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Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition

Atelier Natรกlia Gromicho is proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition, the international art exhibition that provides a wide range of artists from all around the world in Lisbon. Welcome to Lisboa!


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Natรกlia Gromicho | Portugal Domingo Parada | USA Olivia Moelo | France Maria Dobrican | Italy Nancy Woolf Petty-John | USA David Barbero Domeno | Spain Lee Steele | England Carlo Benocci | Italy Silvia Palazon Lopez | Spain Yoku Yu | China Annie Decamp | USA Carmen Sasieta | Peru Salman Soofi | Pakistan Vorden | Slovakia Endre Bartos | Germany Natalia Velit | Peru Chong Kok Choon | Malasya Gary Yeow Jinn Sheng | Malasya Leloluce| France 5

Natália Gromicho | Portugal A gifted painter, in the purest sense, Natália has skilfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. Employing these paradoxes, she skilfully applies her raw talent into different mediums and styles creating a sense of flux, depth and dominance. Natália’s work takes elemental images, from nature and the landscape to culture and individuals she encounters on her travels, and transforms using dramatic ploys such as contrasts in scale, shifts in focus, irrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered surfaces. Sensory perception for Natália is a spiritual activity, one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and culture—this thought process points to a new kind of realism—one that is engaged with the actual processes of life. Yet, it also references the theoretical avant-garde conceptions of deconstruction emerging during Modernism. |

Train Station| Acrylic on canvas| 120x100cm

Domingo Parada | USA I believe that, as a painter, my creative work is fruit of my awareness of the world which surrounds us. But the world is not only a visual world. It is also the immensurable world of our interior mind, its landscape of emotions, imagination and fantasy. All that exists in the Universe is constantly created by energy. This energy manifests itself in billions of vibrations, among this is light. Light is color. The infinite colors of the spectrum together with the geometric forms that are essence of the Universe give me a palette that I can use to demonstrate the moments of my conscious experience. My work can be interpreted by consciously or un-consciously grasping the vibrations of the light in all of its forms and colors as if they were a form of pure music. |

Elan Vital II| Acrylic on D´Arches 300 paper| 72x57cm

Maria Dobrican | Italy My name is Maria Dobrican I am an Italian based artist originally from Romania my journey as a self-taught artist has been filled with learning experiences. growing as an artist is an ongoing process that I will never stop being inspired. I really believe that creativity lives in all of us is for everyone and it is everywhere it's only that our approaches differ in terms of style. The lack of artistic training did not stop me from achieving my dream of creating works of Art. Having had no professional art training it gave me the encouragement and freedom to simply create from my mind and from my heart instead of trying to find a balance between educational training and personal expressions. I use non-conventional methods and tools to create my artworks. being selftaught gives me no parameters on what is right or what is wrong I don't think there is any right or wrong in art instead I think Art is a free way to express ourselves Art has no Rules Art is Freedom. |

Rosso Infinito| Oil on canvas| 150x100cm

Olivia Moelo – France French women sculptor, Olivia MoÊlo lives on the French Riviera. Working the monumental installations, the sculpture and the painting. She transforms the architectural spaces into sensory and intimate spaces. The spectator enters in the flowing cocoon of pink and pastel threads... It is work on the intimate, sexual being, feminist and is right to pleasure. Like Kusama, she creates her personal universe and fill it with collections sculptures and paintings to complement her progress. There is always a repeat of the gesture, repeated at infinitum. This personal universe is strong, heavy and sometimes almost suffocating as it overflows and fills the space. She works also the sculpture resin, aluminum and bronze and at present a doll of 2m to melt it bronze. |

Doll| Bronze| 220cm H

Nancy Woolf-Pettyjohn - USA Art is where I feel the most challenged, where I can work the hardest but at the same time reap the best of rewards. My love of research of anything and vast interests show in my artwork. I like to garden, love animals and people, love to hear others stories, love genealogy and retracing their lives not just names and dates. Fascinated with architecture and the fine workmanship of traditional crafts whether lacemaking or carving wood. I love fashion. I like doing the research behind my paintings and finding the truth such as on Mona Lisa or Anne of Cleves. My research has led me to do numerous paintings with prior copyright permission. I paint from my heart and I want you to feel what I feel. My artwork brings out a wide range of emotions in anyone who views it. Words like intricate, intriguing, impressive, detailed and beautiful have been used by laymen and curators alike. Five of my Honiton Lace paintings were shown as a solo exhibit for three months in 2009 Allhallows Museum in England and the curator told me, “that some people have even thought its real lace so that really is a compliment.” Others have told me,” It looks so real it gives me Goosebumps! Literally! Look at my arm! And another said “ They are all so beautiful it makes me want to cry.” I have not had any formal art training but learned by watching my Mom all my life as she is also an artist. Honored to be chosen by Marquis for inclusion into Who's Who in American art, and Who's Who in the World which represents the top 3% of all professionals worldwide. I always give God all the credit for the talent He has given me and in so doing you will find the symbol for Christian under my signature on all of my artwork. |

A Girl and her Duenna original by Murillo | Acrylic on canvas | 50x40cm

David Barbero Domeno - Spain When the person interpretation is the interpretation of their works, you can probably get to know them, better than in any other way. I have a degree in philosophy and I have photography studies, as well as a self-taught poet and artist. As one great thinker said, nothing human is alien to me. Life is a constant change, so the creative process, as a phenomenon with life, is constant experimentation. Ideas flow in me without pause. I think, then I exist, and I believe, then I exist. I started with creative processes with poetic discipline, to expand to others, from the world of art and literature. Painting, personally, is a therapeutic process, through which I capture, on the canvas, without any logical elaboration, my feelings, both positive and negative. I leave you the pleasure of experiencing my work, and that my feelings come together in creating it, with yours when you look at it ...|

spectability Respectability| Charcoal and acrylic| 55x46cm

Lee Steele - England Lee’s career has traversed a diverse path from working on North Sea oil rigs to the therapy departments in medium and high security psychiatric units. Along the way he studied 3D design in York, ran his own gallery and studio in Robin Hoods Bay and is now based in East Yorkshire. Lee’s current collection of studio ceramics "Salvage Ware" is inspired by the industrial landscape and the way in which the processes of erosion and corrosion change and distort the material itself. By combining clays, oxides, slip and glaze Lee designs and creates thought provoking, original, hand-built retro-industrial pieces where functionality has been tempered by the corrosive nature of environment and time. Lee has work exhibited in several galleries in Yorkshire and in London and sold his first piece of Salvage Ware to a member of Arts Council England. He regularly works with York University Archaeological department and has run workshops for the Leeds International Medieval Congress and the Royal Armouries. He has also had commissions sent as far as Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia.|

Corroded Dreams| Ceramic hand cast sculptures| 13x9cm

Silvia Palazรณn Lรณpez - Spain Several years ago I read a quote that inspired me. It could be found on the Berlin wall and it was anonymous. The quote read: "If many small people in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world." Together we can bring change and it is my hope to bring either challenge or joy. In my dimensional work I trust that you'll see within my exploration and feel as I do; that is there is a certain hope in team work no matter who or what we are. My favorite medium is oil but I'll also use acrylic or gouache. At times I work with acrylics and wood. Often I choose bold colors as I feel they are closest to me. I'd like you to see that each stroke of the brush tells a story. |

Space AND| Oil on canvas| 100x100cm

Yoky Yu 俞诗瑶 - Shanghai, China Yoky is a life artist. Born in China and educated in the United States, Yoky has a unique worldly view on her artistic expression. Yoky’s mission is to bring more compassion, curiosity and creativity to the world via the magic of painting, life coaching , personal development workshop facilitation, acting, writing, energy healing, and more. Yoky is one of the finalists of

Art Battle Shanghai. Her art work has been exhibited at Ladyfest, Heart2Heart Charity Artshow, Sous Marin. With no prior art training, she creates out of the commitment of self-expression, vulnerability, and authentic human emotions. Originally from Xi’an and Shanghai, Yoky gets inspiration from her 5 years in the United States as well as her current life in Shanghai. She is also a traveling artist in Australia, Vietnam, France, Singapore and UK. With a background of life coaching and self-development workshop facilitation, Yoky brings her radiating energy, warmth, and positive vibe to all her arts and workshops. She is the founder of 2BHappy, where she writes and produces blog posts. She is also the co-founder of AHS, a forming social enterprise aimed at empowering artistic healing human beings. Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, Yoky has also performed stand-up comedy and hosted events, benefiting from her acting and improve training from Los Angeles. |

What it takes to be yourself| Oil on canvas| 80x60cm

Annie Decamp | USA While today’s borders seem to be fading more due to cultural access and technology, new lines are also drawn as history repeats and new empires develop. The ebb and flow of cultures moving toward and away from each other has always invited a certain level of tension in to the human story as it asks us to change and adapt. My work focuses on the human experience one-by-one through encaustic portraiture. I work to bring forth the soul and spirit of a subject so we can look closely into the face of another and pass over the divides that distance and media create. I was once told about a course that all first-year medical students and Stanford University were required to take that asked them to study one piece of art for a whole semester in order to teach them the power of observation. I can’t think of a class I would rather take or that I am more suited for. I believe that through closer observation we build intimacy and understand more deeply. My work not only fulfills my curiosity about history, culture and civilization, but strives to illuminate how humans undergo struggle and adapt to change while maintaining their origins, values and belief systems. In my process, I come to a point when looking into the eyes of another, I am looking into myself. It is my hope that by bringing forth detail about the subjects I paint, viewers can distill generalizations of other cultures down to the specific human they are looking at. My love of working with wax began first with a batik class I took as a child and later as a jewelry designer with lost wax castings. The ancient roots of encasustic and the earthly, tactile form it takes on, lends itself well to my subject matter and the purpose of my work. |

Crow Brave| Encaustic | 53x45cm

Carmen Sasiesta| PERU Carmen is a renowned contemporary American artist born in Peru. Her figurative and meticulous style is inspired by techniques derived from European classical art, especially Spanish and Italian. In this stage of her career she is focused on capturing natural sensuality and female inner beauty, achieving a captivating job in the end. Selected in 2017 by Governor Rick Scott and his wife Ann, as a featured Artist of the Year to represent the artists of Florida during the Hispanic Heritage Month; Sponsored by Mr. François Hollande, president of France, to participate in the Drawing and Watercolor Salon at the Grand Palais in Paris – 2017; Participant of the Ibero-American Art Fair in Seoul, South Korea 2012, 2013, 2014; Sponsored two times by Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France at the time, and selected by the National Society of Fine Arts of France, to participate in its Salon des Beaux Arts in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France 2010, 2008; Represented Peru in the International Art Exhibit in the Yangpyeong Museum of Art 2018; Currently exhibiting in the Ulsan Culture & Arts Center, South Korea Currently represented by Eka & Moore Gallery in Madrid, Bellarte Art Gallery in Seoul, and Reef Gallery Inc. in Key Largo, FL |

Freedom| Oil on canvas| 76x76cm

Salman Soofi | PAKISTAN My message is mostly for the young people because they are the future. That's why in most of my paintings l address social issues related to the youth like abortion, alcoholism, poverty, socialism and war. My works are constant reminders to everyone to wake up and fight against the system of oppression, the media deceptions and lies which we face everyday. We need to wake up and wake others too against the unjust and cruel ruling elite of the world which is using every single mean to manipulate us for their agenda. I think it's high time for us to stand up against the injustice done to humanity for decades and make this world a better place to live in harmony, love and peace |

The Three Dimensions (Love, Hate and Regret)| Mixed Technique | 42x56cm

Vorden | Slovakia Vorden is a nickname of a person whose key feature is unusual sensitivity to the surrounding world. He has been depicting the reality not only on canvas but also in pieces of wood and other materials that could be used for sculpting. Inspiration for Vorden’s art pieces comes from all over the world. Being a citizen of few countries on three continents has visible impact on his arts. Interdisciplinary character of Vorden’s arts represents his unusual openness for variety of unique experiences. The art pieces of Vorden has been exhibited so far in galleries in the USA, Slovakia, India, Cyprus and Denmark. Winner of the Nomination "Emotional Artist 2018" for the art contest "web art Expo" . |

I have learned a lot I have suffered a lot Now I am lying in a blissful sleep And I am basking in happiness Again I will see sunrise and sunset At my fingertips I will soothe my eyes I will live till the end I did not belive in the smile of hope In the nameless glow of the moon But now I belive in everything Because there is no shadow of humanity's Bitterness surrounding me Poem by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka

Rebirth of the New Eva | Oil on canvas | 50x40cm


Carlo Benocci | Italythings differently. Art is what pective to see . Art is the tool for understanding reality. It helps you shift perspective to see things differently. Art is what we need to better observe reality's natural and constant change.


The Mine, The Starship, The Penis, The Scorpio | Mixed Technique on canvas | 132x102cm

Endre Bartos | Hungary The very talented painter Endre Bartos (1930-2006 Hungary) lifework like landscapes, rows of houses, still lifes, relationships, flowers impress by style, color but also by perspectives. They amaze by the structure, power and brilliance of the thickly-filled oil paint. Bartos`s Art does not open up in a first or fleeting encounter. You have to look several times to be able to capture the full spectrum of its colorful splendor. Life affirmation, joy, brightness and optimism, sometimes even darkness and thoughtfulness-that is what the paintings of the painter radiate. His art actually pointed to the influence of the Masters of German Expressionism in the development of his work, but his kind of motive interpretation is completely independent and unmistakable. And not only with regard to the relief-like surface structure with the chosen spatula technique, but also the way in which he combined a landscape experience into often block-like structures, almost forged together. |

Woodland | Oil on canvas | 80x100cm

Natalia Velit | Peru Born in Lima, Peru. She has dual nationality, French and Peruvian. Lives and works in Paris since 1981. Obtained a Master Degree in Plastic Arts and Aesthetics at the University of Paris VIII, and ENSBA (National School of Fine Arts Paris) 1987. Abstract "matierist" and figurative painter, she blends the present with the past using her own, very personal technic resulting in a sensitive matter through her use of color. Currently she alternates between France and South America, showing at various Galleries and Museums. |

Untitled| Mixed technique on canvas | 100x100cm

Chong Kok Choon | Malaysia Environmental pollution began with the contamination of the human mind. In the hustle and bustle of life, man leaves nature behind and loses the connection to his own soul. An odyssey to India expands my exploration and had me re-examine my own inner being. Thus, through my lens, I thrive to reflect on the primitive quiddity of life and search for the congruous correspondence between man and nature. |

Sacred Rivers II| Digital Print On Natural Hot Press Paper | 107x157cm

Gary Yeow Jinn Sheng| Malaysia Congkak - Where will it goes? A traditional mancala board game widely influenced in South East Asia. The congkak board is usually carved into a boat shape, some with decorative dragon or bird motifs. Originated from Malay ‘congak’, meaning mental calculation as it involved mathematics and precision to win the game. Gradually, receiving lesser response as the society move forward to digital era, which is much stimulating and senses-triggering - leading a decline to this heritage board game. What if its able to bring the interaction level to another level? When there is an action, there is a reaction - there’s winner, there’s loser. But can it be an experiential or neutral game where there is no competition? Instead, the user needs to ‘calculate’ in order to make sounds - sound when scoping the marbles on hand ; sound when the marble travels down the steel tube. Winning in a game is no longer a desire, but the process - even its in a traditional game, it is still an enjoyable process in both physically and mentally interact with congkak.|

Congkak – Where will it goes? | Wood & Stainless steel tubes | 150x150x120cm

LELOLUCE| France Lucie LEGRAND alias LELOLUCE was born in Saint-Jean de Maurienne (France) in 1988. She devotes herself to her painting since 2011. At the end of a year studying arts at age 17 she rashly embarked on more personal artistic self-expression, which stages the characters and shapes of her fantasy world. She breathes painting. And through her works full of power and dynamism, she takes us into her fantasy world. We are invited to join her in her light and colored universe. Each work of art of this young artist tells a story and sets out to conquer the world, to expend her highly colorful message. Lucie LEGRAND alias LELOLUCE enjoys blending ages, characters and shapes to better offer us the perspective of her universe on our today’s world. In her paintings only poetry, colors and tenderness count. The thoroughly drafted acrylic paintings of this artist contain neither collages nor printings. Her precise touch reveals the brightness of the colors and outlines the facial features. With only 29 years old LELOLUCE expresses utopia in her paintings. Considering the socio-economic pressure felt in our today’s environment and facing the international and local events, LELOLUCE wants to transmit joy and humor through her works, so that everyone can feel happiness and erase the last feeling of anxiety and stress existing in our everyday life. The modernity and the illumination symbolized in her paintings enhance the touch of humor and the supernatural atmosphere of these works. LELOLUCE aim is to catch the eye of the visitor and to hypnotize him with her minimalist, naive and psychedelic shapes.|

Jungles shifted | Acrylic on canvas| 130x90cm

general information Curator | Gonzalo Madeira Duration of the Exhibition | October 6th – 12th 2018 Location | Atelier Natalia Gromicho Rua Nova da Trindade, 5G Piso S/L 1200-301 Lisboa - PORTUGAL Exhibition Hours | Mon-Fri from 2 to 6pm Private View | October 6th, 2018, 3pm Facebook - lisboninternationalcontemporaryexhibition Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn - ateliernataliagromicho Email Address | Tel. | Whatsapp | Telegram | Facetime - +351 965 865 454


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