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Christine Costello

Jane Butler O’Halloran Kathryn Cowley







Dear M e n ta l he a lt h To my mental health problems,

content and happy, while on the inside I was very sad

for an election. Though perhaps you have invaded and

I would like to begin this open letter by telling you

The complexity of the situation meant that it was very

that is what we are taught after all.

how much I sincerely mean it when I say – fuck you!

You have had a heavy influence on my life for over

a decade now, but for two years I am beginning to believe that I am nearly rid of you for good.

I was never taught about you while I was growing up, so I never expected you to turn up the way you

did. In fact, I didn't even know what or who you were

and worried about basically everything in the world. hard to share what I really thought about myself to

anyone, my family or close friends who I thought

I count myself very lucky. Others are less fortunate.

to my own fears or anxiety I grew fearful of worrying

present helicopter which appears to be permanently

would only be worried if they only knew. In addition

anybody who was close to me and extremely anxious

when it came to discussing the topic of my everyday struggle when it all came to light.

for a very long time. I will be honest and say I was

I knew from day one that you wouldn't be of the end

When someone is backed into a corner they only

This didn't necessarily mean that dark ideas did not

pretty intimidated by you at first, but not anymore. have two options: they could stand still and have you

domineering their every choice or move in life. Or they can push back as much as they could and get

themselves out. You affected me to the point where

you meddled with my life and my everyday choices. Like when deep down I knew college or academia was not for me I still spent four years of my life trying to avoid that feeling as I was preoccupied with you.

Prior to your unwanted entry into my life, I had been very confident. Throughout my life, even when faced

with the hardships of growing up and even being bullied at a young age, I still took them on and in my mind I was victorious! You introduced complete

self-doubt into my life, without my permission. With the introduction of this unwanted trait, I was able

to appear confident in myself and all my decisions without actually feeling it. I had absolutely no control

over a lot of things and situations faced in my life, but more importantly I wasn't able to be the old me

who I fondly remembered. I could appear completely


affected their lives to the point of ignoring you too,

of my existence.

cross my head. In my lowest hour and during my ever grey and negative thoughts or doubts about myself, I

would occasionally wonder was I just a nuisance to the

world and those who loved me. I am both extremely angry and worried about the people who may feel

so low there is no end to the dark thoughts and the problems you bring upon them and you convince

them to take their own lives - lives which appeared unfixable but could very well be fixed to everyone

on the outside of these thoughts. It’s beginning to

seem that you haven't just invaded my life, as a lot of other people are beginning to speak out about all the terrible things you are capable of and rightly so. You deserve it! You have intimidated almost every person

in this country to the point where it is not discussed and where ignoring it seems to be the accepted way

to deal with it. You have taken hope away too often. We live in a world where even our own politicians never think of invading and combatting everything you stand for as their prime policy when preparing

As I write this letter I can once again hear that ever hovering above the river.

I swear from this moment until I take my last gasp of air in this world I will do anything I can help tackle your presence in society, and uncover what is

constantly being ignored and never addressed. You

see, there was a time where you had me thinking that

I had no future, that I was destined for nothing. But now, I have a great job in which I succeed daily, as well

as a loving family and girlfriend who like and respect me for who I truly am. No matter how many times you have tried to take away my confidence and selfbelief, you won't be able to anymore.

On the other hand, I would also like to thank you for helping me realise who I was and how strong I really

am. Here is to knowing I will never let you invade my life for the rest of my time on this planet. There will always be negative thoughts that try to take over

you're every move. But I have realised that by hitting

back with positive thoughts, as hard as they may be to do, it succeeds.

So farewell to you, forever. From, Me

Article by: Peter Guckian

Photograph by: Tarmo Tulit




li m eri ck 2020

Culture events this month

encouraging all entries to get involved and celebrate

The Limerick 2020 bid is well and truly underway

in style. The theme for this year’s Limerick St.

has been shortlisted for the title of European Capital

participants taking part will work creatively to come

broadening access and participation in culture

we celebrate the Centenary of the 1916 Rising and

profile on both a European and international level the

Limerick are invited to look into our rich and diverse

and is gathering even more momentum as Limerick

Patrick’s Day Parade is ‘Commemorate’ .The

of Culture. The bid process so far has been all about

up with inspiring ideas that explore this theme. As

throughout Limerick. In an effort to raise Limerick’s

look forward to another great century, the people of

capacity of our cultural sector is being strengthened as

cultural heritage for inspiration.

we begin to reimagine Limerick.

International Band Championship

You may have seen the Limerick 2020 decals in

Sunday 20th March 2016 @ 12pm

city and thought about getting involved. Limerick

Ireland’s only international band competition which

Community to engage, discuss and create your vision

thousands of spectators on to the streets of the city

attend one of the many cultural events taking place

Marching bands featuring musicians from across

the windows of shops, cafes and bars around the

Over 1000 musicians are expected to take part in

2020 has been encouraging the broader Limerick

will feature a world class judging panel and attract

for 2020. Why not get in on the excitement and

as part of the 2016 Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival.

throughout the city over the coming months.

Ireland, Europe and the USA will perform in Limerick for the 46th International Band Championship.

Limerick St. Patrick's Day Parade Thursday 17th March @ 12pm

A full programme of events showcasing the wealth of

of Ireland’s largest regional St. Patrick’s Day Parade

includes a themed section and the organisers are

Article by: Katie O'Brien

Join the thousands of spectators that line the route in Limerick City on 17th March. This year’s parade


activities Limerick has to offer is available on www.

Established 1989

Tel 061 410 350


stude nt P ro file Aoife McNamara

T h at I r i sh Indie Blog What college course are you studying?

I am in my second year of studying Fashion Design at LSAD.

Have you always been intent on studying fashion?

Yes definitely, since I started secondary school I have

never thought of doing anything other then fashion. Fashion is always something I had an eye for and I am excited I have started my journey at such a renowned college.

LSAD has been ranked as one of the top 50 colleges worldwide to study fashion. What do you think of its fashion programme?

I absolutely love it, its not the easiest course out there - it involves a lot of hard work and dedication and there are a lot of all nighters. Going for an internship

in 3rd year and seeing the standard of the graduates'

final collections is definitely what inspires me keeps me motivated.

Describe a typical college day for yourself as a fashion student?

It varies from day to day from pattern cutting, design work and fashion history. Each day I would be in

college at 9:30 and stay till 4:30, and most days longer. Do you think starting your blog was a natural progression as a fashion student?

I would definitely say being a fashion student has helped me to start my blog, but it has a lot to do with

what I do outside of college. I was always thinking



about starting a blog for a long time but my friends

You've enjoyed great success since starting your


do you make That Indie Irish Blog stand out in such

support were really what helped me to progress into

Do you find it difficult to balance running your blog and college work?

No, surprisingly I have not found it difficult so far, blogging is really my pastime and something I really enjoy doing. As well as tying it in with my work outside of college it fits in to my lifestyle quite well.

You've collaborated with the Edge Clothing Store through your blog, do you think it's important to spotlight Limerick based businesses in your blog?

blog and being relatively new to the industry, how a competitive industry?

That’s a great compliment, I really came into the industry blind and am learning quickly. It still feels

like I am only beginning and it will take a while

before I make it into the blogging industry. I think the most important thing I have learned so far is making

contacts and making sure you keep up to date with trends as the fashion industry is moving at a fast pace

all the time! I suppose that’s where studying fashion and being around the industry has helped me loads.

Yes definitely, teaming up with the Limerick Milk

And finally, where do you plan to take That Indie

away. Vintage is one aspect I wanted to be a big part

That’s a good question, a few of my main goals for

Market was one thing I thought about doing straight of my blog and am delighted to have access to such an amazing range in Limerick. As well as teaming

up with the Crescent Shopping Centre, highlighting

Limerick is definitely important for me and am happy to have the opportunity of such amazing collaborations on board.

You also regularly work with Irish blogging

superstar Suzanne Jackson, along with your sister, have you learned anything about blogging from her?

Yes, since the very first time I did Suzanne’s hair I

Irish Blog in 2016?

2016 are based around what I feel very passionate

about outside of fashion which are fitness and travel. I would love to focus on these in the coming year. I have already planned some exciting adventures coming up including a collaboration with Quest Ireland to kick off my fitness section, as well as trips to London, America and Amsterdam for the year ahead!

They would be my main goals for 2016! So I’m super excited for the year ahead. Article by: Orla Dallman

told her all about my blog and she has been so helpful with tips on what and what not to do, as well as giving

a hair demo at her last workshop. She is definitely a very inspiring Irish business women and I am very lucky to have the opportunity of working with her.



l im e r i ck m u s ic fe s t Limerick is one city that shouldn't be dismissed when it comes to music. We have a long rich history of a vibrant

music scene which spills over into a lot of aspects of life in the city. We are also very lucky to have colleges that bring about and inspire musicians and musical talent to perform and bring us amazing festivals each year. One such festival is the Limerick Music Festival which is in it's tenth year and will be on for four days at the end of

February. Olivia sat down with John Greenwood to find out more and what to expect from this unreal weekend.

How many years has the Limerick Music Festival being going?

It has been running 10 years. Music Week 2016 is very special in that this year the LIT Music

Technology Program celebrates 10 years in business. Over those ten years, the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in LIT has provided a

platform for Music Technology to grow and excel to what is now a highly regarded and highly rated

programme presently catering for over 150 full-time

students. This year, Music Week also celebrates the

20th Anniversary of the award-winning Wired FM, Limerick’s only fully licensed student radio station run

by over 130 students from LIT, and Mary Immaculate

College. TONE is the theme for LIT Music Week

and has this year worked very closely with LSAD on the style and design of the event. With Limerick 2020

very much on its mind, and the tagline, Experiment, Play, Amplify, Music Week is an annual event that showcases the talents of students from both the

Music Technology and Video & Sound Technology programmes offered in LIT.

How did it first come about?

We at LIT are very much hands on in all aspects of

what we teach. We need our graduates to be able to perform with confidence in different roles associated to the music business. Music week encompasses


all aspects. It could be seen as a culmination of the

was produced in LIT and UL by Noel Hogan from

the knowledge they have accumulated in their field

include Ber Quinn, a sound engineer touring with

students experience in LIT - it is where they apply all and apply it in a festival that would compare greatly to anything they will come across in industry.

What kind of acts have performed at LMF and what can we expect from this year’s event?

LIT is continuing the legacy of Limerick City

of Culture 2014 and Music Week will have representation from the very successful project 'The

Pigtown Fling', the Music Legacy Award which

the Cranberries. Key speakers during the week will

acts such as The Villagers, Cathy Davey, Jerry Fish, Frank and Walters amongst many others. There will be talks by Telegael, one of Europe's leading Feature

Film, TV Drama and Animation groups - and a

multi-Emmy® and IFTA award winning studio. David Keary of Red Door Productions will discuss

the different techniques in composition for TV, Film, Documentaries and advertising.


Panel discussions on the subject of funding for

New Radio and Television Productions will include Francesca Lalor (Newstalk), Diarmuid MacIntyre

(Grey Heron Media), Alan Meaney (RTE /Newstalk), Shane O' Connor (BBC 5/Radio Kerry Training) and Shane Freeman from 2FM. Music Generation will also play a big part of the proceedings. Performance

highlights will include KORMAC, a DJ and producer from Dublin who has performed all over the world as

a solo artist and with his 11-piece ensemble, Kormac’s

Big Band. Another highlight will be Limerick based 'Windings' - who performed at festivals such as

Electric Picnic and Forbidden Fruit in Ireland, CMJ in New York and CMW in Toronto, these acts will be supported by LIT artists and local talent. John

Bowker and his renowned drumming workshop will help create the rhythm for the week’s events and Cork based massive Reggae Revolution Sound System will

bring us to the roots of the sound system culture. Visitors to Music Week will have the opportunity

to interact with sonic-art computer programs using

sensor gloves, Xbox Kinects, Wii Remotes, lasers, iPhones/iPads, game joysticks, webcams, modified keyboards and guitars, sensor pads, Arduino micro-

controllers, and much more. There will be a special closing performance by 4th year students, 'LIT

House Band 5.1', performing as part of a large scale ensemble on Thursday night, followed by a wrap party in the Blind Pig with DJ KORMAC. When it is on?

It runs for 4 days - 29th of Feb to the 4th of March Why should people check out LMF?

Anyone who has an interest in Creative Technologies

will have access to professionals in the industry as

well as getting hands on experience with leading

technologies. It is also a great experience for people

that just want to enjoy music and have an interest in local talent.

Does it have a Facebook page or an event page?

Music week is open to the public and the launch party

is on the 16th of Feb in The Blind pig at 8pm. You can

find more information, details and timetables at www. or Facebook: LIT-Music-Festival or Twitter: @LITMusicFest. Article by: Olivia Chau

Photography by: Limerick Institute of Technology



mus i c r e vie w Anna’s Anchor Isla nd s As we're faced with weather warning upon weather

warning and enough storm names to fill a phone

book, take heart that Anna's Anchor: The Islands

Spring is upon us. Days like these require a half hour of relaxing with a nice cup of tea and some soothing music. In February, I discovered one of Limerick's

musical gems. Anna's Anchor is the perfect backing track for those moments to recoup and recharge on blustery afternoons. Anna's Anchor is a music project

lead by Marty Ryan, who hails from Limerick indierock band Going 90, amongst a gang of other great

musicians. With influences such as Brand New and the Smashing Pumpkins, Anna's Anchor have taken

alternative rock music to the next level with hard, honest lyrics juxtaposed by soft acoustic delays making

them a suitable soundtrack for the rare heatwave on the beach, or a stroll through the countryside upon a carpet of leaves and twigs.

In their latest album, released late 2015 and available

for purchase on their website and on Spotify, Anna's

Anchor tried their hand at captivating the natural beauty of Irish landscapes through music. Eight weeks, eight islands, eight gigs and eight songs. Each

weekend through June to July they would travel to

a different island off the coast of Ireland and write,

record, and release a song in the space of a week. The end result of this project was The Islands, a

phenomenal album with eight beautiful tracks each one with their own unique, island-inspired sound

making the album itself a rare treasure. The islands visited and used on the album are Bere Island, Inis


Mór, Inishturk, Clare Island, Cape Clear, Inis Óirr, Inishbofin and the Valentia Islands. . If you do manage to get your half hour of peace and solace

this month, I strongly recommend giving this artist a

listen and if you love what you hear, spare a few quid

and purchase the physical copy from their site. You

never know what it might be worth in years to come. Anna's Anchor are another one of the many examples

of Limerick's thriving music scene and talent pool, so next time you're heading off to a gig in Limerick, don't skip the local support band.

Previous releases by Anna's Anchor include Crossing Channels and Oak Street which can be listened to on their Bandcamp page or Spotify. Anna's Anchor

can often be found playing gigs in Dolan's. For more

information on purchasing their music and gig details, you can visit their Facebook page. Article by: Christine Costello

Photograph by: Ashley Taylor




dj p r ofi le



Scoundrel Soundsystem Scoundrel Soundsystem are a DJ collective with their own unique individual identities… Name: Rob Parkes Age: 37

From: Limerick

Day Job: International Man of Mystery How long have you been a DJ?

Well, I got my 1st set of decks back in 1995 and I suppose I’ve been ducking in and out since. What first got you interested?

Billy Nasty, Andrew Weatherall & Sasha were the 1st

DJs I really loved but it wasn’t until I saw the likes

of local DJs at the time, Niall Colgan, Niall Bourke, Pippy & John O’Loughlin that I actually thought it was possible to have a go at it myself, I’ve been failing drastically ever since, to be fair. First gig?

The Ciaro at The Parkway Nightclub, way back when. Type of music you play?

Acid House / Indie Dance / Techno Who have you collaborated with?

No one, to be honest. But we do run a Digital Record Label called Sub:Sonic Records and we are lucky

enough to work with some great electronic Artist from New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany & more recently Albania.

Preferred weapon of choice?

Vinyl in the days of yore, but these days CDJ’s. Where have you gigged?

Various Venues around town and both Valentia

Island Festival & Electric Picnic last year, which was

Where can we catch you next?

Where can we catch you next?

dates in the Summer but I suppose I’m most looking

are playing on the Main Stage at The Alfresco Family

The Blind Pig in early April, we’ve got some festival

forward to playing at Alfresco Festival in Kent this coming May, really looking forward to that. Name: Phil Wade Age: 40

From: Dublin

Apart from Local gigs, we (Scoundrel Soundsystem) Festival in Kent at the End of May. I’m very excited about this and we get to play alongside some DJs

and Producers that we really admire: Ivan Smagghe, Jennifer Cardini, Vox Low, Kirsty P and The Nein Records crew.

Day Job: Staring at a Computer Screen

Name: Tom Frawley

How long have you been a DJ?

From: Limerick

20 Years

What first got you interested?

Myself and my Brother were offered a slot on a local Pirate Station, which led to being asked to. First gig?

Played music in between acts and afterwards at a

Age: Old enough to know better Day Job: Logistics How long have you been a DJ? 20+ years

What first got you interested? It was an accident

Battle of the Bands gig in my Local bar The Noggin

First gig?

Type of music you play?

Type of music you play?


Disco, Acid House, Rock - lots of styles but I think they have a common sound throughout. Who have you collaborated with?

I don’t think I have the patience to go making music but never say never. Myself and Rob run the Sub:Sonic Records label and we have some great releases coming out this year.

Preferred weapon of choice.

A pair of 1210's, a mixer and 14 bags of records (I always bring too many).

Baker Place. Can't remember the name of the night!

Anything electronic that takes my fancy Preferred weapon of choice?

CDJ’s these days. Vinyl back when my back (and Bank balance) would allow!

Where can we catch you next? Alfresco (I think).

Article by: Olivia Chau

Photograph by: Sue Parks

Where have you gigged?

Lately,The Blind Pig, Electric Picnic as part of Reciprocity in Trailer Park.

a personal highlight.



INTE RV I EW: HERMITAG E G R E E N It's fair to say that Hermitage Green have definitely been

one of the busiest Irish bands over the past two years. From playing Electric Picnic, Indiependence, and touring

abroad, they have had a whirlwind of a time, and the band is set to release their first studio album, Save Your Soul”, this March.

We caught up with guitarist Dan Murphy to discuss the

upcoming album and how the band has progressed both sonically and as a group, and what we can expect from Save Your Soul.

What can we expect from the new album?

You can expect a little bit of what you’ve heard before.

Two singles have been released already - ‘Quicksand’ being the last one. I think that’s a good sign of what’s to come because as a track that has kind of folky and

acoustic elements to it which is what we came from. But it’s got a bigger, I suppose, more commercial

sound to it, much more of a studio sound which is something that people won’t have heard from us before.

So to answer your question there’s a mixed bag there. A lot of the songs have been written by individuals in

the band. That usually calls for a couple of different styles. There’s some big pop tracks, there’s a couple of

darker, more acoustic ones, there’s one or two ballads

and then we’ve kind of pushed into the rock area as well. There’s a mixed bag. It should be fun.

before we start recording the song. I was trying to

We also went in there with forty tracks. We’re

difficult than you expected?

recorded and he was like, “no, don’t do any of that stuff.

an album out. We had a lot of material to get through

it was a really enjoyable process. We worked with a

five of us coming up with your guitar parts, not just

known for Kodaline, The Script, Aslan and a couple

that open, everything-is-a-good-idea attitude. It was

Was making your first full studio album more

explain this to him that I want to have all of this stuff

No, to be honest. There were difficulties but all in all

I want us to brainstorm in the studio live. I want the

producer called Philip McGee. He would be best

you sitting at home”. He’s really good at encouraging

of others. This guy is our friend for life. He really

a really nice way to work.

encourages a creative atmosphere in the studio. For

example, I like having all of my guitar parts down


together five years now so it’s about damn time we put so that was kind of tricky making a call on what made

the album. We recorded eighteen songs and in the

end we widdled it down to thirteen. There was blood, sweat and tears over what songs didn’t get to make it. I think all in all the strongest thirteen made it. They’re the strongest songs that represent us at this time.


Do you think that the band’s style has changed

bum note or mistake, which there are plenty of, you

had a clue who we were but they threw us over. They

Yeah, massively. Live at Whelans was kind of a

great energy and a great intimacy. It’s all the more

commit to a live act in a way that you don’t really see

much since your last album, Live at Whelans?

snapshot of where we were at that time. All we used to do were gigs. We just gigged non-stop. We had

hardly been in a studio. We had all these songs that

we wanted to get out to people and we didn’t have the money or the resources at that time to record a

full studio album independently without a label so we

said we would do a live album. We used to play all

know everyone is going to hear it. That makes for a rewarding then when it goes well.

Then in contrast to that you’ve got your Electric Picnic and big venues. We played Picnic two years

ago now and that was about six thousand people that

turned out. That’s just madness. It’s a great buzz but they’re very different, it’s hard to compare.

these gigs but people would turn up and they wouldn’t

You’ll be performing at Live at The Big Top on

songs that we put out on YouTube. At that point

two years ago with Gavin James and The Riptide

know any of our songs, they would know like three

in time it was just an effective way to put material

out there. It served its purpose at the time and it was great, we got the gig and a tour off the back of it. We were still sort of teenagers as a band when that came

out. We were finding our sound, we were juggling a couple of genres, we weren’t sure what we were and with this [Save Your Soul] we’re adults now, I think.

So speaking of playing live, for a while you were

known for playing in the Curragower and smaller

May 1st and the last time you performed there was Movement. What do you think has changed since the last time?

It feels like yesterday but an awful lot has changed. We’re a different band in terms of our sound. We’ve sort of graduated now, we’ve finally got our live sound

together. We were very much a bar band transitioning

completely freaks me out. But they’re so enjoyable because they’re so intimate.

We played St. Luke’s Church in Cork. It’s an

amazing church and it just opened as a venue there at Christmas and we did two nights there. That’s

three or four hundred people and it’s a seated church

and it’s really really quiet. There’s something quite

terrifying about that. You can hear a pin drop. Every

What else does 2016 have in store for Hermitage Green?

The album is out on March 4th. Our first single from

the album came out at the end of January, ‘Make it Better’. Then as soon as the album hits the shelves we’re starting an Irish tour which will span over two

months. We’re going to the middle-east as well so Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We’re going there

in April. Then the summer, at the moment we’re expecting to be doing the Irish festival circuit but that will unfold over the next few weeks.

Article by: Sophie Butler and Kevin Bolger

Picnic but I mean, that one was quite special.

people sitting quietly in a room looking at you. That

there they were just really up for it.

scruff of the neck, it’ll be good fun.

I think [this year] we’re going to grab that one by the


tell you that the ones that really scare you are fifty

coming over they’d go “who are these guys?”. Over

Save Your Soul is available March 4th, 2016.

What has been your favourite gig to date?

That’s always a hard one to answer. I think we’ll all

in other places. Over here, if you had a Czech band

to the big stage at that point.

venues like that. Do you prefer more intimate gigs like that or do you prefer performing to larger

have a real respect for live music there. They just really

I don’t want to say the obvious ones like Electric The church in Cork, St. Luke’s, it really is a special

venue. How many people get to play a gig in front of a crowd drinking cans in the surroundings of a

dilapidated Catholic church? It’s pretty unique so that was definitely up there.

We played a festival in the Czech Republic there two

years ago. It was absolute madness. There was about

three thousand people there and no one spoke a word of English. It was in a town called Ostrava just outside Prague and they have this big festival every

year. I don’t know how we got booked because nobody



th e atre : breaking dad Interview with Director Jimmy Fay

family being subjected to a Tiger kidnapping – much

Look out Limerick - Ross O’Carroll Kelly is on his

for that, I think he realised we needed a break!

way. UCH will be hosting the critically acclaimed

more scaled back, just a living room set throughout

production Ross O’Carroll Kelly: Breaking Dad, the

Why do you think Ross O’CK is so enduringly

run at The Gaiety Theatre. We chat to Director Jimmy

The Irish have always loved good satire, we have a rich

third and final Ross O’CK play, fresh from its sell out

Fay to find out how he and writer Paul Howard brought the irrepressible character to the stage…

Where you a fan of the Ross O’Carroll Kelly series to begin with?

Actually, before I met writer Paul Howard for the

first time I was only aware of the books and his work

through a colleague, who was always telling me that

I should check them out so I was definitely curious. Then Ann Clark approached me about the possibility

of working with Paul to bring it to the stage and it went from there. Knowing how popular the series

was, the challenge of bringing it to life on stage was very appealing.

How was it working with Paul?

It was unlike most productions I’ve worked on. First

of all Paul had never done any stage writing – in fact

he told me on that first meeting that the last time he

was in a theatre was for a panto, that’s what he said anyway. Now he’s an avid attendee, of course. It was interesting to go through the process with him – the

first draft of the first play, The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger, had over 20 scenes, which was crazy. It was a pretty ambitious storyline too in terms of props, with

helicopters and a stolen Caravaggio painting… it was a challenge but a great one. As Paul has a background

in journalism he’s very open to the editing process and doesn’t get precious at all so it’s always been a real

collaborative experience. The second play was Between Foxrock and a Hard Place, which centred round the



legacy of satirical writers, and Paul’s writing really

is so sharp and on the money, but I think it’s more than that. Ross is not a sympathetic character by any means, none of them are. He has the same kind of

endearing appeal as Homer Simpson – he’s an idiot, he’s pretty selfish but at the same time there’s nothing deliberately malicious about him. Everything he does

he believes to be the right thing to do at the time, they

just happen to be outrageous things. He never learns, never redeems himself, and we don’t want him to. We root for them in spite of ourselves.

Tell us about the cast: What are they like to work with?

Rory Nolan as Ross, what can I say, from the minute he walked in we knew he was him, his delivery is terrific, he’s just brilliant. We have Laurence Kinlan

returning as Ronan and Phillip O’Sullivan as Charles. At this stage in the series everyone just knows their

character so well, and even though we have some new cast members for the Limerick shows - Aoibhín

Garrihy as Sorcha, Roisin O’Neill as Honor and

Emmet Byrne (Red Rock) as Traolach, the 'new

Tiger in town' - it’s very collaborative and they all just ‘get’ it, they are very polished. It’s very enjoyable and makes the job easier!


Breaking Dad is set in the near future - How much is relevant in it to Ireland of today? Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of the Celtic Tiger?

Well, I suppose we are really aren’t we? There’s a cycle of public opinion in Ireland – a government screws up

the company, we vote in another lot to sort it, we hate what they do and we say, sure we’ll give the other lot a

chance eh, they weren’t that bad… We’re in recovery now sure, or so we’re told, so people are starting to

look back with rose tinted specs at the past lot. We forget that those problems at the heart of the boom – the obsession with owning property and land, the

one-upmanship, that’s still part of our society, it’s just not been as easy for people to buy and sell and show

it off recently. I think that’s another thing that makes Breaking Dad so appealing, because it’s not trying to

make a point about all that, it just reflects a time we once knew, and also where we’re likely headed - in a really hilarious, surreal, mad kind of way!

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the phenomenon

or are curious to discover, don’t miss the last chance

to see this hit production on stage at UCH Limerick.

Shows will run from 29th March to 2nd April. Further information and tickets at Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photograph by: Arthur Carron



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with Shauna Lindsay Instagram - @shaunalindsay

Get Birthday Ready With Me!

The Birthday Dress So obviously for any Birthday celebration you need an amazing frock. I’ve become a bit fanatical about online

So I’m finally turning 21 this month and I couldn’t

shopping and SERIOUSLY know the way to my heart.

be more excited! I’ve felt like I’ve been 25 for the last three years so it’s about time I’ve finally hit the milestone of the big 2-1. Of course this comes with me finding out most bars/clubs in Dublin are over 23s. You just can’t win.

Regardless if I get into a club or not, I’ll be sure to be looking well, leaving a more-than guilty look on any mean bouncer’s face.


Crepe Sleeveless Plunge Bodycon Dress Khaki

High Neck Mesh Insert Keyhole Bodycon Dress

Anyone who knows me will know I’m forever obsessed

I’m also loving white right now and this cute high

plunge dresses and this one is super affordable and


- €30.80

with Khaki and this dress is just beautiful. I love low stylish.

White - €39.20

neck dress may just steal my heart for my birthday Decisions, decisions…




Th e li merick magazine

Style on the Street Some of our favourite looks spotted around Lim erick City this month

Name: Sarah Maloney


Name: Marina O’Connor

Names: Dean Martin and Tom O’Malley

Name: Aoife Costelloe

Name: Luke Ryder




Th e li merick magazine


with Mary Kiely

This being the most popular foundation out there at

the moment, it is the holy grail of all foundations. It’s totally lightweight but at the same time you can build and achieve full coverage with it, it suits

all skin types and is so silky on the skin. With its Micro-Fil technology it keeps the skin hydrated

and it lasts all day and leaves the skin luminous, glowing and radiant. Luminous silk does not have a SPF in it which makes this foundation fantastic for

photos, especially for weddings and photo-shoots. Its recommend by dermatologists and is oil free. It retails at €45 and can be bought in Brown Thomas. It’s also KimK’S favourite foundation…….

Giorgio Armani also have a product called Fluid Sheer, it’s a liquid range of highlights, bronzers

and blushes, put a couple of drops of these liquid

highlighters into any foundation and it will give you an amazing glow to keep on trend this season. It retails at €45 from Brown Thomas.



Must have foundations for Spring/Summer 2016 Here are some of my favourite trialled and tested foundations and bases for this summer, they range from different coverage to different textures depending on what somebody is looking for.

This a completely lightweight foundation with sheer

This is the ultimate summer make up . It’s the first of

To have the perfect base for any foundation this

perfect for somebody looking to keep the skin more

oils and pure pigment mixed together. The 3 oils used

market, Maestro UV Skin Defence Primer by

coverage and it gives a natural glow to the skin, its youthful and natural and also hydrated all day. A

perfect natural foundation for summer. Or can be used as a base/ primer too. Retails at €42 from Brown Thomas.

Nars Sheer Glow foundation- This sheer foundation

evens out skintone and has a buildable coverage. It keeps the skin hydrated and fresh. It’s not that

suitable for more oily skin types, its better on normal to dryer skin types. Its fragrance free and recommend

by dermatologists. Again this is for someone looking for a more natural look.

its kind, a Bi-Phase Elixir foundation with skincare are apricot, passiflora and rice bran, they mix together

to get a light, non-greasy and pleasurable texture on the skin with a lasting glow. This is amazing on

normal to dryer skin types. There is also a semi matte version of maestro for oily skin types, it still leaves the

skin glowing and radiant and long lasting. Maestro Glow has a buildable coverage, when applying this

foundation it is better to do so with the fingertips

for a flawless finish. It has a nourishing, comfortable sensation on the skin with a SPF of 30, it improves

the skin quality with continued use. It retails at €46 from Brown Thomas.

S/S season, there is a new advanced primer on the Giorgio Armani. With UVA and UVB protection, and also a transparent SPF50 PA++. The SPF won’t

give a flashback when photos are taken because of the transparency. It gives complete protection with

the thinnest texture. The best thing about this primer

is that it’s not just a fantastic base for make-up it can also be worn on its own. Perfect for no make-

up days while out for walks or sporting, it keeps the skin hydrated all day without having the heaviness of a standard SPF50 sunblock. This would be the perfect product for going on holidays , it can be worn by both

men and women and on every skin type. Best blended over the face with fingertips from the centre of the face outward. Retails at €46 from Brown Thomas. Model: Sarah O'Leary

Photograph by Tarmo Tulit



Th e li merick magazine

Men's Hair Men’s Hair trends

Key styles and tips

Sleek Wet Look.

The emergence of the modern man is ever evolving,

Short and Textured

shows at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/17

hair to enhance their look. We are seeing everything

This is for the client who wants to step away from

saw side parted and slicked back wet looks dominate.

style of late. This is for the client who wants to go

to damp hair and comb through for a high shine

natural texture on top that's slightly disconnected

using your fingers instead of a comb and add a shine

the top short and point cut is great for clients who are

the crowd.

weight and density on top. The great thing about

As men have got more interested in their hair styling,

Try using a paste at the roots for strong hold or a

style of their beards and facial hair. Male clients are not

more and more men are now open to colouring their from discreet grey coverage, to subtle shinebands

and underlighting, to punk-like pops of vibrant reds

or blues proving popular among our male clientele. With celebs rocking major colour trends, from

Zayn Malik’s soft grey tresses to Justin Bieber’s side swept blonde locks, it's fast becoming a trend that's

automatically added to our male clients service. Teaming colour with an amazing cut can transform

your look no matter how subtle the shade, and it's not just for the younger guys or hipsters, colour can

enhance the skin tone and bring out the eyes of even

the most distinguished older man. And men's fashion week showed us that texture and soft shades are still

parting slowly be replaced by a side parted undercut

quiff, even though it sounds complex it's relatively more straightforward than you might think, using

your no.2 and no 3 blade on the back and sides fade down to the nape of the neck. The fringe is kept long

to reach close to the ear with one side undercut. This acts as a shelf for the quiff to sit on. This look is best

achieved by fully blow drying the hair using a small round brush, pushing the crown forward and across before lifting the fringe up and back over towards the

ear. This will set the hair in place before styling. Use a clay or pomade to style, stay clear of gels as they will cause the fringe to fall out of position. Finish by

spraying your comb with hairspray and combing the hair into place for your desired look.


showcasing this look on the runway. At Pal Zilar we

the skinfade trend that's been dominating men’s

To achieve this look add a water-based pomade

for a less maintenance and more classic look, think

structured finish, if you prefer a softer wet look try

from a scissors cut on the back and sides. Keeping

spray afterwards to make your wet look stand out in

thinning as the choppiness gives the illusion of more

this look is it can be worn in many different ways.

they've also taken more of an interest in the shape and

volumising powder for a more matte finish.

just restricted to using one type of product, therefore

Quiffs and Fades/Taper

the beard and facial hair have become hugely popular,

very much on trend.

The last few months have seen the quiff and side

The wet look is a massive trend for this year with

This look is for our braver clientele and requires you

being handy with a brush and hairdryer. It's high

maintenance but gives an eye catching and dramatic result with a contrast meets length finish. You will

need to grow out your fringe to at least nose length when pulled forward onto the face if you want a high quiff result. The skinfade is still very popular among

our clients and compliments a swept back quiff

perfectly. - A quiff requires a lot of height and volume, be sure to add some product to prep the hair while damp (try a paste or pomade) and blow-dry using

a small round brush or vent brush starting from the

root upwards while directing the airflow of your dryer using a nozzle for best results, once you have a base

structure use a wax to create texture and definition or a strong hairspray for hold.

the demand for homecare not just for the hair but for with a wide range of products now available to suit all

beard types from beard oils and waxes to moustache

clay you can now transform your client from a classic beard to an Edwardian gentleman in no time. There

really is something for everyone from the handsome caveman to the smart business man, proving that the modern male trends are not just for the hipster. Article by: Rachel Flanagan and Paddy Cox Photograph by: Tarmo Tulit


Th e li me rick magazine

Travel Thailand Review of Elephant Hills

Where: Adventure and Nature Collide

For: Eco, Couples, Honeymoon, Family It is not every day that you can sit under the brightest

sky of stars with a glass of wine, on a lake in the rainforest in Thailand but at Elephant Hills this is one

of the perks of this unique glamping experience. Each

guest is picked up from their hotel or the airport in the regions of Phuket, Khoa Lak, Krabi, Surat Thani

or Koh Samui pier and transferred privately to begin their adventure.

Elephant Hills is Thailand’s first luxury tented camping experience. Based in Khao Sok National

Park, it is a place to have the adventure of your life, accompanied by experienced guides. This company

has been doing this for nearly 16 years, so they can run

these tours like a well-oiled Thai massage – relaxing, healing and energising.

The Elephant Hills Camp has 35 luxury tents, which are bug-proof, have real beds and an en-suite

bathroom with hot and cold running water, electricity, hairdryer and tea and coffee making facilities. All the perks of a luxury travel yet in the wilderness of South

East Asia. These tents have ample space, offer plenty of lighting and they are the perfect place to reflect on the day’s observations and activities.

The Elephant Camp itself is surrounded by one of the world’s oldest rainforests and with the help of a



canoe you can explore the jungle via the Sok River. Be prepared, you will see lizards, snakes, monkeys and other wildlife along the way but rest assured that each canoe has its own guide for your safety.

Following a canoe trip down the river is the amazing experience of getting up-close and meeting the Asian elephants. The beautiful creatures are very well looked after, each has their own minder and the herd is very

well taken care of, they range from babies to the

grandmother, who is getting close to 74 years of age. Tours each day are full with happy travellers who chop

the elephant’s meals and feed, wash and even massage them. There is strictly no riding these elephants as it

is not that type of environment, Elephant Hills takes pride in being eco friendly and keeping a natural environment.

At night plenty of unique entertainment is available in the campfire area of Elephant Hills, traditional

Thai dancing and performances by children from

local schools, wildlife documentaries, traditional Thai

cooking class demonstrations and a delicious buffet are all part of the trip. It is a warm atmosphere where

travellers can share their tales. All meals are included and a buffet style environment means that you will not be hungry.



The Rainforest Camp is a truly magical experience, a short private transfer and boat ride, you will arrive

at the 10 luxury floating tents in the wild rainforest lake of Cheow Larn Lake, surrounded by limestone mountains. The Rainforest Camp comes with a

restaurant for guests with breakfast, lunch and dinner being served as part of the package. The Rainforest Camp also has its own bar so you can enjoy a mixture of local beers, cocktails or a delicious glass of wine.

It is an intimate base for you to explore southern Thailand’s tropical rainforest. The camp has been

designed to be part of nature, using only solar power for energy. The romantic setting is perfect for relaxing in front of your tent and watching the sunset over the

jungle, at night the clearest sky full of stars is a must for everyone. Not only is it beautiful, it makes you

realise how small you are compared to the nature that surrounds you.

Other activities at The Rainforest Camp include cave

hiking, I did chicken out of this one as the size of the possible spiders scared the bejesus out of me, I

regret it now not taking part, so I urge you all to do it

and email us the details! I opted for swimming in the emerald waters and took a kayak through the many khlongs and channels in search of wildlife.

Overall, Elephant Hills is a destination that should be included in any trip to Thailand. It is something

special and an unforgettable experience especially

if you are thinking of South East Asia for your honeymoon, take a stop here, you won’t regret it.

For more information visit: Article by: Michelle Costello

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit





BE h ind the foo d Hoo k & L a d d e r A Delicious, Eclectic Food Combination A family run business that first opened its doors on

Sarsfield Street to a great reception in May 2014. Hook & Ladder ‘living café’ brought something fresh and exciting

to the Limerick City café scene in the form of their flagship

store on Sarsfield Street with a distinctive new retail, dining and culinary experience and has been evolving and setting trends ever since. We met with Andrew

Moloney, manager of Hook & Ladder for coffee and to try their delicious (and highly recommended) “Organic Eggs Florentine” and we had a chat about the bright future of Hook & Ladder.

Hook & Ladder is indeed much more that your

typical café; it offers an exciting variety of store concepts under one roof – café, cookery school, and home accessories store. ‘’Customers can relish the delicious café offerings, enhance their culinary skills

in the Cookery School, buy locally sourced produce from the artisan display, or purchase a distinctive and inspiring range of occasional furniture and accessories.’’

Following the immense success and customer reaction

of the Sarsfield Street flagship store, Hook & Ladder expanded by opening in Corbally in April 2015 & again in Castletroy in late 2015. The company have a great brand ethos in that “We offer much more than

just a café, the team at Hook & Ladder strive daily to provide excellent service in an intimate and homely café setting”. Andrew tells us.





A visit to Hook & Ladder is most definitely an

while enjoying a variety of artisan food and coffee in

artisan food for all taste buds, catering for breakfast

friendly service, commitment to local food producers,

includes kitchen accessories, occasional furniture, soft

provides a fantastic selection of meals using locally

experience not to be forgotten as high quality food, and eye-catching interior design and décor is a guaranteed offering each visit.

Once you walk through the doors of Hook & Ladder

you will be struck by the gorgeous décor that besets

the entire café. Another special and distinct attribute

the relaxed specialised setting. “Our extensive range furnishings, vintage pieces, seasonal accessories, gifts, mirrors, lamps and much more. In addition to this, all

the café fittings, from cutlery and crockery, to tables and chairs are available to purchase, all with the help of our expertly trained staff.’’ Andrew smiles.

and offering of Hook & Ladder is that the majority

Keeping with the ethos of proving much more than

and decorations are available for purchase then and

an array of services: Serving food all day, each

of their expertly arranged and chosen furnishing

there within the café, so you can decorate your home


the typical café experience Hook & Ladder provides

premises is open seven days a week and offers excellent

through to evening meals. Hook & Ladder not only sourced produce but also a well renowned selection

of premium coffees, speciality teas, an assortment of fine wines as well as luxurious cakes, pastries, pies and homemade breads that are baked fresh daily.

Well-equipped and set to the highest standard -

Hook & Ladder is also a cookery school, which is

known nationwide for its well-trained chefs and learning experiences. ‘’Our Cookery School offers a wide range of classes and courses especially designed


improving themselves as both a brand and a service. A testament to the service on offer at Hook & Ladder

is the fact that in two short years they reaped such

prestigious awards as: REI “Best Artisan Food Store” in Ireland, “Fit Out Project” of the Year, and just

recently has been voted by the Irish Independent number three in Cookery Schools in Ireland.

A visit to Hook & Ladder is most definitely an experience not to be missed in any of their three

locations in Limerick: Sarsfield Street, Corbally and Castletroy “We are really looking forward to the next year, we have a lot of exciting things to come for our customers.’’

For more information and to get involved with

everything Hook & Ladder has to offer contact Sarah on 061-413778, email or visit

Hook and Ladder Opening Hours: Sarsfield Street, Limerick City: Monday - 8:00am - 6:00pm

Tuesday – Saturday: 8:00am – 7:00pm Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

to cater for all levels and abilities, such as Thai Cuisine, Italian, Mexican, Fish, Bread Making, Baking and

much more, so whether you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished cook there will be a course for you. It is a fantastic way to enhance your cooking

skills all while having fun with family, friends and

colleagues.’’ There is an array of cookery classes to be

experienced, whether you are looking to brush up on speciality cooking skills or if it is your first real taste of manoeuvring your way around a kitchen there is a class suitable for absolutely everyone. Speciality classes

such as Men Only Cookery Lessons and Mother &

Daughter Cookery Classes are ensured to be a great

experience to improve your skills in a relaxed and knowledgeable environment. ‘’The Cookery School is

fast becoming very popular with corporate clients for team building, sports & social clubs and Christmas party nights etc. Each event is tailored to meet your particular needs and requests.’’ says Andrew.

Hook & Ladder have achieved fantastic success in the two years they have been in business and a visit to one

of their cafes would show that this success is greatly deserved. The success is sure to be on the rise as Hook


Monday – Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm Sunday: 9:00am - 6:00pm Castletroy:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 5:30pm Friday - Saturday: 8:30am -6:00pm Sunday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Article by: Cornelia O’Riordan Photography by Deirdre Power

& Ladder shows absolutely no signs of faltering in their experience and constant continuation of



Bail eys Espres s ito

Ingredients: •

50ml Baileys with a hint of Coffee Flavour

2 tsp sugar

• • • •

25ml espresso

A small handful of fresh mint leaves Crushed ice

0.9 units per serve

Directions: •

Pop the sugar and the mint leaves into your cocktail glass. Then with the long end of a

wooden spoon or a thin rolling pin, muddle the • • •

ingredients to combine them.

Pour in the Baileys, add some crushed ice and stir.

Next pour the espresso shot into the glass, top with more crushed ice and give it another stir. If you glass still isn't full, top it all the way up

with crushed ice and finish your cocktail with a sprig of fresh mint.

Photography by: Tarmo Tulit





bu s ine ss profile: The Texas Steakout Story From then to now The Texas Steakout is without a doubt one of the most

established and appreciated restaurants in Limerick, known for the juiciest steaks and friendliest staff, an array of delicious menu options, fine cocktails and craft beers are always on offer and their loyal customers keep on

returning. The Texas Steakout is one of the first Limerick restaurants that changed dining culture in the City and continues to go above, beyond and lead in Limerick’s

culinary culture. We sit down for tea with Margaret

Enright who ensured the restaurant is the name everyone in the region recognises.



The Texas Steakout is located in the basement of 116

done.’’ The team at the Texas Steakout pulled out all

original stone brickwork giving that warm homely

known and loved. Staying with the Texas theme of

O’Connell Street, the setting is authentic with the

feel, accompanied by an age-old fireplace. You can

sense the character of the setting the second you walk through the doors. Although the inviting atmosphere and the mouth-watering menu selections is something

you come to expect from The Texas Steakout, a lot of work has gone into making the Texas Steakout what it is today.

The Texas Steakout first opened in 1989 as a much

smaller restaurant that seated sixty customers. The

team wanted to be sure that they were bringing something new and different to the restaurant scene in Limerick and with that idea in mind they decided to open a Texan-themed steak house.

‘’What was really different about the Steakout was

that obviously we had a theme. We were serving really hearty American style dinners, so at the time there was nothing like it.” Margaret tells us. Along with

the Texan themed menu options, was the attention to detail which was incorporated into the décor and

the stops to ensure the restaurant would become well

the antique ornaments every table was covered with classic American chequered tablecloths while each

waitress dressed head to toe as American cowgirls. Limerick had no other place like it at the time and it was most definitely a drastic step away from the norm but it simply added to the already endearing nature of the restaurant and began to draw the crowds. It is safe

to say that the Steakout did everything they could to build their customer numbers, “We even had a float in the St. Paddy’s Day parade too, just to promote

ourselves and be out there. We brought a fake life sized stuffed buffalo and plonked him outside the door, it was all to get the place recognised.’’

After years of grafting to build their customer base during the harsh time of a recession, all of the hard

work began to pay off and work began on the first of

the Texas Steakout’s many extensions throughout the

years. Business was booming, and the Texas Steakout went from seating 60 people to 280 people.

uniforms that the staff wore. The hunt for memorabilia

We ask Margaret what she is most proud of to which

and ornaments that are in the restaurant today have

staff as well as the food that is served each and every

commenced and all of the charming Texan figures adorned the walls since 1989.

The decision to open such a unique style of restaurant in the heart of Limerick City during a time where dining out certainly wasn’t popular yet it was a daring

move. Yet is was a move that captures the essence of

the Steakout; taking a good idea and making it work. ‘’We never relented on quality and service. It wasn’t

a case of it can’t be done, it’s always been, it will be

she tells us, “We pride ourselves on our dedicated

day. The menu at The Texas Steakout is bursting with variety, ranging from the highest quality steaks to Mexican dishes, speciality chicken dishes and

vegetarian options. When you dine at The Texas Steakout you are sure to enjoy a substantial meal just

as if it were from your own kitchen at home, with fresh produce being prepared every day. We pride ourselves in saying that we don’t even have a can opener.



Every soup and every sauce is made from scratch, with

same recipe. I think it’s that consistency and variety

The team at the Texas Steakout have an extremely

We have changes but our core chefs are still here, they

menu since we opened and we just cannot take them

restaurant, both front of house and behind the scenes

the vegetables coming in the door every single day. are irreplaceable. The ribs you’ll eat today are the very

same ribs you would have eaten in 1989, with the very

on the menu that are vital. There are dishes on the off. We even tried taking them away at one point and customers insisted on us putting them back.’’

high regard for every staff member working in the in the kitchen and state that their customers are what

makes The Texas Steakout what a success it is today. ”Our customers are so valuable, they’re our audience

and that’s what it’s all about. All along it has been a family restaurant. We would see people going out

together in the restaurant who got engaged, married, would then come in with their kids, and now their kids have had kids who come in. So thankfully we’ve managed to keep each generation coming back to us for more, how lovely is that?”

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for The Texas Steakout, it is clear that the team are

continuously wanting to improve every aspect of the restaurant and to keep evolving as social and

eating trends advance. ‘’What I love is that we have the ability to adapt. I’m so proud of the fact that we

adapted to recessions, menus, eating habits. We can adapt and still be on top.’’

“I would like our customers to know of the value we

have for them and the huge thanks and respect for our staff too. We, the team are not “The Texas Steakout, we

provide the wheels and everyone else drives the car.” Margaret sincerely adds, “I would like our customers to know of the value we have for them and the huge thanks and respect for our staff too. We, the team are not “The Texas Steakout, we provide the wheels and everyone else drives the car.”

The Texas Steakout 116 O’Connell Street

Open Monday – Saturday 12pm – 10:30pm Sunday 12:30pm – 10:00pm

Bookings available 061-414440

Article by Cornelia O’Riordan Photography by Tarmo Tulit





Health & Wellbeing With health and fitness instructor Sintija Zorge

Why you should consider a Personal Trainer

promises about magical fast results with minimum

Positive energy is everywhere you look right now:

Here are few reasons why you should consider getting

birds are singing and flowers are blossoming. YES, we

are finally in the beautiful Spring season! Everything

around us is waking up. However, the Winter hangover may have left you struggling to stick to your

fitness regime, unable to set reachable goals, are not confident trying out something different at the gym

or just have no idea how to do most exercises with good form.

The solution? It might be time to think about a Personal Trainer. It may seem like a luxury and it’s not something everybody can afford, but I can promise

that it won’t be a waste of your money or time. First, there are plenty of deals PTs offer that can be

affordable - you could even consider getting a good deal together with a friend or two, where the trainer

is still monitoring exactly what each of you are doing

while doing everything to help your particular needs even when training you and your friends at the same

time. This setup would also help you feel more secure

about going into a session as you have the camaraderie of a friend.

Bear in mind, a personal trainer service is not something you can go and exchange if you decide

it’s not for you, so I would also advise you to meet your future trainer for a casual chat before starting

your sessions to make sure you will both get on. We all have our needs and taste in everything but don’t

fall into a trap of something overpriced with fake


effort coming from you - you will only be only lying to yourself, getting frustrated and wasting money. a personal trainer:

They provide objectivity and honesty A trainer is not a magician - but having said that, a trainer can really help you achieving your goals as

long as you both are honest with each other. Your

trainer will always be confidential and honesty is the key so your trainer will expect nothing less but honesty when talking about your diet and training in

the days before your session. They will know from a

professional perspective what it will take to achieve

your goals, and will fitness test you in order to provide a programme specifically tailored for you.

They bring positive energy A personal trainer will always be happy to see you and greet you with a smile. Your trainer will motivate you

throughout your journey with different approaches. Good personal trainers are good listeners, supporters and are optimists, so no matter what you are going

through trainer won’t give up on you until you succeed in your health and fitness goals. There is no such a

word as CAN’T in the trainer’s wordbook so be prepared to be pushed to your limits (which most likely wouldn’t happen with you on your own) to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


They’ll prevent you from getting hurt Your trainer will make sure that you are working out in

a safe environment and reduce risk of getting injured while exercising as the trainer will be correcting your form and technique during your sessions.

They respect the uniqueness of you Your trainer will not judge you or disrespect because your trainer’s goal is to make you successful in your

journey. Each session you will spend with your trainer will be specifically designed for you and will only

focus on you and your needs toward reaching your goals.






performing better in sports/getting into shape or starting a healthy lifestyle, your trainer will adapt to

you motivate you and push you during each session

and especially when you need it the most. Make sure you do your research about your future trainer in

advance to make sure they are the right one for you, as it will be a start to a new relationship that you never had before and you have to be comfortable in it.

Sometimes we have to realise that the things we want to achieve cannot be achieved alone – a personal knowledge and teach you how to exercise even when

trainer really can be your body’s best friend.

with the most effective training to help you to get to

how to develop healthy lifestyle. They will also advise

Article by: Sintija Zorge

will get your body out of its comfort zone so you

overall health and fitness.

They provide real expertise A personal trainer is educated and will provide you

you are on your own and will provide you with tips on

your fitness goals. In order to get results, your trainer

you and be able to answer to your questions about

Photograph by: Emily Charlotte Greene

can achieve your fitness goals. A trainer will provide



Discove ri n g the Pas t Lady Mary Heath Limerick’s Unsung Pioneering Aviator In the ground-breaking era of aviation, a small

number of men, both rich and brave enough to take to

the air, set out. Although the names Lindbergh, Byrd, Wright, Lear and Hughes made their place in history assured, largely forgotten is the tale of another ace

aviator who took to the skies and beat the “flyboys” at their own game.

Sophia Theresa Catherine Mary Pierce-Evans was the unlikely birth name of one of the world’s pioneering women in aviation. Although she used many of her

names she was mostly known as Mary. She was born

on the 10th of November 1896, in Knockaderry

House, near Newcastle West, County Limerick. Under the name Lady Heath she became one of the

best known women in the world in the mid-1920s. From the very beginning her story was filled with twists in intrigue.

Mary was born into an infamous family, her father, John Pierce, a farmer and photographer, amended his name to include Evans after inheriting a property at

Knockaderry from his maternal uncle, Thomas Evans. Evans was from a wealthy family, his father was a

prestigious doctor both locally and nationally. As a result, local gossips rumoured about his marriage to

a servant, Kate Theresa Dooling. Their brief marriage was turbulent, with both serving time for assault and on one occasion Evans taking the infant Mary to Cork hidden in a bag. He was soon apprehended by

police and returned to Limerick. A few short months later the couple shocked the community when it



that she would gain the name Lady Heath. Her first husband had drown in the Thames earlier that same

year. The name Lady Heath became synonymous

with flight as she became the first woman in Britain to not only hold a commercial flying licence but the

first woman to parachute from an aeroplane. She also

set records for altitude in a small plane and later a Shorts seaplane. She hit the headlines in 1928 as the

first pilot, male or female, to fly a small open-cockpit

aircraft from Cape Town to London, a journey of over 7,000 miles.

In August 1929, her aviation career effectively ended

after a crash in Cleveland, Ohio, while testing a plane during the National Air Races. The following year she

was both divorced from Heath and married to former

Trinidadian jockey and pilot, Gar Williams. This sparked a new controversy for the Limerick woman was discovered that Evans had bludgeoned Dooling

During the First World War Mary worked as a

was imprisoned in Dundrum Mental Asylum for

across England and France. Following this she found

to death. Admitting his guilt due to insanity Evans

the Criminally Insane in Dublin and Mary was left parentless.

Mary was taken into the care of her elderly paternal

grandparents, Dr. George and Henrietta Pierce

in Newcastle West. She was partly raised by two

unmarried aunts, Anna and her namesake, Sophia. By 1916, her father and both her grandparents had passed away, severing her direct ties to Limerick.

Mary attended Rochelle Boarding School in Cork, a training school for governesses, Princess Garden

Belfast and St Margaret's Hall on Mespil Road in

Dublin. She enrolled in the Royal College of Science

in Ireland and earned a top-class degree in science, specialising in agriculture. In 1916, she married

Captain William Davies Eliott Lynn, who was twice her age, at Rathmines Parish Church, Dublin.

dispatch rider for the War Office relaying messages

time to indulge her passion for athletics, which had formed during her time in college, and went on to

become Britain's first women's javelin champion, also setting a world record for the high jump. She was one

of the founding members of the Women's Amateur Athletic Association, who at the International

Olympic Council in 1925, raised the question of

allowing women to compete in the Olympic Games

in a wider range of sports. In the 1900 Games in Paris, out of a total of 997 athletes, 22 women competed in

five sports: tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism and golf. In 1991 it was finally ruled that all new Olympic sports must have a female counterpart.

In the late 1920s Mary went through three husbands in as many years. It was through her second marriage

as a mixed raced marriage would have been seen as highly unusual, especially after the couple’s return to

Ireland two years later. Mary and Williams attempted a number of pilot programs in Ireland with little success and Mary returned to London once more.

On the 9 May 1939 Mary was sitting on the top deck of a double-decker tram when she lost consciousness

and fell down the stairs, hitting her head on the driver’s controller box. It was later discovered that she

had the sign of a blood clot that was attributed to her sudden death. She was only 42 years old. Mary’s remains were cremated and on 15 May 1939 her ashes

were scattered over Surrey from an aircraft flown by her husband.

Many thanks to Lindie Naughton author of Lady Icarus for helping source the images. Article by: Sharon Slater

to 72 year old Sir James Heath in October 1927



Poetry from s tanza s Always a music lover, in her thirties Kathryn began drumming and singing, then writing songs and poetry.

She says: “Thoughts

become songs when I hear good dub reggae. I’d like to create for other musical genres too,

and evolve vocally. Poetry is home to my soul.

Sink. By Kathryn Crowley

And heart. And hormones! I feel compelled

You’re a downer.

and my experiences.”

Nothing original; a poet with issues

to write about social issues as much as beauty

Kathryn grew up in Clonmel. Her dad was

born in Cappamore, and she’s very happy to

be living in Limerick now. She is editing her

first book and will go to college in September. Stanzas takes place monthly in Hook and Ladder Sarsfield Street at 19:00. The March event takes place on the 25th and is themed

“The Localle” – All events include a large

open mic section, so bring your own poems, or come and have a listen.

Hoarding tissues to soak up endless snot. A swelling flood

Of bitter memories And sweet defeats.

Cider-fuelled angst Streaming drivel

A stench on the river bank My nose can’t handle. Swim in the grim.

Are you waving or drowning? You think with your fists So I don’t care.

Your life is a hangover; Sink.



Opinion: Besties and Babies Jane is pondering how her friendships have changed since The Baba came along…

“Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway’” Greg Tamblyn

When you are pregnant one of the more interesting

side effects is that you develop a zero tolerance attitude to bullshit. People that you found mildly

annoying before are now so infuriatingly frustrating

you feel it is possible you may birth the baby in prison. Once you become a parent you realise exactly who your friends are and who you can leave go. Friendships

will change 100% once you have a baba in tow. Some friends will make it obvious with no attempts to visit you or contact you to discuss the most exciting thing

that has ever happened in your life. With others the

demise of the friendship will be more subtle. They will ‘forget’ to invite you on a night out. They will ‘joke’ that you are a baby bore. All those times you pretended to

be so interested when they discussed their latest tales

of woe will mean nothing. Some friends will not even

allow you a few minutes of baby chat, for fear their real fears will surface.

‘SORR-EEEE’ one friend exclaimed sheepishly when

I enquired about her birthday night out invitation, or

lack of. ‘We just thought you would be too busy doing baby stuff. Anyway you won’t be any fun, as you won’t

be drinking, will be checking your phone all night and will have to leave early!’

‘Well forgive me in my attempts to be a responsible

‘And I had him fully toilet trained at 18 months’ I

future generations that will be nursing and tending to

‘Sorry, I can’t help it.’

parent,’ I retorted. Lest she forget I’m nurturing the you in your old age!

The subtext of her response was: ‘Look honestly you will be cramping my style. Men will be repelled if they

see me hanging around with a boring, baby-married person anyway…’

Ok, so we can put that down to us going down different

declare. (Oh my god someone stop me.)

Luckily for me I still have one or two friends that indulge my egotistical child championing monologues. Although we are really only friends as no one else will have us. We can be boring together now that’s real friendship.

Article by: Jane Butler O’Halloran

paths in life, it happens to the best of us. With that in

mind you would think that after birthing a human you

would have an instant connection with all the mothers at the parent and toddler groups. Conversations

involving sleep schedules, breast pads and lochia abound! What’s not to love? Unfortunately these get-

togethers are also another friendship minefield. In

these situations mothers, in spite of themselves will instantly become really competitive, comparing and

judging each other’s babies and toddlers. I myself am acutely prone to this.

‘My progeny walked at ten months!’ (I have a desperate urge to impart this information to basically everyone I meet. Sometimes it’s my opening line.)

‘He also had so many words at twelve months he could have practically recited Shakespeare if I’d encouraged it’. (Keep it subtle, don’t want to be too pushy) Response: Quizzical looks all round.

‘It’s because he is breastfed!’ I exclaim. This makes them hate me even more.



l imeri ck cha r i ty

Sparkle and Shine Spring Ball and Charity Cookbook Following the success of the Hope Calendar 2011 for Breast Cancer, charity worker and breast cancer survivor Alice O’Farrell presents The Sparkle and Shine Spring

Ball, which is a charity event in aid of Mid-Western

Cancer Foundation and the Symptomatic Breast Unit at University Hospital Limerick and Cliona’s Foundation.

The event will be used to launch the release of

Alice’s upcoming cookbook, The Cookbook for

Cancer Services at UHL, with all proceeds going to Symptomatic Breast Unit and Mid-Western Cancer Foundation

Alice is herself a breast cancer survivor, and works avidly with organisations that support breast cancer

funding. This event is to mark the 5 year anniversary of the Hope Calendar, which raised €76,000 for a symptomatic breast unit planned for the Mid-Western

Regional Hospital in 2011. Following the success of

the Hope Calendar, Alice O’Farrell has put together a cookbook in order to raise funds for the symptomatic Breast Unit, Mid Western Cancer Foundation and

Clionas Trust, which provides support for families with critically ill children. The foundation funds the

support centre at University Hospital Limerick as well as funding Cancer research at UL.

The event will also be co-hosted by The Keith Duffy Foundation, and promises to be a fun-filled night of

entertainment, including live auctions, raffle draws, live music and guest appearances.

Speaking to The Limerick Magazine, Alice offers an insight into what can be expected from the gala and cookbook.

How did you come up with the concept for the cook book?

I did a calendar five years ago and we raised €76,000, so

I felt that the cook book was just a natural progression. The calendar has a shelf life basically so once you reach

a certain period you can’t sell it anymore, so the cook

book was on my mind for a while. I thought about

what I could put in it to make it a little bit different, and came up with the idea of having 50 restaurants

that would provide the recipes and showcase the best of mid-west restaurants, the finest eateries and show

what they have to offer while also supporting a good cause. I hope to raise a minimum of €100,000 euro.

In recent years you’ve done fashion shows and the calendar, what inspired you to organise a gala and cookbook this time?

I really wanted to do it in a big way, and to make the book amazing through showcasing the Mid-west

restaurants and pubs and by highlighting the amazing

photographers and their talent. By organising the gala it’s basically about Limerick coming together and producing something beautiful. So I wanted to launch

the book in a big way. We have sportspeople, doctors,

nurses, hospital staff, patients currently in treatment, cancer survivors and local celebrities coming together. So basically, the idea is that one person involved will work with a restaurant each, endorsing the food. It

makes it more personal to have someone talk about their favourite restaurant and create a genuine profile about it. So it will include a recipe for a chosen dish

in every restaurant, with each person having their own profile on it. So the ball is only the start of it all really, it will launch the book and. I hope to have the

cookbook ready in time for the gala and use it as a platform to unveil the work.

How did you get involved with Keith Duffy to begin with?

Well, my initial plan was to launch the book in March, so I received a call from him because he was planning

a charity ball a week after this one, and we decided to



been a pleasure to work with each and every restaurant that are taking part.

How do you see the next few years turning out?

Well who knows? Sparkle and Shine is synonymous

with raising funds for breast cancer in Limerick, we’ve done fashion shows with Celia Holman Lee

every year, and it just keeps on growing. This year is the 5th anniversary of the Hope Calendar, so it’s a

landmark for me, as I am also 5 years cancer free. I really enjoy doing this work. I would hope that there would be an annual event, whether it’s a fashion show or ball, because there has always been a great response

to previous events. People often ask me why do I do this, as it’s completely voluntary. I suppose it’s because I feel very blessed really, I’m here and a lot of people

don’t make it. I’m very blessed to have my family too; my partner, my children, my step-children, my

grand-daughter. I just want to give back as much as I can, I get such a sense of satisfaction from it. join forces. He was eager to do something in Limerick. Now it’s after turning into something bigger than planned, He’s taking care of entertainment and the

whole event co-ordination side. So by joining forces it allowed for the event itself to grow and do it in a

big way. Keith is amazing; he does incredible work for such worthy causes, so it’s a pleasure to work with such a great person.

Can you tell me about the charities involved?

Keith is raising money for Cliona’s Foundation, so

the proceeds will be going to a number of charities. Cliona’s Foundation is a charity that provides financial

assistance to families with critically and terminally ill children. There are also two charities that I had

originally been fundraising for. There’s the Breast

Services in Limerick which is the symptomatic breast

unit, and this is a new unit that is yet to be equipped, so funds raised will contribute towards that. The other

charity is the mid-western cancer foundation which acts as a support centre. As a cancer survivor I felt

that the care I received in UHL was unbelievable; my surgeons, doctors, oncologists and everyone

were amazing and it makes the journey a bit easier. I just wanted to give something back really. There’s

been a huge response already and we’ve been getting

great support. The committee involved are absolutely

amazing too, it wouldn’t be at the level it is without them.

When first started getting involved with charity work, did you ever think the response would escalate like it has?

The Sparkle & Shine spring ball will be held in the

Strand Hotel, Limerick on Easter Saturday March 26th. The Gala reception takes place at 7pm, followed by dinner at 7:45pm.

For tickets to this event, committee members can be contacted via Facebook, or email Alice at

Tickets are €100 per person, or €1000 for a table of ten.

I had always hoped it would be successful but I had

a goal in mind for the Calendar of €50,000, so when

it surpassed that I was absolutely thrilled. When that

had finished I thought “What will I do now?”, so it was

Article by: Laura McNamara

Photograph by: Kevin Bolger

always on my mind to do a cookbook. I kept putting it off but now that I’m doing I love every minute of it. I can’t get over the response from the restaurants

involved with the book this time, everyone has been so supportive and enthusiastic to get involved, so it’s



Opinion: with - Rebelle Haze

Body Love and Boudoir photography There are many things in this life that I am passionate about, but Body Love tops the list every time. In a world where we are surrounded by images of beautiful

people constantly it can be a struggle to be ok with your own kind of beauty. Magazines can be found in every supermarket, hairdressers, doctors and dentist’s office, showing celebrities who have been primped and

preened within an inch of their existence. Television

shows us the latest must have item in order to make us look like these demi gods and goddesses and

when you log into social media there they are again, the “ideal” person wearing the must-have thing. No wonder so many of us have self-esteem issues.

So when I was approached to do a body positive

pin up boudoir shoot I was so excited, but also scared. I mean I really wanted to be sick, I thought about cancelling the shoot and saying she had the wrong girl for the job.

I’ve compiled a list of my pre-shoot butterflies and how they soon fluttered away, to inspire you to take the ultimate leap into body positivity…

1. What if we don’t click and it’s awkward?

It would be very easy to feel uncomfortable in front

of the wrong person but during the experience I felt more comfortable standing in my underwear, than I

have talking to others whilst I was suited and booted. Boudoir photographers aren’t just skilled with a camera, they are amazing at establishing a connection and putting you at ease.


2. I have no idea what to bring with me!

I brought everything! I mean everything, all classes

of accessories and clothing options. I even had a photography book with me. The photographer will

even help you out with outfit choices that will work best in pictures. Plus they are likely to have a range of items on hand for you to use on the day too so if

you are unsure give them a call. The most important thing to remember is that this is not about the clothes

you wear or the props you have, this is about you! It’s the sparkle in your eye, your smile and how the light

bounces on your skin, those are the things she will capture.

3. I’m not a model, how the hell am I going to pose?

A little pre-shoot posing practice never killed anyone. Just go for it to get you into the swing of it. I’m no expert but I know way more now than I did before

and the best bit I didn’t feel like a complete eejit doing it. It’s a lifetime investment because never again will

you feel silly or awkward in a picture and that is nothing to be sniffed at.

4. She is going to see all my wobbly bits!!!

My naked fat body was no big deal, not in the

slightest. My cellulite, back fat, stretch marks, my rolls

and bumps didn’t faze her in the slightest. Best part of it all I got to see a preview of the pics in the back of

the camera and I have to say they looked gorgeous! I

was initially a little iffy about sharing them but those pictures are nothing short of incredible. I could hardly believe they were me. So please don’t let the fear of being naked stop you.


5. I hope she doesn’t over use Photoshop.

then that is exactly what you will get.

saw my bingo wings, and now here I am showing off

board, no judgement. I had the idea that photographs

be completely delighted! Sure I had a few butterflies

prefer? I would choose the loving my own skin, side

Whatever your photo-shop stance, it will be taken on were altered to make already thin models look thinner

and perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and that was it. Not so - some of my pictures were going to be

altered because I had some eye shadow fall out, was

I ok with that? Of course I was! If you have a pesky

something-or-other that you don’t want to see in your

pictures then that is your choice. Equally if you are anti photo altering and want your images untouched

If your experience is even a patch on mine you will

beforehand but I have been on Cloud 9 since the

shoot. Seeing pictures of you looking your most

gorgeous does something. You walk a little taller with that kind of glowing confidence that says ‘hey I know

I’m gorgeous, and I have these photos to prove it!’ It’s

my tastefully nude pics, and if I had to pick which I of the fence every single time! Article by: Rebelle Haze

Photograph by: Natalie @ Boudoir Girls

been well over a year since I had these photographs taken and I still feel the same. There was a time in

my life when I wouldn’t go sleeveless in case someone



W o me n in fi lm

With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day

Mathis became the first female executive at MGM and

women in all their guises. It’s also a time to put gender

today. Frances Marion wrote scenarios for over three

on the calendar, March is a month of celebrating

inequality under the spotlight, and look at areas that

have failed to include, or adequately celebrate the contribution of women.

This month Mary Immaculate College are focusing their attention on the film industry with an event

screenwriting. Bess Meredyth accumulated over one hundred and twenty-five writing credits while Jeanie

Macpherson had a working relationship with Cecil B. DeMille for over fifteen years.

And women weren't just writers. Alice Guy-Blaché is

creating gender equality will be debated. And with the

1896 to 1906, and was one of the first filmmakers to

from the Margins to the Centre, where strategies for

a good time to look at the under-realised contribution of women in film.

When we recall the pioneers of early cinema – the

Lumiere brothers, Georges Meliés, and Edwin S. Porter amongst numerous others – we remember of

those whose innovations created the realm of cinema we recognise today. Alas, these names are almost always those of men. The women of early cinema and sadly contemporary cinema also, are often ignored

and marginalised to the category of “women's cinema” or “melodrama”.

Unless you have an avid interest in film history, many people are unaware that women have been

heavily involved in film since its inception, often

revolutionising techniques or breaking boundaries

with their accomplishments. During the silent era there were many prolific women screenwriters. June


hundred films and received two Academy Awards for

titled Women in the Irish Film Industry: Moving

2016 Oscars ceremony being the talk of the globe, it’s

A brief history

revolutionised the script format to that which is used

credited as being the world's only female director from experiment with synchronised sound and to favour shooting on location rather than in a studio. Dorothy

Arzner's directorial choices inspired further study, leading to the feminist film theory movement that began in the 1970s, while Lois Weber was among the first to use film as a means of exploring sociopolitical topics.

Today, the film industry is still predominantly maledominated. On screen, male characters generally

outnumber female characters by a ratio of 3:1. Female characters are often criticised as being one-

dimensional, fitting into the archetypes of the virgin, the mother or the whore, whose primary objective is to satisfy a man either sexually or emotionally.

Equally, behind the screen, men have also dominated. In the eighty-eight years of the Academy Awards, just four women have been nominated for Best Director with only Kathryn Bigelow winning in 2010. No


by Citylink

female directors have been nominated since Bigelow's win, with a large outcry that Ava DuVernay was overlooked for 2015's Selma.

While awards are not the be-all and end-all of the film

industry, they are a way for filmmakers to recognise the work and achievements of their peers. The recent #OscarsSoWhite controversy is particularly

symptomatic of this problem, with not just women

Limerick to Dublin Airport Non-stop

but filmmakers and actors of non-Caucasian ethnicity being largely ignored by mainstream film. In the 21st century, it is time that talented, innovative filmmakers

should be recognised regardless of gender, race or religion. Young girls should be taught that they need

not be afraid of the technical aspects of cinema and

to tell the stories that they feel should be told. Young

from only



each way

boys should be taught to include the technically

talented female in their midst and to portray women

as flawed and complex, just like their male characters.

The Fresh Film Festival is an incredible local

opportunity for young filmmakers and the upcoming

generation is a very fortunate one. They can make films on smartphones, show them on YouTube and

In only 2hrs 30mins 16 Daily Services Book at Tel: 091 564164

reach an audience of millions with no interference from studios. They are entering the industry at a time

when diversity is beginning to be celebrated. It is this generation who can truly break new boundaries

in filmmaking, let's encourage them to ensure that gender equality is one of them. Article by: Sarah Lafferty

*Promotional Fare. Applies to advance bookings made online only.




fre s h fi lm fes tival



Championing the young, female voice Fresh Film Festival is Ireland's premiere film festival, showcasing films made by Irish and international

young filmmakers. This year, the festival shines the spotlight on young female film makers. Director

Jane Foley says: “For this, the 20th Fresh Film

Festival, we were very keen to include a strong female representation. The female voice is currently underrepresented in Irish film, and as a festival focussing

on the next generation of Irish film-makers I believe

that it is vital that we present films made by and for young women.”

To celebrate International Women's Day, documentary feature film 'He Named Me Malala' will be screened

It presents teenage Taliban assassination survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai as she

speaks out for the rights of girls, especially the right

to education. Also being screened during the festival is 'Girlhood', a coming-of-age story about a teenager living in a suburb of Paris.

Fresh Film Festival actively nurtures young female film makers and encourages them to develop and

express their own voice through film. 16 year old

Melanie O'Donnell is one of these young filmmakers. Melanie has been involved with Fresh Film Festival

for the last 3 years. In addition to submitting her own film, Paintbrush, into the Senior category, this year

Melanie has been invited to join the judging panel for

the Junior films made by children aged 7 – 12 years. She remembers watching her dad use his camcorder

at every family event and holiday or day trip they ever

had, and the wave of excitement that always came from seeing the films screen on their TV stuck with her. “I was just blown away by it, and I thought I could

make films, I could do something creative, something

I care about. Then I started watching YouTube videos made by a young girl, she was only a few years older

than me, so that inspired me too. I was about 11 when I officially made my first film, so I've been filmmaking

for 6 years, but it was through workshops at Fresh Film Festival that I really got passionate about it. I love the whole process but for me editing is the most enjoyable part.”

How did Melanie get involved with Fresh Film Festival? “I’ve been involved since 2013. I literally just saw a notice on the back of a door in class – I’d

been thinking about doing festivals for a while but I

had no idea what to expect. I didn’t have a film that

I had yet made I felt was good enough so I went and made another in a matter of weeks. I thought it was

the greatest thing ever and that I was going to win (laughs). That was a learning curve in a way as I was so

disappointed after making through the heats then not to be chosen for the finals. I said to myself right that’s it, I won’t make films anymore! Then I got an email

from Fresh Film about their Give and Take workshop. My dad told me I should do it and he was right, I got

my motivation and inspiration back. And now this is

my first year as a judge in the junior section. I am

honoured to be involved in this way and am excited to see how the adjudication process works.”

Seeing her work on her YouTube channel Melmulc

Productions, it’s clear Melanie does have a distinct

style, but it’s not something one can easily put their finger on. “I like the horror and thriller genres, a lot



of my films have had horror and suspense in them.

can work on it as you go. The hardest thing to do is to

- I never really consciously realised, but my friend

How much has Fresh Film Festival helped her on

Another feature of my films is trees, and close ups pointed those out to me.” Melanie is also not afraid

to take on typically difficult subjects that affect

her generation. Her last film, Silent, dealt with

cyberbullying and suicide from a victim’s perspective, and it’s an emotional and harrowing watch. When

asked to describe her latest film, Paintbrush, Melanie says she finds it particularly difficult to describe. “It’s

start and then finish your first film, so just go for it.”

the way? “So much I can’t explain. I’ve made some great friends, and simply seeing your film showing

on a cinema screen where you’d normally watch a

Hollywood blockbuster is like no other feeling in the world. It’s not just a festival, you’re going to meet likeminded people and learn from them.”

mostly about finding yourself. There’s dance involved,

The 2016 Fresh Film Festival programme showcases

quite dramatic.”

and will hold workshops in documentary making,

and also a bit of a horror element and shock too, it’s

Does she look up to anyone in particular in the film

industry? “My film hero is a pretty obvious one, but Steven Spielberg is the master, it’s not just his films

but the journey he had to get to where he is. I read his biography a couple of years ago.” Does Melanie wish there were more celebrated female role models in film?

“Yes, I definitely think it’s still a very male dominated medium. Every one of the courses and workshops I’ve

been to there’s been very few girls.” Why does she

think there are so few? “I’m not sure - in my own experience it seems that they aren’t encouraged, they

short films made by young people (aged 7 to 18), co-production, editing sound, and an Irish language

workshop on revoicing. The finalists of Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year will be screened at

the Odeon Cinema, Limerick during the Fresh

Film Festival, with Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year announced on Thursday 10th March. Other exclusive awards up for grabs include the RTÉ 60

Second Award, the Radharc Award for documentary, the Brown Bag Award for animation and the RTÉ Factual Award in addition to the International and Audience Awards.

don’t have that much ambition. They are held back

Audiences interested in attending screenings or

like them doing it.” or by calling 061 319 555.

because it’s so male dominated they don’t see others

Seeing the likes of Melanie focus on her ambition, her determination to hone her technical skill and continue to improve on what she has achieved is enough to inspire anyone. What would she say to anyone who has an interest in film and is thinking of

following a similar path? “Just go and make a film,. Just do it. That’s what I did, I picked up a camera

one day, I didn’t have a story or plan it was complete

improvisation. Honestly it’s the best thing you can do. Don’t get too hung up on being perfect, because you


workshops can book their places by contacting The full festival programme is available on

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

Photography by: Eoghan Lyons




And the winner is... The history of the Academy Awards

Awards would receive their prize. The whole thing

Sydney Skolsky. Mr. Skolsky, whose Tintypes Sunday

suspense, as the winners had actually been announced

rather than Ms. Herrick, who first came up with the

was a very relaxed affair. There was no anticipation, or three months earlier. Instead, the guests sat down for

The Hollywood film machine is in full swing: winners

dinner at the luxurious Blossom Ballroom, and the

have been announced, and we're still talking about

attendees had a choice of sole and chicken.

bogglingly priced jewellery. While the core values

In a ceremony that lasted a mere 15 minutes, the

somehow diluted among the intricate fabric designs

were given to the winners. During World War II,

film lovers and fashion watchers worldwide.

were actually made of plaster, and later britannium (a

Quieter beginnings

for a prize that night were silent. 'Talkies' like The

the red carpet display of high couture and mind of upholding quality film making may have become

30cm-high, 24 carat gold-plated bronze trophies

on show, Oscar Night was viewed by up to a billion

when precious minerals were scarce, the statuettes

It's easy to overlook the fact that the early days of

the Oscars ceremony were much more humble. It all began on a warm and pleasant Californian

Spring day in 1929. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel stands on 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. The

Hollywood Walk of Fame runs right outside its

facade, and the famous TCL Chinese Theatre is sited

right across the street. The edifice was built in 1927,

metal alloy mostly made out of tin). All movies vying

Jazz Singer (1927) were deemed to have an unfair advantage over silent films, and were not allowed

to compete. This would in fact be the last time that an Academy Awards ceremony would include

silent films exclusively. That year, Wings (1927), a staunchly romantic anti-war film won the top prize

for ‘Outstanding Picture'. Notably, Gary Cooper had a brief role in Wings that helped launch his career.

partly financed by actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr., who

Uncle Oscar

Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) later

Margaret Herrick vs. Sydney Skolsky Margaret

located in downtown LA (and also one of America's

librarian in 1936. Legend has it that when she first

Marilyn Monroe puts a regular appearance, according

1931, she uttered 'Looks just like my uncle Oscar.'

books as the first venue where the Academy Awards

wheat and fruit farmer called Oscar Pierce, who was

Oscars yet - that moniker would not be commonly

and the most recognisable film award in the word

apiece (about $70 in current money) to attend a suit-

and critics dispute this story. The first documented use

would become the first president of the Academy of that year. Nowadays, the site is an upmarket hotel

Herrick (1902-1976) became the AMPAS's first

most haunted establishments, if the rumours are true.

saw the Academy Award of Merit statuette back in

to past residents). Back in 1929, it entered the history

The real 'Oscar' that Herrick was referring to was a

were handed out. The awards weren't even called

in reality her cousin. Nevertheless, the name stuck,

used until ten years later. 270 chosen guests paid $5

finally had a popular name. However, film historians

and-tie event where the winners of the first Academy

of the 'Oscar' moniker to refer to the Academy awards


was in 1934, by a popular writer and columnist named

column ran for 52 years, claimed that it was him, 'Oscar' name. In his recollection, while attending his first Academy Awards ceremony and trying to come

up with a name for the statuette, Sykolsky claimed he thought of a classic vaudeville joke line, 'Will you

have a cigar, Oscar', and that he used this word in

all his subsequent columns when talking about the Academy Awards, until the name spread and was sort

of 'officially' adopted in due course. Other historians

say that Walt Disney himself was the first person to use 'Oscar', back in 1934 (the same year that Sykolsky attended the ceremony for the first time), during

his acceptance speech for Three Little Pigs (1933). Supposedly, the term 'Oscar' was already commonly

used by then. Later, actress Bette Davis said that she

christened the statuette as 'Oscar', while referring to

her first husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson. She would later retract this claim, however, quoting that she had her dates wrong. Sykolsky had indeed already

published several pieces using 'Oscar' by the time she made her assertion.

Article by: Fernando Sanchez


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m a r c h movie rel eas es Movie Releases to look out for in March: By Laura McNamara Heading to the cinema this month? Check out our top picks for this March.

Hail, Caesar! Set in the 1950s, the story follows a Hollywood “fixer� Eddie Mannix ( Josh Brolin) who attempts to keep the

actors for Capital Pictures under control and out of mischief for a production of a Julius Caesar movie, starring a famous actor Braid Whitlock (George Clooney). When Whitlock is kidnapped, chaos ensues as Mannix sets out

to negotiate a rescue for the beloved star. Directed by the Coen brothers, the movie includes a star studded line up and acts as a goofy tribute to Hollywood stereotypes, and offers a light hearted look into the bold behaviours of high profile stars in the 1950s.

Starring: Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Release Date: 4th March

copyright Universal Pictures



Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice One of the most highly anticipated movies of the

year,the comic book worlds of Batman and Superman

collide in this epic superhero face-off. The movie is

intended to be a follow up to Man of Steel, where Batman, the Gotham-based vigilante prepares for

combat against the god-like Superman, while an even larger threat endangers humankind. This movie is perfect for superhero lovers and all things action packed.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jessie Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburn Release Date: 25th March 2016 copyright Warner Brothers

10 Cloverfield Lane

London Has Fallen

Acting as a spin-off sequel to JJ Abrams 2008 hit

Gerard Butler reprises his role as Mike Banning, a

up in an underground bunker and believes she has

the life ofthe US president in the 2013 blockbuster

Cloverfield, the movie follows a woman who wakes

been kidnapped. When finding out the truth about the apocalyptic world above, she decides she must

escape despite the terrors that await her outside. This thrilling is sure to have audiences at the edge of their seats.

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead , John and John Gallagher Jr.

Release Date: 11th March 2016 copyright Paramount 2016

presidential security officer who previously saved

Olympus Has Fallen. In this sequel, Banning attends the funeral of the British prime minister who has died under mysterious circumstances, and discovers

a plot to assassinate all world leaders attending the funeral. If you enjoy disaster orientated movies this is something you won’t want to miss, as it promises to be full of explosive entertainment.

Starring: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Charlotte Riley and Aaron Eckhart.

Release Date: 4th March 2016 copyright Focus Features









th e li me rick magazine E v e nt gu i d e IRELAND AT VENICE | ADVENTURE: CAPITAL BY SEAN LYNCH Friday 22nd January - Thursday 24th March

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building,


WHACK!! Thursday 3rd March @8pm

Dance Limerick, 1-2 John's Square, Limerick

Limerick City




Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

Friday 22nd January - Thursday 24th March

69 O'Connell Street, Limerick




Thursdays from 4th February - 14th April @ 7pm

Wednesday 2nd March @ 1.15pm

Pery Square, Limerick

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick

UL Boathouse, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

MUSIC APPRECIATION SPRING SERIES Thursdays 18th Feb, 25th feb & 3rd March @ 7pm University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

I DO NOT LIKE THEE, DR. FELL Friday 26th - Sunday 28th February & Thursday 3rd - Sunday 6th March @ 8pm

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick


Limerick City Library, The Granary, Michael Street, Limerick

Tuesday 1st - Saturday 5th March @ 8pm

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University

Thursday 4th March @ 9pm

Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns Square, Limerick City


of Limerick, Limerick

Saturday 5th March @ 11.30am


Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Wednesday 2nd March @ 4pm - 5.30pm

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

Categories: Lecture/Talk, Free


Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

ECLECTIC MISCELLANY Saturday 5th March @ 5pm

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

JASON BYRNE Saturday 5th March @ 8pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


of Limerick, Limerick

Saturday 5th March @ 8pm


Castletroy, Limerick

Thursday 3rd March @ 7pm - 9.30pm

Hook and Ladder, 7 Sarsfield Street, Limerick

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,


Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick



SECOND HAND BABY MARKET Sunday 6th March @ 12pm - 2pm


Radisson Blu Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick

Tuesday 8th March @ 1.15pm



Monday 7th - Saturday 12th March 2016



Tuesday 8th March @ 2pm - 4pm

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick


Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

The Savoy Hotel, Henry Street, Limerick



Recipe4Success Cookery School, Annacotty

Monday 7th March @ 9.30am - 4.30pm

The Old Barracks, Number 1 Birdhill Village,

of Limerick, Limerick


The Savoy Hotel, Henry Street, Limerick

SEE FOR CINEMA – TANGERINES Wednesday 9th March @ 8pm

69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

Business Park, Annacotty, Limerick

Wednesday 9th March @ 8.30pm


University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,

Tuesday 8th March @ 7.30pm Castletroy, Limerick

Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Road, Limerick


RITH 2016

Wednesday 9th March @ 1.15pm

Various locations around Limerick

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University



Tuesday 8th March @ 9am

Wednesday 9th March @ 4pm - 5.30pm

Tuesday 8th March @ 6.30pm - 9.30pm


Tuesday 8th March @ 8.30am - 4.30pm


Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick


Newcastle West, Co Limerick



Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick






Thursday 10th March @ 10am - 12pm

Friday 11th March @ 7pm - 9.30pm

Tuesday 15th March



Friday 11th March @ 8pm

Tuesday 15th March @ 7pm - 9.30pm



Friday 11th March @ 9pm

Tuesday 15th March @ 8pm

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

WHO'S WAR? Thursday 10th March @ 1pm - 2pm

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street, Limerick City


Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

COOKING WITH FISH Thursday 10th March @ 7pm - 9.30pm

Hook and Ladder, 7 Sarsfield Street, Limerick

WE WILL ROCK YOU Thursday 10th & Friday 11th March @ 8pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Categories: Lecture/Talk, Limerick 1916 Commemoration


The Savoy Hotel, Henry Street, Limerick

Categories: Fundraising/Charity, Food & Drink

BANK OF IRELAND JUNK KOUTURE Friday 11th March @ 7pm

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick


Hook and Ladder, 7 Sarsfield Street, Limerick

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick


Istabraq Hall, Merchants' Quay, Limerick

Hook and Ladder, 7 Sarsfield Street, Limerick

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March @ 12.30pm



Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

Limerick Racecourse, Greenmount Park,

FOIL ARMS AND HOG Saturday 12th March @ 7.30pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

SMALL PLASTIC WARS Saturday 12th March @ 8pm

69 O'Connell Street, Limerick


Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th March @ 8pm Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick


Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, Limerick

SEE FOR CINEMA - RED ARMY Wednesday 16th March @ 8pm 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

LIMERICK ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE Thursday 17th March @ 12pm O'Connell Street, Limerick

Sunday 13th & Monday 14th March @ 7.30pm



Saturday 19th March @ 4pm

Monday 14th March @ 10am

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick





Saturday 19th March @ 8pm

Wednesday 23rd March @ 8pm

Saturday 26th March @ 7pm

Dolans Pub & Warehouse, Dock Road, Limerick

69 O'Connell Street, Limerick



Saturday 19th March @ 8pm

Thursday 24th March

Friars Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick

Community Hall, Bruree, Co. Limerick



Sunday 20th March 2016 @ 12pm

Thursday 24th March @ 1.15pm

O'Connell Street, Limerick

Limerick Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick City Centre


University Concert Hall, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University


Categories: Music, Free

69 O'Connell Street, Limerick

of Limerick, Limerick

Saturday 26th March @ 8pm

Monday 21st - Thursday 24th @ 10am - 4pm



Limerick City

Thursday 24th March @ 1.15pm

Community Hall, Bruree, Co. Limerick


of Limerick, Limerick


Watch House Cross Shopping Centre, Moyross,


Tuesday 29th March

Categories: Art/Exhibition, Photography, Limerick

Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carnegie Building,

EASTER CAMP 1 AT THE HUNT MUSEUM The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street,

Tuesday 22nd March

Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, University


Thursday 24th March @ 6pm

1916 Commemoration

Pery Square, Limerick

Photographic Exhibition “Revolutionary Ireland 1913-1923” at Watch House Cross Library

ROLLER JAM EAS TER CAMP Tuesday 22nd - Friday 25th of March @ 9.30am 1.30pm

Rollerjam, Unit 15, City East Business Park, Ballysimon, Limerick.


University of Limerick Castletroy Limerick

TAPA’S COOKING Tuesday 22nd March @ 7pm - 9.30pm

Hook and Ladder, 7 Sarsfield Street, Limerick

ROSIE CONNOLLY - CATWALK LIMERICK Thursday 24th March @ 7pm - 9pm

Catwalk Limerick - 57 Thomas Street, Limerick


Sunday 27th March

Limerick City Library, The Granary, Michael Street, Limerick

EASTER CAMP 2 AT THE HUNT MUSEUM Tuesday 29th March - Friday 1st April @ 10am 4pm

The Hunt Museum, Custom House, Rutland Street, Limerick City


Saturday 26th March @ 10am - 6pm

Tuesday 29th March - Saturday 2nd April

Limerick Printmakers, Bridgeland House, 3 Johns

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,

Square, Limerick City

Castletroy, Limerick



Saturday 26th March @ 3pm

Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College,

University Concert Hall, University of Limerick,

Wednesday 30th March @ 8pm Courtbrack Avenue, Limerick

Castletroy, Limerick



Closing Time 1 0 m inutes wit h … Je n RONA N



Name: Jen Ronan to the guards, J-Ro to my friends and the majority of the internet.

Maybe that’s why I still crave deep-voiced unavailable men who are built like trucks.

Occupation: Blogger (, social

What is your favourite word?


when I annoyed him. It was pretty accurate.

media consultant, regular panelist on TV3’s Midday

Sparrowfart. My Da used to call me that as a youngster

Fun fact about you: I once used my internet stalking

Favourite quote of all time?

Facebook friends with, Jay Anthony Franke aka Jake

statue.” - Ricky Gervais

powers many years ago to track down, and become

Sommers from 90’s teen show California Dreams.

“Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the

Only people of a certain generation will appreciate

What is the most recent book you have read?

and we’ve actually had the odd chat. I still consider it

part collection of personal anecdotes and essays on

that one. He wishes me Happy Birthday every year, one of my greatest achievements.

What motivates you in the morning?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I only get up in the

morning because if I didn’t, I’d regularly soil myself

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. Part comic, life and battles with depression. One of the best books for the soul. Just so lovely and funny. Get it for her

piece called ‘The God Of Cake’ alone. Actual tears of laughter when reading it.

a fizzy pop or two in front of the lovely warm fire with some other like-minded souls then head home

and write like mad and fall asleep pure delighted with myself for being so productive. Then on Sunday head to an all-day live national metal festival in Dolans from midday until the wee small hours (organised by the awesome Bad Reputation Ireland and held every

Easter and October Bank Holiday Sunday) where I stay until the house lights come up. Paradise. Favourite place to grab a bite?

You can’t beat Enzo’s for honest-to-goodness oldschool Limerick grill burger and chip fare. God I’m starving just thinking about it. Mickey Martins do beautiful lunches on weekdays; you could do a

lot worse than head in there and get some amazing

home-made dishes and get cosy by the fire with a nice pint after.

and starve thus ending up like that Sloth guy in the

Are you superstitious/do you have any personal

Best drink in town?

broke into my bedroom, that would probably motivate

Not really superstitious; my only philosophy I try

Tom Collins or an Espresso Martini in The Blind Pig.

movie Se7en. Although, if zombies existed and they the crap out of me.

What one thing do you never leave the house without?

My social anxiety and deep-rooted fear of tripping and falling flat on my face in public or in front of a collection of past exes, former tyrant teachers and

secondary school bullies. Oh, and my phone obviously. Any hidden or lesser known talents?

There is a part of my brain that stores every song

rituals for good luck?

and adopt on a regular basis is to say yes to every opportunity, and be bold in your approach to what you want. Although ritual-wise I tend to hand-write

and I hesitate to give it to anyone looking to borrow

in my life. All of my good friends are legends, and

same pen until it runs dry. Yes, I have a favourite pen, one in case I never get it back. There would be blood. How would you sum up your life in 6 words? Completely arseways, but I like it.

My family calls me Rain Man Ronan. I’ve also been

of bottles of Prosecco and an Eighties ballad playlist

performance that would bring a tear to a glass eye. As a child what did you want to be growing up?

Optimus Prime’s wife. To be fair, I was very young and the impossible mechanics (no pun intended) of

a fulfilling relationship between humans and Heavy

Goods Vehicles had not yet been explained to me.

into trouble after more than one. Fantastic. Favourite people?

Describe your ideal weekend in Limerick?

known to put on the odd private sock puppet theatre

Both delicious, both have gotten me and my phone

anything I’m working on first, and it’s usually with the

I’ve ever heard and the script to every film I’ve ever

seen, and I can recall the tiniest detail of any of them.

It’s a toss-up between a fancy Hendrick’s & Tonic in

Let’s see. Friday night in with a few mates, a couple

I’m very lucky because I have a lot of favourite folk even though I tend to hide out a lot and be alone at

home, when I do get out and catch up with them, it’s like we were never apart. But my ultimate favourite

person is quite new on the scene - my 10 month old niece Isabella. My face hurts from grinning like an

utter moron whenever I hang out with her. She’s like a human antidepressant. THE CUTEST. I love her.

on Spotify; Saturday morning-ish head down to the

Happiness is…….

cooked falafel and anything else I can fit into my gob

the first time after a few days. She knows her Auntie

Milk Market for a couple of hours to eat freshly until the hangover dies, meet up with the sisters for

a jaunt around town and to get baby cuddles from

my little niece; afterwards head to the Stormy Teacup

for a while to drink some nice tea and do a bit of writing on the laptop. Down to Mickey Martins for

Watching Isabella’s reaction when she sees me for Jenny’s a fool for her so that means ALL THE FUN. Kills me every time

Article by – Michelle Costello Photograph by – Tarmo Tulit



Star Signs Pis c e s i n L ov e : W h ere D rea m s a n d Illusion s Coll i de

There’s much to attract others to you. A Pisces in love is sensitive, compassionate, incredibly kind, giving and romantic. You long to wrap yourself up with

your lover and leave the world far behind, and you

can be extremely passionate with the right person. It’s crucial, though, that you ask for as much respect as

you are willing to give to others. The wide-ranging Pisces compatibility can be a double edged sword

for you, since you’re so willing to fall in love that you

can end up with some very damaging and dangerous

people indeed. And once you’re in that relationship, you won’t always have the willpower or the strength of mind to get out of it again.

Ideally, for optimum Pisces compatibility, you need a partner who can bring your romantic dreams to life without taking advantage of your gentle nature. He or

she should hold you back from the worst excesses of your escapism, but be tender enough to make you feel Pisces is the hopeless romantic of the Zodiac, even

more so than Cancer. Your mythological archetype is the dreamer – you are an idealist, and you just wish

that all of your relationships would meet your high ideals, yet time and time again, you find yourself let

down. What happens? Why does Pisces struggle to find the right person? There’s much more to this

than compatibility between two signs, but essentially

the crux of the matter lies in the fact that for Pisces, compatibility can be something of an illusion.

As a Pisces, you are both blessed and cursed with overwhelming emotions. You are easily moved to both

laughter and tears, and you sense and feel everything

to an extreme. Faced with the pressures of the everyday world, it’s little wonder that you spend an

awful lot of time retreating to a dream world. In your make believe land, all is rosy and you don’t have to face

facts. This is where Pisces compatibility in love tends


to start running into problems. So long as you pretend

to yourself that a relationship is perfect, you’re unable

to address any problems… so the problems escalate… until it breaks down completely, causing you untold distress.

In a sense, your greatest weakness, Pisces, is that you deceive yourself. You also give far too much of yourself

– you are selfless and self-sacrificing to an extreme, so when a relationship does end you sometimes find

that you’ve lost your own identity along the way. The

absolute key to greater Pisces compatibility with any

sign is to maintain your independence, and to keep your own friends and your own hobbies – and to occasionally take off the magical specs which give your pretend world that rosy pink glow.

secure. In return, you will bless your partner with a

magical blend of love and devotion which most other signs can only marvel at.

When a Pisces is in a happy relationship, you exude a

spiritual serenity which is gorgeous to see, and you will

make your lover feel like the luckiest man or woman

alive. Your fellow water signs can be good matches,

provided you don’t worry one another to death, and earth signs offer you stability and a grounding for all those emotions. Pisces compatibility with air signs is more limited, because you find it hard to handle their

aloof natures; with fire signs your relationships can

be sizzlingly hot or catastrophically disempowering, depending on the individual personalities involved. Check out Astromatcha for you horoscope fill.

Profile for The Limerick Magazine

The Limerick Magazine - March 2016 ISSUE 6  

TLM is a fun and informative monthly free-sheet keeping you up to date with what is happening in Limerick City and County, with reviews, eve...

The Limerick Magazine - March 2016 ISSUE 6  

TLM is a fun and informative monthly free-sheet keeping you up to date with what is happening in Limerick City and County, with reviews, eve...


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