Backstage at the Lobero, Spring/Summer 2012

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President’s Message

Encore: Lobero is all about audience amenities, ensuring that your theatre experience is the best it can be. We always strive to honor those who came before us, ensuring that their vision continues on for future generations of Santa Barbara audiences and artists. With this in mind, our architects and designers have researched George Washington Smith’s and Lutah Maria Riggs’ original drawings and designs, incorporating many small details from their plans, and even discovering some grand ideas that went unrealized in 1923. We plan to bring these dreams to fruition in a way that makes the Lobero a brighter, more accessible and more enjoyable home for your favorite performing arts; in short, the best place to see anything. I am so grateful for the tremendous leadership shown by Campaign Chair Jim Morouse. I would also like to thank the Lobero Board for their commitment to this important project. To date, Board members have made more than $1.5 million in personal gifts to the Campaign, and helped to raise even more. In the

coming months, each of our patrons will be asked to participate in the Encore: Lobero efforts, and I hope you will plan to contribute. But we also need your support today to sustain the theatre’s ongoing operations and programming. Here are a few ways you can help: • • •

Make a gift to our Annual Fund to sustain the theatre’s ongoing operations and programming. Buy tickets and join us for the diversity of shows presented on the Lobero stage. Be an ambassador and tell your associates and colleagues how much you love the Lobero. Or better yet, bring your friends to a performance and show them what a unique, intimate place the Lobero is. Volunteer to be an usher or join our ladies’ auxiliary, the Lobero Theatre Associates.

The Lobero has always been loved and supported by this wonderful community, and I know we can count on you again. Please join me in helping to continue a 138-year-old tradition of great performances and great memories.

I hope to see you in the theatre! Sincerely,

Doug Wood Board President

Backstage 5

I feel so very privileged to have the opportunity to chair the Lobero Board of Directors at this exciting time. We are entering a new chapter in the life of this wonderful theatre, one that will ensure that great performances will continue on her stage. True to the Lobero Theatre Foundation’s mission to maintain and operate this historic venue, we have launched Encore: Lobero, a Campaign to preserve and enhance (see page 18). As you read through this edition of Backstage at the Lobero, I hope you will be encouraged to help us in this endeavor.

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Architectural photos by Stephanie Schuster,

BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE * Doug Wood, President * Jim Morouse, Vice President Jeff DeVine, Secretary William J. Nasif, Treasurer George Burtness, At Large Melissa Fassett, At Large Palmer Jackson Jr., Past President BOARD MEMBERS David H. Anderson Tim Casey Stephen Cloud * Amy Gresh Mark Jaffe Sean McCulloch Betsey Moller Ron Morrow Betty L. Richardson Frank Schipper Robert TenEyck Annie Williams LOBERO THEATRE ASSOCIATES Annie Williams, President Emily Johnson, Vice President Lisa Aviani, Treasurer Marlena Handler, Corresponding Secretary Joan Crossland, Recording Secretary Leslie Haight, Parliamentarian Colette Hartman, Past President ADVISORY BOARD Barbara J. Burgess Leland Crawford Jr. Patrick Davis Charles De L’arbe James H. Hurley Jr. Rod Lathim Bob Light Paula Lopez Lillian Lovelace Craig Madsen

Alfred V. Morgan Mike Pahos Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Marilyn Schuermann Jan Severson Rob Skinner Anne F. Towbes Anthony Wall Judi Weisbart Gay Ashforth Wilson Nancy R. Lynn, Executive Director Emeritus STAFF * David Asbell, Executive Director * Angie Bertucci, Marketing and Communications Liaison Genevieve Bierman, Box Office Supervisor & Webmaster * Holly Chadwin, Executive Assistant & Youth and Community Programs Coordinator * Marianne Clark, Annual Fund Director Dave Compton, Assistant Technical Director J.O. Davis, Sound Engineer * Jim Dougherty, Director of Development Paul Grant, Box Office Attendent * Christine Green, Development Associate Naseem Hyder, Web Development Todd Jared, Technical Director Tony Mangini, Lighting Engineer Cecilia Martini-Muth, Graphic Design Don McGreevy, Accountant Angela McLafferty, Box Office Attendant Connie & Luis Mejia-Luna, Maintenance Assistants * Jessica Simon, Development Associate Ysidra Valdez, Box Office Attendent Gerardo Zepeda, House Manager Lobero Theatre 33 E. Canon Perdido Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-0761 / * Backstage contributing authors

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Backstage 7

Board & Staff


No matter how you get here,

31 W e s t C a r r i l l o s t r e e t s a n ta b a r b a r a , C a l i f o r n i a • 8 05.8 8 4 .0 3 0 0 • C a n a ryS a n ta B a r B a r a .Co m

Highbrow Lowdown This edition of Backstage already features a fair amount of jazz singer Tierney Sutton, as she is our first Jazz Artist in Residence (more on pg 43). In this year’s Jazz at the Lobero series, she’ll be performing with a new lineup and a new format. We all have come to know (and love) her with her tight-knit Tierney Sutton Band more than 15 years. But for her March 23 performance, she will perform with renowned jazz flutist, Herbert Laws and skilled guitarist, Larry Koonse. While this isn’t the first performance for the trio, it is a new development in her career. Look for this extraordinary trio to continue making headlines as Ms. Sutton spreads her jazz wings.

As jazz goes in the world, so goes Jazz at the Lobero. It is a musical genre in motion, creating and re-creating itself from traditional jazz to big band, through bop, fusion and straight ahead. Today, it remains a tradition in transition. Jazz seems to careen from one exhilarating experiment to the next, which is both its strength and weakness; an artistic strength in its ever-evolving unpredictability and a commercial weakness in its … ever-evolving unpredictability. You must not miss the infinitely talented Regina Carter’s “Reverse Thread” on Friday, February 24. Regina Carter’s extensive education began with piano at age two, violin at four and included viola, oboe, choir, tap dance and ballet. Along the way, her classical music training evolved into improvisational jazz violin, where she has crafted her voice by creatively incorporating a wide-range of musical influences. She was awarded the MacArthur Fellows Program Grant (commonly referred to as the Genius Award) in 2006 to research the rich traditional music that has lead to her program at the Lobero. She and her “Reverse Thread” ensemble weave folk songs from the African diaspora into a jazz format for what promises to be a very special performance. Be on the lookout for the interesting use of accordion and the kora (21-string West African harp) performed by kora master, Yacouba Sissoko.

The final performance of the current series is a concert with Charles Lloyd and his stellar quartet featuring Jason Moran (another MacArthur Fellow), Eric Harland and Ruben Rogers, but the twist is the addition of the iconic Greek doyenne, Maria Farantouri. Ms. Farantouri is a Greek national treasure, not only as a musician, but a cultural and political activist. She recorded many protest songs against the military junta in Greece from 1967– 1974, and has served as a member of the Greek Parliament since that time. It is her deep contralto, referred to as “the soul of Greece,” that raises the bar for this trans-cultural musical endeavor. Their special performance on April 18 is titled Amarando, and will bend the jazz mold to include Socrates Sinopoulos on the Greek lyra (the pear-shaped fiddle). I have no doubt it will be another remarkable performance in a string of memorable Charles Lloyd performances on his hometown stage. I hope that you will join us for a wild and enjoyable ride as we careen into Jazz at the Lobero’s 2012 shows, complete with two recognized geniuses and one of Greece’s national treasures. Please feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ever-evolving unpredictability. We promise it will be worth the ride.

David Asbell, Executive Director Backstage 9

David Asbell and Tierney Sutton

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By now you, as a fan of the Lobero Theatre and reader of these pages, are familiar with the Capital Campaign that will provide our beloved theatre with a facelift. I hope you are as excited as I am, picturing a Lobero with new, more comfortable seats, better ventilation and expanded restrooms. I’m confident these enhancements will make the experience of Lobero performers and guests even more special and memorable.

While the detailed and time-intensive planning for these important enhancements takes place, the Lobero continues to do what it does best—provide a wonderful and intimate venue for talented performers to entertain you! The Lobero Theatre Foundation continues to book and pay performers, pay staff salaries, pay bills for utilities and incur all other routine operating expenses to bring amazing talent to our town and be available as a venue for Santa Barbara area youth and community programs. This year as always, the Lobero relies on your donations to help sustain the theatre’s operations. Please consider a donation to keep the theatre thriving today as we look forward to the future. All the Best,

Amy Gresh Annual Fund Chair

I was struck by a bit of philosophy that I received recently by way of an email. I will not recount the entire message, but I loved the statement that “the happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything.”

We have, as you will read throughout this publication, embarked on a Capital Campaign to preserve and enhance the Lobero Theatre. I would like to believe our Capital plan started from the premise that we have the best of something: the Lobero. You may ask, “If that is so, where does the Campaign fit in?” My answer, “the Encore: Lobero Campaign is committed to making the best of what the Lobero is; an intimate, community treasure and cornerstone for the performing arts.” By this token, Santa Barbara should be the happiest of communities, because we have the best, and we’re making it even better, together. Now, here’s the real connection to the statement: if you can join us in our efforts to make the best of everything for the Lobero, we can all be very, very happy. With best wishes,

Jim Dougherty Director of Development

Backstage 11

Annual Fund

Jim’s Corner

For more than 100 years, a dedicated cast of donors has supported the Lobero Theatre and helped preserve its historic charm and intimacy.

It’s tIme for an encore performance! Please contact Jim Dougherty to sign up for a pre-construction tour and to find out how you can play a role in the next act. Jim Dougherty, Director of Development (805) 966-4946 x605 ·

E N C O R E : L O B E RO

A Campaign to Preserve & Enhance California’s Oldest Continuously Operating Live Performance Venue

The McAlisters have brought their daughters, Megan and Lauren, to the Lobero many times. They have fond memories of seeing The Nutcracker with the girls when they were young, as well as the annual presentation of It’s Magic! and still enjoy seeing shows as a family. “We brought our daughters to the Steve Miller Band at the Lobero. They LOVED that.” Mari and Patrick say they are looking forward to more evenings out now that they are “empty nesters,” with Megan and Lauren both away at USC. The couple recently attended the Lobero Theatre Foundation’s presentation of Come Fly Away, a thrilling dance show by Twyla Tharpe set to the music of Frank Sinatra, at the Granada this past November. Mari in particular loved it, adding, “It was fantastic!” What else are the McAlisters doing now that their girls are off at school? Patrick is serving on the Board of St. John’s Hospital, located in Santa Monica, California. Patrick and Mari are both on the Board of The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation, based in

Beverly Hills. The Foundation, started by Patrick’s grandfather in 1959, has a history of supporting healthcare and education, although they like to include the arts and other causes when possible. Patrick has been managing the Foundation’s portfolio since 1998, and he and Mari both personally take the time to follow-up with charities, doing site visits and making sure that the money is being spent as anticipated. As Patrick says, “It’s good to get involved when you have the time.” In addition, Patrick has also spent time on the Boards for the Page Youth Center, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, and Laguna Blanca School. Mari served on the Parent Auxiliary for Laguna Blanca School and was involved with the National Charity League with their daughters. With any spare time remaining, you might find this active couple riding their horses on the trails in Hope Ranch. Mari often rows out on Lake Casitas, and Patrick enjoys golf, tennis and has been a sailing enthusiast since he was five. In fact, the McAlisters plan their vacations so they can be on the water, taking trips to Catalina, the Channel Islands, and the San Juan and Gulf Islands in the northwest. The Lobero Theatre staff is looking forward to seeing more of the McAlisters in the audience this season, and promises to do our best to try to book The Eagles, just for them.

Backstage 13

Clint Weisman

Patron Profile

Mari and J. Patrick McAlister moved to Santa Barbara with their family in 2000 from the Beverly Hills area and became involved with the Lobero during the next couple of years. Mari begins, “I love the Lobero because it’s so intimate. It’s really special. I think we are really lucky to have it in our community.” Mari has been involved with the Lobero Theatre Associates, the Lobero’s women’s auxiliary group, for eight years now. Patrick agrees, “It’s a great venue to have in downtown Santa Barbara. What we like about it is the small nature of it, the intimacy, and the historical aspect.”


Mari J. Patrick McAlister

We are dedicated to being a good corporate member of the community - that is just how we operate.

Venoco is proud to support

The Lobero Youth Programs.

Your efforts help make this community a great place to live and work. Thank you.

Venoco is a company of hard working and experienced people who

enjoy the challenges of the energy industry. We were founded in 1992 in Carpinteria and appreciate the beauty of the areas where we operate.

6267 Carpinteria Avenue Carpinteria, CA 93013 805.745.2100

GAYLE (RINCK) BARNARD (1921 - 2011)



Gayle was always a California girl. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she attended University High School and UCLA before marrying her high school sweetheart, Charles Barnard, in 1941. She lived on his family’s ranch in Brentwood while Charles fought in WWII, and remained there when he returned until 1953, when they relocated to Carpinteria. There they established themselves on an avocado ranch and raised their children, Marilyn and Charles. Gayle was a born hostess, which made her a perfect fit for the Lobero Theatre Associates, the theatre’s women’s auxiliary. She was also a natural artist who enjoyed painting, sculpting, decoupage and collage mediums. She was an active tennis player and loved to travel, with an affinity toward Venice where she could practice her Italian. Gayle was predeceased by her husband Charles in 1992. She was a generous, vivacious person who will be missed by her daughter and son-in-law, son and grandson.

A native of New York, Ellie Harriman was headed for a career in the big city. After graduating from Smith College in 1942, she attended the Tobe Colburn School of Fashion Marketing in Manhattan. Soon, though, she succumbed to the charms of her college sweetie and became Mrs. Thomas Harriman in 1943. Utilizing her drafting skills, she worked at the MIT Radar Lab while Tom became an Aeronautical Engineer. In 1958 the couple and their two young sons moved to Southern California and discovered the beauty of Santa Barbara, but a career move took them back to the East Coast in 1966. Finally, in 1986 Tom retired and they settled in Hope Ranch where Eleanor quickly became an active member of the community. She served on the Boards of Ensemble Theatre, Planned Parenthood, the Museum of Art’s Women’s Board, and the Music Academy’s Women’s Auxiliary. She was also active with the Smith Club, Junior League, Little Town Club, and was a long-time supporter of the Lobero. Ellie is survived by her husband Thomas, sons Richard and Tom, and her “adopted” daughter Judith L. Hopkins.

Although born and raised on a farm in Illinois, it was the world of rocket science that brought Val Oquist to Southern California. In the mid-1950s, she and then newlywed husband Hal headed west to work for Rocketdyne. Together they raised a family, and eventually retired to Montecito. During her time in Santa Barbara, Val was no stranger to the Lobero Theatre. She and Hal were founding members of the Friends of the Lobero, a group that for many years built award-winning floats for the Fiesta Parade, and manned the concessions booths at the annual French Festival at Oak Park. Val loved to travel and garden, and gave her time to many other local organizations including the Lincoln Club, Santa Barbara/Puerto Vallarta Sister City Committee, the Reagan Ranch, Santa Barbara Symphony and Trinity Lutheran Church. She will be missed by her husband of 56 years, Hal, four children and their spouses and seven grandchildren.

Backstage 15

In Memoriam

is a lot like jazz... It’s best when you improvise! – GEORGE GERSHWIN

When you want music, you go to the Lobero.

When you want professional local news, you go to

When you want music, you go to the Lobero.

Charles Lloyd

Photo by David Bazemore

Supporting the



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de, The Esplana

a new entry


to the theatr


Architects Geo rge Washingto n Smith and Luta h Maria Riggs

A message from Campaign Chairman, Jim Morouse

We are also excited about preserving and highlighting some of the architectural details (ceiling, architecture, whimsy) as well as the potential for realizing George Washington Smith’s original vision for “The Esplanade”– a flatter, more welcoming entrance to the theatre. And yes, more legroom and an an impressive “patron-to-potty ratio.” We’re doubling the number of stalls in the women’s room.

Like all functional historic buildings, the Lobero naturally requires upkeep and stewardship to remain a vibrant community resource.

Over the next eighteen months, we are reaching out to the community to raise the funds and implement a phased restoration plan that honors the legacy of the theatre and sets the stage for an exciting future. Completion is expected in fall of 2013.


The Encore: Lobero campaign is supporting the most significant “facelift” the theatre has had since the current building was erected in 1924. We’ve established a $5.2 million campaign goal after assessing the theatre’s needs and the economic environment. We consulted with community groups that most use the theatre and we engaged architectural and construction professionals. With some terrific input from patrons and partners, the Board is focusing Encore: Lobero on audience comfort. The starting point is new seats – the seats you’re sitting on tonight were installed when Ronald Reagan was President! We’re planning wider seats, more legroom and better sightlines.

CREATING OUR LEGACY The Board of the Lobero Theatre Foundation has a mission to preserve and operate one of Santa Barbara’s great historic landmarks as a community asset. We are the stewards of this building, a responsibility handed down over 138 years through scores of committed volunteers. I am so excited to be a part of this campaign effort; this is our time in the Lobero’s history to make a difference and create our own legacy for future generations. Please look around the theatre, and notice the signs of age and wear in the iconic ceiling mosaic, on the walls, in the carpet and the seats. Today we can honor those who came before us and ensure that this George Washington Smith venue continues to shine like the gem that it is.

“EVERYONE WAS APPROACHED … AND EVERYONE GAVE” In 1922, the campaign to re-build the Lobero Theatre was the result of broad community support. In fact, former Board President Ernestine Koefed noted, “Everyone was approached for a contribution and everyone gave.” Now it’s our turn. The Lobero has always been Santa Barbara’s cultural heart: our performing arts venue, town hall, political rallying place, occasional church and even a shelter after the 1925 earthquake. I know you agree with me that it is worthy of our support.

HOW YOU CAN HELP The early focus of the campaign has been on leadership gifts with all members of the Board, full-time staff and some close members of the Lobero family. With pledges in hand for $2.6 million, we are sincerely grateful for their early leadership and optimistic that we will reach our goal. Real success will be measured by the breadth of community participation and, as in 1922, we hope all will hear the call and lend a hand. We continue to seek leadership gifts, and a broad spectrum of giving opportunities will be presented in the months ahead. Gifts can be made by check or credit card, a donation of stock, or a planned gift. If you would like to discuss ways to contribute to Encore: Lobero, please contact Jim Dougherty, Director of Development at (805) 966-4946 x605 or

The Lobero Theatre Foundation gratefully acknowledges the early support of these Leadership Donors to the Encore: Lobero Campaign. Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson Anonymous (3) David Asbell & Denise Dannemiller Ms. Marlyn Bernard Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Peter Beuret Ms. Geraldine Bidwell Mr. George L. Burtness Tim & Louise Casey Family Holly Chadwin & Geren Piltz Marianne & Jordan Clark Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cloud Mr. & Mrs. Steven Crossland Jeff & Josie Devine

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dougherty In honor of the Lobero staff Don & Cinda Erdman Ms. Amy Gresh Hollis Norris Fund Ms. Naseem Hyder Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Ingram The Ann Jackson Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Jackson Jr. Mr. Mark Jaffe Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson Dr. Robert Klein & Lynne Cantlay In Memory of Michael and Talia Klein Robert & Ellen Lawson The Lennox Foundation Judith Little Lobero Theatre Associates Mr. & Mrs. William Loomis

Manchester Capital Management Mr. & Mrs. David M. Mendoza John & Betsey Moller Jim & Mary Morouse Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Morrow The Mosher Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William Nasif Santa Barbara Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schipper Ms. Jessica Simon Mr. Robert TenEyck Anne & Michael Towbes Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Watling Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wood Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Mr. Gerardo Zepeda

Backstage 19

Encore: Lobero Donors

Lobero Theatre Endowment for Excellence

Since 1873, the Lobero Theatre has been creating lasting memories. We are grateful for the generosity of these donors to the Lobero Endowment Funds: Endowment for American Roots Music, Endowment for Classical Music, Endowment for Theatre, Towbes Family Endowment for Dance, Kelly J. Morgan Endowment for Youth, and the Lobero Operating Endowment. Their gifts will ensure that memories continue now and into the future. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Ackerman *Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. William Avitabile Jeffrey C. & Margo Barbakow The Coeta & Donald Barker Foundation *The Estate of Mrs. Julia Bates Beck, Whitehead & Company Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Beltran Mr. & Mrs. Richard Benjamin *Marlyn Bernard Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Blair Ms. Linda Blazy Bleakley Development Company Leland & Juanita Breneman Dixie Brummel Marlyn & Gladys Burch *Mr. George Burtness The Estate of Janet Caminetti Ms. Ann C. Carneros *Mr. & Mrs. Tim Casey *Roger & Sarah Chrisman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cowles Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cox L. Haney Crocker Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Davis Mr. & Mrs. Barry De Vorzon Mr. & Mrs. James Duncan Ms. Jayne Eckhardt Mr. & Mrs. Merle Feese Paula C. Gaskins

Bernice Gracey Ken & Anne Graham Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hanrahan Jim & Catherine Haslem Steve Hausz Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Havenhill II Oliver & Nancy Hayden Ms. Monika Henreid Mr. Richard Hilliard The Hollis Norris Fund *Hutton Foundation Dr. & Mrs. John Ise *Palmer & Susan Jackson Jr. Brett & Shami Keegan *Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Kendall *Liselotte Kuttler Trust Loma Lawrence Ms. R. Marilyn Lee *Lehrer Family Foundation *Jim & Joan Lindsey Mrs. Ted Loughrin Mr. Jerome Lowenthal Wilda Lunt *Mr. & Mrs. Tim Marquez MaxiVision Cinema Technology Kenneth & Virginia Miller Mr. Kirk Miller Mr. & Mrs. Alfred V. Morgan *Mr. & Mrs. Jim Morouse Mr. & Mrs. David Morris Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mulinex Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nasif Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Nerman

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Neil Oehme Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Oldham Mr. & Mrs. Harold Oquist Mrs. Muriel Osterhaus Bobby & Delores Parker *Mr. Robert Pedraglia Mrs. Kären Pick Mr. & Mrs. William Ramsay Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Resch Mr. & Mrs. James Resch Dr. & Mrs. Donald Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Safreno Trudie Safreno Rhoda Schulte *Mr. & Mrs. John G. Severson Mr. James Shelton Joseph & Susan Skenderian Mrs. Lewis M. Smith Mr. Michael T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Riichiro Suzuki *Mr. & Mrs. Walter Thomson Tidewater Companies *Michael Towbes Mr. Paul R. Trent Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Underwood Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wehkamp *Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Willard Linda Woodrow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yamin *Denotes Cornerstone Society Members

The Lobero remembers

Jon Lovelace

Jon Lovelace, Luminary In November 2010, the Lobero Ghostlight Society celebrated their first Luminaries, individuals whose vision and generosity have made a significant impact not only at the Lobero, but in the community of Santa Barbara and beyond. Jon Lovelace, along with his wife Lillian, was one of those Luminaries and the world has truly lost a brilliant light with his passing.

Sansum-Santa Barbara, the Yosemite Fund, the Nature Conservancy of California, the Council on Foreign Relations, the James Madison National Council of The Library of Congress, Stanford University Northeast Asia-U.S. Forum on International Policy, and the Pacific Council on International Policy.

Jon headed the Los Angeles based Capital Research and Management Company for more than 40 years, but his personal accomplishments reached far beyond that career. He combined an incredible business and investment acumen with the ability to see beyond his own interests; his daughter Carey once described him as a “Buddhist businessman,” always eager to share the company’s success with his colleagues.

The Lobero was fortunate to host many wonderful performances in collaboration with Jon and Lillian. They had seen Marcel Marceau during his first U.S. tour in 1955, and Marceau was delighted to meet them again at the Lobero 48 years later. Folk singer Odetta held a special place in the Lovelaces’ hearts, and they shared a magical, intimate evening hearing her personal stories. From dance to political satire to youth outreach, the Lobero’s programming has been indelibly touched by Jon and Lillian’s generosity.

Even more impressive than his work with Capital was his resume of philanthropic investments. His varied interests included the arts, medical research, the environment and foreign policy. He shared his wealth of knowledge with the Boards of the J. Paul Getty Trust, CalArts, Public Radio International, the Brain Mapping Medical Research Organization at UCLA,

The Lobero is just one of dozens of local nonprofit organizations that shines a little brighter thanks to Jon’s exceptional philanthropy. His legacy of community leadership will live on through the many programs he has promoted. Jon is survived by his wife of 60 years, Lillian; children Carey, Jeffrey, Jim and Rob; and six grandchildren.

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Brian Brooks Moving Company Brian is a runner, and has been familiarizing himself with Santa Barbara by undertaking long cross-country sprints. His work is no less intense. It features aspects like bright lights pointed at the crowd, hulking set designs, and an all-out athleticism rarely seen in modern dance. Brian Brooks Moving Company’s works are described as minimalist, displaying mathematical intricacy, superhuman physicality while infused with a dreamlike sensibility. The company’s live performances often incorporate elements such as video, animation and visual art into the choreography. Brian Brooks Moving Company will be making the Lobero stage their home during March 2012, rehearsing, running, and enjoying Santa Barbara while they hatch Brian’s newest vision, BIG CITY . This innovative new work already has some momentum behind it, having been awarded an NDP grant which guarantees its completion and subsequent touring. BIG CITY looks at the evolution of cities as they go through destruction and renewal cycles focusing on people putting things (back) together, and

will feature an architectural set piece built by the performers as the dance unfolds. DANCEworks began as a response to the dire need for the nation’s “top” contemporary choreographers to have the time and place to create new work, but now functions as a lifechanging opportunity for choreographers and their companies, contributing bold new works into the ongoing conversation of American modern dance. In keeping with Brian’s inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm, he is planning a community dance element in his company’s performance. This is sure to be a fun opportunity for dance fans of all levels to learn new moves from company members and dance onstage at the Lobero Theatre with a professional dance company. Open call and rehearsal schedule to be announced soon, so stay tuned for more details.

Don’t miss the world premiere of BIG CITY, March 30 & 31, 2012 at the Lobero. Keep up with all things DANCEworks at: Twitter/@SBDanceWorks

THANKS TO DANCEWORKS SUPPORTERS: Acacia Wealth Advisors Audrey Austin Ginny Brush & Mari Bartoli Jan & Ralph Baxter Norrine Besser Susan Bower Sallie & Curt Coughlin Margaret Ducharme Vasanti & Joel Fithian Pamela Elliott & Scott Frasier Nancy & Tom Elsaesser Ghita Ginberg Nancy Golden Christine Green Paul Guido Jean Kaplan Ellen & Alan Kaplinsky Julie McLeod Julie Nakagama Photo by Christopher Duggan

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Backstage 25

Brian Brooks sits perched on a vinyl barstool at an edgy Santa Barbara coffee house as he tells the assembled crowd, “I like to run, and I like to run FAST.” This gathering served as a sneakpeek for his 2012 DANCEworks residency.

it’s a theatrical tradition dating back to shakespeare’s old globe ... After the curtains have fluttered shut, the audience has shuffled out and the last of the costumes have been draped back on the rack, the house lights go dark. The spotlights go dark. The footlights go dark. But one lamp glows through the night. Every night.

The ghosTlighT. A bare bulb atop a rudimentary pole, it stands at center stage, lit by the last person to leave the theater each night and extinguished by the first to arrive in the morning. Though stark in stature and artless in form, the ghostlight fulfills many functions ... some practical, some supernatural. Here in José Lobero’s historic playhouse, though, the ghostlight burns with an even greater purpose: inspiration. For 135 years, through the leanest times and grandest evenings, the lamp has cast a warm glow over our intimate stage. It’s a beacon for the muses of drama, dance and music — a spark of brilliance to keep creative spirits company from curtain-down to curtain-up. The strong and steady support of the lobero ghostlight society illuminates our behind-the-scenes efforts and – like the steadfast bulb at center stage – keeps our vibrant theatre from ever going dark.

Our sincere thanks to the members of

The lobero ghostlight society

Sara Miller McCune Lyn & David Anderson Betsey & John Moller Ella & Scott Brittingham Mary & Jim Morouse Lynne Cantlay & Robert Klein Susan & Ron Morrow Louise & Tim Casey Sarah & Roger Chrisman Phyllis & Angelo Mozilo Meghan & Robert Stoll Wendy & Jim Drasdo Christine Green The Swift Family Fund in memory of Ingrid & Frederic Ingram Marilyn Swift Tennity Susan & Palmer Jackson Jr. Mary Jean & Walter* Thomson Luci & Richard Janssen Cheryl & Stan Tomchin Lillian & Jon* Lovelace Anne & Michael Towbes Amy & Mike Mayfield Dianne & Daniel Vapnek Marilyn & Richard Mazess Linda & Doug Wood Janet & John McCann *In memoriam and with deepest gratitude

For more information on the lobero ghostlight society, please contact: Jim DougherTy DirecTor of DevelopmenT 805-966-4946 exT. 605

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1/18/12 11:39 AM

SINGS LIKE HELL Sings Like Hell is a radical, critically-acclaimed concert series with a musical focus on singersongwriters through any and all genres imaginable. Sings Like Hell has a loyal fanbase who are upscale in the coolest way and extremely musically astute. It’s very hot music in a very cool place. Shows continue monthly, announced at and Matraca Berg with Anne & Pete Sibley appears on Saturday, February 25. Matraca Berg has made a name for herself for serving as a cartographer for the hills and valleys of women’s souls, doubts, loves and sorrows with gorgeous honesty. Anne & Pete Sibley have shared the stage with worldfamous folk and bluegrass musicians such as the Del McCoury Band, Darrell Scott, Greg Brown, and The Wailin’ Jennys. Sings Like Hell closes its 30th series with Lori McKenna and Gregory Alan Isakov on Saturday, March 24. While Lori McKenna was at first reluctant to attend an open mic night, she is now a staple of the folk music scene with a number of songs recorded by Faith Hill. McKenna has a remarkable way of articulating the love, pain, and pathos of domestic life.

CAMA MASTERSERIES For almost a century, the Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) has brought world-class ensembles and soloists to Santa Barbara, and many to the Lobero stage. CAMA’s Masterseries presents the world’s finest instrumentalists, vocalists, and ensembles in a warm and intimate setting. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Brazilian brothers Sérgio and Odair Assad. The brothers have set the benchmark for guitarists by creating a new standard of innovation, ingenuity and expression. They will explore brilliant works for guitar by Brazil’s most celebrated composers, including a Latin Grammy-winning piece composed by Sérgio Assad.

Closing the season on March 26 is pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Widely acclaimed as a uniquely significant interpreter of piano repertoire from every age, Aimard enjoys an internationally celebrated career that transcends traditional boundaries.

Backstage 27

Renowned for their unearthly vocal blend and virtuosic ensemble singing, the four women of Anonymous 4 combine musical, literary, and historical scholarship with contemporary performance intuition. They’ll celebrate 25 years together with Anthology 25, a retrospective program featuring ancient, traditional and modern works. Don’t miss this divine concert on March 5.

SANTA BARBARA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Featuring international soloists as well as home-grown talent, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra has been presenting the best in chamber music with almost twenty years under the baton of music director and conductor Heiichiro Ohyama. In 2011, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra launched the MEE (Musically Engaging Experience) series, designed to enhance the enjoyment of music for audiences of all ages. This exciting new series returns Friday, March 16 with Rob Kapilow’s What Makes it Great? series. Kapilow takes listeners inside the music: he unravels, slows down, and recomposes key musical passages to discover why they are so extraordinary. Saturday, March 17 brings Rob Kapilow’s FamilyMusik: At the Zoo (And Furthermore, They Bite!). In FamilyMusik, Kapilow gives the perfect combination of education and entertainment in an enthusiastic romp around the animal kingdom as he shows how composers depict the wild side in their music. On April 3, SBCO presents Staples Center Stage!, showcasing former concertmaster Sheryl Staples, who will return to the Lobero stage to perform Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A (The Turkish). Ms. Staples is the Principal Associate Concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, and has appeared as a soloist with more that forty orchestras. Ms. Staples performs on one of the world’s great instruments, a Guarneri del Gesu, circa 1728. The 2011-2012 season concludes on May 1 with Arunjuez to Italia!, featuring internationally renowned guitarist Jason Vieaux. Mr. Vieaux has won critical acclaim from The New York Times in 2010 as one of the “youngest stars of the guitar world.” Program to include Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dance, Suite No. 3 and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4 (The Italian).

SANTA BARBARA YOUTH SYMPHONY With an orchestra of 80 gifted student musicians between the ages 12 to 20, the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony performs two concerts a year at the Lobero Theatre. This talented young ensemble plays an impressive range of music, from Bach and Beethoven, to Copeland and popular music à la the Boston Pops. Lead by music director and conductor Andy Radford, this group is sure to impress and inspire. See them in action at A Spring Concert on March 11 at 3 p.m.

ANI DiFRANCO Live Nation presents Ani DiFranco on Wednesday, March 21. Ani DiFranco has written hundreds of songs, played thousands of shows, and captured the imaginations of legions of followers. She’s jammed with folkies, orchestras, rappers, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers, jazz musicians, poets, pop superstars, storytellers and a martial arts legend. On her new album, Red Letter Year, she revels in that very creative freedom.

ROBBEN FORD AND THE YELLOWJACKETS The Yellowjackets, with special guest Robben Ford, perform a benefit concert for The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) on Friday, February 17. The Rhythmic Arts Project educates individuals with intellectual and developmental differences by embracing a curriculum that encompasses rhythm as a modality to address basic life and learning skills. As of 2011, beloved eclectic, electro-acoustic jazz band, The Yellowjackets, built by keyboardist Russell Ferrante and bassist Jimmy Haslip, celebrates the ripe young, deep age of 30, commemorated with a powerful and heartfelt album, Timeline.

MICHAEL MCDONALD American Medical Response presents Michael McDonald in a benefit concert for Doctors Without Walls—Santa Barbara Street Medicine on Saturday, March 3. Michael McDonald, a five-time Grammy Award winner, is certainly one of the most popular singer/songwriters of our time, not only as a solo artist but with bands such as Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers. All proceeds from this evening will benefit Doctors Without Walls—Santa Barbara Street Medicine, which provides free healthcare to the underserved population in Santa Barbara. VIP ticket holders will attend a “meet and greet” with Mr. McDonald at a reception in the Lobero Courtyard.

DANIEL ELLSBERG Nuclear Age Peace Foundation presents Daniel Ellsberg in a lecture entitled Nuclear Weapons and Humanity’s Future on Thursday, February 23. The lecture is free and promises to be an important evening to hear from a legendary peace leader. Daniel Ellsberg is a former U.S. military analyst famous for releasing the Pentagon Papers in 1971, changing how the public viewed its government and the Vietnam War. His story has been recounted in the 2010 Oscarnominated documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America, and in his book, Secrets. The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation educates and advocates for a world free of nuclear weapons and empowers peace leaders.


Backstage 29

What’s wrong with our democracy, and what can we do about it? Courage to Lead is proud to welcome acclaimed writer, speaker and public intellectual Parker J. Palmer to Santa Barbara to talk about his new book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit. In the new book, Palmer focuses on the “habits of the heart” that democracy requires of its citizens, and on what we can do to cultivate them in the everyday venues of our lives—including workplaces, classrooms, congregations, and public spaces. His talk will be followed by a dialogue with the audience.

DAVE HICKEY AND PETER PLAGENS Santa Barbara Museum of Art presents Dave Hickey and Peter Plagens: On Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, February 26. In a rare appearance, “bad boy” art and cultural critic, Dave Hickey, and the self-described “painter who happens to write art criticism,” Peter Plagens, appear in a critical conversation regarding the development of contemporary art in Southern California. Presented in conjunction with Pasadena to Santa Barbara: A Selected History of Art in Southern California, 1951–1969 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and sponsored by The Museum Contemporaries.

SANTA BARBARA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Santa Barbara International Film Festival returns for its 27th star-studded year of premieres, panels, and tributes. With an unprecedented talent for forecasting major award ceremony darlings, executive director Roger Durling is sure to bring the biggest stars of 2012 to town. With a projected audience of over 70,000 viewing more than 175 films over its eleven-day run, SBIFF attracts an eclectic and diverse crowd and is THE place to be before the Oscars. The Lobero Theatre has been a proud venue for Santa Barbara International Film Festival events for many years. It is the setting for panels with acclaimed directors, tributes with up-and-coming performers, and screening of all kinds, from documents to short films to foreign blockbusters. More information and full schedule to be announced at

GREEN SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL Community Environmental Council and Traffic Solutions present the Green Shorts Film Festival on Thursday, April 6. The Green Shorts Film Festival is an annual grassroots film festival about saving our planet, improving our environment and being green. Slated as one of the premiere Earth Day kick-off events, this film festival has been described as one of the most heart-warming grassroots environmental events in our region. The event includes a green carpet welcome, film screening, awards ceremony and after party reception. The Green Shorts Film Festival is a partnership between the Community Environmental Council and SBCAG Traffic Solutions.

SURF VIDEO CONTEST Sundance Beach presents the 5th Annual Surf Video Contest on Saturday, March 10. Fans of surf film classics, such as Endless Summer and Riding Giants, should consider this crop of local surfers’ and videographers’ short films a must-see. Videos will be judged by industry leaders and film veterans, and prizes awarded following the screening. Sundance Beach’s vendors will set their tents up outside and have fun giveaways for the viewers. The 2011 finalists set the bar high, so make sure you come and see what our finalists have to offer this year!

NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE SERIES UCSB Arts & Lectures presents National Theatre Live, bringing the best of British theatre to cinemas around the world. The National Theatre Live screenings at the Lobero Theatre are rebroadcasts of live performances captured in HD. First of three screenings is the broadcast of Collaborators on Tuesday, January 17. This blistering new play by John Hodge (Trainspotting), centers on an imaginary encounter between Joseph Stalin and the playwright Mikhail Bulgakov. The play depicts a lethal game of cat and mouse through which the appalling compromises and humiliations inflicted on any artist by those with power are held up to scrutiny.

Wednesday, March 7 brings Travelling Light. Following Vincent in Brixton and The Reporter, Nicholas Wright’s new play, directed by Nicholas Hytner and featuring Antony Sher, is a funny and fascinating tribute to the Eastern European immigrants who became major players in Hollywood’s golden age. The final broadcast is the classic romp She Stoops to Conquer on Thursday, April 19. One of the great, generous-hearted and ingenious comedies of the English language, Oliver Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer offers a celebration of chaos, courtship and the dysfunctional family.

OPERA SANTA BARBARA Opera Santa Barbara presents Orphée et Eurydice on Friday, April 27 and Sunday, April 29. In Gluck’s Orphée et Eurydice, based on Greek mythology’s central character, Orpheus’ grief at the death of Eurydice is so profound that the god of love allows him to journey to the Underworld and bring her back to life. But he cannot turn back to look at her. He is unable to resist and pays the ultimate price. Opera Santa Barbara is honored to have been awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Arts grant to present this important and beautiful work to Santa Barbara audiences. Performed in French with English supertitles.

UCSB VOICE AND COLLABORATIVE PIANO UCSB Voice and Collaborative Piano Areas present An Afternoon of French Opera and Song on Sunday, February 12. Arias, duets, and rousing ensembles will be performed by students ranging from undergraduates through DMA candidates, as well as performances by guests and UCSB’s prominent voice and piano faculty. The Santa Barbara News-Press recently described it as, “an array of extraordinary talent that gripped audience attention, musically and theatrically.”

SANTA BARBARA YOUTH ENSEMBLE THEATRE Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theatre participants are hand-selected exceptionally gifted local talent ages 9-15 years who receive ongoing acting, vocal, and dance training at the Adderley School of Performing Arts, under the tutelage of director and Broadway veteran, Janet Adderley. Their current production of the well-loved family favorite, Oliver, features some of Santa Barbara’s most talented young performers.

SANTA BARBARA FESTIVAL BALLET Santa Barbara Festival Ballet presents Festival Ballet Dances on Saturday, April 7. Santa Barbara Festival Ballet presents an evening of dance in collaboration with South Bay Ballet and the UCSB Student Dance Company. SBFB will be performing new works by Christina McCarthy, Denise Rinaldi and Valerie Huston.

STATE STREET BALLET The State Street Ballet Young Dancers’ Spring Celebration of Dance 2012 is an annual choreography concert, featuring innovative choreography on young dancers from the apprentice company of State Street Ballet. This year, works are being choreographed by State Street Ballet director Rodney Gustafson and State Street Ballet resident choreographer Josie Walsh, named by Dance Magazine as one of “25 to watch.” It’s an exciting year for the company, because one of the works of choreography has been selected for the 2012 National Regional Dance America Festival.

SANTA BARBARA DANCE ALLIANCE Santa Barbara Dance Alliance presents BASH on Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14. Santa Barbara Dance Alliance’s annual extravaganza features over one hundred of Santa Barbara’s finest dancers. The BASH showcase brings the best of local professional dance and exhibition groups together on one stage at the Lobero for two nights. BASH dishes up a dazzling mix of cutting-edge dance styles and traditional forms. The audience will be thrilled with the impressive visuals and electrifying rhythms of ballroom, aerial, salsa, swing, hip hop and more.

LA PETITE CHOUETTE AERIAL DANCE COMPANY La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company presents Indah on Tuesday, May 22. With live musical accompaniment and media art, this gravity- defying odyssey with Santa Barbara’s very own aerial dance company is not to be missed. Now in its sixth year, La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company’s exploration of the new modern circus takes its audiences to new heights, weaving a luscious tale of love, loss, and resurgence. Interlacing eight classic and invented aerial apparatus with contemporary dance, the program will unfold in three phases, sending the audience on a visually stunning journey into the emotional depths of the human heart.

TIMO NUÑEZ FLAMENCO Timo Nuñez Flamenco presents Pasión on Saturday, February 18. Featured on So You Think You Can Dance as “America’s #1 flamenco dancer,” Timo Nuñez takes the lead as he comes home to present his original flamenco fusion piece, Pasión. This cutting-edge dance spectacular is an eclectic and honest expression involving traditional and modern flamenco, and features a vibrant cast of twenty-five premier flamenco performers from Spain, Brazil, France, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The romantic, touching, flirtatious and raw emotions of Pasión make for the perfect Valentine’s gift.

trapeze, rope, cloud swing, aerial cradle, aerial silk or aerial hoop, typically seen in a circus setting. La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance creates a distinctive curriculum juxtaposing traditional circus arts with contemporary dance, emphasizing technique and expression of movement. For audiences, this means their unique shows utilize familiar circus apparatus, such as trapeze and lyra (aka hoop), in new and avant garde ways. The mixture of traditional European circus apparatus and modern dance is potent, and Paloma is motivated to explore what happens when the two of them collide in their upcoming showcase, Indah, on May 22 (see pg 32). Ninette Paloma and La Petite Chouette have performed at all the major Santa Barbara performance spaces, but consider the Lobero Theatre their venue of choice, and home stage. Paloma explains, “We really feel at home at the Lobero. It was our original home. We become very close with the technical director (Todd Jared) who right away understood what we needed and how to get us there with very little conversation.”

High-flying dancer and aerialist Ninette Paloma began her Santa Barbara teaching career as an instructor at the Lobero’s annual Circus Camp, teaching beginning aerial arts to a handful of campers. Inspired, they asked to continue their training after camp ended, and so La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company began in 2006 with just five students. Now with a student roster of 120 cirque-enthusiasts between the ages and 6 and 68, La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company is making its mark on the Santa Barbara performing arts scene. An aerialist, for the uninitiated, is an acrobat who performs in the air on a suspended apparatus such as a

Paloma believes that the opportunity to perform onstage is essential for her students. “When we work on choreography, it’s meant to be onstage, it’s meant to be shared in an expansive setting. They need to be able to work under the bright lights and hundreds of eyes on them; that is what performance is all about. It’s scary and it’s thrilling at once. It gives them a goal that if they continue on and whittle away at this very difficult piece, they might see it on a big stage, and that makes all the difference in the world to them.” Experience La Petite Chouette on April 13 and 14 as part of Santa Barbara Dance Alliance’s BASH showcase performance and in its newest program, Indah, on Tuesday, May 22, both on the Lobero stage.

For class schedules and more information, visit Backstage 33

Spotlight on La Petite Chouette

“I have performed nationally and abroad and I have been to gorgeous, old dusty theatres, but there is something so regal about the Lobero. Knowing the rich history of the Lobero stage, you can’t help but hold your head up high. You are, almost out of respect, supposed to put your best foot forward.” Paloma imparts her respect for the theatre to her students. “I tell the kids, ‘We are standing on the shoulders of the artists before us and we owe it to them, and the artists who are coming after us, to do our very best.’ And they start working with a little more dignity.”

HOT TUNA (acoustic)/ DAVID BROMBERG (Quartet) January 6

Events subject to change without notice. All shows at 8 p.m. unless otherwise noted. For the most up-to-date information including ticket sales, visit or call the Box Office 805-963-0761. Lobero LIVE is funded in part by the Event and Festivals Grant Program using the funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

Back by popular demand, Hot Tuna Acoustic and the David Bromberg Quartet will once again show Santa Barbara an unforgettable evening of folk rock and Americana. Hot Tuna’s Kaukonen and Casady have built their sound on the subtleties of blues and bluegrass, while touring as Jefferson Airplane. David Bromberg is a master of almost any instrument with strings, and at home in musical styles ranging from countryswing to blues and gospel. KEVIN NEALON January 25 Weeds and Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon is bringing the funny in an all-new evening of standup comedy. Nealon set himself apart from other performers with his unique sense of humor, profound dry wit, and likeable demeanor. As the longestrunning cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live (nine seasons, 1986-1995), Kevin is remembered for many

well-known characters as well as his stint as the Weekend Update anchor. QUARTETTO GELATO February 11, 7 p.m. Classical in training, eclectic by design, Quartetto Gelato not only thrills its audiences with its multi-instrument mastery, but also offers the bonus of a brilliant operatic tenor. With a performance repertoire that travels the globe including classical masterworks, operatic arias, the sizzling energy of tangos, gypsy and folk songs, the group’s theatrical stage presence and relaxed humor establishes an intimate rapport with audiences worldwide. REGINA CARTER’S “REVERSE THREAD” February 24 From the varied schools of classical music conservatories and R&B, this inventive violinist explores new territories as she blends world influences into the vocabulary of straight ahead jazz. Her sophisticated technique and lush tone took the jazz world by surprise; and through her albums, incessant touring and

IT’S MAGIC! March 18, 2 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. It’s Magic! has been delighting children, families and magic enthusiasts for more than five decades. This live stage show is unique in that it features many of the top professional magicians from around the globe, with each act carefully selected to represent the variety of the art of magic. Parents who came to see It’s Magic! as youngsters are now bringing their children and grandchildren to see this amazing lineup of famous magicians. This year’s lineup of magical acts is guaranteed to stun audiences with unbelievable tricks of the trade! TIERNEY SUTTON, HUBERT LAWS AND LARRY KOONSE March 23 This charming and unexpected trio features Sutton’s lush vocals with DownBeat’s “flutist of the year,” Hubert

Laws, and stellar guitar by Larry Koonse. The combined talent of Sutton, Laws and Koonse represents one of the most creative forces in jazz today, as they explore the interplay between of jazz and chamber music. The inherent intimacy of their blend should make for an unforgettable. This collaboration is one of the most touted trios in jazz today. DANCEworks featuring Brian Brooks Moving Company March 30 & 31 Mathematical intricacy, superhuman physicality, punchy color and cheeky wit infuse the Brian Brooks Moving Company’s minimalist works with an unexpected but delightful sense of whimsy. The company is known for live performances which incorporate dance, video, animation, visual art, music, and sound design into an experience of pure synergy. The company will enjoy a month-long creative residency in which to create and premiere a brand new work entitled BIG CITY.

CHARLES LLOYD AND MARIA FARANTOURI present Amarando April 18 featuring Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers, Eric Harland and Socratis Sinopoulos American jazz icon, Charles Lloyd, and doyenne of Greek song, Maria Farantouri, join forces and spirits to create a bridge of sound spanning third-century Byzantine prayers to Lloyd’s own 21st century compositions in the Western premiere of Amarando. Lloyd’s awardwinning New Quartet features Jason Moran on piano, Reuben Rogers on bass, Eric Harland on drums, and Socrates Sinopoulos on traditional Greek lyra, in an all new arrangement which beautifully underscores Farantouri’s haunting voice. This highlyanticipated collaboration is a highlight of the international 2011/2012 concert season.

Backstage 35

various guest appearances and collaborations, Regina has developed into a distinctly diverse musical personality.


FRIDAY Lobero LIVE presents Hot Tuna (acoustic) / David Bromberg (quartet)

14 SATURDAY, 2 & 7 P.M. 15 SUNDAY, 2 & 7 P.M. Big Stage Productions and Santa Barbara Dance Arts presents Hairspray 17 TUESDAY, 7:30 P.M. UCSB Arts & Lectures presents National Theatre Live: Collaborators 19 THURSDAY, 7 P.M. Friendship Tours World Travel presents A Conversation with Kim Phuc, “The Girl in the Picture”: 40 Years of Forgiveness


SATURDAY, 7 P.M. Lobero LIVE presents Quartetto Gelato


SUNDAY, 2 P.M. UCSB Voice and Collaborative Piano Areas present An Afternoon of French Opera and Song


TUESDAY CAMA Masterseries presents Sérgio & Odair Assad, guitar


SATURDAY The Rhythmic Arts Project presents Robben Ford and The Yellowjackets


SATURDAY Sings Like Hell presents Matraca Berg + Anne & Peter Sibley


SUNDAY, 1 P.M. Santa Barbara Museum of Art presents Dave Hickey and Peter Plagens: On Pacific Standard Time


SATURDAY, 7:30 P.M. American Medical Response presents Michael McDonald in a benefit concert for Doctors Without Walls—Santa Barbara Street Medicine


SUNDAY Timo Nuñez presents Pasión

21 SATURDAY Sings Like Hell presents Joy Kills Sorrow + Wheeler Brothers


TUESDAY, 7:30 P.M. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Beethoven’s Thirds, with Tong-Il Han, piano


SUNDAY, 6 P.M. State Street Ballet Young Dancers presents Spring Celebration of Dance

25 WEDNESDAY Lobero LIVE presents Kevin Nealon


WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. Courage to Lead presents Parker J. Palmer


MONDAY CAMA Masterseries presents Anonymous 4

26 - FEB. 5 Santa Barbara International Film Festival


THURSDAY, 7 P.M. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation presents Daniel Ellsberg



FRIDAY Jazz at the Lobero presents Regina Carter’s “Reverse Thread”

WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. UCSB Arts & Lectures presents National Theatre Live: Travelling Light

10 SATURDAY, 6 P.M. Sundance Beach presents the 5th Annual Surf Video Contest

11 SUNDAY, 3 P.M. Santa Barbara Youth Symphony presents A Spring Concert 16 FRIDAY, 7:30 P.M. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Rob Kapilow’s What Makes it Great? 17 SATURDAY, 4:30 P.M. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Rob Kapilow’s FamilyMusik 18 SUNDAY, 2 P.M. & 6:30 P.M. Milt Larsen and Terry Hill present It’s Magic! 21 WEDNESDAY Live Nation presents Ani DiFranco 23 FRIDAY Jazz at the Lobero presents Tierney Sutton, Hubert Laws and Larry Koonse 24 SATURDAY Sings Like Hell presents Lori McKenna + Gregory Alan Isakov 26 MONDAY CAMA Masterseries presents Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano 30 FRIDAY 31 SATURDAY DANCEworks presents Brian Brooks Moving Company


TUESDAY, 7:30 P.M. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra presents Staples Center Stage!, with Sheryl Staples, violin


FRIDAY, 6:30 P.M. Community Environmental Council and Traffic Solutions present the Green Shorts Film Festival


SATURDAY, 7 P.M. Santa Barbara Festival Ballet presents Festival Ballet Dances


MONDAY, 7 P.M. It’s Not Ok! An Evening with Linda Newlin, to benefit CALM

11 SUNDAY, 3 P.M. Santa Barbara Youth Symphony presents A Spring Concert 13 FRIDAY 14 SATURDAY Santa Barbara Dance Alliance presents BASH 18 WEDNESDAY Jazz at the Lobero presents Charles Lloyd and Maria Farantouri’s Amarando

19 WEDNESDAY, 7:30 P.M. UCSB Arts & Lectures presents National Theatre Live: She Stoops to Conquer 27 FRIDAY, 7:30 P.M. 29 SUNDAY, 2:30 P.M. Opera Santa Barbara presents Orphée et Eurydice


TUESDAY, 7:30 P.M. Santa Barbara Cham ber Orchestra presents Aranjuez to Italia with Jason Vieux, guitar

19 FRIDAY 20 SATURDAY Santa Barbara Youth Ensemble Theatre presents Oliver 22 TUESDAY, 7 P.M. La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company presents Indah

For the most up-to-date listings and info on these and other events, or to buy tickets, visit or call (805) 963-0761. Events subject to change without notice. All shows at 8 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The Lobero Box Office also sells tickets for performances at other venues.

Backstage 37

MARCH cont.

Few people have truly “tasted the arts,” but those who have had such an indulgence, call it

Mangia del’ Arte. Mangia del’ Arte was conceived in the place where imagination, spectacular movement, feats of balance and strength, and gastronomic delight meet. Featuring the circus antics of clowns, jugglers, acrobats and singers in a sophisticated format, Mangia del’ Arte is a unique dish indeed. This inaugural event was presented in partnership with the Lobero Associates in support of the Annual Fund for the Lobero on an early October evening. Festively-dressed guests were greeted under the arches with champagne flutes delivered by the evening’s emcee, Jeff Raz, and his sidekick, comedic clown Calvin Kai Ku. The Lobero auditorium had been transformed into a nightclub-slashcirque-arena, with artfully designed tables on the stage and stunning colorful lights dotting the walls. The unique placement of the stage and performance areas in the center of, and throughout, the tables gave guests the opportunity to be among the performers as they dined, literally and figuratively, “eating the art.” And, the evening’s chefs were more than up for the challenge. Area restaurants presented their flashiest and freshest fare, contributing artfullycomposed “small bites.” Over the course of the night, flavors and colors danced with dishes such as smoked golden beet tartare served in a red endive leaf and locally-farmed abalone served with the lovely shells placed seductively on the plate. There were tender morsels of lamb served with green mint gelee, and several mouth-watering desserts with beautifully crafted frosting details among the many impressive offerings.

After Lobero Executive Director, David Asbell, got a little “carried away” delivering the opening remarks, a capella performers SoVoSo began the show in earnest, filling the auditorium with their lush chorus. Emcee Jeff Raz’s juggling act mixed apples and knives, and Calvin launched into a hilarious laundry-themed act balancing on a distant clothes line. Cirque Dreams alum Andrey Moraru demonstrated an amazing feat of strength as he balanced upside down atop narrow handles. Colorfully-dressed acrobat Saki showed her prowess with ribbons, balance-balls, and enviable flexibility. In between these feats, the culinary bites were delivered and seamlessly integrated with the performances onstage. The performances and entrée’s hit full-swing together as escalating balancing acts grew from feathers, to chairs, to a full-size ladder, and then the Associate’s own Emily Johnson! The final act was presented as dessert was served, featuring an astonishing foot balancing star, Wang Hong. This culinary and creative fusion represents a new and fruitful collaboration between the performance and restaurant communities surrounding the Lobero Theatre. Mangia del’Arte transported guests to a place of whimsy and wonder, where strangers became friends in a true feast for the senses. This mission is one which the Lobero Theatre Foundation strives to meet each and every time the houselights go down.

Performance photos by David Bazemore

Bringing culinary artistry to life is no easy task. 9 restaurants and catering companies prepared 15 courses of “small plate� dishes, plating 2,475 servings in 2.5 hours, served by 25 service staff.

Backstage 39

The Lobero Theatre Foundation would like to thank our culinary partners for transporting us to a place of whimsy and wonder, where the impossible is normal and the mundane is impossible. These are true culinary artists, and we invite you to frequent their restaurants before your next evening at the Lobero Theatre.

Lobero Youth Programs Mission

We believe all young people should have the opportunity to participate in the performing arts as both audience members and artists. Building Blocks of our Program •

Performances offered by in-school assemblies.

Interaction through master classes and other instruction with noted musicians.

Communication via the Lobero’s Teen Writer Program.

Community service by donating tickets to local social service agencies and partnering with local youth performing organizations.

BOXTALES THEATRE COMPANY As Lobero Theatre’s Artists-in-Residence, Boxtales Theatre Company has been creating the most exciting and imaginative original theatre based in the mythology, folktales and literature of the world for youth and family audiences, since 1994. This year Boxtales will be offering school assembly performances of their shows: Iron John (based on a story by the Brothers Grimm), The Odyssey (an interpretation of Homer’s The Odyssey), Leyendas de Duende (magical tales of Latin America), Prince Rama and the Monkey King (from the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana), Silly Rabbit (trickster tales from around the world), and their newest show, The Popol Vuh. In this bilingual production, Boxtales explores the creation myth of the Quiche Mayan people of Central America. It tells the story of the hero twins and their journey down to the underworld, where they tested by the evil lords of Xibalba, eventually clearing the path for human beings to arrive on earth. This presentation features live music, masks and theatrical movement in the signature Boxtales style. To book an assembly, contact Holly Chadwin at 966-4946 ext. 613 or

ARTIST CONNECTIONS Artist Connections is a unique opportunity for local students to collaborate with a professional musician. World-renowned jazz singer Tierney Sutton will offer complimentary circle-sing workshops to Santa Barbara schools and social service agencies. This program uses the exercise of “circle singing” as a tool to encourage active listening, communication, and community-building. (Read more on pg 43.) Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet will return to the Lobero for the third year in a row, offering clinics and performances to area schools. These up-andcoming-jazz giants will meet with students to share their knowledge and experiences. Tierney Sutton and the Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet will join forces for a concert on March 23, offering discounted student tickets and the opportunity for local jazz students to participate in the Lobero Youth Jazz Scholarship raffle.

TICKET InREACH The Lobero will provide 200 free tickets to social service programs serving at-risk youth and families for the perennially favorite show, It’s Magic!. This performance has been carefully selected to appeal to youngsters and families, particularly those from under-served communities. Organizations that have received InReach tickets include: Court Appointed Special Advocates, Child Welfare Services, Girls Inc., Casa Serena, Housing Authority of Santa Barbara’s low-income communities, and Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse’s Mentorship Programs, among others.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS The Lobero Youth Programs is proud to partner with several exciting youth arts programs. The Lobero Theatre Foundation is a proud sponsor of Boxtales Summer Theatre Camp. This unique summer program is a three-week journey in the Boxtales method, including training in acting, storytelling, acro-yoga, mime, music, characterization and collaboration. This camp stimulates minds, encourages teamwork, builds character, and develops self esteem. The Lobero Theatre Foundation is an in-kind sponsor, providing free use of the stage for the entire duration of camp. The Lobero turns up the volume as a sponsor of Jensen’s RockCamp. Jensen’s RockCamp is a full-day, week-long music camp that teaches kids the basics of playing the electric guitar. The Lobero Theatre Foundation is an in-kind sponsor, providing free use of the Rehearsal Hall for the entire duration of camp. Notes for Notes is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving youth the opportunity to explore and experience music, and to provide these children with positive, safe, and inspiring environments to help direct their lives away from negative social situations. The Lobero Theatre provides free tickets to Lobero LIVE presentations to Notes to Notes participants. City at Peace is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that empowers teenagers to create safe, peaceful and productive lives and communities. Using the performing arts as a vehicle, City at Peace is developing the next generation of engaged community leaders. The Lobero provides free tickets to City at Peace participants.

These programs made possible by the generosity of the following donors: Montecito Bank & Trust, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Education Outreach Committee, Raintree Foundation and Venoco Inc.

Top to bottom. Ticket InReach participants at It’s Magic!, School show attendees, Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet with Dos Pueblos High jazz band members, School show attendees, Notes for Notes meets Derek Trucks and band

Backstage 41

Santa Barbara Middle School’s Teen Press provides a youth perspective on Lobero Theatre events, while gaining experience in the world of media. Teen Press writers attend Lobero LIVE and renter performances to review shows, interview artists, and learn more about the arts. The Lobero provides free tickets to Teen Press writers.

The Santa Barbara Bowl Education Outreach Program is a community outreach endeavor dedicated to supporting music and performing arts for Santa Barbara County’s Youth. The

Rocking the 75th Anniversary Concert Season under the stars.

Education Outreach Committee congratulates the Lobero Theatre for their vision to create unique community programs and exciting partnerships to share the arts with everyone.

$1.00 of every concert ticket sold to Bowl events goes to enhancing arts education in the local community.

photo: Š

SBB_Ed-Out_Lobero_110714_v3.indd 1

7/28/11 3:51 PM

SPOTLIGHT ON TIERNEY SUTTON, the Lobero’s first Jazz Artist in Residence Tierney Sutton has three Grammy nominations, several albums, and has been named Jazzweek’s Vocalist of the Year for her work with the Tierney Sutton Band. She has taught in the jazz and vocal departments of USC’s Thornton School of Music and the Los Angeles Music Academy, but is branching into nontraditional settings under the theme of “Building Bridges” for this residency. “Never before have our tastes, diversions, and education been more diverse, less connected and less uniting. Where are the bridges that connect us?” Sutton suggests these bridges can be built through music and has created this brand new program in that spirit. “To me, jazz is an art form, based on crossing lines and uniting seemingly divergent strains into harmony. The work I have envisioned for [this residency] uses art, jazz and improv as a metaphor for cooperation and community-building.” Sutton, along with professional colleagues and talented students from Los Angeles Music Academy, is working with the Lobero Theatre Foundation’s Youth and Community Programs to offer complimentary workshops based around “circle-sing” exercises to Santa Barbara schools and social service agencies.

Tierney’s residency program kicked off in October 2011 with the students of Incredible Children’s Arts Network (ICAN) at Franklin Elementary School. In two one-hour sessions, 60 elementary school students created songs, explored the improvisational possibility of “Happy Birthday,” and experimented with vocal percussion. Sutton and her colleagues returned to the Lobero in November for a circle-sing exercise with 20 teenage participants from the Academy of the Healing Arts (AHA!). More workshops are planned throughout the year. Despite being a music-based exercise, the program requires no musical training or skill. “I think it’s important to expand beyond the usual parameters of schools bands and be ready to work with the general school population,” says Sutton. By its very nature, the exercise touches on principles of successful group dynamics, including active listening, individual contribution, trust in the fellow participants, and adapting to meet the needs of the moment. For more information on this and other Lobero Youth and Community Programs, contact Holly Chadwin at (805) 966-4946 x 613 or

Catch Tierney Sutton in concert on March 23, as Jazz at the Lobero presents Tierney Sutton with Hubert Laws and Larry Koonse.

Backstage 43

The Lobero Theatre Foundation is proud to announce Tierney Sutton as the inaugural Jazz Artist in Residence for 2011-2012, further cementing its relationship with one of the most celebrated and adventurous jazz vocalists of our time.

The Music Academy of the West presents

The 2011-12 Met: Live in HD Season at Hahn Hall

Building the Finest Commercial & Estate Projects Throughout Santa Barbara

Proud General Contractor for the Lobero Theatre Anna Netrebko as Manon



February 25 and 26


MANON April 7 and 8


LA TRAVIATA April 14 and 15

805.969.8787 | Parking is free at the Music Academy of the West 1070 Fairway Road, Santa Barbara

The staff at Schipper Construction Co. wishes the Lobero Theatre another successful year!

610 E. Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103 • Tel: 805-963-4359 Fax: 805-963-1270 • Email:

Lobero Theatre Associates

Fall of 2011 saw the first of a new breed of special events at the Lobero, hosted in part by the Lobero Theatre Associates. Mangia del’ Arte was an evening to remember, with fine cuisine from local restaurants, breathtaking entertainment, and festively dressed guests, (see pg 58). Associates filled the majority of the seats for the unforgettable evening. Then the Associates celebrated the holiday season in style, hosting their annual Holiday Tea on Wednesday, December 14 at the Four Seasons Biltmore Resort’s picturesque El Mar room. Guests mingled over scones and finger sandwiches and sipped tea and champagne while live holiday music by Fredrik Rosvall played in the background. Each year, the Associates request that their guests bring a toy to be donated to Child Abuse Listening & Mediation (CALM), for children in need. In no time, the tree was surrounded by piles of wonderful presents. Event chair Janet McCann commented, “This year was special as we not only provided presents for needy children, but we also purchased

tiles for the Lobero renovation.” A challenge was initiated during the Tea, and the Associates rose to the occasion, raising $1,500 for the renovation and expansion of the Lobero’s ladies lounge in a single afternoon (see pg 61). Janet offers thanks to Marlena Handler, Leslie Haight, and Eileen Mielko for serving on her committee. Their help made the planning easier and more fun. The Associates made sure that the Lobero was decked out for the holiday season too, by hanging wreaths and garlands. With all that sparkle, the theatre looked quite festive in time for the holiday shows. Guests agreed, the decorations helped everyone to get in the spirit of the season before they even walked inside. The Associates welcome this year’s new members: Leslie Schneiderman, Anne Wilder, Gina Bell, Gunilla Hutton, Judy Benozer, Kaye Ewalt, Nancy Power, Marianne Cooper, Lucinda Freeman, Sandy Stahl, Debra Borden, Sue Walseth, Jeanne Hoffman, Christy Martin, Lori Ogden, Lisa Schlagel, and Hiroko Benko. For more information on Associates Membership, contact Joan Crossland at

The Associates are already busy planning their next event, the annual Hat’s Off! Luncheon, held at the Coral Casino on April 19, 2012. Cheri Steinkellner, producer of the new musical Hello My Baby will be the special guest speaker that evening. Put it on your calendar now – It’s an event not to be missed! For tickets to the Hats Off! Luncheon, contact Marianne Clark at Top: (left to right) Marlena Handler, Marilyn Schuermann, Colette Hartman Middle: Lisa Aviani, Gabriella Salsbury, Michelle Crane Bottom: Annie Williams, Hope Kelly

Backstage 45

The Lobero Theatre Associates is a women’s auxiliary group that has been working together to support the Lobero Theatre since 1972, taking on a myriad different projects which continue the Lobero legacy. The purchase of a beautiful Steinway Grand piano, shipped in from New York, enhanced what the theatre was able to provide for renters. Back when there was merely a slab of asphalt behind the theatre, the Associates had a vision for a beautiful courtyard, bringing it to life in 2003. Today guests also enjoy a whimsical tent during the winter months, increasing their comfort, and the number of nights per year that the courtyard can be utilized, all thanks to these vibrant ladies.

AWARDWinning y

rsda u h T y r e v e t in-prin 7


online 24/

vents, e , s w e n g n i break hensive e r p m o c t s o and the m he county t n i e d i u g g dinin

visit us online @ []

Corporate Sponsors “I can say I have gotten to know every beam and brick, foundation to ceiling, of this iconic gem of a theatre and I love it all. Every time I sit in the audience and experience another performance and enjoy the intimacy of the Lobero, I feel honored to have shared in its stewardship. I can’t wait to begin the construction phase of the Encore: Lobero campaign and participate in yet another chapter to preserve this venerable landmark of our city.” - Frank Schipper of Frank Schipper Construction

Left to Right: Pamela Polomski and Andre Saltoun, Brenda De Trana, Dr. Frank De Trana, Mandy Philips and Dave Philips, Kelsey Sillerud and Erwin Villegas, Marmalade Café owner Warren Butler with chef, Romeo Garcia and staff

Backstage 47

Contact Jessica Simon at or (805) 966-4946 x 607 for information on how you can enjoy the many benefits of Lobero Corporate Sponsorship.

“Best Private Bank in North America.” –Financial Times Group

(The best ads write themselves.) The Financial Times Group has recognized Northern Trust for being the best. Specifically for putting clients first, our award-winning technology and our financial strength. To put our expertise to work for you, call Andy Chou at 805-965-6200 or visit us at

Wealth & Investment Management | Trust & Estate Services | Private Banking | Family Office Services Northern Trust banks are members FDIC. © 2010 Northern Trust Corporation. FT Global Wealth Management Awards, 2009, presented by Professional Wealth Management magazine and The Banker magazine.

nt0909_LobroThtr.indd 1

7/6/10 3:28 PM

Ja Ph


2011-12 Season Performing at the

Alhecama Theatre

914 Santa Barbara St

A Comic-Mystery


10/13–10/30, 2011

by Glen Berger

“Ensemble Theatre ...

pitch perfect!”


A Witty Costume Drama

12/1–12/18, 2011

by James Goldman

A Psychological Thriller

Jamie Torcellini in The Mystery of Irma Vep Photo: David Bazemore

3/29–4/15, 2012

by August Strindberg

“Ensemble Theatre Company ... a Backstage 49 EnsembleAd_c.indd 1

A Madcap Farce

2/2–2/19, 2012

adaptation by Patrick Barlow

A Heartfelt Play with Music

6/14 – 7/1, 2012

by Frank Higgins

unique gift to Santa Barbara.” CASA MAgAzinE

7/13/11 2:32:31 PM


tar Performer

Fifty-three beautifully decorated rooms and suites meet a wide range

of styles and budgets. From the honeymoon suite with living room, wet bar and fireplace to junior suites or standard accommodations, guests feel at home in our relaxed, family-style atmosphere. Daily, weekly, mid-week and seasonal rates are available.

109 Bath Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-8845 Fax (805) 564-3295

is proud to support the Lobero Theatre. Bring this ad in and receive a 20% discount* off of your lunch or dinner check. L C P 3825 State Street Santa Barbara • CA • 93105 805.682.5246 Reservations accepted * Discount not valid on alcoholic beverages and may not be combined with any other promotion such as the Early Show, Lobster Fest or Happy Hour. Valid at Santa Barbara location only.

1 3

2 4


Lobero LIVE P h otos by Da v i d B a z e mo re 1. Gary Burton 2. Julian Lage 3. Rickie Lee Jones 4. Keb’ Mo’

If you haven’t heard of Ocean’s Ghost, Déjà Vu, Upper Crust, or Top Cream, you haven’t been to Babcock Winery. These and other couture wines are available at the tasting room and through our exclusive wine club. To arrange for a private group vineyard tour, tasting, or luncheon, call or email

Tasting Room Open Daily ~ 5175 E. HWY 246 Lompoc ~ 805-736-1455 ~

Watch for the opening of our second Tasting Room in downtown Santa Barbara Spring 2012!



Patron Ticket buyers enjoy great bonuses, like preshow receptions, and the opportunity to meet the stars in the artists’ green room.


1. Antonio Sanchez and Tierney Sutton 2. Gary Burton and Joe Woodard 3. George Burtness, L Lynne Cantlay and Robert Klein 4. Henry Brown and Taj Mahal 5. John Moller and Betsey von Summer Moller 6. Keb’ Mo’ with Mark and Pamela Polomski





Handmade Platinum 3-Stone Micropave Set Ring with 2.65 Carat Oval Pink Sapphire and a Pair of Shield-Cut Diamonds $14,500.00

812 State Street • Santa Barbara 966.9187 1482 East Valley Road • Montecito 565.4411


Free pick-up & delivery 14 W. Gutierrez | Santa Barbara | 963-6677


Find thousands of resources & events!

Weekly Scene Local Scene & Spotlight Membership is Business FREE & includes Chatter great benefits! Directory Local News Classifieds & Articles What will you find on the

ParentClick Network? I I 800.380.9110


“Not many people write good music for children, but Rob Kapilow appears to be an exception. ...Written in an engagingly sophisticated, quasi-stravinskian musical idiom with no hint of pandering.� Heidi Waleson, Billboard

“An educator, motivational speaker, and game show host, all rolled up in one . . . Rob Kapilow’s insightful and entertaining programs ...often bring moments of revelation to even the most seasoned aficionados.�

The Boston Globe



Listen, Learn, Experience and Enjoy with

SBCO’s expanded season with informative and interactive performances with classical music scholar Robert Kapilow, designed to enhance enjoyment of LIVE classical music for all ages.

Rob Kapilow

Friday, March 16, 2012 • 7:30 p.m. What Makes It Great? Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto Lobero Theatre Rob Kapilow takes listeners inside the music: he unravels, slows down, and recomposes key musical passages to discover why they are so extraordinary. Great music rewards great listeners, and Rob Kapilow’s What Makes It Great? is about great listening.

Saturday, March 17, 2012 • 4:30 p.m. FamilyMusik “At the Zooâ€? (And Furthermore, They Bite!) Lobero Theatre In FamilyMusik Rob Kapilow gives the perfect combination of education and entertainment delivered with incredible enthusiasm and energy. This is truly a romp around the animal kingdom with Kapilow showing how composers depict the wild side in their music!

Visit or call the Lobero Theatre box office 963-0761 for tickets!

This project is funded in part by the Organizational Development Grant Program using funds provided by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission.

Clarice Clarke and Stephen Leider Principals of Lee & Associates Central Coast

We are pleased to support the Lobero Theatre

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rom Tent top to tabletop . . . for all life’s special occasions

Classic Party Rentals Main Warehouse & Showroom 1120 Mark Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013 805.566.3566 Santa Ynez Valley Warehouse & Showroom 55 Industrial Way Buellton, CA 93427 805.686.1115 Santa Barbara Showroom Only 1828 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.563.3800 Classic Party Rentals

Associates build support for Encore: Lobero one tile at a time

Lisa Aviani in memory of Sienna Grace Aviani Gina Bell Debra Borden Karen Byers in honor of Jack Byers, Mary Matsushita and Matt Matsushita Nancy Corradini in honor of Pamela Hensley Vincent Joan Crossland Dorothy Dearman in honor of Julie Dearman and John Dearman Kaye Ewalt in memory of Lois Ewalt and William T. Neilson Lucinda Freeman in memory of Fred Bauersfeld and Marjorie Fairbanks

Colette Hartman in memory of my wonderful mother, Phyllis Vaughn Michele Hunter Emily Johnson in honor of Grace and Mary Johnson Emily Jones in honor of Ella Jones Hope Kelly in honor of Becky Conway and Gina Kelly Kosmo Ann Marie Kopeikin in honor of Sheri & Jeff Giuseppe and John & Terry Giuseppe Robin Kopeikin in honor of Ryan and Kendall Kopeikin Arlene Larsen in honor of Milt Larsen

Mari McAlister in honor of Patrick McAlister Mary Ellen McCammon Rita Murdoch Holly Murphy Sherri Nelson Lorraine Reichel Sarah Stokes in honor of the Johnson sisters of Ojai, my mom and aunt, with love Caroline Thompson in honor of Anne Towbes, Susan Keller and Kristen Meadows Sarah Vedder in honor of Phillip Vedder Annie Williams in honor of Hope Kelly Sharon Wolfe in honor of Dorothy Wolfe, Jean Pomfrett and Rebecca Bucci

Brubeck Circle Members

Diane Duncan Cinda & Don Erdman Tisha Weber Ford Mr. & Mrs. William Freudenstein Konnie & Andy Gault Mrs. Alfred Goulding Jr. Marlena & Tony Handler Ronald Hays Doris Kuhns Larry Laborde Barry Liker Philip Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Tony Marquette Ray & Leslie Mathiasen Mr. & Mrs. James McIntyre Lee & Bobby Orgel Michele Rasch

Jack Revoyr Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Richard Schiada Leslie & Frank Schipper Nancy Schlosser Maureen & Ed Seder Les & Maureen Shapiro David Siegel Mid Squier Joseph & BJ Stapen, M.D. Dr. & Mrs. James Tamborello Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vance Arturo Vega Nancy & Tony Wall Col. James Wasil, USA, RET Laurie Wilson Deloria Zabriskie

Royce Adams & Jane Brody Dr. & Mrs. Ichak Adizes Nancy & Jerar Andon Stanley Azen & Joyce Niland Bitsy & Denny Bacon Margery Baragona Jill & Arnold Bellowe Janice Brubeck Andrew Butcher & Elizabeth Peterson Carolyn Cooper Christina Criswell Dr. Julia Delgado

Backstage 61

The Lobero Theatre Associates “sold tiles” during their Holiday Tea event to help raise funds for the Encore: Lobero Campaign’s renovation and expansion of the restrooms – a project near and dear to every woman’s heart. We wish to thank the following individuals who participated and brought us one step closer to success!

Family of Annual Donors Jan 1, 2011 thru Dec 31, 2011 Diamond Circle $50,000+ Anonymous Emerald Circle $25,000+ The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Lobero Theatre Associates Anne & Michael Towbes Ruby Circle $15,000+ Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson James & Wendy Drasdo John & Betsey Moller Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Morrow Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Education Outreach Committee Santa Barbara County Arts Commission Walter & Holly Thomson Foundation Gold Circle $10,000+ Scott & Ella Brittingham Tim & Louise Casey Family Roger & Sarah Chrisman Fidelity Investments Ms. Christine Green Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Ingram The Ann Jackson Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Jackson Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Janssen Dr. Robert Klein & Lynne Cantlay Mrs. Lillian Lovelace Michael & Amy Mayfield Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mazess Mr. & Mrs. John T. McCann Ms. Sara Miller McCune Montecito Bank and Trust Jim & Mary Morouse Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Mozilo National Endowment for the Arts Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation The Towbes Foundation Venoco, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Doug Wood Silver Circle $5,000+ American Riviera Bank Mr. & Mrs. David H. Anderson In memory of Jon Lovelace Mr. Victor K. Atkins Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Beltran James Brous & Mary Lane Scherer Mr. & Mrs. Monte Tate Brown Mr. & Mrs. Edward Friedel Jr. Melinda Goodman In memory of Marvin L. Goodman Lee & Associates

Metro Solutions Inc. Northern Trust Rabobank Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schipper Frank Schipper Construction Co. William E. Weiss Foundation Inc. Star Circle $2,500+ Bitsy & Denny Bacon The Becton Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Frank Burgess Mrs. Jane Dyruff Mrs. Marilyn Gevirtz Ms. Amy Gresh Mr. Robert Hecht Manchester Capital Management Mr. & Mrs. William Nasif Nasif, Hicks Harris & Co. Ruth & Robert Reingold Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Angels $1,000+ The Estate of Dr. Ruth Appleby David Asbell & Denise Dannemiller In honor of the wonderful Lobero staff Mr. & Mrs. James Aviani Jeffrey C. & Margo Barbakow Ms. Marlyn Bernard Bernstein Bernstein Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bernstein John & Mary Blair In honor of James E. Dougherty Ms. Wendel Bruss Mr. George L. Burtness Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cloud Mrs. Barbara Cole In memory of Robert L. Cole Ms. Carolyn Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crawford Jr. Ms. Mary D. Curtis Jeff & Josie Devine Mr. & Mrs. Chad Dreier Don & Cinda Erdman Melissa Fassett & David Sheehan Ms. Leni FeBland Mr. & Mrs. Robert Feinberg Stanley & Dorothy Flaster Mr. Eldon Ford In memory of Grace Gooch Ford General Electric Foundation Mr. Charles Grimm & Ms. Aurora Lombardi Ms. Beatrice Hallig Ms. Janet Handtmann Jim and Catherine Haslem Mr. & Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James Jackson Mr. Mark Jaffe Mrs. Chee Johnson Dawn & Joel Kaufman In honor of Hale & Anne Milgrim and Peggie Jones Kowalski Design House Lehrer Family Foundation Longoria Wine Cellars Mr. & Mrs. John Lundegard In honor of Dave & Irene Liggett

Mr. Philip Lyons In honor & loving memory of Joanna Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Sean McCulloch Ms. Elizabeth Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Marc Recordon Betty Richardson Dr. Robert Ruby Mrs. Nancy Schlosser In memory of Mr. C. W. Schlosser Mr. & Mrs. Ed Seder Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sheldon Mr. Ed Snider Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sternin Mr. Robert TenEyck Mrs. Louise L. Tighe Dr. Carrie Towbes & Dr. John Lewis In memory of Gail Towbes UBS Employee Giving Programs Patricia & Nicholas Weber Western States Arts Federation Ms. Annie Williams Benefactors $500+ Mr. & Mrs. Peter Adams Dr. & Mrs. Mortimer Andron Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bennett Andrew Butcher & Elizabeth Peterson Michael & Nancy Casey Mr. Frank Caufield Ms. Malinda Chouinard Citrix Charitable Program Ms. Jane Copelan Ms. Christina Criswell In memory of Walter E. Criswell Roy E. Crummer Mr. Fred Davis & Ms. Sara Lytle Mrs. Suzanne S. Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. Randy Fields Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gault In memory of Katie Gault Beth & Dodd Geiger Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Girod Ms. Mary Harvey Mr. Ronald Hays In honor of Janice Brubeck Mr. & Mrs. William J. Helm In honor of Todd Jared Mr. & Mrs. William Hynes Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jordano Hope Kelly In memory of Laurence B. Kelly

Sustainers $250+ Dr. & Mrs. Ichak Adizes Dr. Stanley Azen & Ms. Joyce Niland Carolyn Crockett Bell Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bellowe Barrie & Arlene Bergman Robert Brown Janice Brubeck In memory of Henry I. Brubeck Jessica Budinger Ms. Nancybell Coe & Mr. William Burke Mr. & Mrs. Jack Byers Mr. & Mrs. Edward Chelini Marianne & Jordan Clark In honor of Walter & Ruth Ray Mr. Steve Daniels & Ms. Kitty Glanz Dr. & Mrs. Tom Daughters Dr. Julia Delgado Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dougherty Mrs. Ian Dundas Michael Dunn Judy & Rob Egenolf In honor of David Asbell & Jessica Simon John & Helen Engstrom Mrs. Inger Fenech In memory of Professor Henri Fenech Dr. Ernest Ferrel Mrs. Anna Freidell Mrs. Ghita D. Ginberg In memory of Josephin Van Schaik Ms. Hallie Goodall Mr. George Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Andy Granatelli Ms. Pamela Guadgno Susan Gwynne Tamar Handelman Mrs. Claudia Gay Whitman & Dr. Richard Handin Andy Heller Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hochberg Mrs. Ruth Hochman Dr. & Mrs. William C. Holzer Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Isenberg Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Jackson Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jordano In honor of Anne Towbes Mr. David Kaplan In honor of David Asbell for his dedication and leadership of the “L” Mr. William S. Kimble Carl Linnecke Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Litchfield Lobero Theatre Associates In memory of Phyllis Vaughn, Collette Hartman’s mother Lorraine Lim Catering Mr. & Mrs. James Malcolm Mrs. Gloria Mulhall In memory of Charles William Mulhall II Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murphy Olio e Limone In honor of the Santa Barbara arts community Tim Owens & Rebecca Amundsen In honor of Steve Cloud and Dave Asbell Ms. Jean M. Reiche Ms. Jane C. Rieffel Ms. Melissa Riparetti-Stepien In memory of Pauline Riparetti Mr. & Mrs. Ken Saxon In honor of Jim Morouse on his birthday Mr. Mark Scher Ms. Lisa Schlagel Margaret & Rob Sides Mr. Peter G. Simeth Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sinser Mr. P. Gene Smith In memory of Elaine Smith Mr. Robert A. Sorich Joyce Stokes Ms. Sally Swift In memory of Marilyn & Bill Tennity Dr. & Mrs. James A. Tamborello Mr. & Mrs. George Turpin Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Wall Ms. Sylvia Brickley Weller Laurie Wilson Geof & Laura Wyatt Mr. Gary Yencich Guardians $100+ Mrs. Ellen Ahlers In memory of my husband Orwin Ahlers Jay Allen Mr. & Mrs. Peter Alpert David Alpert American Irish Historical Society Sheila Ammons Mr. & Mrs. Jerar Andon Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Anker Ms. Gloria Antoniou Ms. Brook Ashley In memory of Tallulah Bankhead Mr. & Mrs. Michael Avenali Dr. David Bangert Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Banks Margery Baragona Ms. Leinie Bard Ms. Rona Barrett In memory of Linda Rice Jerome & Dinah Baumgartner Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Beaver

Ms. Judith Bell Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bell Mrs. Barbara Benon Mr. & Mrs. Keith Berry Ms. Geraldine Bidwell Mr. Nathaniel Bittner Ms. Marla Black Mr. Paul Blake Ms. Wendy Blake Mrs. Lynnda Blitzer Ms. Vicky Blum Dewayne & Marilyn Boccali Ms. Susan E. Bower Ms. Debra Brandon Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bridges Ms. Patricia Broome Kevin & Sharla Brown Mr. & Mrs. Norm Brown Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brown Drs. Thomas & Paula Bruice Mrs. Judy Bruton Bryant & Sons In honor of Mike & Anne Towbes Robert Bullemer Mr. & Mrs. Dan Burnham Mr. William Burtness Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Busch Matt Butcher Ms. Mujiba Cabugos Mrs. Domitille Camus Denise Caracas Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carey Mr. Brian Carroll Ms. Patricia Carver Gregory Cavette Steven Charles Mr. & Mrs. William Cirone Ms. Catherine Clark Ms. Carnzu A. Clark Susan Clarke David Clendenen Mrs. Martha Clyde Mr. & Mrs. James Collins In honor of Hope Kelly Chad Cooperman Mr. & Mrs. John Coppejans Rick & Nancy Corradini In memory of Alice Lind Mr. & Mrs. Gordon B. Crary Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Leland Crawford Jr. Mr. Robert L. Crouch Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cusack Mr. Oswald DaRos In memory of Kathleen DaRos William Dacey Mr. Michael David Roxane Davidoff Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Davis Gwen & Rodger Dawson Charles & Barbara de L’Arbre Mr. Cecil Demille Linda Diamant Ms. Christina Dickinson James Dingman Jeffrey A. Dinkin Sara Stapleton Dobbs Dana Dorsey Mr. James Doyle

Backstage 63

Milton & Arlene Larsen Robert & Ellen Lawson Mr. Joseph Lombardo Mrs. Maureen M. Masson In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Dixon L. MacQuiddy Ms. Maryanne Mott Dr. & Mrs. Dan Purdy Raintree Foundation Rick & Regina Roney Mr. & Mrs. Gil Rosas In memory of Alexander Ryan Singh Ms. Christiane Schlumberger Mrs. Arent H. Schuyler Jr. Ms. Cynthia Stebbins Gail & David Teton-Landis Ms. Patricia Van Every Mr. & Mrs. Phillip VanHorn Arturo Vega Ms. Elda Weatherby Mr. Tim Whitcomb & Ms. Alison Daniels

Mr. Michael Dubrow Lorraine Duerr Douglas Duncan Ms. Diane Duncan John Durkee Mr. Roger Durling Robert & Sylvia Easton Leslie Edgerton Mr. Thomas Elsner Ms. Jennie Everding Ms. Susan Everett Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Failing Ms. Christine Fancher Michael Fanselow Harold Feinleib Ronald & Marie-Louise Fendon Mr. David Fertig A. Flair Ms. Judy Foggia Ms. Tisha Weber Ford Mr. & Mrs. William Freudenstein Sharon Friem Ms. Lori Frisbie Mr. & Mrs. Ted Funsten Ileana Garcia Mr. William Garner In memory of Judith Dawn Garner Mr. & Mrs. Gene Geller Mr. Daniel Gerber John Gerngross Mr. & Mrs. David L. Gersh Nancy Gifford Ms. Rachelle Giuliani Mr. & Mrs. Marlowe Goldsby Debbie M. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Gravo Mr. & Mrs. Donald Green Kathryn Greene Ms. Patricia Gregory John Hackley Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Tony Handler Jeffrey Hankoff Deanna Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Mike Harling Mr. Randy Harmsen Mike & Dianne Harrell Jerry Harris Mr. Clark Haskins Mr. Frazer Hazlett Doug Hechter Stuart & Andree Herscovici In honor of Life Ella Hettmannsperger Mr. Richard Hilliard Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hinze Mr. Warren Hoag Ms. Charlotte G. Hoegerman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Holland Jim Hopperstad Mr. & Mrs. A. Hunt Ms. Susan Hunter Mr. Kent Huthsing Ms. Josephine Ireland Ms. Sandra Lei Isa Mr. Brian Jacobs

Jeffrey Jacobs Mr. Jake Jacobsom Ms. Jeanette Jarvis Ms. Brooks Jensen L. Robert Johnson & Lisa Reich Mr. & Mrs. E. Robert Jones Ms. Lindsey Kasehagen Mr. Max Keller Dr. & Mrs. Laszlo Kiraly In honor of David Asbell Ed Kish Mr. & Mrs. Jorgen Kjaempe W. Kleinman Robert Koenig Thomas Kuczmarski Mrs. Doris Kuhns Mark & Julie Kummel Mr. Larry Laborde Diana & Tom Lackner Mr. William J. Laman Mr. Chris Lancashire Ms. Colleen Land Dr. & Mrs. James Langer R. Jeffrey Lanzolatta Mr. Robert Laskin Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lebow Ms. Jean Thompson Leonard Charles Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Levine Mr. & Mrs. Neil Levinson In honor of Jim Morouse Steven & Janet Lew Dr. Daniel R. Lewis Mr. Barry Liker Mr. & Mrs. George D. Lilly Lifane Liu Mr. Jerome Lowenthal Dr. & Mrs. Peter MacDougall Mr. & Mrs. William MacKinnon Ms. Karen Madden Mr. & Mrs. Craig Madsen Doug Mann Ms. Charlene Marie Mrs. Helen Marquette In memory of Tony Marquette Siri & Bob Marshall Ms. Jill Martin Ray & Leslie Mathiasen Brett Matthews & Ginger Salazar J. Patrick & Mari McAlister Ms. Susan McCabe Patrick McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Craig McCaw Lori McCreary Michaele McDonnell Mr. & Mrs. John McGovern Ms. Anne McIntire Mr. & Mrs. James McIntyre Mr. Thomas McKean Julie McLeod Ms. Dana Melideo In memory of Dolly & Al Melideo Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Mellichamp Peter & Laini Melnick Mr. John Metzger Ms. Melodee Meyer

Mr. Robert Meyers Ms. Kay Miller Mr. & Mrs. John Mills Mrs. Kathryn Minikin In memory of William C. Minikin Mr. & Mrs. John Mitchell III Mr. Doug Mlyn Mr. & Mrs. Martin Moore Ms. Elizabeth Mosely Chaun Muir Mr. Rupert Nacario Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Najera Mrs. Lynne Narez Linda Newlin In honor of CALM Bonna Newman Mr. William Nicholson Dr. Keith Norris Ms. Helen C. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Donley Olson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orgel Julia & Scott Orlosky Ms. Virginia Ortega In memory of Olivia V. Labato Teresa Pardini Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pasternack Mr. Joshua Patlak Ms. Merrily Peebles Mr. Robert Peirson Rand Peppler Mr. Rafael Perez-Torres Jean M. Perloff, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Brent Peus Michael Pfeil Mr. & Mrs. Lee Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pinsker Alvin & Erika Plack Ms. Diana Platt Virginia Poll Mrs. Margaret P. Polsky Ann & David Premack In honor of Lisa Reshef nee Premack, who danced at the Lobero in the 1920’s John Rabel Mr. & Mrs. W. Glenn Ray Mr. Thomas Ray Mr. Albert Reid Susan Rentschler Donald & Alita Rhodes Mr. John Rindlaub Mr. Vincent Roberti In memory of Fred P. Lynch Jean Rogers Ms. Loretta H. Roper William & Lois Rosen John Rosenfeld Marcia Rubenstein Patricia Rumpza Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan Ariadna Santiago Mr. & Mrs. M.D. Schiffmacher Laurie Schuster James Schwan Mr. & Mrs. David Scott Ms. Kathy Scroggs Mr. Brendan Searls

Mr. David Zell Ms. Jennifer Zide John Ziegwied Dawn Ziemer Supporters under $100 J. Lawrence & Nancy Ackard In honor of Hope Kelly Beth Anderson Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. E. John Ballje Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Barry Ms. Diane Baskin Stephen Bauer Ms. Sydney Baumgartner Steve Berry Vito Bertuglia Giuseppe Bonfiglio Aidan Bradney & Audra Arraya In honor of Adison Symon Bradney Mr. Anthony Brueckner David Bunn Bill & Peggy Callahan Ms. Elizabeth Campbell Deedee Ciancola Ms. Janice G. Cloud Ms. Patricia Cochrane Dr. Mary B. Collier S. Cul Ms. Doreen Daley Rudolf Dank Mr. Bernard DeBaldo Michele DeCrow Andrea DeYoung Judi Doernberg In memory of Morris Kronfeld Ms. Loretta Doukas Gun Dukes Mr. and Mrs. Neil Elliott Mr. & Mrs. David Farris Larry Feinberg Donald & Stacey Fergusson Maria Rendina Frantz Richard Ganan John Gleeson Jeffrey & Cindy Gough Mrs. Alfred Goulding Jr. Roberta Grant Jean E. Hane Mr. David Harland Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Higgins Ms. Lisa Hill In honor of Jess Simon Mr. Ludwig Keller Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kilroy Ms. Frances Kliza Kroger Mr. Everett Lawley III Ms. Catherine Lee Gary Levin Mr. Stuart Levine Michael Lewellen James & Ella Markham Gerald Marr Mr. & Mrs. Paul Martinez Ms. Maureen McFadden Ms. Meredith McMinn

Toni & Terry McQueen Eric Melbardis Mark Menduke Nancy Mitchell Mrs. William L. Mobraaten Nancy Murdock Ms. Elaine Nakashima Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nichols Michael Osegueda Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pahos Robert Parker Jane Passerini Judith Patterson Lynn Pearl Mr. & Mrs. John Perry Mr. & Mrs. Alan Piltz In honor of Holly Chadwin & Geren Piltz Jan & Reilly Pollard Mr. Robert Pugh Mr. and Mrs. William H. Raber Nancy Reichenbach Chris Rendessy & Sue Slater In memory of our friend, Ted Cheesman Chris Rendessy & Sue Slater In memory of Laurel M. Clayton Ms. Florence O. Russell Mrs. Tracy Sanford Wachtel Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Sanov Santa Barbara Axxess Ms. Arlene Satterlee Mr. Martins Saulespurens Hal & Christine Saunders In honor of Chris Rendessy & Sue Slater Mr. Richard Schiada Frank A. Schmidt Les & Maureen Shapiro Ms. Jo Landis Shields William Spencer Mrs. Peter Stettinius Elizabeth Stewart Ms. Cynthia Stoddard Mr. Ian Thomson Ms. Shirley A. Toeppner Mary Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Harry Weisbart Mr. Steven Wenke Ms. Gretchen Wenner

Backstage 65

Andrew Seybold Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Shanelec Stephen & Nancy Sheld David Siegel Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Silverberg In honor of Sallie Dougherty Ms. Jessica Simon Ms. Mary Simpson Mr. Eric Skipsey Loren & Alexis Slafer Dr. Masha Smirnov Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Smith Mr. Benjamin Smith Nicholas Snow Ann & John Sonstelie Ms. Barbara Spaulding Doug Speedie Steven Spencer Mr. Harris Sprecher Mr. Mid Squier Joseph & BJ Stapen, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Sam Stoddard Richard Taylor Ms. Nina Terzian John & Constance Thayer Carl Thelander Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomas Mr. Jim Thomas Ms. Frederica Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Kipp Thonack Ms. Catherine Titus Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tredick Ms. Susan Trescher Mr. Mark E. Trueblood Mr. Richard Uelmen Mr. & Mrs. Robert Uphoff Mr. Teodulo Vargas-Morales & Ms. Nancy Moctezuma In honor of D’anna & C’na Vargas Mr. Doug Varone Sarah Vedder Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vernon Ms. Rosalind Villalpando Dr. & Mrs. M. Dean Vogel Ms. Elizabeth Vos Mr. Jeff Waxman In memory of Rex Marchbanks Ms. Jeanette Webber Mr. & Mrs. Greg West Mr. & Mrs. David Wexler Dean White Ms. Carol Wilburn Ben Wilmore Pamme Windhager Mrs. Joy Winer Peter and Linda Wisner Julie Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wouters Ms. Margaret W. Wright Mr. Harry Wright Ms. Mary Ellen Wylie Ms. Anne Yakutis Ed & Grace Yoon Stephen Young Donald & Caroline Young Wendell Younkins Ms. Deloria Zabriskie

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Julie Christensen “one of the truer singers you’ll ever hear — straight up, no mannerisms, perfect taste; recognize how she could sing with both Leonard Cohen and Chris D. ” --Greg Burk L.A. WEEKLY photo: Michael Kelly

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