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Mandate The GPTF is mandated by an act of parliament to collect revenue from wildlife and wildlife products recovered on state land and reinvest it into wildlife conservation, communal conservation and rural development programmes in Namibia.


To be a catalyst for sustainable wildlife management practices while improving livelihoods of those sharing their land with wildlife.

Core Values Accountability

We strive to remain accountable to all our stakeholders

Integrity What we profess is what we do by uphold strong moral principles in all our dealings

Commitment We are fully committed to all that we do, and thus are committed to sustainable wildlife practices and improving livelihoods

Transparency We work to remain transparent in all transactions with our stakeholders

Improvement We believe in continuous improvement and thus strive to improve our operations at all times

Sharing our Land Sustainably 3


the Game Products Trust Fund

The Game Products Trust Fund (GPTF) was established through an Act of Parliament (Act 7 of 1997) to support conservation, the management of wildlife resources and rural development in Namibia. It is a mechanism aimed at ensuring that revenue obtained from the sale of wildlife and their products is used to support conservation, the management of wildlife resources, and rural development in Namibia. The GPTF mainly fund initiatives that promote the co-existence of people and wildlife in and outside protected areas in Namibia. 4

Objectives of the GPTF

According to Act 7 of 1997, the GPTF is a juristic person with the following objectives: To



grants of










councils and




approved by the Board in consultation with the Minister of Environment and Tourism, regarding wildlife conservation and management and rural development. To allocate funds, subject to the provisions of the GPTF Act, to conservancies, wildlife councils and protected areas, and to persons, organisations and institutions approved by the Minister, to be used by those conservancies, wildlife councils, protected areas, persons, organisations and institutions in connection with projects and programmes regarding wildlife conservation and management and rural development. To support measures aimed at improving the relationship between people and wildlife; and To support improvements in the monitoring, management, protection, sustainable use and development of wildlife resources in rural areas.


GPTF Governance

The head of authority for the GPTF is the Minister of Environment and Tourism who has the power to appoint the GPTF Board of Trustees in accordance with the GPTF Act. The Board exercises the powers and performs duties and functions conferred or imposed upon it under the GPTF Act. The operations and activities of the GPTF are currently overseen by an inclusive board of five members, comprising of three government representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF), and two community based organizations representatives from the Kunene Region Conservancy Association and the Zambezi Conservancies Chairperson’s Forum. The GPTF Board receives technical assistance and advice on the feasibility and suitability of projects and programmes on wildlife resource management, conservation and rural development from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) composed of staff members from within the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Fund Management Office The GPTF entered into a management agreement with the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) in 2014. The management agreement was entered into in order for the EIF to offer management services to the GPTF by carrying-out all the daily activities of the GPTF. In order to fulfil this agreement, the EIF has set-up the GPTF Fund Management Office (FMO) which is currently manned by the GPTF Fund Manager.


GPTF Board Members & Technical Advisory Group (TAG) The tables below shows the composition of the GPTF Board & TAG members, their background and portfolios

GPTF Board Members

TAG Members







Ms Louisa Mupateni

Deputy Permanent Secre-


Mrs. Elly Hamunye-

Deputy Director for Wildlife



Utilization under the Direc-

tary for Natural Resources, Parks and Regional Servic-

torate of Scientific Services

es, Ministry of Environment

in the Ministry of Environ-

and Tourism Mr. Chris Claassen

ment and Tourism

Director for Small and Me-

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Chris Claassen

Deputy Director for Wild-

dium Taxpayers, Ministry of

life, Research and Monitor-


ing under the Directorate


of Scientific Services in the Dr. Albertina

Deputy Chief Veterinarian,

Shilongo Musilika



Ministry of Environment and




Mr. Colgar Sikopo

Services, Ministry of Agri-

Director of Regional Servic-


es and Parks Management

culture, Water and Forestry

in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Mr. Likukela Busihu

Zambezi Conservancies


Mr. Victor Kaulinge

Chairpersons Forum

Deputy Director for Planning and Coordination under the Directorate of Plan-

Mr. Asser Ujaha

Kunene Region Conserv-

ning and Technical Services


in the Ministry of Environ-

ancy Association

ment and Tourism.



Sharing our Land Sustainably

ADDRESS: The Fund Management Office (FMO) 2nd Floor, Capital Centre Building, Levinson Arcade, Windhoek.

061 431 7719 Fund Manager: 081 125 9299


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