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Encore: Lobero

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President’s Message


Lobero Fund Message / Jim’s Corner


Highbrow Lowdown

11 Arts & Economic Prosperity 13 New Board Member Profile: Mason Farrell

BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE * Doug Wood, President Amy MacLeod, Vice President Jeff DeVine, Secretary William J. Nasif, Treasurer * George Burtness, Past President Tim Casey, At Large Melissa Fassett, At Large BOARD MEMBERS David Anderson Stephen Cloud Mason Farrell Mark Jaffe Emily Johnson Sean McCulloch Betsey von Summer Moller Graciela Montgomery Jim Morouse * Ron Morrow Betty L. Richardson Frank Schipper Robert TenEyck LOBERO THEATRE ASSOCIATES Emily Johnson, President Marlena Handler, Vice President Lisa Aviani, Treasurer Gina Bell, Corresponding Secretary Joan Crossland, Recording Secretary Annie Williams, Past President ADVISORY BOARD Barbara J. Burgess Leland Crawford Jr. Patrick Davis Charles de L’Arbre James H. Hurley Jr. Rod Lathim Bob Light Paula Lopez Lillian Lovelace Craig Madsen Alfred V. Morgan Mike Pahos

4 | Backsta ge 2013 | lober o. c o m

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Marilyn Schuermann Jan Severson Rob Skinner Anne F. Towbes Anthony Wall Judi Weisbart Gay Ashforth Wilson Nancy R. Lynn, Executive Director Emeritus

15 Lobero Theatre Associates Profile: Emily Johnson 16 Endwment Donors 19 Lobero Fund Thank You’s 20 Lobero Ghostlight Society presents Tierney Sutton and the Turtle Island Quartet in Poets & Prayers 21 Lobero Ghostlight Society

STAFF * David Asbell, Executive Director * Angie Bertucci, Marketing and Communications Genevieve Bierman, Box Office Manager * Holly Chadwin, Executive Assistant & Youth and Community Programs Coordinator * Marianne Clark, Annual Fund Director Dave Compton, Assistant Technical Director Betsy Craig, Reception Coordinator J.O. Davis, Sound Engineer * Jim Dougherty, Director of Development Naseem Hyder, Web Development Todd Jared, Technical Director Tony Mangini, Lighting Engineer Cecilia Martini-Muth, Graphic Design Don McGreevy, Accountant Connie & Luis Mejia-Luna, Maintenance Assistants Adrienne Porter, Box Office Assistant Manager Cori Ochoa, Database Coordinator * Jessica Simon, Sponsorships and Special Events Janey Thompson, Box Office Attendent Ysidra Valdez, Box Office Attendent Gerardo Zepeda, House Manager

25 From the Archives: Old Spanish Days Fiesta


55 Green Room report

* Backstage contributing authors

62 Annual Fund Donors

Architectural Photos By Stephanie Schuster Performance Photos By David Bazemore

26 Lobero Partners 30 Calendar of Events 32 Lobero LIVE Lineup 33 Encore: Lobero 36 Encore: Lobero Donors 38 DANCEworks 2013: Spotlight on Larry Keigwin 39 DANCEworks Celebrates Five Years / Donor Listing 41 Spotlight on Rod Lathim 42 Mangia del’ Arte 45 Patron Parties 47 Corporate Sponsors 48 Youth Outreach and Education 50 Lobero LIVE Stage Photos

57 Brubeck: A Santa Barbara Legacy 59 Brubeck Circle / In Memoriam

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Dear Friends, Once again I want to ask you to take a minute and look at the cover of this Backstage magazine. The last edition featured a close-up of an intricate door handle to help remind us all of the many unique details that make the Lobero so special. For this issue, we purposely chose a beautiful photo of the front of the theatre at sunset, a fitting image considering that this time next year, the scene

presidency. They are a dedicated team of volunteers who deeply value those things that make the Lobero great: its history, its intimacy, its role as a community asset and the many programs that keep the stage vibrant with live performance. They are outstanding stewards of this historic treasure, and are leaving the theatre even better than they found it. I would also like to thank the staff, led by Executive Director David Asbell. Many of these individuals have worked here for more than a decade, and their commitment shines through in every aspect of this venue. They have made the Lobero a true pillar of the performing arts community, and a supportive partner for the artists and organizations that perform on its stage.

YOU MAY JUST WANT TO SAVE THIS MAGAZINE AS EVIDENCE of how the theatre looked before the Encore: Lobero campaign brought its transformation. will be very different. It’s as if the sun is setting on an era. You may just want to save this magazine as evidence of how the theatre looked before the Encore: Lobero campaign brought its transformation. As I complete my three-year term as president, I’m amazed at how quickly the time has gone, and how much the Board of Directors has accomplished. In an effort led by Campaign Chair Jim Morouse, we set out to make some real and lasting improvements to the auditorium and front entry of the building; improvements that will make your experience at the Lobero even more comfortable and enjoyable. This has been a long and work-intensive process, but come June we will all see the fruits of that labor as we begin the long-awaited construction. I want to take this time to thank the Board of Directors for their hard work, their immense generosity, and their support of my

It has been a pleasure to serve at the helm of this organization at such an exciting time. Each preceding Board has had their own unique impact on the theatre and the community, and I’m proud to have had a role in this particular chapter of the Lobero’s history. As I close my final address, I would also like to thank you, our many wonderful donors and audience members. For without you, all the music, theatre, dance and film would have no purpose. You inspire the art that in turn inspires you. I hope you will continue to share the magic of the Lobero with me for many years to come. With sincere thanks,

Doug Wood Lobero Board President 5 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om



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If you ask us, it’s all those things plus one: the promise of another 140 years of inspiring performances for generations to come. The Lobero is Santa Barbara’s cultural heart, and it deserves our support for all these reasons and more. The local arts organizations you love depend on the theatre to be a welcoming home for their performances. Thousands of local children benefit from its outreach programs each year, experiencing the culture of live performance that is so important in a world of individualized, high-tech entertainment. Everyone who attends events at the Lobero leaves with the gift of inspiration when a performance truly speaks to us. If you love the Lobero, and if its role in the community is important to you, then join us in supporting the Lobero Fund. Your gift of any size will ensure that this historic icon continues to be Santa Barbara’s cultural cornerstone. Please be generous. Thank you!

Ron & Susan Morrow Lobero Fund Chairs




hat is it that makes the Lobero so beloved? Is it the amazing artists who perform on its stage? Or is it the intimacy, making those artists and their audiences feel so close? Perhaps it is the theatre’s historical significance, connecting us to generations of Santa Barbara theatre patrons dating back to 1873.


t was just one of those days when something extraordinary happened–a phone call informing me that a foundation, wishing to remain anonymous, had committed to a challenge grant of $1 million to Encore: Lobero! The anonymous foundation behind this generous grant has a history of giving that dates back several generations and can be seen and felt throughout our community. This challenge grant would match dollar for dollar every gift or pledge made by March 15, 2013. These are the moments in a fundraiser’s life that bring it all together, a reassurance that the work you do matters. My first reaction was to hug everyone in sight; how else could I share my exhilaration with those who made it happen? I have always believed that giving is instinctual and a necessity for the human race to prosper and survive. We are social beings and giving helps define our character and values. I hope you will take the opportunity to meet this challenge and help the Encore: Lobero campaign to reach its goal. In doing so, you will also be showing your gratitude for the continued commitment that our local foundations have shown for the performing arts.

Jim Dougherty Director of Development

7 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

No matter how you get here

31 W E S T C A R R I L L O S T R E E T S A N TA B A R B A R A , C A L I F O R N I A 8 0 5.8 8 4 .0 3 0 0 • C A N A RY S A N TA B A R B A R A .C O M


Highbrow Lowdown Let’s face it, life is better with a vibrant Lobero theatre. Great performances stimulate conversation and inspire young artists, but how do you put a value on that inspiration? Turns out, inspiration benefits spread wider than you may think. In the words of Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO Americans for the Arts, “Understanding and acknowledging the incredible economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture, we must always remember their fundamental value. They foster beauty, creativity, originality, and vitality. The arts inspire us, sooth us, provoke us, involve us, and connect us. But they also create jobs and contribute to the economy.”

The Lobero is not a museum; it’s a living thing, reflecting its stunning combination of history, architecture and the personalities and performances that have shaped it for 140 years. The Lobero Theatre Foundation’s volunteer board and paid staff feel honored and fortunate to be stewards of this building, which include its preservation and restoration. We know you understand the value of the remodel is not just measured in dollars, but also in inspiration. If the Lobero has inspired you, or been a part of your life, we’d like to suggest a value of $140, in honor of 140 years of great entertainment in a great town. If you love the Lobero, please consider kicking in $140 to show us. That fun and

COMMUNITIES THAT SUPPORT THE ARTS AND CULTURE not only enhance their quality of life—they also invest in their economic well-being. There’s new evidence put forth by Americans for the Arts which clearly demonstrates that the Lobero, and other non-profit arts organizations, provide a big boost to the local economy. The Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study provides compelling new evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture are a $124 million industry that supports 3,587 fulltime equivalent jobs and generates $11.7 million in local and state government revenue. This study lays to rest the misconception that communities support the arts at the expense of local economic development. I invite you to read more about this eye-opening study as profiled in the Santa Barbara Independent, on pg 11.

symbolic number will have a profound affect not only on the future of this establishment but also for the town that supports it.

We have a responsibility with Encore: Lobero, to honor our history and to give back to the dynamic community that supports us. As an organization, we do everything we can behind the scenes so that artists, whether they’re on a world tour or from across town, can do what they do best on stage.

{Learn more about Encore: Lobero and make your $140 pledge today at}

David Asbell Executive Director

Grab your smartphone and donate here

9 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

Celebrating great performances Fidelity Investments is proud to sponsor: ÂŽ

the Lobero Theatre

Santa Barbara Investor Center 3793 State Street 805.687.2606

Fidelity, Fidelity Investments, Turn here, and the Fidelity Investments and Pyramid design logo are registered service marks of FMR LLC. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC, 900 Salem Street, Smithfield, RI 02917 Š 2012 FMR LLC. All rights reserved. 620188.1.0

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7/3/12 4:57 PM


Art Means Money

NATIONAL STUDY SHOWS SANTA BARBARA WAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE * - Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent At a time when cities everywhere are striving to create jobs and stimulate their economies despite massive budget cuts, it looks as though support for nonprofit organizations in the arts has been a winner, particularly in our arts-rich region. Arts and Economic Prosperity IV, the latest study by Americans for the Arts, a national organization based in Washington, D. C., examined the way nonprofit cultural organizations affected 182 communities nationwide in every state and the District of Columbia for the fiscal year 2010. Santa Barbara far outstripped the median benefit for cities of comparable size and for the nation, with our arts organizations and their audiences generating nearly $125 million in total economic impact. On Thursday, October 4, the County Arts Commission hosted a forum to present these results at the Lobero Theatre. Program highlights included Mayor Helene Schneider proclaiming October “Arts and Humanities Month” in Santa Barbara, a report by Kathy JanegaDykes of the Conference and Visitors Bureau and Film Commission, and Keynote speaker Randy Cohen, the vice president for research at Americans for the Arts. Cohen explained the context for the study and answered questions about its scope, methods, and significance.

In several instances, the statistics presented are eye-popping. The aggregate spending by nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences in our area totals a whopping $124,016,494, which puts Santa Barbara more than $46 million ahead of the median for similar study regions (meaning urban centers with populations between 250,000 and 500,000). The gap between Santa Barbara and the overall national median for total economic impact of the arts is even larger — nearly $75 million. In addition to a variety of statistics on the economic impact of the arts on our area, the report also includes a compelling account of how the money that arts organizations and their audiences spend tends to stay local.

To get a participant’s perspective on how our area achieved this extraordinary level of economic success through promoting the arts and culture, I spoke with Santa Barbara International Film Festival director Roger Durling, whose organization was one of the 73 nonprofits, [which included the Lobero Theatre] surveyed for the study. As Durling heads into his tenth festival Impact of the Nonprofit Arts as director, he feels confident that this and Culture Organizations news about the economic impact of the Total Direct Expenditures $79,694,226 arts in our county is something that can Full-Time Equivalent Jobs 2,341 continue to grow. “I am so optimistic Resident Household Income $57,016,000 about Santa Barbara as a cultural Local Government Revenue $2,922,000 destination right now,” he said. State Government Revenue $3,682,000

Impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Audiences Total Direct Expenditures Full-Time Equivalent Jobs Resident Household Income Local Government Revenue State Government Revenue

$44,322,268 1,246 $21,501,000 $2,272,000 $2,871,000

{*Re-printed with Permission, Santa Barbara Independent Oct. 4, 2012 ** Graphics/survey info Courtesy the SB County Arts Commission and Americans for the Arts } Photo credit: Nell Campbell

1 1 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om


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Lobero Board Welcomes Mason Farrell The Lobero Theatre Foundation welcomes Mason Farrell to its Board of Directors. Farrell is friendly and self-effacing, calling himself a “boy scout” and humbly claiming that his story does not have much potential for excitement despite evidence to the contrary. As a boy his family was constantly moving, instilling a lifelong wanderlust. Recently Farrell and his family spent three months traveling through England, France, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the Greek Islands. He and his wife of 21 years, Julie, their two teenage sons and two Labrador retrievers currently live in Ballard. He enjoys golf and tennis in his spare time, and his boys take after their father in terms of athletic involvement. Farrell’s career has brought him to Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment management organizations, where he is a Senior Vice President and Investment Counselor in the firm’s Private Client Services division. Capital Group founder, Jon Lovelace, has deep ties to the Lobero Theatre going back decades. Farrell explains, “Jon Lovelace and his father established this culture of a competitive,

but very open workplace where employees can really thrive. It is a wonderful legacy.”

The Encore: Lobero campaign is particularly appealing to Farrell, having once owned a development company. Encore: Lobero breaks ground in June 2013, and the Lobero Board is deeply involved in every detail of the construction plan. The self-proclaimed “least artsy guy you know” also has sat on the boards for other worthy organizations including Lotusland, The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, The Santa Barbara Foundation and Laguna Blanca School. “I didn’t know much about gardens and here I am on the Board of Lotusland, and now I am joining the Board of a theatre, which is also new to me.” He says that his wife teases him for getting involved in things that are foreign to him, to which he shrugs, “I like being involved.”

Culture warriors Deckers Outdoor deeply admires and proudly supports the Lobero Theatre for all of the good work that you do and all of the great art that you bring to this community.

We are dedicated to being a good corporate member of the community - that is just how we operate.

Venoco is proud to support

The Lobero Youth Programs.

Your efforts help make this community a great place to live and work. Thank you.

Venoco is a company of hard working and experienced people who

enjoy the challenges of the energy industry. We were founded in 1992 in Carpinteria and appreciate the beauty of the areas where we operate.

6267 Carpinteria Avenue Carpinteria, CA 93013 805.745.2100 1 4 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

Meet Lobero Theatre Associates President Emily Johnson It was a chance meeting with longtime Lobero Associates member and advocate Hope Kelly, which brought Emily Johnson to the Lobero Associates. “I had very recently been to the Lobero to see my very first opera, and the experience had left quite an impression on me. So when she asked me to consider joining the Associates as a Mini-Member, there was little hesitation on my part.” The Associates is a women’s auxiliary group that has supported the Lobero Theatre Foundation since 1972. The Associates have raised funds for projects as diverse as underwriting the beautiful Lobero Courtyard, purchasing a Steinway grand piano and providing opportunities for students and social service organizations to attend performances at the Lobero. In addition, the Associates serve as ambassadors to the greater Santa Barbara community. Emily believes her involvement with the Lobero serves a philanthropic education for a younger generation. “It’s important to me to model for my children the necessity to give back to the community. Like many of our members, I’m very involved in activities that pertain to my children. But I also want them to have an awareness beyond themselves and to know that there are needs in the community for which we have an obligation to do what we can.”


(Clockwise from left:) Getting a leg up at Mangia del’ Arte, with Annette Kowblansky and Jim & Mary Morouse, Lobero Theatre Associates Holiday Tea, with daughters Grace and Mary.

delight and inspire us with their wit and talent.” The 2013 event is sure to delight with its Mardi Gras theme, promising to be a decadent, jazz-infused party honoring Montecito resident and Songwriters’ Hall of Famer, Norman Gimbel, who penned the lyrics such popular songs as “Killing Me Softly” and ”The Girl from Ipanema” among other hits. The event will also feature the talents of jazz vocalist Connie Evingson and award-winning ventriloquist Rob Watkins.

“One day you are watching your child or grandchild perform on stage, and the next you are in the presence of a world-renowned artist. The intimacy of the venue, and its ambiance is unique in Santa Barbara.” The Associates always welcome new members. “By joining the Associates, you will have the opportunity to work alongside many energetic and inspired women who have a passion for this theatre, and are committed to maintaining its legacy in our community.” {To learn more about the Lobero Associates, contact Jessica Simon at (805) 966-4946 ext. 607 or }

The Associates are famous for putting the fun in fundraising. Their most popular annual event, the Hats Off Luncheon, will be held on February 12, 2013 at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel. Emily enthuses, “Every year, the event is unique, our honored guests 1 5 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om


LOBERO THEATRE ENDOWMENT FOR EXCELLENCE Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Ackerman *Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. William Avitabile Jeffrey C. & Margo Barbakow The Coeta & Donald Barker Foundation *The Estate of Mrs. Julia Bates Beck, Whitehead & Company Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Beltran Mr. & Mrs. Richard Benjamin *Marlyn Bernard Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Blair Ms. Linda Blazy Bleakley Development Company Leland & Juanita Breneman Dixie Brummel Marlyn & Gladys Burch *Mr. George Burtness The Estate of Janet Caminetti Ms. Ann C. Carneros *Mr. & Mrs. Tim Casey *Roger & Sarah Chrisman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cowles Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cox L. Haney Crocker

Since 1873, the Lobero Theatre has been creating lasting memories. We are grateful for the generosity of these donors to the Lobero Endowment Funds: Endowment for American Roots Music, Endowment for Classical Music, Endowment for Theatre, Towbes Family Endowment for Dance, Kelly J. Morgan Endowment for Youth, and the Lobero Operating Endowment. Their gifts will ensure that memories continue now and into the future.

Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Davis Mr. & Mrs. Barry De Vorzon Mr. & Mrs. James Duncan Ms. Jayne Eckhardt Mr. & Mrs. Merle Feese Paula C. Gaskins Bernice Gracey Ken & Anne Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hanrahan Jim & Catherine Haslem Steve Hausz Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Havenhill II Oliver & Nancy Hayden Ms. Monika Henreid Mr. Richard Hilliard The Hollis Norris Fund *Hutton Foundation Dr. & Mrs. John Ise *Palmer & Susan Jackson Jr. Brett & Shami Keegan *Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Kendall *Liselotte Kuttler Trust Loma Lawrence Ms. R. Marilyn Lee *Lehrer Family Foundation


*Jim & Joan Lindsey Mrs. Ted Loughrin Mr. Jerome Lowenthal Wilda Lunt *Mr. & Mrs. Tim Marquez MaxiVision Cinema Technology Kenneth & Virginia Miller Mr. Kirk Miller Mr. & Mrs. Alfred V. Morgan *Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morouse Mr. & Mrs. David Morris Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mulinex Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nasif Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Nerman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Neil Oehme Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Oldham Mr. & Mrs. Harold Oquist Mrs. Muriel Osterhaus Bobby & Delores Parker *Mr. Robert Pedraglia Mrs. Kären Pick Mr. & Mrs. William Ramsay Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Resch Mr. & Mrs. James Resch

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Safreno Trudie Safreno Rhoda Schulte *Mr. & Mrs. John G. Severson Mr. James Shelton Joseph & Susan Skenderian Mrs. Lewis M. Smith Mr. Michael T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Riichiro Suzuki *Mr. & Mrs. Walter Thomson Tidewater Companies *Michael Towbes Mr. Paul R. Trent Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Underwood Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wehkamp *Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Willard Linda Woodrow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yamin *Denotes Cornerstone Society Members

tar Performer

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Free pick-up & delivery 14 W. Gutierrez | Santa Barbara | 963-6677 Giuseppe Verdi

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RIGOLETTO New Production

DianaLuc Damrau, Željko Lucˇic´, Piotr Beczala Željko ˇ ic´ as Rigoletto FEB 16 and 17

Richard Wagner

PARSIFAL New Production

Jonas Kaufmann, Katarina Dalayman, Peter Mattei, René Pape MAR 2 and 3

Riccardo Zandonai


Eva-Maria Westbroek, Marcello Giordani, Robert Brubaker MAR 16 and 17

George Frideric Handel

GIULIO CESARE New Production

Natalie Dessay, David Daniels APR 27 and 28

Order Your Tickets Now 805.969.8787

Parking is free at the Music Academy 1070 Fairway Road


Thank you to all the Lobero Fund donors, whose gifts serve the community with outstanding programs.


Lobero Ghostlight Society presents Tierney Sutton and the Turtle Island String Quartet It was the evening Tierney Sutton wore flats. Perhaps she likes to feel the planks of the stage below her feet as she sings, or maybe her sky-high platforms are distracting … but on September 15, 2012, the chanteuse took to the stage in an adorable polka-dot frock and black baby-doll flats for the world premiere performance of Poets and Prayers with world-renowned Turtle Island String Quartet, held to celebrate the members of the Ghostlight Society. Lobero Theatre Foundation Board member Jim Morouse introduced David and Lyn Anderson, who were inducted as Ghostlight “Luminaries,” that evening. This special honor recognizes those who show leadership and embody the spirit of the organization. “Philanthropy is a way of life for David and Lyn,” said Jim reverently.

secular and devotional music. The clarity of Tierney’s voice rising to meet the register of the violin was breathtaking on the opening tune by John Coltrane. A standout selection was the “Joni Mitchell Suite.” Opening with the pensive “Blue,” Tierney’s voice echoed Joni’s breathy cadence, and the first notes drew gasps from the crowd as they recognized the influential tune. Followed closely by “All I Want,” which featured prescient lyrics, “Little Green,” and the jangly “Carey” closed out the suite. Tierney took a pause afterward; teasing that she needed to catch her breath and invited a woman in front row to hum a note. With the drone, the group began a somber, monastic calland-response opening for “Wade in the Water,” a touchstone

“All I really really want our love to do Is to bring out the best in me and in you too Applause, applause Life is our cause” - “All I Want,” Joni Mitchell Lillian and Jon Lovelace were also recognized for their central role as supporters and friends of the theatre, as they will be honored in the Lobero’s new Lovelace Esplanade. After a few words of thanks, Lillian Lovelace and her son Jeff shared a touching story about how the last performance he attended with his late father was at the Lobero in 2011, to see the Capitol Steps. It was very moving to be reminded of the role the Lobero played in their lives. As the musicians took the stage, Tierney Sutton explained the most-appropriate concept behind their collaboration. “Great music is spiritual,” she said. Poets and Prayers refers to, and incorporates, inspiration from the songs, poetry and devotional music from poets Hafiz to Joni Mitchell, and featured selections based on both

2 0 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

of Southern spirituals and blues. The finale was a stunning arrangement of George Harrison’s “Within You Without You,” with the cello as sitar. The seamless interplay between players and vocalist along with the flawless, creative interpretation of the quiet Beatle’s spiritual piece closed the evening on a joyful and poignant note. For more information about the Lobero Ghostlight Society, or the Encore: Lobero campaign, contact Jim Dougherty at 805-966-4946 ext. 605. (clockwise from left) Lobero stage doubles as an intimate dining room, Tierney Sutton and Turtle Island String Quartet cellist Mark Summer, Lillian Lovelace and Jeff Lovelace

The Lobero Ghostlight Society The leading men and leading ladies whose commitment keeps the light of live performance burning bright on the Lobero stage. Thank you for your support.

Lyn & David Anderson

Luminaries 2012: Lyn and David Anderson

Amy & Mike Mayfield

Ella & Scott Brittingham

Marilyn & Richard Mazess

Lynne Cantlay & Robert Klein

Janet & John McCann

Louise & Tim Casey

Sara Miller McCune

Sarah & Roger Chrisman

Betsey & John Moller

Wendy & Jim Drasdo

Mary & Jim Morouse

Melinda Goodman

Susan & Ron Morrow

Christine Green Ingrid & Frederic Ingram Joan & Palmer Jackson Sr. Susan & Palmer Jackson Jr. Luci & Richard Janssen Lillian & Jon* Lovelace

The Luminaries are sparks of brilliance, not only for the Lobero stage but for the entire performing arts community in Santa Barbara. The Lobero Ghostlight Society honors individuals whose passion and behind-thescenes commitment provide for the artistry that illuminates the stage.

Phyllis & Angelo Mozilo Mary Jean & Walter* Thomson

— Past Luminaries — Lillian & Jon* Lovelace Anne & Michael Towbes

Cheryl & Stan Tomchin Anne & Michael Towbes Dianne & Daniel Vapnek Linda & Doug Wood

For more information on the Lobero Ghostlight Society, please contact: Jim DouGherty, Director of Development 805-966-4946 ext. 605

*In memoriam and with deepest gratitude

My path.

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Tel.: 805-963-7670


Old Spanish Days Parade circa 1930, Lobero Theatre Foundation carriage Old Spanish Days Parade 2012

It all began in 1924 …

Tracing the link between the Lobero Theatre’s reopening and Old Spanish Days Fiesta The grand opening of Santa Barbara’s rebuilt Lobero Theatre took place on August 4, 1924, with the play Beggar on Horseback. Nine days later, on August 13, 1924 another horse-related event took place just around the corner on State Street, soon to be known as the first official Fiesta parade. Given that these two celebrations occurred so close together, was there a connection? And which one came first, thereby inspiring the other? Lobero Theatre Boardmember George Burtness worked with prominent local historians including Erin Graffy, Neal Graffy, and Michael Redmon at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum to find the answers. Two months prior to both the parade and the Lobero Theatre’s grand reopening the managers of the new theatre, Hamilton McFadden and William McLennen of the Community Arts Association, met with the city’s leaders including Charles Pressley (unofficial first president of Old Spanish Days Fiesta) and Herbert Nunn (City Manager), to decide what sort of celebration would be appropriate. The business community had long been considering ways to enhance the visitor appeal of the city during the summer off-season, and a festival to celebrate the local history of the “Rancho period” or, Old Spanish Days, was envisioned. Paul G. Sweetser reports in History of Fiesta, “The group began to formulate plans for the celebration, to be comprised of a number of activities to include a parade, aquatic and sports events and, of course, a gala celebration at the theatre on its opening night.”

“Fiesta is a holiday that began as a small-town family party to mark the resurrection of a cherished institution–a theatre.” - Otis Wickenhauser, Captured Dream, A History of the Lobero Theatre

Beggar on Horseback ran at the Lobero Theatre from August 4-16, 1924, with August 13, billed as the “Fiesta Performance,” and the closing show on August 16, coinciding with the last day of Fiesta and the equestrian parade. The cover of the program read as follows: “Old Spanish Days Fiesta, organized this year, is an attempt to establish as an annual event a few days of festivities in Santa Barbara in which all the people can participate. We hope everyone will enter into the spirit of the occasion and have an enjoyable four days.” It seems that neither celebration was planned to coincide with the other; they were planned in parallel. Their individual beginnings happened to take place during Santa Barbara’s formative years leading up to August of 1924 when both began their now 88-year history, creating a lasting impact on one of America’s most beautiful and celebrated cities. In the words of historian Erin Graffy, “The Lobero opening in the year 1924 was the kindling, and when [the city leaders] lit the flame, it found a life of its own. Though [Old Spanish Days Fiesta] had nothing to do with the play or the Lobero, the theatre was the contemporary impetus that kicked it all off!” {Special thanks to Santa Barbara Historical Museum for research done on this piece. Historical images used with permission.}

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Lobero Partners

From amazing evenings of dance, benefit performances for worthy organizations and comedy that can’t be beat, the Lobero’s choice group of presenters bring their A-game to every show. See the full lineup at



Sings Like Hell is a radical, critically acclaimed concert series. The musical focus is on singer songwriters ranging from radio-friendly pop and rock, through any and all genres imaginable. Sings Like Hell has a loyal fan base who are upscale in the coolest way and extremely musically astute. It’s very hot music in a very cool place. Founder Peggie Jones will tell you, this is “the greatest music you’ve never heard.” Sings Like Hell’s 32nd season continues with Lake Street Dive on March 30, Paul Kelly and special guest Sam Baker on April 20, and Eilen Jewell Band and special guest The Far West on May 18.

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CAMA MASTERSERIES For almost a century, the Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) has brought world-class ensembles and soloists to Santa Barbara, and many to the Lobero stage. Masterseries 2012-2013 showcases its trademark eclectic mix of instrumental soloists and outstanding chamber music in recital at Santa Barbara’s intimate Lobero Theatre. Christian Tetzlaff, violin, returns to the Lobero on February 11, following on his stellar Masterseries performances in solo recital (2008) and with the Tetzlaff Quartet (2011). An artist known for musical integrity, technical assurance and compelling interpretations, Tetzlaff is internationally recognized as one of the great violinists of his generation. He has performed and recorded a broad spectrum of repertoire, from Bach’s sonatas and partitas to world premieres of contemporary works. Tetzlaff frequently collaborates with distinguished artists including Leif Ove Andsnes, Lars Vogt, and with his Tetzlaff Quartet. March 12 brings Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in House of Dreams, a multimedia extravaganza not to be missed. Tafelmusik’s House of Dreams includes stage direction, narration, and stunning projected images presented as a magical journey to the meeting places of baroque art and music. Visit five European homes where exquisite works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Marais are played against a backdrop of paintings by Vermeer, Canaletto, and Watteau. CAMA Masterseries ends the 20122013 season on a high-note with András Schiff, piano, in an evening of Bach on April 19. Named Carnegie Hall’s Perspectives Artist for 20112012 and recipient of two Grammy Awards, Schiff is among the world’s foremost interpreters of Bach in recording and recital. He returns to the Lobero to perform Bach’s complete English Suites, BWV 806-811, as part of his 2012-2013 Bach Project Tour.

Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, (SBCO) has been presenting the best in chamber music for over thirty years, with almost twenty of them under the baton of music director and conductor Heiichiro Ohyama. Featuring international soloists as well as home-grown talent, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra concerts are a treat for any fan of classical music. SBCO continues its Musically Engaging Experiences series, featuring Rob Kapilow on March 22 and March 24. Kapilow takes listeners inside the music by unraveling, slowing down, and revealing key musical passages to discover why they are so extraordinary. On March 22, Kapilow’s What Makes it Great? will explore Beethoven’s Violin Concert, featuring soloist Chee-Yun. The concerto premiered in 1806 in Vienna, Austria and remains a frequently performed and important recorded work. FamilyMusik on March 24 introduces Kapilow’s own interpretation of Four Seasons. The texture of each movement in Antonio Vivaldi in 1723’s famous four Baroque violin concertos is designed to resemble a respective season. On April 16, experience The Romantic Germans with Kyoko Takezawa, violin. This evening of music from the late 18th century Romantic era clearly shows how composers sought to increase emotional expression and describe deeper truths or human feelings. As the embodiment of musicality, violinist Kyoko Takezawa electrifies audiences with a richness of playing, a virtuosic confidence of feeling, and a fiery intensity that establishes her as one of today’s foremost violinists. SBCO closes its season on May 14, with Sweet 1700’s, featuring Alessio Bax, piano. This grand finale features music from the 18th century classical period and features audience favorite Alessio Bax. Mr. Bax is praised for creating “a ravishing listening experience” with his lyrical playing, insightful interpretations and dazzling facility.

JESSE COOK Award-wi nni ng g u i ta r phenomenon Jesse Cook is set to perform at the Lobero Theatre on April 2 in support of his album, The Blue Guitar Sessions. Jesse Cook has been recording and performing music internationally for over seventeen years. He is a JUNO Award-winning artist

and three-time recipient of the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award for “Guitarist of the Year”. The past two years have seen Cook tour extensively to sold-out crowds throughout the world, performing at both the Singapore and Dubai Jazz Festivals, the Cumbre Tajín Festival in Mexico, and electrifying audiences from the U.S. to Italy to Lebanon. With over one million album sales worldwide, Jesse Cook has spawned a truly global fan base.



BARBARA COOK UCSB Arts & Lectures presents Broadway songstress Barbara Cook on April 10. Considered Broadway’s favorite leading lady during the heyday of the musical (she originated the role of Marian the Librarian in The Music Man and played Anna in The King and I), Barbara Cook has built a career as a concert performer and cemented her reputation as one of popular music’s greatest voices. This season, Cook celebrates her 85th birthday and makes a triumphant return to the Kennedy Center.

ARLO GUTHRIE Square Peg/Sherpa Concerts present folk legend Arlo Guthrie on April 15. Arlo Guthrie was born with a guitar in one hand and a harmonica in the other. His career exploded in 1967 with the release of Alice’s Restaurant, whose title song premiered at the Newport Folk Festival and helped foster a new commitment among the 60’s generation to social consciousness and activism. Over the last four decades, Guthrie has toured throughout the world, gaining a wide popular following. In addition to his accomplishments as a musician, Arlo is a natural-born storyteller, whose tales and anecdotes figure prominently in his performances.

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SANTA BARBARA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Given its knack for predicting Academy Award® winners, a proximal distance to Los Angeles and timing close to the big event, this year the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) will once again establish itself as the preeminent Oscar® film festival January 24 - February 3. With a projected audience of over 60,000 movie lovers and a diverse program of 200+ films, including quality independent, world cinema and documentaries, plus top-notch nature and surf films, it’s no wonder that Variety named SBIFF one of the “Top 12 Film Festivals” in the United States, and one of the “Top 50” in the world.

Comedy ADAM CAROLLA & DR. DREW Live Nation is pleased to welcome Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew to the Lobero Theatre on February 16th, as part of their new Reunion Tour. Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew co-hosted Loveline from 1995 to 2005, providing a decade of hilarious love advice to listeners across the country. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy the great stories and antics of Loveline and have the opportunity to participate in a live audience interaction with Carolla and Dr. Drew.

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Fueled by the passionate endorsements of local celebrities like Rob Lowe and Don Johnson, the Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theatre hits the Lobero stage in its 7th season of stellar performances with Gypsy on May 4 and 5. This classic American musical fable by Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim tells the tale of the ultimate stage mother, and her two talented daughters as they face the ups and downs of show business. The unforgettable, show-stopping score includes hits like “Small World,” “Everything’s Coming up Roses,” “Let Me Entertain You” and “All I need is the Girl.”

UNFINISHED BUSINESS Written and directed by Rod Lathim, Unfinished Business offers a glimpse into the mystical transition from one life to the next in a unique and intimate staging, May 9-12. This presentation benefits The Alliance for Living and Dying Well and features the talents of Anne Dusenberry, Marion Freitag, Brian Harwell, Solomon Ndungu, Julie Anne Ruggieri and Katie Thatcher. Each performance is followed by a moderated discussion with the audience.


beautiful score by Tchaikovsky, lavish sets, masks, and stunning costumes to complete a magical transformation. This rendition of Beauty and the Beast was performed during the company’s international tour of Taiwan, China and the western states. State Street Ballet Young Dancers, an apprentice company to State Street Ballet, offer a Celebration of Dance on March 16. Sure to delight audiences of all ages, this annual Celebration of Dance features works from well-known choreographers as well as the ballet Peter and the Wolf.

Santa Barbara Festival Ballet (SBFB) has been enchanting audiences for nearly four decades with high quality classical and contemporary ballet performances including their annual Festival Ballet Dances! On April 6, SBFB will keep that tradition alive as they present new works by choreographer Lynn Wiltshire, whose award-winning choreography has been commissioned by companies from across the United States and presented to Canadian, European and Middle Eastern audiences. Festival Ballet Dances! will also feature choreography by Valerie Huston and Christina McCarthy (UCSB Dept. of Dance) and Denise Rinaldi (artistic director).

Don’t miss the world premiere of Dream on By, choreographed by Peter Pucci, on April 27. Set to the songs of Paul Simon, Dream On By will explore the intangible ideas the music evokes: faith, hope, belief in friendship, and the search for answers. Peter Pucci is well-known for his work with companies such as the Joffrey Ballet, where he co-choreographed Billboards, set to the music of Prince. Additional new works on the program will include a premiere by Chicago-based choreographer Autumn Eckman.



Santa Barbara Dance Alliance presents a newly revived version of BASSH, where dance genres are shaken, stirred and served straight up on April 12. Pirouetting to a waltz or tangoing with aerialists, audiences will be mesmerized as performers take the stage in this unique melding of Santa Barbara’s diverse group of professional dancers. End the evening on stage with the cast, dancing the night away and enjoying fine wine and tasty tapas. Sure to be one unforgettable BASSH-UP!

Gustafson Dance presents Tina the Ballerina, on June 1. Tina the Ballerina is the story of a little girl growing up in the beautiful countryside of France who dreams of being a famous ballerina—a very big dream for someone living far from the glamour of Paris. With children ages 2 and up, Tina the Ballerina is an enjoyable ballet, showcasing the dancing of the children of Gustafson Dance.

STATE STREET BALLET State Street Ballet presents Beauty and the Beast on March 9 and 10. Emmy Award®-winning choreographer Robert Sund adapts the classic story based on the Jean Cocteau film of 1925 with the

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Calendar of Events

For the most up-to-date listings and info on these and other events, or to buy tickets, visit or call (805) 963-0761. Events subject to change without notice.



January 24-February 3: Santa Barbara International Film Festival

1 & 2 Friday & Saturday, 8 p.m. DANCEworks presents KEIGWIN + COMPANY








Monday, 8 p.m. Walter H. Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion, and Public Life presents A lecture by Timothy Noah Friday, 7:30 p.m. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation presents A Lecture with Dennis Kucinich Sunday, 7 p.m. Filmmaker Aaron Lieber presents Zero to 100, The Lakey Peterson Story Monday, 8 p.m. CAMA Masterseries presents Christian Tetzlaff, violin Saturday, 7 p.m. Live Nation presents presents Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew’s Reunion Tour Sunday, 2 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. Lobero LIVE presents It’s Magic!

Sunday, 7 p.m. New Noise Santa Barbara and Numbskull Shows present Ryan Bingham

9 & 10 Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, 2 p.m. State Street Ballet presents Beauty and the Beast 12 Tuesday, 8 p.m. CAMA Masterseries presents Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in House of Dreams 16 Saturday, 7 p.m. State Street Ballet Young Dancers presents Celebration of Dance 22 Friday, 7:30 p.m. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Rob Kapilow’s What Makes it Great? 24 Sunday, 4:30 p.m. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Rob Kapilow’s FamilyMusik 25 Monday, 8 p.m. Club Mercy presents Jeff Magnum 30 Saturday, 8 p.m. Sings Like Hell presents Lake Street Dive and special guest

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Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Paul Mercs Concerts presents Jesse Cook



Saturday, 7 p.m. Santa Barbara Festival Ballet presents Festival Ballet Dances!

10 Wednesday, 8 p.m. UCSB Arts & Lectures presents An Evening with Barbara Cook: Let’s Fall in Love 12 Friday, 8 p.m. Santa Barbara Dance Alliance presents BASSH-UP! 13 Saturday, 8 p.m. Lobero LIVE and Hale Milgram present Go to Hale: Quips and Clips, Vol. 4 15 Monday, 8 p.m. Square Peg/Sherpa Concerts present Arlo Guthrie 16 Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents The Romantic Germans with Kyoko Takezawa, violin 19 Friday, 8 p.m. CAMA Masterseries presents András Schiff, piano 20 Saturday, 8 p.m. Sings Like Hell presents Paul Kelly and special guest Sam Baker 27 Saturday, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. State Street Ballet presents Dream on By

Friday, 8 p.m. Jazz at the Lobero presents Brad Mehldau Trio and The Bad Plus

4 & 5 Saturday & Sunday, 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theatre presents Gypsy 9-12 Thursday - Sunday, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m. daily Rod Lathim presents Unfinished Business 14 Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Sweet 1700’s with Alessio Bax, piano 17 Friday, 7 p.m. La Patite Chouette Aerial Dance company presents The Violet Hour 18 Saturday, 8 p.m. Sings Like Hell presents Eilen Jewell Band and special guest The Far West 25 & 26 Saturday, 8 p.m. & Sunday, 2 p.m. Rubicon Theatre presents Lonesome Traveller

June 1

Saturday, 2 p.m. & 7 p.m. Gustafson Dance presents Tina the Ballerina

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Lobero LIVE

WATCH. LISTEN. EXPERIENCE. LOBERO. Lobero LIVE presentations are brought to you by the Lobero Theatre Foundation and feature world-class talent in this historic hall, where legends come to play. It’s Magic!

February 17, 2 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. The Los Angeles Times calls It’s Magic!, “A must for magic buffs of all ages.” This live stage show features top professional magicians from around the globe, with each act carefully selected to represent the variety and art of magic. Each year the lineup changes to include the best and brightest magical act, and this year features the illusions of Chuck Jones and Company, Ray Pierce, Amos Levkovitch, Eric Buss and Matt Marcy and more. Additional Sponsorship by: Venoco Inc. Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Education Outreach Committee Montecito Bank & Trust Raintree Foundation Luci and Richard Janssen Lobero Theatre Associates


march 1 & 2, 8 p.m. Choreographer Larry Keigwin will be bringing his eclectic and dynamic company back to Santa Barbara to compose a brand new work in honor of Keigwin + Company’s tenth anniversary and the fifth anniversary of DANCEworks. His choreography is clever, sexy, daring, and undeniably cool. He’s put his signature spin on Broadway, ballet and beyond, bringing his refreshing vision of dance that embodies a theatrical sense of wit, style and heart to audiences the world over. Additional Sponsorship by: The Towbes Foundation Santa Barbara County Arts Commission National Endowment for the Arts Dianne & Daniel Vapnek Family Foundation The Towbes Family Endowment for Dance

Brad Mehldau Trio and The Bad Plus may 3, 8 p.m.

Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau is known for his improvisatory genius, whether playing his own stunning compositions, Thelonious Monk classics, American Songbook standards, or more contemporary tunes by Nick Drake, Radiohead or the Beatles for an effect that is like controlled chaos. The Bad Plus have broken down the walls of jazz convention and created an uncompromising body of work. Their personal brand of avant-garde populism has put them at the forefront of a new instrumental music movement, drawing audiences both traditional and mainstream. Additional Sponsorship by: Lobero Theatre Endowment for American Roots Music CASA Magazine Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Patron tickets are available for each of these shows and include benefits such as exclusive pre-show receptions and opportunities to meet the artists. This tax-deductible gift to the Lobero Theatre provides a whole evening’s worth of fun and keeps outstanding performers in this historic hall. Events subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date calendar, visit Lobero LIVE and DANCEworks are funded in part by the Event and Festivals Grant Program using the funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission

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February 22, 2013 marks the 140th anniversary of the opening of Jose Lobero’s Opera House at the corner of Anacapa and Canon Perdido Streets. In 1924, doors opened at the Lobero Theatre you know today, designed by George Washington Smith and Lutah Maria Riggs. The Lobero Theatre means so much to Santa Barbara. If you have magical memories of this theatre, this is your chance to show your love in a lasting way. For more information and to make your gift, visit

ENCORE: LOBERO will provide significant upgrades to improve your audience experience, while honoring and preserving the original George Washington Smith design. Upgrades will include: • • • •

New seats with more legroom and improved accessibility Heating, air conditioning and improved ventilation Enlarged and improved restrooms (yes, the women’s restroom will nearly double in size!) New paint and carpet throughout, including restoration of the Lobero’s distinctive mosaic ceiling • A new Esplanade at the Theatre’s entrance providing greater accessibility to the theatre and a more safe and comfortable place to meet and mingle With your help, construction begins on June 3. Please consider joining us in this effort to improve this beloved theatre and preserve one of Santa Barbara’s historic landmarks.

Your contribution means that the next 140 years starts with you!

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Name a Seat

How can you help?

The Lobero Theatre means so much to Santa Barbara. If you have magical memories of this theatre, this is your chance to show your love in a lasting way.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the campaign and help us reach our goal of $6.25 million.

We invite you to name a seat in the Lobero’s Towbes Auditorium to • • • • •

Honor a friend or family member Memorialize a loved one Pay tribute to a favorite artist Celebrate a special occasion Or … celebrate yourself !

A gift of $2,500 guarantees that your name or tribute graces the beautifully renovated Lobero for the life of that seat*. It also helps us to reach our fundraising goal, allowing us to make the historic Lobero Theatre a more comfortable and welcoming space for you and the talented artists who grace its stage. *approximately 18-25 years

• Name a seat for yourself or a loved one ($2500) • Consider a gift of $140 to honor 140 years of great memories • Purchase raffle tickets to win one of many great prizes! (Drawing held May 2, 2013. Visit for more details) • Remember the Lobero in your estate with a planned gift • Explore one of our many Naming Opportunities, beginning at $50,000 • Name a gift of appreciated stock for great tax benefits Gifts of any size can be made by check, credit card, stock transfer or through estate planning. If you would like more information on ways to give, please call Director of Development Jim Dougherty at (805) 966-4946 x605.

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Many thanks to our early campaign donors! David & Lyn Anderson Mortimer & Bea Andron Anonymous (5) David Asbell & Denise Dannemiller Leslie & Philip Bernstein Marlyn Bernard Bernstein Keith C. Berry Linda & Peter Beuret Geraldine Bidwell Susan E. Bower Brittingham Family Foundation Frank Burgess George L. Burtness Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Louise & Tim Casey Holly Chadwin & Geren Piltz Marianne & Jordan Clark Stephen Cloud Sallie & Curt Coughlin Joan & Steven Crossland Delphine Dannemiller Jeff & Josie DeVine Jim & Sallie Dougherty In honor of the Lobero Staff James & Wendy Drasdo Cinda & Don Erdman Dr. Robert & Nancyann Failing Eldon Ford In memory of Grace Gooch Ford General Electric Foundation Christine A. Green Robert Hecht Hind Foundation Hollis Norris Fund Preston & Maurine Hotchkis Jim & Shirley Ann Hurley Naseem Hyder Ann Jackson Family Foundation Mark Jaffe The Jared Family Emily & Christopher Johnson Kind World Foundation Robert Klein & Lynne Cantlay In memory of Michael and Talia Klein Bob Landau 3 6 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

Robert & Ellen Lawson The Lennox Foundation Janet & Steve Lew Judith Little Lobero Theatre Associates Bill & Kristin Loomis Lundegard Family Foundation To honor Dave & Irene Liggett Leon & Joyce Lunt Amy & Don MacLeod Manchester Capital Management Amy & Mike Mayfield Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation Sara Miller McCune Angie & David M. Mendoza Betsey & John Moller Graciela Montgomery Mary & Jim Morouse Morrow Family Trust Kathleen & John Moseley The Mosher Foundation Mrs. Raymond K. Myerson The Nichols Foundation NS Ceramic Lisa & Alan Piltz James & Anne Rothenberg Santa Barbara Foundation Leslie & Frank Schipper Missy & Chuck Sheldon Jessica Simon Robert TenEyck The Walter & Holly Thomson Foundation Anne & Michael Towbes Carrie Towbes & John Lewis Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Dianne & Daniel Vapnek Foundation Winifred Vedder In memory of Dwight G. Vedder Watling Foundation Linda & Doug Wood The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Katherine Zeiss Gerardo Zepeda

Join us for the continuing SBCO Concert Season at the Lobero Theatre


Kapilow’s What Makes It Great? Bernstein event at Lincoln Center was selected as one of The New York Times’s “Top Ten Moments” of 2002’s theater offerings.


Exciting concerts conducted by composer and educator Rob Kapilow creating usically ngaging xperiences.




What Makes It Great! March 22 Family Musik March 24 visit for more!


7:30pm Lobero Theatre Heiichiro Ohyama, Conductor

April 16, 2013 The Romantic Germans

Kyoko Takezawa, violin

Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Op. 56 “Scottish” Brahms: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77

May 14, 2013 Sweet 1700s

Alessio Bax, piano

Gioacchino Rossini: L’Italiana in Algeri: Overture Franz Schubert: Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major, D. 485 Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491 PROGRAMS AND ARTISTS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Buy Your Tickets Today!

Online at or call the SB Chamber Orchestra Office at (805) 966-2441

DANCEworks spotlight:

Spotlight: Larry Keigwin The one and only Larry Keigwin will be bringing his eclectic and dynamic company back to Santa Barbara to compose a brand new work in honor of KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s tenth anniversary and the fifth anniversary of DANCEworks. While no one can forget 2010’s spectacular performance of No Exit and Bolero Santa Barbara, Larry and his company are sure to raise the bar with this eagerly-anticipated residency. DANCEworks Artistic Director Dianne Vapnek and Larry Keigwin go back a long way, with the SUMMERDANCE Festival, DANCEworks’ predecessor, playing an instrumental role in launching Keigwin’s career as a choreographer over ten years ago. “Larry is talented, witty, hardworking and hip, and has his finger on the pulse of contemporary America. He’s an ideal recipient of a DANCEworks residency and will make the most of it,” says Dianne with a smile. Since starting his own eponymous company in 2003, Larry’s star has continued to rise. His choreography is clever, sexy, daring, and undeniably cool. He’s put his signature spin on Broadway, ballet and beyond, bringing his refreshing vision of dance that embodies a theatrical sense of wit, style and heart to national and international audiences. In 2010, he was

include work with the pop band Fischerspooner, comedian Murray Hill, and as an associate choreographer for The Radio City Rockettes and the Off-Broadway musical The Wild Party. Larry loves to engage his fans and friends by involving them in exciting community projects. Bolero Santa Barbara serves as a stunning example of how K+C community outreach and education succeeds in physically engaging audiences and aspiring dancers (and non-dancers) in movement and the choreographic process. Dance maniacs can look forward to going inside the workings of one of today’s top professional dance companies though masterclasses, open rehearsals and unbelievable performance opportunities. K+C begins their residency on February 9 and runs through their sure-tobe-amazing performances on March 1 & 2.

“If you’ve never seen Keigwin + Company before,


- James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

named the Vail International Dance Festival’s first artist-in-residence and staged the opening event of Vogue’s Fashion Week: “Fashion’s Night Out: The Show,” which featured over 150 top models. 2011 saw him choreographing the new musical Tales of the City, and the award-winning off-Broadway production of RENT. Other choreographic credits 3 8 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

DANCEworks 2013 with KEIGWIN + COMPANY will be the fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking creative residency partnership between SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara and the Lobero Theatre Foundation.


years of DANCEworks Commissions: Aszure and Artists Busk*


KEIGWIN + COMPANY Bolero Santa Barbara and No Exit*


Doug Elkins Choreography Mo(or)town Redux* and Flashmob


Brian Brooks Moving Company Rush Hour and Big City*


KEIGWIN + COMPANY (their 10th anniversary season)


* Each of these new works has toured nationally and/or internationally as a very popular part of each company’s repertoire. Each work has a Santa Barbara “stamp” on it as well, that we are very proud of.

Learn more about all the DANCEworks choreographers, the works created during DANCEworks residencies and where to find them today @

In partnership with

Special thanks to our generous DANCEworks donors!

Acacia Wealth Advisors, Anonymous, Audrey Austin,Ginny Brush & Mari Bartoli, Jan & Ralph Baxter, Peter Becker, Norrine Besser, Jill & John Bishop, Susan E. Bower, Ann Bronstein, Sallie & Curt Coughlin, Margaret Ducharme, Vasanti & Joel Fithian, Pamela Elliott & Scott Frasier, Susan Rose & Allan Ghitterman, Nancy Gifford, Ghita Ginberg, Nancy Golden, Christine Green, Paul Guido, Karen Kahn, Jean Kaplan, Alan & Ellen Kaplinsky, Paul Longanbach, Megan Matthieson, Julie McLeod, Cynthia Mobraaten, Julie Nakagama, Elaine Nakashima, Barbara Nimmo, Sheri & Jack Overall, Carol & Bill Palladini, Colette & Jim Phillippi, Elizabeth Raymond, Albert Reid, Maria Rendina-Frantz, Michael Seabaugh, Starr Siegele & Larry Feinberg, Wendy Steiger, David & Gail Teton-Landis, Doug Varone, Judi Wallner & Larry Chandler, Walstad Investment Council, Dale Zurawski & Geoffrey Slaff Generously sponsored by Towbes Family Endowment for Dance, The Towbes Foundation, Dianne & Daniel Vapnek Family Foundation DANCEworks is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. Art Works. Also funded by the Events and Festivals Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

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Metro Solutions Inc. is a boutique consultancy specializing in providing and implementing business and IT solutions for financial services firms including:

▪ Wealth managers, private banks, family offices ▪ Global banks: retail, investment, commercial, corporate ▪ Investment and securities firms ▪ Brokerages and hedge funds Practical and personalized solutions to fulfill the needs of your business.

THEATRE During his 18 years at the helm of Access Theatre, Lathim became an advocate for people with disabilities, putting on many impressive presentations at the Lobero and other venues. Lathim’s passion for the Lobero Theatre led to a four-year stint on the Lobero Board of Directors and a continued relationship as an advisor to this day.

Spotlight on Rod Lathim

Rod Lathim’s dynamic career has been shaped by the belief that theatre can and should challenge viewers. “I believe that good theatre creates dialogue, pushes buttons, makes an audience think, explore and perhaps adopt a new perspective on some aspect of life,” he says.

Rod cites the Lobero Theatre as the home to a few of his proudest theatre achievements. First, Access Theatre concluded a six-year international tour of what became Access Theatre’s signature work, Storm Reading, at the Lobero and taped the show for television. The telecast went on to win the Media Access Award and continues to be seen internationally. Another standout moment occurred while directing the original musical Stage Struck at the Lobero in 1982-1983, which introduced Access Theatre to Barbara and Frank Sinatra. As a result of that introduction, Access Theatre was awarded the Princess Grace Foundation USA Award and grant presented by Frank Sinatra and HSH Prince Albert of Monaco in 1985. Lathim’s latest work, a one-act play entitled Unfinished Business, will grace the Lobero May 9-12 in a uniquely intimate staging. This

“My career is FOCUSED ON CREATING THEATRE THAT IMPACTS SOCIAL CHANGE, WHILE ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATING. I have witnessed the impact theatre can have on audiences and communities and I thrive on this process.” – Rod Lathim Since the pivotal moment in 1979 after accepting a job with the Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation Department working with children and adults with developmental disabilities, Rod Lathim has been creating and advocating for art in the community with a commitment to creating and producing new works in theatre. Lathim created a brand-new musical play for the cast of 60 and staged the piece, entitled Circus of Life, at the Lobero Theatre for its world premiere. The success of the show led to the founding of Access Theatre, a groundbreaking theatre company dedicated to combining the talents of developmentally challenged, able-bodied and even deaf actors to collaborate and present original musical and non-musical plays.

play is deeply personal and is based on his experiences following his mother’s death. “I have written many plays since 1979, but never a piece that was autobiographical,” he explains. “Honestly, it is very scary to be open and vulnerable in a play about one’s own life experiences. In the case of this piece, it was doubly as intimidating because of the subject matter. But life taught me that the most potent, and often times brutally honest and exposing material creates powerful theatre.” To learn more about Rod Lathim, visit

4 1 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om


Lobero Theatre Foundation set out a new mission two years ago to create a new breed of benefit event. An event with the spirit of the theatrical, the soul of the artist, and inspired cuisine artfully integrated into each performance. An event that would do justice to the hall that it celebrates.

throughout the evening–that treasure, beauty, and elegance are all around. Cue the Tandy Beal dancers in fluid, flowing winged costumes, and aerialist Sasha Harrington in short order, taking to a hoop suspended high above astonished diners and gliding through a nimble routine. It was at this point that the entire cast, servers, and audience took flight together.

Mangia del’ Arte was born from the place where imagination, spectacular movement, feats of balance and strength and gastronomic delight meet. It is a gourmet dinner and elegant libations all served in our own Moulin Rouge, but it is also much more. It is the only benefit event in support of the Lobero Fund. It’s a decadent encounter, a new way to indulge and a chance to “Eat the Art.”

The small plates, or “bites,” were served throughout the performances. From beautifully-presented soups, meats, seafood and inventive ingredients like “spherified olive oil”

“Unexpected and Divine” – Jane Litchfield

The second Mangia del’ Arte began as costumed acrobats greeted guests in the lobby, posing before throwing back the curtains to a beautifully decorated house. Audible gasps arose at the transformed stage–now an elegant nightclub decked out in glamorous white draping, white leather couches and hi-top tables, resplendent in lush multi-colored roses. A cappella group SoVoSó opened the performance with the inspiring Peter Gabriel song, “Your Eyes,” and emcee Jeff Raz introduced the concept threaded

which showed a grasp of molecular gastronomy, the menu progressed woven into the context of the evening with SoVoSó’s inventive “singing menu” riffing on themes therein. A lovely beet tart prepared by Cadiz Mediterranean Cuisine was introduced by riffs on “We got the beat” by the Go Go’s, and singer Zoe Ellis contributed a heartfelt love song to all things pumpkin as Christine Dahl Pastries’ decadent Pumpkin Trio was delivered for dessert. After a progressive balancing act spoke to the themes of strength and community brought an audiencemember off their seat and onto the ringmasters’ shoulders, strongmen Miguel & Angelo took center stage. Performing to a keyboard rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher

“The intimate Lobero Theatre has gained a justified reputation for weaving magic into every event and performance it hosts.” – CASA Magazine Ground” the two performers lifted and balanced against each other at impossible angles, Greek Atlas in motion. Fleeky Flanco, with wild red hair and missing eyebrows, bounded out and performed an impressive, serpentine contortion/hand-balancing routine. The Tandy Beal dancers followed up in rainbow costumes, striking colorful poses in playful hip-hop-inspired choreography. The final performance featured strongman Miguel balancing in large cube, taking to the air in a grand display of strength and aerial acrobatics. Mangia del’ Arte occupies a realm all its own, and is sure to become the hottest ticket in town with its potent mix of exhilarating performances, premier cuisine and audience immersion. At the core of this spectacle lies the beating heart of one of Santa Barbara’s most treasured institutions, which, along with the support of community and friends, makes all things possible. It is the hope of this organization that each guest left that evening believing in magic after seeing it alive and well in this historic hall.

4 3 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om


610 E Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103


T (805) 963-4359

F (805) 963-1270

Lic# 436175


Lobero LIVE preshow parties have become so popular that the only way to get in is to buy a Patron ticket. Consider purchasing a Patron ticket today for any of these events.

When you purchase Patron tickets to a Lobero LIVE performance, you receive l l l l

access to the best seats in the house recognition in the evening’s program a tax deduction invitation to an exclusive courtyard reception before the show

The Santa Barbara Bowl Education Outreach

Lobero Theatre for their vision to create

Program is a community outreach endeavor

unique community programs and exciting

dedicated to supporting music and

partnerships to share the arts with everyone.

performing arts for Santa Barbara County’s Youth. The Education Outreach Committee congratulates the

$1.00 of every concert ticket sold to Bowl events goes to enhancing arts education in the local community.

photo: Š

SBB_Ed-Out_Lobero_120529_v3.indd 1

5/30/12 2:42 PM


anta arbara owl

s tecito Bank & Trust ha For over 20 years, Mon t of its bero Theatre in suppor partnered with the Lo music, ld class productions in mission to provide wor has us, the Lobero Theatre dance and theatre. Like ion d an unwavering pass an a ar rb Ba a nt Sa in s deep root Trust h. Montecito Bank & for educating our yout they do Lobero Theatre and all proudly celebrates the for our community. ent and CEO – Janet Garufis, Presid t Montecito Bank & Trus

Contact Jessica Simon at or (805) 966-4946 ext. 607 for information on how you can enjoy the many benefits of Lobero Corporate Sponsorship. (Top to bottom) CASA at Quartetto Gelato: Geren Piltz, Leon Olson, Kerry Methner, Mark Whitehurst, Elizabeth Olson Schipper Construction Co. party at Capitol Steps: Frank Schipper, Leslie Meadowcroft Schipper and Jim Dougherty Rabobank party at Dianne Reeves: Richard Sacco, Helen Capra, Don Toussaint

4 7 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

Lobero Youth and Community Programs

Building bridges from schools to stage The Lobero Theatre has established a stellar reputation for presenting the best in jazz and American roots music, and the 2012-2013 Youth and Community Programs builds upon this foundation to bring jazz out of the auditorium and into the classrooms. This year’s programs focus on cultivating jazz audiences by offering jazz-oriented programs from Elementary schools through college, in addition to program staples like assemblies, communication channels, and subsidized tickets.

extends the reach of the Youth Outreach’s jazz-centric programming into elementary schools. Boxtales Theatre Company will again offer assemblies of their winning productions. Their innovative mixture of storytelling, movement, live music, and audience participation teaches world mythology and folklore in a fun and creative way. This year, Boxtales is offering six exciting school assemblies: Iron John (based on a story by the Brothers Grimm), The Odyssey (heroic tales from Greek mythology), Leyendas de Duende (magical tales of Latin America), Prince Rama and the Monkey King (from the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana), B’rer Rabbit, (trickster tales from around the world), and their newest show, The Hero Twins (a bilingual presentation of the Quiche Mayan creation myth).

Last year over 100 students participated in hands-on exercises with Tierney Sutton, 80 high school and college students worked with the Brubeck Jazz Institute Quintet in clinics, and $3,000 was awarded* to area schools to continue their jazz programs.

It is a joy to continue the Jazz Artist-InResidence program with the incredible Tierney Sutton. The work she is doing is living proof of the kinetic power of jazz. Throughout the school year, Sutton, Santa Barbara singer/vocal percussionist Eje Lynn-Jacobs, and other colleagues utilize circle-sing exercises to explore the positive effects of improvisation, group dynamics and uninhibited creativity.

New this year, Santa Barbara Vocal Jazz Foundation joins forces with Lobero Youth programs to continue their work to preserve vocal jazz and provide vital music programming in schools. Their workshop and residency programs not only serve to teach vocal jazz within the regular school day but also to introduce a desire in our youth for any type of musical or theatrical pursuit. This valuable organization

4 8 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

Lobero Community Outreach activities include providing complimentary tickets to social service programs serving at-risk youth and families. Worthy organizations such as Notes for Notes, City at Peace and the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press enjoy free access to performances. In addition, Lobero Youth Programs partner with several exciting youth arts programs by offering discounted or complimentary rent to Boxtales Summer Theatre Camp, Jensen Music and Guitar Co.’s RockCamp, and Santa Barbara Dance Institute.


Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with the Lobero Youth and Community Programs by subscribing to the Lobero Youth e-Newsletter For the most current information about all these programs and how to get


For more info contact Holly Chadwin at (805) 966-4946 ext. 613 or

It is the g enerous s up program s hummin port of donors th at keeps g. Many these sponsors Lobero Yo h ip opportun wonderful uth and Co ities are a mmunity P possible b vailable. rograms a y the gene re rosity of th made e followin Santa Barb g donors: ara Bowl F oundation *Luci and Education Richard Ja Outreach C nssen (Sc Raintree F ommittee holarship oundation S p onsors) Lobero Th eatre Asso ciates

a nta a rba r a owl Opposite page: Tierney Sutton with Academy of Healing Arts students. This page (clockwise): Jensen Music and Guitar Co’s Rock Campers take the stage together and for a solo. Academy of Healing Arts participants, Tierney Sutton smiles during a circle-sing exercise.

4 9 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om







1 Food Confessions 2 Dr. John 3 Punch Brothers 4 Pat Metheny 5 Geoff Muldaur & Jim Kweskin





6 Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan 7 Dianne Reeves 8 Blind Boys of Alabama 9 Dr. John 10 Punch Brothers 5 1 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

is proud to support the Lobero Theatre. Bring this ad in and receive a 20% discount* off of your lunch or dinner check. L C P 3825 State Street Santa Barbara • CA • 93105 805.682.5246 Reservations accepted * Discount not valid on alcoholic beverages and may not be combined with any other promotion such as the Early Show, Lobster Fest or Happy Hour. Valid at Santa Barbara location only.

Jan Pho

2012-13 Season Performing at the

Alhecama Theatre

914 Santa Barbara St

A Psychological Thriller


Oct 4-21, 2012

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Ensemble Theatre ...

pitch perfect!”


A Spellbinding Comedy

Nov 29-Dec 16, 2012

Jannie Jones in Black Pearl Sings Photo: David Bazemore

by John Van Druten

A Haunting Memoir

April 4-21, 2013

“Ensemble Theatre Company ... a

by Joan Didion

A French Farce

Feb 7-24, 2013

by Pierre Corneille

An Urban Romance

Jun 6-23, 2013

by Terrence McNally

unique gift to Santa Barbara.” CASA MAgAzinE

Simple. Rustic. California.

Pre-theater dining located in historic La Arcada 1114 State Street, Suite 18 | 805.965.1730

Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

LobeionrothPais tradonanSpd reecceiaivel a

Ment l planting 20% discount on al ur project. materials used on yo

Since 1970 we have been providing Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties with quality Landscape Services. We take pride in our work and consider ourselves commissioned artists creating living, breathing outdoor works of art.

Visit our blog to learn landscape tricks & tips

down to earth landscapes

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ParentClick Network? I I 800.380.9110


Lobero LIVE Patron Ticket buyers enjoy great bonuses, like pre-show receptions in the Lobero Courtyard and opportunities to meet the stars in the artists’ green room. Jazz at the Lobero artists lit up the stage and the faces of a few lucky Lobero Theatre Patrons after their performances this past season. Pat Metheny and his amazing Unity Band members smiled and chatted with Lobero Board members and staff, posing for photos with Jan and Roger Ingham, Paul Tafoya, Palmer Jackson Jr. and Charles and Debra De L’Arbe. Jazz chanteuse Dianne Reeves opted to greet guests in the lobby, shaking hands and smiling with Adrienne & Ken Steels, Randy Fields Gianna Cicinelli and local media maven, Erin Graffy. There was a surprise appearance by the Rhinestone Cowboy himself, Glen Campbell backstage after the Punch Brothers’ incredible performance, taking a chance to try out Chris Thile’s mandolin. Thile also made the rounds, graciously signing a souvenir dollar bill for bluegrass devotee, Demi Anter, and talking shop with Lobero Theatre Foundation boardmember, Steve Cloud.

Other highlights from the season’s greenroom encounters include Tony and Emmy-Award® winning actor, Hal Holbrook meeting with patrons in full Mark Twain regalia, shown here shaking hand with Board members Frank and Leslie Schipper. Roots music legends Jim Kweskin and Geoff Muldaur stopped to pose with Pat McElroy, and local blues musicians Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan had an impromptu jam in their dressing room. {Check out more photos of Patrons enjoying Lobero LIVE receptions and meet-and-greet sessions in the artists’ green room at in the Gallery section} (Clockwise) Pat McElroy with Geoff Muldaur and Jim Kweskin, Hal Holbrook (as Mark Twain) with Frank and Leslie Schipper, Glen Campbell with members of the Punch Brothers, Mike Mullins and Chris Thile, Jan & Roger Ingham with Pat Metheny

5 5 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om


A Santa Barbara Legacy Dave Brubeck first played the Lobero Theatre in March 1953, just four years after starting the Dave Brubeck Quartet with Paul Desmond. At that time his brother Henry was head of the Music Department at Santa Barbara High School and brought many of his students to see his brother play. Over the years, each time Brubeck returned to the Lobero, audience members could be heard retelling their experience attending this concert as a student, or sharing a story about studying with Dave’s beloved older brother. For so many, Dave was a treasured member of the Santa Barbara Family. Born in Concord, California, Brubeck had no intention of becoming a jazz legend. Raised in a musical family, he rejected his mother’s career encouragements, pleading “Ma, you’ve got two musicians. I want to be a cattleman.” Though his mother was a classical pianist, and his two older brothers were classically trained, Dave just enjoyed banging out his own versions of popular songs, which he began to do at age four. But he was sure this was the extent of his musical career.

(1920 – 2012)

his classes, never learning to truly read music. When he graduated in 1942, he was drafted immediately into the Army. Fortunately, he was sent to the front lines to entertain rather than fight. After his service in the Army, Dave re-entered college to study composition under classical composer Darius Millhaud. He learned to read music, and more importantly to write. Ironically, Millhaud encouraged Brubeck to use his training to continue his jazz career, teaching him polytonality, counterpoint and polyrhythm, techniques that would eventually shape his signature style. Dave Brubeck last graced the Lobero stage in 2009, and during his last years remained east of the Mississippi. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten by his Lobero family. The Brubeck Society will carry on a legacy of jazz education, keeping this uniquely American music alive in his honor (see page 59).

When he was 18, he went to college to study veterinary medicine. By year two, he had switched his major to music and was playing six nights a week in Stockton jazz clubs. Amazingly, Dave breezed through 5 7 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

When your day has to be perfect…

When timing is everything … Main Warehouse & Showroom 1120 Mark Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013 805.566.3566

Santa Barbara Showroom Only 1828 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.563.3800

Santa Ynez Valley Warehouse & Showroom 55 Industrial Way Buellton, CA 93427 805.686.1115

Classic Party Rentals •

Patrons and friends bring the Lobero to life each night. The Lobero Theatre Foundation wishes to raise a toast to the lives of these remarkable individuals.


Katherine Abercrombie’s passed away on September 15, just weeks shy of her 97th birthday. Born on October 10, 1915, Katherine Opal Tarter grew up with two brothers and two sisters on a farm just outside of Lafayette, Indiana. She graduated from Purdue University and served as an ambulance driver and field nurse during WWII. Katherine and her late husband Stewart gave much back to their beloved community and their tireless philanthropic efforts are legendary. Together they served on more charity boards and chaired

Brubeck Circle Members

Jazz artists have been performing at the Lobero for over 70 years, building a dynamic legacy which continues today with your help. Your gift will go directly to bringing the best in jazz to our stage through our acclaimed Jazz at the Lobero series, and giving local students opportunities to learn from world-class musicians.

Designate your gift to the Brubeck Circle at

Royce Adams & Jane Brody Dr. & Mrs. Ichak Adizes Nancy & Jerar Andon David Asbell & Denise Dannemiller Stanley Azen & Joyce Niland Bitsy & Denny Bacon Margery Baragona Jill & Arnold Bellowe Janice Brubeck Andrew Butcher & Elizabeth Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Roland Bryan Carolyn Cooper Christina Criswell Dr. Julia Delgado Diane Duncan Michael Dunn Cinda & Don Erdman Tisha Weber Ford

STANLEY FLASTER (1924 – 2012)

Stanley Rock Flaster, World War II Veteran, died Sunday, July 15, 2012. He was born August 4, 1924 in New York State and died at the age of 87. Stanley served as Private First-class in the First Infantry Division of the United States Army from 1942-1945. During the course of service, Stanley earned two Bronze Stars, the Silver Star, and Purple Hearts for his wounds. Stanley landed with the First Infantry Division on D-Day (June 6, 1944) on Omaha Beach, one of the five assault beaches. Stanley was known for his philanthropy, he and his wife Dorothy have been long time supporters of the Santa Barbara City College, Cottage Hospital, UCSB Arts & Lectures, the Santa Barbara Symphony, Planned Parenthood, the Chamber Orchestra, and the Lobero Theatre. Stanley is survived by his beloved wife of 63 years, Dorothy Lillian Flaster, and his two children, five grandchildren, and great grandchild.

Mr. & Mrs. William Freudenstein Konnie & Andy Gault Ghita D. Ginberg Marlowe & Arlyn Goldsby Mrs. Alfred Goulding Jr. Marlena & Tony Handler Ronald Hays Greg & Sharlae Jenkins Margaret Kemp Doris Kuhns Larry Laborde Barry Liker Philip Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Tony Marquette Kathryn Mast Ray & Leslie Mathiasen Mr. & Mrs. James McIntyre Rod Ontjes Lee & Bobby Orgel Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pecarich Michele Rasch

Debra & Ted Reed Jack Revoyr Richard Schiada Leslie & Frank Schipper Nancy Schlosser Maureen & Ed Seder Les & Maureen Shapiro Chuck & Missy Sheldon David Siegel Mid Squier Joseph & BJ Stapen, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. James Tamborello Tom & Hollie Towle Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vance Nancy & Tony Wall Mary Walsh Col. James Wasil, USA, RET Laurie Wilson Ed & Grace Yoon Deloria Zabriskie


We remember

more fundraising events than can be listed here, and were committed supporters of the Lobero. She led an exemplary life with elegant grace and farm girl charm. Katherine is preceded in death by her husband Stewart, sister Rosella Herbert, and brother James. She is survived by her two children, Pamela and Landon, as well as her youngest sister Betty Rankin of Walnut Creek and brother Selbe.

Santa Barbara Independent Schools

Spotlight on Excellence setting The Stage for success… Anacapa School • 7-12 Bishop Garcia Diego High School • 9 -12 Crane Country Day School • K- 8 Dunn School • 6 -12 El Montecito • Preschool- 6 Family School • Preschool-5 Garden Street Academy • Preschool -12 Howard School • Preschool- 8 Laguna Blanca School • K-12 Marymount of Santa Barbara • JK-8 Midland School • Boarding 9 -12 Montessori Center School • Toddler- 6 Providence Hall • 7-12 Santa Barbara Christian School • K- 8 Santa Barbara Middle School • 6 - 9 Santa Barbara Montessori School • Toddler-8 Waldorf School of Santa Barbara • Nursery- 8

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7/6/10 3:28 PM


Family of Donors January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012 Emerald Circle $25,000+ Mr. James Argyropoulos The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Lobero Theatre Associates Ruby Circle $15,000+ Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson Deckers Outdoor Corporation James & Wendy Drasdo Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Kendall Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Morrow National Endowment for the Arts Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Education Outreach Committee Santa Barbara County Arts Commission Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wood Gold Circle $10,000+ Access Theatre Endowment Fund Scott & Ella Brittingham Tim & Louise Casey Family Estate of Charlotte Castalde Roger & Sarah Chrisman Fidelity Investments Christine A. Green Hollis Norris Fund The Ann Jackson Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Richard Janssen Dr. Robert Klein & Lynne Cantlay Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Jackson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson Sr. Mrs. Lillian Lovelace Michael & Amy Mayfield Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mazess Mr. & Mrs. John T. McCann John & Betsey Moller Montecito Bank & Trust Jim & Mary Morouse Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Mozilo Anne & Michael Towbes The Towbes Foundation Venoco, Inc. 6 2 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

Silver Circle $5,000+ American Riviera Bank Mr. Victor K. Atkins Jr. Mrs. Suzanne Bock James Brous & Mary Lane Scherer Marcia & Jamie Constance Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Ingram Manchester Capital Management Metro Solutions Inc. Northern Trust Bank Rabobank Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Frank Schipper Construction Co. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schipper Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation Star Circle $2,500+ Mr. Thomas Archambault David Asbell & Denise Dannemiller In honor of the talented Lobero staff Mr. Bryan Babcock Bitsy & Denny Bacon Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf Becton Family Foundation Mr. Grant Cambridge Mrs. Jane Dyruff Mr. & Mrs. Mason Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Edward Friedel Jr. Mrs. Marilyn Gevirtz In memory of Don Gevirtz & Julie Warner Melinda Goodman Mr. & Mrs. William Nasif Nasif, Hicks Harris & Co. Ruth & Robert Reingold Betty Richardson Barbara Stupay Mrs. Louise L. Tighe Watling Foundation, Inc. Angels $1,000+ Don & Anita Barry Gina & Martin Bell Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bernstein John & Mary Blair

Ms. Wendel Bruss Mr. & Mrs. Frank Burgess Mr. George L. Burtness Andrew Butcher & Elizabeth Peterson Mr. & Mrs. David Carpenter Zora & Les Charles In honor of Cheri Steinkellner The Cheeryble Foundation In honor of Cheri Steinkellner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cloud Mrs. Barbara Cole Mrs. Bridget Colleary Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crawford Jr. Ms. Mary D. Curtis Laurie Dalton Jeff & Josie DeVine Mr. & Mrs. Chad Dreier Don & Cinda Erdman Julie & Bill Esrey Melissa Fassett & David Sheehan Ms. Leni FeBland Mr. & Ms. Robert Feinberg Mrs. Dorothy Flaster Mr. & Mrs. William Freudenstein General Electric Foundation Ms. Beatrice Hallig Jim & Catherine Haslem Robert C. Hecht Ms. Jan Hill Ms. Cyndee Howard Naseem Hyder Mr. & Mrs. James Jackson Dawn & Joel Kaufman In honor of Hale & Anne Milgrim and Peggy Jones Reg Lathim Robert & Ellen Lawson Lehrer Family Foundation Mrs. Dorothy Lingle Mr. John Lundegard In honor of Dave & Irene Liggett Ms. Sandra Lynne Mr. Philip Lyons In honor & loving memory of Joanna Lyons Amy & Don MacLeod Mr. & Mrs. Sean McCulloch Dr. & Mrs. Edward McGinn

Benefactors $500+ Mr. & Mrs. Peter Adams Ellen K. Anderson ANONY-MOUSE Mr. & Mrs. Norman Armour Ms. Nancybell Coe & Mr. William Burke Mr. Justin Carroll Ms. Malinda Chouinard Marianne & Jordan Clark In honor of Walter & Ruth Ray Ms. Christina Criswell In memory of Walter E. Criswell Roy E. Crummer Dr. Julia Delgado Encanto Mr. & Mrs. Randy Fields Beth & Dodd Geiger Mrs. Ghita D. Ginberg Mr. Charles Grimm & Ms. Aurora Lombardi Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holzer Ms. Josephine Ireland Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson Kowalski Design House Mr. & Mrs. David Lafitte Milton & Arlene Larsen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Litchfield Joseph Lombardo Mrs. Lee Luria Mr. & Mrs. James Malcolm Maryanne Mott Rick & Regina Roney Patricia Rumpza Ms. Shelley Scott Michael Seabaugh Dr. & Mrs. Jack Sheen Olivia & Steve Starkey Ms. Cynthia Stebbins Mr. & Mrs. George Turpin Mr. & Mrs. Phillip VanHorn Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Wall Patricia & Nicholas Weber Ed & Grace Yoon

Sustainers $250+ Dr. & Mrs. Mortimer Andron Dr. Stanley Azen & Ms. Joyce Niland Mr. & Mrs. Gunther Baumgartner Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Beaver Gina & Martin Bell In memory of Bob Colleary Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bellowe Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bennett Barrie & Arlene Bergman Susan E. Bower Virginia Castagnola-Hunter In memory of Jon Lovelace Mr. Oswald Da Ros Mr. Steve Daniels & Ms. Kitty Glanz Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Dinkin Loretta Doukas In honor & memory of William L. Doukas Mrs. Ian Dundas Michael Dunn Rob & Judy Egenolf In honor of David Asbell & his fantastic team Harold Feinleib Dr. Ernest Ferrel Mr. Eldon Ford Mr. & Mrs. Ted Funsten Hunt Gammel Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gault Mr. Daniel Gerber John Gerngross Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Girod Ms. Hallie Goodall Mr. & Mrs. Andy Granatelli Mr. Michael Hakan Mrs. Claudia Gay Whitman & Dr. Richard Handin Phyllis & Bill Helm In honor of Todd Jared Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hochberg Mrs. Ruth Hochman Mr. & Mrs. E. Robert Jones Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kahler Tracy Kanowsky Hope Kelly Ms. Dana Kopfer Maxey Mrs. Doris Kuhns Dr. Carrie Towbes & Dr. John Lewis Siri & Bob Marshall Ray & Leslie Mathiasen Charles Newman Mr. Tim Owens In honor of Steve Cloud & David Asbell Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Parent Ms. Jamie Raney Ms. Jane C. Rieffel Mr. & Mrs. Gil Rosas In memory of Alexander Ryan Singh Mr. & Mrs. Ken Saxon Ms. Christiane Schlumberger Mr. Jeffrey Sherbakoff Mr. Peter G. Simeth In memory of Katharina Smith Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sinser Mr. Benjamin Smith In memory of Bill Blythe Mr. Robert A. Sorich Ms. Barbara Spaulding Mrs. Sally St. John

Gail & David Teton-Landis Patricia Toppel Dr. Marshall Tulin Judith Wallner Mr. Harold Williams Geof & Laura Wyatt Gary P. Yencich Guardians $100+ Mr. Mark Adams Mr. & Mrs. Doug Aiken American Irish Historical Society Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Anker Tom Archambault & Nancy Nufer Ms. Brook Ashley In memory of Tallulah Bankhead Mr. & Mrs. Michael Avenali Margery Baragona Ms. Leinie Bard In memory of Archie Bard John M. Barker Jerome & Dinah Baumgartner Lynn Behrens Ms. Judith Bell Mrs. Barbara Benon Laurie J. Bentson Ms. Jeannette Blair Mr. Paul Blake Dr. & Mrs. Ross Borden Mr. Jack Brady & Ms. Carla Whitacre In honor of Jane Litchfield Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bridges Paul Brinegar Dr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Brooks Robert Brown Mr. & Mrs. Norm Brown Mr. & Mrs. Roland Bryan Dr. Robert Bryant In honor of Mike & Ann Towbes David Bunn Mrs. Linda Burns Mr. William Burtness Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Busch Jennifer Calderwood Dr. & Mrs. Richard Caleel Brett Cambern Ron Challis Mr. & Mrs. Edward Chelini Virginia Chennell Bradley Chipps Samuel Chirman Gillian Christie Mr. & Mrs. William Cirone Mrs. Martha Clyde Mr. & Mrs. John Cogswell Mr. & Mrs. James Collins In honor of Hope Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Tom Collison Jane G. Copelan Mr. & Mrs. John Coppejans Mr. Frederick Corey In memory of Dorothy Stauff Corey Rick & Nancy Corradini Mr. & Mrs. Gordon B. Crary Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leland Crawford Jr.


Ms. Leslie H. Meadowcroft-Schipper Barbara Meister Graciela Montgomery Peter & Joanne Norris Dr. & Mrs. William J. Parrish Raymond Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Marc Recordon David Rintels Dr. Robert Ruby Mrs. Nancy Schlosser Mrs. Jean Schuyler Mr. & Mrs. Ed Seder Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sheldon Mr. Ed Snider Mrs. Betty J. Stephens In honor of Jim Dougherty Robert & Meghan Stoll Mr. & Mrs. John Swift Swift Action Fund Dr. & Mrs. James A. Tamborello Ms. Katie Thatcher Mr. Tim Whitcomb & Ms. Alison Daniels

6 3 | Ba c k st a ge 2013 | l obe ro. c om

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Crossland In memory of Bob Colleary Mr. Michael Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Davis Telma Dawallo Gwen & Rodger Dawson Mr. Roger Deranian Linda Diamant Richard Doehring Ms. Sandra Doria Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dougherty Margaret DuCharme Mrs. Robert Edmonston Ms. Mercedes H. Eichholz Mr. Samuel Ellis Mr. George Eskin & Ms. Hannah-Beth Jackson Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Failing Ms. Haddon Dillon & Mr. William Farrell Barbara Fawaz Larry Feinberg Ronald & Marie-Louise Fendon Christine & William Fletcher Craig & Barbara Fugle Nancy Furman-Alex Joel Garfield Mr. & Mrs. Gene Geller Mr. & Mrs. Dan George Mr. & Mrs. David L. Gersh Allan Ghitterman & Susan Rose Mr. J. Paul Gignac Carolyn Glasoe Ira Goldenring Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Gravo Robert Greenberg Kathryn Greene Susan Gwynne Ms. Dominique M. Hackett Dr. & Mrs. Van Hamilton Nina Hamilton Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hamilton Tamar Handelman Jeffrey & Jane Hankoff Mr. Ronald Hays Doug Hechter Stuart & Andree Herscovici In honor of Life & Living Mr. & Mrs. Roger S. Hinze Sally Hoehne Ms. Bridget Hoffman Scott Hunter Mr. & Mrs. William Hynes Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Jackson Eleanor H. Jacobs Vinny Jain Janet Jared Greg & Sharlae Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Jordano Karen Kahn Kevin Keating Ms. Margaret Kemp Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kilroy Dr. & Mrs. Laszlo Kiraly In honor of David Asbell Fred Klein Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Kravetz Gale Krupica Mr. C. Kunde 6 4 | Back sta ge 2013 | lobe r o. c o m

Mr. Larry Laborde Ms. Colleen Land Dr. & Mrs. James Langer Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lebow Mr. Jean Thompson Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Levine Dr. Daniel R. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. George D. Lilly Kim Lindbery Lobero Theatre Associates In memory of Bob Colleary J. Paul Longanbach Suzanne Loomis Mr. Jerome Lowenthal Leslie Lundt Karen MacDonald Dr. & Mrs. Peter MacDougall Mr. & Mrs. Craig Madsen Mrs. Helen Marquette In memory of Tony Marquette Steve Martin Mrs. Maureen M. Masson Brett Matthews & Ginger Salazar Carl Mayrose Mr. & Mrs. James McIntyre Bruce McRoy Ms. Dana Melideo In memory of Dolly & Al Melideo Chase & Ronnie Mellen Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Merovick Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Najera Mr. & Mrs. Bill Nicholson Olio e Limone Restaurante & Olio Pizzeria Ms. Helen C. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Donley Olson Christie Ontjes In honor of my husband, Rod Ontjes Rod Ontjes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orgel Ms. Maureen O’Rourke Ms. Virginia Ortega Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pahos Joseph Pangrazio Melony B. Parent Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pasternack Ms. Katherine Pattison Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pecarich Jean M. Perloff, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Brent Peus Mrs. Kären Pick Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pinsker Virginia Poll Mrs. Margaret P. Polsky Ann & David Premack Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Ray Debra & Ted Reed Ms. Jean M. Reiche Mr. Albert Reid Malcolm Ritchie Mr. Vincent Roberti Mr. Bob Roe & Ms. Susan Sheller Ms. Loretta H. Roper Mr. & Mrs. Gil Rosas Mr. Dennis Russell Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan Elizabeth Saghi Mr. Ezra Salazar

Mr. & Mrs. Saltoun In memory of Bob Colleary Mark Scher Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schiff Kathy Scroggs Stephen & Nancy Sheld George Short Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Silverberg In honor of Sallie Dougherty Mr. Daniel K. Simon Dorothea Smith Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Smith Mr. David Sorenson Mr. Harris Sprecher Mr. Mid Squier Mr. & Mrs. Sam Stoddard Mr. Erik Stucky David Sullivan Martha Sykes Mr. & Mrs. John Tanner Carl Thelander Mr. & Mrs. Richard Thielscher Mr. Ian Thomson Tom & Hollie Towle Mr. Frank Troise Mr. Mark E. Trueblood Mr. & Mrs. Budd Tufeld In honor of Jill Stein & David Unger David Unger & Jill Stein Mr. & Mrs. Robert Uphoff Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Vedder Arturo Vega Gordon Walsh Mr. Scott Wardlaw Cynthia Webb Ms. Jeanette Webber Mr. Seymour Weisberg Wayne Wilson Mrs. Joy Winer Ms. Lucinda Winters Peter & Linda Wisner Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wouters Ms. Margaret W. Wright Ms. Deloria Zabriskie John Ziegwied Supporters under $100 Rebecca Aasted Anonymous Mr. Greg Ashforth Suzanne Austin Leasha M. Barry Ms. Diane Baskin Ms. Sydney Baumgartner Richard Blake Ms. Vicky Blum Gretchen Boone Dora B. Bradley Stephanie Burkard Bertha Burns Barbara Calder Ms. Teresa Camarillo Denise Caracas Raymond Chaffee Erwin B. Clahassey Ms. Janice G. Cloud

Julie McLeod Ms. Meredith McMinn Toni & Terry McQueen Nelson Merrell Hale & Anne Milgrim Mrs. William L. Mobraaten David Moralez Mike Munoz Linda Newlin Ms. Myra Nicholas Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nichols Mr. John W. Nickelsen Betty Noling Belita Ong & Gordon Auchincloss Mr. & Mrs. Georges Paradis John L. Peake Michael Petracca Mr. & Mrs. Alan Piltz In honor of Holly Chadwin & Geren Piltz Nola M. Pincus Alvin & Erika Plack Jan & Reilly Pollard Lyn Proctor Mr. & Dr. James Prudden Mr. & Mrs. William H. Raber Linda Robyn Cheryl Rollings Robert Romanyshyn Mr. Darrell Roy Ms. Florence O. Russell Santa Barbara Axxess Hal & Christine Saunders In honor of Robin Sonner Mr. Matt Scesney Frank A. Schmidt Diane Schultheis Ms. Ellen Simon Mr. Eric Skipsey Sidonia Slaff Ms. Michelle Sloan Mr. Tom Smith Stephanie S. Sokolove Paul E. Solomon Prudence Squier

Mr. & Mrs. David Stein Elizabeth Stewart Mrs. Susan Stratford Mr. Richard Talbert Courtney A.U. Tan Ms. Wendy Tarasick Rukhsanna Taylor Ms. Michelle Tellez In honor of Otenio Téllez Mr. & Mrs. Steve Thompson In memory of Brenda Crane Ms. Mary Ellen Tiffany In honor of Anne Towbes’ Birthday Ms. Shirley A. Toeppner Leslie Torgeson Cheryl Trosky United Way of Santa Barbara County Richard Verheij Dr. & Mrs. M. Dean Vogel Mary Walsh Ms. April Walstead Mr. Frederick Warren Mr. & Mrs. Robert Watkins Mr. Jeff Waxman In memory of Rex Marchbanks Dr. Wayne Robert Wecksler Mr. & Mrs. Bernard White Mr. & Mrs. Douglas White Michael J. Willingham Eva Wright Ms. Jill Wright Albert Yenni Mr. Raymond Zanella Susan C. Zapalac Alex Ziegler Dr. Muriel Zimmerman


Ms. Patricia Cochrane Dr. Mary B. Collier Donald Cork Lisa Cosentino Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cribbs Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dallenbach Roxane Davidoff Mary Louise A. Days Michael J. Deleo Lance Depew Judi Doernberg In memory of Morris Kronfeld Timothy C. Doherty Diana Dolan Jennifer A. Duliakas Mr. Michael Edick Mr. & Mrs. Neil Elliott Vladimir Falko Barbara Faulkner Donald & Stacey Fergusson Mr. Lindsay Fisher James & Judy Garrett Mr. & Mrs. Marlowe Goldsby Carolyn Grant Mr. & Mrs. William J. Green Bill Griffith Mr. Steve Guerena Michael & Dru Hammer Mr. William S. Hanrahan Martha Harmon Gregg Hart Christopher Haskell Alan Hazard Ms. Lisa Hill Tom & Jody Holehouse Jim Hopperstad Ms. Sandra Lei Isa Ms. Allison Janss Kelly Jensen Robert Jepson Miss Kellie Johnston Mr. Jack Kennedy Ms. Frances Kliza Miss Joyce Koehler Mr. Lief Koepsel Arthur Kong Mr. Mitchell Kriegman Raelyn Largura Leslie Leaney Winston Lech Ms. Catherine Lee Ms. Elizabeth Lepley Michael Lewellen Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Litchfield In memory of Bob Colleary Stacie Logue Mr. Greg Lorenz Michael Lovell Ms. Karen Madden Ann Malesky James & Ella Markham John W. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Paul Martinez Kathryn Mast Mr. & Mrs. John T. McCann In memory of Bob Colleary

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