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A Catholic congregation of women religious, the Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States are united in one heart, one hope, and one mission to proclaim God’s goodness and compassionate love for people of all faiths and cultures through a variety of ministries, both national and international, particularly serving those who are poor and marginalized.

One Heart. One Hope. One Mission.

Sisters of Notre Dame of the United States

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2023 Impact Report, California Region 2
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…Thank you for being part of our great story

Dear Friends,

Church history is replete with stories of missionaries who followed Jesus’ command, “Go out into the whole world and tell the good news. (Mark 16:15). In 1924, eleven Sisters of Notre Dame did just that when they left the “comfort zone” of Cleveland, Ohio, to share the good news of Jesus’ Gospel with children in Southern California. Jesus’ invitation to future missionaries included the promise “You won’t know what you’ll find there, but I will be with you every step of the journey.”

And indeed, that is what our pioneer sisters discovered. As Sr. Mary Walburge Schmitt, a pioneer and my third and fourth grade teacher wrote, “I wasn’t worried about the journey since I previously volunteered for China and India, so I didn’t think California was really too far away.” They met the unknown, but their courage, dedication and resilience has shaped our SND life and ministry for these 100 years. The good news that they shared has had a ripple effect—touching the minds and hearts—the very lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals entrusted to our care, and the lives of those they have influenced. The great story!

As we celebrate this centennial throughout 2024, we want to repeatedly thank you for being part of our great story. As our partners, thank you for joining us in embracing Jesus’ mission and sharing God’s compassionate love both near and far. We deeply appreciate your prayers, encouragement and financial support that have helped to make so much possible. As we all continue to walk into an unknown future, like our pioneer sisters, we can be confident that we are accompanied by the divine presence…every step of the journey.

Blessings always,

These are the 11 SND pioneers who came to California in 1924. On the right are those assigned to St. Lawrence of Brindisi in Watts, and on the left are those assigned to St. Matthias in Huntington Park.

Celebrating our 2023 Jubilarians

Four Sisters of Notre Dame, with a total of 240 years of consecration, were honored during the year. Their theme for the July 29 celebration was Jubilee Joy, and these personal testimonials provide insight into this theme as it was woven throughout their lives.

Sr. Anna Maria Vasquez | 50 Years

Describe your vocation story…

When I was a sophomore at Notre Dame Academy, I sensed an unidentifiable gnawing at my heart. Then one day when I was in the school chapel, I found a leaflet containing Francis Thompson’s poem, “The Hound of Heaven.” The line, “I am he whom thou seekest,” caught my attention. This reassured me that God knew I was seeking, and was calling me to something. I was also very drawn to Psalm 139, which impressed upon me how intimately God knew me. These experiences set a direction for my life, but I didn’t tell anyone then. I told God, “I’m too young! I’ll make a decision when I’m 21.” After graduation, I took business classes and went to work. Several years later, when layoffs were pending at my place of employment, I knew the time for a decision had arrived. I entered the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1970 – I was 21 years old.

Who is your favorite saint or inspirational person, and why?

My mother has been my most inspirational person. She has met many challenges with tremendous faith in God. She is always upbeat, speaks well of others, and leaves people feeling refreshed.

What do you love most about being an SND?

What I love most is my sense of belonging, and the support of my sisters. I love being a member of an international congregation, which has given me opportunities to visit and know our sisters from Brazil, Germany and Rome. We are one, even though we have cultural differences.

What was one particularly meaningful experience you had in your ministry, and why was it meaningful to you?

A particularly meaningful experience in my ministry happened while I was a teacher at Notre Dame Academy. One year I had a truly amazing freshman class – we taught each other!

How has your spirituality changed over the years?

As I grow older, my longing for a deeper relationship with my God has also grown. My response to God has strengthened. I am aware of a spiritual affirmation, “you made the right choice.”

2023 Impact Report, California Region 4

Sr. M. Teresita Keliher

60 Years

Describe your vocation story…

Celebrating a Jubilee of 60 is a time to reflect with gratitude on my journey as a Sister of Notre Dame. I would call my life an adventure, that of not knowing what was in store but of willingness to move where the Lord would have me go. It has been filled with prayer and trust that the Holy Spirit would guide the journey.

Who is your favorite saint or inspirational person, and why?

So many people have touched my life – my family, my community of sisters and my many co-workers. The sisters have always been an inspiration for me of dedication, with a world-wide perspective.

What do you love most about being an SND?

Living in community has given me an appreciation of the many differences and similarities we bring as we join together in prayer, meals and ministry.

What was one particularly meaningful experience you had in your ministry, and why was it meaningful to you?

My particular ministry began as a primary grade educator guiding young children and inspiring them to achieve their best potential. Later, moving on to religious education programs broadened my encounter with children from public schools. The next stage of my journey led me into parish ministry as a pastoral associate. This gave me so many opportunities to work together with people to further liturgical and educational opportunities. The past decade has given me the privilege of working with the RCIA, accompanying adults on their faith journey into the Catholic church.

How has your spirituality changed over the years?

One of the highlights of my spiritual journey was my pilgrimage to the Holy Land, walking in the footsteps of Jesus. It was there that I finally understood the meaning of my 60 years of service and what it meant to be a disciple of the Lord. As a disciple, my journey has never been alone but one dedicated to spread the message of God’s love, peace and joy. Jesus has been my reason to continue through these years, to be a faith-filled, faithful disciple following the example and mandates of Gospel living. It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful to all those who have carried me along the way.


Sr. M. Luellen Boeglin | 65 years

Who is one important mentor who has accompanied you on your life journey and what made that person a good mentor?

My 7th and 8th grade teachers, Sr. M. Lenore Bott and Sr. M. Anthony Lesch, guided the beginnings of my journey toward religious life. In religion classes we learned about the meaning of “vocation,” whether to the married, single or religious state of life. When these sisters spoke to us about their vocation, they were always gracious, never forceful, just sharing their love for their religious life as Sisters of Notre Dame and their ministry of teaching. They inspired me with the belief that I might be interested in such a life. It seemed that a special blessing or grace came over me when we talked about religious life.

Who is your favorite saint or inspirational person, and why?

When I was an aspirant and high school student at NDA, my principal, Sr. M. Luke Arnts, and one of my teachers, Sr. M. Louise Wanamaker, nurtured my spiritual growth and inspired me to speak with them about my desire to enter religious life.

What do you love most about being an SND?

What I love most about being an SND is the gift and privilege of being a spouse of Christ. My main purpose is to be a sister, not to do any particular type of ministerial work.

What was one particularly meaningful experience you had in your ministry, and why was it meaningful to you?

A particularly meaningful experience in my ministry was the opportunity to serve for many years as a Eucharistic Adoration Sister at the SND Generalate in Rome.

How has your spirituality changed over the years?

My spirituality has grown into a more intimate relationship with Jesus, my spouse. I take every opportunity to deepen my spirituality so it continues to unfold. For me, the most important questions are, “who am I doing it for?” and “how is it helping me to be a saint?”

Sr. Mary Ann Hanson | 65 years

Describe your vocation story…

When I was in 8th grade at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School, I played first base on the girls’ softball team. After a game one day, Sr. M. Sirana Kirchner, the principal, asked me, “how would you like to change uniforms next year?” She then invited me to consider becoming a Notre Dame aspirant as a freshman at Notre Dame Academy. I did become an aspirant, and I entered the community as a postulant in February of my senior year.

2023 Impact Report, California Region 6

Who is one important mentor who has accompanied you on your life journey? What made that person a good mentor?

An important mentor during my senior year at Notre Dame Academy was Sr. M. Joel Upmeier, who encouraged my religious vocation. My parents also encouraged and supported me with their prayers, letters, phone calls and visits.

What do you love most about being an SND?

What I love most are the spiritual treasures of God’s grace that are so readily available to me through prayer, Mass and Communion. Not everyone has as easy access to these treasures as I do. I also cherish the companionship and encouragement of my Sisters.

What was one particularly meaningful experience you had in your ministry, and why was it meaningful to you?

A particularly meaningful experience in my ministry was serving as a Hospice volunteer. I saw that when people are close to death, they have a different perspective on life and what is truly important. This helped to deepen my understanding that what really matters is my relationship with God, not material things.

How has your spirituality changed over the years?

I have grown in the realization that I am just as human as everyone else, totally dependent on God, and I value each day as a gift.


Thank You To Our Donors

The Sisters of Notre Dame of the California region offer our deepest gratitude to each individual and organization that made a contribution during 2023! As our partners in mission, you are part of our great story, affirming our lives as consecrated women religious. To express our gratitude, we offer our daily prayers for you and your loved ones. Thank you for joining us in living and proclaiming the mission of Jesus Christ.

According to our Advancement Office records, an asterisk represents a donor whose first recorded gift was 25 or more years ago. Your loyalty is deeply appreciated!


Rudolph Acosta

Helene Acton

Susan Adamich

Carole & Alan Adams*

David T. Adams

Liz & Christopher Adams

Sylvia Aguirre

John & Christina Ahearn

Pearl & Henry Ahn

Vanessa Alcaraz

Joyce Alessandrino

Deacon Hosea Alexander

Catherine Alexander

Josephine & John Alfano

Rebecca & Francis Aliberte

Isabel Almeda

Nina & Eric Altshuler*

Amazon Smile Foundation

Nancy Ambrose

Christopher Amy

Lisa Ange*


Mary Anselmo

Rose Marie Arancon*

Stella Argust*

Sharon Arnett

Cecelia & Jeffrey Assaf*

Jennifer Astrella

Sunae Aum

Charles Auringer

Kathleen & Ronald Auth*

Mark Auville

Marta Avila

Margaret & Anthony Avila


Joyce & Wallace Bachelder

Kelly & Neal Bailey

Amparo & Hector Baldemor

Patricia & Vernon Bales

Carmen Baltierra

Jennifer & Ron Bamieh

Gina & David Barackman

Cecilia Barajas

Wini & Philip Barry

Edward & Bonnita Barwick

Theresa & Matthew Basolo*

William Battles*

Msgr. Gary Bauler

Mary Baur*

Dr. Carol Beatty

Catherine & David Beatty*

Janet & John Beccaria

Mary Beise

Mary & Frank Bemis

Guadalupe & Juan Benitez

Joan Bennett

Joann & Stan Benson*

Isabella & Peter Benze

Jeanne Berry*

Janet Berryhill*

Jessica Bessette

Shirley Bianco

Elda & Douglas Bielanski

Shari Bienlein*

Katherine & David Billings*

Kristen Blachley

Annette & Joseph Blaine

Joyce Blandin

Anne & Richard Blankenship*

Mary Ann Bognar

2023 Impact Report, California Region 8
The Sisters of Notre Dame from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya gave a live update on August 12, 2023. View the recording at www.sndusa.org/africazoom. Come to learn and be inspired. EAST AFRICA Part of our great story

Virginia Bojorquez

Wanda & Blake Bolt

Mary Bomba

Rose & Joseph Bond

Terri Bond

Virginia & Peter Botsford*

Pam Bourgeois & John Clendenning

Corazon Boyce

Charles Bozonier

Andrew Bracken

Anthony Bracken

Dr. Francine Bradley*

St. Julie Billiart is considered our spiritual mother and our source of great inspiration. This tapestry was created in commemoration of her canonization in 1969.


Part of our great story

For 100 years, the SNDs have been enjoying California’s beaches.


Part of our great story

Ellen & Joseph Bradshaw

Eileen & Bert Braig

Rosa & Sean Braig

Judith Brandon*

Alwina & Rolf Brauchle

Jeanne Brennan

Jacqueline Brewer

Matthew & Jean Bridges

Patricia & Michael Brill*

Carol & Marshall Brookhart

Dolores Brown*

Kathrine Brown

Victoria Brown*

Barbara Brunasso-Oliver*

Kathryn & Bryan Bruno

Debbie Buckingham

Maria Buckowski

Ana Maria & Bruno Buczkowski

Carole Buerkle*

Lauren & Michael Burns

Mirta & Paul Burns

Stephen Burns

Darlene & Thomas Burton*

Jennifer Busse

Susan & Warren Butterfield

Judith & Kenneth Buttke

Denise & Patrick Byrne


Cheryl & Patrick Cable

Ana Cacao

Shelley & Mark Calde*

Robert & Betty Callahan

Jan & James Campanile

Laura & Bruno Capitani*

Linda & Joseph Caravana

Olivia Cruz-Carnahan

Lori & Paul Caron

Ramona & Victor Carreon

Jose Casas

Susan Cass

Delilah & Oscar Catalla*

Mary & Richard Cathcart

Catholic Cemetaries and Mortuaries

Mary Joyce & Deacon Jerry Cellner

Douglas Chabot

Pamela Challinor

Angela Chaves & Christopher Vera

Theresa & Daniel Chavez*

Casi Chidley

Adeline Chin

Marcia & Bernard Chin

Kris & John Chisholm

Lorna & Clifford Christensen

Margaret Christensen*

Jackie & Bob Churner*

Kathryn Cilley-Wagner

Frances Clausen*

Susan & John Clay

Nancy Clements

Olivia Close

Ronald Code*

Cecilia & David Coe*

Sally Cogdill*

Ann Marie & Jose Coito

Jen & Jason Coito

Helen Collins*

Pamela Collins

Mailyn Collis

Esther & George Colvin*

Conejo Awards

Martha & John Conti*

Leisa Contreras

Marsha Conwill*

Joanne & Kenneth Cook

Monica Cooper

Margi Cosgrove

Lupe & James Costello*

Catherine & Richard Cota*


Newly-appointed Bishop Slawomir Svkredka received congratulations from Sr. Julie Marie

Arriaga and Sr. Joan Schlotfeldt


Part of our great story

Michael Cotter

Sandy & Robert Coultas*

Catherine & Steven Crear

Dom Cribari

Joanne Testa-Cross

Sandhya & David Crossley

Amelia Cruz

Horacio Cruz

Joseph Cruz

Margaret & Hector Cuellar

Joann & Patrick Cunningham

JoAnn E. Cunningham

Dianne Curran

Pauline & Terrence Curson

Lana & Timothy Curtin

Marion Czubiak


Christina Dalporto

Dan Murphy Foundation*

Lydia Danielski

Laura Darling*

Lisa Darling

Michelle & Pierre Dauphin*

Carol Davis

Eileen Davis

Elaine & John Davis*

Martha & Richard De Blois

Betsy & Viktor Decyk*

Noelle & John Deinken*

Magali & Alicia DelBueno

Luke Delgado

Kathy & James Derington

Suzanne DeVaney*

Roseanne & Concezio Di Gregorio*

Michael Di Tolla*

Linda & Michael Diaz*

Christine Dichter

Marcelle & Brian Dicker

Pamela & Kenneth Diddie*

Annette Diss*

Elaine Dodge

Matthew Dombrowski*

Maria Luisa Domingo

Brenda & Nicholas Dominguez

Joan Donahue

Marion Dougherty

Beth Ann Downing

Kathryn & Patrick Doyle*

Majella Doyle

Marianne Doyle

Mary Lola Doyle

Silvia & Kevin Dretzka

Helen Drislane*

Sue Drisner

Carol & Patrick Duffy*

Norma Duffy

Suzanne & John Duffy*

Elma Duke

Edna & Peter Dumaual*

Blanca & Timothy Duncan

Jean Dunvan

Elba & Jose Duran

Mary & Armando Duron

Rachel Dvorak

Carol Dyer


Bridget Ebbert & Daniel Jordan*

Geraldine & Robert Eckert*

Ruth Edwall

Denise Edwards

Rev. Tom Elewaut

Sandi Elias

Ronald & Mary Jo Elkins

Katherine Ellis

Lisa & Jon Ellison

Diane Elwer

Emcor Services Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.

Maryellen & Thomas Emma

Ellen & Albert Eng

Peggy & Carlos Enriquez

Sr. Suzanne Ensminger

Enterprise Fleet Management

Patricia Erb & Brent Burley*

Rosemary Erlinger*

Enedina & Arthur Esparza

Theresa Esposito


Linda & James Fabry

Debra & Salvatore Fazio

Kathleen Ferency

Joan Fieweger*

Patti & William Figge

Barbara & Erick Fischer

Joan & Daniel Fisher*

James Fitzpatrick

Stephan Flascha*

Stewart Fordham

Marlene Forthun*

James Fortuna

Letitia & Andrew Fox*

2023 Impact Report, California Region 10

Sharon & Claude Frankart

Shannon & Russell Frazier*

Lisa Fredrickson

Elizabeth & George Freitas

Rosemarie & Richard Freitas

Anita Fridy

Catherine & Forrest Frields

Kelly & Thomas Fritsch

Kathleen & Mark Frystak*

Joan Funk

Teresa Furey

Mary Ann & Gerald Furlong


Sandra & Jose Gaitan*

Gabriela Galindo

Carol & William Gallagher*

Debra Gallagher

Theresa & Michael Gallagher

Christine & Siegfried Galonska*

Joan & Epigmenio Galvan

Paul Gamba*

Alma & Vicente Garcia

Eileen & Martin Garcia

Kathleen & Lawrence Garcia

Lynn & Jerry Garcia

Michael Garofolo*

Tina Gath*

Julieta & Jesus Gavia

Joseph Gehley

Teresa & Roberto Geraldez*

Eileen Gibbs*

Mary Louise Giglio*

Dr. Ann Gilbert*

JoAnn Gilbert*

Patricia Gilchrist*

Joan Giuliano

Diane Glas*

Peggy & Donald Glynn

Jo Ann Goff

Georgean Goldman

Nancy & Michael Gonzales*

Laurel & Paul Goodman

Annabelle Gordon

Lynette Gordon

Rachel & Howard Gottlieb*

Sharon Greffin

Lucie & Renald Gregoire*

Darcy Griffin

Mary & Robert Griley

Kathleen & Paul Grimes

Michael Grodotzke

Gabriel Guzman

Patricia Guzman


Lynn & Arthur Hall*

Patricia D. & John M. Halliday*

Patricia J. & John R. Halliday

Audrey & Deacon Joseph Hamamoto

Kathleen Hamrock*

Vanessa Hard*

Kim & Matthew Hardy*

Lynda & Edward Haroutunian

Michelle & Timothy Harrington

Geoffrey Harris

Mary Harris*

Denise Hart & Daniel Schwala

Nicole & Harry Hartman

Theresa Hausser*

Richard Havard*

Laura & John Haydel*

Mattia & Thomas Healy*

Mary Anne Hedrick*

Marcia & Thomas Hellmuth

Mike Henschel*

Linda & Robert Hensley

Gabriel Hernandez

Judy Hernandez

Leticia Hernandez

Maria & Ruben Hernandez*

Claire & John Hickey*

Carrie Higginbotham

Gina Troncoso - Hightree

Margaret & Gregory Higson*

Delan & John Hilliard

Pamela Hoefling

Carol Hoffman

Stefanie Holcomb*

Jean & Walter Hollenstein*

Geraldine & Robert Hollingshead

Patricia & Dale Hollis

Joan Horan

Kristina & Andrew Horan

Peter Horan

Beverly & Kenneth Horn*

Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales, Inc.

Mary & Kenneth Howell

Eleanor Howells*

Gemma & Shiao Hsieh

Lori Hubbard*

Peggy Hubbard*

Jackie & Robert Huber

Christine Hudson

Part of our great story
Sr.Kathleen Burns (center) continues to serve SNDs around the world through her ministry on the congregational leadership team.

Third grade students from St. Jude the Apostle School in Westlake Village entertained the senior SNDs before Christmas.


Part of our great story

Nancy Huerta & Salvador Rodriguez

Diane Hunn

Ann Marie & William Hutto

Rev. Leon Hutton


Anne & Richard Interrante

Bryan Islas

Italian Catholic Federation, Branch 380

Kathleen Jacobs

Regina Janosky*

Evelyn & Percival Javier

Joan & Peter Jedrzejek

Mary & Mark Jenkins

Edna & Richard Jennings

Sharon & Paul Joelson

Edith Johnson

Gordon Johnson

Lara Pucik-Johnson

Margaret Johnson

Linda & William Jones*

Maria & Raymond Jones*

Mary Lou Jones

Patricia Jones*

Rose Ann & Thomas Jones

Sally & Carl Jones*

Susan & Vincent Jones*

Marilyn Jorgensen*

Dennis Jurcak


Amelia Kacena

Anne Kahle*

Kathryn Kassar*

Mary & Thomas Katafiasz

Michelle & Matthew Kauffman

Anne & William Kazak

Kathleen Keliher

Heidi & Bruce Kelly

Ingrid & William Kelly*

Kelly Rehabilitation Services

Diana Kennedy & Spencer MacNeil

Grace & Gary Kennedy*

Patricia Kennedy*

Kristene & Michael Kenney*

Patsy & James Kiesner

Nancy & William Kilbourn

James Killian

Margaret King

Linda Klarin

Knights of Columbus Council 13555, Los Angeles, CA

Knights of Columbus Council 2498, Ventura, CA

Knights of Columbus Council 5007, North Hills, CA

Knights of Columbus Council 5803, Simi Valley, CA

Knights of Columbus Council 8072, Westlake Village, CA

Knights of Columbus Council 9969, Moorpark, CA

Robyn & Michael Knoell

Carol & Dr. Arthur Kobal

Julianne & John Koehler

Marsha Koeller

Nancy Kofranek*

Cindy & Kevin Kozal

Patricia & Raymond Krakowski

Annette & Dr. Edmund Krause

Barbara Kringle*

Lynn & Edward Krol

Vickie Kropenske

Paulann & Deacon John Kruer*

Thomas Krupa

Krycler, Ervin, Taubman & Kaminsky

JoAnne & Donald Kuebert*

Joanne & John Kulka

Mary & Cornelius Kusnierek

Sherri Kuspa


Nancy & Robert LaBelle*

Carmela & Frank Labrusciano

Florence LaFemina

Ellen LaFrieda

Tanishka Lakra

Bebe Lanquist*

LaVonne & Louis Laughlin

Christine & Dave Lavendier

Mary & Alfred Lavorato*

Carol & Gary Lawler

Dorothy & John Lawson

Judith Lazar

Mary Leamy

Patricia & Robert Leamy*

Margaret LeDuff

Kathleen & James Lee

Sujung Lee

William Lee

2023 Impact Report, California Region 12

Anne & Rodney LeGate

Leslie & John Lenko

Jeanne Lenoir

Yvonne & George Leung

Benjamin Lewon

Samantha Lex

Sigmund Lichter*

Virginia & Thomas Liederbach*

Debra & Michael Lillyman

Suet Lim

Ann Lindahl

Kimberly & Mark Lindaman

Sharon Gordon-Link

Jean Linn*

Pamala List

Magda Lizardo

Randall Lizenbery

Ruth & Carl LoBue*

Lois Lofy*

Stacy Logsdon

Elizabeth & Joseph Loll*

Jeannette & Dr. Dennis Longwill*

Tam & Greg Lontok

Sally & Patrick Lopker

Luz Cruz-Lorente

Carolyn Lorenz

Jean Lowe*

Linda Lower

Victoria & Mark Lowerre

Rebecca & William Lubitz*

Suzanne & William Luke

Gerard Luk-Pat

Mary Lumsden

Thinh Luu

Kristin & Kenderton Lynch


Aliyah M.

Marilou & Linesto Macahilig*

Joanne & James Mackie*

Kathleen & Drew Madrigal

Sr. Christina Maggi

Connie Maguire

Linda & Robert Maguire

Mary Ann & Charles Maguire*

Nancy Mahoney*

Jane & Ralph Maiello

Lynette & Richard Malfatti

Kathleen & Gary Mallaley

Michella Manning*

Mary Ann Pilar Marcus*

Patrice & David Marquez*

Raymond Marquez

Patricia & Mark Marsolino*

Roslyn Martich*

Barbara & Felix Masci

Sylvia & Humberto Mastferrer

Jacqueline & Kevin Mason

Miriam & John Matulich

Janice & Robert Mazurek*

Katherine McBride

Rita McClellan & John Meyers

Teresa & Kevin McCormick

Rev. Kevin McCracken

Carroll & Jack McEachern*

Jodee Mcelfresh

Rosemary McDermott-Claire

June McGahey

Sharon McGarity

Peter McGoey

Beverly McGuire

Francis McHugh*

Catherine Lazaran-McKee

Donna & Robert McKennon*

Kathleen McKnight

Beatrice & Robert McMaster*

Kevin McNamara

Regina McShane & Vincent Ridge

Mary & William McTomney

Anna McVerry*

Peter Medina*

Anne & Michael Megowan*

Christopher Meierhans

Margaret & Daniel Meland

Julita Mendoza

Ellahe & Robert Mernick*

Betty & Louis Merritt

Renee & James Meskauskas*

Cheryl Metoyer*

Nanette & William Metz

Ronald Meyer*

Tessa & Jeffrey Michaels

Maura & Joseph Miles

Annmarie & Brian Miller

Cathleen & Mark Miller

Jeanette & Myron Miller*

Susan Miller

Terry Miller*

Marc Milnes

Clairemarie Minez

Lingke & Risjar Moeis

Mary & Richard Molina

Loretta Monaco

Lynette Monaco

Karen & Paul Montagna

Kathleen & John Moohr*

Raymond Moon*

Crystal & Timothy Mooney

Michael Moore

Gloria & Leonard Mora

Maureen & David Morehouse

Caroline Morelli

Christina & David Moreno

SNDs visited St. Matthias Parish in Huntington Park to kick-off the Centennial Celebration. St. Matthias was one of the original ministries in 1924.
EDUCATIONAL LEGACY Part of our great story

Denise & Christopher Morris*

June Morris*

Mary Morris

Polly & Robert Morris

Carol Morrissette

Yvette Moss

Lila Moulton

Moving Seniors Forward

Karen & Victor Moy*

Allison & Christopher Moyer

Judy & Gerald Mulenburg*

Patricia & Michael Mulhern*

Catherine & Sean Mullaney

Jeanne & Laurence Murray


Rae & Michael Nastacio

Sylvia Flores-Neal


Part of our great story

Stephanie & Gary Negrete*

Rosemary & Curtis Nemchak

Margarita & Oscar Nevarez

Deborah & Leonard Newcomb

Louie Nguyen

Thu Nguyen

Teri & Michael Nicholls

Angela & David Nichols*

Erin Norris

Charles Northcross

Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles

Tonya Noyola

Ana Nunez*

Margarita Nunez

Patricia & Terry Nystrom*


Part of our great story

Elizabeth O’Brien

John O’Brien

Jennifer Ocegueda-Reynosa & Fidencio Reynosa*

Sharon O’Connor*

Mary & Richard Ols

Herbert O’Meara

Margaret O’Neill

Orangetheory Fitness

Ramona Ornelaz

Patricia and Donald O’Rourke*

Angela & John Ortiz*

Graciela Ortiz

Rev. Colm O’Ryan

Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Oxnard, CA

Our Lady of Peace School, North Hills, CA

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Women’s Guild Downey, CA


Maximilian Paetzold*

Anne & Gregory Panattoni

Paul Panetta

Thomas Panno*

Pantox LLC

Patricia Papps

Cynthia & Richard Pardi

Patricia & Kenneth Parker

Gloria Parra

Greg Parrone

Janet Parrone

Jesus Pasos

Joan Pastor

Carol Patnaud

2023 Impact Report, California Region 14
Sr. Shirley McGovern reads to a group of students at St. Dominic School in Eagle Rock.
Sr. Val Roxburgh receives a blessing from the team before she gives a talk during a Caritas Retreat.

Sandra & Thomas Pavick

Laura Pelaez

Joanne & Reese Perkins

Cynthia & Douglas Perry

Peter Petrovsky

Mary Joy & Gerard Petry

Catherine Philipovitch

Margaret & James Phillips

Theresa Phipps

Mary & James Pickerell

Paul Pieri

Elizabeth & Stephen Pietrolungo

Kathy & Louis Pilloni

Pine Grove Industries Inc.

DBA Custom Printing

Florie Pineda

Valinda Pintauro

Concetta Piro

Kristin & George Pitt

Donna Blasius-Pitzler

Jean & Richard Pletcher

Jill & George Plumb

Antoinette Podesto

Christine&nd Michael Pohlen

Mary & Andrew Pollock

Robin Potchka

Betsy & Charles Potts

Marian Power

Peter Prado

Linda Preston

Noreen Pucik

Antoinette Pugh

Rubio Punzalan

Larissa Purnell

Anna Qualizza & Jerry Miyamoto

Janet & Lawrence Quilici

Dennis Quinn & Joe Sanchez


Yolanda Ramirez

Jeri Ransen

Madeline Rasche

Elaine Rauterkus

Jeanine & Ronald Redell

Rosie & Joseph Redmond

Sharon & Deacon Jack Redmond

Adrienne & Clarence Reeves*

Marc & Amy Jo Reinoso

Rose & Marek Relich

Eric Relyea

Mary Alice & Michael Reyburn*

Vicki & John Rezzo*

Michale Ribera

Chad Ribordy

Pauline Riendeau

Larry Riggs

Susan Riley

Caren & Richard Rios

Nicole & Mark Rittenhouse

Nancy Rivera

Margie & Frank Rivoli

David Robbins

Sandra & Gary Robisch

Georgia & Michael Robles*

Kerri Rochelle

Dulcemaria Rodriguez

Edis & Santos Rodriguez

Anne Rog

Margaret Rogers

Sheryl & Patrick Rogers

Robert Romano*

Helen Ronan*

Jeanne Ronay

Erin & Adrian Rosales

Sandra Rosas

Barbara Rose

Colette & Keith Rosenkranz

Joanne & Wilford Ross

Gaille & Jack Roth

Claudia Roxburgh

Marti Ruble

Patricia Rumble*

Robert Rutherford

Laurel & Wally Rutledge

Tom Ryan


Holly & Peter Saari

Sharon Sabol*

Allison & Carl Sain*

Teresita Sales*

Christina Samii

Carolyn & Gary Sanchez

Janis & Robert Sanchez

Luz & Leo Sanchez*

Melodie Santana

William Santangelo

Cynthia & Douglas Sassen*

Robyn & John Sauers

Charlene Saw

Vicki & William Sawtelle*

Maria & David Schinderle

Lynne & Thomas Schlarbaum*

Dieter Schlosser

Barbara A. Schnell

Barbara L. & Lonnie Schnell

Wendy & Paul Schreiber

Rose & Alvin Schultz

Edna & Paul Schumacher

Mary Ann & John Schweppe

Karen & Michael Schwieger

Ann & Thomas Sciortino

Samuel Scriven

These were
Part of our great story
some of the original students at St. Lawrence of Brindisi School in Watts.

Border Compassion offers a humanitarian response to migrant families at the California-Mexico border.

Sr. Joyanne Sullivan shares her love of art with children while the parents receive legal assistance.


Part of our great story

Linda Scuderi

Laura Segura

William Sellers

Palma Selufsky

Farridah Shafiee & Fariborz Mortazavi

Vivien Shea*

Patricia & John Sheehan*

Lucy Shiffrin

Karina Shkadov

Agnes Shtogren

Glabe & Marc Siegfriedt

Mary & Richard Silvestri

Michelle Simmons

Dorothy Sinclair

Anna Maria Skarbrevik

Sharon Skinner*

Deidre & Deacon David Smith

Judy Smith

Margaret & Warren Smith

Patricia Smith

Cindy & Sean Sneed

Esmerelda Sosa

Garrett South

Joseph Spaniol

Maribeth & Gregg Spensiero

Susan & William Spies

Michele & Russell Spoto*

Geraldine Spray

Nicole Srott

St. Dominic School, Eagle Rock, CA

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Los Angeles, CA

St. Lucy Catholic Church, Long Beach, CA

St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club, Thousand Oaks, CA

St. Paul the Apostle Church, Los Angeles, CA

Laura & Joseph Staines

Mary & Tim Staley

Carol & Walter Stanley*

Rebecca & Brian Stanley*

Staples Construction Company, Inc.

Elizabeth Stein

Patricia & Dale Stephens

Barbara Sterbentz

Mike & Debbie Steuert

Patricia & Paul Stevens*

Virginia Stolarz-Bauer*

Ann Storc

Mary & Terrance Strouse

Lisa Stupar

Sandi & James Stutzman*

Kathleen Succa

Mary Ellen & John Sullivan*

Shari & Gregory Sullivan

Rose Mary & Robert Swanstrom

Mary Swartz

T Virginia & Phillip Tangalakis

Lisa & John Tarn

Maria & Robert Tarn

Mayra & Steven Tarn

Robert W. Tarn

Cecilia Terminel

Ann & Manuel Terrazas*

Edward Terrio

David Tetzlaff

Judie & Gary Tetzlaff

Michael Tetzlaff

Lawrence Thackery

Margaret & Gustav Theobald*

Patricia & John Thiel

Jennifer Maldonado-Thind

Joan Thomas

Maureen & Ross Thomas

Alexandra Thyssen

Sandra & John Tiberti*

Pauline & Michael Timoney

Tisna Tjahjana

Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC

Ellen & Bruno Tonin*

Teresa Torrijos

Irene & Gregory Totten

Robbie Totten

Clarice Tovani*

Gloria Tracy*

Suzanne Tracy

2023 Impact Report, California Region 16

Bryan Tran

Janice Tredway

Triple-S Steel Stein

Family Fund

Dolores & Daniel Trout*

Patty Tudman

Linda Turgeon*

Kathleen & Larry Turner


Jovi Usude

Jane Valentin

David Valentino

Theresa Valenzuela

Jose Valles

Judy Van Wie

Kathleen & Ernest Vasquez

Mirtha & Rocco Vespe

Rev. Theodore Vierra, CSP

Susan Vigo*

Maria & David Villanueva

Martha Villegas


Sally Ann & Darryl Wallace*

Elaine Walsh

Rita & Robert Walter

Michelle & Derek Warner

Gwen Webb

Jessie & Calvin Weddle

Barbara & Seth Wegher-Thompson

Francine & Gerald Weisbecker

Christina Wengler

Dona Whitaker*

Marsha & Rubin White

Mary Whitney

Dick Williams

Gloria & Dr. Jon Williams*

Morris Wilson

Judith Winston

Ingrid & Allen Wisniewski*

Victoria & James Witcher

Grant Withers

Karen & Patrick Withers

Amy & Peter Wong*

Susan & William Wood

Richard Wormus


Pamela & Stephen Yantzer

Matthias Yoong

Christine Yorihiro

Delali & Damon Young

Bridget & Glenn Younger

Michelle Younghouse

Kelli & George Zaehringer

Carol & John Zegarac

Lisa & Gerald Zins

We apologize for any misspellings or omissions. Kindly notify the Mission Advancement Office to make any correction.

Thank you again and may God bless you always for your kindness to us and to those entrusted to our care.

Share the gift of prayer with those you love...

...with greeting cards from the Sisters of Notre Dame. Through our Gift of Prayer and Memorial Prayer programs, you can request prayers for your loved ones and their intentions, and the sisters will include your requests in their daily prayers.

Gift of Prayer cards feature a forest pathway and are suitable for any occasion: birthdays, get well wishes, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, or just to show that you care for the spiritual needs of your friends and relatives.

Memorial Prayer cards feature a rose from St. Julie’s Mission in Buseesa, Uganda. They offer a meaningful way to remember departed friends and loved ones and to express your sympathy.

To receive a FREE starter kit of Gift of Prayer and Memorial Cards, email infoca@sndusa.org



Through The Wolbring Legacy Society

Legacy—by definition, a legacy is something with long-lasting impact, transmitted by a predecessor or ancestor. As Sisters of Notre Dame, we recognize that our mission and ministries provide a deeply spiritual legacy for those entrusted to our care.

In this spirit, we recall the vision of Sr. Maria Aloysia Wolbring, our co-foundress. Not only did she leave us a spiritual legacy of trust in God’s provident care and outreach to the poor and marginalized, but she also used her own inheritance to fund our early ministries. Since our beginnings, donors have embraced our mission by including the Sisters of Notre Dame in their estate plans.

Estate planning can be considered a spiritual exercise, recognizing that our days on earth are limited. Planned giving professionals advise individuals to evaluate their plans at regular intervals:

• When there is a significant change in one’s assets or financial situation.

• When there is a major life event such as a marriage, birth, death or divorce.

• When traveling abroad.

• Notwithstanding these other events, every 3 to 5 years.

This review should include identification of individuals and/or non-profit organizations

listed as beneficiaries of retirement accounts or life insurance policies.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are deeply grateful to our past and future planned giving donors, and we are humbled by their trust. Be assured that we cherish these legacies and are honored to serve God’s people in their names.

Membership in the Wolbring Legacy Society is offered to those individuals who include the Sisters of Notre Dame in their estate plans. The only requirement is written confirmation of the donor’s intent to make a planned gift. Membership may remain anonymous if the donor so chooses. We would be honored to welcome you into the Wolbring Legacy Society, giving us the chance to thank you personally. Members are remembered at a monthly Mass at Notre Dame Center in California. Please be assured of our prayerful good wishes, now and always.

For further information, please contact:

Sr. Lisa Megaffin, S.N.D.

1776 Hendrix Avenue, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805-917-3714 or lmegaffin@sndusa.org

2023 Impact Report, California Region 18

NUN RUN 2024, Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

For the 10th year, the Nun Run supported outreach to those in need in Southern California, enabling many to experience God’s love and care. Our donors and participants contributed to:

- Fostering faith formation and spiritual development in parishes;

- Providing counsel and support to spiritual seekers of all ages;

- Advocating and providing direct service to those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, and discrimination;

- Accompanying the sick through hospital chaplaincy, eldercare, and hospice;

- Nurturing faith in young adults through retreats and outreach programs;

- Offering praise, gratitude, and intercession for the needs of humankind.

Special thanks to our 2024 NUN RUN sponsors


Knights of Columbus Msgr. O’Connell Council #8072, Westlake Village


Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries

Horan MediaTech Advisers

St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club


Associates of the Sisters of Notre Dame

Cohen Land Use Law

Knights of Columbus St. Timothy Council #13555, Los Angeles

St. John’s Seminarians


Absolute Plumbing & Rooting, Inc.

AMD Roong

Assured Partners

Custom Printing, Inc.

DJ’s California Catering

EMCOR Mesa Energy Systems

Knights of Columbus Fr. Leheny Council #5007, North Hills

Knights of Columbus Simi Valley Council #5803, Simi Valley

The Lenko Family • Staples Construction

Succulentry • UCLA Health


Knights of Columbus Council #9969, Moorpark • Krycler, Ervin, Tabuman & Kaminsky

Moving Seniors

Forward Community Resource Group • Park Lane Flooring

Thrivent Financial


Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales, Inc. • Kona Ice

Congratulations to our Award Winners


Knights of Columbus Council 8072, Westlake Village CA


The Tarn Family


Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Oxnard CA


Horan Siblings & Friends


Male: Andy Bracken, 33.1 miles

Female: Catherine Philipovitch, 90.73 miles


Sisters Of Notre Dame of the United States

1776 Hendrix Avenue

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


Return Services Requested

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