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Week 10 - The Summary PLENK 2010

Hi! My name is Linn. I was one of the participants in a course called Personal Learning Environment, Network an Knowledge, a Massive Open Online Course. This means my notes is not a general summary. I, like everyone else, took part in this course by choosing parts of the content consistent with my personal learning goals.

This weeks issue: Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN

This week we have been asked to fill in surveys. To me this was helpful in summarizing what I have learned from PLENK2010.

Why did I like PLENK2010? Two reasons in next slide..

Content close to reality. Who has NOT got trouble with the overflow of information and endless oppurtunities to learn today? Taking control over my own personal learning and learning network is highly relevant right now for me!! To connect and learn I had to do my best to.. 1. reach out to others by showing who I am and what I think 2. don´t mind not always getting feedback/response to what I write 3. express myself in English In short- challenge myself, that is learning!

PLENK2010 can improve according to me.. How? Two suggestions from me in next slide..

Less endless academic texts for me to read please! I do not have much time to spend. Yet, I want to know and share your ideas and thoughts. Things that can be said with two sentences or a nice picture/mindmap should not be made into an essay I think. More organized (teach)meetings and teambuilding activities.

A selection of personal highlights and memories from the course in next slide...

Stephen Downes explaned how to connect in an environment like PLENK. He said that maybe you will be ignored the first and second time you say something, but eventually people will begin to recognize your name/face and consider connecting to you. This is so true! Feeling lonely and outside twittergroups in the beginning I suddenly was invited by lovely Eduardo and Nicola to start a Facebook-page. 125 people connected to it so far :-) Classmate Julia reads my blogpost and starts a collaboration group for PLENKers.

Summering av PLENK2010  

Summering av PLENK2010

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