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Welcome to Lisboa!

Atelier Natália Gromicho is very pleased to host the 8th edition of Downtown Chiado. Represented so far more then 300 artists, our main goal is to represent and promote international contemporary artists. "The idea is simple, make a private space in an open space, without limitation to any type of audience, without obstacles, without barriers. Anyone can see, taste, touch, paint. Atelier Natalia Gromicho = experience, know, ART. ” Atelier Natalia Gromicho is located at Lisbon´s Downtown, opened in April 2013 with a exhibition of Natália Gromicho called “Lisboa, dignos de nota” that was her tribute to the city that she was born. Located in Espaço Chiado, a shopping center in Chiado that was build preserving “Ferdinand Wall”, a wall that protected Lisbon from attacks during the period of the Middle Ages. Chiado is one of the most iconic and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon. Located between Bairro Alto and Downtown shopping stores. Its location is very privilege , with access from the street Rua da Misericórdia or the street Rua Nova da Trindade, right next to Trindade Theater. Atelier Natalia Gromicho benefits of people traffic by historical attractions of the Chiado, shopping and leisure areas…


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Curator | Gonçalo Madeira Duration of the Event | April 10–16 2021 Location | Atelier Natália Gromicho Fine Art gallery Rua Nova da Trindade, 5G Piso SL 1200-301 Lisboa - PORTUGAL Exhibition Hours | Mon-Sat from 2 to 6pm Private View | April 10th, 2020, 3pm Vernissage Schedule | April 10th, 3pm - 6pm

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Atuska I grew up in Hungary on the border of a little town just next to the river Danube. I spent my childhood drawing horses and the beautiful nature which was surrinding me. After turning 18 I moved to Budapest to study economics and design. In my twenties I was on a mission to travel as much as possible to discover the beauties the globe can offer and to train my eyes seeing different colors and countries and cultures. During my travels I started to feel a really strong need to express all the magnificent aestethics my eyes were lucky enough to capture. I was almost itching. I worked a lot with pencil, aquarell, pastell, guache and acryl during my schoold years, but this time I wanted to do something different. This was this the point I went to buy my fist canvas. I thought I’m making the piece for my own walls but just 6 months later a business parter of my convinced to sell it to him after discovering the painting on social media.I belive in quality and I belive in slow process. when I do a piece it usually takes 3-9 months to let it go. My art practice is all about to bring long lasting pleasure to the eyes by not compromising at all when it comes to time, quality and quantity about materials used. I strickly paint with oil and when I use gold I use only 24k gold. This might be the reason that the first 5 years of my art practise an international bouquet of collerctors bought all my works without any gallery or art dealer involved. I use simple brushstrokes but I like to create multiple layers of different blacks and different whites within one painting. These hidden stories making the viewer able to find something new in my paintings even years after purchase.
When I add colours it's all about finding a sophisticated harmony with visual weights even on those pieces which look harsh for the first glance. |

Nr.0 | Oil on canvas + 24k pure gold leaf | 100x100cm 7

Domingo Parada I believe that, as a painter, my creative work is fruit of my awareness of the world which surrounds us. But the world is not only a visual world. It is also the immensurable world of our interior mind, its landscape of emotions, imagination and fantasy. All that exists in the Universe is constantly created by energy. This energy manifests itself in billions of vibrations, among this is light. Light is color. The infinite colors of the spectrum together with the geometric forms that are essence of the Universe give me a palette that I can use to demonstrate the moments of my conscious experience. My work can be interpreted by consciously or un-consciously grasping the vibrations of the light in all of its forms and colors as if they were a form of pure music. |

Toccata & Fugue in Blue | Acrylics on D'Arches paper 300 | 71x56cm 9

Filipe Assunção Filipe Assuncao is a Portuguese painter that lives and works in Norway. He started painting very early and studied art with known masters for many years, building a solid background and technique in drawing and painting. He completed a Master Degree in Fine Arts in Portugal that he concluded with the classification of Excellent. He started teaching art in 2012 and curating art exhibitions. Filipe is a storyteller. He paints mostly figurative and his inspirations are people, emotions and all type of creatures, that he normally pictures together with very strong colors. His works are a mix of a deeply planned work, combined with intuitive painting to bring very challenging artworks that leaves no one indifferent. Filipe’s strong speech immerses the public that observes his works in a new immersive atmosphere. Each subject represented is part of a micro cosmos, with its problems and feelings. His great merit is to have been able to create a new visual linguistics. An alphabet made up of signs and colors, which makes it easily recognizable in the immense and varied art scene. He exhibits regularly around the world since 2005 and his work is highly recognized, having received more than thirty awards in Europe, America and Asia. His artwork is present in museums, private and corporate collections in Norway, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Mozambique, Poland, Turkey, and U.S.A. He is an active member of several Art Groups and Organizations, such as NEUTRAL-ISM Art Group in Italy, ArtCan Art Group in UK, A.N – Artists Information Company in U.K., UAVA – Unión de Artistas Visuales de Andalucía in Spain, I.A.A. – International Association of Art. |

Leisure Time | Acrylic on Canvas | 100x80cm 11

Kayo Sato Kayo Sato was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She received her Ph.D in fine art in 2006. She is a versatile and unique artistic innovator adept at working with fiber, including dyeing, weaving, and pleating. Her work is regarded as a contemporary art. The artist has exhibited her artwork throughout Europe, especially Italy, and is also active in regional promotion, cultural property protection, design education dissemination, and product production, etc. Kayo currently lives in Japan, working as an artist. While her style of artmaking has changed over the years. She continues to enchant the viewer. “In my work, color is an important factor. My soul is in the color. So I dye the colors myself. I've always done that and will continue to do so.” |

Carmen | Flower drops I Habanera = Pleating 53x70x10cm | 65x90x20cm | 60x53x10cm 13

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Our values and our mission are within you

Member of ALFA International Global Network

Rua General Firmino Miguel nr5, 11º 1600-100 Lisboa (351) 21 780 36 40

Aos Indiferentes Precisamos dos indiferentes,

Aos Indiferentes dos conformados e dos céticos.

Precisamos dos que ligam demasiado ao carro. E dos que não desligam a luz. Precisamos dos que deixam a água a correr.

Precisamos dos indiferentes,

E dos que se demoram no banho.

dos conformados e dos dosque céticos. Precisamos atiram para o mar. lançam para o ar. PrecisamosE dos dosque que ligam demasiado ao carro. Precisamos dos pessimistas e dos consumistas.

E dos que não desligam a luz. Dos que querem palhinha.

PrecisamosE saquinho. dos queE deixam a água a correr. descartavelzinho. Precisamos dos que E dos que se demoram no reciclam banho.desculpas e mais coisa nenhuma.

PrecisamosDos dos que atiram para o mar. que não querem e dos que não creem. Precisamos até dos que não fazem por mal. E dos que lançam para o ar.

Precisamos dos pessimistas e dos consumistas.

Precisamos dos indiferentes. Dos que querem palhinha. Já não dá para salvar o mundo sem eles.

E saquinho. E descartavelzinho.

Precisamos dos que reciclam desculpas e mais coisa nenhuma.

Escolhe evoluir.

Dos que não querem e dos que não creem. Precisamos até dos que não fazem por mal.

Precisamos dos indiferentes.

Leonor Trindade Sousa “I am what life does to me .... I am the rest of everything and the beginning of a lot...” Leonor Trindade Sousa, was born in Vagos, Aveiro - Portugal. She finished school on the Arts’ area at Liceu Dr. Manuel Laranjeira in Espinho, the city which saw her growing up. Since adolescence that curiosity and intuition awakened her to the world of arts, particularly to the painting. Through various techniques ... from figurative to abstract ... from acrylic to oil ... She has painted different collections. Her entire work results from a great stoicism and struggle. An unusual tribute that shares the spirit of solidarity, which feeling is to contribute to the demystification of a more egalitarian freedom and justice through her art, not forgetting her intrinsic female condition in parallel the most remarkable and sensitive condition, the motherhood. Meeting Leonor Sousa is to know the hardships that shaped her character, her personality and her fight for a more fraternal world. Her curriculum already has a huge amount of individual and collective exhibitions, either national or international (Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Norway, Colombia and U.S.A.) She also received several awards from Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, India, U.S.A, Life gave her the ability to express herself through art. |

Anjos Coloridos | Acrylic on canvas | 100x80cm 17

Lita Oliveira It’s as if this piece created itself, gaining its own life, leading to the message it wanted to transmit. As I was applying the first tones, I started to see faces springing spontaneously to sight as if they wanted to reveal themselves and be outlined to remain. I immediately grabbed a pencil and started outlining them, they seemed to hide and appear again, some overlapped each other. I had a clear notion that Humanity was revealing itself in all its complexity, on a material and spiritual plain. I hasted in outlining the faces as they revealed themselves to me before they then hid themselves again. It was by chance that, in the inferior left corner of the painting surreal faces sprung, in the inferior centre the more humanlike ones and in the inferior right corner the divine. It was like Humanity revealing itself in all its facets. In the centre, a figure of light that pours itself over all the lower realms. In the top corners, serene faces revealed themselves, two of which have open eyes with no expression. The overlapped hands are over the heart of Humanity, in the form of union between the different realms. I found myself and dazzled countless times, identifying with all the messages transmitted by the infinity of faces that insisted on revealing themselves. |

Humanity | Acrylic on canvas | 90x60cm 19

Manuel Casa Branca Between trees and colors there is the space for the construction of the pictorial narrative that accompanies me during these last 27 years. The cork oaks (Quercus suber) have always been part of my life. However, it was at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon that I began to paint these trees as a symbol of endangered ecosystems and, in parallel, characters of stories that are revealed to me when I am wandering in the Montado (cork oak forest). When I organize the narrative for an exhibition, I usually evoke the concept of Installation for the relation between architectural space and the space of pictorial composition. For this space I choose a painting with my favorite dimensions (100 x 160 cm), very close to the golden proportion. I still resort to the concept of antinomy that is so present in my spirit when I paint, when I think of painting, when I select and decide to move forward. Thus, we have here an explicit antinomy between the urban Chiado, face to face, to this “window” for the Montado, with infinite space and perspective, creating rhythms that are interpellated, and stories that are heard or suggested in this confrontation of sights and personal contemplation. |

Quercus suber_2H_44_Hospitais | Oil on canvas | 100x160cm 21

Natalia Gromicho A gifted painter, in the purest sense, Natália has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. Employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies her raw talent into different mediums and styles creating a sense of flux, depth and dominance. Natália's work takes elemental images, from nature and the landscape to culture and individuals she encounters on her travels, and transforms using dramatic ploys such as contrasts in scale, shifts in focus, irrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered surfaces. Sensory perception for Natália is a spiritual activity, one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and culture—this thought process points to a new kind of realism—one that is engaged with the actual processes of life. Yet, it also references the theoretical avant-garde conceptions of deconstruction emerging during Modernism. |

Poloroid | Acrylic on canvas | 162x114cm 23

P.Silva Born on July 3, 1974, in Possacos, Municipality of Valpaços in Trás os Montes. During the studies of Agronomy, I dedicated myself to the stage set of Theater where I realized several Decors for the "Mise en Scene" of Several representations of Theater in the Cultural Association and Sports of Possacos from 1985 until 1999. -Bourgeois gentilhome de Moliere- Christmas tales and other popular works. My work has been used for some years for the respective representations of representations. Most of my works are made of recycled material, and they are in private collections and institutes, in the United States in several states, England, Espalha, France, India, Italy and Portugal. |

Horse thief | Oil on canvas | 81x100cm 25

Richard Marcziniak | France School of Fine Arts of Douai, National Superior School of Fine Arts of Paris Among the numerous exhibitions those which refer to the theme: 1989: 23 artists for Mandela. Lens. “45 plastic artists and the others at large”. Lille. 1991: "American courses". Lille. "The Dollar in all its forms". Mericourt. 1994: "Painters and Jaurès". Rouvroy. “Seeds of solidarity” of the artists sow with all winds. Lille. 1994/1995: "Minors, artists". Lens (Miners' Union House). 1995: "Artists against intolerance". Lens. 1996: Exhibition "War and Peace". Lens. 2006: Exhibition “A bridge instead of walls”. European Prize Léopold Sédar Senghor des Arts 2010. 2010: The artists from the Creuse dialogue with Henri Cueco. Palliate. 2012: "Resistances" exhibition. Public cultural space The station, Méricourt. 2013: “Est-Ethique” exhibition. Since 2009, President of the International Workshop of Plastic Artists which each year organizes meetings of artists from many countries.

No title| Acrylic on canvas| 120x100cm

Sarka Darton My art is about looking and seeing; an investigation into the role of cognitive stimulation in the making and viewing of art. Each piece addresses issues of identity and the relationship between people and the spaces that they occupy. Working across various media, my pictures, prints, paintings and installations aim to create space, rather than occupy it. Contrasting transient and permanent imagery, figures and architecture, the viewer becomes incorporated into my work instead of just standing in front of it. We all effect, and in turn are affected, by that which we see. |

Labyrinth | cast concrete, cast gypsum, silk thread and silk velvet 45cmx50cmx42cm


Silvia Azevedo Silvia Azevedo is a lawyer, graduated in 2012 (Bachelor of Law - PUC / RS). She has extensive training that goes back to the days when she accompanied her daughter to the nuns' school and made her time improve by taking courses at the Institute of Arts in Passo Fundo - her hometown in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul where she attended the Faculty of Belas Artes, from the University of Passo Fundo and also from Home Economics. Always very attentive and curious she researched: painting on fabric, painting on porcelain, Christmas packages and cards, decorative art, composition technique and restoration of papers - among others. Painting has always been present in her life, first as a hobby. In her desire to get to know about art and artists, she visited the most important museums across Europe and the USA (some more than once). After a long period of work at the family notary's office and writing legal books, she joined Atelier Lou Borghetti in 2018 for acrylic painting and art history classes, where she inserted herself again i nto the universe of painting and started to regularly work on the theme of women and myths. |

#20 | Acrylic on canvas | 110x70 cm 31

Sinikka Elfving Sinikka Elfving is a Nordic painter. She was born in the Northern part of Finland close to Arctic Circle. She lives and works in Norway. She is inspired by the strong contraries of the Arctic life, the dark, long and cold Winters and the bright Summers. This is revealed in her works. She uses symbols in her art which are found in nature. In that way her art becomes lyrical, spiritual and expressionistic. The metaphysical aspect of colors has a special place to embrace emotions. She is also fascinated by the phenomena of light that has certain magic in the Arctic Zones during the seasons. With her art she tries to inspire people to value the spiritual meaning of life, to protect the nature and work for peace. The Earth is our only home that we should be able to share with each others, live and let live in peace and harmony. The nature is the exclusive provider of life on Earth and our survival is depending on it. We should find a turning point in our evolution towards humanity and respect for life. |

Cold Mountain | Acrylic on Canvas | 54x95cm 33

Stanislav Riha In the last three decades, I have been creating wall-mounted, cast resin and aluminum, sculptures combined with canvas and gold leaf, and exploring of computer as a tool for both realistic and digital artwork. All my life, I love to create art full of emotions and feelings "soul," with the satisfaction of fun. The direction of the last two decades is aimed at understanding and, through artwork, expressing the human struggle of emotions and adaptions. In the period of the past ten years, I have been polishing my creative work into the Surreal-abstract style. The main moto of my artwork is; Just as in a good story, the readers have space to create their image; in a good picture, the viewers have a space to create their account. Since 2009, Editor-in-Chief of IQNexus Journal, In 2015 wrote a book "Judy and Bob Dialogues," published by FriesenPress, Victoria BC, Canada, |

made from anodized aluminum, gold leaf, Japanese oxidized silver, cast polyurethan resin and ceramic on jute fabric. Siz of each pices is different, because size of personal involvement in each phase difers.

Wealth – Power – Corruption | 213x67cm 35

Yvonne Wiese As a child artclasses inspired me to paint people and I liked it very much. Therefore, when I start as technical translator, I never stopped painting only slowed down until I stopped working. Then I started in art schools and learned by professional artists. When I was introduced to paint with artist knife I found the expression I wanted. I specialized in acrylic paint layer on layer with artist knife on canvas, as I very much like the raw and not photographically expression. I paint impressively and with bright colours, and like the contrast between light and shadow. My motives are people, animals and nature from own photos and inspiration from different medias. My speciality is portraits. I have exhibitions in Denmark as well as Spain Italy , and Portugal. In Denmark I am member of the art cooperation K21 with 3 exhibitions each year and I exhibit in Art Nordic 2020 in Copenhagen in March. I have been awarded with many international prices. |

Fishing in sunset | Acrylic on canvas | 50x60cm 37



How to arrive? Tram: 28 Metro: Baixa-Chiado Bus: 758 Train: Cais do Sodré | Rossio

a - Rua Nova da Trindade, 5G w – e – m – (+351) 965 865 454


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