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Adélia Clavien Adriano Bernetti da Vila Ana Maria Malta Aranka Székely Beatriz Lopes Lopes Domingo MariaJocimarElisabethParadaVazEndreBartosFaustinoLeonorSousaIsabeldeLinceMikeFerrellNatáliaGromichoPaolaKorgaPejoŠárkaDartonSinikkaElfvingStanislavRihaTamUlriisYvonneWiese

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Sobrevoe o estuário! peloSerpenteieestuário! até 25 NOV Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência Universidade de Lisboa Cofinanciamento:


Adélia Clavien from Miège (VS) is born in Portugal and has the Swiss naUonality where she has lived since 1981. Although she spent a long Ume among the arUsUc community in Valais, she a[ended her first painUng courses and started photography in St Gall where she lived 10 during years. Curious and passionate, Adélia has been fascinated by Arts since she was young and has been working in the IT domain for over 20 years. As an arUst, she works in an autodidacUc and passionate manner. She explores various painUng technics (acrylic, charcoal, sand, stained glass, epoxy resin etc) and use her knowledge of photography to created original painUngs mixed with photography New Pop Realism. The various presented themes allow us to escape in a colored and mysterious universe Adelia’s universe Adelia works part Ume in order to have more Ume for her arUsUc acUviUes (photography, painUng, music, dancing). Self educated, she is mulUtalented, speaks several languages, plays several music instruments, is comfortable with the new technology, and is a naturally open person Adélia

7 Jim Morrison Doors XVI | photo montage printed on aluminum | 100x75cm

Undoubtedly color is the guiding element of my way of painUng. "Color is a quantum electromagneUc vibraUon, but with it we also transmit an emoUonal vibraUon For me, painUng is first of all knowledge of the world, nature, humanity, history and emoUons. As far as I'm concerned, the word art inspires me respect and I prefer to talk about painUng instead of art, which means expression of sensaUons, a path to deepen some aspects of nature and emoUons. Trying to express and convey in some way the feeling of power of an imaginary ocean wave, or colors inspired by a sunset, or to recreate the emoUons linked to a parUcular state of our life through an abstract painUng, could be, I repeat it could be, something that comes close to art. But the real essence of a painUng is the emoUons that it can create in the eyes and in the soul of those who look at it”

Adriano Bernetti da Vila |

9 Glaciers Melting | Oil on canvas | 80x80cm |

Nasceu em Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal. Realizou cerca de 400 exposições colectivas e individuais em Portugal, Espanha, França, Itália, Alemanha, Dinamarca, Brasil, Estados Unidos e Japão, onde obteve inúmeros prémios e distinções. Está citada em várias publicações de Arte nacionais e internacionais. A sua paleta é cromaticamente brilhante e pluripigmentada. As suas obras falam das ardências da Vida na Natureza, a partir de uma expressividade não figurativa do meio natural envolvente, com referencial imagético que apresentam os Elementos da Natureza em diálogo plástico com o Homem A junta de freguesia de Vila Franca de Xira atendendo ao seu percurso artístico elevou a Mestre Ana Maria Malta a Cidadania de Mérito da Cidade, no ano 2000 como exemplo referencial de talento, arte e paixão Vila franquense Destacou a, em Março de 2017, como uma das 33 mulheres Exemplo da cidade de Vila Franca de Xira, no ano em que se comemoraram 33 anos de Cidade. Ana Maria Malta

11 Terras de Ouro | Aquarelle on paper | 56x38cm


Dr. Aranka Székely was born in 1966 in Transylvania, Romania. Having graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, she relocated to Hungary. Aranka is a doctor by profession and an artist by her passion and creative mind. She currently runs her private medical practice in Alsózsolca and Miskolc, Hungary. As a self taught artist she tried her hand in different styles of painting from realistic to abstract using pastels, acrylic and watercolours

Aranka’s color palette is very vivid and at the same time very feminine Aranka, has great technical ability and has indeed participated in many exhibitions and been recognized with many international awards, but the most important thing about her remains her passion for art, which gives her enormous joy and helps her to cope with daily stress. Looking at her works, it is clear Aranka's intention, to use her creativity, her colours and her emotions on the canvases for dedicate to us observers, the most joyful side of her and of her life, which thanks to the brushstrokes purifies and cheers the soul.Her artworks are displayed in a lot of artbooks and art magazines in Europe and USA. Arankaékely

13 The joy of music | Acrylics on canvas | 50x40cm


In my work I try to show my vision of the world, like every artist, I think I need to show my perspective and my memories from an optimistic and colorful approach. For me, color itself is a pure expression of feelings, ideas and ideals.I try to always have nature and light present in my works, I think that in a symbolic way, all my paintings are essentially pieces of landscapes and memories. Lopes Lopes |

15 At the green forest I Oil on canvas | 100x81cm

ffset / Inaset Plus Laser HEAVY FINEWEIGHTSARTS De 135 gsm até 350 gsm

Inaset Plus

Para além de uma gramagem mais alta, os papéis Inaset – produzidos pela e Navigator Company –têm excelentes parâmetros ópticos e físicos. A sua brancura e brilho, bem como a sua rigidez e opacidade, permitem uma ampla gama de aplicações de impressão. Este é um mundo de possibilidades para ir ao encontro de toda e qualquer necessidade da indústria de artes gráficas. Onde o papel vai ao encontro dos desafios de impressão mais artísticos e criativos. O

I believe which surrounds world of our interior in the Universe billions of vibrations, together with can use to demonstrate interpreted by consciously or un consciously grasping the vibrations of the light in all of its forms and colors as if they were a form of pure music. |

19 Solemnis | Acrylics on D'Arches paper 300 | 71x56cm

Elisabeth VAZ born in 1972 in Isère, self taught painter I started painting a little over 22 years ago, often in the evening when the children are asleep and sneaking around! Yes in secret because in my entourage we do not understand my new craze for painting ... Being of Portuguese origin, in our environment Art is not part of our culture or my education ... I persevere despite everything because it brings me a lot, I who am quite withdrawn, in front of my canvas I finally express myself, I transmit my emotions, I am me in another world, I exist. In my paintings we find a dominance of warm tones, a lively and luminous palette. When I started I worked with brushes and very quickly I integrated the square and the rule. I mainly work with oil, I recently tried acrylic and aerosol. After a period marked by intimate and relatively confidential work, I decided to show my work to the general public. My first exhibition will take place in 2008 at the Grenoble Painters 'Market, for the next 8 years, I exhibited at the Hôtel de l'Europe in Grenoble, at the Comptoir de l'Armaccord, at the Marché de l'Art d' Annecy and in St Cyr au Mont d'Or This will be followed by an individual exhibition at the Lyon City Hall and other exhibitions. Elisabeth Vaz h>ps://www.elisabeth |

21 Primavera | Mixed Technique | 150x120cm |

BartosArt Galley presents examples of landscapes, urban life, flowers, and human relationships created by the talented Hungarian painter Endre Bartos. His art pieces show impressive style and perspective, most often in brilliant color, amazingly powerful in structure and brilliance of the thickly applied oil paint. His amassing art pieces will quickly engage the senses and admiration particularly after prolonged exposure and inspection of their colorful splendor. His paintings radiate life affirmation, joy, brightness, and optimism, but occasionally even seriousness and darkness of the world around him as he perceived Bartos`sit art follows the tradition of expressionism, Even though he may have said: “I do not have any actual role model” In the development in his art he actually shows the influence of the Masters of German Expressionism However his motives and interpretation are completely independent and unmistakable, not only in the relief like surface structure with the chosen spatula technique, but also the way he combined experiences into often coherent block like structures Endre Bartos

23 Houses in Mindelheim III | Oil on canvas | 77x60cm

A lover of painUng, paint for over 10 years and am looking to improve and be[er define my talents, I studied for two years at the Academy of PainUng Oil and further 2 years at the University of Arts, was a teacher of oil painUng for 2 years (in class) when I received the Honorable MenUon Award by the Secretary of Culture of Sao Paulo Brazil I teach techniques of oil painUng and painUng private mentoring Jocimar|

25 The Universal Language | Mixed Technique | 98x152cm

“I am what life does to me .... I am the rest of everything and the beginning of a lot...” Leonor Trindade Sousa, was born in Vagos, Aveiro Portugal. She finished school on the Arts’ area at Liceu Dr. Manuel Laranjeira in Espinho, the city which saw her growing up. Since adolescence that curiosity and intuiUon awakened her to the world of arts, parUcularly to the painUng. Through various techniques ... from figuraUve to abstract ... from acrylic to oil She has painted different collecUons Her enUre work results from a great stoicism and struggle An unusual tribute that shares the spirit of solidarity, which feeling is to contribute to the demysUficaUon of a more egalitarian freedom and jusUce through her art, not forge}ng her intrinsic female condiUon in parallel the most remarkable and sensiUve condiUon, the motherhood MeeUng Leonor Sousa is to know the hardships that shaped her character, her personality and her fight for a more fraternal world. Her curriculum already has a huge amount of individual and collecUve exhibiUons, either naUonal or internaUonal (Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Norway, Colombia and U.S.A.) She also received several awards from Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, India, U.S.A, Life gave her the ability to express herself through art. Leonor Trindade Sousa |

27 Mahara | Mixed Technique | 40x35cm

María Isabel Salazar de Lince, is a colombian artist. Studied Art & Arquitecture Design and Psychology, Javeriana University, Bogotá Colombia. Drawing and painting in Cooperartes Workshop, and with Masters David Manzur, Fernando Dávila, and Miguel Moyano Has participated in several exhibitions, here are some of them: Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art. Florida USA, Euroamerica Galleries. New York USA, Beijing Art Fair China, Carousel of Louvre Paris France, 1st International Modern Art Austria Biennale Viena Austria, International Fine Art Masters Viena Austria, International Prize Colosseo. Brancaccio Palace. Rome Italy, Attimi di Luce. MXM Arte. Pietrasanta Italy, Leonardo Da Vinci Award Galleria La Pigna Rome Italy, Casanova Award Flangini Palace Venice Italy, The best modern and contemporary artists Palais Sternberg Viena Austria, I Segnalati. InArte Werkkunst Gallery. Berlin Germany, Small is beautiful II. Alliance Francaise. Dubai United Arab Emirates, International Biennal of Flanders. Bruges Belgium, International Prize Velásquez. MEAM Museum. Barcelona Spain y III Bienal de Arte de Barcelona. MEAM Museum. Barcelona Spain… Maria Isabel de Lince |

31 The end and a new begining | Oil on canvas | 130x196cm

Michael Henry Ferrell |

In my work I endeavour to portray life in a positive light, to show the love I have for the world, its cultures and the environment in which we all live. The interpretation between colour, texture and the way that people interact with their surroundings are very important to me. If in my own way I can use my art to bring love, happiness, and the appreciation of life into the lives of people who see my work then I have achieved my goal. In the end it is up to the individual. I work in oils, watercolours, inks and pastels. I do not like to tie myself down to any one media or subject matter.

33 Joining the tour guide lisbon | Oil on canvas | 60x90cm

A gifted painter, in the purest sense, Natália has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic Employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies her raw talent into different mediums and styles creating a sense of flux, depth and dominance Natália's work takes elemental images, from nature and the landscape to culture and individuals she encounters on her travels, and transforms using dramatic ploys such as contrasts in scale, shifts in focus, irrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered Sensorysurfaces.perception|

for Natália is a spiritual activity, one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and culture this thought process points to a new kind of realism one that is engaged with the actual processes of life. Yet, it also references the theoretical avant garde conceptions of deconstruction emerging during Modernism.


35 Via Sacra | Acrylic on canvas | 160x180cm

The artist has a very personal style that ranges from figurative to abstract. Many symbolist, tribal and multi ethnic influences characterize her technique Paola Korga is constantly looking for new textures to be included in her works, making them precious and unique This adds a further level of interpretation in addition to the ones provided by the colors and the subjects represented The collage and the use of different materials is a trademark of her works, as well. The union of these elements with bright and earthy colors, ranging from the reds, orange in all its shades, and on to the browns, golden, and bronze ones, summarizes the author’s life and experiences Paola Korga indeed travelled for years around West Africa, supporting and helping children and families in need. Her paintings, powerfully showing her genuine passion, reflect the great variety and cultural richness of the people she met, the beauty of nature as well as the unspoiled landscape She portrays the mothers, carrying with strength and elegance the spiritual, albeit heavy heritage of ancestral times. Paola Korga renders in a simple portrait the genetic emotional cultural map of a people thanks to a wise and refined use of her particular technique. Paola Korga |

37 The Magician | Mixed Technique | 118x95cm


The Belgian artist couple, winner of The London Art Biennale 2019. In real life and in artistic life a couple that made its way into the glass art world, Johanna as Laureate Master in stained glass and fusion techniques and Peter an award winning international designer joined hands and minds to create contemporary glass art as Pejo At first, Pejo created contemporary stained glass windows with a three dimensional twist by adding perspective Their designs were picked up by some galleries in The Netherlands and Norway where they had their first solo exhibitions. Being restless they soon started with glass fusion techniques, small abstracts mounted in old wood to large figurative glass works. By experimenting with new materials and techniques they created their own unique style, resulting in international recognition. Their exclusive and unique designs made with the Pejo technique resulted in many international prizes and a permanent exhibition in The European Art Museum in Denmark. They just follow their urge to discover how far glass will allow them to be bent and shaped as they imagine it. The uniqueness of their art is that their style changes every time, trying to make the next challenge that enters their creative minds, they have no blue or red period, only a vision of two minds thinking alike. Pejo’s glass art is found in many homes in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Denmark, Sierra Leone, Thailand and even the United States of America.

39 The Beginning | Glass fusion | 48x82cm

Šárka Darton hGps:// |

My art is about looking and seeing; an investigation into the role of cognitive stimulation in the making and viewing of art. Each piece addresses issues of identity and the relationship between people and the spaces that they occupy Working across various media, my pictures, prints, paintings and installations aim to create space, rather than occupy it. Contrasting transient and permanent imagery, figures and architecture, the viewer becomes incorporated into my work instead of just standing in front of it. We all effect, and in turn are affected, by that which we see.

41 Mother Earth | Gold and ink on paper | 80x60cm|


Sinikka Elfving painter part close to ArcUc Circle. She lives and works in Norway. She is inspired by the strong contraries of the ArcUc life, the dark, long and cold Winters and the bright Summers. This is revealed in her works. She uses symbols in her art which are found in nature. In that way her art becomes lyrical, spiritual and expressionisUc. The metaphysical aspect of colors has a special place to embrace emoUons. She is also fascinated by the phenomena of light that has certain magic in the ArcUc Zones during the seasons. With her art she tries to inspire people to value the spiritual meaning of life, to protect the nature and work for peace. The Earth is our only home that we should be able to share with each others, live and let live in peace and harmony. The nature is the exclusive provider of life on Earth and our survival is depending on it We should find a turning point in our evoluUon towards humanity and respect for life

43 Lights in the Harbour | Acrylic on Canvas | 80x80cm

digital my life, feelings "soul," with the saUsfacUon of fun. The direcUon of the last two decades is aimed at understanding and, through artwork, expressing the human struggle of emoUons and adapUons. In the period of the past ten years, I have been polishing my creaUve work into the Surreal-abstract style. The main moto of my artwork is; Just as in a good story, the readers have space to create their image; in a good picture, the viewers have a space to create their account. Since 2009, Editor in Chief of IQNexus Journal, In 2015 wrote a book "Judy and Bob Dialogues," published by FriesenPress, Victoria BC, Canada, Stanislav Riha |

45 Buzz at a creek | Collage | 71,1x44,5cm|

My current work, “Paraphrasing”, is an attempt to create visual vignettes of a colorful chaos that is grounded in light and shadow. The pieces are meant to represent day dreams of a blithely world that is strikingly divorced from the one we currently live in yet oddly familiar much like revisiting a memory. I am a self taught painter and drawing has always been a part of me. The playfulness in my figures is a nod to the countless hours I spent doodling as a kid. I am both inspired and distracted by elements that are out of place Because of this, my compositions are often calculated and deliberate I work exclusively in oil for now at least I am merely at the beginning of this journey and I close no doors to anything that could help me find my own artistic voice. Tam

47 Mind full | Oil on canvas | 70x50cm

As when I stopped working was introduced acrylic paint not photographically expression paint impressively bright , the contrast between light and shadow My motives are people, animals and nature from own photos and inspiration from different medias. My speciality is portraits. I have exhibitions in Denmark as well as Spain Italy , and Portugal In Denmark I am member of the art cooperation K21 with 3 exhibitions each year and I exhibit in Art Nordic 2020 in Copenhagen in March. I have been awarded with many international prices.|


49 Shadow | Acrylic on canvas | 50x60cm


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