Downtown Chiado 2019 - International Contemporary Exhibition

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Welcome to Lisboa! Atelier Natรกlia Gromicho is very pleased to host the 6th edition of Downtown Chiado. Represented so far 160 artists, our main goal is to promote international contemporary artist. The selection of the artist is careful made with a four months preparation and the exhibition will be hosted on February 2019



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Curator | Gonzalo Madeira Duration of the Show | February 2–8 2019 Location | Atelier Natália Gromicho Fine Art gallery Rua Nova da Trindade, 5G Piso SL 1200-301 Lisboa - PORTUGAL Exhibition Hours | Mon-Sat from 2 to 6pm Private View | February 2th, 2018, 3pm Vernissage Schedule | February 2th, from 3pm - 6pm

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A gifted painter, in the purest sense, Natália has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. Employing these paradoxes, she skillfully applies her raw talent into different mediums and styles creating a sense of flux, depth and dominance. Natália's work takes elemental images, from nature and the landscape to culture and indi viduals she encounters on her travels, and transforms using dramatic ploys such as contrasts in scale, shifts in focus, irrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered surfaces. Sensory perception for Natália is a spiritual activity, one that leads to a heightened awareness of both nature and culture—this thought process points to a new kind of realism—one that is engaged with the actual processes of life. Yet, it also references the theoretical avant-garde conceptions of deconstruction emerging during Modernism.

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Nevoeiro| Acrylic on canvas | 90x60cm 7

Helena Maclean | Spain DOWNTOWN CHIADO CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITION As a plastic artist I´ve always have been interested in architecture from a plastic point of view and I believe that the concept of deconstructive architecture is a fantastic starting point for my paintings. Deconstruchon is the generalizahon by the French poststructuralist philosopher Jacques Derrida ́s method implicit in the analyses of the German thinker martin Heidegger, fundamentally in their etymological analysis of the history of philosophy. Within our creative speech, I intend to try each work independently to within the thread of architecture; each building was treated independently even if they belong to a series, “Skylines.” I felt the need to start a project in which through sketches, documentation, research and photographs on the spot I could create on the already created, build with curves and straight lines on this controlled chaos.

The controlled chaos is my starting point for a creative journey to plastic arts, showing the infinite views of the same concept.

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Guggenheim II| Acrylic on canvas | 55x115cm 9

Joyce Moloney | Ireland DOWNTOWN CHIADO CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITION My paintings infuse harmony or upset in a conceptual manner. The visual language expressed within my work always holds a message. I have travelled extensively around the world over the past number of years. I credited these trips with personal visualization for my paintings. Passion is the force in which I unleash my creativity! My work is unique in style. It is visual poetry and richly atmospheric, I am continually maturing and evolving as an artist. Mood and atmosphere are key components held in my paintings. Each viewer will hold an individual interpretation and be touched by the mood that is expressed. The colours I use are diverse, sometimes muted and softened or bold and strong. The work is accomplished by using layers in brush, sponge, palette knife. My paintings are sometimes soft, quiet and mysterious but also hide a quirky wit.

I take inspiration wherever I find it. It is intensity loaded with emotions. It generates a sense of intimacy or isolation capturing the viewer’s own interpretation.

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Why am I Infatuated? Illustration of the Poetry of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Acrylic on canvas | 100x100cm 11


I work on informal oil on canvas and mixed techniques, using sand, gauze, electric wire, vinyl glue and acrylic colours ... with my head open on new materials. I like the idea of resuming the typical vinyl glues of when I was a child and in the artistic field in Italy there was great excitement. The vinyl glues mixed with acrylic create an enamel effect that I like very much and give the work a great marer effect which I seek through the use of materials. In the two works I have chosen for Lisbon there is also the component of the game as each work can be decomposed as a pleasure, being made of 25 small 20x20 canvases.

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Tabula Rasa I | Mixed Technique | 100x100cm 13


I believe that, as a painter, my creative work is fruit of my awareness of the world which surrounds us. But the world is not only a visual world. It is also the immensurable world of our interior mind, its landscape of emotions, imagination and fantasy. All that exists in the Universe is constantly created by energy. This energy manifests itself in billions of vibrations, among this is light. Light is color. The infinite colors of the spectrum together with the geometric forms that are essence of the Universe give me a palette that I can use to demonstrate the moments of my conscious experience. My work can be interpreted by consciously or un-consciously grasping the vibrations of the light in all of its forms and colors as if they were a form of pure music.

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Emergent| Acrylics on D'Arches paper 300 | 57x72cm 15


Visual artist, photographer, and writer was born in 1952 in Prague, former Czechoslovakia. In 1980 he moved to Vancouver BC Canada. All his life he loves to create art full of feelings and “soul,” with the satisfaction of fun. He has been painting since childhood, as a young man mainly surrealism, last decade working in sculptured wall mounts combined with canvas and gold leaf as well as lately exploring computer as a tool for both physical and digital artwork. Since 2009 he is Editor-in-Chief of IQNexus Journal, in 2015 wrote a book “Judy and Bob Dialogues,” published by FriesenPress, Victoria BC, Canada,

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Ripples| Mixed Technique | 84x54cm 17


When the person interpretation is the interpretation of their works, you can probably get to know them, better than in any other way. I have a degree in philosophy and I have photography studies, as well as a selftaught poet and artist. As one great thinker said, nothing human is alien to me. Life is a constant change, so the creative process, as a phenomenon with life, is constant experimentation. Ideas flow in me without pause. I think, then I exist, and I believe, then I exist. I started with creative processes with poetic discipline, to expand to others, from the world of art and literature. Painting, personally, is a therapeutic process, through which I capture, on the canvas, without any logical elaboration, my feelings, both positive and negative.

I leave you the pleasure of experiencing my work, and that my feelings come together in creating it, with yours when you look at it

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Imperfect Geometry | Acrylic on canvas | 54x73cm 19

Vedran Šilipetar| Croatia DOWNTOWN CHIADO CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITION Vedran Šilipetar was born in Pula in 1980, where he attended high school and School of Applied Arts and Design. Graduated in 2007 at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (sculpture course) in the class of professor Josip Diminić. He exhibited himself in Pula, Zagreb, Paris, Langenfel, Bratislava, Motovun, Groznjan, Labin, Buzet and Vodnjan, and in bulk in Rijeka, Zagreb, Belgrade, Samobor and in England, Portugal, France, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. He is the author of comic strips and collections "Elvis Care", which has been published for years in Glas Istra. He is a member of HDLU of Istria and of Croatian Society of Composers. He works with sculpture, painting, graphics, comic and author's music. He received several awards and awards (1st prize for graphic design - Ars sacra 2011, 1st prize for painting - Ars Sacra 2017 and 3rd prize for painting at Ex tempore in Grožnjan, 2017).

His bronze and iron sculptures are owned by domestic and foreign galleries (Režek, Dȕcker) and in several state institutions. He is the author of several gigantic iron sculptures, among which some are public. He lives and works in Pula.

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Sfumatura I | Mixed Technique | 70x100cm 21


Lucie LEGRAND alias LELOLUCE was born in Saint-Jean de Maurienne (France) in 1988. She devotes herself to her painting since 2011. At the end of a year studying arts at age 17 she rashly embarked on more personal artistic self-expression, which stages the characters and shapes of her fantasy world. She breathes painting. And through her works full of power and dynamism, she takes us into her fantasy world. We are invited to join her in her light and colored universe. Each work of art of this young artist tells a story and sets out to conquer the world, to expend her highly colorful message.

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Azna | Acrylic on canvas| 30x30cm 23


Born in 1972 in La Tronche in Isère, Elisabeth is a mother of three girls and twice grandma !! Of Portuguese origin, the cultural imprint of this country is sometimes very present in its work. Selftaught, Elisabeth learns to handle the brushes and the knife before integrating squares and rulers into her techniques. His first exhibition will take place in 2008 at the Marché des peintres in Grenoble, renowned for the quality of the amateur artists presented.

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Orange city| Mixed Technique| 60x120cm 25

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