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A Message from the Provincial


Vision & Challenge is published three times annually by the Sisters of Notre Dame, California Province. SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME Founded by Hilligonde Wolbring in Coesfeld, Germany in 1850, the Sisters of Notre Dame is an international congregation of women religious who serve the church in 18 countries. The Sisters of Notre Dame have ministered in California for more than 94 years, bringing hope to humankind through education, faith formation, spiritual development, pastoral ministry, health care, social outreach ministries and missionary service. For more information, visit VISION & CHALLENGE TEAM Provincial Superior: Sr. M. Anncarla Costello, S.N.D. Director of Mission Advancement Services: Sr. M. Lisa Megaffin, S.N.D. Communications Manager: Sarah Marcuse Contributors and advisers for this edition: Sr. Betty Bienlein, Jen Coito, Tresa Gowland, Sarah Marcuse, Jodee McElfresh, Sr. Valerie Marie Roxburgh, Sr. M. Joan Schlotfeldt, Sr. Anita Marie Stacy, Lisa Stupar, Caroline Waltman, Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman Graphic Design: Jamie Designs, Inc.

As Vision and Challenge goes to press, we find ourselves entering the Easter season. We celebrate the feast of Resurrection in the milieu of a springtime vibrant with new life. The recent rains have carpeted the hillsides with swatches of green in varied hues, trees bud billows of pink and white blossoms, and gardens explode with colors that we haven’t seen for many years. The coming of spring reminds us of the new life Jesus’ Resurrection signifies for us during the Easter season. When we allow ourselves to be formed by the Paschal Mystery we celebrate, the subsequent growth will be a process of “letting go.” We keep in mind--as individuals, families and communities--that all our yesterdays lead to the “now” of today. “Now” is always new and different and must always mean letting go as fully as possible in order to live more and more out of the gift of God into the future. And the spiritual impact of this letting go is certainly unknown. So I invite you to explore this issue of Vision and Challenge as you visit the “yesterdays” of our first eleven pioneer sisters who came to begin the California “mission” in 1924 and the four sisters who began the Uganda mission 24 years ago. All that has gone before us is leading us “now” to a new springtime for our province as we anticipate forming one United States province of Sisters of Notre Dame in 2020. Our Notre Dame charism impels us to respond to the needs of the times. This we will continue to do as members of the Immaculate Conception province—with co-sisters coast to coast continuing to incarnate the love of a good and provident God through our prayer, presence and service to God’s people. May the new life and glories of the Resurrection be yours throughout this Paschal season. Alleluia! Lovingly in Our Lady, Woman of Spiritual Impact,

Sr. M. Anncarla Costello, S.N.D.

Updates: Please contact the Mission Advancement Office for the name and/or address corrections at or 1776 Hendrix Ave., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 PRINTING Vision & Challenge is printed locally by Custom Printing in Oxnard, California. Please remember to recycle your copy after reading.

Sheila Hemmer, who provided secretarial support for the SND*USA Discernment Committee, receives appreciation from committee members Srs. Elaine Winter, Joanne Frania, Susan Kusz, Anncarla Costello, Leanne Hubbard, and Katherine Kaine.



Pioneering in the SND Tradition To be a pioneer is to be ready and willing to risk the known for the unknown. Images of pioneers include those venturing across the United States in covered wagons. Actually, when Jesus told His apostles to “go out into the whole world and tell the good news,” He was commissioning them to be pioneers. A pioneer courageously follows a passion of the heart, venturing forward into unknown territory, trusting that God will show the way, not knowing of the success or impact of this new venture. For the Sisters of Notre Dame in the United States, a new pioneering venture is upon us. Pioneering is not new for the community. Fleeing Germany in 1874, the congregation grew quickly in the United States, primarily educating immigrant children. As Ministries spread and separate provinces (geographic units) made it easier to coordinate these efforts, four provinces were eventually established: Chardon, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Covington, Kentucky; and Thousand Oaks, California. In August 1924, eleven SNDs came to California as pioneers from Ohio. These courageous women had no idea of the long-term impact that their personal sacrifice would make. Many who are reading this article can reflect on the spiritual, academic or social influence the SNDs have had on many lives. Examples of SNDs as pioneers in California abound over the decades. Pioneering efforts in schools, religious education programs and various forms of outreach are woven throughout our history. Ministry decisions have been inspired by the needs of the times and the call of the Spirit to take risks on behalf of those in need. In the early 1990’s, St. John Paul II encouraged women religious to respond to human needs in Africa. Hearing this call, the SNDs from California and Kentucky together pioneered a mission in Buseesa, Uganda in 1995. Buseesa was truly an unknown territory, and the pioneers discovered that their trust in God did show the way—through years without electricity, through the challenges of finding clean water, through the cultural adaptations and understanding necessary to open schools. Today, that generosity (and the kind support of thousands of donors) has borne fruit at St. Julie Primary Model Boarding School, St. Julie Nursery School, Notre Dame Academy Senior Secondary

(including the new A-level), St. Julie Nursery School, and Notre Dame Education Center. In 2011, through many conversations The first SND missionaries to Uganda included we realized how Sr. M. Janet Stamm and Sr. M. DelRita Glaser much we had in from Kentucky; and Sr. Jane Marie McHugh common—both and Sr. Margaret Mary Scott from California. blessings and challenges. This led to the eventual decision to form one province in July, 2020. This pioneering venture will combine internal services, so that individuals and resources will be more available for mission. A timeframe has been developed, with the announcement of new leadership to be completed this year. Collaboratively, the SNDs have determined three mission priorities for the new province: • Sponsored education and ministries • Ministries on the margins • Young adult ministries Further information about the new “Immaculate Conception Province” and these ministry priorities will be available at, in the monthly Mission Advancement Egram, and in future editions of Vision & Challenge. Just like the pioneers that preceded us, the SNDs are following a passion of the heart with bold courage, venturing forward into unknown territory, trusting that God will show the way into an unknown future.



Thank You to Our Donors The Sisters of Notre Dame of California are profoundly grateful and humbled by our friends who made a donation during 2018. Each gift is an affirmation of our lives as Roman Catholic women religious, providing the muchneeded resources for our spiritual, educational and outreach ministries, both locally and globally. Here are just a few examples of our culture of philanthropy: • Schools and parish groups create unique fundraising events; • Parish collections support our retired sisters and our missionary efforts; • Individuals make a monthly donation either through a credit card or a bank transfer; • Some designate a distribution from an individual retirement account; • Future-oriented friends have included us in bequests or life insurance policies.

With gratitude, we are also reporting some interesting facts about the impact of these gifts. Each gift responds to the Gospel mandate to “go and teach all nations the good news…” Some aspects of a charity’s service are quantifiable. But for the SNDs, the spiritual impact of our consecrated lives is immeasurable. Here is a fascinating example of the “ripple effect” of our impact. Through the influence of Sr. Cristina Marie Buczkowski at St. Mary Magdalen School in Camarillo, Caroline Waltman became an SND Associate and now shares the SND spirit and mission with her kindergarteners. Thank you again to each of our donors; be assured that we hold you in our daily prayer.

Principal Michael Ronan is shown with Jen Coito, Sr. Lisa Megaffin and Caroline Waltman after a presentation on the Uganda mission to the kindergarten, transitional kindergarten and their eighth-grade study buddies.



A Gena Abesamis Siham Abu-Khalil Helene Acton Susan Adamich Carole & Alan Adams Janell & David Adams Steven Adibe Kelly Ahearn Pearl & Henry Ahn Kristin Aldana-Taday Audrey Alex Adele Alexander Catherine & Scott Alexander Virginia Allender Teresa Allman Nancy Ambrose Anonymous Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California Cathleen Armstrong Sharon Arnett Raquel Arriaga Marcie Aschbrenner Kathleen & Ronald Auth Adrian Aviles B Paula Baker Nichole Ballweg Carmen Baltierra Margy Barrett Katherine Barriciello Wini & Philip Barry Janice Bass William Battles Mary Baur Bay Alarm Company Carol Beatty, M.D. Mary Anne & Richard Beck Patricia Beckerman Catherine Belisario Joann & Stan Benson Isabella & Peter Benze Jessica & Normand Bessette Allegra A. Bessolo Elda & Douglas Bielanski Kristen Blachley Smilja & Gary Blackmon Annette & Joe Blaine Joyce & Albert Blandin Anne & Richard Blankenship Robert A. Bobic, D.D.S. Janice & Stephen Boggs Virginia & Gilbert Bojorquez Wanda & Blake Bolt Theresa Bond Ann Booth Virginia & Peter Botsford

Anthony Bracken Francine Bradley, PhD. Ellen & Pat Bradshaw Catherine Brady Rosa & Sean Braig Nikki Branam Ghislaine Brassine Michaeleen & Hugh Breneman Jeanne Brennan Michele & Raymond Bries Carol & Marshall Brookhart Archie & Jean Brown Victoria Brown Barbara Brunasso Debbie Buckingham Razel Buckner Maria Buckowski Eric Burg Stephen Burns Barbara & Richard Bytnar C Irene Cabil Carole & Bob Caccavo Shelley & Mark Calde Jan & James Campanile Haydee Campos Linda & Joseph Caravana Elizabeth & James Carlin Cyndi Carmona Ramona & Victor Carreon Maria & Jose Casas Maria & Henry Castaneda Mary & Richard Cathcart Mary Joyce & Deacon Jerry Cellner Roland Chabot Nancy & Allan Chapman Tina Chappel Theresa & Daniel Chavez Margaret Chen John Chisholm Lorna & Clifford Christensen Sandra & Robert Christian Grace Cihanowyz David Clark Janis & Bruce Clark Cecilia & Matthew Clarke Susan & John Clay Nancy Clements Olivia Close Coasthills Community Foundation Ronald Code Cecilia & David Coe Jennifer Coito Kristi & Bruce Colell Pamela Collins Alejandra Colon Madeline & Aurelio Coluzzi Barbara & Lawrence Conley

Martha & John Conti Leisa Contreras Marsha Conwill Nancy Coonis Irene & Ignacio Cota Lee Cotugno Sandy & Robert Coultas Lai-Ming Crego Sandhya & David Crossley Julianne Cuellar Joann & Pat Cunningham Custom Printing D Elizabeth & William Damianakes Laura Darling Michelle & Pierre Dauphin Claudette & Geoffrey Davies Elaine & John Davis Eileen Davis Martha & Richard de Blois Irma & Guillermo De La Torre Betsy & Viktor Decyk Anne & Michael Deddens Mary Lin Dedeaux Nelia Deguzman Rachel & Nemesio Del Rosario Rebecca & Severino De La Rosa Morena Deras S. C. Descallar Suzanne DeVaney Roseanne & Concezio Di Gregorio Diocese of Kalamazoo, Michigan Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina Janiece & Richard Distin Janet & Neal Dixon Joan Dodge Brenda & Nicholas Dominguez Elmer Dorosan Marion Dougherty Ritamarie Downey Ruth & Robert Doxsee Aveline & Robert Doyle Marianne & Joseph Doyle Mary Therese Doyle Silvia & Kevin Dretzka Helen Drislane Sue Drisner Carol & Patrick Duffy Elma Duke Edna & Peter Dumaual Blanca & Timothy Duncan Jean Dunvan E Kerry & William Edwards Maria & Charles Eguia Sheila & James Eickhoff Sandra Elias

Mary Jo & Ronald Elkins EMCOR Service Mesa Energy Systems, Inc. Peggy & Carlos Enriquez Enterprise Fleet Management Patricia Erb & Brent Burley Rosemary & John Erlinger Jean & Weldon Erwin F Linda Fabry Lucy & Randy Fahrbach Barbara & Victor Faraci Karen Schnietz, Ph.D. & John Faucher Roselynn & Don Fernwalt Sarah Fierro Joan & Charles Fieweger Patti & William Figge Brittney & David Fish Joan & Daniel Fisher Lisa Foley Marlene Forthun Jim Fortuna Claire Foster Jo Ann Foster Shannon & Russell Frazier Karolyn & William Frick Kelly & Thomas Fritsch Kathleen & Mark Frystak FSC Foundation, Inc. Andrea Fuchs G Sandra & Jose Gaitan Carol & William Gallagher Debra Gallagher Theresa & Michael Gallagher Joan & Epigmenio Galvan Paul Gamba Eileen & Marty Garcia Flora Garcia Valerie Gasio & Mark Kiefer Rebeca Gastelum Tina & Deacon Donald Gath Julie & Jesus Gavia Suzanne Geist-Burens Cathy & Charles Gelfuso Donald Gerety Kathleen Gervais Eileen & James Gibbs Mary Louise Giglio Ann & Ken Gilbert JoAnn & Arthur Gilbert Phyllis & James Gillespie Margaret & John Given Diane Glas Margaret & Donald Glynn Kathy & Stephen Godfrey

Our Impact On:



of current Sisters of Notre Dame were taught by the SNDs themselves in elementary or high school.

Each year the high school students of our sponsored institutions donate


hours of service to the local

community. Also, each class at Notre Dame Academy Elementary supports a non-profit organization.


2,800 students are

educated in the SND tradition each year.



Our Impact On:



of SNDs provide adult and youth faith formation: retreats, spiritual direction, talks, parish groups, parent education, sacramental preparation, religious education classes, young adult outreach.


SND Associates of the California Province bring the spirit and mission of the Sisters into their families, workplaces, parishes, and outreach ministries.


Associates across the US in 14 States

Kindred Hearts Ministries deepens the faith of more than

600 individuals each year. 6


Paul Goodman Ania & Thomas Gordon Annabelle Gordon Lynette Gordon Charlotte Govero Lawrence Grassedonio Adele & Edward Grech Renee & Marshall Graves Lucie & Renald Gregoire Darcy Griffin Susan Griffith Jue Gu Catherine Gustafson Noelle Guzman H Elizabeth Habring Lynn & Arthur Hall Pickens & Ronald Halt Audrey & Deacon Joseph Hamamoto John Hamers Shirley & Bruce Hamilton Rita P. Hanke Michael Hanson Lola Hardy Timothy Harmon Francine Harrington Milton & Lois Harrion Mary & Richard Harris Mary & James Harrison Theresa Hausser Agnes & Richard Havard Laura & John Haydel Mattia & Thomas Healy Hear USA Patricia & Kevin Hearst Mary Anne Hedrick Marcia & Thomas Hellmuth Mike Henschel Gabriel Hernandez Rev. Msgr. Joseph Hernandez Judy & John Hernandez Leticia Hernandez Maria & Ruben Hernandez Olga Hernandez Claire & John Hickey Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters Maria Holcomb Geraldine & Robert Hollingshead Holy Trinity School, San Pedro, California Peter Horan Beverly & Kenneth Horn Patricia & John Horvath Eleanor A. Howells George Hron Kimberlee Hubauer Lori Hubbard

Peggy Hubbard Joachim & Robert Huber Christine & Thomas Hudson Martha & Joseph Huggins Diane Hunn I Maxi Imhof Anne & Richard Interrante Ito Acupuncture J Gloria & Richard Jacobs Regina Janosky Joan & Peter Jedrzejek Sharon & Paul Joelson Lara Johnson Linda & Stephen Jones Linda & William Jones Maria & Raymond Jones Patricia Jones Sally & Carol Jones Susan & Vincent Jones Jennifer Jordan Bridget & Daniel Jordan Marilyn Jorgensen Dennis Jurcak Noelle Justinich K Anne Kahle Catherine & William Kaiser Clem Karlin Kathryn Kassar Erin & Kerry Kelly Heidi & Bruce Kelly Diana Kennedy & Spencer MacNeil Joseph Kepski Ann & George Kershaw Grace & Gary Kennedy Pat Kennedy Patsy & James Kiesner William Klenk Knights of Columbus Moorpark Holy Cross Council #9969 Knights of Columbus Msgr. O’Connell Council #8072 Nancy Kofranek Lisa & Jeffrey Koval Cindy & Kevin Kozal Patricia & Raymond Krakowski Gladys Krantz Barbara Kringle Lynn & Edward Krol Thomas Krupa Michael Krycler Joseph F. Krzewinski Darlene Kundrick

Sarah Kutcher

you to ng. Thank da this spri n ga U ctional in ed and instru school open furniture, , ks oo The A-level b xt ded te who provi pansion. the donors for this ex materials

As a high school reli gion teach demonstra er, Sr. An tes the SN na Maria D educati Vasquez image of onal prin God in ea ciple: “we ch person reverence we encou the nter throu listening gh respec and avail tful ability”.

er 101st tions for h congratula ed iv ce . re gshirn my Hauck ncelia Klin s and Sr. A Sr. M. Fra drea Fuch n A om fr birthday

L Nancy & Robert LaBelle Denise LaChance Carolyn Ladd Connie M. Laface Ellen & James Lafrieda La Reina High School & Middle School LaVonne Laughlin Christine & Dave Lavendier Al Lavorato Dorothy & John Lawson Catherine Lazaran-McKee Reiko & Melvin Le Beauf Kathleen & James Lee Lucia Lee Mary & James Lee Sara Leehey Anne & Rod LeGate John & Leslie Lenko Marilyn Lettice Oi Sue Leung Patricia Libby Sigmund Lichter Debbie & Dick Lieu Life Centers of Ventura County Magnus Lightbourn Kim & Mark Lindaman Jean Linn Mary Linn Carole & Victor Liotta Caterina Lipera Lindy Lizenbery Lloyd’s Plumbing, Inc. Lois & Peter Lofy Elizabeth & Joseph Loll Candace Long Jeannette & Dennis Longwill Tam & Greg Lontok Mabel Shen & Robert Loo Sally & Patrick Lopker Judith Louis Flo Lowe Rebecca & William Lubitz Lisa Victoria Lutz M Dina & Jeff Mabry Colleen Macdonald Maria & Patrick MacKenzie Adriana Madrigal Kathleen & Drew Madrigal Christine & Stephen Maguin Connie Maguire Gloria & William Maguire Nancy Mahoney

Mary Lee Maline Kathleen & Gary Mallaley Denise & Michael Malloy Mary Pilar Marcus Diana Margala Rose & Louie Martinez Barbara & Felix Masci Kevin Mason Emma Mayer Janice & Robert Mazurek Rita McClellan Patricia & Robert McDonald Ruth & Dennis McGovern Monica & Richard McKay Joy & Robert McMaster Vicki & Kevin McNamara Bobbi & Robert McRae Mary & William McTomney Anna & Kevin McVerry Yolanda & Deacon Richard Medina Anne & Michael Megowan Andrea Melville Renee & James Meskauskas Cheryl Metoyer Rosemary & Ronald Meyer Tessa & Jeffrey Michaels Ann Marie Miller Marc Milnes Rosanna & Salvatore Mistretti Karen & Paul Montagna Kathleen & John Moohr Raymond L. Moon Antonio Morales Jade Morales Leticia Morales Margaret & Robert Morgan Denise & Christopher Morris Yvette & Richard Moss Karen & Victor Moy Judy & Jerry Mulenburg Jeanne & Laurence Murray N Antonia Napolitano Dennis Nash Rae & Michael Nastacio Celia Navarro Marian D. Nelson Rosemary & Curtis Nemchak Margarita & Oscar Nevarez Teri Nicholls Erin & Therese Norris Charles R. Northcross Notre Dame Academy Notre Dame Academy Elementary School Sabrina Noyola



en Julier n and Jude y McGover le ir Sh , to 805 an e Sulliv ial thanks ates, Joyann keye.” Spec uc “B d hill. an s Srs. Joyce B na ott Morri D/La Rei here with Sc es on the SN ic rv se n io are shown mitigat nating fire Goats for do

La Reina High School stu dent Audrey Sauter bui lt and donated a mud kitchen to Notre Dame Learning Center Presch ool for her Girl Scout Gold Award service project. Her creative effort was suppor ted by neighbor and fellow SND donor Felix Masci and blessed by Fr. Luis Estrada, Associate Pastor of St. Paschal Bay lon.

O Elizabeth & Joseph O’Brien John O’Brien Luz & John O’Connor Sharon O’Connor Maryann O’Donnell Edith & John Ohorodnyk Mary Beth & Richard Ols Jean & Joseph Ornelaz Margaret Ornelaz Robert Ornelaz Patricia & Donald O’Rourke Sylvia Ortiz P Maximilian G. Paetzold Julie & Ron Palladino Thomas Panno Patty Papps Araceli Paredes Park Place Dental Group & Orthodontics Martha & Robert Parke Eve Parker Patricia & Kenneth Parker Estate of Felicie Parks Sandra Partridge Carol Patnaud Sandra & Thomas Pavick Consuelo & Sergio Perez Joanne Perkins Douglas Perry Sheri & Nick Petrisca Mary Joy & Jerry Petry Margaret & James Phillips Kathy & Louis Pilloni Judy & James Pingel Valinda M. Pintauro Charlotte & Milton Plante Antoinette Podesto Christine & Michael Pohlen Veronica Porche-Anderson Marianne & Carlos Porras, Jr. Betsy & Chuck Potts Marian Power Peter Prado Linda & Harry Preston Danielle Prunier Antoinette J. Pugh Ernest Pursley Q Janet & Lawrence Quilici

port of

n in sup ceful actio ates in pea ip ic rt y. a p tu bos on, Ken ck rie Villalo in Covingt es Sr. Jan Ma ge fu re d n migrants a



R Nancy Randolph Jeri Ransen Dolores & Robert Rau Nino N. Rebueno

Rosemary & Joseph Redmond Sharon & Jack Redmond Rose & Marek Relich Renewal by Anderson Adele Rennie Sandra Repede Retirement Fund for Religious Debra & Todd Reublin Mary Alice & Michael Reyburn Jennifer & Fidencio Reynoso Vicki & John Rezzo Mary Ricci Regina Mc Shane & Vincent Ridge Terry Riffle Larry Riggs Caren & Richard Rios Margie & Frank Rivoli Roadrunner Sports Barbara Roberts David Robbins Sheryl & Patrick Rogers Vanessa Romano Helen Ronan Colette & Keith Rosenkranz Joanne & Wilford Ross Barbara & Francis Roth Dale Rubino Marti Ruble Patricia Rumble Angelica Russi Laurel & Wally Rutledge Stacie Ryan S Teresita & Tony Sales Christina Samii Erlinda San Diego Barbara & Jose Sanchez Carolyn & Gary Sanchez Janis & Robert Sanchez Claudia Santos Michael Sapien Cynthia & Douglas Sassen Victoria & William Sawtelle Margaret Sawatzky & Warren Smith Alice & Robert Scheiperpeter Marianne & Jeffrey Schlarbaum Kathryn Schrillo Rose & Alvin Schultz Edna & Paul Schumacher Rose Lee Schumacher Butch Schuman Mary Ann & John Schweppe Ann & Thomas Sciortino Anne & Michael Scioscia Marion Scott Linda Scuderi

Irene & Robert Segura Veronica Sese Vivien & Robert Shea Patricia & John Sheehan Deborah & Francis Shelley Theresa M. Sherrin Rosemary & Jerold Shinbane Judith Shirey Agnes Shtogren Susan Shum Isabel Silva Claire Simmons Patricia & Joseph Simmons Dorothy Sinclair Sharon & Jeannette Skinner Cheri Smith Nicholas Smith Joan & Samuel Smock Sobrino’s Termite & Pest Control Fay Soesanto Della & Gino Spinelli Michele & Russell Spoto St. Dominic School, Eagle Rock, California St. Julie Billiart Parish, Newbury Park, California St. Mel’s Men’s Group, Woodland Hills, California St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club, Thousand Oaks, California St. Peter Claver Parish, Simi Valley, California Laura & Joseph Staines Carol & Ted Stanley Rebecca Stanley Rev. James Stehly Estate of Robert & Elayne Stein Sydney Stein Dale Stephens Sharon & Charles Stewart Lisa Stumm Sandi & Jim Stutzman Mary Ellen & John Sullivan Support Our Aging Religious Rose Mary & Robert Swanstrom Mary Swartz Patricia C. Symkowick Nora Szechy Sue-Ellen & Robert Szymanski T John Tarn Maria Elena & Robert Tarn Steve Tarn Cecilia V. Terminel Mary & Jerry Tessendorf Gary & Judie Tetzlaff Anne & Gus Theobald Maureen & Ross Thomas Barbara Tillman

Pauline & Michael Timoney Tisna Tjahjana Ellen & Bruno Tonin Andy Tortorici Clarice Tovani Gloria Tracy Evelyn Trahan E. Treacy Carmencita Trinidad Delores & Daniel Trout Patty Tudman Kathy & Larry Turner Mary & Edward Tynan U Jorge Uriarte V Kristine & Mark Van Cleve Deborah Van Deudekon Laura Van Rossum Anna Maria Vasquez Theodore Vierra Susan Vigo Cecilia Villines Agnes & Henry Viray Lenore & Carl Virzi Kenneth Vondrak Thao Vu W Patricia & Charles Wallace Sally & Darryl Wallace Rita & Robert Walter Clifford Weber Jessie & Calvin Weddle Nancy J. Welken Anne Wells Edward Weyhing Mary Whitney Susan Wilson Allen Wisniewski Karen & Patrick Withers Dorothy Wodrich Amy & Peter Wong Irene & Joseph Woodall Frances & Henry Workman Charles Wright Y Sherry Young Z Carol Ziegler Lisa & Jerry Zins We apologize for any misspellings or omissions. Kindly notify the Office of Mission Advancement to make

Our Impact On:

OUTREACH MINISTRIES Sisters working in Archdiocesan ministries serve people


including priests, couples, catechists and lay leaders.

Sisters of Notre Dame

provide advocacy, leadership, and direct service to a number of nonprofits including:

the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, National Religious Vocations Conference, Many Mansions, CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking), South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (LAMP), and the Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters.

Our leadership in these outreach ministries impacts the lives of



Our chaplaincy, healthcare, and social work ministries touch the lives of

3,845 people



Spotlight on SND-USA Ministry Priority: Young Adults As we prepare for the launch of SND-USA in July 2020, one key priority for the future will be young adult ministries. There is a certain excitement in supporting young adults as they respond to these and other words of wisdom from Pope Francis: “Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!� The California Province has a rich tradition of service to young adults in parishes, campus ministries, and regional and diocesan young adult settings. Sisters facilitate retreats, guide faith sharing and discernment groups, offer spiritual direction, and accompany young adults on their personal journeys of faith. This past year in Southern California, Sr. Valerie Marie Roxburgh and her team hosted three silent retreats for young women at Notre Dame Center. In addition, the SNDs have continued their partnership with Christus Ministries, the Visit for Jesuit outreach upcoming events and a recording of to young adults, our Facebook Live event. serving on both silent and Caritas Retreats. Sr. Val and SND Associate Jen Coito developed a workshop on tools for discernment that has been shared with young adults and adults of all ages at settings including: Theology on Tap, the University Series, and through the National

Tresa Gowland, Associate Jen Coito, Sr. Valerie Marie Roxburgh, and Sr. Antoinette Marie Moon hosted our first ever Facebook Live event in support of SND vocations.

Religious Vocations Conference. Some elements of this workshop were included in their Facebook Live event held in honor of National Catholic Sisters Week in March. Be sure to see the recording of the live event on the newly updated vocations website: Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman has been named the first national vocation director for SND*USA. Sr. Jen, along with vocation team members Srs. Ruth Lubbers, Val Roxburgh, and Kelley Rush recently presented their vision and plans for national vocation promotion and young adult ministry to the SNDs in all four American provinces. The new vocations initiatives will launch this July. Stay tuned for more information about the ways the SNDs are engaging young adults with their faith!

While ministering at USC Caruso Catholic Center, Sr. Dean Pfaler, SND met graduate students who are alums of an SND school in India. In December, Pratusha Prasad, Arathi Mary Sunder and Deepika Joseph visited Notre Dame Center and were welcomed by Sr. Shawn Marie Doyle.


Bob Tarn, Gary Tetzlaff, Judie Tetzlaff, and Maria Tarn accept the Top Fundraising Team award on behalf of the St. Jude the Apostle Knights of Columbus.

13-year-old Ailish Hawkins splashes across the finish line as our overall female winner.

Paul Schwartz braves the wind and rain to come in first place.

Nun Runners braved the wind, the rain, and the storms to raise more than $50,000 towards the Life & Ministry Fund. To all of our participants, sponsors and donors, thank you for your support of this year’s Nun Run. SPONSORS Thank you to our generous sponsors! Platinum Sponsors Sisters of Notre Dame, California Province, La Reina High School & Middle School, Horan Media Tech Advisors

Overall male winners

Overall female winners

1. Paul Schwartz

1. Ailish Hawkins

2. Liam Papavasilou

2. Gina Battaglia

3. Adrian Rosales

3. Sandy Sanchez

Gold Sponsors Enterprise Fleet Management, 805 Goats, Habit Burger Grill, Knights of Columbus- St. Jude the Apostle Council, Road Runner Sports, St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club, St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Staples Construction


Silver Sponsors

Family & Friends Schools & Churches LARGEST TEAM:



Custom Printing Inc., EMCOR Mesa Energy Systems,

Horan Sisters

St. John Eudes

St. Jude the Apostle

Knights of Columbus- Holy Cross Council, Lloyd’s Plumbing,

& Friends

School, Chatsworth

Team Captains:

Proterra, Ryan Wharton & Mary Militello of Aviara Real

Team Captains:

Team Captains:

Lucia Bartlett,

Estate, St. Julie Billiart Parish- Helping Hands Ministry,

The Horan Sisters

Desiree Tedesco &

Kaitlyn Wilson, and

Stonefire Grill, Suzi Liu & Cindi Gortner of Berkshire

the National Junior

the 2nd Grade Class

Hathaway Home Services, Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services LLC

Honor Society

Bronze Sponsors




St. Jude the

Notre Dame

Running Robbins

Apostle Knights

Academy Schools

Team Captain:

of Columbus

of Los Angeles

Sr. Regina Robbins

Team Captains:

Team Captains:

Chuck Harley,

Sr. Judeen Julier,

Gary & Judie

Sr. Jolisa Lazaro,

Tetzlaff, and

Sr. Joann Schlarbaum

Bob & Maria Tarn

and Sr. Frances Wahl

Bay Alarm, Gymboree Play & Music, Gold’s Gym, HearUSA, Life Centers of Ventura County, Sobrino’s Termite and Pest, St. Mel’s Men’s Group, Thrivent Financial, US Foods













THE SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME offer their sympathy and

will be ordained to the permanent diaconate for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles on June 8. George and his wife Tricia have been SND Associates since 2011.

prayers to the family of Mr. Ed Grech, father of Sr. Marie Paul Grech. SINCE 2016, THE SND MISSION ADVANCEMENT OFFICE has


SNDs welcomed Sr. Noella Maria Kim who came from Inchon, South Korea. She will spend the next six months studying conversational English. Having previously ministered in a parish and a middle school in Korea, she hopes to someday teach English. Her program at Notre Dame Center includes three daily classes under the guidance of Sr. M. Amy Hauck, Sr. M. Antonine Manning, and Sr. Shirley Marie McGovern. Reflecting on her time here so far, Sr. Noella remarked that although she had heard America referred to as a melting pot, this is the first time she has actually experienced anything like the diversity found in Southern California. FORTY-TWO NOTRE DAME ACADEMY SECONDARY STUDENTS took the Ugandan national leaving exam last fall,

and 37 of them scored in the highest division. One student earned a perfect score! A NEW PROJECT IN BUSEESA, UGANDA is the installation

of a new deep well and electrical pump system. Water will be piped to a tank behind Notre Dame Academy Secondary and to a spigot at the local parish, providing water to St. Julie Mission and the villagers.

published a monthly electronic newsletter, providing updates on SND life and ministries. A special feature is “Where are they now,” about SND colleagues and former students and how they live the SND mission by serving, leading and giving hope within our diverse society. To subscribe to the Mission Advancement egram, send your first name, last name and email address to The egrams are also linked to the homepage of JUNE 22, 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the

canonization of St. Julie Billiart, spiritual mother of the SNDs. PLEASE CONSIDER including the SNDs in your will or estate plan. Some individuals prefer the flexibility that a beneficiary designation provides, using an IRA, another retirement plan or a life insurance policy. A change-of-beneficiary form (available from a retirement plan administrator or an insurance company) will record the percentage to be donated, as well as the beneficiary, the “Sisters of Notre Dame of Los Angeles,” our legal title. Our IRS nonprofit identification number is 95-2005867. For further information, please call 805-917-3714. Thank you and be assured that your estate gift will be truly transformative in sharing God’s love and provident care with many generations.

Profile for Lisa Megaffin