion and entertainment elements to create a one-ofa-kind game day experience. The space features a cocktail bar and a DJ booth with a retro design that pays tribute to the original West Hollywood location. The club spreads across 2,000 square feet and can seat up to 80 guests!

LA-Inspired Eats

• At SoFi Stadium, four different culinary concepts, named after different streets in Los Angeles, will surely serve your stomach! Fairfax Ave keeps up with the American classics, but if Mexican is your jam, tiptoe over to Olvera St for barbacoa tacos and loaded nachos. And don’t leave without trying the Tsunami Tots from Sawtelle Blvd! If you’re livin’ the suite life, you can chow down on everything from Baja and BBQ to burgers, deli favorites and even fresh sushi.

The Equipment Room

• If you’re looking to snag a souvenir, check out The Equipment Room at SoFi Stadium. The mecca of swag and gifts, this two-story pro shop is home to the largest assortment of both Rams and Chargers gear and stadium exclusives for both teams. With top-quality brands, gab gifts and gadgets, this store will exceed your football garb expectations.

Cabanas and Suites

• Booking one of SoFi Stadium’s cabanas or suites is a sweet deal. Whether you and your gang of football fanatics want to chip in for a field cabana or a private floor suite, SoFi Stadium offers dozens to make your visit one to remember. But let’s just say you can expect to pay a pretty penny (approximately north of $10k).

• While SoFi Stadium is an event venue in itself, hosting renowned artists like The Weeknd, Paul McCartney and Bad Bunny, it is also attached to Inglewood’s YouTube Theater. This intimate venue can seat up to 6,000 guests and serves as a new creative oasis for Angelenos.

SoFi Stadium 1001 Stadium Dr Inglewood, CA 90301 424.541.9100

alive /// get the deets
An Insider’s Guide to LA’s Stunning SoFi Stadium Written By: Noelle Dahl • Photos By: SoFi Stadium and Bootsy Bellows



alive /// humanitarian feature
Written By: Jordan Nishkian
Photos By: Chris Loomis, Steady Jenny, Paul Hebert and Nikki Finnin


• Who said sobriety is boring? Get ready to party and RSVP for Rock to Recovery’s 10th anniversary celebration on Dec. 11 and Rock to Recovery’s Wellness Benefit in Summer 2023!


• Although he’s keeping himself busy with Rock to Recovery, Geer certainly hasn’t hung up his guitar. You can catch him performing in HU3M3N with Zac Morris and fellow Rock to Recovery program administrators Matthew Bartosch and Clinton Calton.

• Geer founded Rock to Recovery on Dec. 12, 2012, a date that’s significant for its angel number (12-12-12), which represents incoming abundance and the 12step program.


• Want to show your support? Follow and interact with posts on Instagram at @rocktorecovery. You can also send a DM to learn more about other ways you can help out.

Late nights, high-octane performances, drugs, alcohol: the rockstar lifestyle can seem like a fantasy. And while it’s easy to get caught up in the glamorous idea of non-stop partying, it’s a lifestyle that can lead to lasting ill effects on someone’s physical, mental and psychological well-being.

As someone who has faced his own battles with addiction, professional musician Wesley Geer knows firsthand that sobriety can be as life-changing as it is life-saving. After touring the world for eight years with Hed PE, Geer sought out rehab. Then, with three years of sobriety under his belt, Geer was approached by members of Korn, and he toured with the band for the next several years.

alive /// humanitarian feature

After his very successful stint with Korn, Geer was in a place where he was ready for his next adventure: finding a job that also intersected his callings. “I was looking for something to do careerwise, and it was almost a time where I was falling into self-pity going from this incredible rockstar gig to being in the job circuit again,” Geer explains. “And I literally prayed and asked the universe, ‘Okay, if I’m supposed to be sober and I was called to be a musician, how can I use who I am as a person to help other people and make a living?’”

Geer’s prayers were answered during a meditation session with the ideation of Rock to Recovery—an opportunity for him to take music into treatment centers. Now Geer is still rocking out and doing so in a way that helps and

uplifts others who are working on changing their lives for the better.

Formerly a recording arts, drums and guitar teacher at The Fusion Academy’s Huntington Beach campus, Geer was well-acquainted with how transformative self-expression through music could be, especially when given the right environment.

“I was in a treatment center, and there was yoga and drawing, but there was no music,” Geer recalls. “When I started this, I thought music should be part of the treatment process. But now in our 10th year, there’s a variety of levels on which [music helps with treatment].”

In one of Geer’s first sessions, he encountered a patient who was severely dope sick, suicidal and angry. By the end of the session, however, Geer saw that he was feeling better both mentally and physically. “Music affects ‘measures of wellness:’ it gives you a brighter outlook, more joy, more hope for the future,” Geer says. “But in this case, we saw somebody transform from physical ailment through playing music.”

Despite seeing the incredible difference that music can make for those undergoing treatment, Geer wants to be clear that it’s supplemental to the program and care itself. “Music isn’t the end-all-be-all cure,” he says. Part of treatment is confronting and mulling over problems and feelings that—while an important step—can dampen the spirit. Music allows patients to get in touch with their inner child and feel more uplifted and empowered.

In “Rock to Recovery: Music as a Catalyst for Human Transformation,”

a book he co-wrote with Constance Scharff, PhD, different vignettes are shared, showcasing how people from different walks of life were able to use their Rock to Recovery music sessions to propel the changes that they were working on making and sticking to.

“What we know is that when we listen to music, it engages half the brain…and when we play music, it lights up the whole brain,” Geer explains. With this mental stimulation comes a rush of feelgood chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and, most importantly, oxytocin—a hormone responsible for feeling bonded to and part of a community.

Today, Rock to Recovery is growing its outreach to help those in addiction treatment as well as those facing other mental health struggles, including veterans in the Wounded Warriors Project and at-risk youth.

The organization works with over 100 treatment centers across California, Oregon and Tennessee, helps over 5,000 people per month and has written over 20,000 songs through the program.

“The results of doing something like this, which is a connective and expressive exercise, is so vast,” Geer shares. “We as humans, and everything else in creation, are music—it’s vibration, it’s frequency…it’s important to get back to those roots of expression.”


Headed North

Take a weekend getaway with your partner and head to the one-of-a-kind Mendocino County wine country—the only place in the world where you can take in views of vineyards and redwood forests at the same time! Mix in some sparkling wine, caviar, farm-to-table cheeses and intimate five-star dinners, and you’re set for a full luxury getaway with your sweetheart. This Mendocino itinerary is designed to help you celebrate the beauty of this California enclave—so come along and let’s indulge in the finer things in life: wine, food and romance.


• The Madrones is a centrally located, Italian-style hotel, making it an incredibly romantic place to stay in Mendocino County. This hotel has plenty to offer on-site: a decadent restaurant, a mystical shop at check-in, three winetasting rooms and a cannabis and wellness shop. Grab a bottle of wine at one of the wine tastings on your trip and bring it back to enjoy in The Madrones’ garden.

The Madrones


• Make yourself at home for the afternoon at Phillips Hill—a preserved, rustic apple dryer barn turned winery. Opt for the Creekside Tasting in the apple dryer barn, or head upstairs to the balcony for a private table that overlooks the property. Just a 5-minute drive away, head to your next tasting at Goldeneye. With breathtaking views of rolling hills, redwood forests and vineyards, this scenic spot brings the wow factor.

Phillips Hill



• Return back to your hotel for the evening, because you’ll want to have dinner at Wickson Restaurant on The Madrones property. This intimate, wood-fire restaurant feels like you are in someone’s luxury home with an expansive, open kitchen—so you can see the chefs work their magic as you dine. You can also opt to sit on the patio for fresh air while taking in the outdoor sights. The locally sourced menu is constantly changing but is guaranteed to be high-caliber.

Wickson Restaurant


• In the heart of Mendocino’s Anderson Valley wine region lies Hendy Woods State Park. Take a brisk hike to witness the towering redwood forests before wining and dining. Walk the Big Hendy Long loop for a 28-minute, 1.5-mile hike that takes you through the main redwood groves of the park. It’s peaceful with relatively no elevation gain, immersing you in the majestic, natural beauty of the region. With trees more than 300 feet tall and 1,000 years old, it’s a gift to experience this beautiful park with the one you love.

Hendy Woods State Park

From Vineyards to the Redwood Forest, Mendocino County Is a Dream Come True Written By: Alexis Mills
Visit *Map not to scale alive /// neighborhood guide
PhotosThe Madrones & Wickson Restaurant: The Madrones Goldeneye Winery Hendy Woods State Park: Visit Mendocino County
Hendy Woods State Park

Baby Steps

New port Beach’s RISE Fertility Is Here to Help You Start Your Family

TTo many, the word “family” means different things. It can mean anything from a full house of extended relatives to an individual with a pack of fur babies. For many couples, though, it means the opportunity to become parents.

That being said, growing a family isn’t always as easy as the movies or social media would lead us to believe.

An oversimplified average shows that about one in eight couples struggles with fertility for different reasons. Fortunately, there are a number of fertility treatments with high success rates, but many of those options take place in frigid medical offices—a far cry from the warmth and comfort we typically associate with adding to the family.

This is where Dr. Sanaz Ghazal, MD, FACOG and RISE Fertility come in. Located in Newport Beach, the RISE Fertility office is calm, welcoming and reminiscent of a chic Orange County home. “The basic principles of medicine and physiology are all the same,” Dr. Ghazal explains. “At RISE, we are squarely focused on patient experience.”

“Every inch of our office was designed with intention,” she continues. “We want to remove barriers, elevate

the patient experience…and create a safe space where people can open up about their hopes, goals, feelings and dreams—the opposite of cold and clinical.”

Not only is RISE Fertility creating accessible fertility care with heart, but it’s also backed by a truly amazing, caring team of experts. Dr. Ghazal is a double board-certified fertility specialist and she earned her education from some of the most prestigious universities in the medical world (including Harvard and Yale). She also has her own family; Dr. Ghazal is a mom of three, so she knows from both a medical and personal experience how special having children can be.

“Because the fertility journey is super personal and delicate, I get to form strong bonds and walk side-byside with my patients,” Dr. Ghazal explains. Aside from being available for patients, Dr. Ghazal also focuses on patient education—she wants those who work with her to feel empowered by giving them the tools necessary to make the best decisions for their unique situation.

“Information is power,” she shares. “The more you understand about your body, the better equipped you are to design your future.”

Eager to Assist

• Don’t be afraid to ask for help! “There’s still an unfair stigma around fertility,” says Dr. Ghazal. Treatment centers like RISE Fertility have really high success rates, but there are many affected couples who still avoid seeking help. “There are still changes to be made [in perception], but we’re moving in the right direction.”

Act Now

Fertility declines as we age, so if trying for children is something you want in the future, Dr. Ghazal suggests getting started now or looking into fertility preservation.

You Have Options

• RISE Fertility offers a number of treatments for their patients. From in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer to fertility preservation and LGBTQIA+ fertility care, RISE

Fertility can help couples learn about which options are best for them.

Newport Beach Mission Viejo
alive /// behind the brand
Dr. Sanaz Ghazal, MD, FACOG Double Board Certified Fertility Specialist and Medical Director of RISE Fertility RISE Fertility
Locations: Mission Viejo and Newport Beach


New York City Los Angeles



Saint Tuesday


» No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to one of its iconic, underground speakeasies. Saint Tuesday is seated at the top of our list, featuring live music every night, quality cocktails and a loveable lack of pretension.

Sushi Nakazawa

» Ten seats, one chef and one well-earned Michelin star. Sushi Nakazawa is undoubtedly one of the best omakase restaurants in the city, serving up incredibly fresh and rare cuts of fish with striking attention to detail.




The Ready Rooftop

» One of the prime advantages of living within a cityscape as vast and vertical as NYC’s is the plethora of gorgeous rooftop bars; The Ready Rooftop in New York’s East Village offers up some of the best views along with the best drinks in the city.

Rowboats at The Central Park Boathouse

» Offering up a pristine slice of natural beauty in the heart of the concrete jungle, boating around Central Park’s glimmering canals is an exceptional way to explore one of the most scenic pieces of New York’s cityscape.

The Varnish

» Unlike NYC, LA may not be one of the original birthplaces of the speakeasy concept, but you would never know that after a trip to The Varnish, where talented bartenders and quality spirits prove to be truly timeless.

» For sushi connoisseurs seeking something similar but with even more flair and immersion, LA’s n/naka, the renowned masters of authentic kaiseki dining, elevates one of Japan’s most prized cuisines. Demonstrating true culinary art at its absolute finest, it’s no wonder n/naka is a two Michelin-starred restaurant.

The Woods

» New York City is famous for its extravagant and diverse nightlife scene, and Williamsburg’s The Woods, featuring a spacious dance floor, cheap yet quality drinks and even a patio with a taco truck, is an excellent example.

Broken Shaker

Sunset Ranch Hollywood Horseback Riding

If you love the combined charm of seeking natural beauty amidst a bustling city, throw on your favorite pair of boots and take a scenic horseback ride up to one of Los Angeles’ most iconic views: the Hollywood Sign.

» If rooftop bars with a view are your thing, then take a trip to Los Angeles’ Broken Shaker. Built right into a stunning downtown pool deck, Broken Shaker’s breathtaking views, awardwinning signature cocktails and all-around chill, tiki-themed vibes are sure to impress.

Cicada Club

» Bedecked floor to ceiling with ornate, Art Deco decor, Los Angeles’ Cicada Club features some of the best jazz ensembles and bands that’ll get everyone out of their chairs and on the dance floor.

Photosn/naka The Varnish: Angel Manuel Broken Shaker: Frank Lee Soichi Sushi: Mark Lagrisola | Realm of the 52 Remedies: James Tran Born and Raised: Zack Benson

San Diego Orange County Greater Palm Springs

Soichi Sushi

» Behind every great omakase sushi spot stands a great sushi chef, and San Diego’s Soichi Sushi is no exception. Itamae Soichi Kadoya combines laser-like precision with unbeatable charm to offer up a dining experience that is fun, light and delectable.

Realm of the 52 Remedies

» Hidden behind two secret doors and a mysterious Chinese apothecary, Realm of the 52 Remedies serves up some of the most unique, exotic concoctions in the city, making it one of the premier drinking destinations in all of SoCal.

Hiking Torrey Pines

State Natural Reserve

» San Diego is no stranger to stunning rural spaces, but among them, the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve definitely stands out. This park features incredible towering bluffs atop some of the best panoramic views of the Pacific in the entire county.


» Contrary to popular belief, speakeasies are not limited to drinks and dessert, and Huntington Beach’s LSXO is living proof. Tucked within its parent restaurant, Bluegold, LSXO transports guests by offering unique takes on authentic, Vietnamese favorites.

Hana re

» A true hidden gem, Hana re in Costa Mesa may seem inconspicuous on the outside—tucked neatly into a small shopping center—but Chef Atsushi Yokoyama’s artistry and taste make the trek well worthwhile.

Moke Rental in Newport Beach

» Orange County’s serene coastline is home to some of the best beaches and coastal towns in the state, and with the ability to rent a fully electric Moke, touring around Newport Beach’s Balboa Peninsula has never been easier.

Bootlegger Tiki

» While many speakeasies suffer from pretension, Bootlegger Tiki in Palm Springs serves as a glowing exception. Simply throw on your best Hawaiian shirt and enjoy sweet tiki drink classics, featuring all the rum one could want.

Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey

» In the heart of Palm Springs, Chef Engin Onural is undergoing the challenging yet rewarding task of bringing together two of Japan’s most elegant cultural exports in perfect harmony: fresh, masterfully cut omakase sushi and authentic Japanese whiskey.

ATV Rental

» Explore the desert terrain, towering mountaintops and lush oases of Palm Springs by renting an ATV for an adventurous afternoon of riding and romping around in the sand.

Born and Raised

» For those looking for an excellent, scenic rooftop experience with a quality, candlelit dinner, reserve a table at San Diego’s Born and Raised steakhouse, featuring one of the most expansive rooftop patios in all of Little Italy.

Bang Bang

» San Diego’s Gaslamp District is home to more than a few spots that will give any NYC burrow’s best a run for its money. Bang Bang is at the top of the list, boasting an ambient tunneled entrance, three different lounge areas and an ever-busy dance floor.

The Rooftop Lounge

» The Rooftop Lounge in charming Laguna Beach not only offers up one of the best happy hours in the area, featuring seasonal, fresh fruit mojitos, but it’s also one of the best spots to take in the sunset.

Cafe Sevilla

» Authentic Spanish tapas, cocktails and music are just a few of the things that make Cafe Sevilla a premier Orange County evening destination. Make a weekend reservation to experience incredible flamenco dinner shows.

High Bar at Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

» The Kimpton Rowan, one of the hottest hotels in the Palm Springs area, sports one of the best rooftop lounges in the desert. From seven stories up, guests can imbibe while taking in some of the most expansive views the desert has to offer.

The Nest

» With its very name oozing with ambiance and adventure, the nest operates as one of Palm Springs’ best places to enjoy authentic comfort classics before hitting the dance floor with people of all ages for some of the best live performances in the area.

FROM SUSHI BARS TO SPEAKEASIES, WE’RE COMPARING THE BEST OF NYC TO OUR FAVORITE SOCAL CITIES New York City: a modern mecca for foodies, nightlife savants and adventurers alike. Boasting some of the best bars, clubs, restaurants and recreation in the world, it should come as no shock that the “city that never sleeps” is loved from coast to coast. What many don’t know, however, is that it’s easier than one might think to seek a little bite of the Big Apple right here at home in Southern California. If you love these NYC hot spots, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with these SoCal ones too.
PhotosHana re Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey: Laura Perkins LSXO: Simon Nicholls Bootlegger Tiki | Newport Beach Moke: Niki Cram, Models: Anicka Delgado & Lauren Riggan / No Ties Management | High Bar at Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs: KimptonRowanPalmSprings Cafe Sevilla: Sharon Williams

8 a.m.


• Whether you’re in from out of town or you need a staycation, be sure to book a few nights at The Richland, a simply stunning boutique hotel in the historic Orange Plaza. You’ll be swept away by its charm, and there’s no better wake-up call than its sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere.

9:30 a.m.


• Jumpstart your day at Contra Coffee & Tea— but don’t go in expecting your typical coffee shop! Contra is the coffee and tea taproom and bookstore you never knew you needed. Want to make the most of your visit? Order a coffee flight to experience Contra’s fun concoctions, then head to the shelves to find your next read. @contracoffeeandtea

• Old Towne Orange has been a film location for movies and shows, including “That Thing You Do!,” “The Ghost Whisperer” and “American Horror Story.”

11 a.m.


• Thrifters, antiquers and casual browsers alike flock to the Orange Circle for antique shops and markets, where you can find pretty much anything you’re manifesting—whether that’s a vintage slip dress, a midcentury knick-knack or any other timeless treasure. And don’t worry about hauling your finds with you since most shops will hold your purchases until you can pick them up later.

Orange Looks Good on You

2 p.m.


• You’re going to be peckish after all that antiquing, and thankfully, a delicious lunch (and maybe a boozy beverage) is only a short walk away! Aside from tasty all-day breakfast, sandwiches and snacks, Provisions Deli & Bottle Shop also offers 30 rotating beers on tap, 500 bottled craft beers and a vast assortment of wine.

» Known for its old-town charm, vintage markets and delicious food and drink, Orange is the perfect place to spend a day! Located in the northern part of the county that bears its name, Orange attracts artists, shoppers, foodies or anyone who wants to trade in the hustle and bustle for simple pleasures. Orange, especially Old Towne, is walkable and packed with fun, relaxing things to do like shopping at cute boutiques, looking at historic homes or people-watching by the iconic fountain. Here’s our itinerary for your next day out in Orange!

Get Happy

• If you can, try to catch Orange Hill’s happy hour, happening every Monday through Thursday from 4-6 p.m.

7 p.m.


• After a full day of exploration, it’s time for a beautiful dinner with a view. Nestled in the hills of Orange, Orange Hill Restaurant offers a gorgeous steak-forward menu alongside fine wines and specialty cocktails. After dinner, walk around the property to look at the koi ponds and the city lights, or head to O Bar lounge for a nightcap.

Take This to Art

• The Hilbert Museum of California Art is closed Sundays and Mondays, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly!

3:30 p.m.


• It’s true—the best things in life really are free! With a reservation, you can take a free tour of Chapman University’s Hilbert Museum of California Art, where you can look at permanent installations and rotating exhibits dedicated to California’s unique styles of art, such as California Scene and California representational art.

From Museum Hopping to Antique Shopping, Here’s How to Spend a Delightful Day in Orange
1 4 6 3 2
PhotosThe Richland Contra Coffee & Tea: Julie Nguyen Orange Circle: Gretchen Davey-Molina Hilbert Museum of California Art: Courtesy of the Hilbert Museum Orange Hill Restaurant Provisions Deli & Bottle Shop: Sarah Croswhite
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